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Answer Me 1994: Episode 20
by | December 28, 2013 | 146 Comments

While the fact that we’re going to play the guessing game all the way to the finale is as inevitable as it is annoying, at least we get an episode with emotional payoffs and some big steps toward character growth. Everything except the central love triangle is filler at this point, but that’s really the only question left unanswered. Here at the beginning of the end, we say goodbye to first loves, paving the way for the future.

Ratings broke the 10% barrier with this episode, bringing in an average 10.1% and an episode high of 12.4%.


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EPISODE 20: “The beginning of the end”

Poor Dad is lying in his hospital bed after surgery with two broken legs and a broken nose, and Na-jung walks Chilbongie out to the elevator. At the same time Garbage is on his way up after belatedly getting the news about Dad’s drunken mishap.

The elevator door opens on the awkward encounter that closed the last episode, with Garbage looking up to find Na-jung and Chilbongie standing just a foot away. He looks at both of them, hangs his head again… and lets the elevator door close on him. Aw, Oppaaa.

He rides it back down dejectedly, and then all three of them spend the rest of the evening alone and lost in thought.

The next day Na-jung pokes and prods Dad’s broken nose while Mom tends to him. Chilbongie is back as promised, and says he brought the signed swag Dad wanted for his friend.

Na-jung grumps to hear that Dad made up with his friend who gave him the terrible investment advice, but Dad promises he won’t fall for it again, saying he passed up his friend’s latest push to invest in an American computer company named after fruit. Haha.

Later that night the whole group grills Chilbongie to prepare him for his big TV interview with Kim Hye-soo. Haitai leads the charge for him to make up stories that land with impact, while Na-jung tells him to just be honest because that comes across best to audiences.

Samcheonpo’s main concern is trying to get Chilbongie to wear something with his company’s logo on it for free publicity, and Yoon-jin is obsessed with finding out what kind of makeup Kim Hye-soo uses, giving Chilbongie an extensive list of questions to ask her. Binggeure asks if he can’t say all their names on TV just once, which Haitai thinks is a silly thing to want.

Everyone heads to bed and Chilbongie pops by Na-jung’s room to ask her to dinner tomorrow night, but she says she has to work late. It kind of kills me how he wears his disappointment on his face, though of course he smiles like it’s no big deal.

Oppa gets off work and braces himself before calling Na-jung, who’s still speed dial 1 on his phone. He asks to see her, and they sit across from each other in a coffee shop, looking anywhere else but at each other.

After a long silence, Oppa asks if she’s doing well, and she notices that he seems sick though he says he’s fine. They exchange chitchat about work being good, and Oppa’s father who also had surgery, and his mother who isn’t around anymore. Oh no, did she pass away? Na-jung struggles to hold back her tears when talking about his mom, who must’ve passed away in the time she was abroad? Oh, poor Oppa.

He says he’s sorry, and Na-jung says with tears streaming down her face: “What do you have to be sorry for? Is it your fault? Do you not have anything else to say to me other than sorry? What do you have to be sorry for? I’m your little sister. Your little sister who only wants to show you the good, pretty, happy things—we’re family.”

He starts to cry, and she nods and smiles to reassure him that she’s okay. She says she didn’t know at first why they broke up, thinking that they had just drifted apart like any normal couple. “But now I know, why we broke up—”

We go back to their long-distance relationship while she was in Australia, that began with frequent phone calls that began to be missed, followed by a trip that Oppa was supposed to take to visit her that he cancelled at the last minute. When he does, she says she’s okay despite her disappointment. And then sometime later, Oppa calls to tell her about his dad’s surgery, and he tells her it’s okay, and that he’s okay.

Na-jung: We were a very special couple. We had lived as siblings for twenty years, and so Oppa always had to be oppa, and I always had to be his little sister. We had the sincerity to endure a one-sided love that challenged our strength. Loving care preceded all else. We postponed a wedding that was a month away and began a long-distance relationship with remorse, gratitude, and anxiety. So we were always sorry, thankful, and careful.

Na-jung hears about Oppa’s mother passing away from Mom, and calls him in tears. But ever the oppa, he tamps down his cries and tells her again and again that he’s okay. Haitai tells her later that Garbage didn’t want her to waste two days traveling just to be there for a day, and insisted she not bother coming up.

Na-jung opens her inbox and is taken aback to realize that all of Oppa’s emails read with the subject lines: “I’m sorry, Oppa’s sorry, Don’t worry I’m okay, I’m sorry that sorry is the only thing I can say…” and on and on.

Na-jung: Eventually with only consideration left between us, our real wounds had nowhere to lean and festered. In the end we couldn’t even manage to be a regular couple. And thus without even being able to once say the common words “I love you,” we had broken up in a very un-special way.

Now back in the present, Na-jung says through tears, “Back then… we should’ve just said we were having a hard time when we were having a hard time, and that we were hurting when we were hurting. Why were we like that?”

She leaves before she bursts into full heaving sobs, and cries all the way home. She comes up to the house still crying, and Chilbongie sees her from the balcony.

He comes downstairs and puts a hand on her doorknob, but can’t bring himself to go in, and just stands there outside her door, listening to her heartbreaking cries.

The next morning, Yoon-jin and Samcheonpo rush to leave the house, and Haitai stops them to have a bite of breakfast like a mom, carrying a bowl of cereal in one hand and Joonie on his back (He’s holding down the fort while Mom stays with Dad in the hospital). Chilbongie stops to take a bite and asks after Na-jung, who comes out with a baseball cap shoved over her eyes.

She stays at work late that night, and Haitai calls wishing she’d come join the group since they’re eating out. (He says he has Joonie with him because he’s basically taken over child-raising duties, and the baby even sleeps with him now. So cute.)

She goes back to her work, and then Chilbongie calls a minute later asking her to come down for ten seconds. He hands her a cake and keeps to the ten-second promise, zooming away before she even has a moment to process the fact that he stopped by.

A while later, she’s all done at the office and packing up to take the rest of her work home when she gets another call that startles her. Cut to: Chilbongie in the hospital, and Binggeure nagging him that he pulled his shoulder because he wasn’t being careful and running around late at night.

Binggeure tells him he won’t be making his flight in a week with his shoulder like this, though Chilbongie insists that it’s not serious enough to worry about. Binggeure heads back out to do his rounds, and asks what Na-jung is going to do.

She looks over at Chilbongie, and then a moment later she’s unpacked all her stuff so she can work from the couch in his hospital room and look after him. Lol, he’s SO happy that she’s here, like a little kid who can’t stop smiling.

Haitai continues to play mom at home, and Yoon-jin and Samcheonpo take advantage of his spaghetti dinner to play Lady and the Tramp.

The group makes plans to go see Chilbongie in the hospital, and Yoon-jin worries that Na-jung might be feeling guilty about being the reason he strained his arm.

Chilbongie spends the whole day just staring at the door and waiting for Na-jung to come back from work, and lights up when she arrives with dinner.

He struggles to use chopsticks with his left hand and bravely shuts his eyes and goes “Aaaahhhh” for Na-jung to feed him, and she promptly sticks a fork in his hand. Haha.

They yuck it up while watching Friends, and then the rest of the gang comes by for a visit. They ask why his parents aren’t here to take care of him while he’s in the hospital, and though he makes excuses about them being busy, it’s abundantly clear that he can’t depend on them for stuff like this.

As Na-jung heads home with the group to grab a change of clothes, Chilbongie makes sure that she’s coming right back, and then goes back to staring at the door as soon as she’s gone.

On their way out, the boys chatter away like normal, and Yoon-jin is the only one who notices Na-jung’s mood—she’s been subdued since morning, and remains in a funk.

Garbage’s buddies at the hospital talk about how he’s home sick for the first time ever, and at the same time Mom and Dad are wondering why he hasn’t come by.

Na-jung returns to the hospital, and for the second time she purposely avoids the elevator, choosing to walk up the stairs rather than run into Oppa again. Chilbongie waits out in the hallway for her to come back, and notes her use of the stairs with a long face.

He asks, worried about how she’ll answer: “You’re going to stay tonight, right? You have to stay until I’m all better, okay?” She says yes to both, and then he finally smiles.

Binggeure comes by, but then Na-jung whirls around when Garbage’s bunkmate comes around the corner and recognizes Binggeure as Garbage’s puppy. Na-jung and Chilbongie turn their backs to keep from being seen, but they overhear the entire conversation, where he tells Binggeure all about how sick Garbage is.

He goes on and on about his worrisome state, as Na-jung listens stricken, and Chilbongie looks over at her nervously. Chilbongie is deep in thought when Na-jung comes back with dinner.

As they eat, he asks her to come earlier tomorrow because he doesn’t want to be alone for tests. And then he says they have to see a movie when he gets released, and go to that restaurant he wanted to take her to. He decides they’ll have to make a schedule until the day he has to leave next week, suddenly feeling very rushed.

She agrees to all of it, telling him to just get better. She asks if his arm feels any better today, but he says it’s the same. Oh honey, why do I feel like you’re probably saying that because you’re scared she’ll leave the second you’re not hurt?

He asks her to take a walk with him after dinner, and though she agrees to all of his endless requests pleasantly, he looks at her with these sad eyes, like he knows he’s grasping at straws.

She stays by his side through every test, every meal, and every night, but Chilbongie’s unease remains the same, and one night he wakes up from shoulder pain to find Na-jung gone. He steps out and finds her sitting in the hallway, just numbly staring at her phone, her mind clearly elsewhere.

Dad does another round of his characteristically opposite predictions (this time declaring that Won Bin will never succeed, even if he chops off that long hair), and Mom wonders if Joonie will even remember their faces after spending the week with mama Haitai.

Two shakes later Haitai is whining about how heartbroken he is, as he asks the rest of the gang in Chilbongie’s room if they saw how that little kid ran into his mother’s arms and never even gave Haitai a second glance.

They tell him that that’s the obvious, normal response of a six-year-old child, but Haitai refuses to believe his hard work and effort was so meaningless. Yoon-jin: “It’s obvious because he likes his mom better!”

Samcheonpo: “Did you think that just because she was gone for a little while, he’d run to you? You can’t compete with Mom. You can’t win!” The meaning isn’t lost on Chilbongie, who realizes he has more in common with Haitai than he’d like to admit.

The next night Na-jung comes by and steps out to take a call from work, and Chilbongie notices a bag of cold medicine sticking out of her purse. As Lee Seung-hwan’s “For a Thousand Days” (posted above) starts to play to fully ensure my heart will be crushed to pieces, Chilbongie narrates:

Chilbongie: Without a father, without a mother, with just baseball alone I was plenty busy and warm. I always thought loneliness was just an emotion that found people who didn’t lead intense lives. But one day at age twenty, the day I began to empty out a space for her, that space felt hollow and began to feel cold. That this was loneliness, and that I was a very lonely person—I had only now begun to realize. Because I was lonely I missed her, and because I missed her I was lonelier.

We go back to the day Na-jung hugged him in relief to find that he wasn’t inside the mall that collapsed. His spirits had soared that day, never having imagined she’d care so much, and he’d worried as they ate lunch that she was going to make herself sick. He’d gone to get her medicine and come home on cloud nine, only to watch her flit away with a beaming smile to go see Oppa.

Chilbongie: It isn’t over till it’s over. But if it’s a game that has no end, I have to end it myself. If it’s something that 10,000 hours of heartache can’t achieve, then for her sake, I have to lay my heart down. I have to begin the end.

So he calls Na-jung the next day to say that he has something to tell her, and then when she comes by after work, he admits that he’s all better and has been for a while. Wait, now I’m suddenly scared that you’re faking being better just to let her go. He spins his arm to show her, and reminds her about how he faked her out once before with the driver’s license thing. Her glares starts to scare him, so then he just asks if she wants to hit him.

She does one better and pinches him until he winces and THEN hits him. Ha. She’s not really that mad though, and asks if he’s really all better. He swears he is and tells she can stop coming to the hospital.

The next morning Na-jung tells Yoon-jin about Chilbongie’s lie, but says she plans to go to the hospital anyway, intending to visit him every day like she originally promised. She comes by the hospital room, but finds it already empty.

She goes looking for Chilbongie, but he’s at home, arm back in his sling. You faker. He calls his doctor and apologizes for sneaking out of the hospital before he was supposed to leave, and swears he’ll go to his physical therapy like clockwork.

Na-jung rushes downstairs and drops her phone when she collides with someone, and hails a cab. But while she’s one her way to Chilbongie, she puts her phone battery back in, and gets a message from Oppa asking if she can stop by because he’s sick.

Na-jung reads the message and just starts to cry right then and there, and we don’t get to see if she changes direction or not.

Later that night Haitai and Samcheonpo watch the news report that Chilbongie flew out on the last plane that night, and we actually see the plane fly over the boardinghouse in the background.

They marvel at the crowd of reporters, always amazed that their friend is a famous person who seems so different from them. Samcheonpo is, as usual, obsessed with a random detail, wondering if Chilbongie rides in business class. He sighs that that’s his dream in life: “Do you know that they serve food on plates?!”

They remember that his appearance on Kim Hye-soo’s talk show is this week, and then we cut to the whole house gathered in front of the TV to watch it. They’re disappointed that none of their practice questions were asked, but in the end Kim Hye-soo asks about the hardest thing about living abroad.

Haitai lights up, expecting Chilbongie to answer the way he prepped him, but he chooses Na-jung’s simple answer that he misses Korean food. And then he adds, “But the hardest thing is when I miss my friends.” Awww.

He closes out the interview with career goals for the coming year, and then asks if he can add something. He looks into the camera: “Kim Sung-kyun, Kim Dong-joon, Sohn Ho-joon, Jo Yoon-jin, and… Na-jung-ah! Today’s my birthday.” Oof. That cake was your birthday cake? BONG-AH. Why do you break my heart so?

He joshes them for not knowing when he remembered every single one of their birthdays, and then Kim Hye-soo laughs and asks who those people are. Chilbongie: “My friends. The friends I always ate, and drank, and played with.”

As all the kids get up and run off, Na-jung coughs. Hm, is that a cold, missy? Everyone runs up to call friends and family to brag about their names being said on national TV. It’s hilariously cute. But then Mom answers a call a second later, and comes by to hand the phone off to Na-jung. She asks who’s calling at this hour. Mom: “Joonie. Jae-joonie.”


Of course you’d tease us both ways. It’s not like I expect any REAL hints from you ever, or that twenty episodes of crying wolf has earned a sense of trust or anything. In any case, as an episode about saying goodbye to your first love, it had a nice symmetry to it—Na-jung finally deals with her falling out with Oppa and says goodbye to her first love, while Chilbongie finally faces the harsh lesson that there are things in this world you can’t do with even ten thousand hours of effort, and says goodbye to his. Inasmuch as it sets the love triangle back to zero AGAIN, it’s more endless chain-yanking; but as three separate characters, there’s growth there. Each of them comes out of it knowing a little more about love, and we go into the finale with the understanding that First Love the fantasy is over, and a more mature love will take root.

I like that this episode painted Oppa and Chilbongie as opposites, only to come around and make them very much like the other in the end. Oppa loses Na-jung because he’s too selfless, while Chilbongie clings to Na-jung selfishly. Oppa says he’s fine when he’s sick or heartbroken, and refuses to let Na-jung come to him when he would need her most, thinking it better to save her grief or pain. Chilbongie tells Na-jung he needs her, asks for her help, and wants her by his side when he’s hurting, even if she’s hurting. But once the tables are flipped and Oppa finds out why he lost Na-jung and Chilbongie realizes he needs to let her go, they go very much in the opposite direction and Oppa calls her when sick for the first time, and Chilbongie pulls an Oppa and says he’s fine when he’s really not. I rather enjoy that they end up on opposite ends of the spectrum regardless (because otherwise they’d be breaking laws of the universe, I’m sure).

I can’t believe all that mess happened to Chilbongie just because he didn’t want to be alone on his birthday. His storyline in this episode highlighted just how alone he really is and why he clings to Na-jung so. The sitting alone just staring at the door and waiting for her, making sure she’ll be there every day until he has to leave, his nervousness that she’ll go away at any moment—it was all so beautifully sad and vulnerable. It was heartbreaking that he had to see that loving Na-jung was the thing that made him lonely, but it was a nice revelation to spur him past his one-sided love.

I love that the friends assume that they’re just unimportant college friends of a famous person, while Chilbongie sees them as family and home. The flashback to the moment after the mall collapse struck me as the moment that that took root for him—when he was shocked that someone would actually care that much about his well-being to cry, as if he’d never been loved like that before. I don’t even mean romantic love, but just sincere love and concern, yunno, that he’s alive. Is it any wonder he’s in love with her?

I thought it nice that just like Oppa who got his position in the Sung family reinforced regardless of being apart from Na-jung, Chilbongie reinforced his friendship with the gang. It sets us up for a believable future where failed romance is water under the bridge and friendship is the thing that lasts. I’d be more inclined to believe it had we not been strung along on the world’s longest love triangle, but I suppose we have two years of ground to cover till the wedding.

And Oppa, oh Oppa. Why wouldn’t you let her come to you in your time of need? Maybe she’s the one who should’ve gone anyway. The thing about them is that there’s no one to blame because they did everything for each other and nothing for themselves, only sometimes you actually have to get mad and fight, and tell someone you need them, and tell them it’s not okay. It’s so realistic for Oppa to just be an oppa instead of a boyfriend, and for Na-jung to just let him because that’s who he was. Go Ara played that “Why were we like that?” moment so beautifully—tinged with regret at having been too nice, too understanding, too giving, to the point that they actually took themselves out of the equation to keep from being a burden on each other. If ever good intentions paved the road to misery. I mean, what do you do when your relationship becomes so polite and thoughtful that you both end up utterly alone? What a thing—they were just as lonely as the guy who had an unrequited love.


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    I thought it was an extremely dull episode expected more. But loved the finale….

    • 1.1 Gene

      I thought this episode was way too somber and dull as well. waiting to watch the finale.

    • 1.2 nujw

      Nah, I felt the opposite way, I dislike the finale. And not because my ship wasn’t endgame but because the whole flow of the show felt odd and the execution was badly handled.

      Please no more Reply sequels…..

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        hated the finale, agree pleaseeeee no more sequels.

        Reply 1997

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          ….and also: SPOILER!

          What sorcery is this?


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            I wouldn’t be surprised if they filmed everything more than a few times. The PD had stand-ins for the groom in the wedding scenes all throughout the show.

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          True, nothing beats reply 1997…1994 started out great but it totally went to he** at the end. I wish I could slap the writers

          • zoe

            Yeaahhh man! Go slap them! Love story of 1997 was wayyy better than ’94s. This one started good…very disappointing 2nd half.

          • Aigoooo

            Yeah, I like 1997 way better. It’s my second favorite drama. They did more with less episodes and as a whole, the story was complete. All the characters were fleshed out evenly and were given more time to develop. We knew exactly who they were as a person, what is going in with them and what futures they had. Heck, even Sung Shi Won’s SechKies frienemies (who were filler characters) we knew what became of them. All in all, 1994 was good but it never gave me that sense of feeling fulfilled like 1997 did.

      • 1.2.2 Misskpopluvver

        I completely understand what you mean [SPOILERS]

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        I don’t know. I’d be down in about 35 years or so, for Answer Me 2027 with Shi-won’s daughters and Na-jung’s kids.

      • 1.2.4 moll

        I felt the same way. This episode was poignant for sure (though heartbreaking for Chilbongie), but it could easily have come much earlier in the series, and that would have made the finale feel much less rushed/whiplashed/cobbled together.

        Thank you, girlfriday, for your comments at the end of Ep 20 though – the dichotomy between Chilbong and Oppa that you pointed out was enlightening and something I didn’t register!

    • 1.3 mo0mi

      i’ll comment here cause it’s on top but watch out for spoilers down there.. :s

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      I found ep 20 to be dull and depressing. I walked away halfway.

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      get ready for a lot of hate with a nasty comment like that.

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        It truly is nasty. As much as I’ve favored one guy over the other as the romantic interest, I’ve loved both characters equally. So this bs is really irritating from both sides.
        Like no, you have accomplished shit [REDACTED -jb] so what exactly are you feeling superior for??

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          [SPOILERS DELETED. Come on, folks, this isn’t a new thing. -jb]

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            Insensitive jerks are even worse.

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            Some people really loved this show, and are disappointed/broken hearted because their fave character lost his love. Why does that make you happy? Are all Trash/NJ fans this vindictive? What a sad, little life for you.

            This comment is the embodiment of what this show’s fandom became. Kudos for giving us a prime example of reprehensible behaviour.

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    • 5.1 Langit13iru

      Maybe he get scouted by U.S team during his stay in Japan. That’s usually how it goes.

    • 5.2 irugnotmis

      remember the scene where haitai and samcheonpo were sitting in front of the computer and na jong’s emails arrived? chilbong’s news was on the webpages they were looking at. one of them was news that he signed into major league.

      • 5.2.1 Altari

        Thank you for the awesome recap. I think this might be one of my all-time favorite recap.
        I never really saw CB as a serious contender because NJ made it pretty clear her heart was Oppa’s and CB was just a good friend.
        For all it’s faults, I really loved this drama. It’s the first drama in a long time that I watched with my husband. Normally our tastes don’t mesh. He likes thrillers and sageuks, I like romcoms.
        I’ll miss our 1994 cast. 🙁

        • Altari

          Sorry, I meant to post as a general comment, not as a reply to azy.

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        Thanks for the info. I was wondering how I missed CB going from Japan to U.S., too.

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    Thanks for the recap.

    It was the loneliness that crushed me.
    Poor sad lonely Chilbongie – famous sports guy making all kinds of money flying all over the world but sitting all alone on his freaking birthday. sonovabotch.

    • 6.1 nomad

      My heart is all over the place in terms of shades of pain. I’m pained seeing Na Jung, and I just wanna hug CB and said, “That’s okay. I’ll be your best friend, I promise. I won’t ever, ever, ever leave you alone again, ever.” (I know he’s hot and all, but I’d still marry my husband all over again, given the choice)

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      I bawled at this point too.

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    Hey girlfriday, I adore you cuz you can write such review as this one.

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    Trash oppa is so end game but I love how it’s wrapping up 2mrrw is d finale finally. Love dis show. Trash oppa much love

  9. Kim Yoonmi

    Not giving spoilers since the last episode is already up… but I don’t view this episode as filler, unlike GF, with all respect. As she said in her own words, there were emotional pay offs, and as much as people have centered themselves on the love triangle, the other things that happens around it give this drama a quiet sweetness that appeals to me. The smaller moments are both what makes Oppa and this drama shine.

    I think the relationship with Sook Sook and HaeTae being established, the real reason for the break up, and highlighting the character arc of all of the characters brought this episode together for me.

    Also, it’s pretty obvious why Trash didn’t want to lean on NJ… he still wanted to protect her as an older brother and not show his vulnerable side. But she’d been waiting for that for a long time, but he kept treating her as a younger sister. It frustrated her. But to him, it’s a habit that he wasn’t quite ready to break. Because if he lets that go and they break up, he has nothing, which leaves him without a place within the family. He’s already jeopardized it with her father, but I think NJ’s father explaining his objections gave him a place in the family again–letting him know it would always be there.

    And this is where this episode shines–it’s the smaller emotional payoffs, letting us know that friendship is stronger than the romantic attachments–that there is more to romance between these people which is why they were able to stick together for 20+ years–which is a miracle in of itself. The ties of family (even when not actually family), brotherly love (even when not brothers), friendship, and a feeling of kinship. Without this episode it makes it harder to believe they’d be like this for so long.

  10. 10 Chesquared

    I feel so cheated. The scriptwriters no longer had a story, they were just riding it on with the fame of the drama. I cried this episode because it hurt. Poor Chilbong. Why did they make us love him so much?!??!! If there would be a 3rd season, I’m totally going to lock myself away in Rapunzel’s tower. The world is cruel. V___V

    • 10.1 Kim Yoonmi

      I think if you watched it solely for the love triangle–this is true and I think they could have conducted it better as a main plot in a few ways which I’ve illuminated before (For example, giving NJ a real rival with Oppa…)

      But as a whole, if you take out the love triangle aspect, I don’t think this is completely true. The core of the drama isn’t the love triangle–it’s the formation of relationships with what starts out as strangers who become lifelong friends as they go through their individual ups and downs. It’s the slice of life moments, and the little happenings around them as they experience life for the viewers that was once familiar be familiar again, from the beepers to the cellphones.

      And the small conflicts, the small realizations are really where the drama is at.

      • 10.1.1 azurduyy

        I really think the core of the drama was the love triangle. If it wasn’t, the show’s flow would’ve been much better. Just look how they handled the hype machine, always focusing on the hurr hurr who’s da husband. Disclaimer before the “lol u just a chilbong butthurt” brigade comes, sorry to disappoint but I dropped this drama many episodes ago precisely for the ridiculous importance they gave to the love triangle. I’m not here for that s*it.

        That aspect of the show makes it pale in comparison to R97, it’s a shame.

        • keah

          ^this, as much as we want to deny it, the core was really the love triangle, majority of the significant events are dedicated to the loveline, majority of the articles are about the husband mystery.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          The main plot line isn’t the same as the heart of the show. I’m making that distinction. The main plot line was definitely the love triangle, which wasn’t handled all that well from a technical and emotional stand point. But the heart of the show–the core was. Which was done is quieter smaller moments which you can’t write long articles about. It’s small things like understanding that questioning ones sexuality isn’t the end of the world. That following a path your parents desire might be your own, that love is not baseball–effort doesn’t mean everything. That the Oppa that cares for you can show it simply enough with a seal, or that Oppa’s affection for Na Jeong needs to be more than just caring about her well being, but letting her care for his well being too.

          Slice of Life is quiet, but the love triangle was loud. If you watch the show for everything except the main love triangle and ignore the noise, something special comes out of it. (Though I get some people don’t like slice of life and say it’s slow and too boring, which is why I think they tried to make the love triangle loud–so both audiences could get something out of it. Loud things are easier to write about in articles out of stories, but quiet things are usually a momentary thing that flashes on the screen that wins your heart bit by bit–and no news article can quite capture such moments that well because in effect you need the context of the story and so on to experience them in full.)

          Small moments plays in the background, and was definitely quieter than 1997, but it was definitely there. I think without that, this drama would have been flat and had little to no appeal for me at all. I’ve watched over 200 love triangles and read a ton more in fiction, but without a heart I can’t buy them. There has to be more and the heart of the show was not romance, it was all different kinds of relationships. Agape, etc.

    • 10.2 Eaglette

      Most a character be truly evil in order not to be deserving? You guys are so full of it! Why can’t CB be good and still not get the girl? Is everyone in this world who doesn’t get what they want evil? We all strugle and sometimes things don’t go the way we would like it and when it does, it’s wonderful and miraculous! Most CB be made evil so you hate him and feel better about NJ and Oppa been together? All CB shippers who think like this is selfish and don’t deserve to even like his character!!

  11. 11 kate


  12. 12 hanyuja

    lovely episode for me. even though i already watched the episode and i understand everything i always feel like i miss a few details and connections, so i always look forward to reading your recap! in fact i’ve been waiting to read this before i go and watch the finale. whoo!

  13. 13 Peridot

    While perhaps a little late in the game, I am glad that Chilbong is moving on. The loneliness of his character is palpable. Here is a star athlete with no family life to speak of. He started off as the outsider looking in at the boardinghouse and I think it was the sense of ‘family’ he witnessed there that attracted him to Najeong. I think it is interesting that he mentions the friendships he made at the boarding house. For some reason, I find that a little too hard to believe, as he was so single-mindedly invested in Najeong (and baseball, of course). Again, this is where I see a fault in the show, which depended so much upon the husband-mystery as a narrative focus. I loved the short, simple moments between Chilbong and Bingguere, as they show a sweet relationship between the cousins. I wish I could have seen more of this. And I would have liked to see the two of them confiding a bit more in each other.

    Perhaps the final episode will add weight to Chilbong’s words, as he is now free to expand his emotional horizons. And I believe that this show is, on the whole, good with character development. I love its look at the small moments in life and its exploration of bonds that go beyond romance. I look to a return to the quality of this show’s earlier episodes and its quiet reflections on life, love, family, and friendship. Not that this show every lost this aspect, but so much was invested in the love-triangle angst.

    • 13.1 KDaddict

      It’d have been better if the writer let CB move on a great deal earlier, like b4 he went to Japan, gave him closure, and an arc of a true romance, instead of making him pine for her for 19 and a half eps, and have us feel all his emotions of longing, patiently waiting, hoping, and hurting.

      The show did itself and us a big disfavor by jerking us around to the end. I wish they could be honest to us, and decent to CB by showing in its later half, his happy moments, of falling for a girl to whom he is her world. Without the long and drawn out love triangle, time could be freed up for other things that would be much more enjoyable, like a bit more time for Bing and Die-Die, Haitai and Ah Jeong, CB and Bing, Cb and Trash becoming friends, NJ coming more into her own, having a life indep of these 2 guys, etc.

      I thoroughly love this cast.

      • 13.1.1 Mashimomo

        This so much. My head and heart were not connecting because of the constant trolling that they did until this point, this resolution should have been done about 4, maybe even more episodes back.

      • 13.1.2 thelady

        I agree that this drama would have been so much better if they let CB move on sooner and get his own love line. Once Najung and Trash got engaged the first time CB should have grieved and moved on.

  14. 14 ozzeee

    I personally pegged two moments where Go Ara did her best acting. First was during the proposal scene, and the second is their “why we broke up” convo with oppa..she sold both these moments to me..

  15. 15 Langit13iru

    Thanks for the recap. Before that let me scream… They played g.o.d songs twice. Observation from 1st album in epi.19 and Love and Remember in this epi. I’m scream so much when Binggurae mention about the reality show Baby Diary and JJANG by the girls. Then when Najung brought the g.o.d album to Bongie room. And the songs once again much appropriate on every scene.

  16. 16 Mawiie

    Awww don’t be heartbroken everybody. Chilbonsaurus is here to cheer you up! Omnomnom! http://i794.photobucket.com/albums/yy224/miss_mawiie/IMG_20131227_152440_zpse01f9a7a.jpg

    Thanks for the recap GF!

    • 16.1 Mashimomo

      taus les Jaurus FTW! These are adorable!

    • 16.2 bbstl

      thanks, these helped cheer me a bit after this tear-filled episode 🙂

    • 16.3 mmmaggie

      No lie, I went to Tous Les Jours at 8:45pm last night and watched the final episode at 6am with my dinosaur snacks and Tous Les Jours mug.

    • 16.4 thelady

      so cute

  17. 17 LEEEEZZZZ

    This episode was amazing. The scene with Oppa and NJ was so beautifully sad. NJ is crying to much not because their relationship ended but how it ending. No matter how much they loved each other they will always be Brother and Sister first. What they though would make them be special ultimately help end their relationship. There was no one else to blame but themselves. How sad is that. No wonder NJ cried her eyes out.

    Then the ep had highlight CB’S loneliness. You felt it more because mom never left dad’s side. How cute were they. Notice that mom and dad’s room was small but filled with love but on the other hand CB room was large but empty. When all of the friends leave the pang in CB’S eyes just reminded how alone he is in this world. He was sent to Japan and then the States to highlight that. Even though he has all of these fans and reporters following him at the end of the day he is alone. That is why when the talk show airs, his speech has more impact on us and emotions are all over the place because we see that this boarding house family is his real family. Even more so when everyone has someone to call, CB has no one, not even his real parents.

    • 17.1 bbstl

      I hated how after the talk show, everyone thought only of themselves (including mom and dad). No one called Chilbongie. Twist the knife, Show.

      • 17.1.1 skelly

        That is one of my problems with the presentation, as well. If you really feel for Chilbong’s loneliness and lack of family, then at some point the other characters will annoy you because of their selfish and obtuse behavior. That scene is especially crass – they all run off to talk about how he spoke their name on TV – what about a thought for the birthday they all forgot? Chilbong is especially pitiful, in that these are the best friends/love object he can muster. Get new friends. Get a better girl. Sheesh.

  18. 18 Random

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post the most from girlfriday. Many people were disappointed with this episode, but I thought the character development of the three as you said was wonderfully done. I didn’t care for the withholding of the husband. And omg I never noticed that NJ coughed because I was too busy laughing at the others dispersing and calling their parents lol.

  19. 19 ty

    i don’t really understand why na jung started crying when she got that message from oppa, can someone explain? thanks 🙂

    • 19.1 Michelle

      because prob all her pent up worry over him being so sick PLUS
      its the first time that trash FINALLY decided to ask for help when he is ‘hurting’ aka the reason behind their breakup.

      so its a sign of him finally changing – finally showing some vulnerability.

    • 19.2 Patch

      It’s the first time he’s admitted to her that he’s not fine and asks for help which is the reason they broke up. It’s a small step towards establishing a new dynamic.

  20. 20 bennie

    There was no need for the husband mystery at all, [SPOILERS]

  21. 21 Annanoonim

    Thank you girlfriday for the recaps, love how they close the Chilbong’s story arc. Assuming he didnt get the girl, he decided to stick around with Sinchon’s family. Some might see this as the writer being too cruel & too harsh for his character, but let’s remember that Chilbong treasures them, these people are like his family (or even more than his own), he finds something that he always longs in his own family, he gains friends who treasure him back. So I guess it comes naturally if even he didnt end up with Najung, he still wants to stick around being friends and family and all. A less lonely Chilbong is always fine with me, so it’s good that he still remains good friends with them in 2013.

    • 21.1 skelly

      Don’t understand this. Do they really treasure him? Is he really less lonely? And are they really his good friends? Frankly, I won’t be spoilerish, but I think he is being taken advantage of in 2013.

  22. 22 Mandy

    I actually have nothing to add to the discussion other than I really wish the writer didn’t make this whole drama about the damn love triangle. It was about so much more, and I felt many character moments and great relationship developments were sacrificed for one goddamn non-existent secret.

    I really hope people don’t post spoilers for the next episode in this recap and just wait for the next one. It’s kind of unfair for those who hasn’t seen the finale yet. Other than that, I’m actually glad this is ending. It’s so stressful to watch a drama that has it’s fans divided in two sides. More than feeling happy for one’s ship, I think many feels the need to insult the other instead. More than feeling happy that ‘we won’ I think many prefers to rub in ‘you lost’. Which is so disappointing. Hopes he next big drama has everyone is the same ship so we can focus on the good stuff a drama brings rather than the bad side of its fans.

    • 22.1 skelly

      Blame the writer, who I guess used to write for 1N2D. I feel like we’ve all been played like some poor hapless contestant.

  23. 23 Yue

    God, it breaks my heart how Chilbongie loves his friends. They don’t see it they way he did and that was just — *sobs* Damn it, why does he have to be such a good guy and swings the pendulum back and forth? It’s like… Oppa is love and then… Chilngieeeeee!! And then Oppa’s <33 And… GUHH! I don't bloody know anymore!

    Finale will kill me even when I think I already know who is the husband. I'm hardly wrong, so, I'm gonna bit on my nails through finale and then refresh dramabeans every five seconds 🙂

  24. 24 mo0mi

    ok so for me what ruined that ep. and the show in general is how they treated chill bong’s character. i mean weather you were on his team or not, he was supposed to be a contender and now it’s perfectly clear he was never even close.. there is no mystery in the husband mystery at all. na jeong never even cared to just tell chill bong- “i’m not interested”, and let him move on, not only that she actually made fun of him with yoon jin, for being desperate. yeah he is, and that’s another annoying thing, he clanged so much they ruined his likability for me, he truly became pathetic for no reason.. and what’s the whole drama with oppa and na jeong, ok you broke up and every thing, but why not getting back together right there when you met and it was obvious they wanted it.. on top of all it was just so boring.. and did you noticed how many scenes were in the hospital?? it’s a total copy of the last moments of reply 1997..

    • 24.1 a_diva

      too true. chilbongie was a contender (from the viewers’ perspective) for about the first 1/2 of the series and then it was clear it was not going to happen. i really liked this drama in the beginning when i thought the show was really going to give the rivalry b/wn Trash Oppa and CB a go and do a legitimate husband mystery. but it became clear soon at about episode 12 or 13 for me that Trash Oppa was the one. and that’s when i lost interest in the show and stopped waiting for the episodes with bated breath. because unfortunately, for me, the show did not flesh out the other characters enough for me to care much after that . . . although i must say that i did continue to love the frienship and love among the friends even if CB got the short end of the friendship straw a bit.

  25. 25 earthna

    It’s funny how I enjoyed reading your recap more than when I watched the episode. Thanks girlfriday!

  26. 26 carla

    Thanks for the recap. I am so exhausted because I got so emotionally involved in the drama. I loved it so much. It did not matter who N.J. ended up with. Although I do have a favorite . Oppa yea. That being said, I loved all the characters. I am sorry it is ending but glad nevertheless. Now I can get back to my life and stop day dreaming about Jung Woo. Again thanks for all the comments, it was fun! Hopefully I don’t get addicted again for some time.

  27. 27 tura

    Oh show why are u still doing this? tell me who the husband is already. If chilbongi isn’t the husband why hasn’t he been released from the love triangle? I have yet to have see him being happy without grasping straws.

  28. 28 stars4u

    Heartbroken for Chilbongie… poor guy had no one even on his bday

  29. 29 Waiting


    Ditto your comment….sorry that it is ending. But all things do and it was a fun ride. I just watched the finale so the last thing to do is read the recap when it is out.

    Thanks for the recaps GF! I’ll be curious to read your take on the ending. 🙂

  30. 30 MyLabyrinth

    So disappointed by this pointless, artificial love-triangle. Seriously writers, why???? I expected better from this team.

    When I look back at this show, I will remember fondly the cast moments, only. There was never any romance.

    • 30.1 lu

      I guess never romance for the character you liked, right? lol

      • 30.1.1 apples

        Trash fan huh?

  31. 31 saboriana

    I always complain that the heroines in dramas are too complaisant, and Candy cookie cutter types. Which is why I love Na Jung so much, in this story she is the hero. She loved one man and from start to finish she never waved. Na Jung told us from the start what she wanted “My dream was to marry oppa”, “I like oppa”, and if you watch Reply 1994 from a narrative point and viewed Na Jung as the lead character and removed the gender factor then the who’s the husband question becomes a non-factor.

    Although I am an oppa fan from start to finish, I would like to thank this writer for given us two well thought out, loveable characters. They were not perfect, but it was their flaws, their loneliness, solitude, and quiet ways of loving which captured our hearts. Thank you CB and oppa for being all around decent, dignified human beings, who did not use their pain, loneliness, and love to justification disregarding what the person they love needed, and indulging in tantrum throwing when they don’t get their ways.

    As a drama watcher who has been on many a sinking ships, I thinking shipping is fun, illogical, bias driven, and flawed finding. For me shipping is believing that your character is the best and only choice, and if the writers, other characters, and the world can’t see that, than that’s because everyone is blind.

    Shipping is about setting you alarm to a foreign countries time because you have to know as soon as possible what happened to your ship, and by chance you get the ending that you wanted, then shipping is about boasting that you knew all along that your ship was the best ship, end game, that you have always been 100% certain (even though you’ve been sweating bullets and ripping out your hair the entire time) and you have no idea what those other shippers are talking about, because obviously their ship was never a contender.

    The beautiful thing about shipping is that like love, it’s a choice which requires no explanation or justification, because it just is. And finally shipping is about never learning your lesson and blindly getting on the next ship.

    • 31.1 abby

      I read you in some other blog and I totally agree with you. 😉

  32. 32 Sajen

    If Chilbongie’s the end game like I fear, I’ll be more upset than I thought I would be at the beginning. Oppa is a fully fleshed out character but Chilbongie ended up being nothing but a foil for Na-jung and Trash. Chilbongie’s family issues disappeared completely and baseball when it showed up was ultimately just there to send him away. So let’s go Team Trash.

  33. 33 jennie

    this episode literally depressed the hell out of me.

    and what pained me the most is that it just shows how much of a family the boarding family is to Chilbong. And how the boarding family doesn’t realize that.

    Esp when they didn’t remember his birthday, and he said that he always remembered theirs. And I would expect them to call him and wish him a happy birthday afterwards, but they go to call home and say their celebrity friend said their name on TV.
    It kills me because it seems like his friends are always on his mind, but he’s barely in there’s.

    And when Chilbong finally decided to let Na Jung go, it killed me because when you love someone, you let them go. Poor Chilbongie 🙁

    I wish for the writers to give him something, some ounce of happiness and fulfillment because every character on the show has that. Bingguerae with his future wife, Haitai and Ae Jung, Samcheonpo and Yoo Jin…and Chil Bong will have what? Baseball? The writers barely gave him an in depth storyline until only the end where we finally see why he is lonely.

    And I don’t get why they continue to troll us because the writers are the one who didn’t give a fair love triangle, Na Jung had so many times she could have fallen for Chilbong, but we get nothing. And so it shouldn’t even be a mystery because it’s always Oppa at the end. Or unless they pull a big twist and Na Jung and Chilbong are end game (which I totally ship), but if they give a crappy reason why Na Jung finally picks Chilbong, I will be so angry bc Chilbong doesn’t deserve to be the one she “settles” with or the “rebound” guy.

    • 33.1 Saima

      That voice over… everything about Joon-ah made me cry. I thought when the friends rushed off they’d be trying to call him to apologize for forgetting his b’day. Yet again the writer was successful in making me wince in pain for our Joon-ah! I just want to ask WHYYYYYYY?!! What is the point of putting him through this misery?!

  34. 34 One

    My tears just fall like heavy rains for this eps especially when Chilbong start to narrate. I know what it feels to be in his shoes. the things like he have parents but actually both never care about him. the thing like he found baseball as the only ultimate happinese of his life. and suddenly you feel belong to someone and longing for someone. to the extend you wish she will become yours. the loneliness that possess by Chilbong. I do really felt him. by looking him is enough to make me cry again.
    And ofcourse as Najung end up with oppa i feel dissapointed w the writer. why make him so terribly pathetic man. He got nothing. the only unaccomplish first love in this series. Chilbong will always be my biased though <3 <3 <3

    I think the reason why oppa and najung is not a couple in my eyes is because that oppa just sitting and watching his little sister for the entire 10 first eps which make me always see both of the as a sibling and not as a couple…and undoubtedly i can onle Chilbong's love..

    this series still give me a good vibe when i see how close their friendship is. The things that i always wish to have. A bunch of VERY GOOD friend for my entire life…

  35. 35 mary

    Your wrap-up paragraph was beautiful and sad. 🙁 Thank you for the recap.

  36. 36 adette

    oh my God, you guys. what’s with all the spoilers? I mean, you could argue that the ending is pretty obvious at this point but STILL. this is the recap for episode 20. I’m sure you have lots to say about the finale, which is perfectly fine, but WAIT FOR THE DAMN FINALE RECAP. geeeeezeee.

  37. 37 glorygirl

    I wish the drama never showed 2013 scenes and just stuck with Najung’s journey–her family, friend’s and love. Then I think the ending would have been more tolerable. What was the whole point of the current scenes anyway?

    Sorry, I am CB fan. I wish Najung told him straight from the start that her heart forever belonged to Trash early on. Then we would not have 18 episodes for cheering for CB.

  38. 38 bubbles

    I know everyone is stuck on the finale right now, but can just say TRASH! YOU FREAKING MORON! It’s as if he thought that all they had to do was get married and everything else would work out on it’s own. I knew there was more to the breakup! I’m not even remotely surprised that Trash’s issues were the breaking point. I mean, it’s the same issue that had him sitting on his hands for close to a year while NJ wallowed in self-doubt and misery. A part of me thought that it would get swept under the rug (I’ve watched too many kdramas where glaring, underlying problems in the main couple’s relationship are dismissed because *TRUE LOVE FIXES EVERYTHING*), so I’m so happy that this issue and the complications of going from pseudo-siblings to lovers was revisited.

    I had more to say but the finale melted my brain (in a good way!), so I’ll wait for that recap.

    • 38.1 Kim Yoonmi

      I think NJ is at fault a bit too, because she let it happen and let it fester. But I do like she didn’t go all candy girl and try to “fix” it like a Manic Pixie Girl, which annoys me even more. I’m glad that there was a moment of self realization instead and I have much love for going the harder route in both acting and writing. It’s easy to get a pixie to fix everything in a Deus Ex machina way, it’s much harder to let the characters work on it through the events of the story and interactions themselves. So I agree on kudos to the writers for that.

      Just disagree it was all Oppa or him being wishy washy. Relationship take 2 people. NJ said it was her fault too, and I like that. (gives one up on feminism as well.)

  39. 39 Kelinci biru

    Wow. Thanks Girlfriday, that was so thoughtful.

    Personally, I love this episode, just because. Now, I love it even more after hearing your thoughts.

  40. 40 Callmechrisss

    Am I the only one who was loving Haitai the Stay At Home Dad? Dude was so into the dad thing that he even put Sook Sook in the classic baby rucksack, lol. Who knew Haitai possessed such natural fatherly instincts; cooking, taking care of Sook Sook, worrying about being apart from him for too long.. Awww.

    • 40.1 Kim Yoonmi

      That whole bit won me for this episode. I could eat that whole thing up all day. So cute! Love triangle or not, definitely Haetae is what makes this particular episode really special.

  41. 41 Nicky

    I feel so cheated :'(

  42. 42 Mashimomo

    I loved how you pointed out that Trash and Chilbong eventually found themselves doing the opposite of what they have been doing when it mattered. These are the moments that I love about this show, and many others that got lost in the grand (non) mystery of a husband plot. I just wished they got here sooner. I’m looking forward to your recap and thoughts for tomorrow’s finale.

  43. 43 aly

    i avoided spoilers for days and then it fucking gets ruined anyway. if you fucking know the ending can you not bloody keep it to yourself assholes. not all of us have seen the last ep. omg i want to throw something!!!

    *tries calming down*

    so up to part three i was like, no doubt it’s oppa. i’m not even gonna fight it at this point. but then chilbongie brings the cake and i’m back to square one. but then seeing him clinging on and kind of being a burden to her broke my heart so much because i have never wanted it to come down to that for him. but her heart lies where it lies and not much can be done about that. i just want him to be happy. be happy chilbongie, pref with me? 🙂

  44. 44 Nubia

    Thanks for the recap, the feels YYS the feels. He did such a great job.

    I am a bit sad but great job to all the actors.

    As always DB thank you:)

  45. 45 Lottie

    for some, it is a disappointment, for me this episode was actually good. instead of just jumping into the ending, we see character grows and reasons for the ending to be more true. we see their ups and downs as if we were there. the feelings were portrayed very raw. i do not want to stop the fanwars over here—since it proves that the drama was successful in making watchers realize their feelings. i am hoping for a good ending no matter who she ends up with…i just liked the fact the the writers were able to pull and make a good or painful knot out of each character all though out the drama…

    • 45.1 Lottie

      typo…”we see each character grow”

  46. 46 kooriyuki

    For all who’re disgruntled about this, and the next ep, you’re welcomed to rant with me.

    Please leave DB free from flaming, because we all love DB, ok?

    Now that I’ve read this recap, I totally can see where we’re heading to. I watched the love live stream of the finale before watching this ep, so I was feeling totally absurd. But after reading this…I understand it better, though I still think it’s pretty pointless to have us viewers trolled endlessly. It’s a shame.

  47. 47 Lily

    So heartbroken for our three lovers. So selfless and shit lol ugh. Thank you for the recap GF!

  48. 48 noernov

    I feel the heartbreak for chilbongie😭,i will give u big hug,come to noona *open arm

  49. 49 Camille

    I’m positive now that it’s Chilbong and it’s for the silliest reason ever! The guy she marries has nice skin, and Chilbong has nicer skin that Oppa — THEREFORE IT IS CHILBONG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    • 49.1 Camille


    • 49.2 Abby

      I think we all need to create our own alter ending. In this way it reduces the heartbreak. I’m so crying for Chilbong. I’ll always love you Chilbong.

  50. 50 lu

    Wow GF, well said, I really enjoyed your thoughts about this episode, I’m glad you could comment about that beautiful scene between Trash and NJ, and even point out CB did selfish things – finally I see you being more neutral, this recap made me enjoy your insights again.

    • 50.1 ahs_1

      The ‘selfish things’ are what you call poor character development in service of maintaining the rubbish husband-mystery. GF and JB have remained neutral throughout their recaps…they just make sound constructive criticism of shoddy character development and weak plotlines. They’ve clearly had balanced ‘insights’ in all their recaps of R1994.

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