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Heirs: Episode 20 (Final)
by | December 12, 2013 | 474 Comments

The end is here. Not that it’s a surprise, but the Heirs finale doesn’t step outside its prescribed frame for even a second, so mostly what we get is an hour to wrap everything up neatly and send our characters on their way. Truthfully it wasn’t really a drama that had twenty episodes of story to sustain it in the first place, so I’m pleased that at least there are a few good character beats to leave on, if nothing else.

Heirs topped out at 25.6% ratings for its finale.


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Tan and Young-do look out over the city from the rooftop, each lost in thought over his father. For once they both agree—that tonight the city is cold, and dark.

Tan has his legal guardianship changed to his brother Won, and then they prepare to show a united front to the shareholders in a meeting. But they wait and wait, and only two faithful managers show up in the end. The rest—including all of the chairman’s actual family members—are busy plotting their takeover led by Madam Jung.

Chan-young’s dad VP Yoon tells them they have lots of work ahead of them if they have to chase shares down, and whisks Tan abroad to start shaking hands and getting signatures. Tan understands he is to play the part of the dutiful son, and he wonders how his father lived an entire life doing this.

Eun-sang only hears about the chairman’s collapse the next day from Chan-young, and then finds a note that Tan left for her at home.

Young-do eats a tense dinner with his dad, wanting to know what’s going to happen. Dad is for once a little nice, and assures Young-do that even if he does end up going to prison, life will resume as normal for Young-do, who is to trust only their hotel VP.

Dad puts on a smile and says he’ll be out in no time, reminding Young-do not to shirk his dishwashing duties at the hotel. But the very next day Young-do watches as his father’s face gets splashed all over the television along with news of his indictment.

Dad’s team of lawyers tells Young-do not to worry, and to live his life like before. They do have one message from his father though: “There need to be rules. You can’t cheat.” What. Did Crazypants finally teach his son a good thing? Granted it’s through a lawyer so I find it highly suspect that he really said it, but I’ll take what I can get.

Young-do takes it to heart and goes to see Joon-young, the kid he bullied so horrendously. He finds him at his new school, and Joon-young immediately tenses up at the sight of him, asking if he’s here to torment him some more.

But Young-do says he’s here to apologize, and says he’s sorry—sincerely, contritely. It floors Joon-young, who admits he didn’t think Young-do knew how to do that (me neither), but he says with grim determination that he won’t ever accept his apology. Joon-young tells him that if he’s really sorry, he should live the rest of his life feeling guilty, and Young-do doesn’t argue, agreeing to do so.

Eun-sang sees news of Young-do’s dad on TV, and writes to Tan wondering what kind of misfortune it is to bear the kind of weight that includes seeing your loved ones on the evening news.

She continues to narrate as she says that being the first to arrive at school meant that she often witnessed the fake corpse-outline graffiti that was a staple at their school. But what surprised her was that it wasn’t just one person—sometimes it was Hyo-shin, or Rachel, or even Myung-soo. “And today… it was Young-do.”

She wonders if it was since discovering that the graffiti wasn’t someone but everyone that she stopped being able to hate the other kids at Jeguk High. She asks if there was ever a morning when Tan came to school with spray paint in hand.

Young-do braces himself before walking up to a café window. Inside is his mother, smiling at customers. He gazes at her for a moment, but when she turns to look in his direction, he bolts behind a wall to stay out of sight and starts to cry.

Eun-sang narrates: “Even if it’s too heavy, or too cruel, or too sad, I hope that the only thing you can do isn’t to get hurt.”

Won greets Tan and VP Yoon on their return, and even praises Tan for doing a good job. He suggests they move back into the house together to show people that they won’t leave it empty, so the two brothers finally end up under the same roof.

Won asks Tan to go see Young-do about receiving power of attorney for his father’s shares, and Tan asks in return for Won to continue with his development project with Zeus. He agrees to do keep his word on that score even with Young-do’s dad in prison.

Tan goes to see Eun-sang and sticks his arms out for a bear-hug, and they have a happy reunion.

He visits Young-do next, and apologizes for having to come to him for a business matter at a time like this. Young-do guesses that Madam Jung is trying to take over the company, and sighs, “Moms. Whether you have ’em or not, they’re trouble.” Ha.

Tan knows they’re not friends, but promises to repay him for the favor if he’ll stand on their side. Young-do tells Tan to repay him now, and asks that he forgive him for the stuff he said to his mom. Aw. I really like 12 Steps Young-do. So…can you be friends NOW?

He gets up to go downstairs for dishwashing duty, which surprises Tan. Young-do points out that right now washing dishes is the only thing he has the power to do.

VP Yoon goes to see Rachel’s mom, who made it clear to Madam Jung earlier that she hadn’t yet chosen which side to take. It really only takes a moment of connection between the two exes for her to take the boys’ side, and they exchange well wishes that seem genuine and not laced with bitterness for the first time ever.

Won meets with his maybe-fiancée next, and agrees to marry her for her vote. I wish I could say this episode weren’t as choppy as it sounds on paper, but things just happen one right after the other. At this point I’m glad we even met this girl before now.

Then it’s time for the stockholders vote to edge Chairman Dad out, and despite Madam Jung’s smugness, the brothers win majority vote in the end and protect Dad’s position. She tells Won not to rest on his laurels thinking the war is over, and says they’ll be doing this again in no time (meaning when the chairman dies once and for all).

But as soon as she says the words, VP Yoon gets the call that Chairman Dad is awake, and he’s going into surgery now. Guess you’ll have to wait a little longer for your war, lady.

The brothers wait outside the surgery ward with VP Yoon and Madam Han, who is beside herself with worry. They get word that surgery went well, and she bursts into tears. Tan chides her for crying over a man who kicked her out, but she obviously doesn’t care about that now, and even Won sees how broken up she is about Dad.

Young-do returns to his mother’s café, and this time he gets up the courage to walk through the door. Mom recognizes him instantly and he just starts to cry standing there in the doorway.

She wipes away his tears and hugs him close, saying that she’s sorry she didn’t wait longer, that she didn’t go to see him. He ekes out, “Mom, Mom…” like he’s trying out the word for the first time.

At school, Hyo-shin passes his books down to Eun-sang and thanks her for being a bright spot in an otherwise dreary high school career, and she notes that it sounds an awful lot like a farewell.

Rachel gets called into the office to give her opinion on her mother’s new line, and her mom asks if she wants to take a single girls’ trip somewhere warm for the winter. At least she’s trying to be a mom now.

Her main concern is that Rachel seems to be taking her sleeping pills, and Rachel says it’s just because she hasn’t been sleeping well. Mom sends her to the psychiatrist anyway to get her own diagnosis and prescription, just in case.

Rachel runs into Hyo-shin at the doctor’s office, and he surprises her by saying rather plainly that he’s a regular patient here. He floors her with even bigger news that he’s headed to the army, and she asks if he has a girl to wait for him. He doesn’t have an answer for that.

He tells her it’s a secret, but she must’ve told Tan anyway, because he comes running to the train station to send Hyo-shin off. I love that Tan is using banmal now, calling Hyo-shin by name (and also “crazy bastard” interchangeably).

He asks how Hyo-shin could just up and go to army without even graduating high school or letting anyone know, but Hyo-shin says it was all he could think of to buy some time and distance from his parents. He knows it’s nuts, but he seems happy about the decision. Tan hugs him, which is super cute because of how awkward it is, but Hyo-shin finally hugs him back and says he’ll return safely. Aw.

Eun-sang sees that Mom is making more bean powder, and wonders why she’s making so much. Mom hesitates to admit that half is to send to her sister, who called to let her know that she got a job.

Eun-sang demands unni’s number, and Mom worries that she’s just going to start another fight, but Eun-sang surprises her by saying she’ll just tell unni that they’re living well and wish her well too.

Mom asks if she really is happy, thinking that all she does is bring her daughters more pain. Eun-sang swears that being Mom’s daughter makes her happy, and hugs her with an “I love you.”

Chairman Dad wakes up after surgery and tells Madam Jung he’ll be filing for divorce. She isn’t the least bit troubled by it, declaring that if she can’t swallow Jeguk whole, she’ll at least take half in the divorce.

Tan brings Eun-sang by for a visit, and though Chairman Dad isn’t exactly warm and friendly, he doesn’t reject the books she brings him.

Tan takes his mom for a walk out in the world as promised, but she quickly decides that this carefree business is hard. Tan points out that it’s the high heels she’s wearing, but she refuses to dress down: “It was my dream to be Miss Korea. I can’t give up the heels.” Ha.

Chan-young and VP Yoon go on a father-son fishing trip like the adorable duo that they are, and then Won and Tan totally crash it, which is even cuter. Chan-young tries to teach Tan about the art of waiting for the fish, which Tan is of course way too impatient to even listen to.

VP Yoon tells Won that the trip is in honor of final exams being over, which reminds Won to ask how Tan did this time around. Tan beams as Chan-young tells them about his fiftieth-place score, and Won looks so proud… that is, until Chan-young’s dad gapes, “Is that good? I didn’t even know there WAS a fiftieth place at Jeguk High.” Haha.

Won scowls and asks how Chan-young placed, and VP Yoon oh-so-casually says he stopped checking long ago because Chan-young is always, so predictably in first place. Hee. They’re cute when they’re being petty about the kids.

Won is instantly back to sneering at Tan after having just been so pleased at fiftieth place, and Tan drags Chan-young away in a huff for being the cause of his grief. VP Yoon asks if Won has told Tan yet, and Won says the story will be in the news tomorrow.

It turns out to be his wedding announcement they’re talking about, as we see Hyun-joo read the story in the news. This is how you let her find out? What the hell, Won? She cries alone at the bus stop after seeing the story, knowing that this time it really is over.

She meets him and takes out the wishbone he gave her long ago and breaks it. Her side is longer so she gets the wish, and she swallows back her tears as she tells him, “My wish is to break up.”

She says she always knew that despite looking at each other from across the same table, they were always worlds apart. All he can do is repeat that he’s sorry over and over. She promised to wave at him as he rose higher, and does so now. She gives a wave: “Goodbye, Oppa,” and leaves him.

Tan greets him with a barrage of questions at home about the sudden wedding, but Won just says it’s the price of the crown he wears. He tells Tan that he’s thought about it, and he doesn’t have to go to the States anymore. But instead he has to stand behind hyung and learn the family business properly.

He makes it clear that this means there is no other future for him to dream of. Won admits it’ll be a little less lonely this way, though still, they both know it’s a lonely road.

Young-do returns to the bike shop and remembers seeing Eun-sang there. He finally takes out the band-aid she gave him and uses it to wrap the cut on his finger from washing dishes at the hotel, perhaps ready to let himself heal.

Chan-young sneaks a kiss with Bo-na, and Tan receives his journal in the mail from his old professor. It’s returned with a note asking what kind of crown he was trying to wear, whether money, fame, or love.

Tan begins to write again, and as he narrates, we see Won sitting at his father’s desk. “The owner of the study has changed. Hyung rose to the place he wanted to rise to. He became strong, but at night he cried. Was his place of exile perhaps the place he lived his whole life—this house?”

As Tan writes the words, Won sits in Dad’s chair and takes out the broken wishbone, breaking down in sobs at the price he paid to sit here.

Tan becomes a senior in high school (which just makes me laugh to realize they were just juniors all this time, holy cow) and Myung-soo greets him with a camera in his face as always, while Rachel walks past without a word.

Tan warns Chan-young to watch his back in first place because he has no middle ground, and Bo-na quips, “So you’re going for hundredth place again?” Ha.

Young-do approaches, and they walk past each other with no friendly words, but no fighting either. Tan narrates that nothing has really changed, and they have yet to properly learn reconciliation.

And then he sits next to Eun-sang, who asks what it was he wished for on his birthday. He says he wished for everyone he knew to be happy, and describes a fantasy that in ten years’ time, he’ll be throwing a big party at his house, and everyone will be there.

We see his fantasy future, where Bo-na and Chan-young and still together and busy working, Hyo-shin is a movie director and still flirting with Rachel who runs her mother’s company, and Young-do is taking over the big project that Won began with his father.

Dad and all the moms are happy and well, and then Tan goes upstairs to his room, where Eun-sang is waiting, and he gives her a kiss.

Back in reality, Eun-sang says it’s a nice fantasy, and Tan says that maybe it’ll come true someday.

Tan narrates: “At eighteen, we fell for each other, we loved, we cried, we ran, we knelt, and we turned our backs on each other countless times.”

A flashback sequence brings us to the present where they walk away hand in hand, and then we fade to some time in the future as they walk down the street the same way.

Eun-sang: “But despite that, at eighteen, we ran toward each other, held hands, and held each other with all our strength. We might stumble again, or kneel again. Despite that…”

Tan: “We go forward.”


The finale pretty much confirmed that this was a twenty-episode drama based on zero conflict and a vague notion of a story. We’ve been on this road for a while so it was no surprise, and in that respect the final episode delivered exactly what I expected—loose ends tied at warp speed, and everyone’s terrible parents suddenly being nice for no real reason other than we’re at Episode 20. I sort of wanted to ask about everyone’s lobotomies but then Dad really went and got his brain re-wired literally, so that kind of takes care of that on a meta level. I could’ve stood to see him suffer more, but he was, like most of the roadblocks in this drama, a device more than a person.

It wasn’t like I hated the drama with a fiery vengeance or anything, though I doubt it’s news that I didn’t love it. It’s just deflating when you get to the end and realize it was all empty, and the conflict that we thought was driving the entire series was basically all for nothing. Talk about a letdown. For a drama that talked of crowns and kingdoms, I still have no idea why Tan and Eun-sang had to do so much running away from each other when they were just going to defy their parents in the end and have Dad become a softy anyway, or when Tan was just going to make nice with his brother and have his cake and eat it too. What is the point? The final flashback sequence actually had the unintended side effect of making me remember just how much drama and angst there was, and for no real reason to boot. I would’ve forgotten, but thanks for the parting reminder, Show.

At least Won got a somewhat interesting ending, though it only made me wish he had been an equal star in this drama. The brothers’ relationship remained the most engaging part, and it’s really a terrible waste that it was sidelined as a bookend story rather than the meat and potatoes, which it should’ve been. I really liked that Won got the gloomier ending, and that it took him getting what he wanted all this time to fully feel the weight of what he had given up to get there. Had the brothers been the central conflict in the story, I might’ve actually cared. A lot, in fact. Oh well. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

As a drama universe, I did like peering in on the world of kids acting like adults, and sort of skipping their youth to go be groomed to run corporations. Only you can’t really skip that part, because then everything comes out sideways as we saw with the myriad of dysfunctional relationships that populated this world. I wish the drama had said something about it other than pointing it out though, because nothing changes. The world goes on and the rich stay rich, and the dysfunction just evolves. I suppose they’re meant to be growing pains like any other, but somehow I feel like we basically got told twenty times that first-world problems are hard too. Cry me a river.

I guess in the grand scheme of things I had a better time in Episodes 19 and 20 because everyone finally got to be happy or nice, so at least we end on an up-note, even if it hurts the head a little to ask too many questions like why or how. I wish I could say that the drama followed through on its most interesting ideas, or that the romance truly earned a happily ever after by walking through the fire and sacrificing everything for love. But mostly I think we just went through the motions. We sure went through a lot of hoops, but I never once felt the temperature rise.


474 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Faye

    The “Heirs” finale may have been somewhat trite, but it was ultimately satisfying to me. By referencing events from the first episode, it seemed to come full circle. For most of the characters, the choices they made this time around demonstrated growth.

    Tan and Won united, as brothers should, and learned that two really is better than one. Young-Do discovered that regret doesn’t automatically erase all that you’ve done, but it may reward you, karmically, by giving you back someone you love. Eun Sang found that it takes guts to stand up against society and fight for what you want, but the rewards can be great. Ki-ah evolved into a true adult, one who takes responsibility for her actions and, accordingly, assumes ownership of herself. Won learned that putting aside his animosity toward his brother actually helped him gain what he wanted . . . but that what he wanted might not be enough to make him happy.

    The Chairman Daddy volte-face was too abrupt for me to explain logically. So I’ll just say he realized that when you have a stroke and you’re dependent on someone, count on your children and not the wife you cuckolded for 18 years.

    The viewers learned that a decade may pass, seasons may come and go, people may change – but Tan’s fashion sense will never improve. (That plaid suit at the imaginary party – WORDS. I have words. Tan, a clown college from the 70’s called, and it wants its suit back.).

    A central theme of “Heirs” was weighing the responsibilities of privilege against finding the courage to be who you think you should be, even if that means rejecting your noblesse oblige. With Won and Tan’s endings, we saw both parts of that equation addressed. Unfortunately, Won’s ending wasn’t perfect. As life rarely is.

    Even as a fan, I can admit the drama had its faults: the seeming lack of central planning; the neglect of certain characters and storylines; the wasted potential. But ultimately, the characters and themes were emotionally effective enough to make this a drama I’ll remember with a smile.
    After the back and forth about what it all means, here’s what I took from “Heirs:” You don’t need to restrict yourself to the construct society assigns you – spoiled, useless rich bastard; poor working girl; the bad boy; the dependent mistress. If you have enough courage, you can and should be yourself, whether that self is an illegitimate child, a maid’s daughter, a boy who just wants his mother, or a woman learning to stand on her own feet. And sometimes, if you’re lucky and you don’t give up easily, you will find someone who loves that self just as you are. I thought that was a pretty uplifting message.

    That last image of Tan and Eun Sang walking toward the sunshine together said it all for me. Having someone to hold your hand through the bad times, and to keep grasping it as you move toward the future together – isn’t that something we all want?

    Thanks to the recappers. Also thanks to many of you with whom I enjoyed posting. Happy holidays and happy drama viewing to you guys!

    P.S. For @August – Songs to reflect overall themes of the drama – for Tan and Eun Sang, Barry White, “Just the Way You Are.” For the rest of the characters, “Got To Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn.

    • 1.1 Windsun33

      @ Faye – Although we will probably never see eye to eye on this drama, I still appreciated your posts and insight. And, truth be said on a couple of occasions where I went berserk and off the rails you at least got one or two of my wheel back on :D.

      Now we can start disagreeing about that Star guy 🙂

      • 1.1.1 Faye

        @Windsun -Well, that was a fair post. I can’t argue with anything you said :).

        Which Star guy?

        • Windsun33

          The drama that follows this one – My Love From Another Star.

          • Faye

            Ah. I’ll have to see if that one is worth watching.

    • 1.2 Vicky


      Yes! I didn’t read your comment before posting mine but I think we pretty much posted the same thing in so many words.

      Ah. I really loved this little show. Just like you said, I’ll also remember it more fondly than some of the other “clever” or “better received” dramas.

      This finale episode did it for me. I also agree that the change in Chairman was a bit sudden and maybe somewhat unrealistic, but none the less a good ending. So many tears. So many great scenes.

      I’m gonna miss this show, knowing it will probably take a long while before another show comes around that will capture me like this one did. (Err, I think I have that darn dust in my eye as well, haha).

      In the meantime, I’m enjoying The Prime Minister and I for my new drama series.

      Are there any other shows you plan to watch or are watching? You know, to try to replace the void left by Heirs? Lol.

      • 1.2.1 Faye

        @Vicky – It will be hard to shake this one for some reason, right? I’m glad the ending was happy, but it’s bittersweet for me that it’s over.

        I watched episode 1 of “The Prime Minister and I,” and thought it had promise. Nothing else at the moment. You?

      • 1.2.2 amira

        i totaly agree with you so i dont thing that i will add any thing

        i ‘ll welly miss this drama; and its will take so much time to forget it, i will miss tan and houng do and the others so much
        i locke forward to another drama like this esepiallly if the main actor is lee min hoo because he is talented

    • 1.3 August

      @ Faye
      “The Chairman Daddy volte-face was too abrupt for me to explain logically. So I’ll just say he realized that when you have a stroke and you’re dependent on someone, count on your children and not the wife you cuckolded for 18 years.”

      So funny and true.

      “The viewers learned that a decade may pass, seasons may come and go, people may change – but Tan’s fashion sense will never improve. (That plaid suit at the imaginary party – WORDS. I have words. Tan, a clown college from the 70’s called, and it wants its suit back.)”

      They wanted Kim Tan to blend in with the paint colors of the mansion walls as he ascended the steps to his bedroom.

      Nice song selections 🙂

      “Just the Way You Are” by Barry White

      Only a fool maybe takes things for granted
      Just because it’s here today
      It can be gone tomorrow

      – Kim Won and Jun Hyun Joo

      I don’t want clever conversation
      I don’t want to work that hard
      I just want some someone to talk to
      I want you just the way you are.

      And this I promise from my heart
      I could not love you any better
      I love you just the way you are.

      – Kim Tan and Cha Eun-Sang

      Baby I love you
      Yeah I love you
      Just the way… You are…

      – Yoon Chan Young and Lee Bo Na

      You always have my unspoken passion
      Although I might not seem to care

      – Yoon Jae Ho and Lee Esther

      “Got To Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn

      What you find, ah
      What you feel now
      What you know-a
      To be real…

      – Choi Young-Do definitely kept it real with mostly everyone in his life – mother, father, Cha Eun-Sang, Kim Tan, bullied student Moon Joon Young, Jo Myung Soo, and Rachel.

      P.S. Are you watching the 16 episode comedy/drama Let’s Eat? It airs on tvN once a week each Thursday and us is hilarious. A word of advice, don’t watch it if you are hungry or skipped a meal.

      Premise: A drama about the lives of four single people living on their own, hungry for food and love. It centers around a 3-year divorcee (female lead) experiencing things with the married and unmarried people around her.

      • 1.3.1 chocopie83

        i watched it while sharing one fried chicken (one huge plate, not one piece :p) with a friend.. ><

      • 1.3.2 Faye

        @August – I liked the way you related the lyrics to the different couples.

        I think I heard about “Let’s Eat” – probably on this board – but haven’t seen it yet. Is it on Dramafever or gooddrama.net?

        • August

          I’m not sure if it’s available on Dramafever yet, but you can find it on GD.

          It will brighten up your day or week. Right now, the characters are fun to watch and I get a kick out of hearing the female say “Brassi” often brandishing her pet for its antics.

    • 1.4 jaglaine

      There I was enjoying the wrap-up. Everyone was dressed in beautiful evening clothes. Kim Tan walks up the stairs, the camera focused on his shoulders and…I LAUGHED OUT LOUD! OMG! What the fuck is Kim Tan wearing?!? I was laughing right up until the end. I couldn’t seem to get past the plaid suit! I have picnic blankets that look so much better than that suit.

      Excuse me while I laugh some more….

      Oh, and yes, the wrap-up was okay. Now we can all move on.

      • 1.4.1 Gidget

        The opening shot of that jacket was bad. But when they showed the matching pants….laughed so loud I think my neighbors heard.

        • Suzi Q

          Even after ten years, Tan still has no fashion sense! I thought the pink fuzzy sweater and the fugly sweaters were bad, but that suit reminded me of what Pee Wee Herman would wear! LOL…

          Poor Won..no happy ending for him. He chose power instead of love.

          • cecilia

            I think 29 party , was filmed at the beginning , the silly kiss and horrible clothes are the proof . The last 5 ep , was more better ( the kiss and the clothes)

      • 1.4.2 TJ101

        HAH ME TOO! WTF was with that plaid xD

        The entire show was just meh for me. Too much anticipation and sadly – not enough delivery. I swear they could have omitted episodes 14-18 and still it wouldn’t have made much difference. Meh.

      • 1.4.3 anniejang

        I really think the way they dressed LMH was an inside joke from the beginning, and that’s why they are going to auction off his Kim Tan clothes. It’s like they wanted to do that without us catching on.
        I think they did the clothes joke with Young Do too, when they kept dressing him and Eun Sang as twins at the campsite. Tan’s last suit seemed to be their biggest effort and it was good. It looked stupid but not silly, if you know what I mean. Even Eung Sang’s dress at the end looked kind of dumb.
        I do not consider this interesting enough to re-watch, but am flirting with the idea of going thru it again just to see what else they did with clothes that I may have missed. That might fill in some drama time while I wait for the space alien- which is probably going to be the theme for the next wave of Kdramas.

        • anniejang

          Even Tan’s all-white birthday suit was sort of a cliché-I’ve noticed, in my relatively short life-that only Asian boys can wear white suits successfully.

        • Faye

          @anniejang –

          “I really think the way they dressed LMH was an inside joke from the beginning”

          I think you must be right. It started off bad, and just got progressively more and more ridiculous. When I saw that suit, I thought, come on. They’ve got to be trolling us at this point.

        • Xinyi

          You know, all of Kim Tan’s clothing are actually Lee Min Ho’s clothing. He bought them, paid for them and all and wore them to set.

          • Faye

            Possibly, but I’m dubious. That’s a story that circulated in the media, but was never confirmed by him or his agency. I find it very to believe that he would shell out $50,000 of his own money for his job. Maybe he got it at huge discount from the designers and is getting a major tax write-off since he’s auctioning them off.

            Look at how he dresses in real life pics – just check out the pics of him going to the Heirs goodbye party. Long dark coat, normal black pants, a plain, normal dark olive sweater. Not even in the same galaxy as the clothes from Heirs.

          • Ivoire

            I am with Faye about this.

          • jaglaine

            LMH’s personal clothing choice are earth colors and plain chic. So I sincerely hope he got paid VERY WELL to model those clothes in Heirs. After all, some said they were Gucci etc. I think the next time he signs on for these things there’d be a clause that says he first has to like them to wear them. Otherwise I wont be able to live through another drama with fashion sense like this one. Seriously. What a bummer. It definitely was a major defect for me. Shallow, I know. But hey, if I want depth, I’d be watching Homeland.

        • KDaddict

          I think designers who can’t sell these particular items PAID LMH lots of money to wear them for filming! What other explanation can there be?

      • 1.4.4 thinktank

        LMH is gorgeous- face and body but..

        all white and black shoes?…pink rabbit sweater?…and that plaid suit???

        His outfits made me sooo angry!!!!

        I am sure now that his wardrobe had affected his viewers’ perception of his character and acting.

      • 1.4.5 cecilia

        jajajaja … better words ever for ever … jajajaja
        I´m I burst out laughing !!!!

      • 1.4.6 August

        The Heirs: Kim Tan’s Fashion Episode 1- 20
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        • August

          Heirs Bonus Feature Video by Dramafever

          “The video includes a countdown of several top ten moments, such as top ten Young Do moments, top ten Kim Tan trolling moments, top ten Chan-Bo moments, and of course, the top ten Eun-Tan feels moments. You’ll also be treated to 15 minutes of behind the scenes footage, as well as a special greeting from Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye directly…”


    • 1.5 Startulle

      Omg Faye you just read my thoughts and my feelings!
      I just want add that what I love the most about Kim Tan he always but always chose his real mom never feeling ashamed !
      I have so many fave scenes but the memorable one when he grab mom’s hand and confessed!
      I really like HS character, always true to himself! MS was a nice surprise to beat his parents!
      And YD in the end won me over…
      I like the end….it’s not gonna be perfect all the time but having someone holding ur hands we can try to go anywhere, rite?!…it can be mom, dad, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend!
      Heirs brought me good memories of my high school life, friendship till today like Tan wanted, silly and sweet days, no bullying and my first love!!!!!… Lol

      • 1.5.1 Faye

        @Startulle – Nice comments! I disagree slightly on one point – Kim Tan did seem to be ashamed of his mother at first, when he was in California and when he first came back. But I do like that as he evolved into accepting himself, he changed toward her as well and defended her. I also loved the confession scene.

        YD won me over as well; something I never thought would happen in the first half of the show!

        I agree about all of us needing someone, not just romantically. I like that the drama explored other relationships – parent/child and brother/brother as well.

    • 1.6 V

      bahhhh, dat ending man…zZZZZ

      I love the actors on this drama but honestly without Woo Bin this drama would be dead. I think his acting provided all the intense and emotional moments that drew you in and made me feel TEH FEEEELZ. ;_; and I think him and Shin hye had so much much more chemistry ( sorry Minho ._.).

      I really want Shin hye and Woo bin in the same drama again, woo bin being lead this time :D! now that would an ace drama! *prays to dramagods&godesses*

    • 1.7 Simone

      I loved Heirs so much! I will miss this show terribly. Thanks for your keen insights, Faye!

    • 1.8 Mimi

      IF there are any lessons that can be taking from the drama is
      1- Being angry inside and hating on people for what they’ve done to you in the past by creating a shield around yourself & by hating others, threatening them will not help the situation, in fact you will only end up hurting yourself and being pitiful! Forgive the ones who hurt you and be humble. (Yong DO)

      2- Never judge a book by its cover, they may look rich, happy, with a great family, but you never know what goes on behind closed doors, so stop wishing for somebody’s life or being mean at somebody cos you think they won’t be hurt.
      Appreciate your life and make the best out of your situations, being respectful to others and not giving back rudeness to someone who is rude to you. Be the better person. (Kim tan being nice to his big bro’ no matter what, Kim won being nicer and letting go of his insecurities)

      3- You have got to work hard to achieve your dreams. Nothing in life comes very easy, you’ve got to work hard and know who you are, not feeling down by the ones who may be rude or bully you and not finding your self esteem in what people think of you. (Eun sang) Hard work always pays off.

      4- Every dream starts with a vision. The writer of this drama Kim eun sook for any drama she wrote, it all started with a simple vision, an idea, a paper, a pen..
      Then all came together and now we’re seeing what we’re seeing now. No matter how big your dream may seem right now, work hard. Impossible is nothing! Write your dreams, visions down and work towards it no matter how impossible, limit ridiculous it may seem right now.

      Life in itself is a lesson, the best place. You learn from your mistakes, move on and become a better person. Always growing…each and every day.

      Fighting Everyone! …

      • 1.8.1 Mimi

        they are*

      • 1.8.2 Mimi

        Also forgiving doesn’t mean you have to go back and their best friends forever if you know they’re not the ones for you, but not holding any grudges in your heart against them, and looking at them with no hate in your heart is what it is.

    • 1.9 Crystal

      Hey Faye! You might not know me but…can you tell me which drama are you gonna watch so I could read your comments??? I really enjoy it :3

    • 1.10 reg

      awww…that was beautifully phrased.

  2. JD

    “The one who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown..”
    For nineteen episodes, I thought that the title of this drama was meant for our main character, Kim Tan. But in the last episode, I realised that this sentence was for Kim Won.

    Truth to be told, I was really heartbroken to see Won & Hyunjoo’s breakup. They were one of my favourite couples, and I have always thought that they would get together at the end. When Won gave her that wishbone in the beginning of the drama, my gut feeling said that it was gonna bring bad luck. Sadly, it did. I had a hope that they would work out at the end, and although a happy ending for everyone seems too idealistic, but I didn’t think that they would lose each other after all that. But Hyunjoo is right, Won dreams to succeed in a higher place, whilst Tan dreams of making Eunsang his whole world. They each had a crown that they were chasing; Tan chose love, Won chose the company. With that decision, they have to bear the consequences that it brought. I understood why Won chose the company. Like he said, it doesn’t matter what you like or what you want to do, sometimes fate itself chose you. So he has to live with that pain of losing Hyunjoo, for the sake of family and the company. The scene where he cried in the office was really, really heartbreaking. But looking at the positive light, he did fix his relationship with his brother, so it’s not all sad on his part.

    Choi Youngdo’s reunion with his mother stole the episode for me. Kim Woobin’s acting here was really brilliant. Even though I would’ve liked Youngdo and Eunsang to happen, but I would rather have him reuniting with his mum. I thought that Eunsang & Youngdo could be friends though. It feels like the drama had so many loose ends that left unsolved. In that sense, I’m not really 100% satisfied with the ending. I liked how they also hinted on Hyoshin & Rachel’s relationship though. Making it happen too quickly wouldve made it weird imo, but hinting a possible future was bittersweet. The Heirs came with so much expectations. It did bring its share of disappointments and frustrations however. At the end of the day, it brought a good message to learn. I fell in love with some characters, and really despised how some was written.

    Choi Youngdo & Lee Bona stole the drama for me. Youngdo, more at the second half of the drama though. Lee Bona was the best thing this drama offered. I’m glad she became biffels with Cha Eunsang at the end. I loved these two’s friendship. It was kinda like push and pull, but really fun! Chanyoung and Bona were adorable. AND YAY! … they got a kiss at the end of the drama. Best thing ever. Hahaha 🙂

    • 2.1 Annieo

      Well said! Umm I don’t know I should feel about this finale. I mean there are parts of it that I liked such as Young Do’s reconciliation with his mother which was super emotional *wipes tears off face* and also the chairwoman’s downfall (which we all kinda knew was coming). However for some reason I didn’t get a sense of closure. I think it’s because everything of plot significance was left until the last 3 episodes; like what’s with chairdad’s sudden acceptance/lack of hatred for Eun Sang? However for those who think it’s unfair that Won doesn’t get the girl in the end, it’s necessary to portray the fact-with great reward comes great sacrifice no matter how heart-breaking it is. Not everyone can have a lovey-dovey ending *cough* Chan Bo Na. Anyways, KT’s imagination at the end made me laugh. But what’s with his blue plaid suit though?

      P.S. Chan Young’s dad should totally get together with Rachel’s mother. She has become less of a bitch under his influence. The same goes for Rachel and Hyo Shin.

    • 2.2 pogo

      @JD – Won and Hyun-joo had SO MUCH potential, as a mirror to Tan and Eun-sang, and a way to flesh out the brothers more. Unfortunately, they were so underwritten that we could never even be sure whether they were actually together, dating or not, or broken up, or something else. I can get behind the idea of the breakup as bittersweet, but unfortunately it just comes off as a little lacking in logic – if suddenly-lobotomised Chairman Wheelie suddenly accepted Eun-sang, why is there any obstacle in the way of Won and Hyun-joo, especially when the circumstances are the same?

      Apart from the giant waste of acting talent and latent chemistry between Choi Jin-hyuk and Im Joo-eun (who should really be paired together again, to make up for this), I felt like they would actually have been the perfect couple to focus on in an inheritance drama. The stakes would actually have felt as high as they were supposed to be when your protagonists are adults who’ve made their own lives to some degree, instead of high schoolers playing house.

      • 2.2.1 JD

        Won chose to marry that other girl for her vote, so that he could save Jeguk from his father’s second wife. If their father did accept Tan/Eunsang, I would have imagined him to come in terms with having Hyunjoo as Won’s girlfriend too. But this breakup was initiated by a different circumstance. At first it was because of the father’s unreasonable wishes of marrying his kids for money and power, but at the end of the day, it was a decision that Won made himself, to bear the crown that he wore.

        I agree with you though. It’s still illogical. Things still could have worked out regardless. I wished she waited for him, but in saying that, it’s not fair for her as well. From the beginning, I think she already felt that void between their worlds, and it’s too much to be unnoticed, so that’s why she ended things. It’s not like Won didn’t want to fight for her, cause I believe he would’ve thrown everything away just to be with her. But that would result in Jeguk going down. So its not like he has a choice. Like Tan said, living in the house is Won’s prison itself. I do believe that things don’t have to be this way though. There’s other ways for Won to achieve what he wants, and have Hyunjoo by his side. That’s a shame imo.

        • Cindy

          Kim Won told Chan Young that the company was his 1st priority, his girlfriend was 2nd. Not that he didn’t love her, but she wasn’t the most important.

    • 2.3 chikok

      I must say again, Heirs was a roller coaster ride for me, cresting only when Choi Youngdo/kim woo bin made his presence… This is one drama, where the character role upstaged the lead role, kudos to the story line but more so because Kim woo bin played the role to a tee. His scenes with his mother were just a few from many that showed he can be an amazing actor as he matures. I hope to see more of this young fellow in more dramas to come. I came (to see Lee Minho), I saw, and got conquered (by Kim Woo Bin).

    • 2.4 A

      I agree with you on that first paragraph. All the side characters shined except for the two leads. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye were hard to watch (even though they’re one of my favourite actors).

      In my opinion, this was the worst drama of 2013. Things just happened without logic and we were expected to make sense of it. I can’t believe I spent 20 hours watching this.

      What upsets me the most is that they didn’t even do anything for my favourite characters. Um excuse me, where’s my happy ending for Won? So he just breaks up and cries for a few nights and it’s all good? He’s destined for a lonely road because he took that top position?

      What about Hyo Shin? Did he just rebel against his parents and since they couldn’t stop him from going to the army, they just said “Oh ok do whatever you want”? And now you expect me to believe he’s a director now? Last time I saw his parents, they were forcing him to shove his dream in a hole and follow what ever they say.

      And Young Do and his mom. What happened there? She saw him, he saw her and that was basically the last thing we saw of her. No catching up, no information on why she never searched for him… We didn’t even see anything about his dad.

      And wtf is up with Eun Sang’s sister? I’m starting to believe that she was just a plot device for Eun Sang to go to America in the beginning. Then the writer remembered her in the last episode and just added a quick reference to her.

      Everything about this finale angers me. I just feel robbed. I want my happy ending dammit.

      They wrapped it up in bows for everyone else but shit, if you’re going to go make a shitty drama and end with a cliche happy ending, make it happy for all the characters. Don’t leave them hanging and just making us sit there and wonder what ever happened to them.

  3. Ivoire

    Last episode, yay!!! Finally! Thank you for the recap. I am back with some questions, so here they are:

    1-That owl, is it a bag? (that ES has). I think someone had the same owl in MS’s playroom/studio. I remember CY holding it when KT called them to ask for help. 2-It was good that YD didn’t receive forgiveness, it keeps him indebted and humble. 3-The 3rd guy who signed (in the US), was he in TK2Hs? The one who bribed LSJ’s character (he sounded like him, and looked a little bit like him). 4-What was the point of that body outline though? Still does not make sense to me. Is there a symbolism behind it? If so, what is it? Are they emotionally dying or something? 5-ES narrated this, “Was it after they knew they were the criminals,” I think when she was either talking about the students, or YD’s family. I was just confused, who were the criminals? 6-They were speaking to Mr. Chan in Chinese (or one of the Chinese languages), right? 7-Yoon said, (when talking to Esther) “It’s a pity at least that my charm goes through?” Another subbing thing? I didn’t understand. 8-Esther, (back to Yoon), “You are using your charm without a price” meaning? 9-In ep. 18, does YD say “Eun Sang ie,” when he talks to ES’s mom?” (When he tells her that he likes her daughter). I thought I heard him say “Eun Sang-ie” (or something like that), and my friend said, “no he didn’t” I did hear something after “Sang” that sounded like “ee” or “ie.” Was I wrong? 10-HS to Rachel: “I don’t see us in a together genre film,” I don’t see us together? But then isn’t he hoping that she would be the girl waiting for him? 11-HS is repeating his (senior) year, right? (because he didn’t pass the College entrance exam, or didn’t take it). 12-Can HS leave without his parents’ permission (for the army)? Is it because he is 19 (so not a minor in Korea?) 13-Ituraya (sp?)(you idiot, so not pabo?) Maybe that’s another word for idiot? 14-*Sigh of relief* HS is not dead and not dying. 15-So KW and KT randomly have dates with Yoon and CY now? (rhetorical question). 16-Is it ES’s 1st time of what? Cooking? (What KT told ES). The next two sentences were not subbed, so what did they say to each other (she said “no,” and I don’t know what KT said after that). 18—KT to ES, “are you just happy to see me in your dreams? (Not in real life)?

    • 3.1 Momoi

      I was really curious about the body outline as well. It certainly serves as a metaphorical symbol, but as an actual one I’m wonder why it was drawn.

      • 3.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Momoi,
        For me, especially after finding out that HS doesn’t actually die, I am even more curious. Why such dark thoughts (do they want to die, at times?), why such a drawing, and why take turns?

        • TeaCharmer

          I thought they were gonna go all School 2013/Monstar on me and have Lee Hyo Shin jump from the rooftop. So glad it ended differently.

          The outline could be one of those things, kind of like a school tradition- everyone preserves the outline, however you never discuss it. A small rebellious act in an otherwise regimented life.

          • curious

            i think the outline is symbolic of how everyone of them had, at one point in time, wanted to jump off a building and end everything. but as tempting as that may seem, they know that they cannot jump, therefore they outline the body to remind themselves that in their minds they may have died a million times, but in real life they have to just hold it in and walk on.

          • tanny

            Hyo Shin could ended up with his best loved. His tuition teacher, his personal tutor, now that she has ended her relationship with Kim Won.

            The reason to repeat finals in High School, so that he can meet up with her again. Purposely prolonging his school days. So that when Hyo Shin come back for her, he is now a grown-up man after his army days. More mature, more man.

          • Ivoire

            Hello TeaCharmer,
            I didn’t watch School 2013 and Monstar. Does someone jump from the rooftop in those dramas? I am sooo curious now.
            I like your take on the outline, it makes sense. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

          • Ivoire

            @ Curious,
            Interesting take on the outline, which makes sense to me.

            @ tanny,
            based on the plot, HS does not end up with his tutor. When he realized that she was Won’s girlfriend, he was hurt, humiliated and walked out. We then see him flirting with Rachel, even in KT’s dream, 10 years later. I think the writer left an open ending (possible hook-up for HS and Rachel) in the last episode. HS moved on from his tutor. She might have been his first love, though. So she meant a lot to him.

        • anniejang

          The body outline was drawn by originally drawn by someone who was definitely thinking of jumping-probably Lee Hyo Shin. Remember the day Kim Tan first showed up at school and had that stare-down with Young Do, Hyo Shin was leaning on the rail right over that spot.
          But the surprise for me was finding out that several of the students were re-enforcing it when they were feeling suicidal. That’s what Eun Sang realized as she watched them come and redraw the lines, one after another, and realizing that their lives were as hard as hers was. so she stopped hating them and felt sorry for them.

    • 3.2 Rachelle

      1. The owl is a hand warmer.
      6. Yes, it was Chinese
      13. I think you are referring the Korean word for “kids”

      • 3.2.1 Windsun33

        Owl thingy: http://richbon.com/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=85156&special=1

        $49 + a bunch of shipping.

        • Ivoire

          Thanks Windsun33 for the info. I didn’t know it was a hand warmer, the whole time I was watching the show. I kept assuming it was a backpack, *SMH* Another blatant PPL for the show, I take it. Gotta pay those actors right?!

        • jaglaine

          Ridiculously high-priced for a ridiculous thingy.

      • 3.2.2 Ivoire

        Hi Rachelle,

        And thank you! And no, 13 is not the word (in Korean) for “kids”. The word for kids is different, KW used it in yesterday’s ep., when KT and ES were arguing in the cafe, and he tried to calm them down. I don’t want to embarrass myself here and try to write what I heard, but I know it is not 13. Hopefully, maybe Adette will see my questions and will respond to some of them :-). She always (usually) helps me with the language bits, when she sees my questions.

        • Rachelle

          I just watched that part again and KW definitely said “kids” or “children”, that word means both. Not an expert on Korean but I hear that word a lot at school.

          • Ivoire


            I am wondering if you didn’t watch ep. 19. That is the only place where I remember KW call KT and ES “children.” I think I heard “Ituraya” (and mind you, I am just spelling what I heard, the way I heard it, so my Romanization is not even correct), being said by KT to HS, at the train station. KT called him idiot, and I was expecting to hear “pabo,” and I didn’t so I was a little surprised (not that I know the whole Korean vocabulary, I am aware of that). I will go back and check as well.

          • Ivoire

            I also just rewatched ep. 20, about 28 mns and 38mns in, and KT (after having found HS at the train station), grills him about leaving for the army without telling anyone. At some point he says something that sounds like, “Ya! Ituraya!” or “Ya! Eeturaya,”(again, I am just writing it the way I heard it), and that was translated as “Hey! You idiot” on the site I watched the ep. on.

            Sooo yep, I stand by what I said…

        • curious

          what he said is 이 돌아이 야 which means you crazy person or something to that effect.

          • Ivoire

            Thank you, curious, I appreciate it. I guess my subs had “you idiot!” as a translation.

    • 3.3 Windsun33

      I very much suspect that the original plot had someone jumping off the roof, thus the body outline. There were so many changes and rewrites in the last 6 episodes hard to tell what the original plot was supposed to be.

      • 3.3.1 Vicky

        @Windsun, I agree. I think the original script did have a suicide or in the least suicide attempt.

        I wish the writers could finish filming these dramas before it starts airing. I hate that they sometimes make changes to the script based on feedback.

        For example, I feel KES made changes midway to include less adults and more of the high schoolers.

        Though I am satisfied with how it ended, I will forever be curious as to what the show would have been like without any changes.

        • Ivoire

          @ Vicky,
          I like your perspective on the drama. What makes you say that KES made changes midway? I am kind of curious about that.

          • Vicky

            @Ivoire, thanks 🙂

            I read a lot of the messages and blogs that cover the show, and I notice the writer seems to respond to some of the negative feedback in her storylines.

            For example, a lot of us were disappointed in the first kiss & thought the closet scene would have made a better kiss. So a couple of episodes later we get a steamy kiss in the closet.

            Also, I feel the show was more serious in the beginning, but about midway through, it became much more comedic with a bigger focus on the kids. I feel the writer made these changes due to the disappointing ratings in the beginning. And kudos to her cause it worked. However personally, I preferred the way it was in the beginning. I also feel these changes is why it sort of lost its way a bit in the end. Episode 19 was very anti-climatic.

      • 3.3.2 tanny

        I think South Korea suicide cases are record high. I think the writer KES changed her mind not to advocate or encourage the youngsters to solve problems with suicide. Heirs draw a record number of youngsters viewers.

        This is to reference Choi Ji Woo’s “The Suspicious Housekeeper” that got warnings due the suicide plot in the drama.


        Dec 06, 2013 09:09 PM EST
        ‘The Suspicious Housekeeper and Suicide Attempts Result in Warnings.

        “The Suspicious Housekeeper” received warnings for repeated attempts of suicide for 7 year old girls as well as other people and showed scenes of young kids using slang when it was broadcast during a time that was supposed to protect the youth and violated Chapter 43 – Articles 1 and 2 “Regulations About Broadcasting Levels”, Chapter 44, Articles 2, 51 for broadcasting language and for Chapter 3 violations.

        In addition, KBS2 “Mirae’s Choice” showed, “This XX bastard” “Wow that is like XX” and showed the male protagonist cursing and took care of the sound effects and the mouthing and even featured sexual innuendos such as “How did you tempt him? Did you sleep with him?” and other sexual comments as it was given a warning in violation of regulations 27 (maintenance of dignity) Chapter 1, Article 51 (TV broadcast) and Chapter 3.

        In addition, KBS2 “Our Family Entertainment” is only featuring a certain sporting good company’s attire and only covered the logo for their entire group outfit as it was released for a long time. It also received a ‘warning.’

        • Ivoire

          Thank you tanny,
          For sharing this. I did know about the suicide cases in Korea (and that it has been an issue), and it would make sense that KES would change the script eventually, considering her audience. Thank you also, for the added info about the government’s reactions to Suspicious Housekeeper.

      • 3.3.3 Faye

        @Windsun – That makes sense, especially when you consider how much they focused on it in camera shots in the early school episodes. But if it was a plot point, I’m glad they took it out.

        • Ivoire

          I am glad they took out the suicide (or potential suicide attempt) out as well. That would have been so not needed.

      • 3.3.4 Ivoire

        @ Windsun33
        How do you know about the many changes (in the script) and rewrites? I am just curious…

        • jaglaine

          Inductive reasoning. One supposes it is so because it seemed to be implied in the earlier episodes. Implied pertains to camera focus and discussion of the body outline. Which again points out that the drama veered off course. Either that or the writer forgot to take her happy pill, hence, we got dished out those bipolar episodes midway through.

    • 3.4 submonkey

      He asked her if she wanted to cook for him every morning. Then, “Was that a proposal?” She says basically, “You wish.” and runs off.

      • 3.4.1 Ivoire

        Oh OK, submonkey!
        And thank you! My subs had ES say “no,” before she stuck her tongue out (I could see that part) and ran off. I like “you wish, ” better.

        So, I have another question for you, if you can remember: in one of the ep. in CA (in the US), when they are eating, KT says, “you are cute!” and I have seen translated (ES’s answer, that is) as “As long as you know it,” and (ES saying), “I know.” Those are two different things to me. Do you remember what she said? I always struggled to figure out exactly what it was that she said. If you don’t remember, that is OK.

    • 3.5 sequestial

      9) Korean uses a lot of object/subject/topic/etc marking particles in sentences in order to differentiate the different roles of things being talked about. In this case, when you heard the ‘ie’ after Eunsang, it probably referred to the subject-marking particle for words that end in consonants ‘이’ (whereas ‘ga’/가 is used for words that end in vowels).

      16) Apparently Tan was hinting that Eunsang was trying to propose to him (cooking for him every day would imply – somewhat misogynistically, in my opinion – Eunsang’s desire to be his wife) and that his question of ‘is this your first time’ can sort of be interpreted as ‘is this your first attempt ever in real life to propose to someone (because you’re so bad at it since it’s too subtle)’

      • 3.5.1 Ivoire

        WOW!!!! Great insights! Thank you! I will be back to respond…

    • 3.6 westerngirl

      9. yup, youngdo does say eunsang-ee, its a more personal way of calling someone, as opposed to the full name, cha eunsang, like what he usually calls her.
      (remember, whenever she called him youngdo-yah, he said dont call him that)

      hope that helped!

      • 3.6.1 Ivoire

        Thank you westerngirl!

        That totally helps, because I knew what I had heard,and the person I had communicated with was insisting on the fact that YD had not said anything. Thing is, I know what “Eun Sang” and “Eun Sang-ee” would sound like, and I knew I didn’t not dream it. Seems to me, she wanted to be right in the end, which is sad.
        Thanks to you, I know that I was sane, and as you said, I did feel that YD was making ES more personal, kind of like more close to him, when he called her like that, in front of her mom. I guess my guess/intuition on that were right as well.

        Do you know why YD did not want ES to call him Young do-yah? Was it because he wanted her to like him romantically and he knew it would not happen? So he didn’t even want the appearance of closeness? I was confused about that.

        • Molly

          I’m pretty sure he didn’t want her to call him Young do-yah because it signifies that they’re close and rather friendly. The “-ee” and “-yah” are endearments that people put at the end of names so my dad always calls me, “Molly-yah” rather than “[Last name] Molly” or he calls my friends like, “Yoo Bin-ee” because it denotes a sense of closeness.

          Remember in an earlier episode when she wanted to be friends, he was all like, “No, I’ve always seen you as a woman and my first love, not a friend” blah blah blah? It’s like, if she starts calling him in a friendish way, it takes away the image that he has of her being his unattainable first love

          (Koreans have this obsession with unrequited first loves in dramas and movies; it’s great. My dad wouldn’t stop talking about his first love after watching Intro to Architecture w/ Suzy)

          • tanny

            Then what Cha Eun Sang call Kim Tan? Never heard any aegyo cute calling. Whenever CES call him will be “Kim Tan!!!”

            Kim Tan rebuked Hyo Shin in Ep10 in the hall. Tan didn’t go to the camp, Hyo Shin called CES, Eun Sangii. Tan was angry, rebuked his sunbae for calling his CES, Eun Sangii, “Are you that close with her?” “Don’t call her like that!”

          • Ivoire

            Hello tanny,
            And I agree with you, I don’t recall ES calling KT any aegyo names. She usually did call him KT, as you pointed out.
            Thank you for reminding me about ep. 10. Was that when KT and HS were in the auditorium, sitting down and talking? (they both didn’t go to camp). I will have to rewatch it. I didn’t know that HS called ES, “Eun Sang-ii” (I forgot about that, I think).

          • Ivoire

            Hello Molly,
            Thank you for clarifying things for me. I love the way your dad calls you and your friends, and what it denotes. I can relate to that.
            I have noticed the importance of 1st loves in Kdramas, didn’t realize how important it is to Koreans. Though I do know that JB and GF cover that theme in their book.

      • 3.6.2 tanny

        @Ivoire. Hi Ivoire. You are very enthusiastic about Heirs, always asking lots of questions.

        Yes, it’s Ep10.

        Both KT and HS was chit-chatting. HS asked KT “why KT not going for his last camp?”. HY said “Eun-sangii went to the camp”. KT replied “he wants CES to miss him”. KT then realized that HyoShin sunbae was calling his CES, Eun-sangii, Eun-sangii. KT was offended. KT wants to claim the rights that Eun-sangii is only for him alone to call and no one else, but KT.

        Hi Ivoire, are you having a withdrawal symptom now? Re-watching Heirs?

        • Ivoire

          Hello again tanny (do you have that screen name because of KT? 🙂 )

          Yes, I tend to immerse myself fully into a drama, when I watch it. I think I know the scene you described. They were in the gym (or an auditorium), and KT and HS also discussed HS’s suicide attempt in the US, right?
          I really did not remember that bit about KT getting jealous about HS calling ES, Eun Sang-ii, but I believe you. It is something that KT would do, so I am not surprised.

          No, I am not having withdrawal symptoms. I am actually glad (like really glad) the drama is over, so I can move on with my life. I had organized my life around this drama, and it was time consumming. I was also curious about how it would end, so now I know. I don’t have plans to rewatch Heirs right away, except maybe for YD’s scenes, that I know I will do. Like I said, I need to go handle my life 🙂

          What about you? Missing Heirs? Are you rewatching? I did like that I learned a lot, while watching it, because I asked a lot of questions, and I was very engaged, and other beanies benefited as well, which was good. It was good to read from you, thank you for answering my questions, I appreciate that.

    • 3.7 mimi91

      I recommend u to watch it on dramafever, about the subbing the parts u ask i remeber were subbed in other words on there, and they seemed to make sense

      • 3.7.1 Ivoire

        Hi mimi91,
        And thank you! I don’t get DF. For some reason, it doesn’t work on my computer anymore. Also, DF didn’t release the episodes the same day (I don’t think), and that would have made it hard for me to have watched the episodes and be able to ask my questions here on the day the recaps were posted. That was why I would watch the episodes on a different site.

      • 3.7.2 jaglaine

        A lot of us in other parts of the world don’t get DF. It’s only exclusive to North America and I don’t know where else.

        • anniejang

          You can’t get DramaFever in Europe, and I don’t know where else. I think you’re right about it only being in North America. I was watching epdrama for better subs than viki-but now, with Heirs I’m getting a “This is Licensed” message, and couldn’t watch the second half there. I generally watch dramas first on viki as they are being subbed, then on epdrama to clear up what’s really being said.

  4. mikimotoable

    Young Do steal the show, I only watch his scenes..
    Kim Woo Bin should get a girl next time!

    • 4.1 tanny

      I think Young Do will get a girl but another one.

      Hyo Shin will get his private tutor who has broken up with Kim Won. I mean Hyo Shin will surely, confirm, put his top priority on this girl than Kim Won who put his 1st priority to Jeguk Corp anytime. The girl will be won over time. Age difference 7 years. Love overcome all barriers. See, Kim Tan and Eun Sang. Learn from them. Status, ranking in society, wealth gap, social background, ruthless bashing from parents, didn’t get into their way.

      Young Do with Rachel. They can’t be half brother-sister but they can be lovers in future. Yes, Young Do hasn’t heal his wounds over Eun Sangii, but time will heal any wound. Young Do now no longer a bully and Rachel not bitchy anymore, I’m sure Young Do will see Rachel as a woman in future.

  5. Momoi

    Aww those 10 weeks went by fast.

    Pleasing finale overall, but I was hoping for some surprises throughout the show. Though Hyo Shin’s decision was. It made me a little sad, but that hug between him and Tan was sweet. Awkward in those giant jackets, but sweet. And i loved that time skip scene. I do hope it comes true.

    Young Do’s story was the most engaging for me. It is a sad story, but I think it was meant to be that way. He was a really big jerk at the beginning of the show, and too many shows display that all being forgiven overnight. In this case, he had to suffer some more for his actions, and is finally able to take the steps forward in his life.

    Won is similar. He treated Tan so terribly in the beginning of the show among other people, and lost Hyun Joo in the end. It was really heartbreaking, partly because you never knew if they would end up together.

    Mothers are a huge motif through the show. Almost everyone’s relationship with their mothers is important in some way, from Won’s lost mother, Eun Sang, Hyo Shin, Rachel, Young Do, Tan, etc. I really liked how we had a broad spectrum of mothers in the show. I loved Eun Sang and Tan’s moms together. Those two need their own spin-off.

    There are some major things I wish the show did:

    1. I LOVED the huge cast…but I wish there was more focus on the other characters. Folks like Myung Soo, Hyun Joo, Couple #1 BoYoung, and less staring.

    2. The show would have benefitted IMO to have that light-hearted tone and lots of humor more throughout, and not just in the beginning and end.

    3. Pacing could have been better. It started off nice and slow, just exploring daily life, but then it seemed to rush a bit.

    4. I didn’t like how Tan got angry at every single provocation from Young Do. I loved his personality at the beginning, but it got kind of annoying as the show went on.

    5. I do wish the broadcasting club had a bigger role throughout, like Eun Sang speaking over the intercom.

    This drama was still enjoyable for me to watch. Never understood why people sit through dramas they hate. With that said, “Heirs” probably won’t be a drama I rewatch for fun. It was nice the first time through, but lacks enough humor and cuteness for me to watch a second time (plot in stories can only get me through once anyway, so this is true for dramas with great stories). Slight shame since I’ve been wanting to see Park Shin Hye and Lee Minho together for a while.

    Some things I liked: Chan Yoon and Bona, Esther and Chan Young’s father’s relationship, Hyo Shin and Hyun Joo and some of the themes explored. I wish some of the themes and symbols were more focused throughout, like the dreamcatcher or “a midsummer’s romance”. I liked how the wishbone and Tan’s journal showed up again in the ending though.

    I GREATLY appreciate the drama for showing not everyone gets their happy ending at the same time. Not everyone gets paired off and lives happily right away. It’s harsh, but I think it helps people who haven’t found their happiness quite yet.

    “Heirs” probably won’t be one of my quintessential romances, but I enjoyed the ride 🙂

    • 5.1 Eulaliee

      I agree that mothers do play a huge role in their children’s lives as so do fathers. But it’s the mother to nurture and teach their children love, patience, and affection. The fathers teaches their children tough love, skills, and hard bu meaningful lessons.

      I can see the relationships the young casts had with their mothers and the relationship that I have with mine. We’re not close and we only get to see each other once a year because I live 2000 miles away, so not having someone there to ask you how’ve you been or how you’re living gets tough. Overall, whether your parents are together or not, a parent and a child should always stay connected.

    • 5.2 tura

      Yay I love heirs and am going to miss it.

    • 5.3 anniejang

      My problem with watching again isn’t wanting more humor and cuteness, but wanting more surprises, more mysteries, specifically, birth secrets, plural. Which would be the ideal type of mysteries with big corporate wars.
      Of course, romance has to be the central theme with gorgeous people playing teens, (who live for love). but a long story like that is so much more fun with mysteries. Even if we know the answer, and the lead actor(ress) doesn’t, as in the Moon that Embraces the Sun, or Bridal Mask, or Time Between Dog and Wolf—a couple of these involved amnesia, but boy, that just hypes up the excitement really big, waiting for the ‘reveal’.
      Or waiting to find out who’s who, even waiting with dread to find out if the lead’s in love with his own sister (OMG NO!!!).
      that’s the kind of stuff that makes these difficult love stories exciting!
      Just having a mean girl playing push-pull with a devoted guy (Eun Sang with Kim Tan) for 18 episodes! does not say: ‘Watch again!’ to me. Too little too long.

      • 5.3.1 jaglaine

        It’s also not on my re-watch list. Do I want to see horrible, ugly clothes again? Hell, no!!!

  6. Drama Omma

    Please dear God, tell me that in 10 years into the future Tan’s suit that he is wearing in his flash-forward is not in style.
    (shakes magic eight ball)

    • 6.1 Momoi

      haha I guess a decade can’t even change some of the worst fashions 😛

      • 6.1.1 Drama Omma

        Seriously can not decide what is worse the sweaters or that suit. Good grief!!!! lol!

        • C

          I read that LMH bought a lot of the clothes himself, US$50,000 or so, so that he doesn’t have to wear sponsored clothes. He is going to auction off the clothes for charity.

        • ritz

          Im an omma too but I love all his clothes, suits and all, coats especially. wheres your fashion sense.

    • 6.2 Rachelle

      Kim Tan, Super 8 Motel called, they would like their curtains back.

      • 6.2.1 Drama Omma

        omg…I totally just snorted! lol!!!

      • 6.2.2 Windsun33

        You owe me a keyboard, I just snorted coffee all over it.

        • Rachelle


      • 6.2.3 Galia

        omg yes xD You, my dear, win the comments section

      • 6.2.4 jojo11

        LOL ……you made ma day !!!!


      • 6.2.5 newbie

        Have to agree with your comment about that suit in episode 20 it does look like curtains from a motel, but for me it was the Bates motel from Psycho not Super 8.

        The only thing that counteracts that very poor suit choice is how he was dressed in Episode 17 (approx 38 min) when he’s waiting for he outside the bookstore.

        That long white coat, with the dark pants and cream sweater made be go YUM!

    • 6.3 Eileen

      Hahahaha that’s what I thought. Even in his imagination his fashion sense sucks.

  7. crazedlu


  8. Vicky

    Did I love this show?
    Did I sob like a baby during episode 20?
    Am I left wondering what I’m going to do with my Wednesdays & Thursdays now (I guess it’s back to Scandal)?

    What a roller coaster this show has been. Episode 20 was phenomenal to me (might be in the minority here going by the recap). It more than made up for the filler episode that 19 was.

    I don’t care about all the naysayers. I thought this show was excellent. Was it perfect? no. Are there areas that could have used improvement? Sure. But with all its flaws, it was still a GEM.

    The writer did a great job wrapping up the finale. All the loose ends were tied, and it wasn’t overly cheesy.

    a) I cried when YD hugged his Mom. I cried when ES hugged her mom. I cried when Won cried in the study. I cried when KT was finally able to walk down the street with his mother arm in arm. I cried when Chairman sorta kinda accepted ES. So yeah, I basically sobbed through the entire episode.

    b) I was sad to see Won not get his happy ending but I guess that was to be expected. The scene with him crying in the study was heartbreaking. In a weird way, Won sacrificed his happiness not just to get to the top for himself, but also for Chairman and KT.

    c) It was nice to see YD apologize to the kid he bullied. It was also very realistic for the kid to reject that apology. I was secretly hoping Secretary Yoon or is it VP Yoon now would end up with Esther(after she changed), but I guess that wouldn’t be realistic.

    d) I enjoyed the mini time jump that wasn’t really a time jump. Well done KES.

    e) The actors in this series were all excellent. KWB is just phenomenal. As were LMH and PSH. I don’t think any one of these actors is better than the other. Some had more challenging roles than others but at the end of the day, they all stepped up to the plate when the scene called for it.

    f) A lot of people wondered why KT fell in love with ES and it’s funny because KT & YD both fell in love with ES for the same exact reasons. In going back to watch episode 1, KT and YD both met ES the same way (encountering her from afar and watching her). They both loved her because of what she is and represents. ES is pure, kind, caring, loyal, and just good. She’s nothing like the girls in their school who are mostly materialistic. She’s the mother they both missed & needed. She represents something they’re both not used to.

    I’m really going to miss this little show. It reminded me of ‘The OC’ (popular American series from years ago). It had that same magic to me. I enjoyed reading all the recaps and all the comments. I’m going to miss that too.

    I look forward to seeing what the writer and stars do next. And what relationships come from the show. I mean there’s just too much pretty for there not to be any hook ups right? 🙂

    • 8.1 Faye

      Preach it, sister! Join me in letting our “Heirs” fans freak flags fly. I loved this episode. I thought KES more than made up for the last one. We got resolution in some form for everyone in a way that was true to the characters.

      You were crying, you said? Hmm. I wasn’t. But there did seem to be dust or something in my room, causing my throat to close up and my eyes to water. Ahem. Must speak to the housekeeper about that.

      I completely agree with your overall assessment of the show. It had its faults, but the writer and actors really made me care about these people. I will remember Heirs long after I’ve forgotten other, more “clever” dramas.

      I’ll miss reading your comments and having another Heirs fan here -we were such a vanishingly rare species. This feels like the end of summer camp, LOL.

      • 8.1.1 Windsun33

        Nah, you might be rare HERE, but a lot of other sites are all squee-ey and stuff 😀

        • Faye

          @Windsun33 – I don’t really want squee-ing. I think most of us here who were fans (all 2.5 of us) were very open in expressing the show’s deficits as well as what we liked about it. However, it would have been nice to see some balance in the discussion, and IMO I found that to be really lacking at times.

      • 8.1.2 EA

        Fashion-sense wise Kim Tan pretty nailed it 🙂 He is a good look guy who is not only limit to black and white, open up your eys guys …. 🙂 I just lurv the whole thing about Heirs .. bring it on 🙂

    • 8.2 yenlinh tran

      You are not in the minority. I love this show Period. I was watching episode 20 out in public on my tablet and started to get teary eyes at certain parts: Young Do’s meeting with his mom, Won crying in the study, and HS’s army parting with Tan. A pool attendant approached me asking if something was wrong. I was slightly embarrassed and confessed that I was watching a Kdrama called ” Heirs.” He burst out with “Is it on already?” We bonded over this show, and I got free drinks from him afterward. After, I walked down Kalakaua Ave. in Waikiki being slightly tipsy, watching the sun set into the ocean, thinking about how really cold Korea was at that moment. My point was, even though I had a great ocean/beach view, the show was so addicting that it managed to intrude into my reality. And my reality was not a bad place to be. Last show that did this to me was That Winter, the Wind Blows, before that was Secret Garden, Coffee Prince and My Lovely Samsoon. LMH, you have finally arrived on my list of Guys who made me swoon: Gong Yoo, Huyn Bin, Jo In Sung, and now, Lee Min Ho. By the way, I love how crazy Kim Tan was about Eun Sang. He was obsessive, abrupt, and so bossy to her, but I just love that Love is the Moment look in his eyes when he stared at her.

      • 8.2.1 unknownX2

        I so agree with what you said in this post, yenlinh tran. I had enjoyed watching this drama immensely. I find Heirs very addicting and LMH truly engaging. I liked TWTWB, Secret Garden, Hyun Bin & Jo In Sung too, just like how I am liking Heirs & LMH. 🙂

    • 8.3 eskyy

      Yayy fellow Heirs fan! Woooo I agree too. I thought there could have been more to the story line, but the acting and everything is excellent and I love the general feel to this drama.

    • 8.4 KDaddict

      I loved this show from the beginning, esp. the 1st 8 eps, when it was introducing the chars and the worlds they lived in. Then YD changed and KWB got phenomenal! The recaps and comments got so negative that I stopped reading. Better to enjoy it on my own.
      The last 2 eps are not exciting for me. It was a wrap up, but the amt of narration sort of broke the spell.

      Next Wed and Thurs, we’ll have that 400 year old alien falling in love with a diva actress thingy. Hope it’ll be good.

    • 8.5 michelle

      Hello! I just want to say that I’m also the minority here who’ve actually enjoyed Heirs despite its flaws.

      1. I like that not everyone gets a happy ending (for Won, he knows that its his price to pay to reach the top and I’m sure he would’ve made the same choice if he’s given another chance).

      2. I like that Young Do’s reunion with his mom doesn’t automatically mean a happy ending it’s-like-we’ve-never-been-apart. There are questions to answer, e.g., why she left in a huff in the first place.

      3. I like that I got to see the lives of these bunch of 18-year olds – their ups and downs, their interactions, their drives.

      It’s been a fun ride for me!

    • 8.6 jaglaine

      Damn right! You stand by what you think, girl! Not that I agree with you coz I think KES plain sucks but I respect your opinion.

  9. owl

    Herihead episode titles completed!

    1 Dry Cleaning Only
    2 Dreamcatcher
    3 I ♥ California
    4 Page 16
    5 Wishbone
    6 Parvenu (or New Money)
    7 Pale Pink Angora
    8 ‘Don’t Answer’
    9 Mom Mother Mistress
    10 Matching Shoes For Camp
    11 Stocks Skyrocket
    12 Open The Door
    13 Kicked Out
    14 Getting Back Together Party
    15 Baby Blue Mohair
    16 Closet Kiss 34:41
    17 24,030 won
    18 Try Living
    19 Arachnoid Hemorrhage
    20 My Cold High School Years

    I’ m going to argue that episode 20 was a good ending. I really loved the 10-years-later party so much so that I wish the drama would have started there and the story unfold as a backstory drama. I have a reason for this: the lack of angst was because there was no teen, a common complaint that ran throughout the posts starting waaay back with the trailers. Had the drama started when they were 29 and told a back story, that might have remedied the angst-less acting issue. The ending as the starting place would have made more sense to me. ES turned out to be the lease interesting in the last episode and Won the most pitiful as the one who remained a prisoner in his own life, but it was believable as his character. While Won and Tan’s reconciliation was very rushed, I’m glad it happened. Even baddie daddie, brain surgery may have scared some a touch of human kindness in that ol’ geezer’s soul. Young Do’s story felt incomplete, like he was cheated in the wrap up even though he and his mom met up, and he had some moments of reflection and repentance that felt sincere. LMH does handsome chaebol best, and again, it was the teen-ness of his role that messed up how his character played out. Although his birthday wish “for everyone I know to be happy” sounded like Miss America’s standard “I wish for world peace.” I do think he is a decent actor. Tan’s mom as Miss Korea – I could see it – ha!

    • 9.1 Windsun33

      The ending for me was better than expected, but left a lot of things unfinished I thought, and some things were just wrapped up way too neatly.

      • 9.1.1 Vicky

        @Windsun, what parts did you feel weren’t tied up or finished? I’ve been reading this a lot and am curious, because I thought the writer tied up all the loose ends — some too neatly like you stated. Chairman’s sudden change of heart was a little too convenient.

        • Windsun33

          Just a couple things off the top of my head – but why did Young Do’s mom leave in the first place, and why did she never try to contact him? But I guess really I just thought that some tie-ups were almost an afterthought.

          • KDaddict

            We can pretty much assume that she had “spousal abuse” or domestic violence problems so bad that her only way out was to leave, and didn’t even dare contact YD for fear of being found by his dad.
            Ever watched Julia Roberts’ Sleeping with the Enemy?

        • tanny

          I think Chairman Kim who has always love Kim Tan more than Kim Won, and after his near-to-death situation, must have surely realized that he, Daddy Kim actually love his son too much to let Tan suffer again, before his coma. Daddy finally open his heart to see and not only to see with his eyes but his heart (as Tan always tell CES to use her heart).

          I think Papa Kim just soften up to both of his sons and he seems no longer forceful to match-make them anymore. Papa Kim after awoke from his death bed, realized his own legal wife, JS, is not as decent, quiet and obedient as she seems to be. But KA (Tan mom) is.

          Papa Kim finally see that KA is the only one that truly loves him (besides Won Mom). JS is just scheming and waiting for opportunity to seek revenge. Now JS will fight in court for her half of Jeguk, for their divorce proceedings.

    • 9.2 jazzyfae

      funny thing is, the actress that plays Tan’s mom, Kim Sung-Ryoung, was actually the 1988 Miss Korea!

      • 9.2.1 owl

        Oh, I didn’t know, so funny! And clever to put in the show 🙂 It did bug me that at the 10 year reunion (I guess it was in tan’s imagination, so not real?) the Mom, Mother, Mistress situation was the same although I guess it’s a cultural thing? Also, did we see Won’s wife there? Anyhoot, I still maintain that introducing the cast as 29year olds (since they practically are) at the start and working backwards would have been a better fit for this case. One more down for my real fake kdrama life!

    • 9.3 Gidget

      Agree that the party would have been a better starting point. But I’d start the flashback with a scene from their very early childhood, showing their ‘natural’ personalities, and how those personalities became distorted by their parents. (Something like showing them gathered as young children for a playdate. Goodnatured conflict arises and everyone goes home to a parental lecture about how they should have responded. But the parents’ guidance has more to do with reinforcing their own adult pecking order than nurturing the kids to be kind and cooperative.). For me, something like this would have given the teenage characters context and made them far more sympathetic from the outset. It also would have established a clear starting point for each character, as we then watch them making choices to work through their issues (or not) and establish their own identity and life goals (or not).

      But this is really all moot. Just like the parents were so focused on what they loved (companies) that they largely overlooked the needs of their kids; the show was so focused on what it loved (central romance) that it largely neglected the development of its characters.

  10. 10 coffeenlucia

    This show was enough reason to watch for the eye candy…

    • 10.1 KDaddict

      Love the Eye Candies par excellence, and the fashion, including Tan’s –it adds to the entertainment factor. All Giorgio Armani Black and proper for the guys would be boring.

      BTW, I’ve seen some of Tan’s sweaters on other K celebs. LSG e.g. has worn that sweater that Tan wore when he first returned to SK and went to find CES at her regular school.

  11. 11 magickaito

    Thanks for the recap.I will miss heirs alot, eventhough its is not the best drama in terms of anything or everything, for me its still one of my favorite dramas it is like choosing heart over mind cause sometimes i really don’t understand why the story is like that but i still enjoyed it. I did’nt quite like the ending, it felt that the writer just needs to wrap up every conflict without actually solving it by showing Tan’s wish as a happy ending.It is also like Tan and Won are preparing for an epic battle but the battle itself is not just epic, they are so many interesting chracters but they focus more on the war between brothers. I also love KT and ES couple but i wish they just dont focus much on love is pain thing but still looking forward to Lee Min ho and Park shin hye’s next project, i hope this will be LMH last highschool student role i want to see him in action drama like in city hunter, i really hope there will be city hunter season 2. Also i want to see PSH in different role not the candy type heroine.. Also i hope KWB will be the lead for his next drama cause he is such a really good actor, he made an pyschotic,evil,bully highschool student that you really want to hate lovable,its like his magic. I will also miss the cutest couple in the whole world Chan young and Bona, they are the reason why i survived this drama especially Bona, she is a comic relief and i really like her in her own little world that everything is about her and CY.

  12. 12 mikimotoable

    I hope this is the last time I watch LMH as school kid, he can do much better than this

    • 12.1 eskyy

      I think this is the last time. LMH said that he wanted to play a high schooler one more time before he turns 30,so I guess this is the end for his high schooler acting.

  13. 13 snow_white

    Despite all flaws and dissatisfactions, I really liked Heirs 🙂

    Simply loved watching Lee Min Ho and Park SHin Hye together…they were really sweet….

    also loved other characters as well like YD, Bona, Hyo-shin, Chan-young and of course both moms….

  14. 14 Ivoire

    And some of my comments:

    1—Omoni (KT) to appeal to MS’s mom. I liked that he was asking for professional help, but appealed to her motherly instinct.

    2—KT got what he wanted, to live in the house with his hyung.

    3—Right after the meeting, Chairman dad wakes up? How convenient…

    4–I need to rant: I loved the acting in the scene about YD and his mom, but I couldn’t feel sorry b/c I felt so cheated. I wanted to see more. Why couldn’t that have happened sooner again? When she was where? In Seoul all this time? And she couldn’t look for her son? I wanted to see YD build a relationship with his mom, maybe move in with her (instead of his aunt), get some home cooked meals, hear him laugh with his mom (we don’t hear him laugh in this drama), put his head on her lap (the mom), take walks with her, tell her about ES, leave in the morning for school and say bye to his mom, etc… I feel SO. CHEATED! I wanted to see how he was getting better, maybe seeing him get therapy.

    5- I feel like KW lied to HJ: “Go to the US, I will come get you”, and then (in bed), “wait for me (at the bottom), I will come for you”. Did he mean that? And then he said “don’t do it,” (break the wishbone). Why not? So she can be a mistress too? (I don’t feel sorry for them, sorry).

    6—“Don’t go to the US”, (KW), we couldn’t have had that sooner? Some of us were waiting for some serious bromance, putting their brains together (the brothers), hatching up an amazing plan against evil daddy, *Le Sigh*

    7—CJH looks good with his hair up. 8—LOL at LMH’s suit. I literally did LOLed. What does he think when wearing such outfits?8—Chairman daddy is all good now? (As in a good guy?) (end of episode). How easy, how flat.


    1-YD to KT“Even when I worry about you, you complain.” 2—Yoon, “it feels to me that once you are in college, BN will be in charge of your relationship.” LOL, true, and…Errrr, what makes you think that she is not in charge of it now, dad?

    • 14.1 Eileen

      Hi Ivoire,

      I also felt that Won’s storyline was just a convenient plot device. I mean, someone has to bear the weight of the crown for the tittle to make sense. KT got love and the cushy lifestyle so Won had to make up for it. I understood that the reason for Won agreeing to marry that girl was because she was his saving grace to get majority of the vote. Even if the other group only got 44% I take it that the vote had to be majority, not plurality. And with the slight margin over 50% it is possible that they could not have won the war without that girl.

      As for everything else you mention, I’m right there with you. Except that I loved YD finding his mom purely for KWB’s acting. I think I’m in love. I liked him a lot before but now I’ve progressed into pure, absolute, possibly creepy love. 😀

      • 14.1.1 Lin_K

        @Eileen – I feel bad for KW. He had to give up his girl to keep the company and power; he may have chosen money but he also chose responsibility. On the other hand, KT got all the riches, the girl, and other nice things for being irresponsible and whiny; he didn’t have to give up anything (for his love) because his brother did. He is the hero of this drama?? I was super angry!…………………………..I loved YD and his mom’s meeting. Yes, good acting there 🙂 However, I do wish we could have seen more YD and his mom scenes. Oh well, at least his story had growth and redemption and ended well – not all pretty or like icing on the cake :). His story was sad but his growth and redemption are realistic. I also loved the other YD scenes as well. He totally let go of ES, probably even her memory, when he used the band-aid she gave him before. I also loved that his father cares for him even if he was a jerk to YD 🙂

      • 14.1.2 Ivoire

        Hello Eileen,

        So good to hear from you! I would like to apologize 1st: one time, in one the previous recaps’ comments, you commented on my comment or question, I responded and asked some questions, you responded and I meant to come back and respond as well, and that simply did not happen. I hate leaving conversations unfinished, I like it better when the conversation naturally comes to an end, because we do not have anything more to say on the topic. So, if you ever came back, checking for my answer, I am sooo sorry it wasn’t there, because I did mean to post a response.

        I will try and do better with this one:

        Won (unfortunately) was, as you said, a total plot device, and a one dimensional character. Such a waste of CJH, *Le Sigh.* I was hopeful, when he bought her a necklace in the US, and he almost bought her a ring. That made me think that things were serious between them, only to not have their story developed (meaning fleshed out), and to have the ending we had today. I wonder if that was what the writer had in mind all along. And I just realized Kim daddy got what he wanted for Won, marriage with a rich heiress,*double sigh.*
        Question: what is the difference between “the majority,” and the “plurality, please?”

        About this, “As for everything else you mention, I’m right there with you. Except that I loved YD finding his mom purely for KWB’s acting. I think I’m in love. I liked him a lot before but now I’ve progressed into pure, absolute, possibly creepy love.” Errr Eileen, we are on the same page, trust me. I totally LOVED YD finding his mom, BUT I wanted to see him with his mom, AFTER they reunited, which was why I said that I wanted more. So to me, that reunion could have happened sooner (in an earlier ep.), so that we could THEN see YD create (and develop) a relationship with his mom, especially with his dad being in jail (maybe?) or detained. To me, what the writer gave us were crumbs, and we deserved more. I felt like I was just given a few drops of water, when I needed a whole glass of water (or in KWB’s case, the whole bottle of water).

        I wanted to see YD eating his mom’s 1st meal for him, that pure joy, shyness etc… that KWB is soooo good at portraying. I wanted to see him being around her, being protective of her, being awkward around her, and her, making him (slowly) comfortable around his mom. I wanted to see him smile at her, laugh with her, take her hand, you know, things like that. Them, living together, etc… I could write a fanfic about those two.

        Also, I so totally get you KWB love, because I am there with you. I want to adopt him into my family, so I can be his noona and hang out with him (and feed him) (when he is not busy working and spending time with his girlfriend). He can have two families: his biological one, and his adopted one (my family. See, I have it figured out). Could you and I team up so we could maybe kidnap him or something :-). He is such a great guy, both as an actor and behind the scenes, as a person. I know someone who has met him, and he is apparently very personable, humble and just plain awesome all around. *Triple Sigh.*

        OK, so now I am curious, my kind of love is just “noona love,” which kind is yours, LOL? I always enjoy and appreciate reading your comments Eileen, FYI.

        • Eileen

          Hello Lin_k and Ivoire!

          I’ll just bundle my reply since we all seem to share the same feelings.

          @Ivoire- no worries about the non-reply! You don’t need to apologize at all. A plurality vote is when you win as long as you have the higher # of votes. A majority requires 50% of the vote +1. So if there are 12 votes, in a majority type election you will need at least 6 (50%) +1 = 7 to win. I think most of these corporate decisions use the majority system, but don’t take my word for it. I’m not a corporate person.

          Won, oh Won! I don’t mind that he doesn’t have a happy ending, we can’t expect everything to be peaches and cream with everyone. What I disliked about his ending is that he was mostly a sulky side character for most of the drama when he was going to end up being the one representing what the premise stood for. I hate that I couldn’t feel too bad for him when he gave up his girl since the show did not give their love story enough attention. I wanted to know more about their relationship, how they came to be, etc. so I could really feel the emotional impact of his sacrifice.

          @Lin-K. I have come to the conclusion that I did like this drama but I didn’t like Kim Tan, which in turn made me not care about the OTP. With most of the story revolving around them, I didn’t enjoy the show as much as I wanted to. Had KT being a side character, even with his personality, I probably would not have cared much but I could not get him as a hero. I liked Kim Tan in the last two episodes, though. LMH can really do cute very well and his goofy moments were adorable. I agree with you that for all the angst we got, Tan didn’t lose a thing. He gets to enjoy love and money and watch as Won does the hard work. Sigh. I liked all of the school kids and KA, and wish that Rachel’s story were more developed because for me she was an interesting character but after the engagement fizzled she kind of disappeared in the background.

          To both of you:

          Young Do-Ah! Ahh. I can’t disagree with you that having more of YD and his mom would have been awesome. I always want more YD. I just came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t going to be with the little amount of time we had left but yes, this should have happened way before.

          Ivoire, I am KWB’s noona but after this show I think I have a teenage crush on him. I told you it was creepy :D. If my husband wouldn’t think I am a lunatic I’d probably hang a poster of him in my room. Haha.

          I’m going to miss you guys! I really enjoyed the interaction here and reading everyone’s opinion even if I couldn’t share them all the time. I wish you have a great Holiday season and maybe we will meet again in dramaland.

      • 14.1.3 PlumWine

        Will someone please explain to me why a marriage between Won and the rich girl to save the crown is a good business solution. Let’s make two people give up their loves so they can be miserable together. In the future he’ll need to have paternity test and she’ll wonder if he’s really working late or following in his father’s footsteps. Is it a wealthy thing? An eastern culture mindset? My family would disown me, I just don’t get it. I guess I was invested in the show some because this ticked me off.

        • Ivoire

          Hello PlumWine,

          That was a part of the plot I didn’t get either. Eileen explained that the rich girl’s dad either had enough shares to seriously tips things in the brothers’ favor or enough clout or both, something like that. I guess the girl didn’t want to disappoint her dad, nor was she willing to leave or sacrifice her rich lifestyle, so she asked Won if he would be willing to marry her, in exchange for her dad’s vote, and in the end, Won went for it. He really wanted the company.

          I too, would appreciate it if someone explained why it was so important that they get married. How does that affect business? Couldn’t they just have a business deal, to thank them for supporting Jekuk?

        • Eileen

          I think the only reason for the arranged marriage is to show that if you want to wear the crown you must bear its weight. KT never wanted the crown, so he got off scott free. Won always wanted the crown so he had to pay with his love sacrifice. Won wasn’t technically forced to do it, but he decided that it was his only option to save the company.

          Other than that, it makes no sense to push for this arranged marriage. As Ivoire said, a business deal would have made a lot more sense.

          • Ivoire

            Thank you Eileen for explaining this.

            And you make a lot of sense. Won might not have been technically forced to marry the girl, but the plot was written in such a way that it was the only option to save the company. This happened AFTER KT and Yoon had gone to the US and courted all the shareholders they could, with some saying yes, and others no, and some more not wanting to side with anyone. In the end, the dad’s signature would tip things in the brothers’ favor, and Won and the girl knew that. That was why she brought the marriage back on the table. Won really wanted the company, he always did, so he chose to pay the price.

            I know that KT questioned his brother about the marriage out of concern, however, I thought it was a little rich of him to do that, since he got everything he wanted (and then some), without paying the price, and Won did. Honestly, it was not as if KT could do or was going to do anything for the company. I felt that he was acting kind of high and mighty, and I was thinking, “please do not lecture your brother on love. Just don’t.” I hope I am making sense.

            Won made the final sacrifice that kept the business in the family, besides having worked hard and sacrificed a lot already (since he was young) for that company. KT got to play, live well, get the girl, still live well (even when he was thrown out, he lived in a 5 stars hotel), and play some more, for a while (since he won’t start working for a while). I would not want to be lectured by him (KT), like really, no. KT’s life was never hard, emotionally, maybe, to an extent, but other than that, 1st world problems, as the recappers of DB called it.

            ES, on the other hand, did have a very difficult life, from the beginning, which was why she was usually more pragmatic than KT. I would also venture to say that YD had it harder than KT, with his mom gone (KT had his, at least), and his dad physically and emotionally and verbally abusing him, until he was 18. That to me, is really harsh. No wonder YD was messed up.

            I really felt for Won, but that was what he had wanted all along, and he had not been nice to HJ, so in the end, I kind of didn’t feel too bad for him. (I hope that makes sense as well).

          • newbie

            I think you’re missing a key point about KT. He never wanted to be involved in the company. Remember he’s been in the States for the last three years not doing much. Enjoying mixing with a society that doesn’t really (not always) have class system.

            I think if left to his own devices he might have turned out to be a writer, but of course that dream is gone when Won tells he can’t have any dreams other than the business from now on.

            It was said more than once in the drama, Kt kept reassuring Won that he didn’t have anything to worry about from his point of view. KT only became involved in the company and using his shares as a tool after he lost ES.

            I believe KT could have walked away from his wealth with no regrets. Would ES have had to teach him what’s it like to actually work for your money etc? Absolutely, but I believe with her help he could have done it if the brothers had lost in that shareholders meeting.

            For Won, running the company was recognition and redemption, I think not only for himself but maybe also partially for his insignificant poor “American” mother that died miserably due to her in-laws. For him, walking away was unthinkable and whatever price was paid would be worth it.

            I kept hoping that Won would follow KT’s example and say screw it I don’t need all this to be happy. Being with the woman I love is what will fulfill my life and give me no regrets for the future. Alas, KT chose love and Won chose power.

            With regards to why Won had to marry that girl. I don’t remember which episode but it was the scene in the study between Won & the father.

            Won is basically saying something like “wasn’t I enough?” and the father’s reply is to the effect you need powerful “in-laws” in order to do business in Korea.

            I believe he then follows up by saying bring me the daughter of that Telecom company to meet and schedule the wedding for the spring then you’ll get my approval.

            I guess in Korea who you know and more importantly who you’re “related” to is worth more in doing business than if the deal actually benefits both companies.

            I scratch my head over that! It such a sad way of thinking and living in my opinion.

          • Ivoire

            Hello newbie,
            Thank you so much, for your additional thoughts to this conversation. You have made me consider other points, and you have clarified for me a few things that I was not sure about, like the reasons why Won had to marry the heiress of the Telecom company.
            I will be back later to add to this comment. I have more to say.

        • Ttyy

          @plum wine,

          No, it’s not just an eastern mindset thing. Arranged marriages for the purpose of forming and maintaining allies and retaining (increasing) wealth, land, and positions of power have been going on since, oh, practically the dawn of mankind. Especially for kings and other monarchs, it was more a matter of survival, that your very life, and the lives of countless others, depended on. Without the protection of the strategic alliances those arranged marriages provided, your country/kingdom would be left exposed to the risk of being overrun by outside invaders, who would rape, pillage, and literally slaughter everyone. That’s the responsibility, and weight of the crown, that Members of European nobility have carried throughout history.

          Tan and his mom were actually lucky, lucky, that they live in South Korea, and not North Korea, where the current dictator, Kim Jungon, just had his uncle executed, on what appear to be trumped up charges, of womanizing, drugs, and well, whatever, to prevent him from becoming a threat to his crown. That’s not ancient history either, but rather, just happened yesterday!

          But if that sounds bad, well, A couple months ago, Kim Jungon’s wife apparently had had her husband’s mistress executed, along with 11 other North Korean musicians and pop stars) claiming that they had made an illegal “sex tape”. (The supposed “sex tape” was actually just girls dancing a rather innocent, non-provocative, hula to an old Elvis Presley song), and for that, they were all put to death.

          Of course, Kim Jungon’s dad also killed his own brother, in a swimming pool, at the age of 5. Now, THAT’S the way to keep a crown!

          Historically speaking, marrying for love was more of a luxury, that only commoners could afford. It’s only due to the changes brought about by our modern world that luxury is now started opening up to upper classes as well.

          In the United States, arranged marriages, well, it’s a little more subtle, but basically, that’s the very purpose of holding a “debutante ball” for girls of high society as soon as they hit marriageable age. No, they don’t have to marry a partner their parents deem “suitable” (for business purposes), but if they don’t, chances are good they won’t inherit. At least, not as much as they would have otherwise. By the same token, the son(s) and/or daughter(s) who take up the reigns of the family business, and run it the best, well, that’s who it’s going to be left to, at least, the bulk or controlling interest.

          Yes, this still goes on today, and yes, in the U.S., as well as in other countries. Sure, there’s exceptions, but probably less than you’d think.

          Of course in England, as well as in a number of other European countries, only the eldest son inherited. This was to ensure that the family fortune/power was kept intact.

    • 14.2 tanny

      It is not a sudden change of attitude in Chairman Kim (Ep20), after he awake for his surgery. Why Daddy Kim soften up? Kim Won make a pact with him. Won begged his father to let go of Tan, that Daddy won’t force Tan to marry Rachel. Won saw how Tan suffer after losing CES. Tan was total destruction, breaking down and given up living.

      Won asked his father (Ep17), “Am I not enough for you?” His father then said, “If Won stayed around, he might not have bothered Tan”. But Daddy added that “Won in that state with Hyun Joo, prompted dad can’t just sit around and watch Tan with CES. Tan mother background isn’t good for Tan future, Daddy Kim has to get a good in-law for Tan future. For both Won and Tan to run Jeguk business.”

      Won who also love Tan the most in this world, in as much as Tan (Ep3) who told CES, that Won is the person he liked the most in this world (for 18 years). With that, Won will obey his dad to marry wealthy VS Telecom Heiress Young next year spring, in exchange, for daddy Kim to let Tan live the way he wanted.

      Daddy said only with Won marriage with the heiress will Daddy trust Won and Tan (Ep17). Freedom of living as Tan wishes. One arranged marriage instead of two as demanded by Chairman Kim earlier.

      Daddy Kim remembered and kept to his promise with Won and slowly kind of accepted Tan with CES in the hospital (Ep20).

  15. 15 August

    I enjoyed the Episode 20 finale of Heirs. Yes 🙂 3/3 in terms of satisfaction with how the finale episodes ended for School 2013, Monstar, and Heirs – mostly teenage dramas set in high school.

    Although Heirs had its faults, I have no regrets – about watching and joining the Heirs 1% Group.

    • 15.1 Faye

      Thanks for being among the few and the proud :).

      • 15.1.1 Vicky

        Lol. Right. I feel like I’m in the minority too. I think it sorta became the “cool” thing to bash the show.

        I started to wonder why some people who really “hated” the show were continuing to watch week after week after week after week after week… well u get the point.

        I can understand the first few episodes. But still sticking around by episode 18 for a show you really hate and think sucks was a bit weird to me. When I can’t stand a drama, I usually a goner by episode 3. Don’t have the patience.

        • August

          Sometimes first impressions are misleading. Last week I rewatched episodes 1 – 4 and was quite surprised that I enjoyed those episodes more the 2nd time around than when I originally viewed them the 1st time. Probably because of 20/20 – hindsight since I knew where the story was headed and what upcoming scenes I could look forward to.

          Obviously for some people they will always hate Heirs, never give it a chance, or come around to liking Heirs – “It’s Okay Baby.” 🙂

          • jaglaine

            My main problem was after ep14. You reckon it’s worth re-watching? I loved everything from ep 1-14.

          • jaglaine

            P.S. I take back the blanket admission. I didnt love everything… I hated KT’s clothes.

          • August

            Who knew/guessed correctly based upon the early episodes of Heirs or even had the foresight – that in terms of character arc:

            Kim Won would be the one to ultimately wear the crown and bear the weight of the crown for Jeguk Group and the Kim family.

            Kim Tan would be the one to have an emotional breakdown, succumb mentally as he faced hardships from his father (Kim Nam Yoon) for approval to date/engage in a relationship with Cha Eun-Sang, and had the propensity to resort to self-destructive behavior (as he strived for and was denied and faced failure in winning the love he sought from his family and the love/romantic relationship he wanted to pursue with Cha Eun-Sang).

            Choi Young-Do would be the one for with the most character growth, self-analysis/reflection, and journey toward contrition as he sought to find/restore his relationship with his mother.

            For the most part, Young-Do applied the famous guiding principles of Alcoholic Anonymous’ 12 step program:
            • Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of himself.
            • Examined past errors.
            • Learned to live life with a new code of behavior.
            • Became willing to make amends to those he had harmed.
            • Admitted to another human being the exact nature of his wrongs.
            • Made direct amends for these errors when possible. (Cha Eun-Sang, Kim Tan, and bullied student Moon Joon Young)
            • Continued to take personal inventory, and when he was wrong, he eventually admitted it.

        • Lin_K

          @Vicky – Well, for me, I hated this OTP and the execution of the story (Sorry no offense). However, I stuck around to see YD’s story!!!!:) He was the best character here for me. I also liked some of the side characters. Maybe others stuck around for their favorite characters/actors/actresses too even if the plot/execution wasn’t good.

        • yenlinh tran

          I am not a follower, I know what I like and what I don’t. No matter what your opinion is, you will not sway me. Heir is a place that I go to after a long day of work to keep the stresses at bay. It makes me laugh, angry, sad, and happy. In between, the emoticons include Pfft, Omo, LoL, Aissh, and Huh? You can also add, Whatever, Moving On, and Darn it. All in all, I wish it did not end with 20 episodes, so I can stretch out my stress-reliever.

        • Faye

          I expressed that sentiment a few times in past threads. If I don’t like a show, I ditch it after a while – why waste your time on something that you hate? It’s not like work; the recappers were the only ones with a financial interest in continuing the recaps, but viewers didn’t have any.

          I think Heirs just became the show people loved to hate. I’m not a dramabeans maven, but it seemed to me this was one of the most polarizing discussion threads ever.

      • 15.1.2 starb

        Count me in… I’m one of the member of this niche group loving “The Heirs”.

        I notice that this is supposed to be a teenage drama that needed to grow up way before their peers… so I think it is already too much of a drama for 18 years old. That’s why the angst may be too childish for us (adults), but as far as an 18th is concern, this conflict is already a mouthful. So I think props to KES for sticking up to her concept of teenage drama. I think this is her second drama after a gentleman’s dignity that has less conflict and more in giving a daily life of certain age group.

        I love different endings for both brothers, but actually they are happy endings because both got what they asked for… nobody said that sacrifice need not to be made.

    • 15.2 KDaddict

      I loved the show, but the bashing here was so bad here that it got stressful to read.
      I went over to Softy Cadence, where she provided an entirely different perspective and atm, and everyone watched in peaceful appreciation.
      Different persons have diff tastes. Bloggers are ppl too.

    • 15.3 August

      Top Ten (10) Reasons Why I Like Heirs (AKA The Inheritors / The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstands the Weight):

      1) Kim Tan’s (Lee Min-Ho) storyline as the illegitimate son and future heir of Jeguk Group.
      2) Journey, Self Analysis, Contrition of Choi Young-Do (brought to life flawlessly by Kim Woo-Bin)
      3) All of the Bromance and Frenemy scenes between Kim Tan & Choi Young-Do (school, hotel, elevator, golf course, smoothie shop, etc.)
      4) Funny and Charming Relationship of Lee Bo-Na and Yoon Chan-Young
      5) All of the comedy, antics, and heartfelt moments between Han Ki-Ae (Kim Tan’s mom) and Park Hee-Nam (Cha Eun-Sang’s mother)
      6) Friendships/Bromances (Example: Lee Hyo-Shin & Kim Tan and Jo Myung-Sooin & Choi Young-Do)
      7) Parent/Child Relationships
      8) Connotation/Denotation/Implication of Mother, Mom, Mistress
      9) Estrangement and Reconciliation of Kim Won and Kim Tan
      10) He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs Trump card (Red Herring) played by writer Kim Eun-Sook.

      • 15.3.1 August

        Top Ten (10) Things That I Disliked About Heirs:

        1) Many of the Ahjumma Sweaters and unfashionable clothes that Kim Tan (Lee Min-Ho) was styled in.
        2) Ragdoll Cha Eun-Sang (Park Shin-Hye) being shuffled back and forth between Kim Tan and Choi Young-Do.
        3) Bullying and Gratuitous Violence
        4) Lack of strong feminist characteristics – off and on weakness of female lead Cha Eun-Sang.
        5) OTP Kim Tan and Cha Eun-Sang (lack of chemistry)
        6) Kim Won & Jeon Hyun-Joo’s relationship having an unhappy ending.
        7) Unaccounted for content/omitted scenes focusing on Lee Hyo-Shin’s struggle with depression.
        8) Juggling of Secondary and Third tier characters’ backstory/development, and time on screen/screen presence versus the OTP Kim Tan & Cha Eun-Sang.
        9) Arranged Marriages/Merger & Acquisition Engagements incorporated into the storyline as the only solution/means available – solely for the purpose of having a majority stake in and/or controlling Jeguk Group.
        10) Deficient screen presence and focus on the character Kim Won since he winded/ended up “Wearing the Crown and Enduring Its Weight.”

        • August


          3) Bullying, Gratuitous Violence, Stalking, Obsession, and Controlling Behavior – Issues with the writer trying to sell this type of behavior as romantic, something to be desired/proud of, and/or somewhat justified.

          • Ttyy

            While in the U.S., the best selling novel over the last several years was “50 Shades of grey”, which basically romanticizes S&M. (Ie., Sado-masochism, which is apparently ok, as long as you’re obscenely wealthy). Not really seeing much difference here.

      • 15.3.2 August

        Heirs: He Who Wears the Crown Must Bear Its Weight

        Kim Won’s Philosophy:
        “When you can’t decide on something, don’t think too much, just think about what you are going to do tomorrow, the answer won’t be the same. When you don’t have the courage, finding an excuse is also a good choice.”

        Kim Tan’s Philosophy:
        “There’s no middle for me”
        “Go straight.”
        Just keep going straight.

        Symbolic Scenes & Lines from Episode 20

        At Jo Myung Soo’s studio – Yoon Chan Young, Lee Bo Na, and Kang Ye Sol are playing a card game with a round based upon the theme “18 Years Old:”

        One causes pain to oneself
        Sometimes you have to fight a great enemy
        Passionate heart
        Grand Dreams

        In his bedroom, Kim Tan browses through his “California” journal returned to him by mail from his Professor while in the United States.

        On the page in the journal we see the written words: “One, who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown.”

        In a voiceover, the professor asks Kim Tan “What kind of crown was he trying to wear- fame, wealth, or love?”

        Kim Tan writes in the notebook, “Won has reached the place he wanted, he has become firmer, and at night he cries. Isn’t his place of exile this house he has lived his whole life?”

        Is this Karma? Kim Tan was exiled in California for 3 years. Now the Kim Mansion (maybe to some extent Jeguk Group) is exile for Kim Won with Jeon Hyun-Joo treasured in his heart but sadly disconnected (extricated) from his life.

        In a voiceover Kim Tan states, “But nothing has changed. We still don’t know how to skillfully grow apart or make up smoothly.”

        In a voiceover Cha Eun-Sang says, “But we know how we each hurt, cried, fell apart, and fought fiercely within the time of being 18 years-old.”

        Next, we see a picturesque scene of snow falling all around Tan and Eun-Sang as they walk together holding hands.

        Kim Tan remarks, “At 18, we fell for each other, liked each other, cried, ran away, knelt down, and turned our backs to each other many times.”

        Cha Eun-Sang remarks, “Still, at 18, we ran toward each other, held hands, and tightly embraced one another.”

        The image of Tan and Eun-Sang hugging appears as we hear Eun-Sang say in a voiceover, “We might fall or end up kneeling again. But still…”

        In a voiceover Tan ends with the words, “We go forward.”

        • August

          In Remembrance of Kim Won & Jeon Hyun-Joo:

          “Without a Claim” By Poet Grace Schulman

          Raised like a houseplant on a windowsill
          looking out on other windowsills
          of a treeless block, I couldn’t take it in
          when told I owned this land with oaks and maples
          scattered like crowds on Sundays, and an underground
          strung not with pipes but snaky roots that writhed
          when my husband sank a rhododendron,
          now flaunting pinks high as an attic window.

          This land we call our place was never ours.

          If it belonged to anyone, it was
          the Montauk chief who traded it for mirrors,
          knowing it wasn’t his. Not the sailors
          who brought the blacksmith iron, nor the farmers
          who dried salt hay, nor even the later locals,
          whale hunters, the harpooner from Sumatra,
          the cook from Borneo, who like my ancestors
          wandered from town to port without a claim,
          their names inside me though not in the registries.

          No more than geese in flight, shadowing the lawn,
          cries piercing wind, do we possess these fields,
          given the title, never the dominion.

          But here we are in April, watching earth rise
          with bellflowers that toll, brawl, call, in silence;
          daffodils that gleam yellow through sea haze
          and cedars at sunrise asking for flame
          like a cake with tiers of birthday candles.

          Come visit us by shore, up a mud lane.
          Duck under the elm’s branches, thick with leaves,
          on land deeded to us but not to keep,
          and take my hand, mine only to give
          for a day that shines like corn silk in wind.

          We rent, borrow, or share even our bodies,
          and never own all that we know and love.

          Excerpted from “Without a Claim” by Grace Schulman

  16. 16 Eileen

    And so it ends. I’m not going to harp on the same points that I’ve made before again but I have 2 comments:

    1. YD-mom scene broke my heart to tiny little pieces even if we never really understood the reason for her total abandonment. KWB is awesome.

    2. Won’s storyline seemed to be just an excuse so the writer could push the “bear the crown’ tagline. I’d felt sorry for him if I had given the chance to care about their relationship but I learned nothing about them in the 20 minutes total they had of screen time together through the show. How did they meet? What is her story? How long had they been ‘together’?

    Bye everyone. Coming here to comment and read your comments was probably the best I got out of this drama. Even if I did not enjoy the show as much as some of you I always enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts and interpretations, good and bad. And for those that had the same problems with the drama as I did, hope we get a crack drama soon! Happy Holidays!

    • 16.1 Windsun33

      I never did figure out why Won’s mother left in the first place. Perhaps that was one of the dangling plot lines that got lost in all the rewrites. Also never figured out why she never at least called him, when he was apparently just a cab ride away.

      Overall I really felt that Won’s story – and many others – really suffered with all the constant breakups and getting back together of KT and ES, to the point where I did not really care even a tiny bit what happened to the main leads, but was left wondering why the other stories got so little attention.

      • 16.1.1 Eileen

        “Overall I really felt that Won’s story – and many others – really suffered with all the constant breakups and getting back together of KT and ES, to the point where I did not really care even a tiny bit what happened to the main leads, but was left wondering why the other stories got so little attention.”

        I could not agree more with this. I liked almost all of the side characters a lot. It’s sad that they didn’t get a lot of attention. Maybe Heirs should have been a weekend drama with a lot of episodes. With this large of a cast it could have made a lot more sense.

      • 16.1.2 jojo11

        I think i agree with what has been said previously, Heirs was written for LMH. Therefore, i feel the writer did not develop the other story lines on purpose.

        I suspect choosing WON to portray the title (he who wears the crown …) was a last minute ditch effort because if Kim tan took responsibility then he would not have ended up with CES.

        However, the writer could also have been trying to show the weight of different crowns. Kim Tan choose Love as his crown thus he gave up ever being CEO unless WON died. WON chose power hence gave up his lover.

        But i do i agree that i was left hungry for more info on Won’s love affair so that i could see the cost of his sacrifice. Maybe equal screen time for the brothers could have solved the problem!

        My biggest disappointment is that though the leads Kim tan and CES had a lot of screen time — am still left wanting more—something was missing in their dialogue or interaction to show how close/loving their were towards each other even for a high school drama.

        • jaglaine

          I’d argue that City Hunter WAS written for LMH because there he got signed on first then the writer and director came later. But for Heirs, I think KES may have thought that at first but she definitely lost the plot.

  17. 17 ty

    I left this drama after watching episode 16…is it worth finishing?

    • 17.1 DramaFan100

      Entirely depends on your taste. It is a high school romance till about 17 episodes and then everyone gets personality transplants because of love and changes. I still don’t know why I watched and cared enough to comment. But I did. So, there you are. I would have given up too but there was nothing else to watch.

      It is a very silly drama and mostly pointless. I recommend you watch it if you have watched everything else KDrama has to offer. But teenagers probably will love it. Some of the stuff is good. Especially Kim Woo Bin.

    • 17.2 TeaCharmer

      I think we all should have waited until episode 10 or 12 to watch. Or the writer should have started the show from that point…

      I enjoyed the last half of the show better than the first half. I really wish the other actors were allowed to act instead of being interesting props. I think everyone did as well as they could have with the script.

      I’m glad it’s done with, I want to see more Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kang Ha Neul and Kim Sung Ryung.

    • 17.3 sofia


    • 17.4 jaglaine

      I suggest to finish it. You might feel better by episode 19 and seeing the wrap-up would be good. It’s just 3 episodes, why not go fot it?

  18. 18 August

    The Kim Brothers Won & Tan

    “Sibling relationships…outlast marriages, survive the death of parents, resurface after quarrels that would sink any friendship. They flourish in a thousand incarnations of closeness and distance, warmth, loyalty and distrust.” ― Erica E. Goode, “The Secret World of Siblings”, U.S. News & World Report, January 10th, 1994

    “Our siblings push buttons that cast us in roles we felt sure we had let go of long ago – the baby, the peacekeeper, the caretaker, the avoider…. It doesn’t seem to matter how much time has elapsed or how far we’ve traveled.” ― Jane Mersky Leder

    “When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life.” ― Antisthenes

    “There’s no other love like the love for a brother. There’s no other love like the love from a brother.” ― Terri Guillemets

    “Your relationship with your brother will be, in many ways, the most complex and bewildering of all the interpersonal connections you will form. An older brother is both authority and peer, friend and bitter enemy, partner and rival, and will play these contradictory roles to varying degrees throughout your life. At this point the rivalry is most prominent, owing to the difference in age and the resentment your brother feels toward you monopolizing your mother’s attention. Try to remember, in the face of the poor treatment you receive at his hands, that more than a pure desire to cause you harm or pain, this is an effort on his part to win back some of that attention, even if it’s only through being scolded and punished.” ― Ron Currie Jr., Everything Matters!

    “Because deep down you know that someone needs to keep you out of trouble.” ― Mike L. Hopper, The Wayward Gifted: Broken Point

    “…three basic statements about life,
    1. It is your life, usually with some added social commentary.
    2. What you want and what you get are usually two entirely different things.
    3. No one ever said that life was fair.”
    ― Nicholas Sparks, Three Weeks With My Brother

    “If giving my everything is what it takes, I won’t hesitate, not for even a second. That’s what it means to have something you’d give your life to keep safe.” ― Kyuugou, ACID TOWN

    Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore. ― Hindu Proverb

    All for one and one for all
    My brother and my friend
    What fun we have
    The time we share
    Brothers ’til the end.
    ― Author Unknown

    • 18.1 Faye

      @August -Great references here and throughout the drama. They really added an interesting dimension to the discussions.

      If I may, I’d like to add a song on brotherhood that I think is appropriate – “Orange Sky” by Alexi Murdoch- and a Hebrew proverb (from Psalms): “Behold how good and pleasant it is, when brothers dwell together as one.”

    • 18.2 owl

      Not to mention, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother~”

    • 18.3 August

      The writing from a plot/storytelling perspective was flawed and missing content from time to time, but we were introduced to some great, complex, and multifaceted characters.

      Memorable Character Friendships:
      Kim Tan/Choi Young-Do
      Kim Tan/Kim Won
      Kim Tan/Lee Hyo-Shin
      Kim Tan/Lee Bo-Na

      Choi Young-Do/Cha Eun-Sang*
      Choi Young-Do/Jo Myung-Soo
      Choi Young-Do/Rachel Yoo
      Choi Young-Do/Lee Bo-Na/Jo Myung-Soo

      Han Ki-Ae/Park Hee-Nam (Cha Eun-Sang’s mother)

      Kim Won/Yoon Jae-Ho

      Lee Bo-Na/Cha Eun-Sang
      Lee Bo-Na/Kang Ye-Sol
      Lee Bo-Na/Lee Hyo-Shin/Cha-Eun-Sang

      Memorable Character Relationships:
      Yoon Chan-Young/Lee Bo-Na
      Kim Won/Jeon Hyun-Joo
      Lee Hyo-Shin/Rachel Yoo
      Yoon Jae-Ho/Esther Lee
      Choi Young-Do/Cha Eun-Sang*

      Memorable Parental Relationships:
      Kim Nam-Yoon/Jung Ji-Sook/Han Ki-Ae/Kim Won/Kim Tan
      Kim Nam-Yoon/Kim Tan
      Kim Nam-Yoon/Kim Won
      Han Ki-Ae/Kim Tan
      Jung Ji-Sook/Kim Tan
      Jung Ji-Sook/Kim Won
      Choi Dong-Wook/Choi Young-Do
      Yoon Jae-Ho/Yoon Chan-Young
      Esther Lee/Rachel Yoo

      • 18.3.1 August

        Often in the Heirs Recap threads, a comment would appear remarking that Kim Woo-Bin (as Choi Young-Do) is stealing the show and outshining Lee Min-Ho (as Kim Tan). I have been thinking about this for a while now.

        Automatically people assume that this has to be bad thing. Instead of thinking that we have come full circle and it’s a good thing when a newbie shines and excels. Making the list of great acting talent – one to watch out for/one you expect great things from in the future is an honor. Lee Min-Ho’s big break was in Boys Over Flowers because people had similar reactions to his performance as Goo Joon Pyo. This time around it was Kim Woo-Bin’s turn to excel and get the much deserved big break.

        In real life, as with acting, If you are around someone/another type of individual with a dynamic personality – How do you manage to keep from disappearing/evaporating into the background?

        Primarily in the early episodes of Heirs, Kim Woo-Bin’s portrayal of Choi Young-Do reminded me of the Tasmanian Devil (AKA Taz) a Looney Tunes cartoon character.

        The Tasmanian Devil was savagely fierce and aggressive with a notoriously short temper and little patience. He would eat and bite through just about anything/everything with an appetite that knew no bounds. His ability to spin like a vortex, he was capable of reading and writing, the sound of his voice and speech consisting mostly of grunting, growling, and occasionally his punchline delivery is what stood out most about him.

        However, the character Kim Tan was required and tasked during the early episodes of Heirs with being the polar opposite – bland (dull), indifferent, lethargic, mellow, lackluster, disinterested (apathetic), impassive (deadpan), poker-faced, slacker, and unreadable.

        Lee Min-Ho’s utilized the freedom that comes with controlled acting to deliver an emotionally controlled performance with the right mixture of loneliness, vulnerability, despair, and indignation.

        I commend Lee Min-Ho for willingly accepting the role of Kim Tan which required a certain level of sacrifice as the male lead counterpart to the more appealing and strongly written character Choi Young-Do. (Thereby leading to a refactoring of his “assured” status as the favorite male lead character or OTP in Heirs.)

        “An acting performance can be easily discussed and critiqued when looking at two specific dimensions of acting: individualization and stylization. The range of individualization of an acting performance can be determined based on how much the actor makes the performance their own (1). When playing the role of an archetype character such as the “mad scientist”…an actor can put as much or as little of their own signature on their character as they want (or as much or little as is called for in the role they are playing). When an actor has put a unique and signature twist on the character they are playing their role is said to be highly individualized.

        An acting performance need not always be highly individualized in order to be considered a “good” performance. Sometimes the role an actor plays requires them to be less individualized in order to work with their character’s situation in the context of the film. Stylization of an acting performance can also be measured, ranging from lowly stylized or flat to highly stylized or flamboyant (1). Stylization of a performance is usually more dependent on the broad or reserved actions the actor makes while performing as well as the tone…

        • August


          Stylization of a performance is usually more dependent on the broad or reserved actions the actor makes while performing as well as the tone and volume of their voice.

          Like individualization, the amount of stylization an actor puts into their performance is somewhat dependent on the type of role they are playing and what is called for in the context of the film.”


  19. 19 DramaFan100

    Glad this is over. I am looking forward to something good.

    Have realized I don’t really care for PSH or LMH anymore. I look forward KWB’s next project.

    I will not look forward to this writer’s next project – unless it involves big stars and then I will watch it again because I will not be able to help myself.

  20. 20 noernov

    Not the best drama of year, but surely easy on the eyes 😉

  21. 21 Anonymous

    After brooding over it for a while, I’m kind of upset how Won’s ending came out. He finally made the decision to put his all into being Chairman, and his last moment is crying for Hyun-joo–what the heck. That’s really disappointing to see. After he stumbled around like a fool for 19 episodes, he finally took responsibility as the oldest son and heir, and his only reward is tears?

    Lesson 1 from Drama: Don’t be filial and hardworking. Go spend your days in fantasyland with your beloved so you can end up with everything in life like Tan. Oh, and if you decide to sacrifice yourself for the company then you probably made a bad life choice–it’s not commendable in the slightest.

    Well, it was a fun ride!

    (Bona and Chanyoung FTW.)

    • 21.1 skelly

      Yes, I understand some of Won’s annoyance with Tan – Tan gets Daddy’s affection, Tan has the mom who loves him plus the mom who gives him legitimacy, Tan gets the same amount of stock as Won even though he hasn’t worked a day in his life towards earning it. Tan really is a spoiled, pampered brat – and he gets his way by throwing a tantrum.
      It is Won that is really holding the company together, and it is Won who allows Tan to live his continued charmed existence, with his money and his girl. What does Won get? Well, certainly not the girl. And he’s going to be leading the way for Tan his whole life. It really is Won who has to bear the weight.

      • 21.1.1 Meg

        I disagree w you about the reason Won’s annoyance with Tan. Remember the Dad said to him I never hugged Tan as he considered Won’s feeling, and he even let Won exiled Tan to America. Won always saw Tan as a threat, he even told Tan not to study in the U.S., he wanted Tan to be spoiled and living a careless life, not involving in the company’s business.
        Won didn’t have to bear the weight, he could live like Tan enjoying his equal stock shares, not being the C.E.O., but he wanted the crown. He said something like he was on the way top to his girlfriend and she even said she was not the one who stopped him, meaning he wanted the job which was never Tan’s goal.

        • Victoria

          Agreed compeltely, Meg! I can’t see how Won should be pitied in this particular case when it really was something of his own making and I think it’d be unfair to blame Tan for what Won ends up with. He’s made his choice, Tan made his. All fair…

    • 21.2 Windsun33

      I am still upset with Tan’s character for many reasons, but one is the fact that he has basically been a slacker all his life, yet he gets the girl, the stock, probably a cushy job later with no responsibilities. All for doing basically nothing in his life.

      • 21.2.1 SsiXfile

        He ranks 50th at his school. Isn’t it a good achievement? 🙂

      • 21.2.2 Anduril

        Agree, except I doubt the job will be meaningless. He will be a part of the endless power struggle that is the family company. It may be more of what he already did, making agreements with stockholders. Won clearly intends to make him one of his knights.

      • 21.2.3 TS

        OMG, this.

      • 21.2.4 TS

        OMG, this. He didn’t even have to wash dishes.

    • 21.3 Faye

      I see your point re Won, but in a certain way it makes sense. All along, his focus was the business. He kept Hyun-Joo as his secret girlfriend and really put her second. Not that his feelings weren’t real, but he did not seem able to sacrifice his place in the company for her. Even at the end, he was being ridiculous: “Go to America and wait for me for a few years.” Really? So he got what was important to him – primacy in the company – but not the girl.

      In contrast, Tan was always all about Eun Sang. He was willing to give up his stocks just to secure Won’s help. So he does get the girl, because she’s what’s most important to him. He may be studying business, but he will never be as important in the company as Won is – which will be fine with him, because that’s not his main focus in life.

      • 21.3.1 Anonymous

        My issue isn’t that he didn’t end up with Hyun-joo. I actually could care less about her. My problem is that Won’s decision in life is portrayed as a BAD one.

        I think Won did the right thing; he should follow through his responsibilities and grow as a man. Jeguk needs its chairman, and his job is to be that chairman. I’m upset that KES decided to show that Won’s future as CEO was a depressing one when it really should have been something lauded. When he broke up with Hyun-joo, my reaction was “Finally! He grew up and started taking responsibility!”

        Tan’s life is idiotic. He does nothing and gets a cushy life. He puts romance first because he has enough money in his life to not worry about having bread on the table. Stupid. “Getting the girl” is not the be all end all in life. Frankly, that kind of thinking, “the woman is THE prize,” is throughly backwards.

        • fantasma

          Wow. Your comment really is much of what I’ve been thinking!
          And also I suddenly thought The following:
          If things were different and Tan and Won characters were women, how would we see them? We would think it was romantic that GirlTan’s Life was all about her boyfriend with no independence or growth? Or we would call her pathetic?Would People say that GirlWon made The wrong choice by choosing herself and her dream career instead of giving it all up for a boy? Or would People say that she was a feminist character?
          I suddenly wondered that after Reading some of The comments.

          • Anonymous

            Hmm. If there was a girl Tan or a girl Won—or even a girl Young-do, nobody would like them. Hot guys are far more likely to gain sympathy from the female audience. A male character can grow and evolve because he’s given the chance to do so, because the drama watching community says he can. If we saw a girl who was half as bad as YD in the beginning, there would be no chance of redemption for her, let alone a chance for her to become one of the most popular characters. It’s really, really sad.

          • Fantasma

            Really sad indeed. I hadn’t thought about YD, but it also makes sense. We can see by The Way The story (and some comments as well) treated Rachel and JS.

          • Lin_K

            @Anonymous and Fantasma – I am replying to your thread below about the less chance of redemption for a girl character. I have seen female characters who were bad/mean but received redemption in some dramas. One example is Jang Hye Seong in IHYV. I loved her character from the beginning even though she was selfish and a little mean. And she grew throughout the drama into a caring and selfless person…………………About Rachael in The Heirs. I didn’t like her at first but as the drama progressed, I started to understand her more. She is very mean but I understand her anger towards KT and ES.

          • Anonymous

            @Lin_K: Honestly neither of those examples do anything to subvert the clear gender bias in K-drama, and possibly make it worse. JHS did not throw baseballs at people–and I highly doubt that people would have warmed up to her if she did. I also have to add that JHS is THE titular character so we’re comparing apples to oranges here. If you don’t like the main character, you’re probably in melo/noir/meatier drama–not the kind of drama IHYV was.

            YD is a secondary character. We have no reason to find him to be the most beloved character from the get-go. It’s shocking that he has the star power and buzz that he has without stepping into a main role AND being the quintessential “bad boy.” Why is this? He’s a guy and has model looks.

            Rachel will never get the light of day when it comes to appreciating her. Rachel’s character development is wishy-washy, she’s “memorable” because she has chemistry with Hyo-shin, and the most that anyone is going to care about her is begrudging understanding. Her fans are few and far between, and I don’t think KES even cared enough to give depth to her. She has no reason to.

      • 21.3.2 xanti

        I agree with you on this. All this time I had been accepting of how foolish KT is for the fact that he is young and young people do stupid things and the show never really guaranteed they were gonna be forever…it simply ended by saying, what the heck, just do it anyway…thoughts of course coming from an 18 year old boy. That is justified.

        But Won made his decision and so did his gf. It may have been depicted that that decision hurt him but, hey, it was a decision. Which means, at the end of the day, doing otherwise for him would have hurt more. He couldn’t do it. He is not built for it. He took the knife and stabbed his heart because the fact is…he doesn’t consider the girl more important than Jeguk. Period.

        I still would rather be the girl whose first love fought for her — stupid it may have been — and held her hand even when it risked his life than the girl whose first love kept her hidden in a cage, denied, and made to wait over what??? Nothing! If I were HJ’s friend, I would have long time ago told her, “You know what girl, He’s just not that into you. Don’t waste pretty.”

      • 21.3.3 Victoria

        Thumbs up once again, Faye! 😀

    • 21.4 xanti

      I respect your thoughts but we don’t agree on Won. I always thought he was lame. He was a jerk. Lame — because he kept making his gf wait only to end up where I have, from the beginning, suspecting he would do. Leave her. Ugh! Jerk — because I hate men who cannot make up their minds. He seemed to have this fascination to the song “What do we mean to each other, am I friend? am i lover? is it over now?”. He had kept the girl waiting for too long for something he knew he cannot give.

      I didn’t think it depicted at all that Won made a bad decision. Crying does not make it bad. It just meant he let go of one love to give way for true love — his power and wealth and position. He didn’t have to take the burden if he really didn’t want to. He didn’t have to play victim and pity party if he felt it was sad to choose Jeguk. I mean, why should he? Because he is responsible? Come on! It was a dirty world he revolved in. People stab each other in the back because of greed…Marriages are fixed and out of business, never mind love…..ugh, what is love? He didn’t cry because he was sad. He was just guilty. Fact is, he wanted the exchange of it. He wanted the life he had gotten used to. He wanted the power. He wanted the game of the business he was in. So you know what, good for him.

      Everyone makes their own destiny. Everyone had a choice too. They all made it. So everyone…is happy…and that includes Won. Like father, like son.

      • 21.4.1 Victoria

        Where is the ‘like’ button? :))))

  22. 22 August

    The Influence of Birth Order on Behavior and Relationships

    The world of the first born child is very different from that of the second born.

    As the leader of the pack, firstborns often tend to be:
    • Reliable
    • Conscientious
    • Structured
    • Cautious
    • Controlling
    • Achievers

    Last Born
    Youngest children tend to be the most free-spirited. The baby of the family tends to be:

    • Fun-loving
    • Uncomplicated
    • Manipulative
    • Outgoing
    • Attention-seeker
    • Self-centered


    Birth Order Personality

    The First Born:

    • Has the challenge of gaining the lost affection from parents when a baby brother/sister comes along, by waiting for attention.

    • Is acquainted with feeling guilty thinking that it was his/her fault that caused a shift in parental affection.

    • Covers up the deep longing for love by being tough.

    • Is an over achiever and has perfectionist traits.

    • Projects into the future and relates to things to the future

    • Is strongly angered when disrespected especially by being overlooked.

    • Finds it challenging to share thoughts and feelings.

    • Intuitively understands only other first born children.

    The Second Born:

    • Has the challenge of overcoming the authority of the first born by being a perfectionist.

    • Feels ‘not good enough’ or inadequate to parents and strives to please them.

    • Is detailed, thorough and disciplined.

    • Is diplomatic, preferring peace and feels overwhelmed by others’ anger.

    • Is strongly angered when criticized.

    • Is moderate and likes things in balance.

    • Feels neglected, suppresses feelings and can appear unemotional.

    • Intuitively understands first born and other second born children.


    The First Born

    First borns are the ones who go on to succeed in the world, have higher leadership and achievement traits. Some first borns have a strong need for approval, are hard driven and ruthless. One common characteristic of many first borns is that they tend to be perfectionists. They may strive for unrealistic goals, don’t deal well with criticism, are devastated by failure, and are frequently pessimistic.

    The Middle Child (or Second Born)

    Middle children can have many contradictory characteristics, but one common thread seems to hold true: their personalities are usually the opposite of those of the first borns. Second borns or middle children are often very sociable and they become good mediators. They learn the art of negotiation and compromise. They are generally free-spirited, independent and sometimes rebellious. They place great value on loyalty—they are the likeliest to remain monogamous in their relationships.

    The Last Born

    Last children grow up with ambivalence, often they are accused of being spoiled, and are the ones who get everything the other siblings never had. This results in some impetuous behaviors, a tendency to want things immediately. They may seek attention with no real worries about the consequences. The last born child is often described as sociable, charming, loving, and open, but also as temperamental, irresponsible, and self-centered.


    • 22.1 Windsun33

      Though a popular idea, quite a bit of actual research shows that it is mostly a myth. Google “birth order myths”

      “..SCIENCE / MEDICINE : The Myth of Birth Order : Is the oldest the smartest? Is the middle child the peacemaker? Those are popular beliefs, but most researchers say it’s just bunk…”

      • 22.1.1 August

        I thought it was worth posting the birth order personality traits because they seemed to apply to the character traits of Kim Won and Kim Tan perfectly.

        • Windsun33

          I actually think that a lot of writers buy into the whole thing, at least it seems that way. Almost every firstborn especially follows it. But then it was not that long ago that some Korean writers were actually basing dramas on blood types 😀

          • newbie

            Please answer a question for me, if you can.

            What’s the deal with revealing Korean actors blood type? I don’ t get it.
            I love George Clooney but I don’t believe his blood type is known.

            Why is this piece of information always included in biographies of an Korean actor? If he’s an A vs. a B+ does it make fans look at him differently?

            Isn’t blood, BLOOD? It’s in your veins and last time I looked it was all red, I don’t believe it adds any personality characteristics unless I missed a scientific study stating otherwise.

            I get why birth signs are important but BLOOD????

            Please explain to this simpleton.

        • Faye

          I’d have to see the actual research to evaluate it critically, but certainly based on my experience and practically everyone else’s I know, there is definitely credence to birth order influencing personality to an extent.

          • Windsun33

            There is tons of info on the internet, both pro and con. Early studies show a lot more correlation than later ones. Some later studies claim that the early ones were flawed because they only took one single factor into account, and ignored a lot of other factors. Also many of the methods themselves were flawed.

            See http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=ruled-by-birth-order for one good article, but there are a lot of others.

          • xanti

            i have studied psychology in college and this i have come across with. i believe in it as it is quite evident in my own family. i have 4 other siblings and i am the youngest and yes, our middle child in the family is the peacemaker, and the two extreme ones are the exactly how you described it above. My husband, who is the eldest of 6 kids, also show that eldest personality. So personally, there is some truth to this theory.

            Then again in Psychology, everything is still just based on theories, nothing factual. You can believe it, you can say it cannot happen to everyone, you can have your own observations. Studies will always come up refuting older studies but really, who cares? Science does that every time. One day Pluto was a planet, the next thing you know it is not. In 20 years, maybe we will be told something else again.

            But I’m old school. I believe in the theory already explained because I have first hand witnessed it in my own surrounding and even among friends. I am not saying it is true of everybody else. I am just speaking for myself. 🙂

      • 22.1.2 xanti

        in my family though…it is quite true. 😀

  23. 23 dramaqueen

    honestly, i prefer BOF over this at least BOF is bad in a good way but HEIRS is just BAD in BAD WAY..

    • 23.1 Ivoire

      Well, at least Heirs had KWB in it, that can’t be bad. I would not have come to know and appreciate KWB the way I do, if it had not been for Heirs. I didn’t like everything about this drama, however, I was glad that it introduced me to the talent, the grace, the presence and the cuteness that is KWB. I will stop my rave here, because I could go on forever 🙂

      Btw, I personally love BOF. It was my 2nd Kdrama, and there are a lot of things I do like about it.

      • 23.1.1 Lin_K

        I came to know and love KWB through The Heirs too. Probably the only thing I LOVED about this drama is CYD. Lol.

    • 23.2 SsiXfile

      Second that! I wasn’t a fan of BOF but it’s more original than Heirs. Eun Sang’s suffering can’t compared with Jandi’s while Kim Tan’s pain is nothing like Goo Joon Pyo. Heir’s is just much ado about nothing.

      • 23.2.1 A W.Shakespeare's Fan

        It’s really funny how Heirs referred/alluded to “A Midsummmer’s Night Dream” several times during the show, but at the end, it was really “Much Ado About Nothing”…

        • jaglaine


  24. 24 elza

    they made gumiho daddy cry. unforgivable.

    • 24.1 Ivoire

      Seriously!!!! 🙂

  25. 25 I ♥ Heirs!

    What a stunning finale. I loved the narrative from CES and KT.

    I fully understand Won getting a sad ending. As KT’s narrative said, for all his years, Won had been in exile in his own home. If you bear the crown, will you bear it for wealth or love? Won chose wealth.

    • 25.1 Livie

      Imo, Won chose responsibility, not wealth.

      • 25.1.1 jojo11

        mmmmmh kinda disagree choosing responsibility does not mean abandoning love. He had to win at all cost hence wealth and/or power!!!!Could not imagine life without it!!!

  26. 26 July

    Last episode and here I am wishing episodes 19 & 20 had come earlier. I don’t know if it’s just me but after 20 episodes I realized I don’t know anything that eun sang want to do with her life, what career she wants to pursue, or what she is passionate about. Maybe I missed something though.

    • 26.1 TeaCharmer

      She…umm…no you didn’t miss anything.

      Though in the beginning didn’t she want to leave her mom and stay with her sister in America and go to school there? I guess it was lost in the whole falling in love with wealthy guys story.

    • 26.2 Hyun joo

      She doesn’t have to, lol. She’ll become the dutiful daughter in law of the chaebol family. 🙂

    • 26.3 Windsun33

      You missed nothing. And that is actually kind of sad that for all the time she spent on screen, we know zero about her. She is just a cardboard cutout as far as personality, likes, ambitions, etc..

  27. 27 Hyun joo

    All in all, I’m sad to see this show end. This was a mindless guilty pleasure to take me away for a couple of hours each week. Not to mention the visually pleasing eye candy I was privy to. Can’t leave out the fashion and wondering how many more tacky sweaters the stylists would find for LMH to wear. Glad to see Young Do and his mother finally unite. Can’t wait for the next Wed-Thu show next week!! Love the recaps and the OSTs, Dramabeans!!

  28. 28 Kristy

    What a crappy drama…..
    I dont think I will watch the rest of the episodes……
    Lee Min Ho…..Please do chose something intresting…..

  29. 29 messi

    GoodBye Heirs. Do i like you? Yes. Will i miss you? No.
    Although this drama was not liked by international fans, it was a good success domestically. It was a good career choice by leads-LMH,PSH,KWB. Especially PSH, who finally have a ratings hit in her bag. I’m happy for them as they are my favourite actors. Lets hope to see them in better projects in future(Please sign that noir movie,LMH).

    • 29.1 Windsun33

      To be honest, any further dramas with PSH I will probably avoid unless it has quite a few good actors in it. Oh, yeah, and a good writer.

      • 29.1.1 TS

        Me too. I actually wanted to avoid her since Flower Boy Next Door which I thought she ruined.

        Eh, some people are just not worth the watching time for me. In Heirs, I could only watch scenes without her or LMH. Which mean like 5 minutes of it.

      • 29.1.2 jojo11

        Ditto — seems to be struggling with transition from child to adult actor!!!!

        If it is true daddy interfers with contracts then maybe she needs to consider another career choice.

    • 29.2 jerboa83

      Same here! I totally agree with you. It was a really, really BAD drama, but a wise career choice for the actors. I’m REALLY looking forward to that action movie!

    • 29.3 carlo

      are you sure not liked by international fans? then go to facebook 2.2million likes of the heirs fanpage

    • 29.4 carlo

      are you sure not liked by international fans? then go to facebook 2.2million likes of the heirs fanpage ..,, so don’t lose hope LOL

  30. 30 OhPaulliexD

    Well the ending was actually pretty decent compared to most episodes but I have to say HJ and KW’s ending left a bitter taste in my mouth.. My poor Choi Jin Hyuk! He never gets the girl 🙁

  31. 31 Ngie

    20 hours of my life wasted…that’s what I felt when I sat down for the final…*sigh*

    • 31.1 Molly

      I know 🙁 I stopped watching episode 19 halfway because I felt like it was just building up to episode 20 and nothing interesting was going to happen… until I watched episode 20 and i just ended up skipping around and watching bits and pieces because nothing that interesting happened either

      And it was exams week ugh :”(

  32. 32 mee

    The Cold Cherry song “Growing Pains” was just perfect as Young-do’s theme. The original version of the song was released back in March, but a version with new lyrics was used for the OST.

    Rough translation of some of the lyrics:

    “I never learned about love but why do I feel this way/
    I can’t approach you because it hurts so much/

    Even though my heart yearns for you, you can’t sense it/
    Every part of me looks for you but you’re not there”

    • 32.1 Ivoire

      Awww, thanks for sharing that.

  33. 33 saranghaelmh

    So we dont get to know why YD’s mom left? After all that ribbing we had to endure between the boys? Or the semblance of a reconciliation between Tan and YD? Shouldnt Tan atleast deserve to know that YD met his mom? They were BFFs and that’s one thing that had been hovering around their heads yeesh!
    I am sad to see my weekly crack(LMH/KWB) go but at the same time, I like not having to be sad for a drama like this. I didnt really like the ending..scrap that… hated it… Wanted some more ending bromance.

    • 33.1 Ivoire

      Well said!

  34. 34 Andy Anne

    Kim Woo Bin how dare you mess with my feeeeeellllsssss!

    Seriously the scene with his mom had me crying like a little kid, I have a soft spot for moms (and Young-Do).

    I felt like this drama could have been more, done more in the 20eps it had. Ah wishful thinking…

    • 34.1 Ivoire

      I hear you!

  35. 35 Jas

    After 20 episodes, i am left with only certain scenes in the drama worth remembering and laugh about. The plot was so thin! Basically, whatever we kind of expect in a kdrama was what we got. Being an avid fan of LMH, i would say he did well in protraying his emotions as Kim Tan. However, KWB caught my attention in his role as Choi Young Do! Young Do’s character had more room to grow in the drama than Kim Tan.

    Among the dramas that i have watched for this year, i think Master’s Sun tops my list. Me thinks. Sorry LMH, I still root for you but to be objective, the drama was an eye candy. As for your character’s wardrobe sense, i honestly think it was ok… In fact, i particularly like that pink fluffy sweater of his. I think i am probably the only one who liked it. hahaha…

    Many thanks to Girlfriday for the recaps and insightful comments! Merry Christmas in advance to you! 😀

    • 35.1 Ngie

      Same…Master of the Sun was the top drama for this year for me!

    • 35.2 jerboa83

      “The plot was so thin! Basically, whatever we kind of expect in a kdrama was what we got. Being an avid fan of LMH, i would say he did well in protraying his emotions as Kim Tan. However, KWB caught my attention in his role as Choi Young Do! Young Do’s character had more room to grow in the drama than Kim Tan.”

      I think the same.

  36. 36 moniq

    i guess.. this drama would be completely happy ending if kim won can get married with hyun joo…:(

  37. 37 Quiet Thought

    Park Shin Hye needs a roll in which she is something other than a doormat for the male lead. I suggest a pirate movie. It seems to be working for Sohn Ye-jin.

  38. 38 Hyun joo

    Is it just me or are all of the guys legs are really skinny? And why do they wear their pants so short? Maybe LMH’s legs are so long that they can’t find pants that are long enough? Don’t understand Korean fashion sometimes…..

    • 38.1 Windsun33

      After this show, I don’t think Koreans understand Korean fashion.

    • 38.2 OhPaulliexD

      “Maybe LMH’s legs are so long that they can’t find pants that are long enough?”

      Lol, that made me giggle xD

  39. 39 panshel

    Heirs has made me like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye less. But Kim Woo Bin, Kang Min Hyuk, and Krystal Jung more, so at least there’s that. Basically, Heirs is an overrated drama with overrated actors. It is a shame they got 25.6% ratings because this will only justify to Kim Eun Sook and other writers that as long as you have an all-star cast, you don’t need a script that makes sense and one-forth of your cast only needs to appear in every other episode and say one line.

    These last two episodes felt like an entirely different drama. Maybe it’s because the main couple already got together and the focus moved to the corporate takeover, but I felt a few characters, namely Eun Sang, Won, and Young Do’s father, acted out-of-character. Speaking of which, Young Do’s father’s arrest — what was the resolution to that? Was he found guilty and imprisoned? Also, what was the resolution to Young Do’s reunited mother? Did they reconcile? Do they live together?

    The redeeming part of this episode will always be the Chan Young-Bo Na kiss. I will miss the cuteness of this couple. It warms my heart to see Joon Young laughing merrily with friends. I am sad Rachel and Hyo Shin still did not get together after ten years. I found Madam Jung’s presence in Tan’s imaginary ten-year reunion to be odd. Did his father not divorce her?

    Now just waiting for You From Another Star to start. Thanks for all the recaps, javabeans and girlfriday!

    • 39.1 I ♥ Heirs!

      “Heirs made me like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye less.”

      And that’s where I stop reading…

      • 39.1.1 gene

        I doubt it.

    • 39.2 Windsun33

      It did not do much for me either way for LMH except to verify that he is way too old to play high school dramas.

      As far as PSH.. well, I just hope I never have to watch another of her dramas. I had my doubts before, but I am now convinced that a dead fish has more emotion and acting ability.

      • 39.2.1 I ♥ Heirs!

        Accidentally liked your comment, but you can have it. I will never comprehend some of the opinions on this forum…

        • panshel

          You can’t comprehend opinions that disagree from yours?

          • I ♥ Heirs!

            Are you one of those people who believe ES and Tan had NO chemistry and that they were so bland and boring as a couple? What makes you think that? What about the moments between ES and Tan in ep 19? Their kisses? Their time together? It all means nothing to you?

            I regret reading your first paragraph. You say it has only done exceptionally well because of its cast? What utter crap. If Koreans thought like you, why did the ratings increase as the episodes progressed?

          • Windsun33

            One of the reasons the ratings went up is because Secrets finished it’s run. While it was on the air, it beat Heirs in ratings every time.

          • I ♥ Heirs!

            No, that’s just a cheap cop-out excuse for what has been a very successful drama.


            Look at the ratings carefully. Yes, Heirs experienced a big jump in ratings immediately after Secret finished, but as in all dramas, the ratings start slow for the drama but improve as the plot unravels and episodes progress.

            Comparing Heirs vs Secret only when they were competing against each other is unfair because Secret was approaching its finale so it would naturally have more viewers than Heirs. What is a fairer comparison is looking at the ratings of each ep of Heirs vs the ratings of each ep of Secret. It’s a clear win for Heirs, is it not?

          • laden

            I think I understand where this ‘I <3 Heirs' commenter is coming I think she mentioned somewhere that 'heirs' is her first kdrama and its the best and it was great blah blah
            I guess its bcos its her first drama that's why she doesn't understand the differing opinion of others bcos to her 'the heirs' can do no wrong
            I remember I felt that way about boys over flowers(my 1st kdrama) I thot it was perfect till I started watching other kdramas
            Just my 2cents tho(to me 'the heirs' wasn't all that great)

          • pogo

            @ I ♥ Heirs! – I understand you are new to kdramas so allowances must be made, but you are coming off as terribly childish. Tan and Eun-sang’s kisses can’t be expected to show true passion, but it would help a great deal if she didn’t look like she was cringing inside each time.

            And take this from someone who has been a fan of PSH for years – she is a much better actress than you get to see in Heirs, her role there is crappy (bad writing) and the performance is underwhelming as a result even though I appreciate her efforts.

          • pogo

            @ I ♥ Heirs! – re: Secret – lolololol. Secret was beating Heirs in every timeslot they aired together, right from its third week (which matched up with Heirs’ premiere). And it is a fact that Heirs took the jump in ratings to win the timeslot, only after Secret went off air.

            Let’s not twist facts to suit our faves, please – you can insist Heirs was the better drama if you like since that is a matter of opinion, but the fact is it did get beaten by Secret for twelve episodes straight.

        • mischa

          I, too, will never comprehend those who think that all viewers should <3 Heirs.

          • TS

            Whenever I hear that, I think, why? It was such a disappointment to me, since I was looking forward to lots of pretty Woobie and Kim Ji Won time, and it just ruined everything with a crap plot, crap leads, and crap logic.

            It’s worse than Sword & Flower.

          • pogo

            I will never comprehend those who think we’re all out with a vendetta against LMH because we dared to not like the show, and said so. The persecution complex is strong with some Heirs fans, all right.

      • 39.2.2 I ♥ Heirs!

        It’s fair enough to say LMH is too old for high school dramas, as he did look to old to be playing someone who’s 17 and turning 18 (18 in ep 19), which in reality LMH is 26.

        But saying a dead fish has more emotion and acting ability… I can’t comprehend what drives people to make such statements. The fact that people actually hate on someone like PSH is proof to me that no who you are, how nice you are or what you’ve done, you will always have haters.

        • Alinka

          Dear, the more you write the more you stand out. The people commenting here are each of their own. There may be many more who are not fond of Heirs compared to those who are fond of it. That is a person’s opinion. They never contradict you directly about your opinion, so why do you have to contradict their opinions directly? You like Heirs. Some don’t. Let’s leave it at that OK? 😀

          • I ♥ Heirs!

            Saying things like PSH can’t act and Heirs only did well because of its popular cast is erroneous and needs to be corrected. If you were one of the cast members, wouldn’t you take offence to such comments too?

          • pogo

            @ I ♥ Heirs! – ‘is erroneous and needs to be corrected’

            Oh, really? Are you a cast member, now?

            Because if you were one of the supporting cast, good job. If you’re LMH/PSH, not so much.

        • TS

          “Saying things like PSH can’t act and Heirs only did well because of its popular cast is erroneous and needs to be corrected. If you were one of the cast members, wouldn’t you take offence to such comments too?”

          Are you Park Shin Hye? If so, never act with Kim WooBin again.

          • laden

            ‘Are you park shin hye,if you so never act with kim woobin again’
            LMAO!! Omg this is just priceless,I really don’t see ‘I <3 heirs' person is so worked up over the fact that not everyone liked the heirs

          • pogo

            @TS – ok, I did laugh. But I would amend that to ‘please never act with LMH again’, since she and Woobie had some decent chemistry in their scenes (though I would dread another dead fish kiss scene if they ever worked together)

        • Michelle

          Nobody even outright says they hate the person or not.

          Just because they hate the person’s acting, doesn’t mean they hate the person themselves. I can’t comprehend why people make that automatic reasoning that hating an actress’s or actor’s acting abilities mean we hate them as a person.

          And what they say is their opinion. It’s not like they’re bashing your opinion so why comment on theirs and say as if it’s something impossible and unthinkable? People have different opinions, so what?

        • jojo11

          not liking ones acting does not mean you hate them as a person.

          Just an expression of ones opinion while watching the actor/actress and feeling they do not measure up compared to others.

          Just my 2 cents!!!

    • 39.3 sayit

      Ha, now I don’t have to write my post. Was going to say almost the same thing. I can’t agree more with you about Heirs being an overrated drama with overrated actors namely Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. Choi Jin Hyuk and Woo Bin were so wasted. The rest did better but their roles were too insignificant to make much impact. Save for the actor who played Dad(couldn’t stand him since Nine), the veterans were the real stars.

      Since BOF, I thought LMH had potential. Personal Taste was meh but still…and City Hunter came along and I think it’s the only one I liked him in. I was hoping he could really take off from there. Then Faith made me lost faith in him, pun intended. Finally Heirs confirms for me that LMH is indeed overrated. He is not a bad actor but he does not have or has lost that natural acting ability. Just contrast how Woo Bin emotes to LMH. The best moments in this show were in the lighter moments of Kim Tan and that LMH did well. But where others were gushing over his emotional scenes, crying and all, I was cringing. I felt kind of bad for him. They really showed up his flaws. The unfortunate thing I have concluded is that LMH actually acts best when he is playing a high school kid but he is past that age and looks nowhere like one. He needs a boot camp for acting but it’s highly unlikely given that his fans are crazy about him and he can do no wrong. My bet is that he won’t work at it because he can just basks in the love from his zillion fans.

      I never understood the hype on PSH and now, this drama has left me disliking her acting. I have nothing against her person but at her level now, I don’t think I can bear watching her. I guess she must have received quite a fair bit of criticisms even in Korea? Hopefully if she is serious about her craft, she might work on it and improve. She is young so as long as she can make radical changes, there is still hope.

      As for the writer, I will stay far far away. Not that her past works were perfect or amazing but Heirs is so incoherent and terrible. I always had this image of her drinking and writing this drama in stupor. Or just lobotomy?

      • 39.3.1 I ♥ Heirs!

        Sorry but I disagree with all but everything you said. I haven’t seen LMH’s other dramas so I can’t comment on that.

        LMH did a superb job in Heirs. What was so bad about his acting? Tan’s scenes when he cried because of ES was top-notch.

        And what is so horrid about PSH’s acting? She’s can play cute, sad, crying, serious, happy… she conveyed the sadness of ES really well. How someone like her gets hated on absolutely bewilders me…

        • Windsun33

          I have no idea how many Korean or Asian dramas you have watched, but most of the people here have seen a LOT – besides myself, I know of several others that have watched well over a hundred, and a few of us over 200, 250’ish if you count movies.

          But you don’t need to see that many to start forming opinions about actors, writers, etc. By the time you have seen 15 or 20 you start to pick up on all the common clichés, plots used over and over again (and Heirs used a LOT of them). You also start to get a good feel for who is and is not a good actor with the body language and other signs – and every time I saw PSH in a romantic scene it was almost like she was dreading it – just one example is how much of the time her arms just hang down lifeless by her side in what is supposed to be a huggable moment.

          And though it only has a little to do with k-dramas, I have also lived in Asia for about 20 years, mostly in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and the Philippines – so I have at least some idea of how real life is there as opposed to what you see in dramas. Some are pretty realistic, some are not – and Heirs is one that is not.

          • I ♥ Heirs!

            Heirs is my first kdrama, so it will always hold a special place in my heart and forever be my favourite. That’s why i love the cheesiness, I love the cliches, I love it all.

            Ok lemme defend PSH again because I think she’s an exceptional actress. Yes, all of her kisses in her dramas haven’t been sexy or intense, but there’s a good explanation for it, like in You’re Beautiful, she plays a church girl who was going to be a nun, so such a sheltered background means that you wouldn’t expect her to be a very romantic kisser. And now as CES, who’s lived poor her entire life, you don’t expect her to be an experienced kisser either.

            What makes Heirs good is that it doesn’t have to be realistic to be so enjoyable. Sometimes you can enjoy it just the way it is.

            This person echoes my exact thoughts:


        • Hyun joo

          Totally agree with you that just enjoy the show for what it is. Those who didn’t like the actors/actresses on this show, don’t watch their shows again. Simple as that. Granted, not everyone is of Oscar caliber here, but all you haters watched the show, ergo, the big ratings, which boosts their popularity. I’ve watched many many dramas and most of their story lines are similar and cliched, rich boy/poor girl in love (vice versa), love triangles, mean in laws, adultery, etc. But I still love it!!! I’ll continue to watch KDramas, it keeps me up to date on my language skills and the culture. And that’s all I have to say about that!! Merry Christmas!!

      • 39.3.2 wan2tree


      • 39.3.3 moimoi

        Actually, PSH received praise in Korea for her acting….so…. It’s true that she’s still young and she has flaws in acting that needs to be worked on but many veteran actors have called out LMH and PSH as the next young actor/actress that they’re keeping an eye on

        • jaglaine

          Maybe it’s an issue of cultural difference. The reason why a lot of international viewers dont like it is because we’re not Korean?!?

          • carlo

            are you sure not liked by international fans? then go to facebook 2.2million likes of the heirs fanpage ..,, so don’t lose hope LOL

        • pogo

          @moimoi – she is a good actress and I came into this show as a fan of hers, but the role in Heirs is a terrible one that I wouldn’t wish on any actress. Good on her for doing what she could, but her performances in YAB, FBND etc are much better and have a great deal more charm than the horribly-written Cha Eun-sang. (and she had no romantic chemistry with LMH, that did not help at all)

          • sayit

            This reminds me of a question which came to my mind some time back.

            Maybe LMH’s fans can answer. Which actress does LMH have chemistry with? The reason I ask is because I always see the actress being blamed for having no chemistry with LMH like Gu Hye Sun, Son Ye Jin, Park Min Young, Kim Hee Sun and now PSH.

  40. 40 madhatter

    While there are better and much worse dramas out there, this show especially gets lots of criticism not just because of its popularity. BOF was also a mess, but it did not take itself as serious thus was easier to digest. The Heirs teased us with the ensemble cast of good looking people, good actors and many promises of epicness, and then delivered none.

    My biggest problem with the drama is its lack of heart. I can put up with lousy film making or even bad acting, as long as the story is heartfelt. The Heirs treats its characters as plot devices and everything felt superficial, conflicts and romance felt manufactured, not earned. I did care for some characters like ES’ Mom, Youngdo, Bona, Hyoshin, thanks to the actors’ efforts and charms rather than the writing. The next time I see this writer’s work, I’ll just say “thanks but no thanks!”

    • 40.1 wan2tree

      aaagh this is exactly how I feel! The drama had no heart and was completely superficial, it felt like a big dinner of empty calories that don’t even taste very good

  41. 41 Sparkerdelica

    I’m mad I had to listen to love is the moment again at the end.

    @Faye that suit was ridiculous and how they panned up as he walked around the corner, pure comedy gold.

    I agree the story could have been better and all that time they had characters stare off in the distance could have been scenes for the interesting side characters. I enjoyed it but like many others I can’t see ever watching it again or rememberingit
    few weeks from now.

  42. 42 mimosa

    I am happy for Choi Youngdo, sad for Kim Won, but he had to sacrifice for the crown he’s worked so much years and efforts for. and for the main couple, this could not be the end, right. like what Cha Eunsang said that there’s no guarantee for their love to be strong and stay forever.

  43. 43 sogazelle

    One of the most boring finale ever for me…it was flat…the only character I like and fell for was Young Do…and I was happy that he reunited with his mom.
    My heart also felt for Won and his girl and I fell sorry for the choice he had no choice but to make…
    I love Tan’s real mom…that actress is absolutely adorable.
    I had hoped that Chung Myung’s dad and Rachel’s mum will get together at the end because duhhh, they obviously love each other!
    I watched Heirs for the fluff but still I was disappointed.
    I never fell any chemistry between the OTP; they were totally boring for me. I like LMH, but he was totally boring and miscast for me here.
    I’m really happy that Won Bin stole the show in Heirs! I cannot wait to see him in a lead role soon!
    And LMH, please stay as a grown up… which you are.
    No more high schooler.
    I really don’t understand how this drama got pass 20% in ratings…

    • 43.1 bighead

      I don’t know Won Bin’s age. He doesn’t look like a high schooler either.
      In my eyes, no one stole this show due to the poor and silly storyline. Don’t know why two guys fight for the girl who has no charateristics.

    • 43.2 Lin_K

      His name is Kim Woo Bin, not Won Bin. Won Bin is different 🙂

  44. 44 mysterious

    Colossal waste of my time and the actor’s talent. I watched for Choi Jin-hyuk and Kim Woo-bin and they were both grossly under or misused. How could you give Won such a sad ending? Ugh. So the only people who got to be happy were Tan, Eun-sang, Chan-young, and Bo-na. Puh-lease. So much potential – WASTED!!!

  45. 45 Vicki

    All i can say i love this drama despite all the critism 🙁
    Love the ending . It was very sweet and this is a teenager based dramas so I think it fits very well!

    5 stars!!!!!!! 🙂

    • 45.1 I ♥ Heirs!

      Finally somebody with some sense.

      • 45.1.1 Deb

        please stop.

      • 45.1.2 gene

        Please watch some more kdramas so you’ll come to your senses.

        • I ♥ Heirs!

          Please look at PSH’s beautiful face again before you come to your sense. In fact, look at KWB and LMH’s beautiful faces too.

          The best eye-candy you’ll ever see in a drama, cute humour and an interesting plot. No sorry I won;t find a better drama.

          • sayit

            Now you are making me laugh. No..wait…are you serious? I cannot even decide if you are really a fan of this drama or even PSH or LMH because when you make those comments of yours, you did nothing but incited more rants and criticisms.

  46. 46 Vicky

    Wanted to add things that I learned from Heirs and some other K-dramas –

    1) A kiss or a romantic moment isn’t real until it is shown in slow motion from 10 different angles.

    2) Good looking rich people never fall in love with other good looking rich people. They are only capable of falling in love with poor good looking people.

    3) If you want to land a rich hot guy, just be poor and pretty, and snag yourself a scholarship to a pricey private school. A love triangle will immediately ensue.

    4) If you’re rich, then the laws don’t apply to you. You’re allowed to send poor people into exiles so they don’t date your kids.

    5) 18-year-olds don’t enjoy open mouth kisses…EVER.

    6) It’s not love unless he yanks your arm.

    Feel free to add on…

    • 46.1 Windsun33

      7. All rich kids are super good looking.

      8. All rich kids are mean and hate poor people, or even newly rich people.

      9. If you are rich and hot, you can get away with wearing the worst fashion possible.

      10. Even poor girls in Korea can afford to spend $2,000-$3,000 a week on designer clothes.

      • 46.1.1 Lin_K

        11. Even if people don’t have money to buy rice, they possess the latest Samsung!

        • fantasma

          12. Even if you aren’t particularly nice, strong, smart, etc, if you are poor, pretty and cry a lot it’s certain that at least 2 super hot guys Will fall in Love with you.

    • 46.2 owl

      12 ) 3 mothers + 2 sons + 1 father = messed up family

      • 46.2.1 laden

        13) A moment isn’t a moment unless its repeated 3 times
        14) All evil rich parents eventually change and accept the poor girl at the end

        • Momos

          15. Only rich kids get away with bullying
          16. Only rich kid gets a wine made in his name

          • Lin_K

            @Momos – There is a bully in School 2013 who was not rich.

    • 46.3 August

      17) The “Candy” will always be considered poor and having to work multiple jobs because she couldn’t possibly come from a middle/upper middle class background/income.

      18) The “Candy” couldn’t possibly be proud of her business savvy. She is invested in the family’s small business and dedicated to helping it grow to the next level.

      19) Instead of the “Candy” working multiple jobs and being employed by others, she owns her business which is why she is busy working all the time trying to grow it.

      20) The “Candy” knows that she is attractive and embraces it in wardrobe, hairstyle, aura, and manners.

      21) Will you ever see “Candy” rock the following fashion style categories/looks: Art Deco/Nouveau, Biker, Bohemian/Boho, Classic, Collegiate/Preppy, Eclectic, Geek Chic, Glamour, Gothic/Goth, Grunge, Hipster, Military, Mod, Minimalist, Nautical, Punk, Romantic, Sporty, Street Chic, Trendy, Techno, Traditional, Tomboy, Urban, Varsity, or Vintage/Retro on your average retail inspired budget?

    • 46.4 mishagam

      1) So you will not skip this moment while answering phone.

      3) This is probably partly true not only in k-dramas.

  47. 47 Windsun33

    One of my pet rants about this (and some other k-dramas) is the sloppy way they intertwine marriage and business, and that the writer seems to know so little about how a business actually works. There were several gaffs throughout the show on that subject. I realize that most people are not that interested in it, but I think they should at least make some tiny effort to be realistic about that whole marriage vs business thing.

    For example –

    1. When witch mom agrees to the divorce she says she will take half the company. Uhmm… no you don’t. It is a public company with stock, and the shareholders own it. The most she can get is 1/2 of the what the chairman has. Being CEO or chairman or president has nothing to do with who actually owns the company.

    2. This whole marriage for business thing was prevalent in this drama, but it is not the only one. Though I realize that Won agreed to marry some woman just for her stock votes (and where did she get the stock?), none of the rest of it makes any sense at all.

    • 47.1 Livie

      Won’s fiancee is the daughter of one of the shareholders (probably quite a major shareholder), and Won agreed to their marriage in return for her votes.

    • 47.2 tanny

      Now, thinking about it. I don’t think the witch step-mom will get any shares either from Chairman Kim. He probably have transferred or give all his shares to Kim Tan on his 18th birthday.

    • 47.3 HC

      It depends on how much of a majority shareholder she is and how much minority shareholder support she has. Mom probably walked away with a couple of affiliates at least, but it could be quite a few depending on how much support she has.

      That’s what she means by “splitting the company,” since “being public” just holds you accountable to the shareholders. The public status of the company says nothing about control over the company–the Kim family can do whatever they want provided they have enough shareholder support and are able to present info about the company pseudo-openly. The people with a few stocks don’t matter, and the more stock that stays in the family, the more power the family has.

      2. Why is so weird that the girl has stock?

  48. 48 lucy

    an overrated drama. high rating because of the popularity of the cast, not because of the drama itself.

    i’m somewhat disappointed with the ending. a bit.
    so the main character is won, i think. to help evil-chairman daddy and to make oh-so-handsome brother happy, he got the sad ending. i thought he will figure something out to be with hyun joo.

    about the kids, i was like ‘wth they were juniors all this while?’ *i’m laughing hard*

    as for me, young do, chanyoung and bona really steal this show. i bet many viewers are cheering for them instead of the main lead.

    if heirs surprisingly awarded best drama at the end of this year, i will seriously lose faith and hope in kdramaland. just please.

    • 48.1 Windsun33

      I pretty much lost all faith in all awards anywhere in the world when seasons 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones failed to even get nominated for a single one at the Golden Globes. And out of curiosity I looked at some past k-award winners, and about half of them are “WTF”.

      • 48.1.1 madhatter

        Even Han Ga In and Song Seung Heon won Best Acting Award. I think it’s safe to say Korean awards exist for the fashion terrorists and the awkward acceptance speeches than any legit recognition. The Heirs will definitely bag some.

        Let’s just hope LMH will leave his terribad suits at home.

        • Livie

          He’s going to auction off his clothes in the drama. So hopefully, we won’t have to see the “bad” outfits on LMH again…

    • 48.2 I ♥ Heirs!

      Gave you a thumbs up because I pity you.

      Another person that says Heirs did well because of the popular cast and not the drama itself? So no credit goes to the magnificent acting, the plot (there was a plot), touching OSTs, cute moments and everything else? If everyone hated it as you make it out to be, why did the ratings progress as the episodes progressed? Seems to me as though people are interested in the STORY.

      • 48.2.1 jennipoh

        You’re a troll right? I hope you are.

      • 48.2.2 lucy

        to I ♥ Heirs!..
        ratings high because of the casts my dear. who wouldn’t want to watch these hot guys. come on dear, many girls, noona, and even ahjumma are swooning over KWB

        yes there was a plot in this drama but it moved in a slow pace. trust me. not to mention there are quite a few things left viewers hanging. maybe you should watch other high quality kdrama then you’ll understand what i meant.

      • 48.2.3 mischa

        try watching at least 3 or 5 kdramas and I’m sure you’ll be pulling your hair or kicking yourself for having that username.

      • 48.2.4 Michelle

        Because high, progressing ratings equal an excellent, perfect kdrama.

        Sure, sure.

        Maybe it’s the wrecking ball the drama is is what keeps the viewers tuning in, wondering how the drama will get itself out from the mess it’s made.

      • 48.2.5 I

        @I <3 Heirs:

        Dear, I pity you, because you seem to have no

        • Anon who's trying to reason with you.

          Lol. my computer did something I’m not even sure of.

          Dear Lover of Heirs,

          Yes this is your first drama, we all understand that it’s a big part of your drama watching experience, and we tend to love our first dramas unabashedly no matter the flaws. I watched Goong as my first drama and I love it to bits to this day.

          This however, says nothing about Goong’s objective quality, which is pretty terrible. I love both Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon, but that drama was NOT their shining moment in any sense of the word.

          I suggest you take other people’s comments on Heirs in stride. Love the drama as much as you want, but don’t try to defend its quality. In fact, don’t EVER defend the quality of a drama with ratings, ad hominum, and circular reasoning. Ratings say nothing about the merit of a drama— I could put out a huge list of overrated and underrated dramas over the last few years without breaking a sweat.

          Please give us the respect we all deserve in holding our own opinions about Heirs. We want to respect YOUR opinion as well, so the more you act like a troll, the less kind people are going to be.

          Welcome to the drama world, and I hope you find dramas that will make you as happy as Heirs did.

          A Lover of Dramas That No One Ever Notices

    • 48.3 maknaee

      Me too~ Young Do – Chan Young – Bona made me continue watching this drama.

      Don’t need to go that far, dear. Don’t lose faith and hope in kdramaland just because heirs’s going to win a best drama or you’ll missed the other great drama kk.

      I think ‘chemistry’ could be something relative. I’m enjoying enough but I still can’t feel chemistry between Kim tan and Eun Sang when others said they had.

      Anyway, say goodbye to heirs. Let’s meet the handsome alien next week~

  49. 49 moimoi

    So Kim Tan bore the crown of Love and endured the weight of it while his brother chose to wear the crown of money and fame. I first thought the drama was about the love story of a chaebol and a poor girl AND it was, but ultimately it was about Kim Tan and his world of calculative and self serving chaebols and how he pulled through. I wish the author went into that more than all the angst because after episode 14, it felt like all filler until the finale. All the crying we could have done without.

    What won this drama over for me was the witty dialogue. I think that despite the hate KES receives, no one can deny the way her characters provide new slangs and expressions that have viewers repeating over and over. Lovers in Paris had “애기야” or “Baby”, Secret garden had the foam kiss, Hyun Bin’s sit ups and his “Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?”. Kim Tan had his continuous “-nya?” ending words 나 너 보고싶었냐? 나 너 좋아하냐? 나 지금 청혼 받았냐? and nearly all of Young Do’s lines were extremely funny.
    Though I am curious. Are foreign fans able to detect the humor in the dialogue without the subs in the characters’ tone and expressions as well?

    • 49.1 Windsun33

      Sometimes the better subbers will put notes in about such things, and also things like puns and slang. I see them from time to time in DF and Viki subs.

    • 49.2 jaglaine

      I doubt if us non-Koreans and non-Korean speakers can appreciate the nuances of the language used in the drama. Pity..

      • 49.2.1 jaglaine

        Thank you moimoi. Now I know of another reason why Heirs is so popular in Korea.

  50. 50 VanillaSalt

    I usually hate when they show them 10 years later, but for this one i kinda wish they did. Like, i think it would’ve been a better ending if they showed us that after all the hurdels they went through they still were together.

    • 50.1 Quiet Thought

      The actors would all look more natural in the “10 Years Later” scenes.

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