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Heirs: Episode 11
by | November 13, 2013 | 516 Comments

Some secrets are discovered by those previously out of the loop and more feelings are expressed amongst our flock of confused young lovebirds, but by and large we’re dealing with more of the same. That means that things pretty much play out the way we expect, inasmuch as we’ve already seen them happen, oh, about a half-dozen times already in previous episodes.


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Tan arrives at the campgrounds after all and starts looking for Eun-sang. She’s currently being harassed/romanced by Young-do (which in his book is pretty much the same thing), who forces a hug. I almost thought he might mean it, but he’s staring straight at Tan while he does it, hammering in this drama’s recurring motif about this fight over Rag Doll Eun-sang to really be a dick-waving contest between two caveman heirs. GUH.

And then he hammers that in some more by telling Tan to tell Eun-sang for him that he likes her, because she’ll believe it more coming from Tan. Supposedly.

Hyo-shin has driven Tan to the camp, and Rachel storms up and lets herself into the car, assuming they’re headed back to Seoul. The two guys aren’t a part of the class trip so they’ve booked a hotel room nearby, and Rachel forces her presence upon them while demanding to know whether Tan spoke to Eun-sang.

The guys pay her little mind, and Hyo-shin refuses to be kicked out of his own room just so Rachel can pester Tan alone. But because her harping about Eun-sang is so incessant, Hyo-shin ends up leaving anyway out of distaste. I feel that feel.

Rachel reminds Tan that their engagement is a Big Effing Deal between their families and businesses, warning that his feelings have no power. He knows that, “And that’s why it’s driving me crazy.” That just pisses her off more, and she stomps out before he can suggest they break the agreement.

Eun-sang returns to her tent to find that a gossiping session is underway inside, with a trio of mean girls already aware of Young-do hugging her. They paint Eun-sang as the flirt/slut/vixen out to steal their menfolk, and it sounds like Ye-sol’s leading the charge, the girl with the crush on Young-do, which gives her words extra bite.

Young-do comes up behind her and pulls her hood up, telling her not to listen or be hurt by those words. Then he takes the girls’ shoes and drops them in a tub of water, saying that he’s getting revenge on her behalf. She points out that she’s going to be the one on the hook for that, but he tells her that anything’s easier than explaining why she’s living in the same house as Tan, which he’s deduced by now.

He tells her not to worry too much about it since he won’t be digging into it, “And whatever questions I ask of you, don’t answer. If you answer, I can’t ask anymore.” And that… is pretty much the perfect example of the logic characterizing this drama.

Young-do points out that she can’t answer the question anyway, and rattles off his five possibilities for explanations: (1) She’s the daughter to the family, (2) or daughter-in-law, (3) some kind of relative, (4) live-in maid, or (5) live-in tutor. None of those make sense, so he’s left wondering.

He comes to one last question: “Do you really like Kim Tan?” Is this the question you want her to answer, or the one you don’t? Eun-sang replies, “Yeah,” though, and I think that actually hurts his feelings, if in fact he has any. He slaps a smile on his face and warns her not to do anything about the drenched shoes.

Rachel’s mother finds Young-do’s father at a bar, in the arms of a scantily clad hostess. Skirt-chasing is pretty much his perpetual state but he bothers to use the “This is for business” line, which fools nobody. They have a clipped argument about his plan to release their wedding news without consulting her, but she’s distracted to see a familiar mom from the PTA in the same bar.

It’s Ye-sol’s mother, who also happens to be Madam Han’s saturi-speaking friend, and she gets identified as Madam Park. Now, we’ve been using “madam” for the other ladies in the sense of a woman being mistress of the house, but they’re using madam in the other sense here.

Tan shows up back at camp to pull Eun-sang aside, taking her for a walk through the woods. She follows warily until they get to a secluded alcove lit by string lights with a cozy trailer, though he scoffs that the setup was already here and not of his design.

He wraps her in his coat and sits her in front of the fire to give her two choices: They can both sleep warmly inside the trailers, or out here in the cold. Leaving is not an option, “since I won’t let you go.” Said the serial killer. Oh wait, wrong drama. (Or is it.)

She smiles and says she doesn’t want him to let her go, which stops him short, because he was expecting a fight. That says a lot about this relationship, doesn’t it? She explains that she felt like she had a lot of reasons for calling him earlier, but now she thinks it was because she missed him.

He gapes and wonders at the personality transplant, but Eun-sang explains that they’re away from home, and just for one more day she’ll “escape into a midsummer night’s dream.”

So she rests her head on his shoulder… though she quips that it’s less comfortable than expected. He tells her that it’s not her head she’s supposed to lean on him, but her heart.

They look up at the stars, and he says she’d better not ask for any of them. Until she says that Chan-young does it for Bo-na, and then Tan changes his tune: “Which one?”

She sighs that the mood feels just like Friday the 13th, and he complains about her tendency to inject horror into melo. No kidding. She says she likes horror because it makes her unhappiness seem trifling by comparison, an he asks if he’s one of those sources of unhappiness. She declines to answer.

In the wee hours, they head back to camp, tone back to light bickering. She reminds him of the Hollywood sign that seemed so close despite its distance, and likens him to that, saying that when they’re holding hands like this she sometimes forgets that.

Now she answers his question about unhappiness, and says that he’s not one of them—amidst her various misfortunes, he’s one good fortune. “That’s enough for me,” she tells him. “I’ve awakened from my dream. That’s how I can survive. I’m sorry.”

With that, she pulls her hand from his. He grabs it back. “How much closer do I have to get for you to believe me?” he asks. “You’ve never arrived, so don’t use the excuse that it’s far.”

By the time the others are up and getting ready for the day, news has spread of Tan’s arrival in the night. The facts have become distorted by incomplete facts and everyone assumes Rachel’s absence is due to Tan, and Ye-sol makes a dig at Eun-sang.

I guess the “roughing it” aspect was only for a night, because now the class heads over to the hotel for a leadership seminar. Rachel’s already there, and shoots Eun-sang her usual eye-daggers. The class runs into Tan and Hyo-shin as they head to breakfast, and Eun-sang plays it cool, scurrying past to eat alone. Young-do takes note.

Hearing that Tan shared rooms with Hyo-shin is a blow to Rachel—she’s been playing along with their assumption of a romantic night out—but one I can’t really care about since Rachel has been such an unbudging pain in the butt. Young-do makes a barb about Tan juggling girls, and Eun-sang leaves the room, having heard enough.

Young-do follows her out, Tan watches through the window, and Rachel mutters at him to stop looking. Outside, Young-do pulls his patented trip-and-catch maneuver, smiles down at Eun-sang… and then lets go. She falls right into the pool.

Tan bolts up from his chair, ordering everyone to stay put and not come out. Oh, I give the class about two seconds before they do just that.

“Sorry, my hand slipped,” Young-do says. God, you ass. Apparently he’s proving a point, though, saying, “What I just did to you is what Kim Tan will do to you in the future. Pretending to hold, but letting go in the end.” Yes, because it was so kind of you to demonstrate rather than saying words. So he advises her to let go first and move away: “I’m saying this for your own good.”

Eun-sang bites out, “I know already. You’re dead now. I mean it.”

Just as Young-do’s laughing at that, Tan comes up behind him and shoves him into the pool. “Sorry, my foot slipped.”

Young-do just laughs, saying he feels like he won. When Tan offers a hand to Eun-sang, Young-do taunts him with his “concubine” secret.

Hyo-shin has had it up to HERE with their immature antics, which makes me think he’s the only sane one in this show, and storms in to separate the two fools. Then Chan-young and Bo-na join them, and Bo-na jumps to offer her hand to prevent her boyfriend from extending his, which cracks me up. (When Young-do advises Eun-sang to not catch a cold, Bo-na retorts, “Don’t listen to him. Just catch a cold.” Ha.)

Hyo-shin comes home to a furious mother, having not told her of his overnight plans. She’s more upset that he blew off a college interview, though he reminds her that he’d never promised to go to it, and also that he doesn’t want to go to law school. She asks what’s wrong with him, and Hyo-shin turns to her with tears in his eyes, saying bitterly that it sure took her a long time to bother asking that. “Do you want to know why I collected sleeping pills, why I took them?” he asks. His mother tells him to tell her after entrance exams are over, dismissing him.

At the Kim household, the wife goes to confront the concubine and gets the maid instead. Mom freezes when her Director Jung demands to see her notepad, since it contains all manner of incriminating notes. Madam Han arrives to step between them, sizes up the situation, and hisses at Mom, “Run!” Ha.

Mom does as ordered, stuffing memos into her mouth to eat the evidence. These two. Best couple in this drama.

Director Jung is furious, having found out about the photographer put on her tail—they took photos to her and offered to sell for double the price Madam Han would pay. Madam Han suggests ending the strife by getting the family registry in order, but Director Jung retorts that she’s overshooting her place and warns that she’ll find out just how rock-bottom she is in due time.

Now Madam Han realizes the notebooks are a threat, and sits down to negotiate with Mom over the cost to buy them, HA. I love Mom for playing hardball, and she fetches a nice price for the lot.

News hits of the unholy alliance between Rachel’s mother and Young-do’s father, which gives rise to more gossip at school. Rachel is desperate enough to suggest that the quickest way to prevent the wedding is for the kids to date, but Young-do rejects that out of hand: “I’ve started to like someone.”

Kids congratulate Rachel while snickering behind her back, and Tan finds her as she’s trying not to cry. He tries to lend a friendly hand of comfort, and Eun-sang passes by to see them together.

Young-do comes up all smiles and quips, but Eun-sang offers him consolation too, asking if he’s all right. That just about floors him. She offers to delay her promise to punish him, conceding that at the end of the day, he is just an 18-year-old boy.

Tan finds Eun-sang in the broadcasting room listening to music, and barricades her into the booth (aw, young romance) before speaking to her over the mic. He confides that he’s lived with so many misunderstandings that can’t be set straight that when he comes in contact with one that can, he does his best to do so. So he clarifies that the scene just now with Rachel was one of friendship, and that he’s sorry he didn’t help her out of the pool—he didn’t want to make things worse in front of everyone, but he regrets.

Last but not least, he demands to know what she was saying to Young-do, going from thoughtful and mature almost-boyfriend to pouting boy in a split second. Ha. She rolls her eyes and gets up to leave, whereupon she encounters his barricade and makes a gibe at his last-place ranking.

Young-do picks an old haunt for after-school snacks, where the wall is covered in teenage wishes and comments. He tells Myung-soo that this is where it all started: “Where I lost everything.”

A flashback to middle school shows Tan trying to take Young-do aside, even after he’d been rebuffed multiple times by barbs about being illegitimate. Young-do had sneered anyway, and Tan had warned, “You’re going to regret this moment for the rest of your life.”

Asked what he’d lost, Young-do replies, “Mom. Friend.” Myung-soo wonders dimly, “You lost your mother’s friend?”

Won finds Manager Yoon brooding over today’s news release and asks why he gave up Rachel’s mother. Manager Yoon asks why Won chose to let Hyun-joo go, and Won replies that he hasn’t broken up with her—he put Jeguk first, and next is Hyun-joo. Manager Yoon points out, “That is a choice. Why do you think they’ll wait for us?”

Won gets a surprise visit from his stepmother, and is startled at her reminder that Tan’s birthday is approaching… and in this family that likely means that Chairman Dad is about to transfer some stock in Tan’s name. And if that happens, Tan may challenge Won as Jeguk’s largest shareholder.

Won wonders why she’d clue him in, and she calls it maternal affection, though I’d bet it’s a lot more about putting a certain concubine in her place. Won orders Manager Yoon to look into it, only to be told that Manager Yoon himself is the one who holds the most stock (in his name but under the chairman’s control).

These revelations are quite a blow to Won, and put him on edge as he looks around at his staff, wondering who here is positioned against him. Sad day.

Eun-sang tries to sneak past Tan’s room while on an errand but gets pulled inside, where he warns that walking away will get a hug and talking back will get a kiss. Is it crazier that he’s using them as threats, or that with a girl like Eun-sang these actually are threats?

Tan leans in close flirtatiously, but today Madam Han actually spots the cozy scene from the hallway and immediately guesses something’s up between them. She starts to rip into Eun-sang for overstepping, and Tan jumps to her defense, saying that Eun-sang is in a bind enough already over the fact that he likes her.

He orders his mother not to treat Eun-sang that way and sends her out, speaking calmly as Madam Han flips out over his romantic distraction and how he should be focused on the fact that Won is running the business.

Tan points out, “That’s his rightful place. All those things that you want—don’t tell me to bring them to you. Nobody can decide for me what I must have or who I should love. Don’t decide for me—I’ll decide for myself.”

He asks for her support, but she doesn’t look to be in much of a supportive mood. Madam Han beelines for Mom to rip into her for raising her daughter wrong and daring to enter the young master’s room. Mom signs back at her boss that Eun-sang was wrong to enter Tan’s room, but it’s Tan who’s always looking for Eun-sang. Eun-sang has to translate the signing, and lies that Mom is full of apologies.

Tan bursts in to pull his mother out as she shrills at Mom to move out immediately. Eun-sang apologizes for putting her mother in that position, but Mom signs back that she’s sorry for being unable to speak up in her defense. Eun-sang cries, “No, I’m sorry for liking him.”

Mom suggests that they move out, saying that they can do whatever they can to find a way. Eun-sang cries that if at all possible she wants to move schools and homes. Mom says they’ll move out as soon as they can.

Tan barrages Eun-sang with pleading messages to meet in the wine cellar, all of which go ignored. Her room is empty, and he asks her mother after her. He bolts outside to track her down, but misses her on her way to spend the night with a “friend.”

And then Eun-sang calls Bo-na. HA. Funny how this is my favorite thing so far about this episode. Bo-na turns her down flat, but Eun-sang only has to suggest “Then should I call Chan-young…” for Bo-na to spit out her address at her.

Once there, Bo-na demands to know all the details, and Eun-sang admits that Bo-na’s not so bad, “Though I cursed you a lot.”

“That’s okay,” Bo-na returns. “I cursed you more.” She wonders about the fake Mom who showed up to the PTA meeting, but decides not to hear it, “Since it feels like we’d have to be friends then.”

Tan spends his night waiting for a call that doesn’t come, and Eun-sang arrives at school so early in the morning that the gates aren’t open. She heads off to buy breakfast and runs into Young-do at a convenience store, where he offers her his extensive knowledge of convenience store foods for the best pick. Asked why he eats so much of it, he replies that it’s something you can eat alone without seeming weird for it, which earns him some pity in her eyes.

Young-do and Eun-sang head back to school, waiting at an intersection just as Tan’s car pulls up. He sees them standing together across the way, though Eun-sang remains completely oblivious (why ruin a good pattern?).

Young-do offers her a way to escape Tan and yanks her close to sling an arm around her, all for Tan’s benefit.

He says he’s curious to see how Tan will react, and it’s only now that she looks up to see him watching. The light turns green, and everyone starts walking. As they pass each other in the middle of the road, Tan grabs Eun-sang’s wrist (guh), and Young-do grabs his wrist to stop the Rag Doll transfer.

Eun-sang pulls her wrist free, dealing Tan a blow, and says miserably, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.”

Tan apologizes, holding out a hand to her: “I can’t promise that it’ll get easier, but let’s go together anyway. Holding hands.”

Young-do warns her not to take that hand.


Where’s a Truck of Doom when you really want one? This love triangle, I swear. It’s not the intrinsic setup that is problematic, but the sheer repetition that makes me roll my eyes—when everything just happens over and over again, nothing lands with any emotional weight. At this point I don’t even expect any episodes to NOT begin and end with a three-way tug of war, but lordy wouldn’t it be refreshing if the writer could invent a new plot point.

Not only do we have to deal with the fact that the same things keep going ’round in circles—with new set dressing to try to confuse us into thinking something’s actually different this time—we have to deal with this exact same plotline in no less than three relationships. I could maybe see the argument that this drama is purposely repeating history from the older generation in the younger generation, if only the older characters were used as a type of cautionary tale, or a source of learning from one’s mistakes. Only they’re just standing there making the same mistakes as their kids, with about the same level of maturity. Surely we don’t need to see the same beats play out in the same configuration for every single character.

So let’s see, we have Rachel’s mother, Chan-young’s father, Young-do’s father, Won, Hyun-joo, Rachel, Tan, Young-do, Eun-sang: Is it really too much to ask that the writer think up more than one story among nine characters? A slow story is one thing, especially if the languid movement is part of the stylistic choice of the show—there’s a dreaminess to the pacing and mood that might even support that argument. But lack of a story just makes me wonder, What’s the point?

On the upside, I was pleased to see Tan step it up with his mother and face her honestly about taking charge of his own decisions, although given Madam Han’s impotence in the household I don’t really feel that stand to be very powerful. (Saying it to Dad, on the other hand, might Mean Something.) Even so, this engagement albatross is, while necessary as a point of conflict, becoming a bigger and bigger narrative drag. What will it take for the unwanted third parties to get a clue and step aside, especially when they never had a legitimate shot in the first place?


516 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ally

    Thank you so much! One of my fav part was the one were he puts all the chairs n she just opens the door and she is all “no wonder u r 100th in rank”

    • 1.1 birdscout

      Lol. That was funny 🙂

      • 1.1.1 PlumWine

        Yeah, that had me chuckling. Definitely his mothers son.

    • 1.2 charlie

      the writer is totally wasting the talent of the actors in the show…i may or may not watch depending whatever else is on

      • 1.2.1 Taurus

        I love the writer. I don’t think she is wasting talent of actor. The drama is quite engaging. Dialogues are witty. Just sharing my opinion.

        • Aundry

          I don’t know if I can say much for the acting, but I am also not sure how it is the actors’ fault that there is no plot and that the story is so slow… the actors don’t really have a say in what happens in the drama and the director is responsible for making sure that the actors don’t look suicidal during a critical romantic moment (#worstkissever). Then again, I don’t even care whose fault it is at this point… I just wish someone would do something to make this show better. The network, maybe? If I was paying for all these shiny young actors and a big shot acclaimed writer, I wouldn’t care who gets their behinds kicked, I would just want the show fixed. Even a new wardrobe/stylist would be an improvement. Cause let’s face it, folks, no one will complain if Lee Min Ho got some of that hot City Hunter hair and wardrobe action back on… oh please… I have nightmares about his Heirs granny sweaters.

          There really ought to be a poll for best outcome of this last scene. If there was, I would pick the Truck of Doom so that we can quit it with this tug-of-war lame drama and Bo-Na could get her own show…

          • Aundry

            Ah sorry for the long rant and thank you for the recap. I appreciate everyone’s opinions, too. This drama is just driving me crazy. There are (very short) moments when the writing is ok and the actors are ok and maybe there’s some plot but it all just falls apart. And the tugging… ugh

          • Windsun33

            I used to think it was just bad writing, but now I am sure that there is also a lot of bad acting, especially by PSH. Or perhaps not BAD acting, just NO acting.

            As one funny post on DF put it: “The 4 looks of PSH 1.) surprised dead fish = whenever hugged or kissed 2.) constipated fish = about to cry or just got done crying 3.) migraine fish = whining or having deep thoughts 4.) blank fish = all other times”.

          • Saturtledaisy

            about PSH’s bad acting, I’m not sure that’s really her inability to express emotions or just bad writing. Her character really doesn’t get to do much, so there isn’t much more to do other than … stare. And just.. be there.

            I guess a good actress should be able to work with whatever she’s given, but if the script only says ‘look conflicted’ for about 99% of her screentime, then I’m not surprised she ends up looking like a fish.

            And yes, Bona is my favorite thing about this show. I’d switch shows in a heartbeat if she got her own~

          • Faye

            @Saturtledaisy – But Bo-Na is really one-note. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy her immensely, but all she does is be cute with Chan-Young and act jealous about him. It would wear very thin if I had to watch that for an hour.

          • Windsun33

            My impression of Bo Na’s character is that she is like a short comedy skit interspersed occasionally into the show, but has no real role.

          • August

            Park Shin-Hye is miscast in the role of Cha Eun-Sang. I first saw her acting in Flower Boy Next Door. The personality and character of Ko Dok-Mi was unique and rare for a female lead in Kdramaland. A few months later, I watched both You’re Beautiful (YB) and Heartstrings (HS) for the first time.

            Imagine my surprise, to realize that the diction, mannerisms/quirks, and facial expressions that I thought were peculiar to Ko Dok-Mi (FBND) were visibly present in her characters Ko Mi-Nyeo / Ko Mi-Nam (YB) and Lee Kyu-Won (HS) as well.

            I agree that in Heirs Park Shin-Hye’s acting range is limited and exposed. Particularly in a role like Cha Eun-Sang that requires aloofness, expressing emotional depth (spoken words and unspoken sentiments), introspection, as well as a mixture of trepidation and attraction.

          • August

            Park Shin-Hye is miscast in the role of Cha Eun-Sang. I first saw her acting in Flower Boy Next Door. The personality and character of Ko Dok-Mi was unique and rare for a female lead in Kdramaland. A few months later, I watched both You’re Beautiful (YB) and Heartstrings (HS) for the first time.

            Imagine my surprise, to realize that the diction, mannerisms/quirks, and facial expressions that I thought were peculiar to Ko Dok-Mi (FBND) were visibly present in her characters Ko Mi-Nyeo / Ko Mi-Nam (YB) and Lee Kyu-Won (HS) as well.

            I agree that in Heirs Park Shin-Hye’s acting range is limited and exposed. Particularly in a role like Cha Eun-Sang that requires aloofness, expressing emotional depth (spoken words and unspoken sentiments), introspection, as well as a mixture of trepidation and attraction.

          • Sam

            I read in an article from the actress who played Kim Na Na in City Hunter (Park Min Young) that Lee Min Ho as an actor is one who likes to bounce his responses off his co-actors sort of like ad-libbing. I’m wondering if this is why there’s so little chemistry between him and Park Shin Hye, maybe she’s not responding to all those subtle cues and exchanges that would give an extra kick to their dialogue and acting. Maybe that’s why it’s so flat – but I think it has also has a lot to do with the writing. If all their interactions is played off of his grabbing her hand and forcing her away from YD or cornering her in a remote place in her house – there really isn’t much to work with.

        • anniejang

          I agree with you-not only are the 3-way meetings at the en of the episodes meaningful, they are also comic. In this ep. the triangle is much tighter, almost a REAL 3-way!-but they are dangerously out in the middle of the street. All the way through this drama there are hints and signs that there are probably some big surprises ahead due to birth secrets (plural). If I’m right that would mean that we’ve been watching the mysteries pile up. Hope so, because while I need ROMANCE, mysteries really spark my interest: Who is Eun Sang’s Mom? Is she someone rich and powerful? why are YD and ES dressed alike lately-are they twins? I also think Tan’s feverish stalking is hilarious, because he doesn’t give off pscho vibes, like Young Do. Who is Yoon?
          Anyway, if I’m wrong about the upcoming ‘reveals’, then-nevermind-this will be the most boring drama EVER.

      • 1.2.2 krystal.anne

        i agree that Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul & Im Joo Eun talent is being wasted but sometimes it’s also the actors who is wasting the character like Park Shin Hye who doesn’t know how to act Eunsang. She has same expression over & over again. And she made viewers hate Eunsang. They seriously should have get a way better actress. Maybe Eunsang would have been a better character.

        I read a lot of comment that Eunsang is annoying, or they dislike/hater her but it WAS PSH’s acting that made Eunsang like that.

        • gei

          totally agree.

          same old song with you’re beautiful or heartstring,
          wide open shock eyes kiss scene.

          eunsang character is sooooo annoying

          • Windsun33

            At first I though maybe it was the directing, but I went back and looked at some clips of her other dramas, and see the same kind of surprised dead fish expression there – and mentioned several times in comments. All of those shows could not have had the same bad directing.

          • chanelboy

            I FEEL YOU BRO. I dont know how many times I ranted, maybe each eps my only comment is PSH’s acting. MAYBE, yeah, maybe bcs EunSang was exposed too much in Heirs, who I would blame? she is the main heroine. SIghed..

            I really wish magical unicorn comes to writer’s dream and tell her switch PSH to someone when she is in acccident (BIG)

        • onan

          sorry but i don’t agree with you. viewers have their own opinion but i also read lot of comments that they like psh’s portrayal of eunsang. besides, if there are negative comments on psh, mostly bc of the character eun sang.Not psh’s acting. don’t be too blinded with how the girl show her emotion. if she is sad, you know she’s sad. and the girl can cry.

          • Windsun33

            I don’t see a lot of those type comments here though. Most Drama Beans groupies are a bit more mature, but more importantly most have seen quite a few k-dramas (I have seen probably 200, counting movies). They are going to be much more critical of bad acting, directing, writing, whatever.

            My first k-drama ever was “You’re Beautiful” – and after a long series of boring or bad US shows, that got me hooked. Since then I have seen some great ones, some horrible ones, and all in between. I would place Heirs in the bottom 20%.

          • Juhina

            exactly! I personally love PSH in this role, as well as all the characters. I’ve maybe watched over 50 korean dramas and 20 korean movies. I really don’t get why people aren’t liking this drama.. not EVERYTHING needs to be overanalyzed and critiqued.. some things are just fun, fluff, and enjoyable with no real substance. This is one of those dramas and I love it for that because 2 hours a week, i want to sit down and watch without having to think too hard (already do that back at my lab). A ton of funny scenes weren’t included in this recap and some of the comedy isn’t reflected in the recaps because it is difficult to do that. I love Bo Na and even if her role is only for the comic relief, i’m 100% happy with that.

        • Windsun33

          PSH was obviously chosen for her idol popularity and looks, not her acting. I never thought her acting was very good, but this show brings out the lack of talent in spades.

          ES has to be most blah character in this show.

          • bjharm

            lol funny how it always the female lead that gets the blame of ruining a drama with bad acting, rather than look at the “hot guys” in the drama to at lest shame the blame rather than put it all on the female lead.

          • Windsun33

            I don’t really think that LMH is all that great either, but he is not terrible in this one. And I don’t always put it on the female lead, though I guess that some do. In Secrets, IHYV, and Master’s Sun I think it was the female leads that MADE the shows so great – in IHYV it was the male actors that were below par (and the inclusion of those really stupid assistant cops which were not funny).

          • azurduyy

            Indeed, @bjharm. Lee Min-ho is so lifeless in this role, I sometimes wonder whether he’s some kind of Korean robot, or if he’s unhappy with this gig. The blame is shared in this couple, both look bored with their characters and have a deep case of dead eyes.

          • Faye

            Not “obvious” at all. There are plenty of us who are too old to care about idol status, and appreciate PSH’s acting – both the understated, subtle parts of it as well as the crying scenes (even if there are too many of them, but that’s on the writers, not her).

            Also, you can’t really make the idol argument about PSH, because she didn’t become well-known until *after* she started acting – she wasn’t an idol singer who capitalized on her popularity to move into acting. And many people who enjoy her acting don’t even think she’s that pretty.

            For all the people who are so convinced PSH is a terrible actor, I’d be interested to hear what they think could be done better by someone else. How else do you think her scenes should have been portrayed, specifically?

          • Windsun33

            @ Faye

            As I often do, I will compare the lead actress in Heirs vs the lead in Secrets. They both cry a lot.

            But when YJ in Secrets cries, I feel she has good reason, and I really empathize with her. When ES cries in Heirs, I tend to fast forward.

            So it may be acting skills, writing, or any other reasons, but I simply cannot connect with ES’s character at all.

          • fantasma

            The first drama of PSH’s I watched was Heartstrings. And I loved her there. There was something so endearing about her character. Then I watched YAB and even though The characters are very different, her expressions looked The same as in Heartstrings many times. And now Heirs, and another different character but still The same expressions.
            So The problem to me is not that she doesn’t know how to show emotion, is that she apparently only knows how to do it on certain, very limited ways, which makes her acting seem too repetitive.
            I watched 49 days and afterwards Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (couldn’t finish though) and I had a hard time believing that Jung Il Woo was The same person Who acted in Both dramas. He was so different! The Way He talked, acted, moved, even smiled was different.
            And look at YD’s character. Almost everyone says how he’s a bad Guy, and yet we can’t take our eyes of him because he’s mesmerizing. And that is KWB’s talent even though The writing sucks, for me anyway.
            Even BN Who shows up for 3 secs each episode made People like her despite their inicial annoyance.
            So, even though I loved PSH on Heartstrings I’m not able to empathise with ES, and that’s The writer’s fault, of course, but, sadly, imho, PSH is not doing great here either.
            Who knows, maybe Yong Hwa stole her lucky charm of acting because I heard He’s improved a lot in MHIYD.

          • Marina

            Absolutely agree. Also, I can so relate to yours I-watched-200-shows statement. Heirs is a waste of a cast due to combination of bad acting by PSH (not to be mistaken by my favorite, banned for a while, male actor PSH) and boring script. Not sure about directing. What can you do with cold fish actress and, probably, (guessing) stubborn writer? Sorry, I never blame handsome actors for show’s failure. It’s all main girl’s bad acting fault. 🙂

          • TS

            Agreed. But Lee Min Ho sucks too. I’m not feeling any of his trauma or angst or anything. I just get that he’s an arrogant emo rich kid and that makes me irritated with him taking up Woobie time.

        • djes

          I agree. While I think PSH isn’t necessarily bad actress, I feel she’s always ‘under acting’.
          She can cry alright, I know that her character’s sad, but I cannot feel sad with her.

          And yes, in this drama, the plot is also a problem. It keeps going around, and yet nothing really happened.

          ( and I’m still mad she wasted her opportunity to kiss LMH. Gurl, please! it’s Lee MinHOT! 😛 )

        • chanelboy

          I FEEL YOU BRO. I dont know how many times I ranted, maybe each eps my only comment is PSH’s acting. MAYBE, yeah, maybe bcs EunSang was exposed too much in Heirs, who I would blame? she is the main heroine. SIghed..

          I really wish magical unicorn comes to writer’s dream and tell her switch PSH to someone when she is in acccident (BIG)

      • 1.2.3 Sunflowery

        Javabeans here did a better job writing potential plot points for the show than the writers.

        “Leaving is not an option, “since I won’t let you go.” Said the serial killer. Oh wait, wrong drama. (Or is it.)”

        How awesome would it be if this actually happened? If something, anything ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

        • C

          I was ROFL when I read that serial killer bit 😀

          I really can’t stand those slow-motion, repeat editing of the cheesy scenes – and the worst is I can see them coming before they were shown – and cringe.

        • NathanJ

          “If anything actually happened.”

          This is definitely the writer’s fault. I see a lot of people complaining about the acting, but here’s news, folks–you can’t cook without ingredients. You can’t act a wonderful character without halfway-decent writing.

          How do writers like this land this kind of job? I see she has a knack for witty/comic exchanges between catty women, but wow, she doesn’t have a clue about character development, or what makes a PERSON interesting. I wish they had got someone better…

      • 1.2.4 Windsun33

        This show has some of the worst writing I have ever seen – almost as bad as YTBLSS and ISYG. And it really makes me wonder what kind of person the FEMALE writer is to put girls through so much abuse and make them a Supreme Jellyfish Doormat.

        • nomad

          solemnly nodding my own head…

        • NathanJ

          Someone who would sell her life and dignity for a chance to get ahead–that’s what kind of a writer she is. No wonder Eun Sang is willing to do the same.

      • 1.2.5 Angoles

        I totally agree with you. The reason I decide to only read the recap and not watch the drama is because there is no refreshing story line. The plot is not interesting at all. Only small daily events that we normally put into a diary, now we see them on screen with good actors playing those dull roles. Compare to this drama, “Faith” looks much better, story wise. And Lee Min Ho is at his best in “City Hunter”. I like him as a mature hero, not this type of man-boy that has a lot grow up to do. I never liked this writer’s work or style. But as long as there is an audience for it, this kind of story will continue to exist.

    • 1.3 Thandie

      Ok. So I did like this episode. I’m not much of a Heirs fan as opposed to AM’94 and MHIYD, but this episode managed to satisfy me. I loved Bona and Eunsang together. And thank God, Eunsang had a mind of her own for like a minute there. About Youngdo, hmmm. I absolutely LOVE Kim Woo bin, and so I can’t generally hate Youngdo, but I have to say, he is somebody with a certain depth in his character. There’s a back story for his fallout with Kim Tan, and history as a bully. I also absolutely hate his dad and I wish that Rachel’s mum marries Chan young’s dad so Youngdo and Rachel can have their own love line. I have no idea why I am shipping Rachel with Youngdo except that they have wonderful rapport with each other. Lee min ho was adorable in this episode and I all but reached through the screen and pinched his pouty cheeks. Also, the mums, Eunsang’s mum and Madam Han. They are super amazing. As JB said, they are THE couple in this story. They have wonderful chemistry than the main leads. I love them together THIS MUCH. I love Kim Haneul’s character too and I absolutely ADORE Choi Jin hyuk (Won). He is so cute. I’d like more heartwarming scenes between the brothers. Also, can we send Eunsang away so the ex friends can have their bromance without any complications? Pretty please? Its not that I don’t like Eunsang or PSH, its just that LMH and KWB have much more chemistry with each other rather than with PSH. I’m thinking of continuing to watch this. Thanks, JB, all the way from Sri Lanka.

    • 1.4 ina

      may i know the song in the scene where kim tan talks to eun sang in the broadcasting room thanks

  2. Moonbean

    Because of time difference, work schedule and my preference for Secret I haven’t been able to watch Heirs in time to comment much but I have been reading the recaps and comments later in the week. I agree it is a slow drama, the pace definitely needs improvement and considering there are so many characters it’s not like they don’t have enough material to fill 20 episodes. Many said the last 6-7 episodes could be covered in two and I agree.

    The plot revealed before the show aired didn’t create any interest in me but I decided to give it a shot for the actors and the writer. So I didn’t have high expectations. I am neither surprised nor disappointed and this is neither the best nor the worst show I ever watched. It’s entertaining and interesting enough to make me watch week after week and gives me enough material to think and discuss. So far it hasn’t annoyed or aggravated much. I was expecting to dislike the school bits and was among the few who was not looking forward to the return to Korea for that reason. My fear was not misplaced, I missed California as soon as we left it behind. The bullying, everybody bickering and fighting, the harassment, the requests of money from the administration even if you’re on a scholarship were just so predictable and unpleasant, it was getting on my nerves. I felt like Park Shi On getting abused in the first several episodes of Good Doctor. I hoped that this won’t continue long like this. The number of people uncovering or suspecting Eun Sang’s secret was increasing at an alarming rate. It’s a wonder none of them spoke out yet. I agreed with Eun Sang that lying is not the answer, she can’t pretend to be new money for 2 years and I hate this trope of poor people pretending to be rich, it never works and ends up more humiliating in the end. The heirs didn’t do anything to earn their status besides being born into it. I have more respect for hardworking Eun Sang than any of them and she shouldn’t be ashamed of that either, so in the end if there was going to be a lie on that front I’m glad she wasn’t the one who started it. Tan also didn’t start it out of shame but with an instinct to protect so I’ll have to give him that.

    So we had to wait for 10 episodes for some payoff but it finally started coming. I think this was a good episode. My favourite moments: Eun Sang shocking both Tan (with her I miss you and laying her head on his shoulder) and Young Do (by asking whether he is ok about his dad’s marriage while he was needling her about Tan and Ra Hel), Eun Sang admitting to Young Do and her mom she likes Tan, Tan admitting to his mom that he likes Eun Sang, Young Do admitting to both Tan and Eun Sang that he likes her and also admitting that he’s missing his friend… Things are finally getting interesting.

    At this point I don’t mind if Eun Sang’s or Tan’s secrets come out. Young Do will defend Eun Sang as much as Tan. As long as it is not Young Do giving her trouble about it Eun Sang can handle the rest anyway. It’s fairly obvious where the romantic story is leading. Tan is wearing down Eun Sang’s barriers (or her love of him is wearing her own barriers). So that leaves us with the question of what happens to Young Do? I think he will become good friends with both Tan and Eun Sang (if Tan matures and learns to control his jealousy where he is concerned, but I think once Eun Sang gives a definite yes to him and he understands Young Do doesn’t man to harm her anymore that will not be a problem). Romantically the writer told us yesterday not to expect a Young Do-Ra Hel coupling but there are still 9 episodes left and anything is still possible. She might just be messing with us. I am wondering whether Tan will be able to convince his mom to be on his side eventually. I’m curious about how Young Do lost his mother and how he could have prevented it if he want with Tan that day. Also what was “mother”’s motive in riling Won against Tan? Is she trying to get back at Madame Han this way?

    • 2.1 owl

      Hi Moonbeam! It was rather painful getting here, but I also liked this episode. There was a sense of what complicated high school romance and relationships (good and bad) feel like. Family dynamics continue to make for depressing chaebol life and it makes me kind of sorry that they miss out on a lot of what being a ‘regular’ high school student is all about.

      I had a BOF flashback at the pool scene, though. DH has not redeemed his behavior in any way, shape, or form, but I did have the tiniest twinge in my heart for him when he talked about losing his mother.

      • 2.1.1 Moonbean

        Hello Owl,

        I did write at length about family as well as Young Do and others but my posts are too long for the site and awaiting moderation. Young Do didn’t do anything to redeem himself yet, in fact he is adding to his crimes, but I do feel really sorry for him after this episode. I was already feeling bad about him because of his father, come on, no matter how bad they are nobody deserves that as a father, for not having a mother, but I also feel bad because of his loneliness, even though it’s partly self inflicted through his treatment of Tan. KWB is doing such a great job that I’m conflicted (not about who will be with Eun Sang but I really want Young Do to redeem himself and have a happy ending)

        • PlumWine

          I felt that he is on the way to redemption in this episode. I realize the pool scene probably upset everyone, but in his own way (not necessarily right, sigh) he was trying to help Eun Sang from becoming emotionally hurt.

          • Moonbean

            I agree PlumWine (love your nick by the way), his method was wrong but I believe his concern was genuine. I’m just not sure that counts as redemption though.

          • boms

            I almost feel like it was also a good distraction for her from the situation at hand

          • anniejang

            So-was he metaphorically throwing a bucket of water on 2 dogs?

        • Windsun33

          I felt sorry for the viper lady in the Queen of Ambition also, but I was still happy to see her die 😀

          • Moonbean

            Meaning you want Young Do to die as well?

            I wouldn’t have been sorry if Min Joon Guk died for example…

          • Windsun33

            I don’t really want anyone to die in this one, if you have not watched Queen of Ambition it is hard to explain just how evil a character can get – much more so than anything in this drama.

    • 2.2 tata

      I THEREFORE CONCLUDE THAT I AM A SUCKER FOR SECOND LEAD GUYSSS. Hahaha. I so love Choi Young Doooo. Much much much more than our hero, Kim Tan :))) Its as if he’s the one controlling everything, without him, it’s just plain boring, ’cause the story is so typical and foretelling. Young Do && Eun Sang have a great chemistry, compare to Kim Tan & Eun Sang.

      Haha. And Lee Bo Na, I love her. She’s the living example of an inlove teenager. Cute. And she’s basically harmless. Quite helpful to Eun Sang if I must say.

      I hate that most of the characters are left out. I was really looking forward to Choi Jin Hyuk’s character. He’s such a great actor, but oh well. Disadvantage of being supporting cast.

      • 2.2.1 Mar

        When will kim woo bin play the first lead. He has proven enough he’s capable of it. In this drama a jerk like young do is even more attractive than a-one-expression-girl like eun sang. Even i don’t like Tan here, he’s just good when he’s flirting with eunsang. Other than that nope, and please stop the wrist jerking, we’ve seen enough and it looks painful

    • 2.3 krystal.anne

      lol at Eunsang not being the one who started the lie that she’s ‘New Money’. Even if Tan didn’t make her new money she would have herself. Remember when she was filling the form, she wrote her mother was a ‘housewife’ instead of a ‘housekeeper’ because she is ashamed like how she was ashamed that her mother is doing sigh language in the street in ep1. And when she introduces herself in the class and they ask how she got into the school, she didn’t answer because she didn’t want them to know she is poor because she is ashamed. They have ask her a lot of time but she do not asnwer because she was waiting for someone to save her or lie for her so she doesn’t get the blame.

      And then Myungsoo as her, what did she do first? She look at Bona and as if, asking to lie for her and when Bona didn’t save her she just kept quiet because the truth she she didn’t want them to know she is poor she wanted to pretend as new money but didn’t want to lie herself and the BOOM! Tan step in and save her lying she is new money. She didn’t correct him that time because THAT is what she wanted. She just didn’t want to lie first or create the lie herself because she wanted an excuse to lie, she wanted to keep being new money and then try to justify her action and console herself that she wasn’t the one who started it anyway but Kim Tan. She’ll put all the blame on Tan even if she knows deep down this is what she wanted.

      She’s the type of person who self-pity wat too much. She thinks she’s the unluckiest person in the world, when she’s really not. She value people’s opinion about her so much.

      • 2.3.1 Moonbean

        Wow! That’s a lot of hate there. I think there is a world of difference between lying outright and avoiding answering personal questions of bad-intentioned nosy people to whom you have no obligation to answer. She did want to reveal the truth but both Tan, the bullied boy and her best friend Chan Young told her not to.

        • anniejang

          Totally agree-she doesn’t owe any of these people information about her personal life. they are being nosy and rude to ask those questions in the first place. It was Tan who lied.

      • 2.3.2 Jessica

        I think you’re giving her motives she doesn’t have. I’m very experienced with that situation of meeting new people, wanting to make a good impression, and knowing that having all your personal info on display will prevent you from having a chance with those people. For example, when I meet new people, I often only mention my oldest two daughters at first in conversation. I want them to get to know me and like me before dropping a potential bomb into the conversation… that I actually have 9 kids. Because people look at you differently and have preconceived ideas about you when they know you are poor or have a disability or have something “shocking” about you. It’s hard to get past that barrier. I choose to believe she was just wanting to hold that information back for a while, not that she wanted to lie about it.

        • Windsun33

          It is not the fact that she did not disclose the information, it is that she perpetuated the lie. I think many people tend to not disclose too much, but a far smaller number actually lie about something that would be so easy to discover.

      • 2.3.3 Windsun33

        I think part of what makes me dislike ES so much in fact is the massive self pity. I still recall back in ep1 she was ready to declare her life over at the massive old age of 18, and her attitude has only gotten worse ever since.

        • Moonbean

          Yeah but come on, she is only 18. At that age smallest thing in your life looks like a big drama because you don’t know any better but think that you know it all.

        • Faye

          “Massive self pity?” Where do you see that? It’s true that we have seen her feeling sorry for herself at times. But this is also someone who basically works full-time on top of going to school, is fatherless, has to worry about the future of a mute mother, and is in an extremely stratified society where someone like her is basically spat on for being poor. Moreover, her chances of changing the trajectory of her life are very slim.

          And yet, despite that, we’ve seen her to have humor and spirit; to develop a strong friendship (with Chan-Young); to pursue interests; to have the guts to travel by herself across the world. To me, that’s someone with spunk and grit, not someone who feels sorry for herself all the time.

          “her attitude has only gotten worse ever since.”
          If it has (which I haven’t seen), can you blame her? She lost her home and has to live in a place where essentially she is a 24-hour maid for her would-be boyfriend’s mother. She was forced to go to a school full of jackals. She is physically and psychologically attacked by some rich crazy-ass who took a shine to her. Her hair is pulled and she’s slapped. And now she and her mother are being tossed *on the street* for no fault of her own.

          And through all this, she has realistically pointed out the obstacles she faces, but doesn’t go around complaining about it 24/7. Let’s be honest – if she was Suzy Sunshine through all of this, people would be complaining that she is an unrealistic character.

          • Moonbean

            And would complain that she was a Candy!

          • Windsun33

            While we agree on the facts, we do not agree on the reasons.

            ES took off across the world on her own for one specific purpose – to escape. That ended up in epic fail when her sister stole all the money that her mother had pulled out of the house deposit. That is why they have no house.

            She was not forced to go to that school, that was her own choice, perhaps for good reasons, but nonetheless she could have turned it down. Admittedly she probably had no idea what a den of vipers it was.

          • fantasma

            I think that because I actually know lots of People Who are/were on worse positions than ES and still make The Best of it to change or at least to be happy I see The massive self pity angle that Windsun33 pointed.
            ES thinks of her poverty as a crime and I get that her situation is difficult, but since I get to see kids on The Street everyday and my own father went to college even though He had a Family to support and worked fixing bicycles (earning Just about enough to eat) and still didn’t complain about Life all The time, well… I know everybody is different, but since it’s already episode 11, what about we get less complaining and a bit more working to change?
            That’s one of my biggest problems with this drama. ES wants to change her Life, but what she’ll do to make that happen? She’s at this super prestigious school but she isn’t studying really. What do YOU want to do ES?

          • anniejang

            I think she’s doing well in this situation too. There’s more here than just the idea of being poor-she’s one of two people living in a closet in someone else’s house. How depressing. Even tho she loves the young master, he continually keeping her on edge by pushing towards exposure. And going to school and working 4 part time jobs. Even without the bullying from Young Do, her life is really difficult and depressing. She has a right to whine or cry sometimes. Wouldn’t you?

          • fantasma

            Upon reflection, I realized that my comment might have been a Little harsh. Ok, she really has a difficult Life and I understand that she needs to cry it out sometimes.
            However, my problem is that The show spends so much time on The crying that it seems that she doesn’t do anything else. The repetitiveness of The plot is what tires me and makes me have no patience whenever she cries because The only thing I think when that happens is: AGAIN? Her crying loses weight because it seems so one note, you know?
            If we had more scenes of her being strong and/or having fun, when she cried it would have more impact, imo.
            Balance and movement is what this show needs, otherwise I might end up Always taking out my frustrations on the characters, even if they are not Always to blame.

          • damianna


  3. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! I will start with my questions:

    1—Did YD know that KT and ES spent the night together? He looked like he knew, when they were having breakfast, but I wasn’t sure. Was that why he threw that barb at KT, “(you have) a woman you miss, and a woman you want to sleep with?”

    2—Why did KT lie about spending the night with ES (and ES said nothing)? Was that to protect her, so the other students would not give her a hard(er) time? So now, KT and ES are sneaking around…?

    3—Why did HS say that he wanted to see “a virgin ghost?” Why does she (I am assuming it is a she) have to be a virgin? (I am sure this is a cultural element I missed).

    4—I am still struggling with understanding YD: why was he upset that ES was a charity case? She didn’t choose to be, and how does that affect him? Why does he care so much about that? (Stupid question, I know). She doesn’t like him, and he can’t force her feelings for him, so… (Maybe he just being YD 🙂

    5—Am I the only one who is concerned that HS might die? Some things are really wrong with him, and his mom is not helping (neither is his family, for that matter). It looks like he might be an only child? I keep thinking back to the body drawn on the floor we saw in an earlier episode.

    6—I love the expression that was used to describe YD’s emotions: his eyes were shaking like an earthquake. That speaks volume.

    7—So, if CY’s dad has a lot of shares, he is more important than he actually seems to be (as a player in the company).

    8—KT said: “I did wrong,” to ES. About what? Confessing to his mom that he likes ES? Bringing her into his room? Both?

    • 3.1 Rachelle

      @Ivoire, #4, I don’t think YD is upset that ES is a charity case, he is upset that he now knows she is a charity case and can no longer bug her about her status in school. It was one of the main reasons for him to talk to her. That’s why he would prefer to speculate on her reason for living at KT’s house rather knowing the truth from her.
      #7 CY’s dad is just being used by KT’s dad to hold onto the company’s shares like a dummy corporation. KT’s dad is using various people to hold onto the company’s shares so no one knows how many shares he really owns.
      You are so curious about Korean culture, I think you would really enjoy visiting here.

      • 3.1.1 Ivoire

        Hello Rachelle,

        Thank you for clarifying #4 and #7 for me. I don’t always understand everything in the episodes (and I like to), so it is nice to be able to come here and ask questions. Your explanations actually really helped. And I totally agree with you, I think I would really enjoy visiting Korea, I am so curious about so many things (about everything, really 🙂 ).

        I find it interesting that now, YD feels like he can’t bother ES, any more, because he used to bully that other boy who left, and YD KNEW that he was a charity case, and actually because of that, he felt entitled to bully him. Interesting that because now he is “in like/in love” with ES, he wants to protect her, and not bully her per se. Though in this episode, he continued to use ES as a rag doll, as JB aptly pointed out. I do get that he is becoming protective of ES, but his methods continue to send the wrong message, i.e. that he is just messing with her, to get to KT. What is he getting out of it, anyway? And for how long, YD? (not too long, methinks, the way things are going).

        • Rachelle

          You know how much I LOVE watching KWB, unfortunately I think it’s too late for him to show some redeeming qualities to make romance with PSH happen in this drama. Just once I would like to squeal over something he does for PSH but he always ruins it.

          • Lin_K

            YD shows the conflict of a bully-who-wants-to-change-his-ways very well. He absolutely has no clue about how to get a girl (or even what is proper behavior); so, when he tries to help her/ protect her, it comes off as messing with her. I haven’t given up hope for redemption yet because YD and his redemption are the only reason I am here. I don’t really care anymore if he gets ES or not. He can have another great girl. Of course, he will be hurt but there are no wounds time can’t heal 🙂 I believe he is on his way to redemption because he was nice to Rachael in this episode. He told her to strengthen herself for a tough day and to call him she needs help. To hear that from YD, that is huge. Also Tan said that YD looked moved (He said that YD’s eyes shook like they are in an earthquake) when he talked to ES. That is also a good sign.

          • Jenn

            I think his dad’s relationships with women have really messed him up and he can’t or hasn’t learned how to be friends with or treat women as anything other than the mistresses or sexual objects his father keeps around and visits at those bars. He is definitely my favorite character and I love that he is an unapologetic, dynamic devil -his actions always keep me guessing (especially loved him dropping her into the pool).

          • Ivoire

            @ Rachelle,

            I have to be honest! I too love YD. I didn’t before, but I do now, and the way KWB portrays him has a LOT to do with that. I agree with Lin_K that YD has NO clue, no idea as to how to treat a woman. I am not condoning his actions, or even excusing them. Many, if not most (or all) of them were wrong, and out of line. That being said, I love how KWB infuses those subtle touches that let us know that YD is being touched, moved and changing slowly. As Lin_K said also, that gives me hope for his redemption, which I would love to see, in big part, because I would like to see KWB play sick puppy in love, who is willing to protect ES and eventually help out KT because of their bromance. I am also holding out hope that KT and YD will get their bromance back.

            This is a little selfish of me, however, because I have not seen all of KWB’s dramas (only 2), and I don’t know when I will see his other (past) dramas, I want to see him being bad, AND good, in this drama. I want to continue to see the acting range of KWB, and that could happen here.

      • 3.1.2 Lisa-Loo-Loo

        I agree Rachel. I think it’s the only way he knows to show affection as misplaced as it is. I really wish that this drama had used YD character properly from the beginning. They made him so hateful, that you can’t even have sympathy for him. Now that he is changing it feels forced. I want to like Tan and ES, but I am having a hard time. Is it wrong that right now there isn’t anyone I want the heroine to end up with? Instead I’ll like to see her rise above both of these boys, and find someone perfect for her. Too bad Bo Na isn’t a boy, I totally love her!

    • 3.2 Ziah

      5) Ohmigoodness, I had completely forgotten about the body drawn in chalk at the school. I sure hope HS doesn’t die, he’s one of the few characters I REALLY like. He seems grounded :(. I hope that wasn’t foreshadowing.

      6) I do too! As much as I worry about what it says about me, I’m starting to like ES and YD together, he seems to be the most honest and vulnerable, but hides it. But to be honest, with his history what can we expect. But he may need therapy, not love, at least not yet.

      8) I think both, or maybe his wrong was not realizing his privilege and that liking someone is not a luxury that ES has, especially in her predicament. For KT it’s a matter of feelings, for ES it’s her livelihood. I think that is what perturbs me the most about him in the series, how little he realizes the consequences of his actions, especially when others will bear the brunt.. But those are just my thoughts.

      • 3.2.1 Ivoire

        Hello Ziah,

        5–I hope HS doesn’t die as well, however, he looked sooooo terribly sad, when he was talking to his mom, I felt scared for him and wondered what he meant by the “he is planning something” thing he told KT when they were at the school. KT told him not to do anything that would endanger his life, and HS said he wouldn’t (he doesn’t like hospital food), and I can’t help but wonder, what it is then, that he is planning. I really, really felt for him, when he was talking to his mom. It seems as if he was reaching out to her, and she rejected him, yet again. You got to see how lonely he must be as well, and I finally realized that HS has been hiding it well. So sad 🙁

        6–You know Ziah, I thought that expression was very interesting, and that is why I find languages so fascinating. They inform you of how people look at the world. For KT to have been able to see YD’s eyes from where he was standing was something… (I don’t buy that, but I will roll with it. Besides, YD was kind turning his back to KT, so I don’t see how KT could have seen his eyes).

        So, eyes are very small (as we know), and for them to be compared to an earthquake (which you feel, when there is one) was interesting. That drew an image for me that I could immediately visualize, and I liked that analogy, and found it interesting, especially because YD’s eyes actually didn’t move that much. One could see the emotions in them however. He went from being sarcastic and cocky, to being rattled and moved in a few seconds, with what ES told him. I was really impressed to see that. And I loved how KWB acted that out.

        8–Ziah, I totally love what you said here, especially this, “For KT it’s a matter of feelings, for ES it’s her livelihood. I think that is what perturbs me the most about him in the series, how little he realizes the consequences of his actions, especially when others will bear the brunt.. ” because to be honest, I have been feeling the same way. I have been finding KT to be selfish a lot of the times, because I felt that he had not tried to put himself in ES’s shoes, and look at her situation from her perspective. He tends to jump 1st, and think later, and that has hurt her.

        I find it interesting that in his relationship with his brother, he is mature, always reaching out to him, and not taking his insults to heart, but with ES, he focuses most of the time on what HE wants, and on how things should be like, from his perspective. That has been bothering me a lot, even from an 18 year old. ES seems more mature to me, and I totally understand her reactions, based on what she is going through, and based on the situations she is facing. KT, on the other hand, irritates me and frustrates me often. I understand his motives, however I don’t always condone how he goes about things. He has been often (quite often) immature with ES and her challenges. Like you, just my 2cents 🙂

      • 3.2.2 Gidget

        “He seems grounded 🙁 .”

        Hope that’s not a metaphor.

        • kungfupigeon

          Or foreshadowing

          • kungfupigeon

            forget the last comment. They already said it. I had a brainfart

        • Ivoire

          Hello Gidget, what do you mean, please?

          • nomad

            As in he’ll be found on the ground due to…(insert any self-inflicted injury here)

          • Ivoire

            @ Nomad,
            thanks for explaining, and “Oh No!!!!” I want HS to stay alive, and I was hoping he would get HJ, but I don’t think it will happen 🙁

          • Gidget


            And speaking of foreshadowing, see comment 3.5.
            I think the place he was standing is right above where the chalk outline was.

            HS is a really compelling character. Outwardly he’s all wisdom, kindness and light. But his internal world is very blind, self-devaluing and dark. He’s more a spectator than participant in life.

            Now that I think about it, isn’t the writer saying that each character’s sense of self-worth and their concept of how to treat others merely a mirror of how they’re treated at home? I’m guessing that she has a social-activism oriented objective in writing this drama.

            Tan = doesn’t take himself seriously and treats others as a means to fulfill is own desires

            ES – values herself as a means to support the family and loves others unconditionally when they face hardship.

            CY – feels worthless and treats others with brutality.

            Rachel – feels as though her only utility is to promote the family business and treats others with a goal-oriented cold pragmatism

            HS – feels a lack of personal identity and treats others with a sense of responsibility to be a leader

            Bo Na – is a princess that treats others with the unique mix of hauteur and gentility that characterizes a royal.


      • 3.2.3 boms

        Oh God. I hope it’s not Hyoshin’s work…

      • 3.2.4 August

        “I think that is what perturbs me the most about him in the series, how little he realizes the consequences of his actions, especially when others will bear the brunt.. But those are just my thoughts.”

        Kim Won has expressed similar thoughts to Kim Tan on several occasions.

      • 3.2.5 August

        Right now, I am suspecting either Lee Hyo-Shin, Jo Myung-Soo, or Moon Joon Young as the person responsible for drawing the body outline in chalk at the school.

        • Ivoire

          Hello August,

          Yes, KW has said those things to KT, however, when it comes to KW, I don’t believe that KT wants to knowingly hurt his brother. There are enough shares for them to share, and really, they should band together (and fight Chairman Daddy), instead of KW fighting KT. I don’t believe that KT has hurt KW by coming back.

          When it comes to ES however, I do agree that his actions have hurt/made things harder for her, and that he has not very often thought about the consequences before acting. Who is Moon Joon Young again? Is that the boy who was bullied by YD and who ended leaving?

          • August

            Hi Ivoire,

            I agree with you that Kim Tan loves Kim Won dearly and tries his best to avoid causing intentional and unintentional harm to him.

            Yes, Moon Joon Young is the student that Choi Young-Do bullied. Thank goodness he was able to transfer to another school.

    • 3.3 PlumWine

      1. Yeah, I think he knew.
      2. Probably. Think of the scandal and gossip.
      4. He is intrigued by something outside his experience, so he doesn’t know how to handle it. (Really inexperienced with emotional empathy.)
      5. Oh beep! I forgot about that chalk outline!
      6. I think he is actually beginning to feel genuine emotions for the first time in a long time.
      7. I hope he is more powerful than he seems. Luckily for Won he seems like a good guy.
      8. Both

      • 3.3.1 Ivoire

        Hello PlumWine,

        Good to read from you again, and thank you for answering my questions. I keep worrying about HS, seeing how emotional he was with his mother. Suicidal people do that sometimes, reaching out before doing something dangerous. I have also read that this writer tends to give clues to the viewer, so I keep thinking back to that body drawn with the chalk. However, since HS said he would not do something dangerous any more, I want to believe him. His scene with his mom got to me though.

        I would also like to see Yoon being more powerful than he actually looks, that would be a great twist.

        • Faye

          I really hope HS doesn’t commit suicide! I love him!

          The scene with his mother was very poignant. At first, I winced when she seemed to blow him off. But then I tried to think about it from a different cultural view. From her perspective, making sure her son succeeds is the most important thing. And from what I understand, Korean parents, certainly of a particular generation, are not as comfortable discussing “feelings” and mental health issues.

          So from her perspective, she is probably doing the best thing for her son, even if what he really needs is to be heard. I may be projecting, but I thought she looked pained when she dismissed him. If Hyo-Shin gets any airtime, I would love to see he and his parents come to an understanding of each other.

          • PlumWine

            @ Faye – I’ve been reading about some of the culture differences of Korean parents, however being a mom I don’t think I’d just rely on some pills after my child tried to commit suicide. She doesn’t take into account his own thoughts or desires. (I don’t understand how managing one’s almost adult child’s life can teach them how to become a responsible and capable adult. I heard a USA parent saying he had to go schedule his daughters college classes earlier this week so this is universal and bothersome problem.). Not to mention it seems to be a topic in the news more often, so she should be aware.

            I did see her expression as she turned away but I’m on the fence of her being worried about her future plans for him or being pained at dismissing him as you said. I can only hope they can connect and work towards an understanding.

          • Faye

            @PlumWine – You made some valid points. I’m really on the fence about it as well, but I guess I wanted to be optimistic and give her the benefit of the doubt. Either way, the scene is very poignant, and I cringed when Hyo-Shin tried to open to his mother and was shut down.

            A parent scheduling his child’s college classes? Oh dear.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Faye,

            I just want to let you know how much I LOVE that you went from complimenting me that time, when I wrote my long analysis of KT’s mom (and you said you needed to watch every drama I watch 🙂 ), to you yourself becoming/turning into a fellow writer/analysis(er) (I am trying to make up a word, 🙂 ) of Kdramas. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts about this drama, cultures, and life in general. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but seeing you participate so much here makes me want to say to you, “Faye, you go girl :-)!!!!!”

            I don’t want to be the person of doom here, and I hope that I am not being that. I just felt so sad for HS in that scene. Throughout the drama so far, he had put up a good face, and acting the respectable sunbae. In that scene, I felt as if I was seeing HS, for who he was. I was seeing behind or below his veneer, and I was moved by how vulnerable he looked. I realized then, how lonely he must have been feeling all this time. I was glad to see that he is somewhat friends with KT (though the strongest bromance is with YD), but I couldn’t help but feel for him. KHN (the actor playing HS), is a big reason why I was so moved by HS.

            I would just like to see HS get what he wants in life: wonderful parents, a profession of his choice, and a good woman (girlfriend). It might be too much to expect HS to be able to get all three, so I would settle for him to get at least one thing he really, really wants, and that might be his parents listening to him and actually hearing him.
            P.S.: I left you a response in episode 10 recap, I hope that you saw it. Sorry for not responding on time (and for not responding when I said would, the other times). I wish days were longer than 24 hours. 🙂

          • Faye

            @Ivoire -Thanks for your kind words, and for all your thought-provoking posts. To be honest, this thread is now the equivalent of drama crack -it frustrates me so much, yet I can’t seem to quit it :). I’ve never seen the level of hostility in any Dramabeans thread that “Heirs” inspires here. Not only against the plot, the characters, and the actors, but against posters who dare to actually like the drama and express certain opinions. For example, last week I was told that I am a person who enjoys child abuse because I was glad Kim-Tan stood up to Young-Do. I didn’t think this was that kind of board, and the invective shocked me. If we can’t disagree about a drama without insulting each other, the whole level of discourse really degrades. And it certainly takes the fun out of the experience.

            Anyway, the point of this digression was that you and a handful of others generate very good discussions about “Heirs,” and you’re what keep me coming back here :). So you go, yourself!

          • pogo

            @Faye – this comes late, I’m not sure how it played out in your memory, and I’d say the language used may have been out of line.

            But I read that thread and remember quite clearly that what the poster/s objected to was your characterisation of Tan’s purposely and knowingly triggering YD’s dad to hit him, as something that was justified and fair, in response to YD’s house visit and rudeness to his mother.

            Causing physical parent-child violence to be unleashed on someone and walking away with a little smirk, as Tan did, is morally questionable no matter who the target of that violence is, and never mind that it was paying back verbal rudeless with a (would-be) full-on beating. And I would look askance at anyone who supported that action in a fictional character.

        • PlumWine

          Hello Ivoire,

          I really don’t think he will commit suicide, but now you and everyone else here has got me worried about it. He’s going to do something, maybe start dating Hyun Joo. (That might wake up his parents and Won 🙂 ). The mom scene really showed just how isolated in his family he is. Do any parents listen to their kids in this drama besides Eun Sang’s mom?

          What I’d really like to see is Yoon tell Puppet strings daddy to back off, teach Won how to trust, and figure out how Tan can get his brother on his side. Or just take over the company.

          • isnin

            I think Yoon is going to make a surprise takeover bid with his shares AND with Rachel’s Mom. He’s got to be planning something, it is a k-drama after all……

          • PlumWine

            @isnin- Perfection!

          • Ivoire

            Hello PlumWine,

            Good to hear from you, as always! 🙂 To be honest, I don’t think HS will commit suicide (again), because he and Tan have already ruled that out. It is just that, after that scene, HS as you pointed out looked so isolated, and it is the kind of things that sends already emotionally vulnerable people over the edge, and I felt uneasy about what might be going through HS’s head as he was going up the stairs.

            I know he is planning something big, and I am so curious about it. I wonder if he will date HJ. Would she let him date her? He is still dependent on his parents for everything, what could he be planning that would be so big and not involving his parents’ help?

            Regarding Yoon, I LOVE your suggestions, however I can’t help but wonder, “how would he do that?” Yoon doesn’t have any leverage, and if he told Puppet string daddy off, he would lose his job 🙁 and CY would be out of school. I also think he would have a hard time convincing KW to trust him, since KW already hates him (or at least doesn’t trust him). I would love it if Yoon could take over the company, however, we are wishfully thinking here, aren’t we? How would he get all those board members to his side? I don’t know how Yoon could help KT bring his brother closer, when KW doesn’t want to have anything to do with KT. Great wishes there, and maybe you are just more creative than I am about how to make that happen. 🙂

        • anniejang

          I’m not sure what he said to Tan because I don’t understand Korean, and subbers sometimes (make that often) say things their own way. But I’m thinking he said he wouldn’t do that again because he didn’t like hospital food. But he could have meant-he won’t fail the next time. I really hope that isn’t what he meant.

          • isnin

            He didn’t say he wouldn’t attempt suicide again….I also took his statement of “I wouldn’t do that again. I don’t like hospital food.” to mean that he will not fail at his next attempt. He will just try a different way of killing himself.

          • PlumWine

            @isnin- Imperfection!


          • Ivoire

            Hello isnin and anniejang
            Thank you for your responses. And ick, about HS trying to commit suicide again. Let’s hope not :-(.

          • anniejang

            I hope not too, but now that it’s been brought up, I can’t help thinking that he’s the one who keeps drawing the chalk figure because that’s where he’s planning on landing. and he stands up on that bridge to work up the courage to jump. This is certainly a much bigger plan that taking an overdose. A big bang. I can’t believe I’m saying this horrifying thing, but everything seems to point to this way he’s thinking. Even the fact that he’s extra sweet seems to add to this.

    • 3.4 adette

      3 – I think he said it as a joke. no onewould want a virgin ghost (처녀귀신; cheonyeo gwishin) to appear before them… well.no one without a death wish, anyway… hmm. lol. but yeah, based in his joke to Rachel about Tan being in the trunk, I think the ghost comment was meant as a joke, too.

      A little background on virgin ghosts:
      virgin ghosts are the most commonly seen ghosts in Korean horror movies and ghost stories. they are spirits of young females who met death before being able to get married. they’re usually portrayed wearing sobok (white hanbok worn in times of mourning) and with long hair that often covers their faces (traditionally, single women were not to wear their hair up). in Confucian Korean society, a woman’s role in life was to serve the men in her life (farther, husband, son). Cheonyeo gwishin are women who died before finding husbands, and so were unable to fulfill their lives’ purpose. because of this unfinished business, they are bitter spirits that are unable to leave the human world.

      • 3.4.1 PlumWine

        Thanks and Yikes!

      • 3.4.2 Ivoire

        Hello Adette,

        Thank you so much for your response. I so appreciate that you are always helping me understand better this drama and the Korean culture, by explaining to me what words and expressions mean.

        You said that no one would want to have a virgin ghost (or a ghost, period) appear in front of them if they didn’t have a death wish. Does that mean that seeing a ghost automatically means dying afterwards? I am kind of curious about that.

        About the sobok, I didn’t know that Koreans also wore a white hanbok in times of mourning, and I am only saying that because I have only seen them wear the black hanbok when they are mourning (the one on which they place something on their arm). I hope that I am making sense. Could you please expand a little bit more on that? Thank you.

        This was a very interesting cultural fact. Thank you for explaining. Also, I loved your long commentary/response to my comment in ep. 10. I meant to respond, however, the time and days got away from me, sorry :-(. Please keep on sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

        • adette

          it doesn’t mean you’d automatically die, it’s just..well, like I said before, cheonyeo gwishin are angry/bitter ghosts. I just know I wouldn’t want a vengeful spirit to come find me :p traditionally, people would try to appease the spirits. one way they’d do this is by performing shamanistic spirit weddings (영혼 결혼; younghon gyeorhon) between a female virgin ghost and the ghost of a bachelor (총각 귀신; chonggak gwishin). another way they would try to appease the spirits was to build phallic-shaped statues (for an example, look up haesindang park).

          as for sobok… (the name for the white hanbok; mourning clothes collectively are “sangbok”), well, actually I’ll just talk about sangbok. traditionally, in the mourning period, family members wore white sangbok made of hemp cloth. this has changed more recently, mostly due to western and Japanese influence (black is the traditional mourning color in must western nations. during Japanese colonization period of Korea, men began to wear western style suits at funerals rather than hanbok). so, today, men wear black western style suits and women wear black or white clothing (you can rent funeral attire at funeral homes . they usually carry both colors). the arm band (women sometimes will wear bows in their hair) are made of hemp cloth, like old tradition. family members are expected to wear it for add long as the mourning period, which various in length depending on one’s relation to the deceased. sorry I don’t have more specific info; this was about all I could dig up in the quick research I did ^^;

    • 3.5 Gidget

      #5 Oh no! Add to that, didn’t you find it odd that he was alone, staring down from the roof when Kim Tan returned to school.

      “Watching from afar is vomiting sunbae Hyo-shin, who notes with entertainment that Lucifer has just arrived in “this school of Satans.””

      The scene when his mom said she didn’t want to hear why he tried to take his life was absolutely heartbreaking.

      • 3.5.1 Rushie

        The moms in this show, except ES’ mom and Tan’s mom, should just disappear. They’re so awful.

        • Moonbean

          What? Along with Bo Na they are the best the show offers!

        • TS

          I like Rachel’s mum. She’s tough and she knows she’s doing a business marriage, but she’s still willing to be a mother to Young Do. And she picks up her daughter from school despite working as the head of her company. That’s impressive.

  4. Moonbean

    I have been reading over and over that this drama doesn’t have a plot or a theme. I think the problem is that it has too many and they have not melded harmoniously yet. The whole “dream“ theme has been analysed in the earlier weeks (see Faye’s comment 37.1 for episode 7). California was a dream for Eun Sang and a dreamlike existence for Tan. We also need to get the dreamcatcher into this discussion as well. With that dreamcatcher Eun Sang gave Tan a beautiful dream but when she didn’t show courage to accompany Tan in that dream his dream turned into a bad one. Tan also has dreams of a friendlier relationship with his brother and he interpreted his brother’s refusal of that dream in the wine cellar scene while he had lent his dreamcatcher to Eun Sang as a bad dream.

    KDaddict explored social commentary on hierarchical society and the theme of mother (comment 15 for episode 8). But I think before those, the more important themes of this show are family and friendship. What is a family is a theme that is explored repeatedly through a variety of characters. What makes a family? What is the criteria to be used? Is it living together? Is it official registry? Is it legitimacy? Is it love? Tan’s family is the most obvious example. Is Tan’s official “mother” part of the family just because she is in the family register as well as his “mom” who isn’t? She doesn’t even live in the same house with them – and that’s another dimension of the discussion: Families live together (thus Tan’s joy of having Eun Sang living in his house “as if they are really living together” just as that poetry book said). How about Tan’s mom who lives in the same house but is not on the family register? When Tan was in exile he wasn’t allowed to live with them but was sent far away, excluded from the family. When he returned as a protest Won excluded himself from the family house. Won doesn’t see Tan, his father’s wife nor mistress as part of his family. The “mother” who raised him but didn’t give him love is no mother of his. The half-brother and his father’s mistress don’t make a “real” family to him (these are his words). Young Do doesn’t live with his father but stays in a hotel room (do we need a better indicator of the dysfunctionality of his family?) Then there is Young Do and Ra Hel’s parents who are trying to force a family onto their resisting children. Will their marriage make them into a family? How about Tan and Ra Hel’s merger and acquisition engagement? Will that make them into a family? We don’t know what’s up with Hyo Shin’s family besides all the pressure he is put under but his throwing up, suicide attempt and Tan’s reference made it clear that that family is also less than functional. We haven’t seen all characters’ families yet but from what we have seen following drama clichés mostly the rich families are dysfunctional and problematic whereas the comparatively poorer ones with hearts of gold are better (setting aside Eun Sang’s sister’s selfishness and disregard of the members of her family). The only seemingly functional families are the single parent families of the social care group Chang Young and Eun Sang. I loved that Eun Sang’s mother supported her 100 percent when Madam Han discovered them in Tan’s room. And what did Tan’s mother do? I also find it interesting that except for Tan and Eun Sang the kids at school don’t seem to have siblings. Family wise the most anticipated relationship is of course Tan and Won’s reconciliation which will do both of them a lot of good. I’m hoping for a City Hall like ending in which the brothers together defeat their dad (same evil dad everyone!). The family theme is also explored from the angle of what happens to kids raised without love in dysfunctional families. Tan and Young Do become bullies, Hyo Shin is suicidal, Won is cold and selfish, Rachel is a spoiled brat, orphan Hyun Joo is afraid to embrace love and so on.

    As discordant as the relationships at school currently are I am expecting a few friendships to be explored. One solid friendship is between Eun Sang and Chan Young. Eun Sang tolerates Bo Na for her friend and Chan Young deals with his girlfriend’s displeasure for his friend. Contrary to popular opinion I have liked Bo Na and disliked Ra Hel since episode 1. I can’t see Eun Sang and Ra Hel to be friends in the end but I can totally see Eun Sang and Bo Na and I was feeling this way since the beginning of the show. Her grudging help and support is a step in the right direction. Bo Na also has a girlfriend and is friendly with most of the boys (Hyo Shin, Myung Soo, Young Do). Ra Hel as the typical bitchy second lead does not have any female friends. The only person she seems friendly with is Hyo Shin but that’s because he seems to be friendly with everyone (I am not including oppa Won as a friend for her because so far theirs are chance encounters). Tan used to be Ra Hel’s friend and wanted to continue his friendship but it was Ra Hel who wanted more from him who refused. Yet, in last night’s episode, during her distress Tan was the only friend trying to comfort her – albeit awkwardly. After seeing Tan trying to comfort Ra Hel and Eun Sang asking after Young Do I can see them all being friends in the end…

    Young Do has Myung Soo but though he gives Young Do some frank commentary at times he seems to be more of a sidekick than a genuine friend who understands him or shares his secrets, which is exactly what he needs and I was sure he is missing Tan’s friendship terribly though I thought he would rather die than owning this. Boy, did he prove me wrong in last night’s episode. For me this is the most interesting friendship I’d like the show to explore. Because since he lost Young Do’s friendship Tan is terribly lonely, too. I knew Young Do has absolutely no chance to have a romantic relationship with Eun Sang since she liked Tan long before she set eyes on Young Do. I thought it might be nice for them to be friends eventually but did not think it would happen. After last night’s episode I think it might be possible after all. People keep asking why the boys like Eun Sang. Eun Sang was the only one who asked whether he was OK after news broke out about his dad’s engagement. Eun Sang cares about people. Even people like Young Do and Ra Hel. She felt sorry for them both when the news of their parents’ engagement upset them. She was able to see through Young Do and this shocked him. She felt sorry for him for eating alone all the time. That also affected him. I liked this development very much. He would like her friendship, apparently he’s using things he harasses her with as excuses to talk to her.

    Another very lonely character is Won (of course partially his fault because his brother is dying to be his best friend). I wonder whether Secretary Yoon could be a friend to Won, he seems in need of one as well and his warning regarding his father’s surveillance might be the beginning of that. In this episode he said a few words of wisdom about their relationships if only Won listens. Although Won seems to measure friendships based on business rather than this so he’s annoyed with Yoon about the shares.

    Another theme the show explores is money vs. love (which is typical of rich boy poor girl dramas – out of curiosity are there any good examples of rich girl poor boy dramas or kdramas only use the Harlequin romance trope of rich guy-poor girl?) Anyway, in the early episodes people complained about the amount of screentime adults got and recently I read someone asking what’s the point of Esther and Secretary Yoon’s relationship. Esther and Secretary Yoon’s relationship exemplify one possibility of Tan and Won’s future. They show what happens if people give up their love for social conventions and money. Two people who haven’t found happiness and still longing for each other after 20 years.

    • 4.1 Windsun33

      “Phoenix” is an example of rich girl poor guy, but it also goes pretty deep into why passionate love is not enough and can lead to a disaster if you are too immature to handle it.

      • 4.1.1 Moonbean

        Hmm, I haven’t heard of it, I’ll check it out but sounds like it doesn’t end well. I usually only watch happy romcoms.

        • Windsun33

          It’s on Viki and DF. Actually it does end (sort of) well, but there is a lot of not-so-well in between. It is above average, but 24 episodes so I ended up skipping a lot of the middle.

    • 4.2 lucertola

      @Moonbean comment seems really plausible to me. I like how the drama explores family issues and shows the impact that adult’s behaviour has on children. I also like the quite egoistical and those realistic choice they have to make – money:love (in real life both can change really fast ;))

      Just, I find KT really boring and too selfish. Even more than YD. If YD seems to be changing from bad to a little-less-bad, KT is changing from less-bad to bad (and boring). I feel that he is not doing much more than Don Quixote was doing – he is not good at school, he doesn’t have any plan for the future, he lives like a rich spoiled kid incapable of doing anything else than talk big toward windmills. And still he wants a strong minded and really adult ES to date him and suffer for it. For all these reasons I don’t like the main pairing. But I like all the rest 🙂

      Thanks for recapping DB 🙂

      • 4.2.1 Moonbean

        I have read from other also that Kim Tan doesn’t do anything. I think it’s not because he is not capable of it but because until now he didn’t care for it. His instructions from his hyung when being sent to exile was to have fun. I think we will see his capabilities in the second half of the show when he has actually something to fight for.

        • anniejang

          I thought this too. He’s been living with no thought for 3 years, and suddenly has to grow up and get serious if he wants to have love and protect someone his family will not accept. He can’t just switch his whole way of living overnight, because he doesn’t know how to live differently. Hopefully, Eun Sang will teach him. I think she actually has a pretty good head on her shoulders in handling him, in spite of her understandably horrible fatigue.

        • lucertola

          Well I have to agree, but still I would prefer that the drama would take more time to show him being an apathetic party oriented teenager, who slowly changes. Till now I couldn’t see nor the previous KT, nor the new one. And I certainly cannot see the change in his approach toward others. I like LMH as an actor, but I don’t like how he’s portraying KT. In a way his acting seems to calm and composed for a teenager boy who just came back to face the past and who has to fight the windmills.
          Also, the dichotomy in his actions really bothers me – one moment he is behaving really adult-like, and then another moment he is behaving like a childish brat (using violence, putting ES in a difficult position…). If he’d be childish all the time from the beginning and then he’d slowly show us his responsible side, it’d be easier for me to follow his change.

          Well, I like this drama more than many others and I just hope that they don’t mess the end (too much ;))

          • lucertola

            Huh, I remembered – fragile is the word I was looking for when talking about LMH portrayal of KT. I can feel YD and ES (teenage) fragility, but due to LMH acting not KT’s one, even during his most difficult situations.

          • August

            First and foremost, Kim Tan adapts and responds to a person or situation based upon the environment (California vs. Korea, home vs. school, father vs. brother, “legal mother” vs. “biological mom,” etc.) that the situation occurs in.

    • 4.3 Faye

      Very interesting analysis! I agree these plots/themes need to come together better, but I don’t if it’s a “melding” issue. I think the editing within each episode is what needs improvement.

    • 4.4 PlumWine

      Your take on all these interactions and themes is thought provoking. I would really like it if your themes come true, especially the friendships.

      Frankly, I’m beginning to see that few of them actually have ‘families’. They have relatives who are roommates or benefactors providing room and board. I’m of the opinion you can make your own ‘family’ but you can’t choose your relatives. A family are the people you can be yourself with, have meaningful talks with, fight with and still know you are cared and loved. Some of these poor rich kids are nothing more than means to acquisitions and mergers. Sad.

    • 4.5 adette

      I agree that Heirs addresses a number of themes, and like your analysis of them, but I still maintain that it’s a loosely plotted drama, albeit one with a lot of story to tell. I don’t think it’s inherently bad to have a lot of story and little plot, it just means that it might fall a little flat for some people.

    • 4.6 Gidget

      Re: this show doesn’t have a plot/theme.

      Just saw this and made another post that would have been better-placed here. How about what’s in Comment

      Sometimes writers write stories wherein art imitates life. Other times writers have more of an activist agenda. To me it’s felt like the writer has more passion for the social topics than for the story itself.

      So far we’ve touched on:
      1. Parental expectations for their children
      2. Physical abuse
      3. Bullying

      I’m guessing she may yet add commentary on:
      4. Suicide
      5. Chidrens’ ‘rights’

      Meanwhile, the story recycles, meanders and lollygags.

  5. Ace

    LOL @ Kim Tan trying to block ES in the broadcast room. He’s like his mom. So funny.

    Anyway, I’m not sure if I want the rumored spoilers to come true. On one hand, that seems too lazy for the writer. On the other hand, it would seem better than the current stuff going on where KT and YD plays ES tug of war.

    • 5.1 Ziah

      Wait, what rumored spoilers?

      • 5.1.1 Ace

        Google’s our friend. 😉 Can’t discuss spoilers here, whether it’s speculation or not. Let’s just say that I’m 50/50 over it. My reaction was, Really KES? That’s how you’ll solve things for the leads? Too lazy. But I’m kinda hoping there’s some truth to it to spice things up as the same things have been happening over and over again and there’s little progress in the story.

        • Roggy

          Oops! But these are just people’s opinions, they can’t be counted as spoilers

      • 5.1.2 Roggy

        That ES is HS’s younger sister etc. and CY and Rachel are half siblings… Those are the rumours I saw on tumblr. I think the last one is plausible. We haven’t been given a reason as to why Rachel’s dad divorced her mother… Maybe he found out

        • Ace


          • Roggy

            Haha sorry! More topics to discuss? 😛

        • Ziah

          I could believe the second one too, but as for the first, how is that even possible? Aww well, guess we gotta wait to find out.

        • krystal.anne

          The 2nd one is possible because CH’s dad & Rachel’s mom had a past. But the 1st one, A BIG NO!!!

        • Windsun33

          And of course those “rumors” have absolutely no basis in fact – they are just wild speculation by fangurls trying to one-up each other on what they know.

    • 5.2 owl

      100th place for a reason…

  6. birdscout

    I’ve finally warmed up to Lee Bo-Na in this ep. And, I do feel badly for Rachel here.

    • 6.1 Roggy

      I literally only look forward to BoNa’s interactions. If it wasn’t for her and maybe CY and MS then I’d just read recaps. Watching this show is becoming harder and harder with every similar episode.

    • 6.2 Patch

      Bo Na and CY have been cute puppies since episode 1, and a nice distraction from the repetitiveness of the other plots, but this episode I finally liked Bo Na as a character in her own right. Her reaction to hearing about ES mother’s disability was clueless but also sweet.

      She might just end up being my favourite character.

  7. Vicky

    The most touching part of the episode for me was ES being sorry & apologizing to her mom for liking KT too. That brought out the water works.

    Whew! What a roller coaster episode. The drama definitely picked up with this one. I have to say though that the beginning felt somewhat rushed and scattered. Like I’m not sure why KT got upset with ES when she had just called him, and he saw her pull away from YD.

    The good parts – it was nice to see ES not only admit her feelings but throw caution to the wind and allow herself to like KT, and spend time with him. Good to see her being forward with him.

    • 7.1 Ivoire

      Hello Vicky,

      I agree with all that you have said. I actually cried and became emotional when ES apologized to her mom. PSH played it well. I could feel the weight of the world on her shoulders at that moment, and how she was being torn. Yes, she likes KT, and she wants to be able to like him openly, however, she is very aware of their realities (which includes how that would affect her mom), and that is very hard for her.

      I didn’t like Madam Han threatening ES’s mom and insulting her, because honestly, she has not been treating her well, and she admitted that. She gave her a home? Please, it’s a mere room, in that huge compound and estate of theirs. They eat leftovers, and Chairman daddy is the one who sent ES to Jekuk High, with a (hurtful) motive, mind you. I am so glad that KT is seeing and acknowledging how hard the situation is for ES. He would never be in her shoes, I don’t believe that he will ever be on the street. So no, he can’t even begin to know how that feels like, but he is trying to, and that is good.

  8. Ivoire

    Even though I am still frustrated (some) and irritated with KT and YD, I did love this ep. Things are moving in some direction, and that is good. I loved the funny bits, such as BN always getting upset and always acting quickly, so ES won’t have ANY contact with CY. That is always hilarious, and it doesn’t get hold for me.

    We are seeing more of the emotional and vulnerable side of YD, and I love how KWB is portraying that, because I do feel and believe that ES is getting to him, and cracking his veneer, especially because he does not expect her to. I loved especially what she told him after the news of the engagement broke, “after all, you are only 18 (17 in Western age), and I hope you are OK.” Yeah, YD is that young, and he has already gone through so much. I am loving that more and more feelings and issues are coming to the surface for YD. We saw a lot of emotional scenes/situations for YD in this episode, let’s see what happens with that.

    • 8.1 PlumWine

      ‘Cracking his veneer’. That is it exactly! I really enjoyed their scenes together (yes, even the pool). I’m looking forward (hoping) that they will have some more scenes and see Young Do’s growth from them.

    • 8.2 Patch

      It’s reading more emerging friendship than romantic to me. She’s treating him like a human being and expecting him to act like one, the people around him have reached the stage of “Ah YD, keep that forked tongue and pitchfork away from me and we’ll be cool.”

    • 8.3 Lin_K

      @Ivoire – I loved your comment about YD’s emotions!! And thank you for reminding us that he is only 18 (or 17?) 🙂 I have always felt sympathy for him and wanted him to change. Now he is showing signs of becoming a good person. I am so glad to see that! I also loved all the interactions of YD and ES, especially when he was emotionally affected by the things ES said. The slow motion take of YD taking ES in his arms (+the music then) was cute.

  9. JD

    Two things I loved about today’s episode. Eunsang & Bona’s little sleepover scene, and the scene with Youngdo & Eunsang in the convenience store. The sleepover scene showed us a more friendlier and mature side of Bona. I think she is definitely the character that underwent the most growth throughout this drama, so far. I love how she helps Eunsang time after time, to prevent Chanyoung from helping her. I’m always rooting for them to be biffels by the end of the drama, so it’s nice seeing them moving towards that stage, little by little. Baby steps.

    The scene with Youngdo & Eunsang at the convenience store was really heartwarming imo. She was able to see the more fragile side of him, beyond that tough facade that he always tries to put on. Behind that bully exterior, he’s just a lonely kid. Like she said, he has lots of money, yet he has eaten everything on the convenience store. He would rather eat alone at a cheap place, than to eat something good with his dad. This kind of things are what makes me lean more towards Youngdo and Tan. I think Eunsang has a bigger impact on Youngdo’s life than she has on Tan’s. It’s good seeing Youngdo change for the better. In that sense, can’t we have him with her? Hahaha 🙂

    • 9.1 Roggy

      Yup! They were the best scenes in the drama for me too!
      If those two really do become biffels at the end, it would make the entire drama bearable! They looked so cute in the BTS!

      • 9.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Roggy, do you have links of the BTS, please?

    • 9.2 Zoe

      I’m only watching this drama in hope of a Young Do and Eun Sang end game. Their scenes are so much more interesting than those with Eun Sang and Kim Tan.

      • 9.2.1 pogo

        won’t happen, bb. This is kdramaland, the Law of Who Gets Whom is unbreakable, esp. when the main lead is as big a star as Lee Min-ho.

    • 9.3 Lin_K

      @JD – I don’t think it is because YD does not want to eat with his dad. It is more like his dad does not have time (or put in effort) to eat with him. That’s why YD said he would rather eat in a convenience store where it is not weird to eat alone. Most people don’t go to expensive restaurants to eat by themselves I guess.

  10. 10 panshel

    Not only is every episode same story, different day, but every episode ends the exact same, too. One girl sandwiched between two guys, with one — or both — of them inappropriately manhandling her. I’m glad they got found out just to prove to Tan that all her fears he was so quick to dismiss came true. Eun Sang and her mom did get kicked out of his house just like she expected. I hate how he tried to “But you’re not even trying!” guilt-trip her last episode.

    Now that the main couple “spent the night together” and made huge strides in admitting their feelings for each other, I don’t see the point of Young Do. She’s not going to have a change of heart no matter how many times you push her in the pool. As soon as I saw the water, I knew it wasn’t going to end well. And I don’t ship him with Rachel because I like Rachel with Hyo Shin.

    Ye Sol also baffles me. Do none of her friends know her mom is a madam? Is her dad rich? Why did Chan Young call Rachel for a bed check but not his best friend who disappeared in the middle of the night?

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

    • 10.1 Roggy

      Nah ES was there for the rollcall. Remember how she went to the rent later THAN found Tan standing there?

    • 10.2 Windsun33

      I think it is that “same story, different day, different location” thing that ruins for me and a lot of others.

      I keep saying that this is some pretty bad writing, but in fact there are some flashes of brilliance – such as ES’s mother selling the notebooks. The problem is that there is 2-5 minutes of good surrounded by 55 minutes of recycled tropes and just plain stupid and totally predictable things.

      • 10.2.1 Roggy

        ^spot on

  11. 11 SweetPea

    One word: SIGH.

    🙁 Really! What is this mess? Just so many things…

    Ugh. LMH. PSH. Woobin. Gumiho daddy, and etc. WASTED.

    And I LOVED it in the beginning. I loved the ES had her own character. I loved that Tan was so considerate of her. I loved how THEY WERE FRIENDS and on EQUAL grounds. [B]Did someone like murder the original writer or something?[/B] What is this? I keep waiting. ok. but it keeps getting worse… and worse. Like you know it’s bad when BOF looks like a masterpiece next to this. lol.
    just stop it. just stop it, okay?

    excuse me while I try to jump off this burning up ship …. *Cries dramatically*

    • 11.1 Marina

      Huh? BOF IS a masterpiece! *pouts*

      • 11.1.1 peacegee


  12. 12 Faye

    *I’m so conflicted. Young-Do/Tan are the really passionate couple, but now I think I’m all aboard the Tan/Hyo Shin train. Ottoke, ottoke? Just kidding. Seriously, though, aren’t they cute together? A much more functional bromance. And I lol-ed at their booking a hotel room. Of course rich boys weren’t actually planning to rough it outdoors.

    *Tan doesn’t get a free pass for all his past fuckwittery, but finally he does the right thing and tries to break off the engagement with Rachel. This time she’s in denial, though. Ironically, I think it was her actions from last week that gave him the impetus to break the status quo. Probably not what she was hoping for!

    *Okay. I hate to break the picket line on Young-Do. BUT. That scene with he and Eun-Sang at the campsite was so heartbreaking and, dare I say it? Almost sweet. When he dunked the girls’ sneakers for her, and asked poignantly “would we have anything to talk about, if not this” (referring to his torturing her about her status) –you could really see this is the only way he knows how to communicate and demonstrate caring. Maybe because he was abandoned by his mother and abused by his father, violence and caring are somehow tied up and confused in his mind, in some twisted way. KWB really made me feel for his character.

    That being said, he still has major issues and should *not* get Eun-Sang. And of course he had to kill my goodwill with that pool stunt.

    *The camping scene with Eun-Sang and Tan –such an obvious emotional ploy, yet so effective (for me, at least)! I thought it symbolized the central conflict of the drama very well – as Eun-Sang said, she likes and wants to be with Tan, but it seems as unlikely, as distant, as a dream. Whereas Tan is constantly trying to convince her it can last even after the sun comes up – that this is reality.

    *I loved the interaction between Eun-Sang and her oma after they got bounced from Case de Crazy. It was so touching to see Eun-Sang’s regret – she really cares about her mother and feels sorry she is the cause of their having to leave. And conversely, Eun-Sang’s mother loves her daughter so much that she feels the pain of her position, instead of blaming her for caring about Tan. So many feels! Also, how ironic that Tan’s mother is yelling at poor Eun-Sang for loving a rich boy who is outside her social strata. Does that hit too close to home, perhaps?

    *That ending was so irksome, with everybody in an orgy of grabbing each other. Hands to yourself, people!

    *I remain part of the 1% – that is, the 1% of people who watch this show and actually seem to enjoy it. I know this is not necessarily a “good” drama in the textbook definition of the word, but somehow, it just keeps pulling me in, and I want to see the lead couple end up happy (and for the male lead to get some better clothes).

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 12.1 August

      I am enjoying the bromance between Hyo Shin and Tan as well.

      This episode felt like things are finally falling into place… Whatever (script, plot, etc.) made Heirs always seem as if something was lacking is now gradually disappearing.

    • 12.2 Roggy

      I agree! Except about that camping scene with Tan and ES… We’ve already had the ‘midsummers night’ plot. We know she want to be with Tan but can’t. SHE ALWAYS EXPLAINING IT EVERY TIME SHE HAS TO MOVE AWAY FROM HIM! And it’s KILLING ME! We get it, writer! MOVE ON WITH THE DAMN STORY!

      • 12.2.1 August

        The writer references literary works for her stories and characters and may even blend them in with the plot.

        For example in Secret Garden, she referenced Han Christian Anderson’s version of “The Little Mermaid.”

        Which is a good thing, since some people are only famaliar with the Disney version and unfortunately may assume its original and the only version. It’s nice to have an alternative in the mainstream to the Disneyfied version.

      • 12.2.2 Faye

        I disagree -I thought the scene was necessary. Not just for the “aww” factor, but because it solidifies for us that ES really likes Tan, too, and wants to be with him. Since all the Korean episodes have made it seem that Tan is a stalker with no basis for pursuing ES, we needed as viewers to see there is something for both of them to fight for.

        Moreover, there was a sort of symmetry with this scene paralleling the ones in CA. There, ES called it a midsummer night’s dream and was prepared to move on. Here, she said the same thing -but this time, it seems she and Tan are not going to give up.

    • 12.3 addy

      I’M PART OF THE 1% TOO! I have so many problems with this drama and the writing frustrates me to no end, but I’m still enjoying it somehow. I don’t really care about the main couple tbh but I still wake up in the morning and find the episodes on tudou and watch them as I have breakfast. and I’m still excited before I start a new episode (I thinkkk I may be in denial, and am just trying to convince myself that its going to get better….. it still has time to get better, right??)

    • 12.4 Moonbean

      Take me with you among the 1 percent Faye. It is less than perfect and we all know the flaws but I am enjoying it. I want not only the lead couple but all these tortured rich kids (Won, Hyo Shin, Young Do, Ra Hel) as well as poor orphan Hyun Joo to be happy as well. Also Secretary Yoon…

      • 12.4.1 Faye

        Exactly to all of this! We know the flaws by now; we’re at episode 10. It’s okay to criticize things, but if you’re going to keep watching, accept it for what it is and enjoy the ride. I care about these characters and want them to be happy.

    • 12.5 Windsun33

      I am not sure if I should be counted in that 1% or not.

      This show has finally managed to get onto my “the show I love to hate the most” list. That is not a good thing – it happened to me with ISYG, and I ended up watching it all, but the last 15 episodes were pretty much for the sole purpose of nitpicking and bashing it. I think maybe I have finally gone over the edge on k-dramas and should seek help (or I could just watch one of the new shows, like Deja Vu).

      Most horribly, today is the last episode of Secrets, and I have noplace else to go 🙁

      • 12.5.1 Faye

        LOL, read a book instead. I’m not saying that to be sarcastic – if you’re watching something “for the sole purpose of nitpicking and bashing,” it doesn’t sound like a fun or enjoyable experience for you.

        I think a new drama is starting next week in the Secret time slot -JGS’s new show. Maybe you’ll like that?

        • Moonbean

          I will give it a shot but there is no way it can fill the gaping hole Secret will leave behind.

          • Carole McDonnell

            so true

          • Faye

            I haven’t seen “Secret” (although I’ve heard about it. Oh, have I heard about it. Especially in this thread, for some reason), so I wasn’t trying to suggest JGS’s drama would be as good – just that’s what I heard is taking the time slot.

    • 12.6 anniejang

      Me too.

    • 12.7 peacegee

      hey faye
      “”*I remain part of the 1% – that is, the 1% of people who watch this show and actually seem to enjoy it. I know this is not necessarily a “good” drama in the textbook definition of the word, but somehow, it just keeps pulling me in, and I want to see the lead couple end up happy (and for the male lead to get some better clothes).””

      I totally bought that! am in the same ship. I find the hostility here is way OVER the top and everybody seems to want to be the director/scriptwriter here! 😀

      Can’t find a reason but I definitely enjoyed every minute of the show despite its pros and cons, call it my luv for the show… my 2 cents… peace to all 🙂

      • 12.7.1 peacegee

        there are 2 camps at home for me, my junior carries the torch for Camp Secret despite her upcoming exams and I am Camp Heirs. Secret has a good solid adult theme[no nonsense] plot with two good looking guys and bcos of the plot, I am willing to overlook the plastic women, sorry for that, but HJE DOES look very plastic BUT hell, her acting is not too bad. Credit goes to JS and BSB for acting chops.

        It IS worth a watch. Having said that I will not waver over Heirs, ‘cos it is thoroughly engaging with its witty dialogue and heck, when we watch, it IS for entertainment right?? No qualms about that, I AM entertained with LMH and gang. Despite all that everybody grieved about LMH and PSH’s boring acting, I beg to differ. Bottom line, I am happy watching it. period. No offense 🙂

        • peacegee

          Yes, am excited about JGS new show. missed the boy terribly since his absence. am bracing myself for a train wreck should it come BUT will stick with it ‘cos of my luv for JGS, IU and cutie pie LJW. looking 4wd to PM soon but meanwhile, Heirs is still my babe for the year 2013! yay..

  13. 13 Moonbean

    The characters…

    I don’t find Kim Tan’s character dull or boring at all. He’s mother to his childlike mother (after the fight his mother asks whether the kid he had a fight with him is richer than them and Tan says is that the first question you should ask, he tells his mother to cut down the wine), can stand up to his father (those 3 years alone in California definitely matured him beyond his years). Tan’s honesty is his best quality. I don’t feel sorry for Ra Hel at all because he never misleads or deceives her. The only thing he apparently did regarding her is to not resist the engagement but he told her he had no intention of marrying her, doesn’t hide anything about Eun Sang from her (or vice versa). He’s blunt enough to tell his dad he doesn’t like him (boy, was that a surprise), admits frankly his bullying past to Eun Sang, honestly shows his tender feelings to a brother who treats him like dirt. To me Kim Tan is a very interesting an unusual character.

    I’m amazed to see comments stating that Tan is no different than Young Do or is actually worse. Whatever Tan might have done in the past he has stopped. We have never seen him enjoying the battle with Young Do either. He tried to ignore it, avoid it, prevent it but Young Do just wouldn’t let go. Tan was criticized for not interfering with Young Do’s bullying (Tan’s passiveness against bullying in the beginning is only to be expected. He used to be a bully himself. It would not be realistic that he would react the first time. It was obvious what’s happening was bothering him but he didn’t want a confrontation with Young Do. It is equally obvious that he misses the friend he lost as much as the brother. The Tan that came back is already much different than the one how left.) But after he is forced into the conflict he is still being criticized. I’m not a LMH fan and I think Tan is less than perfect (which is perfectly normal considering he’s only 18 and has been alone since 15 with no one to love or guide him and we heard that he wasn’t loved or guided by his father before that either). However, I feel it is unfair to criticize him for engaging in a battle with Young Do that he neither started nor wanted in the first place in the only way he can think of. Young Do on the other hand enjoyed abusing his victims until Eun Sang. And he only stopped because he got what he wanted, his victim ran away. I just don’t see how Tan and Young Do are the same or Tan is worse. Even in their treatment of Eun Sang they have been equated but that’s wrong. Tan’s love might be possessive, impatient, selfish and suffocating at times (like many 18 year old’s love can be) but all he wants in the end is to be with her. Young Do on the other hand is using the girl he likes to get back at Tan. Tan’s feelings are pure, Young Do’s are twisted. When Tan hugged Eun Sang he did it to console her, to be close to her, because he likes her and also thinking/hoping he likes her. When Young Do hugged Eun Sang he did it to annoy Tan knowing full well Eun Sang doesn’t like him, thinking she hates him. Tan wants to love and protect Eun Sang, Young Do is using her.

    Why would Eun Sang like Tan? I have seen this question posed several times. What does it take for an 18 year old to like another? He is good looking and he likes her. But besides that first of all she also felt an affinity with him as he felt one with her back in California. They witnessed each other’s vulnerabilities and their love for their selfish siblings is their initial common ground. But also Tan helped her a lot in California. He tried to please her (offering to take her to the Hollywood sign or to eat pancakes). As rich as he was he did not look down on her once. Why wouldn’t she like him?

    Young Do vs. Tan for Eun Sang? Absolutely no contest! Young Do has been so unpleasant to her I don’t see why in the world Eun Sang would be conflicted as to which guy to like even if she hadn’t met Tan first (In addition to giving us a bad boy second lead and a much gentler hero another thing that distinguishes this story from clichés and BOF is that the female lead doesn’t fall for the second lead first. She did start to truly fall for Tan even though due to the circumstances she tried not to show it.) Eun Sang called Young Do weird and weird is right. Setting all his awful bullying right in front of her aside, Young Do is a classist snob while Tan isn’t. The 18 year old Tan is a gentle soul but Young Do is cruel. Tan has seen the error of his ways but Young Do hasn’t yet. I think there is absolutely no comparison. And although we have seen Young Do’s vulnerable moments Eun Sang hasn’t until yesterday. His unveiled threats about revealing Tan’s secret doesn’t endear him either. I’m glad Tan isn’t intimidated by this. I feel so sorry for him what with his beloved brother and ex best-friend keep telling he is a bastard to his face. Whether he looks like a high schooler or not Kim Tan invokes all sorts of maternal feelings in me. I just want to give him a big hug on behalf of his brother, his betraying best friend, the girl he fell for, the father who never hugged him, the mother who doesn’t know how to love his son. I started to feel more sorry for Young Do yesterday and so did Eun Sang but all he will get from this can be a friendship.

    Tan is also criticized for the way he treats his fiancé Ra Hel. Granted, he doesn’t treat her as one treats a fiancé but the fact of the matter is he does not see this as a real engagement, nor does he see her as his fiancé. What he said on his first entry to school was mocking her efforts to make more out of it. Tan is brutally honest with everyone, including himself. He did not have the typical denial phase that your typical chaebol heir does falling for a regular girl (that’s another cliché the show did not follow. Neither Tan nor Young Do denied their feelings), he did not deceive himself, he told her he liked her as soon as he realized. He was equally honest with Ra Hel. He never pretended he liked or wanted her, he bluntly told her he does not intend to marry her. He also told her he did not get engaged to her through his free will. When asked by Ra Hel whether he had anything to do with Eun Sang’s transfer to their school he replied “since when what I want makes a difference in my family?” Accepting the truth in that Ra Hel wanted to move to another topic, of their engagement, Tan replied this time “we were talking about us”. How much more openly can you tell someone you did not get engaged to them willingly? It is too much to expect an 18 year old to go against his family and break that engagement as soon as he likes Eun Sang when he doesn’t yet have the education to support himself and criticize him for wanting to live and date freely like any other 18 year old would want. I don’t know how the writer is going to extricate her hero from the tight spot she stuck him into but it is no easy feat. I hope this will not be the major angst of this drama, I didn’t want any romantic relationship between Kim Tan and Eun Sang before this engagement business is concluded but I’m not willing to wait 10 more episodes for that. This being a high school drama rather than waiting for a wedding as a happy ending I’d like to see them dating for real for a few episodes at least.

    I was also very surprised to read comments stating that Eun Sang deserved to be slapped for poaching another woman’s man. For one, violence is not a solution. But more importantly, even though cheating is done by two people and both are in the wrong the person who is responsible to Ra Hel is not Eun Sang but Tan. In such cases the cheated party always goes for the easier target, the third party but that2s not right.

    Anyway, while I was thinking on this engagement I noticed the parallels with the one in Secret Love. Min Hyuk is also engaged with the request of his father for business. His fiancé is similarly someone he knows from his childhood and used to call a friend. He is also attracted to another woman and doesn’t seem to hide it from his fiancé. The marked difference is Min Hyuk was intending to marry Se Yeon albeit as a business arrangement, told her they can live their separate lives. He even offered to give her a divorce when his dad is gone. His fiancé Se Yeon wanting more than he is willing to give disagrees. Another difference is that Min Hyuk is an adult, if he can sacrifice his dad’s wealth he can put an end to the engagement but in the beginning he was too weak to do it. Part of his growing as a character was about him finding the will and courage to put an end to that engagement, cost him what it might. But before going through a similar growing up and also having a way to economically supporting himself it is too much to expect the same from Kim Tan. When there wasn’t a girl he liked in his life he took the path of least resistance and did not object to this engagement – I’m not using the word “agreed” on purpose because I don’t think his agreement was sought. He just went along with it without objections. But now that he has a reason that makes it inconvenient for him to have a fiancé we will see what he’s made of.

    I have also remembered City Hall, my favourite KES drama

    . One sore (sour?) point there was the hero being engaged and having an affair with the heroine on the side. So unfortunate as it is, KES likes her heroes like that.

    I don’t feel much pity for Ra Hel. She is a very unpleasant person. She’s rude (remember how she acted towards Eun Sang in LA when she found her in Tan’s house), a snob that values money above all else (she was rude to Chan Young as well saying he was not her class so she wouldn’t condescend to talk to him), doesn’t care for other people’s feelings (setting all the nasty things she said to Eun Sang aside remember the way she introduced Tan and Chan Young to each other: Bo Na’s ex and current boyfriend). The fact that she finds Young Do’s bullying distasteful is the only positive thing I can see about her. In her way she is as bad as Young Do and doesn’t inspire any sympathy in me. She has even less reason/justification for her behaviour than Young Do. Young Do is motherless and has obvious issues related to that, what is worse, his father is a monster. Ra Hel is just plain spoilt, arrogant snob. When it comes to the issue of Kim Tan and the engagement to me she is the prime example of a woman with no pride who is trying to stick to a guy who does not want her knowing full well that she is unwanted. I cannot abide woman with no pride. If I was in her situation no matter what I may feel for Kim Tan I would just end that engagement. So frankly, I believe she is partially responsible for the way she is treated. What is worse is her mom is aware of Tan’s indifference to her but is still using her daughter for business rather than looking out for her happiness. I think it’s too harsh to lay all the responsibility at Tan’s door in this instance.

    • 13.1 Pakykul Gunk

      Wow! I enjoy reading your comment a lot.

    • 13.2 yenlinh tran

      You have put into words, a lot of words, of exactly how I feel about the characters. They are young people who do not know exactly how they will end up in life in spite of all the planning from the parents. Kim Tan has said that he needs time to figure out a way for Eun Sang to walk into any door that might keep her from being with him. He still got his brother problem, his mother problem, and his friend problem. Young Do is still stuck with his awful dad and having to keep up the façade of a devil may care attitude. Rachel is still hiding all those angers in.
      I love this show. I am crazy about it. I am glad the plot is slow. That just means I have more to watch. Never do I feel that way about any other slow plot.

    • 13.3 jaglaine

      I agree with you Moonbeam. First, some of the comments come from a mature point of view. Who would expect an 18 year-old with Tan’s history to suddenly be so selfless as to jump in the middle of a bullying scene? Or to empathise with other people like a 30 year-old? He’s 18, for God’s sake!!! Let’s not expect him to have qualities like that of someone in their late 20s and up.

      Some 18 year-olds I know would grunt yes or no to questions. Party all night with friends. They’re young, their invincible, they’re out for a good time. In most Asian countries, it’s worse because they are fully dependent on their parents until they graduate from college. That’s the norm. Self-absorbed? Big babies? Hell, yes, some of them are. That’s just the way it is.

      I think it’s also that we have been watching too many Kdramas. Where the hero and heroine are imbued with upright, sterling characteristics. Like being infinitely bubbly and positive in the face of extreme duress and poverty. Or facing bullies (in any form) with such strength of character not seen outside of Kdrama.

      Nope. I like this because Kim Tan, to me feels like a real person. Eun Sang feels like a real person. She knows what she wants but she’s very unsure if she wants the trouble that goes along with it. Young-do is a less realistic character to me. I have come to love Bo Na, she has come into her own. Rachel has become the typical bitchy 2nd lead, what a waste of character.

      Cripes! This must be the longest comment I’ve written. Enough for now.

      • 13.3.1 Moonbean

        You know I read so many comments on how Eun Sang pities herself so much. A kdrama writer cannot win! If she was bubbly and positive than she would have been accused of being a Candy.

        I’m glad I inspired you to write long. I don’t mind criticizing what I watch and god knows there is plenty to criticize here but I have been reading so many negative comments that I thought I don’t need to add mine. Rather, I just posted on the bits I enjoy.

        • Faye

          Exactly! I just wrote something similar about Eun-Sang above. PSH just can’t win. If she cries too much, people say she’s too emotional. If she’s more subtle, people say she’s boring. If reasonably shows some bitterness about what is a very difficult burden to bear, she’s too much of a complainer. But you know if she was too positive, she’d get it for being a Pollyanna.

          I get that not everyone likes the same actresses, but the vitriol of some of the comments against PSH really surprise me. Some people really seem to have it in for her and are looking for things to nitpick on.

          • Crashbabe

            Hmmm I like PSH. But I think what she lacks is subtlety. It almost feels like she is programmed by script to react but dosen’t feel organic to her character. I don’t hate the show but yes, I do agree the constant recycling does get old.

          • Faye

            @Crashbabe – If you go back to some of the earlier episode recaps, commenters complain that PSH is *too* subtle and she bores them. She sure seems to generate strong feelings no matter what she does!

          • pogo

            @Faye – I really like Park Shin-hye as an actress and I don’t blame her for the underwhelmingness of Eun-sang because I really feel it’s got more to do with the writing than with her. She works with what she’s been given, and it’s ridiculous to have people blaming her for things like not having a passionate kiss scene (context, people! context!).

            That said, this isn’t her best work – though she shines in scenes with her other costars more than she does in scenes with LMH simply because she gets to have expressions besides teary shock or wide eyes. And she’s not the only actor getting wasted by this script – Kim Ji-won (Rachel) and Im Joo-eun (Hyun-joo) are also egregiously wasted and don’t even have the screen time she does.

        • fantasma

          Well, I wrote my comment about PSH’s acting above, but I think my main problem is not her acting and I liked her before coming to watch this drama so it’s not like I decided to criticize based on my personal feelings towards The actress.
          My main problem is The character of ES and her inconsistencies, as mencioned by The recapper before. There are good bubbly characters and there are good sad characters. And there are good characters that have a bit of both sides. The thing is, I Just don’t think that ES is a good character. I don’t think she’s well written for me to empathize with her (and that seems true to others commenters as well).
          I wish I could explain my feelings better to relay why I don’t like her character. But it has nothing to do with PSH, because when I like a character I usually make excuses for The eventual shortcommings of The actors playing them (like I did with Yong Hwa in Heartstrings), I Just don’t manage to go The other Way around Just yet.
          Maybe I can explain a bit with a song. ES’s song: Hot and cold, by Katy Perry. 🙂
          But at The end of The Day, everybody likes or dislikes are still personal opinions, right? I Just wanted to drop mine on the table, not sure why…

    • 13.4 Windsun33

      I don’t think that Rachel values money so much, what she values is the supposed status and being at the top of the feed chain that money gives her.

      While I agree with a lot of your points, I still feel really frustrated by it in many ways. It could have been so much better, and failed to meet the hype expectations. Too many clichés, recycled conversations, and WAY too much of the Neanderthals jerking the doormat around. So many of the scenes just seem totally disconnected from anything, the show does not “flow”, just goes around in a whirlpool.

      • 13.4.1 Moonbean

        I agree with you that it could have been so much better, as I wrote above because so many people are focusing on the negatives in their comments I felt no need to repeat those but focus on the positives. This is not a great show, so I am taking it as what it is and enjoying the ride while it lasts.

        As for the hype, I never expected the show to meet it. The plot that was released wasn’t interesting at all. And whenever something is hyped so much it shoots itself in the foot because it is so difficult to meet the raised expectations. So much nicer to discover unexpected gems like Secret, don’t you agree?

        • Windsun33

          Reflecting on it, I find myself agreeing with you more than I expected. Perhaps my biggest issue is not that it is really BAD, but that it is not near as good as I had hoped for with all they hype and superstar cast.

          As for Secrets – Today is the last episode and I am at a loss. I may have to take a trip to the Amazon jungle or something to get over it.

          • Moonbean

            Haha. Funny you say that. I just discovered that I have 3 trips with one week intervals in the next 6 weeks. Maybe that will be my cure…

    • 13.5 Cariad

      Thank you for all your comments and points of view…finally i am seeing a post that has very intelligent and very insightful of Tan’s character… you are really getting the drama and i am glad that somebody is amidst all the very reactionary comments of others..yours are really seeing thrm in the character’s perspective and i enjoyed reading uour post 🙂

    • 13.6 Rachelle

      Moonbean, if I put half as much effort in my studies as you have in analyzing this show I would have done really well in school. Really enjoyed ALL your comments.

    • 13.7 Faye

      @Moonbeam – A really beautiful, nuanced, realistic and POSITIVE review of the show thus far. I agree with almost all of it. I was ready to quit this discussion thread, frankly, but seeing you here has brought me back. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this!

    • 13.8 Moonbean

      I’m glad all of you enjoyed my post. I started writing it two weeks ago but I had a bad Friday that week and was not in the mood to post. I updated and added to it since then because all the negative commentary here was getting to me as well. I think we need to be balanced and accept the fact that this show is neither the best nor the worst although it has been called both. But if we are still watching there’s gotto be some good in it right?

    • 13.9 PlumWine

      Thank you for reminding me why I have been rooting for Tan. Your breakdowns and explanations of their actions and in actions is quite on point.

      I have never understood why the cheated on partner always goes for the other person instead of their supposed partner. Both in kdramas and in real life. That being said Tan made it perfectly clear in CA that he does not see Ra Hel as his partner. So I have no problems with how he treats her. I really wanted her to move on, but she seems to be channeling her mother.

      I do believe that Young Do is finally making some itty bitty steps to where he can actually be and have real friends. He does seem to have some close ties, but like Tan he has no one he can really talk to about his problems in a cathartic way. Maybe that’s why they keep fighting? Each knows the others weaknesses and in a twisted way they can let out their own frustrations on each other. ? It almost makes sense in my head, kinda like fighting with family members (real ones that you choose, not relatives) knowing eventually you’ll make up.

      By the way I like you name too. 🙂

      • 13.9.1 fantasma

        I think that R doesn’t believe they Will not go through with The marriage. I think she really believes it’s unavoidable and that’s why she’s so angry. Because she only knows The passive Tan and she does not see him as someone capable of fighting for what He wants.
        So, in her mind, they Will be married and she Will be The scorned wife, and everybody Will know Tan does not Love her, because He makes no secret of it. And she sees ES as The future mistress.
        I really wish that when R Said to their parents that she wanted to break off The engagement Tan had taken The opportunity to make chorus with her. That’s not what He says He wants after all? He should have made it clear then and there that not only He does not want to marry her, but that He wasn’t going to.
        R is in a shameful position, object of scorn for others and Tan is partly to blame for that since He acknowledged their engagement in front of The People at school only to rub His affection for ES in everybody’s face.
        Well, at least that’s how I see R’s position.

        • PlumWine

          You’ve made some very good points. She is going to expect him to react (by not taking any real action) based on his behavior in the past. Thanks.

          I flip flop on feeling sorry for her and tired of her holding on. In both cases I really hope she drop kicks him to the curb.

          • Fantasma

            I’m glad that you were able to see R’s actions in another light 🙂

    • 13.10 Ella

      You deserve heaven.

  14. 14 Vicky

    I’m surprised to see a growing number of YD/ES shippers. I don’t get it. I mean I do kinda get it, cause a part of me feels sorry for YD cause he’s lonely and has a nutjob for a dad.

    But for the most part, YD has ZERO redeeming qualities and is a horrible bully. It’s not a redeeming quality if you protect someone from bullies only to bully her worse. He tripped up a girl and threw her in the pool (let her fall in – whatevs). I get the bad boy thing but physically attacking a girl(twice) is not hot.

    It almost feels like YD can do no wrong at this point. If YD hits ES with his car on the next episode, some fans will be like ‘Wow, he really loves her. Did you see the pain in his eyes when he ran her over?’

    Plus unlike ES and KT, ES has zero romantic feelings for YD. I get the sense that like me, she mostly just pities him and a part of her wants to help him cause of that.

    • 14.1 charlie

      it may be because YD – as bad as he is – has a certain charisma…as much as I really like lee min ho (probably watched every drama he’s been in), his role as kim tan is kind of boring…he deserves a better role

      • 14.1.1 Ziah

        Agreed, his role is boring and borderline annoying, ok very annoying.

      • 14.1.2 Vicky

        Yes, I also found KT’s character to be rather boring and lacking (for a lead) in the beginning.

        But he kinda grew on me. I think the writer made his character that way on purpose. Rich kid without a purpose who’s had everything handed to him. He’s the slacker underachieving kid. If he was American, he would be the pot head slacker.

        I guess he never had to fight for anything until he met ES. But yeah, I like his character now cause I feel like I get it.

      • 14.1.3 Lin_K

        @Charlie – I agree 100% in saying that YD/WB has charisma. WB’s acting here is amazing. His expressions and the way he delivers his lines are awesome! Except for the last 2-3 episodes, he has been such a horrible bully. However, there was something about him that made me root for him. I felt his anger, sadness, and loneliness more than any other character in this drama. At first, I just thought that I would give this drama a shot and tried it. After I watched YD for a bit, I was hooked. I want to see him change and be redeemed. Many people say that it is impossible but I don’t think so. Hopefully the writer won’t disappoint.

    • 14.2 radar4HG

      LMAO. I totally agree with your “car scene” possibility. I do not ship this boat nor the other boat (Tan) either. ES should just be the captain of her own boat. Now THAT will make my day.

    • 14.3 mikimotoable

      because Young Do is Kim Woo Bin haha

      on seriuous note, I think most of YD-ES shippers want him to change.. his love for ES can change him..
      but we have not seen that change yet,,, perhaps next episode

      • 14.3.1 Vicky

        @Charlie, I agree that Woo Bin plays the role superbly with a lot of charisma, cause he even got me feeling bad for YD.

        @radar4HG, lol. I still like her with KT tho. I also like that KT is backing off a bit (at least he was) and she’s facing her feelings and coming to him on her own terms.

        @mikimotoable, yes that makes sense. And despite the nastiness, I’ll admit there’s still something likeable about YD. However he’s too bad for my taste with the bullying and hasn’t done anything to earn ES’ love or friendship.

        • mikimotoable

          yeah, agree with you.
          we are halfway done, but I dont see any significant improvement from his character .. we are just circling around and Im gettin dizzy

          I really want to pull the writers hair!!

      • 14.3.2 Patch

        I’m not a shipper but I think dramas may have conditioned me to expect the horrible male lead and long suffering female lead to be endgame. My heart fluttered at the convenience store scene, I was all OMG look at him acting all human-like- is there an actual decent person behind the evil exterior?

        Not shipping it but yeah kdramas have me well trained.

    • 14.4 Ziah

      I love your comment esp “It’s not a redeeming quality if you protect someone from bullies only to bully her worse.” Thank you for that. I was beginning to fall into the YD/ES ship until I read your comment and it smacked some sense in to me. But I think this is also where I’ve gone wrong in real relationships, picking people I thought I could fix LOL. Maybe that is the appeal of KDramas for me. Thank you for the therapy now goes back to re-watch Secret 🙂

      • 14.4.1 mikimotoable

        in real life, dont expect people to change for you.. it is either leave it or take it

        in drama, yes it is possible, because it is a drama afterall xD

        • Ziah

          @mikimotaable After 27some odd years, I can officially say I’ve learned that lesson. Better late than never. But you’re right, KDramas help me live out what I’d like to see in real life, growth and development. LBS 😛

      • 14.4.2 Vicky

        @Ziah, Lol. Aw, glad u found my comment helpful!

      • 14.4.3 Lin_K

        @Ziah – He is not bullying her anymore though. He messed with her after he realized his feelings because that was the only way she would talk to him. He admitted that in this episode. Felt sad for YD at the camp scene. Convenience store scene was cute. I love YD, with or without a girl. Lol.

    • 14.5 addy

      LOOOOL @the car thing. I just really really fucking wish (excuse the language) that these characters had been written better. if KES didn’t make Young-do such a remorseless asshole, if Tan want quite so vanilla, if Eun-sang was a real human and not just a pawn in some stupid male posturing game…. sigh. I wonder if KES is married, and if so, what kind of person her husband is 😐

      • 14.5.1 Roggy


      • 14.5.2 whatis

        I KNOOOOW… that’s what I feel about this drama and Gentleman’s Dignity… The set up is so wonderful.. if the character/story were just tweaked just a liiiiiiiittttttllle bit it would just be perfect.

        All this frustration is due to being able to see how amazing this drama can be, and still holding on to that sliver of hope but you just see the show fail you time and time again. 🙁

    • 14.6 Rachelle

      Just speculating… With this writer’s track record, YD and ES might turn out to be half siblings. YD’s dad had a fling, the “lady” does not want to keep the baby so ES’s mom decide to adopt her.

      • 14.6.1 Roggy

        I hope they don’t do that. That would put a weird incestuous light on YD’s feelings… Making the alreadying frustrating wooing method, creepy.

        • Rachelle

          I threw in my speculation because YD and ES has not hand any skinship except for some one sided hugging, so far, and ES seems to pity YD but has no romantic feelings for him. I’ve seem many KDramas where they turn romantic love into sibling love. So the possibility is there. I just hope this show has one heck of an ending to make my time invested pay off.

          • Roggy

            Haha I hope so too. The ending needs to be worth this obvious trial of our patience.

            But GAHH really, really hope the sibling thing doesn’t happen. There’s every possibility that that would screw YD up more. Maybe I’m just too sympathetic with YDs character and just want him not to suffer more than he has to as a second lead ( I mean he ain’t gonna get the girl, but at least he can have romantic feelings for her without having them become taboo yunno )!

          • Rachelle

            @ Roggy, I’m having more fun reading and writing comments on this show then watching the darn thing. If I have seen the live filming I probably would have stopped watching by now. You know, in KDrama land second leads are suppose to suffer, that’s what they are there for.

      • 14.6.2 Ziah

        ewwwwww. Please no. But I’m curious about who ES’s father is. Someone suggested she and HS may be siblings, which I still don’t get, but wouldn’t mind.

        • addy

          God I hope not. I want it to not matter who her father is tbh… I’m content with the explanation that he was sick for a long time and then died, and that’s part of why they’re so poor. I can’t see what the point of making her some rich family’s secret illegitimate child would be… to drive in the idea that she and Tan are Meant To Be? No thank you. it doesn’t help the story at all.

          • PlumWine


            @ Rachael – please for love of everything do not give this writer more ideas like this. It’s just…. No! 🙂

    • 14.7 PlumWine

      I’m not a YD/ES shipper, but I do hope they can become friends and become each other’s helper.

      Lol- you car scenario!

    • 14.8 jaglaine

      Yes, the character is interesting. But as a boyfriend? No way! Paragraph 3 is priceless, Vicky.

  15. 15 Kfeeva

    Young Do Fighting!!! Though I know it’ll be a fruitless effort in the world of Kdrama.

    • 15.1 mikimotoable

      yeah high five!! Young Do you can do it!!

      I know it is impossible, I know ES will end up with KT, but I can’t help it…
      I want to see him change to be a better person

  16. 16 cheekbones

    jb, your expression of frustration toward the drama amuses me. 😀

    Thanks for the recaps and giggles !

    *continues reading…..*

  17. 17 bishbash

    After SeGa and AGD, I think it is impossible not to conclude that this writer is no good when it comes to writing a story that has meaning that’s beyond superficial. I have no idea what she wants to convey, and there is absolutely no real progress even though we’re past the half way mark.

    I don’t even find the dialogues in Heirs anywhere near witty, compared to her previous works. I’m not sure if it’s because most of the cast here are playing 18 year olds and the writer’s idea of 18yos are generally idiotic or what.

    Heirs seriously requires ALOT of patience and love for whichever actor you’re watching this for.

    • 17.1 SweetPea

      “Heirs seriously requires ALOT of patience and love for whichever actor you’re watching this for.”

      Say that again….

      UGH. LMH….. what a waste of an actor. City Hunter to … THIS?! He’s like a walking cardboard in this.

      I wish he didn’t take this role. Not just him but the entire cast… why?

      • 17.1.1 Roggy

        I agree!!! And WooBinie too! Had so much hope for him after School 2013….
        Actually it’s a pity for all the actors their roles (minus CY, though he has like no role, and BoNa’s, she’s adorable)! Waste of such a talent cast on a story that’s worse than it’s fanfiction.

      • 17.1.2 Gagag

        My biggest problem is the chemistry between LMH and KWB.

        I dunno, but I don’t think they sync well in their acting. I can’t really feel it.

        Look how good KWB and LJS in School2013 or for more extreme and intense like JW and PKW in Bridal Mask.

        A good actor brings up the best in each other. Sigh.

        • Roggy

          I think there’s a difference in the two pairing tho. KWB and LJS in School 2013 wanted to be friends again and were missing each other… And we saw it too, like with past them playing etc.

          And with Tan and YD… They don’t want to be, I’m not sure if it’s just coz of ES that they can’t work it out or because their past problems are just too much to get over. And also their younger selves are played by different characters and you don’t get to see them with a friendship dynamic at all in the drama. But in the BTS they have an easy friendship and seem like good friends in real life.

          Idk, just my opinion.

        • Marina

          OMG! I think it’s very sharp observation about these two actors. Do you think their secret real life dislike for each other ruins, changes their acting scenes? And not in a good way.

        • sayit

          I just commented that LMH’s female co-stars have been blamed for not having enough chemistry with Lee Min Hot. Now, it’s his male co-stars? Maybe name one person who works.

          And don’t even mention KWB and LJS in School 2013 or JW and PKW in Bridal Mask, those are the most awesome bromance pairing even when PKW was torturing JW. Well, it takes 2 to clap.

    • 17.2 Windsun33

      I actually DO find small parts of the dialogue pretty witty. But a few witty lines does not make a plot, any more than a standup comedian has a “plot”. You may be right that a big problem is that the writer’s idea of 18 year olds is distorted.

  18. 18 Moonbean

    As much time as the writer spent on Kim Tan’s character at the expense of others Kim Woo Bin as Young Do is stealing this show. I hate his character and the bullying, but his interactions with anyone (Tan, Eun Sang, Ra Hel, his father or step mother) are just so dynamic. I think You Do is the most interesting character in the show but that neither excuses Young Do nor makes him any better than Tan. I think Young Do is not beyond redemption but he cannot be with Eun Sang romantically. Once he had that bullying past with Eun Sang that relationship cannot be healthy. With Ra Hel on the other hand he had a different relationship since the beginning. He was rude and snappy to her but she treated him the same way. They were on equal footing socially and financially since the beginning. They are even on the same page regarding their parents’ marriage so they are allies. I can see Young Do having a healthier relationship with someone like that rather than one of his former bullying victims.

    I wonder what Young Do’s reaction will be when he learns who Eun Sang’s mother is? Young Do’s way of insulting Tan’s mom was to treat her like the maid. So how does a guy who thinks like this will treat a maid? That scene was not an insult only at Tan’s mother but to Eun Sang’s as well. I read the heated debate on whether Tan was awful for causing Young Do to almost get beaten or whether Young Do deserved it. I’m in neither camp. Even though they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions for me intentions are very important (in fact they are in the court of law as well, that is why murder and manslaughter are two different crimes). Tan did not go to Young Do’s father to get him beaten. That was a consequence of his action but not his intent (he may or may not know that would happen, there seems to be a consensus among commenters that he knew but I’m not 100 percent positive he knew how far his dad goes, he might only know Young Do would get in trouble with his dad knowing they have a terrible relationship). His intent was to get Young Do to back off his family. So no, I don’t think Tan is worse than Young Do, I don’t think he is anywhere near as bad as Young Do. He is young, inexperienced and flawed but in no way as bad as Young Do. Having said all that I did not cheer to see Young Do almost beaten, I cringed and realized that his dad was far worse than I thought. I had thought his physical abuse was limited to the mat. For those who think Young Do deserved a beating, that never helps someone reform and redeem themselves. If anything, it makes them worse.

    Until yesterday neither Young Do nor Ra Hel were gaining any points yet in my eyes. Young Do is an unpleasant son of an unpleasant father, Ra Hel is just plain unpleasant. If they have problems so does everyone else. They do not justify their attitudes. But I did like to see Young Do’s vulnerable side in yesterday’s episode. He was hurt that Eun Sang would not believe that he likes her, but would believe if Tan said it. He didn’t want her to be hurt by the gossip. He was hurt that unless he was harassing her about something she wouldn’t talk to him. He was hurt to hear from Eun Sang’s mouth that she likes Tan. Though his method was very wrong, he seemed to be genuinely concerned for Eun Sang and warning her off Tan for her own good at the pool scene. He was stunned when she asked if he was OK with his father’s engagement. It’s so obvious noone showed any concern for him for such a long time. And this feeling strengthened when Eun Sang showed sympathy for him for always eating alone. He is longing for her to like him but I don’t think he will force her to anything anymore.

    I understand Won’s unpleasantness but not Young Do or Ra Hel’s. Back to intentions: Won doesn’t do anything he does to hurt Tan, I think he wants to hurt his father. Even though what he does hurts Tan in the end he is acting to self preserve (not that I agree with his attitude, I just don’t see it on at the same level with the other two). On the other hand Ra Hel and Young Do seem to be bitchy and bad for the sake of bitchiness and badness. What they do doesn’t even get them what they want or make them happier. It is difficult to like them. I find Tan’s dad to be really sinister to throw Eun Sang to the wolves in the guise of charity to make her stay away from his son. It will only be funny when the joke is eventually on him.

    In the first episode I found Bo Na harmless, but since then among these classist snobs in Jeguk High I like Bo Na more and more. First for dating with one of the “untouchables”, second for not revealing Eun Sang’s secret, third albeit grudgingly being on her side, fourth rather than joining the crowd congratulating Ra Hel and Young Do on their parents’ marriage for criticizing the hypocrisy in there . Bo Na showing attitude to Ra Hel makes me like her even more. I also find it ironic that Chan Young and his dad’s fate are similar. They are both employees who fall for heirs. I like the fact that Chan Young doesn’t have an inferiority complex about it and is confident in himself and his relationship (take that arrogant garbage truck!)

    I love Secretary Yoon a lot and though I dislike Ra Hel’s mom I would so love to see them to get together just to see snob Ra Hel’s face!

    Won-Hyun Joo relationship is baffling. I think the writer changed directions 180 degrees in this story. First it was Won pursuing and Hyun Joo running away to the point that I thought they haven’t even started dating yet but all of a sudden Won pulls back and she’s disappointed and thinks they broke up! What the hell was that?

    There are many undeveloped characters and this is one of the weaknesses of the show. Considering the slow pace I can’t say the reason is lack of time. It’s more lazy (or lousy?) writing. Myung Soo is just a sounding board to Young Soo, much like Bo Na’s girlfriend Se Yeol or whatever her name was. By the way, isn’t that girl’s mother Tan’s mom’s friend who’s pretending to be richer than she is? Why isn’t she afraid of being found out at school? Hyo Shin is so undeveloped that I find his storyline with Hyun Joo ridiculous. The story so far is too superficial and out of the blue to make me feel anything. Also that guy looks the oldest among all students (must be because he is supposedly 19 haha), so I don’t see the age aspect of it. It just looks like typical rich boy-poor girl thing. I don’t know why they are taking 11 episodes to give Hyo Shin’s backstory. If they want us to like the characters and car for them they should have done this weeks ago.

    Last but not the least, thanks for the recap Javabeans.

    • 18.1 Lin_K

      @Moonbean – I agree that YD is not beyond redemption. Don’t really care if he gets a girl as long as he changes. However, I love his interactions with ES more than her and Tan. YD is the most interesting character here. Loved to see his vulnerable side in this episode.

      I disagree that Tan did not want to instigate a beating. I say this because Tan smirked when he came out of YD’s dad’s office. He knew that YD would get beaten. Like someone said before, if Tan just went in and “messed” with YD’s dad like YD did with Tan’s mom, that would have been fine. Or Tan could have gone in and started to say something and then be like “nothing”, if he was trying to prove a point. He wanted to prove a point but he also knew that a beating will follow. Tan was YD’s bf and knew what his dad is like. I believe Tan did worse than YD in this scene. I am not saying that YD is better than Tan but IN THIS SITUATION, Tan was worse.

      • 18.1.1 Lin_K

        I disagree when you say that Tan did not want to instigate a beating*

      • 18.1.2 Moonbean

        He might have smirked because he one upped Young Do in his own game and achieved his goal. He saw Young Do’s reaction to his being there. And knowing Young Do’s dad do you really believe if Tan just insinuated things the result would have been different? That guy is a maniac. He would have found an excuse to react exactly the same way.

        • febe

          He smirked because he achieved his goal of instigating YD’s dad to beat up YD. He knew what he said (about hitting YD) would rub YD’s dad the wrong way. Just by going to YD’s dad showed that KT was capable of playing with YD by making use of his dad, and KT saying something else (that would not upset YD’s dad to the point of beating up YD) would have been enough to make YD backoff. Don’t forget YD begged KT not to go that far. YD knew what KT was capable of. After all, KT is the “Lucifer” and also the “top bully” who set the bullying rules which YD is now following. This scene only served to show that KT still has a mean streak in him, and is just as bad as YD.

          Why is this not ok? Because KT is the main lead and we want to root for him. So unlike YD, KT needs to have good qualities.

  19. 19 Kim Yoonmi

    I finally got some time so, I’m writing a few notes on Heirs.

    I know people are hating on the show, but I’m betting it’s holding decent ratings in Korea. It has several features of traditional Korean lit in it.

    1. The place and the quality of time the characters have together matters. I kinda feel like her characters were gutted a little to make it easier to write to this new theme. (Something writers do and then hit it hard next time.)
    2. I tend to dislike huge casts and tend to feel like they are hard to keep track of and resolve unless they are organized well (especially in television). I wish KES had done better.
    3. The characters’ writing has been adjusted to suit the characters but what is being asked of the actors doesn’t quite fit what the writing wants of them. =P She should be a novel writer if she relies that much on the actors to play that kind of complex role.
    3. I see why she set it in High School.
    4. I love the subtle humor and visual jokes.

    For example, the conflict in Cha Eun Sang isn’t being shown well in the acting, though the writing is mentioning it. (Not PSH’s a bad actress… but that’s a really difficult role). To play liking someone, but holding it in, trying to keep her family afloat by keeping her head down, trying to not attach to a man that seems ephemeral. Tons of internal conflict, but it’s not really showing well (’cause that kind of acting is hard.) That kind of thing works for novels, but in scripts you need to give the actors 2 things per scene to show, simplify. KES is asking for it all at once.

    BTW, I like for the win… The Pool Seonbae. =P

    • 19.1 zsa

      Of course the ratings will climb, SECRET is ending this week….just sayin…

      • 19.1.1 Faye

        The ratings have been slowly but steadily climbing every week, even while “Secret” is on.

        • peacegee

          that is SPOT ON!!!

    • 19.2 August

      Yes, I agree with your assesment of what the writer is probably asking for on the page versus what is being delivered across the screen.

      I have long felt that Park Shin-Hye (as Cha Eun-Sang) was failing at delivering/portraying/infering in terms of the constant tension and multi-layers that the role of her character required and the audience needed to witness in many of her scenes.

      Contrast Park Shin-Hye’s acting with that of Kim Woo Bin (as Choi Young-Do). He is knocking it out of the ballpark with his range of facial expressions and layers of emotion in scene after scene. It’s hard to deny that Kim Woo Bin is delivering the written and unwritten moments from the script.

      • 19.2.1 Roggy

        Amen. She needs to learn more than two expressions if she wants to be on par with her male counterparts.

      • 19.2.2 Lin_K

        @August – I agree with everything you said about WB’s acting. Love it!

    • 19.3 PlumWine

      Yeah! Pool Seonbae! Finally, I just wish he had clunked their heads together and tossed them in the pool.

    • 19.4 August

      In your opinion, why did the writer set the drama in a high school vs. a university campus/college setting, business world/corporate workplace, or as adults in their early – mid 20’s?

      • 19.4.1 PlumWine

        Hmmm, so they could get away with half the stunts they pull with no real consequences due to being a minor, emotional and mental immaturity, greater parallel between kids and parents with many (MANY) chances to get a clue and evolve (learn) from their parents mistakes, because she wanted to see Lee Min Ho dressed in a high school uniform with a closet of some of the ugliest sweaters.

      • 19.4.2 Moonbean


    • 19.5 Windsun33

      As for ratings, it has been running 2nd to Secrets in that time slot for dramas. Secrets has been #1 and Heirs #2 for weeks. Today is the last episode for Secrets, so expect it to hit #1 again, but next week Heirs will probably be #1, at least until we see how the new show that follows Secrets is.

      You can see the ratings for shows at koreandrama.org.

  20. 20 DarknessEyes

    hmmmm I didn’t watch or read recaps for last week, and this week, I just thought I’d read your comments on the end to see how the episode was…. and I’m guessing it’s not too great.

    sigh. Maybe when i’m really bored, I’ll read these recaps, but for now, I’m completely dropping the show… I can’t even be bothered to read the recaps anymore.


    ugh, utter waste of talent. It’s like BOF ver. 2.0, with the same predictability and awfulness. Hell I could have written a better drama!!

    • 20.1 Nancy

      I gave up watching this drama this week and sticking to recaps and it looks like I’m not missing out on much.

      As bad as BOF was, it had an addictive crack factor to it whereas Heirs is just repetitively boring and frustrating.

    • 20.2 harper

      I’ve given up this drama after episode 8. The whole plot is just like the hamster on the treadmill. Reading this recap as I thought the drama has improved, but the treadmill is still spinning…

  21. 21 socialpath???

    if its another 3 way cliffhanger again tonight, i will officially announce that the drama sucks.
    I cant see why they cant end the episode on other scenes. it bugs me coz its OLD already this tug a war.
    There are potential great stories in the background i wanna see.
    That aside, i did feel this episode was ok.It breezed past and there were definately moments that i like.

    I like it that ES sort of brought in mid summers night dream theme in to say the fact that she is far from home and he’s here, she can throw caution to the wind.
    Doesnt take a genius to know how OTP can make it together. Its obvious only when Tan is stripped of everything, his wealth, his name, his family then she can see him as he is and be with him.
    I will like for once that the male lead gives up everything in this cinderalla story. make him wash plates, do part time jobs, let this rich kid knows that life is not a bed of roses…because up to now, Tan have been saying he will do anything for her, but hasnt ACTUALLY done ANYTHING. Not that i doubt him though. his storyline looks like he is headed for all or nothing.
    and Yes, YD did make me feel sorry for him. In fact, hes pretty much matching LMH on the screens. And boo that the female lead is such a whitewasher. i wont mince words, i cant see why these 2 guys wanna fight over her…only when shes with Tan, i see her side that i like. And its never more than 10mins in an episode..

    • 21.1 Windsun33

      I think the background stories would be a whole bunch more interesting than what is happening now.

  22. 22 Jeanette

    Literally laughed out loud at your truck comment because that was exactly what I was thinking during that last scene–really could use a truck to just run these three over right now.

    I don’t know what these writers are thinking but feel like they missed out on the opportunity to really make the triangle way more meaningful than now. There is so little character development especially for YD to the point where you’re asking if he really has any rational or emotional basis to be asking ES to not be with KT. And let’s be serious, I think ES secretly enjoys being the Kristen Stewart of this story.

  23. 23 jiw_sobangnim

    2 points.
    Madam Han and Ahjumma. Whyyyy so cute??? Moarrrrr please!!

    Young Do’s hair after the fall in the pool. That is a hottie. Hair is king.

    Thanks Jbeans 🙂

  24. 24 addy

    ohhh man. during that whole last scene, I was just imagining a giant truck coming out of nowhere and putting them all out of their misery, hahah.

    the relationships between Madame Han and Eun-sang’s mom and Bo-na and Eun-sang continue to be the best in the show. I also still wish that Kang Ha-neul had more to do. We hardly get to see him but I care a hell of a lot more about what’s going on with Hyo-shin than I do about most of the characters we spend most of our time with.

    also, am I the only one wishing Young-do had been humanized more in the beginning? I mean, I’m not saying he had to have a fragile heart of gold encased in an icy Troubled Youth exterior, but I liked the best of him being shocked when Eun-sang asked if he was okay. I thought it was a nice moment, because I’m sure no one had ever treated him that way before. maybe one if their earlier meetings could have had him being… I don’t know, vulnerable in some way and her helping or checking if he was alright or something.. idk, it’d make him slightly more likeable… or at the very least lend credence to his apparent crush on her, which I feel like we’ve just been forced to accept as genuine even though it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense… but if characters are using logic like “don’t answer the questions I harass you with because then we won’t have anything to talk about anymore” I guess we’re kind of past the point of logical story development.

    • 24.1 pru22

      addy, I don’t agree.

      While I did like the moment between YD and ES when she asked him if he was ok, we both know she isn’t the only person to ever really look at him and be concerned.

      Tan was the other person and he really cared and look how badly JD treated him just because he was illegitimate.

      • 24.1.1 addy

        oh, right. duh. hahah I didn’t even think of that, which is dumb cos that’s so obvious… I’m kind of oblivious sometimes lol.

        but… that notwithstanding, I just wish Young-do was easier to like as a character. Even if they kept that history (with Young-do rejecting Tan’s friendship), I wish he were portrayed as a different person in the present, even if he was only mute vulnerable our genuine our whatever while away from his school life it his dad, idk. it makes sense in my head but I feel like I’m not wording thus correctly or something hahah. Up until this episode, I don’t think he’s down remorse for anything, so even though there was some of that today, it felt like too little too late. Im beyond caring about his character’s redemption tbh.

      • 24.1.2 Lin_K

        @pru22 – Tan being illegitimate was/is a huge issue for YD. He watched his dad sleep with numerous women throughout his life. His mom left probably because of his dad’s cheating. I can understand that he did not want to accept Tan who was the son of such a woman. Plus YD was insecure about Tan seeing YD’s father’s philandering ways.

  25. 25 whilethemusiclasts

    Hyo-shin and Bo-na continue to be my favorite characters on the show. Also, how awesome is the reluctant friendship blossoming between Bo-na and Eun-sang, eh?

    • 25.1 PlumWine

      So loved the sleepover! You know Bo Na’s going to eventually actually like Eun Sang and v/v. 🙂

      • 25.1.1 Moonbean

        I think they already started to like each other but are not ready to confess yet. I love this bit. I was so looking forward to it. They both need it. Bo Na was complaining that there are no friendships but only networking at school and everybody were hypocrites. Someone who can see that will appreciate a real friend.

  26. 26 kit

    I tried watching five minutes of this show for the first time since Ep 7 and my thought process was: “Bona you’re so cute”, “Young Do is an idiot but wow Woo Bin your charisma is off the rooftops … also you look really good in black skivvies” to “……… How did I imagine I’d get through even a bit of this drama with Meaningful Stares Across The Road” and gave up.

    Only characters I half care about are Hyoshin and his ex-tutor tbh. Im Joo Eun is such a winning actress who has been fantastic in all her roles, and I was hoping she’d become a household name with Heirs but that would you know, involve actual screentime. And a plot that goes somewhere.

    A lot of the girls my age and younger who are watching this drama that I know adore it, and I’ve stopped talking about it with them because I said a couple of things about my distate for wrist grabbing and they were all ‘Oh it’s just a drama, just watch it for fun’. The question is – would I have loved this five years ago? Maybe I’m just getting older. And seeing first hand how dramas influence people. Sigh.

    • 26.1 Windsun33

      While it may be “just a drama”, when things like wrist grabbing and abuse keep getting perpetuated in drama after drama, it is bound to have some effect on how people actually think. If nothing else, it lowers the standards for what is acceptable behavior.

  27. 27 noernov

    Dick waving contest,I love your vocab ♡♥♥♡ but what can I do, when I’m just here for the candy eye’s 😉

  28. 28 Vicky

    “They can both sleep warmly inside the trailers, or out here in the cold. Leaving is not an option, “since I won’t let you go.” Said the serial killer. Oh wait, wrong drama. (Or is it.)”

    Lol. And the part where ES turns around in camp, and KT is standing right there was romantic but also creepy. I mean, how long was he there watching her for? Poor ES is always being watched by someone. Good thing she’s not a nose picker lol.

    I guess KT can get away with the lowkey stalking cause in the words of Bo-na – “But he’s so hooot.”

    • 28.1 Roggy

      “Good thing she’s not a nose picker.”

      • 28.1.1 PlumWine

        And ‘hooot’. Lol

    • 28.2 Grumpy

      Hahaha, that moment when she turns around and sees him outside her tent honestly scared the crap out of me.

      • 28.2.1 Hagar

        omg right? I was like ~creepy~

  29. 29 Fun-Lugha

    No ‘love is more pain’ today-hurrah! But am i the only one that thinks they play more music than act out dialogues in this drama? Super annoying!

    • 29.1 Moonbean

      I’m pretty sure I heard it in one of the brooding scenes (was it when Tan was calling Eun Sang from the wine cellar?). Or is it now engraved in my brain and playing in a continuous loop?

      Make it stop. Pleaseeeeee….

  30. 30 Rachelle

    At least this show inspires people’s emotions, positive or negative. I think this show is a success just because so many people are commenting about it. Here in Korea even the adjummas are all talking about it.
    I find this show both fun and frustrating to watch. I just have to say both KWB and LMH are freakin’ tall. I only came up to their shoulder.

    • 30.1 Jolie

      So many comment because all cast are idol and famous . You know all drama of LMH will become hot and facebook have a hudred thousand like . And his co star will become famous too , like Park Min Young , she play with him in City Hunter and all people in Asia know her , although she acts not well . And now heirs become popular because of LMH , and other idols . About the content , so boring , just read recap and comment for fun .

      • 30.1.1 peacegee

        PMY’s acting sucks. Her rhinoplasty job is not done well too, no offense… 🙂

    • 30.2 Roggy

      Haha the production company sure made a good investment in the actors and idols! I’m not sure what would’ve happened otherwise.

    • 30.3 jaglaine

      I envy you, Rachelle. I’m not surprised that it’s a hit. I think some folks are just so used to LMH looking ultra-gorgeous and playing strong, generally unfazeable characters that’s why so many are disappointed with Kim Tan. He is a deviation from the quintessential lead that LMH has been portraying since BOF.

      And the brown hair doesn’t suit him, I think. But it does make him look a bit younger.

      • 30.3.1 Rachelle

        @jaglaine, the five o’clock shadow in this episode did not help LMH look younger.

      • 30.3.2 jaglaine

        Funny that…I don’t remember noticing it in his other dramas. But the shadow of his moustache was quite apparent in a few episodes.

  31. 31 pru22

    I really enjoyed this episode and was happy Eun Sang finally started standing up for herself more. I knew she was going to pull away from YD so Tan could see she wasn’t encouraging his assy antics.

    And I loved how Tan came back later on to see ES telling her he missed her and asking why she was calling him. I was surprised as Tan when she admitted she didn’t want to leave him and that she called because she missed him too.

    FINALLY! More movement or I should say more revealing of her true feelings where Tan is concerned.

    Rachel is just pathetic and annoying. There is no way in HELL I would be engaged to someone who has made it blatantly clear they don’t want to be with me.

    It’s really too bad she and YD can’t end up together in the end because they would make a good match.

    The Chairwoman is a annoying pain in the ass and I still don’t understand if the Chairman has so much power why he stayed married to her all these years, and didn’t divorce her and marry Tan’s mother.

    I also think her playing her games to get back at Madame Han is going to end up sinking her in the end, especially when the Chairman finds out what she has done.

    I did feel badly for Won, but I also think he is a colossal idiot for not realizing him choosing his job over HJ, is tandemount to them being over. He really needs to take some lessons from Tan on how to show the one you love how much you care about them.

    I am loving Tan more and more each episode as he continues to get braver and stronger, especially where Eun Sang is concerned. And I can’t wait to see who he is talking to about admitting the chairwoman is not his real mother.

    I can’t wait to his reaction to finding out his father knows all about him and ES and how and if he stands up to him.

    This is the first episode I didn’t want to strangle YD, but he was tried it when he pushed ES into the pool. I swear he hasn’t matured at all and still has the mentality of a twelve year old boy.

    And don’t even get me started on the flashback with Tan. He really was a two-faced jerk back then. And it’s becoming more obvious with each episode how much he misses his close brother-like relationship with Tan.

    Who else believes Rachel mother is not going to marry JD’s father? Just by what she said about wanting to wait two days while she dealt with some stock situation and JD’s father not respecting her wishes tells me she is going to end that crazy union.

    Plus, who would want to be married to a man you know you can’t trust and is a certified cheating asshole?

    • 31.1 PlumWine

      Definitely agree with both Rachel comments. Tan would be feeling the impact of the truck that’s about to run all three of the down while they play handsys in the middle of the road.

      I think ChairMom may have a lot of stock or something. Papa puppet master likes to keep everyone stressed so I doubt he’ll do much, but I do think it’s not going to work the way she wants.

      HJ needs to smack Won with a skillet, or borrow the truck.

      True, YD is emotionally stunted (a lot!) but I saw growth, especially when mentioned actually missing Tan.

      Ep 19 or 18 – Rachel and her mom are going to move to Hawaii for a while, just until the police stop looking for the driver of the truck that hit Young Do’s dad.

    • 31.2 Faye

      The situation with the Chairman not being able to divorce his wife always puzzled me. I wonder what Korean law says about this. Can someone really be forced to stay married to their spouse, even after a long period of separation has passed? Plus, the chaebol who is powerful enough to have his sons stalked on a daily basis halfway across the globe can’t manage to pull some legal strings and get a divorce? That never made sense to me.

      Won is really on my list after this episode. He really expects HJ to just hang around while he’s at the company doing his thing? He doesn’t see that he can’t have her and the company? Even Tan was smarter than that.

      • 31.2.1 Windsun33

        No they cannot be forced. Despite what you see in many dramas, divorce laws in Korea are not that different than in the US and other countries. The only way he could really force her is if he has something to hold over her, or some type of blackmail.

        • Faye

          @Windsun33 -In America you can be unilaterally granted a divorce after a certain period of time apart. The amount of time and circumstances varies by state, but you cannot force someone to stay married to you indefinitely. So if that is allowable in Korea, it is a significant difference.

  32. 32 lemon84

    It’s my 1st time to comment in the heirs recaps.. all I wanna say.. I really like Krystal from fx.. for me she can act.. better than sulli.. even her sister jessica.. I dont know..mb bcoz lee bo na character so Americans teenage girls that fix her.. but I do like her.. and I’m not even like SME idol.. but she’s good.. her character and min hyuk character really makes me smile.. and thanx javabeans for the recaps..

  33. 33 queencircles

    I’m not sure why I’m still watching this…all the Pretty? Maybe.

  34. 34 Lady

    Ugh, this entire drama. First few episodes seemed promising, and then… Nothing happens, nothing changes. Eun Sang and Tan bond, and share earnest feelings, she pulls away for what seems to be sensible reasons. He broods. Young-Do flirt/threatens her. They never advance! I keeps expecting Young-Do’s character to grow a little and treat her a little more kindly so that he seems like a viable second lead, but nope. And if anything Tan was cute at first, but now he is just a huge jerk. Seriously close to dropping this drama.

  35. 35 chewyish

    I feel like we’re FINALLY picking up the pace in this episode (if only the writer would change up her endings….i mean really? again?)
    I’m glad they focused more on hyoshin a little more this episode because I really like him
    and I constantly alternate between hating and liking youngdo… the pool scene made me angry but then the scene where eunsang asks him if he’s okay with the marriage news being released and his face…he just looks at her like it’s the first time anyone’s shown him anyone kind of genuine concern I just felt so bad for him. super props to woobin because he was killing it in that scene.
    Kim Tan was so sweet in his own awkward way back in the california episodes and now he seems to have transformed into the stereotypical KES douchey hero sigh. I did like that he tried to stand up to his mom and stop her from lashing out at ES and ES’s mom and that he tried to comfort Rachel. It’s small moments like these that give me hope…

  36. 36 whatis

    Thank you JB for recapping this… I’ve decided to stop watching until your synopsis tell me the plot has moved. Unfortunately, as you say, the plot has not.

    I get angry just reading this… ’cause I know exactly how I feel about every scene in this episode… since I already saw it 7 times in the previous episodes.

    sigh… disappointment.

  37. 37 Fairouz

    As I said before they r repeating the episode over and over again. Obviously this is became a pattern, several scenes between EU & Tan, and EU & YD, Tan & YD, and EU, Tan and YD then it closes on a confrontation between the three of them, that and a funny scene between EU’s mother and Tan’s mother, and a cute scene between Chan-young and Bo-na, and of course not to forget that LMH has to mention how beautiful he is though in this episode he just mentioned that how beautiful his hand is.
    i think the writer get tired from all the buildup in the beginning that she is repeating herself.
    i wouldn’t care if the writer doesn’t bush the love story in my throat, i said bushing because (no chemistry, happened to fast and the heroine is meh).

    “If i had known that I’d feel bad about it i would have just helped you out”
    this has to be the worst romantic phrase i ever heard, and then it make her swan!!!!! God.

    • 37.1 Fairouz

      Correction, i meant “Pushing”

  38. 38 Rossi

    “Where’s a Truck of Doom when you really want one? “…haha, that was my exact thought when I saw the last screen cap especially with that ominous black car in the foreground.

    I was so eye rolly at 90% of this drama that I wish Truck of Doom on them three.

    Hyo Shin finally gets more than 3 mins of screen time which is yay! b/c he’s the only male character I find interesting by this point in the drama plus I really ship him with Hyun Joo who didn’t even showed up because ppl are stupid and don’t realize how amazing Im Joo Eun is >=[

    I also think the drama is going towards Hyo Shin successfully committing suicide except that would be so lame b/c this is not a drama well equipped in dealing with such a serious subject =/

    • 38.1 owl

      *shudder* like the SUFBB truck of doom *shudder*

      • 38.1.1 adette

        oh man,I totally re watched that drama last week (sooo. gooood. omg.) but that part.. I think I must have forced myself to forget how terrifying/heart wrenching/awful that scene was.

        And I totally thought of that scene at the end if this episode (but that made me kinda sad lol so instead of a truck of doom I started imagining a bus, like in Mean Girls)

    • 38.2 Patch

      I expect there will be a time jump after he commits suicide specifically so they don’t have to deal with it.

  39. 39 Caltan

    your recap is hilarious! every sentence cracks me up!

  40. 40 momoi

    That had to be the longest crossing walk signal ever haha.

    And semi-serious question, why is EVERYONE’s lips pink? Is it the cold and a Korean thing, or is a K-drama styling thing?

    Anyway, I enjoyed previous episodes but this one was okay. I did love Bona and the where Eun Sang asks Young Do if he’s okay. See, I love the scenes of her with each boy INDIVIDUALLY, but together it’s so blase. And it’s the same pattern, Young do taunts Tan, Tan falls for it hook line and sinker, and instead of focusing on Eun Sang his first priority is Young Do.

    Loved Bona. She’s becoming my favorite. Her and Hyo shin.

    I think there are three things the show could do to improve in my eyes, though I still enjoy it:

    1. More humor. Personal preference.

    2. Focus on the side stories and other characters a bit more. We may go a whole week without seeing some of them. I’m still waiting to see Hyun Joo’s backstory of how she knows Kim Won.

    3. I think the show needs to show us why Tan likes Eun Sang so much. In other dramas like BOF, Last Cinderella, Rich Man Poor Woman, and Master’s Sun, we saw that develop. Right now it just seems like a summertime romance.

    Oh last thing, I really liked Secretary Yoon asking Won “What makes you think we’d wait for you?” or something like that. People, particularly in a country with such a societal gap like Korea, would say if you have someone rich, successful, well-known, and attractive, bend over backwards for them. That line shows that isn’t true, and it’s wrong to think it is.

    Btw, how can Young Do breathe with that turtle neck up to his chin? lol

    • 40.1 Moonbean

      Haha I laughed at that turtleneck!

      I loved Secretary Yoon’s line. Who would like to be put at number two in the priority list of their loved one no matter what else is at number one?

      • 40.1.1 PlumWine

        Totally agree. I’m number 1! (Well, if I had someone.). Actually, it’s kind of sad that Won doesn’t even seem to realize what he’s done (lost?), even after Secretary Yoon said that.

        • Momoi

          It is. Like, he won’t get it till he sees Hyo Shin and Hyun Joo together (which I can not wait for).

          To you and Moonbean, the line made me think of doctor’s spouses. Those are real like cases where you are #2 or #3 even, no matter what. It’s just something you have to live with. A friend and I were thinking if we could marry a doctor, and both of us don’t think we can.

          • PlumWine

            I’d probably join you in your friend in that. However, he would be saving lives, which means more to me than making money, and I’d really have to love him and v/v. However, I doubt I’d make it past 6 months dating someone like that. Ah, more me time. 🙂

          • Moonbean

            Yeah, I agree with PlumWine that at least the motive there is different and you can still be number one when he’s not on call.

    • 40.2 kurage

      Wahhh actually surprised to see you mention Last Cinderella and Rich Man Poor Woman – i especially loved the latter

      • 40.2.1 Momoi

        haha couldn’t forget my J-dramas. It seems like there is one J drama of the year I really get into. Last year was RMPW, this was Last Cinderella, so I wonder what next year has in store.

  41. 41 pio

    thanks for the recap_)

  42. 42 elvira

    Young do is a jerk.
    I think Kim Woo bin fails in The Heirs, School 2013 shows the best of him in drama as he’s in White Christmas. I love him in A Gentleman’s Dignity though he only earned tiny bit of screen time for at least, in the drama there’s a human in his characters rather than natural born jerk Young do.
    Ohkay, with this plot and Lee Min ho, we’re back to the Boys Before Flowers days.
    My fave couple here is Bo na and Chan Young. Mom and Madam Han is alternate couple. Hahahaha…
    Since everyone only has a little bit screen time the characters are not well developed. Seems like they elbow each other and take turn to appear on screen. My, my, what a waste for the show has a great number of talents there.
    The bromance that I thought is going to bloom is far from coming true (yet). Still hoping though.

    • 42.1 sarah

      kim woo bin not fail for this character..he absolutely had done good job to potray YD will different all his pevious role..he show what we call an actor..im so impressed with he acting..

      • 42.1.1 PlumWine

        Totally agree! Kim Woo Bin has been amazing as this character. Why else would so many want to see Eun Sang with such a jerk?

  43. 43 OhPaulliexD

    I’m SO disappointed with how this drama’s turning out to be.

    The whole dick waving and pissing contest has worn out my already thin patience and quite frankly it’s getting a little boring for me. My (only) favorite dynamics within the drama are those between BN and ES’s mom and Madam Han. They’re so hilarious xD

    Anyway, thanks for the recap!

  44. 44 owl

    Herihead episode titles~

    1 Dry Cleaning Only
    2 Dreamcatcher
    3 I ♥ California
    4 Page 16
    5 Wishbone
    6 Parvenu (or New Money)
    7 Pale Pink Angora
    8 ‘Don’t Answer’
    9 Mom Mother Mistress
    10 Matching Shoes For Camp
    11 Stocks Skyrocket

    • 44.1 PlumWine

      Ha! Please keep this going till the end. 🙂

    • 44.2 namedx

      LOL, sadly, that pretty much summarises the entire run for me thus far. Thanks to you, I can now remember the “key” point to each ep, ha! Brilliant.

  45. 45 movietvdrama

    It’s sad that the closest to a female friend Eun-Sang has is Bo Na, who is actively trying to prevent Eun-Sang from talking to or be around her actual and only friend Chan-Young.

    • 45.1 suzy101

      Not sure why you’re blaming BN… she’s the only one willing to help ES – with just a threat of ES going to CY, BN will do it herself and with no questions asked. ES probably appreciates that.

      if ES and CY would include BN in their friendship (instead of excluding her) then BN would not feel insecure and would not act out.

      also ES is drifting from CY because she’s the one keeping secrets from him… CY would ask questions, ES would not know what to say so she’s distancing herself from him.

  46. 46 mysterious

    The scenes with Madam Han and Mom were hilarious. Seeing Mom run away while stuffing notes in her mouth was just great. The other great part about this episode was Bo-na. Her telling Eun-sang to catch a cold, her not letting Eun-sang touch Chan-young or call him; she is so immature and petty and has absolutely no problems showing that side of herself to others. Now why can’t other characters just be more open and honest instead of playing games.

    It was nice seeing a softer side of Young-do at the convenience store (he was so cute like a little boy when he ran away at the end) and when Eun-sang asked him how he was doing after the wedding announcement. He obviously doesn’t get much genuine concern from the people around him. Which makes me wonder: does he not get any warmth because he’s a jerk or is he a jerk because he doesn’t get any warmth?

    And seeing Won realize that he may not have any allies was sad for me. He, too, is a character who so desperately wants someone on his side. So many characters who are just screaming out for love and support and yet their actions are making it so no one can get close to them. Talk about being stuck in a vicious cycle. (And I have no love or sympathy whatsoever for Rachel. None. Period.)

    • 46.1 Lin_K

      Thank you for mentioning his smile and running away at the convenience store. Loved it. He looked happy! I believe he became a jerk because he did not get warmth, and now most people are scared of him/hate him to show him any warmth. Sad.

  47. 47 LoriLou

    We are now more than halfway through. How can we still be at the same place we were in episode 3-4? *grumbles*

  48. 48 Onichick

    Despite my love for like 95% of the actors in this show….the truck of doom could run most of these characters over and Id be ok with it.

    But not Hyo Shin. I enjoy his chaotic neutral self way too much.

    Although this is the first episode where I almost felt something for Youngdo.

  49. 49 Trixie

    This has become so sadly lousy. All this wasted talent plodding along going nowhere !

  50. 50 Gidget

    The problem for me has been that the drama’s storyline is focused on a relationship where I can’t feel the stakes. And the relationships where the stakes do seem real are mere plot fillers.

    The KT/ES relationship strife seems meaningless to me. And I think it has a lot to do with the age of the actors. If they looked like they were in high school, it would be easier for me to believe that the characters thought they would just diiiiieeee if they couldn’t end up together. After all, that’s high school. That would help me feel their pain. But because the actors are older, in the back of my head I keep thinking that their conflict would only have true resonance when they are marrying age…say 27 or 28. So I watch their storyline and it just seems…meh.

    Now what does seem compelling is the KT/Rachel dilemma (how horrible it would be to be forced into the emotional isolation of a loveless marriage and betrayal by affairs), Won and his alienation and defeatism, YD and his traumatically induced emotional damage. HS and his… whatever it is.

    All that I could be invested in. Just not the OTP.

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