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Heirs: Episode 15
by | November 27, 2013 | 297 Comments

So, it only took us fifteen episodes, but we finally get to the point—the heart of the conflict that’s been brewing between brothers, and the future that defines every choice Tan makes. And despite every effort to not become next in line for the crown, Tan finds out just how little it matters that he never wanted to wear it in the first place.


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While Tan and Eun-sang recreate the G-rated version of Secret Garden upstairs, Young-do takes Rachel aside to give her a talking-to for calling Eun-sang here on a catering order. He lets her off the hook since Eun-sang outed herself as poor, but warns her that this is as far as it goes.

She just scoffs at his concern and asks if Eun-sang knows he’s tripping all over himself to be her black knight, and he says of course not—that would be embarrassing. Myung-soo comes down and tries (very badly) to distract them but they overhear other girls gossiping anyway about the kiss upstairs, and Young-do leaves dejectedly.

Hyo-shin arrives and for some reason Rachel gets a devious glint in her eye as she makes him promise to come up to the party. He takes a call from Hyun-joo first, and she screams at him in a panic. As suspected, he never even took his college entrance exam. She says his mom is furious and worried, and he promises to tell her where he is if she comes alone.

Meanwhile, Madam Han pulls Mom into Chairman Dad’s study and tells her they’re about to break into the safe, so now Mom is complicit in her crime. Ha. She tries every birthdate and anniversary she can think of to crack the code, but it stays locked.

Suddenly Mom goes all MacGyver with pencil shavings and blows the dust onto the keypad, showing the numbers used most. Madam Han tries Won’s mother’s birthday—aka his first wife—and it opens.

She digs around until she finds the spy pictures of Tan and Won with their respective girlfriends, and then her jaw drops at one picture in particular, which we don’t get to see yet.

At the party, Tan and Eun-sang continue to make moony eyes at each other, and Hyo-shin joins them, lying all the while about how the exam was a piece of cake. When Rachel returns she asks Tan if he’s happy now that he’s told the whole world about his poor girlfriend, and he genuinely says he hopes she finds the same kind of happiness.

But she’s blind with revenge and says she’s given up on him ever liking her, but she’ll be damned if she’ll let him be happy without her. Yeesh. And with that, she marches over to the group, throws her arms around Hyo-shin, and plants a kiss on him. Huh? He’s as surprised as she is, and then of course that’s the exact moment when Hyun-joo arrives.

Her eyes widen at the scene, and Hyo-shin clocks her entrance but doesn’t push Rachel away. Rachel tells him this isn’t about feelings—she just wants to take him away from Tan by making it uncomfortable for them to be friends. O…kay.

But then to her surprise, Hyo-shin says this isn’t about feelings either and goes in for another kiss, all the while looking over at Hyun-joo. Bo-na finally has enough of all the limelight-poaching lip-locks around here and declares her party ruined.

Tan follows a very drunk Eun-sang out, and asks what on earth she had to drink at the party. She swears she only had three helpings of juice, ha, which of course was spiked before she got to it.

She’s a cute drunk, and Tan thinks her even more adorable when she’s tipsy and smiling freely. As they walk down the street she calls out to him: “Hey, Kim Tan! Very handsome Kim Tan. Kim Tan who walks over whenever he sees me. Kim Tan who suffers misfortune because of me. Kim Tan, I like you now, sincerely.”

She reaches for his hand and he frets about how cold she feels, and takes both her hands to warm with his breath. You two are so cute when you’re not arguing about social hierarchies.

Madam Han interrupts the cute moment with a phone call and tells Tan she’s discovered a way to get his engagement back on track. She admits it’s kind of a low blow, but is convinced it’ll work and tells him to apologize to Rachel first.

He sighs and asks if she still hasn’t given up on that, explaining for the billionth time that this isn’t what he wants. He doesn’t want to live as a fake anymore, but she counters that no matter what anyone says, he’s still Jeguk Group’s second son.

Tan asks if he can’t just be Mom’s son, and if that isn’t enough for her. Aw, that pangs my heart. He wonders, “If I’m not Jeguk Group’s second son, I must be nothing to you either,” and leaves her reeling.

At home, Hyo-shin faces his sentence with his epically stern parents. Dad surprises him by saying that since he’s going to take another year to retake the exam, he can choose to study whatever he wants in school, and suddenly Hyo-shin lights up.

But then Dad follows it up with, “And then you can just go to law school after that.” Oy. Hyo-shin says he has his own dreams and pleads with his parents to just get mad instead of being so stifling. But they continue in their calm Stepford manner and Dad simply counters that he has dreams for his son too, and that’s the end of that.

Hyo-shin skipping the exam becomes the big story at school, and contrary to Rachel’s Big Plan That Made Sense to No One, Tan is as friendly as ever and more concerned about how Hyo-shin is dealing with his hellish parents.

Hyo-shin apologizes for the second kiss, saying it was unplanned but he just wanted to show someone. Tan jokes: “As long as it wasn’t for me.”

Eun-sang gets cornered by some mean girls after gym class, and she handles it pretty well. Young-do comes by to play the black knight, and whadduya know—he doesn’t even resort to violence, and gets them to back off using fairly civil words. It’s a freaking miracle. Does your hair programming offer personality software that comes with?

Eun-sang even thanks him and he resists being labeled the black knight if it makes Tan her prince charming, joking that he’s got the better complexion to be the prince.

Eun-sang points out that they seem to be talking to each other just fine without him having to lord her secret over her head, which catches him off-guard. And to think, you could’ve just been this nice from the beginning and then I would’ve loved you.

He gets called away for more detention duty with Tan, which gets conducted in silence today… that is until Young-do’s dad and Won walk through the front door together. Oh. Crap. It’s actually so terrifying that they momentarily forget they’re fighting, and instantly revert to little kids.

Tan: “Did you tell your dad?” Young-do: “Did YOU tell us on us?” Tan: “Did you show him your report card?” Young-do: “Can we say I hit you?” Pwahahahaha.

Director Jung sits the foursome down to talk about the fighting, and to their horror, their 98th- and 100th-place test scores. I’m cringing in secondhand embarrassment.

After the meeting, Young-do’s dad needles that his son’s IQ doesn’t seem to translate to grades, but then adds—with a hint of pride in his voice—that he finally beat Tan at something.

Won is horrified at Tan’s last-place finish, and shames him until Tan promises to do better. Won: “Is it even possible to do worse?” Lol.

But Tan just smiles, admitting that it feels great to have Won yell at him because he assumed hyung wouldn’t give a flying rat what his grades were. Can you guys hug now? Too soon?

After the parent-teacher conference, Hyun-joo passes by Won in the hall without a word. He breaks the silence first with concern over how unwell she looks and asks if school life is hard on her.

She says it’s okay for now but the students will treat her very differently once the story breaks that she’s a poor charity case. He assures her that the story will never be published, and when she asks if he had anything to do with that, he walks away without answering.

Tan’s mom meets with Rachel’s mom as planned, but surprisingly the thing she asks for is to call the engagement off. Gasp, you finally heard what he was saying. Rachel’s mom is as condescending as ever, declaring that the matter is something outside the mistress’s purview.

So Madam Han takes out the big guns, and shows her the photo she found the other night—of Rachel’s mom making out with Manager Yoon. I love how sweetly Madam Han goes about the blackmail. Rachel’s mom fumes but agrees to break the engagement once and for all.

Hyun-joo assigns group reading projects to her class, and though Eun-sang agrees to join Bo-na and Chan-young’s group, Tan and Young-do appear at her café. Together. Suddenly we’re friends now?

They’re not about to take no for an answer, and she knows better than to think they’ll read a book, so she makes them share headphones and watch the movie version together. Ha.

It goes pretty well for a little while, but then henchmen in suits suddenly show up to escort Tan home. Young-do even offers his services if Tan wants to make a break for it, but he decides he has to face Dad at some point and agrees to go without a fight.

Eun-sang watches him go worriedly and leaves work early to go after him. Young-do guesses that she’s angling for a ride on his motorcycle, and pretends to give her a hard time about it before agreeing (though he adds that she’ll owe him one).

Tan goes home to face the music, and Dad is raging mad about the broken engagement, thinking that all of it has to do with Eun-sang and asking if he has to resort to dealing with her before Tan will wake up.

Tan doesn’t back down either and threatens to never see him again if he touches Eun-sang. Dad confiscates his phone and computer and locks him away in his room until further notice, and posts his henchmen at the exits.

He asks his mother if she really broke his engagement, and she says she wanted to do something for him for once. She says she was happy because today she got to be his mother. He presses his luck by asking if she’ll rescue him from his room, but she ignores that request.

Rachel is sobbing at the news of the broken engagement, and asks her mother why she had to take it this far. Mom is as cold and calculating as ever, and thinks she did her daughter a favor. Rachel finally says the thing we’ve all been thinking: “Don’t interfere in my life from now on. And don’t try to sell me. I’m not this season’s newest item.”

Young-do drops Eun-sang off at Tan’s house, and takes a moment to enjoy the fact that she’s hanging onto his jacket for dear life. But when she gets to the front gate, she finds guards posted there and realizes Tan must be trapped inside.

Young-do muses in a bit of meta: “It’s the chapter you can’t watch without tears. Title: Attack of the Chairman.” He says more than half of the players in this chapter are usually bodyguards, and guesses she won’t even get to see Tan while living in the same house.

She promises to repay the favor and heads inside, and Young-do thinks her brave for offering when she doesn’t know what he’ll ask for. Uh, should I be worried?

Eun-sang finds the whole house littered with guards, and Mom asks if they can’t hurry up with the move, worried this will come down on Eun-sang. She says the current tenants are still living in the apartment she found, but agrees to try calling.

She texts Tan to check on him, which of course only reaches Chairman Dad. He’s busy having a group conference with his wife, his mistress, and his secretary, which sounds like the start of a dirty joke, but isn’t.

He orders Madam Jung to find Won a top-notch girl to marry or face being cut out of the family, warns Madam Han that if she continues to raise Tan this way she’ll end up with nothing, and tells Manager Yoon to clean up the stock war and hand in his resignation.

Apparently his crime is taking no one’s side in the war, which Chairman Dad thinks is worst of all: “If you don’t choose an enemy, then you don’t have an ally.” He demotes him to Tan’s private tutor, and says he’ll consider not firing him depending on the outcome.

Manager Yoon tells Chan-young he got fired, and Chan-young takes it pretty well, saying that he’ll become the big earner from now on. He asks if they have some savings though, and when Dad plays dumb he yells at him like a wife. They’re cute.

The next morning Eun-sang goes to school alone and confides in Young-do about Tan’s predicament. Young-do barks at her not to assume they’re friends all of a sudden, which is pretty confusing because you’ve been acting like you’re friends now, but whatever.

Tan tries to go to school, but Dad stops him and tells the guards that they can pretty much do anything to Tan to keep him trapped, as long as he’s still breathing. And you wonder why he’s rebelling?

Instead Manager Yoon shows up to resume his lessons about the company, and Tan rejects the idea flatly, saying he has no desire to learn of their sordid family tree and why his aunts and uncles and father hate each other over the amount of stock they own.

He says he was ten when they first started these lessons, and back then he wondered why his mother had none of these shares that everyone else had. In his naïve way he had asked Won what he’d have to do to get his mother more shares than Madam Jung. He says now that he’ll never forget the look on hyung’s face, and has no desire to take what belongs to Won.

Eun-sang ignores Young-do’s insistence that they’re not friends, and sits down in front of him at lunch in the victim’s chair. His threats just bounce right off of her now, and she just tells him to eat.

All the other kids stare, but then even bigger news breaks: Tan’s birth secret comes out in the press. Everyone else chatters around them about whether or not it’s true, while Young-do asks Eun-sang quietly how many guards are at the house. Aw, are you gonna spring your non-friend from his prison?

Chairman Dad fumes at the leak, and counters it with a leak of his own. He has the stocks transferred to Tan and repaints the picture as a war between princes for the crown, letting the press go to town on the legitimate/illegitimate heir drama.

Young-do shows up at Tan’s house with a team of bodyguards in tow, and tells Chairman Dad very politely that he’s here to do homework because he has a group project with Tan. Hahaha.

Chairman Dad actually praises him for being so diligent about his schoolwork, and he gains access to Rapunzel. He tells Tan about the news leaks, which of course has him itching to escape his tower.

Tan asks for Young-do’s helmet, and then walks back out posing as Young-do, which looks hilariously suspicious. The guards try to stop him but he manages to get out behind Young-do’s line of bodyguards, and then the henchmen just fight each other.

But it turns out to be a decoy—it’s Young-do after all, and Tan uses the diversion to run out the back and hop the wall like a badass. Gah, you would make me wish I was watching City Hunter right now.

He runs straight to Won and pleads with him to listen, swearing that he didn’t ask for any of this. He even offers to give hyung all his shares to prove how much he doesn’t want to fight this war, and asks what he has to do to make hyung believe him.

Won says he can give up his shares and go back to the States and never return—then he’ll believe that he means it. Tan’s eyes fill with tears, and he asks how hyung can tell him never to return so easily.

He promises to give him everything if he just lets him remain here and doesn’t throw him away. He’s offering everything in exchange for love… but still, Won refuses. BAH. Why??

Tan’s heart just breaks right then and there, and he steels himself to fight back. He says he just changed his mind and won’t give him anything. “You want my shares? Then try and take them.” Oh noes, that hug is totally off the table now.

At the same time, Dad is offering Eun-sang a choice. We don’t hear what the options are, but I think we can guess.

Tan comes home as Eun-sang is leaving the study, and they cross paths in the living room. He’s about to walk past her in silence, but stops to hold her hand for just a few seconds before letting go.

He barges into Dad’s office to say he just lost a son today, and asks why he insists on having his two sons go to war when Tan was content to find his own path and let them all be at peace.

But Dad says the future of the company rides on there always being someone next in line—Won on Dad’s heels, and Tan on his brother’s heels. Tan doesn’t understand why in this family he can’t be a brother or a son, but declares through tears that from now on he has no father.

Dad: “That is the weight of the crown you wear. Endure it.”

Eun-sang steadily makes her way past the guards and up the stairs, and as she does, we go back to the choice Dad offered her.

He says that if she breaks up with Tan now, he’ll send her anywhere she likes. If she doesn’t, she’s free to date him for two weeks without intervention, after which time she’ll have to go wherever Dad sends her. Uh…those are her options?

She finally reaches Tan’s door and knocks. He asks how she got up here, and she shushes him with a playful smile.


Guess she’s made her choice. Two weeks and then the guillotine it is. Not that we expected her to choose anything other than the nobly idiotic option, naturally. I suppose I should be happy that we finally managed to get to the central conflict of this show, but I admit I’m a little underwhelmed that it plays out exactly as expected, as outlined in the very title and premise. It’s more of a problem that it took fifteen episodes to even get to this at all, but given that this is the pace you choose, couldn’t there even be one twist on the very straight version of this tale?

That aside, as a standalone episode it was much better than what we’ve been given before, in that everyone actually behaves like a person I might have sympathy for. The boys were looking out for each other, Eun-sang and Young-do actually seemed like they could’ve been a coupling to root for in a universe where he hadn’t been a terrible person for fourteen episodes, and I even felt a little bad for Rachel. I was really happy when Madam Han stepped up to give her son what he really wanted, and when Won showed that he might care about Tan after all when he was yelling at him about his grades. But le sigh, I guess the brothers are doomed to just repeat history.

I find the brothers’ fate to be tragic (mostly ’cause their dad royally sucks), but their conflict has been sidelined for so long that it became almost an afterthought, and now we’re just picking up where we left off, with no change from where they were at the start of the show. Fifteen episodes and zero progress seems awfully futile, though I suppose to some degree it’s the way Tan feels about banging his head against the giant boulder that is his father and always coming up with the same bruised noggin. In the very least from this point forward there’s a war on, which means that something will change from the status quo, and Tan will actually—and literally—have to put his money where his mouth is. I just hope your girl doesn’t get deported while you figure out how to choose her.


297 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Faye

    Episode 15 was predictable, yet enjoyable. I thought we saw character growth for some people, which was also nice.

    *The awesome: the sweet little moments between Tan and Eun-Sang. Who cares if they were cheesy? I love cheese (in my food and my K-dramas). Eun-Sang’s giggling tipsily and Tan blowing on her hands was just so . . .sweet. The quick but firm hand-grab when they passed each other in Tan’s house at the end was just a perfectly done expression of support.

    Young-Do and Tan hesitantly rekindling their romance –er sorry, their friendship- was also nice. That scene with the two of them sharing earphones in the café – KES was definitely winking at the audience with that one.

    *In terms of character growth, Young-Do knows that Eun-Sang wants Tan, not her, but he’s not blackmailing her and is actually helping her. Huzzah! His trying to threaten her when it was obvious he was just being a paper tiger was such a half-hearted effort. I’m trying to hold on to my hate a bit, but something about his Unwaxed Hair of Vulnerability is making me feel for him. I must be unduly influenced by all these sentimental holiday ads I’ve been seeing lately.

    *Tan’s mother blackmailing Esther and speaking up to his father took so much courage. Here is a woman who has no status and is very vulnerable, but she cares enough about her son to risk everything for his sake. Eun-Sang’s oma must be rubbing off on her.

    *Hyo Shin still worries me, but I’m glad he is standing up to his parents. I hope things end well for him. He and Tan are a shoo-in for runner-up in the Bromance of the Year Contest.

    *Won – I wanted to like you, but you are making it very hard. Le sigh. Come on, dude. Don’t you see you’re playing exactly into your father’s hands? Is that really what you want?

    *On the other hand, Chairman Evil Daddy is beyond redemption. Using Tan’s illegitimate status to drive up the stock price and get publicity? Disgusting. The way he treats the people closest to him, like toy figurines there for him to play with and move about at his will, is just horrible. I don’t know why they don’t all just join forces and roll his wheelchair off a cliff. In particular, I thought his line to JS threatening her with a divorce was very telling. I’d said in an earlier episode thread that I found it hard to believe he couldn’t get a divorce if he didn’t want to, and I was right. I think he enjoys keeping JS on the hook as a wife, while keeping Tan’s Oma as his piece on the side who is so ashamed of her status that she is even more dependent on him.

    *I did LOL at his telling Yoon to do his dirty work with Esther, give back the shares . . .and then get fired. Maybe you should have had him do those things *before* you told him about handing in a resignation letter. That whole “maybe I’ll accept it, maybe I won’t” was B.S.

    Line of the night: “I don’t do the middle” by Kim Tan. So true, in every way. Boy does not do half measures.

    Thanks for the recap. Happy Thanksgiving to the recappers and all the American commenters!

    • 1.1 Ally

      I loved that line too and agree he doesn’t do anything by half measures.

      I was beginning to like Won and then wam! he totally blow it… all tan wanted was a little love in exchange for all the shares.

      Yoon should leave/resign cause there are probs people who would value his loyalty much more somewhere else.

      • 1.1.1 Lisa-Loo-Loo

        I still like Won. I don’t think he hates Tan at all. Not sure why he can’t just melt the ice though, because you can tell he wants to. I need some form of bromance in this drama, lack of it is causing me to not sleep, and making my complexion not-so-pretty. So, Won/Tan, Tan/Young-do…Heck i’ll even take Youngo-do.Won (ahhh that’s so pretty – mental picture). Drama you better bring the bromance in the next episode or we’ll be having words.

    • 1.2 Roggy

      “He waxed hair of vulnerability” HAHAHAHAHA NICE.

      It almost rivals GF’s “does your hair programming offer personality software that comes with it?” LOL

      • 1.2.1 Windsun33

        Someone has been playing too many online fantasy games. Wasn’t it Everquest II that had a “wig of vulnerability”?

        • dashi

          Haha unwaxed hair of vulnerability… FTW

        • Faye

          I’ve never played an online game before, or heard of the one you mentioned, so I’ll have to take your word for it :).

    • 1.3 serioussuzy

      what character growth? you meant personality transplant.

      young do was an awful person for 14 episodes, and suddenly he’s a good person and kim tan and eun sang’s new best friend.

      and this plot device of kim won and kim tan fighting for jeguk is studpi… there were suggestions that the other relatives (brothers of dad and their families) would be trying to take control of jeguk.. so what IS the purpose of kim won and kim tan fighting each other when the brothers should join forces and fight together…

      this writer seriously has no plot, she willingly adjusts the characters and the story for maximum impact/to have conflicts/whatever needed to be done…

      • 1.3.1 shepo


        WHY don’t just Dad makes WON and TAN work together ????
        (in another recap on koala,it’s said to make the share price rises up, somebody please tell me the logic behind IF THERE’S INTERNAL FIGHTING IN A COMPANY THEN THE SHARE PRICE WILL RISE UP????…I don’t get it at all)

        and, so eventhough we get it that Chairman Daddy HAS TO BE the bad person in here, why WON should also be this bad toward TAN???? If you think about the benefit, then the benefit of making TAN your ally is much much greater then just pushing off TAN to US…I really want to know why the writer can’t make it like this???

        Gah,,the conflict in this drama, except for the conflict of the kids, I really don’t understand the reason behind,,too far away from the logic….

        • Eileen

          @shepo. The way Rachel’s mom explained it is that since the 2 brothers will be fighting for control of the company they will be expected to buy more and more stock (from others) to increase their own shares, and thus try to out-power the other through number of shares. Since there will be this share war between the two of them, prices will go up because investors expect the brothers to buy them no matter what the price, they will be in high demand. I don’t know if this is realistic for a family company or not but it was the explanation given and it kind of makes sense.

          • Windsun33

            I read that possible explanation on DF, and I don’t buy it. Neither of them has enough money to buy any significant amount of shares, even if they wanted to.

          • Eileen

            Yeah, that’s the “kind of” part I was referring to. However, it could be more of a thing of expectations. Stock prices go up and down based largely on speculation of what will happen. I don’t know.

          • serioussuzy

            but the kim tan and kim won are not the only ones who will be fighting for control… what if the other relatives are waiting for this time too to buy shares and take control of the company. there are ongoing lawsuits against the dad for having control of jeguk filed by his own brothers.

            and how can kim tan even buy shares at his age and with what resources? his stocks right now are given to him by the dad on his birthday. and if kim tan’s dad will help kim tan by buying shares for him… then there’s no point to this kim tan and kim won fighting each other too, no? the dad should just pick kim tan as his successor and give him all his shares so that kim tan will have major control. also, if the dad really is leaning on kim tan being his successor even if kim tan did not want it before… then kim won was right to feel threatened all along, no? they should have emphasized that point much earlier so that the audience will at least know where kim won is coming from with his treatment of kim tan.

          • spi

            I also think they changed writer since episode 13 :))

        • atz

          I thought that there is a new writer for this episode!! as if almost all characters have a bit different personalities.

          • Windsun33

            That thought crossed my mind early in the episode also.

          • ean03

            ditto.. Totally thought the writer changed.. So did the hair people, now if they would just fire the fuschia pink lipstick makeup personnel.. hmmm — come on Heirs– i’m giving you another chance, come on, you can do better

          • TF

            So it’s not only me that thought so! Should i say this episode is the best so far? Sigh.. how i wish i become the writer of Heirs -_- Don’t know why, but the plot is predictable and sometimes too good to be true.

        • ChoiEuaMi

          A business perspective: If the brother’s are constantly competing for the top seat (higher percentage of shares) they have to hold the most shares, they have to keep buying more which drives up the price, which makes the stock attractive.

        • Marina

          Agree!!! 🙂

      • 1.3.2 nomad

        Character transplant <– that's the WORD! He wakes up one morning and becomes…HUMAN? I don't mind him being human, but what the heck happened in the middle?

      • 1.3.3 Patch

        YD’s sudden personality change gave me whiplash, did someone from on high demand Young Do become a more typical second lead?

        I’m not liking the new hairstyle, the other one had grown on me, and at least four other characters have exactly the same look.

        • queencircles

          I miss his old hair too, though he’s cute either way. It was definitely more distinct. I guess it matches his transformation to a less distinct character…

          I do really wish this change had come sooner. Woo Bin is just so freakin adorable when he’s not being a complete dick.

      • 1.3.4 Faye

        No, I meant what said.

        To me, character transplant would have been if Young-Do was indifferent to Tan, then started helping him. Because the opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s a lack of caring, ignoring someone entirely. That is never what we saw from Young-Do.

        Young-Do has done some awful things to Tan ever since he came back to Korea. But you can’t constantly engage with someone without having very strong feelings for that person. At first, even his pursuit of Eun-Sang was clearly about needling Tan. The flashbacks did a good job of revealing that YD’s conflict with Tan stems from Tan “keeping” him from his mother. Now granted, that’s ridiculous logic. But it makes sense to him.

        The point I’m trying to make is that all along, YD was clearly still enmeshed with Tan and reflecting on his relationship with him. Look back at old episode thread discussions, and you’ll see many Bromance jokes. When feelings are that strong between people, they can switch in how they’re expressed. Think of exes who fought and cursed each other, but somehow end up back together. Happens a lot.

        Also, consider last week’s episode, in which YD and Tan reflect on the end of their relationship. YD finally acknowledged to himself that he couldn’t blame Tan any longer for the bad ending with his mother. Was it gimmicky? Sure. Buy it laid the groundwork for episode 15.

        In summary, people may not like YD’s change of heart, but saying it’s a personality transplant that comes out of nowhere ignores a lot of what we’ve seen before this episode.

        To me, another point to consider is that YD’s actions weren’t just about Tan; they were in response to the Chairman. YD has a thing about bullying fathers, doesn’t he? When I saw that scene of YD with the chairman trying to wheedle his way into the house, it seemed like he was itching to punch him. By springing Tan, he wasn’t only helping him, he was sticking it to the Chairman. He may not be able to best his own father, but he can get the better of Tan’s.

        • Pepper Fish

          To me, YD merely has his claws retracted. I definitely don’t think he’s been declawed. It might seem like a pretty drastic change to have such a bad guy become a little nice, but there’s the potential that it will only be temporary.

          First of all, I think he was really hit hard by ES’s rejection. She’d rejected him a number of times before, but I think the last time in episode 14 finally sunk into him. He hasn’t quite acted the same since. I see him as being emotionally wounded right now. How he recovers from the rejection is the big question! Will he end up reverting back to the way he was or will he finally start to mature?

          Second, he wasn’t completely on team KT/ES this episode. Though not openly antagonistic, most of what he did during the episode was self-serving. He now has both KT and ES owing him favors. It’s a change in strategy than how he was interacting with them in the past, but I still see him trying to manipulate the situation to his benefit. What he will do with those favors is anyone’s guess.

          Third, I always found it interesting that YD does have friends (Bo Na, Myung Soo, etc.). Though one might question the quality of those friendships, I’m assuming at the very least that he isn’t terrible to everyone at all times. I guess we’re finally seeing what he’s like when he isn’t actively at war with people.

          It’ll be interesting to see what he’ll do in the next five episodes. Will he have a complete character change and maybe decide to not call in those favors, standing by as the two love birds have their happy ending with a said smile on his face? Or will he finally turn all his antagonism towards his father where it rightfully belongs?

        • tisyamey

          I don’t think it was so much as Kim Tan “keeping” Young Do from his mother but that it was Young Do’s being hateful to Kim Tan when he found out about the truth behind Kim Tan’s legitimacy. Possible that Young Do feels that since it was his anger at Kim Tan that made Young Do miss meeting his mother, if he concedes that he was in the wrong, what does he have left… still ridiculous of a logic here, but he had to hold on to his anger because if he doesn’t then he would have to really place the blame on himself, apologize to Kim Tan [but pride gets in the way]. Kim Tan also left to go to America so maybe his anger about the Tan’s birth was replaced with anger that his only friend [even though at the time he was being mean to] abandoned him… just like his mom.

          I’m trying to give rationalization… but halfway to my doing so, I get more confused! lol..

          Make it up to us show!!! Have Young Do and Tan do a shower scene [separately though] for not less than 5 minutes EACH for the next episode!!!

    • 1.4 Ivoire

      Hello Faye,

      Speaking of the cheesy scenes, you are not the only one to like them, and and find them sweet. I go to Kdramas expecting some cheesy, because I find that they usually do them well, and I enjoy them and I buy into them. Heck, I would even buy my own wine to enjoy the cheese. :-).

      I loved the points you made in your commentary, and I agree with many of them. Happy Thanksgiving back to you, and to those who celebrate it.

      • 1.4.1 Faye

        Thanks, Ivoire. I was going to wish Happy Chanukah to people as well, but I am probably the only one here celebrating that :).

        • Ivoire

          Hello Faye! Sorry this is so late. I was going to ask what Chanukah is, but I found the explanation on Google. Is it too late to wish you Happy Chanukah?

          • Faye

            Thanks for the good wishes! Chanukah is 8 days and nights and we are only midway through, so it is not too late :).

    • 1.5 Windsun33

      @ Faye – first of all I want to say that I am very disappointed that we once again agreed on some things. Don’t let it happen again.

      I think evil daddy is beyond evil, I think he has passed over edge into megalomania, and not so borderline at that.

    • 1.6 Saturtledaisy

      “I don’t know why they don’t all just join forces and roll his wheelchair off a cliff.”

      I luff this line. Would solve 90% of the problems.
      But then… there wouldn’t be any drama, now would there?

      • 1.6.1 Faye

        True! There’s the rub. Maybe for the last ep? 🙂

        • zodd

          Character transplant is a good word to use for this ep NOT character growth.

    • 1.7 August

      Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today!

      Episode 15 had multiple scenes that really stood out, it was full of one-liners, and striking dialogue from several characters.

      – Party scene with Lee Hyo-Shin/Kim Tan/Cha Eun-Sang/Lee Bo-Na/Yoon Chan-Young

      – Safe cracking escapade of Park Hee-Nam and Han Ki-Ae

      – Mother/Son scenes of Han Ki-Ae and Kim Tan

      “I don’t want to live as a fake anymore, Mom. Why are you a fake? Whatever anyone says, you’re Jeguk Group’s second son. Then, what about you? What? Is just being Kim Tan’s mom, not enough? If to you, too, I’m not Jeguks Group’s second son, then I’m a nobody.”

      – Scene between Kim Tan & Lee Hyo Shin discussing the National College Exam

      “So are you okay?”
      “What hell are you living in? It doesn’t seem like you’re living above the clouds, either.”
      “I just wanted to show someone.” “That somebody isn’t me, right?”

      – Scenes of Choi Young-Do and Cha Eun-Sang in the gym and cafeteria at Jeguk High School, at her part-time job, and on his motorcycle/motorbike

      “If you heard that as if you can actually talk to me, then it puts us both in a difficult situation.”
      “Don’t always gang up in groups. You have to learn how to live life on your own, too.”
      “Who’s the black knight? If I’m a black knight, then is Kim Tan a prince who rides on a white horse?”

      “We can’t have these conversations as friends? Who’s a friend? Why am I your friend? Don’t draw the line. Before I completely cross it.”

      – All of the scenes with Kim Tan and Choi Young-Do

      “Kim Tan, let’s do homework.”
      “The son and father are all having a war, you have to surpass your dad to get the crown!”
      “Right. Let’s see when you surpass your dad by doing the dishes.”

      – Window washing and Parent/Student conference scenes with Kim Tan/Choi Young-Do/Kim Won/Choi Dong-Wook/Jung Ji-Sook

      “Did you tell your dad? Did you tell on us? To your brother? What about the report card? Did you show them? -Can’t we just say that I was the one that hit you?”
      “President Kim, do you know what rank Kim Tan is at? 100th. 100th. Nationwide? Out of 100 students. There’s no middle for me.”
      “Your IQ, has no relation with your grades it seems. But…you beat Tan for the first time.”
      “I’ll do better. -Well, is there any way you could do worse?”

      -Han Ki-Ae and Esther Lee in the restaurant discussing the breakup of Rachel and Tan’s engagement

      – Classroom scene with Jeon Hyun-Joo her students the literary work assignment

      – Scenes at Cha Eun-Sang’s part-time job with Kim Tan and Choi Young-Do

      “It’s pointless asking you guys to read the book since I know you won’t…Watch the screen. And don’t fight. Pretend like you two are in a different universe.”

      – Scenes at home with Kim Tan/Han Ki-Ae/Kim Nam-Yoon

      “At home, why is he the Chairman? Is father still your boss?”
      “I took care of that. I wanted to do what you wanted. Because I’m your mom. Don’t you regret it? I don’t. Today, was the first time I was your mom. My son held my hand, and took me out of my room. That’s why I’m trapped in my room. This time, you try getting me out.”

      – Rachel telling her mother (Esther Lee) “Don’t think about using me as your business, either. I…am not a product for sale this season.

      – Cha Eun-Sang and Choi Young-Do outside of Kim Tan’s house

      “This is a chapter that we cannot see without tears. Title: The Advancement of the Chairman…You can say that in…

      • 1.7.1 August

        “This is a chapter that we cannot see without tears. Title: The Advancement of the Chairman…You can say that in this chapter, most of the characters coming in will be bodyguards. At this time, there’s no dad and son. They’re fighting, man to man.”

        – Scene with Kim Nam-Yoon/Jung Ji-Sook/Yoon Jae-Ho/Han Ki-Ae

        “I didn’t betray anyone and I didn’t become anyone’s enemy. I came all the way here without lining up. That’s why I am being fired right now. That’s right. Having no enemy means there’s no ally.”

        – Conversation between Yoon Jae-Ho and Yoon Chan-Young while eating dinner

        “I didn’t know that not hurting anyone meant not being anyone’s ally.”
        “I can’t understand everything, but I’ll cheer your failure.”

        – Kim Tan’s confrontation with the bodyguards and his father (Kim Nam-Yoon) while trying to leave his house for school

        “I’m going to go to school. If you have something to tell me, I’ll listen when I get back. There’s no need. If it’s hard to control him, you can hurt him. Put him back in his room. It doesn’t matter as long as he can breathe. I’m going on a walk.”

        -Discussion between Kim Tan and Yoon Jae-Ho

        “My “elder mother” held a lot of shares, but why does my mom not have any? Then if my mom happens to get any shares, then would she be able to hold my hand and go out in public? That’s why I asked. “Hyung, my mom, if she wants to have more shares than President Lee, what should she do?” Hyung’s expression at that time, I can’t forget it.”

        – Choi Young-Do’s scenes at Kim Tan’s house during his home confinement

        “I came to do homework. We have this homework assignment for English and Tan and I are in the same group. We have to watch movies together, read books, and have debates. But since Tan missed school today, my schoolwork is a mess.”

        – Choi Young-Do’s posing as Kim Tan’s doppelgänger

        “So full of doubt, these people. Oh, my hair is messed up.”

        – Kim Tan’s escape from home à la “City Hunter/Faith”

        – Office Scene between Kim Won and Kim Tan

        “So, look at me, listen to what I’m saying. And trust my honesty, hyung. Honesty? Do you trust yourself? What moves people is the situation, not honesty.”
        “I said that I won’t be a distraction for you! Hating me, mistreating me, ignoring me, I can handle it. But how can you throw me away again? How can you tell me to never come back? I’ll ask you for the last time. Hyung, do you really have to be like this?”

        – Kim Tan and Cha Eun-Sang interlocking their hands as they walk past each other

        – Conversation between Kim Tan and his father (Kim Nam-Yoon)

        “Then, from today, I’m not my father’s son. I’m hyung’s enemy. I thought I could persuade you. I thought that if I don’t have any greed toward what’s my brothers, if my brother went his way, and if I went my way, that our family would have peace. But today, you ruined all of my efforts.”
        “To me, that is a way for you to do something for your brother. A way for you to do something for the Group, That is peace.”
        “So. I to my brother, my brother to you…us having to be nervous about when things will happen, feeling uneasy about it and how it will happen. This is the peace we need to uphold?”
        “But Father, Thanks to you, I lost my family. Today, I became hyung’s enemy. So, even if hyung dies, he can’t be my mom’s family. And mom wasn’t your family from the beginning. And father, You aren’t my family anymore.”
        “That is…

        • August

          “But Father, Thanks to you, I lost my family. Today, I became hyung’s enemy. So, even if hyung dies, he can’t be my mom’s family. And mom wasn’t your family from the beginning. And father, You aren’t my family anymore.”
          “That is exactly, The weight of the crown you’ll wear. You need to endure it.”

        • Ivoire

          Hello August,
          I LOVED your list. I made a similar list, writing everything down. Yours is as exhaustive as mine, if not longer. Thank you for posting it.

  2. panshel

    Jeguk High’s sweatshirts actually say “One Who Wants To Wear The Crown Bear The Crown”? My ship sails. I don’t ship Rachel & Young Do, especially with Young Do threatening physical violence on her, but I do ship Rachel & Hyo Shin. I hope this relationship comes to fruition. And Bo Na volunteering to let Eun Sang join her group — didn’t think I’d see this day. I like Young Do and Eun Sang’s new unilateral friendship, and I love Young Do’s new hair, but the brothers’ rivalry is getting so repetitive, I just want to skip those scenes.

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    • 2.1 Rachelle

      Yes, I saw that a couple of weeks ago on the back of the girl’s sweatshirts and thought it was hilarious. I think the producers were counting on the fact that most Korean viewers would miss that.

      • 2.1.1 calliep


        Since you saw LMH in person, to you, does he look better in person or on camera?

        Another question. The person who flew all the way from Japan and catered dinner at the school for LMH, was she a young girl or an older person?


    • 2.2 queencircles

      I saw that on Youngdo’s shirt. I want one, haha.
      It wasn’t until he turned that I saw the Jeguk on the arm and realized it was the gym uniform.

  3. Faye

    Forgot to add that I have an idea for a spin-off show. Tan’s and Eun-Sang’s mothers open a business together as private investigators. They have all kinds of skills, including safecracking. They get the job, and wacky hi-jinks ensue. Make it happen, K-drama gods!

    • 3.1 bishbash

      that’s be awesome!

    • 3.2 Ally

      love the idea! That way they can support their kids in HS/college and when their kids grow up they can join the family business or start their own business/ or whatever they want to do without pressure from the parents.

    • 3.3 Jenny

      OMO, I would watch the heck out of that show! Please, K-drama gods are you listening?

      • 3.3.1 Treasure

        Another vote for the two Mom’s.

    • 3.4 PlumWine

      *lighting incense for kdrama gods* Please! That would be hilarious!

      • 3.4.1 lunnaempress

        OH Drama gods make it happen! That would be so funny. Anyhow this is the first episode that has made me laugh.

    • 3.5 OhPaulliexD

      OMG yes please! That would be absolutely ep-ic 😀

  4. Ivoire

    An interesting ep., with Chairman Daddy getting more screen time, for sure. So many feels, and so much to say. I will start with my questions, of course:

    1—Can Chairman Daddy just send ES abroad like that? He is not her parent, and he can’t force her on a plane, right? So does that mean that he would go Mama Kang on us (BOF) and “touch” ES’s mom and possibly “ruin” her (not able to work, etc…) and “ruin” ES in order to force ES’s hands? Might he even use Tan to persuade ES?

    2—KA, when she met with KT said she brought him a jumper. What is that? Is that like a long Johns? A kind of long underwear people can wear under their pants?

    3—KT and I are still quite concerned about HS (I loved that about KT, for me, I am still very concerned). He looked so in pain, in the meeting with his parents. I can’t help but wonder what will happen to him.

    4—Language question: YD said to ES (I think in the gym), “you are going to come in that fast? It makes me uncomfortable.” What did YD mean and what was he implying? That ES was acting friendly too soon, since he has feelings for her (and she should be considerate of that?)

    5—And then ES answered, “I was wondering if you were slowing down on your story?” meaning? What story, about her social status?

    6—I don’t know if this was a subbing issue, meaning I don’t know if the whole sentence was not subbed, which might be why the sentence felt weird. Kim daddy said to KA, “If no one is getting married right away, but the engagement has ended…” and the sentence was left like that. Where was Kim Daddy going with that? I am just curious about it.

    7—Is the word “heol” the same as “daebak?” (do they mean the same thing, kind of). It is used twice in this ep., once by BN, and another time by another student.

    8—When YD said, “the 3 years I have tried to build things up all at once fell apart.” ,meaning his anger towards KT? What things?

    • 4.1 KS

      2—KA, when she met with KT said she brought him a jumper. What is that?
      In British slang, it means sweater.

      6— Kim daddy said to KA, “If no one is getting married right away, but the engagement has ended…”
      KT’s mom was saying that it shouldn’t matter if KT and ES are dating since they are only 18 and it’s not like they will get married soon. KT’s Dad is saying, they might not be getting married but their dating still broke KT and Rachel’s engagement — so KT seeing ES is still a big deal.

      • 4.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi KS,

        And thanks for helping me understand this drama better.
        2–Got it, I think Mel below said something along the same lines.
        6–WOW! I am glad you understood that one, because that left me puzzled.

        And as it sometimes happens, I ended up having more questions after I have posted a few:

        9–There is an instrumental song in ep. 14 playing, when ES is walking with KT on the street, after they had seen his mom. Does anyone know what the title of that instrumental piece is? And could I find it on YT? I really like it.

        10—The picture on YD’s phone, in the article, that was KT and KW, right?

        11—when YD went into KT’s room, he asked him, “what is that ‘touch-by-emotion face’?” Did he mean that KT looked moved? Because he (KT) didn’t look that moved to me, so I was just curious if I understood YD correctly.

        12—I never know when something I don’t understand in the drama is a subbing issue or just the way it was said (in Korean), and the meaning escaped me. I think when Yoon was talking to CY (during dinner), he said something like, “I am the one who was fired, but the unemployed is the company.” I was puzzled by that. Any thoughts on what Yoon meant by that? I am trying not to assume what he meant.

        13—I thought it was interesting that KW was surprised that his brother did poorly in the midterms. He (KW) asked his brother to do nothing when he was in the US, especially not think and not study. Why would he think that KT would change all of a sudden, so quickly?

        14—Chairman Daddy asked that KW be taken out of the family registry, if he didn’t comply with getting married, (I think). What would the repercussions of such an action be? How would that affect KW? Isn’t he still a Kim (a part of that family), at the end of the day?

        15—KA said something to KT when he refused to eat and had locked his door, “you have to at least be alive, if you want to be rice or soup?” meaning?

        16—YD said to ES, (I think it was at school), “don’t draw the line, before I completely cross it.” That sentence puzzled me. How did some of the Beanies understand it?

        17—I feel like I understand why Chairman Daddy wants KT at the company, after he explained why. It felt like he had a point, but maybe his method is not the best, or maybe Chairman Daddy should just give up, because KT wants no part of it?

        It is so interesting to me how the details intrigue me in this drama.

        • Windsun33

          Not sure where you are watching it, but a few of your questions sound like subbing issues, or the sub was out of sync. For example #15 should read something like “you have to eat to be alive, and you have to be alive to do anything”

        • ean03

          I think we are watching from the same site. I got the same subs too.. soup or rice 😛

          • Windsun33

            Why aren’t you watching it on DF? Wrong country?

          • Ivoire

            Thank you ean03! See, I did not imagine it. It was weird reading that, was it not? 🙂

          • ean03

            not allowed in my country 🙁 have to wait for better subs

        • djes

          I’m bored with work, so here I am replying your questions for this ep:
          1. Yes, he can. It might not work in US, but in Korea, the riches “can” push you to do whatever they wants. And in this case, I think Daddy means he can force ES and if she doesn’t comply, he can harm her mother.
          4-5. YD doesn’t want ES treats him like friend yet. He sort of hopes he still has chance with her.
          6. By ending the engagement, means their (business) relation is also affected.
          7. “Heol” or “Huk” is like “Ouch”. While “daebak” is like “amazing” “incredible”, which sometimes used in sarcastic way.
          8. Meaning his trump card about KT’s secret being an illegitimate son.
          11. Blame LMH’s acting then! 😀 Well yes, (supposedly) KT was touched that YD even bothered to come to the house and saving him.
          13. That’s Won’s sarcasm. And Won probably didn’t think KT was ‘that’ bad.
          14. If you out from the family registry, he won’t eligible with the Dad’s inheritance.
          15. Mom said, “You have to at least to be alive, at least eat something, rice or soup.
          17. Well if Chairman just gives up, we don’t have 20 episodes of Heirs, don’t you think? This is common problem in family owned/controlled company. The founder usually only trusts the offspring to succeed it. This is a common problem, especially in Asian countries.

    • 4.2 Silverteem

      Definitely subbing issue.

      4-5) Yes, she’s acting too friendly around him, when he’s still reeling in from her rejection. So yeah, it was too ‘fast’.

      6) Yes, ES and KT won’t get married if they started dating now, but that doesn’t concern KT’s dad, what’s he’s more concerned about is that his ‘insurance wedding’ got cancelled. So in a way, it’s like him saying, that whether KT run around with other girls, as long as he weds RH then his fine.

      8) 3 years that he tried to keep his ‘trump card’ (the illegitimate son card) and it was all wasted because everyone suddenly knew about it, and to make it more trivial, suddenly KT becomes a major stockholder.

    • 4.3 mel

      2 – just another word for a big jacket (at least where im from)

      6- he meant why was the engagement called off when tan isn’t marrying right away as in kim tan is just messing around with eun sang so why was the engagement called off

      7 – think : pppsshhhh, as if, realllllyyyy, ohmygod, what the .. its just a way of expressing that type of feeling of surprise

      8 – he meant he hadn’t said anything about kim tan’s real mother because he wanted to hold onto that card but it was wasted because it was leaked not by him but also he was clearly showing his concern in a weird young do way

    • 4.4 Windsun33

      #1. No he cannot, he is not God nor dictator of the universe. That type trope has showed up in a couple of other dramas in the past, and it is just totally stupid. I almost shot my TV when he said that. I suppose he could kidnap her, but that is the only way. No way in hell can he force her to go.

      #2. Google is your friend:
      1. A sleeveless dress worn over a blouse or sweater.
      2. A loose, protective garment worn over other clothes.
      3. A child’s garment consisting of straight-legged pants attached to a biblike bodice. Often used in the plural.
      4. Chiefly British A pullover sweater.

      • 4.4.1 Megumi

        It ‘s not stupid at all, rich people do get away with a lot of things and have the power and means to actually do what they say if they want it, especially in some countries the life of the poor are dictated by the rich and the powerful, plus there are a lot of ways he can use to get her on that plane, her mother and kim tan are just some examples, and seeing that our heroine do tend to think in a noble way it’s not hard for Mr chairman at all…this stuff happens in real life too and it certainly did happen where I was born…

    • 4.5 adette

      2— a jumper is a sweater. American English doesn’t really use the term, but I know it’s used in British and Australian English.

      4—I think it could imply that; I just took it as a “why’d you change the subject to that so suddenly? it’s a little awkward.” kind of statement~

      5— I’m gonna call this a mistranslation. the line was “얘기 하는 데 서툰 건 아닐까 싶어서” which might be loosely translated as something like “I wondered if you were bad at talking.”

      7—heol is a sound people make when they’re surprised, and daebak is more like saying something is awesome or amazing (literally it means big hit)

      11—I took this one as a joke, like “you must be so touched that I’m here” (:

      14—if you removed from your family’s register, I believe it means that legally, you are no longer post of the family. this effectively takes away Won’s position and any inheritance he would’ve received as a Jeguk heir.

      15—another translation issue. its an idiomatic expression that doesn’t make a lot of sense if you try to translate it word for word. for anyone studying Korean, the line is “살아는 있어야 죽이되든 밥이되든 밥도 안 할 거 아니야.” literally translated it means whether you’re going to become juk (porridge made with rice) or bab (cooked rice) you have to eat (bab) to live. the idiom 죽되든 밥되든 (whether it becomes juk or it becomes rice) means like… whatever the outcome. oh! ok, it’s like saying “sink or swim” in English. like, whether you end up succeeding our failing, you have to at least try. does that make it any clearer? I’m a little under the weather so I’m sorry if my words don’t make sense ^^;

      16—he says “who says we’re friends? why am I (being called) your friend? don’t draw the line (between friends and romantic interests) before I [get to] fully/completely cross it.” essentially he’s saying she should at least give him a chance before she decides to condemn him to the friendzone.

      • 4.5.1 adette

        not sure if it was clear enough but I meant to explain a little more in 5, and say that she says that because he had that whole thing about how they’d have nothing to talk about if he had answers to all the questions he had about her status/identity. so shes saying that she thought maybe he wasn’t very good with talking to people and that’s why he would’ve needed those kinds of reasons to talk to her.

    • 4.6 ChoiEuaMi

      Ivoire: 2 – A jumper in British English is a sweater.

  5. Ally

    Finally everyone knows!

    Choi Young Do is officially awesome. I take back all most all of my distaste for his character because I know now he is going going to get better once he teams up with them.

    The father pisses me off even though there might be a slight chance he is actually doing this because he genuinely cares about his sons and don’t want them to become like him and his love….cause he loved Won’s mom who died. Not that excuses his behavior.

    Kim Tan’s mom was awesome – she actually listened to him and stood up for him in her own way.

    Won- why? why can’t you just accept tan and hug it out? lol but seriously get it together! he was willing to give you all the shares and return for soo little- ur acceptance and a little love.
    Kim Tan – I get you r mad but doing this. and declaring war only makes Won’s insecurities come true. But I guess you do need to make a stand in some way.

    Eun Sung- If you act like a noble idiot that you are than I will lose all the new found respect I got for you in the last episode where you stood up to rachel and other students. And don’t you dare cry- it’s annoying and makes you look like a wimp. Get over your self and don’t blame anything thats happening to tan to yourself. Tan can take care of him self and all of this was bond to get out someday. so stop thinking that if it wasn’t for non of this would have happened.CES needs to stop with the scaredy cat act cause she can be cool when wants to be… like last episode.

    This cracked me up:
    step mom- do know what rank kim tan is? 100th.
    Won- nationwide?
    Step mom – out of 100 juniors at Empire High.
    Won’s face lol!!
    then later tan’s was all I’ll do better and Won- well, is there any way that you could do worse?
    I had to pause for like 3mins so I laugh. omg thats was sooo funny.
    And the your IQ doesn’t translet into your grades was funny too.

    I also liked the scene when they’re at her work and both try to stand up to defend her. So cute!

    • 5.1 Faye

      LOL at Won and Tan “hugging it out” – great turn of phrase. That would be amazing, though; if only it were possible.

      I think we all saw the noble idiot part of the story coming (and were dreading it), but I have to admit I thought it would be Tan, not Eun-Sang, playing the role. So props to the show for some originality. Still, I agree that it is going to bring Eun-Sang down big-time in my estimation if she gives in to this so easily and doesn’t at least tell Tan about it.

      Although, given how powerful the Chairman is, especially relative to her, I guess it is kind of understandable that she’s intimidated.

      • 5.1.1 anniejang

        I more than expect Eun Sang to be the noble idiot, because it seems in every drama, it’s the female lead who is that, and she always leaves/runs away without telling the male lead.. It’s so standard now that it’s tiresome, tiresome, and even more tiresome. It’s the first time in this drama that I feel tired-expecting this to happen exactly as I envisioned it from the beginning of the drama.
        If something else happens instead, i.e., she tells Kim Tan about the threats/promise that Daddy made, or any other kind of twist that keeps them together, I will feel so refreshed and happy (but only if the ending is also happy, and not one of those faux artsy/avant-garde stops-in-the-middle-of-the-scene-endings.) And nobody gets hit by a truck, and nobody dies of leukemia or brain tumor. (Except Dad)

        • Windsun33

          I don’t expect her to tell Tan anything, because in k-dramas nobody ever tells anyone anything of any importance until the last episode. It’s called the Rube Goldberg Theory of K-dramas – never make anything simple when you can complicate it to the max.

      • 5.1.2 Windsun33

        I expected ES to play the noble idiot, so not surprised. What I don’t understand is why she think the chairman has the power to send her anywhere at all.

    • 5.2 owl

      YD sure knows when to pull the Zeus Hotel heir card – homework and bodyguards, yes!

    • 5.3 adette

      young-do was so awesome in this episode! I can’t take back my former distaste, because he was so insanely violent before omg, but my distaste is now tinged with disappointment, because now it’s just like… this is what his character could’ve been all series long. sigh.

      I also loved the beat where Young-do’s bodyguards are standing facing chairman daddy’s guards, and the small detail that young-do brought exactly twice as many. idk, it just seemed so… (for lack of a better word) petty that I had to laugh.

      (also, this is unrelated but “young-do” has been automatically added to my phone’s dictionary… along with “young-don’t” lol. that might not be nearly as funny as I think it is, but I’m tired and it’s that time of night where everything is hilarious, so.)

      • 5.3.1 August

        Nice 🙂 I’m sure many of us will follow your lead!

  6. daydreamer

    kyaaa!!! i think i’m the only on this new ship Rachel and Hyo Shin and the kiss was so much better than KT and ES…

    • 6.1 Apples

      I ship them too! haha!!! I hope they are endgame!

    • 6.2 Mary

      Haha, you are not the only one on the ship! I’ve been shipping them a while back. I really like Hyo Shin and Rachel together (:

    • 6.3 pru22

      daydreamer, I have to disagree with you about the kiss. When I saw it I instantly wondered if all the kisses where the teens are concerned are going to be like that. One person was taken by surprise and their lips were just resting against the other person’s. And it was the same way when Hyo shin kissed Rachel to make Hyun joo jealous.

    • 6.4 srainy

      in one night, they’ve had as much kisses as eunsang and tan lol. and better too, even if they were just lip touching and one party always has the eyes open. i hope we’re getting something out of this…there has to be a reason hyoshin is the only character that doesn’t seem to mind rachel too much right?

    • 6.5 pogo

      ha, it was totally random but I wouldn’t mind being on that ship, they have better chemistry than the OTP even with the fakeness of the kissing. Though my true ship is Rachel/Young-do.

  7. snow_white

    Thanks for the recap….
    Haven’t seen the episode yet but the first and the last picture: so cute 🙂

  8. angskeet

    Good job Heirs! I actually like this episode because of Young Do. He’s a much better character now.

  9. tata

    Kyaaaaah. Right from the start I love Young Do. <3

    • 9.1 hoaa

      yes! me too 🙂

      • 9.1.1 spi

        He had this bad moments but so far he’s a much more interesting character than Kim Tan.

  10. 10 magickaito

    Thanks for the recap, I love this episode so many Tan-Youngdo moments and they are not fighting.They reaction when they saw Won and YD’s dad is priceless, also they are so adorable watching the movie (Eun-sang) in the cafe especially when she gave them orders,previously they are top dogs who bark and fight at each other but now they are both like puppies following their trainer.My favorite part is when YD help Tan to escape,,him walking with that helmet is so funny.. They are really so cute with each other and they are still frenemy and i wonder what will happen if they become best friend again.
    Also i notice that when YD has no wax in his hair he become the good guy,maybe his wax is the source of his evilness.

  11. 11 Silverteem

    Decent pace. If only we’ve cut to the chase in the earlier eps and just got to this point sooner.

    The Hyo Shin – Rachel kiss was random.

    It’s great to see Eun Sang smile and act cute. I thought she was only capable of displaying 3 emotions. Still, I feel no spark between her and KT. Actor’s fault? I dunno.

    Finally, Tan sticking it up to his brother. Again, if only he did this earlier. All the while I thought it was Eun Sang missing her spine, it was Tan who was actually being pretty pathetic.

    Nice to see how KT’s mom quickly changed her mind. And for that, thank heavens that the engagement finally got cancelled. Now Rachel can finally step back being the 2nd lead bitch and carve her own role, if any is still left for her.

    It’s ep 15, and only 5 eps left, but it seems like only Tan’s arc is going to get resolved. There are so many characters on the background that have their own issues which I’m afraid will just have to be rushed and merely glossed on.

    Heirs: had a lot of potential but was bogged down by the same repetitious schtick that could have easily been condensed in 2-3 episodes. What a waste that it’s only stating to find it’s identity so late in the game. It could have been a decent drama, heck even a good one. But oh well.

    • 11.1 Patch

      I did feel CES/KT had some chemistry in the beginning, not fireworks but something cute and sweet. PSH’s cringing during the kiss scenes killed that vibe for me.

      The pacing for this drama is down right awful and the plot is something I’ve seen at least 10 times before but executed much better.

      I realised during this episode, while I ignored the subs to doodle and convince myself the shadow in the corner in no way looks like a face, I’ve lost interest in this drama. If I was marathoning it I would have dropped it already and watching is merely habit. I still like some of the characters but Kim Tan is the star and everyone else is bit players in this drama.

      • 11.1.1 jaglaine

        Me too. PSH acting like a trapped rat, I would like to erase it from my memory but, unfortunately, I can’t. And every time I see them together, I remember those scenes when she was playing too hard to get. It puts a damper on my liking of the OTP. Sad, PSH, really sad.

  12. 12 bishbash

    I’ll repeat my tweet earlier today here:

    “#heirs. It should be a all-male cast. Only #bromance is required.”

    Because seriously, I’m not giving a damn to any of the girls, maybe except Bo-na.

    Anyway, why doesn’t anyone come up with the idea of silencing the Dad once and for all? He’s super irritating with all the cliche behavior, and no love for either of the sons.

    • 12.1 DDee

      “Because seriously, I’m not giving a damn to any of the girls, maybe except Bo-na.”

      I think that’s the screenwriter’s approach too ;P

    • 12.2 serioussuzy

      bo na is an awesome character but realistically she is the exception and not the norm in her supposedly social class. she is dating chan young, who is level 4; she is best friends with ye sol, who is level 4 (although she has money, her family’s business is frowned upon); and also friends with eun sang, who is in level 4 (and possibly a lot lower than chan young and ye sol).

      the story is making a big deal about kim tan dating eun sang, but bo na has done that and more (dating below her level and having friends below her level) and yet it is not a big deal? why?! and even if bo na is supposedly a ‘good’ type character, she should still have conflicted views about social status and such…

      and bo na’s further characterization shows that the writer’s purpose for this character is just a caricature – bo na has other interests and cultivates it with the broadcasting club AND bo na has friends outside of her relationship with chan young (young do, myung soo, hyo shin, ye sol) AND bo na is really smart (she placed 35th over all even with her doodling chan young’s name and scribbling the other characters names and their drawings all over her test questionnaire instead of just concentrating on the exam)… BUT the drama is just portraying her as this love-crazy jealous girlfriend of chan young who can not live/survive/function without chan young. seriously.

      bo na IS amazing… but analyzing her supposedly character and story trajectory of the drama… does not make sense. seems like the bo na character is probably further elevated by the fact that the rest of the characters and story trajectory are just so awful in comparison…

      • 12.2.1 Lin_K

        @serioussuzy – I believe BN dating CY is not a big deal because her parents don’t have any expectations placed on her in terms of marriage (or school). She is free to date whoever she wants. That’s not the case for KT or R. And probably won’t be for YD either.

        • serioussuzy

          just because bo na’s parents is okay with that, does NOT end the issue. it is supposedly a society with social class rules… even ye sol who is bo na’s friend called bo na out for dating chan young, a mere secretary’s son…

          also, there are no evidence that bo na’s parents is okay with bo na dating and probably marrying chan young – bo na’s parents are pretty much non existent in this drama. and the one time bo na’s mother made an appearance, she said her daughter is immature and still like a child.

          also, hyo shin does not want to go the law school but his parents are forcing him. his family will probably dictate who he will marry too. and he is in level 3, is he not?

          • Lin_K

            @serioussuzy – I deduced that BN’s and MS’s parents are pretty nice who don’t care about class because BN and MS are happy kids (unlike the other rich ones) and do not care about class. They get along with everyone. And MS’s parents also don’t care if he inherits his law firm or not; he sucks in studying. All the other rich kids, including HS, has several issues largely because of their upbringing. May be people in the society may say things about BN’s and MS’s dating or friendship choices (like YS said) but they don’t care because their family does not care. That’s how I understood it.

      • 12.2.2 bishbash

        in the baidu Chinese fans terms, Kim Eun Sook is Bo Na’s “biological mother”. because she’s given the most TLC and freedom to do what she wants ;p

      • 12.2.3 Patch

        Bo Na is comic relief, the writer doesn’t give her any depth or storyline, she’s the crazy but endearing girlfriend of CES’s BF and that’s pretty much it.

        Don’t get me wrong she’s one of my favourite characters but her role is so much less aggravating than Rachel’s or Young Do’s that she’s an easy character to route for.

        • serioussuzy

          i like bo na the most too out of all the characters… but just wanted to point out that the writer is NOT doing anything with her character at all… bo na is just the jealous girlfriend of chan young who gives at least 110% into the relationship, while chan young is just… there.

          and i like rachel next – even if some of her actions are wrong, you can understand where she is coming from. (and that is not something you can say for ANY of the three main leads.)

          this writer had a great cast, and a plot that could be just as great… she could have made this drama with multiple leads with interesting stories to tell instead of this makjang love triangle it has become.

    • 12.3 Windsun33

      Bo Na is also the only one I have any interest in also. Rachel, sort of, but more in a mean way – I hope she gets smooshed but I won’t lose sleep if she does not.

  13. 13 Humanseoul

    I have to add that kim tan’s emotional scenes were brilliant today, The first time I almost cried during this show..

    Young do was also great. He the most developed character of the show.

  14. 14 magickaito

    Looking forward to the next episode, i really love the last scene even though it is not a good cliffhanger and you know what will happen there is just something special when Eunsang walks to Tan and she is smiling even though there is nothing to be happy about,it really breaks my heart.. I hope Eunsang decision is not what i think will it be..

  15. 15 JD

    Choi Youngdo came out as the hero on this episode. Loving his character more and more as the story progresses on. It’s good to see some growth to his character, and I’m glad Eunsang is spending more time with him even as a friend.

    On a side note, Tan’s dad is super annoying. Omg I really disliked him on I Hear Your Voice, and he’s equally as frustrating on this drama roflmao.

  16. 16 riaglitta

    I really wanted to see what happened that Bo-na and Chan-young bailed on Eun-Sang…. haha. 🙂

  17. 17 Sue

    Wow! Stuff actually happened. And another miracle, I actually enjoyed this episode. I am convinced this was supposed to be a 16 ep drama, but someone came up with the brilliant idea to make it 20 eps by just stretching the push and pull between the characters longer than necessary. Hopefully things will continue to move along.

    • 17.1 dramaboy

      i think they could have squeezed it into 6 eps without any meaningful loss to the storyline

      • 17.1.1 Ally

        I agree!

  18. 18 mary

    I’d pick Option 2 too.

    If by “send you somewhere”, the Chairman meant “send you to the new, upgraded, well-mannered, but still badass version of Young Do”.

    • 18.1 owl

      Will do!

  19. 19 Hayley

    This episode was so enjoyable to watch! I love this bromance between Tan and YD and wished that we had more of that instead of pointless fighting over ES. I hope we will still get the hug between the brothers later on…can’t stand it if evil dad wins.

  20. 20 dramaboy

    still don’t get young-dos schizophernic? character…i was really confused and thought i had missed an episode because his relationship with tan had gone from total enemy to frenemy without any explanation or transition…while the main plot of the story is awful, the small side stories such as tan and his mom’s relationship as well as her relationship with eunsung’s mom make this barely worth watching

    • 20.1 Lin_K

      YD and KT decided (in their mind, through their reflections) not to fight anymore and put the past behind them in episode 14.

      • 20.1.1 Silverteem

        Who knew, all they needed to do was write a reflection paper!


        I’m with dramaboy. This 180 on his personality came from nowhere, when episodes upon episodes all we see is both KT and YD on each other’s throats. Then they fight one more time, and finally just got tired of it?

        Terrible plotting.

        • namedx

          I found a lot of the characters inconsistent this episode. They seem to have softened considerably, and their tactics have changed too. Won, Rael, Tan’s mother, Hyo Shin, Young Do, lol it’s like they all had a sudden personality transplant! And even if they were heading there, the transition just wasn’t smooth. It’s as if the scripting is changing last minute along with character motivations. I dunno, it was just awkward this ep. Or maybe it’s just me!

          Thanks for the recap ladies. x

          • Lin_K

            Yeah may be the transition wasn’t good. But hey, I am not complaining. I held on to this drama to see YD’s redemption and happiness, and the show is taking me there 🙂

          • jaglaine

            Awkward as hell. Yes. If they did not change the writer, then maybe she had a brain transplant. Everyone suddenly had a heart (except Dad). And Won, who we were made to think was on the path to redemption, suddenly backtracked 4 episodes and was back to his mean self? What the fuck kind of storytelling is this?

            On the upside, love the Bromance. I would totally love it if KT and YD ended up together again, the true OTP! Sorry LJS, this is just a drama. It’s still LJS+WB in real life!

            Eun Sang will go to America…

        • Lin_K

          We don’t have many episodes left, and there are many plots to be solved; so, may be the writer rushed it. I have no complaints though. I am loving every second of the changed and happy YD!! 🙂

      • 20.1.2 anniejang

        If It Don’t Fit-Don’t Force It-the sudden profound change in Young Do doesn’t make sense. What also doesn’t make sense is for women/girl audience to view a high school bully character as sexy or manly. If you just think the actor is sexy, that’s a different thing-but then-you still wouldn’t want the character to get the girl, would you? You are weirdly confusing the two things.

        • Lin_K

          @anniejang – I don’t know if you are replying to me or not. If it is me, I can assure you that I am not confusing anything. I am supporting YD knowing fully well who he is. If YD managed to evoke sympathy and love from viewers, that is KWB’s success as an actor. Yes, YD was a terrible guy for the major part of the drama. But I don’t care. He is the most interesting character here to me. And it’s not like the lead role is that great either. So out of the two choices KES gave me, I chose the character with the potential for change and growth. In real life, I hate bullies. In dramas too, I have never liked a bully before. But YD is different. Like I said before, it is KWB’s success if he managed to convince me to sympathize YD, hope for him to change, get the girl, and have a happy life 🙂

          • Lin_K

            @anniejang – In dramas, when bad boys change for love, it is exciting to watch 🙂

          • Megumi

            I also don’t see anything wrong with women/ girl audience liking young do’s character, not every people think the same as you, some like nice guys, some like bad guys, the reason for liking the bad guys might be they must have seen something good in them, or they might believe in their ability to change them for the better, there are girls who are in love with gangsters, prisoners, murderer s etc, it all depends on the individual and how they view them, you seem to imply that everybody has to think and judge people like you do….

    • 20.2 Windsun33

      Some of us are speculating that a different writer did this episode.

      • 20.2.1 Lin_K

        Really? That’s interesting. Is that possible though?

        • srainy

          could be, because they usually have a team of writers doing the script. KES is probably the main writer but the other ones could have a smaller role in doing the dialogues or something similar

        • adette

          lol, Kim Eun-sook is famous enough that if that were the case it probably would’ve been in the news somewhere.

  21. 21 shauilee

    Thanks for the recap! I really love reading your insights!

  22. 22 Vicky

    I’m a bit confused. Does chairman have any real power to send ES abroad if she refuses? Or is he just trying to intimidate her into thinking she has no other choice?

    Because the way I see it, ES and her mom are already planning to move out. And she’s already planning to go back to her old school. So what power does he have over her?

    But Daddy KT is one scary dude! I could feel ES’s fear through the TV.

    • 22.1 Faye

      I don’t think he could literally have her deported. But someone as powerful as the Chairman could make her life miserable in many other ways. He could use his influence to prevent her and her mother from getting jobs, could get them tossed out of whatever home they move to, etc. Moving out of the house wouldn’t get Eun-Sang out of his sphere of influence, and they both know it. Actually, moving to another country after pissing him off would probably be the safer option.

      • 22.1.1 Eileen

        She should have chosen America or whatever, then make a plan with Tan to have him sell his shares afterwards and move the hell out of there. Those shares are apparently hot commodity. They can buy new identities abroad and live happily ever after.

      • 22.1.2 Windsun33

        We don’t really know how powerful the chairman is. It does not seem like he is anywhere near the power of something like Samsung, not if a single hotel is one of the biggest money makers. So outside of his company his power would be pretty limited, and definitely would not extend to someone being deported.

        And deported to where? She is a Korean citizen, so not like he can send her “back” anyplace. And as usual in most k-dramas, they totally ignore any of the visa and immigration laws – so unless he pays off someone in another country also, that long term option is out.

        And I don’t really buy that he could make her life miserable, if she really wanted to get lost. There are 50 million people in Korea, so not like you can keep track of them all. Even in the US stories pop up at times about people that the FBI has been looking for since the 70’s finally getting caught.

    • 22.2 Windsun33

      No he does not. No more than Obama or Bill Gates could send me someplace. Even egomaniacal power has it’s limits. He could be mean to her I suppose, but being poor already gives you a certain power in that you don’t have much to lose. On the other hand, ES seems so frakking naïve that she probably believes that he really can.

    • 22.3 adette

      if watching k-dramas has taught me anything, it’s that in dramaland, rich people can (and pretty much always do) crush people with money. in reality, this isn’t the case, but I’m dramaland, wa wealth it’s primarily used as people-crushing money. if you’re not trying to control poor people’s lives, what’s the point in being rich at all, right? lol.

  23. 23 noernov

    Kim Tan n Young do together,so cute….love those boys 😉

  24. 24 ribyboowhoo

    i’ve been waiting for the recap n hav to say that this eps was worth waiting eun sang n tan r so cute in dis eps teehee..n even tho there’s nothing goin on between rachel n hyo sin bt i do like them from the very beginning which idk y hehe…thanks for the recap …

  25. 25 Silverteem

    Frienemmy Young Do is fine and all, we’ve seen it to full effect on School 2013 and it’s got it’s magic and still does, but I wish that the plain bully jerk YD was better written to make his character complete and original. In a sense, YD being all friendly to Kim Tan all of a sudden becomes a bit copy-pasted, if not rushed, when just a couple of eps ago he was trying to ‘pick on KT and himself’. How I wish he could have remained the ‘bad guy’ and actually make sense, instead of repeating the same retarded thing over and over again. So it’s great to see some character development on YD, how he got there though, still baffles me.

    • 25.1 Lin_K

      In the last episode, YD and KT decided NOT to fight anymore. They put all their past conflicts behind them. The issues in the past were the main source of trouble between them, not ES. YD still has feelings for ES; so, he is not back to being bfs with KT yet. He does not admit to being ES’s friend but he is; the same goes for KT.

      • 25.1.1 Eileen

        Hey there Lin_K. I agree that that’s what last episode showed us but it does seem rushed for them to be this close so soon and YD becoming the sidekick to Tan. I felt the same with Tan and Won in last week’s episode. I think its because we don’t have that much time left and writer is trying to tie everything up. Whatever, this drama never makes that much sense so I’m not really surprised and YD always makes my day so yay? 😀

        • Lin_K

          Hey there Eileen! Yes, it can be because of the time constraints but no complaints from me 🙂 Yay for YD! 🙂

        • Lin_K

          And Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it! 🙂

          • Eileen

            Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I celebrate it (I’m in US) and I’m hosting this year, I should get cooking already :). Hope you have a great day!

        • August

          Precursors to Kim Tan’s and Choi Young-Do actions/behavior with each other in Episode 15:

          – Episode 9, after leaving Director Jung Ji-Sook’s office
          they slowly pass by each other in the hallway and flashback to when the rift initially occurred.

          – Episode 10, while riding in the elevator together both Young-Do and Tan agree to the declaration that family is off-limits, because they both know what the backlash is and they have experienced it before.

          – Episode 11, Tan offers Young-Do a seat at the table with him and Lee Hyo-Shin. At the restaurant, Young-Do (flashback to middle school of Tan trying to get Young-Do to come with him) telling Myung-soo that this is where it all started: “Where I lost everything.”

          – Episode 12, conversation between Kim Tan and Young-Do on the golf course.

          – Episode 14, conversation between Kim Tan and Young-Do in the broadcasting room (after Kim Tan punched Choi Young-Do in the face and then proceeded to grab a chair to hit him with).

          – Episode 14, Director Jung Ji-Sook tells Young-Do to bring his father and Tan to bring his hyung. The reaction of Young-Do and the response from Tan on Young-Do’s behalf…

          – Episode 14, Hyun-Joo counsels Kim Tan and Choi Young-Do to write down their wrongs. They each insist it was the other’s fault. Hyun-Joo tells them to fill the empty pages of white paper in front of them with what the other guy did wrong then.

          Tan and Young-Do each have a silent moment of reflection as images/flashbacks of culpability that both played a part in contributing to their fractured friendship appear on screen. Each thinking to themselves about all the things the other guy did to him.

          And with the white pages of paper in front of them still blank, in voiceover we hear their individual thoughts:

          Tan: “I should’ve brought you there no matter what, if I knew it’d be the last chance.”

          Young-Do: “I should’ve followed you till the end, if I knew it’d be the last chance.”

          – Episode 15, Tan and Young-Do’s window washing scene and their reaction to seeing Kim Won and Choi Dong-Wook arrive and enter the school.

          “Did you tell your dad? Did you tell on us? To your brother? What about the report card? Did you show them? -Can’t we just say that I was the one that hit you?”

          • Lin_K

            @ August – Thank you for explaining the things leading up to Tan and YD’s repaired bromance!! They really transformed into little kids in that scene where KW and YD’s dad came to school 🙂

    • 25.2 saranghaelmh

      Basically their last fight makes him reflect because he got out of his system what he didn’t get to say when Tan went away almost immediately back then.

      • 25.2.1 Lin_K

        The last fight was significant because after that, YD admitted aloud (to R) that he was in the wrong to break off the friendship.

  26. 26 Moonbean

    I haven’t been able to watch episode 15 yet but read the recaps. One thing I have been wondering was why Tan cannot use his shares to support his brother. Well, he went further than that and even suggested to give them to him but since the supremely idiot Won is still singing the “leave and don’t ever come back” tune, I have no patience left for him whatsoever.

    I’m delighted to see that the friendship I was looking forward to between Young Do and Eun Sang is finally blossoming as well as the mending of fences between Tan and Young Do. The pace of the execution wasn’t great since progress was so slow in the beginning and this was a bit too sudden but it was so belated that I won’t look at a gift horse in the mouth.

    I find it very fitting that Jeguk (Empire) High School’s athletic clothes bear the slogan “One who wants to wear the crown bears the crown”. Must be the school motto.

    Looks like a great episode, can’t wait to watch.

  27. 27 Miichiyeo

    Just want to say that when I first saw the cover picture, I thought that was Nam-soon and Heung-soo.

    Oh my School feels…

    • 27.1 ttmt

      Young Do is basically Heung Soo now, with bang and all.. Show, where is their make up episode?

    • 27.2 the68monkey

      Yeah, this show’s been trying really hard to capture the magic of School 2013’s bromance, but it’s just not working. Even if there were great chemistry between Kim Woo-bin and Lee Min-ho (which there isn’t), the writers have left them with nothing to work with. That being said, at least Kim Woo-bin is still great to watch onscreen. Now that his Young-do has gone all soft, I’m going to miss the chainsaw guitar background music as he glares at Kim Tan, or Yoo Rachel, or . . . (the rest of the cast).

      • 27.2.1 pogo

        yeah, they tried it last week with the Hyun-joo-assigned ‘reflect on your sins’ scene but even though Kim Woo-bin is great, it just doesn’t work without Lee Jong-seok (School 2013 <3333).

        Sorry LMH, but at least you're cute with Hyo-shin.

  28. 28 AJ

    Can someone explain to me how dad thinks he can send ES away without her moms permission? She has a parent, and daddy Kim does not have full control over her life like he does Tan. It makes no sense to me.

    • 28.1 Vicky

      @AJ, I asked the same question earlier. Especially since ES is not an orphan like Hyun. Plus ES is more than willing to go back to her old school.

      I’m not sure what control he has either. I think he’s just hoping she’ll agree under fear and intimidation.

    • 28.2 tapioca pearl

      As annoying as Tan’s dad is, I’m even more annoyed that Eun-sang accepted his demands. Girl, you don’t owe your life to anybody but you! If you were gonna back away from love like a noble coward, then why did you start in the first place? UGH! I haven’t followed a drama with Noble Idiocy in so long, this is giving me short-term stress!

      • 28.2.1 Windsun33

        Yup – for one that is supposed to be the heroine, she falls totally flat.

  29. 29 namedx

    Hmmm, what an odd episode… I neither liked or disliked it. It was merely a loop they had to jump through to reach the end. Pity.

    • 29.1 tapioca pearl

      Seems that way. Let’s linger in immature, cringey courtship for three quarters of the show, skip character development and plot points, and head for the finish line.

      • 29.1.1 serioussuzy


        but THIS, seriously.

      • 29.1.2 Patch


    • 29.2 anniejang

      That’s exactly the way it seemed to me, too. Good description. It’s the first episode I haven’t cared to re-watch.

  30. 30 the68monkey

    When Kim Tan was locked in his room, I knew I’d been watching this series and suspending my disbelief far too long. He’s 26, not 17. Not even that fuzzy blue sweater could distract me from noticing this glaringly obvious error of casting the lead actor because he’s a megastar, when he is so clearly not right for the part. 🙁

    And I love Lee Min-ho, I do. Just not as a teenager who’s been locked in his room by a mean daddy, while he inherits half the company he never wanted.

    • 30.1 the68monkey

      Oh, and Kim Woo-bin was awesome in this episode. We could have been having nice-ish Choi Young-do for so long, but late is better than never.

      • 30.1.1 tapioca pearl

        I disagree. Never is better because it doesn’t remind us that he could’ve been awesome longer if he’d stopped being an ass five episodes ago!

      • 30.1.2 Lin_K

        I love the new YD as well! This is what I wanted to see!!

        • Eileen

          And his new hair! YD makes the funniest expressions, I love it!

          • Lin_K

            Yes, he is a funny, witty guy!!

    • 30.2 atz

      Some actors are fine playing younger roles. The problems of the dramas are that it is set up in the high school environment. the plot that the chairman gave huge shares to Tan while he is still kind of minor ( there is a reason,,, I understand that), engagement while they were still young,,,, everything just does not make sense for high schoolers. I wounder if this whole set up makes sense in Korea.

    • 30.3 Windsun33

      And people escape from North Korean prison camps, travel through 7 countries with a few dollars to their name and end up in Seoul – yet he cannot get out of that house.

      That sounds believable.

      • 30.3.1 adette

        well, to be fair, he DID get out of the house…

  31. 31 tapioca pearl

    Okay, I had to laugh at the options Tan’s dad gave Eun-sang. What the hell, writers? When someone threatens you with two choices, the choices should have completely different outcomes! It doesn’t compute with me. I get that with the second choice, she gets a little more time with Tan, but ultimately both would lead her far away from Korea and not with Tan. I can’t fs@*(#jsjfl anymore.

    I had to rant about that because it was so ridiculous.

    Moving on. I feel like my brain suffered whiplash. Unless this is an entirely new show, which actually is more believable than the fact the Young-do knows how to smile. If only the conflict of the brothers had been made clear earlier, say around episode 5 or 6, I might have stayed aboard this drama. It still kills me how a cast like this can be in a drama like this. It’s such a prime example of why an excellent script is the most important part of any project, movie or TV.

    Technical, behind-the-scene question that anyone can answer: When a drama writer proposes a show, how many episodic scripts do producers usually want in advance before they go with the show? I know they film a certain number of episodes before airtime, but does that match the number of scripts? It seems like a huge leap of faith, but I guess if ratings are climbing despite the muddled mess, kudos.

    • 31.1 Thandy

      I agree, this drama has such a great cast, and it had potential to be a an okay drama but the writing and the pace…sigh , it seems like such a waste.

    • 31.2 Windsun33

      I prefer option #3 – pick up a table lamp, break it over his head, and tell him to get screwed. But this is ES, so she will cave. I am really starting to dislike her a lot.

    • 31.3 ChoiEuaMi

      The subbing I read the Chairman told Eun Sang if she took the two week option he would send her someplace and it would not be Korean or someplace like America, England or France. I think he’s thinking a remote village in Afganistan, or another war torn poverty stricken place, etc. Didn’t anyone else get that?

      • 31.3.1 Windsun33

        Drama Fever had it subbed correctly, like you wrote it, but some of the secondary sites apparently have pretty poor subs.

  32. 32 Faye

    “Okay, I had to laugh at the options Tan’s dad gave Eun-sang. What the hell, writers? When someone threatens you with two choices, the choices should have completely different outcomes!”

    @tapioca pearl – When I first watched, I had the same reaction. But then when I thought about it, it did make some sense. The Chairman is clearly someone who enjoys throwing his power around – especially his power to control people. He seems to derive special sadistic pleasure from letting those people know how much under this thumb they are.

    So what I think he’s doing is deliberately offering Eun-Sang two choices that are both awful – to show that no matter what, she can’t have Tan because the Chairman doesn’t want her to. The only “choice” she has is to pick how she makes her exit. It reinforces his power.

    Also, it reminds me of that old tactic they teach you to use with little kids. You don’t ask them what they want, you give them two specific, limited choices. That way, they’re forced to pick something you want. It seems to me he was doing something similar with Eun-Sang. In the end, the point is that she realizes it’s over with Tan.

    So the conflict will now be, can Eun-Sang stand up to him and say no, you don’t get to define my choices?

    • 32.1 tapioca pearl

      That makes sense. I didn’t see it from that perspective. That makes a lot of sense, actually. I’ve been reading recaps only, so maybe I miss the mannerisms of how the actors perform. Thank you!

      Eun-sang better defend herself. This drama cannot go worse, I hope.

      • 32.1.1 pru22

        I don’t see her defending herself because it’s not just her she has to worry about. If she didn’t have to worry about her mother’s well being there is no doubt in my mind she would have told him to shove his options.

        She picked option two because she knows he is going to send her far away from Tan as possible so in her mind, she is going to make the most out of the two weeks to store up memories to sustain her.

        I can’t wait to see Tan’s reaction when he finds out, cuz you know he is, and how pissed he’s going to be. I just hope it’s at his father and not Eun Sang.

      • 32.1.2 Windsun33

        It does NOT make sense, unless you accept the first false premise – that he has the power to send her anywhere at all. She does not work for him, she is not related to him, so what possible power does he have over her to send her anywhere?

        But yea, it can go worse.

        • Faye

          @Windsun33 – You misunderstood my point. The question isn’t whether he can actually have Eun-Sang sent abroad – of course he can’t have her deported (which I actually said earlier upthread). The point is if the Chairman can intimidate Eun-Sang into *believing* he has that power. And he succeeded.

          For all the people who criticize her for being an idiot for believing that, think of her position. She is a naive 17-year-old (in American years) who has been poor for probably most of her life. She sees how she and her mother are so dependent on rich people -for their livelihood, and recently even their housing. And look how in one day the Chairman managed to keep Tan from her, and imprison him in his own house. All that combined must make a chaebol like the Chairman seem extremely potent and threatening.

          I think that display of having all the guards in the house wasn’t just for Tan’s benefit; it was for hers, as well. It’s as if the Chairman is saying, look what I can do to my own grown son. Imagine what I can do to you, who are nothing to me but the maid’s daughter.

          I think that kind of display of power would frighten many people who are older and less vulnerable than Eun-Sang. There have been multiple psychology studies showing that even adults who are knowingly participating in a VOLUNTARY study can be pressured into doing things they would normally find abhorrent once they’re “in your control” in the testing room, because you’re the authority figure. I refer you to Stanley Milgram’s famous experiment. If normal adults can do that, you think it’s unrealistic for an underprivileged teenage girl to be frightened into thinking a powerful chaebol could harm her and her mother? I don’t.

          • Windsun33

            You are right in that sense – it might be something like Stockholm Syndrome – where he does not really have to put up any barriers – all he has to do is convince her that the barriers or power is there.

            I have read some books and watched some of the psychology videos about how far people will go to please “authority figures”, and it is downright scary at times. The “shocking” experiments are the most famous, but there are others and also numerous examples in real life. I have always questioned authority (sometimes to my detriment), so I have trouble mentally placing myself in that state of mind.

    • 32.2 Thandy

      I wish Eun Sang would at least try and defend herself even if it didn’t work out, to me that would be better than just accepting defeat.

  33. 33 Natalie

    Finally a rewarding episode. I felt tricked while watching it because it’s as if they could have made the show better all along but didn’t and intentionally stalled it to this moment.

    Had Young Do acted this way from the beginning, Kim Tan wouldn’t stand a chance. What girl wouldn’t like a guy who’s kind of badass?

    Still, Kim Tan’s stylist is so in love with maroon/purple shade. They are much better sweaters than those from the earlier episodes but still make me wonder in his bilkionaire’s taste!

    Thank you for the recap. I agree – that first scene was a dial-down platonic version of Secret Garden.

    • 33.1 August

      I commend whoever the stylist was in Episode 15 that dressed Lee Min-Ho (Kim Tan) in the Gucci Coat and Turtleneck during his “City Hunter/Faith” escape from home confinement/imprisonment. Lee Min-Ho looked absolutely gorgeous and was a sight to behold on screen.

      For the past couple of episodes, the stylist has been on point with Lee Min-Ho’s wardrobe.

      • 33.1.1 Natalie

        It’s not the blue sweaters I’m talking about but the maroon/purple/blue one that he wore around 35 minutes. Lee Min Ho is gorgeous and that’s why he escaped serial murders from the stylist. Does it matter that it’s Gucci? Does it have to be Gucci Frida Giannini or Gucci Tom Ford? Guess it isn’t vintage. So the point of the billionaire’s taste is money? All I wanted to say was that the stylist is fixated with purple on him.

        • August

          I thought Lee Min-Ho looked handsome in the maroon/purple/blue sweater that you referenced. However, the blue coat and turtleneck sweater was what really stood out to me the most in this episode.

          No, it does not matter that the coat and turtleneck sweater was by Gucci. But Lee Min-Ho’s look was simply perfection… that I was determined to find out the designer/design house.

    • 33.2 Thandy

      That’s exactly how I felt, we could’ve had 14 good episodes like this one but no, I guess the writers thought we didn’t deserve them or something?

  34. 34 the68monkey

    Somebody needs to trip the dad at the top of those stairs. Then Rachel and Won can get together (the way they’ve been acting, they deserve each other). Kim Tan and Eun-sang open a coffee shop together and live happily, if modestly, ever after. And Young-do? He meets a fabulous new character who’s introduced near the end of the series — a new student who is similar to Eun-sang, except that she has a spine from the very start. As for Bo-na and her sweetie, they just live the rest of their lives smiling at each other and saying cutesy lines. Myung-do comes out of the closet, but disappears one day after finding some magical incense sticks. In keeping with an earlier comment, Madame Han and Eun-sang’s mom open a detective agency and are hired to solve the case of the missing Myung-do, but everybody pays them to just leave him missing, instead.

    • 34.1 the68monkey

      Oh, and the most important part? That fabulous new character introduced near the end of the series, the one Young-do meets? Of course the character will be played by Lee Jung-seok! 😉

      • 34.1.1 Miichiyeo


    • 34.2 Lin_K

      Wait, are you saying Myung Soo is gay? I don’t think so. He has some feminine mannerisms but he had crushes on BN and R before. I want YD to have a girl too, one with a spine!!

      • 34.2.1 the68monkey

        I don’t know if Myung-soo is gay, but he’s definitely flamboyant. His acting is way over the top, which is fine for this drama, I guess, but I really wish we had the young Park Sun-woo from Nine, played incredibly well by the same actor. Actually, it really doesn’t matter if he’s gay or straight (maybe in Korea, but not in America); I just find his character unbelievably annoying.

        • Lin_K

          Oh you don’t like him? That’s kinda sad. I love MS. He is hilarious! Plus he cares so much for YD! 🙂

    • 34.3 PlumWine

      I like your storylines. Wish we could see it. 🙂

  35. 35 pru22

    Things that I absolutely HEARTED about this episode.

    Tan and Eun Sang moments in the beginning. They are so cute together and so in love.

    Young do getting in Rachel’s ass.

    Myung trying to distract them, especially YD, so they wouldn’t know about Tan and Eun Sang smooching.

    Tan’s moments with his mother and how she FINALLY listened to what he really wants.

    Madame Han and Eun Sang’s mother conspiring to break in to chairman asshole’s safe and Eun Sang’s mother getting all MacGyver on us. Too hilarious and cute.

    I was so glad Madame Han had the leverage she needed to lay the smackdown on Rachel’s mother when she tried to be all condescending towards her. I also LOVED her admitting to the chairman what she did.

    Love Hyo shin’s bromance with Tan but I thought his behavior with Rachel to make Hyun joo jealous was so lame. He can’t even stand up for himself properly so how could he even attempt to have a relationship with her if she was interested?

    Which it was obvious when she saw Won at school that she is still very much in love with him.

    I also FLOVED Tan and Young do scenes together at school when Won and his father showed up. Their dialogue was hysterical. And I also thought this was a turning point for Won and Tan when he acted so concerned about his grades. But then Won had to mess things up later on and act like a big jerk.

    The fact that Tan wanted to give him his shares says it all to me on how much he loves his brother and wants that love in return. And Won has lost his damn mind if he thought for one second Tan was going to leave again especially now that he has Eun Sang and is so close to his mother.

    It’s also clear to me Young do misses Tan even though he is fronting otherwise and I can easily see him and Eun Sang being really great friends once he gets over his crush and stops behaving like he may have a shot, when it’s beyond obvious she is all about Tan.

    I knew when the chairman made her the so called deal she was going to choose to spend time with Tan and let him choose where she goes. I can easily see Tan going to her and bringing her back when all is said and done.

    And I can see Young do helping him to do so.

  36. 36 fishy2love

    Out of everything, I’m just glad that the drama finally got to the main conflict!

    Is it too much to ask for Tan to reconcile with Young Do AND Won? Those are my only hopes…(assuming that Tan will get his girl at the end)

    • 36.1 jaglaine

      Forget the girl! Just Tan and Young Do together is perfect. First love never dies.

  37. 37 Cynthia

    Really enjoyed this ep. – especially the cafe scene with ES cramming those ear buds into KT’s and YD’s ears! I’ll take lots more of the funny, please! And lots less of all the company travails – that stuff just sucks the life out of this drama.
    And while I’m thinking about it, I’d love to hunt down the costumers who are responsible for all of the fugly sweaters the cast is cursed to wear! Could all of that hairy wool be any uglier?!

  38. 38 geese

    whew…it took so long to arrived at this scene and to java beans i totally agree zero progression….i’m okay with all the cute things but it is still doesn’t amount to what i expected they got great actors but the writers kept it too long…gone is the excitement for all the revelations.. this should have been between 8-10th episode not the 14th episode..ratings may be fine but still still somethings is really wrong…

  39. 39 mysterious

    I had such hopes for Won and Tan after watching the beginning of the episode. I thought they had been making some progress and Won was opening up to Tan. And then my hopes were dashed to pieces by the father turning them against each other. Although, if Won would stop seeing his brother as an enemy, the dad’s schemes wouldn’t be effective. Won is letting the dad control his relationship with Tan and that just isn’t fair.

    I did enjoy the Tan/Young-do scenes though, which is a shock in of itself since they are usually at each other’s throats.

  40. 40 Momoi

    Young Do was never that violent in the show (save for that one guy), mainly an ass, so not too sure what you’re referring to girlfriday unless I missed something.

    I don’t understand why Hyo Shin kissed Rachel a 2nd time. What was he trying to show Hyun Joo.

    That report scene was super funny. And I LOVED Eun Sang’s smile in the end.

    • 40.1 Thandy

      I think Hyo Shin was trying to make Hyun Joo jealous with the 2nd kiss.

      • 40.1.1 pru22

        He was but it was an epic fail. She was looking at him like boy please… Plus it’s beyond OBVIOUS she is still in love with Won by her reaction to seeing him at the school.

  41. 41 thecandymonsterblog

    Choi Young Do needs to get some action already – poor guy. 15 eps in and no make-out scenes to speak of.

    Not to mention more character development.

  42. 42 Michelle

    Omigosh, thank you to whoever described Young-do’s personality change as a transplant in this episode.

    It was definitely NOT character development. Wasn’t he acting his usual tyrannical self last episode and all of a sudden, he could stand Kim Tan and act civil? I love Young-do as a character before but this was hard to take.

    And the offer the father made was ridiculous. Even if he is the kind of person to intimidate and reign over a person, what rights does he have to deport a LIVING PERSON someplace she has no idea where? Isn’t that denying human rights?

    But I guess Eun-sang is closer to a rag doll than a human in the drama anyways. With yunno, the amount of tug-of-war and trivial moments in need of a rescue we get from her.

    • 42.1 Lin_K

      YD was already showing changes last episode in regards to his conflicts with Tan. He had admitted that he was in the wrong. He did that in his mind and said it aloud; so, I am assuming that was a big turning point for him. He also had backed down from pursuing ES.

  43. 43 Pakykul Gunk

    Thanks for the recap.
    I just wonder who Hyun-joo really likes; Big Bro or Hyo-shin?

    • 43.1 owl

      6 of one, half dozen of the other, hey?

    • 43.2 adette

      I think just Won. she was probably surprised to walk in to a room and see her former tutee making out with some girl in public, but I didn’t really get a jealous vibe. her interactions with and disappointment in Won in the last few episodes make it seem like she’s only looking at him…

  44. 44 Elvira

    I am so happy for Young do who has successfully turned into human
    . Bravo, Young do and well done, hair stylist!

  45. 45 Sab

    maybe if we kill off daddy tan, things will look better. and move progressively faster.

    • 45.1 bishbash

      my sentiments exactly.

  46. 46 owl

    1 Dry Cleaning Only
    2 Dreamcatcher
    3 I ♥ California
    4 Page 16
    5 Wishbone
    6 Parvenu (or New Money)
    7 Pale Pink Angora
    8 ‘Don’t Answer’
    9 Mom Mother Mistress
    10 Matching Shoes For Camp
    11 Stocks Skyrocket
    12 Open The Door
    13 Kicked Out
    14 Getting Back Together Party
    15 1 Dry Cleaning Only
    2 Dreamcatcher
    3 I ♥ California
    4 Page 16
    5 Wishbone
    6 Parvenu (or New Money)
    7 Pale Pink Angora
    8 ‘Don’t Answer’
    9 Mom Mother Mistress
    10 Matching Shoes For Camp
    11 Stocks Skyrocket
    12 Open The Door
    13 Kicked Out
    14 Getting Back Together Party
    15 Baby Blue Mohair

    Young Do, you’re running away with the show, baby. As always.

    • 46.1 owl

      Yikes, something wierd happened.

      1 Dry Cleaning Only
      2 Dreamcatcher
      3 I ♥ California
      4 Page 16
      5 Wishbone
      6 Parvenu (or New Money)
      7 Pale Pink Angora
      8 ‘Don’t Answer’
      9 Mom Mother Mistress
      10 Matching Shoes For Camp
      11 Stocks Skyrocket
      12 Open The Door
      13 Kicked Out
      14 Getting Back Together Party
      15 Baby Blue Mohair

      that’s better

      • 46.1.1 PlumWine

        As I always, I love your episode titles. 🙂

    • 46.2 pogo

      Young Do, you’re running away with the show, baby

      He totally is. I love LMH, but the way Kim Woo-bin has been slaying this role and the chemistry with PSH (Tan and ES are cute, but Eun-sang and Young-do, despite their wrongness, actually crackle), they probably had to make YD that awful to begin with, to remind people just WHY he couldn’t have the girl.

      I predict first lead status coming up for Woobie, very soon.

      • 46.2.1 owl

        He’s totally lead status!

      • 46.2.2 riskha

        i’ll be waiting for his first lead role. his acting was good. proven he can act well both as a good boy or bad boy

  47. 47 August

    How far have we come from Episode 1 to Episode 15 of Heirs?

    Just remember today…the majority of us have nothing but positive comments about the behavior of Choi Young-Do toward Kim Tan or Cha Eun-Sang?

    • 47.1 Eileen

      But it happened in one jump. From episodes 1-14 1/4 he was either an ass or assholish. I’m not complaining, though. YD won me over a while ago despite my dislike of his personality. I tried 🙂

      • 47.1.1 August

        Every single verbal and physical altercation with Kim Tan (and somewhat by extension Cha Eun-Sang) has gradually been building up/leading to Choi Young-Do’s behavior/actions in Episode 15.

        Kim Tan & Choi Young-Do are the “real” OTP of Heirs. They have been verbally and physically fighting their way back to each other.

        • Lin_K

          LOL@ the OTP comment. Their bromance is cute. But not as cute and touching as Nam Soon and Heung Soo’s.

        • Faye

          @August -yup! I don’t understand how people can say YD’s switch toward helping KT was abrupt. If anyone looks at our discussions going back many episodes, you’ll see we called the Bromance ages ago. A million little things led up to this development. Even when he was so hostile to Tan, his feelings were obviously very strong.

          • Eileen

            The bromance is not a surprise, I think it is fair to say that we all knew it was going to go that way from the beginning. For me, it would have been nice to have more Tan/YD development other than the one scene where they “made up” in their heads last week before getting to this point of being sidekicks.

            Anyways, I am glad you are enjoying it the way it is. I’m liking it too, though I always want more. Can’t help being greedy with this drama!

            Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

          • Faye

            @Eileen – I can understand wanting more, but early on I accepted this show for what it was, and found it much more enjoyable that way :).

            Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  48. 48 Youjumpijump

    Blech. If i were Eun Sang I’d go all out and slip ricin on Chairman Dad’s cup of tea. Maybe her mom could do the honor. Then we can all stop pretending that this show has real social issues.
    Bo-na’s probably the best element of the show. Oh no wait. Young-do’s irresistable as well, minus the sloppy writing for his character.
    Jk Love you show!

    • 48.1 Windsun33

      I like the ricin idea, but if that fails he would probably get amnesia.

    • 48.2 pogo

      Yes, I am all for anything that makes Chairman Sack of Shit Dad suffer, we all rip on Won but Dad and Young-do’s dad are the absolute worst. Not that Rachel and Hyo-shin did much better by way of parents either…

  49. 49 bells

    jesus god that damn turtleneck

    • 49.1 Thandy

      Wasn’t it just big and fuzzy and pretty ,lol .

    • 49.2 Faye

      I thought it was going swallow him alive, LOL.

    • 49.3 riskha

      yea, poor LMH. i read maybe he’s been sick during the filming, kind of sorethroat, dunno.
      but its not the only one, why do they make him wearing those weird clothes… hihihiii..

  50. 50 Nanny

    I can’t believe it took FIFTEEN EPISODES for the Bromance!

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