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2013 KBS Drama Awards
by | December 31, 2013 | 161 Comments

Here’s the last of this year’s drama awards over at KBS, where God of the Workplace, Good Doctor, and Secret were the big winners of the evening. Unsurprisingly, Kim Hye-soo took home the Daesang for her performance in God of the Workplace. She’s fabulous; her outfit, not so much. Just wait for it. Joo-won took the Top Excellence Actor award, as well as the PD award from directors at all three networks, and looked dashing to boot. And Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum each took home Top Excellence awards for Secret.

The rest of the awards were spread liberally amongst the network’s top-rated shows, as is the common practice at these things. Weekend dramas You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin and King’s Family had a pretty good showing as the top-rated weekend dramas of the year, and my only explanation for the writer of the family makjang King’s Family taking home the writing award is that she broke 40%. Whatchoo gonna do.

I’ll just consider Joo-won’s 007-look as my prize for the evening. Enjoy.


Daesang: Kim Hye-soo (God of the Workplace)
Top Excellence, Actor: Joo-won (Good Doctor), Ji Sung (Secret)
Top Excellence, Actress: Hwang Jung-eum (Secret)

Excellence Awards:
Mid-length Drama, Actor: Joo Sang-wook (Good Doctor)
Mid-length Drama, Actress: Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor)
Miniseries, Actor: Oh Ji-ho (God of the Workplace)
Miniseries, Actress: Yoon-ah (Prime Minister and I)
Serial Drama, Actor: Jo Jung-seok (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin),
      Jo Sung-ha (King’s Family)
Serial Drama, Actress: Lee Mi-sook (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin),
      Lee Tae-ran (King’s Family)
Daily Drama, Actor: Kim Seok-hoon (Ruby Ring)
Daily Drama, Actress: Lee So-yeon (Ruby Ring)
Supporting Actor: Bae Soo-bin (Secret)
Supporting Actress: Lee Da-hee (Secret)

Actor of the Year, awarded by PDs from all three broadcasters: Joo-won
Newcomer Award, Actor: Jung Woo (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin),
      Han Joo-wan (King’s Family)
Newcomer Award, Actress: IU (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin),
      Kyung Soo-jin (Shark)
Netizens’ Award: Joo-won (Good Doctor), Hwang Jung-eum (Secret)
Popularity Award: Ji Sung(Secret), Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor)
One-Act Special, Actor: Yoo Oh-sung (Mother’s Island, The Devil),
      Daniel Choi (Anticipate Love)
One-Act Special, Actress: BoA (Anticipate Love), Han Ye-ri (Yeon-woo’s Summer)
Youth Actor: Yeon Joon-seok (Shark), Kim Yoo-bin (Mandate of Heaven)
Best Couple: Lee Beom-soo & Yoon-ah (Prime Minister and I),
      Joo-won & Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor),
      Oh Ji-ho & Kim Hye-soo (God of the Workplace),
      Ji Sung & Hwang Jung-eum (Secret),
      Jo Jung-seok & IU (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin)
Writer Award: Moon Young-nam (King’s Family)


Kim Hye-soo definitely departed from her usual va-va-va-voom style on the red carpet, and opted to go as a vampire magician in a badly tailored suit instead. I have no idea why, because she pretty much knew she was taking home a Daesang and would be the star of the night. But maybe she was tired of looking glamorous and perfect. Whoever decided that capes would be the It thing for the 2013 award season needs to be fired. Yesterday.

You were a terrible spy, Joo-won, but you sure make one hell of a James-Bondian entrance on the red carpet. At KBS he took home multiple awards for his performance as the autistic savant geeeenius doc-in-training in Good Doctor, which was definitely well-deserved. May there be many more awards and tuxedos in your future.


Moon Chae-won looks fabulous even though she’s pretty much wearing a wedding dress. The dress isn’t anything terribly exciting, but she’s glowing and looking every bit the starlet she is, which is more than she’s done in years past with much more matronly choices. The cutout back is lovely, and her styling is perfect.

Joo Sang-wook arrived with co-MC Shin Hyun-joon, and took home an award for Good Doctor as well. This guy was made for a tux, though I wish he’d pose more naturally. He looks this stiff in every single shot.

Hwang Jung-eum was another big winner tonight, but I really wish I could get her a different look. It’s the lesser version of Moon Chae-won’s dress that looks even more bridal, and her makeup looks so plain. It’s all just so meh and safe, when I really want her to strut around in something daring.

It’s hard to see in most angles, but Ji Sung’s tuxedo is blue, and I totally love it. It’s a beautiful navy color that catches the light, and he looks great from head to toe. His wifey Lee Bo-young took home the Daesang over at SBS; what a night and year for the newly married couple.


Lee Da-hee is wearing a lovely burst of color in this peach-tangerine dress that’s sheer in all the right places and gorgeously fitted. I love her styling too. She looks tanned and sun-kissed, and just happy. It’s been a breakout year for her with I Hear Your Voice (over at SBS) and Secret, for which she took home a Supporting Actress award. Peachy keen.

Bae Soo-bin, smile! You won a Supporting Acting award!

Jo Jung-seok, I love you, but please get a haircut. Is he growing it for his sageuk with Hyun Bin? I don’t know, but it’s starting to look like a combover, it’s so severe. He’s wearing a brocade jacket which isn’t my favorite, but the all-black looks sleek on him.

His co-star IU picked up her Newcomer award in the cutest frilliest pink concoction, which is exactly the kind of dress you expect IU to wear. It looks like cotton candy, and she’s adorable.

Mom Lee Mi-sook picked up an award as well, and though she wears white like everyone else, she doesn’t wear it like everyone else. When you’re this confident, you can pretty much make anything work. It’s a simple dress, but she looks elegant.


Yoo Inna wins for best dress of the night. It’s so well-fitted that I’m not sure she’s breathing, but damn, she looks GOOD. I love the sparkle, the cut, the slit up to there, and the way she looks when she walks in it. Pure envy.

I don’t love this brown tux on Oh Ji-ho, but at least he’s trying something different. Mostly though, he’s just adorable because of that mega-watt smile.

Oh Yeon-seo is wearing one of the few bright colors of the evening, for which I’m grateful. But this dress is all wrong and confusing. What’s with the extra-panel mid-section trend lately, and can we put it to rest now? This girl is gorgeous, and she looks beautifully styled, but I want there to be like 30% less dress on this dress.

It’s the prime minister! Lee Beom-soo looks great in a classic look.

His Prime Minister and I co-star Yoon-ah picked up an award even though their drama is barely halfway through its run. I wish she’d wear something a little less safe, but she looks lovely.

Oppa in a tux! Oppa in a navy blue tux! I love it. Jung Woo looks happy, if a little awkward, but since he’s picking up an award for his performance as Bread Man in You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin tonight, awkward is fitting and adorable.

I actually like this white dress on Jo Yoon-hee, because it’s the opposite of bridal, and looks sleek and structured. It almost looks like pants, but it has enough interesting detail to make it work.

Short drama special Anticipate Love picked up a few awards, and co-stars BoA and Daniel Choi came together. He looks so spiffy in the glasses-tux combo, and she looks pretty, though a little dressed down for the occasion.

Im Jung-eun looks polished in a long black number.

Jin Se-yeon looks bridal, as always.

I love the way this dress fits Nam Bora. She totally works the fit and style, and it makes her look about twice her height. I never thought I’d like plaid on formal wear, but she keeps it looking young and fresh.

Yeon Joon-seok picked up a child acting award for playing the young Kim Nam-gil in Shark, and if anyone older were wearing this suit I’d call it a disaster, but he’s just so cute. And just eighteen!

His co-star Kyung Soo-jin took home an award as well for playing the young Sohn Ye-jin in Shark. I’m not surprised that the younguns are the only ones taking home prizes for that drama, because they were literally the best part. The dress is forgettable, but she looks sweet.

Park Se-young plays it safe with a black dress. I like the ruffly frills and her styling, but the cut is so boring. At least she stands out in the sea of white.

Seo Joon-young looks so smiley and happy to be here. He’s had a good run this year with his KBS Drama Special Sirius and the cable rom-com Unemployed Romance, and we’ll hopefully be seeing bigger roles for him in the coming year.

Idol star Da-som (Sistar) wears yet another white dress.

Hong Ah-reum forgot to wear a dress.

Lee Yoon-ji is wearing a dress with a split personality. From the side and while she’s walking, it has the most interesting silhouette and looks great. Straight-on, it could not be less flattering. It’s like a bell. Or a wedding topper. A bell-as-wedding-topper. But Lee Yoon-ji has this way of gliding across the red carpet like she owns the joint, so in most pictures, she looks fabulous.

Her King’s Family co-star Han Joo-wan is having a breakout year, and looks great in a simple tux.

Lee Tae-ran and Lee Mi-sook are pretty much wearing the same dress in different colors. Lee Tae-ran has the edge in bling, though in some shots the broad shoulder with the bell sleeve makes the whole look a bit dated.

Jo Sung-ha joins the King’s Family brood to pick up his trophy.

And King’s Family’s youngest daughter Moon Ga-young wears a short little black dress. She looks cute, but kind of like she’s going clubbing.

Han Ye-ri wears a beautiful blue that’s navy in darker light and a bright royal blue under the spotlight. I love the cut. It’s sexy and eye-catching, and she looks so confident in it.

Jin Kyung (Good Doctor) is wearing what looks like a tiny dress with a long overcoat, but it’s one dress with two lengths and a short coat over her shoulders. It’s certainly a dress that makes you look twice, even if it’s to figure out what you’re looking at, but the structural cut is flattering on her, even with the odd short-to-midi length.

Lee Hee-jun in a classic tux.

Lee Chae-young had a Drama Special for KBS this year, and wears a bright lovely color, but I hate the cut. It’s just so stiff. I feel like she’ll drop food in that wall-bib all night.

Lee So-yeon picked up an award for her daily Ruby Ring, and though the dress is sooo boring, she looks great in it.

Park Kwang-hyun, also here for Ruby Ring.

Yoo Oh-sung had two Drama Specials for KBS this year. I know it’s cold, but couldn’t you wear something fancier? One of your gangster suits from the set of Friend 2 would’ve been better.

And because we want to ring in the New Year on a happy note, here’s Mandate of Heaven’s tiny tiny adorable Kim Yoo-bin.

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161 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. callmeadreamer

    Based on the shows I watched, if you take out Yoon-ah I’m pretty pleased with KBS’s winners.

    There might be too many best couple winners, but that isn’t a big thing.

    • 1.1 sassysuzy

      Excellent Actress (mini series)
      Award Winner: Yoona (“The Prime Minister and I”)
      Kim Hye-Soo (“The Queen of Office”)
      Hwang Jung-Eum (“Secret Love”)
      Yoona (“The Prime Minister and I”)
      Yoon Eun-Hye (“Marry Him If You Dare”)
      Jung Yu-Mi (“The Queen of Office”)

      Kim Hye-Soo (“The Queen of Office”) – won the Grand Prize / Daesang.
      Hwang Jung-Eum (“Secret Love”) – won the Best Actress prize / Top Excellence Award Actress.
      Yoon Eun-Hye (“Marry Him If You Dare”) – drama did not do well in the ratings and had a lot of backlash – winning would probably just give the actress and the drama even more bad publicity. Also, she skipped the awards.
      Jung Yu-Mi (“The Queen of Office”) is a second lead actress, and people who watched the series have said that she was forgettable in it. Not sure.

      So Yoona winning this award makes sense… Prime Minister and I may be middling in ratings (5-7, although episode 7 reached 8.9%) but that’s because other networks are airing a makjang and sageuk dramas which Korea absolutely loves. Anyways, the positive response of the netizens about Yoona’s drama is overwhelming… re-runs are said to be reaching double digits in numbers.

      • 1.1.1 jennie

        yeah, but they could just awarded Hwang Jung Eum or Kim Hye Soo again, what’s the harm in that? I just think that sometimes the broadcasting shows have to give out awards to certain ppl

        • sassysuzy

          awards shows don’t work that way… if people are nominated in different categories – the most important award is given priority, and then they are basically crossed out on the lesser awards even though they are nominated in that category too.

          the reason why there are a LOT of categories (differentiating dramas based on length, etc) is to distribute the awards to as many people as possible – this is a yearly awards show, and new dramas air every two months: for primetime, MT and WTh… that’s around 12 dramas already. and there is daily drama, sitcoms, weekend dramas, special dramas, etc.

      • 1.1.2 marsbray

        Yoona’s drama is not the only drama to be aired when other dramas are airing. So the excuse that the other genres are much loved doesn’t really work, because it basically means people are not warming up to the drama, story or whatever.

        The whole double digits re-run rumor, is also something made up by fans, to explain/cover up, why their star/bias/goddess is not heating up the ratings like they expected her to.

        No offense to Yoona, cause she is doing moderately well so far, although the drama is getting stale, since there is only so much Sound of Music rip offs you can turn into a multiple episode drama.

        • sassysuzy

          makjang and sageuk dramas being well received in korea is not a rumor, that is a fact.

          mbc aired sageuk dramas in MT timeslot for a long time now. and most high rated dramas are makjang – be it primetime (yawang, scandal, heirs, etc.) or daily dramas/weekend dramas (you’re the best lee soon shin, wang family, princess aurora).

          yoona’s dramas, with the exception of her daily drama, never had high ratings. not sure why you think yoona fans are expecting high ratings for this one.

          also, why is ratings that important anyway? the viewers of this drama are enjoying it – isn’t that the most important thing? that the drama is entertaining people who are watching it. go to the drama’s soompi thread or the comments in koalasplayground or the comments here in dramabeans – there are people enjoying this drama that are NOT yoona fans.

          and not sure why you think this romcom is getting stale… all kdramas use cliches.

          • crashbabe

            Sure ratings may not matter to us but for all the award shows, it seems to matter A WHOLE LOT. If said drama doesn’t do well in ratings, chances are, it will not do well in the awards, and i don’t think anyone can deny that there are definitely instances that the awards are given out/or even invented sometimes to appease certain parties. This applies not just to korean awards.

          • sassysuzy

            first of all, pmai have middling ratings and not low ratings. second of all, pmai have positive reviews in korean general public as well as international drama watchers. third of all, yoona has both popularity and public recognition. drama award shows consider both ratings and popularity – some dramas have both, some dramas only have popularity (cannot think of the term right now)… an example of the latter is drama you’re beautiful – not high ratings, but really popular.

            with the reasons stated above plus taking into consideration entertainment politics, kbs drama awards make sense.

        • loofa

          the drama is not getting stale!!it seems you have a prejudice against it!!

      • 1.1.3 callmeadreamer

        I’m just not impressed with her acting, never have been.

      • 1.1.4 shane

        Yoona is amazing in Prime Minister and I..
        She is beautiful and humble..
        I will always love you yoona.. 🙂

    • 1.2 Divyrus

      One thing I dont get, isn’t there a independent entertainment body in korea other than these 3 stations or cable?
      That considers awards across all 3 big stations and cable collectively and judges with a right jury where awards are given for not just cast, crew as well?
      The cinematography, editing, music????
      Aren’t these ever considered????

      Back in my place there are tons of awards, where each big time sponsor decides to throw a award show! And they maybe biased about popularity, but they atleast consider it all collectively and not so ratings driven!!!!

      Seriously there is no body in Korea that is prestigious enough to throw a ceremony like that? Nothing like korean oscar? Where talent is held highest??????????
      (Dont mention Baeksang, thats not what am asking!)

      • 1.2.1 Divyrus

        Cuz it just seems so cruel that real acting is never recognized!

        There are always actors everywhere who are recognized for their portrayal of characters that they never get mainstream actor status, but atleast they have the prestigious awards on their shelf!

  2. hoaa

    Jo jung-seuk..

  3. Anon

    So so so happy for Jung woo. I loved his character in ytblss. Basically a beacon of life in an okayish drama. He deserves all the awards he gets. Honestly its funny how the guy is getting a rookie award when he’s been acting for a really long time (I remember seeing him in that tutor movie with kwon sang woo. In any case I’m really glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves and judging by his reaction he is too. Btw did anyone else see his hug event? SO ADORABLE!

    • 3.1 Anon

      Whoa typos galore.. I meant beacon of light*
      Newcomer award*
      And that closing parentheses lol

    • 3.2 BellaMafia

      I was wondering the same thing too. He won a newcomer award? huh?? His first movie was in 2001.

    • 3.3 ilikemangos

      I saw the epic hug event. Typical trash hugs for every person.

      The trash-oppa fanboys were the most epic, though.

    • 3.4 bluesky

      Yes, he’s been acting for a long time already but for KBS this is his 1st appearance for KBS drama so basically they will count him a rookie for their station..

      • 3.4.1 Thea

        No, Lee Soon Shin is his third drama on KBS. I remember he played on weekend drama ‘I Hate You But Its Fine’ with Kim Ji Suk and Han Ji Hye. Second drama was Bad Love with Lee Yoo Won. He often played a bad boy.

        • bluesky

          Just checked his profile..LOL! Yes, u’re so right though I watched Bad Love but didn’t notice his appearance, I only remember him in Cinderella Man and had thought he has talent and someone should take him to the lead..but anyway I’m happy to see him finally got something..he deserved it!

    • 3.5 Rach^^

      That little skit he had with Woo Joo was just so adorable. Did I hear things right or did she say something about him being ‘national trash’? LOL.

  4. Messi

    Haha best couple award to 5 couples. What’s the use then?

    • 4.1 Paula S

      KBS always does this. Spreading the love. ^^

  5. HallyuSurfer

    It took me a while to get Kim Hye Soo outfit.. it is pretty clever actually. She’s wearing similar outfit from her drama.

    • 5.1 daria

      hahah, exactly! i thought she’s totally channeling ms.kim, & a tongue-in-cheek ode to how her character got made fun of for wearing the boring boring black pantsuit every day 🙂

      ahhhhhhhhh, definitely one of my fav k-dramas of 2013 along with ‘2 weeks’.

  6. YiniE

    KBS definitely the most legit drama awards amongs the 3…

  7. Susie

    Lee Yoon Ji’s just too pretty.

  8. Kelinci biru

    Yoo Inna looks amazing. I kinda wish it were red or silver, but after seeing sooo many white, any color is welcome.

    Yeon Joon-seok so adorable, still remember him as the big kid in Mr. Kim but his performance in 1994 also cute.

    • 8.1 bjharm

      Jang Nara wore a very similar dress at a red carpet event
      but the spilt up the leg gave way so she spent most of the time making sure sexy didnt turned into a xrated dress lol

      • 8.1.1 Cynthia

        Thanks for the link – not necessarily because of Jang Nara’s similar dress but because that picture of Seo In-guk posing with Lee Jin-joo on the red carpet was priceless. I’m still laughing at the expression on his face!

        • bjharm

          🙂 not an expert on dresses it was long sliver and shiney with a slit looked the same to me. What I remember other that the slit giving way, was it acually gave JN some surprising curves

    • 8.2 ilikemangos

      That dress just accentuates Yoo Inna’s already barbie-proportionate body. Small waist, big boobs, big hips.
      She’s one of the few in k-ent that actually has curves throughout.

    • 8.3 Thursdaynexxt

      Go Yoo Inna! An actual curvy lady, and petite to boot!

      I still remember the amazing range of dresses and looks she managed pull off in QIHM!

    • 8.4 Amastris

      Is Yoo In Na wearing an engagement ring??? That’s some serious bling for just a cute accessory.

  9. maldita

    Can I please just say that earlier this morning, it was confirmed that Yoona and Lee Seunggi are dating?! Power idol couple FTW! 🙂

    • 9.1 keets


    • 9.2 keets

      poor girlfriday looool

    • 9.3 Rashell

      He ALWAYS picked her as his ideal girl from way back. And anytime she was on Strong Heart, they constantly teased him about liking her. She picked him over Taec in one episode. So maybe in this case the variety coupling was real.

      I hope GF will be okay. But since it isn’t Gong Yoo, I think she’ll make it.

    • 9.4 pakulina

      Really? Someone finally nabbed Yoona. So many guys (including ajusshis) have said she’s their ideal type but no one ever asked her out. She’s so sweet and I think she’s a good actress even though many rag on her. (Much better than Shin Se Kyung!!)

    • 9.5 eli_n



      Ok ok, I’m calm now. *breathes in and out slowly*

      Aww, these two are adorable. I’ve never warmed up to yoona before but her character in PM & I is definitely changing that. I just love to bits there!

      Puppy has always been adorable so I have nothing to say there. Overall, two single, adorable, nice (not to mention HOT) people in their twenties dating? Well I’m happy for them 🙂

      • 9.5.1 eli_n

        Oh about the awards..

        WHAT’S WITH ALL THE WEDDING DRESSES? Seriously was there some sort of secret celebrity bridal sale going on? It was the same across all 3 broadcasting awards. I just don’t get it. It’s like they all made a pact not to stand out in the crowd and decided on white as their team colour.

        And I don’t know how Yoo Inna can breathe let alone walk in that dress, but she looks flawless nonetheless.

    • 9.6 Amastris

      “…the couple never stays out past 1 a.m. when they are on a date. Both Lee Seung Gi and Yoona live with their respective parents so they always meet up outside. So far there is no word as to whether they have even met each other’s parents..” “…”Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are dating but they are still getting to know each other,” said an SM Entertainment representative….” “…[Seunggi’s agency] “It’s a personal issue so we don’t know any specific details but it is true they are dating,” said a Hook Entertainment representative. “Since they are both young and their relationship is only in the beginning stages, please look on them kindly…”

      Lee Seung Gi better be on his best behavior he he wants her as his g/f. From what SM Ent is saying on Yoona’s behalf, ‘the jury’s still out.’ Good luck and “FIGHTING” Lee Seung Gi

      • 9.6.1 lemondoodle

        Neither would have admitted it if the jury was still out let’s be honest. He’s always said he would never go public with dating and SM is the king of denial even where there is proof. It’s more serious than the agencies say most likely.

  10. 10 far

    Congratulations Joowon! so proud to be your fan. Good Doctor was amazing, and i love how he teared up mid-way during his Top Excellence award speech. he also gave a great speech, about wanting more facilities for autism people and children’s hospital. ^^

    hope to see more of Joowon in 2014!

  11. 11 Serenity

    Thank god Moon Chae Won put on a dress fitting for her age. I love her, but that church look was too much last year. This girl has won acting awards three years in a row. And Best Couple three years in a row as well. Congrats to her!

  12. 12 Windsun33

    Did they have some kind of mass sale event on wedding dresses this year?. The lack of color was a bit boring.

  13. 13 mini

    Joo Won was fabulous and his speech was also very heartwarming. He had a hard time for this drama but he never ‘complain’ about them. He asked for more helps to autistic people and better system for them. Also better facilities for children hospitals . An actor with human touch. He deserves more.

    • 13.1 ilikemangos

      Yeah, you can love him or hate him, but he’s really sincere with his work. He doesn’t complain and works hard to deliver (something PDs have mentioned over time working with him). Not surprised since he puts his all in everything he does and tries to juggle several things at once. Workaholic? I think yes. Or maybe he thrives when he’s working. His “shouty” acting was something that i never really noticed. Or rather, it never really bothered me. ’cause he’s a damn good actor if he can transform his image from role to role and make it believable. He deserved those awards.

  14. 14 klir

    This week Yoona got higher ratings, an award , Lee Seungi as a boyfriend…………..a girl is on a roll.

    • 14.1 sassysuzy

      love yoona’s red carpet dress too! waiting for soshified to identify it…

  15. 15 yoeda

    agree about Jo Jung Suk hair. but he still filming King Wrath until earlier this year. i ok with the hair coz he need that for his character but his outfit really make me want to shoot his stylist sometimes. LOL

    • 15.1 Shadow-chan

      Well, that better BE his King’s Wrath hair, otherwise I’ll dig a grave for you… Er, for you to put his coordi in, not for YOU you of course ;D

      And I actually kinda liked the jacket, at least it’s a thousand times better than that silver atrocity from before, hahaha.

  16. 16 ht

    Congrats to all winners – to those who actually think that Kim Hyesoo won the Daesang just because she is a senior actress, you’re so wrong for that. She won it because she nailed her character in Queen of Office. Her comedic acting was so natural and amazing, there wasn’t a moment where I thought she overacted. She won because she fully deserved it.

    KBS didn’t have many hit dramas, which is a real pity especially since most dramas had an amazing cast (Shark, Blade & Petal, Iris 2). I’m shocked to see My Daughter Seoyoung being overlooked though.

    I teared up seeing Jung Woo choking up while he was giving his award speech. Yes, it was only a ‘best rookie’ award but to Jung Woo, it was something he worked hard and waited for years. He finally found a place in this industry, and I’m really thankful to know that a gifted talent didn’t go to waste. I can’t wait to see him winning a Top Excellence award at a drama awards show.. then clinching a Best Actor at a film awards ceremony. I can’t wait to cry along with him, hahaha. I hope he will continue to be humble, hardworking and reach new heights in his career.

    Anyway, Yumi didn’t walk the red carpet but as usual, Yumi was stunning last night. <3

    • 16.1 krytonmj

      I did not like Queen of Office but Kim Hye Soo was amazing in it.

    • 16.2 marie

      Miss kim in “ Queen of Office“ is completely different from Kim hye-soo’s former images. ( She was known for her glamorous femme fatale roles. eg: Tazza, The thieves, Hypnotized ) but KHS compeltely nailed it. Imo she deserves the award. I always thought she would do brilliant in comedic roles after watching her movie ” Villian and Widow”.

    • 16.3 kia

      MDSY was already awarded last year

    • 16.4 klm

      I agree with you on Kim Hyesoo. She was great as Ms. Kim. In fact, that drama was the funniest thing I watched in 2013.

  17. 17 Honeymylovesosweet

    I think hubby and wifey (Ji-sung and bo-young) pretty much coordinated with their red carpet outfit. It would have been surreal if they were together. That’ll be gorgeous+gorgeous= marvelous or extraordinaire or extravagant or pretty much all of the above.

  18. 18 Stuv

    I am so happy for Joo Won.

  19. 19 101Q

    KBS Awards was the best tbh


  20. 20 marie

    Moon Chae-won is always perfect, I want to shoot JJS’s stylist every time he attends an award or VIP screening. -_-

  21. 21 jennie

    congrats to these winners, but i think these award shows (MBC & KBS) should stop awarding or nominating shows that aren’t finished.
    For example, congrats to Ha Ji Won, but her drama isn’t finished yet and for Yoona and Lee Bum Soo, their drama is only 7 episodes in out of 10 and they’re already nominated for best couple?
    At least SBS did something right and didn’t nominate Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun or their show because what’s the point? This isn’t their year, they should be nominated when they’re (and their drama) is done at the 2014 awards.

    • 21.1 far

      i understand for KBS as 7 episodes out of 10 is a majority. they are already in the midst of filming and have possibly completed 8-9 episodes.

      as for MBC, i know that Ha JiWon’s drama has not even reached halfway. and for her to get Daesang for it is a bit too much, though she did a great job for it. but then again, MBC’s dramas didnt do very well this year, and they didnt have much attendees. so they dont have much choice, really.

      to me, if the drama is near completion, then the casts could win. but if not even halfway through, then it’s not a good decision to include them in the awards category.

    • 21.2 marie

      ahh MBC. at least it’s better than last year. poor Ahn jae-wook.

  22. 22 cheekbones

    Kim Hye-soo’s and So Ji-sub’s outfits came from the same designer ?

  23. 23 Nudg33

    How come Lee Da-Hee managed to attend both SBS and KBS award ceremony? Didn’t they occurred at the same time?

  24. 24 Viki

    I think the KBS awards is actually the most reasonable (if you take out Yoona…it’s halfway into her show, and her current competitors did a bit better, although she did improved a lot her on acting).

  25. 25 TIKA

    curious why lee bo young weekend drama got nothing? i thought the rating is higher that you’re the best

    • 25.1 kia

      It was already awarded last year

  26. 26 canxi

    Yaaaaaaaaas to Yoo In Na and Han Ye Ri. Werk. It. Ladies!

    Congrats to the winners! Though I haven’t seen Good Doctor yet, I should give it a go.

  27. 27 Jasmine

    I teared up so much during Moon Chae Won and Joo Won’s speeches. Many Moon Chae Won fans including myself were disappointed that she had such a simple role in Good Doctor especially after Princess Man and Nice Guy. But when she gave about how Good Doctor aimed to heal people’s hearts and to open the eyes of the viewers to disabilities, it was a very touching moment. Good Doctor may have been riddled with simplistic plots, and elementary story lines, but nobody can deny the heart it had. I love how both Moon Chae Won and Joo Won emphasized how important it is to add a human touch in their works. This is a powerful value to hold as an artist, and I will root for them to continue with their success.

    HIGHLIGHT of the night for me was when little Ah Kang (Kim Yoo Bin) gave Moon Chae Won flowers for her excellence award. I loved them in Princess Man.
    Also, we cannot forget the cast of Secret. The drama was not my taste because I felt like it was a bit of a repeat of Nice Guy, but nobody can deny the amazing acting of the entire cast.

    Jung Woo was too adorable tonight and his humility surprised me. He seems so down-to-earth despite being ridiculously talented. I know he is one to watch for the future.

    • 27.1 krytonmj

      It was not the simplicity of her role. It was more an issue of character development.

      Funny,though, I never felt Good Doctor as a healing drama. I loved the drama for its stupidity. People who are not actor-biased will know that Good Doctor is and never will be a good drama. One of those dramas of 2013 who doesn’t deserve its ratings.

      Moon Chae Won for 2014 please act in a better drama. I would rather see you in a makjang drama rather than a dull-witted drama. Or better,please act in saguek drama again.

      • 27.1.1 mini

        Oh ya. Stupid. You can tell me it is stupid when you can recite all those medical terms and come out with diagnosis before the cases are shown.

        Not heartwarming?then continue to watch your makjang and cry yourself.It is heartwarming,well,of cos.

        • j18

          So are you trying to imply that if actors in a medical drama can memorize all the medical terms then that drama is good? I don’t think you understand what has been posted.
          While I don’t think the drama is stupid, I know that GD is flawed. But there are times when I felt that the drama came close to being stupid.
          I never felt the warmth of the drama. I have seen better productions regarding autism and GD never even came close to the humane and warmth of those works.
          It could have been more real if JW’s character became a doctor after a few more years. But since it is dramaland, he became a doctor even if he is still not emotionally stable.
          You guys criticize the person mentioned the term makjang but you guys failed to notice that the ending of the drama actually used makjang.

          • SS

            Did you actually watch the show? Nowhere was Park Si On portrayed as emotionally unstable. Yes, he was autistic so in certain situations, he displayed autistic tendencies. If you called that emotionally unstable then I guess you should call all autistic people emotionally unstable. In the drama, he overcame those tendencies and improved. He was accepted as a doctor but not a full fledged surgeon because the professor in charge, played by Joo Sang Wook said it will take him years before he can do his first surgery. The one off emergency surgery he did was an exception.

            I am not sure what “better” productions you are referring to. Unlike the west where there are more movies featuring autistic characters or on autism, Korea has very few. But I think it’s safe to say that through this drama, Korean viewers are more emphatic and understanding of autistic people. Korean fans narrated accounts of people touched and enlightened by this drama.

            To you and international viewers who called this show stupid or almost, it is just trash. However, I dare say this drama, warts and all, has impacted the audience in more positive ways than the senseless rom-coms, chaebol stories, makjang and so on that Korean showbiz churns out every year.

      • 27.1.2 eny

        so the rating is because of actor bias, n most of the pd of mbc, kbs, n sbs is actor bias because the choose joo won for pd award n this drama get special award given by one institution in health or something that i don’t remember just because of actor bias, really??????????
        may be you need to understand more about this drama

      • 27.1.3 Justme

        Then just enjoy your makjang!

        • krytonmj

          I do not know why someone mentioned the PD award. It is an award given by the big 3 stations to an actor who showed excellence in his or her performance. I am in no way criticizing any actor. I was criticizing the drama.
          You guys didn’t get the sarcasm when I mentioned the term makjang,didn’t you? I am not a fan of makjang dramas. I do hope that dramaland should limit the makjang in their productions.
          Regarding ratings, I did not say that actor biased has something to do with it. I said GD does not deserve the ratings that it got.
          Regarding the mentioned of actor-biased; that statement is aim at fangirls,fanboys or fandoms who just praises a drama without critically and analytically thinking about the drama.

          • eny

            my point is i don’t think the pd will choose the actor when the drama is bad, this drama get award from association of welfare for disable, n if you read review about this drama mostly positif
            I’m not being sarcasme here, i heard many negatif comment it’s before this drama aring, they always comment how can autism become doctor,it doesn’t make sense but when i watch this drama, what i heard the most comment is wow…. this drama is good so touching n meaningfull

      • 27.1.4 maryss

        LOL just go and watch your makjangs then

  28. 28 kuxi

    LOL you’re comment GF about joowon 007, I also saw that comment in soompi about joowon-bond. He look fabulous. Meanwhile I think he deserved more higher award than top excellence, I’m pleased when I read this article: ” [KBS Drama Awards] Joowon 4 awards as powerful as Daesang Awards” http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=213&aid=0000423905

    • 28.1 maryss

      I think Joo Won deserved the Daesang too, it’s great to know I’m not the only one 😀

    • 28.2 I think

      honestly the special of that his role in Good Doctor not really because he is just a good actor but also because the character itself i can see other good actor play that role well, but really joowon still not mastered all kind of roles like how Kim Hye Soo or Jisung did, i can understand well why they didn’t give him a daesang, even in one of JTBC program said the last daesang nominee for KBS isn’t JooWon vs Kim Hye Soo but Hwang Jung Eum vs Kim Hye Soo, it just the media hype Joowon more because he has many fanatic fans…

      • 28.2.1 SS

        I think Hwang Jung Eumo has become very popular in Korea because of her role in Secret. She may not have fans who shout “Oppa” for obvious reason but to say Joo Won got nominated because of media hype and fanatic fans is hogwash.

        I have watched both Secret and Good Doctor. Hwang Jung Eum was good and deserving of Top Excellence but her role had nothing special. You can find similar performances in many makjang dramas. I would say the special she brought into the role was how she managed to make her character likeable otherwise Yoo Jung would have been just another cry-a-minute ever suffering damsel.

        Joo Won on the other hand, has indeed proven himself to be a very versatile and excellent actor. Compared to his peers, he has the greatest range and ability. I truly cannot think of anyone who can play the role of Park Si On as well as he did, even if I broaden the scope to more senior actors, including Ji Sung.

        As a fan of Joo Won, I think he deserved a Daesang for his role as Park Si On but having said that, I have not watched Kim Hye Soo in God of Workplace. So, I have to assume he lost to a more worthy opponent until I watch the latter drama and decide.

        • j18

          Two actors that I think that can play the role of Shi-On are Lee Jee Hoon and Song Joong Ki. Another actor that comes into my mind is Kim Soo Hyun. They offered the role to him first, so the production team knew that he can actually nail the role as Shi-on.
          I don’t get the reason why you guys are not satisfied with JW’s TE awards. If he deserves to get the daesang then he will get it probably in the future.
          When MCW loss the daesang last year to Kim Nam Joo despite her brilliant performance in Nice Guy. None of her fans complained about it. When MCW did not win the TE award for 2013. None of her fans complained about it. JW fans should sometimes learn to accept defeat. Not all acting awards will be given to Joo Won. And not every performance of his is worthy of an award. Have you guys seen L7CS and Catch Me? So stop complaining. Stop whining. Stop acting like cry-babies.

          • hello

            Sorry, how did you know MCW’s fans did not complain on things like that. I am a fan of both MCW and JW, but i was disappointed how MCW’s fans expressed their disliked-attitudes toward JW (even Kim Min Seo) just since MCW was considered for GD. Not only they talked badly about him, a person even call him as “toy boy” which i see so disrespectful. I am still a fan of her acting now, but it’s really hard for me to joint any of her forum or thread during the screening time of GD and even now. I think you are the one who cry like a baby. I don’t like how MCW’s fans usually consider her as their Queen or Godiva and said awful things on other artists.

            Anyway, I think the TE is rather right for JW. Daesang in my opinion, must only for artists who show their consistences not only in one projects, but for a certain time. JW is still young and rather in-experienced compared to other seniors, he must prove that he is consistent in maybe further two or three projects. Stepping one by one will be good for him, and lesser the burden for him. If you see how Korean media always describe his growing popularity as “scary”, you may understand how pressure he gets.

            For Kim Hye Soo, she would definitely one of the best Korean actress I have ever known. She’s charismatic, strong and confident. Returning back to small screen after 10 years, she still keep her acting as a marvelous level. I wish JW can work with KHS or ASK one day in his future projects. JW is the fist Korean actor that I really respect and admire so much.

          • hello

            Besides, from what i know, KHS is not the one who was offered the role in GD. Since the script is on the table, the production crew has started to approach JW, even he was so busy with his Catch Me. Some of other fans had seen JW in some medical centers, but they never think he would joint a drama as he still has a movie and a musical in hand.

          • SP


            Which thread or forum of MCW you mentioned anyway. I see both JW and MCW’s fans have bond very well in GD soompi thread. But then again I haven’t visit every MCW threads in this world so it’s possible that there are fandoms like that.

            Some fans are mature. Some are not so it’s not fair that you say like all her fans are disrespectful and dislike JW. From what I see most of us like him but we may have some problem with MCW’s role in GD.

            Anyway. there were 2 -3 fans who talk bad about other artists at the thread I usually visit but other fans have warn them about it. They know now that it’s wrong and MCW’s fans in general won’t accept this behavior. I think this is a problem in every fandom when you have more fans. I haven’t seen this problem before but to my horror it finally happens after MCW become more popular from Nice Guy.

            Just so you know. That’s Queen nick name have come from a joke in NG’s thread at soompi. And if you really watch GD you should know that “Godiva” is short from God – given – body aka her character’s self nick name in GD. So I don’t think it’s wrong that MCW’s fan called her as their Queen or Godiva but yes you have the right to dislike it.

            By the way, I am rooting for JW in Baeksang Arts Awards and still want to see JW&MCW pair again in others project.

          • SS

            It is not a matter of being satisfied or not. We just think his performance as Park Si On in Good Doctor is worthy of a Daesang. But we did not say every performance of his must be worthy of an award. Having said this, L7CS might not be a good drama but there is nothing wrong with Joo Won’s performance there. As for Catch Me, have you watched the movie already?

            By and large, Joo Won’s fans are very proud that he has won 4 awards at KBS especially the coveted PD award besides the Top Excellence. Joo Won himself is thankful and grateful for the recognition. However, there is nothing wrong with fans thinking that he deserves higher recognition. It is all a matter of personal opinion, isn’t it?

          • hello


            I don’t think it’s necessary to tell which forum or thread. Besides, what make me really disappointed is some of her fans try to be good toward other artists in public forum, but in their own personal webs, they talk badly. Visit MCW’s personal web is maybe one of the biggest mistake of myself for being her fan. At least staying away from those forums still keep her image beautifully in my mind.

            The nickname God-given-body, Queen or Holy Leg, obviously I know about it. They are just the name MCW’s fans call her as they (maybe used to including me) love her so much. I never disagree with this. It is just that one side you praise ur idol, on the other side you look down on other artist. Is it fair enough ?

          • BITE-my-APPLE


            Just now I see and read your post. I just need to clarify your reply..

            In ALL fandoms, there must have some bad apples among good apples. However, please do not generalized a few apples as the whole. There were some people who voiced out their dissatisfaction with the cast but there were VERY few. You can’t blame the whole fandom on what two or three people wrote. And we talked bad about KMS? When and where?

            The ” toyboy ” comment was posted by ONE soompi user at MCW’s thread and this person isn’t even a real MCW’s follower. You can’t seriously be thinking that she represents us the whole fans? One random person’s comment represents as the whole fans’ comments?! That’s absurd. And what’s more; soompi is the public forum. Not CW’s individual sites. We can’t control what other people who happened to like her to express their opinions.

            Don’t tell me there is no single JW’s fan who wrote something bad about other actors and should we called you as a whole group who always talked bad about other actors?

      • 28.2.2 Wang

        It’s not that Joo Won still not mastered all kind of roles like how Kim Hye Soo or Jisung or Hwang Jeung Eum did. It’s just he doesn’t have the chance to play every kind of roles yet, given the fact that he’s still consider new in the industry, 3 years of experience, while KHS and HJE has been around for 27 yrs and 10 yrs.
        I’m not saying that KHS doesn’t deserve her Daesang, I just don’t think it’s fair for us to compare his acting ability with the other veteran actors and then to judge that he ‘hasn’t master all’ and that everything was just media hype for his fans.

  29. 29 k-soup

    Lee Mi-sook looked liked she came from the page of a 90’s magazine.

    I feel so proud of Joo Won! dashing gentleman he was 🙂

  30. 30 bebeswtz

    I’m sooooo happy and proud for Joo Won =)))) All the awards handed out by KBS are WELL DESERVED <3 Especially for the awards given to the "Secret" cast, superb drama =) I was actually my crack drama of the year, besides "I Hear Your Voice" hahahaa

    And…. could IU and Jo Jung Suk be any cuter??? I just LUFF. THEM <3 <3 <3 He high-fived her when she got up to accept her Newcomer award, so sweet ^.^ And when the 2 of them were on stage accepting their Couple Award and were being grilled by the MCs and the rest of the Couple Award winners (i.e. Kim Hye Soo, Lee Mi Sook), that was priceless kekeke <3

  31. 31 blegh

    “Oppa in a tux! Oppa in a navy blue tux!”
    also jisung-navy blue and boyoung-navy blue, haha they went for the couple look. aww!

  32. 32 Ally

    I’m so happy for IU to get a recognition for her acting, the girl deserves it! ^_^

  33. 33 blegh

    and lol at “Hong Ah-reum forgot to wear a dress”.

  34. 34 Mongoose22

    Yoo Inna… Ho… ly… Gaaahhhh…. (Jaw still dragging on floor)

  35. 35 Eddie

    Yoona? Lol KBS

    I generally dgaf about these broadcasters award ceremonies because they’re pretty much pointless… and the red carpet is sooo boring -.-

  36. 36 Kelly

    Congrats to Joo Won! I am so proud of you! You did such an amazing job in Good Doctor!!

  37. 37 arirada

    I watched this on kbs world channel in my country (malaysia) last night without english sub, but thank god i found live update @soompi so i know what awards are given to whom..some of the winners are to my expectation, but i was a bit disappointed that some good dramas hadn’t received any award hence of good performance and storyline, such as IRIS 2 and Mandate of Heaven. I did not watch God of the Workplace, so I don’t know how excellent KHS in that drama, but I really don’t understand how she was awarded Daesang when she didn’t get any other performance award?
    All awards given to male actors did make sense to me, but a little sad that kim nam gil didn’t get any…

  38. 38 nad

    congrats han joo wan! Lee yoon ji looks lovely as always =)

  39. 39 moon

    Joo Won looks so dashing! <3 <3 <3

    And wow! 4 Awards! Chukhaeyo oppa! <3 <3 <3
    Well-deserved win! He could have made history being the youngest Daesang winner for KBS Drama Awards, but with his abilities, I'm pretty sure he'll get that award pretty soon! ^^

    After all, PD choice + Netizen Award + Top Excellence Actor is almost like winning Daesang! There's even the Best Couple recognition (even though it was handed out to all main drama couples)

    Ahhhh! And that Speech! So touching that he's still 'lobbying' for better facilities for children and for persons with autism. truly heart warming! ^^

  40. 40 heart

    GIRLFRIDAY, the article photo. I see what you did there. *winks*

  41. 41 Justme

    I think Joo Won is the big winner here. He went up and down the stage so many times, accepting awards, presenting, performing… He should’ve just stayed there with the MCs 😀
    Not to mention that he’s looked mighty fine in that tux.
    Won. Joo Won. Americano, shaken not stirred…

    • 41.1 patrice

      The stage set up KBS did this year was for the winners to walk up from in a long stage in the middle to the main stage so they actually looked like they’re in a runway, Joo Won just looked awesome, everytime he walks that stage.

  42. 42 panshel

    My “Adolescence Medley” was robbed of the One-Act Special awards. I marathoned all four episodes on Christmas Day from 1 AM to 6 AM, and it has officially become one of my all-time favorite dramas. Kwak Dong Yeon is adorable and a young actor to watch out for.

    I don’t understand how IU is still a newcomer. I’m not too fond of the pattern on Lee Da Hee’s dress, but I love the color. Yoona is my favorite look of the night. I was surprised to learn Nam Bora is an 89er. I always thought she was a 90-somethinger with Shim Eun Kyung, Yoo Seung Ho, Lee Hyun Woo, etc. I like how her dress is unique and stands out among the bridal gowns.

  43. 43 umi

    Congrats joo won…you deserved it. For daesang award it’s just the matter of time, someday you will get it for sure…

  44. 44 yama

    I guess there is no Emmy in Korea.

    Where is Hyeonu (Baek Sung Hyun)?!

  45. 45 Sintia

    I am so happy for Joo Won and his Good Doctors friends, Moon Chae-won and Joo Sang-wook. It’s such a good meaningful drama, so interesting and heartwarming. Joo Won looked so handsome that I thought my heart would stop 🙂 Gorgeous. 4 Awards! So well deserved.

  46. 46 iaahero

    The fact that ‘Prime Minister and I’ even got nominated is ridiculous.

    Granted, KBS didn’t have that many hit dramas, but including Prime Minister & I which has only aired SEVEN episodes so far, feels like cheating or almost idk, cheap. I’ll just assume they ran out of people to fill in the gaps for the rest of their award categories.

    I admit, the show is unexpectedly better than I thought. And Yoona’s acting wasn’t awful to watch either, an excellence award? Really? And a freaking couple award?! Yes, yes, her and Lee Beom Soo were cute together, but in the show they’re not even a couple yet.

    Besides that, I’m quite happy with the wins.
    And Lee Da-Hee looks absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  47. 47 opio

    I love your comments on all the fashion! Yoo Inna’s dress is fabulous! Why is white such a popular color this year? Almost all the ladies who attend drama awards wear this color.

    I’m glad Joo Won got 4 awards! It’s well deserved and I’m also happy for Yoona and LBS for winning awards for ‘Prime Minister and I’. People overlook this drama way too much; it’s an amazing drama that needs to recognized more. Both of their acting is really good and overall the drama is probably my favorite this season.

  48. 48 ANNIE

    i think there should be a thick line between popularity and best acting….so that the award shoud be given to the right acters and actresses…quite frustrating to see someone who dnt deserve the award..winning it

  49. 49 soofan

    lee beum soo should have won mini series actor award! :(..instead of yoona they could have given it to him! T_T

  50. 50 maryss

    Congratulations Joo Won!! This was definitely YOUR night, you shone in the awards, though I would have loved to see you getting the Daesang I’m ok with what you got, your speech was definitely touching, that’s what diferentiates you to the rest of actors on their 20s your humility and hard work, I’m so proud of you

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