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Cha Seung-won considers drama return in Unprecedented
by | December 27, 2013 | 46 Comments

More Cha Seung-won in dramaland is always a good thing, but it’s particularly worth noting when the parties involved are as high-profile and hit-making as the ones for Unprecedented, a political sageuk from the Tree With Deep Roots writers and Queen Seon-deok director. Cha is not confirmed, just considering, but I’d love to see him in a tense historical thriller.

This drama is set in the early years of the Joseon Dynasty, centered around the founding fathers of Joseon and the struggle between its first king’s trusted advisor, Jung Do-jeon, and the man who would become its third king, Taejong. (Taejong was the father to Sejong, and those who saw Tree With Deep Roots will recall how ruthless and cold-blooded Taejong was; he is remembered as being cutthroat, killing his own brothers on his path to taking the throne.)

I’m still awaiting official confirmation but it appears that Cha Seung-won would play the future King Taejong role. Another actor whose name has been linked to this drama as probable lead is Han Seok-kyu (who was commanding as King Sejong in Tree), and he’s up for the rival role of Jung Do-jeon. Cha Seung-won versus Han Seok-kyu in a sageuk thriller? Can you just imagine? (Both actors have ties to the producers from their prior dramas, Han with Tree and Cha in the rom-com hit Best Love, which was directed by the same PD.)

Adding another layer of interest to this story, there is also a KBS drama in the works titled Jung Do-jeonโ€”yup, another drama about the same guy and political rivalry. That one will actually launch first, and one wonders whether it’ll be stealing any of Unprecedented’s thunder. It’s not the first time dramaland has put out dramas with the same basic premise within months of each other, but it’s always interesting to see which version comes out on top. (Examples: Iljimae and The Return of Iljimae, Cinderella Man and Fashion King, Dr. Jin and Faith, Master’s Sun and Who Are You…)

Unprecedented will be taking up the Monday-Tuesday slot on MBC to follow Empress Ki, beginning in April. Meanwhile, Jung Do-jeon (which stars Jo Jae-hyun in the lead role and Ahn Jae-mo as King Taejong) will be a KBS weekend drama premiering on January 4.

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46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. redfox

    oh please say yes, hot ahjussi.

  2. Celery

    Holy-f. On one hand, I can’t stomach sageuks. On the other hand, it’s muthafuxking CHA SEUNG WON.

    • 2.1 Khaada

      I would love to see cha seung won in a new drama but would really prefer it to be a modern drama. He is best in romantic comedies like greatest love.

      • 2.1.1 AddyisVIP

        Loved him in City Hall too… ใ…  ใ…  I just hope he successfully comes back and puts all the bad things behind him~

        • Abbie

          What bad things?

          • dearly

            His son’s scandals such as dealing w/ marijuana and the rape/kidnap incidents.

            On the other hand, glad he’s back. I actually want him in movies.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            His son’s actions shouldn’t reflect on his own choices and career, but then maybe I’ve been converted to the individualism of the US… But I still don’t think it should reflect on him.

          • dearly

            To Kim Yoonmi: I think it affected Cha Seung woo in that he ‘fail’ to raise his son properly which is why his son has done scandalous actions.

          • Kasmar

            @ Kim Yoonmi.. I agree with you that it shouldn’t affect his individual career, however, I do think on a personal level, as a father, whose son is going through probably the worst time of his life, he may be affected and may not particularly want to be in the public eye, considering the scandals are even heightened 100 times more by virtual of the fact that he is Noa’s father.

            @ Dearly.. I do agree with you, I think on a personal level, as a father he may feel he failed his son.

            I do wish him all the best with his family and would be happy to see him in a drama, considering Tree with deep roots is my all time favorite, and I think that would be brave of him to do the drama.

            One can’t help but wonder though, if the accusations are true at all, what was going on in that household?

  3. sara

    OMG! I was rooting for CSW to be the king of Goryeo in Empress ki (JJM is nailing it so far) This time it has to be CSW! dramaland missed you dude!

  4. cherkell

    HELL TO THE YES! As much as I love Ahn Jae-mo in anything he’s ever done, this ‘Unprecedented’ pairing makes me foam at the mouth. In a good way. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. pogo


    (epic political thriller? Come on!)

  6. daktari34

    Hope this happens!! 2014 needs to be a better year for kdramas.

  7. lenrasoon

    Han Seok-kyu! I’m so looking forward to new dramas from him, i hope he takes the part.

    • 7.1 Nicky

      Han Suk Kyu was amazing in tree with deep roots!!… would love to watch him in sageuk again!!

  8. midwestmz

    Oh happy New Year – oh happy New Year . . . . . . Heโ€™s back!!


  9. Ennayra

    Wait, “Return of Iljimae” isn’t the sequel to “Iljimae”? I didn’t watch either one, so I thought the dramas were related (especially since I heard the Lee Jun-ki one was better – isn’t the sequel usually worse?). But all this time, they were completely separate dramas… Wow – not sure how I missed that, lol.

    • 9.1 lo-chan

      Nope the Return of Iljimae wasn’t the sequel of Iljimae. I watched both and Lee JunKi’s Iljimae wasn’t as nearly good as Jung IlWoo’s The Return of Iljimae. I mean Iljimae had a lot of big actors and actresses but storywise, I totally recommend the latter!
      And I am happy to see the sexiesf ajhushi ever back on dramaland!!!

    • 9.2 Fun-Lugha

      Me & u both, I totally thought JIW’s one was a sequel! Btw for the record I preferred LJK’s, couldnt stand some of the plot on The Return.

    • 9.3 yooshihae

      Lee Jun-ki’s Iljimae is very dynamic! It’s the first k-drama I started love much, including all the acting, plot, soundtracks, and above all, the action scenes. The action scenes are just meh… and love scenes in the return of iljimae are dragging, it didn’t make me interest.

      • 9.3.1 yooshihae

        Typo: The action scenes in “the return of iljimae” are just mehโ€ฆ and its love scenes are dragging, it didnโ€™t make me interest.

  10. 10 junjae

    Oh gosh! Yes.please!

  11. 11 Arhazivory

    I’m so in. Not only because of CSW and HSK but more so because of the team behind them. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 11.1 spark

      me too. i love their work.

  12. 12 spark

    i NEED han suk kyu to take the part. i mean, whoever is casted, i’ll probably end up watching b/c i love long sageuks and the writer. but han suk kyu and cha seung won together would be amazing. also, has anyone heard about kim nam gil’s casting? i’ve heard his name floating around as well.

  13. 13 Rushie

    On the one hand Cha Seung-won! On the other, sageuks. I hate. sageuks but omo, I love CSW. ottoke!

  14. 14 klir

    I`m pretty sure Cinderella Man and Fashion King didn`t air at the same time. Cinderella Man was in 2009 and Fashion King in 2012.

    • 14.1 Miky

      I think it was more about the same premise plot wise and the main theme..The only show that i think was on the same period was Master’s Sun&Who are You,the other’s weren’t air in the same time nor year…
      I hope to see CSW back already missed him but to see him bad,oh boy..i guess i know he won’t die maybe at the end if he isin’t yet king and that would be his jorney maybe,hope so…

  15. 15 Dramafed1782

    Javabeans, please keep up with the updates on Unprecedented….. This is gonna be my first drama crack of 2014! SO.EXCITED!

  16. 16 Abbie

    Neither of these sound particularly interesting, but I’ll definitely watch for Cha Seung-won.

  17. 17 Holli

    YES!!! Those two actors in the same drama….oh let it please happen. I’d watch even if they just sat there reading the phone book.

  18. 18 kanz

    Isn’t it supposed to be Kim Nam Gil’s? I read somewhere KNG been considered for the role

    • 18.1 korfan

      I recall reading this also, a while back.

      But then I didn’t read anymore news regarding this matter.

  19. 19 snow

    Cha Seung Won….yayyyy!!

    But…a sageuk…hmm

  20. 20 Cynthia

    He’s been away for awhile – happy to see he might be on the small screen soon!
    But whatever happened to that movie where he was supposed to be a woman? Or a cross dresser? I remember seeing stills of him being made up, and then nothing?
    Now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps his family troubles have affected his career choices in this past year.

    • 20.1 daria

      i was wondering the same thing cause i was looking forward to that movie too.
      big screen, small screen, cha seungwon is welcome on my screen any time ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 21 browncoat_78

    OMG. OMG. OMG. The potential acting power here just makes me so happy. I’ve watched 145 Kdramas and I still consider Han Seok Kyu’s performance in Tree w Deep Roots to be the best I’ve ever seen. And then add the sexiest ahjussi on earth and great writer and pd…. can’t wait for April!

  22. 22 Lotus_Blossom

    *flails* FF button is my best friend when watching epic sagueks, but for CSW and this production team, I might end up watching every single minute. Huzzah, can’t wait!

  23. 23 mmmaggie

    I love the idea of an ancient Joseon king with a giant RACHEL tattoo. ๐Ÿ˜› That probably means no shower scenes in this drama. Ah well, I would watch Cha Seung Won in anything.

    • 23.1 dearly

      He’s a time-traveling alien. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. 24 Whatsthescenario


  25. 25 emma

    if cha seung won had been king of goryeo in empress ki then it wld hv pose serious competition to ji chang wook!

  26. 26 Sabelita

    Come on Cha, you are better in serious dramas and you have had enough heels for a while … so that

  27. 27 Erika

    Soy admiradora mexicana de Cha Seung Wo queremos volver a verlo yaaa por favor

  28. 28 Emmaeai

    Dokko! I’m with Celery on this one.

  29. 29 Mfae

    I love cha seung won ๐Ÿ™‚

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