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Heirs: Episode 17
by | December 4, 2013 | 414 Comments

Everybody, meet Rock Bottom. Rock Bottom, everybody. He’ll be sticking around with us for the next hour, making sure Tan suffers appropriately for daring to dream the impossible dream, which is to say, a relationship with the girl he likes. Too bad Despot Dad has other things on the agenda, like tyranny and misery for all. Apparently once you wear that crown, you also have to give up all claims to humanity—happiness is for the plebes, don’tcha know?


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Chairman Dad outsmarts both his sons and puts them in their places with his stockholders’ vote maneuver, reminding them that he’s the one pulling the strings. Dance, monkeys, dance. While Won chafes to discover he was toyed with, Tan has bigger heartbreak waiting for him at his love nest, which is empty—Eun-sang is gone, just like Dad said.

He staggers home in a daze, while the song helpfully blares, “You’re crying again, you’re crying again, powerless, you send her away.” This is perhaps the most on-the-nose soundtrack ever.

He returns home and asks his father what he’s done with Eun-sang. Dad gives him the classic abuser line—This is all your fault, you made me do this—and warns him not to go looking for her, because he’ll really ruin her life then.

Chan-young worries about Eun-sang and asks whether his father knows anything. As it happens, Manager Yoon was tasked with facilitating her exile, though he can’t share much with his son. He just says that Eun-sang will call once she’s settled and that Chan-young can hear from her directly what happened.

Chairman Dad arranges for Eun-sang to be withdrawn from school, but none of the kids know that and wonder at her empty seat the next morning. Bo-na worries that Eun-sang hasn’t replied to her chat message, but balks about calling directly “because calling makes it seem like we’re friends.” Then she shoots a glare in Rachel’s direction and mutters, “Is she being harassed someplace where I don’t know?” Aw, there you go unconsciously playing Eun-sang’s protector again. Bo-na is a delightful ball of contradictory statements, and I love that about her.

Tan storms in and beelines for Chan-young to ask if he’s heard anything. Chan-young blames Tan for being the source of Eun-sang’s troubles, and then Young-do storms into class and beelines for Chan-young too. I don’t blame Chan-young for being annoyed with these two for causing trouble and then looking to him for help, and he leaves them to their frustration.

Determined to track her down, Tan asks Madam Jung to refrain from withdrawing Eun-sang from school. Young-do heads off on his own search, starting with the broadcasting club’s member records. Hyo-shin wonders at all the fuss, but agrees to help when Tan asks for help searching the flight records for departures abroad.

The Jeguk moms have a meeting, and Rachel’s mother receives barbed congratulations for her upcoming wedding—one mom drops the stinger that her fiancé’s Zeus Hotel is facing investigation. Hyo-shin’s mother (the prosecutor’s wife) says she knows nothing about this, but her smirk indicates that she’s lying.

Chan-young’s father gets promoted to vice president per his agreement with Won, so I guess we’ll call him VP Yoon now. Now he’s picked a side, and Won teasingly warns him not to two-time with his loyalties. They shake on it.

Tan combs through security footage for clues, while Hyo-shin works his connections and reports that Eun-sang wasn’t listed as leaving the country. Tan breathes a sigh of relief and calls Young-do right away to fill him in (cute), figuring two heads are better than one. It’s too bad those two heads are both at the bottom of the class, but I guess points for quantity.

Footage from the front gate shows Eun-sang loading a moving truck, and then turning to the camera to send up a wave at Tan, knowing he’d be watching. Sweet, or disturbing? Always the question with this romance.

Young-do lights up to hear Eun-sang is still in the country, then hatches a plan: He logs onto his hotel’s homepage and posts a message under Eun-sang’s name. He manages a few compliments toward himself, but mostly it’s a complaint against him. I’m not quite sure what the plan entails, but he calls it “setting a trap” so I suppose he’s trying to draw a response.

Tan collects car black box footage from his neighbors for more video clues, then goes to a cell phone store to reconnect Eun-sang’s old number. Upon logging in he links to her chat account, and finds a message from Young-do asking where she is: “I miss you. I’m just talking to a number that doesn’t exist.”

Tan calls Young-do from that phone, and I almost feel sorry for Young-do’s excitement at the incoming call from “Eun-sang.” He calls Tan’s plan smart but feels clever enough about his own… until he hears that his lawyer hasn’t been able to find any trace of Eun-sang.

Tan gets a clue when Eun-sang’s number receives an automated text acknowledging a credit card purchase. So he starts calling every store with that name, trying to find a matching payment, which takes him all night—imagine trying to call every 7-Eleven in range. After a night of dead ends, he gets a match and bolts up to head over immediately.

It’s only now that Chairman Dad hears that Eun-sang hadn’t left the country as planned, because Chan-young’s father had pulled a fast one on them. She was seen entering the departure gate, but VP Yoon must have made other arrangements, and now Chairman Dad receives the photo evidence that shows Eun-sang and Mom in some beachside town.

Mother and daughter put on brave faces as they settle into their new lives here, assuring each other that they’ll be fine. Eun-sang picks up a job at a bookstore and forces a cheerful expression, but the moment she’s alone she bursts into tears. (Man, there are so many long flashbacks in this episode. Struggled to fill airtime, did they?)

Tan races to Eun-sang’s town, first spotting the familiar “I heart California” shirt hanging from a clothesline. Then Eun-sang comes into view, and he reels with the force of both relief and… guilt, perhaps? Dread, fear, recrimination? Anyway, point being: Emotions are mixed, and he can’t bring himself to approach.

Thus while he follows Eun-sang to the beach where she sits alone, he keeps his distance. He takes one step toward her, but ultimately turns back.

Eun-sang receives a call from the police, because Young-do’s lawyer has finally gotten a lead on her whereabouts (thanks to her taking out a new cell phone contract). He heads right down to see her, and when she comes rushing into the police station, he’s so overwhelmed with feeling that he grabs her tight and says gratefully, “Thank you—for being safe, and for showing up.”

They take a walk on the beach, and Young-do keeps up a steady stream of chatter while she remains silent in her worry. She confesses that seeing him frightened her, because it’s proof of how easy it was to track her down. He teases about running away together, but as she’s not in the mood for teasing he just asks her not to tell him to stay away, and promises to come back again.

With that he heads back to Seoul, steeling himself to face his disgruntled father, who has to deal with the gossip stirred by his online post. Young-do informs his father that he wrote the message, and that Eun-sang is the girl he likes. His father scoffs at him stirring up all this trouble just to track down one girl, but Young-do admits, “If I couldn’t find her, it felt like I’d go crazy.”

Young-do is clearly still a bit afraid of his father’s reaction, but nonetheless he orders Dad to stay out of it, because where women troubles are concerned, Dad has no right to interfere. Amazingly, his father concedes that point without rancor. He declares that Young-do is still incapable of defeating him head-on, but he will take this to mean that Young-do has learned how to negotiate deals.

Young-do and Rachel find themselves dragged to another family dinner, and tonight Young-do’s father is in good spirits and toasts to the upcoming union. A phone call interrupts with bad news from Prosecutor Kim, and it’s obvious to all that it’s serious business despite Dad’s insistence that all is under control.

But Rachel’s mother surprises everybody by stating her intent to call the wedding off. She takes Rachel out and says that the hotel family isn’t going to crumble over the investigation, but neither does she see the need to suffer along with them. Rachel actually sighs in relief, not for the broken engagement but because Young-do won’t be ruined. It’s not the reaction her mother expected, but Rachel calls him a partner in suffering throughout this whole mésalliance ordeal.

Tan goes back to his empty apartment, and takes down the dreamcatcher. He’s finally accepted that he’ll have to let go, and goes to his brother and dully offers to do whatever hyung asks—give up his stocks, live in exile forever—if only he’ll help him in this:

Tan: “Save Eun-sang from Father, and from me. I ruined her. Because I liked her, she was driven to the edge of a cliff. Home, school, friends, even the future she dreamed of—I ruined it all. I did my best to stay with her, but why is this the only way to protect her? Why does leaving have to be a solution?”

Tan says this is Won’s chance to steal everything away from him, if only hyung can restore Eun-sang to her life from before. Tan intends to see her once more and then no more, so it’s with a sense of defeat that he returns to Eun-sang’s town.

She sees him standing across the way and reacts with alarm, telling him to leave because if he continues to track her down, she’ll have to keep running away.

Tan tells her that he’s sorry and promises to restore her life to how it was without him in it. She declines the offer, telling him that she’s fine here and doesn’t want to return. And when he asks whether he has been a source of trouble since the very start, she answers yes (since cruel lies are better for cutting off lingering ties).

Tan promises not to come back and apologizes one last time: “For asking you to hold out your hand, for asking you to have courage—I’m sorry. Goodbye, Cha Eun-sang.”

He leaves the umbrella in her hand and walks off into the rain, leaving her to break down into sobs behind him.

He returns home looking like a zombie and concedes defeat to his father. Dad wonders sneeringly at his foolish care for one girl, and Tan bursts out, “Because my heart hurts! Because I’m in pain and lonely! Because living sucks!”

Chairman Dad looks at him sharply. Is it too much to hope for a flicker of human sympathy there?

Tan shakes off his mother’s concern and locks himself in his room. She grows increasingly panicked at the sounds of destruction behind his doors and begs him to let her in, but he just screams and destroys.

He makes it to school the next day but doesn’t last very long; he stalks out just as Hyun-joo arrives to start class. He ignores her flatly, so she calls in Hyo-shin to ask about Tan’s recent issues, saying merely that he’s “someone’s” kid brother. Hyo-shin picks up on that immediately and guesses that she dated Won, and feels stung to realize how trivial he must’ve seemed by comparison.

Tan descends into a depressed funk—and worse, gradually escalating self-destructiveness. Won is called (away from a perfunctory date with the heiress his father is pushing him to marry) to the police station in response to Tan getting caught speeding without a driver’s license, and he chides that Tan is going about his rebellion in the wrong way. But Tan says he’s just living like his brother wants him to—because if he’s the reckless troublemaker, he can’t challenge Won’s place.

The adults may be inclined to dismiss Tan’s acting out as an adolescent tantrum, but we know it’s more like a nihilistic bender. So Won is taken aback to realize how far gone his brother is, and tries to talk to their father, which is like trying to reason with a brick wall with spikes. Dad, for instance, sniffs that Tan should’ve toughened up before crumbling, seeing this as proof of his weakness.

Won, however, sticks up for little bro and says that Dad doesn’t realize just how tough Tan was. He cites the eighteen years he spent ignoring Tan, and how Tan steadfastly kept coming to him anyway, stating his mind frankly. Won asks his father whether he doesn’t feel anything watching his son breaking down like this, and whether it wasn’t bad enough to have ruined Won’s relationship. I… think that presupposes a lot, like the chairman having emotions.

Rachel runs into Hyo-shin in the nurse’s office, and is just as discomfited this time as she was the last. He notes how flustered she is, which she denies, though she asks him to forget about “it” happening the other day. He agrees, but she’s still so uncomfortable that she yanks the curtains shut between them to avoid the awkwardness.

Tan’s behavior deteriorates even further with more fights, and at the Jeguk anniversary event, his battered appearance is the point of interest, drawing murmurs and speculation. Then late at night, Young-do walks by a nightclub entrance as Tan staggers out and gets into an altercation with a bystander. Pretty soon voices are raised and fists start swinging.

Young-do steps in to drag Tan away, and Tan starts swinging at him instead. Young-do returns the blow, telling Tan to get his act together, and the boys exchange blows out there in the street.

After going at it a bit, they fall down exhausted. Young-do exclaims that if Tan wants to see Eun-sang so badly, he should just go see her already. To which Tan says that he won’t be seeing her anymore.

Young-do looks at him in surprise, seeing a tear trickle down Tan’s face. And Tan tells him, “You take her.”


Ughhhhhhh. You just had to end on that note, didn’t you? “You take her”? Thanks for reminding us yet again that the girl is something to be passed back and forth between men, whose ownership is determined by the rich guy who decides her fate for her. There there, li’l lady, don’t you worry about a thing, let the mens tell you how to live your life.

Tan’s self-destructive breakdown was probably a necessary turn, so while this episode was a lot of misery with few fun beats to lighten the angst, I can see how we needed to show the fallout of him being crushed under Dad’s heel. That’s especially true if the story is going to go in the direction that I think it’s going to go in—that is to say, Dad changes his mind and backs the fuck off. Which on one hand is a valid way for this conflict to end, particularly if we’re going to look at it in real-world terms: Dad learning to grow and accept his sons’ feelings is the most efficient and clear-cut way for this conflict to resolve.

I can’t find much satisfaction in that as a dramatic resolution, however, because it’s such a weak way to wrap up a story that was already wafer-thin to begin with. The series has set up a huge power struggle all this while, with multiple players jockeying for dominance and ready to elbow each other out of their respective paths, and Tan has transitioned from an apathetic slacker to somebody with a will and a goal, desperate to move the heavens and the earth to fight for what he believes in. So I want to see the actual power plays amount to something, I want strategy and alliance and meaning—not just an omnipotent Dad playing puppeteer. Because what is the point of crushing him, then having God-Dad wave his hands and lift the problem away? That is a literal definition of a deus ex machina.

One silver lining in this episode of pain: It was super short. This was one of the emptiest episodes of Heirs thus far in terms of plot, and in addition to long silent scenes and musical montages, we had a ton of flashback sequences dropped in to take up airtime. I’m going to take this as a sign of hope: Because if they devoted a whole hour to breaking Tan’s spirit and still had to pad it with all that filler, then surely the next episode brings about a change. I mean, they can’t just fill three more episodes with pain and flashbacks, can they?

On second thought, don’t answer that.


414 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Faye

    *Augh! This is the part of even the best k-dramas that kills me – watching the OTP go through the requisite emotional angst. Granted, it makes their reunion at the end even sweeter, but in the interim, wow, is it tough to watch.

    Hats off to the leads for their stellar acting today. I really bought into their pain, particularly Kim Tan’s – his anguish was practically a palpable, tangible thing. It’s difficult for men to pull off such overt displays of emotion without seeming overwrought, but to me, Lee Min Ho accomplished that. It was almost painful for *me* to watch his downward spiral into sadness, fury, despair, and finally self-destruction. When he wrecked his room, it seemed like an outward manifestation of what he was feeling inside.

    *Park Shin-Hye was very affecting as well. It’s tough to be the “bad guy” and leave a relationship, but I believe her Eun-Sang as someone who felt she had no choice, for both her and Tan’s sakes. That look on her face when she was saying goodbye to the camera was just quietly heartbreaking.

    *Tan’s and Eun-Sang’s separation is sad enough as it is. But what is truly tragic is Kim Tan’s belief that Eun-Sang is the only thing that makes his life worthwhile, and that without her, he is nothing. From the earliest California scenes, we saw that Tan was someone who, despite the best efforts of his family and even himself to minimize him, wasn’t just some shallow rich kid with an asshole past. He was a thinker, contemplating his past and his present – all the surfing in the world couldn’t hide that. Eun-Sang was important, yes, but she was a catalyst for him. She helped inspire him to come back to Korea, take charge of his life, stand up to people, acknowledge his illegitimacy, and break off the ridiculous engagement. But *he* did those things. She’s not the end for him – or at least not only the end – she’s the means to the end, too. I wish Tan would realize that. He can’t hang all his hopes on her, because it’s not fair to himself or her.

    *I don’t want to forget all of Young-Do’s past abusiveness, but he really got to me this episode. After being hurt by his mother, he has again learned to care for someone, but she can’t reciprocate his feelings. And so once again he is in pain. To make matters worse, he still cares about Tan, too, so his worry for both of them make for some very twisted emotions. Curse you and your insanely good acting skills, Kim Woo-Bin!

    *I loved Bo-Na worrying about Eun-Sang, and the rest of the Jeguk High gang’s concern for Tan. At heart, these kids aren’t all bad.

    *I wish they’d make up their mind what they want to do with Won. These back-and-forth 180 degree personality changes of his toward Tan are giving me drama whiplash.

    *Tan’s bitter line to Young-Do at the end re Eun-Sang – “You can have her” – made me wince. I know he’s in pain, but that is not cool, Tan. She’s not your chattel.

    I hope things look up for poor Tan soon. His rapid trajectory of hurtling into darkness may be dramatically engaging, but it is stressful to witness. I wanted to pat him on the back and say, “It’s okay, baby!”

    • 1.1 Ally

      Wow you basically said everything I was going to. lol
      I totally agree with you- the acting was great today from everyone. Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin did a good job bring out the extra emotional angst. But Lee Min Ho killed it and I thought he was brilliant as a KT who has given up on himself on those around and is on path of total self-destruction.
      I also agree with your conclusion that while ES might have inspired him , it was Tan himself and his belief and his courage that allowed him to stand up and fight for his mother, Es and even his own happiness. I hate to for him t think that all he is tied just to ES.
      I am a fan of Kim Woo Bin since Gentleman’s dignity but I couldn’t truly like CYD until the last few episodes. I feel that Woo Bin brings so much more depth to the character than is there.
      Yea that last line You can have her pissed me off! He is in pain and suffering but what the heck!
      I don’t normally cry when I am watching drama and I didn’t think that it would be possible from heirs but I think I had tears in my eyes a couple of times during this episode. two scenes specially – when goes to her for the last time with the umbrella and promises not to come back and says sorry and goodbye- that was so sad. And the last part when he walks out of nightclub drunk and in a self-destruction mode it made me mad and I was all ” pull yourself together fool” but I had tears in my eyes.

      • 1.1.1 Faye

        @Ally – As for this episode inspiring tears – well, my eyes may have watered a bit, but I’m blaming it on dust. And pollen. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it ;).

    • 1.2 Eileen

      @Faye I’ve finally come to terms with accepting this drama for what it is. I do like it leaps and bounds better than I did during the first half now, although I never really hated it.

      I agree with every single point you made.

      1. Although this episode was a whole lot of nothing, I loved the acting so much. So many feelings that actually made me feel where on display.

      2. I always loved KWB but I despised YD up to around episode 9. I have been feeling for him ever since. He is such a great actor (and eye candy :D). He really is the strongest pull in this drama for me, he stole the show in my eyes.

      3. I’ve fangirled a whole lot for LMH but his character Tan was/is so weak and annoying as a boyfriend that I think it actually hurt my love for him a little. That said, his acting was amazing today and I came back to loving him and wanting to tell him “it’s ok baby” too. Then I wanted to punch him when he told YD to have ES. Ugh.

      4. Bo-Na is the best. Enough said.

      5. I don’t like that ES cries so much but she broke my heart today when she broke down in front of the bookstore. Poor girl:(.

      6. I don’t know WTF to make of Won. I see where they are going with his character but it’s so nonsensical and even making him a good guy now may not satisfy me. I was rooting hard for these 2 brothers but I don’t really care anymore.

      I’ll add:

      1. Mom KA knocking at the door was so sad. She truly seemed desperate and powerless. It made me so sad.

      2. Rachel caring for YD also was good to see. I understand her bitchiness from her point of view and I don’t think it’s unfair for her to act this way even if she goes way overboard. That can be toned down but I don’t hate her for it. She looked very human today.

      • 1.2.1 Eileen

        Oh, I also got Boys Over Flowers Deja-Vu in this episode, which may account for my reawakened love for LMH: girl runs away to island because of evil parent, the two boys find her, “the one” watches from afar and the girl doesn’t notice, the second one goes to talk to her and gets his geart broken yet again. I really hope there is no amnesia plot coming, please no.

        • me

          Don’t forget:
          -Boy drunk because of broken heart, stumbling throughout Seoul
          -Boy ending up arrested due to recklessness because of broken heart
          -Boy giving girl “away” to his love rival to protect her because he realizes how much pain he causes her

          And there is prob more.

          • nomad

            and the sea-side town!

      • 1.2.2 Faye

        @Eileen – Accepting the show for what it is goes a LONG way toward increasing one’s enjoyment of it. I remember you saying in the last episode thread that you would have liked more, which I understand. But I guess you’ve sort of come around to our way of thinking now :).

        Your #1 – so spot-on! Preach it.

        Re your #3 – one of the things that’s made this drama interesting for me is Tan’s weakness. It’s deliberate, to an extent, I think. He’s not the typical lead character; Young-Do has that role (although he brings a brio and nuance to it that we don’t always see). I think overcoming his weakness is going to be Tan’s challenge.

        The actress who plays Tan’s mother is so good. So much emotion expressed with so few lines or histrionics – that takes a lot of talent.

    • 1.3 Cute girl

      :))) Sweet Honey Faye,thank you for your comprehensive comment! WOW! u have caught all nuance in this episode!
      I wish I could make a comment like you!

      • 1.3.1 Faye

        @Cute girl – Thank you. And you should comment on whatever you’re thinking about the show. We see a lot of different perspectives here, and almost all of them give us viewers something to think about!

    • 1.4 Vicky

      @Faye, I didn’t allow myself to get too excited in previous episodes with ES and KT, cause I knew the dreaded separation was coming. I guess that’s what makes the dramas interesting uh? lol

      You know, after you previously mentioned finding it tragic that KT thinks ES is his only reason for living, it made me view their relationship slightly different. You kinda have a point. While it’s romantic that she’s his everything, I also would like to see him get stronger emotionally. Realizing that with or without ES, life goes on, even though life might be happier with her by his side.

      As for the comment to YD at the end, yeah it was awful. But I kinda got it. At this point, he’s self destructing, doing and saying things he shouldn’t. He’s hurting badly & not thinking clearly.

      • 1.4.1 Faye

        @Vicky – You were smart not to get too emotionally invested yet. I’m afraid between the kiss and the shoe-buying scenes, they caught me despite my best intentions.

        I get where Tan was coming from with his comment – I think he was almost disavowing her as a coping mechanism, a way to pretend to himself he didn’t care about here anymore. And unfortunately, in real life we sometimes say horrible things to/about the ones we love when we’re in pain. The particular word choice just rubbed me the wrong way.

    • 1.5 bjharm

      the girl ‘owned’ it pretty much a fixed ‘fantasy’ of all men in korean drama. As soon she is the girlfriend they seem to think it ok to make all the choices and control the girl life for her i not go to the idea of taking over from her father in her life ie the normal age gap between male and female. You seen it before do not smile at another man do not cry or simply show any emotion to anyone but me me me..of course then the guy goes around smiling and so forth at every girl he sees…I mean as a male I can see the ‘fantasy’ of it but in real life….if that what really expected of Korean girls no wonder most mother in k-drama hate thier husband and or thier lives. Culture shock

      • 1.5.1 Megumi

        It’s a drama, and it’s a fantasy, just because the drama portrays korean men like that doesn’t mean they are like that in real life…now you’re just stereotyping much…and in these same k dramas I’ve seen female act the same towards male actors too, that doesn’t mean I will start thinking oh korean girls are controlling and all.

    • 1.6 Crystal

      Almost viewed all your replies of this recap. It’s really good to see some comments sensible and not so frenetic. Lots of people show their hate and contempt on this drama even without watching it over or just because it’s K-drama. meh, don’t wanna give a shit.
      I’ve seen Secret Garden and Gentlemen’s dignity and still think KES is a good at portraying these characters. What get me deeply invested is not the plot, which to be honest, is kind of dumb, but the emotions these actors display, sadness, despair, powerless… are so real and heartbreaking that I could actually sense it. I guess I’m just finding myself in these dramas.

      A little note, thrilled to know that ES is taken out of waiting room by Manager Yoon!

  2. lil_ole_me

    anyone else find the fugly turtlenecks everyone wore a little distracting…there are some horrible stylists on this show

    • 2.1 momoi

      Well it is cold out haha.

      But yeah, I don’t like turtlenecks either. They seem so suffocating. I can’t be the only one.

      • 2.1.1 OhPaulliexD

        I’m totally with you on that, I can’t stand them either-It just feels like someone is choking you with incredibly warm fabric, that is x)

      • 2.1.2 Faye

        Ditto – I hate wearing them, always feel like I’m being strangled. And for some reason I hate them even more on men. The aesthetics offend me. I admit this is a purely irrational personal prejudice.

        • TheLIBRA66ontario

          Yah! You’re right it’s like Kim Tan had a broken neck that needs to be in plaster cast. Lol! But loves him more when it comes to his acting abilities in this episode. He nailed it!

    • 2.2 Beeni

      Really? I loved the big turtlenecks on the boys! I’m so into cozy looking clothes. But I agree that some of the outfits in this drama have been questionable….. Tan’s jacket when he was at the police station looked like a belt was wrapped around his neck, lol.

      • 2.2.1 valleydale

        Yeah. That coat with all the crap around the neck. It was quite distracting.

      • 2.2.2 August

        Kim Woo-Bin (Choi Young-Do) wore the same jacket with the belt collar in Episode 12 of Heirs. Refer back to the scene where he was waiting to meet Cha Eun-Sang at the ‎Convenience store and then after receiving a call from her he leaves to meet her at the intersection…he puts 2+2 together and finds out that Cha Eun-Sang lives at Kim Tan’s house and discovers that her mother is actually a maid for the Kim family.

        • Beeni

          Yeah, I remember that episode. But for some reason it didn’t look as hideous on YD than it did on KT….

    • 2.3 4am

      YES the clothing choices on this show really bother me, especially for lee minho. i’m a huge fan of his, but i swear half the time when i see him in heirs i stop and think “what is he wearing?! why would he agree to this?!”

      • 2.3.1 Treasure

        I’m relieved others have commented on the styling for this show. I keep wondering if LMH lost a bet or the stylist(s) just hates him.

      • 2.3.2 jl

        Perhaps they thought it’s about time he got fugly. I hope he got oodles of money for it coz i swear I developed cataracts or somethin’ like it. My eyes will never be the same after looking at all those fuglies!

      • 2.3.3 Faye

        The sad part is that is all high-end designer stuff – Gucci, Givenchy, I think Commes de Garcon was in there too, and more labels. So that stuff was not only hideous, but hideously expensive!

        I imagine the labels donate the clothes because they know a lot of people are watching, and they’ll get good exposure. The cast probably doesn’t have a choice about what to wear.

        • kikidee

          Oh I think it’s purposeful, and supposed to be an outward reflection of his character’s tendency to march to the beat of a different drummer. Young-do is always dressed impeccably, so clearly the stylist is going for something with these outfits.

      • 2.3.4 TheLIBRA66ontario

        I’m also aware of his some ugly clothes in this drama but I love all of his coats. They are all trendy and stylish, even more gorgeous when LMH wears it.

    • 2.4 wan2tree

      YES. I actually really like turtlenecks but the oversized collars/turtle necks they put on Kim Tan are ridiculous. I can’t help but wonder if the stylist secretly hates Lee Min Ho…

    • 2.5 Humanseoul

      He has the flu while feeling, my goodness, give him a break! they are just trying to keep him as warm as possible.

      • 2.5.1 Humanseoul


        I also wonder did any of the other actors get sick, or did just minho??

    • 2.6 Twisted Icequeen

      LMAO! I personally find it hard to look cute when I’m all bundled up but KT takes the cake in the police station scene. Why not cover his face too?

    • 2.7 Zfih

      Dear stylists,
      My grandparents could do abetter job at styling LMH. Please resign for humanity’s sake.
      Thank you for wanting me to gauge my eyes out.

      • 2.7.1 jl

        Bwahahahaha!!! Best comment ever!!!

    • 2.8 anniejang

      I hate them. They remind me of Winter Sonata-I hated them in that too.

  3. Beeni

    Thank you for the recap! So… what a great(?) episode. I have so many mixed feels!

    My thoughts on Tan: I appreciated that Tan was willing to bite the bullet and sacrifice his heartache for the protection of Eun Sang… . (Although I think everybody is still wondering and scratching their heads about how Daddy controls everything that happens in this universe.) Up until now, it was always Tan dragging Eun Sang along, but for him to let go of her showed that he realized how selfish he could have been for doing that and really showed how much he cared for her, so good for him! But at the same time, he took a few steps back when he started this whole I-have-no-will-to-fight act. It might have been a necessary evil on the part of the writer in order to portray his low-point, and I guess Tan’s acting out did provide opportunities for other characters to grow, but at the end of the day, what happened to all the fire and determination that he had to fight? Maybe it’ll all come back in the next episode… or two. I hope that it’s not delayed until the last friggin’ episode.

    My thoughts on Young Do: I’m so happy to see that Young Do is stepping up to be a friend for Tan at his most vulnerable point, especially in that last scene. Yeah it ended up as a fist-fight, but throughout the episode, you can see him thinking about Tan and looking out for him. Why did the bromance have to come so late in the game? 🙁

    My thoughts on Won: So… IMO you’re still cold and cruel, but you showed some decency after you stood up for Tan as your little brother. That scene with you and Daddy was somewhat satisfactory for the moment. Also, Tan made a good point when he said that Won finally got what he wanted because there’s no one to threaten his place anymore, and it was frustrating to see that Tan had to get broken in spirit for Won to make an “oh, snap” realization. Can the brothers please partner up for REAL now?

    My thoughts on Eun Sang: Thank goodness she wasn’t taken overseas. But other than just being a noble idiot and staring into space reminiscing, she didn’t do much.. so meh. Since Tan stepped up to the plate and made a selfless sacrifice for her, I hope that she’s able to return the same (NOT BY NOBLE IDIOCY) and have HER be the one to tell Tan to trust her and take the initiative to get him out of his rut the next time around.

    I think the most important point of this episode was to see how everyone was reacting to Tan’s heartbreak. I don’t think the people around Tan thought of him being capable of being so broken… They were all caught off guard, and each person had the chance to grow by FINALLY becoming somewhat responsive.

    Sorry for the long post, I had a lot to say. Oh, and Daddy can just drop dead anytime now.

  4. queencircles

    This episode was pretty boring. It took like 25 minutes of screen time to find Eun-sang… at that point I was done caring.

    Eun-sang bugs the shit out of me.

    • 4.1 Windsun33

      I am still trying to figure out why he did not just call the phone number that was on the side of the moving truck in the video, instead of doing 15 minutes of other “stuff”.

    • 4.2 dramaboy

      i cant figure out which character bugs me out more eun-sang or tan – i don’t have any desire to pull for either of them; i think heirs is one of the few dramas that even i could write a more coherent storyline for. its a perfect example of how it doesn’t matter how great the cast is if the writing is just damn awful

      • 4.2.1 Judith

        Totally agree. I’m not even sure why I’m still watching this. Incurable optimism, I guess. It has to get better, right?

    • 4.3 sam

      I hate this track. I rather ES left Korea to become something and that the whole series took a time leap. In the mean time they show KT mature and ready to wear the crown. These boys need to stop being 18! They have to sure grow up to protect or take decisions about ES. “You can have her” is really male chauvinism!

    • 4.4 Ivana

      This episode actually made me feel that LMH picked the right drama for the first time. There were some boring episodes before that made me wanted to drop this drama, but I’m glad I stuck with it. LMH’s acting really improved a lot, especially in the last few episodes. In fact it improved so much that I didn’t even notice the lack of plot in this episode until I read this recap. I was literally enjoying every moment of the screen time, and realized that the script was a total gem to allow the actors to truly showcase their abilities. For the first time, I thank Kim Eun Sook to allow me to see this side of LMH!!

      • 4.4.1 SH

        I kind of agree with you. The plot is so pedestrian, but Lee Min-ho for these past few episodes have been incredible. I haven’t seen this side of him from previous shows, so I appreciate this maturity in his acting. This episode on paper seemed like a filler, but I was too invested in KT’s self-destruction to notice all of that until it was over.

      • 4.4.2 TheLIBRA66ontario

        LMH acting abilities in this episode is superb. He amazed me and he developed his acting dramatically. LMH deserve an acting nomination for this.😃

    • 4.5 anniejang

      me too

      • 4.5.1 anniejang

        I have enjoyed the whole drama, except for Eun Sang’s LIE, and subsequent crying scene. I hate it when the female lead lies in every drama. Every drama. However-if this comes to an end with not plot twists, ie: no birth secrets, no secret screwing over Dad, no time travel, amnesia, or secret robot-I will consider it the most boring kdrama of the year, maybe more than a year. Just ‘straight romance quadrangle-angst-ending’ is not worth watching more than once.

  5. rzap

    Arrgghhh…thanks for the fast recap, but I have yet to watch the show. I’m still wondering what Choi Young Do has up his sleeves in this episode to make us love him even more … or what kind of ugly sweater will Kim Tan be wearing …. or if Cha Eun Sang will have a better reaction if she gets kissed again ….

    • 5.1 jl

      Major question: would Heirs have been more palatable if they had dressed him better? Sorry, I’m just laughing through the whole darned thing coz if i didnt, I’ll be on Valium.

  6. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! When I watched this ep. raw, I thought it was mostly a filler ep., and that many things were repetitive, and had a sense of déjà vu, been there done that. Having watched it subbed, I still think it was a filler ep., however I also think I understand why KT did what he did, though I didn’t expect the ep. to be so melodramatic. I will start with my questions:

    1—Esther? “How much do you think I spent in the past 2 years in this meeting?” Meaning how much money she has spent since going to those meetings for 2 years?

    2—Conversation between Won and Yoon: I don’t think he (Won) ever endorsed two-timing. Why did Yoon said “it seems like yesterday, you were endorsing two-timing.” That didn’t make sense to me.

    3—YD is just so cute!!! I love his face when he is feeling out the report on the computer in his room (there was some glee).

    4—YD does have some of the best lines in this drama. (I appreciate this drama more because of KWB, like many of the beanies).

    5—YD,” I wanted to hold this in, because CYD is so good looking… but I have already paid with my heart.”
    6—YD (KWB) uses a lot of onomatopaea (SP?) when he talks.

    7—Loved that YD acknowledged that he let her fall in the pool because he liked her (the look on his face, about the fact that he did that. Did he regret it?)

    8—I didn’t understand what YD wrote. She paid with her heart, so she wants a refund? For what? (I am confused)

    9—YD, “would there be a use to cancel the acknowledgement?” meaning?

    • 6.1 laden

      And an episode recap is not complete with ‘ivoire’s* questions.LOL
      In other news I’ll watch the drama once its complete
      I’ve just being reading the recaps

      • 6.1.1 laden

        Is it just me or does it look like that turtle neck with the belt is about to strangle LMH,I mean seriously there are better turtle necks that can keep you warm

      • 6.1.2 Ivoire

        Hello Laden,

        Good to read from you here, even if it is just to poke fun at me. Speaking of questions, reading the recap brought out more questions, as I thought about what I saw in today’s episode. So I will share them with you, 🙂

        10—YD, “I have finally been able to pay the price with my face,” meaning?

        11– Why does MS call KT his 2nd Oppa? Did that have anything to do with when he called YD Oppa at school (and pretended to be a girl)?

        12—MS, “these people, why do they know so well when I was born?” meaning they know his coming and going? They know him intimately, really well? Or does that have something to do with actually knowing his birth date? (Why would they need to know when he was born, to invite him to a party though?)

        13—So KT bought the number and another phone (so he can use the number on it, right?)

        14—YD, “You ding dong?” What does that mean, please?

        15—My question about the number: when somebody buys it, they get to see the transactions made by the previous owner of the number? So there is no privacy to the person who previously owned that number then? I am confused. And I think ES is temporarily without a phone then, while in her new place? (Oh now I can answer that one, yes, because YD tells her not to buy a new phone with her real name. People could track her easily).

        16—Is the GED in Korea a test to drop out of HS? (that’s what my subs said).

        17—YD’s dad, “Just to find a girl, you made a flaw that isn’t really there, and you threw it around?” YD fabricated a lie, (and he threw it around? Meaning?)

        18—Why is KT asking Won (at the Police Station) if Won knows if there is any chance he (KT) will stand on Won’s side? I thought he already told him, (at the office) that he would do anything his hyung would want him to do.

        19—Chairman daddy to Won, “Go, I am tired.” Really? If you are tired, your sons must be dead (dead tired that is), considering what you have put them through over the years.

        20—Was I the only who thought, when HS said “Let’s repeat” to Rachel, that he meant “let’s repeat the kiss?” LOL. But he meant his year (as in I will repeat my year).
        I am always fascinated by how something is said in Korean, and about how it turns out (or how it reads) once translated in English or in French, basically in a language that is Korean.

        • anniejang

          !!-he is Young Do’s best friend, and when Young Do and Tan were/are enemies, he has to be secret friend s with Tan.
          12-I think this was comically referring to the fact that he spends so much time in nightclubs that they know every little thing about him.
          17-this is an example of not-good subbing. Dad meant that YD carelessly put an embarrassing lie (the whole diatribe) on their website, just for a GIRL???
          20-Me-I do think he was teasing her with that.
          Having said these-I more than appreciate Vikis’ subbers, they are the first time I watch any episode, whether it’s on viki, or on anther website that uses viki subs (almost all of them.) But then, I go over to ep.drama and watch again, because whoever subs those is much better, and it usually clears up all my questions. I know they pick it up from DailyMotion (French You Tube, sort of).

        • laden

          Hello Ivoire,
          I really wasn’t making fun of you,its good to ask questions if you don’t understand certain things
          I just find it funny that’s all
          I like your spirit,ask your questions to your heart’s content

    • 6.2 adette

      1 – i think she means time. she’s been going to those meetings since rachel started high school, and she’s saying she’s been enough times to know what prosecutor’s wife was up to.

      2 – possibly a reference to earlier episodes in which the two talked about how Secretary Yoon seemed to be on both Won’s and the chairman’s sides?

      8 – rather than a refund, think of it as compensation. i’m sure you’ve seen other dramas in which someone will sue someone else asking for compensation for emotional suffering or after a car accident or whatever. young-do-as-eun-sang is asking for compensation for what (s)he’s endured because of young-do, and then saying like, can she even ask if she’s already fallen for him? (if i’m remembering correctly.. i’m using my phone’s data rn so i dont want to check the video to confirm until i have wifi access later)

      • 6.2.1 Ivoire

        Hello adette,

        Good to read from you, as always:

        1–Got it. I thought about the time thing (that she might mean time), however, I could not come up with why she would say that.

        2–This one was very interesting to me, because Secretary Yoon was never on either side (or he was on both sides, as you said). Do you remember that conversation in the 1st ep. (I think) where Won chastised Secretary Yoon (because he was still loyal to Chairman daddy and was informing him of what was going on at the company and of all that Secretary Yoon was doing for Won as well?) Won made some kind of comments about how Secretary Yoon clearly should be serving one party or the other, and not both. Didn’t Won make some kind of comments (as well) about being a mistress to two men ((or something along those lines), and that being in that position could be dangerous in the end?

        That and Won’s constant reminder to Secretary Yoon to pick a side (already), were what made me question why Yoon said what he said, about Won yesterday endorsing two-timing. I never got the sense that Won endorsed two-timing ever, which was why I was so puzzled when Yoon said that. Especially since Secretary Yoon (or now VP Yoon) had said at some point that he was merely being an employee, serving the company, and so he neither took Chairman daddy’s side nor Won’s side, he was merely doing his job, always and placing the company first.

        I guess by today’s episode however, we see him being on Won’s side (also, remember that Won did not fire him, when he fired CD’s [Chairman daddy) men (at the company). So Won was still giving him a chance, back then.

        8–Thank you so much for clarifying this adette, because it makes me realize that YD added a twist to what he wrote, and he made it sound at the end as if ES liked him back, which as we know, is what he wished would happen. That was kind of clever, and wishful thinking, of course.
        I really loved the look YD had, when he wrote that (as ES) YD did all those things because he liked her (which we know is true). However, the way he paused at that moment, and the way he let that realization sink in, was well done.

        I am asking out of curiosity, where you able to check the video later (once you had wifi access?)
        Thanks again, adette. Btw, your screen name sounds a little like my first name 🙂

        • adette

          just writing a quick response as im in the middle of an internship application thats due tomorrow;

          i did check the video again. the wording was “결제한 제 마음… 승인 취소한들 소용 있을까요?” it essentially means that she’s already fallen for him… the wording is kind of weird but a more literal translation would be something like “i’ve already paid with my heart… is there any use/point to cancelling the approval” (the word used for “paid” is the word you might use to say “settle an account” or “pay for something by cash/card.” and when you swipe your card, you know how the card swipe-y machine [i’m great with the english today] says “approved”? its.. that kind of approval.. idk i think it’s meant to be like a metaphor using terminology related to.. money. idk. so yeah, the bottom line is that the translation just came out weird)

          and as for some of the other language questions you posted later:

          10 – meaning is that he’s finally paying the price (ie, is being punished) for being good looking, lol.

          11 – he says “작은 오빠” (jageun oppa) which means small oppa.. i have two older sisters (both my “unni”s) but to differentiate between them, the eldest is my 큰언니 (keun unni; big unni) and the second sister is my 작은 언니 (jageun unni; small unni). as you guessed, this is a reference to him joking about being the youngest daughter of jeguk group. Won would be his big oppa and Tan his little oppa :p

          14 – i think young-do was asking tan if he got any messages (i’m assuming the point of getting her old number was to see if any messages/other clues regarding her current location came through. ding-dong probably refers to the sound the app makes when you get a message). i could be wrong but that’s how i understood it.

          15 – k so they’re using an app called kakao talk (katalk for short). you register a katalk account with your phone number. after tan bought the number and registered a phone with it, he downloaded kakao, so he only received the messages that young-do sent AFTER he made the katalk account. if you’re talking about the card transactions, he would have gotten those messages as long as she didn’t update her phone number in whatever service she was using to get transactions sent to her phone. this does happen; when i lived in korea last summer i kept getting notifications and texts meant for whoever had the number before me.

          16 – mistranslation. i don’t think a GED is a test to drop out of high school anywhere. it’s basically a high school equivalency exam (passing the GED is generally accepted as the equivalent of a high school diploma). all she says is that it hasn’t been long since she stopped going to school &she’s planning to take the GED (presumably to increase employment opportunities later; you can drop out of high school and not take the GED, but you’d have a hard time getting any jobs without it)

  7. Inji


  8. Faye

    There was one plotline that really bothered me which I forgot to mention, and that was the way Tan’s drunk-driving incident was treated. It was portrayed as just another illustration of how grieving and self-destructive Tan had become, and it was the deux ex machine to have Won save him (even though Won was ready to exile him again just two episodes ago). I know this isn’t an after-school special, but at least one person should have shaken Tan and told him that while he can self-destruct all he wants, drunk driving can kill other people, too, and he has no right to do that. It wouldn’t have to take up a lot of time – just a few lines from Won or his mother would have done the trick.

    I’ll fully admit up front that this is a very, very sensitive issue for me. When my cousin was 16 years old, he was killed by a drunk driver. My cousin was walking home from religious services one evening (it was a holiday) with my uncle and cousins (his father and brothers), and some idiot was so smashed out of his mind that he skidded on to the sidewalk and killed my cousin instantly, right in front of his father and brothers. It was pretty devastating for all of us, but what made it worse is how unrepentant the drunk driver seemed in court.

    Since this is a drama that is being viewed by teens, I do feel KES dropped the ball here. She could have had Tan harm himself some other way. But since she chose drunk driving, she had a responsibility to at least briefly touch on its severe repercussions to others.

    • 8.1 javabeans

      It wasn’t drunk driving, it was speeding without a valid license.

      • 8.1.1 Faye

        Okay, I got that totally wrong. No more writing thank you cards while I watch a subbed drama. Thanks for the correction!

        • Treasure

          I get the speeding thing, but not the valid drivers license thing. I get KT couldn’t drive legally in Korea until his 18th birthday even though he was legal to drive in the states, but he’s 18 now? But doesn’t have a license? But then I’ve been confused the whole show if the ages are western age or korean age? Was that ever explained?

          • dukdam

            In Korea you don’t usually get your driver’s license upon turning 18 because 1) who has time to study for another test when uni tests are looming ahead, 2) cars and petrol are very expensive, and 3) pubic transportation is good.

      • 8.1.2 TS

        Speed kills too.

    • 8.2 xanti

      i thought it was driving without a license.

  9. DramaFan100

    Here is the thing right? I came to this show unbiased. I am a strong fan of Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin so, this drama was something I looked forward to. But, of course Kim Woo Bin was so much stronger in this drama. So, I lost interest in the main lead pair.
    I watched this episode today and the moments I kind of felt a little emotional were not KT and ES moments. I felt connected to every scene YD was in. I giggled with him when he posted a naughty message. I felt his disappointment when it was not ES on the phone. I felt his anxiety at the police station and then his relief in finding her. I actually felt something when his dad said his girl problems will not get him into trouble and finally, I actually choked up when his dad said “I will leave this company for you without any flaws” while touching his shoulder and he said “that is not what I am thinking”. Knowing their abusive relationship, it was a strange, tender moment and I felt choked up.
    I did not feel anything for KT or ES. Despite knowing I was supposed to feel for them. I felt bad for them rationally – because I know I should be. But it was not visceral at all.
    I don’t even know what that means. But I am so curious about how I myself am reacting this drama that I wanted to share to find out if anyone else has similar reactions. It is so weird.
    But, I was a teenager once and I had a crush and made some stupid decisions and my mom intervened and this episode made me recall my feelings at the time. I may not care much about KT and ES as a pair but I understand KT’s frustration and why he is behaving that way. I behaved that way for 3 months but in the end, I was really glad that my mom intervened and took the decision out of my hand. I was too young and immature. So, as an adult I disapprove of teenage, overdramatic romance but I know exactly why teenagers might like this drama. Perhaps writer did this episode right. Just that I am not the target demo.
    And yes, I did not like it when Tan said “you can have her”. I know it is supposed to be a teenage drama and that is how teenagers are. But it is irritating nevertheless.

    • 9.1 Windsun33

      I have the same reaction to KT and ES – I really don’t care what happens to them except as a plot device to move the story along.

      And how was KT managing to get so drunk in bars, when the legal drinking age in Korea is 20?

      • 9.1.1 DramaFan100

        I suppose it is a rich boy thing..

      • 9.1.2 dramaboy

        carding isn’t too strictly enforced and hes rich…i prob would haave thought about that if not for the millions of other gaping holes in the storyline

  10. 10 junnir

    Right now, I’m beyond intrigued about Rachel and Hyoshin’s thing. Just watching for them now. I kind of ship.

    Although some credit has to be given for Myungsoo’s provision of comic relief. “Death metal.” I got a few good laughs in at that.

    • 10.1 momoi

      Myung soo and Bona are so funny together.

      • 10.1.1 junnir

        I know right? They make such a good combination for the much-needed comic relief on this show. Comic relief is literally keeping this show alive, or all the deadened spirits from the leads will take over.

      • 10.1.2 mishagam

        I am sick of Myung soo, just sick of seeing him. So useless advises to KT, always ugly smile on the face, boring dumb behavior.

  11. 11 momoi

    Are you sure that was the last line? The sub I was watching put it as “Go to her.”

    It was a kind of slow episodes. I was expecting a time skip.
    Though we’re neglecting the biggest shocker: did anyone else notice that when Tan was on the laptop…he was using internet explorer? Like, you’re a rich boy in a fancy house and you can’t get a faster browser?

    Young Do hugging Eun Sang was cute too.

    • 11.1 javabeans

      Yuuup. It’s 너 가져. You take her.

      • 11.1.1 socialpath???

        hate the line.
        he deserve another right hook from YD.
        i cant believe i am enduring another KES drama just because for some reason i am holding on to the belief that she can turn it around….and…no…its not happening.

        • panshel

          I was expecting Young Do to punch him again after he said that when Young Do turned to him with that disgusted look on his face. So either Young Do took pity on him because his face was already bloodied and bruised, or took pity on him because he knew Tan didn’t mean it and would rather die than be without her. 🙁

        • Brian

          While on face value the line is chauvinistic — the true meaning of it could mean “I back down, and am no longer trying to have Eun Sang as my girlfriend, if you want to romance her, I won’t stop you”. But when you’re beaten up, and frazzled emotionally, sometimes what you mean to say isn’t what comes out of your mouth.

          I actually feel for the poor guy. Wrapped in unusual clothes, his father trying to orchestrate his life, his mother is a shut-in, he can’t see his girlfriend for fear of further destroying her life, his brother who should help can’t help him, and his best frenemy just beat him up (although to be frank he also saved him from a beat down by a group of strangers — better to be beaten by someone you know than a stranger).

          On a side note — I suppose if Young Do told his father that he beat up Kim Tan his dad would probably be all proud — if he wasn’t worried about his own failed engagement and possible tax-evasion problems at the Zeus Hotel.

      • 11.1.2 panshel

        The sub I watched said “You can have her,” which sounds better than “You take her” even though not by much.

        • Lizzy4e

          Regardless of how it was subbed; one must consider the source of the sub. How fluent is the subber in Korean and also in English. That is the crux of the issue.

          When I see a discrepancy between a drama’s subs and Javabeans recap I always assume Mizzz Beans’ translation is the more accurate.

          Why do I assume her translations are more accurate?
          1. She is clearly very fluent in English…very fluent.
          1a. This fluency points to a natural facility with words regardless of language.
          2. She is a, for lack of a better word, “retired” subber.
          3. (I am making an assumption here) The language spoken in her home as a child was Korean.
          4. Highly intelligent, highly educated, loves words, multilingual. Add to these points her obvious desire to produce polished and accurate works.

          When given a choice, I choose Javabeans’ translation and story interpretation over any other source.

      • 11.1.3 NewFan

        This is another reason I come to read the recaps after watching. The subs aren’t quite right a lot of the time. Thanks!

    • 11.2 Waiting

      The sub I read was was “You take her” as well. Cringe-worthy, honestly. I would have loved it really was “Go to her.”

    • 11.3 adette

      “go to her” is a really nice (and also really inaccurate) translation. the words he used (너 가져, neo gajyeo) literally mean you take (her). it’s the same verb you’d use to say something like “here, you can take this sweater that doesn’t fit me anymore.”

      also, everyone in korea uses IE. half the time, korean websites don’t even work properly on other browsers(which can be super frustrating).

      • 11.3.1 adette

        boo, i meant to write “take/have.” which doesn’t really make a difference but still.

    • 11.4 mary

      RE: internet explorer, I read somewhere that there’s an (arguably) antiquated law in South Korea that requires citizens to use IE for online payment and security purposes.


      They can still use other browsers for browsing, I guess. But it must’ve been a pain to keep switching for payments, so some people probably don’t change the default browser at all.

      Unlike some of us, where the sole purpose of IE is to download Chrome or Firefox. 😀

      • 11.4.1 Windsun33

        They may have it fixed now, not bothering to check – but not long ago Firefox had a lot of issues with Japanese websites. And while IE may not be the “fastest” I have found it to be the most reliable when surfing international sites, which I do a lot of.

        • anniejang

          I agree.

  12. 12 JD

    So much feels when Youngdo hugged Eunsang. The way his voice trembled and his eyes tearing up as he hugged her. ♥

  13. 13 JD

    So much feels when Youngdo hugged Eunsang. The way his voice trembled and his eyes tearing up as he hugged her :’)

  14. 14 luna

    I felt Tan’s pain with his tears and all but that last line killed whatever emotion I was feeling for him. “You have her.” Sigh… this is why I can never get on Kim Eun-sook’s train of dramas. Her perception of romance is definitely on the other side of the spectrum from mine.

    & yes, I wish this is the only episode we have of all the dramatic angst, but I’ve decided never to be hopeful once a drama hits live-shoot.

    • 14.1 luna

      Oh. And I love Lee Bo-na’s character too. Her onscreen moments with any character is a breath of fresh air.

    • 14.2 Windsun33

      I have had that feeling that the writer has personal issues all through this drama, or maybe she just hates happy strong women. It has been a continual theme in the drama that ES is not much more than a rag doll semi-candy to get pushed and pulled around at will, just depending on how her suitors feel at the time.

      Neanderthals +5, Women’s Lib -5.

      • 14.2.1 luna

        Seriously, if you look at all the females for most of her previous dramas, they all seem like they WOULD be the strong, take-the-reins for herself type of gal, but nope. The writer never delves into the awesomeness. The strong female is just a figment onscreen.

        I wonder if it would have been any better if the drama was compressed to 16 dramas. Would compress even be the right word? I feel like this could have been a 4 episode special series.

      • 14.2.2 daria

        i’m totally with you on this one… i’m surprised that this drama is written by a woman because it’s just so emotionally misogynistic.
        i couldn’t finish ES’s previous works either: Gentleman’s Dignity & Secret Garden (albeit my love for woobin & hyunbin).

        it’s pretty sad considering how this is the very same writer behind the very satisfying City Hall, a drama with very assertive, strong women.

        • Windsun33

          3x now I have tried to finish Secret Garden, and I finally gave up on it. I finally came to the conclusion that it was not for me, even though I liked most of the sound tracks.

      • 14.2.3 Treasure

        I think KES has a problem with women especially strong women. She didn’t handle the female lead in Secret Garden well either. I never made it past the 1st episode of Gentlemen’s Dignity. I didn’t like what I saw there either. In addition to the lack of respect for women, there have been too many kisses that look forced. I know LMH is capable of making a kiss look sweet and romantic, and desired. I don;t remember PSH having a problem with YYH kisses in Heartstrings, so I’m guessing the problem is in the writing and directing not the actors

        • Zfih

          UGH. So this is the writer behind the famed and (sorry guys) horrible drama Secret Garden. I heard of it being raved everywhere and I watched it but the female main lead was treated like such shit I did not even understand it. so no matter what love I had for the girl (she was in king2 hearts and I LOVED her) I did not understand the show. stopped watching it (in my opinion too late) when he wrestled her onto the bed. gahh.

          • luna

            *Raises hand*
            I felt left out when EVERYONE around me was talking about it. When I finally did see it, I could not past the first few episodes. I love Ha Ji-won and Hyun-bin, but no. I couldn’t finish it.

        • anniejang

          I tried to watch Secret Garden too, and couldn’t like it. I loved Ha Ji Won in Hwang Jini, and I loved King2Hearts, but really hated Ha Ji Won’s little girl voice in that. I still don’t get why she talked like that-was there a purpose?

          • BBD-Lite

            OMG her little girl sing-songy voice bothered me so much I couldn’t watch past ep5 despite my love for Lee Seungi. It was supposed to be a North Korean accent I think, that mysteriously all her other North Korean colleagues didn’t have…

      • 14.2.4 TS


    • 14.3 atz

      Well, from the eps 12 or so, DY had a transformation of his character becoming a good friend to Tan and even to ES,,,, I thought the writer put a similar transformation for ES from Eps 18,, become a very strong willed, determined girl to be a wife of a chaebol!!( just sarcastic, of course)
      I think that the writer has some serious issue, I hated Gentlemen’s dignity,,, the guys are nearly or over 40 but they act like kids,,, I mean the write thought that they are portrayed as still pure at heart kind of men? The writer needs to date more variety of men!!

  15. 15 panshel

    I did not miss Park Shin Hye (and her crying) at all. The first twenty minutes of this episode proves that Heirs should have been bromance only, no love triangle. I literally cursed out loud when Tan found her. F#ck, already!? I love Chan Young for telling these rich people off. Is the only reason you speak to him to ask about Eun Sang? He is not her keeper.

    New ‘do-Young Do cracks me up. “Yobeoseyo?” “Young Do Lover.” What kind of police station lets people loiter? Those two boys fighting so close to an open road seriously had me on edge. If we were going all makjang, drunkard Tan would have been hit by an oncoming car.

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

    • 15.1 Windsun33

      That whole “let the cops find her” plot device was a bit much. It was so full of legal holes it just made no sense at all.

    • 15.2 AdAl

      @panshel – I was actually expecting KT to be hit by a car as they fought so close to the road. In this episode KES based so many of her scenes on BOF that I kind of felt that was in the works too. I mean KT gets hit by a car, dad has a change of heart and KT and ES get back together. B.O.F. #2! End of Story.

  16. 16 banchoii

    thanks for the recaps

  17. 17 coffeenlucia

    i kinda wish she actually succeeded in going– more action

  18. 18 Vicky

    a) Okay, I feel kinda bad but during Chairman’s convo with Won when he was talking about being tired, was I the only one who secretly hoped he would drop dead so his sons can finally be happy? Maybe I don’t feel all that bad about it.

    b) Is there any reason everyone on this show has to have that silly flower boy haircut? First YD, and now Secretary Yoon? Is KT’s dad next? Might be in the minority but YD looked hotter with the earlier do.

    c) Also, am I the only one who kinda wants to raid KT’s wardrobe? He was sporting some decent sweaters and scarves this episode. Rachel’s wardrobe is nice but KT is not too far behind.

    d) PSH has to be one of the best cryers in the history of K-dramas. Gosh that girl can cry.

    But yeah, this episode was okay. I realize now that I really want(ed) a time jump. Would like to see KT stronger/taking down evil Daddy, with ES also finding the courage to come back to him.

    • 18.1 Faye

      Considering that I wanted everyone to wheel him off a cliff, I’m not going to argue with him dropping dead. But in a way that is too easy – I don’t want him to lose by default, I want everyone to defeat him.

      I hate the haircut, especially on LMH -he looks so much better without bangs.

      We part ways on the wardrobe, except maybe Won’s three-piece suits. I don’t care if they are designer duds -Tan’s brocade coat, ugly sweaters, and face-swallowing turtlenecks belong in a bonfire. And don’t even get me started on the plaid golf pants of evil.

      I also can’t wait for the suffering to be over and for them to get to the good stuff.

    • 18.2 Patch

      He wore a grey fluffy cardigan that would look great with my jeans leggings as I loaf around the house but no for the most part Kim Tan’s wardrobe has been a huge miss for me.

      PSH is a good crier but she’s had to do it so often in this drama that it’s lost all impact for me.

    • 18.3 debbie

      My thoughts exactly, ES can so cry damn! The statement ‘you can have her’ like seriously is she a thing that can be tossed around? KT breakdown was kinda sad, felt his pain. YD, BN nice one guys, love BN anytime, anyday

  19. 19 the68monkey

    OMG! The scene where Young-do hugs Eun-sang in the police station! Girl, what are you thinking, being hung up on sad sack Kim Tan? GO FOR THE BAD BOY, YOUNG-DO! *swoon*

    • 19.1 panshel

      And Young Do offered to run away with her, too. If I were Eun Sang, I would be like, “Let’s go!”

  20. 20 coco

    I have a few things to say :

    1. I find it kind of weird that KT didn’t realize that he was ruining/will ruin her life by persuying her until now I mean hello you’re a rich boy and she is poor and you should have known your father would do something to her he told you a few times. I mean if he has the maturity at that age to love so deeply he should understands the consequences of his behaviors and he should especially know his father and how he can be.
    2. When KT was all sad and depressed half of my heart hurt for him and I was also half laughing because for me a rich boy not having even finished high school seems too immature to have that kind of deep love for someone (not that it can’t happen) but still I mean being so depressed you don’t want to live your life properly anymore is a bit much. If it was an older guy I would maybe understand better. The acting was beautifully done though I have never seen a male actor cry this much in a drama normally it’s the female lead who is always crying

    • 20.1 Adeline

      KT and ES having such an intense relationship when they hardly know one another and haven’t actually said anything beyond ‘I like you’ to one another makes everything that is happening – from ES sacrificing herself (and her mother) by not breaking up with KT, to KT’s insane meltdown and declaration that he has nothing to live for anymore – very hard to accept. They way KT has been written makes him seem completely ridiculous. His actions are selfish, moody, possessive, manipulative… He doesn’t take into consideration ES’s feelings for the majority of the drama, and all of a sudden, when we only have 3 episodes left, realises how much of a prat he’s been. This is perhaps the worst drama I’ve ever seen – I love some of supporting characters, but how could the main character’s have been written so badly? I can understand how it might appeal to a younger audience, but it’s still terribly written (and KT’s wardrobe is HORRID).

      • 20.1.1 jl

        I think that’s why Lee Min Ho was crying so much. He was actually devastated by the HORRID clothes he had to wear!

    • 20.2 Rushie

      I personally believe that the reason why his spiral into destruction and Eun-sang’s heartbreak is so believable is because they are teenagers. They don’t have a lot to consider and haven’t lived long enough to understand that life doesn’t begin and end with a first love. If Won was the one doing all this, I might have felt he is going overboard because c’mon man you are older than this and she’s probably not the first girl you fell in love with.
      Tan and Eun-sang are special because Tan, for the first time, found a reason to fight, to not just sit and mope in the corner. Perhaps, a part of him hoped that dad would see how much he loved Eun-sang and let them be together. Can’t say I blame him if he was thinking that way, he isn’t as jaded as his brother because he hasn’t experienced his father’s wrath first hand.
      Eun-sang, oh Eun-sang. I know how you feel dear. She wants to let go and just leave the whole world behind and love, just love, but she can’t. Tan isn’t the tree she can’t climb, she is the one who doesn’t want to worry about a broken leg should she climb that tree and fall. She has so much dependent on her at such a young age that she can’t be short-sighted. I think she needs a hug.
      Young-do, I don’t love him quite yet, still finding it difficult to get past all the pain he inflicted in the first few episodes, but his slowly developing bromance with Tan is making me wanna change my mind. What can I say, I’m weak to the power of bromance. I like that’s he taking up the position of Eun-sang’s protector and letting his feelings for her take a back seat to that.
      Kim Eun-sook. A lot of people have issues with the way she writes heroines, but my personal favourite has always been Shin Mi-rae, I just saw City Hall. Maybe KES is one of those women who like to be possessed by their men, to feel protected by them, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Some women aren’t as much feminists as others, like me. I’m a feminist, but I still want to be possessed and like to feel like I can hide behind my man and let him fight my battles for me. I don’t think I should be judged because of that. I’m capable fighting my own battles, but I find it that much more fun to sit back and let the men duke it out. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

      • 20.2.1 Faye

        “I personally believe that the reason why his spiral into destruction and Eun-sang’s heartbreak is so believable is because they are teenagers.”

        I was just going to say exactly this. Where else but in high school do you see this level of hormone-fueled angst and feeling? Not to denigrate the OTP’s feelings, which seem real, but . . .there’s a reason why Romeo and Juliet weren’t middle-aged :).

        I appreciated your thoughtful perspective on KES and her portrayal of women. I haven’t seen all of her shows, but I did see “Secret Garden” and did not understand all of the hate it engendered. As a woman, you want to be capable of fighting your own battles. But there’s nothing anti-feminist, IMO, about having the man in your life fight for you in some circumstances and being someone you can depend on.

        That being said, I have wanted to see some more agency from Eun Sang in this drama, and more about her personal journey. But as a poor girl, she is powerless in many ways that are true to life and have nothing to do with her gender. And that is quite realistic, not a construct of the writer’s.

    • 20.3 Patch

      I find this whole ‘I can’t live without you!/ I’ll sacrifice myself for you!’ thing more believable if it was coming from a long standing relationship like KW and HJ’s. KT/CES’s just doesn’t have enough weight behind it for me to buy into this epic love stuff the drama is trying to sell me.

    • 20.4 anniejang

      !. “He should know his father and how he can be.” I disagree, because, in real life, no matter how bad the parent, and how much the child sees that and hates it-everyone seems STILL-to underestimate the evil or meaness of the parent. (If they are mean.) By this I mean everyone seems to to think, OK, my Dad/Mom’s bad, but he/she would never do THAT.
      2. My belief, right or wrong, is that no age is too young to love deeply-that’s a myth. It’s also a myth that the older you are the more deep or mature your love will be.

  21. 21 bluie1

    Such a crap episode. So they look for Eun Sang, then what. I want my 0:58 mins back!

    • 21.1 Adeline

      I really was left wondering: what was the point of sending ES away? They made it into such a dramatic thing…but then she doesn’t even leave the country, and both KT and YD find her within the first half of the episode. KT’s father threaten that if he looks for ES, he’ll ruin her life. It happens, but the threat proves to be empty.

      The only thing that made this episode enjoyable was Kim Woo-bin. <3

  22. 22 snow

    Lee min ho acted superbly in this episode…

    Yes….KES main leads and their lines….I guess..we are not meant to take that literally…Tan was really heartbroken….

  23. 23 bluie1

    So they look for Eun Sang, then what. I want my 0:58 mins back!

  24. 24 4am

    i honestly thought the show was going to swing in the ES-YD direction, considering the scene where tan finds her but doesn’t actually talk to her (deciding that he’s ruined her life enough already) vs the scene where young-do finds her and hugs her excitedly/cutely, and then the end where tan tells young-do to take her.

    but then the trailer for the next ep had eun-sang telling tan’s dad that she still loved tan and she wouldn’t leave him? i swear this show is confusing me, make up your mind already!

    • 24.1 Adeline

      I WISH it would swing in the ES-YD direction.

      • 24.1.1 AdAl

        Yeah, me too! That would be a sight. I love the way they bicker!

  25. 25 bishbash

    This drama. I swear it could have been over and done with in 10 regular episodes.

  26. 26 Birdie

    This episode was boring other than the crying scenes , which showcased LMH’s acting.. I guess they have to play up the breakup and heartache to make this teenage romance into a believable heart wrenching love story.
    With the money Daddy Kim has, he could have a live cam on ES. I had to laugh every time his goon brings the photos in an envelop.lol

    I can’t wait for this to end so I will know the ending and be done with this drama!

    • 26.1 Windsun33

      I guess they never heard of USB sticks or memory cards or email and stuff like that. Maybe they are still using film cameras and had to get them developed. And why a bunch of pictures anyway, when all Grinch Daddy wanted to know was where she was?

      • 26.1.1 favoree

        Kim Daddy is an old man, he prefers everything on paper.
        it is most possible he doesn’t evn know how to e-mail. the secrettries do all for him.

  27. 27 the68monkey

    And btw, that kitschy little dream catcher kind of sums up this drama — nifty idea, but no real magic to make it work.

    • 27.1 Waiting

      Perfect sum up!

      I was waiting for the magic, too. It finally came on the acting. They did well in spite of the show. Good on them and hope they can keep it up for the rest of the run.

    • 27.2 Windsun33

      The dreamcatcher is obviously a defective product, she should go back to California (or more likely China where it was made) and get a refund.

  28. 28 noernov

    My only problem is why is Tan wearing WHITE coat on a rainy day?? Not a good choice,at least for me😉

    • 28.1 Faye

      I thought of that too! Actually, to be honest, as klutzy and accident-prone as I am, I would probably never wear a white coat.

    • 28.2 Windsun33

      He runs an ice cream truck on the side.

      • 28.2.1 evw09

        lol, nice one.

  29. 29 socialpath???

    i like that he is down to bottom.
    I thought LMH had some stellar acting here. Especially the part when he essentially told his dad that “living sucks!”

    its a necessary turnaround, like hello..didnt you realize your love is sort of damaging to ES? He was a sweet puppy, possessive and cute but seriously had no idea of what he was facing (i think thats ok for a 18 year old, so i have no complains about how KT character was written) – he is still interesting as a not so typical chaebol like male lead.

    But i i have serious complains about ES character.
    She has zero backbone. I simply cannot understand why cant she just tell the dad to F off instead of crying all the time. Ok even if she cant do that, at least look strong enough or if life is really so hard, talk to KT, talk to CY or whatever.
    And YD comes along and she allows the hug
    Make up your mind girl!
    Anyway i like YD enough but i dont see how his situation can be any better than KT.
    i dont understand why she needs to cry all the time. Thats my gripe.

    and that “TAKE HER” aw man, KES is really such a anti-feminist. A woman is NOT an item.
    i can maybe understand why KT at his lowest can say that
    but to stop the episode at that.
    gawd it made me cringe.

    and YES, the conflict is weak. If the last episode is just all about KT evil dad conceding, thats seriously poor writing especially when there is potential i will say in the set up. But just the lack of any substantial growth in characters.

  30. 30 Rachelle

    For this week’s episodes, they didn’t film the classroom scenes at TCIS because the script was constantly being revised. I heard it was causing a lot of stress for the actors and crew. They put these two episodes together at the last minute.

    • 30.1 socialpath???

      i simply cannot understand why a drama cant start with a full script. wont that make planning easier and you can at least have the time to make quality filming?
      i know its all about ratings and response but look you have LMH, KWB, PSY as cast. how wrong can it go? i mean just one LMH, you get your base audience. Fan girls can just watch a whole episode of him staring at the ocean zero plot and i mean it! add KWB to the picture,hotness galore. so why so little faith?

    • 30.2 Eileen

      I hope you get to see them one more time. All that pretty together is nothing short of an early Christmas present!

      • 30.2.1 Rachelle

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed but it’s doubtful. I can’t see the story requiring a lot more in school scenes. It takes them 2 hours to drive to Daejeon from Seoul so it uses up a lot of travel time for cast and crew. They will probably just use the other school if there are more classroom scenes. On Sunday, Dec. 1 at 7pm the crew said they were still getting script revisions.

        • Windsun33

          Oh wow.. if they are getting revisions almost up to shooting time, that can’t be a good sign. Where is Anthony when you need him?

          • Rachelle

            Windsun33 what do you do? Where do you find so much time to watch dramas?

          • Windsun33

            I am semi-retired, so I have lots of free time, at least til this spring when I will probably take off for Japan/Taiwan/Korea again.

        • Eileen

          Oh wow that is super late! And I remember you said on your blog that (I think last week?) the script hadn’t been delivered until super late on Saturday. No wonder I keep seeing pictures of these poor actors falling asleep everywhere. That’s too bad but I’ll cross my fingers with you. Although it really does not make a lot of sense to travel that much back and forth for a couple of scenes. Well, maybe there will be more high school dramas shot at the school.

    • 30.3 Windsun33

      Interesting – perhaps that is why they had so much flashback filler material. It might also explain why there were even more plot holes than usual.

    • 30.4 jl

      I should think so Rachelle. It seems as if the side characters are grounded in the script but the 2 main leads are swimming in murky waters. How can actors play a character that they don’t understand? Does KES even know where she is going with this story? Or is it only YD, BN, CY and others who are actually going somewhere. And KT and ES will be in limbo forever or they could be sucked into a wormhole and be lost forever. That way KES can just write them off easily, seeing as she doesnt seem to know what she’s doing.

      Unless there’s a point to all this that I am missing.

      • 30.4.1 LoveIt

        Oh, so you see it too? The main leads are written the weakest in the drama. Makes no sense

    • 30.5 NewFan

      Well, that explains things better. This episode was not only boring as all get-out, but it was also so randomly put together.

    • 30.6 LoveIt

      It clearly shows

  31. 31 magickaito

    I really love Bona and Myung soo, they are both funny and and they really care about everyone about plus they dont have parent issues. Myung soo is always concern about Tan and Youngdo and i really love Bona’s indirect friendship with Eunsang even though she did not want to admit it she is really concern about her. They are the best character forin the series

  32. 32 Mandy

    This whole self-destructive arc really makes Tan a weak character in my eyes. I know there are very less options right now, but speed driving and street fighting is a weak person’s go-to activities when they want to distract themselves from actually trying to solve a problem.

    We already have one of the weakest female leads this year in Eun Sang, so I’m hoping Tan doesn’t continue like this for another three episodes. Also… are they ever going to develop Tan and Won’s relationship?!? Arrrgg the back and forth was intriguing initially, but I got tired of it real soon. I hope they start showing signs of love from Won’s side on a consistent basis and not just a random one time thing.

    • 32.1 Windsun33

      Yeah, I know KT is supposed to be only 18, but he is taking the LEAST effective method for getting back at daddy possible. Why would ES or anyone else want to hook up with KT when his answer to problems self-destruction?

      • 32.1.1 TS

        We know ES is a wet fish, so she’ll take all of Tan’s nonsense. And that’s probably why he’s obsessed with her.

  33. 33 bangbang

    I hate this writer. How can you say “You can have her.”? She is not a object, writer-nim.

  34. 34 mysterious

    The most BORING episode! Nothing, and I mean nothing, happened.

    On a side note: I miss Young-do’s old hairstyle. I liked the slick/sleek look on him.

  35. 35 magickaito

    I really love Bona and Myung soo, they are both funny and and they really care about everyone about plus they dont have parent issues. Myung soo is always concern about Tan and Youngdo plus he is the joker of the group and i really love Bona’s indirect friendship with Eunsang even though she did not want to admit it she is really concern about her.

  36. 36 zakin89

    Oh dear lord… Everytime daddy pops up I wish him dead -.- He’s batshit crazy and I will never forgive you drama if he just oh so casually comes around and realises his mistakes in the end!

    Flashbacks… When used correctly can be awesome (Gaksital for example – damn sweet potato flashback had me crying like a baby :P) but here… filler much but then I don’t really expect much anymore from this drama^^

    Oh and I couldn’t help myself but I had a fit of giggles when LOVE IS THE MOMENT was playing when Tan said bye to ES^^ The build up was just so obvious 😀 (though I have to admit I kind of love the song^^ at least it’s not as annoying as Almost Paradise was :P)

    I am just glad that there are only three episodes left^^

    • 36.1 August

      I must confess that the “Love Is The Moment” song has grown on me as well.

  37. 37 NewFan

    Well this episode was a whole lot of nothing. This is the first time I didn’t get mad, lol. I was hella bored, though. At least it looks like it picks back up tomorrow. Kudos to you for being able to recap a whole lot of filler. Was this episode short, or was I just not paying attention for half of it?

  38. 38 ilikemangos

    What a depressing episode.
    that’s all i really have to say.

    I think heirs is the first show i watch week-to-week but never really have anything to say in the recaps.
    Hats off to those that can pull anything remotely deep from this show to talk about.

    • 38.1 Eileen

      Haha, I think we just repeat ourselves week after week, lovers and haters alike.

      • 38.1.1 Windsun33

        I just keep hoping this show will end so that the next one – hopefully a lot better and less depressing – can start.

        • Nancy

          Me too. I’m counting down the days for Heirs to end so that You From Another Star can air. So looking forward to it!

  39. 39 whatis

    three… more… episodes… let’s finish this!!!

  40. 40 bangbang

    Although this episode was boring, acting was really good, especially Lee Min-ho. The last scene between KT and YD was really good. I watched this drama because of KWB but i am also a fan of LMH now. The scenes with both of them together are highlights for me.
    And i didn’t know LMH is such a good singer. The song is really good.

  41. 41 VanillaSalt

    I smell a *3 years later* finale. I’m calling it now

    • 41.1 Windsun33

      Let’s just hope that nobody finds any Magical Incense Sticks.

  42. 42 Pakykul Gunk

    This episode is a mess.
    Thanks for the recap.

  43. 43 Kenanga

    A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! This episode has successfully ruined my expectation! What happens to you, writer nim???????????????

  44. 44 DayDreamer

    I admit I only come here to read about Woo Bin’s role in this drama, hehe. But I wanted to say, what on earth is that ?? http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t413/javabeansdb/drama/2013/heirs/heirs2/heirs17-00450.jpg

    That’s some severe wardrobe malfunction…..and the tilted head kinda reminds me of Min-ho’s funniest ever photo shoot where he’s dressed like Willa Wonka or something with his head all lopsided.

    • 44.1 Eileen

      LOL I swear I thought he crashed the car and broke his neck and was wearing a brace throughout that scene. I was like huh?, the hospital won’t send him to the police station after that. It wasn’t until he stood up that I realized it was his coat.

      • 44.1.1 ilikemangos

        LOOOOL. the funniest to come out of this episode thus far.

      • 44.1.2 Minea


  45. 45 Amy

    I’m glad I dropped this show after episode 5. Looks like I didn’t missed out much.

  46. 46 savanna

    “You take her”
    I think its the feminist in me, but COME ON. I swear the writer has a messed up perception of love.
    What’s Eun Sang? A possession? UGH.

  47. 47 ok

    ^ i saw this comment right under mine somewhere else. lol…
    Anyways, was nobody else happy to see Won stand up for Tan? And that it seemed like he was starting to show that he cares for Tan? Even Jisun? (fake mom) seemed to care just a little. I felt like this episode no matter how messy it was, was to show us the impact eun seung had on everyone’s life. How they, Won, Tan, YoungDo, Bona, HyoShin, KiAe changed from when EunSeung first came into their lives.

    • 47.1 ok

      oops took to long to write this comment that 4 other people posted before the last post i was talking about.

    • 47.2 mountainlion

      Yes! It was pretty nice to see Won finally warming up to his brother and actually showing some consideration for his emotions-probably because he knows how KT feels

  48. 48 saranghaelmh

    Why is everything just a little bit easier for YD? Even his stupid dad let him off the hook. Sheesh why put KT through so much despair. Let’s see.. illegitimacy, losing his best friend,ex best friend provoking him at every turn, exiling him, older bro is a twit, Dad is a horny bastard who brought all this home and keeps his mom locked up and finally just when he thinks things are going good for him, he takes his lady love away.
    And people think his character flawed sometimes, well whaddya expect? That’s why he locking in as the messenger of doom. I feel for the guy even in the midst of all his drama. and personally for LMH for making him so believable.
    YD’s actions dont really have so many conequences while Tan’s missteps endanger ppl he cares about.
    Oh how fair is that to his character? One can only put up with so much at 18.

    • 48.1 Patch

      KT’s family is emotionally abusive while YD’s father is physically abusive, neither has it better than the other.

  49. 49 valleydale

    This episode broke my heart. It took a while for me to get aboard the Kim Tan/Eun Sang ship, but I eventually did. Therefore, the pain Daddy douche bag put those two through really affected me. Hats off to Lee Min Ho. He once again reminded me of just how good an actor he is.

    Kim Woo Bin, too, has to be given serious credit. I absolutely hated his character in the first couple of episodes, but against my will, I soon began to warm up to him, even when he was behaving badly. That’s almost entirely due to the way Woo Bin played Young Do. I’m continually gratified to see the thawing in his relationship with Tan. Those two need their friendship back, and I can can’t wait to see that happen. The relationship between the brothers, however, frustrates me. It’s always bothered me that Won has been unable (unwilling) to see how much his brother loves him, or to give him even one ioda of returned affection. I hate the way KES wrote his character, because it’s almost entirely lacking in nuance. He says lines which indicate that he knows Tan is a good person, but his actions show a complete lack of trust in that goodness. What he said to his father in this episode, for instance, that the fact that Tan has held out his love for 18 years despite the fact that he (Won) has hated him, shows just how strong Tan is. He knows/has known this, and yet he is only now starting to see his brother for who he is? The big dummy. It’s high time he show his kid brother some recognition, and apologize for 18 years of unrequited love and loyalty.

  50. 50 owl

    My Herihead episode titles continued~

    1 Dry Cleaning Only
    2 Dreamcatcher
    3 I ♥ California
    4 Page 16
    5 Wishbone
    6 Parvenu (or New Money)
    7 Pale Pink Angora
    8 ‘Don’t Answer’
    9 Mom Mother Mistress
    10 Matching Shoes For Camp
    11 Stocks Skyrocket
    12 Open The Door
    13 Kicked Out
    14 Getting Back Together Party
    15 Baby Blue Mohair
    16 Closet Kiss 34:41
    17 24,030 won

    Two alternate titles to episode 17: 1) ¾ -Length White Raincoat, and 2) I’m Annoyed.

    Me. I am. Chaebols running around getting their fathers’ legion of right hand men to track down ES any way they can bores me. Name your price for the cell phone number you got yesterday, create a bogus announcement on the business website. Yawn. We plebeians just can’t relate. Tan and YD both found ES within a day, so how well hidden was she? What a half-assed effort by the cold marble slab of a dad.

    There was one redeeming moment in the episode when Won realized that their father’s actions were breaking down Tan and stepped in. And the ONLY high school moment in this entire show was when Tan, drunk and lying beat up on the ground said to YD, “You can have her.” That felt like normal high school guy’s response to feeling like he really “lost” and had given up. Broken.

    P. S. YD’s chartreuse sweater and navy blazer, stylin’ HOT, you dreamboat you.

    • 50.1 Eileen

      Well, it was actually CY’s dad who helped her hide, not evil daddy so I figure he doesn’t have the means to do anything stellar to conceal her. And I think he only helped her with $, not with the plan itself.

      And yes to YD’s blazer! Hot, hot, hot.

      • 50.1.1 socialpath???

        oh yes to the blazer.
        and bleh to LMH white coat.
        i know hes supossed to be some prince charming.
        Kill his stylist. you can put this guy in a T shirt and he can look good. WTH!

        • jl

          I agree. Even a ratty t-shirt is better than most stuff they had him wear. K-fashion has gone to the dogs. And the dogs ate the original script.

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