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Kim Jong-min and Cha Tae-hyun stick with 1 Night 2 Days
by | November 11, 2013 | 52 Comments

girlfriday: The verdict is in: Sunday night variety show 1 Night 2 Days will be going ahead with Season 3 and members Kim Jong-min and Cha Tae-hyun will be staying on. Buh-bye, Yoo Hae-jin, Lee Su-geun, Uhm Tae-woong, and Sung Shi-kyung.

javabeans: I’m surprised anybody’s staying behind. After the last announcement about the projected departures, the two who had decided to stay were Tae-hyun and Tae-woong, and they both started thinking about leaving too, apparently. So I was pretty much expecting a clean slate with everyone leaving.

girlfriday: That mightโ€™ve been the better transition, though honestly Iโ€™m not sure that keeping 1N2D going in its third shadow of its former self is doing anyone any favors. I guess KBS just wonโ€™t let go.

javabeans: It’s been a dead horse for a while, and now they’re just dragging around its carcass. Kick, kick.

girlfriday: The more surprising news was that Lee Su-geun jumped ship early because he knew he was being investigated for illegal gambling.

javabeans: Not that I condone illegal behavior, but the dude was betting on soccer games online. That seems… like not a thing you should lose a career over. Though maybe he should have kept that stuff off the internet and to himself? It’s just a stupid way to go, is what I’m saying. (At least he’ll have company; also being investigated are Tony An, Andy from Shinhwa, Boom, and Tak Jae-hoon.)

girlfriday: What I want to know is, which one of them found the site and invited the other boys to join? When I saw the headlines I was picturing those seedy dens in noir movies, but then it turned out to be like fantasy football with money, and then I laughed out loud.

javabeans: It’s sad, but funny.

girlfriday: In any case, Su-geun is taking a leave from all his variety shows (Our Neighborhood Variety Sports and Millionaire Game My Turn) for a while.

javabeans: The current lineup of six just filmed their last trip together, and the last episode featuring them will air on November 24.

Via Star News, Osen


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Deliane

    Wow over betting on football games! They should have done what rich people in HK do, go on huge cruise ships offshore and gamble there.

    I wonder how the public is reacting in Korea? I hazard it won’t be as scandalous as say a drug scandal?

    • 1.1 Ann

      I think there is some kind of law against Koreans gambling even if it is outside Korea. Andy’s bandmate Shin Hyesung was convicted of gambling a few years ago, and he was gambling in Macao.

  2. DayDreamer

    LOL! When you guys said illegal gambling at first, I also suddenly imagined Lee Su-geun in a seedy den, smoking away at a table. But the fantasy football cracked me up. Seriously….if that kills his career, that’s just a stupid thing to do.

    Anyways, Kim Jong-min sticking around doesn’t seem surprising….I always got the feeling that he considered 1N2D like his permanent home or something.

  3. kiop

    Nooooo! My heart just sank, Uhmforce, The giant ballad, Liar Sugeun, Mat hyung Haejin,….I’ll miss seeing you every sunday.

  4. jossy

    My face fell at illegal gambling, then I almost fell out of my bed when I read “Fantasy Football” and the just LOL’d at the other stars involved.

    This was my all-time fav show, it saddens me to see them dragging out its slow and painful death ๐Ÿ™ maybe the 3rd season will pick things up again a-la bird pd times but seeing as there’s no mention of a new pd, guess not.

    • 4.1 Thursdaynexxt

      I think on soompi it looked like the PD and CP were staying (and it also looks like Hamster PD’s name is “Yoo Hae Jin” as well?! They could’ve had some real fun with that…)

  5. Abbie

    This is sad yet happy news. I’ve never been a fan of 1N2D, but knowing that the majority of the cast is leaving is sad. But the fact that Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Jong-min are staying is good news. Sort of. I’m not sure I’ll ever watch this week to week, but who knows?

    The fact that Su-geun and several others are being investigated for online gambling is just sad. My jaw literally dropped to read that Andy of Shinhwa and Boom, to guys I have a lot of love and respect for, are also being investigated. How? This is just sad. I hope they don’t get too heavily punished, although I think the whole thing is ridiculous.

  6. Me

    what I want to know is the new member…don’t ruin the 1n2d name the 2nd time with bad casting, I mean the 1st season were epic…just, no idol please!

    • 6.1 ija

      Agreed. If they stay want to continue with season 3 please no idol.. ^^

      • 6.1.1 JiHwan

        If the casting rumors thus far are true, then there will definitely be idols.

  7. QT765

    I’ve been a fan of 1N2D since the first season & it’s a shame that the show is losing its cast but I’m actually hoping that KBS will just axe the show & make a new variety show. On a side note, it’s funny picturing Taehyun with Jongjin cuz he always hated to be paired up with him xP

    • 7.1 LoveSilents

      I know huh? Jong-min even said that when Tae-hyun was mad at him he was “scary mad”. Good luck to them!

  8. abro


    Instead of cancelling the show, KBS should just put the show to ‘rest’ for at least 1 or 2 year and come out again with a set of new members. Duh!

    I love this show. Been a fan since S1 and until the departure of Bird PD.

    • 8.1 uma

      I totally agree with you Abro…

  9. moondust

    I didn’t think Fantasy Football was too serious either, but I guess the Korean public sees it differently. Poor Su Geun, he still has his sick wife and kids to support.

  10. 10 ht

    I know the comments will be like.. ‘It’s ruining 1N2D’s reputation, this show is long over and dead, flop…’ But I’m not willing to let this show go yet. This show is one of my few sources of happiness (seriously, fuck life) and probably the only Korean variety show I watch regularly. I’m not confident about the whole new cast, and without Sugeun… However, I won’t say anything about Season 3 yet, because I think I will end up eating my words again. (Like what happened with Season 2, lol)

    It still makes me sad that my favs of the favs, Haejin and Sikyung, are leaving… I’m so glad Taehyun and Jongmin are staying though.

    Hopefully things will be alright again especially for Sugeun, but I admit I went WTF when I read that it was betting on football games online. I mean I thought it was something huge.. lol. Andy was involved too? Ugh.. ๐Ÿ™

    • 10.1 isnin

      1N2D should KEEP Kim Jong Min and Cha Tae Hyun and have a rotating cast every week. New guests every week….not necessarily all celebs either. Some of the funniest moments were when 1n2d had the cast call friends/family to be guests.

      • 10.1.1 LoveSilents

        I agree. Some of the funniest / most entertaining shows were when they had guests. The guy guests were much better than the female guests. If any one can carry this show it will be Tae-hyun. I am still surprised that his best bud Tae-woong isn’t staying with him. So many people thought Season 2 wouldn’t be as good as season 1. I think both shows were good, just different. I think they might be able to have a great season 3 if they get the right mix of personalities. I’m BIG FAN and will miss my buds. I still want to know each of their reasons for leaving – the poop heads…

  11. 11 shiku

    Wow, they may loose their career over fantasy football? Wow! I haven’t kept up with 1N2D since bird pd left but I’m surprised they want the brand to keep going.

  12. 12 ck1Oz

    Sigh even if they go overseas they can be prosecuted back home. Why does Korea have such strict drug and gambling laws but allow some heinous crimes to have lighter sentences. It makes no sense.

    As a fan of 1N2D I am so sad at the state of the show. Poor PD Na must be feeling so bad at how his baby has grown up badly.

  13. 13 asyree

    I think at first after JW left, somehow the members already feels how the PD can’t improve the show for the better.

    SSK used to enjoy filming during the time with KSW and Bird, but after the two left and obviously on the recent eps, you can see he starts losing his patience and not because his ever nemesis KJM. SSK just not as comfortable as he was when Bird and KSW still around. Basically he’s this tight person, discipline and hard worker, seeing how the show just circles around though the recent eps seems to be better, he must feel awful.

    LSG tried so hard to make the show funny and full of laugh, but he’s started getting tired and desperate too because the PD doesn’t give anything to him to work on. His attempts to mock YHJ’s physical appearance just LSG’s way to fish for laughter. But even you see that doesn’t work.

    I guess at first Tae-Tae bros thought LSG would stay that’s why they both confirmed to stay , coz the first news didn’t indicate that LSG would leave too. But then the development with LSG’s gambling prob comes out forcing LSG to quit, and UTW lost his confidence.

    UTW had said that he actually planned to quit before season 2 started, but LSG convinced him to stay, telling him that he couldn’t make the show only with KJM. So UTW stayed for season 2 and he did seem enjoying his staying in show for the camaraderie and the trips. But with almost all fellow members leave, esp LSG, i think it’s hard for UTW to stay. He’s actually always this quiet and shy person, and needs time to open and warm up to new people. I personally think that the leaving of LSG is what caused UTW to choose to leave.

    KJM maybe choose to stay coz KBS begs him to, coz now they lost LSG, and CTH maybe feels that it’s too late to say otherwise. However, i read in soompi (based on nate) even both of their agencies state that CTH and KJM aren’t really comfortable staying, and still look at the latest development whether they stay or go.

  14. 14 makoto

    after he left 1N2D, where else can I watch Sung Si Kyung regularly? :((

    • 14.1 star

      you can watch our Mayor SSK every Friday in Witch Hunt

    • 14.2 Thursdaynexxt

      It looks like SSK’s much more at home there, and having a lot of fun.

      Since it’s conversation-heavy, it’s hard to follow what’s going on, so I hope kind someone subs it soon!

      Btw, is it just my imagination, or did they use some music from 1N2D on Witch Hunt?

  15. 15 vanessa

    as long as minho from shinee does not join. that boy is boring!

    • 15.1 uma

      LOL…. I agree with you Vanessa… please dont include Minho…

    • 15.2 Ree

      i agree! i don’t want that wide eyed statue in 1N2D

  16. 16 nn

    Why, Uhm force? I loved you in that show.

  17. 17 chocolander

    Is gambling on football online that major a crime? Well, I hope their careers aren’t dealt withsuch a deadly blow that they can’t come back, since other celebrities have revived miraculously from other more serious crimes….

    • 17.1 Rovi

      As long as it is still gambling I guess…

  18. 18 Kristy

    wow…lee suguen had those probs up there…
    man football gambling

  19. 19 anais

    During March Madness, there are places in the U.S. where people who don’t participate in betting on their favorite teams are seen as weirdos. Cultural relativism… Wow.

  20. 20 Arhazivory

    The saddest part of this news is regarding Su Geun. I love him and it’s so sad that this happened. Su Geun sshi, you should have resisted.

  21. 21 egg

    Whoa, I think we knew it was coming, but it’s still pretty sad. An era is ending! Will you girls be tuning in for the final trip of the season (and consider recapping it as a send off? XD)

  22. 22 chaloner

    That’s great at least 2 are staying. Here’s my top 4 I think would be great replacements ๐Ÿ˜€

    Barefoot Friends is being canceled so bring back Kang Ho-dong

    The singer from the Band Rose Motel Yook Joong-wan. He was funny in Infinity Challege.

    The lead actor in Answer Me 1994 Jung Woo would be nice.

    JYJ Yoochun anyone? lol

    • 22.1 yatt

      no Hodong please. Season 1 is great with him. but now he is boring to watch.

    • 22.2 Ree

      I want Kang Ho Dong to come back but not to 1N2D. I’d rather he gets a new show with a fresh concept.

      The Ho Dong before 2012 had great teammates whom he shared PERFECT chemistry. If they manage to persuade him to come back to 1N2D and his new castmates are not at the level of his previous mates this will only put him in bad light since he will most surely be put as the main MC.

      I don’t want people to compare the Ho Dong before his hiatus and Ho Dong now (especially now that i think he’s still struggling to regain that name as top MC). and having a show that has a similar concept as before will just do that – give them/us viewers a basis for comparison.

  23. 23 lovin it

    lsg ๐Ÿ™ whyyy

  24. 24 rochinipark

    This is laughable now k-celebrities being judged for gambling in a country where i assume it is not legal and where there is a casino in its own country. It is not like Korean people are Muslims who are prohibited from gambling. While i do not condone gambling it is a really horrible habit to have but to censor celebrities and bring shame onto them is too much.

    More horrible crimes like hit and run are treated like nothing and many k-celebrities recover from it.This is getting laughable thinking of Korean netizens think they are the moral police. Do they have that much free time, from what i read in real life articles, they live in such a stressful and pressured society so i think by running down k-celebrities is a stress reliever.Haha.Its sad.

    • 24.1 Ree

      There are casinos but from what i can tell they’re only open for foreigners. You need your passport to enter

  25. 25 Ree

    Jongmin…needs the work. Cha Tae Hyun i still don’t like.

    1N2D.. i feel sad because KBS really seems to keep trying to revive what’s already dead. They should just produce a new show with a new concept instead of clinging to the old name but with a new concept. Come on KBS, you know Season 2 gave 1N2D a bad name but you’re still in that state of denial. If you had just ended it when Seung Gi and Jiwon exited it would have ended in a perfect and memorable way.

    Btw, I still think Jiwon and Seung Gi exited the show in the best way in terms of the timing. Smart boys.

    • 25.1 Rozza

      Second that. Smart boys.

  26. 26 starswillshine

    I don’t think Season 2 is that bad (when Bird PD and Kim Seung Woo were still around) as the cast had a strong friendship that audience could feel from their interactions. After they changed the PD, the ratings plummeted. I guess this was the start of the end of Season 2. I tried to watch a few episodes after the change of PD but it was boring. Somehow, I couldn’t feel the strong bond anymore. 1N2D should have a change of PD, or just cancel the show. This concept isn’t working anymore, and the current PD is unable to revive it.

    I don’t understand why Korea government have such strict laws on gambling. I believe I live in one of the countries with a very strict legal system (death sentence for drug smuggling). My country doesn’t even have such strict laws about gambling. Korea takes a more laxed attitude towards drugs as compared to my country. I don’t see how drug trafficking is on the same level as gambling (online gambling, seriously?!?!).

  27. 27 Stephanie

    omg I hope that’s not why tony broke up with his gf… To save her image. Aside from that its hilarious if you think about it. It’s like all the ahjussi who were long time friends decided to play this thing only to get caught. And they thought the days of intense image managing were over. If they have to give a public apology like little boys I’d literally laugh out loud.

  28. 28 Shazzzz

    I think the past few episodes have been getting better. Like the pd has found his ground. I like it now. So i guess i cant wait for more. Yeay!

  29. 29 nozomi05

    Korean citizens are not allowed to bet within the country, or even at casinos in foreign countries they visit (under the ‘Habitual Overseas Gambler’ law).

  30. 30 Lilian

    wow! Is that such a huge scandal? I can understand tax evasion etc. skipping army etc.

    T_T where am I going to see Sung Shi Kyung? I kinda like Cha Tae Hyun! He always makes me laugh

  31. 31 Ciara

    This is quite sad. 1N2D used to be one of my favorite shows. I think once they lost the original cast (well original to me – w/ Lee Seung Gi, Eun Ji Won & Kang Ho Dong) it slowly began to decline. When they added the next new cast, I had hope. I watched on and off and now it’s come to this. I think that I will start again with this show. I honestly hope that this next season will be full of life and that it will be the 1N2D it used to be, but EVEN better!

  32. 32 purpletree

    will watch the season 3, glad that jong min and tae hyun stay, just love the show actually…….

  33. 33 reisha

    I m going to miss my sweet giant that can cook well and UHMforce… Argghh

  34. 34 jea

    oh no, I will surely miss the uhm force.

  35. 35 anna

    Oh man, for real? I love watching the show because it makes me experience Korea without leaving my room (and seeing Sung Si Kyung is definitely a plus) but knowing most of the cast won’t be back is sad..

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