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Jeon Ji-hyun as Hallyu goddess in You From Another Star
by | November 15, 2013 | 74 Comments

Hot on the heels of Kim Soo-hyun’s first stills from the drama You From Another Star, we have leading lady Jeon Ji-hyun in hers, playing a “Hallyu goddess.” It’s basically Jeon playing herself, and in that case I really hope the drama takes a fun approach with the meta. Where’s the fun in casting a top star to play a top star if you don’t poke fun at the whole top star image?

In the photo directly below, Jeon is pictured with Choi Min (My Love Madame Butterfly, Pasta), who plays her fiancΓ©… who’ll get shunted to the side when the star falls for the 400-year-old alien (Kim Soo-hyun) who has lived in Korea from the Joseon era through to modern times.

It’s hard to believe it’s been fourteen years since Jeon was in her last drama (1999’s Happy Together), or maybe the part that’s strange is how she’s remained so visible and famous all this time, only doing a movie every two or three years (such is the power of CF queendom). Okay, maybe the really remarkable thing is how she has barely aged at all in all the time she’s been acting. Maybe she’s the one who shoulda played the eternally youthful alien?

You From Another Star follows Heirs with a December premiere.

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74 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Shihye

    All hail the Goddess~

  2. joey

    reminds me of wonbin… i wish he could do more movies or a drama.

    • 2.1 Jo

      ehh, I don’t want him in dramas. Idk, dramas are not written well enough for him, I think. . . I like him in cinematic roles

      • 2.1.1 Kiara

        I agree, same with Park Hae-il. Maybe a cameo appearance in a drama but that’s about it.

      • 2.1.2 lemon84

        I like wonbin so much…I do hope he pick a really nice drama.. I miss him in kdrama land..! Movies is too short.. and plus he always pick a tough character.. which is I want him to act like joo joong won character in master’s sun [example]..perhaps..

  3. OMG

    M excited!!!!

  4. sahara

    I think that’s also what partly kept her appeal. She has this “elusive” image because she only does movies every other year and her CFs seem to be carefully chosen too.

    She looks super great too!

  5. Quiet Thought

    What does she do to pass the time when she’s not making movies?

    Love the tacky leather jacket, by the way. She wears it well.

    • 5.1 kaka

      Well this indeed is an interesting question ,, I think I should give it a quiet thought..
      I have been waiting for a while after Berlin File …

    • 5.2 topper

      CFs, and married life.

      • 5.2.1 Leona

        You can have a full time job while married… so marriage isn’t a valid cause.
        BTW it sounds sexist and double standard… why would men do a full time job while married and women won’t?

        • ilikemangos

          i don’t think that person meant to be offensive.

          • Quiet Thought

            If any successful actor or actress wants to cut back their schedule and enjoy life out of the rush, I’ll applaud them. I was just curious because, first, it’s so unusual for Korean stars, and, second, I know most Korean movies are made on tight schedules. So it isn’t like she got stuck in New Zealand for two or three years like the cast of ‘Lord of the Rings.’

        • lemondoodle

          Huh? Maybe she doesn’t want a full time job anymore. Marriage could be a valid cause for her.

        • topper

          I’m saying that is what may be occupying her time, nothing sexist about that.

          • Kiara

            Marriage life is valid and its hard work. Her job is not the typical 9-5 comes home and cook for her honey and see him off to work everyday. Filming can take over 6months (eg Thieves) and then she had to leave again to promote it when it comes out in the theatre. She has been cutting down on doing CFs too and I’m not sure if she is still doing modeling or not.

    • 5.3 Jyyjc

      Good question, I’ve often wondered the same for all the actors when they take a break for several months. I mean I know the work environment in Korea can take their toll when they’re working but still, several months is enough rest time I think. I would be bored. What do they do during that long period of time when we don’t see any CFs or tv show appearances from them?

    • 5.4 moose

      It’s her LUCK!

      Well, some actor work for money,
      some for fame and recognition, some because the people want to see them act and some because they just love to act.

    • 5.5 deeps

      she watches k-dramas… πŸ˜›

      • 5.5.1 mary

        LMAO I love your excuse.

        So many dramas to watch!

  6. appletea


  7. CHDK

    How do you rate her acting JB?

    I never seen any of her movies (Hide). Errrr.

    People said that Suzy the CF Queen will be like her πŸ™‚

    • 7.1 pogo

      If that limits the number of Suzy’s acting projects, I am all for it – the girl can’t act. And JJH can.

  8. Uhnny

    Gorgeous as ever~ πŸ™‚

    Ugh. Can’t wait for Heirs to end!

  9. anonymous

    Wow! She is a ‘Hallyu Goddess’ and i never heard of her πŸ™‚
    This will be my first time watching her. Hope she is better actress than other CF queens and match KSH well onscreen. Waiting!

    • 9.1 pogo

      To be fair, not all CF queens are bad actresses – JJH is great, and I don’t think anyone would deny that Shin Mina or Yoon Eun-hye are good actresses – SMA was actually underrated because of the CF queen tag for many years, until MGIAG became a hit, but even her early movie/drama work isn’t bad at all.

      On the other hand you have the likes of Han Ga-in and Suzy, who really are better off doing just CFs because the minute they get into an acting project, the woodenness/lack of talent really starts to show.

      • 9.1.1 bd

        JJH is a good actress (wouldn’t put her in the great category).

        SMA is a very good actress.

        YEH is not a good actress (aside from her performance in “Coffee Prince”).

        Han Ga-in and Suzy both did a good job in “Intro to Architecture” – so a good script and a good PD goes a long way (same for YEH in CP).

        • pogo

          Yoon Eun-hye has always had the ability to emote, even if her acting lacked subtlety at times (she was good in Goong and I Miss You, and she’s good in Mirae’s Choice now though I don’t like the drama). Those crappy post-CP dramas she did relied more on her likeability than acting technique, but she isn’t at all a bad actress.

          And JJH was good to start with, especially in her starmaking roles, but she’s upgraded her acting in recent years.

          As for HGI and Suzy…..let’s just say they need a LOT of help from scripts and PDs, and even then it was only an upgrade from terrible to mediocre – and in a more taxing drama environment, they can’t even manage that. If it wasn’t for their looks (their faces may be blank but they are pretty), they wouldn’t be scoring lead roles at all.

          • bd

            YEH also tends to overact (“Goong” and “Lie to Me”) but I also place a good bit of the blame on the script and PD (who seem to want YEH to overdo the whole fake cute thing which is so stupid since YEH is naturally cute/endearing).

            Aside from CP, YEH did her best acting in her 1st acting gig for the film “Legend of Seven Cutter” – while she was raw, she was more natural than in “Goong” and LTM.

          • pogo

            @bd – yes, I agree about the overacting ‘ – though she was genuinely endearing and relatable in Goong, especially in her quieter/more vulnerable moments – in addition to the expressiveness – even if it is sometimes overdone -she has a very natural screen presence, and good chemistry with her costars. And even with her faults, she was pretty much the one carrying that drama, and there was a relatability to her back then that really worked for her character.

            lol @ me sounding so defensive of her, I’m really not – I can recognise that she isn’t quite on the level of Sohn Ye-jin or Gong Hyo-jin, but I do take exception to people saying that YEH in Goong was on the same level as the abjectly terrible idol female lead of Dream High.

            Though in YEH’s favour, I will say that she’s grown as an actress in recent performances and, as she gets older, PDs seem to have stopped making her go for the aegyo.

          • bd


            No problem.

            JJH, SMA and YEH are 3 of my favorite Korean female celebs (which is a diff. list from my favorite actresses – tho SMA has the most potential to get there), so it’s not like i have anything against YEH (tho I am frustrated that she hasn’t done a better job at picking better projects but some of that can be blamed on her loyalty – which is one reason why she is so endearing).

            Loved YEH before she started acting – back during her X-Man days (one could immediately tell that she had a lot of charisma and was really endearing).

    • 9.2 madame kim

      LOL, try My Sassy Girl and Windstruck. I think these two movies should be in everyone’s watch list!

      • 9.2.1 poch

        and don’t forget il mare.. πŸ™‚

  10. 10 Kiara

    Love her, a real beauty who can actually act. She was pretty awesome in “The Berlin File” with some of my fav actors Ha Jung-Woo , Han Suk-Kyu and Ryoo Seung-Bum.

    I’m glad to see her on the small screen with Kim Soo-hyun. They had great chemistry in their last movie.

  11. 11 Kit

    so stunning.

  12. 12 kakashi

    I am getting excited about this one!

  13. 13 asiram

    whew!…Kim Soo Hyun….waiting for your drama fighting!

  14. 14 junjae

    Gosh….so gorgeous!!!!

  15. 15 Aya

    I love her since ‘my sassy girl’.. Darn! That has been a decade, I aged.. But seems like she doesn’t! Goddess indeed πŸ™‚

    • 15.1 Kiara

      Sassy Girl <3.

  16. 16 madame kim

    I think Thief helped her big time. Up to that point, she only has My Sassy Girl. Then she hit the jackpot once again, totally cementing her superstardom. I think even SHK and KTH don’t get to be the whole movie star status like her.

    • 16.1 Kiara

      I think there was also a certain maturity to her acting in “The Thieves” that I’ve never seen before. She took another step up in “The Berlin File” and made a fan out of me.

    • 16.2 chanelboy

      Second that. SHK hits the jackpot through small screen, and in cliche word, ppl still cant forget the first impression (altrough some could break through that, wonbin from friends with kyoko fukada to some real deal movie),
      and until know, SHK doesnt have the hit movie that is make mega impact like JJH sassy girl, not sayin she doesnt have one.

      KTH side, almost the same story for stairway to heaven, n i never seen her in big screen,

      so JJH name still like the diva of the diva, lucky woman:)

    • 16.3 YoeYoe

      She actually has hit silver screens like Windstruck and IL Mare but they just don’t as big as My Sassy Girl.

  17. 17 Rushie

    I saw Kim Soo-hyun at the beginning of the year in TMTETS and now I’m seeing him at the end of the year in YFAS. I couldn’t be happier.

  18. 18 Annie

    I always like to keep her in mind when I think of certain aggravating young actresses… Jeon Ji Hyun was pretty awful for a number of years until she finally woke up recently. She and Kim Min Hee remind me to not rag on newbies too much because they might surprise us going forward.

    • 18.1 Kindu

      Either that, or your ability to judge this actress on her performance has improved over time. Maybe she’s not the one who “finally woke woke up recently…”

      • 18.1.1 Annie

        I doubt it although she was never atrocious per se. Even her most rabid fans would agree that something really clicked for her in the Thieves and esp. the Berlin File.

        • pogo

          @Annie – I still wouldn’t call her a bad actress in her early years though (My Sassy Girl was a standout performance) even if she did go up a level in recent years.

          I mean, she’s no Han Ga-in (same age, been acting nearly as long, and still not showing any evidence of ever being able to emote).

        • bd

          JJH wasn’t great in her early performances, but she wasn’t bad either.

          She had great comedic timing (which is difficult for many actors/actresses) in the 1st half of “Windstruck” before it went all melo in the 2nd half.

  19. 19 Nadia

    Definitely excited to see this new drama. I loved her in my sassy girl, windstruck and happy together. As far as her not aging she’s probably doing what most women do watch what you eat and drink and a little help from botox.

  20. 20 misskania

    Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun again after Thieves? Please let this be a nuna killer story, please please pleaaasee

  21. 21 myra

    SHe was really good in Berlin File.

  22. 22 gianna

    JJH was one of the front runners of korean wave in Asia. I remember then when Sassy Girl spread & rose into such heights just by word of mouth or by film junkie netizens. There were no trailers shown (from where I was)& youtube was probably in its infancy. My impression upon seeing the film was “Damn! SK ladies are badasses!” Haha! Fast forward to now & after watching most if not all of her movies, I still can’t get enough & still be intrigue whenever her name comes up. I do think she’s best in femme fatale & kick ass heroine portrayals. Can’t wait for this drama. I hope it does great. Fighting!

    • 22.1 chanelboy

      Same shivers, ppl who live in the first generation of k-wave in Asia cant forget the sassy JJH, when I’m watching or just seeing JJH simply making all old k-wave memories coming back πŸ™‚ Good acting or lacking, she still undeniable legendary, she is like BoA in actress version,lol.

  23. 23 Abbie

    What is it about her character that annoys me so much? I just don’t find her character appealing at all. I have never seen Jeon Ji-hyun in anything at all, so I have no comment on her personality or her acting. (If anyone would recommend something she’s in, I’d appreciate it.) But her character description is driving me up the wall with irritation. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I’ll watch this all the way through. I’ll watch the first few episodes for Kim Soo-hyun and to try to gauge how the story will shake out, but if this character has no redeeming qualities, and I find it hard to relate to her, I won’t watch it.

    • 23.1 pogo

      Personally, I like the description – it’s refreshing to have the heroine be the prickly, bitchy one instead of the hero, and not a sweet perfect Mary Sue type like most drama heroines. I Hear Your Voice had a similar dynamic, and it was great – I’m hoping for a well-written character with some imperfections, enough to make her three-dimensional, at least.

    • 23.2 bd

      Most people would say start with “My Sassy Girl” and then “Windstruck” (not a sequel but there is a surprise at the end), as well as “Il Mare.”

      JJH has tons of charisma and has a very expressive face (which is why she is so good at CFs; better than the other so-called CF queens such as YEH and Suzy).

  24. 24 elza

    ‘my sassy girl’ was one of the first korean movies i watched(that’s last year). and i loved her from since then. amazingly beautiful. i dint know her name even. and until now i thought it was only gianna. i dont know much about her other works, but i recently watched the thieves, she was badass in it. but i kept wishing she had more screen-time. and now its happening! yay!

  25. 25 grace

    no wonder mblaq seungho says her as an ideal girl……she is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I HAVE EVER SEEN IN KOREA…… she is a divine beauty

  26. 26 elvira

    So excited that she’s in drama! Back to the time when she plays an assy character in My Sassy Girl… that movie is hilarious!

  27. 27 Noelle

    I have never seen this person ever. What has she been in?

    • 27.1 Quiet Thought

      I’m willing to admit that all I’ve seen her in was ‘Blood: the Last Vampire.’ See elsewhere for more mainstream recommendations.

      • 27.1.1 Quiet Thought

        . . . And ‘Thieves’, of course. Not the main character, but an easy, charismatic performance.

    • 27.2 sakuramasaka

      My sassy girl, ll mare, Windstruck, Daisy, A man who was a superman, Snow flower and the Secret fan, Thieves, The Berlin File…she is amazing in everything

  28. 28 Nancy

    Loved JJH and KSH and their flirtatious relationship in The Thieves. Looking forward to this drama and the cast (+Park Hae-jin and Yoo Inna) because everyone here can act.

  29. 29 MittleTea

    I’m super excited for this drama. It’s full-packed with its big stars. Plus, Kim So hyun’s here, so that’s enough

  30. 30 MittleTea

    Jeon Ji Hyun appeared in Wind struck. Am I right?

  31. 31 amber

    Love her to the bits.

  32. 32 KSJ

    Of all her work, “Daisy” with Jung Woo Sung is one of my faves, I highly suggest it.

  33. 33 Kay

    Oh this brings back memories….My Sassy Girl was the first korean movie I watched and I was awestruck at how beautiful JJH was…I think what makes her so interesting is she’s been so famous and well regarded in the industry, despite ONLY doing movies for like 14 years…more than KSH, I’m anticipating this lady….after seeing her on screen for maybe 2 hours (basically a movie) – viewers will get to see her on a weekly basis – for fans, that’s pretty awesome =)

  34. 34 Krystal_Anne

    i think the people who don’t know JJH is just new in Kpop. Because if you have been a kpop or kdrama fan in a long time you should know the name ‘Jeon Ji Hyun’. Her name always come up as Kpop idols ideal girl etc. Her name was mentioned in several CF like the 1 CF SNSD did and DBSK. And most of all even those who aren’t a fan of Kdrama i know have watch ‘My Sassy Girl’ and ‘Windstruck’ at least. So you must have atleast heard her name? Right?!

    TBH, people like her & Won Bin was hold to a high regard in Korea. Because they are 2 of the Top Movie stars there. They only do movies. For example in hollywood like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp etc. Someone above ask what she do when she don’t do movies, well she probably go back to normal family life, have a business (well since most celeb have their own business) etc. just like how some movie star do. So her doing a drama suddenly like this after being a top movie star for more than 14 years is like Brad Pitt suddenly doing a TV drama in America.

    • 34.1 KSJ

      Agree to this but also she doesn’t do any variety shows and hardly any interviews and this has been her nature throughout her entire career. She’s rarely captured on paparazzi film or photographs, it’s like she appears on the movie screen and then disappears in real life.
      In a field where so many are grappling for attention or the spotlight whether they’re new or trying to stay relevant she seems to make a conscious point to not expose herself unnecessarily which is even more intriguing to most.

  35. 35 too_late_the_hero

    cant wait the heirs to end.

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