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Kim So-yeon headlines I Need Romance Season 3
by | November 18, 2013 | 113 Comments

Eeeeeee, Kim So-yeon (Two Weeks) and Sung Joon (Gu Family Book) in a potential noona romance? I’m officially excited. Cable network tvN’s single-girls-in-the-city romantic comedy franchise I Need Romance is gearing up for a third season, which I was totally ready to let fly under my expectation radar, but then this happened: Kim So-yeon has confirmed that she’ll be headlining the series as the main character (Love. Her.) and Sung Joon is considering playing her leading man. All aboard!

The third season (or spinoff, technically, since it’s a new story with similar themes) comes from the same writer-director team that brought us the first two seasons, and will again focus on a trio of girlfriends with Kim So-yeon front and center. The I Need Romance franchise is not without its faults (Second Lead Syndrome is particularly deadly in this universe), but they’re all marked with a stylistic flair and a frank telling of sex, love, and singledom from a woman’s point of view.

This time many of the characters will share a workplace, with Kim So-yeon playing a 33-year-old fashion marketing director of a home shopping company. Her love interests will be an older work sunbae who mentors her versus a younger man who comes along and heals her jaded sense of romance. Sung Joon is being courted to play the younger man, while Namgoong Min (Unemployed Romance) is considering the work sunbae role. So far the character descriptions haven’t been 100% definitive about one guy getting bigger billing over the other, so we might have to find out the hard way—with hearts on the line—if the tables are set to be flipped.

Yoon Seung-ah (Empire of Gold) is also considering a role as a rookie at Kim So-yeon’s company, which I’m guessing places her in romantic rival territory since the trio of girlfriends is usually a tight-knit group of thirtysomething women. Kim So-yeon’s character is described as having developed a tough prickly outer shell to succeed in the workplace, but she hasn’t fully given up on the idea of true romance even after countless failures in the love department.

I Need Romance Season 3 will air Mondays-Tuesdays on tvN, and will follow Basketball in January.

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113 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Quiet Thought

    Good gawd, but she’s beautiful.

  2. Quiet Thought

    Will they have a scene where she walks, lovely but forlorn, though the halls of her office, every man buckling at the knees as he stares at her?

    • 2.1 ladida

      I mean that would be realistic.

      • 2.1.1 mary


        This is Kim So Yeon we’re talking about. My ovaries shrivelled and turned into balls when I saw her in Iris.

        Unni is <3!

        • Keya

          Can I just say that’s the best way to describe a girl crush EVER! And I agree Unni is HOT 🙂

        • salt n' pepper

          LOL this comment is WIN! <3

    • 2.2 ilikemangos

      you’ll probably get even more than that if we’re talking about the i need romance series.

  3. Lisa

    Yes yes yes yes! ! Love everyone so far!

    If they manage to get all four of them on, I’m totally on this train! I haven’t watched the first and second season (was meaning to watch the first season but I didn’t want to be heartbroken because of Choi Jin-Hyuk..) but when the cast is this great, who cares about the rest?
    Actually you should care… *cough*Heirs*cough*

    • 3.1 soprection

      The second season isn’t as good but the first season is a must see. It’s a great, GREAT show.

  4. b1

    Oh.m. all aboard indeed.

    Wanna have a lot of sung joon being all hot and smexy..

    • 4.1 zsa

      exactly…i just wanted to squeeze him all the time when watching ‘can we get married’…he’s just awesome and raw….and rawrrrr tooo…LOL

  5. OMG

    Count me IN!!!!! I was planning to watch it anyways but this casting news has just upped the ante for me!!!

  6. Mystisith

    Not perfect dramas but there is always something good to take out of those INR. Yeah for girl power!
    I don’t know who will be the second male lead, anyway my personal preference in terms of men goes to NGM… ^^

    • 6.1 houstontwin

      I also love NGM! He has such a sweet affect, even when he is a bit of a bad guy (like in that Son of a Billionaire drama…I forget the real name).

    • 6.2 Lovebug

      I LOVE NGM!!!! I am really enjoying him in Unemployed Romance. I think he is one of the most underrated actors out there. He always does so much with whatever role he is given. (Plus he is freakin adorable!!!)

  7. CFLH

    SUNG JOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!! atlast!!!! i hope he gets the role…he needs to be in something sexy…LOL!!

    • 7.1 Deliane

      Have you seen Can We Get Married? It’s quite up there for a Korean drama!

      • 7.1.1 CFLH

        yep…he was sexy there too! LOL… this series is also quite up there…i’m hoping this version would be way way up…hahaha

      • 7.1.2 D's handphone

        le sighhhh, he’s adorkably sexy in CWGM…

    • 7.2 redfox

      ah so exciting, he should get much more parts, it seems like we hardly get to see him. his character in Gu family Book deserved his own sequel , the ninja princess and the bodyguard or something.

      I did not watch INR 1 & 2 but now I am pulled in for 3.

  8. PlumWine

    I like this series/spinoff! It seems a little more modern and realistic than most. Also it’s fun and the eye candy is always good. I’ll be watching.

  9. Katherine

    I’M IN !!. Been waiting to see Kim So Yeon in a romantic comedy drama and to also hear that Sung Joon is considering the younger male lead role as well *dies*. I haven’t seen the other two Seasons, so I might watch those before I watch this just to get the vibe of the show.

    How exciting !! I’m so pumped for this.
    (Secret had ended *still not over it*. Currently watching Reply 1994 & then this shall be my next show.)

    • 9.1 Smile134

      I’m with you. Been waiting for Kim So Yeon in a rom-com in a while <3.

  10. 10 Sponge

    I’ve missed her terribly (probably cause ive actually barely seen her anything besides prosecutor princess – which i loveeed!) so i am so looking forward to this drama! Granted i haven’t seen the previous two – but it seems like i won’t need to right? I’m definitely on board with this cast 🙂

  11. 11 MeeisLee

    You’ve got my attention, Show! I’ll definitely be watching for Kim So Yeon :). Glad that she decided to take a rom-com role this time. Sung Joon signing on would be a big bonus too. Not familiar with the other cast possibilities but I’m ready to risk it for KSY.

  12. 12 kdramafan

    So love the latest casting!! Hope all four confirm their participation in this 3rd installment..

    Totally agree that 2nd lead syndrome dominates this universe that you wonder why the female lead goes back to her cheating bf (1st) or the bf with cold feet..

  13. 13 meat.hook

    in for Kim So Yeon! she’s looking beautiful there !

  14. 14 Maymay

    OMG. I’m a goner. Didn’t watch the first 2 seasons but I’m sure as well gonna check this out. KSY + NGM + SJ = mE dies of happiness. Here’s hoping it won’t suck…too bad.

    • 14.1 Reena

      I liked both seasons but it’s notorious for its Second Lead Syndrome. I didn’t like how the second season ended. 🙁

  15. 15 kit

    YEEEEEEEEEEEES THIS IS EVERYTHING I WANTED AND MORE. I was actually one of the few that loved Season 2 even more than it’s predecessor (the whole cast was fantastic, I digged the best friend set up, and Jung Yumi is a goddess), and this is looking better by the minute help (I mean, hello, there are worse things to do than be similar to Dal Ja’s Spring). I watched a bit of Unemployed Romance and Nam Goongmin seemed a bit dull, but I’ve heard good things about him? so I won’t write him off, Kim So yeon killed me in Prosecutor Princess, and Sung Joon might actually be my favourite out of all the actors his age.

    • 15.1 Deliane

      Definitely with you there, I liked the 2012 one so much more. Jung Yumi is an absolute treat and had chemistry with both male leads.

      So excited to see Sung Joon on the small screen again

    • 15.2 tarsoe

      Nado, loved INR 2 more than it’s predecessor

    • 15.3 bd

      I actually liked INR2012 a good bit more than the 1st one as well.

      Jung Yumi was simply adorable and it was refreshing to see the lead couple not starting from the beginning – which allowed the relationship with Kim Ji-seok to be the focus for the whole “new romance” thing.

      INR2012 has fun, witty dialogue which is a must for a romcom and while some didn’t like the personalities of the 2 main leads – I really liked that both were flawed (Jung Yumi’s character having a temper/being aggressive and yet having a major insecurity was rather refreshing as lead heroines go).

      Also liked the Kang Ye-sol couple and the fact that the young script writer that was putting the moves on Lee Jin-wook’s character wasn’t made out to be the “bad” female character.

      Definitely will give the 3rd one a try.

    • 15.4 Bernadine Moore

      Loved season 2 also. I’ve watched it twice which is rare for me. So SO wanting Choi Jin-hyuk to get the girl one day. Loved him in it. VERY excited to see Kim SY in a light-hearted comedy. Still in love with what she did in Prosecutor Princess…can’t EVEN count how many times I have watched that show-the only one I have done that with. I liked her in Two Weeks, but she is so great in rom com! Happy Happy ME!!! Hope this casting sticks!

    • 15.5 salt n' pepper

      Couldn’t get myself to watch the 1st one yet but I loved INR 2. Jung Yumi’s great!

  16. 16 siwonsea

    33 years old single woman.. home shopping, younger guy, loves sunbae… sounds like…. 2007 Oh Dal Jah to me…

    • 16.1 Moko

      me too ^_^ instantly

    • 16.2 ~Feather~

      Same here. 🙂

  17. 17 Sumee

    What…..I m so in…love Kim so-yeon…absolutely adore her

  18. 18 Abbie

    I’ve never watched the other two seasons. I watched the first episode of season one and was not impressed. It was so boring. The only reason I would watch this is because of Sung Joon and Namgoong Min. But even they won’t make me stick around if it sucks.

    I’m currently watching Unemployed Romance, mid-way through episode 4, and Namgoong Min is really surprising me with how serious and goofy he can be. But the show is getting confusing, because suddenly it’s back in 2001. I think the flashbacks last longer and longer, like whole episodes. Weird, but still good.

    I’m not a big fan of noona romances, mostly because I prefer the man to be older or I like the characters to be the same age, with maybe a one or two year difference. So when a thirty-something woman dates a guy who’s like 20-25, it feels like she’s robbing the cradle. That’s just how it seems to me. Is that weird?

    But it’s not just the potential noona romance that has me not wanting to watch, it’s just the whole concept. Not really me cup of tea, which is why I didn’t finish the season one or even watch season two.

    That’s my two cents, anyway.

  19. 19 Dorotka

    Sung Joon again on my screen? I’m all in!
    I just hope they will not pull out ending like in season 1. I’m still in denial and ignore the last episodes. Gumi papa is my hero!

  20. 20 May

    YESHHH! i think i haven’t been this excited about a drama for a long time. Love all 4 of them

  21. 21 Alyyy

    Yeeeeeeeeees! I’m SO freaking happy!

  22. 22 Zxcvb

    OMG!!! KSY in rom com sexual series? I’m in of couse. This role looks different from her previous job “Two Weeks” Interest!!

  23. 23 Shootingstar

    Looks forward this drama esp. for Kim So Yeon. I prefer Nam Goong Min coz they both similarity in aged.

  24. 24 bigwink

    Omagah.. Sung Joon can stares at me anytime!
    (if he wants to)

  25. 25 tarsoe

    Sung Joon as the new boyfriend? Omg this is going to hurt more than INR1 and INR2

    Can they make the new guy gets the girl this time around please?

    • 25.1 damianna

      amen to that! about time too. whichever way, i’m hoping she’ll end up with sung joon. the woman who still want to marry did it with kim bum.

  26. 26 Bammie

    have never seen both S.1&2 but going to see this season because of KSY. Love her is Iris , PP , Two weeks

  27. 27 Robsky

    Kim So Yeon!!! sexy and talent. Cheer up for you ❤

  28. 28 damianna

    OMO! this sounds too good too be true. never missed watching INR series so i’m gonna watch regardless. but kim so yeon n sung joon? all leggy and slender and unconventional good looks both of them. oh my…

  29. 29 Bimil

    Wowwowww ,,,Really,,I love Kim so yeon ,,love her dramas
    I glad to see her in Rom-Com drama again after Prosecutor Princess ,,,Hope to see her and Support!! Kim so yeon ssi Fighting!!!

  30. 30 ladida

    Nam Goong Min AND Sung Joon???? Can’t she have them both? Please, show???

    • 30.1 Hephzibah

      Oh, she will have them both, that is for sure! 😀 Maybe not at as the end game, but based on the other two seasons, at one point or another she will have them goooooood!

      • 30.1.1 ladida

        Pfft! Can’t wait.

  31. 31 rearwindow

    What a delightful pairing! I hope Sung Joon & So Yeon are OTP. It’s interesting that there doesn’t seem to be a long-standing romantic involvement in this one (unless her work mentor is also a former lover), which is pretty much the defining factor of the other two. Can’t wait for this.

    • 31.1 rearwindow

      (other two seasons, that is)

    • 31.2 Betsy Hp

      “It’s interesting that there doesn’t seem to be a long-standing romantic involvement in this one…”

      Okay, you just gave me a teeny little tiny smidgeon of hope. The 1st season was bad (if your man cheats — hey, that’s what dudes do), the 2nd season was terrible (if your man is emotionally abusive… you probably deserve it?) and I swore, (swore!) I wasn’t going to give a third season a chance no matter who got cast. And then they went and cast Sung Joon and Kim Seo-yeon. *facepalm*

      But… If there’s not a first boyfriend… maybe there won’t be the need to demonstrate loyalty to asses?

  32. 32 JoAnne

    You had me at Sung Joon. He’s good at the sexy. I’m dead.

  33. 33 dramalanddownunder

    Eeeek! I can’t believe we’re talking about dramas airing next year already! My year goes by in drama premieres!

  34. 34 sweetyoon


    nam goong min and sung joon in a drama franchise that i absolutely adore?!?!?!?! and then you add kim so yeon to the list.

    sign me up. now. right now. pdnim i dedicate my life to this drama if you keep the current cast. prettty please?!?!?

  35. 35 Coconutjuice

    Ahhh!!! I am so excited for this! Basketball needs to end sooner so this can air (eep sorry Basketball fans 🙊)

  36. 36 ss

    For every namgoong min post, its a must to put this-> MARU HYUNG!~

  37. 37 makky

    Glad to know Soyeon Ssi back to small screen so fast. Moreover rom com drama? Great!!! Really miss her superbly done in Prosecutor Princess. Hope Soyeon and Song Jun will be another cute noona & dongseng couple like Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk. Can’t wait!!

  38. 38 hellochloe

    omgeeee, this sounds too good to be true! (need a moment here oh god hyperventilating)

    Whatever the plot may be, i hope it won’t be as frustrating as S2.

    • 38.1 kfangurl

      Gah. I second that. I was sooo frustrated with S2! >.< I'd like Sung Joon to finally be in a non-frustrating drama, pretty please!

      • 38.1.1 kfangurl

        Sorry, I realize that I’ve loved him in other dramas too, but 2012 feels forever ago, & he was so short-changed in GFB 😛

  39. 39 cheekbones

    It really is a tough pick between these two men, to say the least ….. The casting is really top notch, I hope the drama itself does them justice. (didn’t watch 1 and 2)

  40. 40 AB

    Sung Joon and Namgoong Min? Yes, please!

  41. 41 snow_white

    Wasn’t excited before but with this cast….I’m super excited!!

  42. 42 Daniaa

    OMFG I WANTTTTTT /starts wailing and sobbing/

    Should I watch the first and the second installment? I know the first was good, the second was okay, but yeah. Should I?

  43. 43 pogo

    I loved her so much in Two Weeks, and now there’s a drama that wants to pair her with Namgoong Min AND Sung Joon?

    (and since it is on cable and Sung Joon’s always been great there, I have faith that this show will not commit the crime of wasting him like Gu Family Book did)

  44. 44 djes

    please 4 of them, all confirm this!

  45. 45 kfangurl

    Oh my. I was all ready to keep the INR franchise at a distance too, but Sung Joon??? (LOVE him!) With Kim So Yeon??? I think I’m gonna hafta change my mind and actually watch this show!!

  46. 46 ilikemangos

    Kim So Yeon is one of very few versatile actresses in s.korea.
    Love her! She can do a badass mofo but she can also do rom-coms (loved her in prosecutor princess).

  47. 47 canxi

    YES. YEAAAAAAAH. Gooooooo! Do it, Sung Joon!!! Sign on!!!!!! Cable loves you. I love you. Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it!!!

    I would be so for this! I really love Kim So Yeon and have been waiting for her to get into rom-com again. I, of course, love Sung Joon. He is my favorite from the White Christmas gang and he will be awesome of course. Nam Goong Min??? YES. Yoon Seung Ah? Sure! Haven’t seen enough of her to dislike her acting, lol.

    I think I am getting some Kimi Wa Petto feelings from the description so far. Sort of jaded businesswoman and a young guy who changes the jadedness. But yes, I just got so excited I hope this happens. It should happen.

  48. 48 mel

    omg I never finished either of the other seasons but I have to watch this one but nooooo nam needs to get the girl but I love sung joon and its a noona romance my favorite oh man cant they each be going for a different girl gggrrr

  49. 49 CutiieAngiie

    I didn’t finish the second season so I can’t really judge but so far, I always rooted for the second lead which doesn’t happen to me often in dramaland so that show is deadly to me LOL.

    But I loved season 1 with all these kisses, bed scenes … etc. I could understand all their point of views and even though I’m not there yet (the thirties), it seems very realistic.

    I freakin’ love Kim So Yeon. She was a Goddess in Iris and completely stole the show. I want to age as beautiful as her when I grow up. I swear. In that picture, she is just … GAAAH.

  50. 50 Noelle

    Hmm considering the cast I might actually watch this.

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