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Heirs: Episode 14
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Now it’s time for the girls to duke it out, because why let the boys have all the fun? Rachel starts poking around and generally being smarter than we’d all like her to be, and begins her reign of terror. You know she’s scary when Young-do is trying to reason with her. Yeah, think on that. But just when you expect it to be more of the same, Eun-sang shows that she’s not as toothless as she seems.

There are mixed reports that Heirs is considering an extension, to which I say: Please omg no no no no no no no. It’s likely something that SBS is promoting now that the show has reached 20% ratings, but producers have been pretty clear about it being a 20-episode project. Some reports say it’ll end on 20 as planned, while others say it’s still undecided. It’s likelier the show won’t extend, but anyway, just a warning that there’s a chance it will.


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Tan arrives outside the broadcasting station at school to find Eun-sang pinned against the wall by Young-do, as he tells her that he’ll be messing with everyone but her, including himself.

Tan screams through the window and then just starts kicking at the door until it busts open, and goes crazy, grabbing the nearest chair to swing at Young-do. Eun-sang has enough presence of mind to get in between them, and hugs Tan, crying for him to stop. He calms down and ushers her outside so he can talk to Young-do privately. Uh, is that such a good idea?

Tan reminds him that he’s a dead man if he touches Eun-sang, and Young-do finally spells out his convoluted plan: Tan lets go of Eun-sang, and only then will he stop terrorizing them all.

Tan sighs that he’s tired of this fight, and asks how far he’s going to take it. Young-do has no plans to quit, ever, and explains that he lost his last opportunity to see his mother because he was fighting with Tan. “I want to kill myself every time I see you! How can I stop this fight now?” Are you scared it’ll be meaningless if you don’t see it through?

Tan tells him to stop being a child, and says he’ll bring himself down just to bring down others—he always has. Tan: “How can you not change at all?” Young-do: “And you? Are you happy that you’ve changed on your own?”

Young-do calls Tan’s bigger fight a senseless one (You’re one to talk. Please don’t bring sense into this, for your own sake.) and that he’ll end up kneeling in front of his father anyway. Tan says it does matter, and that if he has to kneel, he’ll kneel, but he’ll get back up again.

He tells Young-do to stay here all he wants, while he moves on to fight the big fight. I’d care more if this weren’t the seventy-billionth time you guys were having this conversation, but good for you.

Rachel comes by to ask Young-do what his deal is and why he’s always fighting with Tan. Young-do points out that she’s always fighting with Tan and hanging on even though he’s made it clear from the start that he didn’t have feelings for her. Young-do says she knows she’s in the wrong but hanging on anyway, and he’s doing the same.

Eun-sang asks Tan the same thing, and he jokes that it’s because of their love triangle. Well, you’re not wrong. Tan: “I’m in the middle of regretting, and Young-do is in the middle of hating himself.”

Eun-sang: “I think you and Choi Young-do are the ones dating.” If only. It would solve so many of our problems. She smiles to see he’s wearing his uniform again because she cleaned it herself, and when he starts to complain about the lack of care, she orders him to take it off.

He immediately jumps on the innuendo: “Right here? You want me to take it all off?” I love that she covers her eyes and then peeks anyway. Ha.

Bo-na and Chan-young are still on the outs, and this time when Chan-young passes her by without a word, Bo-na calls out to him. When he still doesn’t answer, she plops to the ground and cry-acts in her adorable, terrible way that she broke her leg. He smiles to himself, but keeps walking ahead, and she pouts.

Ye-sol comes up to Eun-sang in the hall and timidly asks if she’ll bring her the script she left at Myung-soo’s workshop, since she’s scared to step foot in there. She’s surprised that Eun-sang so readily agrees to help, and meekly apologizes for being so terrible before.

Eun-sang heads to the workshop to find Young-do sitting there glumly, and when he gets up to leave, she hands him a band-aid for his bruised lip. He turns it down and trudges out without a word.

Bo-na comes by soon after, looking for Ye-sol’s script, and Eun-sang smiles to see that she cares about her friend after all. And when she steps out, Young-do is outside waiting for her, and sticks out his hand to ask for the band-aid.

Eun-sang calls Chan-young to tell him about Bo-na thinking of her friend, and he admits that he had a hard time keeping himself from turning around when she was being so cute today with her fake injury. Eun-sang tells him to let it go before he loses Bo-na to someone else.

Madam Han comes into the kitchen to find Mom writing a list of things that the new housekeeper ought to do, and freaks out that Mom’s jumping the gun on leaving. I love that she takes it so personally like she’s being dumped.

But they’re interrupted when Rachel makes a surprise visit to see Madam Han, acting the part of the sweet fiancée. She says she has no intention of breaking her engagement to Tan, and calls her “mother” respectfully, which shocks Madam Han.

The thing Rachel really wants to know is why she posed as Eun-sang’s mother at the PTA meeting, and Madam Han just says the two moms are friends, which is why Tan is nice to Eun-sang at all.

Rachel seems to buy the explanation for the time being, except on her way out of the house, she sees Eun-sang’s school uniform hanging on the clothesline, with her nametag in the pocket. Argh.

Eun-sang panics when she finds her uniform gone, and marches over to Rachel first thing in the morning to demand her stuff back. Rachel says it’s in the trash, and watches spitefully as Eun-sang digs her way through the school trash to find the uniform her mother bought her.

She finally finds it, and Rachel confronts her about everything—being the housekeeper’s daughter, living under one roof with Tan, and playing the nouveau riche at school. She acts like it’s a personal affront to her that Eun-sang is poor, and orders her to clean up the trash with the skills she learned from her mother.

At that, Eun-sang slaps Rachel across the face, and when Rachel raises a hand to retaliate, she blocks her hand defiantly. I’m sorry—Fesity Eun-sang, where have you been all this time? Suddenly you can fight your own battles? Okay, I won’t dwell on it. I’m just happy you’re here.

Eun-sang growls at her that nobody insults her mother, and bites back, “Is that what your mother taught you?” Rachel fumes and tells her that she’ll do whatever it takes to make her transfer out of this school, including telling the whole world about Tan’s birth secret.

Rachel says that Young-do might not want to share the secret, but she has no such qualms, and will make them both pay if she can’t have Tan. Eun-sang realizes she’s cornered if she wants to protect Tan, and says through gritted teeth that she’ll think about transferring.

Suddenly Tan shows up, having overheard, and orders Eun-sang to walk away so he can talk to Rachel alone. Ugh, I seriously hate you when you bark orders at her.

Tan basically tells Rachel he’d have hit her already if she weren’t a girl, and that he thought he could salvage a friendship with her, but he’s fine letting that go now.

He’s mad at Eun-sang for treating him like he doesn’t matter in the equation, and she counters that he’s got it bad enough with his family. He points out that his whole life has been that way, and none of this is her fault. Eun-sang: “It isn’t yours either, Kim Tan.”

He asks if she wants to just run away together, but Eun-sang knows they can’t abandon their mothers a second time.

Tan and Young-do get punished for fighting, and this time Director Jung puts her foot down and tells Young-do to bring his father and Tan to bring his hyung. Eep.

Hyun-joo gets tasked with their counseling session where they have to write down their wrongs, and when they each insist it was the other’s fault, she tells them to fill the pages with what the other guy did wrong then.

They both sit in silence for a while, each thinking about all the things the other guy did to him. But in the end they both end up thinking about that last day that Young-do’s mother asked Tan to bring him to her. And they each think to themselves:

Tan: “I should’ve brought you there no matter what, if I knew it’d be the last chance.” Young-do: “I should’ve followed you till the end, if I knew it’d be the last chance.” Hyun-joo comes back to see blank pages, and asks if they did nothing wrong to each other, why are they fighting?

Bo-na sits in the broadcast booth chatting with Eun-sang, and asks if she’s telling Chan-young about how much she’s repenting. Hyo-shin comes by and sneakily puts her on air, and Bo-na gets broadcast all over the school, telling Eun-sang that she can’t breathe because Chan-young is her air and she feels like she’s in outer space right now. Hee.

It does the trick and gets Chan-young to come looking for her, but this time it’s Bo-na who’s running away because she’s mortified.

Hyo-shin finally runs into Hyun-joo for the first time at school, and she asks him to congratulate her on her new job. His face falls and he tells her he can’t really be that happy about his first love getting one step further. Aw.

Myung-soo asks Young-do how his first love is going, and Young-do asks if Eun-sang is really his first love. Myung-soo: “She is, if Tan isn’t.” Myung-soo asks what he’d do if he fell into the ocean with Eun-sang and there was only one life raft. Young-do chooses to die to save her, so that he’s forever in her heart and she can never be with Tan. Pfft. Myung-soo sighs that he always chooses the sad ending for himself.

Tan walks Eun-sang home and then sits in the hotel lobby waiting for Won, and Won even voluntarily sits down next to him for a brief moment. Tan muses that it’s pretty funny they’ve both left home, and asks hyung why he hates him so much.

Won doesn’t have an answer so much as, “What’s there to like?” and Tan says he’ll do better. Won shuts that idea down, thinking it’s more uncomfortable when he tries too hard.

At school, Bo-na runs around handing out invitations to her Back Together With Chan-young Party. Hahaha. You would have a party for that.

Young-do tells her that boys hate that stuff and it’s like advertising to the world that you’re a moron. Says the guy without a girlfriend. Just sayin’. She makes sure to invite Ye-sol, and they have a cute fight over who’s sorrier.

Hyo-shin gets dropped off for his college entrance exams, and why do I get the feeling he’s not even going to walk through those doors?

Tan spends the afternoon hanging out in his brother’s hotel room, and catches a glimpse of a list of employees. He calls Manager Yoon, perhaps to start discussing this stock war, but Manager Yoon is busier with the sudden announcement that Won has fired all the people on that list.

Chairman Dad gets the word and boils over with anger, while Won calmly asks Manager Yoon to make his choice: join his side or be the next person on that list.

Tan goes out to meet Eun-sang, which turns out to be a trap by Madam Han. It’s cute the way she grumbles that she needs hostages to get face time with her own son. She tells them about Rachel and warns them ineffectually to break up, and Tan hilariously informs her that she needs an envelope of money for a conversation like that.

He sweet-talks his mother like he always does, gets a winter coat out of the deal, and takes Eun-sang out for a date all without budging an inch.

They go for a walk and he whines that he wants to hold her hand, so when she offers it, he throws his arm around her instead. When she cuts the date short to go to work, he back-hugs her to hold her back, and then hugs her again, wrapping her in his coat for extra-warm snuggles.

She finds money tucked in his coat, and he jumps for joy and lets her go instantly, which she pouts at. I do like that the tables are flipped and he’s the money-obsessed one now.

He gets called to a meeting with Manager Yoon, who confirms that the battle has begun. And once Won is done fighting Chairman Dad, Tan will be next. Manager Yoon reminds him that this isn’t a war he can avoid—he was born into this responsibility, and there are sacrifices he’ll have to make.

Rachel tries to squeeze Bo-na for information about where Eun-sang works, and when that doesn’t pan out, she texts Young-do with the threat that she’s standing outside Eun-sang’s workplace right now.

He takes the bait and goes dashing off to rescue her, only what he actually does is lead Rachel right to Eun-sang’s café. He sticks around and gives her the warning that Rachel found out, and tells her to call him if anything happens.

She reminds him using his words that she’s got plenty of black knights on her side, and he notes that that’s likely the moment that he started to like her, when he said that the first time.

When she gets to work she’s told she has a catering order tonight, and on a hunch she calls Chan-young to ask where his party is tonight. She confirms that it’s the same address and guesses what Rachel is up to.

She lets Tan know that she’s headed to the party, and then shows up to fulfill the catering order anyway, dressed in her apron and ready to confront all her classmates. Rachel smiles while all the other kids wonder what she’s doing here, and then when she’s about to say it, Tan storms in to stop her.

She insists she has to stay here until all the coffee is dispensed, so he overturns the table and says she’s done. Good grief. Was that really necessary?

He brings her downstairs and asks why she’s doing this when she knew exactly what she was getting into. Eun-sang says she came here ready to tell everyone the truth, because what she was really ashamed of wasn’t that she was poor—it was that she lived the lie that she was rich.

He asks why they can’t just take the easy road, and she argues that going straight ahead knowing she’ll get hurt is something she learned from him. She sticks to her plan and goes back to get more drinks so she can do it all over again.

By the time she gets back, Tan has come around, and he tells her that if she gets scared she can quit and run into his arms.

So she braces herself to face the crowd, including Young-do who arrives behind her. She tells the whole group that she works part-time jobs for the money because she’s not rich.

This time Tan even stops Chan-young from running to the rescue, and they sit back as the kids all scoff. They ask Tan if he knew, and he pretends to be fooled just like everyone else. It seems like a weird choice, until he walks up to her and reacts like he doesn’t care in the least, which is a pretty good way to play it.

And then the lights dim and they get a spotlight above them, which is so unnatural I stopped and laughed for a good minute. He tells Charity Case Eun-sang that it’s nice to meet her, and introduces himself as Bastard Child Kim Tan. Rachel reels, and Young-do leaves.

Tan tells her it’s time to join the party now, and puts his arms around her to untie her apron. He undoes her hair and ties a corsage to her wrist, and everyone just stands around still watching them, because that’s not awkward or anything.

And then he kisses her on the forehead sweetly.


It’s strange that Rachel and Young-do’s lives both revolve entirely around Tan—whether they get to have him or not, whether they come first in his life or not—and they basically spend all their energy fighting for the right to be relevant to Tan. It’s sad, really, that they value themselves so little… you know, except for the part where they’re both so mean and terrible that I feel no actual pity. But I guess it is fascinating in a dysfunctional way—they’re both clinging so desperately that they’d rather be Tan’s enemy than become irrelevant to him, and Young-do feels more hurt that Tan might grow up without him and decide their fight isn’t worth fighting anymore. And Rachel would rather be hated than inconsequential to Tan’s love life, even if she’s hurting Tan and herself just to keep one foot in his life. I’d pitch in for some group therapy, but I’m pretty sure you two could afford it.

At least Eun-sang coming clean about everything takes the power out of Rachel’s hands. And her hands are really not ones that should hold any power, over anything. Ever. I was scared that Eun-sang was going to be a noble idiot and transfer schools to keep Tan’s secret, because she’s exactly the kind of person who would do that, and I’m fairly certain she would’ve considered it seriously if he hadn’t overheard Rachel’s threats. I’m not always behind Eun-sang’s logic with everything, but I like that she decided to hell with ridicule and scorn from her peers—she’d rather take her life into her own hands than have the bitch on a power trip lord it over her. Now that, I can get behind.

What’s even better is that she doesn’t need Tan to rescue her or do anything at all except back off, and for the first time ever, she puts her foot down, and he listens and offers support in a—gasp—supportive way. Go figure. If you just let her stand up for herself, she’s all the stronger for it. It took way too long, but I’m glad she finally came around and realized that she’s only as scared and powerless as she decides to be.

The only thing I dislike about it is the fact that we had to live with Scaredy Eun-sang for the first, oh, two-thirds of the show, when Awesome Eun-sang was an option. I suppose I ought to thank Rachel for bringing it out of her, since she only seems capable of being feisty around her. Not that I trust this show to be consistent with keeping Feisty Eun-sang around. Let’s not go crazy with the expectations. Now that feelings, socioeconomic statuses, and birth secrets are all out in the open, let’s try moving forward, shall we? I’ll take baby steps over backpedaling any day of the week. Or yunno, just more of them:


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    Oh, my gosh. It’s the Schindler’s List theme?!?! That’s so random. *laughing*

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      What is the Schindler’s List theme?

      • 2.1.1 Pepper Fosh

        It’s the main theme/music score from the movie Schindler’s List. You can hear it when Tan is talking with Manager Yoon about the war between Won and the dad. It was a pleasant surprise to hear it but somewhat random, haha.

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          Oh, I see. Thanks for the info. I did hear that song when I rewatched the ep., and I wondered what that background music was.

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      Hah I noticed that too! I thought it was weird and funny because this is around the time Won is firing everyone

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      hahaha I thought I was the only one that had a ‘Whoa!’ moment when I heard it.

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    Eun Sang slapping Rachel… best ever!!!

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      Oi agree completely😃

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      Bout time! Especially when Rachel tried to slap her back and she stopped her. It drives me crazy in k-drama when the girl just stands there and takes it. There’s a difference between turning the other cheek, and not having any self respect.

      • 3.2.1 dramarookie.blogspot.com

        Not that I’m advocating catfights. Haha. I actually think it’s admirable how Eunsang has tried to be sympathetic towards Rachel since that first day at the airport. Even Tan has done a good job of turning the other cheek with Youngdo. But it is nice to finally see the ever passive Eunsang finally stand up for herself.

      • 3.2.2 dramarookie.blogspot.com

        The more I think about it, this show’s OTP has shown a lot of forgiveness to people who don’t deserve it. ES with Rachel. Tan with his brother. Both of them with Youngdo. There’s something quietly strong about that, in our crazy world where people lash out at the slightest thing. So please disregard my first comment. Self-respect is still good. But so is, taking a deep breath before acting. Turning the other cheek is best, no matter how much fun it is to see Rachel get slapped : ) OMW, who would have thought Heirs would have me thinking deep, moral thoughts on my way to work. LOL.

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          Good for you. That’s the best thing about any drama…

          I love this episode. This drama is finally doing something right. And there were some really brilliant exchanges, besides!

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    Wow! A lot actually happened in this ep., and I loved it. When I watched it raw, I didn’t realize that this much was actually happening. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the ending.


    1—If anyone knows when the song in the end (when ES and KT are at the party) is on YT, please let me know.

    2—What is LTE wireless? (KA said that ES’s mom is as fast as LTE wireless)

    3—I can’t help but be curious as to who Rachel talk to, to find out why ES was living at KT’s house. Anyone knows?

    4—Did HS cancel the broadcast so BN and CY can make up and talk?

    5—When KT said, “the plan is to go to school together,” did he mean to arrive at school together, or go to the same school still? (I was a little confused there, since ES said she would consider transferring).

    6)—HS didn’t take the test, did he? (We will find out next week, I know)

    7)—Why were the people at the test place calling HS’s name?

    • 7.1 Anne

      LTE is a mobile signal. Faster than 3G or GSM

      • 7.1.1 elina

        It is often called “4G” outsided of Korea, though it’s not really 4G.

        • cute

          Madam Han Ki Ae (KT Real Mother) is Miss Korea 1988 when she was 21 years old.

    • 7.2 Fiona

      3 – She didn’t talk to anyone. She figured it out by herself with Eun Sang’s uniform. Since it was on the line to dry in front of Kim Tan’s house and since Kim Tan’s mom pretended to be Eun Sang’s mom.

      4 – I don’t think he canceled the broadcast; we don’t see the broadcast because it is irrelevant. He just broadcasted Bo Na’s confession of “Chan Young is my air…” I think his quip of “I didn’t broadcast her speech for this.” was just a joke.

      5 – He meant both.

      6 & 7 – I don’t think he did and that’s why they were calling his name.

    • 7.3 shepo

      in koalas,,answer to no.5 is ‘go to school together with Tan’s hyung”

    • 7.4 moimoi

      7-In Korea, when students go take the entrance exam, their hoobaes (the underclassmen) go and cheer them on and wish them luck. It’s almost a school pride thing

      • 7.4.1 queencircles

        Thanks for explaining. I was like W.T.F! Now it makes sense and is way less creepy.

        • Jesse

          Even making sense it’s still creepy.

        • bishbash

          university entrance exams are a big affair in South Korea.

          • Ivoire

            Wow! I didn’t know that. Thanks!

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        thank you for explaining. I was puzzled when I saw that.

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        interesting, I didn’t know that aswell. It’s weird though xD

    • 7.5 Eileen

      # 5 – I think he was referring to the school incident when he was ordered to bring Won and YD to bring daddy Choi. He is hoping that Won will come to represent him. Tan is more excited than afraid by this punishment.

      • 7.5.1 Ivoire

        Hello Eileen,

        You know, I don’t think that’s it. KT talked about “going together to school,” and made it sound like something that would happen repeatedly. Because he was walking with ES, I thought he meant ES and him going to school together, which confused me, because I wondered, “why? They are not coming from the same direction, they could just meet at school.” Now I see that it is actually his plan to have his hyung (KW) bring him to school, like KW did after the 1st night he spent in his hotel room. And actually, that would make sense, since he doesn’t want to come home without his brother. As a commenter said, he is building up a rapport between them.

        Did you see how when KW was going to his room, he just followed him? He seemed happy about it, and scoffed at his brother’s negative comment. It’s like he is not afraid or intimated by him any more, the way he was in ep. 2, when he saw him at the Almond farm.

        You know, some moments were quite interesting to me, in this ep. Did you have any stand-out moments? I thought it was interesting that KT and YD both had red eyes, when they were talking to each other, as if they were about to cry. I know the situation was tense, but it was interesting to me to see that both got emotional (in a raw way/sense) as well.

        Also, I am still not liking that KT yells at ES (when is that going to stop, KT?) and that he manhandles her quite a bit. That being said, I LOVED the honest conversations KT and ES had in this ep. I am hoping that they will continue to communicate that way, going forward. I also loved their cute bantering and flirting. It is nice to see KT grow and change, through the episodes, and I loved that for once, ES learned something from him, standing up, being courageous, and persevering in the face of adversity and fear. Now, KT has to become a better student, so he can be successful in whatever he chooses to do in life.

        • Eileen

          You know, I haven’t been the biggest fan of this show but I have weirdly enjoyed it from the beginning. I watched the first 4 eps back to back and despite feeling “huh?!” a lot of times I have never hated it. One of the main reasons – besides the veeery slow pace – for that is that I can’t really connect with the OTP. It’s not that I don’t want them to be together but their romance got lost on me. I have been very indifferent to their relationship and I truly do hate Tan’s controlling ways. Any romantic act he does, he undoes times 10 in my eyes with his yelling and manhandling and helicoptering every time.

          However, one thing this last episode did was make me feel genuinely happy about them in that last scene. I think I may still be able to get on board with their relationship if show keeps this pace and developments.

          Other things I really liked:

          1. Despite all rational reluctance I have, I am feeling for YD. He doesn’t deserve much sympathy with his rapport sheet but seeing him quietly back down little by little, I wanted to hug him.
          2. Tan and Won. It feels very underdeveloped to just be here all of a sudden but I don’t care. I like it.
          3. Bo-Na. There’s nothing I can’t like about her.
          4. Tan’s mom and her internal conflict between supporting Tan and ES and pushing for Tan’s and Rachel’s reconciliation. She is the most awesome adult in the show for me.
          5. Kick-ass Eung Sang! She may have a lot to do with my sudden happiness with the couple. If she continues to fight with this intensity for it, how can she not deserve it?
          6. Finally, my favorite scene was just for the funny, not because it was poignant or anything. When Young- Do and Myung-Soo where discussing how much YD likes ES. I couldn’t stop laughing at YD’s expressions. “How would I know? With a ruler? A scale?” Ha!

          All in all this was a very good episode and I am looking forward to next week!

          • Twisted Icequeen

            Oh wow..you took the words outta my mouth! I agree with everything you mentioned. YD’s expressions while trying to answer MS was priceless. He’s like “How would i know? I’m new to this dude”. And the band-aid scene was another heart clencher for me. I never saw him use it in any of the succeeding scenes but why do I get the feeling that near the end he’s gonna take it out and look at it..

        • anniejang

          I think the reason Tan is happy when he’s following his brother around is because now he knows his brother secretly loves him.

    • 7.6 mel

      3. It was kim tans step mom or fake mom or whatever you want to call her that she called when she walked our and saw thw uniform

      5. Didn’t he mean having his brother take him to school was his first step, I.e. bonding time with brother/ getting closer to him is his first step

      • 7.6.1 Ivoire

        Hello mel,

        3)-I think you are right about # 3, and that makes sense, because Rachel said “mother,” when she was addressing the person. It would also makes sense that KT’s “fake” mom would tell the truth to Rachel, since she is trying to get back in their good graces (Rachel and her mom).

        5)- -And here, you are right again.

        Did you have favorite moments in this episode? Here are some of mine:

        1)-BN faking to fall and hurt herself, and later on, revealing her feelings on the air. BN running away from CY, so he won’t break up with her. And their party, Awww… CY and BN FTW! Also BN, for being such a cool, loyal and caring person. Her scene with YS was funny.

        2)-The forehead kiss: so lovely, so intimate, and yet so chaste. Loved it.

        3)-I love how MS is straightforward and honest when he talks to YD. He is never afraid to confront him, and he gets YD thinking. I like that.

        4)- Love that KT wants to bring his hyung home, and that he purposefully stays with him in the hotel, and kind of follows him around, at times. He is so cute when he does that.

        5)- I have come to realize that LMH’s voice can be soft at times, when the scene calls for it. It is very nice. KWB’s voice is deeper, and he seems to tend to drag on his words a little bit. He has a nice voice too.

        6)-YD, having it bad for ES, (running out of his hotel, without fixing his hair)..

        7)-KT and his mom, their interactions. And KT, for inviting ES out to eat, even though he has no money, which means that ES would be the one paying the bill, LOL, which I am sure he would pay back later. .

        • Faye

          Hi Ivoire!

          Re #1 favorite moment – Bo-Na fake-falling was both hilarious and kind of sad. Poor girl just can’t stand being apart from Chan-Young. I am really loving Krystal’s character. Who would have thought an idol actor would be so good?

          Re #3 – I love the MS-YD relationship as well! At least there’s one person who isn’t afraid of him, doesn’t hate him, and “keeps it real” for YD.

          Re #7 – I thought that was a nice little exchange. It really highlighted the mindset change Kim Tan has to undergo. He’s literally never had to thought before about the need to pay for a meal if he wants to go out – the money’s just always been there.

          • Lala

            Re#3: BN is the same way. I noticed out of all people only MS & BN can get away with speaking so bluntly with YD and he won’t say anything. Those 3 really have a pretty good friendship. I always love when YD gives her advice on what she’s doing wrong or going overboard. His whole “Oppa is telling you this because I care…” thing is just cute.

          • Anduril

            Agree Faye. Re #3 the friendship he has with them is my hope for his future. Also, when YD did the fake aigoo to mock BN I LAUGHED!

        • anniejang

          The way KT looked at his cute, ditzy mom when he said she asked for such delicious meals. I loved just about everything KT did in this episode. I loved the way Eun Sang stood up for herself, but I didn’t like the times when she was mean and unsupportive towards Kim Tan when he was at his lowest-cold, hungry, and homeless. He always came to her rescue when she was in the same condition, so when the reverse happened, I don’t know why they made her mean and stingy towards him.

    • 7.7 eselee

      The official OST hasn’t been released yet. And I’m not sure if this is even the title of the song–it might just be a generic description. But for sure, it’s sung by Lena Park or Park Jung Hyun as some people might know her!

      Here is a 0:59 second clip of the song. I’m sure the full version will be released sometime soon!


      • 7.7.1 eselee

        애절한 발라드 translated as “sad ballad”

      • 7.7.2 Ivoire

        Hello eselee,

        And thank you soooo much for this. I have been having this song in my head for the last two weeks. I asked about this song in yesterday’s recap as well (ep. 13) because I believe it is played in the beginning of ep. 13, when KT and ES are in MS studio.
        It is such a beautiful song, and Lena Park is such a gifted singer, with a lovely voice. I just love this song. Also, many of the songs for this drama seem to be sad, (the lyrics, that is), so I find it interesting that the title is “sad Ballad.”

        Thank you again for this, I really appreciate it.

    • 7.8 Ivoire

      Thank you all for all your responses and comments. There is more that I would like to say and comment on, so I will be back later…

    • 7.9 colminoz

      1. “Don´t worry about me”, sung by Lena Park.

      • 7.9.1 Ivoire

        Oh thank you!

    • 7.10 anniejang

      #3. I think Rachel was talking to Tan’s fake mother. How else could she know exactly that Eun Sang was the maid’s daughter?

  8. snow_white

    Loved this episode…..especially the last scene 🙂

    • 8.1 tura

      Loved this episode and KT+ES make a cute couple

  9. rencka

    oh no! that hug’s now just a cliché!… what a shame..

  10. 10 OhPaulliexD

    “I’d care more if this weren’t the seventy-billionth time you guys were having this conversation, but good for you.”

    ROTFL Exactly what I was thinking!! Is there anyone else no longer phased by these scenes between KT and YD? or is it just me? x)

    • 10.1 Z

      I’m just glad that they are no longer scored with that obnoxious heavy metal riff.

      • 10.1.1 queencircles

        HAHAHA! ditto

        • OhPaulliexD

          Lmao my thoughts exactly! xD

    • 10.2 dramaddict

      kim tan is an awful character…

      he knows he is an illegitimate child and still started that bullying rule for the social care group in school. remember, he was supposed to be ‘worse’ than young do in middle school.

      when kim tan saved the male student in earlier episodes – people are saying he did that because he was mad at young do for what he did to eun sang.

      now, he is saving ye sol…but he probably did that to abolish the bullying rule by the time the rest of the school find out that eun sang is the daughter of the maid.

      kim tan supposedly changed… but there is no explanation whatsoever WHY he changed. and kim tan ‘helping’ other kids now is stupid – what he is doing now is because he has other purpose which concerns eun sang.

      if kim tan truly changed, if he truly feels regretful of his past actions – then he should show remorse and at least apologize to his past victims. and he should have been proactive in stopping the bullying that he started BEFORE eun sang came into the picture.

      • 10.2.1 Dusty

        I believe the character of Young Do is waaaay more interesting than Kim Tan. He is soooo boring and clichéd and predictable. His whole persona seems forced. I prefer Young Do and Won’s character depictions because they seem really struggling with what life has dealt them. Most teenage boys I have encountered have been the chip on the shoulder Young Do type, where life has shit on them and they feel like the world owes them. It is more believable than Kim Tan’s poor me, poor Mom but I am such a good looking guy and have girls all over me but I am sooo hot for my after school special girl friend that is another sad cliché. I wish Eun Sang would blow of beige boy Kim Tan and take a ride with a wild guy.

        • zoe826

          I agree completely! Kim tan is so lame. I was so into the show before because she wasn’t that into him, but now she wont even think about Young do. HE IS WAY MORE INTERESTING. She needs to get away from boredom central and be with the sexy Young Do.

    • 10.3 dramaddict

      and why are people so quick at making judgements about rachel?

      rachel was bitchy at eun sang because eun sang was listening in on her phone conversation and then laughing AT her.

      rachel was bitchy at eun sang again because kim tan was avoiding rachel at the same time eun sang is staying at kim tan’s house.

      rachel and kim tan are officially engaged with a proper ceremony and announcement. if there are any issues about rachel being a bitch because of the engagement, that should be addressed to kim tan… kim tan is the one engaged to one girl and yet pursuing another girl in public. did kim tan already break the engagement? NO, he did not. his father is still ordering his second mom to convince rachel’s mom to continue the engagement. if kim tan is really serious, he should have formally made an announcement breaking the engagement… an action that he should have done that at the very least BEFORE pursuing another girl.

      • 10.3.1 Grumpy

        And this highlights one of the biggest flaws in prototypical Candy plot lines: the idea that the heroine is always in the right, no matter what kind of crap she pulls, because she’s poor and cries a lot. This is actually a problem with a lot of Kdramas–they frequently have no capacity for nuanced perspective. Rachel is a bitch, yes, but her actions are not unprovoked, and a lot of her spite rests in the shitty way Tan has treated her for years and years. All I’m gonna say, if Rachel was the one pulling moves on Tan and he were engaged to Eun-sang, the same viewership that cheers Eun-sang on now would judge her. Harshly. I mean, situationally, she’s the Chae-rin to Rachel’s Choon-hyang (although this melodramatic garbage can’t compare to Delightful Girl Choon-hyang). Similarly, Kdramas often want us to take reassurance and even enjoyment out of male leads spurning or being outright cruel to second female leads. It’s a perverse and disingenuous way of testing and then showing his devotion to the female lead. So they displace the guilt that squarely rests on Kim Tan’s shoulders onto Rachel because she’s a “bitch.” But it’s Kim Tan that agreed to the engagement but half-assed it, ignored her and judged her while ostensibly cheating on her, and ultimately ended the engagement by humiliating her and dumping his shit on her without taking responsibility for it. Despite this, the drama wants us to hate her and think she’s evil, because she’s in the way of their cheating asses, and slaps Eun-sang and makes her cry a bunch of times. What about Rachel’s tears? The drama doesn’t care, because it’s too busy trying to make her into a scapegoat for Tan. It’s best not to look too hard at the gender dynamics at play in Kdramas (or the perverse forms heteronormativity takes in these things, for that matter).

        • dramaddict

          can not believe this writer is ruining rachel’s character just because the OTP needs some conflicts to prove how true their love is.

          • jaglaine

            Because this KES writer-person is a MISOGYNIST!
            How’s that for twisted? Is she also into S&M?

          • girlatsea

            I’m annoyed at what they’re doing with Rachel’s character too. She’s basically just a plot device now

          • Holly

            I posted on the open thread that either KES is really a man or she is a masochist because she writes her female characters terribly. Actually it’s beyond reproachable. With the exception of ES’s mother and BN, all the other women are portrayed as either weak, a bitch, gold diggers, or hypocrites.

            ES is supposed to be the heroine, but she is too much of a hypocrite with how she allows herself to be treated. First off, in the beginning episodes I found her very rude to her mother. She was willing to leave her handicapped mother all alone because she was ashamed of her life. And yet we are supposed to believe that she is a strong, feisty, and independent girl who stands up for herself? You are not strong if you runaway from your problems. In the beginning episodes we saw her able to stand up for herself when it comes to guys heckling her on the job or even to Rachel at times, but when she is confronted with bullies in her school (YD) she freezes and can’t do anything?! and needs a guy to save her(KT)!! HUH! Now in this episode, she is willing to show who she really is, but it is never really explained to us why she suddenly had the courage to do it. If anything it was because she probably knew she was going to be outed anyway and decided to do it herself as opposed to Rachel doing it first. But I still don’t think that this is truly standing up for yourself if you are placed in a position where you can’t escape. It was like she reluctantly did it. At least Geum Jan Di in BBF showed what it was like to be a strong person who stood up to the bullies.

            Rachel, Madame Han, and Madame Jung are borderline characters for me because Rachel and Madame Jung are portrayed as bitches, but had help showing their claws. Rachel by ES, and Madame Jung by Madame Han. I don’t excuse Rachel’s slap happy behavior, but ES really never said to Rachel “hey listen, it’s your fiancé that is chasing after me, not the other way around.” To top it off, once ES started to like KT, she seemed to forget that he did still have a fiancé, and if ES were really a strong female character she would have told KT to clear up his engagement situation first because what makes a person strong is treating others the way that you want to be treated. Rachel has no self respect and chases after a guy who treats her like she is trash. I can understand her anger, but I can’t support her because she gives women a bad name by thinking that bitchiness=power and allows a man to walk all over her.

            Madame Jung treats Madame Han like crap, but can you really blame her? She shares a house with the woman that her husband cheated on her with, and treats her better because she gave him a son. Yeah, I don’t think that they will be exchanging Xmas cards anytime soon. She don’t have any respect for herself either because she could have walked away, but because she likes her position as head of the school she doesn’t want to give up that position of power. Also, by agreeing to be KT’s fake mother, she is in essence helping out the person who wronged her in the first place(her husband)

            Madame Han is borderline for me as well because I like her comic relief and her relationship with her son and ES’s mother, but she ruined a marriage. She knew that Chairman Kim was married but she continued her relationship with him anyway. Obviously Chairman Kim doesn’t respect her because he has kept her a secret but she is fine with it as long as KT inherits Jeguk group…

          • Holly

            so in essence what has she really gained from this life besides money?

            Esther Lee is the quintessential gold digger! She married for money not for true love, she is willing to marry someone who treats her like crap also in the name of “Zeus Hotel” shares and stock. She doesn’t seem to care about her daughter’s happiness because she wants her to marry for Jeguk Group shares and not for her daughter’s true happiness.

            I do not care or like any of these characters whatsoever because they all put women in a bad light IMO.

        • diba

          Like how some people can so oddly understand Young Do’s weird and violent ways, Rachel deserves just as much understanding for her actions.
          Unlike Young Do however, most of her actions are done because ger pride is hurt and tbh for a girl like her where money and pride is basically all she has; it must be pretty painful.

          to top that, I’m not sure how her family is but it does seem dysfunctional as hell. The rumours that she might be an illegitimate child of Esther and Sec Yoon is something we should all think about. In a marriage where they’ll totally be harmed by divorcing their partners, how messed up was it to actually reach divorce?

          She is a smart girl and I’m sure that if there was smth really wrong about her parents, she would know. And knowing your parent’s problems are very difficult to handle esp at such a young age.

          and I dont know if people rmbr this but her character description back then said that she wasnt so much of a bitch before her parents got divorced. And then I thought abt it and I rememberred how she only has 50 percent of her company in line for her. Yoing do said smth to myung soo abt rach and bona rejecting his love – so im guessing they were all friends when they were kids? So I wonder if her friends left her after knowing that she’s only half as rich? And when everyone left, her supposed friend Kim Tan is exiled to America; who does she have? No one. Always alone. A mother who is probably a broken girl herself cannot take care of her broken daughter and so money is the only thing she can take care of. A father who left and probably doesn’t care about her anymore. The girl is completely alone. And sad. And scarred. So this is why the point up there is right about how she doesn’t mind being a bitch to get recognised since if she just quietly be nice to everyone, she would be even more alone. In a twisted way, it is better to have enemies rather than no one at all on your lofe.

          • saranghaelmh

            Years and years? They were only engaged a year ago. She’s holding on though he’s never lead her on. She’s being mean though he clearly has had intentions of breaking the engagement and told her. She’s using her money as an answer to everything. No sympathy for her. As for cheating on her..ha.. doesn’t count when you are engaged at 18 and it’s done against your will.
            Don’t overthink it. If she wasn’t evil, then she would have silently backed out no? Everyone has family problems..

        • TS

          And yet it’s okay for Chan young to spurn his girlfriend for Eun Sang, while Tan has to be cruel to Rachel. Seriously, what?

          • Eileen

            Yep, I’m with you all on this one. She really was horrible and not likable at all on this episode but come’n. She has grown up spoiled through no fault of her own, she is humiliated, her pride is hurt and she is what, 17?18? That is really not an age when you are fully mature, even if you should know better. Even if Tan never gave her hope as YD said, he had a public engagement with her! Is that not enough reason for her to get deluded into thinking it was going to happen?

            Not neglecting how big of a bitch she was but from her perspective her world must be falling apart. She is not doing it just to have fun, she is deeply hurt and acting out as the child of privilege she is.

        • Sandy

          I agree. Frankly, I like Rachel’s toughness in the face of everything she has deal with. I like that Rachel at least is an equal opportunity offender. Yeah, she slapped ES, but she also slapped KT, and she holds her own against YD and everyone else in the drama.

          On the other hand, while it was fair for ES to slap Rachel, why doesn’t ES stand up for herself when it comes to KT and YD? ES lets KT force himself on her and order her around on a regular basis. ES also doesn’t seem to care that YD has bullied her worse than Rachel has (throwing her in the pool, kicking her, shoving her, threatening her, etc.) but she gives him a band-aid? Why?

      • 10.3.2 Windsun33

        I am not sure would call some showpiece business “engagement” at the age of 16 a real engagement. And honestly, nobody in Korea really does that anymore, unless they are about as backwards as some Afghan tribesman living in the remotest village in the world. Basically the whole setup is a sham.

        And the whole idea of an engagement for a “business merger” is just totally stupid. Would you base YOUR business on who your kids marry? That whole trope is outdated yet it keeps getting used over and over by writers that cannot come up with something more original.

        And yeah Rachel really IS a bitch.

        • Windsun33

          Forgot to mention that yes, some chaebol marriages are for “strategic” reasons, but a lot of them go wrong. And there have been some pretty ugly scandals also such as this from 2006 “On the suicide story, rumors abound that Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee refused to allow his youngest daughter, Lee Yun-hyung to marry an “ordinary” man. She committed suicide in New York last year”.

          But that is an exception, the vast majority do NOT involve business reasons.

          • girlatsea

            That’s…really sad. I just did some poking around and I can’t believe her family told the media she died in a car accident to try and hide that it was a suicide. It’s distributing, can’t believe these things actually happen.

            I’m not sure if this counts, but I thought the “strategic” marriage in Empire of Gold was done pretty well. Although, that is a COMPLETELY different drama. It’s technically not a merger but Seo-yoon marries Tae-joo for his $2 billion and it was win/win for the both of them (at the time).

          • kngdrama

            That is very cruel and inhuman. Poor girl.

        • Windsun33

          BTW, if you want to read about the whole scandal Google “Lee Yun-hyung”.

        • arianne

          it still happens. Marriage of kids for business and to solidify connections.

          it happens in India, in the UK, in South Korea, and even with the elite people in a developing country like the Philippines.

          this is why parents send kids to elite schools and even in boarding schools in Europe, to establish connections with the right people.

          I have friends like rachel whose parents/family dictate who they should date and marry. When asked if they will rebel, they won’t because they don’t want to be disinherited. When asked if they will fall in love with someone “unsuitable” (ie different race or different social class or no noble bloodline or new money instead of old money), they cannot really comprehend it as for them, it is not possible/not a viable option of living their lives.

          Those arranged marriages are taken seriously because it concerns businesses, conglomerates, family connections, etc.

          • Windsun33

            I agree that it still happens – and India and the UK are probably the worst offenders. But ultimately it all comes down to a choice – it all depends on what you are willing to give up, and many ultimately choose money and/or power and status.

            While researching some of these type marriages I was astounded at how many end in divorce, suicide, living apart, etc. So even if it is the norm among some elite you have to question how well it is really working out.

          • Sandy

            There’s only one reason for businesses to merge: to maximize profits. If it’s in both businesses’ interests to merge, they will do so even if there is no marriage. If it’s not, they won’t do so even if there is a marriage. And “solidifying business connections” is done through contracts, not marriage.

          • Windsun33

            @ Sandy – but the problem I have with those marriage for business tropes in dramas is that they usually make no sense at all. Your kids being married off to another chaebol is not a merger. Who your kids marry has no legal standing whatsoever for any of the businesses concerned.

            A merger is a business contract, and has nothing to do with who your kids are married to, at least in the legal sense.

          • Sandy

            @ windsun

            Oh I was completely agreeing with you. Marriage has nothing to do with business mergers.

          • mayanne

            Businesses have limited liability. The “joining” of families through marriages add extra protection.

            You may fight with family and relatives for greater control or share, etc. but at the end of the day, it’s better if they get more businesses and connections than someone else because you are related to them and can take advantage of said businesses and connections.

        • arianne

          It is not touted as marriage for businesses because, like i said, it involves more than the business. But businesses are part of it.

          If you research actor Leo Seo Jin’s family (the youngest in grandpas over flowers) and check who his grandparents (and that line married) and then who his parents and uncles and aunts married, and then who his siblings married … You will see the daughter or don of conglomerate so-and-so. Then if you check company mergers or partnerships and ownerships of stocks, those things just went around all those involved.

        • dramaddict

          first of all, business engagements and marriages still happens in a lot of countries in asia. especially in elite classes. and already know about the scandal, what’s your point exactly? because that is only evidence that business marriages still happen.

          and rachel and kim tan had a formal ceremony exchanging rings in front of the families of both sides – that is ‘proper’ engagement leading to marriage regardless of their ages or reasons.

          not negating rachel is a bitch – used the word twice in rachel’s interactions with eun sang. but to outright call her evil? why?

          rachel is a flawed character – but she is realistic given her situation. she does not do anything unprovoked. rachel’s interactions with ye sol proved that. rachel knows about ye sol, yet she never said anything. when she heard ye sol talking about her engagement to bo na and then talking bad about her family/mother to her face, that is when she retaliated with the information she knows.

          why do heirs watchers judge rachel as evil and rachel’s actions as evil? and yet kim tan, young do, and eun sang all get a pass. when young do were bullying kids just because those kids are poor – excuses of young do having a bad family situation. when kim tan knowingly manipulated young do’s dad to beat him up (ugh!) – excuses of kim tan has no other choice. when kim tan and eun sang have their progressing romance despite kim tan being officially engaged to rachel – excuses of it’s just a business engagement, or but it is true love.

          both kim tan and eun sang are aware of the situation in kim tan’s family – kim tan’s dad being married to one woman and yet the mistress is the one living in the house. so what is kim tan’s excuse in pursuing a different girl despite being engaged to another girl?!

          • Windsun33

            Yes those “business” marriages do still exist – but near to the extent that is portrayed in dramas. Some family lines are a lot more lenient about what their kids do.

            Some chaebols have been involved in many scandals – like Samsung – but not all are like that. Lots of interesting stuff if you just Google “chaebol marriages”. BTW, she was not the only suicide in the Samsung Heirs line, a grandson committed suicide in 2010.

            But back to Rachel – still don’t buy that the engagement is legit – if for no other reason that neither was of legal age to make a contract.

          • diba

            THIS IS SO ACCURATE. I will never understand the amount of hate for Rachel’s character. Maybe she is trying to save Kim Tan. Maybe she knows her mum used to date a guy of a different class and how they end up breaking up. She knows that if Tan forces and not think about consenqueces (bc he says he’s gonna fight the battle but he doesn’t actually think about it), maybe she’s scated abt eun sang since she is smart and knows about the chaebol life.

            judging her while she doesn’t even get that much screen time to show her true intentions is so wrong

          • Grumpy

            @Windsun. Even putting aside for a minute whether this engagement is legit within Korean society, it is an engagement that is legit within the drama. That is, the drama accepts it as legit, both families and both parties– hell, even Tan–accept it as legit, so there’s little reason for the viewer not to accept its legitimacy as well.

          • TS

            Agreed. The sexism in this show is too much.

            @windsun33 the engagement is legit with parental permission.


            I think Rachel is a bitch and it’s for the very reasons you mention. Her issues are not with ES they are with KT. He is the one that is engaged to her so she should take her complaints to him.

            She chooses to attack ES because of the differences in their social standing and her belief that it’s OK to do what she wants to ES. That’s why she is a bitch. I don’t even feel she cares about KT that much, it’s more about her pride and her feeling of superiority to ES.

            The only reason any woman attacks what is considered the other woman is because they fear the outcome of going to the man direct.

            Truth is Rachel abusing ES will change nothing between her and KT

            ES doesn’t owe Rachel anything, and she is not the source or KT treatment of Rachel. From what I see he has always been dismissive of her and her antics, which have nothing to do with ES.

          • Z

            Regardless of how realistic the scenario is in Real-World korea… it’s realistic in the Korea of this Dramaverse, which is what we’re discussing. According the the rules of this universe, Rachel and Tan’s families arranged for them a union that would also merge their companies. According to Rachel, the companies would be sharing technologies, information, stocks, etc. It’s a formal engagement, no matter how much Tan didn’t want to do it.

            It seems to me that he always planned to break the engagement at some point (Hence his “I got engaged to you now so that I wouldn’t have to marry you in the future”). What I think most people have a problem with is the fact that he DIDN’T BOTHER to break of his engagement before pursuing another girl. He pretty much just told Rachel “Hey, I’m gonna chase after this girl. Be cool about it, OK?” I would have no problem with Tan (actually yes I would, I have A LOT of problems with Tan) if he had gone public about wanting to break up before he ran after Eun-San. Even when he finally addressed the issue he totally orchestrated it in a way that put the onus on Rachel’s family instead of just refusing to go through with it himself and facing whatever backlash comes.

          • DHM

            No, Rachel did not keep Ye Sol’s secret. She found out about it at the fashion shoot from her mom, and it was almost the next day that she outed her and tried to put her in the chair.

            I’ll agree the engagement was legitimate enough, but since then, Kim Tan has told Rachel more than once that he’s not going to marry her, he’s breaking the engagement, he just wants to be friends, but if she’s going to be nuts about it, he won’t even be friends. He told her in California the only reason he agreed to the engagement was so he wouldn’t have to marry her- which was a dumb reason, I agree, but he couldn’t have made it any plainer that he doesn’t love her and is not interested in continuing the relationship.

            And, as Young Do reminds her, in arranged marriages there are rules, and she’s already broken all of them. He tells her she broke the rules, not Kim Tan, and she doesn’t disagree with him.

            That’s why she’s hated- she’s that stock drama character who tries to hang on to the male lead no matter how many times he tells her he doesn’t love her, doesn’t want her, won’t marry her no matter what. It’s tiresome and more than a little insane.

          • Windsun33

            @ Z – You are correct – I keep getting the real world mixed up with the drama-verse, and there is no real relationship. 😀

        • Vicky

          @Windsun33, I’m with you.

          @diba, you really don’t understand the hate for Rachel? She’s worse than a mean girl. How many times has she harassed and abused ES, even before ES started dating KT? Then throwing her clothes in the trash and humiliating her at the party?

          YD also said yesterday that KT never gave Rachel false hope. Also how many times has KT tried to end it?

          You also say the engagement is legit. YOu really think a FORCED engagement between two 16-year-olds is legit? I doubt they had a choice in the matter.

          • arianne

            are you even watching the same show?

            rachel and eun sang first met at the airport – eun sang was laughing at her.

            rachel and eun sang met again at kim tan’s house – kim tan was ignoring rachel’s calls all this time, and yet he has another girl staying at his house.

            rachel is acting out at eun sang, yes… unprovoked? definitely not!

            rachel is better than kim tan and young do at least… lest you forget, kim tan and young do initiated the bullying of poor kids just because they were poor as early as middle school… seriously, how can kim tan and young do justify that?!

          • Vicky

            @Arianne, I agree. We’re definitely not watching the same show.

          • Windsun33

            I have to admit it is pretty interesting how different people watching exactly the same thing can come away with totally different takes on it.

          • arianne

            what? are the viewers supposed to feel sorry for eun sang just because she is the lead and poor?! heirs watchers justifying the eun sang character is just that… take out the fact that eun sang is supposed to be the lead in this drama, then analyze objectively if you will still be rooting for her… in fact, do the same for kim tan character and young do character too… and imagine this three main leads as nobody actors while you are at it too. *rolls eyes*

            none of you would rave about how good this drama and these characters are for sure. none of you would even watch this.

          • leela

            I don’t know why most people are blaming KT that he should be a man to break the engagement properly with Rachel, before pursuing ES.

            Being such a young kid, KT has no power to say no to his “authoritarian and forceful” dad. KT Dad never accept no from anyone, his dad is so selfish. Whatever dad do, he only think of himself. Whether it is marry to one woman and keeping another woman at home, or making Won suffer when he has another son outside for many years before bringing KT officially back home, using KT to get a better footage of his business.

            No one outside the family except Secretary Yoon know about KT, not even his office high level staff. Dad has to bring KT to the office to introduce to his management staff that he actually has another son. He wait for Won to come in to the meeting room and tell straight to Won face. Dad care less if Won will be hurt. Only KT fake mother’s brother whom KT address as uncle know about it.

            We never know the real reason Won mother died in US. Maybe too heartbroken to marry to a man like Won father.

            If KT break the engagement with Rachel, do you think Rachel will ever listen to KT? KT told her many times, KT tested the water but Rachel reaction is “well, KT can say all he want, but that day will never happen! Hah! Rachel is another spoil brat that never take no for an answer. She think that she is rich and pretty and everyone has to suck up to her. Rachel never smile at anyone from the bottom of her heart. She just sneer at them.

            Even if you are rich, that doesn’t give them right to look down on people. What goes around come around. Riches is not forever. Life has its up and down. So is riches. Nothing is guarantee and eternal in this life. Not even life itself is eternal, let alone riches. But humility will shape eternal character to one, even after that person leave this world.

            ES for one will be humble even after she become rich in future. ES value money as she work hard for it. Unlike Rachel who never need to work for it. Rachel simply throw money into people face. If one doesn’t value money, how will they value people? As money come from people. People work those money you spend so lavishly, dear Rachel, but Rachel may never get it or understand. She’ll be like damn, it’s your fault poor people that you are poor, that you do not have rich parents, serve you right that you need to work your butt to pay for living expenses.

            Whether Rachel acknowledge it or not. If people do not work for her, she’d be penniless. Money do not drop from the sky. Yes, Rachel is a bitch, I must say. Family background is not an excuse to be a bitch. It is true that Rachel mom did not teach her right. Never teach Rachel how to be a person. Rachel is not a victim. She know where KT come from, from day 1, why KT react this way. Rachel shouldn’t be surprise. KT has been warning Rachel long ago that he won’t marry her, just that KT do not know himself when he will act out what he say.

            Rachel only not rebellious as she doesn’t want to lose her inheritance. That is the only way her mum is making Rachel obedient to her in a way. That is not the right way to teach a kid how to be a person. But KT is willing to give up his inheritance that he wasn’t interested in, in the 1st place. KT rather have Won anyday. KT value people like ES is. That is why they click. They have the same mind.

            At least KT change for the better after he met ES. KT used to be a brat too. But Rachel not even once…

          • leela

            At least KT change for the better after he met ES. KT used to be a brat too. But Rachel not even once has a drop of pity, understanding, or generosity and she never communicate with people, all she does is yell and scream if thing not going her way. Throwing people thing into dustbin.

            Being in late teen, if you have a sense of leadership, being the future leader in your own company, doesn’t it make sense to communicate and understand the situation before drawing your own conclusion. Rachel, you are not a kid anymore, throwing tantrum like that.

            Rachel like KT need to start standing on her own feet if mum decide not to give her inheritance to her, Rachel without money is nothing, worse off than ES. At least ES has friend, supporting mom and has been working all her life.

            If one never use their riches or their good fortune to make friends but enemies, if they ever become not-so-wealthy or penniless, life will be hell for these people. Life is a win-win situation. Riches doesn’t make a person right to bark at people to take their order. Politeness doesn’t cost a cent. Respect need to earn, not money can buy. If fake respect is what rich people want, then these people won’t be loyal and easily sway sides.

            KT say in the beginning say that he is too lazy to do anything. Not even to rebel against anything that not his wish. KT just live life that other plan for him. It is until ES enter his life, this laziness begin to fade. KT saw how hardworking ES is, how hard a life ES has to make a living. KT saw ES as his motivation to do something for himself in his life. He always lie on his bed thinking. I’m sure he think alot but doing nothing about it all this while.

            Until ES left US back to Korea that KT decided to do something. KT decided he doesn’t want to live in exile anymore, he doesn’t want to lead this kind of life.
            ES is KT drive for KT to take baby-step to begin to take charge of his own life rather than follow thru what his dad and Won want him to become.

            ES just so happen to enter his life at the point where he is lowest in US. He is lonely, he has no aim in his life, no purpose. He is just a living corpse. Until ES become the reason for KT that he wanted to become alive again. No one else give his this reason, not even his real mum, or his “fiancée” Rachel can give him such motivation. KT is lukewarm towards them. But ES to KT is like a burning fire in his heart that he now desire that he want to do this and that now. KT for the 1st time has planning and strategy in his life. 1st time KT stood up against his controlling dad.

            Won saw how KT stand up for his love that Won has no courage to do for his own dear girl. Won sort of admire his little brother for his courage to stand up against their father and him. KT now learn not to listen entirely what dad and Won tell him to do, but now KT has a mind of his own and doing it.

            I think that’s how Won now see KT in a different light and begin to accept his little brother, slowing warming up to KT charm.

            Won begin to see himself teaming up with KT to go against their controlling dad whom he now know dad hire people following them all this years. How can a dad has no trust in his own sons? How can you face a dad like that? Won feel this is an insult to him. You can’t live with a person you can’t trust. Both sons hate their father, that’s what KT told to dad face. Dad know but just smile bitterly.

            Won told Secretary Yoon to buy shares under KT name…

          • leela

            Won told Secretary Yoon to buy shares under KT name and not under the fake company dad created under Sec Yoon name. Won want KT to officially step into the company. The brothers will combine forces. Only then they will become stronger, no longer a nothing in their dad eyes.

            The episodes onwards will deal with the title of this drama – The Inheritors. How Won and KT will fight and earn them their heir rights to the Jeguk Group that dad continuously tell Won that the company is not officially Won yet. Therefore Won has no right to make any decision in the company, or straight he has no say in the company even though he is the President Won but dad is the ultimate Chairman.

            Won feel now is the right time, for KT to be part of the company and not as an observer. Won see that KT is no longer under the influence of their dad nor is KT siding their dad. KT now has the drive to make things happen. Won need people to side with him. He fire all those staff that side with their dad. Only then Won can control back his own life and his love life, to be able to protect the one he loves. Won want his little brother to get his own lasting happiness too without their dad breaking the lovers up. Won does not want dad to keep on manipulating the brothers life as their dad puppet and control, to get what dad want and not what they want.

            See how trusting Won is towards KT. Won just left the name list of staff he’s about to fire on his work desk in his hotel room that Won now share the room with KT. Won never once thought of hiding his important company stuff, even now that KT stay in his room. Won trust KT will not leak any info to their dad. Won trust KT more than their dad, who never listen to whatsoever the brothers say all their life. Trust bring people together. Like how KT trust ES will bring a better person out of him.

          • leela

            Won do not want outsiders like Secretary Yoon and Rachel mom to gain access to Jeguk and make use of the situation to gain more shares in Jeguk Group.

            Won know KT engagement with Rachel will break no matter what, Won saw his little brother determination that he didn’t see before. KT in the past do not bother about anything, so Won may not know what KT think, but now KT has ES, all KT actions now will take into consideration of ES.

            It is better to work together with his little brother than with Yoon whom may still side with dad. He is shocked Yoon has so many shares in his name. At least KT faithfully love Won plus Won trust his brother and KT may not be interested in running the company. So KT is no longer a threat to him but his own dad, Sec Yoon, Rachel mom and other uncle is or even fake mom is a threat.

            To Won Jeguk is important to him that he is not willing to lose, so much so that he didn’t stand up for his own love. For that Won salute his little brother for protecting his love with ES. Won now is planning to do the same for his own love. But before that, he need to gain footing on Jeguk 1st. He need his little brother help for that. Yay for joint forces.

          • leela

            Even if KT tell Rachel nicely, politely, gentlemanly to please break off the engagement with me, will you, chaebal? Rachel will never ever do that. Rachel will just sneer and roll her eyes. She will say over my dead body. KT ignoring her call is way before KT met ES. KT even ignore his own mom calls, so what make Rachel more special than omma?

            KT know very well that if he treat Rachel nicer, it will be more difficult to break off the engagement later. Rachel won’t let him go. Will you let such a nice man to go? KT will only act worse so that Rachel will let him go, but KT do not know that Rachel inheritance is at stake if she let him go. As KT told Youngdo, KT has no choice in all his actions.

            Rachel do not talk sense, even if KT talk to Rachel sensibly about breaking the engagement. Rachel won’t listen to KT. KT know it is pointless to talk to her. Only by action, doing it, making her see for herself, that KT is serious about the issue, then it will make sense to Rachel. KT know Rachel since young, he know her character very well.

            Rachel won’t allow KT to break the engagement, Rachel mom won’t, KT dad won’t, fake mom won’t. Real mom has no say, no power, just follow the flow where riches and comfortable life is.

            One of the terms and conditions for Rachel to get her inheritance is to agree to the engagement and marry KT, be obedient to whatever mom say. Do you think Rachel will forgo all that? She is too smart to let go of her privileges that she has been enjoying all her life.

            Rachel is not a victim, she is smart. Rachel hate her mom re-marrying for more money. Her mom controlling her life is enough. Now with 1 more fake dad to control her life, is too much for her to bear. Knowing Youngdo character is such a mean person, fake dad won’t be better of. If not worst of.

            If by holding onto KT make Rachel behave so badly, then it is only wise that Rachel let go KT in the first place, even before ES come into picture. Only then Rachel can be a better person. A union between 2 person, will make each other better, if it make each other worst, then there is no point. It will be miserable whole life.

          • leela

            KT has to order ES to do this or that, not so much of a male chauvinist. As KT know ES has no confidence in their relationship. Their social status and wealth gap is too great to ever dream of being together. They have not even gain acceptance by Chairman dad.

            So before dad confront them together or separately, both of their mind has to be solidly strong in their stance and in one mind. They must boldly have this motto that they will be together no matter what happen.

            In order for ES not to have 2nd thought and to lose confidence half-way to future pressure especially from dad, KT has to take charge and be firm with her. KT do not want ES to waver and doubt herself. KT has to do this to make ES realise that this is not a midsummer night dream. But that the dream really come true. That it is no longer a dream but reality.

            KT know ES is a strong lady, who has a strong mind of her own. KT has to be stronger than her in order to lead her to him. That is true man. That is leadership. KT has slowly grown up. Not in his dad shadow. But he is his own man.

      • 10.3.3 Patch

        Normally I’ll take any Young do/Rachel scene I can get but the narrative telling me that she’s wrong to be angry at Tan’s behaviour has me fuming.

        It doesn’t matter how the engagement came into being he owed her some basic respect and he’s been treating her like trash. Pile on the amount of lying the Kim family has done and would have continued to do and I’d have my bitch on too.

        And Tan acting like the benevolent injured party? Give me a break!

        • TS

          Oh yes, and he acts like he’s the one injured and that she’s breaking their friendship.


          • Eileen

            Sometimes for me it is hard to believe that this writer is a woman. I am finally truly enjoying the show but KT may very well be the least swoon-worthy hero I have seen in a drama. It doesn’t rise to the level of absolute despise for me but he is really a WTF guy that I would advise my friends and daughters to stay away from.

          • moose

            lmao I was basically in disbelief when he said that he wanted to salvage his friendship with her but it couldn’t be done anymore. It’s like he doesn’t understand the idea of a friendship. You can’t ignore Rachel and all of her feelings 99% of the time and then think a friendship was going to somehow come out of that.

        • Lin_K

          @Patch – I agree that KT did R wrong in actively pursuing ES while he was engaged. It does not matter whether the engagement was arranged or not. Using the arranged engagement as an excuse to date another girl is like saying just because people have arranged marriages, it gives them the right to cheat on their partner. It is ridiculous. I do think R is a mean girl but most of, if not all, her anger and frustration towards Tan and ES is understandable; and Tan wronged her! [I feel like a hypocrite writing his because in another drama, when I saw a similar plot line, I was on the guy’s side (Or more like, I didn’t care to think the other side’s perspective). But there, the girl kept on saying that “It’s just business. My emotions are not involved. You can date whoever you want.” She said that until he started liking someone. Then she went crazy and sought revenge. Lol. Here, I am supporting R because she never told Tan that he can date whoever. Also now I understand why that other female character was angry and felt wronged too.]

          @Eileen – I don’t like Tan’s character either. Many are only finding flaws with YD and saying Tan is the sweetest guy ever. I don’t know if they miss all the ordering around, manipulation, stalking, and controlling of ES, and disrespect to his fiancee. Oh and Tan picked up a chair to hit YD this episode!

          • Eileen

            The chair! If that is not psychotic I don’t know what is :-/

          • bella57

            I agree. KT’s character treats ES, Rachel with such disrespect. He can say he’s over the fight with YD, but he’s one hot-headed guy. I would tell my daughter to stay away from him. He always throws the 1st punch. And then says; It wasn’t my fault. WTF who’s fault was it? YD, while making sure ES was safely behind him while KT kicked in the door, reached over and grabbed your hand to punch him? I think not. Take responsibility for your actions.
            I’ll say it again. YD is the most interesting character on the show. He is the little boy who is still pulling her pigtails to get her to look at him. But he never actively seeks out KT to fight (like KT does).
            I’m not sure I’d want my daughter to date YD either, I’ll have to see how his character grows. but he is overall more respectful and more honest about who he is and what he feels than KT.
            I like LMH, but not in this drama for reasons (other than his behaviour that I cannot understand). I actually liked him better when they were in USA. He was more relaxed.
            Go back and watch the scenes with YD and ES or Rachel. see the little signs/ show of respect. watch KT, it’s missing.
            for example, the pool scene. yes, YD let’s go of ES at the pool’s edge. and if the drama hadn’t shown it 4 different angles, that would have occurred in a milisecond. But KT doesn’t even see if she is okay; he’s ordered back to his room and he strides by her without a word, a touch, a glance. NOT TO Flipping mention, he just totally pretended he wasn’t with her. While he didn’t have to admit he was with her, he could have remained silent. Do you think YD got up to go after ES because HE knew she would be hurt by that remark. There is inherent goodness in YD. Watch when he walks pass ES, he puts the towel on her head (okay, that’s iffy), but he also pats her.

            And CY and BN cutest couple ever. Every one is growing and changing because of ES ‘s presence.

      • 10.3.4 TS

        Agreed on both your posts and Grumpy’s below.

      • 10.3.5 spi

        Good point. I do not like Rachel’s psychotic episodes at all but I do see where she came from. And I do think Tan should be blamed for the start of it. He’s such a bad man in general. Just like girlfriday I hate it everytime he barks orders at Eun Sang. It’s a bit disturbing to think about it since so many are crazy about Tan, largely because he is played by the hot LMH that they overlook the character’s terrible personality.

        • spi

          Arg dont know what went wrong but I meant to reply to kdramaddict’s comment above.

      • 10.3.6 Genki Escapist

        Protagonist centered morality. That’s my biggest beef with stupid Candy girl dramas like this one. That every girl who is positioned as a rival to the protagonist IS WRONG NO MATTER WHAT, JUST BECAUSE. Of course, guys who pander to the oh-so flawless heroine even to the point of antagonizing other people are completely fine. Pfffft.

        In the first place, Rachel had every right to be mad at Eunsang: for mocking her and for disrespecting her engagement to Tan. It was of course, wrong for Rachel to respond with slaps, and many a viewer seethed with righteous indignation.

        And yet, when Eunsang slaps Rachel, it’s something to celebrate, because yay–Rachel deserves it. Nevermind that Eunsang had her own slaps coming as well, because she’s not the innocent little lamb she believes herself to be. She went around carrying a teenage love affair with an engaged dude, her only qualm being their social divide, rather than the fact that THE DUDE IS ENGAGED.

        And no, it doesn’t matter if it was a loveless engagement, because an agreement is still an agreement. Love doesn’t justify everything, some things are also as important, like coming your promises and not treating your fiancee like total crap.

        But try to tell that to 90% of the viewers of this show.

        • Silverteem

          Completely AGREED!

          C’mon, it doesn’t matter if it’s a loveless engagement, but damn WHAT IF Rachel did fell in love with KT? Is it WRONG to have feelings to your FIANCE?

          RH is a bitch, yes. She is spoiled too, yes. But she never uses the information that she has until she’s forced to do so. Case in point, Ye Seol. She wouldn’t have outed about her mother if she did not outright badmouthed RH and her own family. She is by every definition, not a sociopath nor evil. If anything, her hating the entire marriage of her mother to YD’s father for the sake of money shows that yes, she doesn’t care about just the money, she’s disturbed by her own situation too. And damn, in a narration POV that’s what I called nuanced character.

          And before you people start yapping about pre-arranged marriage, do know that 16 is the age of consent to some countries, some even younger.

          RH deserved to be slapped? Wut? Up to this point she has remained silent and only ever acted upon reactively whenever KT and ES is concerned. She doesn’t terrorize ES 24/7 because she hates her, in fact she tries to stay away from her. But alas, they always end up meeting and on the most embarassing ways too for RH. Surely, she’ll be pissed given her character.

          And it’s good that someone finally pointed about ES not being okay about dating KT because of the threat that both she and her mother will be kicked out on the street, yet she doesn’t give an rat’s ass whether KT is engaged or not.

          Seriously this Candy crap it’s disgusting.

          • Windsun33

            In some countries the age of consent for sex is 12 – but in some cases the age of consent for marriage is even lower with parental consent, but that does not make it right. But we are talking about Korea here, not Sudan.

            The legal age for consent in Korea for both is 18, 16 with parental consent of BOTH parents. But in fact the AVERAGE age for marriage is nearly 32, and has been continually rising for years. And some estimates put the percentage of women that never (legally) marry as high as 15%. Some charts and stuff here if you are really interested http://www.jejuweekly.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=3234

        • jaglaine

          This is all happening because this KES writer-person is like a misogynist with tunnel-vision. Plus, she probably has self-persecutory delusions. In a nutshell, she’s mentally-ill!

      • 10.3.7 Lala

        You just said everything I have always thought & wanted to say. Rachel is just as much the “victim” like Tan is if not more. He was the one who treated her like crap since they got engaged & then pursued Eun Sang publicly like it was no big deal. This is why I can’t get behind the main OTP because it’s ridiculous how everything is being written & how we’re suppose to hate Rachel. I’ve never hated her, she’s very interesting & you can see she’s only acting this way because of Tan. Had he been nicer to her then I doubt she’d be this spiteful. Had he formally ended the engagement then he wouldn’t be dealing with the aftermath of her anger. It’s because of him and it’s so irritating seeing him play the victim card like she’s the one who started it all.

        • Silverteem

          In Rachel’s words:

          “What were you doing while my affection turned to hate?”


          • Dedi

            Good point. And it just underscores how KT will end up treating ES if he ever loses interest in her. She’ll go down the way Rachel did. One important rule of life that I’ve observed is whenever one gets into a relationship: pay particular attention to how the man treats the other women in his life (mother, sisters, girl friends (platonic) and exes) because he’s gonna end up treating you the same way, especially when the first high of love is over.

    • 10.4 Maude

      Nope. Your’re not the only one. Downright repetitious, I’d say. Yawn.

    • 10.5 GoldenDiva

      Ikr but u guys do realize its just a show right this isn’t happening in real life smh I wonder bout some of u smh evn harder😆

  11. 11 Kelinci Biru

    Oh my god, that bring your dad and bring your hyung is making me laugh so hard. Really cute.

    And the Myung-soo answer “She is, if Tan isn’t” is gold. Woohoo.

    From episode 10, I’ve been skipping Heirs because its getting too-crazy, but it seems I have been missing the funny.

    • 11.1 Windsun33

      Not really. I think this was the first one to have any funnies in for about 5 episodes.

    • 11.2 bishbash

      Myung-soo is spot on about Young Do’s first love.

      Young Don X Kim Tan. Period.

  12. 12 TS

    Urge, why is a first love such a big deal? If I ever saw my first love, at most I’d be mildly annoyed.

    • 12.1 momoi

      Because it’s their first love.

    • 12.2 ThisGirl RightHere

      And also because their in high school, and their only 18 (17, western).

    • 12.3 Windsun33

      In k-dramas it is a standard trope, used over and over. It seems that writers cannot get away from it, even though – like you – few take it seriously in real life. And actually, there was not a single girl in my high school days that interested me.

      • 12.3.1 zodd

        First Love rarely ever works out in the end. Eventually they break up and end up with someone else.

  13. 13 Stardust

    I don’t care of plot inconsistencies anymore
    I can rewatch the last min of this episode forever
    Can i say that he was literally and mentally undressing her
    That is sooooo HOT n suggestive
    Or do I have a dirty mind hahahaha

    • 13.1 Anne

      The last scene… yes! I was like: omo, he’s totally undressing her!! H-O-T!!

      • 13.1.1 Fun-Lugha

        Same here, lucky #€*$¥ 🙂

      • 13.1.2 TS

        I was so grossed out.

        • AdAl


        • Z

          I kind of was too. I know that he only took off her apron but the way they played it so suggestively, it was totally like he undressing her in the middle of everyone. Also, why can’t she take off her own apron and be like “I’m off now, let’s party y’all.” It’s only legit if T an says she’s ready to party with them? It’s not even his party!

    • 13.2 queencircles

      Haha. I was like, woah yeah we’re about to get sexy. lol

  14. 14 Ally

    I really liked this episode. Thanks you for recapped.

  15. 15 magickaito

    Thanks for the recap.. I really want this to extend with this pacing and to make up previous episode because it is so slow, boring and has recurring conflict and for more Bona and Chan-young cuteness.On the other hand im really excited for kim so-hyun drama…

  16. 16 Blkasian

    This was an amazing episode. I am so hooked on the ending show casing the couple joining the party. The characters really made me feel the intensity of their love. I wanted to trade places with his women..ok I can dream can’t I ? The next episodes can’t come soon enough. I’m so anxious now..lol

  17. 17 binbon

    “Nice to meet you Charity Case Eun Sang, I’m Bastard Child Kim Tan”…AIGOOOOOO..first world problems!? Like seriously? Couldn’t the writer get more serious stuff for these 18 year olds to worry about?? Well yea the uber-rich totally love bullying and shaming poor kids, we get it. You’ve repeated that concept 14 times now. Shouldn’t there be a stronger message to send out or something more moralising to teach if you’ve managed to capture the attention of the younger generation????!Pffftttt…
    And i hope they never extend, solely because what’s worse will only get worse 🙁 🙁 🙁 Im so sad -i have nothing else to watch except this high school crap and hence i’ve become nasty!! Mi-rae’s choice…PLEASE do not disappoint me this way!!!!

    • 17.1 Windsun33

      The fact is, the portrayal of all rich kids being like that is totally wrong. but can see that many of the watchers actually believe it I the truth. I don’t know why this theme keeps getting portrayed so much – you don’t have to be rich to be an asshole.

      BTW for what to watch – the new drama Pretty Man is hilarious. and Deja Vu s pretty good once you get past the one single noble idiot part.

      • 17.1.1 TS

        I’m going to try Deja Vu, then. pretty man already has me hooked.

        I hope this show doesn’t go past 20 episodes. It’s too long at 20 already. The only reason it’s got high ratings is that Secret ended. Please, no one who could extend it think any differently!

    • 17.2 arianne

      Please check out answer me 1994, if you can. That drama is awesome.

      There are several good Japanese dramas currently airing, if you watch those.

      • 17.2.1 spi

        Can you name a few good Japanese shows currently airing? On which website do you watch them? Thanks!

      • 17.2.2 eunyungah

        Reply 1994 is awesome! Daebak! love it! Its a well-written drama I can wholeheartedly adore, but Heirs is a deliciously bad one I can’t help watching ^^.

    • 17.3 Jane

      STOP WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18 Fun-Lugha

    Cute cute cuuuuuteeee 😉

  19. 19 Faye

    *A good subtitle for this episode would be “KES winks at her viewers.” Some of the plot points have been anticipated by commenters. Case in point: the Love That Dare Not Speaks Its Name between Young-Do and Kim Tan. Both ES and MS teasing Kim Tan about his first love Young-Do was epic, and of course we had another sentimental flashback by our heroes to their misbegotten youth.

    *ES telling Tan she was poor-outing herself and that she felt guilty for lying was something else many of us asked for. People took ES to task for pretending to be noveau riche, so it was nice to see her disavowing the lie. I liked that her journey paralleled Tan’s: she, too, had to overcome societal and self-imposed shame about something (poverty, like his illegitimacy), and she did it publicly, as he did. Now that they’ve both owned up to who they are, they’re ready to move forward together toward who they can be (God and the writers willing).

    *I cheered at Kim Tan and Eun Sang completely dismissing the people who are trying to hold them back based on those old prejudices – namely, Young-Do and Rachel. It’s sad in a way, because you know YD and Rachel are fighting and insulting them not only to keep a hold on them, but to maintain a connection. But our protagonists have evolved beyond that. KT basically telling YD to get a grip for his own sake –“I’m not here anymore” – was excellent.

    *I appreciated that while Eun-Sang managed to more or less keep her cool in the past in the face of Rachel’s insults, she really lost it when Rachel trashed her uniform and insulted her mother. It touched on another issue that viewers have criticized Eun-Sang for –being ashamed of her mother’s position. To me, when Rachel ruined that uniform, which her mother had worked so hard for, and sneered at her mother being the maid, it was almost as if you could see a switch being flipped inside Eun-Sang. She wasn’t ashamed of her mother anymore, and she damn well wasn’t going to sit back and let this spoiled rich girl tear her down. Yay for Eun Sang-Oma love! Wish we could see more scenes of them together, though.

    *I was less pleased with the physical violence. I have my favorites in this drama, but I still call them out when they do something I don’t like. Kim Tan knocking over the coffee table at the party was ridiculous (although, points to him for apologizing). I understood where Eun-Sang was coming from when she slapped Rachel, but I would have liked it better if she cut her down verbally instead. I have had similar issues with depiction of violence in a lot of K-dramas and Korean movies, and according to a Korean friend, this is a “cultural difference” I have to accept. So I’ll just leave it at that.

    *I was angry at Chan-Young for ignoring Bo-Na at first – it’s like kicking a puppy! But then they made up, so all was forgiven. And of course these two would have a make-up party. They are a welcome bright spot.

    *I am becoming more and more curious about how the stock/business plotline is going to play out. I know this is not a popular opinion :).

    *On the shallow side of things: Kim Tan, what in the name of Tim Gunn was that jacket you were wearing? And LOL at how we can tell Young-Do being so worried about Eun Sang he ran over *without his hair wax.* That’s true love!

    *Regarding the ending, I have to admit to a little swooning. “Nice to meet you, charity case Cha Eun Sang. I am an illegitimate, Kim Tan” is the new “You had me…

    • 19.1 Faye

      The new “You had me at hello.”

      • 19.1.1 Rachelle

        Only KDramas can make kissing on the forehead hotter then kissing on the lips…

        • Ivoire

          You can say that again, and it is actually true. That scene was just so sensual, and yet so innocent. I personally loved it, and thought it was well acted. I loved the soft light touch. A really nice way to end the ep. I wish Rachel had seen that.

        • Babs

          Agreed, anywhere else it’s just a blah thing… In a Kdrama, you have to swoon! LOL

        • Faye

          I agree! It was chaste in a way, but still very affecting.

          • Ivoire

            And I personally love it, when Kdramas pull things like that off, and come up with (creative) scenes like that. Even if we have seen that before, I still love it.

        • calliep

          I so agree with your statement.

      • 19.1.2 Ivoire

        You said it Faye! Btw, I responded to your comment in ep. 13, I don’t know if you saw it. Just thought I would let you know.
        Not only did I swoon about the last scene, I replayed it several times and enjoyed it each time. Now if I could only watch it in HD, my world would be perfect.

        Loved your commentary, btw. I also thought about you, when ES and MS told to KT and YD (respectively) that they are each other’s 1st loves. I wrote on my notebook, “Faye called it, a few episodes back.” Yes I did! (I take notes when I watch dramas).

        • Faye

          @Ivoire – Thanks for the heads-up. I will go back and check the episode 13 thread.

          LOL at me calling it. I can’t put that down to my powers of discernment – KES was pretty blatant about it. I did suspect she was trolling us, and this episode confirmed it. She clearly has a sense of humor!

      • 19.1.3 JD

        The last line was pretty amazing. The whole spotlight thing was pretty cheesy but when he said that line to her…. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ so much feels..

        Loved how Eunsang stood up to Rachel. AND. Loved Bona snapping at Rachel at the end. Hahaha. We almost had a catfight there for a second. Would’ve been awesome to see it actually. Both girls are pretty feisty lol. #QueenBonaFTW #teamBONA

        • Faye

          Yes, the last scene was a bit cheesy but it was the line that really got me.

          Bo-Na is one of my favorite characters. I definitely wouldn’t have predicted that in the beginning!

    • 19.2 Z

      I was laughing about Youngdo’s lifeless hair as well! His character does not have to same umph without his I’m A Tough Guy.

      • 19.2.1 Faye

        He really did seem to lose some of his mojo without the usual ‘do, didn’t he? It was pretty amazing.

    • 19.3 Lin_K

      And LOL at how we can tell Young-Do being so worried about Eun Sang he ran over *without his hair wax.* That’s true love! – LOL and agreed 🙂

    • 19.4 PlumWine

      Lol! “Tim Gunn” and Young Do ” without his hair wax” . Oh, that was really good! 🙂

    • 19.5 Windsun33

      I don’t think that random violence is just a k-drama thing. How many US cop type movies and shows have you seen where time after time some cop beats the crap out of suspects? I counted about 22,876 😀

      • 19.5.1 Faye

        I don’t watch those type of shows – largely because I don’t like that type of random violence. But in those cases it’s violent characters who are committing the violence. I still don’t like that so much of it is out there, but in my mind it’s different than the “romantic hero” of the piece throwing furniture all over the place. I had the same issue with Gu Jun-Pyo in “BOF,” where it seemed like he was kicking something or throwing objects every time he was frustrated.

        For what it’s worth – just the opinion of one person – but a close friend of mine who is Korean tells me I am “too Western” in my attitude toward that kind of “casual violence.” To quote her “Korean men are different. They get angry, they beat each other up a little, it’s not a big deal.”

    • 19.6 Vicky

      @Faye, Great post!

      As for KT flipping the coffee table (which was also mentioned in the recap), yes it was stupid but I kinda get it.

      It took me back to that cafeteria scene when YD had ES sit in the chair to be bullied and she didn’t want to get up after KT told her to.

      I guess it’s that whole when you love someone, you can’t just stand by and see them be ridiculed and humiliated. So sometimes you act irrationally.

      When KT arrived at the party, he didn’t know ES ultimate plan was to reveal her identity. The last thing he wanted was to see his GF serving drinks to snobby rich kids while they snicker and laugh at her. Telling her not to serve would NOT have worked. So he did the best thing he thought he could to get her to stop.

      • 19.6.1 Faye

        @Vicky – I think your explanation makes a lot of sense – you can sense the frustration on Tan’s part. And he is still in high school, so logic isn’t always one’s strong suit there!

      • 19.6.2 Windsun33

        @ Vicky – the problem I have with KT reaction is that he did not even bother to find out why ES was there, he just instantly flew off the handle and started trashing things. That is not a rational reaction, and I think KT has issues.

        • Vicky

          @Faye – Right!

          @Windsun33 – Yeah, I’m noticing that sometimes the bad guy or the old KT slips that now and then, with the irrational behavior and violence. I think that’s done on purpose by the writer to make him more authentic.

        • jaglaine

          But he did. The reason he flipped it is so that there’d be no drinks. No drinks, no ES to serve.

          • Windsun33

            So if your girl friend works for Pizza Hut, and delivers a bunch of pizzas to some place or guy you don’t like, you are going to run in and smash all the pizzas?

            Yeah, that will for sure get on the girls good side…

        • jaglaine

          He knew what was going on. He knew ES should be at her job. ES warned him that she would be at the party. She didn’t pick up his call. Rachel knew about ES. 1+1+1+1=4. So KT fast-tracked it to the party. Et voila!

    • 19.7 August

      Musings by Another Heirs 1%

      “Case in point: the Love That Dare Not Speaks Its Name between Young-Do and Kim Tan. Both ES and MS teasing Kim Tan about his first love Young-Do was epic, and of course we had another sentimental flashback by our heroes to their misbegotten youth. Case in point: the Love That Dare Not Speaks Its Name between Young-Do and Kim Tan. Both ES and MS teasing Kim Tan about his first love Young-Do was epic, and of course we had another sentimental flashback by our heroes to their misbegotten youth.”

      Totally! For me, Kim Tan and Choi Young-Do are the primary OTP. I am enjoying the exploration of their “Good Bromance Gone Bad” and the possibility of reconciling with each other. **School 2013! 🙂 **

      It was nice to see the characters bring to the forefront their “Former First Love Estrangement” by Myung-Soo to Young-Do and by Eun Sang to Tan. I loved the silent moment of reflection by both Tan and Young-Do and flashbacks of culpability that both played a part in contributing to their fractured friendship.

      “Kim Tan knocking over the coffee table at the party was ridiculous (although, points to him for apologizing).”

      Maybe this was another meta reference by writer Kim Eun-Sook to one of Lee Min-Ho’s past Kdrama characters – General Choi Young from “Faith.” It was one of the suspenseful action scenes in the finale Episode 24.

      Déjà vu:

      Cha Eun Sang digging through the trash bins near Kim Tan’s home in California for her passport and rubbing her face afterwards.
      Cha Eun Sang digging through the trash bins at school in Korea and rubbing her face afterwards.

      Cha Eun Sang invest in, actually utilize a pair of gloves, and learn to wash your hands. REALLY!!!

      Eun Sang slept on the couch in the motel room in California with Tan nearby and awake.

      Last episode, Tan slept on the couch at Myung-Soo’s place in Korea with Eun Sang nearby and awake.

      Parallels: (Emboldened to Tell the Truth)

      Kim Tan’s “Legitimate Second Son lie at Jeguk school.
      Cha Eun Sang “New Money” lie at Jeguk school.

      I may be in the minority, but I have to admit that I missed hearing ‘Love Is” OST at least once this episode. (Before you think to throw tomatoes in my direction…hearing it at least once in each episode is enough.)

      • 19.7.1 Faye

        @August -*waves* – Hey, fellow one-percenter! I totally missed the “Faith” reference, but now that you’ve pointed it out, it’s funny. I like that KES refers back to dramas that aren’t even hers – did you catch the “City Hunter” spoon reference in Episode 13?

        THANK YOU for pointing out the gloves thing. I forgot to mention it! I remember thinking “girl, I hope you washed and sanitized your hands big time after rooting through the garbage and before serving coffee to everyone” (although on a mean level, it would have been funny if she hadn’t).

        I’m maxed on the “Love is” songs but no judgement if you like them :).

        • August


          I saw it pointed out and discussed several times in the Episode 13 recap thread.

          Other Heirs 1% are gradually coming out of the woodworks…just browse some of the Friday Open Threads like #317 & #318.

        • dumzkeeee

          actually, i think the garbage Eun Sang was digging into was not real trash, if you noticed, it was more paper and cellophane. i don’t think they’d actually let any actor dig through real trash. hehe.
          but come to think of it, she did slap Rachel after digging through the trash, so it’s okay. lol

  20. 20 luvs

    the folly of loving bo na scenes: skipping around the episodes to catch her, then reading recaps and realizing you missed the best scene of her tantrum and fake injury because you always skip any scene where eunsang and kim tan are alone saying loving words with faces of no chemistry and you skipped too far

    • 20.1 dons

      me too!! i didn’t expect Krystal to be good in acting.. i always love watching just her and chanyoung’s scenes.. She is the cutest, most kind hearted character in this drama.. really just a breath of fresh air.. hope we get to see more of her and chanyoung.. i am sure they would be a great source of support for eunsang-kim tan couple in the coming episodes

    • 20.2 bonachanyoung

      are you me?! LOL

      bo na and chan young moments better be separate from kim tan and eun sang moments in later episodes.

  21. 21 TS

    What the hell with both boys getting almost violent with Rachel? That never happened in Gossip Girl.

    I think I’m done with this show. I kind of care about Rachel and Young do, and mYung Soo is funny, but that’s not enough to hang on to this. All the other side stories that could have been interesting, are too many to be developed properly, and so are just tedious. I don’t think I even care about vomiting Sunbae anymore.

    And I hate how sweaty both tan and eun sang look. Makeup artists, please wash the actors’ faces and use a dryer bb cream.

    • 21.1 Whatsthescenario

      LOL @ “That never happened in Gossip Girl”

    • 21.2 ilikemangos

      i will take that over an almost-rape by chuck bass any day.

    • 21.3 mina

      I’m seeing red over how both of the boys pretty much threatened to hit her this episode. Yet, no one seems to have noticed that happened. Everyone’s too busy gushing over how much Tan has grown and how sad Young Do is with his bleeding heart.

      • 21.3.1 Grumpy

        Yep. The way Rachel’s character has been handled in general says a lot about the effed up gender dynamics of this show. I mean, when they’re not too busy romancing Eun-sang by yanking her around and stalking her, they threaten to beat on another girl to protect her (also perversely represented as a sign of their epic love for Eun-sang). Ugh.

        • Windsun33

          Even though this was probably the best episode yet, I still have a lot of problems with this writer, and gross anti-feminist dynamic is the main one. I think this writer had a very screwed up childhood.

        • dramaddict


      • 21.3.2 TS

        Sickened me so much! I’m still mad. It’s going to take time for the icky feeling to go away.

        And of course no one give Rachel kudos for facing down Young Do and calling him out as a jackass.

        Yes, that’s the point of “I’m so offended, there’s no return.” Two boys physically threatening a girl (hit you in my heart is still a threat : he could have said, loathe you, hate you, will never marry you, will never speak to you) over another girl is the height of trash.

        • Eileen

          In the subbed version I watched YD tells Rachel when threatening to hit her: “I am not afraid to become an ass for Eung San”. If that is really what he said, then what the hell? Has he not been an ass all along? It was written like this powerful moment for Young Do but ugh ugh ugh.

        • jaglaine

          Because the writer KES appears to have a low opinion of women. Or is it that she has low self-esteem? And it’s coming out in her writing? Or maybe she has a twisted view of romance. Whatever! It sounds like she’s been wrung dry. Her creative juices are gone. KES, may I please suggest that you go take a long holiday in the Bahamas.

        • Fidelity

          It’s not okay for a boy to threaten a girl, but it’s okay for that girl to go around slapping people? Seriously, there’s no reason to award her ‘kudos’ when she’s voluntarily involving herself in the violence. She’s still a pissy bitch at the end of the day and should probably stay isolated.

          • Megumi

            Yeah that’s why men don’t take us women seriously, it’s okay for a girl to hit a boy but it’s wrong for men to hit women, too much double standard, always portraying and thinking ourselves as victims, my theory is if the attack on either male or female is unprovoked it should definitely never happen, but, if a female slaps a male or a male slaps a female both parties should be at least entitled to hit back as much as they got hit, like a slap for a slap and punch for a punch, a girl hitting a boy in my sense is as worse as the other way around. And the character in this drama who threatened to hit sweet Rachael have already been smacked before by her so why can’t they smack her face? Oh and gossip girl don’t blame the guys in the show for using violence, poor guys are just portraying what this writer who turns out to be a woman wants them to portray. It is her who is making the men in this show violent not the actual characters like kim tan and young do…and some western audiences who are talking like these types of violence only happen in Asian countries are very funny or what should I say ‘innocent’? to say the least…

        • febe

          As far as the Heirs fans are concerned, it’s okay for ES to slap Rachel but not okay for Rachel to slap ES. Similarly, it’s okay for the boys to threaten Rachel but not okay for them to threaten ES.

          But honestly, would you respect a boy who goes around threatening to hit a girl?

          Anyway, in real life, it is NOT okay for people to go around slapping or hitting other people, it may end them up in jail. But this is a kdrama, so…..

          • febe

            Anyway, in real life, it is NOT okay for people to go around slapping or hitting other people. Not only is this a totally unacceptable behaviour, it may end them up in jail. But this is a kdrama, so…..

      • 21.3.3 kat w

        I know I am going to be saying something extremely controversial — but — here goes.

        Why can’t boys hit girls, given the situation? If a girl is hitting a boy, or is doing/saying something extremely controversial, why not?

        Why is it okay for Eun Sang to hit Rachel, but not okay with boys threatening to hit her? If Rachel said something insulting about Young do, Kim Tan (or any boy)’s mother, do they have the “right” to hit Rachel like Eun Sang did?

        I’m guessing not, by society’s standards.

        Women like to cherry pick their standards. On one hand, they like to think themselves as “equal” to men and demand to be treated as such, but oh no to being hit for their shitty behavior by men. They’re girls, you know, you can’t hit a girl, but it’s okay (certainly even if disapproved of their violent actions, it’s better they hit each other as boys, than even using words to express how they feel (they want to hit Rachel but cannot because of society rules)).

        Anyway, I am not condoning domestic violence — of either women hitting men, or men hitting women.

        There is a double standard with that — it’s cute or okay for a girl to hit a guy when “angry” (whether in play anger or true outrage) (seen numerous times in kdramas, real life, American media), but totally not okay for a guy to do that in reverse.

        I didn’t see anything wrong with the boys using their words to express how they feel. Nor do I feel like Rachel, who is so liberal with her slapping and cruel actions, deserves any pity, much as Young Do (whom I like better) deserves any pity because of their behavior.

        Anyway — that’s not to say I truly appreciate the way gender dynamics are being portrayed in this drama — because I don’t.

        • Anduril

          Is it worse to hit a girl than to hit a boy? As a female martial artist, I have met people who have abandoned this idea and have met people who extremely embrace the idea. Both groups of people can be intelligent and thoughtful, and really care about the value of men and of women.

          Yet, at the end of the day, people who won’t hit a girl make me seething angry. It is insulting, no matter how noble the intentions.

        • Grumpy

          Hmmm, that’s an interesting issue that I don’t think there’s an easy answer to it.

          There’s the general argument that women typically are physically smaller than men and are built with smaller muscle mass. I mean, there’s a reason why women and men don’t compete athletically. That is not to say that there aren’t women who can give back as good as they get, or that all guys are strong. It’s just a general physiological difference.

          Beyond that, though, on a social level, hitting women is a loaded act. It’s implicated in a long history of women being kept down through physical abuse, discourses on how women should be kept down through physical abuse, and battered women being disempowered and silenced within sexist legal systems and frequently misogynist political systems. Saying that the taboo on hitting women perpetuates sexism is like saying affirmative action perpetuates racism; it’s completely disingenuous. Rather, the taboo is an acknowledgement that in this world, sexism remains deeply embedded within gendered power relations and gendered institutions such as marriage. Hitting women is not okay, and it will not be okay, until sexist power differentials are eliminated (ie, it will never be okay).

          As an aside, I’m not okay with violence, period. I’m not okay with it when YD and KT go around hitting each other, either. But them threatening to hit her to shut her up, or to put her in line, had gross gendered connotations that should not be ignored, because they will not go away.

          • Anduril

            Point. The arguments against it aren’t immaterial and can’t be easily dismissed. It is just that abstract awareness sometimes dims to the present realities. Because when someone tells you, “it is wrong to train with girls” it always feels personal, regardless of intention.

            I’ve known guys who don’t tell their girlfriends, “l’ll never raise a hand against you.” But instead say, “I’ll teach you, so that nobody will find it easy to hurt you.” To me, that is more equal and more protective.

            Perhaps the taboo is medicine to society’s ills, but the side effects are not trivial.

            In the show, the punching and slapping are immature but open conflict. Is KT “punching R in his heart”, and YD intimidation actually better? To me, it was a little more insidious. I will agree with you that all the forms violence the characters are choosing are wrong, and definitely NOT helping out their lives.

          • kat w

            Very quickly —

            I understand where the taboo against hitting women come from — however, I would argue that this taboo (men can’t hit girls) existed WHILE physical abuse, legalized sexim etc occurred.

            Anyway, I am not saying women are typically as strong as men either. I am raising a boy and a girl — it is amazing how their innate natures (stereotypical ideas of boy and girl occur — though both have interests also stereotypically for the other gender).

            What I am saying is that people should possibly not react to the boys’ treatment of Rachel as any worse than her treatment to others, or the boys’ treatment of each other, etc.

            As for the historical oppression, while I do think that statistically there are more abused women than men, the men face even more stigma if they are abused, and that’s not fair to men either by society.

    • 21.4 Reoh

      THANK YOU for pointing out the half ass job in terms of make-up. I have complaining since episode 1 about how oily Eun Sang is. And before someone comes in and says that maybe I should worry about other things about the show…don’t worry I am. But seriously, this is a freaking drama where I know there are takes inbetween scenes. So why is that after 14 episodes in, the two leads always look like they ran a mile while everyone else is pretty much flawless?

      I too love the show but not at all for the main couple. I actually could care less about the main couple and pretty much watch the show for everyone else. I can’t seem to comprehend how the writer made EVERYTHING about this couple when this show could have had so many good side stories. Instead we have everything revolving around this couple whose love story is still unconvincing to me.

      On a side note, I’ve never ever cared for the second male lead and always thought the male lead was rightfully so with the female lead. But, my goodness, how does anyone find KT interesting when there is YD in the picture? But to be frank, the main couple can stay together because I don’t want YD with ES anyways because she’s boring as well. Pretty much disliked her when she was being a selfish brat and blamed her mom for everything. So now we should feel bad for her? Um, no thanks writer.

      And I don’t get the Rachel hate. Yeah she’s a bitch but I still like her. I find her way more interesting and enjoyable to watch. Because, yes, watching drama go down is way more interesting than spending roughly 10 minutes per episode of the camera panning over the two leads with the same damn song playing over and over again.

      I love love love the Chanyoung-Bona couple. I wish there were more scenes with them and scenes about their relationship and not them talking about another couple. I’m pretty sure no one else expected this couple to be so lovable but gosh darn it…I need more of them!

      In other words, I would very much so appreciate a spinoff of this drama if the two main characters were not in it. This would be my ideal drama. But regardless, I’ll still watch the drama because I love the other characters too much to skip it.

  22. 22 Min

    I want to be Bo Na just so I can have a Chanyoung… even if she is sooo silly she’s so damn cuuute. and he’s the best boyfriend ever!

  23. 23 MsPriss

    OMG!!! Best episode EVER!!!!….So far. SOOO many things happened. Well lets see…I like that Eun Sang FINALLY slapped Rachel. Rachel’s character was obsessive to the umpth degree. Tan has NEVER had and feelings for her..like EVER. I love when Tan or Young Do come to Eun Sang’s rescue after she tries to humiliate her. Her annoying smirk melts away every time. I also like how Young Do developed as a character this episode. He wasn’t violent and even reflected on his relationship with Tan in the past and now. He realized the moment when he started to like Eun Sang. It seems like he has a conscience and feelings now. I wonder how long it’ll last tho? Will he beat the crap out of someone next episode? Does anyone else feel sorry that he has to bring his dad to school for fighting? Even Tan tried to help him outta that situation. OOOhhhhh, Young Do gonna get a beat’n. His dad gone woop his A$$! I hope they don’t show that. Too much violence in this show already.

    Bo Na and Chan Young are so cute. I love how they threw a “we got back together party.” These kids have that much money and are that bored??? Hyo-shin is Such a hottie and Myung-Soo is such a cutie pie! His aegyo is on a hunnit!I loved how Won gave his lil bro some sort of acknowledgement. Tan ate it all up. He was all, “Yay! My Hyung is speaking to me now. Horay!”

    It also seems like the, “One Who Wants to Wear the Crown Bear the Crown” is being set up here. We saw Tan in Won’s hotel room looking over documents. Then when Tan went to see secretary Yoon, he was informed that Won fired all the board members that were on Tan’s side. I think that’s when Tan realized the fight he’ll have in his hands.

    Eun Sang stands up to Rachel and gathers the courage to tell the school she’s in the social care group. I wonder if she drew the courage from Tan. He revealed his birth secret. That was super risky and methinks he’s REALLY REALLY gonna regret that decision very soon! You know, with all the family fighting for position. Like his uncles, cousins and of course his hyung. I loved the last scene where he takes off Eun Sang’s apron, takes the tie out of her hair and puts on a corsage. It was the sweetest moment yet. Finally show! You have finally made me think you were worth watching! Can’t wait till next Wednesday!

  24. 24 candycane

    Actually there are a lot of room for an extension of the drama… the kids will grow up (they are actually much older than their drama ages) and become CEOs of their companies, hotels, etc… and continue to fight for power… just like “Dynasty” 🙂

    • 24.1 Rushie

      Here’s my extension ideas:
      Episode 21: Purely Chan-young and Bo-na scenes. Their life after they graduate and get married.
      Episode 22: Madam Han deciding she deserves better than being treated like a concubine by the Kim family and moving out with Ajhumma.
      Episode 23: Hyun-joo and Hyo-shin getting together and starting a noona romance to end all noona romances.
      Episode 24: Tan and Eun-sang going to America together and living happily ever after.

      • 24.1.1 Vicky

        @Rushie, haha. Not bad ideas.

      • 24.1.2 Ivoire

        I would watch this, I totally would. I really love the ideas for ep. 21, 23, and 24. Someone should write a fanfic about BN and CY, and about HS and HJ.

      • 24.1.3 Wendy

        I would watch that

  25. 25 momoi

    What was the song playing at the end?

    Anyway, nice episode where lots of things were revealed.

    I feel bad sometimes for Young Do, but since he caused a lot of problems himself and was a jerk earlier, it makes it easier to not feel too much sympathy, which I think was a goal for the writer.

    Now with some major plot points revealed, let’s see what happens. Also, let’s see more Bona & Chan young and Hyo Shin & Hyun Joo please.

    Two questions though:

    1. Why did Young Do’s mother have to leave, and why can’t he ever see her again?

    2. Why was Hyo Shin throwing up in the beginning of the series?

    • 25.1 Yue-lie

      1. With a father like his, I would rather ask why Young Do’s mom didn’t run away sooner…and with her son…but once again, Evil Dad may have disrupted this plan!

      2. Hyo Shin seems to have a bit of an eating disorder ’cause of the pressure his family and especially his mom, are putting him through! He doesn’t seem to have a say in anything in his life because of his mom!

    • 25.2 Ivoire

      Hi momoi,

      1–Maybe YD’s mom left without telling the dad, to avoid some serious repercussions. She kept saying that she was in a hurry, and looked like she was hiding from someone. That is is just my guess…

      2–Some have said that Hs might be bulimic, due to the pressures his family puts on him. I don’t know if we will have some clarifications about that, before the show is over.

    • 25.3 Windsun33

      1. That is one of the many unanswered or ignored questions. And not just why did she leave, but why in such a hurry?

      And after 14 episodes I still cannot figure out why Tan gets blamed for El Jerko not seeing his mom for the last time – it was his fault that he refused to listen to Tan when he tried to tell him. Great way to avoid responsibility I guess, just blame everyone else.

      • 25.3.1 AdAl

        I think Young Do largely blames himself as he admitted in this last episode, but he’s taking it out on Tan because he can’t take it out on himself. I know its perverse reasoning – but who can say what’s in the mind of a 17 year old? I also think that Tan realizes this as well, which is why he’s so accomodating to Young Do because he feels somewhat responsible (though it wasn’t his fault). I watched the conversation between them over and over again. There’s a lot of hidden meanings in what they say, but the love and connection between them is palpable.

        You can tell that Young Do really cares for Kim Tan and vice versa, because even when they fight, Young Do is still protecting KT’s secret and looking out for him. He’s obviously worried that KT’s being reckless with his dad and is concerned for him.

        My heart bleeds for Young Do, it’s become apparent that the boy is depressed and is really missing his mom. Here’s an idea – why doesn’t he and his friend pool thier pocket money together and hire a Private Investigator to find his mom? He could have his mail sent to the school instead of the hotel (if he’s father monitors him the way KT father does his sons) and then go see his mom. It was obvious that she was running away from someone when she spoke to KT. Poor YD – it doesn’t excuse his behavior by any means – but it does shed light on his self loathing and agression to other people, particularly KT.

        • Lin_K

          After this episode, I want their bromance repaired. It’s true that YD never made Tan’s secret public even though he could have easily done it. They both care about each other.

      • 25.3.2 Lin_K

        YD admitted it this episode that it was his mistake. I believe he had a hard time accepting the fact and insisted that Tan was responsible.

    • 25.4 drisris

      I read that according to law the children of divorced parents stay with the father, remain on the family registry and the mother’s name is removed. (It might be an older law, or a repealed one, but still used in kdramas, and North Korea)

      • 25.4.1 Momoi

        Thanks everyone for you answers =)

  26. 26 Alinka

    Love all the punch-line. Will need to actually write it down to floor someone irritating, if there’s any haha

  27. 27 Niki

    Bona and Chanyoung wins Best Couple Award 2013 hands down

    • 27.1 Yue-lie

      Disagreed…Best Idiot Couple Award!

      • 27.1.1 lola

        i actually think they’re the best couple.
        minhyuk and krystal have natural chemistry with each other and just so believable as a couple
        it was hard to actually date when they’re of different social class but chan young and bo na did just fine
        and they’re just so lovey dovey and innocently cute together
        lol who else will throw a reconciliation party like them over some petty fight

      • 27.1.2 Niki

        LOL! In the words of Agnes….”It’s so fluffy i could die!! *raawwwrrr*”

        @lola: Hahah. i think Yue lie meant Pabo-Couple. Like Chanyoung and Bo Na are so in love that they turn into idiots for each other and make onlookers curl-their-fingers at their cheesiness. lol.

    • 27.2 Nancy

      Agreed. As long as Lee Minho and Park Shinhye doesn’t win, I’m good. They’re so boring to watch. And the “I wish they were a couple” award goes to Youngdo and Rachel. Hope to see Kim Woobin and Kim Jiwon in another series together.

      • 27.2.1 Patch

        Agreed on all fronts, and if was a plotty revenge drama with lots of angry eye sex I certainly wouldn’t complain 😉

  28. 28 katrina

    Best episode of the series so far. The last scenes between tan and Eun Sang were definitely superb! And Young Do, well, I like that he now takes the pained-bay-boy-with-an-unrequited-love character to a new level. looking forward to next week! 😉

  29. 29 Ace

    That spotlight! LOL.

  30. 30 Z

    1) Ok what is wrong with the guys on the show? I guess the real question is, what is wrong with the writers? Who told these being that flipping tables is a romantic gesture? Am I supposed to swoon because Kim Tan went to such lengths to keep his woman from making her own decision with her own brain which is arguable higher functioning than his own? Tonight is the night that I decided that I’m officially on Team Get an Education and Make Something of Yourself and Leave All These Neanderthals to Themselves.

    2) I literally raised my hands in a victory cheer when Eun Sang slapped Rachel (and refused to let her slap her back) only to lower them 15 seconds later when Tan showed up and she was back to jellyfish mode. How are you going to butt in to her private conversation and then start yelling at her like you’re her Daddy? Ugh!

    3) But then, Eun Sang’s itsy-bitsy spine made a comeback at the end when she (FINALLY!!) outs herself. To be honest, I found it a little anticlimactic. The way people were going on about this secret, I excepted a full on BOF Red Card Riot to break out in the middle of that party. Everyone is all “I can’t believe it. How could she do such a thing. Oh, Myung-soo started the music back up… that’s my jam right there!” And goes back to minding their business until Tan kisses her. Then it’s all back to “OMG! OMG!” It’s like the entire school is bipolar (no offense meant if any of you actually are bipolar).

    4) Glad Bona and Chanyoung are going strong, even though I thought he was a jerk for dragging the whole thing out and waiting until she embarrassed herself before he bothered to accept her apology.

    5) $10 says Hyo-shin never took that test. Also, I assumed that cheering crowd was well wishers of all the test-takers. My jaw dropped when I realized that they were all his fangirls. I hope that is not a real thing, ever.

    6) Can’t even pretend to be interested in the corporate intrigue except where Secretary Yoon is involved. I am so sure he’s got something up his sleeve and is going to come out the big winner when the dust all settles. What other reason could he have for playing both sides of the field like this?

    I know I had some other thoughts while watching this ep but they’ve already disappeared… much like the logic of this show.

    • 30.1 queencircles

      6 – That’s one reason I don’t much care for chaebol stories. The corporate stuff just does NOT interest me at all. NOT AT ALL. I couldn’t care less.

    • 30.2 luvs

      4) yeah no respect for chanyoung there, he doesn’t even apologize for the whole oh you’re embarrassed of me thing when he doesn’t even know what conversation she had with her friend but idk maybe he did in the unseen part before they threw the party

    • 30.3 Windsun33

      I seriously dislike both male leads. I hope that neither of them ever contributes anything to the human gene pool.

      That table flipping thing was just stupid – I guess the writer was trying to make him look macho, but what it did was make him look like some 12 year old throwing a tantrum.

      • 30.3.1 Grumpy

        lol YES thank you. They’re both neanderthals. I’m currently shipping Eun-sang and the lobotomized part of her brain–hopefully they can have a miraculous reunion, and then she’ll wake up and gtfo of that school. And hahaha yes, the table flipping was so so stupid and so Kim Tan and I just give up. I want to give you a high five or a fist bump or something.

      • 30.3.2 Eileen

        If the show were to let ES move on by herself with none of this nonsense puppy love and become an educated and successful professional I would seriously forgive everything wrong the writer has done so far and become her #1 fan. How awesome would it be that this sexist bias actually have a purpose for a bigger life lesson. Sigh, one can wish.

    • 30.4 alua

      Re 1) Yup. That’s why when GF wrote that Eun-sang would have been a noble idiot to transfer to schools to keep Tan’s secret, I only thought that, no, transferring schools AND cutting all contact with that bunch of neanderthal guys (Tan and YD) and poisonous girls would be the only sane thing to do.

    • 30.5 August

      1) Who told these being that flipping tables is a romantic gesture?

      Maybe this was another meta reference by writer Kim Eun-Sook to one of Lee Min-Ho’s past Kdrama characters – General Choi Young from “Faith.” It was one of the suspenseful action scenes in the finale of Episode 24.

  31. 31 Babs

    So I have to say only this… It’s getting better.., But it still needs a lot to make me happy! Thanks for the recap.

  32. 32 Vicky

    Please no extensions. They ruin shows by prolonging storylines that were already slow & repetitive to begin with (coughs Goong).

    I like the show a lot but 20 episodes is enough.

  33. 33 Rachelle

    I’ve just got confirmation that there will be filming this Saturday at my son’s school. I will update my blog as soon as I get back with photos of the filming.


    • 33.1 Rachelle

      oops, forgot to insert as a link.


      • 33.1.1 Faye

        Can’t wait to read the blog update!

      • 33.1.2 calliep

        Hi Rachelle:

        I tried to make a comment on your blog but could not because I am not connected to any of those profiles listed.

        Thanks for responding to my earlier question on Episode 13. How cool, he said “Hi” to you. Did he smile?

        So he would not take pictures with the fans but he would sign autographs. Did he apologize when he refused pictures? Does he smile to his fans or is he reserved? You said Woo Bin was joking with the other actors, how about LMH, does he joke and act friendly with the other actors too? In Faith BTS he was laughing and joking with Kim Hee Sun all the time. He was friendly with the staff and actors. He looked like he was having fun with Kim Hee Sun.

        Thank you for your blog, I hope you will tell more of what you saw there, your feelings and experiences. What the actors were doing, etc. It is so exciting. You are lucky to be able to see the filming close up. Can you understand Korean and hear the actors talking?

        • Rachelle

          LMH did apologize for not taking photos. My husband video taped a girl getting her autograph then refusing to take a picture with her. He was nice about it but quite firm. The main actors LMH, KWB and the kid that plays Chanyoung do joke around together. Chanyoung and LMH played 3 on 3 basketball together with some of the crew for fun before the filming of the gym scene in episode 12. LMH was really out of breath afterwards (smoker’s hack). Plus he sweated so much he had to wash up in the bathroom and his makeup had to be reapplied. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take any photos. I tried to sneak a few with my phone but they didn’t turn out very well.

          My understanding of Korean is pretty rudimentary. I understand the general meaning of the scenes because they have to retake it sooooo many times but I can’t translate line by line. Believe me this show is really motivating me to learn Korean faster. My blog is kind of a marketing tool for the school so I can’t be as candid as I would like on it. I will try to add more details in the next few posts and hopefully get some good photos. Thank you guys for your support.

          • calliep

            Wonder if you could post the video your husband took? Anyway just a thought.
            You mentioned that the men’s make up did not look as bad as on the screen where the lips looked really pink or red so it looked more natural then? Did you see them apply make for LMH up after his game and wash? You also said that he was out of breath (smoker’s hack), what made you say that. Does KWB and LMH smoke a lot? How many cigarettes did you see them smoke? How about Chan Young and the other guys? He should really stop smoking, bad for him.
            Does LMH play or joke around with the female leads too, e.g. PSH, Crystal and Rachel (don’t know her real name)?

            Looking forward to more posts on your blog. Thank you.

          • jaglaine

            Hah! I knew it! The production wants to save money by using the line, “Do you want to take a picture with LMH for payment?” Whereas in the US, people go for autographs, so it seems.

          • sai yau

            omgosh! lee min ho said hi to you!??!
            thats would make my life, 😀
            you’re so luckky!

    • 33.2 Babs

      Yay!!!! Thanks for sharing! =)

    • 33.3 Ivoire

      Yes, thank you!!!!!! 🙂

      • 33.3.1 Babs

        You should go back to Episode 13, I left a comment there for you… I think it might be helpful for you read it.

        • Rachelle

          Hi Babs, could you save me an hour and just re-post your comment here? Thanks

          • Babs

            The comment was for Ivoire. To you I only say ” Thanks for sharing… “

          • Rachelle

            You’re welcome.

          • jaglaine

            Thanks for sharing more of your tidbits and photos Rachelle.

    • 33.4 Rachelle

      Sorry guys, the filming was cancelled. The script for episode 16 is not out yet which is unusual. The last few weeks it’s out at the latest by Friday night. But as of now, 9:40pm on Saturday night, “all filming are suspended”, according to the film crew. I usually get notified by the school liaison of the filming schedule and originally they were planning for a Saturday filming. But I got a call this morning to let me know of the cancellation. I was hoping it was temporary because a couple of weeks ago they showed up with very little notice but so far no news on when and it there will be any filming this weekend.

      • 33.4.1 Rachelle

        Although there is no filming this week, I updated my blog with some tidbits from previous weeks and added a few more photos. Enjoy.


    • 33.5 kikidee

      Came to dramabeans to read comments about drama, follow a trail of links, end up with ideas for my classroom. Thanks internet! Whoever teaches 3rd grade at that school, I’m TOTALLY stealing her multiplication posters (though I suspect she got them from TpT, so off I go!)

  34. 34 pru22

    This episode was even better than yesterday’s. It was the SHIT! LOVED seeing kickass Eun Sang again from episodes 1 and 2. I hope she is here to stay

    Young do is an idiot but at least I didn’t want kick ass like in previous episodes. And his behavior got consistently better as the show went on. Also loving his new do and hope he keeps it. Now seeing what really happened the day his mother left, I hope he can finally own up to the fact it wasn’t Tan’s fault he missed seeing his mother. If he hadn’t been such an ass to Tan he wouldn’t have hesitated in that moment.

    But at least Tan tried to make things right. Something we all know YD wouldn’t have done back then. I hope by the time this show comes to an end we can have him and Tan’s bromance back on track. And him also calling Eun Sang his friend.

    Rachel is just a twit with serious delusions of grandeur. It made me sick to see her try and play Madame Han like lotto. And I knew she was going to take Eun Sang’s uniform. One of the best moments of the show was Eun Sang punching, NOT slapping, but punching her in the face and the hag had the audacity to look shocked. Like because she’s rich she can hit anyone but they can’t hit her back. Like I said, deluded.

    I thought the scenes with Bo Na and Chan Young were beyond adorable. It was so cute when she said he was the air she breathed and how she felt like she was in outerspace without him.

    I also enjoyed all of Tan and Eun Sang’s scenes and how they are such a couple now. The ending was so cute to me as well. Loved when he said it was nice to meet her and introduced himself as an illegitimate child.

    Loved seeing Rachel looking like the pathetic fool she has become.

    I’m, also curious to see how the fight between Won and his father is going to turn out. The look on the chairman’s face when he learned Won had fired all his people was hilarious. And he deserves it for his continued assy behavior in thinking he can move his sons around like pieces on a chess board.

    And speaking of chess boards…I’m also curious to see if Hyo-Shin took his test. And how his mother will react if he didn’t.

    • 34.1 selina

      during his conversations with Tan, Rachel, and then the brooding couple moments he basically says he knows it was all his own fault for missing his mom ands his dissolved relationship with Tan but was/has been laying it all at Tan’s feet because he didn’t want to admit what he already knew out loud and also because Tan is his first love and without all the idiotic desperate attention seeking behavior, oppa (Tan) would never look at him again. so he is an idiotic dumb dumb that finally after the zillionth time the words of “grow up and move on cause I’m done with hat past isn” is finally sinking in. aka from this ep forward i better see apologies, real redemption, and a repaired bromance (the potential for these things happening is the only reason i am still in this drama).

      • 34.1.1 Lin_K

        @Selina – Yes, the writer better give YD redemption and repair the bromance!

      • 34.1.2 Lin_K

        @Selina – Also Tan is not really YD’s first love, right? I thought theirs was a bromance and nothing more than that. I want YD to be straight. Lol.

    • 34.2 Lin_K

      @pru22 – YD still don’t know what really happened that day. The scenes with Tan and YD’s mother talking were Tan’s reflections.

      • 34.2.1 pru22

        I know it was Tan’s reflections we were seeing. But Young do knows enough info to realize if he hadn’t been showing his ass to Tan when he went to get him, thus making the delay happen, he would have gotten to see his mom for the last time.

    • 34.3 Faye

      “play Madame Han like lotto.”

      Hah! Loved this line.

      The business part of this is interesting to me in large part because it is being driven by the personal dynamics between characters. It was great to see the Chairman being surprised. The evil old grinch is so used to manipulating everybody for years that he’s genuinely surprised it isn’t working anymore. First Tan gives it to him and leaves, now Won – it’s a full-scale palace coup!

  35. 35 magickaito

    So happy that Young-do is acting more like a human being, i really love his scene especially his hair where he is waiting for Eunsang, he is genuinely concern for her i hope he and his first love Tan will make up.
    As for Rachel she totally deserve the slap.
    Also i really hate the stock thing or company war they brewing, show just continue to be in high school if your about high school students.

    • 35.1 Babs

      Although I hate the corporate stuff… It’s also kind of necessary because we’re dealing with High School Chaebols… Remember this kids are groomed to take over these corporations when they grow up, so the corporate fight is something that is necessary, now the lengths of which the writer is doing it here… I really feel annoyed at this. I want it to go back to the romantic comedy days where the melo stayed in the melo’s… I dont know about you folks but I’m getting tired of having to see more and more melodramatic elements in my romantic comedy… Ahhh I knew this was a risk with this writer, but even so. And here is another thing, the writing style for this is totally different than what I expected, I mean knowing it was a “school” drama I expected a different pace but this does not seem to be written by the writer that brought me tears with Secret Garden or the laughs and (more) tears with Gentelmans Dignity. IDK, I’m puzzled about this show now more than ever.

  36. 36 queencircles

    This episode was nice step forward. Glad to see progress in multiple characters (besides Rachel).

    Someone’s comment from last episode continued to make me laugh at how much Tan was FREAKING out at the broadcast room door. Like calm down, it’s not like he’s going to kill her. Lol great comment. I laughed though that scene again. And seriously…he was going to hit Youngdo with a chair? Seriously? These boys absolutely need anger management therapy for sure. Need to calm the F down.

    It continues to bother me how Tan yells at Eunsang. I REALLY don’t like it. Shouldn’t treat your girl like that, man.

    • 36.1 adette

      we have a lot of similar thoughts on some of Tan’s behavior in this episode :p When he picked up that chair, I was like, “really? you’re gonna hit him with a chair? y’all have issues.” and then how he always yells at Eun-sang to go away so he can talk to whoever. It irritates me sooo much. How can she like a guy who doesn’t even respect her enough to talk to her like a human being? argh..

      • 36.1.1 Lin_K


      • 36.1.2 queencircles

        Yes. Like I feel like the show is telling me that Tan is a better guy than Youngdo, but it’s really just showing me that they both are pretty abusive and violent. Like, too violent for just ‘boys will be boys’…more like felony assault and battery.

        And yeah, Tan doesn’t speak to Eunsang like a person who has an opinion. And he doesn’t listen. It’s not just that he yells her when he’s mad, but just the tone and what he says is degrading to her.
        Also, I forgot to mention the coffee table flip. So over the top and unnecessary, and definitely a example of abusive behavior toward Eunsang.

        This writer’s got daddy issues or something. . .romanticizing all this bad behavior.

        • namedx

          Yes, his tone is extremely condescending towards ES!! And it’s becoming more and more apparent by the eps. It doesn’t do his character any justice and it certainly doesn’t make him more macho!! But then, it’s not the first time I’ve seen male leads like this in a KES drama – it seems to be “her thing”? I dunno.

          • Megumi

            I just feel sorry for the real lee min ho and kim woo bin for having to portray these kind of jerk roles, it’s the writer who seems to be the main problem here not the characters, every time they act like jerks I always yell at my laptop asking the writer ‘Now why the hell did you make him act like that? she has been portraying men in every of her shows as vicious criminals and jerks, I don’t get why the need for her to portray men like this, if it’s really her goal to portray men like that then I say she has succeeded immensely, it looks like she truly detests men and wants us to detest them as well. Anyway the only thing LMH and KWB can take solace from is that the show is doing very well in Korea by hitting 20 percent ratings.

      • 36.1.3 Windsun33

        I detest Tans character. He is definitely bipolar, immature, and has all kind of anger and possession issues.

        • TS

          Oh, are you a guy, @Windsun33? 🙂 not too many on DB compared to the girls, so thanks for bringing in your POV. 🙂

          Your assessment of Tan as immature, bipolar, with anger and possession issues is spot on. I’m painfully dropping the show now (love Kim Woo Bin, so this is hard) mostly because of him and then because of Eun Sang.

          @momoi, @thisgirlrighthere Even as teenagers, especially as rich teens (I went to private school) people know it’s *only* a first relationship and nothing special.

          • TS

            Argh, I was responding to you under the first love part above when you said you there weren’t any girls in school you were interested in. This comment got misplaced (tablets, sigh).

          • Windsun33

            Yeah, I am a real guy, though outnumbered about 40 to 1 by the girls here 😀

  37. 37 momoi

    I should add that Woo Bin looks so different (and MUCH better) with his hair down like that.

    • 37.1 Grumpy

      His up do was slowly growing on me over the past few weeks. Then one scene with his hair down and all my progress is ruined.

    • 37.2 Thandy

      I agree, it makes him look gentle and vulnerable , more approachable.

  38. 38 DDee

    Wheehee! This show is back in my good books! It’s been a great week of episodes.

    I’m mostly thrilled that Eun Sang had her moment and outed herself. Which I was so mad at Kim Tan when he walked in and messed it up, but then, she fought right back for it!! And he stepped back and supported her. Fist-pumps all the way! The only thing that would’ve made it better would’ve been if Eun Sang had taken off her own apron and smiled and kissed him instead, oh but hey, I’ll take what I can get. Where have you been all this while Eun Sang?!

    And I hope that Young Do’s change of hairstyle at the end signifies his change of heart? Please let it stay that way.

  39. 39 thecandymonsterblog

    Helll nah. The plot is slow moving enough as it is, don’t drag it out. This is the last time I start watching a Kdrama before its available in entirety. Torturous viewers’ existence.

    So many things I found wrong with this drama.

    Choi Young Do needs some more action – in both character motives shown and in the love dept. Could’ve been given WAY more in the party scene, the studio/workshop scene, sigh. So many times.

    • 39.1 Lin_K

      Lol. I don’t get tired of CYD.

  40. 40 Garrdan75

    Thanks very much, girlfriday, for the recap! 🙂

    At long last! This drama is starting to roll in better fashion with decisive moves by our main leads.

    Such wonderfully cute and engaging exchanges between Tan and Eun Sang, Tan and Won, Bo Na and CY, even between ES and Tan’s Mom…loved this episode!

    I love Tan’s Mom! What a delightfully funny, sweet and gentle-heart she turned out to be…at times a bit naïve and ditsy, but nonetheless, a kind heart. She’s growing attached to ES and I’m bettin’ that she’ll come round soon and be a staunch supporter of her son and his gal!

    I’m a huge fan of her and ES’s Mom…what a gloriously funny pair…thoroughly enjoy every exchange and interaction between them.

    I’m looking forward to more big and little bro moments spent in getting better acquainted and bonded.

    As for Young Do—he still makes my heart ache with sadness. sigh…he has changed, though it’s been too slow for my liking.

    Cannot wait for the next episodes…

  41. 41 Ally

    what I dont understand is if he publicly announced he is a illegitimate child or was that just him n CES talking to each other after the party was back i swing….??

    • 41.1 Whatsthescenario

      Me either. He was loud enough to be heard by anyone standing within 10 feet. So did no one else hear it????

    • 41.2 Z

      I was wondering that too. It seemed like Rachel and Youngdo heard it but maybe they were just annoyed at the coziness. No one else reacted until he kissed her so maybe they music was too loud for them to be overheard?

  42. 42 Eileen

    Except for Rachel and the controlling moments of Tan, everyone was awesome in this episode. That includes Tan when he was being serious or cute. I really don’t dislike him. I just have issues with his issues.

    YD is backing down and it was a little heartbreaking to see him like that but it’s not like he doesn’t deserve the hurt. One of my favorite scenes was when he was trying to figure out how much he likes ES. LOL at his expressions! I watched that scene like 3 times.

    And I finally, finally felt happy to see Tan and ES as a couple in that very last scene. Yes!

    • 42.1 Lin_K

      @Eileen – I am super glad that YD is moving on from ES. It is not worth to get shot down each time by her. On the other side, it is good that this unrequited love will open his eyes and make him change his bad behavior. Love his new hairstyle too! He looks more gentle and kind like that. The scene with MS was really funny and loved YD’s expressions 🙂

      • 42.1.1 Eileen

        Hi Lin_K! I am loving seeing Woo-Bin bring on the cute! I like him even more after this role. As for YD, I don’t think he has really moved on yet. He has retreated because he realized that ES is not into him and his was an useless pursuit, but I think he still really likes her.

        Nonetheless, I too am very glad he is mellowing down. Other than the beginning scene and his grabbing of Rachel outside the cafe when she tricked him to find ES’s job (which ugh! – I hate the violence, no matter how much of a bitch she was) he was very well behaved in this episode. All in all not great, but baby steps. I’ll take them.

        He looks super handsome with his hair down. I hope he is too bummed out by his unrequited love to remember to buy more hair wax! 😀

        • Lin_K

          Hi Eileen! I like that you like KWB more after this role. I am bummed when people say that they come to like him less because of YD. It is a jerk character but WB did a great job portraying him. As for me, before this drama, I only knew that KWB was LJS’s friend. Lol. However, I watched him here and became his fan 🙂

          I guess you’re right about YD still liking ES. He rushed off to find ES after R texted him, even WITHOUT his hair wax 🙂 True love. Hehe. It’s too hard for me to see him heartbroken; so, when he gave up his useless pursuit, I was happy. Probably that’s why I believed that he has moved on. But you’re right; he still really likes her. I hope they will give him a nice girl too; and his mom.

          Yes, baby steps are good. I gladly accept them. Yay! YD is on his way to being redeemed! 🙂

          Haha @ the hair wax comment.

          • Eileen

            Lin_K, I don’t know if you will see this but have you watched School 2013? I’m thinking no since you only knew WB as LJS friend :D. I highly recommend that drama if you are liking WB, the whole drama is good and cute!

  43. 43 Whatsthescenario

    Honestly ,the best part of this epi were Chan young and Bo Na. Their mock fighting and making up was more fun to watch than mopey Eun Sang. I’m so glad she FINALLY gave Rachel the slap she deserved. Because, honestly, these kids are in HS. What could they really actually do?

    • 43.1 Thandy

      Chan Young and Bo Na are so cute , they were extremely fun to watch . I was so glad Eun Sang gave Rachel that slap, she deserved it .

  44. 44 Zoee

    Thanks for the recap. I drop the show, but i still want to know whats going to happen. Thats why i love recaps, an hour turns into a few minutes! This way i dont feel like am wasting my life on a boring show.

  45. 45 whatis

    Too bad – finally things are looking up, but I’ve lost my interest already.

    Hope fiesty Eun sang is here to stay! for everyone’s sanity

  46. 46 CM

    This week’s episodes have almost entirely redeemed this series for me. I just wish the pacing and action started 10 episodes ago instead of now -.-

    Strong Eun Sang is SOO much more enjoyable than Spineless Eun Sang. I loved how she stood up to Rachel, but, seriously, why so much violence in this drama? I was thinking of my own life and how much I’ve wanted to punch or slap someone in the face but have never acted on it, but in this drama it seems to be a daily occurrence. Even my guy friends rarely punch each other even if they’re angry.

    I am fully behind the Eun Sang and Tan relationship-against-the-world, but I HATE how he orders her around like she’s a child or a dog. I would be so mad if a guy spoke to me like that. This writer seems to really enjoy the macho male dominator type that I find so ughhhh

    Other than that I can’t wait till next week!

  47. 47 colleen


  48. 48 joojew

    i died at so many parts in this episode, from a flood of different emotions – tears of relief that things are finally making sense, fistpumping at small breakthroughs and swooning the romances.

    1. young do’s confession to tan abt being left behind
    2. tan’s striptease hahaha
    3. young do’s refusal of the band aid and his doubling back again
    4. eunsang’s breaking point/slapping rachel for degrading her mom
    5. youngdo and tan’s little counselling session
    6. hyun joo’s awesomeness and maturity at handling these idiotic kids, really.

    and just when i thought it wasn’t possible to keeping dying and coming back to life again,

    7. youngdo appeared without his hair wax

    omg died and never resurrected after <3

    anyway, i have alot of appreciation for the cast… i dont for a moment doubt that they acted the hell out of these illogically written characters. i can just imagine them picking up the script previous episodes and thinking 'oh, gotta fight again?' 'why am i fighting again?' 'ah to hell with it, it never made sense anyway' – just not being able to understand the characters rationally and bringing across a performance that is carried alone by their acting chops but fails on the front that requires them to be convincing because they are actually convinced of their characters. tsk. but things are finally making sense now, except for the violence. kudos to these actors and actresses (L

    • 48.1 CFLH

      no.7 i’ve been waiting for that moment…haha

  49. 49 ilikemangos

    hahaha.. uh is heirs starting to give us some meta?

    “cant you see we’re in a love triangle”
    “you need an envelop of money for a conversation like that”

    We need more of those, more of chanyoung+bo na, more of character growths (fiesty eunsang, more of plot movement and LESS of the same fights that i swear take place in different locations but sound exactly the same. I get deja vu everytime i watch rachel and young do and i end up zoning out (yes. i have conditioned myself through heirs to start falling asleep when i see their faces, despite Woo bin’s charms.)

    KES just needs to get rid of the same stuff she’s been recyling throughout heirs and give us more of what she’s been given in these last two episodes. Heirs would be a much more enjoyable ride had we seen these developments MUCH sooner. absolutely against the extension if they decide to do so. heirs should have been a 16-er

    • 49.1 Thandy

      I don’t think it should would’ve worked as a 16-er because they dragged out the issues in the beginning , and it’s kind-of still dragging , we’re at ep 14 and it just starting to get exciting really. They would have had to fix it up a lot more for it to hold up as a 16-er . I too am against an extension even though i really love watching LMH.

  50. 50 cocoa

    This drama is going downhill and fast. It keeps getting cornier and cornier every episode, it’s becoming painful to watch. I don’t like that Tan throws a fit and always resorts to violence with Young-do. It’s at that point where he should be using his words instead of trying to beat sense into Young-do.. literally.
    I don’t like that Tan and Eun Sang relationship either because there is so much drama. Why is he always bossing her about? It’s annoying, she is an 18 year-old woman and she can decide if she is going to go ahead or go straight. Why does she need to be told? Anyway, I’m glad this drama is almost over because it’s time.

    • 50.1 Dha12

      Well stop watching it! No one is forcing you to. Keep your depressing comments somewhere else!

      • 50.1.1 tura

        I totally agree ……. No haters needed

      • 50.1.2 Kiara

        He/She has as much right to comment here just as much as you do whether you like his/her comment or not. No one is forcing you to read it.

        • Gian


        • Dody

          you know how some of the Heirs fanbase are very sensitive with criticism! don’t know why can’t they accept other peoples reviews even if they are negative! some like it, others can’t like everything in it! so what! it’s a drama! and this one unfortunately slow paced with flawed plot! of course some people will comment on that!

    • 50.2 Windsun33

      I also hate that Tan treats ES like total crap where she has no say in anything, no right to have any opinions of her own. Her only function for him is to be a jellyfish. Sadly, though this episode was better than most, the writing and general atmosphere that the writer sets just sucks.

    • 50.3 Thandy

      I like their relationship (though it needs improvement) but Tan needs to stop shouting/ordering her about, it annoys me when he does that and Eun Sang needs to stop allowing him to have so much control. In regards to him and Young Do, I think it’s because of how he feels about him that it’s harder to be rational , so maybe it’s easier expressing himself by acting out violently then talking .

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