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Heirs: Episode 11
by | November 13, 2013 | 516 Comments

Some secrets are discovered by those previously out of the loop and more feelings are expressed amongst our flock of confused young lovebirds, but by and large we’re dealing with more of the same. That means that things pretty much play out the way we expect, inasmuch as we’ve already seen them happen, oh, about a half-dozen times already in previous episodes.


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Tan arrives at the campgrounds after all and starts looking for Eun-sang. She’s currently being harassed/romanced by Young-do (which in his book is pretty much the same thing), who forces a hug. I almost thought he might mean it, but he’s staring straight at Tan while he does it, hammering in this drama’s recurring motif about this fight over Rag Doll Eun-sang to really be a dick-waving contest between two caveman heirs. GUH.

And then he hammers that in some more by telling Tan to tell Eun-sang for him that he likes her, because she’ll believe it more coming from Tan. Supposedly.

Hyo-shin has driven Tan to the camp, and Rachel storms up and lets herself into the car, assuming they’re headed back to Seoul. The two guys aren’t a part of the class trip so they’ve booked a hotel room nearby, and Rachel forces her presence upon them while demanding to know whether Tan spoke to Eun-sang.

The guys pay her little mind, and Hyo-shin refuses to be kicked out of his own room just so Rachel can pester Tan alone. But because her harping about Eun-sang is so incessant, Hyo-shin ends up leaving anyway out of distaste. I feel that feel.

Rachel reminds Tan that their engagement is a Big Effing Deal between their families and businesses, warning that his feelings have no power. He knows that, “And that’s why it’s driving me crazy.” That just pisses her off more, and she stomps out before he can suggest they break the agreement.

Eun-sang returns to her tent to find that a gossiping session is underway inside, with a trio of mean girls already aware of Young-do hugging her. They paint Eun-sang as the flirt/slut/vixen out to steal their menfolk, and it sounds like Ye-sol’s leading the charge, the girl with the crush on Young-do, which gives her words extra bite.

Young-do comes up behind her and pulls her hood up, telling her not to listen or be hurt by those words. Then he takes the girls’ shoes and drops them in a tub of water, saying that he’s getting revenge on her behalf. She points out that she’s going to be the one on the hook for that, but he tells her that anything’s easier than explaining why she’s living in the same house as Tan, which he’s deduced by now.

He tells her not to worry too much about it since he won’t be digging into it, “And whatever questions I ask of you, don’t answer. If you answer, I can’t ask anymore.” And that… is pretty much the perfect example of the logic characterizing this drama.

Young-do points out that she can’t answer the question anyway, and rattles off his five possibilities for explanations: (1) She’s the daughter to the family, (2) or daughter-in-law, (3) some kind of relative, (4) live-in maid, or (5) live-in tutor. None of those make sense, so he’s left wondering.

He comes to one last question: “Do you really like Kim Tan?” Is this the question you want her to answer, or the one you don’t? Eun-sang replies, “Yeah,” though, and I think that actually hurts his feelings, if in fact he has any. He slaps a smile on his face and warns her not to do anything about the drenched shoes.

Rachel’s mother finds Young-do’s father at a bar, in the arms of a scantily clad hostess. Skirt-chasing is pretty much his perpetual state but he bothers to use the “This is for business” line, which fools nobody. They have a clipped argument about his plan to release their wedding news without consulting her, but she’s distracted to see a familiar mom from the PTA in the same bar.

It’s Ye-sol’s mother, who also happens to be Madam Han’s saturi-speaking friend, and she gets identified as Madam Park. Now, we’ve been using “madam” for the other ladies in the sense of a woman being mistress of the house, but they’re using madam in the other sense here.

Tan shows up back at camp to pull Eun-sang aside, taking her for a walk through the woods. She follows warily until they get to a secluded alcove lit by string lights with a cozy trailer, though he scoffs that the setup was already here and not of his design.

He wraps her in his coat and sits her in front of the fire to give her two choices: They can both sleep warmly inside the trailers, or out here in the cold. Leaving is not an option, “since I won’t let you go.” Said the serial killer. Oh wait, wrong drama. (Or is it.)

She smiles and says she doesn’t want him to let her go, which stops him short, because he was expecting a fight. That says a lot about this relationship, doesn’t it? She explains that she felt like she had a lot of reasons for calling him earlier, but now she thinks it was because she missed him.

He gapes and wonders at the personality transplant, but Eun-sang explains that they’re away from home, and just for one more day she’ll “escape into a midsummer night’s dream.”

So she rests her head on his shoulder… though she quips that it’s less comfortable than expected. He tells her that it’s not her head she’s supposed to lean on him, but her heart.

They look up at the stars, and he says she’d better not ask for any of them. Until she says that Chan-young does it for Bo-na, and then Tan changes his tune: “Which one?”

She sighs that the mood feels just like Friday the 13th, and he complains about her tendency to inject horror into melo. No kidding. She says she likes horror because it makes her unhappiness seem trifling by comparison, an he asks if he’s one of those sources of unhappiness. She declines to answer.

In the wee hours, they head back to camp, tone back to light bickering. She reminds him of the Hollywood sign that seemed so close despite its distance, and likens him to that, saying that when they’re holding hands like this she sometimes forgets that.

Now she answers his question about unhappiness, and says that he’s not one of them—amidst her various misfortunes, he’s one good fortune. “That’s enough for me,” she tells him. “I’ve awakened from my dream. That’s how I can survive. I’m sorry.”

With that, she pulls her hand from his. He grabs it back. “How much closer do I have to get for you to believe me?” he asks. “You’ve never arrived, so don’t use the excuse that it’s far.”

By the time the others are up and getting ready for the day, news has spread of Tan’s arrival in the night. The facts have become distorted by incomplete facts and everyone assumes Rachel’s absence is due to Tan, and Ye-sol makes a dig at Eun-sang.

I guess the “roughing it” aspect was only for a night, because now the class heads over to the hotel for a leadership seminar. Rachel’s already there, and shoots Eun-sang her usual eye-daggers. The class runs into Tan and Hyo-shin as they head to breakfast, and Eun-sang plays it cool, scurrying past to eat alone. Young-do takes note.

Hearing that Tan shared rooms with Hyo-shin is a blow to Rachel—she’s been playing along with their assumption of a romantic night out—but one I can’t really care about since Rachel has been such an unbudging pain in the butt. Young-do makes a barb about Tan juggling girls, and Eun-sang leaves the room, having heard enough.

Young-do follows her out, Tan watches through the window, and Rachel mutters at him to stop looking. Outside, Young-do pulls his patented trip-and-catch maneuver, smiles down at Eun-sang… and then lets go. She falls right into the pool.

Tan bolts up from his chair, ordering everyone to stay put and not come out. Oh, I give the class about two seconds before they do just that.

“Sorry, my hand slipped,” Young-do says. God, you ass. Apparently he’s proving a point, though, saying, “What I just did to you is what Kim Tan will do to you in the future. Pretending to hold, but letting go in the end.” Yes, because it was so kind of you to demonstrate rather than saying words. So he advises her to let go first and move away: “I’m saying this for your own good.”

Eun-sang bites out, “I know already. You’re dead now. I mean it.”

Just as Young-do’s laughing at that, Tan comes up behind him and shoves him into the pool. “Sorry, my foot slipped.”

Young-do just laughs, saying he feels like he won. When Tan offers a hand to Eun-sang, Young-do taunts him with his “concubine” secret.

Hyo-shin has had it up to HERE with their immature antics, which makes me think he’s the only sane one in this show, and storms in to separate the two fools. Then Chan-young and Bo-na join them, and Bo-na jumps to offer her hand to prevent her boyfriend from extending his, which cracks me up. (When Young-do advises Eun-sang to not catch a cold, Bo-na retorts, “Don’t listen to him. Just catch a cold.” Ha.)

Hyo-shin comes home to a furious mother, having not told her of his overnight plans. She’s more upset that he blew off a college interview, though he reminds her that he’d never promised to go to it, and also that he doesn’t want to go to law school. She asks what’s wrong with him, and Hyo-shin turns to her with tears in his eyes, saying bitterly that it sure took her a long time to bother asking that. “Do you want to know why I collected sleeping pills, why I took them?” he asks. His mother tells him to tell her after entrance exams are over, dismissing him.

At the Kim household, the wife goes to confront the concubine and gets the maid instead. Mom freezes when her Director Jung demands to see her notepad, since it contains all manner of incriminating notes. Madam Han arrives to step between them, sizes up the situation, and hisses at Mom, “Run!” Ha.

Mom does as ordered, stuffing memos into her mouth to eat the evidence. These two. Best couple in this drama.

Director Jung is furious, having found out about the photographer put on her tail—they took photos to her and offered to sell for double the price Madam Han would pay. Madam Han suggests ending the strife by getting the family registry in order, but Director Jung retorts that she’s overshooting her place and warns that she’ll find out just how rock-bottom she is in due time.

Now Madam Han realizes the notebooks are a threat, and sits down to negotiate with Mom over the cost to buy them, HA. I love Mom for playing hardball, and she fetches a nice price for the lot.

News hits of the unholy alliance between Rachel’s mother and Young-do’s father, which gives rise to more gossip at school. Rachel is desperate enough to suggest that the quickest way to prevent the wedding is for the kids to date, but Young-do rejects that out of hand: “I’ve started to like someone.”

Kids congratulate Rachel while snickering behind her back, and Tan finds her as she’s trying not to cry. He tries to lend a friendly hand of comfort, and Eun-sang passes by to see them together.

Young-do comes up all smiles and quips, but Eun-sang offers him consolation too, asking if he’s all right. That just about floors him. She offers to delay her promise to punish him, conceding that at the end of the day, he is just an 18-year-old boy.

Tan finds Eun-sang in the broadcasting room listening to music, and barricades her into the booth (aw, young romance) before speaking to her over the mic. He confides that he’s lived with so many misunderstandings that can’t be set straight that when he comes in contact with one that can, he does his best to do so. So he clarifies that the scene just now with Rachel was one of friendship, and that he’s sorry he didn’t help her out of the pool—he didn’t want to make things worse in front of everyone, but he regrets.

Last but not least, he demands to know what she was saying to Young-do, going from thoughtful and mature almost-boyfriend to pouting boy in a split second. Ha. She rolls her eyes and gets up to leave, whereupon she encounters his barricade and makes a gibe at his last-place ranking.

Young-do picks an old haunt for after-school snacks, where the wall is covered in teenage wishes and comments. He tells Myung-soo that this is where it all started: “Where I lost everything.”

A flashback to middle school shows Tan trying to take Young-do aside, even after he’d been rebuffed multiple times by barbs about being illegitimate. Young-do had sneered anyway, and Tan had warned, “You’re going to regret this moment for the rest of your life.”

Asked what he’d lost, Young-do replies, “Mom. Friend.” Myung-soo wonders dimly, “You lost your mother’s friend?”

Won finds Manager Yoon brooding over today’s news release and asks why he gave up Rachel’s mother. Manager Yoon asks why Won chose to let Hyun-joo go, and Won replies that he hasn’t broken up with her—he put Jeguk first, and next is Hyun-joo. Manager Yoon points out, “That is a choice. Why do you think they’ll wait for us?”

Won gets a surprise visit from his stepmother, and is startled at her reminder that Tan’s birthday is approaching… and in this family that likely means that Chairman Dad is about to transfer some stock in Tan’s name. And if that happens, Tan may challenge Won as Jeguk’s largest shareholder.

Won wonders why she’d clue him in, and she calls it maternal affection, though I’d bet it’s a lot more about putting a certain concubine in her place. Won orders Manager Yoon to look into it, only to be told that Manager Yoon himself is the one who holds the most stock (in his name but under the chairman’s control).

These revelations are quite a blow to Won, and put him on edge as he looks around at his staff, wondering who here is positioned against him. Sad day.

Eun-sang tries to sneak past Tan’s room while on an errand but gets pulled inside, where he warns that walking away will get a hug and talking back will get a kiss. Is it crazier that he’s using them as threats, or that with a girl like Eun-sang these actually are threats?

Tan leans in close flirtatiously, but today Madam Han actually spots the cozy scene from the hallway and immediately guesses something’s up between them. She starts to rip into Eun-sang for overstepping, and Tan jumps to her defense, saying that Eun-sang is in a bind enough already over the fact that he likes her.

He orders his mother not to treat Eun-sang that way and sends her out, speaking calmly as Madam Han flips out over his romantic distraction and how he should be focused on the fact that Won is running the business.

Tan points out, “That’s his rightful place. All those things that you want—don’t tell me to bring them to you. Nobody can decide for me what I must have or who I should love. Don’t decide for me—I’ll decide for myself.”

He asks for her support, but she doesn’t look to be in much of a supportive mood. Madam Han beelines for Mom to rip into her for raising her daughter wrong and daring to enter the young master’s room. Mom signs back at her boss that Eun-sang was wrong to enter Tan’s room, but it’s Tan who’s always looking for Eun-sang. Eun-sang has to translate the signing, and lies that Mom is full of apologies.

Tan bursts in to pull his mother out as she shrills at Mom to move out immediately. Eun-sang apologizes for putting her mother in that position, but Mom signs back that she’s sorry for being unable to speak up in her defense. Eun-sang cries, “No, I’m sorry for liking him.”

Mom suggests that they move out, saying that they can do whatever they can to find a way. Eun-sang cries that if at all possible she wants to move schools and homes. Mom says they’ll move out as soon as they can.

Tan barrages Eun-sang with pleading messages to meet in the wine cellar, all of which go ignored. Her room is empty, and he asks her mother after her. He bolts outside to track her down, but misses her on her way to spend the night with a “friend.”

And then Eun-sang calls Bo-na. HA. Funny how this is my favorite thing so far about this episode. Bo-na turns her down flat, but Eun-sang only has to suggest “Then should I call Chan-young…” for Bo-na to spit out her address at her.

Once there, Bo-na demands to know all the details, and Eun-sang admits that Bo-na’s not so bad, “Though I cursed you a lot.”

“That’s okay,” Bo-na returns. “I cursed you more.” She wonders about the fake Mom who showed up to the PTA meeting, but decides not to hear it, “Since it feels like we’d have to be friends then.”

Tan spends his night waiting for a call that doesn’t come, and Eun-sang arrives at school so early in the morning that the gates aren’t open. She heads off to buy breakfast and runs into Young-do at a convenience store, where he offers her his extensive knowledge of convenience store foods for the best pick. Asked why he eats so much of it, he replies that it’s something you can eat alone without seeming weird for it, which earns him some pity in her eyes.

Young-do and Eun-sang head back to school, waiting at an intersection just as Tan’s car pulls up. He sees them standing together across the way, though Eun-sang remains completely oblivious (why ruin a good pattern?).

Young-do offers her a way to escape Tan and yanks her close to sling an arm around her, all for Tan’s benefit.

He says he’s curious to see how Tan will react, and it’s only now that she looks up to see him watching. The light turns green, and everyone starts walking. As they pass each other in the middle of the road, Tan grabs Eun-sang’s wrist (guh), and Young-do grabs his wrist to stop the Rag Doll transfer.

Eun-sang pulls her wrist free, dealing Tan a blow, and says miserably, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.”

Tan apologizes, holding out a hand to her: “I can’t promise that it’ll get easier, but let’s go together anyway. Holding hands.”

Young-do warns her not to take that hand.


Where’s a Truck of Doom when you really want one? This love triangle, I swear. It’s not the intrinsic setup that is problematic, but the sheer repetition that makes me roll my eyes—when everything just happens over and over again, nothing lands with any emotional weight. At this point I don’t even expect any episodes to NOT begin and end with a three-way tug of war, but lordy wouldn’t it be refreshing if the writer could invent a new plot point.

Not only do we have to deal with the fact that the same things keep going ’round in circles—with new set dressing to try to confuse us into thinking something’s actually different this time—we have to deal with this exact same plotline in no less than three relationships. I could maybe see the argument that this drama is purposely repeating history from the older generation in the younger generation, if only the older characters were used as a type of cautionary tale, or a source of learning from one’s mistakes. Only they’re just standing there making the same mistakes as their kids, with about the same level of maturity. Surely we don’t need to see the same beats play out in the same configuration for every single character.

So let’s see, we have Rachel’s mother, Chan-young’s father, Young-do’s father, Won, Hyun-joo, Rachel, Tan, Young-do, Eun-sang: Is it really too much to ask that the writer think up more than one story among nine characters? A slow story is one thing, especially if the languid movement is part of the stylistic choice of the show—there’s a dreaminess to the pacing and mood that might even support that argument. But lack of a story just makes me wonder, What’s the point?

On the upside, I was pleased to see Tan step it up with his mother and face her honestly about taking charge of his own decisions, although given Madam Han’s impotence in the household I don’t really feel that stand to be very powerful. (Saying it to Dad, on the other hand, might Mean Something.) Even so, this engagement albatross is, while necessary as a point of conflict, becoming a bigger and bigger narrative drag. What will it take for the unwanted third parties to get a clue and step aside, especially when they never had a legitimate shot in the first place?


516 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 101 Sab

    I wonder how Heirs is going to end. given that we have been stepping on the same spot for like 11 ep??!!

  2. 102 Jules

    Truck of Doom … lol. I like that javabeans. Scriptwriter is at a loss for ideas and she should take a few from you.

    For those who are frustrated with the repetitive scenes in this drama, why not watch Empress Ki for a change of pace and period. Ha Ji Won is doing a good job swashbuckling her way and the plot is moving along just fine.

  3. 103 namedx

    Thank you ladies for another wonderfully witty recap! And I know now is not the time or place, but I just wanted to say, I finally got round to purchasing your book!! Can’t wait to get stuck in.

  4. 104 Abbie

    This episode had some nice character beats that could have meant something but mostly didn’t. Young-do, at least, is gaining some sympathy from Eun-sang, little though it is. I like every scene he’s in, because, while the character is an ass, Kim Woo-bin is so easy to watch. I think he’s one of the best actors on the show, and he manages to pull off being an ass and a sympathetic kid all at once. At the very least, I find him sympathetic.

    I like that Tan stepped it up a little in regards to Eun-sang. And he defended her to his mother, nice. He’s growing, albeit slowly. I really hope that, if his dad does give him company shares, he offers to sell to Won. Mend that brotherly bond, please.

    Speaking of Won, he only had one scene? WTH? Poor Choi Jin-hyuk. He’s so fantastic, and yet his character is given the shaft in a major way in this show.

    Bo-na is hilarious, as are Mom and Madame Han.

    The rest of the show (the parent conflicts, the annoying jealous girls, Rachel, etc.) I could do without their complain-y ways. I’m warming up to Hyo-shin, and he does seem like the only sane person on the show.

    I still am confused about the plot. But I’ve come to the realization that the writer has a very juvenile mindset. She thinks boys literally tugging on a girl’s pigtails is romantic. Maybe when in elementary school it’s cute, but by no means is it romantic. And the fact that she applies that logic to teenagers AND adults in every single one of her shows is just sad. I love Heirs and I liked A Gentleman’s Dignity, but this constant hot and cold tug-of-war between every single character is infuriating to the extreme. None of her female leads have a spine, so they just let it happen. Only rarely do they fight back, and I hope this is one instance where it happens. I really want Eun-sang to just walk away from both boys and transfer out of the school and leave Tan’s house, with her mother, for good. Is that too much to ask? Maybe it is, knowing this writer.

    I will not give up this show, regardless of what happens, however. It has too many of my favorites in it, and Young-do is a hoot to watch, as well as Bo-na, Mom, and Madame Han.

    Side note: Someone on a previous recap’s comments section said that these main characters are teenagers. The way they are acting, for the most part, is typical of teenagers. I guess it could get confusing, since most of the actors playing here are over twenty. I can forgive a lot of things, and most of what Young-do does I put down to adolescent hormones/hurt past, but only so much. They are 18, and almost adults. They seriously need to grow up and gain some perspective. I hope they do so soon.

    Thanks for this recap, JB!

  5. 105 Mimi

    This is the drama with the most negative comments, still people watch it. Lets be sincere this is lee min ho factor,if lee min ho is not in this drama, i guess you will see only few comments. Even dramas with positive comments dont get this number of comments(like master s’ sun). I went back to episode 1-5 and saw about 600 comments. Wow,anyway we complain and still watch. I am not saying the drama is good(for me it is not that good.)

    • 105.1 Windsun33

      Since I am a guy, I could care less about LMH. I only watch the girls 😀

  6. 106 Nanny

    I agree with you. Have you seen city hunter comments? I think i saw an episode with about 1000 comments. Lee min ho dramas sure generate a lot of comments in dramabeans even if the drama is crap. Guess that is lee min ho ‘s magic. But the boy is hooot,no one cares about the storyline as far as the main leads are hot.

  7. 107 Celery

    I am probably one of the few who isn’t watching Heirs and don’t plan to in the near future. I do however read the introduction, and DB’ comments section and a couple of readers’ comments of almost every ep (yes, I do skip the main bulk of the recap). I do fancy some KWB but his character here just sounds unappealing, like a detestable, warped version of his character in WC.

    All I have to say is this series better not beat out IHYV or MS or any other more superior dramas during the SBS Awards. Because fangirls.

    • 107.1 Faye

      There are plenty of reasons why people might enjoy this show other than being fangirls. Those reasons have been discussed intelligently and eloquently in this episode’s thread and the others.

      I recently binge-watched “I Hear Your Voice,” and while I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t say it necessarily had that much greater artistic merit that “Heirs.” And a hefty percentage of it was fanbase-pandering.

      • 107.1.1 Celery

        Basically, my point is that I get the feeling Heirs will beat the rest (regardless of how enjoyable it is compared to the rest – relative of course – or whether it’s badly acted or scripted – yet again, relative) at the awards because of its huge collective fan base/blind voting. Not like the awards are a great deal but if Heirs win for Best Couple or Best Drama… it’s pretty much a heresy.

        Not insinuating that everyone who enjoys it is a fangirl. Big difference.

        • Celery

          Oh, and Best Lead Actress. Because while IHYV and MS were flawed in their own ways, the lead ladies were brilliant (IMO). Would hate to see them robbed of well-deserved recognition due to, uh, a less robust mouse-clicking fanbase.

  8. 108 Faye

    Slightly off-topic, but as someone who’s never seen an episode of “Secret,” can I say how glad I am that it’s ending this week? I’m so sick of coming to the “Heirs” thread and reading about “Secrets.” “Secrets” is so much better!” “Watch ‘Secrets’ instead of ‘Heirs’!” “I don’t know why the recappers don’t review ‘Secrets’ instead of ‘Heirs’!” “This is an ‘Heirs’ thread, but let me talk about the characters in ‘Secrets!'” For God’s sake. I feel like that poor girl from “The Brady Bunch” – “Everything’s always ‘Marcia Marcia Marcia!'”

    • 108.1 fantasma

      You see, I counted 6 comments out of 406 that mentioned Secrets. And, with all due respect, it’s quite difficult not to compare two dramas that you are watching at The same time especially if you think they are quite different in quality. At first, there were lots of comments about BOF because of The similarities.
      After all, you only know that the food has no salt because you’ve tasted salt before, right?
      Please don’t be angry 🙂

    • 108.2 TS

      Yeah, I don’t know why Secret wasn’t recapped. It really was just so much better than Heirs.

      • 108.2.1 Windsun33

        It was not recapped because when the time came for the Drama Beans folks to make a choice of what show to recap, it had not turned into the blockbuster that it became, and to be honest the synopsis and description of Secrets did not look that good.

        Heirs – for better or worse – was much higher on the radar, so it was the one chosen. You cannot always know at the first 2 or 3 episodes which drama will end up being the hottest item of the season, and it is really not practical to start recapping a show at ep7 or 8.

    • 108.3 Windsun33

      I did a search and found a total of 13 comments that mentioned Secrets. All but two of them only mentioned it in passing – ie, comments like “Heirs and Secrets are in the same time slot” or “today is the last episode of Secrets”.

      So I am not sure where you are coming from. If you were talking about the Friday OT, then yes I would agree – Secrets pretty much took it over. But Heirs has it’s own recap, Secrets does not, so all the Secrets comments ended up there.

      • 108.3.1 Sam

        Also acknowledging the fact is that Secrets is a damn good drama with quality writing. It’s not hard to make a comparison between the two. Particularly since one drama was hyped so much and the other not.

      • 108.3.2 Faye

        I’m not sure how far back you looked, but if it was from the beginning,no way those were the only kind of comments. There were plenty of “if you compare this to Secrets” comments. Some of them from you :).

        • Windsun33

          I searched all 3 pages using ctrl-f text search, so possible I missed some, but I refuse to admit any guilt because I just watched the last episode of Secrets and am now having withdrawal fits 🙁

    • 108.4 lemondoodle

      Secret is about a million times better though. I’m surprised by the lack of attention by bloggers. Maybe the first episodes weren’t too appealing to some…

  9. 109 Faye

    In this episode – the percentage has to be higher for the other episode comments.

    BOF was a valid comparison because LMH is the lead in both, and the bare-bones outlines of the stories is the same. But “Secrets” and “Heirs” appear to share no similarities except that both are K-dramas and they have the same time slot.

    I’m not angry – everyone’s entitled to like who and what they like! I just got annoyed by actual comments like “I don’t understand why people are watching this when they could see ‘Secrets.'” Or, “the recappers should review ‘Secrets’ instead of ‘Heirs.'” It just feels like an attack on someone for having different taste than you. Just my 2c.

    • 109.1 TS

      They both have chaebol heirs falling in love with, in a rather rough way, with poor women while also having engagements for the sake of stock prices. So, there’s a point of similarity. And there’s other rich heirs thrown into the mix over at Secret. And they’re both Korean. And they’re at the same time, so there’s a competitive thing going on.

    • 109.2 Windsun33

      @ Faye – the comment “I don’t understand why people are watching this when they could see ‘Secrets.’”

      This I agree with – for one big reason – there is no reason at all that you cannot watch both in most countries.

      • 109.2.1 zodd

        Because sometimes it’s fun to watch a show be terrible and talk about it to other people for how terrible it is. See Big drama series.

  10. 110 Yayaya

    Cha Eun sang and her mom’s is the best part

  11. 111 Suzi Q

    Tan is 17 and they (wardrobe person) has him wearing ugly grandfather’s sweaters. He’s a chaebol so can’t he wear something more age appropriate and trendy? More UGH sweaters….

    I hope they move ES out of the mansion and Jeguk High sooner the better. So far, the drama dynamics have been awkward and seems to be going in circles for the last couple of episodes. I wish ES would get out of the rarefied atmosphere and back to where she was living with her mom and going to a REAL high school. I’m even beginning to like Young Do…. He’s the most interesting character of this entire drama. The cast is wonderful, but why are they so boring?

    • 111.1 Windsun33

      I am pretty sure the sweaters are a product placement thing.

  12. 112 Kensi

    Just had to add to the conversation on “Heirs” for the first time. This is a frustrating series. We’ve finished Episode 11 and it’s a continuous cycle of being force-fed the boring KT/ES “love story.” There’s zero chemistry between those two and they never really have any meaningful discussions about the risks and pitfalls of having a relationship where one person is the “hired help” and the other can’t even acknowledge his own mother in public. Instead we get scenes such as when KT brings ES to the fancy campers. Just a chaebol-like move to impress the poor girl, which didn’t progress the story or central tensions in any meaningful way. In the morning, it was back to KT pretending to be Rachel’s fiance and ES sitting on her own.

    On the cutting room floor are any scenes that will progress what should be a story of primary importance for the KT character, which is healing the relationship with his brother (and father for that matter) and coming clean with who his mother really is. If this show ends with Kim Tan’s real birth situation not known to the general public (and not just to a few classmates and acquaintances) then this show has failed.

    Worst of all, we are only teased with the YD character. Every time there’s a set-up for a meaningful exchange between ES and YD, KT enters the scene to keep us from seeing that relationship grow. ES has more chemistry with YD than with any other character, probably because they are so different. Daddy Choi called it in the first episode: YD’s fault is that he’s always on the attack. In contrast, ES is constantly on the defensive as she hides her social status and her Mom’s disability, and relationship with KT, worries about money, her future, etc. But, when YD and ES are alone long enough, he tends to dial down his aggression and they both seem to open up a bit and have exchanges that have the potential to lead somewhere.

    But, that’s not where the story is compelled to go, so KT has to be invade any scene where YD and ES are having a mutual exchange. I absolutely loved the scene where ES spies YD eating in the convenience store. She saw him first and could have scurried away without him noticing her. Instead, they lock eyes and she enters the store knowing full well he will engage her. Their conversation becomes almost tender as he explains why he eats at such places so frequently. YD may be someone she wants to “kill,” but the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference, and that’s not something ES shows towards YD. But, of all the intersections in all of Seoul, KT has to arrive on queue.

    Sorry for the long post, but I just had to join in! Back to work, now.

  13. 113 myoung

    I love this show, but mainly because of Lee Min HOT. I don’t know what is going on with the wirter, but they are doing the same each week with little changes, and we have only 9 episodes to go. I want to love this drama until the end, but they have to do some changes now, or this is going to be chatastrophic! Also, those kisses between KT and ES are killing me!! we know that Lee Min HOT can do better than that because we have seen him kissing for real, so I don’t know what is going on this time, I am sure is not him, maybe that is how is suppose to be, and if it is I DON’T LIKE IT!! People do something now!!!! this is Lee Min Ho we are talking about!!!

  14. 114 Skwon

    Ugh. I agree! And let Won and Young-do play up to their acting abilities. This writer is stifling.

  15. 115 Nicolette

    Honestly I think I’m done with this show. I still haven’t seen episode 10 but I looked over the recap to see if things got any better and they didn’t. The same goes for this ep. I’m not too picky, but this show is honestly so boring. I just don’t even understand why it exists anymore outside of the obvious shameless greed that went into its creation.

  16. 116 krinata

    I’m rapidly drifting into uninterested in this show, enough for me to choose a new Kdrama to watch. I started to marathon IHYV a few days ago but I think I’m about to drop it as well. Nevertheless I still watched this episode. Now I can say all that I’m interested in is seeing where YD’s character will go. I think he is the most dynamic character in the entire show. Great acting there. It’s like he’s not just “in” a scene; he “creates” the scene. I skipped all the ES/KT scenes because I think LMH and I had never gotten along in a previous life. 😀 Also I notice ever since the first episode, the ES/YD scenes have much better soundtrack than the ES/KT ones. I especially like the acoustic song that first played in a previous episode when ES came downstairs from the rooftop and YD grabbed her wrist and she flung his arm off. I noticed they played it again this episode. The instrumental songs are actually much nicer and more romantic than that annoying Love is the Moment song with the singer screaming at the top of his lungs. 😀

    • 116.1 Windsun33

      I liked IHYV, but not as much as some other dramas, like Master’s Sun. If they had left out the really stupid Keystone Cops and a few other not-funny-at-all tropes I think it would have been much better.

      I wish I could recommend something else, but there is not much else on my radar right now. One good place to start looking is koreandrama.org – they have lists and ratings for most dramas of the past several years.

      • 116.1.1 krinata

        I think I’m just going through a Kdrama phase right now. At one point, I get excited about new dramas. I watch them as soon as they are available. Then midway through I might lose interest. Then I drop them all and move on. The only thing that resets it is watching a sageuk. I read about Empress Ki but all the dramas I tried watching with HJW in it, I ended up dropping. From Damo to Hwang Jin Yi to Secret Garden, I don’t why but I just can’t stand watching her. I really tried with K2H but nope, didn’t work.

        Sorry if this is OT. 🙂 I’d still watch Heirs though as long as I can endure it. 😀

        • Celery


          ACTRESS ALLERGY. high five!

          Gahhh, I tried Secret Garden too and dropped it as well for many many reasons. For one, I found her acting and characterization so unrelatable, which is ironic because kick ass heroines me likey. She just feels cold, yunno? I stayed away from K2H as well cos’ of her and the male lead (was intrigued by the plot though) but might give it a shot because I do kinda wanna try Empress Ki after. I have yet to watch a saeguk but it does sound interesting on paper. She certainly knows how to pick her projects!

          One thing I can attest to though: she is super elegant and pretty darn gorgeous in real life. Immaculate dressing and non-plastic al naturale (at least it looks that way) beauty.

  17. 117 ghanima

    Ugh what is with the Rachel hate in the review? In this episode she didn’t even was that bitchy. Not to mention her bitchiness toward Kt is compeletly justified.

    I mean KT usually compeletly ignores her and a huge ass. In this episode she wanted to talk to him, and he constantly was just looking at the phone, he couldn’t even pay attention to her for five minutes.

    Him comforting her might have been sweet if not the whole other scenes when he was a complet jerk to her. He is still her fiance and he should show a little respect, not to mention if/when he is cheating on her with ES it is her everyone will mock.

    I saw many people say she is like female YD but that is not true at all. YD is a bully, ringleader, but Rachel is not even close. She does not parcipate in any of the bullying, neither does she have any friends she hangs out with like YD. If you pay attention you can see that she is almost always alone, that almost everyoe starts to talk bitchy to her. No wonder she always has that bitchy expression.

    Even ES the first time they met snickered when she overheard how Rachel was lying to her mom that KT was with her, despite that he didn’t even pick up her calls. And all ES did was laugh in herself, when Rachel called her out on it, he didn’t even apologise. I mean it is ovious that this girl was stood up, and for some reason she lied to her parents about it, and probably feels pretty much awful, but al ES did was snicker at her misery.

    So rather than having friends she seems more like someone who just wants to get over everything and left alone. She studies and the second best of her grade, and she doesn’t participate in anything.

    But the thing is if KT meddles with ES, Rachel won’t be left alone. In this epsiode when people heard that Rachel stayed in the hotel but Kt was in HS room, everyone was snickering and was gleefully happy. Even when it comes to the KT-ES rumors no one goes to gang up on ES that what she is doing.

    The actual female YD is Yesol the girl who has a crush on YD and her actions come from ES-YD’s interactions. She is the one who is more of a ringleader and a bully.

    And seeing her crying I really felt bd for her.

    • 117.1 Windsun33

      A lot of what you say about Rachel is true, but she is a victim of bad writing as much as anything else.

      This show spends so much wasted time on the “Farce a Trois” setup that for the most part we know absolutely zero about the background for most of the other characters, including Rachel.

      Oddly, I felt more empathy when Rachel cried than I did in the many times that ES cried.

      • 117.1.1 ghanima

        Oh I agree.
        The writing doesn’t help her character.
        Honestly it is like we are supposed to see her as this absolutly worst girl, despite the fact that she actually didn’t do half the things that the two boys did, I mean YeSol is way much more meaner.
        So many sais she is female YD, but Rachel never particiated in the bullying. Actually if anything oddly she seems more similar to HyoShin. When she was walking away and burst out crying I really felt that she is so incredible lonely, and sad, that I actually can see her reach a point of complet breakdown, maybe even an actual suicide attempt.
        I mean she doesn’t want the marriage either, but she is trying her best like a good daughter, and she is compeletly met with utter disregard from everyone.
        I mean we are supposed to laugh when ES snickers her, seeing she was stood up, Bona shoots her and expresses how bitchy she is and when the whole school learns and laughs she didn’t actually spent the night with Tan.
        It is like she is there so everyone can laugh that you see that mean girl, she gets what she deserves hahahahahahaha exept she didn’t do half as bad things as either of the boys, and she usually just wants to be left alone, and trying to fullfill the unpleasant role her mother gave her.

        I know I wrote a lot, but I have a lot of Rachel feels.

        • Windsun33

          I went back and found the ES snicker thing that I had skipped over before, and I agree that it was pretty lame and did not reflect well on the supposed heroine.

  18. 118 elza

    i just watched ep 12 raw. i’ve no words, im surprised. and im back to hoping the best for the drama. pls dont let us down now, drama!

  19. 119 Nira

    This drama makes me feel so torn, because I love the actors and actresses a lot, and I love those great moments, like when Lee Minho reverts to his City Hunter character (Ya, Kim Nana!) personality. But I do wish there was more roundness to the characters, which we are finally getting to see some. Like give us a reason to pity Young Do, or at least understand him more. Even though his father is a total jerk, Young Do is extremely mean to Eun Sang. And Tan needs to be less controlling over Eun Sang. We need more time spent on each conflict, there are so many! Tan vs Won, Tan vs Young Do, Young Do vs His father, Eun Sang vs Rachel, Eun Sang vs Young do, Rachel’s mother and Chan Young’s father, besides all the company drama. we need more insight on the charcters and their back stories now! Ohterwise we just have the same scenes over and over again. But i’ll keep watching becasue I can’t help loving the actors 😉

  20. 120 Brian

    Well, I like the Frenemy experience between Bo Na and Eun Sang — that was pretty cute. I am hoping/wondering if they will become real friends which would be interesting, at least to me. It seems lots of people are “over” this show already, but I find it strangely entertaining — slow plot still doesn’t bother me.

    Episode 11, actually, had some plot movement — the marriage of Young Do’s dad and Rachel’s mom, the stock that will go to Tan when he turns 18(27), Hyo Shin’s place as actually the Sunbae to a lot of people.

    I’m liking the actress who plays Bo Na, she has such long legs. I noticed she had tons of musical instruments in her room, I wonder if she can play any of them, or they were just props. I saw some stringed instruments and a piano. Oh well, not everyone can be a triple-threat like Park Shin Hye, (sing dance and act).

    • 120.1 dons

      Lee Bona is being played by FX member Krystal. She sings and dance really well and she can play the piano. try searching for her sister Jessica’s (of SNSD) video of Someday.. Krystal was the one who played the piano.. Add to her achievements is the fact that she is also a good figure skater. She won first place on the show Kiss and Cry (a figure skating competition)

  21. 121 Jennifer

    First comment in ages, but this drama has got me going (for all the wrong reasons– except KWB, who is very right in his role as CDY)


    “…hammering in this drama’s recurring motif about this fight over Rag Doll Eun-sang to really be a dick-waving contest between two caveman heirs.”

    “And whatever questions I ask of you, don’t answer. If you answer, I can’t ask anymore.” And that… is pretty much the perfect example of the logic characterizing this drama.”

    Thanks for the recap, saving me the trouble of rewatching episodes! Been around here since 2008, great to see how much its grown! Keep on trucking~


  22. 122 MK

    It is funny to see all the bad comments about the drama … but you all are still watching it. Maybe it is for the pleasure to criticize each episode after? who knows?
    For my part I like the drama, It is rare to see one where you can follow different lifes (even if it is by glimpse). I must admit that PSH’s acting seems limited and LMH’s role a bit too fade but each time WooBin, BoNa and Won appear I kind of smile ^^ .
    Moreover the parts with PSH and LMH (which are too present… I know it is the main cast) are boring -I like you, stay, hold my hand… I am sorry, I like you too but I can’t… STOP IT!
    Anyways the show is not as bad as others but just because of the famous cast we all expected a lot more so some may be disappointed.

    To finish: VIVE WOOBIN <3

    PS: I love this site. After each episode (whatever the drama) I come here to read the recap!!! Good Jobbbbbbbbb

    A French Girl who loves Dramabeans.

  23. 123 SH

    I might be the only one not into KWB’s acting. He has his moments, but for the most part, I see a lot of crazy eyes and excessive eyebrows. Sometimes he looks like a caricature of himself. Meh.

  24. 124 soyummay

    This is kind of late, but I just wanted to share some of the beef I have with this show and some of the comments people have made. For those of you guys who are criticizing Park Shin Hye’s acting skills, I don’t think you guys have seen her in enough roles. I don’t believe it’s her lack of acting skills. Have you seen her in The Gift of Room Seven? Though her role was a very short one, she left me sobbing when she was concluding that court case. OH MY. Honestly, the girl who can’t act in this drama is Kim Ji Won who plays Rachel. Did you see how awkward she looked when she was crying? Furthermore, I believe many people are watching this drama just for their biases and not 100% because they love this show. There was so much hype for this show, and I think many of us (including me) have continued this drama partly because of the initial expectations we had for this show. I usually give up dramas, especially during the school year, if they don’t intrigue me enough to remember to watch the next episode the next week. Somehow, this show has been able to keep me interested enough. This is partly due to the comic scenes with Madame Han and Chan Eun Sang’s mom, and also because I love Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ha Neul. But even though I complain about the sexism evident in the scenes with the boys trying to stake their claim over a girl (yet the writer is a woman so I have no idea why she finds this kind of scene attractive), something makes me come back to watch this show. So though I am very disappointed that this show is not up to par, I didn’t drop it. That’s saying something to me. Maybe this show isn’t all that bad. Or maybe it’s just that I’m already turning into one of those ahjummas who watch makjang shows just to curse characters out XD

  25. 125 downtheroad

    Seriosuly! I usually always cheer for a couple in a drama. but for this one, my only instinct is to shout out to Eun-Sang to just freaking run away from these people.

    The only thing I do feel when I see both boys is: God this is annoying!

    this drama… so disappointing

  26. 126 Lilian

    My fav parts were definitely the Bona-Eunsang scenes. I think they really did well in casting Krystal in the role! She looks good too with Min Hyuk =D

  27. 127 ronalyn

    what i the song when ES ask YD if he’s okay?

  28. 128 Partyhard

    This drama is so cheesy.the dialogues,characters makes it look like a sugar overdose.young do is a sociopath.i dont know what lee minho was thinking while he signed up for this drama.and young do i would appreciate if you threw eun sang’s phone in the pool than shoving her.so corny.

  29. 129 janie

    So, this is my opinion
    I think that this drama turned out to be boring and slow is the writer’s fault. The writer of this drama (if i am not mistaken), is the one who wrote for Secret Garden and Gentlemen’s Dignity too. I admit that these three dramas (including the heirs), is way too boring. I have watched those two drama but then i wasn’t able to watch them until the last episode (which i stopped at episode 10 – 13). I agree with the one who said that the writer was wasting the actors’ talents. The actors of these three dramas (including the heirs) are all talented but because of the plots that can’t grab the audience’s attention (it was too predictable and some audience may not understand the plots). *I’m sorry if my comment offended any of you and correct me if i am wrong

  30. 130 janie

    However, i find bona-chanyoung and hyoshin-rachel relationship are way more entertaining than kimtan-eunsang relationship which i find too cheesy and intense for a teenager audience.

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