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Choi Jin-hyuk, Song Ji-hyo shoot teaser for Emergency Couple
by | December 20, 2013 | 79 Comments

Here we go with first stills of tvN’s new romance drama Emergency Couple, taken from its recent teaser shoots. The drama stars Choi Jin-hyuk (Heirs, Gu Family Book) and Song Ji-hyo (Mandate of Heaven) as ex-spouses who reconnect on the job—as doctors in the same emergency room. (Let’s just hope all the romancing happens around the doctoring, because I’d at least like to preserve my illusions that when I go in for medical care, that’s what my doctors are thinking about.)

We’ll have to go on faith that these two will make a cute couple, but as they’re both actors with a lot of personal charm, I’m remaining hopeful. (Fine, I’m always hopeful. I know this. Sometimes this is a cause of more grief than comfort, but what can I say, I always want things to be good.) I’m mostly hoping for Choi Jin-hyuk’s sake, because at least Song Ji-hyo’s had a few turns playing romantic lead; Choi’s most memorable roles have been disappointed in love, and even when he’s gotten the girl (a rare occurrence, in It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl), the occasion has left much to be desired.

Together, they’ll be enacting a bickering (re)courtship, as a couple who divorced six years ago after being married through med school. Now they’re interns, and they’ll have to navigate the workplace as they figure out how to navigate their relationship. Supporting leads will be played by Lee Pil-mo (Light and Shadow) and Choi Yeo-jin (Incarnation of Money), he as the ER’s cool-headed chief resident and she as a calm surgeon. The two were once involved, but due to various difficulties never made it to the altar.

A few more familiar faces have been cast to play interns, including SNL’s Clara as a free-spirited graduate of an American med school and Answer Me 1994′s Yoon Jong-hoon (computer sci classmate Ki-tae) as a confident resident.

The 20-episode drama is set to replace Answer Me 1994 on weekends, and will premiere on January 24.

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79 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pabo ceo reom

    Song Ji-hyuk? 😉

    Merry Christmas JB!

    • 1.1 Rashell

      Couple name? Javabeans just getting into her shipper spirit a little early. 😉

      • 1.1.1 Mia

        hahaha I didn’t notice it, so slow xp
        I too hope it works for them, Ji-Hyuk couple fighting! 😀

    • 1.2 Steph

      Lol, JB obviously ships it!

      I’m interested simply because of the leads. I may check it out. Cute pics.

    • 1.3 bluesky

      my 1st word exactly! Song Ji-Hyuk???
      Ji Hyuk couple hwaiting! LOLOLOL!

      • 1.3.1 nomad

        I’m so slow…when I read the title, I thought “Oh how cute! They have the same middle name!”

        • Yee

          Oh that’ a cute name for them! We are definitely shipping them earlier than expected..LOL!

          I think I shall name them the OH-OH couple, judging by their bickering! Wonderful chemistry, can’t wait!

  2. callmeadreamer

    Awwww, the photos are cute.

    I remain optimistic about this drama ❤

  3. kate

    Toooo cuteeee! Kang Gary has competition haha

    • 3.1 Rashell

      Monday couple forever!!

      Although, maybe a Friday affair with Choi Jin Hyuk could happen. It would be VERY hard to say no to that.

  4. bananana

    Haha. It’s Song Ji Hyo. I was surprised a little reading the title. I’m really looking forward to this drama. I hope the series ends up not disappointing.

  5. eli_n

    Song ji-hyuk? Are we shipping together already? LOL

    Please be good drama, please be good.. I sat through most of heirs for CJH. I don’t think I can make myself go through something that again.

    As for Miss Mong, I love her to bits in RM. She’s just pure awesome personified. Now I would like to love her in dramas as well pretty please?

    I’m rooting for you drama! *does rain dance*

  6. didichan

    Song Ji-hyuk? fighting

  7. Waiting

    JB, I can see how a gal can be distracted typing that man’s name…

    Too bad we have to wait until 1/24 is all I’m sayin’.

    Santa, my little wish…
    Maybe they’ll go to a masquerade party at the hospital and he’ll come as Daddy-ho and she’ll make that Blank Ji face in response. I know I would be speechless in the best way e.v.e.r. in the face of Gummi-Yummy! Too must to ask? lol

  8. fun-lugha

    Won opaaa!

  9. space kablooie

    Does it seem weird to anyone else that they were married through medical school, divorced for six years, and are just now interns? Am I confused somewhere?

    • 9.1 Rashell

      Maybe it should be residents instead of interns?

      • 9.1.1 KDaddict

        They are called Residents in the U.S. Outside the U.S., esp. in British system, they are called Interns. Same difference.

    • 9.2 bananana

      I read somewhere that he ends up quitting to become a pharmaceutical salesman. Ji Hyo’s character was originally a dietician so she had to start from scratch and attend med school.

      • 9.2.1 bananana

        I should clarify again. He ends up quitting to become the salesman then after the divorce decides to go back to med school.

        • KDaddict

          TQ for that clarification.

    • 9.3 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

      Agreee I have no clue what’s going on im just goin to watch it cause I ❤ Won oppa in Panda & Hedgehog soooooo cute that show……. if u lubbbbb urself some fluff watch that show Panda & Hedgehog 4ever 😍

    • 9.4 KDaddict

      So glad you mentioned that. I was going: Uh??? How many years does medical school last in SK?
      If you do the math: Say they were married for 3 years, MS would be 9 years! OH No!

      2nd, medical interns barely have time to sleep. Same goes for full fledged doctors in ER. As interns in ER, How on earth do they have the time, energy or presence of mind to court? How????

  10. 10 Noelle

    I hope this will turn out decent or even drama crack worthy.

  11. 11 Steph

    Oh, this is TVN so ….well, I’m just gonna say it. Will there be lip action, I wonder. Lol, don’t act like I’m the only one. Anyway, I love Song Ji Hyo’s RM. I’m still trying to love her in dramas. Fingers crossed.

    • 11.1 s2cutechibi

      yup hope in this drama mong ji can show her strong personality=))) unlike in “Mandate of heaven” where she was kind of boring

  12. 12 Sadie

    i am so excited for this pair…i love them both individually and it’s been a while since i saw them in a project deserving of them… <3

  13. 13 savanna

    thankgawd for cable tvs :')

    • 13.1 CFLH

      my thoughts exactly!!! haha…i’m loving tvn dramas!! can’t wait for this and INR3!!! waah!!!

  14. 14 tokio

    Song Ji Hyo my ideal lady. keke. I’m so excited to see her in this.

  15. 15 Lixie

    They didn’t change his hair! I hate this haircut! He’s SOOO much better than that. 😛

  16. 16 aznative

    Yoon Jong Hoon is the kid — he’s an ’84, but then he’s a kid to me because I’m old enough to be his Mom 🙂 — that starred in “Monstar” as the bratty pianist, right?

    • 16.1 Rashell

      Yeah, I think he was the bully in Monstar who was always making Radio sing in class.

      • 16.1.1 aznative

        Oh, that sounds right. It will be nice to see him as a different character.

    • 16.2 meanrice

      THATS where he’s from. You have no idea how hard ive been trying to place him without looking it up!

  17. 17 Alice

    I can’t wait!!!!! Honestly, this will be the first time I watch Song Ji-hyo acting in a drama. After Gu Family Book, I like Choi Jin-hyuk and so I watched Heirs. He was soo wasted in that drama! Hopefully this drama will be great. Anyway… Song Ji-hyuk FIGHTING!!!!

    • 17.1 aznative

      I’ve seen Song Ji-hyo in “Goong” as well as a movie with Jae-Joong (of JYJ fame) and of course I’m sure everyone loves her as the ACE from Running Man! Haven’t seen “Heirs” or “Gu Family Book” yet, but they’re on my to-watch list.

  18. 18 Caitlyn

    I’m just happy to see Choi Jin Hyuk smiling! I’m going to get over my dislike of medical dramas just to watch these guys. It’s TVN so I have a bit more hope that it will be a pretty decent show.

  19. 19 fangirl98

    I’m a new fan of Choi Jin Hyuk. His voice knocks me out! I’m eagerly waiting to see him leading a drama. Never too much of a good thing! 😀

  20. 20 damianna

    aww…forget teasers, i need the drama already! please be cute, extra cute. i hope they’ll have great chemistry with each other.
    also, it’s nice to see song ji hyo all styled and pretty because it seems like she doesn’t care how she looks in RM all that much (because she’s awesome like that!)

    • 20.1 Rashell

      Ha, I know. It’s so funny how all the boys are so surprised by her beauty on those episodes when she has to dress up.

  21. 21 Sazi

    LOL, Song Ji-Hyuk.

    Really excited for this drama 🙂 Love Ace Ji-Hyo and I am starting to get into Jin-Hyuk’s acting so it will be interesting to watch this pair.

  22. 22 bebe jam

    omg!! I’m jumping around like a puppy right now! After I saw Choi Jin-Hyuk on Running Man (with The Heirs cast), I really wanted to see him and Song Ji-Hyuk together. Today is a goood day!

  23. 23 bebe jam

    * Song Ji-Hyo

  24. 24 bluesky

    I’m anticipating for this drama!
    I’ve watched almost all Ji Hyo’s dramas/films, her acting sometimes was delivered but sometimes just like her personality in RM, MONG! But i do love her..Choi Jin Hyuk, he has talent/look but too bad I never finish watching all his dramas including his recent drama, The Heirs..hope this one will hook me up!

    • 24.1 bjharm

      yeah I still have shivers at her fate in that gangster film way too may flash backs of her in the drum, could do with a nice romantic drama with some laughs to get it out of mind once and for all! happy thoughts happy thoughts

  25. 25 meanrice

    My mother is a huge Choi Ji Hyuk fan (can’t blame her), he was the only reason she stuck with Heirs…

    • 25.1 Yee

      He’s the reason I struck with Heirs too! I’m also a mother here who love CJH & Im Joo Eun…SIGH.. so wasted! Their altogether limited 15 minutes romance is so much more intriguing and conflicted than the overexposure main pair ever were!

      • 25.1.1 Yee

        oh *stuck* with the damn Heirs!

      • 25.1.2 pogo

        The drama could have been a LOT more interesting and less draggy if he and Im Joo-eun had been the focus of it – having adults who are (well, him anyway) actively involved in the corporate takeover scene be the OTP would have given it higher stakes, or at least made the high stakes believable.

  26. 26 blueangel

    OOH a drama where Choi Jin Hyuk gets the girl. Well at least i hope so cause after what happened in Heir, he needs to get the girl.

    • 26.1 pogo

      Needs to get the girl, and have a role where he does more than parrot s single line for 14 episodes – in a way, the wastage of him in that is a blessing because at least he jumped back into work right away!

  27. 27 Elvira

    My heart aches for Kang Gary,
    but since he’s the Monday boyfriend and this drama will air on weekend, so why not having Choi Jin-Hyuk as a weekend boyfriend (or ex-)…

    OH MY GOD…

    • 27.1 Mia

      That last one, my sentiment exactly.

  28. 28 Perrie

    Already feeling the chemistry so I’m already shipping them!
    Soooo excited! Hope it doesn’t disappoint!

  29. 29 Kay

    This looks like all kinds of fun….we’re talking about two very versatile actors…Song Ji Hyo is quirky as she is adorable and Choi Jin Hyuk goes from being cute to serious in minutes with that darn smile….I’m already in love….I think this is going to be great!!

  30. 30 RaeDar

    I just hope I’ll be able to properly control my inner fangirl so I don’t get weird stares from my parents when I’m watching the drama secretly at home. Shipping them so hard so hard already!

  31. 31 Valleydale

    I’m hoping this one makes much better use of Choi Jin Hyuk’s acting skills and personal charisma than Heirs did—talk about a waste! At the very least, I’m hoping he’ll get to crack a smile once in a while in this drama. His Kim Won character was a veritable stick-in-the-mud.

  32. 32 jel

    Sincerely, for the sake of Ji Hyo’s acting career, I hope people would focus on this and not talk about MC in a drama that has nothing to do with RM.

    Its the same with people who go to LeeSsang concerts and start shouting Ji Hyo’s name.

    You may say oh RM brought them all the fame. Which is true, but this is now Ji Hyo as an actress, not Ji Hyo as MC girlfriend in RM.

    Yes, this is me speaking as probably the only person in the world who watches RM for more than just MC.

    • 32.1 maymay

      Oh I would love to like Ji hyo in a drama for once too….she has such a spunky personality that I wish the writer capitalize on that. I don’t think she’s a fantastic actress but given the right roles, I think she can shine too.

      I also hope that Choi Jin Hyuk smiles more in this drama. He was adorable in GFB because of the smiles. I don’t want him all frowns and grouchy looking ala Heirs.

      • 32.1.1 JT

        I agree. As much as I love MC moments on RM, and as much as I find her (onscreen) personality spunky, I think Song Jihyo needs to find an acting role that is really hers, kind of like the iconic roles she has done. So far, her roles haven’t been particularly memorable. She’s not a terrible actress, but there’s much room for improvement, and I get the sense that given the opportunity, she can bring her acting up to the next level.

    • 32.2 meochun

      Thank you! People always bring his name to anything released by her and it annoys me to no end. And then if i say anything im battered and hunted down with fire and pitchforks.
      Just wanted to say your not alone

    • 32.3 Rashell

      I would think most people know that a variety couple and an actual couple are two different things. But the fact is being the MC has made them both insanely popular. That’s why they keep playing it up.

      Ji Hyo has been in other dramas and movies since being the MC and it doesn’t seem to have hurt. So I’m sure this one will be fine too.

    • 32.4 heartieme

      Nah, you’re not alone.

    • 32.5 Quiet Thought

      I watch RM for a number of reasons, and the Monday Couple is just another running gag they do. It’s funny, but it isn’t any big deal. What I’ve always admired about Song Ji Hyo, aside from her looks, is her competitiveness and her smart game play. Gary, by the way, is underrated in both categories, as far as I can tell.

    • 32.6 Nancy

      Agreed. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jihyo and think she’s really brave and cool for being able to hang with the guys on RM but honestly, her acting career has been less than memorable. I hope this role will allow her to shine and help her improve as an actress. And this might be an unpopular opinion but aside from competitive nature on RM, her variety persona is rather bland.

  33. 33 DarknessEyes

    I love this, I am definitely watching!

  34. 34 midwestmz

    When this guy smiles, his entire face is as bright as the sun!! What a blindingly beautiful smile. Talk about being blind sided if you have never seen it before.

  35. 35 Yumi

    Cute couple!~~ >uu< MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone!~

  36. 36 Chiaki

    I wish this wasn’t a medical drama. Medical dramas are not my thing. Anyway, Fighting!

  37. 37 Abbie

    OMG! I’m looking forward to this! For both of these fantastic actors!

  38. 38 Sweet Potato Days

    They makes such a beautiful couple!!!

  39. 39 One

    i already see the teaser and sure that this would be a lovely couple as the beginning of 2014… they both really lovely and sweet though..heee

  40. 40 mirela

    Ji-Ji coulpe fighting!!

  41. 41 Vanya

    I’m so happy for Choi Jin-hyuk! He deserved a leading role! I just wonder why they didn’t see his potential of romantic lead since “I need romance”?! I’m sure he will do his best like he always does. Just hope for a good scenario and more… love then medicine 🙂
    Choi Jin-hyuk, fighting!

  42. 42 yusrina

    i love both of them (jin hyuk and jihyo)… actually i’m a huge fan of jjhyo… always watching her movie and drama, and i hope they also have the same chemistry and do the best like she always does 😉 !!! i’m definitely watching her new drama….. love you jihyo!! =D

  43. 43 jenss

    They have good chemistry. I can’t wait for this drama. Btw… I was kinda hoping they would cut ji hyo’s hair I think her hair has been badly damage probably due to frequent styling for her photo shoots and other stuff. Her hair kinda looks dull specially on running man. She’s still beautiful though.

  44. 44 princess htoo lay

    Merry christmas Choi jin hyukz<3

  45. 45 gongon

    Finally The official poster has releases by The TVn today ^^

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