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Heirs: Episode 12
by | November 14, 2013 | 477 Comments

So, this is crazy, but STUFF ACTUALLY HAPPENS. I know. I wouldn’t believe me either, so I wrote it down just in case. Eun-sang makes a decision, Young-do actually begins to feel feelings (I think), and Tan takes a stand for something. I wish I could tell you that this changes everything, but let’s not look a plot horse in the mouth, eh?


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This time our love triangle plays Come With Me, No With ME in the middle of what must be the longest red light crosswalk known to man. Either that or obeying traffic signals is for the little people.

Tan sticks out his hand and asks Eun-sang to turn metaphor into reality (or is it the other way around) and take his hand to go forward with their relationship. (I didn’t promise it’d be a deep metaphor, did I?)

Eun-sang slowly raises her hand up to his, but Tan can tell this isn’t her reaching out to him—it’s a goodbye. He yells at her not to do this, but she says they’ve come a long way already, and they can’t go any farther.

With that she lets go, forces a smile through her tears, and gives a casual “I’ll see you around” before walking off. Young-do says rather sincerely at Tan: “You’re still always making people leave you.”

Young-do catches up to Eun-sang and quizzically examines her tear-stained face, as if trying to compute what leaky ailment has possessed her. He complains that people will think he kidnapped her (well, you’re not wrong), and when she bursts into a full sob, his response is: “I want to party. Why are you crying?” Pfft. This right here is why you suck at human role-play.

He asks if she wants to ditch first period and party, and even through her sobs she manages to throw a barb his way: “Ninety-eighth place would say that.” He watches her go with a long face, sighing to himself that she refuses to be caught.

Okay, so I died laughing to discover that after all the dramatics in the intersection, Tan and Eun-sang share first period gym. I guess “see you around” meant see you in twenty. He walks into class and stares moony-eyed at her, which she doesn’t notice until Chan-young and Bo-na walk in.

Bo-na runs over to Eun-sang and asks where she ran off to so early, and from the other side of the gym, Tan asks Chan-young if he housed Eun-sang for the night. Chan-young knows nothing about Eun-sang sleeping elsewhere last night, which only freaks Tan out more. The clues are tipping in Young-do’s direction—she’s been to his hotel room before, and he found them together this morning looking awfully chummy.

He runs into Young-do in the locker room and asks if Eun-sang cried a lot this morning, and Young-do refuses to answer his questions, which is maybe the first thing he’s done that I actually like. Tan tells him plainly not to think of this as an opportunity to win Eun-sang over: “This opportunity—it’s mine.”

Young-do doesn’t say anything in response, but then sits around googling Eun-sang all afternoon. Bo-na and Myung-soo rifle through the photos from their camping trip, and come across a telltale pattern—Young-do gazing at Eun-sang over and over again in every picture.

They both whirl around and exclaim, “Do you like Cha Eun-sang for real?” Young-do looks at the pictures and smiles to realize that’s what he looks like when he’s looking at Eun-sang. Myung-soo can’t understand why of all the girls in the world that’s his first love, and Bo-na can’t believe it’s taken him this long to have a first love.

Tan comes home to a nagging Madam Han who interrogates him about having any more contact with Eun-sang. He asks his mom if she’s genuinely happy living this way—never being introduced to anyone as his mother—and she answers honestly that it makes her sad, but it’s all worth it for his future.

He points out that if he marries Rachel and all that comes with it, he may never get to introduce his mother as his mother. But despite her feelings, she doesn’t budge on her stance about his future and about Eun-sang. He lets it go for now, and asks her give back the bunny socks she’s been wearing all this time, saying that they’re his. Ha.

Eun-sang spends her afternoon apartment hunting and calls Mom to bring her a change of clothes.

Tan calls Hyo-shin out and casually drops the bomb in his lap that Director Jung isn’t his biological mother. Hyo-shin thinks it’s a joke at first, but Tan says he’s testing out the confession, to see how it feels. He admits he’s shaking, and decides to run another lap to sort out his thoughts.

Won now has his guard up around Manager Yoon, not knowing what kind of things they can even talk about anymore. Manager Yoon doesn’t pretend to be on Won’s side, but tries to soften the blow when showing him the article that’s going to be published tomorrow, of Hyun-joo’s new position at Jeguk, courtesy of the lifetime commitment to charity on behalf of his family.

Won’s face hardens to realize this is why Manager Yoon was meeting with her, and then he basically implodes to find out it was all his father’s doing. Ah, so this is her equivalent of the envelope of money sliding across the table. She gets the big dream job in exchange for leaving Won.

He storms home and opens the door to Dad’s study, to find Hyun-joo sitting there waiting for him. Dad points out that this is all Won’s doing, and if he had taken care of his love life properly, Dad wouldn’t have to step in like this.

Chairman Dad says in no uncertain terms that Hyun-joo spat in the face of his generosity by daring to date his son, and Won does nothing while she says she understands and walks out. You deserve to lose her.

She leaves the house crying (Why is this the norm around here?) and runs into Tan. He stops to ask if she’s okay, and she recognizes him right away. She just asks that he holds his brother back, and leaves him wondering who she is.

Won steps out, and Tan tells hyung where the girl went and that he’s supposed to hold him back. He asks what’s going on, and of course Won doesn’t tell him, though he does add a tip that he should be careful because Dad’s hired people to spy on them. Nothing like scary invasive fathers to bring estranged brothers together, eh? This family.

After seeing Won zoom off with no intention of going after the girl, Tan feels compelled to go find her. He finds her at the bus stop and sits down next to her, and conveys the message that hyung isn’t coming.

He asks if she’s his brother’s girlfriend and how she recognized him earlier—does hyung ever talk about him? Hyun-joo says he did, and repeats Won’s words: “My little brother is affectionate, honest, he’s grown very tall, and his eyes are just like mine.” Aw, did he really say those things?

They sit there in silence, and Tan remains there long after Hyun-joo has gone.

Mom gets dressed to go meet Eun-sang, and tells Madam Han that she’ll work until the end of the month, after which she’ll have to hire new help. Madam Han is hilariously broken up about it but trying not to let it show, and freaks out when she thinks Mom is leaving the house right this instant.

I’m pretty sure she would’ve cried, but Mom says she’s just going out on an errand, and Madam Han calms down. How will you live without her?

Mom waits for Eun-sang outside the convenience store, where Young-do happens to plop down at the table next to hers. He calls Eun-sang for a date and gets rejected, only when she arrives to meet Mom, Young-do is there in plain sight.

Thinking quickly, she calls him back and agrees to eat with him, making him meet her elsewhere. She ducks out of sight until he’s gone and meets with Mom to tell her that she’s looking for a place and sleeping at a friend’s house.

She goes to meet Young-do, who notes that she’s coming from the direction of the convenience store, and then he sees the shopping bag in her hand that Mom had. A light bulb goes off in his head and he tells her to wait here and rides off. Uh-oh.

He waits at Tan’s front gate, and sure enough, Mom arrives home after meeting with Eun-sang. He’s suddenly all sweet and polite as he asks if Eun-sang is home and if she’s her mom, and after getting away with a nod here and there, Mom finally has to type a reply into her phone that Eun-sang is at work.

He passes by Tan on the way out, but remains cryptic about his reason for being here. Seconds later, Tan gets a text from Won that they’re playing golf tomorrow with Young-do and his father. Wait, we’re putting metal clubs into their hands? Who thought this was a good idea?

Young-do finds Eun-sang long gone, but he waits anyway and she gets a text from Mom that her friend on a motorcycle came to see her. She runs back in a panic, and as Young-do watches her approach, he says to himself that it’s Explanation 6 (for why she lives at Tan’s house): daughter of housekeeper, with a disability.

She knows that he’s figured out the whole story now, and asks what he’s going to do, not caring if he wants to tell everyone or harass her for it—she just asks what she should prepare herself for. He doesn’t seem very interested in lording the secret over her head, but she’s fixated on what new brand of torture he’s cooking up, and demands a response.

Young-do blurts that he has no idea: “I don’t even know what to do about my own scars! What am I going to do with yours?! I was just sad when you weren’t here, and I’m happy that you’re back, and your secret is heavy, and that’s it.”

She still doesn’t believe he won’t do something to her, and points out that that’s what he does to others, to her. But he says that’s why he can’t do anything to her now, and decides they’ll have to eat together another time and rides away.

The golf date rolls around and both Won and Young-do’s father remind each of the boys that a business deal is at stake. They remain civil enough for a while, until Young-do asks nonchalantly if the kids at school would be more shocked to hear about Tan being the son of a concubine or Eun-sang being the daughter of a housekeeper.

Tan recites his usual stay-away-from-Eun-sang line, but this time Young-do turns it around to say that he’s not threatening Eun-sang with what he knows; he’s threatening Tan with it. He says that if Tan stops protecting Eun-sang, Young-do will protect them all, and keep their secrets. Dude, even when you’re doing the good thing, why must you find the most evil reason to do it?

Tan says he’s been trying his best not to live like his past self, but threatens to return to that if he has to beat Young-do. He takes out his claws and says he’ll retaliate as Jeguk Group’s second son, and go after his father, his father’s company, and everything he owns. Young-do scoffs that it’s big talk for an illegitimate child, but Tan points out that he’s still his father’s son.

Another flashback to their past brings us to the moment Tan had warned Young-do he’d regret it for the rest of his life. Present Young-do says he should’ve come sooner, but Tan says he was mad at him, and held it against him for all of five minutes…

But those five minutes turn out to be the last chance Young-do had to eat a meal with his mother before she left him. The boys run in to find a table set for two, and his mother long gone.

Tan says now that Young-do is the one who lost the chance to see his mother because he was so stubbornly trying to win against Tan. He warns him again not to touch Eun-sang, and pleads with him to let this fight go: “I don’t have the time to fight with you because I’m preparing for a bigger battle.”

At school the next day, Eun-sang can’t help but be disappointed when Tan walks by her locker without acknowledging her. She meets Bo-na in the broadcast room and sees the mound of presents for Hyo-shin from his fangirls (he won a student short film contest). Bo-na tells her that Young-do likes her thinking it’s a big secret, and Eun-sang awkwardly pretends to be surprised.

Tan comes by to congratulate Hyo-shin on the film contest, which is obviously an excuse to be in the room. But my favorite part is Bo-na’s firm belief that he’s here to see her, which she says out loud to everyone. HA.

Hyo-shin chitchats with him and asks why he really came by, and Tan just stops with his back turned to the room to say it’s because he missed her, without the “her.”

Tan goes to Director Jung to apologize about ruining brunch with Rachel’s family last time, and asks her to invite them to dinner so he can fix things. Meanwhile Rachel attends one of her mother’s work parties, and learns the shocking tidbit that Ye-sol’s mom is a room salon madam.

Director Jung finds the in-law dinner a perfect excuse to put Madam Han in her place, and invites everyone over to the house on purpose. Madam Han comes out to find her hanging a family picture in the living room, and is brought to tears when she’s told that Tan is the one who set this dinner up.

While that’s going on at home, Tan is waiting for Eun-sang to arrive at work, and asks, “Are you happy now that you moved out? Are you happy now that you don’t see me? Are you happy now that you’ve let go of my hand?”

She deflects and tells him to go home, and he kisses her instead. He says he’s not really one to listen to her (yeah no kidding) and pouts about how she left him standing in that dangerous intersection and didn’t even call to check on him, when she obviously missed him too.

She denies it, so he kisses her again, daring her to lie one more time. He finally tells her what he came here to say—not to come home tonight, no matter who calls.

Back at the House of Two Moms, Madam Han stubbornly stands her ground in the hallway, refusing to leave. But Madam Jung knows to call her bluff, and tells the maid to open the door and let the guests in, and of course Madam Han has no choice but to run to her room in tears.

Mom comes in to comfort her and gives her updates on the dinner, which she’s grateful for. Downstairs, the family goes through their usual round of pleasantries over dinner, and Tan shows up late with apologies.

He asks to show Rachel his room, and once he has her alone he apologizes in advance for what he’s about to do. He says he’s going to show her what it is that Young-do saw when he came over.

Madam Jung comes in to rub the whole thing in the mistress’s face, and notes that she’s seen her look the same way eighteen years ago when she caught her sneaking around with her husband. She throws a glass of water in her face for emphasis, and Tan comes in to see his mother get crushed yet again.

He steps in to wipe the water from her face sweetly, and even Madam Jung can’t hide her jealousy at that. Tan takes his mother’s hand and asks her not to let go, and then leads her out of the room. Omo.

He takes her out to the living room, and Rachel’s mom recognizes her as Eun-sang’s mother. Tan says she’s mistaken, and announces in plain words that this is his biological mother, and he is an illegitimate child.

His mom cowers in fear the entire time, but he refuses to let go of her hand. He apologizes for the lies, and breaks the engagement knowing that it’ll now be mutual on both sides. Rachel’s mom fumes in indignation and hauls Rachel out, and Madam Jung chases after them.

Dad is livid and gets up to slap Tan across the face. Twice. Mom cries that it was all her fault and she put him up to it, but Tan doesn’t let her take the fall for him, and tells his father that he’s not sorry. He says he’ll apologize if he ever comes to regret his actions today, but he’s fairly confident he won’t regret them.

He challenges Dad to kick him to the curb if he likes, “But Mom is your woman, so you take responsibility for her.” He finally lets out the breath he’s been holding all this time, and Mom cries, asking how he could drop a bomb like this.

She continues sobbing up in his room, and asks why he did it when she endured so much to give him this life. He apologizes sincerely for thinking differently and just sits at her feet as she cries.

Eun-sang is distracted all evening at work, knowing that something is up with Tan. When she goes out to throw away the trash, she finds him standing outside waiting for her. As soon as he sees her, his eyes well up with tears and he starts to cry, and without knowing why, Eun-sang mirrors his tears and cries too.


Okay, so I’m just resigned to the fact that I’m never going to understand why in this world, Eun-sang saying goodbye means Come by and kiss me whenever you please, because in MY world, when a girl says goodbye, she means goodbye. I don’t even blame Tan as the only culprit here, because this writer likes to have her heroines say the opposite of what they’re feeling, thinking it romantic when a man refuses to listen to her words because he can see through to “what she really means.” Why it doesn’t occur to her that this is a slippery slope and a dangerous game (Uh, no means no, anyone?) is beyond me, but I feel like I’ve just got that fundamental block with her and I’m just never going to get over it.

I’m not trying to harp on it, but in all honesty it’s just a thing that keeps me from engaging with the romance emotionally, because Eun-sang is clearly acting like a person who wants to be with Tan, but saying things to keep him at arm’s length. It makes me frustrated with both of them—him for not listening to her and her for constantly giving him the misdirects in the first place—when all I really want to do is just root for a couple who wants to be together. Running away once because you’re scared, okay fine. Running away twelve times gives me the impression that you don’t want to be with him, so if you DO want to be with him, stop being so confusing. A stalker’s resilience is not a thing I want cultivated in my hero. Just sayin’.

The same can be said of Young-do, really, whose behavior does so many cartwheels of assiness to hide the vulnerability that he doesn’t want exposed, that by the time we FINALLY get to some human emotions and signs of a soft underbelly, I’m too far gone (and so is Eun-sang) that his nice behavior is circumspect. I do believe that he likes her, and if she really is the first girl he’s ever liked, okay, I even understand that it’s the first time he’s trying out foreign feelings, and why he ends up blurting emotional vomit at her like a boy who’s angry at the girl he likes for being pretty. You’re new. Fine. But you don’t get extra points for that. That’s just your bad. I’m sorry you’re at an emotional disadvantage because of your militant cyborg upbringing, but you know what would be impressive? Maybe you overcome said disadvantage and be a good person anyway.

I was disappointed that the boys just returned to their same cyclical dynamic when it seemed like there might be a glimmer of hope once Young-do had real feelings for Eun-sang and a vested interest in winning her over after she rejected Tan. But they continue to make this all about them, and that just makes me continue to roll my eyes. At least Tan DOES something in this episode, which is sadly such a rare occurrence around here that I was shocked. The mom reveal was a rather sweet mother-son moment, and I was happy that he at least stood his ground for one relationship in his life. In that respect he really is better than Won, who simply stood by as the love of his life was crushed and ousted from his life without even getting to confess how he really felt. Talk about a pitiful character.

I really liked Tan’s brush with Hyun-joo in this episode, because they’re strangers and yet so similar in that moment. I just liked their silent connection at the bus stop, both hurt by the same person and both wanting to be loved by the same person, knowing he’s not coming for either of them. I would hope that witnessing his hyung’s sad romance go down like that might make Tan a little more proactive so that history doesn’t repeat itself with Eun-sang. I’m just hoping Tan’s apathy and inaction is officially a thing of the past. Action Tan, are you here to stay? And while you’re at it, could you maybe get Says What She Means Eun-sang and Soft Underbelly Young-do to come visit more often? I so do like it when they come to play.


477 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Momoi

    Oooh some real drama, a good scene that was for me. Glad Tan stood up for his mother.

    Anyone know the song that was playing at the beginning when Eun Sang was walking away from the cross walk, also the one playing while Tan was reflecting on him and Eun Sang?

    Glad we got some info on Hyun Joo, but now I want to know how her and Won met.

    Show still needs more of her, Hyo Shin, and Bona (aka the true star of the show).

    I think something I’m disappointed in is that Eun Sang and the broadcast team never really happened. I was expecting her to do bulletins reflecting on her current situation and Young Do and Tan staring off into space taking in what she’s saying. Ya know, something like that.

    Anywho, the show seems to be making the parents come off as the bad ones, and in this case, many of them are. It plays on the theme of being strung about by parents and adults; fate in a way. That or really rich parents are just mean.

    Lastly, Eun Sang has said she likes Tan, so I’m hoping to see her do something for him if she really does like him. Like, hug him if he’s crying like the last scene. Hoping she comes to his rescue at some point.

    • 1.1 hanna

      two people by park jang hyun 🙂

      • 1.1.1 halutoaki

        does anyone know the song played in 3.22?

        • Rachel

          Yess what is this song I’ve been looking for it everywhereeee

    • 1.2 anniejang

      Eun Sang’s emotional stinginess towards the one she loves is driving me crazy-but this seems do be a Kdrama staple, over and over and over, heroine after heroine. Like 19 episodes of standing back when the guy is hurting, then the big comfort at the end maybe.
      Maybe. In City Hunter, he just took a bullet for his dad and is lying on the floor bleeding to death, and she just stands back and looks at him. Then he’s in the hospital for months and she never goes to see him. After all her jealous fits when he tries to get close to him, she says she doesn’t like skinship.
      No wonder he sent her to a foreign country while he stayed in Korea. My point isn’t to just talk about another drama here, but point out the extremes Kdrama writers will go to, to deny us normal romance. don’t know what’s up with that.

      • 1.2.1 anniejang

        oops-close to her

      • 1.2.2 skelly

        It’s emotional stinginess, and physical stinginess. Every time she gets kissed, her body language is all wrong: she draws back, stiffens her body, scrunches up her face as if in pain. Lips are pressed tight together, as if to make her mouth disappear. Then, when it is over, her face may be shocked but her body relaxes in relief. This is not shyness or youth or conflicted emotions, this is body language that means someone is doing something unwillingly, and it is uncomfortable to watch. And there is no connect between this action and the evening where she slept with her head on his shoulder. She says that this interlude is just a dream, but then she can go back to being stiff and uncomfortable? It is substandard writing/directing, but it is also an acting flaw.
        I wish they would stop casting PSH in romances, because really, she friendzones the world.

        • jaglaine

          Ditto. I wish one of them would wake up. The writer, the director or PSH. And I liked PSH ( past tense because these same reactions drama after drama has left me with a stale taste in the mouth). Grow up PSH! Everyone else has, even Young-Do. LOL!

        • Taber

          OMG! Are we the only one that knows this! There not one drama this girl played where she shown any warmth. Is she even aware she a woman because she appears to be a robot. She has worked with the best of the best A-list and still cannot step up her game. Why no one in the industry has not complained about her lack of talent, it not just the romance she do not know how to make any kind of normal human emotional connection.

        • mwg

          “really, she friendzones the world”: hah! well put.

          The problem I’m having is that Woobin seems to exude heat, even in such a problematic role. With PSH friendzoning and LMH having nothing to work off of, it’s sort of forcing me into weird second-lead syndrome with someone terrible, because he’s giving chemistry AT PSH, and even though she gives nothing back, at least that’s more chemistry than PSH-LMH.

      • 1.2.3 anniejang

        Some of you are using my comment to beat up on Park Shin Hye, when you know very well that’s not where I was coming from, since I was clearly talking about Kdramas, plural, and use City Hunter as a reference.

    • 1.3 Bona

      I’m also looking for the song where Tan and ES cry together at the end. :/

    • 1.4 anniejang

      Re: The Parents. First I’d like to say that I don’t consider 2 people who are in love making love as immoral.
      The parents were and are immoral in the extreme. A bunch of rampant lustful cheaters, with various illegitimate children.
      Now they are hypocritically coming down hard on their kids to BEHAVE! What repulsive parents.
      People have commented that Rachel’s mother is trying to be a mother to Young Do. It looked to me like she was actually coming on to both Tan and Young Do. THAT kind of mother.

  2. Ally

    “Thats something a person who’s ranked #98 would say”- I love it when she says stuff like this!
    And Tan? you say you do something called thinking? thats news to me…
    But good for you to say let us solve our problems and move on…it’s actually quite mature thoughtful. And wow Tan you outdid yourself today by standing up for your mother.
    And Bo Na’s “he is talking about me” was so funny!

  3. Faye

    *Aaack! He did it! He really did it! Tan went all in. After all the back and forth, the hiding, the dancing around the truth and lies – he didn’t just step up to the plate. He bought dynamite and blew the whole damn field up. Wow. I can’t wait to see the fall-out.

    *I just hope we get to see Eun-Sang do something similarly dramatic. Obviously their positions are not the same, but she’s been forced to be very reactive until now. It would be nice if she has the chance to do something as well to show she’s as committed as Tan.

    *LOL at Rachel showing up in a white dress to the dinner – very subtle symbolism there.

    *I did enjoy Young-Do trying his usual nonsense, and Tan just blowing him off with a “Look, buddy, I don’t have time for you to be all up in my grill anymore. I’m all about Eun-Sang/daddy defiance drama now. Gotta jet!” Poor YD looked almost hurt they wouldn’t be fighting anymore. Don’t worry, buddy, you’ll always be Tan’s real first love :).

    *Loved that we finally see some positive interaction between Won and Tan. Bonding over the inherent pitfalls of dating women their father won’t approve of was sweet. I did “daww” a little when I heard how positively Won describes his brother to HJ.

    *Oh my God, that golfing scene was so hilarious. Never has a scene been so rife with unintended double entendre. “See this golf club in my hand?” Yes, we see it. Also, burn those golf clothes, LMH, so you never have to wear them again. Those plaid pants were the devil’s handiwork.

    Oh yeah, show, it’s on! It is on like Donkey Kong! (shout out to the other 30-somethings who might remember this)

    Thanks for the recap!

    • 3.1 Ivoire

      Hello Faye,
      I like this,”“Look, buddy, I don’t have time for you to be all up in my grill anymore. I’m all about Eun-Sang/daddy defiance drama now. Gotta jet!” Funny and witty 🙂

      • 3.1.1 Ivoire

        Awwww… Faye, I just saw your response to me to a comment I wrote back to you on ep. 11 recap. Thank you, and I loved this ” you go yourself :-)” I will respond later, and I will let you know, so you can read it then.

    • 3.2 August


      In reference to a post conversation in Episode 9, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your posts on the Heirs thread. Also, I am glad that you have continued to offer commentary on the vast number of topics and perspectives that arise after each episode.

      • 3.2.1 August

        Error, I meant Episode 11.

      • 3.2.2 Faye

        Thanks, @August! I enjoy reading your comments as well. Even if we don’t agree on everything, I always find your comments thought-provoking.

    • 3.3 Roggy

      “Those plaid pants were the devils handiwork.” LOOL

      • 3.3.1 Moonbean

        I called them pajamas, a friend of mine called them a tablecloth.

    • 3.4 dramabliss

      Very well said, Faye.

      Indeed, way to go, Tan. I know that it will still be a long uphill climb for you but at least you have effectively removed that Damocles sword that had been hanging over your head all your life.

    • 3.5 ST

      “Also, burn those golf clothes, LMH, so you never have to wear them again. Those plaid pants were the devil’s handiwork.”

      Ha, ha, ha, that was the funniest thing ever! Thanks for the chuckle 🙂

    • 3.6 aria

      I dunno if its weird for anyone else. when those kids are wearing their uniform pants, that’s such a neutral color, in certain frames it almost looks like they’re not wearing pants at all.

  4. bishbash

    The opening scene. If I were Eun Sang, I’d take YD’s hand and place it in Tan’s, tell them to have fun bromancing and walk away. Why cry! This two guys are definitely made for each other.
    That aside, thank goodness there’s finally some progress. Tho I’m not sure if next week we’ll be back to squre one. This drama really, should be done in 5 5 episodes. Ugh.

    • 4.1 mikimotoable

      LMAO totally agree with you, I miss the badass Eun Sang!

      she has been crying a lot and I hate it

    • 4.2 zero9

      Omg, YES. I WISH Eun Sang was that refreshing and gutsy to tell them two to fck off and take their lovers spat somewhere else!

    • 4.3 Genki Escapist

      THIS. Best comment and what-if about this ridiculous drama EVER.

  5. Ace

    Yay for some developments. I liked what Kim Tan did. But that ending? Really? That was it? Hahaha. Anyway, hope ES cries LESS in the future. Pretty please. PSH cries well, but for her character she’s crying too much and it’s making me want to throw something at the writer every time.

  6. August

    Lee Min-Ho…

    My Man, U Da Bomb!

    Kim Tan, that’s how you do it!

    Episode 12: You knocked it out of the ballpark!

    That’s the Lee Min-Ho I look forward to and love watching in Kdramas!

    Saranghae Lee Min-Ho!

    • 6.1 Blkasian

      I agree..he’s awesome and a definite heart throb.

    • 6.2 August

      “Kim Tan, that’s how you do it!”

      Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. — Leo Tolstoy

      The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. — Robert H. Schuller

      All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. — Arthur Schopenhauer

      In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. — George Orwell

      The truth is rarely pure and never simple. — Oscar Wilde

      Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. — Mahatma Gandhi

      The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. — Winston Churchill

      The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable. — James A. Garfield

      Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare. — Voltaire

    • 6.3 August

      Kim Woo-Bin…

      Each episode you deliver a stellar performance as Young-do and deserve a standing ovation and many more accolades for your work in Heirs.

      Why? People either:
      -Love Young-Do
      -Hate Young-Do
      -Switch between Loving and Hating Young-Do
      -Love and Hate Young-Do at the same moment
      -Admit boldly they eagerly anticipate your scenes
      -Secretly anticipate your scenes
      -Resistance is Futile trying to look away from the screen when you appear
      -Fixate/Obsess on the character and actions of Young-Do
      -Whether people are watching or skipping Heirs, Choi Young-Do is or will be infamous in kdramaland
      -Choi Young-Do will be a frame of reference for many years to come
      -In Heirs, not only do you taunt Cha Eun Sang but the audience as well
      -So many of your scenes weigh on/haunt viewers even after the episode ends

      So much more to say…

      • 6.3.1 Lin_K

        @August – I loved your analysis of the viewers’ response to YD! I watched KWB for the first time in Heirs, and I have to say he is a superb actor. Now he is in my favorite actor list with Lee Jun Ki and Song Joong Ki 🙂 Hopefully he will be recognized more and get more great projects to work with. I am glad Tan stood up for his mom and made his secret not a secret. The quotation below about friends, enemies, and secrets 🙂

      • 6.3.2 jaglaine

        I must say that he has gotten much better at acting. Or that he has gotten the bad boy role down pat, maybe because of practice? He was just okay in School 2013. But he definitely does Young-Do very well.

      • 6.3.3 mem916

        Yes we will be talking about him forever

        • kim

          We first saw Kim Woo Bin aka Young Do in SBS “To The Beautiful You” 2012.
          He is so charming in there.
          Nothing like the big bully, insensitive boy in “The Inheritors”, “Heirs”.
          He is such a nice hyung there in the “To The Beautiful You.
          Darn gentleman, we fans totally swoon over his manly manners, every bit of a sensitive new age guy.
          He is so tall, smart looking, neatly dressed, caring and all.

          • Cindy

            I’ve watched TTBY but I didn’t notice him there. what role did he play?

          • jaglaine

            Didn’t notice him in TTBY either.

          • Newbie

            He only appeared in a couple of episodes in TTBY – eps 9 and 10, if I’m not mistaken. He was John Kim in that drama.

      • 6.3.4 Marie21

        I agree concerning the performances of Lee Min Ho and Kim Won-Bin!! Choi Young Do stands out a lot as a character for me in the whole drama, I still thing he’s the best written character of the show…but regarding this episode, it is definitely Kim Tan who really shines and shows maturity and strength!!! honestly, I wanted to hug him for revealing the truth about his true Mom and thus, putting an end to her humiliation! even if he does it for himself too, so as to free himself too, that was a beautiful moment, a true moment of love!!! and the ending scene was also very lovely, well done…

        and now, I can talk about the things that are very frustrating: How come Kim Won isn’t as well written as the other two male characters? I’m frustrated because we ‘ve got bits now and then about his personalité, about his relationship with Hyun-Joo, and about his position in the company but it’s not deep enough…Why doesn’t he rebel more against his father? why did he say nothing to defend Hyun-Joo, why didn’t he go after her? Man!!! I root for him but I don’t understand him..and I feel like it’s useless to root for a character who isn’t going to be as developed as the main ones… -(

        “Glad we got some info on Hyun Joo, but now I want to know how her and Won met. ” Momoi, I also want to see more scenes with Kim Won, how he met Hyun-Joo, why he’s so estranged with his younger brother?

        And I also wish that the “poor” girls, Eun Sang, Hyun-Joo had more spunk or were more like Gil Ra Im in “Secret Garden”! she was poor, but she had such a strong personnality that she was able to stand on her own, she was also humiliated by the hero’s mother but somehow, she didn’t remain passive like Hyun-Joo! but again, Joo Won (Secret Garden) had quite a temper too, and was more in love than Kim Won!! -(

      • 6.3.5 kim

        Reply to “ Cindy November 16th, 2013 at 9:08 AM”.
        Sorry there wasn’t a reply button at your message below.

        In “TTBY / To The Beautiful You”, our dear Kim Woo Bin 김우빈 aka Choi Young Do in “The Heirs”,
        his role is as world-class renowned photographer from USA, John Kim/Kim Jung Hoon/Johnny. He is the oppa who helped the main character American/Korean born gal Goo Jae Hee of f(x) Choi Sulli to enter the All-Boys Top Athletic Korean Genie High School.

        Our dear Kim Woo Bin i.e. as John Kim/Kim Jung Hoon/Johnny knows f(x) Sulli i.e. as Goo Jae Hee since childhood in USA, whom he loves dearly and regretted his decision to help her falsified gender documents to enter the all-boys school and resort to take her back to America with him.

        In “TTBY / To The Beautiful You”, please take note of our Kim Woo Bin aka Choi Young Do in “TTBY Episode 9, 10, 11”. He drove a hot red convertible who almost “kidnapped” Goo Jae Hee [of f(x) Sulli].

        Our dear Kim Woo Bin is such a rare gem in “TTBY”. He displayed maturity in his role, so sweet, gentleman, truly a sensitive new age guy, even comical. He can play pranks well here.

        Hope this helps Cindy to recall our dear Kim Woo Bin aka Choi Young Do in “TTBY”.

    • 6.4 August

      Consider the quotation below and reflect back on all of the verbal exchanges between Choi Young-Do and Kim Tan:

      There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself – an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly. – Antisthenes

  7. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! My questions:

    1—What did YD mean by KT makes everyone around him leave? I didn’t think KT did that. KW is not close (so does that mean he left?), but KT’s mom has not left him, and neither has Rachel. YD rejected him, but that was YD’s choice, and honestly, I don’t see who else left KT. What did the beanies understand that statement?

    2—I have a question about SNS, is it like Facebook?

    3—I am asking this because I am still trying to understand how people in Heirs’ elite circle think (sorry, I don’t have it all figured out by now): KW said that if the true story of HJ comes out, she will not survive as a teacher at Empire High. Why? Because she will be working with teachers who are rich? Or because she will be teaching rich students? With the Foundation being there, people have got to know that some of the teaching staff and personnel are not wealthy, no? I can understand having a hard time as a student, and being chased out. So would the adults at Empire High basically treat her the same way?

    4—Chairman daddy said something I found interesting, yet challenging to understanding, “don’t bet your life for a glance of the eyes, or for hearing the sound of your heartbeat.” I think Chairman daddy was talking to KW, or maybe to KW and to HJ. So, “don’t bet your life for a glance of (the other person’s) eyes?” and “hearing the sound of your heartbeat” when the other person is around? I am assuming this is a figure of speech (maybe), and that it might be poetic or a roundabout way of saying something, which is what? Was he (Chairman daddy) only talking to KW?

    5—I thought it was interesting that KW had not confessed yet (but I was not really surprised). I think that KT would not have waited as long (as his brother). I also thought that it was interesting that Chairman daddy was talking to HJ about her own feelings, and yet, he seemed to have actually echoed KW’s feelings (and daddy knew it).

    6—Why do you guys think YD likes ES? I am not really clear on that, but I will take a guess: he was intrigued at first, and looked forward to bully her. And because she kind of stood up to him (at times), he started to have feelings for her, found her attractive, and the more he found out about her background, he became protective of her (and her sad story is melting his heart?). As I indicated, I am a little confused. That reminds me of GJP in BOF, if that is the case.

    7—I understood that YD got mad at ES when they were at the intersection. He looked and sounded confused about his feelings at the moment, he looked hurt and upset. Yet some of what he said confused me as well. How did you guys (and gals) understand it?

    • 7.1 Momoi

      2. Yup, well any social network service.

      3. I would guess the students. It’s the fact that she’s a charity case (for lack of a better term) they may not take her seriously. Or, they may think she has connections, and like Bona pointed out, in their school, there are no friends, only connections.

      4. I believe he was only talking to Won. A bit literally. He tells him not to be distracted by some girl, when he needs to marry.

      5. That’s the funny thing about Daddy. He’s a jerk, but says a lot of truth.

      6. Yeah something like that. Part of it may be because Tan likes her so much. Also, last episode we had the scene where she asked him if he’s okay and he looked dumbstruck. Seems like folks don’t ask him much. I think Eun Sang is someone he has found an odd bond with.

      • 7.1.1 Ivoire

        Hello Momoi,

        Thank you for your answers. As I read your answers, more questions came to me. How do you think you would understand them, please?

        1—When KT said, “you are not that trash like, do you think he meant you are not that low?

        2—How would (or could) KT recklessly protect ES? Can protecting someone become reckless? Because I am thinking that even if KT is outed (which he did in this episode anyway), he is better off that way, since his secret was a burden to him. His mom would not have to hide, and YD could not hold it (the secret) over his head. So what part of protecting ES would be reckless? I didn’t really get that, to be honest.

        3—When YD says that he will protect “everything,” what does he mean by everything? Those two boys make it sound like there is a lot to protect, which I don’t really see. Besides ES, what else is there to protect? Their parents’ respective companies?

        This is a side comment, but when KT and YD were standing opposite and facing each other on the golf course (it was a definite scene), I wanted to belt out “Love is the moment, ” LOL! It just seemed so appropriate for it, I couldn’t help but think about that song, and those lyrics :-).

        • momoi

          1. That’s what I think.

          2. I guess not focusing on the ramifications of some of the stuff he does to protect her. Like who gets else, what would she have to answer for, etc.

          3. That confused me too. Like, what everything.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Momoi, I am finally getting to your responses. Thank you, by the way.

            Regarding my question #6 (in my first post), you did mention (in your response) that YD was/is probably attracted to ES because Tan likes her so much (and as we know, anything Tan likes/liked, YD wanted to either have, destroy or taunt Tan with it or about it). I have also come to think that YD is also falling for ES because she gets to him. YD has erected this wall, and an image of a tough guy who is not afraid of anyone and who does not care about anything.

            Well, ES, stands to him (sometimes), she straight out asks him how he is going to bully her now, and she genuinely feels bad for him, about his dad’s impeding wedding. She asks pointed questions, and she lets him know that she is on to him. She does not play games with him. That takes him by surprise, and in so doing, it also starts chipping away at the wall YD erected around his heart. She sees YD for who he is, not only the bully at school (which is what everybody sees), but also the teenager who is hurting inside. None of the other students, except for Tan, see that. MS knows YD, but he does not always get it, when it comes to his friend, because he is really dense at times.

            It is interesting how YD has been honest with ES for a while, often just saying what he means: 1-in the cafeteria, when he tripped her, he actually just wanted to simply eat with her, but he already had a history of abusing people, so it was hard to believe him (plus, he had just bullied her earlier that day). 2-YD wanted to warn ES (when the pool incident happened), of what possibly dating Tan might mean (especially if Tan were to marry Rachel), hence the question, “will you make her a mistress too?” That question was valid imho, because we did not know what Tan’s plans were, and he had not broken up with Rachel. 3-When he (YD) called her the 1st time (when he was at the convenience store), he was happily surprised that she answered, he did not expect her to. 4-When he told her that he was sad when she left, and happy when she came back, and just wanted to have a meal with her, he meant it. He was overwhelmed by his feelings and by what he found out about her (her mom), so he was not going to bully her, nor did he wanted to (and he told her). He just wanted to enjoy her company, really. 5-When on the camping trip, he asked Tan to tell her that he really liked her/was falling for her, since ES would believe Tan, YD meant that.
            And now, when I think back, even Tan realized that YD liked ES. When they were in the wine cellar, and Tan figured out that YD had gone to see her, and knew so much about her life, because YD was genuinely becoming interested in ES. Tan also figured out then that YD was probably falling for ES.

            Speaking of YD and of Tan, I find it interesting that Tan assumed that ES spent the night at YD’s (in his hotel room), and yet he didn’t not become riled up, when anything involving YD and ES would make him overreact, both verbally and physically. He just warned YD, to not think that he stood a chance with ES, and he left it at that. Does Tan trust YD (that much) to not try anything if YD and ES are alone in a hotel room? Or maybe it is that Tan trusts ES that much (to not try anything with YD)?

            I don’t have any additional comments for the other three (last) questions I asked 🙂

        • Rashell

          Hi Ivoire!

          I’ll play. 😉

          1. Yes. I think that Tan was saying exactly that. That even YD wouldn’t stoop that low.

          2. I think that while what Tan did was true and brave it was a bit reckless. He took a risk revealing the truth. And he doesn’t know how that truth will be excepted. Heck YD was his best friend and became his enemy due to that truth. Plus how it could effect his future in the company is in question too. So yes, I think that in the interest of protecting someone you can make reckless decisions without taking the long term consequences into account.

          3. He’s telling Tan that if he lets ES go then he will keep all the secrets he knows. He’ll protect all of them meaning Tan, ES, Rachel, their families. Basically anyone that would be impacted if he were to tell what he knows.

          • Ivoire


            Hello, and thank you for playing :-). This is late, however I thought I would respond and post it anyway.

            2—About this, “Plus how it could affect his future in the company is in question too.” But Tan has said that he doesn’t want the company. He would be OK if he has nothing to do with it. He also told his mom that she (or anyone else) cannot decide his life for him, meaning what he will study, who he will date, marry, what profession he will have, etc…

            I agree with what you say here, “So yes, I think that in the interest of protecting someone you can make reckless decisions without taking the long term consequences into account,” however I don’t think it is the case here. I believe that KT did what he did exactly because he knew and he hoped that things would explode, and the engagement would be broken off (he even said it, that the engagement should be broken off). I think he knew that the consequences would be huge, which was why he practiced with HS 1st, so he wouldn’t get nervous, but he still was. He was broken after he did it (that left him weak emotionally), and that was why he went to see ES afterwards.

            He was very nervous going into it (revealing everything), yet he did it anyway. I believe that he knew how the people around him would react (his dad, his mom, his stepmon, his fiancée, etc…), and he chose to still take action. I believe that KT did that in great part to be free and be able to be open, and not have the weight of his birth secret hanging over him. And in the process, he wanted his mom to be able to be free as well, and not be stepped on any more. He told his dad, “you can throw me out if you want, but she is your woman, you take care of her.”

            3—Thank you for clarifying that. That makes sense.

        • dramabliss

          Hi Ivoire,

          This is how I read Situation No. 2 – “recklessly protecting Eun Sang” (which was uttered before Tan outs himself) could mean that by protecting Eun Sang, Tan actually puts her in greater risk of being bullied and ostracized. For several reasons I guess, including envy/jealousy that someone with Tan’s status should choose her over the others.

          • Ivoire

            Hello dramabliss,
            Thank you for answering. I find your perspective interesting, and one that actually makes sense. Good food for thought.

        • starb

          Hi Ivoire, hope it’s okay to try to answers your question all at once. Here is what I think about YD… he is an immature, clueless, proud, reckless, love-craving dude. While Kim Tan, as described by his brother an affectionate, honest guy and he had 3 years of thinking back in the US to figure out the people around him.

          He knows that YD is not the jerk that he had shown to people, that’s why YD said he’ll protect everything even KT’s secret. He never really wanted to oust KT’s secret, not because of KT’s warning, but because he actually still care about his friend. I just hope there would be something happen to trigger them to reconcile.

          I think that comment of KT recklessly protects ES comes from. The immature and unthoughtful YD, the same person who said KT always makes people leave. From what I concluded, YD blames KT when her mom leaves just because KT did not COME BACK sooner. And that’s just makes YD even angrier towards KT. Again, YD needs to grow up fast… Because things will not be any better if it’s the other way around… with that kind of father? ES will be shipped to China if she was ever dated YD. He’s not a better choice than KT in daddy department.

          I like this episode… especially the bus stop, and mother-son scene. I actually like the ending, where KT finally feels can let his guard down by crying and let out a heavy sigh. Because clearly he could not do it at home. Being suffocated is a noce touch by LMH.

          I just hope nobody dies in the end… hee hee

          • Lin_K

            Wait, I believe YD is very tactful. Immature, proud, love-craving, honest (yes he is), dynamic, strong, absolutely clueless when it comes to romance (lol) – Yes. Reckless – No.

            May be Tan is more on the reckless side because (until episode 12) he failed to understand/did not think about the consequences that ES has to suffer from him liking her.

          • jaglaine

            YD is strong and dynamic? Yes, he is strong to those who he bullies because bullies pick on those weaker than themselves. Dynamic? In an evil sort of way maybe. Heaven help us if KDrama spreads the belief that being a bully is attractive.

          • Ivoire

            Hello Starb, interesting views. Thank you!

          • Ivoire

            Hi Lin_K,
            This, I agree with: ” May be Tan is more on the reckless side because (until episode 12) he failed to understand/did not think about the consequences that ES has to suffer from him liking her.”
            I would also say that YD bullied ES, and he was expecting certain results, however what often ended happening was different from what he had expected.

        • febe

          Re (2), there was an earlier comment by one of the characters (Chan Yong?) that a lot of people want to see KT fall. So maybe if ES gets associated herself with KT by his “protecting” her, she may end up being a target or being used to hurt KT?

          • febe

            *So maybe if ES becomes associated with KT by his “protecting” her, she may end up being a target or being used by others against KT as she is his weakness, thus causing hurt to ES.*

          • Ivoire

            Hello febe! Your explanation makes sense. Thank you!

      • 7.1.2 Kellie01

        How can the father who has his mistress living in the house with his wife tell his sons anything. He is worst than a dog and the writer should have allowed Won to tell him so. Young Do is doing an excellent job ES should get some backbone, even without money she should stand up for herself.YD has told ES numerous times that he likes her and she would be better off with him than Tan.

    • 7.2 PlumWine

      Hello Ivoire,

      1. At first I thought it was a translation error, that what really a happens is he leaves everyone behind. If I take the translation as correct my only inference is that everyone leaves him because it’s to dangerous to be around him. Perhaps like how Won keeps his distance.

      3. I think both would give her a hard time. Also, it makes it difficult for Won to swoop in and present a bride to the public who is of ‘mysterious’ means. She would forever be treated like a charity case wife.

      4. I think to both but mainly Won. It could be a reference to how he fell for Won’s mom. Basically don’t give up your future and power for a love.

      5. I was actually a little surprised, but maybe he just hadn’t put it into words. Yes, Puppet daddy knows what he’s talking about. His wasn’t a happy ending so he’s going to crush his sons’s chances. I guess daddy was even colder than Won to his first wife. (Push him off the cliff too, since the truck was elsewhere.)

      6. I think she intrigued him. I believe his first sight of her was when she sleep walked and drank at the convenience store, then bluffed the guys at the motorcycle shop. I get the feeling that the only females he’s had interactions are those who work for his company, his dad’s mistresses, the perfectly coifed rich girls at school, and their money minded mothers.She doesn’t fit into his categories, so he’s intrigued. Plus she’s stood up to him and actually asked about his feelings. Mind blow – for him.

      8. If you’re talking about the noodle intersection, I’m not sure where you are confused. He just found out that he has feelings for a maids daughter who’s lot in life is worse than he could of imagined. With a mom who can’t speak! Living in his love rivals house that he knows has no warmth, but she goes to school and work, stands up to him, and was nice even when he was mean. Does not compute – Warning militant cyborg upbringing crashing – Warning!

      1.2 – Yes, he knows YD is not completely made of cyborg parts.

      2.2 Frankly I don’t see how either of them are in a position to protect ES, let alone themselves. Case in point where Tan outed his mom, then tells the daddy to look after her. He believes he’s helping them both in the long run, but I won’t be surprised if daddy dearest kicks just her out or both of them. I think it’s pretty reckless to think his dad will not get revenge by way of his mom. (Maybe dad and and YD’s dad got their parts from the same outfitter.)

      3.2 See 2.2

      I did too! Arghh that song, but yeah it would have fit. 🙂

    • 7.3 adette

      1 – he says that Tan always (does things that) make people leave him… I think he’s talking about himself. To us (and, yunno, other normal human beings with normal human emotions and logic), Young-do rejected Tan. This statement makes it seen like in Young-do’s mind, Tan’s actions forced Young-do to be an asshat to him. cos that’s totally a thing. “I didn’t WANT to be a jerk to you, but you just had to go and try to comfort me about my dad’s affair and help me have a proper goodbye with my mother, thereby forcing my hand, dammit!” I hate to break it to you, Young-do, but no one can make you be a shitty friend. In the normal people world, that is what we call a choice.

      2 – SNS is an acronym for Social Networking Service. It is a general term for a social network, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

      4 – don’t bet your life for a glance of the eyes, or for hearing the sound of your heartbeat.”
      He’s making reference to how people in love feel when their eyes meet or how their hearts beat when they’re around each other… essentially, he’s telling Won not to throw away his life (that is, his position as Empire’s eldest son) for something silly like feelings. I think that he’s talking to Won from his own experience. He probably really loved his first wife (Won’s mother), but she was never happy in his world of chaebol privilege. He seems to me like a sad, bitter, lonely old man who probably sees Hyun-joo (and Eun-sang) as carbon copies of his first wife. Hell, in his own twisted way, he probably thinks that by discouraging his sons from pursuing those relationships and pushing them to focus on wealth and the company instead he’s preventing then from the lifelines and suffering he’s experienced.which is stupid, but just cos someone’s old doesn’t mean they’re wise~

      • 7.3.1 Ivoire

        Hello Adette,

        Thank you so much for your responses and additional comments, as always. I really love what you have to say, because they make sense to me. Also, in watching Korean dramas and Korean programming on TV, I have come to feel that the Korean language is quite poetic and can be quite flowery (and I say that in a positive way) in the way things are expressed. As a linguist (I speak four different languages), I am very sensitive and extremely interested in such topics, as my pointed questions can indicate.
        As a result, I am often concerned about missing the real meaning about some of the things that are said in a drama. I truly appreciate and enjoy being able to dissect the episodes, and some of the linguistic aspects in the episodes with the Beanies. It really does give me a better understanding of the drama and of the characters as a whole, therefore heightening my experience of the drama.

        1–About your first point, you are absolutely right. I was confused when YD said that because I felt that I had not seen anyone leave KT because of something he had done. His brother is just being very childish by continuing to reject him, and exiling KT at the tender age of 15 (14 Western age) was wrong, imho. KT didn’t do anything to deserve that or bring that to himself.
        Also, none of the kids at school left KT, not that they were close to begin with, what with KT being a bully at that time.

        The only person who I see leaving KT is ES, and I understand why she does it. She is tired and she would like a break. She would like to think through what she is going through and I can understand and respect that. Also, personally, I really wish KT would give her some breathing room and let her come to him at her own pace, in her own way. I feel that we got to see how and why KT came to like her, and he was given the time to have his own journey in how he fell for her. I didn’t get the same privilege with ES, and I would have like to, personally. I agree with many of the gripes that GF has, regarding KT’s behavior, regarding some of the characters, the writing (of this drama), and the writer in general. He (KT) doesn’t respect boundaries or doesn’t have a sense of them (I don’t think the Kim men do, to be honest), and I feel that he keeps buldozzing him going out with ES.

        KT knowing that ES likes him back is not enough for me to excuse KT “forcing” himself on her. He very often tells her what to do, I rarely (if ever) see him ask her what she thinks or what she wants to do (how she wants to handle a particular situation). I feel that he doesn’t treat her as an equal. Being in love with someone does not give one the permission to be overbearing, and step over the other person’s boundaries. Loving someone means helping them become who s/he is suppose to be in the world, while being by their side, romantically or not (so this applies to parents, friends, family members and lovers [boyfriends, girlfriends, married people]).
        I will continue my thoughts in another post, so this post can be posted ( see what I did there, unintentionally, mind you 🙂 )

      • 7.3.2 Ivoire

        @ Adette, part 2 of my comment. I wrote that part, and just when I was ready to send it (I was proofreading it), the comment was sent on its own, except it didn’t post, and for the life of me, I can’t find at all, no where :-(. I hate when that happens. So, here we go (again):

        CONTINUING ON YOUR 1ST POINT/COMMENT: I would have liked to have seen ES have a FULL (or fuller) journey of her own TOWARDS KT, with her hesitations, her own steps that she would willingly take towards him, and finally go to him. KT and ES are different. KT tends to act first, and then think later (except maybe for what he did for his mom. He might have thought that one through, maybe). Or maybe he actually does not think and he is just faced with the consequences, and then he has to deal with them. ES, on the other hand tries hard to stay grounded in reality, in big part because reality reminds her everyday of her lot in life. I understand that KT is only 17 (he has not turned 18 yet), which means 16 in Western age, and so he is immature when it comes to a lot of things. Interestingly enough, he is not immature when it comes to his brother. He can voice his brother’s concerns (very well) and he does not take his brother’s rejection to heart. So I am thinking that when it comes to certain people, KT can actually be mature. I guess not when it comes to ES.

        I just wonder how the drama would have been like, if KT and ES had been given an equal footing in their portrayal of how they came to like each other, and of how they actually “came to each other,” meaning how they each met each other in their physical actions and reactions to each other (I hope I am making sense in what I am trying to say). I am as vested into ES’s story, as I am into KT and the other characters in this drama. The more I understand their back stories and their motivations (which hopefully will make sense), the more I like it. Alas, that is not always the case (understanding their motivations).

        I have digressed in my comment, however I do understand and I do share GF’s gripes with how some of the characters are written (KT, YD) in this drama and in some of her past dramas, her gripes about some of the writing (as a whole), and her gripes about this writer in general. I also agree with her that I will just have to accept them, and focus on what I like about the drama, and continue to do my best to understand it.

        That being said, I do agree about what you have to say about YD. I have started to like him, and I can’t help but wonder, if before the end of the drama, he will actually face his own (past) mistakes, and acknowledge his responsibilities in what happened between him and KT, and in why ES is afraid of him and doesn’t like him. I kind of doubt that he will, however, I would like to see that happen. I look forward to seeing how the bromance will be brought back between KT and ES.

        2—Got that about SNS, thank you.

      • 7.3.3 Ivoire

        @ Adette, Last part: (I am doing this so my comments are not held for moderation).

        4—Regarding this, “don’t bet your life for a glance of the eyes, or for hearing the sound of your heartbeat,” the interesting thing during that scene was that Daddy was looking at HJ the whole time he was talking to KW (and at times to HJ as well). I felt that at times, he was actually talking to both.

        Your explanation actually makes sense, and I agree with it. I loved this, “He seems to me like a sad, bitter, lonely old man who probably sees Hyun-joo (and Eun-sang) as carbon copies of his first wife.” And I would add to that that he is also very manipulative and conniving, and a control freak. Anyone who feels the need to control others that much has to be insecure, on some levels. And about this, “instead he’s preventing them from the lifelines and suffering he’s experienced.” Thing is, when I see Chairman Daddy, I don’t get the sense that he has suffered because of love. Maybe he is just that bitter, and that cold that he can’t access his feelings when it comes to that.

        And this, “but just cos someone’s old doesn’t mean they’re wise,~ I totally agree with, and I thought it was well said.

      • 7.3.4 Lin_K

        @Adette – YD’s initial hatred came from Tan being the son of a mistress – a woman like those cheated with his dad, women who caused his mom to leave. Also Tan saw YD’s dad cheating; humiliation and insecurity for YD from that. Their friendship is torn. Then the situation with YD’s mom waiting for him came. That was shown in episodes 11 and 12.

        Tan asked YD to come with him. YD called him a bastard and walked away. Tan became angry and did not tell YD that his mom was waiting for him. Tan waited 5 minutes to tell YD about his mom waiting for him. By the time they reached the restaurant, YD’ mom was gone. In the mind of a 15 (or 14 in the West I guess) year old, it is an understandable/valid reason to hate someone for causing to miss the last meal he could have had with the only person who ever loved him.

        • adette

          thanks for this ^_^ I was a little confused about it, to be honest.it makes much more sense now, lol.

    • 7.4 Faye

      @Ivoire – Why exactly YD likes ES (except for the obvious reason, plot device) is an interesting question. I think it’s a combination of factors. Certainly, Tan’s interest in her is a real issue – it gives him something to fight with Tan about, and “leverage” in their war. However, his interest was piqued by her before he knew about her connection to Tan – remember the scene in the first episode, when she delivered chicken to his mechanic and told off the leches? I think YD is intrigued by a girl who doesn’t fall into the categories he’s known before.

      Moreover, I think as time progressed he’s become enamored of the idea of liking someone, if that makes sense. Those times when he said “Do I like her?” Looking at those pictures of himself watching ES at the campsite – it was very interesting to see him come to realizations about himself.

      I wouldn’t say his motives are totally pure, but that’s what makes it interesting character-wise. There are a lot of things going on, and even he doesn’t realize exactly why he likes her :).

      • 7.4.1 Ivoire

        @ Faye,

        This is late, and I apologize, however, I said that I would respond, and to me “better late than never” applies here. Because I would like to share my thoughts with you as well, I feel that posting a response late is better than not posting one at all. One of the many things I really like about reading your posts is that you (like me, and many others here) think deep. I love how you are able to see below the surface, and bring my attention to things I had not thought about or considered. I really love that.

        I agree with you that YD loving ES IS a plot device, and despite knowing that, I am looking forward to seeing KWB playing sick puppy in love. I have seen him being bad, threatening, sarcastic, abused, hurt, and I am curious about what he looks like when he plays lovesick puppy.

        I find it interesting that all along, the writer planted clues that YD was falling for ES, though he was mistreating her. I really loved the scene at the intersection between ES and YD, because I thought it was another pivotal scene, where we got to see another side of YD, as he is confronted with emotions, and realizes that he might have to face them, eventually. I love that YD actually got upset with ES, and that he got angry at her, which basically means that he felt deeply hurt, in great part because of her.

        There are a few YD scenes I loved in this episode: 1-when he tried to cheer her up when she “broke up” with KT, 2-when he went to see ES’s mom AND realized she was mute, 3-and their altercation on the street YD and ES). The last one (scene) was a powerful one, that took me a while to understand, and as everything before that, I just LOVED KWB in it. I might have to come back later to unpack that.

        Coming back to your point: you mention ES not falling in the categories of girls YD has known before. What do you think those categories are? (I am curious, so please indulge me).

        You know, the comment about “Do I like her?” is an interesting one, because in my translation, I had “so this is what I look like, when I look at her,” said by YD, when he saw the camp trip pictures. I felt that he was being curious about what was happening to him, and how that was affecting him. Though I do think you are right: I think he did rhetorically ask himself if he liked ES.

        This, “I wouldn’t say his motives are totally pure, but that’s what makes it interesting character-wise. There are a lot of things going on, and even he doesn’t realize exactly why he likes her,” I totally agree with. I will be back (later) to share more thoughts.

        • Faye

          @Ivoire – I enjoy your thoughts, but please don’t feel obligated to respond if you are pressed for time. We’re all here to have fun; we don’t want it to feel like pressure :).

          I agree KWB is really killing it in terms of bringing the character to life and making him compelling. Watching him experience “like” is a new facet of him. However, he still needs major self-improvement, IMO. I thought it was very telling how he flew off the handle when ES didn’t immediately reciprocate his feelings, and when she asked him what he was planning to do next now that he knows the truth about her. Dude, come on – just last episode you were tossing her into the pool! How is she supposed to immediately divine that your intentions are “pure?” “Liking” someone may be progress for YD, but he still needs to learn to respect others’ feelings and not just focus on his own perspective. Even his concern for her and his protection offer was conditional – he told Tan he’ll protect everybody *if* Tan stays away from her.

          Regarding the issue of the kinds of girls/women YD has known before: I would think he’s known the spoiled rich bitches in his school, and the girls who may be nice but are probably terrified of him, so they stay out of his way. Then there are the women who can’t be trusted – like his mother, who abandoned him. In terms of people outside his social/financial strata, he’s probably only come across women like the hostesses or other “friends” of his father.

          Eun Sang is the first poor person he’s ever really known, I imagine. But she’s not meek (most of the time, at least not with him), she works, and she’s not out to use a rich man for money. Her spirit was the first thing that attracted his attention. I think he doesn’t know what to make of her.

    • 7.5 michelle

      I think won was nice to tan for the first time in the drama. We had hints that he was somehow doing it for his own good keeping him away.
      Dad is really a hipocrite he is living with his mistress and is complaining about who his sons are dating. Also dimissing the hard work won has done for the company. He was not goofing off. I think he is just jealous because he has become weak and old.
      YD i think it is first love so cute. he is in the negative opinion so it will take a little bit for her to believe he is sincere. I don’t understand SNS is it facebook and why not ask Bona she is right there and would find out from cy

    • 7.6 Ivoire

      Thank you everyone for your comments/responses. I was hoping to be able to comment more at the moment, however, I have been having computer problems since last night, and I have to go for now.

      I will be back later tonight to comment more. Please come back and see if I added more of my thoughts (over the weekend). I know I have said it before and not come back (I wish days had more than 24 hours), however I will make an effort this time.

    • 7.7 Rossa E

      You don’t have to understand anything, just enjoy it.

      • 7.7.1 Ivoire

        Hi Rossa E, but the way for me to enjoy it IS to understand as much as I can…

  8. jiw_sobangnim

    Before anything..
    I have to say.
    This is a definite turning point.
    Sigh could have been done earlier I suppose but who cares.

    I only have the fact to commend LMH for pulling off the stern words he said to his father. Can you imagine how much courage and thinking he had to do to do that??

    And then, crying in front of ES. That’s nuff said. He only shows his weak spot towards one person.

    He has finally become a man that Won could never become. I forsee a bigger and better Jeguk Group under Tan rather than Won. Maybe Won always knew this fact that is why he is threatened.

    All in all, It is a Tan and Madam Han episode once again.

    Thanks For recap!

    • 8.1 jiw_sobangnim

      Also after reading the comments above, I’d like to mention, actually, YD just give him some credit. Because he truly is hurt. Being left by his mom because of Tan’s lateness. I know its a too long a grudge but what to do ey? Sometimes, when things arent given to the rich, then thats what happens, forgive and forget becomes too difficult.

      I do hope he learns how to make ES and KT actually confess to each other. Instead of being opposive, he should learn that maybe trying to be the catalyst may make him redeemable and…….. more Woo Bin fans too 😛 LOL

      I just like the breeziness of the show (a little flaccid) but no more heading to the ground anymore k? (pretty please)

      Ah Eun Sang, please hug that cutie in Episode 13 ok? Please Please Please, be his rock. He has already done so much. Turn to game on, girl. Be the strong person I thought you were from Episode 1 till you spiralled down to Candytown. Candy Crush is not your land.

    • 8.2 dramabliss

      Maybe we have been reading Kim Won the wrong way. If what Hyun Joo said is true (i.e., KW describing his brother as affectionate, honest, etc.) then KW actually likes his brother. His meanness may actually be a front, the exile he forced upon Tan a ploy to take him away from the bile and poison surrounding the family.

      • 8.2.1 jiw_sobangnim

        That is truly a possibility.
        Kim Eun Suk is wasting time on the wrong material then.

        This brother story will be tons more exciting.
        She should do something about that. I wonder why Won and Tan arent used properly when that may be a very solid plotline, much more than stuff like YD doing mean stuff and ES crying endlessly.

      • 8.2.2 krystal.anne

        I never hated Won, i actually pity him more than i ever did with Tan. He must have hated Tan’s mother so much because she’s his dad’s mistress, who knows if she’s already his mistress even before Won’s mom died and that may have cause his Mom a depression, sadness, feeling alone etc. & eventually died like that. Of course it’s given that that he will hate the mistress and her son. He must have felt like it will be a form of betrayal to his Mom if he treated the mistress’s son kindly. And it’s not helping that Tan’s mom is plotting his downfall so Tan could take over Jeguk.

        It’s also obvious that Dad love Tan more than Won and that must have fuel his hate for Tan even more. His the legal son while Tan is illegitimate, it must not have make sense for him that Dad like Tan more. And on top of that he has no one is on his side while Tan has Dad, his Bio Mom, his fake Mom, Secretary Yoon and his also engage with Rachel which will give Tan an even more shares in the company than he has. All he has left is Jeguk Corporation and he may even lost that because of Tan. He doesn’t even have any friends (he’s probably too focus for Jeguk’s future), the closest to a friend he has is Secretary Yoon who is also his enemy and never, not even once, takes his side but we have seen him takes Tan’s side more than once for an unknown reason.

        All of this might have been hindering his affection for Tan. We have only seen this on Tan’s point of view but never on Won’s POV so i think it is unfair for us to judged him. I still believe he exiled Tan to America before to hurt his father and the mistress. Since this might have been the only thing he can do to hurt them where it really hurts. I have a friend that is like on Won’s situation (though Won’s situation is way worse) and she always confide to us how she feels about her younger brother etc. and i do really understand where she’s coming from, until now she still don’t like her brother and they never had a proper siblings bonding she doesn’t even like being with her family and choose to be always with us. She lived in an apartment with one of our friends now and only go home during Christmas & New year when they force her too.

        • sam


          Tan’s mother was not the mistress when Won’s mother was alive because the second wife said she caught her 18 years ago. I am deducing that she only became the mistress when KT’s father was already married to the 2nd wife.

          And I really don’t see any evidence that KT is the favored son rather than Won. If he was, then he would not have been banished for three years to the US without seeing friends and family – all in a bid for the father to appease Won’s anger.

          KT even told his father that neither of his sons like him and that the father was so busy chasing money that he didn’t have time for EITHER of his sons – this was when he had the first physcial confrontation with YD – he said he did worse when in the States, but his father would not be bothered to correct him. If anything, the father plays both of them against each other so that he can continually put them in thier places

          And the second wife doesn’t care for KT or Won. The fact is she doesn’t like either of them, and is only doing favors for KT so that she can needle Tan’s birth mom. .

  9. miszdi

    The Best Episode of Heirs, finally we got the real drama. Applause for Tan 🙂

    • 9.1 JD

      The scene where Tan ousted his birth secret to Rachel and her mum was such a heartbreaking scene. But in many ways, I think this was the first scene where I really loved Tan’s character. I have had a hard time trying to figure his character out. Looking forward to see how the storyline progresses from here on. That scene when the second wife threw water at Tan’s mum was really sad. I’m both proud and glad that he stands up for his mother though.

      • 9.1.1 Faye

        I agree; I loved that scene. I think the drama has been trying to convey that Tan meeting Eun-Sang was not just about the two of them falling in love; she was a catalyst for Tan to examine himself and awaken from his sunny California stupor. Since he moved back to Korea, he’s been changing bit by bit. This scene was the culmination of his coming into himself. He’s acknowledging who he is and who he loves on all fronts, and standing up for them.

        I just wish Eun-Sang would get a moment with similar character growth and self-empowerment.

    • 9.2 boms

      AGREE! Sigh this drama would definitely not have had so much negativity if every episode was a bit more progressive or at least more passive as todays.

  10. 10 Grace

    I’m a girl, and I don’t often say what I really mean when talking to my boyfriend. Like, okay actually means no. Or goodbye actually means please stay. So, I do get the writer’s perspective on this. Aren’t most women like this? Eun Sang especially since she wants to be with Tan but knows how things will turn out if that happens.

    Finally, some big things happen!! I was wondering when it’s gonna come. Initially thought the producers wanted an extension that’s why they move things so slow as they are. And really, I wouldn’t mind seeing LMH in my screen for 4 or even more episodes!! I love Kim Tan!!

    • 10.1 Grace

      Oh yeah, and those tears of Kim Tan towards the end? I DIED!!

      • 10.1.1 jiw_sobangnim

        Yes. I agree. I do that too. Maybe GF and JB dont do it??
        I guess it’s a cultural thing. My white friends just say it, but Asians probs are more… double sided. LOL (good or bad, what to do!!)

        • adette

          i think a lot of people would say it’s a slippery slope. it’s reminiscent of debates on rape culture, because it’s a common justification that even though she says no, she doesn’t really mean no, in part because boys are taught that girls mean the opposite of what they say. and to be fair, sometimes people (I’m not going to say “girls” because, honestly? guys do it too, and chalking it up to a behavior characteristic of girls is part of the problem) do say they’re fine when they’re not or that they’re full when actually, they could go for dessert… ahem. the point is, here it can be considered problematic because Eun-sang’s is poorly written as female characters go. She always needs men to save her from bad situations and her two love-interests treat her more like a trophy than a human being, often not respecting her wishes, kissing her by force and not by her consent, and literally dragging her back and forth between them. I’m not saying Kim Eun-sook has to be like, a hardcore feminist or anything, but damn if I don’t wish she’d give her main female character the respect she deserves as a human being from the men around her.

    • 10.2 Mystisith

      About “no = no” and “I don’t mean what I’m saying”: I totally get the wrier too. This is why it’s always tricky to interpret a convo between strangers who know each other very well. Only those persons know the real meaning of the words & it can be counterintuitive to say the least: Like moms calling their daughters “bad girls” or lovers using mildly insulting nicks as endearing terms. Morale of the story: Care about your own business.

    • 10.3 nomad

      I guess it’s different with everyone….but it drives me up the hilt when people say “no” but means “yes” and vice versa. How would the person actually know? It’s not like we can talk ESP.

    • 10.4 Windsun33

      I’m curious – why DON’T you say what you really mean?

      If my wife was like that she would probably still be sitting at Haneda airport waiting for me – for 20 years.

    • 10.5 Rashell

      I’m not trying to be offensive, but I would try to work on saying what you really mean. I can’t imagine how hard it is to do what someone wants if they’re telling you they want something completely different. Relationships are hard enough without expecting someone to know that your wants are different from your words. Honestly, just some friendly advice.

    • 10.6 pepero

      yup i agree as well. when it comes to emotionally charged situations i tend to say the opposite with my boyfriend as well. i think it very much depends on the context, like if i was being hurt by him and tell him to just disappear, i don’t mean that at all. however, if he was gonna try and force me against my own free will, then no means no.

      so in this case, eun sang telling tan to go or to say bye to him is something that i would totally say but not mean.

      BUT! eun sang telling young do to stop bugging her and leave her alone is definitely something that i would say and mean because i clearly don’t want anything to do with that kid who thinks that violence is skipping rope in a park.

      • 10.6.1 Grace

        Everything you said, I completely agree! This is me. I guess, just like jiw_sobangnim said above, it is a cultural thing?

        I don’t do it in all occassions, just when there’s an argument, and instead of saying what I feel outright, I want him to KNOW without me telling him. Something like that. Can’t explain it clearly too, lol. But my friends are the same, and I have always assumed that women are like that.

        • jiw_sobangnim

          As I said, I blame it on being a female. My bf has asked me to tell him what is wrong countless of times, it is just annoying when i feel that ‘CANT YOU USE YOUR OWN BRAIN?’ but dont as that would be more detrimental to the relationship.

          ALL IN ALL, sometimes (mostly), body language >>> words.
          As you can see how ES acts with YD and KT when she says it, there is a plain difference. And I believe ES has portrayed that well enough for us to notice.


    • 10.7 Genki Escapist

      No offense, but I consider this a matter of maturity. A mature person (whether male or female) would know that they cannot expect another person to know what they really mean when they say something to the opposite effect.

      Maybe the writer makes Eunsang speak like that because she’s in high school, but I’m disappointed–she seemed like a no-nonsense girl in the first couple of episodes, I would’ve expected her to be above that tactic her peers employ. While she can’t use force to show her strength (against her perpetrators at school) given her circumstances, I would at least have wanted her to be definitive in her speech.

      I honestly feel like writers should work on not letting them main characters double-speak–this is one of the romantic drama cliches that are so disconnected from real life and give young people the wrong expectations. No, true love doesn’t immediately grant telepathy. Say what you truly mean.

      • 10.7.1 anniejang

        I call it lying-c’t help it-that’s what it is, and I makes me mad when they are doing it in Kdrama romances.

    • 10.8 boms

      I think it’s supposed to talk about how Kim Tan understands Eun sang beyond face level and connects with her that much that he knows her true feelings and yada yada..

      That last scene though: teenage angst & connection…

    • 10.9 Patch

      I occasionally say “I’m fine” when I’m not but that’s code for “I’m not okay but I’m trying really hard to pretend that I am, please leave it alone.” Mostly however if I want people to know what I’m feeling or what I want I tell them. They’re not psychic.

      No means yes is dangerous ground, it’s been used all to often to justify rape and other forms of sexual assault.

    • 10.10 Faye

      @Grace, you generated an interesting conversation with your comments. I think the issue of women saying what they mean is dependent on multiple factors – culture, age, and personality. In some cultures women may be more direct, while in others that is considered too “forward.” Younger girls and women may enjoy the “game-playing” aspect of being indirect, while as we age, I think women find it easier to say what you want – we have so many responsibilities that we don’t always have the time or energy for “Rules” such as “making men guess.” In terms of personality, some people are just naturally more comfortable being open; others may find that too confrontational.

      For what it’s worth, that’s an issue I dealt with a lot, both at work and in my marriage. I come from a culture where women are supposed to use “soft power” more. And I tend to cringe at any potentially heated or difficult discussions. But you have to be open about what is acceptable and what you need, or people won’t get it. So I try to achieve a balance of being open and honest, while acknowledging that certain interactions require sensitivity and insight on the part of the other person in your relationship. You don’t want to have to spell everything out.

      Re “Heirs” – the issue of whether someone actually likes you is NOT one, in my opinion, that you should be coy about. If a guy is pursuing you, you need to be honest about whether you return his affections. Otherwise you head into stalkervillle territory.

    • 10.11 alua

      I can kind of see where you are coming from but I imagine you started your relationship somewhere in mutual agreement and with both you and your boyfriend saying that you liked each other and wanted to be together. And that when you say ‘no’, your bf knows when you mean and when you mean the opposite, because you’re close enough to read each other that way.

      The problem here is that there doesn’t seem to be any basis at all. They have known each other for very little time, and it just feels like Tan is pushing things onto Eun Sang that she either is unsure about or doesn’t really want (or in any case that he hasn’t even considered what she might feel/want).

      It just feels too one-sided – and even if she supposedly likes him, the way her character is written doesn’t quite convince me of that (or rather, the way she’s being treated keeps making me think, ‘If I were you, I would run away screaming.’ These are two boys that she barely knows are not worth all the pain / stress/ bullying / harassment …

      Tan might have been, if they had had more than a couple of days of shared happy moments in California but actually some solid friendship or some solid liking each other (you know, something worth fighting for).

      Well, truth be told these things do happen in real life, but all I can see on the screen are relationships that are not very healthy at all and too many red flags (stalkerish behaviour, not accepting ‘no’ – so what when he wants to go beyond kissing? Is he going to force himself on her when she’s making that pained face too?).

      P.S. I don’t agree this is a ‘girl’ thing at all.

  11. 11 mikimotoable

    this episode should have been aired earlier!!

    out of topic, how did you guys manage the to snacth the top comment with such long post?

    did you guys type the questions before GF post the recap?

    LMH is so beautiful when he cries!
    KWB, I just want to hug him!!
    PSH, pls stop those surprised eyes!!

    • 11.1 Grace

      Yes, LMH crying is absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to cry and hug him!!! Hope Eun Sang hugs and kisses him for me!

    • 11.2 kat w

      LOL “surprised eyes!”

      • 11.2.1 sam

        PSH – PLEASE kiss the guy back without freezing and your stiff pulled back wide-eyed look. It’s really irritating. I mean how surprised can you really be? He’s kissed you before already!

        And if my guy was crying – there’s no way I would stand two feet away looking at him and just crying. I’d run over and give him a hug and ask what’s wrong.

        Please, just be real.

        • sogazelle

          I thought the same…When I saw LMH tears, I was like…Girl…WTF are you standing there like a stone for?…Run to your man and comfort him!!!!…
          Why is that girl so stiff??? or more appropriately…what kind of unrealistic writing is this?

          And her reaction to a guy kissing her…I can’t even go there anymore..
          PSH must be allergic to kissing in real life…or maybe she’s never been kissed in real life?…
          It totally boggles my mind that drama after drama…with different male leads, she has the same exact frightened/horrified reaction…

          It surely isn’t the same director who’s been working with her since she debuted..is it?
          Girl…, someone needs to teach you how to kiss on screen!!!! Stop making it look like it is disgusting! It’s LMH for crying out loud!!!!

    • 11.3 Genki Escapist

      She looks like a tired and terrified bunny all the time that I can’t bring myself to believe that those two guys would find her remotely attractive.

  12. 12 DramaFan100

    I liked this episode. Finally he did something. I finally felt something. I have been so detached so far. Annoyed at my own need to watch the drama when I was always annoyed with KT and ES. I am still annoyed with ES but at least KT is taking some action.

    ES’s character continues to be irritating.

    I had patience with the drama because of Woo Bin. I wish Young Do gets over his crush very quickly and leave them the &*%# alone. Or may be helps Tan with his 150 IQ and redeems himself.

    I love Kim Woo Bin. He is marvelous in this role.

    • 12.1 Lin_K

      Yes, I am waiting for YD’s redemption!! 🙂

  13. 13 Eileen

    I liked this episode a lot! Up until today I was watching the drama halfheartedly but today was good and I loved to see LMH making KT look so determined and vulnerable at the same time. I have written a lot about my issues with KT and LMH but today he nailed it and made me happy. It did take a lot of episodes to get here but better late than never.

    I loved the scene with mom’s revelation but I am so excited for Won/Tan and the possibilities! Could it be that Won was being an ass all this time to keep Tan from wanting/getting the power of Jeguk group and putting himself in the subordinate position and all the tribulations that Won is facing? Is Won really a softie in disguise?

    The revelation that YD hates Tan not because he is illegitimate but because he has convinced himself that Tan is the reason that he didn’t get to have a last meal with his mom makes a lot more sense. It does not change the fact that YD is twisted but I can accept the hatred better this way.

    For the first time I am actually looking forward to the next episode rather than just using it to kill time and look at the pretty. I hope it’s another good one.

    • 13.1 PlumWine

      I like to think that part of Won’s behavior stems from the idea that he doesn’t want his affectionate little brother to grow up the same way he did, constantly under his dad’s thumb, being spied upon at work and his private life. I thought it very telling that the first ‘kind’ words he spoke to his brother is to warn him about daddy dearest spying. Also that he had to hear hi brothers true thoughts about him from a stranger. Won has lived in a bubble made by his father, then reinforced on the inside by himself.

      The Real reason behind YD’s hatred of Tan was sad. I mean 5 minutes, and YD lost probably the only affection he has known. I’m happy to know it though.

      • 13.1.1 jaglaine

        First and foremost, YD turned his back on KT he said he was illegitimate. Let us not forget the first flashback. The second time just happened because KT was his usual persistent self when it comes to the people he cares about.

        Second, if Won does care about Tan’s overall mental and emotional health, then he should know better than to ostracize him and make him feel like shit. Because he, of all people, know that KT loves him way more that his father and maybe more than his mother.

        Ergo, I dont believe that above theory is true. But then, who knows what the hell the writer is thinking?

  14. 14 stars4u

    What I like the most in this episode is the confrontation between Young Do and Eun Sang but that scene didn’t even last that long. Is it development in Young Do’s character or is it just Woo Bin?

    The rift between the two guys makes me miss School 2013 so much! Iguess it would kill the to just say “Didn’t you miss me, you bastard”!
    I want my bromance fix!

    Eun Sang’s mom and Tan’s mom continue their cutr interations! They’re totally bffs now.

    • 14.1 sally_b

      @stars4u – RE: ” Is it development in Young Do’s character or is it just Woo Bin?”

      As a person who watched the entire series of Vampire Idol (no subs at all) solely for Woo Bin — I have to say, the guy takes water and turns it to wine ~
      The scripting (ie: stagnant repetition) for this show sucks the proverbial monkey-nuts and still he manages to shine. (albeit his character is a sliver-shy of sociopath)

      So yeah…the answer is: it’s Woo Bin.

      p.s. I cry for the wasted Choi Jin Hyuk – I hope at least he’s being paid well.

  15. 15 Hayley

    I don’t know why this drama draws me in even though the whole story is so bland.

    We are already at episode 12 but I still feel as though I don’t really know what Eun-sang really wants (her words and actions confuse me) or why Tan is so into her.

    It also annoys me how she cries in every episode and she seems to be so passive about everything! Eun-sand needs to be more feisty! Argh i am so annoyed with the writer, the love triangle is really not worth the time as nothing happens at all!!

    • 15.1 August

      Frankly I could care less about the romance between Kim Tan and Cha Eun-Sang.

      My enjoyment of Heirs comes from the following storylines:

      -Angst ridden “I Miss You” bromance of Kim Tan and Choi Young-Do
      -Friendship between Lee Hyo-Shin and Kim Tan
      -Sibling separation of Kim Tan and Kim Won
      -Antics and comedic hysterics of Han Ki-Ae and Park Hee-Nam along with their struggles as mothers
      -Cuteness of Yoon Chan-Young and Lee Bo-Na together and apart
      -Lee Hyo-Shin’s battle with depression, struggle to convince his family to let him pursue an alternative to the family business/pressure of measuring up to the family legacy, and crush on Jeon Hyun-Joo
      -Secretary Yoon Jae-Ho surviving in the midst of the crosshairs amongst Kim Nam-Yoon, Kim Won, Empire Group, and Kim Tan
      -Past and Present actions of the parents (Kim Nam-Yoon, Han Ki-Ae, Jung Ji-Sook, Esther Lee, and Choi Dong-Wook) and how it impacts their children
      -Jo Myung-Soo and Kang Ye-Sol

      • 15.1.1 selina

        Al of your reasons are why I watch this drama too. At this point I accept that the OTP will never interest me. I am all in for TanDo, TanWon, and the side character (expect for Myung-soo and School 2013 girl)

      • 15.1.2 PlumWine

        I too get more enjoyment out of the side moments. We know how the OTP goes (stares, tears, that song in the background), but I have questions and enjoy laughing at all the other things. 🙂

      • 15.1.3 Appelsin

        Same here.
        Eun Sang and Tan are always doing things beyond my understanding, so I can’t empathize with them and their “romance” leaves me freezing cold. I can’t feel the attraction or love whatsoever. And the kisses are…well, what they are doing is not kissing. Period.
        I love PSH, but common’, if she doesn’t want to kiss LMH (an opportunity that I would size without regrets) I would prefer by far they point the camera in a way we don’t see their faces, so I can imagine that a kiss is actually happening. That way the atmosphere wouldn’t be ruined by her terrified expressions.

        Despite that I enjoy watching it, the other couples are interesting and convey more emotions. There are a lot of funny and cute moments. And the best part is following Dramabeans reviews and laugh at all the nonsense with you guys. 😀

      • 15.1.4 mee

        I’m another viewer who’s lost interest in the Kim Tan – Cha Eun-Sang romance. I actually fast forward their scenes, as I find the other relationships more interesting.

        I wouldn’t mind Cha Eun-Sang disappearing for an episode so I could see more of Hyo-Shin interacting with the other characters and learning more about his background and his relationships with Tan, Young-Do, and the other students. Definitely more secretary Yoon, and Myung-Soo, too!

        (Has anybody else noticed the only likable and non-messed up rich kids in heirs, Bo-Na and Myung-Soo, are also the ones who have no expectations placed on them by their parents? Bo-Na is allowed by her parents to pretty much date anybody she wants, none of these business merger engagements like Rachel, and Myung-Soo gets to have his cool hangout and place 98th in his class but doesn’t have parents pressuring him like Hyo-Shin’s.)

        • Lin_K

          @mee – Yes, that is an interesting point about BN and MS. They get along with everyone well and are happy. Lucky kids. Got great parents!

          I want to see more of Hyo Shin too. I hope his parents will come to understand him and stop pressuring him 🙁 Kang Ha Neul looks very mature but he is only 23. I was shocked to know that he is younger than WB. May be they changed his looks to make him look mature as he is everyone’s Sunbae in this drama.

        • Lin_K

          @mee – Btw, MS was 99th in the class 🙂

        • August

          Heirs missed out on a great opportunity with Hyo-Shin’s character. The California storyline should have focused on the friendship between the two and dealt with the aftermath of Hyo-Shin’s suicide attempt while visiting Kim Tan. This would have had a greater impact on showing the isolation/exile from family, their inherent struggle to live up to family expectations and legacy, as well as trying to carve a path for themselves in order to explore and follow their own personal dreams.

          This would have been a better setup for introducing the rest of the cast and anchoring the drama’s eventual return (setting) to Korea. Then both characters (and the audience) would have lived through and witnessed them surviving this ordeal understanding the foundation for and why they were so deeply connected and invested in their relationship with each other.

          Now when Young-Do enters the picture with his bullying antics/actions, it would have the missing layered dimension of acting out because of constantly being reminded of the lost/strained bromance with Kim Tan.

          At this point if you still want to or think you need to, introduce Cha Eun Sang with all of her part-time jobs and I can sleep anywhere scenes.

      • 15.1.5 Lin_K

        I love YD and the side characters and their plots (MS- you’re hilarious buddy, BN, CY, HS, Tan-Won, Rachael-HS interactions, KA, ES’s mom)!! Love YD-ES scenes too. Want YD and Tan to be friends again. That’s it.

  16. 16 Sudina

    Cant believe that this episode end just like that but with major turn about.All things happens..Secrets revealed ANd now waiting for the reaction/consequences in next episode.Tears,tears,heartache..
    And it looks like a first love for most of characters.Jaw drops.I dont know what to say anymore.
    And I’m so slow that until eps 9 I just realized that Kim Ha Neul,Kim Woo bin,Kim Ji Won actually were in To The Beautiful You.
    Thanks for recap

  17. 17 magickaito

    Thanks for the recap..
    I really like the show but its so slow but now it finally move forward with secrets out and things besides bullying or fighting is actually happening which they should have done before. I also like its different and actually good cliffhanger like the one when tan will discover eun sang living on the same house.
    My facorite scene in this episode
    1. All of the scene with bo-na which is really cute and funny.
    2. Hyun joo telling tan what won thought of him.
    3. Tan and hyo shin scene.
    4. Tan and eun sang standing and crying
    I hope this pace will continue..

  18. 18 Akiddo

    Young-do blurts that he has no idea: “I don’t even know what to do about my own scars! What am I going to do with yours?! I was just sad when you weren’t here, and I’m happy that you’re back, and your secret is heavy, and that’s it.”

    Awww…he just wanted to eat noodles with her…

    I seriously can’t imagine another person playing this role. KWB nailed it. In earlier episodes, feel like slapping him and hugging him at the same time.

    Now – you just want to give this guy a big bear hug and tell him that everything will be ok. His first love is doomed to fail but he probably will get his best friend back. So School 2013. I miss the bromance too.

    Things finally moved into full gear. The tides are changing!

    • 18.1 PlumWine

      I’m sorry, but I melted at that scene. If she can’t tell that he likes her after this than she needs to open her eyes more. He actually had an outburst and lost his cool! I can’t remember him ever doing that before. Loved that scene. 🙂

      • 18.1.1 Lin_K

        @PlumWine – I loved that scene too. YD was really hurt at how she still looks at him as a bully. Like you said, YD lost his cool! That was the first time. I also loved how YD treated ES’s mom with respect even though he understood she was a maid.

    • 18.2 Lin_K

      @Akkido – WB is YD and YD is WB. I can’t imagine another actor in the role of YD 🙂

    • 18.3 bigUNNIE

      I love that scene. That is only the part which I watched twice or thrice. Young Do’s expression is so “ooh”.

  19. 19 blegh

    I stopped watching this drama as of this week. was only watching it because of woo bin, can’t watch him look so pitiful anymore. this drama has evrything wrong we find in kdrama. will come to read the recaps though.

    • 19.1 adette

      ” this drama has evrything wrong we find in kdrama.”

      THIS. everything including fans who don’t see why certain characters/behaviors are potentially problematic.

  20. 20 Kainoa

    Tan should have held out a little longer and gotten the shares his father was going to give him. Won is slowly being ousted anyway, so he would’ve warmed up to Tan eventually instead of being a hard ass. Then, the two brothers could’ve ganged up on that sad excuse of a father, and shipped him off to America. Or the South Pole.

    • 20.1 PlumWine

      That’s nicer than where I’d send him. Good point too, about waiting till he got those shares. Did he know they were going to be his? This is exactly why he and Won need to talk.

      • 20.1.1 pru22


        Won didn’t even know and wouldn’t have been none the wiser if the chairwoman hadn’t have told him out of spite to get back at Tan’s mama.

    • 20.2 favoree

      I am not sure if Tan wants those shares that much. After living in America he might have realized it is not that important to be a chaebol in order to be happy.
      At least he doesn’t want those shares for this price.

    • 20.3 olive

      I was just thinking the same thing! Maybe the kids should just all gang up to go against their parents like they did in “Protect the Boss” (anyone else love that drama as much as I did?). That would definitely be fun to see!

  21. 21 Mystisith

    All in all, nice acting by everyone for the emotional scenes but I’m just fed up with tears and angst. Let’s have the fun back next week, please.

    Rant: I’m allergic to physical violence and I don’t like to start fights but if you start one with me, you’ll lose. Is it considered manly to take unfair blows from your dad? I’m a girl: If I were in KT shoes, at the second slap daddy would be at the ER for a broken wrist. You can call the cops: I have a nice story to tell them. >.>
    Also, I don’t get why the kid has to pay for the sins of his parents (K drama, I know and sageuk setting in modern world too)… Last time I checked, it took 2 to tango so for me the sinners are mom and dad. 50/50 unless he raped her.

    Rave: YD worming his way in ES’s life, I like it. Trust has to start somewhere & obviously girl won’t make the first step. If he has the detonator in his hand & doesn’t use it, she’ll be forced to believe him right?

    • 21.1 Windsun33

      I really would like to see in some drama that when someone gets slapped they just haul off and deck the person with a tire iron or something. I am so tired of seeing drama after drama with people just standing there getting slapped by jerks and taking it.

    • 21.2 PlumWine

      During that scene where daddy dearest was calling Tan names I kept thinking – you made him that way, you beep! He wouldn’t be one if you had been faithful or married his mom.

      @windsun33 – DITTO!

      • 21.2.1 Moonbean

        Oh I was infuriated at his nerve of calling Tan a bastard repeatedly. See how wrong our attitudes are, it is reflected in the language. The insult doesn’t go to the guilty party but the poor victim!

  22. 22 OhPaulliexD

    Well this episode was… Surprisingly decent.

    Of course aside from ES’s saying what she doesn’t mean (or at least how it’s being interpreted) and Tan doing what he isn’t supposed to be doing-but hey, at this point I don’t think we should ask for much x)

    But, um- honestly? THANK GOD we’re not beating around the bush anymore about Tan being ‘illigetimate’. I’m SO glad that plot point is (I sincerely hope) over and done with x)

    Thanks for the recap!

  23. 23 Dasotong

    Can’t believe I actually cried at some scenes despite my brain telling me it doesn’t make sense.

  24. 24 iaahero

    FINALLY. The drama is going somewhere. Although not that far, but we’re getting there.

    Is anyone else sick of Eun Sang’s sobs? I swear she gets crying scenes at least twice if not 3 (which is the norm) in EVERY episode, and has now gotten on my nerve severely.

    The love triangle is not working on me. Seriously, don’t Tan and Young-do have other better things to do??! Why are they so invested in Eun Sang as if they’re fighting for their country?! I get that this drama’s focus is on that very damn love triangle, but the way it is executed makes the whole fight look immature and pointless. I mean, I’m sure it’s pretty obvious to us who Eun Sang will end up with.

    Dad slapping on Tan? Dad spying on his sons? PSSHH is that all his evilness can do?! It hasn’t even properly started yet. At the moment, all the baddies in the drama are not doing any justice to spice up the story, so they may as well cease to exist. They’re just sitting there, in their comfy chairs, doing nothing.

    I’m still holding onto that tiny thread (that’s on the edge to get cut off) of hope for this drama to get better. Although I doubt it.

  25. 25 owl

    girlfriday, you are faster than a speeding bullet!

    My Herihead episode titles up to date~
    1 Dry Cleaning Only
    2 Dreamcatcher
    3 I ♥ California
    4 Page 16
    5 Wishbone
    6 Parvenu (or New Money)
    7 Pale Pink Angora
    8 ‘Don’t Answer’
    9 Mom Mother Mistress
    10 Matching Shoes For Camp
    11 Stocks Skyrocket
    12 Open The Door

    For a instant, at the very end, I thought I heard the piano theme song ‘Romeo and Juliet’ playing as KT and ES stood apart at the prescribed distance, stared, mouths agape, and stared some more…

    • 25.1 anniejang

      The main triangle has been a staple of episode endings. The significance of ep12 ending is probably that one member of the triangle is missing.

  26. 26 Yeonjae

    김탄이 멋있네요~^^

    Tan is so adorable when he’s with Eun Sang.

  27. 27 snow_white

    I’m loving Tan and Hyo Shin scenes so much….. 🙂

  28. 28 pru22

    Tan was all kinds of AWESOME in this episode from beginning to end. I love how honest and brave he is in letting Eun Sang know how he feels about her, no matter who is around. Like Young do when he was explaining things to her in the intersection.

    I knew she was going to take his hand and basically say goodbye. And then run away. I loved how upset she was when YD caught up to her and she asked if Tan left.

    She wants to be with him as much as he wants to be with her, she is just so scared.

    And YD needs to just give it up. He is suppose to be a genius but is so damn slow on the uptake where Eun Sang is concerned.

    He needs to stopped trying to position himself to be her rebound. Especially since he knows exactly where her heart really lies.

    Speaking of hearts…Won is a IDIOT of epic proportions. Love Secretary Yoon and how he clued Won in on what his father is doing. I was so disappointed in how he was strong going to his father’s office but then deflated once he saw Hyun-joo sitting in there.

    And to sit there and let his father berate Hyun-joo and not fight for her…he deserves to lose her. And I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, he needs to take several pages out of Tan’s book. And don’t even get me started on him NEVER telling Hyun-joo how he really feels about her.

    Hopefully he’ll get it together in the end.

    The golf scenes amused me. I cannot believe YD once again had to excel at being an ASS! He and others cough, Rachel, cough, are ALWAYS trying to force Tan’s hand not realizing he doesn’t give a damn and is not afraid to hit bottom.

    I adored how he got all in YD’s ass and let him know the deal. The flashback further proved YD’s assiness. And still to this day he refuses to own up to his bs and admit it’s all his fault he and Tan are no longer like brothers.

    I liked Tan scenes with Hyo shin and how he was the first person he admitted to being illegitimate to since he got back.

    I knew the second Tan was asking his mother all those questions what he had in mind, and it was further proven when he was talking to the chairwoman.

    The chain of events that transpired after that was just so kickass. Tan going to see his love and kissing her and then him preparing Rachel right before he got ready to lay the smackdown.

    If the chairman thinks for one second Tan is going to be pliable like Won he is in for a rude awakening. I cannot wait to see Won’s reaction when he learns of what Tan did.

    I also can’t wait for the next episode. I personally think Tan is just going to get braver and braver. And is it just me or does anyone else think when this show ends Tan and Eun Sang will be living together in America?

    • 28.1 August

      I think Heirs will probably end with Tan and Eun Sang back in America baby **cough – referencing It’s okay baby!” **cough

      Probably California, with surfer dude magically reappearing with more cringe worthy acting and English. If not California, then possibly Australia.

      • 28.1.1 Moonbean

        Well, it was supposed to start in Australia but was changed to America because it was winter in Australia and summer in California. Now that it’s reverse, I vote for Australia. (I doubt that we will see it though. It will probably be implied or we’ll get an airport since. With the tight schedule now that they are live shooting I doubt they can manage travel)

        • August

          Maybe the cast and crew filmed some of the scenes for Episode 20 when they were initially in California. It would make sense financially. Also, as a writer it would symbolize alpha (the beginning) and omega (the end).

    • 28.2 Rushie

      I agree with everything you said. People are always going on about Candy characters and how they seem to be so quick to decide how they can’t be with the men they love. But I don’t think people realize how difficult it is to be self-less in such a selfish world. I really admire Eun-sang that she’s able to hold her head up high despite the fact that she’s breaking apart inside. It’s clear she likes Tan as much as her does her, I saw it ever since they were in Cali and it re-inforced the day she found out he was second son. There might have been a time when she was willing to just let go and deal with consequences later but she got her on head on straight and that’s what I’ve found missing in characters which end up making me hate them, like Romeo and Juliet. I also like that Tan is bolder than his brother. He’s willing to stick to Eun-sang until they can find a way to work it all out while Won is so quick to leave Hyun-joo in the lurch. He really needs to take a note from his brother. I love Bo-na and Eun-sang’s developing friendship and I want them to become sisterly sisters so much. I also hope Tan would ditch jerk-wad Young-do and start a three way bromance with Hyo-shin and Chan-young.

    • 28.3 tombrady's girl

      Re ending in America maybe…. I have thought about that possibility very early on because…
      – this is a k-drama after all: time skips and overseas exiles or future happens often
      – their earlier emphasis on Tan writing down his thoughts in a diary/journal: would he opt to be a writer if he wasn’t an heir?

    • 28.4 Lin_K

      @pru22 – Actually, it was Tan being late that cost YD a last chance to enjoy a meal with his mother. That is the reason for his hatred towards Tan. Makes more sense. And like ES said in the last episode, YD is only 18 after all. He reacted to the situation bitterly, and it is understandable. I don’t know why you were talking about YD’s assiness there. It was Tan’s fault. May be YD’s fault too for refusing Tan’s friendship but YD had an understandable reason for the refusal.

      P.S. – I loved YD in this episode. He is changing. He is protecting ES knowing fully well that she will never like him back. He will redeem himself. He looked hurt too at the confrontation at the intersection.

      • 28.4.1 pru22

        How was Tan being late the reason Young do missed seeing his mother? Tan and YD weren’t even getting along at this point. And from the flashback we saw last week, Tan was trying to get YD to come with him and he acted like an ass and then threw the fact he was illegitimate in his face.

        I think Tan was trying to get him to his mother but he was being an ass and lost in the end.

        • Lin_K

          @pru22 – Because when YD called Tan a bastard, Tan became angry and did not tell him that YD’s mother was waiting for him. Tan held on to that anger for 5 minutes and then ran after YD and told him. By the time the boys came to the restaurant, mom had left. That’s what happened. Hope that helps clear the misunderstanding 🙂

        • jaglaine

          It is more likely that they both knew. This is the age of cellphones after all. They had a fight and they both forgot that YD had to meet his mother. So YD blames him for the fight. But KT only had him for 5 minutes. YD’s mother was going to leave him forever and she couldn’t even wait for another 5 minutes? What the???

    • 28.5 Valleydale

      Nope, not just you. I think so too.

    • 28.6 favoree

      That’s my feeling, too.

    • 28.7 Faye

      Co-sign to all your comments, @pru22! I *love* your idea about the Tan and Eun Sang in America. Besides the beautiful symmetry of it, it actually makes a lot of sense. In America, land of re-invention, their being together would not be as scandalous as in Korea. The social background differences wouldn’t matter as much, because they would be starting over together.

      Unfortunately, that sounds too clever for these writers :).

  29. 29 balletchic

    Thanks for the recap ^_^

    I hope KT is prepared for the pandora’s box that he just opened = (

    If ES and her mom leave and she transfers back to her school the Daddy Kim can’t use/ threatened her anymore right??

    I really want to know HJ’s storyline, where is her family? Does she even have a family? I hope KW is going to going to be more proactive…

    • 29.1 pru22

      Yep, if Eun Sang really does go back to her old school he can’t pull on her what he did to Hyun-joo. As for her family, she hasn’t any.

      She is an orphan. But I would like to see some flashbacks to how she and Won met. I wonder if they met in school?

  30. 30 Stardust

    Hmm… Nice one Kim tan.
    More drama please
    We could skip the kiss scenes. Nil sparks whatever
    How can anyone not kiss LMH properly…
    Great crying though for both
    Last scene was poetic. I like how he seems to be holding it in then letting it out. And she the same
    Music was good too.

  31. 31 schwalrusninja

    I’m not Korean so please pardon my ignorance, but could someone clarify something for me?

    1. Why is the whole illegitimate child such a big, giant, huge elephant in the room? I just found out what a family registry is but will that mean that Kim Tan will be removed from it because of his mother? He’s still a second son right? Or can Rachel’s mom take legal action against them? Like fraud or something?

    2. I get why the whole liking the housemaid’s daughter is problematic but what about the mom’s disability? Why did Bo-na react to it so shockingly like it further degraded Eun Sang’s social status. Choi Young Do also had a similar reaction. Is having a disability that terrible?

    Thank you!

    Thank you!

    • 31.1 Windsun33

      You have to realize that while some of those stigma actually do exist, they are very highly ridiculously over done in dramas. And it is not as easy to remove someone from the family register as this drama makes out.

      • 31.1.1 schwalrusninja

        Every adult in this drama is having an affair with someone (except the Chairwoman) and they act all surprised over an illegitimate child.

        I really curious about the disability issue. Is it a huge stigma in Korea? What is the state of special education there?

        • alua

          I’m not sure if it’s a stigma, but there’s very little support available.

          Planet of Snail is a very touching documentary on a Korean couple with disabilities, and it partially talks about how little support there is and how invisible people with disabilities are in Korean society. I watched it at a screening with the director, who confirmed this further.

          • schwalrusninja

            Wow, thank you for this. I will look for that movie. Hopefully, it’s dubbed in English. This is the first drama I’ve seen that feature a special needs person so I’m really curious how the issue is addressed in different cultures. Thank you again!

          • schwalrusninja

            Oh my god, it’s on Netflix!!! Fantastic!

          • alua

            It’s been subtitled and released both in the UK and US, possibly because it won an award at a major documentary film festival in the Netherlands.

            The director also said he was going to make another documentary on a man that was born deaf/blind in the future.

            I really want to see his earlier documentary on Nepali street children (‘Children of God’) too but it hasn’t been released… well, apparently, it has a French distributor but nothing else.

        • August

          In the kdrama Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek, for one of the advertising project assignment, the sole purpose was to shine a spotlight on the hardships and invisibility that persons with disabilities encounter on a daily basis.

          How do you get people to recognize, have compassion for, and try to help out in whichever way they can regardless of whether it is through small or large deeds?

          There are persons with disabilities who might need assistance because public amenities and infrastructure are not always accomodating or up to code.

          If you are fortunate to live in a country that prioritizes public amenities and infrastructure being accomodating to persons with disabilities, it is easy to become complacent and take this standard for granted.

          Not all well developed countries place emphasis on accomodating persons with disabilities equally.

  32. 32 snow_white

    By the way, is this really Dramabeans comments section for Heirs!!!! I’m reading positive things about the show….. LOL 😀

    • 32.1 Caitlyn

      I’m gonna give that two reasons:
      1. A lot of the commenters have dropped the show, lol
      2. Stuff actually happened this episode.

      So much of the commentary is about how it’s boring and nothing ever happens. But now, there’s stuff to talk about. Yay Heirs!

      Your comment made me smile because it’s exactly what I was thinking as I was scrolling down, but then two comments below yours is a person who has decided to drop Heirs now, ha ha. Actually, someone dropping it when it actually shows improvement makes me laugh; the Drama can’t even keep viewers even when it’s getting better!

      • 32.1.1 Windsun33

        I have not totally dropped it, but it has reached the stage where I might miss as much as 80% of it because I am doing other things at the same time. And some scenes I just FF through, like the 10 minute crosswalk scene.

        I don’t know why I bother even watching as much as I do, I suppose mainly because there are currently so few good dramas on.

    • 32.2 febe

      Good episode –> positive comments.
      Bad episode –> negative comments.
      So don’t blame the commenters for the negative comments, blame the show!
      And this only goes to show that DB commenters are honest and frank in their opinions. Which is exactly why I love DB!

  33. 33 Roggy

    Guys. I’m gonna be a shameless pirate and jump ships at will. I was all for the vulnerable YD but I so easily jumped on Tans ship when he found his balls and stood up for his mom.

  34. 34 Anna B

    Not watching anymore – the plot in every episode is so repetitive from episode 5.

    I’m beginning to dislike Park Shin Hye because of this role. All she does is cry and cling to Kim Tan. No variations at all. I get it, she can cry and act – but her role here is another story – not every episode.

    As for Lee Min Ho, they a mistake of putting him against Kim Woo Bin – because the latter can well compared to him. The contrast is so obvious. LMH is a pretty boy, but it seems he forgot his acting skills in Boys Over Flowers.

    Minor characters in this drama, should be given more screen time because they can deliver more than the main characters.

    I’m very disappointed. No wonder, they cast a number of big names here plus months and months of promotion and marketing. they added kissing too. But, it didn’t help the story.

    Finally I can conclude that… i’m wasting my time.

    Happy watching to others.

    • 34.1 Windsun33

      I have in 90% fast forward mode for the past 4-5 episodes, and not sure why I bother with that, except to make sense of the recaps – which are better than the show. It’s not that it is all that terrible, it is just totally mediocre for me.

      There is no one single reason, there are several which add up to this feeling that I am just re-watching scenes from the last 5 high school drama but arranged different.

    • 34.2 Lin_K

      @Anna B – WB stands out a lot in this drama. I am watching this see to his character’s story. A lot of people hate YD but I can’t. I love the different emotions/shades of his character and how well WB plays the role. I have written this before but I can’t compliment WB enough for nailing the role of YD.

    • 34.3 Genki Escapist

      Word. I was looking forward to this drama because of PSH and LMH, but now they and their stupid, boring OTP is my least favorite part of the show, and my annoyance of their characters is spilling over to them as actors. I feel like this drama has ruined them FOREVER.

      As for KWB, he steals every show he’s in. I mean, I started watching School 2013 for the pretty face that is Lee Jongsuk, but by the end of the show, I’ve converted to KWB’s fangirl. He’s 100% not my type even, since I’m into angelic flower boy types. But he stole my heart. He’s THAT GOOD. I can only wonder at how many fangirls he has stolen from his costars. =P Youngdo is still a terrible, and I honestly think the “layers” that his fans see aren’t so much written in the writers as solely acted out by KWB. He deserves all the credit.

      • 34.3.1 bigUNNIE

        Ditto. Kim Woo Bin now joins my fave Korean actors.

  35. 35 Min

    the scene when myungsoo and bona bickering is so funny…i love myungsoo so much.

    • 35.1 Rachelle

      He is super cute in real life too. He also has commercial work because of his role in Heirs.

  36. 36 whatis

    wow… i’m shocked that something actually happened. it only took 12 episodes! better late than never I guess…

  37. 37 Angelica

    Finally! Gahhh! I wiped out my kleenex for this episode.

    The subtle comparison between HJ and Tan. Rejected by the same person while waiting and wanting to be loved by the same person. If Won actually said those words about Tan. I think there might be a little hope for him to rectify his relationship with Tan.

    But good lord? Won does deserve to lose HJ. I’m slightly confused of his relationship with her. He clearly loves her to an extent but has yet to confess those same feelings to her? Even though, Father/Chairman got to the raw and bare emotions. I don’t even know. It was such a sad moment for HJ. I’m curious tho HJ becoming a teacher…. How will that go? HS’s sweet moment outside her apartment a few episodes back. I hope HS is clever enough not to make such a scene.

    I don’t know if I’m the only one. But didn’t Director Jung’s plot to belittle Madame Han backfired on her? She’s such a torrid, bitter woman. Her witnessing that sweet mother-son moment… Kind of but not really made me feel sad for her. I’m really glad though. He stood up to his father and held on to his mother

    Gosh, there’s so much to dissect and take in with this episode. All the repercussions to come. I’m excited.

    I hope we see more of the soft under belly of YD. I literally replayed that scene over and over again. Kim Woo Bin. Ah-mazing. He was utterly magnificent in that scene. I love the emotions we got from the both of them. I have to watch it again. PSH’s facial expressions and the breaking of KWB’s voice…

    • 37.1 bigUNNIE

      I love that scene too of PSH and KWB. I rewatched it twice or thrice. 🙂

  38. 38 elvira

    “I want to party. Why are you crying?”


    I can write a better dialogue to give Young do a favor to be a human for just a second.


    • 38.1 schwalrusninja

      I was hoping that was a translation issue… It was suggested earlier that Young Do is super smart and has all sorts of things eh can recite from heart. I wished he’d use those instead.

    • 38.2 Moonbean

      I wondered if he was trying to cheer her up but still it was a dumb line.

  39. 39 Fun-Lugha

    I was wondering when we were gonna get to the ‘he who wears the crown…’ bit, only took us 11 episodes!

    • 39.1 Rachelle

      It wasn’t clearly shown on the show but in the gym scene all the uniforms (sweats) had “He who wear the crown…” written on the back. I’m not sure why they bothered…

  40. 40 crazy4kdrama

    This episode actually moved forward. Yay for that. although that’s great i’m kind of getting irritated with the love triangle. They should move it faster. Eun sang seems to indecisive just make a choice already. kim tan should understand when no means no and as for yoo doon it’s obvious eun sang is not into you like that. YD doesn’t seem to know how to let his emotions out because every romantic (for lack of a better word) gesture he does comes out as a threat.

    As for what kim tan did for his mom, i know it’s all great and heroic, but i was really cringing during that scene because i felt so bad for his mother. I know he was doing the right thing, but all i could see was how humiliated she was and felt. I wish the truth would have come out in a smoother way.

    • 40.1 Z

      THIS. The truth had to come out sometime but I hate the way Tan did it. Same was when he told his mom he liked Eun San. It’s good t hat he admitted it, but, two seconds after she catches the two of them fraternizing in your room is probably not the best time.

  41. 41 LOL

    Kissing every five seconds… the writer is panicking rn lol

    • 41.1 Mystisith

      Actually there is a lack of kisses in this drama compared to her previous works… Which is maybe a good thing cause the Director and some of the cast are not so good with them.

  42. 42 crazedlu

    Lol. How you all watch this is beyond me. I genuinely hope you all are thoroughly enjoying it. 🙂

  43. 43 noernov

    Are moving forward now??? Well it’s about time 😉

  44. 44 mysterious

    Oh Won, I was so in your corner. But how could you let your girl get treated like that. Oh that family is so dysfunctional, I don’t even know where to start. But if he really said what Hyun-joo said about Tan, that shows that he probably does love his brother underneath. He’s just lost so much that he views everyone/thing as a threat. Who wouldn’t with a father like that?

    My pet peeve with this show: stellar cast going to waste. Come on! You have Park Shin-hye, Lee Min-ho, Kim Woo-bin, Choi Jin-hyuk, and more. . . . and this is what you give us?! Did they decide to stockpile stars in the show to try to divert our attention from the fact that there really is no plot? That the show doesn’t actually do anything? Nor do the characters for that matter? Will someone grow up and learn from previous mistakes? Is that too much to ask? Tan seems like he is on his way to doing . . . something. Just don’t let him revert to his inactive ways, PLEASE! Eun-sang needs to stop running. Young-do needs to stop being so Young-do-ish.

    • 44.1 pru22

      Trust…Tan already laid the gauntlet down and there is no going back to him being passive. Too much stuff is going to be happening since he has let the cat out of the bag on him being illegitimate.

      If anything I see him only getting more and more stronger and braver. Especially where Eun Sang is concerned and fighting for the right to live his life the way he wants to and love who he want to as well.

      The next episode should prove to be interesting.

    • 44.2 August

      The Sleeping Dragon – Kim Tan has awakened.

      Emitting Fire – Revealing his birth secret.

      In His Lair – Private invitation only dinner party with each guest receiving a surprise parting gift.

  45. 45 Yoon

    i only watch jo myungsoo scene part.this drama so boring

  46. 46 Chloe

    Everything is just so dumb in this story >< Guh. Buckets and buckets full of tears. Meaningless words. Brooding stares. Annoying women. Stereotypes etc. etc. I do wish that the writer did a better job. Though the pretty has been upped here compared to Boys Over Flowers, I can't say the same for the plot. Perhaps even BOF had a better storyline (albeit farfetched) than Heirs. Come on come on. There's still hope. Make this story a good one!

  47. 47 Fairouz

    eventful and v. good episode. this is the first episode that almost all the characters different emotional state and reaction.
    my favorite scene is the one between Tan & Hyun-joo.
    my least favorite scenes r the slow motion repetition of the supposedly meaningful scenes, it’s like the director is saying “DID YOU ALL SEE THAT? NO, LOOK AGAIN, HOW ABOUT FROM THIS ANGEL?…” I just close my eyes till it go away.
    thanks for the enjoyable recap.

  48. 48 jaglaine

    Yesh!!! Way to go , Tan! Woohoo! That was some backbone you showed there, buddy! I loved this episode. Things finally got a move on.

    But I was just wondering, when they were in college, did the writer and director ace the course called “How to leave your audience hanging”? Because if I were ES and the love of my life is crying in front of me, I would be running to him with open arms, hold him close, kiss him on the forehead and whisper that it’s going to be okay.

    Especially if he looks as beautiful as LMH did while he was crying. Argh! That just about killed me! HE just about killed me. Ahem…. okay, gotta get back to work now.

    • 48.1 viluven

      @jaglaine: absolutely agree with you about “running to him with open arms, hold him close, kiss him”. And the “especially he looks as beautiful as LMH did while he was crying”

      gaaaah…..irritated to see the scene paused such in a long period just to make me got headache. I wish next episodes will be very fast forward. For the kiss too, will be more about 2 people, not only one person.

      • 48.1.1 jaglaine

        I don’t know about you guys, but not only did they leave me hanging but i had my knickers in a twist coz of frustration. The ending was soooo screaming for a hug! And i agree with you, we need a kiss with 2 people ‘involved’ in it. LOL!

        Still, overall, am very happy with the way things are going. Keep it up show!

  49. 49 Yggirl

    Because some of us girls are stupid. We want you guys to read our minds.
    For example, sometimes I ask my husband to take the trash out, and he says he will but it’s still there the next day. I will get upset. And then he’ll ask me if I’m mad. HELL yeah I’m mad…but i’m not gonna tell him why…I want him to figure it out himself! haha

  50. 50 Moonbean

    I am quite bust today so don’t have time to watch all of the episode with subs yet, streaming was driving me crazy last night and I missed a lot so I’ll probably come back to comment later. Just a few quick first impressions. I had a god feeling about last episodes and the signs did not disappoint me. That was a good episode. We finally have some development. Secrets are slowly coming out. Young Do learned about Eun Sang’s mom being a maid. Esther learned about Se Yeol’s family secret. Tan outed his own secret to Hyo Shin, Ra Hel and Esther.

    * I wrote yesterday that now that Tan has something to fight for we will see what he is made of. I’m glad to see he acted as I expected/hoped. He has been dropping hints the last couple of episodes that he is thinking to find a way to be with Eun Sang. He told Eun Sang he is looking for a way to open all the closed doors to her, he told Ra Hel he is looking for a way to protect Eun Sang. He told Young Do he doesn’t have time for his petty fights, he is planning a big fight. So to accomplish his goal the first item on his agenda was to break the engagement. He did not act rashly, he thought, made a plan and executed it. At this point, Tan who has been criticized for his inaction and lack of empathy, risked everything for Eun Sang. For all we know, he might end up on the streets along with Eun Sang and her mother. He broke his engagement and did it in a way the in-laws cannot object. He used his illegitimacy to do that and did not involve Eun Sang’s name in it so more points to him on that. And we knew this was coming because he tested it first. He revealed the truth to Hyo Shin (I laughed that all he cared was whether he would be nervous, he didn’t even wait for Hyo Shin’s reaction), he organized a dinner in the privacy of his home (although that might have been revengeful mother’s doing) and introduced his mom to the in laws. Through this he not only broke the engagement but also showed to his father his objection to the way his mom is treated by both him and his wife. So she is good enough to sleep with, have a child from but has to be hidden away when that child’s in-laws come in? Did they really think that they could marry Tan without revealing that truth? I did write yesterday I like Tan’s honesty. He did not reveal the truth to Ra Hel before because it is not only his secret and he had no intention of marrying Ra Hel anyway so she did not need to know. I loved the fact that he also talked to his mom before because it’s their secret. He confirmed that she does not like being hidden away like that. Tan has now made a stand against his father on this marriage and the secret of his illegitimacy. And as far as I could see he did not even flinch at his father’s slaps. Also with this move one secret Young Do kept trying to use against him started to lose its power. It is good for Tan in the future anyway. Sure, some people may look down on him but with the amount of money he has it won’t have much effect on him. Like any secret, it’s better to be outed by you at a time of your choosing so that it cannot be used by your enemies in the wrong time against you. What was done to supposedly protect him initially was becoming his soft underbelly.

    * The brothers are on the way to reconciliation. Yay! This episode we saw two most normal interactions between them so far. Two encounters which did not include undercurrents of “you are not my brother”, “we are not family” etc. Rather than holding onto his brother as Hyun Joo requested Tan ratted on her which made me laugh thinking of his pursuit of Eun Sang. Won warned Tan about dad’s tailing them (Yay for brothers uniting against the father), Tan took care of big bro’s girlfriend. Bet that will continue at school. I wonder if Hyo Shin knows about Won and how conflicted Tan is going to feel about him liking his brother’s love. Anyway, back to Tan-Won. I wondered whether Tan thought his dad might know about him and Eun Sang after hyung’s warning. Poor Tan was so affected to hear that Won talked of him to his girl, in such an affectionate way, too. I knew Won’s anger towards Tan was all show but hyung don’t be so childish and hug your brother back! Won was friendlier during golf as well. He actually trusted Tan on business matters.

    * Won seems to have chosen money over love yet again. Poor girl was waiting for him in that bus stop. He is making it really difficult to root for him. But seeing the girl loves him I don’t see what chance Hyo Shin can have.

    * Young Do oh Young Do! Why were you so evil before???? My heart bleeds for you now (damn you Kim Woo Bin!) but I cannot forget what you have done. What a lonely, pitiful, lovesick teenager you have become! Your sadness that Eun Sang won’t let you close to her, your delight in Eun Sang accepting to eat noodles with you, your shock and sadness in discovering her mom’s secrets and your helplessness in not being able to undo the past… Young Do was shocked to learn Eun Sang’s mom was a mute housemaid in Tan’s home. But as opposed to everything else he learned about her that he immediately tried to confirm with her he was fully intending to keep this to himself. He went back to the meeting place only to find Eun Sang gone, just as she had warned. He was disappointed and got so happy when she came back, fully ready to go eat noodles with her. But Eun Sang’s reaction to his uncovering her secret hurt him – not that I blame her and he doesn’t either, he knows it’s all his fault. Because of this he is powerless. He can’t even pursue her as a girl he likes. Not because of Tan but because of what he did to her in the past. I think this was the moment during which Eun Sang started to see and believe that he really likes her.

    * Though grudgingly I think we are starting to build bridges between Tan and Young Do as well. We finally saw why Young Do is so angry at Tan. It’s not so much that he is illegitimate but that he finds Tan responsible for losing his mother. Now they have this out in the open and Tan offered a cease fire I have high hopes.

    * Love the blossoming Eun Sang-Bo Na friendship. Bo Na asks why she left the house so early even without eating breakfast (which I had wondered myself but thought she would think she is imposing enough already. I remembered the way she tried to pay Tan for everything back in LA), Eun Sang describes her as a friend with a pretty face and a heart. Then Bo Na tells her the big news that Young Do likes her. Such a girlfriendly thing to do. And she got so sweet that she even said to Tan and Eun Sang they don’t need to avoid each other’s gazes for her sake. Haha. I expected she would be a big supporter of this relationship because that meant Eun Sang wouldn’t be a threat to her relationship. That might also be a factor in her warming up to Eun Sang. I also like that she is still her old self with the comment she made abput how Tan came to see her!

    * Did Tan really think Eun Sang went to Young Do in her time of distress? I mean really Tan!

    * Young Do saw firsthand how miserable Tan and Eun Sang are when they are apart.

    * I was surprised that Eun Sang knew Young Do ranked 98th in the exam. Did she see it accidentally when she was looking for Tan’s name?

    * LOL at Tan’s mom’s face when he said Eun Sang’s socks are his. Haha.

    * I was wondering whether Tan would call Eun Sang’s mom omoni, Young Do beat him to it at his first encounter.

    * I found the golf scene funny in an ironic way because of the instructions both boys were given and what they actually fought over.

    *Papa Kim infuriated both his sons. If he disinherits both he won’t have an heir left. Anyway can he disinherit them if he already gave them company shares? Does Won have to be CEO? Wouldn’t he be rich enough with his shares if he just left everything for the girl he likes?

    * Tan, you think you are so smooth. Ignoring Eun Sang in the corridor and coming to the broadcast room 5 minutes later. The talk between Tan and Hyo Shin was so funny. I like how Hyo Shin keeps making innuendoes and comments to Tan about Eun Sang. “Dirty, dangerous, passionate love” indeed.

    • 50.1 Moonbean

      I had a god feeling! Laughing at myself. Should be “good”

      • 50.1.1 viluven

        might they trying to make new “boy style” and using LMH as the pilot project because he never look bad on anything *LoL

        • favoree

          Here I object. LMH’s wardrobe and hair is a huge disadvantage! HIs character looks worse, his acting looks worse, he loses to KWB because he doesn’t look good and we don’t fall in love with him. Even if KimTan is a great character, played by LMH dressed like a clown- I struggle to like it.

          • anniejang

            “We?” don’t fall in love with him? Who’s that?
            I love Kim Tan, no doubt about it LMH looks good in anything-he would look good in a plastic garbage bag! speak for yourself.

    • 50.2 Lin_K

      @Moonbean – I loved your paragraph about YD and the confrontation at the intersection. It was sad and touching. He was so polite to ES’s mom too, understanding that she is a maid. Are we on our way to redemption YD?! I believe so. It will be great if he becomes nice to everyone, not only ES. And again, WB played YD’s emotions very well.

      When I first the episode, I did not understand some of the things you mentioned here about his reactions. I thought his hurt was because ES still looks at him as a person who will bully her. It is true – until that scene, ES did not take his confessions seriously – and can’t blame her. But I loved it how you said that he was regretting his actions. Good for him! Rooting for YD 🙂

      • 50.2.1 Lin_K

        When I first watched the episode, I did not understand some things you mentioned here about his reactions. I thought his hurt was because ES still looked at him as a person who would bully her. It is true – until that scene, ES did not take his confessions seriously/thought he would use the knowledge against her – I don’t blame her either. But I loved it how you said that he was hurt also because he was regretting his past actions . Good for him! Rooting for YD 🙂 WB showed YD losing his cool exterior and getting emotional extremely well. WB is gaining a loyal fan here, with his performance of YD. Hehe.

        Sorry had to re-post this paragraph again because of some grammar errors in the last one. Lol.

    • 50.3 Moonbean

      * I have mentioned Tan’s honesty yesterday. I liked that in the intersection scene instead of giving empty promises he told Eun Sang he can’t promise things will be OK in the future. That’s so realistic and mature. When we start a relationship we know there will be problems ahead but we decide to face it together with our partner. And this what Tan was asking of Eun Sang. And as difficult as it was he accepted and respected her decision. Gave her time and space to simmer and think. People kept asking Tan to do that. I think he did it in this episode.

      * Won, you louse! You didn’t even confess to the poor girl and you complain she doesn’t let you sleep over? What the hell????

      * I have said Tan will protect Hyun Joo at school. After seeing her scene with dad and Won I’m more convinced of this. Not only is she the beloved of her hyung but also she is the future of Eun Sang. Tan will not allow her to have a hard time at school if he can help it and Hyo Shin will be on his side (as well as all the good ones like Chan Young and Bo Na). And this may be the test of whether Young Do is really changing or now that he is falling for her Eun Sang is an exception.

      * I wonder how much the knowledge that their father is getting them followed spurred Tan to his outing in the end of the episode.

      * I have a feeling like Young Do’s mom will come back (Please save this boy from that monster! Anyway, what kind of a mother are you to leave your child with that????).

      * We finally get to see Bo Na’s mom but not with her but with Ra Hel???

      * What will happen to Ye Seul now that her secret is out? Or will Ra Hel keep it to herself?

      * Hallelujah, someone must have heard my plea of last night. In the first scene in front of the cafe they used an instrumental version of “love is feeling”. Much better this way. Still the background music in the almost kiss closet scene remains my favorite.

      * Ra Hel’s willingness to turn a blind eye to Tan’s secret confirmed my negative opinion of her. And why are they still talking as if the marriage will take place?

      • 50.3.1 August

        Imagine this as a hidden card from the writer:

        Young-Do’s mother turns out to be the business partner with the Chinese boyfriend that Empire Group keeps track of and Kim Won mentions at each meeting. Pay attention to how Empire Group is being forced to work on a deal with Zeus (Choi Dong-Wook) for additional hotel space in their new construction project.

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