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Lee Jung-jae and Shin Ha-kyun face off in action thriller
by | November 7, 2013 | 33 Comments

Well I’d call this a good team-up. Though I suppose bitter rivalry to the death is a better way to put it, since Lee Jung-jae (The Face Reader) and Shin Ha-kyun (All About My Romance) aren’t exactly signing on to a buddy cop movie. There have been a few rumblings about the two leading men being courted for the same movie, and they’ve both confirmed the project, an action thriller called Big Match, where they’ll play enemies in a deadly game.

The premise is a mystery, by which I mean vague, mostly because they keep referring to the “big match” as a literal game, but don’t say what the game IS exactly. Lee Jung-jae stars as a martial arts fighter who suddenly finds himself framed for murder one day, and for reasons that escape me, he then throws every ounce of his will into this mystery game where he fights for his life and his brother’s. His character is described as a star fighter with an oddball sense of humor.

As for the game, they say it’s designed for the 0.1%, which is just more vagueness. It’s not a fight in a ring, because the game has an architect, which is the character that Shin Ha-kyun will be playing. He’s called Ace, and he’s the bad guy who uses cutting-edge technology to turn the whole city into a game board. I’m thinking it adds up to something like The Game a la Michael Douglas, but that’s totally a shot in the dark.

The project comes from writer-director Choi Ho of Go Go 70s, and is also courting pop star BoA to play the heroine in what would be her big screen debut. I caught her two-episode drama special Anticipate Love, and while the project wasn’t anything great, she was surprisingly decent and had a natural ease about her that I liked.

Big Match starts shooting in December for a 2014 premiere.

Via Hankook Ilbo, Sports Hankook


33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Annie

    Good to hear that BoA is a decent actress… BUT I gotta say, at this point, if I were an aspiring actress in Korea I’d probably be saying my goodbyes and finding another profession. What an unbelievable opportunity this would have been for a talented newbie a la Kim Go Eun.

    • 1.1 spark

      thankfully i heard she(kim go eun) is going to be in a movie with jeon do yeon and lee byung hun, but this role should REALLY have gone to another actress.

      • 1.1.1 Annie

        Yeah, you’re probably right — this role screams ‘arm candy’

        But still, think of the sheer benefit of the exposure for a rookie, even if it isn’t Kim Go Eun. Gah, how it pains me to see this industry shooting itself in the foot.

        • spark

          i mean, yeah, i agree with you, i meant another actress instead of boa. there’s a lot of underrated/underexposed actresses her age who can really get the job done.

        • mcbride.s

          Korean Entertainment is going to self implode sooner than later, if they continue to pander to the self interests of a chosen few. BoA has absolutely no point in being in this drama. She is not an actress and frankly being decent in a mini drama does not make her a solid choice for a movie with 2 of Korea’s top actors.

          Btw, what happened to that American movie of hers. How much longer must we suffer SM’s insistence of barging their way into the acting world. SMH.

          • Abbie

            Her American movie “Make Your Move 3D” is hitting theaters in the US in the spring of 2014. It was released this year in various European countries, and opened in Hong Kong on October 17.

            And, ironically, Yunho of DBSK plays himself in it. Yeah. I think it’s only a small part, though.

            I’m looking forward to it, though, because of Derek Hough.

          • Kiara

            Oh yea, I’m in it for Derek Hough too. Love him as a dancer/choreographer and he was pretty good on stage in Footloose but the big screen can be a different challenge.
            I never thought this movie will ever come out so I’m glad it got a release date.

    • 1.2 LOL

      Don’t hate the player, hate the game, I know all that but it’s still upsetting

  2. spark

    idc how decent she is at acting, she’s only had one acting job, plus i think you have to be better than just decent to star next to lee jung jae and shin ha kyun. is sm determined to ruin all things related to acting?

  3. Abbie

    This movie sounds weird. I won’t see it, because I don’t really like martial arts movies. Unless this show is a life or death situation, and Lee Jung-jae’s character has to win the game in order to be proven innocent. Maybe Shin Ha-kyun is the one who framed him? If that’s the case, then I just spoiled the movie for myself. Unless one of them dies, then…. Nope, still not interested.

    I have no problems with BoA. I’ve not seen her acting, so I have no opinion on it whatsoever. But I’m a fan of her music, and she’s been in the entertainment industry since 2000. She has a lot of history in it, and if she’s only going into acting now, after thirteen years, I hope she is really good, and used her time to hone her acting skills. Of course, Yunho (of the same company) debuted in 2003, and according to everyone else he sucks. So maybe seniority means nothing in regards to skill.

    Whatever. Even BoA won’t make me watch this, unless a more coherent plot is revealed.

  4. Starrynights

    I watched Make Your Move 3D and BoA was decent in it. Also in Anticipate Love, I thought she did pretty well. I’m looking forward to her acting in this movie if she decides to join 🙂

  5. Merrily

    I’m starting to hate SM now.

    • 5.1 pace88

      add that list to me. I’m beyond annoyed at them, heavy weight actors are used to prop their idols/actors. grrrr.

  6. AnotherFan

    Shin Ha-kyun, I am sold!

  7. Kiara

    I’m glad this is a movie, Shin Ha-kyun and Lee Jung-jae deserves better than what dramaland have to offer lately.

    BOA, I’ll keep my comment to myself lol.

  8. summerheart

    Oh yeah! Shin ha kyung I’m in too.

  9. Min

    LOL so many feelings against SM, I don’t really understand how you peeps can say that newbies should be given a chance when you won’t give BoA who is an acting newbie as well a chance, just don’t think about the managing company, and try to be objective about the castingw. It’s really no skin off your nose who is cast or not. Hopefully she’ll do well after all not all idol actors are bad, if she doesn’t then perhaps hopefully she won’t be cast again and will stay as the kpop princess she is (I consider the Kpop Queen to be Uhm Junghwa and look how great an actress she is… just sayin’)
    As for the bad rep SMent has for having their idols go out into the acting world and sucking I’m going to have to say that they’re NOT the only ones YG and JYP also don’t have the greatest actors in their company. It’s not like T.O.P or Taecyeon are good actors, they’re hot and cute respectively but not that good as actors and wow… they’re NOT SMent idols/actors! so it’s not just SM who pushes their idols into things they’re not the best at. Please guys just take a look at the person and NOT their managing company sometimes they may shine despite the company. And I know that you’ll all say that I’m probably SM biased or something but guess what? I am artist biased NOT managing company biased and so I’ll get this out there: On the one hand I’ve enjoyed one SM actor and that is Choi Siwon, and on the other hand Yunho gives me secondhand embarassment when I watch him act.

    ok now that my rant is over… I wish this movie a lot of luck since I love my Lee Jung Jae ahjusshi a lot!

    • 9.1 yuka sato

      haha, I’m more interested why SM let their lovechild to play with someone from JYJ’s agency (though really, who wouldn’t want to act witn one of korea’s Top star? and the fact that some of Korea’s Top actors are in Cjes, LMAO they have to swallowed their pride for this).
      this news earn high eyebrows from me…hmm..interesting…

      • 9.1.1 kecik

        well maybe sm just allegic with the jyj members only.. heh

      • 9.1.2 Laura

        tbh I don’t see c-jes letting sm put one of their idols in a lee jungjae movie (oh the perks of having more influence in this) just like you won’t see sm artists in premieres of c-jes actors’ movies. ahhhh karma is so good

  10. 10 snow_white

    The Game starring Michael Douglas was the first thing that came in my mind after reading this….loved that film 🙂

  11. 11 B-Gna

    Lee Jung Jae = C-JeS
    BoA = SM


    • 11.1 LOL

      But in the film industry, Lee Jung Jae >>>>> SM’s idols so

    • 11.2 yuka sato

      interesting right??? kekeke…
      I’m amused honestly~

    • 11.3 Laura

      the only time I’ve seen a sm artist in a c-jes artist in the same place is with jihyo in running man, but a movie is going to be tough for SM because:
      lee jungjae >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all of their idols

  12. 12 canxi

    I don’t mind anyone acting as long as I feel they’re good at it and I saw BoA and felt she was pretty good. I’ll just get another chance to confirm it if she takes the role. She’s said she’s always wanted to start acting so let her try. It’s not like this is something deep or emotional. It’s a blockbuster at least.

    LOVE Shin Ha Kyun and I like Lee Jung Jae so it’ll be fun to see these alpha males square off.

  13. 13 Lilly

    There is also the Running Man movie where winning a chase game meant freedom.
    Hope this one is really good.

    • 13.1 yuka sato

      that’s based on Ji sang wook and Yang dong goon’s movie (forget the tittle, urgh)

  14. 14 LangitBiru

    Oh, guys please don’t have BoA. I love the leads of this movie though. If BoA confirmed than, it remind me of Shin Ha Kyun and Won Bin movie, ‘Brothers’ with the female lead/arm candy Lee Bo Young at that time. Like how her presence not much feel due to the charismatic brothers and the nation mother. Or maybe not…

  15. 15 reina

    Regarding the premise, I thought at first pf something like fight club. underground MMA group with both as rivals with the ever Amazing Shin Ha Kyun as the evil rival who doesnt accept losing but he does to Lee JungJae and he then devices a plot to frame LJJ…

    But thats just me… hehehe

    I think i might just watch this for shin ha kyun!!! and also Lee Jung Hae!!!

  16. 16 jam

    wow both of them in a movie together? i’m sold. though the plot sounds kinda weird, i wanna watch just cuz of them two :b im gonna be honest .. i really wish they can cast another actress… but we’ll just hafta wait and see i guess.

  17. 17 trotwood

    I will probably try to watch this when subs come out because I love both male leads. But I have to say that Iw ould also really, really love to see them in a “buddy cop” movie. A Lee Jung-jae and Shin Ha-Kyun bromance?!?! I would be so into that. Make it happen drama gods!

  18. 18 Quiet Thought

    From the look of the story, the female “lead” is going to be a “hero’s girlfriend” place-holder role, so why not have a singer do it while the actresses find something more interesting to do?

    Story like this, it’s all about the two minds playing the game. They look good enough to show intelligence and chemistry without being in the same scene, which is what you want.

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