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Heirs: Episode 16
by | November 28, 2013 | 588 Comments

There’s a twist or two in today’s proceedings, as both brothers smarten up and batten down the hatches in anticipation of warring with Dad. We’ve been building up to this showdown all series long, and with futures—and hearts—on the line, the stakes climb ever higher in this game of family strife. It’s a bit of a relief to see the battle begin after spending so much time watching characters maneuver their pawns into position, though sadly to say I think the drama sort of folds back on itself in making its point. But it’s not like that’s news to anybody, is it?


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So Eun-sang takes the deal with the chairman devil, accepting his plane ticket to exile in exchange for a two weeks all-access pass to Tan. Not really a fair trade, but it’s not like she sees a better option.

Mom receives a flurry of text messages from people to whom she owed money, thanking her for paying back the loan. Mom’s first thought is that her severance came in early and she asks Madam Han about it. That makes Madam Han panic at the thought of losing her favorite housekeeper and she huffs, You’re wanting your pay NOW? Are you thinking of another boss right now? Who is she? How far have you gone? It’s cute.

Eun-sang doesn’t know about this either, though she realizes that the chairman must have paid off their debts behind their backs, wasting no time shoving her out of their lives.

Now she’s allowed up the staircase and puts on a smiling face for Tan, who pulls her inside, thinking she sneaked past the guards. She lets him think that, saying she missed him so much she had to see him. He pulls her into a hug, and she apologizes for being the cause of his captivity, but he sets her straight and takes responsibility for it: “I came back of my own will, so that I could stop being locked up. Because the way to be with you isn’t being with you.” Okay, I get what you’re saying, even though semantically what you just said makes no sense.

He asks her to trust him no matter what he chooses: “Now all I have left is you.” He holds her close, and she cries silently.

Won has a drink with Manager Yoon, who even now is playing neutral and not taking his side, which Won notes wryly. Manager Yoon suggests that he try understanding Tan’s position, but Won has lived through the past generation’s bitter sibling strife after Grandpa died and his aunts and uncles turned on each other. Why try to understand Tan when that fight is in his future? I guess the option of not fighting is not on the table.

Won had offered Manager Yoon a new job as his vice president, an offer Manager Yoon is still considering. He says he’ll answer soon.

In the morning, Tan keeps a close eye on the front gate security feed. Are we back to the stalking-is-romantic line? Eun-sang anticipates that Tan may be watching and writes him a greeting, sending a wave up at the camera.

Eun-sang gets a few snide remarks on her way in to school, and then is accosted by reporters eager for an interview with anybody who knows Tan. She’s rescued by her tormentor-turned-black knight Young-do, who takes over the conversation and sends her along. When asked if he’s close with Tan, Young-do quips that he’s Jeguk’s third son, and Myung-soo(k) chimes in with a girlish “And I’m the youngest daughter.” Lol. They both win points for that, defusing the situation in the best way possible.

Eun-sang finds her locker trashed and her gym clothes soaked in soy milk. So Young-do orders a whole stockpile of the stuff from the store, then winds up to throw a box at the other lockers. (I always wonder at the stuff that happens off-screen in moments like this—so are they just standing around for twenty minutes, twiddling their thumbs while waiting for the delivery?)

Young-do’s thought process is that he’ll get the culprit if he just throws milk everywhere, to which Eun-sang exclaims, “You’re going to ruin everything just to ruin the culprit?” Uh, are you unfamiliar with his style by now? He is Mr. Scorched Earth.

She thanks him for the thought but declines the gesture. Young-do leaves the soy milk to her, and she hands them out to Bo-na and Chan-young. They’re suspicious, of course, and ask if she’s experiencing any ill effects, heh.

Eun-sang gives Bo-na the promised photo of childhood Chan-young, and then apologizes to Bo-na before giving Chan-young a hug. I love the look on his face, all discomfort and confusion, which is then mirrored on Bo-na’s face when she gets the next hug. Eun-sang can’t explain that she’s saying her goodbyes, so she just says it was a whim.

Manager Yoon shows up for his tutoring session with Tan, and clues him in to the possibility of Dad sending Eun-sang to study abroad. Phew, thank goodness that secret’s out. Tan storms into his father’s office, takes back his phone, and calls stepmom Madam Jung—he requests her aid in getting to school, knowing she’ll agree because of the stock he now holds, and stocks are leverage in this family.

Dad barks that that isn’t why he gave him those stocks, but Tan says that Dad was the one who gave him that sword to wield now as bargaining chip. Tan warns his father to lay off Eun-sang, because if he doesn’t, he may have to swing that sword and strike somebody down.

Madam Jung picks Tan up, and their conversation on the way to school is dripping with thinly veiled antagonism. She helped, but he’ll have to pay a price for it later. Upon arrival at school, they present a united front for the benefit of the reporters, and the friends marvel that they’ve never seen the two looking so close.

Tan walks straight into class, packs up Eun-sang’s things without a word, and pulls her into Myung-soo’s workshop. Digging through her bag, he finds the plane ticket for Buenos Aires. Feeling betrayed, he asks, “Do you even like me? Or trust me?” Ripping the ticket to shreds, he asks how she could accept the ticket, knowing it would banish her from Korea forever, and then smile at him.

She says that she was scared, but he says she should have let him fight his father directly—after losing everything but her, he can’t then also lose her. He apologizes for making her cry.

Young-do joins them, and Tan surprises them all by asking him to hold onto Eun-sang until Tan can come back for her. I’m not sure what’s worse: that they’re back to passing Eun-sang back and forth between them, or the fact that it actually seems to be a viable way to handle the situation. Ugh.

It’s a full-fledged spectacle as the Jeguk family arrives at a restaurant like it’s a red-carpet event. The family dinner is mostly for a convenient photo op, but it’s also when Chairman Dad drops the bomb that the next stockholders meeting will be about Won’s dismissal as president. Gasp.

Won is blindsided, stunned that the directors he personally put in place would then vote him out, but Dad decrees that their loyalty is to him above all else. This is what Won gets for acting behind Dad’s back, and for treating the company as his own when he had always been warned that it wasn’t yet. He will give that seat to whichever son performs better, which is almost comical for the suggestion that a last-place high school junior could possibly outperform an experienced corporate exec. Whatevs, Dad, you never make any sense to me anyway.

Tan gets up to leave shortly after the parents do, and Won orders him to sit. Tan makes the jab that Won only wants something to do with him now that he has something he wants, and tells hyung to spend his energies running around to save his neck. Then he can deal with Tan, since Tan always figured last anyway.

Won calls Manager Yoon to ask if he’d been planning to backstab him all this while. Manager Yoon, to his surprise, urges him to beat his father and keep his position—and if he does, then he’ll take that VP seat. Aw, did Manager Yoon finally pick a side?

Myung-soo’s workshop is empty by the time Tan gets there, and when he calls Eun-sang it’s Young-do who answers. He asks where they are, and Young-do quips, “In your heart.”

They’re at a snack shop, where he guesses the situation with Tan’s father and advises Eun-sang to memorize his phone number, and also Tan’s, so she can call them for help if she needs to. That’s sweet, and a handy tip to boot.

He sends her home in his car and remains behind, sitting at his sad little table, which is where Tan finds him. You know, I can’t say I follow why these boys are suddenly over their previous violent hatred, but in this case I’ll have to gloss over the personality transplants (as the show did) because I much prefer them being glib and friendly.

Tan thanks Young-do for helping with his escape the other day, and Young-do does this hilarious fidgety thing. Then Tan orders him to leave with him, rather than staying behind alone.

Tan comes home to find Mom sitting on the floor drunk with an enraged Dad ordering her to her room. He actually sneers, “This is why I can’t let you out of the house,” which just tells you so much about him. Mom says in a hurt tone that she didn’t make a baby on her own, you know, and Tan yells at Dad not to berate his mother. He even dares to tell him to stop being such a coward, referring to the way Dad has hidden his messy personal life from the public with such dedication.

Dad bristles at being threatened by his son, but Tan warns him not to test his threat, because he’s finding that he’s capable of doing quite a lot—Dad had best not press his luck to see what he’s willing to do.

Won goes to Hyun-joo’s home and pleads with her to escape to America for three years, after which point he’ll come for her. Sigh, sometimes I think Won is his own obstacle in the romance department, because he seems to act in all the wrong ways with her. He clings to the belief that they can still be together once he figures out how, but she’s long accepted that they can’t be.

She softens once she realizes something new is happening to make him so distraught, and Won pleads with her to go because he doesn’t want her to see him hitting bottom. He begs her to not read stories about him either, and she promises that (though not to leaving for the States).

That night, Tan texts Eun-sang to meet him with passport in hand, then proceeds to take it from her, fearing that she’ll leave without letting him know. He pulls them into the storeroom again, entreating her not to go anywhere and then swooping in for a kiss. (A much better kiss than the last one, thankfully. And not just because this time it’s about feelings instead of one-upping a rival.)

The Rachel-Hyo-shin kiss makes them the source of gossip at school, and she asks him to avoid her when they find themselves in the same hallway, because she’s uncomfortable. He teases that she never cares about people gossiping about her, and she snaps that their gossip isn’t why she’s making the request. He wonders for one blank second until the realization hits, and then he awkwardly agrees to leave. Oh does she like him now? Okay.

Won gets busy meeting with stockholders in preparation for the upcoming vote, and makes a few important deals. Rachel’s mother declares herself on his side because that’s the side that opposes the chairman, while Young-do’s father agrees once he secures a hotel contract in the process. Madam Jung asks what’s in it for her, the answer to which we don’t hear.

Last is Tan, and Won states that the brothers will have to stand together against their father. Tan corrects hyung, saying that this should be a request rather than an order, but agrees to side with him anyway in exchange for a few necessities: an apartment and car, for instance, to keep his girlfriend out of Dad’s immediate reach.

Won is a little incredulous that Tan would do this huge thing of siding with him, all for “just some girl.” Tan states without hesitation that he’d do everything for that girl, and instructs his brother not to call her just some girl, “because now she’s my everything.”

Young-do loiters outside Tan’s house for a while, but gives up when it’s clear Eun-sang isn’t coming home. He drops by the convenience store next, where he finds her sitting alone and gives her his coat. Only now does he tell her of the first time he saw her here and how he’d stood up to those noisy little kids for her benefit, and it makes her comment, “It would have been nice if I knew sooner that you were both a bad guy and a good guy.”

He says that it’s not too late to make that realization, but his hopeful smile fades painfully when she declines and urges him to treat the next girl well instead. Don’t trip her to hold her hand, she advises, or blackmail her into eating noodles together.

She gets up to leave, and Young-do grabs her arm, suddenly serious. He asks her not to go, and although she says she’s got plans to meet Tan, he suspects that she’s going to let him go.

Won prepares the new apartment and car and reminds Tan multiple times not to miss the stockholders meeting today, and how he should vote. Tan notes that even now Won doesn’t trust him, not even sad anymore. Just resigned, maybe.

Won warns that Dad will be able to track down Eun-sang in a heartbeat even with the new address, which Tan knows. Still, that’s not his point: “I’m just showing him. That for the past eighteen years I’ve loved him and you greatly, that now the love is over, that the only thing I have left is her. So it doesn’t matter to me who I am, what the circumstances of my birth were, or how old I am. Because I’m going to use everything I have to protect her. It’s a warning to not dare lay a finger on her.”

Won hears this speech with something akin to disbelief and surprise, and maybe some realization. Are you learning, hyung?

Eun-sang window-shops as she waits for Tan, thinking back to her meeting with Dad and his accusations that she’s ruining Tan. Uh-oh. I don’t like the placement of this flashback, in this context. Please don’t do anything noble now.

Tan greets her with a back-hug, which Young-do watches with sadness from his stalker seat in a nearby car. Eun-sang’s the one who buys their matching pair of pink couple sneakers, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Tan wearing those is proof enough that he loves her. Also, I’m doubly nervous that she’s gifting him shoes, per the old Korean adage that one shouldn’t buy a lover shoes because they’ll use them to run away from you.

Tan takes Eun-sang to see her new apartment, apologizing for doing things one-sidedly and promising that he’ll improve. While I never expected Eun-sang to react with joy to such a move, her dismay is making me super uneasy. As is her ready agreement, as she tells him she can move tomorrow and urges him to make it to his meeting.

She sends him off first, and he says it feels like they’re a married couple. So she gives him a goodbye peck in response, which makes his day. She promises to wait for him at home, but the moment he closes the door she bursts into sobs. Agh. Stupid study abroad cliché, why are you back?

Won’s dismissal is put to a vote. Dad smiles through the proceedings, but the reason turns out to be the opposite of our expectation—it isn’t because he’s assured that Won will be fired. Not only does the vote get shot down, it gets shot down with a whopping ninety-five percent opposition. That means Dad must have also voted not to oust Won, despite bringing this whole thing up in the first place.

Won staggers out with shoulders drooping in defeat despite having won his seat, because he was basically outmaneuvered by a father who was teaching him a lesson. Tan asks what his father meant by putting on this show, and Dad replies, “I was giving him a fleeting moment’s humiliation—and you, too.” He finishes with the kicker: Eun-sang left Korea an hour ago.

At home, Madam Han reads Mom’s farewell letter in tears. Tan races home and finds Eun-sang’s room empty, then races around town looking for her. Instead he finds signs of her departure, from the cafe job she quit to the school locker that’s empty.

As he stands in his empty new apartment, he replays Dad’s words: “Never forget today. The price you pay for swinging that sword was losing that girl.”


I’m glad the brothers stepped it up and set the ball rolling as they both took formal stances against their father, even if they ultimately were outwitted. Given the extreme parallels between Won and Tan’s romantic tribulations, it’s interesting to watch how each brother reacts differently—both are committed to the idea of being with their girlfriends despite the odds stacked against them, but their tactics diverge in meaningful ways. (This makes me wish even more that we’d gotten to this point earlier, not in the final stretch, because the first three-quarters of the show is stuff that’s played out according to every cliché in the K-drama playbook. Would’ve been much nicer if we had some time to play out the comparison.)

I can concede that Won’s tactic has a few things going for it; by keeping his connection to Hyun-joo on the downlow, and in trying to send her away to come back for her later, he gets to at least keep seeing her. The downside is that nothing about their relationship has been satisfying (for them, I mean) in the many years it’s been going on, because it’s not a full-fledged relationship in any sense—it’s being strung along without a lot of payoff, without a clear sense of future happiness or even present bliss. But it’s what he has chosen in order to keep even that small connection alive.

Tan has the same inclinations at first, and there was a real chance he would follow Won’s sad footsteps. But when push comes to shove he’s gone the other way, pushing back against his father and fighting in the here and now. He knows that tucking Eun-sang away isn’t going to be a viable strategy for the long term, but he’s not hiding her away as the end goal—it’s symbolic more than anything.

The problem is that Dad is just crazy at this point, taking up the role of blanket villain. I get that the stockholders’ vote was supposed to be a demonstration of his craftiness, but mostly I’m just confused. What was even the point of that show, if the end result was the same? We knew at the end of last episode that Eun-sang took the deal and played noble idiot to go away, and in this episode, she took the deal and played noble idiot to get away. Dad gloats that Tan lost the girl because he wielded his sword… but to be honest, he lost her to Dad’s machinations before he even picked up the sword (i.e., joined in the stock/voting game), so isn’t that a moot point? The drama played the revelation of her departure for a moment of shock, only, were any of us shocked?

It’s just such a bummer when your hero and everyone he loves is basically impotent, and there’s no fun watching Dad lord it over everyone all the time. I can see the chairman’s point (however dickish) about pulling the vote stunt to humiliate both his sons, because it warns them not to even think of beating Dad, because he’ll always win. It’s what abusers do to keep their victim-partners in line, so scared that they don’t dare mutiny in the future. He’s a tyrant at home and at business, so it fits his profile. It’s just that I feel like we got shafted of a real conflict—of the brothers banding together and fighting smart—and the buildup and tension were sapped away in one instant, like soap bubbles popping in the air. I feel deflated, just like Won.

One of my long-held beliefs/pet peeves about dramas is that if the vast majority of everybody’s angst can be solved by one person changing his/her mind, then you have a bad conflict. The entire premise starts to crumble because not only do you have some egomaniacal patriarch pulling puppet strings and making everyone cry, this also means that we aren’t going to get a satisfactory resolution either—because all he has to do is change his mind. Wah wah. How deflating. How weak.

Well, I guess he could die. I wouldn’t cry about that.


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  1. Ivoire

    Another interesting ep., and I will start with my questions:

    1—Has anyone watched Heirs live, on the SBS online station? I am asking because I did this morning, and I was a little surprised (and found interesting) to see that there was an SBS-CNBC logo on the right side of my screen. Does anyone know if SBS is linked with CNBC in Korea? (I am asking out of curiosity).

    2—I know this drama is not taking place in real life, the way we know it. So a lot of things are different in that world. Still, could KT just take ES out of class, simply because he wanted to? Because of him, she missed one or two classes (or more?) So she goes back to school as if nothing happened, and the teachers just let her get back into class/school?

    3—This was an interesting way of saying things, I thought: KT to ES: “ Don’t get hurt where I am not.” At first, I thought KT meant “don’t get hurt by things that don’t hurt me (emotionally), (kind of like saying, “don’t worry about things I don’t worry about”). But then when I rewatched the ep., I felt that KT was saying something different, like “do not allow yourself to be hurt (by people) when I am not around.” Would that be the correct way to understand it?

    4—Another KT expression that I am having trouble with, ”dad is the one, who made the roof of the house, mom’s sky.” Meaning, dad gave mom a roof (so dad should take of mom)”, or “dad is the one who limited mom (in mom’s sky, dad decided where the roof would be)? It is interesting to me how I can understand or perceive some expressions in one way.

    5—Do you guys think that was a real picture of KMH when he was little (the one ES gave to BN)? So cute…

    6—What is “Yellow Journalism?”

    7—I find it interesting (in somewhat of a puzzling way), the many ways in which KT can defy his dad, considering he is still a minor (he is not 18 yet). I guess without that, we would not have a drama (we need some drama in the drama)

    8—When YD guessed what had happened to ES, and ES told YD that he was a ghost, was it because the belief is that “ghosts” see everything/know everything?

    • 1.1 javabeans

      Okay, I’m going to jump in here because this is a problem that is not resolving.

      Commenters, please do not jump on commenters like Ivoire for asking honest questions. Scroll down if you don’t care to read.

      Ivoire, asking questions is fine. If I may suggest something to help both you and those who are frustrated with your questions: Please consult Google for the simple or fact-based questions (like what is yellow journalism). Questions about the drama or Korean culture are welcome always.

    • 1.2 Nina

      2- From what I’ve heard, schools in Korea are actually pretty strict and you can’t miss a day of class (I heard even some colleges are like that).

      5- I think it was an actual pic of him when he was little.

      6- Ooooh, I remember that from my journalism classes :p it’s basically news that has little to no real facts and is more about news that will catch people’s eyes. So news that is out of the ordinary, gossip-y, etc.

    • 1.3 TS

      Are you studying this show for a course or something?

      • 1.3.1 emz

        haha. i’ve asked that a lot of times too. some dramas need not be overanalyzed and nitpicked. and google’s our friend.

        • TS

          It can be annoying, especially when a list of questions is the first thing one sees. I’d understand more if this was for some sort of course.

          • a


          • LM

            i think ppl shud just relax and watch the drama, cuz either way its just a type of entertainment. just chillax and enjoy it, i dont think we need to analyze it like some type of research paper, lol.

          • LSG

            So? some people are different. Some people like to turn their brain off and not question anything. Others have questions because things don’t make sense to them. It doesn’t hurt to think things through when you’re watching something because, some things just simply don’t make sense. No point in pretending like everything is fine. Especially in this drama, where too much is happening.

        • garnerie

          Analyzing this drama would just give one a headache. I concede that the episodes have gotten better, but compared to the stellar shows of 2013, this drama SUCKS. I was wavering before about whether the drama is bad enough to be good, but the noble idiocy nonsense from ES and KT’s crying at the end of episode 16, pushed into the just plain bad category.

          The writer has managed to write one of the weakest Korean drama, heck Asian drama heroine in the longest time I can remember. She is not even a housewife yet, yet she is being commanded and pushed around by teenage boys. Come here, go here, stay here, grab hand, I will get you – sounds like beckoning a dog or some type of pet right?

          The triangle with YD, has no feeling, because who she will end up with has been telegraphed from the first episode, so what’s the point. Everyone is a caricature, a copy from other Korean dramas, all put together into this MegaChaebol drama.

          So cliched, so over done, over wrought, pointless and filled with weepy, spineless women.

          • mine

            so why you still watch this drama.??

          • FY Tapri

            @mine: nice Jab… ^u^//

          • Lyla

            I know right, I felt so sorry for the actors ( I love them so much), but I gave up of this drama a long time ago… but sometimes i still come back here to see if it’s get better, but no lol

      • 1.3.2 Laden

        Lol,what I thought exactly Immediately I saw the list of questions I knew it was ‘ivore’ I wonder why she takes the drama so seriously

      • 1.3.3 Faye

        Good to see the season of joy among mankind is alive and well in this thread.

        • Ivoire

          Thank you, Faye!
          I second your sentiments. Isn’t there more than one way to experience a drama? Who is to say what ways are “right”, and what ways are “wrong?” (No need to answer that, by the way).

          • anniejang

            The thing I look forward to here are the recaps and your questions.

          • Ivoire

            Hello anniejang,

            And thank you for your comment. I never knew that my questions were one of the things you looked forward to, when coming to DB to read the recaps of Heirs. That’s encouraging to know, that other beanies are actually interested in my questions and comments. As another beanie said, “I often ask questions that s/he wished s/he would have asked, or was thinking about.” So all in all, my asking those questions actually does serve a purpose, and that is good. 🙂

            What I really love are the responses we get, because to be honest, those responses (besides satisfying my curiosity) also give me a different perspective. I always look forward to those (the different perspectives, that is).

          • TheeAverageJo

            Your way is just annoying. Especially when you’re the 1st comment.
            Google is your friend, a lot of questions you pose could be found by simply looking for the answers instead of waiting for someone to reply and given them to you.

        • bbstl

          hahaha nicely put. I find that when I read the ivoire’s questions I often think, OH I want to know that, too! If I weren’t interested in analyzing a drama at least a little, why would I even be reading a recap and comments in the first place?

          • Ivoire

            Hello bbstl,

            And thank you for your response. I really loved what you said, and how you said it. I also agree with you, that most of us who come here do come because we are interested in some kind of analysis of the drama and of its episodes. Otherwise, as you rightly put it, “why read a recap” (which by the way is always followed by an analysis written by the recapper), and why read the comments as well?

            You know, the other option people have, is to just scroll down, when they see my screen-name, when they come to this site. Since they can anticipate that they will not (or might not) like what I write, why bother to read it, or even look at it? Scrolling down the page does not take that long, and rest assured, it will not hurt your finger either.

      • 1.3.4 Nafiza

        What’s wrong with analyzing dramas? Some people choose not to watch mindlessly. Ever thought of that?

        • Ivoire

          Hello Nafiza,

          And thank You! I simply do not know how to park my brain at the door, when I watch TV or a show. I tend to be curious about so many things. Imagine how much more curious and inquisitive I become, when watching a Kdrama, in a language different from the ones I speak and understand.
          Yes, I do ask a lot of questions, however I and some of the beanies have learned so much in the process, I do not regret having done it that way. I love it when some of the beanies can offer answers, suggestions or, as one said “come and play.” And I always appreciate their contribution and their time.

          I just visited your blog, and find interesting that you are very interested in Children’s Literature, because my sister is as well. She writes and illustrates Children’s books, and she focuses on diversity issues. Such a small world (at times), isn’t it? 🙂
          I hope my questions have helped deepen your understanding of the drama :-). Also, I connected this week with a Kdrama fan who lives in your city. A small world, I tell ya :-)…

        • Marie21

          I think Ivoire’s questions are very interesting! I’ve got almost the same questions as she / I don’t watch this drama mindlessly. I think this drama puzzles me a lot and many scenes are worth analysing them!! this culture is entirely different from my own so it’s perfectly understandable that you start questioning some scenes. what’s wrong with that?!
          I watch these Korean dramas for their cultural aspects, mostly. Like Ivoire, I’m curious about many things that are related to Korean society, Korean culture and lifestyle. Here, the chaebol family is the issue at the core of this drama.
          Anyway, those two last episodes were intense but so fantastic! It’s a pity we didn’t see any of those scenes for exemple those with the two brothers, in the first episodes!!! I admire Kim Tan for his determination, his struggle! but like in chessmate game, his adversary has one move ahead!!! I feel sick at heart for him and for my dear Kim Won!!! love Young-Do in those episodes!!! he’s a darling!!! Any reaction to the “kiss”?

          • Ivoire

            Hello Marie21,

            Thank you for your response :-)! I have said it earlier, however I will say it again. I am glad to see that a few beanies (or maybe based on the number of comments for this drama), do not watch this drama mindlessly. Many commenters here are not Asians or Koreans, and given the opportunity, there are answers to questions we all have we would like to get. I just happen to ask those questions, but anyone could be asking them.

            This other thing that I do not understand is that in my three years of participating on this blog, I have NEVER told anyone how they should participate on the blog, or how they should watch or engage when they are watching a Korean programming. I believe it is their freedom to decide how “mindlessly” or how “engaged” they will be, when watching a programming, whether it be a drama, a variety show, etc…

            So, since I don’t criticize people on how they engage or choose not to engage when watching entertainment AND commenting here, why am I being told how to watch mine or what to write about? Shouldn’t this be a two way street?

            I really loved all that you said in your 1st paragraph, and in the first 1/2 of your second paragraph. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    • 1.4 diba

      2. I am not entirely sure of how things are in Korea but I think just like the way things are for my school, it works there too. I’m sure my school isn’t as strict as Korean schools but the thing is its not a normal circumstance. It is simply because everything Kim Tan does is an exception. He’s untouchable and so are all the people he’s linked with. He may be illegitimate but put that aside, he’s the son of the owner of the school, his legal mum is the principal and heck he’s even a major shareholder of Jeguk so he basically sort of owns the damn school; so this is why teachers tend to just shut up towards wtv he does since if they mess with him their positions are sure in danger.

      • 1.4.1 Ivoire

        You know diba, your explanations actually make sense. I had not thought of it that way. Now I am glad I actually asked the question. Thank you!

        • Victoria

          I honestly fail to see why people find your questions so unpalatable, Ivoire. Why would it bother anyone if someone wishes to get to the bottom of some issues, one way or another, reflected in a drama?

          Actually, I also have a few questions in regards to what’s being displayed because even though I do live in Asia, I am not Korean and was brought up outside Asia. So I keep wondering how much truth we actually get to see in those dramas. Certainly, every drama (not just Korean) will have exaggeration and moments that would seem illogical at times, but I tend to believe that they, nevertheless, do convey some of the major points about the culture and the routine of the place it is set in.

          For instance, I wonder if the lives of the rich clans in Korea are really THAT bound by certain rules and routines that cannot be changed or disobeyed? I know that Korea is still quite a conservative society despite all the economic progress and I’m guessing this conservatism persists to an even greater degree in rich families? Or…am I mistaken perhaps?

          Anyway, whenever I think about this kind of lifestyle (wealthy clans, corporation owners), I’m glad I’m not part of that world. I’d never be able to fit in, never. That is why I can understand Kim Tan so perfectly well (he seems to be one of the most rebellious types for this kind of family) 🙂 That is why everyone around him is so shocked by his behaviour….

    • 1.5 Mireuredhair

      4. I thought this was a really good metaphor. I think he’s saying that his eeeeeeevil crotchedy father made the house his mother’s prison. Basically if the sky’s the limit then she’ll only go as high as their ceiling because her place is only inside their house. Because dbag dad is a dbag. Yup. But thank god for Tan speaking up against him. See here’s where they can use the car accident trope. Let the dad die via truck or something IHYV style.

      • 1.5.1 Ivoire

        Thank you, Mireuredhair!

      • 1.5.2 Victoria

        Agreed totally! I, too, thought it was a great metaphor that he used. For his mum that house has been not much more than a prison, and for many years at that! She’s been living in a golden cage and basically treated like shit. I admire Kim Tan greatly for speaking up against his dad.

    • 1.6 Suzi Q

      Yellow Journalism was a term which originated during the nineteen century between two rivals in the newspaper publishing, Joseph Pulitzer of the New York World and William Randolph Hearst of the New York Journal. They drove up their newspaper circulation with sensationalism and exaggeration of the truth. Unfortunately, during that period, people believed totally what was printed in the newspaper.

      • 1.6.1 Maude

        And they still do….even though all media is owned by a few corporations.

    • 1.7 Laura

      #6- Yellow journalism is dishonest and corrupt, it is about whipping up one sided and uninformed hysteria and driving up newspaper sales. The words ” yellow journalism” were used to describe the pro-war slant of American newspapers before the Spanish American war. I find it interesting that a Korean kid would use the term and I wonder if it has the same meaning in Korean history or if they really do a thorough job of teaching American history and viewpoints to Korean high school kids.

      • 1.7.1 jaglaine

        It might not be American history per se but rather journalistic history.

        • hydesamagirl

          Yes, I think it’s more based on familiarity with journalistic history.

          • Ivoire

            I believe MS was the one who made the comment about the reporter’s attitude being “yellow journalism.” The thing is, MS takes a lot of pictures (he is a photographer), and he probably participates in the school newspaper, or something like that. Following that logic, it would make sense that MS would know about “yellow journalism.” Now, I am not surprised about MS making that comment.

            This little conversation makes me glad I did not go to Google. If I had, we might not have had the exchange we had, and the different perspectives, which made me think some more. Those are personally what I look forward to, when I come here.

      • 1.7.2 Ivoire

        @Suzy Q, Maude, Laura and jaglaine, thank you your responses.

        • Ivoire

          I meant to say, “thank you for your responses (and the additional comments/thoughts).”

    • 1.8 Faye

      @Ivoire – Just wanted to say thank you for posting your questions. They really make me think more about what I’ve seen. For those of us who like to analyze and think about what we’ve seen, it’s very helpful. So thanks!

      • 1.8.1 Ivoire

        @ Faye,

        You are very welcome! I am glad to know that the time and effort that I take to notice and write those questions, and post them here, benefit some of the Beanies who, as you put it aptly, ” like to analyze and think about what we’ve seen.” you just made my day Faye, especially considering some of the flack I seem to take for being inquisitive and actually daring to ask those questions that some of us might have.
        It is always fun (and rewarding) to see that a few kind souls actually help us in our understanding of the episodes, and of the the drama as whole, be it linguistically, culturally or otherwise.

        And to show you how much I appreciated your comment, I actually realized I came up with some more questions, as I rewatched the episode. So here we go:

        9—I know we are in the realm of the drama, however I kind of wondered, ”could KT take her passport like that? Really?” He is still a minor himself. Could he just take someone else’s passport, and not give it back if the person asks for it? Aren’t there consequences/penalties for such things?

        10—I am not really sure ES went abroad, since KT had her passport. Unless Chairman daddy foresaw that as well, and had another passport ready for her already. I am thinking that the writer could be trolling us, (or could that be a fake out?)

        11—Like JB, I was not sure about what Chairman daddy did. He sure wasted a lot of people’s time, making them come to a fake vote. Goes to show how powerful he is really, to be able to pull that stunt off.

        12—ES said something at the beginning of the episode that I found was interesting. After finding out that their debts had been paid, she said to herself, “in the blink of an eye, he made the girl who had money go broke again.” Was it like saying, “in the blink of an eye, he made the girl who was free become indebted to him?” That was all I could come up with, since that would apply to her situation. But then again, she said, “go broke again,” which implies that she was broke originally, then rich, then broke again. Hum…

        13—Young Do is funny. When he ordered the milk, he told ES, “this is not my doing,” yet he was the one doing it (getting revenge). Did he then mean, “I didn’t start this…” Again, that was all I could think of.

        14—CY had an interesting expression for ES, when she was hugging him, and later hugging BN. He said, “is today the day your hair gets pulled?” meaning… Is today her last day at that school, maybe?

        15—KT said to his dad, “(his mom’s) sky is the ceiling of this house.” Does that mean that is as far as Madam Han can go? That she is limited in many ways? Or maybe it means it means that Madam Han cannot look at the sky, because she has to be in the house all the time. That might be it (maybe).

        16—I am curious about the expression Chairman daddy used, “Eun Sang e marida (sp?)” What does that mean?

        17—I know this is a drama, so our minds need to operate within the frame (and world) of the drama. That being said, I was just curious, can a son (or daughter) talk back to her/his parents the way KT does to his dad, in Korean society?

        • Nafiza

          16. Literally it means “The talk about Eun Sang.” Or how we’d say..”About Eun Sang…yeah, she’s gone (last three words are mine.)

          • Ivoire

            Oh thank you, Nafiza. I just left you a response below your post higher 🙂

        • Hachiko

          Hi Ivoire! Nice to see you again.
          #3. Yes, the second way of ur interpretation is correct, I think. When I am not near u, pls don’t be hurt.

          #17. I don’t know much about korea, other than the things shown in kDramas but it depends on child and parents, really. If u see Chan Young and Yoon as a father and son, aren’t they totally different than our main villain father n hero son or for that matter, Young Do and his judo-father? Yes, everywhere it’s wrong, mostly, to talk back to your elders. But then, it’s upto you to take that courage to point out your elder’s mistakes.

          #14. It’s simply meant that are you out of your mind finally? Like, after all the troubles you went through, did you really go crazy today? I think, this is what he meant.

          #13. He meant: when ES looked at him for saying, this is why she should have not gone out with KT, he understood that she’ll ask whether he did this, bcz she went out with KT(as a revenge)? And said, “I understand what u r gonna say, but I didn’t do this(milk-thrown in the locker) and orders for some milk NOW to get his revenge! On everyone else!!

          #12. She said, in the blink of an eye, he made a girl own him money! Or to be more deeper, like indebted to him by accepting his money…(just like in the case of Hyun Joo).

          #11. As far as I understood, he did that bcz just to show his both sons that he’s still the BOSS!…that’s it..

          #10. I also don’t think ES went abroad. She had her ticket being torn away by KT and the passport is with him, too. (And by the way, KT just took the passport from her just like a guardian would do..nothing else. Also, I guess he’s already 18,in korean age). YD will find ES probably bcz he understood she was not herself from the moment he saw her crying and KT telling him to take care of her. Also, his advice to memorize the numbers of him and KT, his premonition(u could say) that she’s not looking like she’s gonna meet someone but going to lose someone @ the convienient store, his following her when she was window shopping, and not even flinching when KT back-hugged her and both were acting cutely with each other – ALL of this mean, that he knows that something is up and he’ll probably help our KT to get back with our Cindrella…

          I guess the answers satisfy at least some of ur question-thirst..heehee..:-)

          • Hachiko

            Sorry one answer correction:

            #14. He meant “Am I going to see your hair pulled by Bo Na today? Finally?”

            While rewatching, I understood this… hehe

        • Z

          12— The version I watched said “In a blink of an eye, he has made me the girl who takes the money.” As in, he effectively pulled that drama cliche of paying the girl off to disappear with an envelope of money.

          15- Tan is referring to the fact that she can’t really leave the house. So, when she looks up she sees the ceiling instead of the real sky.

        • Faye


          I’m sorry people called you out by name – it was obnoxious. And kind of counter-intuitive, because if you’re not interested in analyzing or discussing a drama, why are you participating in a comment section designed specifically for that purpose?

          I went through some of what you were feeling a few discussion threads ago, and I’ll tell you what I told myself: if someone has to attack you for no reason on a message board over something as innocuous as your comments on a TV series, clearly the problem is with them, not you. Such people must be really miserable with their own lives. It doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it helps those of us who are just in it for a nice, thought-provoking discussion to ignore the junior high shenanigans.

          • Asue

            I agree… not only do you want to chill while watching… sometimes you might want to check in on the discrepancies and learn from their culture as well… watch and learn and enjoy it too….

        • mine

          well because kt and es have a relationship, es knows that kt will do everything.. you see he said that bring your passport or else i will go inside her room and find it for himself..

          es said to her mom , he makes a beggar girl accepted that money.. w/o saying anything to es, he just paid their debt as if saying that es accept also the money just to go and leave kt..

          i would suggest that you watch also the other link with eng. sub, because they have a diff. translation / understanding…

          cy ask it to es.. in korea they some celeb for their 100 days.. u know.. it is that today is the day that her haitpr was pulled out by somebody something like that..

          the mom of kt can’t go out with his dad and kt.. he mean that she was just stuck in their house, she can’t see the sky and their ceiling in the house is her only sky.. cause no one knows about her..

          try this.. http://www.gooddrama.net .. http://www.koreandrama.. and so on.. try to search it..

          it is quite interesting about your questions, it seems you don’t understand this drama.. i mean, if you are watching this drama, you have to put yourself on their shoes, af is you are kt or es or anyone their..how would you feelhow would you react if you are in their situations..

        • Asue

          14- hair pulling…. remember the time they were in Universal City walk where they took a picture together and posted it in CY’s SNS?? well she did mention that because of the picture BN will pull her hair… meaning BN will be angry enough to want to pull her hair out because she is with CY in US too…. so since she is hugging CY… it might make BN angry enough to want to pull her hair… as in cat fight!!

        • Asue

          15… means Daddy chairman limited the world of Madam Han to their house…

        • Asue

          9– when you are young, what do you know about your legal right with regards to your passports??? huh???

      • 1.8.2 Ivoire

        @ Faye,
        Please feel free to join in (as you know) and let me know how you understood some of the phrases and expressions used. Did you experience the fact that you thought one expression meant one thing, and it actually turned out to be different than what you thought?

        Also, you left me a comment (about Thanksgiving) in the comments’ section of ep. 15, and I have a question about that, so I am going to go ask that question now. Please check under your comment in ep. 15 recap. Thanks!

        • Faye

          Hi Ivoire,

          Regarding understanding expression used -when I first started watching K-dramas, I misunderstood a lot, and I didn’t even realize that I was doing that! After doing some research and consulting my good Korean friend, I think I understand a lot more now.

          Where are you watching the show? Just curious because I think I’ve seen some things translated differently than you – that could be causing the confusion.

          I don’t remember the other phrases you mentioned (it’s been a busy few days, LOL), but I do recall the line Kim Tan said about the house’s ceiling being his mother’s sky, because it was so evocative. I think he’s saying that because Chairman McEvil restricts her from so many activities, she is literally in the house a lot, so when she looks up she sees the ceiling. And by making her his dirty little secret, she can’t dream or be really free – the house represents the limits of her figurative world as well.

          I will go back and check episode #15’s thread.

    • 1.9 adette

      3 – your second interpretation is correct. his words in Korean literally mean “don’t get hurt in places that I’m not in,” ie, don’t get hurt by people when I’m not around.

      7 – he is 18, actually (in Korean age). his birthday hasn’t passed yet, but he’s already 18.. I thought I’d mention that because I think I’ve seen you (or maybe it was someone else, idk) refer to the idea that Tan is 16/17 in international age. To be clear, he us 18 in Korean age, 17 in international age. But in any case, he’s still a minor, since the age of majority in South Korea is 19.

      8 – yes.

      14 – in one of the California episodes, Chan-young takes a picture of himself with Eun-sang and puts it online. Bo-na immediately calls him, and Eun-sang says something along the lines of “are you crazy? do you want to see Lee Bo-na pull my hair out?” (because Bo-na wood presumably be jealous/upset about the picture). this was a reference to that joke.

      17 – Korea is not an idyllic society. Just because something like respect towards ones parents and elders is highly valued does not mean that people are never disrespectful.

    • 1.10 hydesamagirl

      8. I would guess that it might be something like he is able to observe without being seen, since ghosts supposedly can be invisible etc.

      P.S. I think questions are good. This whole blog is about going deeper into K-dramas. With comment, we can express how much we like a show, but we can also explore more, even if it’s random trivia.

    • 1.11 anniejang

      There are two kinds of commenters on dramaland forums-those who are interested in the drama, and those who are fangirls (the SQUEE squads). Go over to goodrama.com and you will see their Heirs forum is dominated by 5 Kim Woo Bin fans-hundreds of pages of thousands of comments of YD worship and lust, by just the same 5 people!!! It’s truly TRULY bizarre! Worse that that-it’s boring beyond belief. Now I see some of them are over here trying to do the same thing to this forum-turn it into a YD fan page. they think if they do this enough, the writer will change the story lead to Young Do. Ivoire!—you must keep going, and not let them do it!
      The rest of us will help, at least I will.

      • 1.11.1 Lin_K

        @anniejang – Hi there! I am one of the YD fans you mentioned. I can assure you that I am not trying to turn this forum into anything. I wanted to comment, and I am doing that. I comment mainly about YD because that’s the character I am interested in. We may analyze every single scene of YD but that’s our freedom to do that. If you don’t like our comments, please don’t read it 🙂 🙂 And yes, I am a WB fan, became one after watching YD 🙂

    • 1.12 LSG

      I appreciate your questions for the show. Because when I look back at the show and think about what you said, everything makes a little bit more sense and makes me feel for the show a little more. I have to admit I get a little bit confused when I watch it and I can’t simply “turn my brain off”, I find myself pausing, rewinding and asking myself questions as well. I can’t just ignore those things lol. Maybe the comments complaining about your questions just aren’t as intellectually stimulated as you are. ^^

    • 1.13 Paula

      2- In my school, I go if I want, I go to class if I want (even if I’m at school), I leave the class when I want and go back when I want. Just like that. Some teachers are really annoying and you have to raise your hand to leave class. But never interrupt the class to ask to leave. But they are very few. In college, you literally do whatever the hell you want, because their philosophy is: “I don’t f*cking care, it’s your problem, your life”.
      Ps: I got to a private school (something like U$10k/year)

  2. jmuy

    Yes. Happy thanksgiving! First to comment?

  3. Anne

    That KISS!!! DAEBAK!!!!

    And can I just say? I hate Eun Chang!! WTF!!!!???

    • 3.1 CakeLady Dee

      For the life of me can someone explain this kiss? Why does ES look so tense and uncomfortable? Trying to soften it by her putting her arms around him does’nt work for me. I only say that because the only time her emotions seem geniune is when he hugs her. Is it just how she comes across on screen or is this her emotion as per script? By this late in the drama, you would THINK..ok, We love each other it’s all out in the open!

      • 3.1.1 anniejang

        I read that PSH’s parents did and interview and while her mother likes LMH, her Dad said he doesn’t and he would not like to see her getting passionate on screen with LMH. Considering these are Korean parents, she must have been extremely intimidated by her Dad.

        • Victoria

          LOL, if that is true, then it does seem to reflect a bit of what’s happening on screen with KT’s dad, eh? 😀 Oh, those Korean parents…I don’t think I could handle them. Well, not unless they were like Chan-young’s dad 😉

  4. Ace

    Ah, so evil Dad…

  5. Ilikehim

    Tan’s cry at the end was so heartbreaking. The way he just clutches his heart as he cries, too. Blah.

  6. jmuy

    Nah. Second.

  7. emily

    Wooww that kiss was awesome

    • 7.1 notpretty

      reaally??? PSH looks like she’s hurting from that kiss.

      • 7.1.1 Zfih

        omg. so true. i liked tan’s part, he played it quite well (except for the initiation which was not smooth LOL) but she looked like she was constipated -____-

        • Beeni


        • Beng

          maybe she’s hurting coz she already know that they’re gonna be apart.

          • Zfih

            But if that was the case, wouldn’t you kiss back more? or melt into the hug? Not try to scratch the guy like a cat .*O

        • ak

          My sentiments exactly.
          The execution looked so acted-out. (Because of the way they cut the scenes? Because Tan swooped in too quickly? I dunno anymore.)

          Eun Sang’s part… Do I blame it on PSH or the PD?

        • CakeLady Dee

          so agree, why would you look that way when you are alone with the man you love? Despite all of what is going on…can’t she just show him a little passion? Come on!!

      • 7.1.2 Windsun33

        At first I thought he was going to rape her, and apparently so did she.

        • Zfih

          I almost had a heart attach with his sudden lung at her, like a bird trying to catch a fish. She looked so scared that I thought “OHHH, now I get it. She doesn’t really like LMH, she is just with him for the money”. This solid explanation = constipated kiss with LMH.

          A point aside, who the F scrunches their face like a pug when LMH is kissing him/her? *shakes head not understanding logic*

          • Farah

            Spot on Zfih! Couldn’t agree with you more! I too feel that she really doesn’t like LMH. haha

          • bored2tears2

            It not that she doesn’t like him it’s that it’s a Korean drama and in order for her to be the suitable heroine she has to act coy. If she shows any kind of emotion other than surprise and embarrassment then she’s to easy and not innocent enough. It’s just ridiculous. Do average Koreans even know how silly this obsession they have with sexual innocence looks to the outside world? It doesn’t make their culture look morally superior it makes them appear completely clueless. Clueless to the fact that stalker men get to win the hearts of their childlike innocent victims. It’s not just clueless it’s actually kind of creepy.

          • GoldenDiva

            I agree I mean the way PSH kissed JGS in YAB was more heartfelt now it seems its just forced LOL psPSH if u need any help in learning how 2 kiss LMH I will totally help all I need is Lee Min Oh corporation 😘

          • caroline

            hey! WTF with you?!

            I think PSH is good, why you always crtism her
            Just go away!

          • Windsun33

            @ Bored2Tears2: you have a point for sure, especially considering the actual real life statistics in Korea, it is like the k-dramas are often living in a dream world. I think the most ridiculous example in Heirs was a couple of episodes ago, where LMH was taking off his jacket and ES panics and covers her eyes, even though he was fully clothed except for the coat.

            I have never figured out exactly why so many dramas go to such extremes to show “innocence”, to the point where even 32 year old girls faint at the sight of a bare arm.

          • anniejang

            It’s because Asian culture is very Conservative (right wing) and that faction of society is in control and they always pretend innocence and never realize that others see the pretense, hence-they live in bizarroland. this applies everywhere Conservatism is dominant, not just in Asia.

          • Victoria

            @bored2tears2: you seem to be spot-on! All that innocence and playing coy actually gets quite annoying at some point…When you really feel that chemistry between the leads and you just LONG for them to at least get to kiss each other properly and when you do not get it, it is so frustrating! 🙁

            I remember watching “Winter Sonata” not so long ago – arguably the classic drama to have started Hallyu (the Korean Wave) – and I too thought that the leads looked great together, they always brought in that suspense into the whole drama…And when they didn’t get to kiss properly even ONCE throughout the whole, at the end of it all I was like “WTF???” I felt cheated. I still like this drama, if only for the scenery and the atmosphere that is created by absolutely fabulous music, however, I so wished that the leads had got to some ‘action’….in a good sense of this word.

        • Kazoo

          Ha! So true. PSH does looks like she’s being traumatized, but then again, LMH looked like he was trying to chew her face off.

          • Windsun33

            +1 😀

        • supeng


      • 7.1.3 DramaFan100

        So true. Just see the screen shot that is posted here. See her face. She looks positively cringeworthy. In which universe that kiss was awesome? But I agree, LMH did a better job at it.

        I wonder why is it that they can’t show a romantic kiss romantically. Remember that kiss in the last scene in IHYV? There are some gentle kisses and then we feel the air tighten around them and then both kiss willingly. That is romance. How can this kiss be called swoonworthy?

        Yuck is the feeling I had after that..

        • ok

          I agree. PSH does not look experienced or like she’s enjoying it. I mean, she doesn’t have to enjoy it but she shouldn’t look like she’s holding her breath and counting the minutes for it to be over. Even Suzy was a better kisser…. I guess that just shows that someone has more experience in that department than others. =)

        • Karisima

          I’m actually fairly concerned for Park Shin-Hye and how she tends to respond physically. It screams trauma to me.

          • Windsun33

            Hmm.. interesting thought. This is not the first series where she has been accused of being a bit edgy in kissing scenes. But that could well be just totally wrong speculation also. She was involved in a car crash a couple years ago, but only minor injuries, so that does not sound like what we are talking about here.

          • TS

            Maybe she’s just frigid. Or prefers girls.

          • Faye

            Or maybe she’s just a nice, sexually inexperienced young woman who doesn’t have the knowledge level necessary to service the prurient fantasies of the people who apparently watch this drama to get their sexual jollies.

            I personally didn’t think she looked bad in the kiss. She looked surprised, and then very emotional – which is understandable, since she knew she was getting ready to leave Tan. But she was clearly kissing him back.

            What more do people want from her – tongue? Moaning? This is a drama rated for teens to watch, after all. If extensive, “realistic” physical contact is that important to people in a show, there’s always porn.

          • Windsun33

            @ Faye: What bothers me is not that I am looking for soft porn here, I am looking for something a bit more realistic. You can walk through any public park in Korea in the summer where the young folks hang out and see more passion than I see here. And considering that PDA is still barely acceptable behavior in Korea, that is saying something.

          • Windsun33

            OK, yeah I admit “realistic k-drama” is an oxymoron.

          • Faye

            @Windsun33 – Maybe you’ve walked through different parks in Korean than I have. When I was there I saw hand-holding and maybe a light kiss on the cheek, but nothing like what we saw.

            And again, this idea that PSH was so awful and the kiss was too is an opinion, not fact. There are plenty of us who saw it and thought it was perfectly fine.

          • sogazelle

            Bingo!!! I have the same thought…

            To me it seems that either she’s never been kissed in real life, therefore she doesn’t know how to relate..

            Or she’s had a bad experience in real life( I hope not though; that will be terrible)…

            She does the same consistently in all her kisses…and it’s suspicious.

            It surely can’t be the PDs? They can’t all be that bad at directing her on a kiss.

            Or why not practice beforehand? It’s Lee F*#*ing Minho for crying out loud.

            You can see the poor guy trying to do his best to make it look passionate, but her demeanor just makes everything come out flat because she looks like someone who’s being slaughtered while he appears to be forcing her.

            Girl, you are making my boy look like creep! Lol!!!

          • anniejang

            Somebody on another website said they saw an interview with PSH parents, and her Dad said he did not want to see her get passionate with LMH on screen-I bet it wasn’t the first time, and she is probably very much intimidated by that. Again-I do not like Asian parents in general-(my in-laws are Asian, and they gave me an unbelievably hard time in the past.)

          • Victoria

            @Faye: thumbs up for all you’re saying! And agreed.
            I, too, haven’t seen anything like the passion that is supposed to be displayed in that kissing scene, in Korean parks. Perhaps I also went to all the wrong ones 😀

        • bored2tears2

          It would have been fine if in the korean drama world she was allowed to kiss him back. But this is Kdrama where the innocent childlike heroine gets kissed by the aggressive stalker hot guy. If she kissed him back she’d be a slut and not worth our hero’s affections. It’s sad but this drama is turning out to be a parody of every horrible Kdrama ever made.

          • Windsun33

            Yet, in Pretty Man, IU is a total perv lusting after the pretty dude, and it works, so it is a cliché that can be broken – just not sure why it is so common to go to such extreme innocence portrayal.

      • 7.1.4 jaglaine

        Instead of cringing like she stepped on shit, this time she looks constipated? Bwahahaha! For PSH, that is an improvement. Oh dear, how does it feel to kiss a ‘half-dead’ fish this time LMH?

      • 7.1.5 coffeenlucia

        yeah… that kiss did not go so well…

      • 7.1.6 Flair

        She looks in pain because she is losing the love of her life… she is groping for him don’t you see the way she arches towards him.. take it from me I got the kiss on a loop and I have been seeing it non stop since yesterday morning those are kissing there was tongue and swallowing of lips!!!!!! best kiss ever….. BEST KISS EVER do you see how she is groping him getting towards him if you take snapshots of every second you can see it she even opened her mouth totally AWESOME………..

      • 7.1.7 kdramafan

        Can I just say that like many I also am not a fan of PSH’s kissing scenes in dramas. Many of you have pointed out correctly about her having her her eyes wide open, frozen and turn in to stone. however, i randomly came upon the CF of PSH and JGS it was a lipstick commercial and I was quite surprised. So i don’t know if this is a problem she has just in dramas or what but ya. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6slOdgJU8BY

    • 7.2 ak

      … Can I just say that I yawned when I saw that kiss?

      I’ve shattered all my expectations for decent romance in Heirs.

      • 7.2.1 Flair

        you must just watch poor porn for you not to feel that… I have been watching it nonstop since yesterday and if anybody says that they do not feel it they their mind is already way out there that kiss WAS PASSIONATE AND PURE ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Dody

          what!!!!!!!passionate and pure romance?!! and watching it nonstop! LOL, are we watching the same show?!

          sorry but you don’t accuse someone cause she/he didn’t like the kiss, that kiss was the worst I’ve seen since recently as the last dramas I’ve seen was Master’s Sun, Secret, IHYV …etc
          you can see how is the kiss scenes there and then we can talk! and we are not saying we want porn here! we just want a decent kiss from PSH! she looks constipated in all her drama kissing scenes, I think YEH should teach her how to kiss LOL

          I have seen many kiss scenes in kdramas to say that this one was just terrible, I was cringing through this! it wasn’t smooth at all 😐 if you don’t see that then that’s your problem sorry!

    • 7.3 Aqee

      It was terrible.. Tan was ok but Eun Sang.

      What’s wrong with her..?

      Tan has serious breath problem..? Chapped lip..?

      Biting while kissing..?

      She’s not even a newbie anymore.. Sighh..i’m disappointed.

      • 7.3.1 Kimbo

        PSH has the worst kiss scenes ever. She has had so many bad kissing scenes with the greatest of kissing gods like Lee Min Ho, Yoon Si-Yoon and Jang Geun Suk. If they can’t save her, i don’t know who can! :O

        Maybe she hasn’t experienced love. Hahahaha.

        • krystal_anne

          i know right? To be honest like you mentioned Lee Min Ho, Yoon Shi Yoon & even Jang Geun Suk are good kissers since all their dramas kissing scenes are good but i don’t know why even this actors can’t save PSH from her kissing problem. I mean all her kiss scenes are the same, open her eyes wide, freezes and turn in to a wood, acting like she totally dislike the kiss, she hated it so much that she is counting every second till it was over.

          I mean i am not also the best kisser myself or anything like that but atleast i’m not like her. Shouldn’t you atleast kiss your boyfriend back when he kisses you. Given that he initiated the kiss (like Tan did) but you as girlfriend will just stand there? If you like the guy wouldn’t you atleast kiss back especially for her since she is leaving him. I just don’t get her. Does PSH kiss her boyfriend or past BFs like that too?

          • L

            Actually there was movement from PSH, despite scrunching up her face during the kiss, she did kiss him back this time. So I think she did improve a bit from her previous kissing scenes, I’m surprised no one noticed her actually responding to the kiss this time instead of just standing dead-still with her eyes wide open.

        • sogazelle

          Maybe she needs some veterans: Gong Yoo; Kang Ji Hwan or Ju Ji Hoon are some of the best kissers out there in kdramaland…or are they Ahjussis for her?

          Then how about Yoochun? He’s an amazing kisser or… oh boy…wait for this… Jung Kyung Ho?
          His kiss with Nam Gyu Ri in Cruel City is easily the best kiss of the year or of my Kdrama kissing history…
          Now, that was a passionate kiss!

          Coming in 2nd place, YEH and Yoochun in ” I Miss You”

          Anyway PSH definitely needs help in that department..

      • 7.3.2 Wonderfallz

        Not to excuse Park Shin Hye’s horrible screen kissing skills (because they really are horrible), but the Korean news reported like a week or two ago that Lee Min Ho was battling a cold but working through it even though his mouth was covered in cold sores. I don’t care how foxy LMH is, I would be making that face too if he was in that condition.

      • 7.3.3 Flair

        REALLY???? for someone that has been watching this nonstop I CAN HONESTLY SAY PLEASE GO GET A NEW PAIR OF GLASSES………….. THAT KISS WAS TRULY HOOOOOOOOOOOOOtttttttttttt

        • isa

          I agree because she did not answer as most people wanted to respond to a kiss from Lee Min Ho, but is quite large compared to their old kisses progress, I’m also sure that if PSH passionately kiss as many pretty boys she would be the most hated girl in Korea and all fans of the Hallyu wave, itself already has anti starring with them for only

          • sogazelle

            YEH does not shy away from kisses… I don’t think she’s hated for that…or Am I missing something?

        • Arpzz

          Yes… it was hotttttt but only at LMH’s point…… He was passionate…. but PSH………worst as usual……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 7.3.4 prema

        Please give Park Shin Hye a break, you guys. The thing about kissing is that you need practice to make it perfect.

        LMH probably had a lot of chance to practice. Who, when and how – I do not want to get into those details. But having understood the mechanics of kissing, he always delivers a good kiss. But for PSH most likely there was not much of an opportunity to do so. Perhaps she was too shy to ask her co-stars help her in this area because kissing is something you do with someone you are really into.

        Just like doing math, learning to cook or playing the piano, practice makes perfect. All truth is parallel, so no different in kissing. You could watch all the videos on the internet on how to kiss and read all about it, but if you do not have someone to help you practice, it could be difficult especially if you are expected to perform on screen. If the actress blunders, she comes in the line of fire from the viewers. Blame the director because he approved the shot and please spare PSH.

        I felt LMH was trying to do all the work and he was a little too fast for her. Maybe he should have given her some space. But I think this kiss was better than all the others she has done. But of course, there is room for improvement with practice for her and all other kdrama actresses. We are living in the 21st century for goodness sake, and women on screen should be allowed to enjoy being kissed and cut out that innocence crap!

  8. Ace

    Oh yeah, that kiss was PSH’s best one. LMH sure could kiss. I would rate that the same as his kiss with goddess SYJ in PT.

    • 8.1 Windsun33

      Unfortunately one semi-dead fish kiss was not enough to save the episode from total mediocrity.

      • 8.1.1 Ace

        Wow. I’m just making a comment about one kiss and you’re being negative as usual.

        • notpretty

          i find the kiss in FBND was the best of PSH.. and i agree with @windsun33 she looks like a fish dying in pain.. LOL

          • Ace

            A fish dying in pain? *snort*

          • Windsun33

            “No fish were harmed during the filming of this show”.

          • TS

            Fish in Dying Pain describes her acting throughout this series.

            To be fair, I can totally understand not wanting LMH too close. He really looks unwashed.

      • 8.1.2 Flair

        looks like someone ate some sort of nasty fish… put your negativity somewhere else nobody wants to read so much negativity and obviously you need to get a reboot to understand romance…………….

        • mine

          wow.. who are you to say the LMH looks unwashed?? well, ifuoy are not satisfied of their kiss,why don’t you put yourself on it and upload it for us to see that you are good than them..

          all LMH’s partner with his drama doesn’t say bad about his kiss.. this one is different because bothe of them were just 18, LMH will kiss passionately, and PSH will act as if it is herr first time doing that kiss..

          this drama is not yet finish, before you say anything about it let them finish the drama first..

  9. crizzyville

    happy thanksgiving everyone!

    i love the lead pair with woo bin so if i finish master’s sun (this weekend!) i’ll def. watch this. thanks for the recap hon, but reading this will take place as i watch the series… but i wanna ask, is this show worth the watch?

    • 9.1 bigUNNIE

      Love Woo Bin too. But they can’t be together. CYD is a second lead. I also love Master’s Sun.

      • 9.1.1 crizzyville

        yeah that’s sad but i badly want to watch something WB is a lead in and hopefully gets to be loved equally. thanks for the response bigUNNIE though I doubt you’d be Unnie to me. 🙂

        • pogo

          If you have the patience to sit through 70-odd episodes of half an hour each, watch Vampire Idol!

          Woo-bin totally gets loved equally there, and has lovely chemistry with his leading lady, Lee Yubi (who is an incredibly charming and talented actress).

    • 9.2 binbon

      Absolutely not. Like javabeans says, it took EVERY cliche available in K-drama-land and used it. Im not a fan of LMH acting like a high schooler either, coz OBVIOUSLY he doesnt look it, whatever hairstyle he tries.
      i’m only watching it coz i’ve started. Hence the need to finish it, just like a book. 😀

      • 9.2.1 crizzyville

        lol at LMH not looking like a highschooler. I can’t help but agree. too bad how the show went but what do we expect? with a drama full of idols, I really can’t expect anything else. with full credit to the leads and WB and the first OST release by my dear Hongki , I will watch the show. I’m still hoping to like the entire show or at least tolerate the cliche-y way it took after all the show build-up and teasing during its promos.

        I’m glad though that you’re dedicated to finish it, “just like a book”. 😀

        • Caitlyn

          It’s not a drama full of idols. Most of the cast are actual actors. The only idols are Krystal and Minhyuk, and they’re [surprisingly] the best part of the show, lol

          I think it’s worth watching. I actually wonder if it would be better to watch it all at once instead of waiting week to week for it.

          • jaglaine

            I think crazyville was using ‘idols’ in the international sense of the word not the Korean way where idols=singers.

          • girlatsea

            Just a reminder that Hyung-sik (Myung-soo in the drama) is also an idol ^^ People forget because he’s known more for his role in the variety show, Real Men.

    • 9.3 Beng

      it is worth watching because of Woo-bin. If i don’t like a drama, i just drop it, coz there’s so many more to watch and i have so little time. The truth is i dropped the drama after 2 episodes, but i continue reading the recaps. The drama is becoming interesting, specially the friendships of Woobin and Minho. Also, i feel like among the cast, Woo-bin’s Young-do’s story is the most tragic. He will be left alone eventually, and i don’t think his Dad will ever change. I hope he found someone much more endearing than Eun-sang in the end.


      • 9.3.1 crizzyville

        aw.. but i want WB getting his own drama. he’d be a great lead with a lot of potential knowing he can act in different genres (drama, comedy, mystery, action but I can’t imagine sageuk though). he deserves all the popularity he is getting nowadays

        • spi

          I like it how he can switches moods so fast and so convincingly. Just like you, he’s the only reason why I’m still watching this show.

        • TS

          I want him in a sageuk.

      • 9.3.2 Ozzie

        Totally agree with Woo Bin being the lead in another drama. Same character (or something very similar) but in a show that actually has things happening and are enticing and interesting. I am watching this drama because I’ve started it now so will watch it to the end. Quite disappointed with the story (doesn’t really seem to have much happening until near the end, does feel a little like a little too late). Woo Bin is one of the reasons I return each week. LMH being the other and would usually like PSH too although not as much as I have done in the past.

        With regards to PSH’s kissing it could also be a bit of nerves playing a part in her facial expressions. For one she would be surrounded by people. For another she needs to sell the appearance of her being in love with LMH. And thirdly there is the pressure of getting it right without delays and interrupting the schedule. And let’s be honest most of us wouldn’t want to be kissed watched by an audience, never mind being critiqued for our kissing skills, with the inclusion of the hotness that is LMH. 🙂

        • Hanz Tsui

          Can I hug you? lol xD

          IKR??!! Woo bin is really the reason why I still want to watch till the end.I do like the schoollife theme and would love if he could be the lead for his next drama.

          Its great that YD and Rachel aren’t the main villains anymore but damn that old man is insane ! Nothing he said made sense, he’s srsly breaking apart his own family -_-

          And I’m still patiently waiting for my YoungDo and Myungsoo ship to sail :p it hurts me when ES rejected him even though its not surprising anyway. LOLing at the part where Myungsoo nags at him and when he called YD “oppa” after claiming to be Jeguk Group’s maknae daughter XXDD

    • 9.4 nomad

      @crizzyville I may sound too negative…but I think if I were you I’d skip around…say: Watch the first two or so episodes (but fast forward on the annoyingggggg american bestie LMH had there). And then, go directly to epi 15, since basically from 3 to 14, you’ll see the same scenes recycled quite often.

      • 9.4.1 Flair

        if you don’t like it then don’t watch don’t mess it up for the ones that LOVE IT…………….. and obviously your cynicism is truly rotten…………..

    • 9.5 August

      I would say watch it. Just for Kim Woo-Bin who is in a league of his own as Choi Young-Do.

      Episodes 1 – 9 are slow paced. Around Episode 10 the slowness starts to dissipate. Episodes 12 & 16 are pivotal and emotional turning points for several of the characters and plot.

      Right now, it has picked up steam and really hit its stride starting with Episode 10 – Present (Episode 16).

      As in life sometimes, patience is required and many things are not always instantaneous. Sometimes you have to struggle through something in order to be rewarded in the end.

  10. 10 Faye

    One of my visiting family members asked me why I enjoyed this show so much, since it didn’t seem like the programs I usually watch. I thought about it, and came up with this explanation: we like different shows for different reasons. Some have clever, tightly written plots. Some have incredibly skilled actors. Some make us think, and touch on important societal issues.

    And sometimes, you come across a show that may not have the most logical plots, or the best writing, or the most optimal pacing . . . but it just makes you *feel.* And that is “Heirs” to me. This episode was a perfect illustration of that. I may have been able to predict most of the events before they happened, but that didn’t stop me from laughing, smiling, and crying along with the characters as these events played out on-screen.

    Some highlights for me:
    *Eun-Sang and Young-Do’s interactions – I’m glad YD is mellowing, and that ES is seeing him in another light, even if only as a friend. Hopefully when this is all over, the hair wax stays on the shelf and YD doesn’t regress.

    *Kim Tan’s oma-Eun-Sang’s oma – After Tan-Young-Do, I think these two are the next best OTP on the show. Kim Tan’s mother’s tears when she found out Eun Sang’s oma had left seemed genuine. And I really think KA has learned to be a better, more caring parent from Eun-Sang’s mother.

    *Kim Tan’s total, 100% committed passion is hard to resist. He is really ready to give up everything and do anything for Eun-Sang. That can be a little intense for the object of the passion, but it’s still admirable in a way. That being said, I think Eun-Sang meeting Kim Tan was never just about their relationship – it inspired him to be open about who he really is, and to start being a participant in his own life again. So I hope we get to see him take charge of his life in other ways, even if through a flash-forward at the end.

    *Eun-Sang will generate a lot of criticism here for letting herself be bullied by the Chairman. And a part of me would love to see her stand up and tell him to go to hell. At the same time, I find it completely realistic that given the disparity in power and resources between her and the Chairman, she would be intimidated into doing what he wants. Not only for her good, but for Oma’s and even for Tan’s sake. Noble idiocy – maybe? But still noble. Shin-Hye broke my heart when she was saying goodbye to everyone without their knowing it, and trying to hide her feelings so she and Tan could have a few last minutes together.

    *The whole “Won is pretend getting fired” subplot and all the other business machinations just confirmed for me what I’ve been saying all along – the Chairman is an evil, manipulative bastard, and he could care less about the people closest to him. He needs a BIG comeuppance by the end of the show.

    *That closing shot of a sobbing Tan in the empty apartment, looking tiny and insignificant against the Seoul panorama – so visually effective and sad.


    Thanks for the recap!

    • 10.1 Alinka

      Second your comment. Some dramas I watched are completely food for the mind, some others are for food of soul. This show, on the other hand, is included in those I watch just because. Can’t explain the reason in plain words, but can’t exactly not watch it either. Well, just going to go with this till the end, then.

    • 10.2 Obsidian

      I totally agree with you! I don’t know what it is about this drama, but I just absolutely love it. As you said, it’s not the most logical, but I just get really happy and excited to watch it!

    • 10.3 Peeps

      NOBLE?! What the hell is there anything noble about essentially dropping off someone who she claims to love and has proclaimed to love her?. What she did was selfish as heck, giving Tan hope and whatnot and then wiping her hands and going overseas so that she can continue to believe that she’s a good person (by assuaging her guilt that she will no longer hold Tan back, whatever the chicken poop that is).

      Not only Tan, she leaves everyone else behind too, not even telling her bestfriend about her departure. I can only imagine his dismay at her lack of trust in him.

      if she did want to do good by Tan, she should have told him about daddy dearest, discussed the way forward and if she really chooses to go, then at least she wouldn’t have left him hanging.

      Her act would only be noble if Tan wanted her to leave.

      It’s like she doesn’t even know the man she claims to leave the country for.

      Idiot. (Eunsang, not you.)

      • 10.3.1 Peeps

        If I sound harsh, I’m sorry. I’m just incredibly pissed off and when that happens I’m just Angry!NaJung.

      • 10.3.2 Windsun33

        She cannot do that – if you have watched more than three k-dramas, you KNOW by now that nobody ever tells anyone what they should be telling them. If real lie worked like k-dramas, then Roosevelt would not find out about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor for 7 weeks.

      • 10.3.3 sundei

        i think the Heirs has a really good writer because everything everyone expects of the characters to do, he didn’t allow. the reactions are basically what the writers aim for. everyone thinks she’s stupid because of this and that…and maybe she is…but also maybe she is actually smarter than we think. maybe the writer has not revealed all yet.

        i don’t think eun sang left korea. her ticket’s torn, her passport’s with kt. i think she is just within korea hiding from the chaos of her romance. it may not be the best decision and it may be selfish but sometimes you gotta learn how to balance your love for others and for yourself. she was pretty much insulted by kt’s dad. i was about to scratch my monitor listening to kt’s dad smash her to pieces. love may be all that but sometimes, some other things are worth more fighting for…like one’s sanity and ones family. at least…for the now. like she always said to kt…let them finish school…build their dreams…see through their plans…first.

        i do understand why she chose not to tell kt. because he is stubborn. he wouldn’t let her. period. i totally agree with her decision to just do it. just go. just fly away. somewhere. seriously, how can they be happy anyway? she’s a smart girl. good for her.

      • 10.3.4 Faye

        @Peeps -I wrote a reply to you, but it ended up as a stand-alone comment on the next page (can’t figure out if it’s me or the smartphone at fault :).

      • 10.3.5 Flair

        YOU TRY BEING 18 YRS OLD WITH NOTHING TO YOUR NAME AND EVERYONE BLAMING YOU FOR RUINING THE LIFE OF THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE…. see if that doesn’t hurt yoou of course you gotta be in love for that…. and if she is running is to protect him as much herself CAN’T blame someone for trying to survive and if you NOTICE she gave up a CHANCE for a good life because of him……..

    • 10.4 Windsun33

      Perhaps ES was not being noble at all, she just wanted to get away from that den of vipers.

      • 10.4.1 DramaFan100

        I also feel there will be a surprise next episode. She probably did not leave. Perhaps pretended to leave to get away from it all and will get in touch with Tan secretly….

        • Windsun33

          That would not surprise me, only 4 episodes left and the writer has to figure something out pretty quick. I am not sure why they picked Buenos Aires though. Not to mention the minor detail that a South Korean visa for Argentina is only good for 90 days.

          • PT

            I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up at CYD’s at this point. Also, if she did go to Argentina, that would mean she somehow got a new passport?

          • adette

            90 days is actually the visa free period (the amount of time south koreans can spend in argentina without a visa.)

          • Windsun33

            It is still a visa, it is just that you get it upon entry. Sometimes called “visa on arrival”. I have a few of those in my passport, and the stamps say “VISA” on them, and they are stamped on the VISA page in the passport.

          • adette

            when i looked it up, the site stated certain countries from which people would be given a visa on arrival, but for korea it said “visa required, except for a max stay of 90 days,” so i got confused:)

        • Baby Bear

          maybe YoungDo hid EunSang first?!

          but evill daddy is too powerful he might also find out…

          • Windsun33

            Yah, that is the problem with that scenario. But it is possible maybe that he put them up at his hotel under false names?

          • Oniguiri

            Or maybe Won for the first time acted as a older brother and hid her…

      • 10.4.2 LizC

        I had that thought as well, “get out while you can!”

      • 10.4.3 TS


    • 10.5 Maisara

      Fair points well made, Faye. I’m totally agree with you.

    • 10.6 Beng

      Reality bites…sometimes there are forces that you can’t move, and the only way is to go around it. If i’m Eun-sang, i would really leave and comeback very powerful. Besides, the world now is getting smaller because of the technology. She’s not being thrown in a place like Arrow to survive. Now if they stopped communicating, then they are not meant to be.

    • 10.7 Vicky

      @Faye, another great post. I love your insight.

      — You know a drama is good when you have to keep reminding yourself that this is not real and this are not real people —

      Cause I find myself just hurting for KT and trying to imagine how he’s going to cope with ES’s absence since he’s said over and over again that she’s his reason for living. I can’t imagine his pain. Not even getting closure from her and not being able to get int touch with her.

      I totally agree with you about how this drama makes you *feel*. While the plot is somewhat similar to BOF, I didn’t feel the same emotions as I do with this show. Yes, a lot of it is cliche and not realistic, but at the same time, IT FEELS REAL. As real as it can for such a plot.

      And you also echoed why I think KT loves ES so much. It’s because she sorta brought him back to life. He was just existing back in America and she came and breathe some life back into him. That’s why he couldn’t bear the thought of letting her go.

      • 10.7.1 Faye

        It’s funny because so much of the show is “out there,” but you’re right -the emotions we see from the characters make them very real.

        It makes me sad when Tan talks about Eun-Sang being the only thing he has in life, because I don’t think it’s true. As you said, she did breathe some life back into him in America. She was the catalyst for him taking his life back, but HE was the one who did it. I wish he would realize that – I think it would help him.

    • 10.8 August

      “We like different shows for different reasons. Some have clever, tightly written plots. Some have incredibly skilled actors. Some make us think, and touch on important societal issues. And sometimes, you come across a show that may not have the most logical plots, or the best writing, or the most optimal pacing . . . but it just makes you *feel.* And that is “Heirs” to me.”

      I have posted several times on Dramabeans that Heirs definitely has flaws and is far from perfect. However, there are characters worth discovering and moments worth watching. Heirs requires patience and is not for everyone. But for many of us who have stuck with it, we are now being rewarded.

    • 10.9 Asue

      yes… i agree wholeheartedly… i watch this drama just because…. and m enjoying it a lot too…

    • 10.10 Victoria

      @Faye: I so second your sentiment! You just spelled it out for me perfectly. Reading your comments, I feel like we could be good friends in real life 🙂
      Yes, exactly, this drama makes you *feel*. As I mentioned in the comment section on the final episode, having read about the plot, I was under the impression that this drama would not be in the least interesting for me because at 36 high school drama is the last thing I want to watch 😀 However, this one surprised me beyond belief!
      LMH’s character feels so real, his actions totally understandable in my eyes. Maybe partly because I find that some of the traits resonate a lot with my own personality and I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same for the person I love or care about. His behaviour looks a bit idealistic and over the top but let’s not forget that he is just 18. Heck, I’d still act similar at my age, so age, per se, is not even that important. It’s the personality type, which in Kim Tan’s case is very different from that of his older brother.
      I like Kim Tan a lot. Despite his, what may seem, obsession with ES, he is also a person of integrity and he’s got courage. The kind of courage that his elder sibling (and others in his social circle) lack. As others have mentioned in different comment sections, it is amazing that he grew up to be such a warm, rounded and kind-hearted individual: knowing all the pain, the rejection and lack of love that he’s gone through since he could remember himself, it’s astounding how he did not end up a drug addict or a serial abuser, just like his tyrannical dad. You can’t but respect him for that!
      Dunno about others, but I would be super happy to have a boyfriend like Kim Tan 😀
      Having got rid of all the lies and the false facade that he’s been living behind all these years (after he came out about his origins and the real mother) he must have felt so relieved! I can’t imagine how one can live a life of pretence that long without feeling the effects of it. I really do feel for Kim Tan and I admire him at the same time…

  11. 11 coco

    OMG this episode was intense. There is too much to say and I can’t think of everything I want to say, but I find it sad that both kim tan and his real mom are the only ones who are sad about eun sang and her mother’s departure. It shows that in that big house the only friend and ally kim tan’s mom had was the maid who was working for her. Same goes for kim tan and eun sang

    KT’s father is a real jerk ( amongst other things that I cannot write down because it would be too impolite)
    It was a cute episode but sometimes too cheesy for my taste.
    It is the first time this show has kept me on the edge of my seat
    I hope racheal and that guy she kissed (sorry forgot his name and too lazy to find it) end up together their thing in the hallway was cute
    I feel bad for won and kim tan and his mom

  12. 12 Vicky

    Am I breathing yet? I feel like I haven’t caught my breath yet since watching this hours ago. BEST EPISODE YET BY FAR.

    It had everything one could ask for. That kiss? In the closet too? Great job by the writer for giving us that & not spoiling it with the previews. Very unexpected and well done. Good to finally see them kiss like 18 year-olds.

    The ending. Whew. Gut wrenching. This show is a new breed. It’s what we call a Dramedy. Calling it a romcom doesn’t do it justice.

    Looking back now, it was obvious ES was going to leave. I think I was in denial thru the episode. And so was KT. All the signs were there.

    Kudos to the writer. Sometimes when I expect her to go the cliche route she proves me wrong. And sometimes when I expect the opposite, she does just that. In the scene of the board meeting, I was expecting KT to put it all together and run out to stop ES from leaving. But he didn’t. I think KT felt it, but just didn’t want to believe it. It was too painful a thought.

    The tears in the end? Bravo. I love this show. The build up and slow pace. I love it all. It has its flaws but it’s a gem. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out. I have no idea, and I like it that way.

    • 12.1 momoi

      True I wonder how it’ll all end.

    • 12.2 Faye

      “It has its flaws but it’s a gem.”
      Exactly! And let’s not forget that some very valuable gems have flaws in them :).

      I’m really curious to see what they do with the ending. With four episodes to go, they have some leeway to make it really interesting.

      • 12.2.1 Vicky

        @Momoi, I really have no idea. I leaning towards a time jump, but even with that, there’s still a lot of ways it could go. What I do really want to see though is KT getting revenge on his evil dad.

        @Faye, Right. I also love that’s it’s 20 episodes with no extensions. The next 4 episodes should be gooood.

  13. 13 coco

    KT’s mom is on the floor drunk and the only thing the father says is that she’s embarrassing well hello ding bat you the idiot who embarrassed the family by getting a mistress and getting her pregnant this whole family feud is your problem tan did not ask to be conceived and born.

    That ending scene really broke my heart ( I would have shed a slight tear had it not been slightly cheesy)
    I have to say although I was getting tired of all these long stares I can’t help but melt every time he looks at eun sang like he does.
    Let’s not forget the fan service that came with the kiss. I could feel the luuuuuuve

  14. 14 the68monkey

    So Kim Tan tells MeanDaddy that he’s the cause of Mom’s problems, keeping her trapped like a prisoner. Then he confiscates Eun-sang’s passport, barks orders at her to do everything he tells her to do, watches her nod in submission, then accosts her with a steamy kiss.

    Like father, like son?

    Or just bad writing.

    • 14.1 coco

      I was thinking the same thing especially when they were in the supply room and he was like when I say this you have to ….

      • 14.1.1 yenlinh tran

        I get the opposite feelings when he said those things to her. At the moment, he can’t leave her alone and not worry that his dad will do something to her if he is not there. Hence those words. He has said the same thing to her before about eating lunch with him at school to protect her from getting bullied. She did not listen and sat down at the designated bullied table. Just like now, as soon as he or Young Do are not in the picture, Dear Old Dad gets to play the bully.

    • 14.2 Windsun33

      Let’s try both of the above.

    • 14.3 sam

      KT has ES best interest whereas the Dad is a control pig who only cares about himself and no one else!! KT is trying to control only to protect her.

      Love this episode so much. The characters have evolved and ES really has no choice given that they are really young.
      I hope the story takes a leap forward where ES is successful in some profession, KT takes over JG along with bro, the Brother gets married to the teacher, LBN and CY get married, YD finds another girl like ES….is that too much to expect?

      • 14.3.1 crashbabe

        oh wow…’best interest’? how many times have i heard those words “Its for your own good…, or have your interest at heart?” as an excuse to override freewill. Shouldn’t we be allowed to make our own decisions even if they are stupid ones? it’s called Respect. What Tan did IS essentially the same thing his Dad is doing, just with a better excuse.

  15. 15 snow_white

    Wow…that kiss….never knew we’ll get something like that from PSH…a pleasant surprise..

    Anyway, I’m enjoying Heirs a lot 🙂

  16. 16 Ace

    Yeah, that maneuver by evil Dad didn’t quite make sense to me either. Maybe KES should learn how to write a 16 episode drama instead even though this is the 3rd show of hers that I’ve enjoyed despite the not-so-good writing. She does write memorable characters though but her building up and pay-offs/resolutions need a lot of work.

    • 16.1 Windsun33

      Even after 16 episodes I am still not sure what to make of this show. It still kind of seems like a few good scenes plastered randomly around some hodge-podge of random events with no purpose that make no sense.

      • 16.1.1 Ace


  17. 17 coco

    When kim tan was saying that whole speech about love to his brother I was half awing and half laughing because all the while I was thinking only in drama’s would a filthy rich 18 year old guy want to leave his family and money to be with a girl he hasn’t even known a full year. I mean I know he is trying to be all noble and say that love is more important than money but let’s face it with the grades he has, if he didn’t have his father’s money he would have had to get a job or live on the streets.

    Sorry I know I’m being a party pooper, but I was all gushy and mushy when he was talking and then I realized that I live on reality and this guy does not exist in real life
    Stupid dramas make me feel lonely and not loved enough

    Sorry again I went off course a bit anyway I will try to stop posting stuff but I just love to talk and it translates in my writing too much

    • 17.1 Windsun33

      I love you… assuming that you are rich, that is 😀

    • 17.2 spi

      Good point. 😀 I can live with this rich and handsome guy Kim Tan not existing in real life (because the little fantasy is why we watch dramas, haha) but it is just not fun that this guy does not have anything worth praising. So far he has appeared to be possessive, bossy, and unintelligent, plus he does not have any vision or idea of how the next day will be. Despite how much he tries to be noble and says that love is more important than money, like you said, he does not have any ground for that. He knows nothing about money nor love (maybe only family love, but not romantic love) in the first place. I get it that Eun Sang just left quietly. He just keeps on screaming about protecting her but he does not have any means to do that. That’s why what he says is so not convincing or worth swooning over.

      • 17.2.1 Sandy

        “plus he does not have any vision or idea of how the next day will be. Despite how much he tries to be noble and says that love is more important than money, like you said, he does not have any ground for that. He knows nothing about money nor love (maybe only family love, but not romantic love) in the first place.”

        You hit the nail on the head 100% here.

        Compared to BoF (yes, I’m aware these are different shows, but I still feel like comparing them since the scenario is so similar), Goo Jun Pyo was much more mature than Kim Tan. Because while Goo Jun Pyo loved Jan Di, he also had a sense of responsibility toward his father’s company, toward his friends, and thought carefully about the consequences before he acted. He also recognized his own limitations and knew when he couldn’t protect Jan Di so he just let her go.

        Whereas Kim Tan doesn’t seem to give a sh!t about anything. He just does whatever he wants without regard for any consequences. The show tries to make that seem courageous, but given how powerless he really is to protect ES, he just seems reckless and immature instead.

        • Windsun33

          I agree there – in fact he has gone out of his way to be totally mediocre at best, so I fail to see where he is a great catch unless ES was a total gold digger. He has totally avoided learning anything, so he is blown about all over by the whims of those in control, and has no idea of how to fight back or do anything but flop around like a fish out of water.

  18. 18 TS

    Tan crying at the end made think of this: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=48H34ukFe8g&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D48H34ukFe8g.

  19. 19 notpretty

    So Young Do wakes up on the right side of bed because he suddenly stops being an A$$..

    • 19.1 TS

      Yeah, that’s basically it.

  20. 20 Lilli

    Choi Young Do. You make me so happy. That hair wax was obviously subduing this wonderful personality that we’ve only seen glimpses of before.
    Won/Hyunjoo- This pairing is my absolute favorite. I tear up almost every time they talk, and when they hugged, I literally had a mental breakdown. As in I ran around my house singing about their tragic love to T.O.P’s DOOM DADA.
    Hyoshin/Rachel- I ship them sooo much. Not as much as THE couple(Hyunjoo/Won), but the feels are there. I still don’t understand why they got awkward all of a sudden….Did they magically get feelings for each other? Hyoshin was all adorkably blase and then he looks at wide-eyed Rachel(Is she learning from Eun Sang?) and he gets flustered. So. Lost.
    Dad- Go die.
    Young Do- Oh yes, I love talking about you, son. Has he been reduced to pathetic hot friend with a killer personality? Please no. I really hope your mom comes back or you get some more substance. As in I hope you’re hiding Eun Sang(:
    I really wish that the first 12 or so episodes could be deleted and re-done, because this obvious change in writers (or maybe schizophrenia) is much appreciated. No offense. But now that this drama is starting to be something that I really look forward to, I want more episodes. Of Hyunjoo/Won and Hyo Shin/ Rachel living together happily ever after with occasional visits from Chan Young/Bo Na and Young Do/…Me(:

    • 20.1 TS

      Hmm, maybe he is hiding Eun Sang since her ticket was ripped up and there’s no electronic copy.

      • 20.1.1 Windsun33

        And did she ever get her passport back?

        • DramaFan100

          LOL! Supports the theory that she did not really leave. Or if she did, writer forgot about that.

      • 20.1.2 DramaFan100

        Ooooo…I like that idea. Because if anyone can hide her w/o letting Tan’s dad know is him….Yeii.. May be that is it!!

        • Aiden

          Yeah, I agree. She did not get her passport back, the ticket was ripped to pieces although she picked up the pieces and placed them in her bag. Anyway, the time frame was just a day, and not even 24 hours at that. They still have to pack and move a few boxes and bags of belonging, including emptying her school locker. They did not leave their things behind. So to get away from the house, never mind the school, they had some help with that as well as transportation. CYD to the rescue, or it could be the band of friends – MS, YS, CY, BN and YD.

          I hope the brothers and their allies will buy all the shares they could get their hands on and leave evil dad with nothing. It would be great if KA leaves him as well and he suffers a stroke and leave this earth with his mouth and eyes open as there’s no one to help him.

          Funny that YD was wearing a sweatshirt with the drama’s theme – he who wears the crown bears its weight, or something to that effect – when he rescued ES from bullies after gym class.

      • 20.1.3 Windsun33

        Maybe Young-Do took ES and her mom in 😀

        • Farah

          oh how wish this is true! YD got his peeps to bring ES and Mom to a safe place.

    • 20.2 Beng

      “Hyoshin/Rachel” – i think that’s what a kiss can do to you. The first kiss is for a show, but that second could have brought their feelings out =)

      At least it will stop Rachel for being a bi-atch!!! =)

      • 20.2.1 TS

        Being happy usually stops people being angry and nasty, true.

    • 20.3 Eileen

      I also think YD may be hiding her but I’d love it if it’s actually Won who hid her after hearing Tan talk about her. He looked pained as Tan was talking about how much she means to him and how far he is willing to go to protect her. This is assuming that she is still in Korea, which seems the only logical conclusion to me with the passport and ticket situation.

    • 20.4 sogazelle

      Won/Hyunjoo have the best chemistry! That actress is really good..
      They have few scenes together but they are always intense…these are 2 solid actors..
      I really love their interactions and I hope they end up together.

      She looks a bit like PSH I think, but a much better actress IMO.

  21. 21 momoi

    Man this episode made me root for Team Young Do and I didn’t think I ever would. Maybe it’s the song when he and Eun Sang were talking and she said goodbye in her way (which is Cold Cherry’s Growing Pains 2 btw).

    I tend to agree with you for the most part on two things javabeans, though there are a couple things here I have to disagree with.

    1. The boys new personalities isn’t so odd, since they both realize how big things have gotten and it’s bigger than either of them now. And there are real consequences, particularly Eun Sang.

    2. Before this episode, there were lots of people in the conflicts. Won, Daddy, the parents, Rachel, Young Do. I suppose now it has changed to just dad’s issue, making him the main villain that no one likes. I question what will change if he’s out of the picture, since he always has a plan

    Eun Sang leaving was sad. I wish she said something, but likewise, it would be hard for me to say anything in the same situation. I wonder where they went and why if Tan knows.

    I wonder if there will be a time skip next week?
    Btw Rachel and Hyo Shin are odd together. I wanted more cute moments of him and Hyun Joo.
    Also Myung soo and Young Do were so funny here.

    • 21.1 momoi

      Oh and here’s the song that was playing when Eun Sang and Young Do were at the convenience store.
      Ya know, I’m not against with the two ending up together anymore. Can’t believe I’m saying that.


      • 21.1.1 bigUNNIE

        Thank You. The song is as sad as their fate in this drama. We’ve accepted that already. I guess I was never wrong in siding with Young Do since episode 5. However, he would meet other cool girl, a Jan Di-like character since he is rich and was bully or Shin Chae Gyung of Goong since he is smart and rich? hahaha

  22. 22 melon

    I think the next ep, will be 5 years or 7 years afterwards (10 sound to long for me hahaha)
    Why they did not show the preview for the next ep? They just want us to die slowly for the next 6 days! *sigh*

    • 22.1 momoi

      They didn’t show a preview after the 2nd episode of the week for the last 3 or so weeks.

      • 22.1.1 TS

        Maybe they’re reading comments here and then live shooting.

      • 22.1.2 PT

        They shot that scene of him at her locker at the end of the episode about 4 days ago. So they’re probably simultaneously shooting/editing next week’s as we speak.

      • 22.1.3 melon

        Thanks TS, PT, elgie and windsun for your comments
        TGI Wednesday again! 😀

    • 22.2 elgie

      me too, i think the next ep will be 5-8 years afterwards…

    • 22.3 Windsun33

      Quite a few k-dramas have no preview for the even numbered episodes. I suspect that is because a lot of them are doing live shooting almost up to the last minute, and they don’t want to preview something that might change, or perhaps there are simply none available.

  23. 23 Vicky

    1) Everyone seems almost certain there will be a time jump in this drama

    Is this common with the writer? I wonder if the 3 years that Won told Hyun to wait was a clue.

    2) Also, could KT’s dad really have gotten ES another passport so quickly? It would make sense she’s still in Korea and he just said that to throw KT off.

    I will say Daddy KT makes a great villain. The calmness and almost endearing appearance (old grandpa with a walking stick) makes him all the more scary.

    • 23.1 Faye

      1) I don’t know that people are sure there will be a time jump, but a lot of people want one. It would be a nice way of showing us that these characters get their act together in the end :). Also, it’s been used in a few K-dramas before.

      2) He probably could have in the dramaverse, but I agree that ES didn’t actually leave the country.

      I agree that the Chairman’s calm, grandpa-like appearance makes him somehow more threatening than screaming. It’s chilling. It reminds me a lot of Chairman Haraboji’s character from “Shark.”

      • 23.1.1 Vicky

        @Faye, Yeah, I’m only familiar with Secret Garden (out of the writer’s past shows) which I know had a time jump, so I guess the chances are good for this show too. The more I think about it, the more I think I would really like to see one. With them more mature, especially KT being more versed and able to defeat his dad.

        Yes, the chairman’s appearance makes him scarier to me because it allows people to underestimate him, thus giving him the opportunity to do more damage.

    • 23.2 Windsun33

      I for one am not really expecting any time jump, or at most a very short one, a few weeks at most. There might be one for the last episode, but I don’t see that happening before that.

  24. 24 Beng

    i hope there will be time lapse when all are mature and working in the corporate world, Eun-sang included =)

    • 24.1 Windsun33

      I want to see the time jump part where Rachel is a bar hostess in a poverty stricken fishing port.

      • 24.1.1 Vicky

        @Windsun, hahaha!!

  25. 25 Evenstar

    I never meant to wish this on anyone but… I sincerely hope he goes to Hell. Soon.

    • 25.1 luv_KimRaeWon

      I wanted someone to trip him when he was going foe his walk and then realized he is an old man.going to hell or dying isn’t a proper ending for this evil man..i hope he lives to regret his decisions and pays for his sins😊..

      coming to the kiss,someone on soompi mentioned the loud background and many of us who watched it,never even realized that there was a background music..the power of LMH’s passionate kiss😊

      angsty episode..LMH,PSH,KWB did a great job..how handsome is KWB with his hair down!!hope he gets a lead role real soon..offtopic,but how is his movie doing?

  26. 26 moniq

    tears..tears…tears…..why so many tears in this drama………i hope won+hyun joo…tan + eun sang will be together in the last episode…

    • 26.1 Windsun33

      Call me obsessive.. but ES cried 7 times in this episode (though one was a flashback).

      • 26.1.1 Nemisongbird

        Hi, have you been keeping track of how many times ES has cried? I was just wondering if someone had done a tally for the whole series…

        • Windsun33

          I have not, no, just happened for this last episode. A while back someone – I think on Soompi – had counted around 50 crying episodes up to ep10 or ep12, forget which.

    • 26.2 Vicky

      We should have a drinking game for everytime someone cries, many of us would be wasted.

      • 26.2.1 queencircles


  27. 27 owl

    Heirhead episode titles continued:

    1 Dry Cleaning Only
    2 Dreamcatcher
    3 I ♥ California
    4 Page 16
    5 Wishbone
    6 Parvenu (or New Money)
    7 Pale Pink Angora
    8 ‘Don’t Answer’
    9 Mom Mother Mistress
    10 Matching Shoes For Camp
    11 Stocks Skyrocket
    12 Open The Door
    13 Kicked Out
    14 Getting Back Together Party
    15 Baby Blue Mohair
    16 34:41 Closet Kiss

    Man, it broke my heart to see Young Do pining as he looked out the car window to see Tan meet up with Eun Sang – he definitely needs to be the lead in his next drama.

    But I have a lot to say about how I see Tan these days. At 18, he’s making decisions for himself that as a chaebol teenager, he didn’t have to nor was he expected to make. I like that we are seeing Tan as a chaebol heir who is thinking for himself and willing to deal with the consequences. Tan sees that using his sword properly matters and may be the only way to carve out his own path. Tan and Won are sort of on the same side now, with both of the making changes for the better. Father does what he wants, and lives how he wants, and controls how he wants. But the apple don’t fall far from the tree as the saying goes, so his sons may be his downfall after all.

    Can’t everyone just be happy in the end

    • 27.1 pru22

      I agree. Won and Tan are going to be the chairman’s downfall in the end. And the fact he actually believes he can’t be taken down let’s know you know he will eventually.

    • 27.2 Yee

      Absolutely agree Won and Tan are going to be the chairman’s downfall in the end! The best revenge is Daddy Kim’s ultimate nightmare coming true with NO HEIRS!

      I hope the Kim brothers will give their daddy the middle figure by selling off their Jeguk shares and move to the States with their loved ones…leaving the old fart with lots of money, vultures all over Jeguk and no heirs! Of course, wishful thinking on my part since Won will never ever give up Jeguk…sigh! Prove me wrong ok Wonnie ?!

    • 27.3 luv_KimRaeWon

      was so looking fwd to your post.. I guessed you would name Ep 16 ‘ The Kiss’ episode..glad i came close..keep the titles coming in the next 2 weeks..

  28. 28 DramaFan100

    I kind of enjoyed the drama in this episode because it finally felt consistent with its title.

    I noticed everyone is swooning over the kiss. I am wondering if this is just my problem. PSH still looked so uncomfortable though LMH looked as if he was in it. So, it still made me cringe. *Shudder*

    I feel I have developed this irrational dislike for their romance. Even today, there was so much of pulling, grabbing and ordering around. *double shudder*. It is difficult to think of this is romance…

    • 28.1 TS

      I know, right?

      • 28.1.1 Farhana

        I definitely agree! All of their kisses have been so unromantic and cringey.

        There’s nothing wrong with a little force in a kiss – it shows passion if anything. But KT looks like he’s forcing himself on her again and again. I have to forward through their kisses cause I can’t watch them!

    • 28.2 Windsun33

      I thought the kiss was even worse than the almost-rape kiss in Secrets. ES looked like she was about to have a panic attack. Definitely not swoon-worthy.

      • 28.2.1 ak

        By Secrets do you mean the Korean Drama that ended recently?

        Oh man, I loved every single one of their kiss scenes. The emotions were portrayed so RIGHT.
        This “kiss scene” cannot compare…

        • Dody

          yeah I know and I just hate when they describe it as a rape kiss 😐 >> @ Windsun33

          yeah it’s a forced kiss but it fits the characters and it evoked emotions to me though its forced! the characters in secret are flawed and the relationships aren’t healthy from the beginning and that’s why I loved everything in it! it was twisted and toxic! not everybody like this stuff anyway! but the emotions portrayed were SUBURB!

          to me I don’t see this kiss as a bad kiss or one of the worst! it was planned to fit the characters and the plot! if you don’t get the meaning it’s not my problem! I don’t like how everything have to be a real life situation for some fans! it’s a drama and this was a good one they knew how to utilize the scenes and didn’t throw just any scenes!

          I’m not a fan of forced kisses but the one in secret didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or awkward! it fitted the situation to me!

          but the forced kiss in Heirs were cringe worthy, they are not good and unnecessary!! and having PSH the one being kissed it’s much worse 😐

      • 28.2.2 b00tycakes

        I thought she looked uncomfortable maybe because she wasn’t expecting it? lol i still loved that kiss x_x

    • 28.3 Birdie

      The prelude to that kiss are bossy orders from KT.
      How romantic is that?
      ES looks so uncomfortable ,like he tasted bad! LOL!

      The backhug was so much better like they are having fun.

  29. 29 evw09

    Without the extension, the ending of this drama will be extremely rushed. We’re 4 episodes away from the end and just reached the central conflict and current pacing is moving rather briskly. There doesn’t appear to be a way to neatly wrap this up either. It’s hard to believe the network and writer will just let this train run into a brick wall but it seems we’re headed in that direction.

  30. 30 pru22

    This episode was EVERYTHING!!!!

    Tan was the MAN! I simply heart the way he loves Eun Sang and she loves him just as much. I’m not going to condemn her or bash her for the choices she made in having to leave him. And if anyone was paying attention it was exactly two weeks from when the deal was set to the chairman calling that phony meeting.

    Knowing him he probably set it up that way so Tan would be out of the way and couldn’t stop ES from leaving town.

    I knew the second she gave Bo na the promised pic of chan young, and it was really the actor’s picture, and hugged them both she was going to be ghost before this episode was over.

    That’s why it was also easy for her to promise Young do she would eat noodles with him at a later date. And I loved the advice she gave him for when he eventually falls for another girl.

    ALL her moments with Tan were beautiful and intimate. Especially when he laid that kiss on her. The only thing that would have made it better was her opening her mouth alittle bit more. I adored seeing them acting all couply by the shoe store when Tan hugged her from behind and she brought him matching tennis shoes.

    Extremely cute.

    My heart broke when Tan showed her the apartment because I knew she would never live there. I wonder if Tan will live there?

    I felt Tan and his mother’s pain upon learning ES and her mother were gone. But if the chairman thinks it’s over he has got another thing coming. I wonder if they are going to time jump as well?

    Rachel and Hyo shin were cute and have potential. Since it’s beyond obvious his crush on Hyun joo is pointless and she still loves Won. I can easily see them becoming a couple in the future.

    I also think Tan losing Eun Sang, for now, is just going to make him even stronger and more determined to get control of his life and claim her in the end.

    • 30.1 isa

      My favorite scene was also one in which they were out of the shoe store looked so pretty

  31. 31 Eli

    You know JB, since in a moment (heh) this site’s year end review will be up, I am wondering how long is your biggest waste of talent list going to be. Because the way I see it now, everyone in this drama is super wasted. If that even possible.

    Thanks for the recap.

  32. 32 LizC

    “Well, I guess he could die. I wouldn’t cry about that.”

    It is sad that the only way I can imagine a happy ending for the younger characters is for Jeguk dad to die… and for Young Do’s dad to die… and for Hyoshin’s parents to die. (Maybe an explosion at parents’ night?)

    • 32.1 DramaFan100

      LOL! That cracked me up!

    • 32.2 Nanny


  33. 33 Beeni

    So… I guess Eun Sang’s passport fell out of Tan’s hands during their make-out session? Oh Tan, you and your naughty hands, hohoho.

    Anyways, I’m glad that the writer decided not to dwell long on the whole “I’ll give you 2 weeks with Tan” ordeal, because as soon as I heard Tan’s father give Eun Sang that option, I let out a groan thinking that it was going to take up 2 episodes worth of time. If noble idiocy is going to take place, the sooner the better so that we can move on to bigger plot developments. We only have four more episodes, people (pray that there is no extension).

    Also, WTF with Won telling Hyun Joo to move overseas for THREE years?? All because he wanted to save face in front of her? Um….. what sort of selfish, insensitive brat are you? Just ask her to not read any articles about you, seriously. Basic communication, people.

    Tan’s heartbreak at the end was sad, but I can’t help but get the feeling that the whole cliffhanger/ending is somewhat of a fake-out as well. A lot of the “cliffhangers” for this drama didn’t really turn out to be true cliffhangers 15 minutes into the next episode, so I can’t shrug off the gut feeling I have that this episode is no exception. I mean, Eun Sang has to pop out in the next episode, since she IS the female “heroine” after all… So my guess is that either writer KES is planning on doing the classic time lapse of the X amount of years to show us that she really was sent out of the country (which I pray isn’t the case *groan*), or she really just ended up moving into Young Do’s place a street or two away, lol. But that’s just my guess.

    • 33.1 Windsun33

      I really don’t get all this “moving overseas” trope that keeps getting tossed out. What exactly does that solve? Has nobody in Korea heard of Skype?

      • 33.1.1 spi

        And haha, so the second and worse option is to go to Argentina. Apparently, Argentina is horrible and a place to be on exile but France/US are not? I hope all the K-drama fans in Argentina are not offended.

        • TS

          I’d have sent her to rural Mississippi where she could really struggle.

          • anniejang

            OMG! Rural Mississippi-hahahahaha! If Dad only knew-that’s EXACTLY where he’d send her!

        • Z

          Right? I expected him to send her to Siberia or Uganda or something like that. When I saw the ticket to Buenos Aires I was like “Oh, that’s a punishment?”

          Also, I get that sending people to study abroad was probably an effective way to separate star-crossed lovers a decade ago. But, dramas need to keep up with the times and come up with something new. Everyone has an email address, a smartphone and a social media account. If they want to stay in touch, they will. That’s also why Won trying to send Hyun-joo away so she wouldn’t read about him was so stupid. Of course she’s going to go online and check the news from her homeland and come across at least one article about your downfall at some point. Just tell her.

          • Windsun33

            We all know that you cannot access any Korean news from “overseas”. Well, except for the 30 or so news sites shown here http://www.w3newspapers.com/south-korea/ that is. And the hundreds of blogs that Google shows.

    • 33.2 MikaSan123

      Oh my god I thought I was the only one thinking about the passport! If I were Tan, I wouldn’t have wasted my time running around the streets looking for Eunsang – I would’ve just gone home to check if I still had her passport. Not like she can go overseas without it, right? I mean, unless the Chairman smuggled her past the border, and Eunsang’s original guess about Tan being part of the mafia wayyyyy back in the LA episodes was actually right. PLOT TWIST!

      • 33.2.1 Windsun33

        Or even simpler, just call the airport and see if she was listed as a passenger. He already knew she had a ticket (assuming she got a replacement for the torn up one) for Argentina, and there is only like 4 flights a day from Seoul to Buenos Aires.

  34. 34 raineedays

    Wow. It’s amazing how the former spawn of satan Choi Young Do is going down the classic second lead territory at lightning speed =) I love it. I guess we’ve always known he was going to evolve, but with 14 episodes used to demonstrate his evilness, it was easy to have doubts.

    I think now I can sit back, relax, and enjoy what the last 4 episodes have in store for us. I guess that’s what I’ve been waiting for all along – how Kim Woo Bin will turn things around. Because we all know he’s not going to get the girl.

    Hmmm…imagine if there’s a season 2 =)

  35. 35 Bluesky

    Really? With a dad like that, Who needs enemy. It is like there is no family when you are an heirs. Just the empire. Sad. I don’t know what Tan is thinking, but how can he fight without any knowledge and power. He constantly being a puppet. Honestly, I can’t blame Eun for leaving Tan, because she really have no option in the end. Can’t stay in that house, can’t go to that school, can’t see Tan freely (constantly fighting the family), & can’t breath freely. She has to continue living after this whole situation, & she has to help her mother. This drama is getting redundant. When is it going to have a new light.

  36. 36 kanz

    Is Heirs suddenly become good or is that I just lowered my expectations?? For a few episodes Heirs become watchable and the leads upped the game

    • 36.1 raineedays

      LOL. I thought the same thing. I started with watching the show fresh off of Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter so the expectations were high. I almost gave up watching this, but when you have K-drama OCD, you can’t just up and leave. I have to finish it. so i said to myself i’m not going to get worked up about it…that i was just going to sit back and relax while Eyebrows and Ugly Sweater have 2-minute long starefests …. and lo and behold. It got better when I lowered my expectations. LOL>

    • 36.2 Farah

      i think after ep8, we all lowered our expectations & the show became bearable… no punn intented to the “crown” hahaha

    • 36.3 Windsun33

      Since Secrets and Master’s Sun went away I had to lower my expectations, or I would have nothing to watch.

      • 36.3.1 raineedays

        Ooohhhh Master’s Sun was just excellent!

      • 36.3.2 Ace

        Yeah. We get that you love Secret and MS. Still surprised to see it come up every time though. I watched both and thought MS is one of the best this year. Though Secret was addictive and the writer may be better than KES, it wasn’t all that. In some ways, it was really awful.

      • 36.3.3 TS

        Pretty Man. It’s really charming.

  37. 37 Moonbean

    I intensely dislike time jumps and long separations. Even if we don’t get to see it the pain the couple experiences during that period is a very big turnoff for me. I know it’s highly unlikely but I really wish there wasn’t a time jump. The only positive I can find about it is that we still have 4 episodes and it’s not happening in the last episode.

    Besides that I’m glad we saw a real kiss finally and the location of the almost kiss and the desperation and longing of the moment was perfect to make it memorable.

    I’m also enjoying Young Do the grudging and reluctant friend to Eun Sang and Tan.

    Rachel and Hyo Shin development is intriguing. I’m still annoying with Won on both his brother’s and beloved’s account. I hate cruel daddy Kim.

    This weeks episodes were exciting. I’m curious what next week will bring…

    • 37.1 Moonbean

      Actually what I would like to see is for Eun Sang and her mom not to follow president Kim’s directions but do a runner on their own.

    • 37.2 queencircles

      Same. I really hate time jumps. Rarely are they ever satisfying.

  38. 38 Elvira

    Lee Min Ho’s daddies in dramas are all evil.

    Please don’t do that face, Young do. I can’t…..
    Kim Woo Biiiiiin!!!

    • 38.1 raineedays

      Except in Boys Over Flowers. It was his mommy that was EEEEVIIIIIL in that drama.

  39. 39 coco

    They should have gotten to this point like 6 episodes ago there was too much love triangle/square in the beginning. I also think there is going to be a time jump, but I don’t like time jumps because I feel like I’ve missed like 7 episodes and I get confused as to who is with who and what they are doing in life. Plus it feels rushed.

    If the chairman is sick why is the company still in his hands and why hasn’t he died yet. No but seriously, I don’t want him to die it would be too mean. Although he is an evil guy, I’ve seen worst people in other dramas to actually care if he dies or not. I actually find him kind of tamed compared to another drama where the guy was trying to get people killed in accidents. Or maybe all these schemes in dramas have just left me unfazed.
    Lastly although eun sang decided to leave in two weeks I didn’t think she would actually do it at the beginning because tan tore her ticket and kidnapped her passport

    • 39.1 Farah

      Eun Sang blindsided Kim Tan in the worst possible way. Bad Eun Sang. tsk tsk tsk

  40. 40 raineedays

    WOULD IT HAVE KILLED YOU, PSH, TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH A LITTLE BIT WHEN LMH KISSED YOU!? I mean, you’re an actress. You could’ve acted a little bit better, you know. Or you could’ve just lessened the pained look you had on.

    • 40.1 Farah

      i totally agree with U!

    • 40.2 Beeni

      i wouldn’t need to act if I was in PSH’s shoes…… ;D

      • 40.2.1 raineedays


        Has she not seen the Game Over Kiss from PT?

    • 40.3 Momoi

      She did open her mouth though. Not sure what you’re talking about.

      • 40.3.1 Farah

        The issue is not whether the mouth is opened or not, but can’t the face be less spastic. No offence to PSH fans worldwide. Just an observation 🙂

        • momoi

          haha well yeah that is true.

      • 40.3.2 raineedays

        I should’ve said opened her mouth in a way that she looked like she was enjoying the kiss rather than dreading it.

    • 40.4 luzzieh

      I like PSH but i feel like that kiss is awkward. She is still shy to make it a full blown kiss.

      She should have kissed with her mouth shape like saying “O” instead of “U”. Then that would have been a perfect romantic kiss…

      • 40.4.1 luzzieh

        The Back hug, the feeling there is very natural, lovely, happy and cute…

  41. 41 Farah

    As much as we are all glad to see KT and ES finally kissing like 18-yr-olds, it was painful to watch. ES’s face was contorted as usual without a tinge of excitement or passion. Unbelievable! Why it that I find even LMH is does not look at PSH when he is kissing her? It must have been painful for him too. Wahahahaha
    It seems like YD is the only character in this drama that can foresee/predicts KY’s Evil Dad’s moves. KT should have confided more in YD; they could have come up with a better plan to get back at evil Dad.
    I agree that it is rather frustrating that this drama is going round and round in the classic K-drama clichés. 1) The evil psycho dad is the only problem yet he is big enough to make everyone else miserable. Both KT’s mom & ES’s mom should have just plot against the old man and poisoned his food all this while. 2) The fact that ES is being sent to “somewhere” drives me insane. Are we living in the middle ages without technology and any modes of communication? Couldn’t someone as young as ES have a more thinking mind? Couldn’t her Mom with her MacGyver’s bag of tricks find a better way to protect her daughter? While most drama uses the ‘public sauna’ as the escape spot from family conflicts or a place to stay for a night, why was it so difficult for ES & her mom to have left that horrible mansion they call home? I’m sure there are more than enough public saunas throughout the country for them to live in for an entire year.
    I am dying to see what they have in store for us next week. And if they are going to choose the weakest and lowest method of ‘fast-forward’ to the future to show us an adult KT meeting an adult ES I will be extremely disappointed.

    • 41.1 Windsun33

      I don’t know why, but it seems like many Korean writers are not yet aware that this is the 21st century. Despite all the high tech computers and cell phones we see, it appears that nobody has heard of Google, YouTube, Skype, any of a hundred other ways to find information and communicate.

    • 41.2 ak

      LOL I agree @ the LMH comment.
      PSH and LMH felt like they were in different dimensions when they kissed. Haha. I prefer their bickering scenes.

  42. 42 Obsidian

    That ending scene was so heartbreaking. I could really feel for Tan. And I like how he fell to the ground, which symbolized the weight of the crown finally becoming heavy.

    I’m hoping against all hope that maybe…just maybe there will be a twist, and Eun-sang will show up. Or maybe I’m just hoping so that Tan isn’t all alone. But seriously? How could she leave? She is the only one he has left! Tan does everything in his power to protect her, but why can’t she have faith in him? Or I mean, she doesn’t even have to rely on him. Why can’t she just stand on her own two feet and show the father that he cannot just rule their lives. She can show him that she can choose what she will do with her life. Create a third option for herself. I mean most of the father’s “threats” have been about how she is ruining Tan’s life, however, Tan has said again and again that it’s not her fault. And really it isn’t. No offense, but Tan’s life was messed up before she even entered it. And all of the secrets would have come out eventually. So really, I don’t understand her reasoning. I understand that the father yelled at her, but at the end of the day, all it was was yelling. She can just think that he’s crazy, which he is. All she has to do is leave his house, and don’t answer when he calls. Seriously, what threat does he pose? I just want to know what he would do…so far it’s been to send her to another country. Bravo. That was inventive. My apologies for that mini rant. Moving on…haha.

    On a lighter note, I like how Won is slowly realizing who Tan has become. If Won had just treated Tan with respect, they could have become great allies and brothers. He finally sees how miserable Tan has become. I also hope that Won realizes Tan is able to do something that he couldn’t…fight for the girl that he loves.

    I also really liked the scene where Young-do tried to hold Eun-sang back, because he knew she was saying goodbye. I hate to admit it, but I actually felt for him in that moment. That sense of vulnerability.

    I don’t know where the show will go from here…I’m assuming a time warp. I really hope not! I don’t want Tan to be all alone! Or maybe, because Tan has finally lost everything, he will finally do something drastic! Hopefully he has a hidden card up his sleeve.

    • 42.1 Yee

      KW is fighting for his girl although in undramatic and secretive ways that fans does not even know he’s trying to protect his girl too! Everyone thought he has giving up on HJ so easily but thankfully we do get the enlightening conversation which revealed that he has blocked the damaging article of HJ from ever getting out! He make sound decisions based on her best interests at heart and has total consideration for her concerns and well being! He has to pay a price for that obviously by stop seeing her, no wonder he looks so stricken after the confrontation with his dad in Ep 12! He did give KT a brotherly advice of not getting anything that can be used against him…but sigh KT is too inexperienced to comprehend, he will need to pay a heavy price too thus getting ES exiled! Fans were so disappointed with KW when he refused to go after HJ, sorry KW we should know better that you’re trying to protect her in your own undramatic way, since we are so used to the kdramatic ways!

      • 42.1.1 Obsidian

        I understand that Won does love Hyun-joo is his own way. And I know that he has feelings for her. But the thing is, for Won, the company comes first and then Hyun-joo comes second. For Tan, that’s the opposite. Eun-sang comes first, above everything.

        Won did block the article of Hyun-joo, which you mentioned, does show he has feelings for her. But think about Hyun-joo. She’s constantly sidelined. Won won’t even talk to her about the business. There was that one episode where Hyun-joo was helping Won to get better because he was sick. He then got a phone call regarding the company and just left her. Also, Won was standing in the room, while Hyun-joo was getting yelled at, and he didn’t say a word. I mean, he doesn’t have to confront his father, but he could at least have pulled her out of the room.

        The thing is, that yes, Won does care about Hyun-joo, however, she will never come first place. Won has consistently chosen the company over her. That may change in the future, but from what we’ve seen so far this is not the case. And what’s even worse, is that Hyun-joo can see that he does care about her, and yet they can’t ever be together. It’s worse that the relationship has dragged on, with Hyun-joo in this constant state of lurch. Won never fully lets her inside his world. He wouldn’t even tell her what happened in the meeting.

        It would be better if they fought for their relationship together, rather than keeping Hyun-joo out of the loop. It’s actually quite heartbreaking. Although they both love each other, it would be better for Won to either take the relationship head-on, or just let Hyun-joo go. I feel sad for her, because she’s in this constant state of waiting. She can’t fully move on.

  43. 43 soozilla

    I don’t even think I can pretend to be watching this show for anything other than the eye candy.

    • 43.1 Windsun33

      I am watching it for ES’s mom. Well, I also watch it to count how many times ES cries per episode, to see if ES ever manages to find a 4th expression, to see what really stupid thing that serves no purpose at all someone will do next, and to see who can be the most idiotic of the noble idiots.

  44. 44 Itchydoggy

    The kiss is not that great. Kim Tan could kiss but seriously Eun-sang didn’t look like she had a good time at all.

  45. 45 Kenanga

    INFINITE thumbs up for Lee Min Ho’s acting. He truly showed many expressions in this drama.

    1. I love the way he acted out as a cute younger brother in the scene when he just stayed at his hyung’s room eating the bento. He really showed that he’s still only 18 years old and longing to act aegyo to his hyung.

    2. I like the expression when he felt suspicious on the sudden-emotion-changing of eun sang in their romantic camp site scene. It’s so natural

    3. And now, he’s crying scene truly touches me. Hope he earned the best actor for this drama

    # Honestly, I do feel the same with all of you who thought that the drama needs to elaborate the story more on their supporting roles, in which I believe it would’ve given more ‘color’ to this drama. In the beginning of the story, I thought it would be the mix of ‘Secret garden’ in a ‘Gentlemen’s dignity’ version in which the writer successfully brought detail story for each characters.

    # I think it’s a normal thing for a poor-18-year old girl to act noble and accept what the chairman offered to her since like what eun sang once said that she did like Kim Tan yet why they also need to think of their future and also their beloved ones,,their moms,,

  46. 46 newbie

    Can anyone tell me the English titles of the two shows that they showed at the end of this episode for Heirs.

    They both looked interesting and soon to air but unfortunately that portion of the episode was not translated and I’d like to keep an eye out for any new dramas as the beauty of kdramas is they all end at some point.

    Thanks in advance

    • 46.1 Windsun33

      They are upcoming shows from that network. Koreandrama.org has them listed on their main page.




      I think those two are the ones you mean?

    • 46.2 Ameera

      The two shows are:
      1st- ‘Man From Another Star/ You who came from the stars’
      2nd- Kind Words

      I also can’t wait for when the air, looking forward to this after Heirs. By the way another great drama, currently airing is Empress Ki- if you’re into period dramas you must check out. It’s 50 episodes long, but at the moment it doesn’t feel like it

      • 46.2.1 Windsun33

        Kind words looks interesting, not sure about Man From Another Star – from the description it might end up like Panda and Hedgehog. But descriptions often don’t really give you any hint of how good it is – just the bare outlines of the plot.

      • 46.2.2 newbie

        Thanks for the info. I was looking at starting Empress Ki as I like the lead actress since Secret Garden & King 2 Hearts, but I think I’ll wait a bit since it is 50 episodes.

        I find I get anxious waiting every week for new episodes to appear. It much better to do ‘marathon watching” as you can choose the timing.

        I was lucky enough to find Secret when it only had 2 new episodes left and could really get into the story quick.

        From what I’ve read here, Empress Ki is one of those shows as well, but I’ll go bonkers for the next 20 weeks (5 months) if it’s as good as every one says. I think I’ll wait til Feb before I start.

        I don’t usually go for the over 20 episode dramas because of the time involvement no matter how good the story, but I might for this show for a variety of reasons.

        Thanks again for the names of the two upcoming dramas…..will have to wait and see if the shows pan out to be good or not.

  47. 47 Islandgal


    Where do I start?

    KT and ES: whoo hooooooooooo that kiss was hot, now we are talking! This is what dark storage rooms were made for, finallyyyyy , release that pent up tension XD

    KT:Whoa, fire is lit under Kim Tan’s ass! Guy was like “guess what, I am done playing with you mofos, this is war!” My heart broke for him at the end though when he couldn’t find ES, wow great scene.

    ES : did she really leave the country? Maybe the chairman threatened her Mom as well. I certainly hope it wasn’t her choice coz that would be a total bitch move . I know she was scared because of all the chaebol shenanigans back and forth but if she left by choice without a word to Tan ……… YD said she had a good bye face …..hope I don’t have to hate her after this

    YD: good guy or bad guy ? Great guy in this episode . He needs to move on though. Maybe they can write in a noodle loving judo expert with a bad attitude just for him.

    Rachel and HS: Barf…. Nuff said

    Chairman: I mean how bad can this guy get? Did he really snatch up ES and her mom and ship them out? This could bring out the worst in Tan to bring down Dad by any means necessary.

    Not sure what to expect but looking forward to next week !

    • 47.1 Lin_K

      Oh how I wish there was a noodle loving, judo expert with a bad attitude just for YD 🙂

  48. 48 Farah

    In my opinion, the nominees for best on-screen couple for this drama are:-
    – Bona & Chan Young
    – Evil dad & Mom #2
    – Eun Sang’s Mom & Kim Tan’s Mom
    – Kim Tan & Young Do


    • 48.1 ak

      Agreed for Kim Tan & Young Do. Teehee.

      When Eun Sang said to Tan that it seems like the dating couple is rather him and Young Do, I was like YES YES YES!!

      I love Tan mommy & Eun Sang mommy too.
      They never fail to entertain me 😀

    • 48.2 August

      I have said it time and time again, Kim Tan and Choi Young-Do are the “real” OTP in Heirs. First loves fighting their way back into each others lives one episode at a time.

  49. 49 midoshi

    I think this is bit like boys Over flowers, as i guess kim tan will meet horrible accident and his evil father will realize what he had done to his son. i hope he will not lose his memory. ha haaaaaaaaaha

  50. 50 Altari

    This drama is such a strange beast.
    I probably wouldn’t even have started watching it if it didn’t have a bunch of actors that I love in it. Now I find that the more I love the characters the more I hate the plot and writing. I wish I could move all the characters in a different world with a different writer and watch that drama.

    • 50.1 raineedays

      I know how that feels. I watched this because of LMH, PSH, KHN, and KMH … I almost gave up watching it because I couldn’t see for the good half of the show how certain characters can evolve. I didn’t like the fact that there were too many secondary characters that we needed a cheat sheet to keep track.

      And then I’ve learned to just sit back, relax, watch the show and see where it leads. And I’m glad I did that. Because if i nitpicked and analyzed every little thing that happened (from Kim Tan’s sweaters, to Young Do’s evilness and excessive use of hair products, LOL), I wouldn’t have found any reason to watch the show any longer.

      I knew this show was mainly candies and flower boys so my expectations weren’t that high, but now that i see the different layers of the characters, i’m glad i stuck it out.

      • 50.1.1 Windsun33

        Personally, I hate KT’s shoelaces. They don’t match his sweaters 🙁

    • 50.2 Windsun33

      Good take on it. This has gotten to be a show that I keep watching, even though I know I will want to scream and throw large objects at the TV every time something stupid comes up. Yet, there are still a couple of characters I like to watch and wish were more fleshed out, like Bo Na and ES’s mom.

    • 50.3 jaglaine

      Spot on, Altari. Couldn’t have said it better. It’s just worse for me coz I liked PSH and I feel really letdown by her acting. Especially those kissing scenes. All the cringing finally killed it for me. How can ES not want to kiss the one she loves? Is she not a hormone-driven teenager? I guess PSH finally got the idea that the audience were pissed off. Hence, the last kiss but it’s too little too late.

      • 50.3.1 queencircles

        I’ve never much liked PSH’s acting. She’s cute so I guess she keeps getting work. She’s been my least favorite part of every show I’ve seen her in.

      • 50.3.2 Merry Christmas!


        Look closely. She’s going up and down and breathing in rhythm with every sucking that LMH is giving her.

        • jaglaine

          Like a trombone?

      • 50.3.3 Victoria

        I wish people would stop going on about how terrible PSH was in that kiss…because I don’t think she was 😛 Sure, she didn’t look like an experienced kisser, but let’s not forget that she’s still a very young girl. Probably was 23 at the time of shooting? As others have said it already, perhaps she didn’t have much practice before (kisses are no different than playing the piano or driving a car!).
        I can totally relate to this because I was a late developer in that department too: my first *real* kiss happened when I was about 18 (!) and I clearly remember thinking afterwards – ‘god, this is just AWFUL. How can people sing praises, write songs and make films about something so revolting?’ 😀 😀 It was much later – with better kissers and more practice – that I got better at it and learnt to enjoy it.

        Anyway, I think for a less experienced kisser, PSH did a fair job in this episode. She did have a painful look on her face but to me it translated into the agony about everything that’s going on around her at the moment and the misery of having to leave Tan. Even as they kiss, she knows well enough that she’ll be going very soon…

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