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Lee Seung-gi eyes cop role for next drama
by | December 30, 2013 | 86 Comments

Woo, Lee Seung-gi is considering his next drama already, and I like what I hear so far. (I enjoyed Gu Family Book to a point, but definitely think he was better than it was and I’d love to see him back in modern dramas.)

He’s received the offer for an SBS drama titled You’re All Surrounded, which will be directed by PD Yoo In-shik of Incarnation of Money, History of a Salaryman, and Giant, and written by Lee Jung-shin of Ojakkyo Brothers and Surgeon Bong Dal-hee. The story of You’re All Surrounded is centered around rookie cops in their twenties who don’t have much interest in their professions. Not much detail, but an interesting jumping-off point. The role Seung-gi is considering is the hero with “perfect looks but problematic personality,” heh. Sooooo… like all his other roles then. (This is not a bad thing. I love the way he can portray a character who ought to be a certain kind of capable/charming/perfect, but is riddled with a quirk or twenty.)

The PD’s works have been stylish and compelling, while the writer’s projects have a warm “human drama” element to them, so I’m going to suppose that this drama will be a heart-warming show with both comedic and melo elements, though that much is purely my speculation. We’ll have to wait for more news to find out what the actual plot and tone will be. But so far it sounds good, and I’ll be all ears to see how this show shapes up.

You’re All Surrounded will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama on SBS. It’ll follow the action-thriller Three Days, which puts its projected premiere sometime in April.

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86 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. anON

    Awww Puppy is back.

    He is enjoyable to watch in light and comedic role, it suits him very well.

    I’m still waiting the day Seunggi show us some depth in his acting. I like the previous works of both PD and writer, so i’m expecting a good drama from them.


    • 1.1 madame kim

      I think Seunggi has no problem giving it all to his character. He’s got a long way for sure, but he’s a talented actor.

      My bone is the fact that he keeps choosing basically the SAME character over and over again. Immature jerk with a loud mouth. This has been his go-to character since Infamous Seven Sisters almost 8 years ago. Time for a change, methinks.

      • 1.1.1 AuroraB

        I don’t think he picks the same roles. I think he’s shown some versatility, like with K2H and Shinning Inheritance. But you’re right, he does give his all to his characters, that’s what makes him talented. Hopefully he doesn’t stick to the rick jerk role too long

      • 1.1.2 poth

        Yeah..somehow he always ends up picking the same type of character (albeit with different variations)…”immature jerk with a loud mouth” is so spot on.
        If he ends up going with this drama, I hope he plays it more nuanced and maybe he can approach it in a different manner. Sometimes he has the tendency to overact, especially in the first episodes.
        Btw I like him to bits and this is just my critique of his acting.

        • bjharm

          I would guess he get the same roles beacuse those are the ones offered to him. No actor can keep refusing roles offered to them or the offers stop coming, so it really not his doing.

          • mo0mi

            maybe, but still he’s lee seung gi.. he’s at a level where he can get a lot of roles..

    • 1.2 Pearl~ai88

      I agree. I think K2H is definitely his best acted role with the most depth and I’d like him to go more in that direction, but I love him in lighter roles too. He’s just so earnest! :3

  2. moondust

    Yes please. More of puppy!

  3. Fab

    King 2 Hearts is such a long time ago! I think he has shown enough depth there…

    LSG in (police)uniform?! YES please!

    • 3.1 anonymous

      I thought LSG showed some depth in his acting in TK2Hs as well. He certainly raised the bar (in his acting) when acting opposite those many veteran actors and actresses in that drama, and he was wonderful in the emotional scenes. He conveyed his emotions well, at times without having to speak, when words were not needed (from his character).

    • 3.2 crazyajummafan

      Agree with you there! And he was pretty good in GFB too, i thought. But more so in TK2H.

    • 3.3 ilikemangos

      Hearties unite!

      K2H will forever be my favorite role of his.

      • 3.3.1 Minea

        Me, too! I’ve watched K2H several times long after it aired and his portrayal as Lee Jae Ha will always be dear to my heart. I hope the casting here will be just as perfect as K2H.

        • crazyajummafan

          mangoes and minea – Merry Christmas and a Blessed new year girls!

          • Minea

            Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you, too, crazyajummafan! Once a Heartie, always a Heartie, right? So good to “see” you again. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Arhazivory

            *jumps in* Merry Christmas and Happy new year fellow Hearties. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • crazyahjummafan

            Just to let you know, the Singapore Hearties are still going on strong! Most of us have become good friends. We still meet occasionally! In fact, we are planning another rendezvous in a couple of weeks! And we group chat almost daily!

  4. Kristy

    Hope this will not turn out to be like Gu Family Book….
    I really want him to star in roles like King 2 Hearts….
    Puppy is Back….

  5. maldita

    I can’t wait to check it out! I find LSG so likable, I can happily watch him do whatever all day.

  6. Kristy

    Hope this will not turn out to be like Gu Family Book….
    I really want him to star in roles like King 2 Hearts….
    Puppy is Back….
    This one sounds promising…

  7. misz_muja

    so far so good..

    sooooooo, who plays the heroine now..

  8. Ace

    SBS ftw! Love their lineup.

    I’d love to see Seung-gi in another drama that I could enjoy. GFB wasn’t watchable for me, and tbh I liked Suzy’s acting there (or some would say non-acting) than Seung-gi’s. Maybe I liked her character better. Felt that his character didn’t suit him like in his previous dramas that’s why I couldn’t take him seriously and saw him (the actor) not his character.

    Anyway, sounds good so far, but frankly when I hear of cops in kdramaland these days, I think of L7CS or Who Are You? and that is not a good thing. Here’s hoping for a good 2014 kdrama year.

    • 8.1 anON

      Heee L7CS group of (in)competent agents.

      Hm yes not much good cops drama last year. But I love how the writer writes Joo-won’s character in Ojakkyo Brothers as the tough cop with a deep wounds inside his heart and adorably romantic when he’s in love.

      If.. If Puppy Seunggi is similar that character (well not necessarily the same) but an interesting character with a depth in it’.. I’m IN. Anything for Seunggi ๐Ÿ™‚

      Now, let’s the guessing begin… who will be the leading lady. I guess it will be an idol-actress!

      • 8.1.1 pogo

        considering that virtually the only non-idol actresses in the 19-25 age group who seem to be scoring lead roles on MBC/KBS/SBS these days are Shin Se-kyung and Park Shin-hye, the idol actress part is kind of obvious, if they are casting younger.

        Which is a shame, because there is SO much female talent in that age range and they’re being shut out of mainstream tv and the exposure they’d get there.

        • Saima

          Can we please have Im Ju-Eun?!

          • ziggystardust

            I second this, she deserves more lead roles and far more recognition.

          • pogo

            As long as her role is longer than five minutes and she gets to do something other than look sad and cry, she is too good to be wasted like that.

          • pinkrabbit

            i want her to get the first lead female role… but after heirs i just feel upset… they waste her talentttt!!!

            now… plissss give IJE another good project

        • maldita

          I wish Lee Yoobi gets lead roles.

          • pogo

            So do I, really. At the very least, I want to see her in a new project soon, she really proved her acting chops in GFB – I never expected to be so impressed by her.

        • crazyajummafan

          Have you forgotten Han Hyo Joo? There’s also Moon Chae Won and Moon Guen Young. True, they are older than 25 but only by 2-3 years. is his lead supposed to be younger?

          • pogo

            They’ve all been established actors for the last 5+ years (MGY became a star at 17), and Moon Chae-won is the last actress I can name who made the transition from second lead to full-time network tv first lead – in 2010.

            I have no idea if LSG’s lead is casting younger or older (personally I think he does better with older and more experienced actresses) but my point is, young actresses on Korean tv (not cable) have been all but shut out of lead roles if they’re not idols. Which is not a desirable state of affairs.

          • pogo

            ^I should add: this is a trend I have been noticing over the last 2-3 years in dramaland. Even 5-6 years ago, many of today’s established actresses (the ones who are now 26-30) got to solidify their status as leading ladies by the time they were 21-22. I don’t see that happening for younger non-idol actresses now.

          • Annie

            All those people you mentioned have bigger and better things to do than star as Lee Seung Gi’s love interest in a cop drama since it seems obvious that this drama will be focused on the male lead. And unless they explicitly mention that the female character is older, we have to assume that she is supposed to be younger. Doesn’t mean that they won’t cast an older actress and have her play younger but it definitely throws idol actresses into the mix.

          • Annie


            Lee Seung Gi is so popular that people will tune in just to see him. Unless there is literally no actress in Korea in her early 20s that is capable of appearing reasonably competent on screen, there is no reason why the role shouldn’t be given to a rookie. But they always seem to find a reason, don’t they?

          • Mandy

            @ Annie – I disagree about the female lead most likely being an idol actress. We don’t know anything about the female character – she could very well be a cop herself and have a meaty role. PSH was cast opposite LMH just recently so I don’t think Seung-gi necessarily needs to work with a non-established actress/rookie/idol just because he’s already popular enough to bring ratings and audiences.

            I guess I’m just hopeful that they cast someone who knows how to act and can match Seung-gi but I’d also like her to have some star power instead of being a complete rookie.

          • Annie

            @ Mandy… reading into the casting articles, it looks like the drama will be focused on the male lead and that’s also Lee Jung Sun’s style. I don’t understand why the female lead needs to have star power if she can act the part.

          • Mandy

            @ Annie – I haven’t watched anything written by the writer, so won’t argue on that one at all. As for why the female lead needs to have star power – its just a preference. I’d rather watch a drama knowing who the actress is rather than her being a rookie.

            But if he’d get an idol who can’t act (like he did in his previous drama), I’d rather a fresh face any day.

        • Ace

          I’m voting for Jung So-min, Jung Eunji, or Go Ara.

          • tiny

            yes to jung so min and go ara! jung eun ji looks really her age to me.

      • 8.1.2 Ace

        I’m voting for Jung So-min, Jung Eunji, or Go Ara.

      • 8.1.3 lemondoodle

        She’s supposed to be around his age, says the rumor. That kind of narrows it down doesn’t it?

  9. Ople

    SBS really winning Wed Thurs drama line up!
    From Lee Min Ho – Kim Soo Hyun – Park Yoochun – Lee Seung Gi. Somehow I think SBS always put their eyes on young actors, they tend to courting young actors.

  10. 10 ajewell

    So excited!! I hope he takes it. Not much to go on plot-wise, but I really do like the premise, and the PD/Writer combo give me hope!

  11. 11 gg

    Sounds like he’s playing himself then!

    • 11.1 lemondoodle

      Nah, this character supposedly spends all his time cursing which Seunggi doesn’t do. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 11.1.1 Kitzeekat

        It will be interesting to watch him swear all the time. Oh my I’m imagining it and i’m laughing already lol

  12. 12 kyl

    I read this piece of news from another site saying that his management is still considering this role among others so I wasn’t so hopeful. I think the writer’s okay because she wrote Surgeon Bong Dal-hee and I like the storyline and Lee Beom-soo there (so gruff but tender inside, heh). If LSG’s taking this I can only hope that it’ll be good. GFB’s writing was frankly a disaster for me.

    King Lee Jae-ha, activate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 13 kyl

    I thought it was still in consideration because I’ll be happy (but still not getting my hopes high again after GFB) if it’s Surgeon Bong Dal-hee’s writer. I can’t really remember the drama anymore except for Lee Yo-won, Lee Beom-soo and the heartwarming feeling it gave but I take it as a good sign. Please consider this, Seunggi!

    • 13.1 kyl

      Sorry, double post about slightly different things ๐Ÿ™ thought my first post was gone and I couldn’t remember what I really wrote anymore, hence this ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. 14 Minea

    This drama had me at Lee Seung Gi. Hope this happens and hope it’s as epic as K2H.

  15. 15 snow

    Yay…Lee Seung Gi…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m so glad that he is back in dramas….I couldn’t complete GFB despite my love for him..this show looks good as far as PD is concerned as I liked Incarnation Of Money a lot….

  16. 16 eny

    the charracter description sounds like joo won role in ojakgyo brother, may be the writer like that kind of charracter

  17. 17 klir

    I just saw Suzy won best actress awards at MBC Drama Awards and almost fell of my chair laughing. The faces of other actors in the audience were priceless.

    Last year Han Ga In , this year Suzy, next year probably Lee Yeon Hee just to make full circle lol.

    • 17.1 teacup

      Sorry, how is it related to this article? You should come to Open thread to rant, not here.

    • 17.2 pogo

      Stop with this unfair Lee Yeon-hee shade, she’s actually good in Miss Korea but its ratings are too low to ever get its lead an award. She deserves better than to be lumped with the Suzys and Han Ga-ins of k-ent, now.

      • 17.2.1 Annie

        For real. She’s doing brilliantly in Miss Korea. People should get tired of spilling out the same old tired insults…

  18. 18 Abbie

    There are some actors who, if I can’t see them in a role, I won’t watch the drama. And there are other actors who, if I can’t see them in a role, I’ll watch the drama anyway. Seung-gi certainly falls into the latter category. While I can’t see him as a cop and the plot sounds wicked boring (so far) I’ll still watch because of my undying love for Lee Seung-gi. Looking forward to his next drama.

  19. 19 crazedlu

    Rookie cops? Excited for the rest of them to be casted too. Haha.

  20. 20 Mawiie

    A cop drama? Omo! Please bring Jo Jung Suk as his buddy! They need to save the bromance that was not meant to be the last time!!!

    • 20.1 Mandy

      Omg yes!! Yes please! Although I don’t think JJS would do a second lead anymore, but there’s no cost to dreaming is there? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • 20.2 Wood

      Hi Mawiie,

      You have just quoted GF :”After this drama, can these two do a buddy cop movie or something?”


      … …

      • 20.2.1 ilikemangos

        Woah that’s kinda scary if it actually comes true.

  21. 21 Mandy

    I am so effin excited!!! Seung-gi has been away far too long (and I know GFB ended only last June). I’d watch him in anything and everything, but this one sounds so much fun. Seung gi as a cop in a uniform with a gun being sexy? I’ll take it. I’ll take it all!

    I loved him in GFB, he was the best actor in that bunch, by far and large. I’m also in the group who loved GFB despite its kindergarten storyline – it had me gripped emotionally and that was enough for it to be one of my favourites this year. I loved Kang-chi and thought he was a character that resembled seung gi so much in real life. Hopefully, this one is just as awesome.

    I’m not too bothered about him playing the ‘same roles’ because most actors do that anyway. I’d rather something manly than high-school, but I’d watch it either way. Hoping he confirms soon. I’d love to see him paired with MCW, as someone mentioned above. They had better chemistry in SI than HHJ did with him. Plus she can act!

    • 21.1 crazyajummafan

      @ Mandy
      I totally agree with you about SG having better chemistry with MCW in SI than HHJ. Personally, I like her better too! I also felt that she acted better. Nothing against HHJ though.

      • 21.1.1 Mandy

        I loved MCW in SI! Infact, I loved her character better too, even when she went bitchy-crazy-second-lead on us. She had so much depth, and her conflicting emotions really got to me even when I hated her for doing what she did. Also… completely agree that she out-acted HHJ.

        Seung-gi did mention in an interview sometime ago that he’d like to work with HHJ again, so I’m suspecting she could possibly do this – unless she’s doing something else?

        • poth

          I think Suenggi’s female lead will be just a love interest, so I don’t think Han Hyo Joo will take that kind of role. But it’ll be awesome if she did!

          Anyway I’m just going to throw this out here since it’s not going to come true anyway. Ever since I watched Seunggi’s recent Hope Concert and his sexy couple dance with Bora, I seriously can’t get over how hot they looked together! So my wish is to have Bora in this drama with Seunggi. It doesn’t even have to be the lead role. A small part or a cameo. Maybe a past love storyline?Or you know, one of those sultry girls that gets entangled in a crime and then Seunggi of course gets involved since he’s a cop, and then some sort of loveline develops lollll~l I don’t know about Bora’s acting skills but hey it would just be a small role and she just has to act sultry and stuff!!

          • Mandy

            I think HHJ is busy with a movie this coming January. MCW, on the other hand, is only doing a short film that probably wraps up soon cz its airing March. So she can actually do this. At least I’m keeping everything crossed she does…

            As for Bora, lmfaoo, I seriously didn’t want to be the one to bring this up, but since you did, I can’t help but comment. I SO agree!! Hahaha I know its ridiculous, since firstly, she’d be an idol actress. Second, she’s never acted in anything before (and yes, I’ve checked LOL).

            But I swear they were sexy beyond belief in the 3 minute dance they had. I’m so into the idea of her working with him – even if like you said – its just a cameo. We definitely don’t need another idol actress in this industry, but what harm can one extra one do if she’d going to be so sexy with puppy?!? Its a little far fetched but no harm in hoping lol.

      • 21.1.2 ilikemangos

        Moon chae won!

        ya hear this drama gods?!

  22. 22 ilikemangos

    SBS has been really good in piquing my interest in the early stages with its lineup/plot dating back to IHYV.
    Although i was wary of heirs.

    Yeah, this is kinda a role Lee Seung Gi often picks, but he does it SO well that it’s hard not to fall in love.

    All these hot stars workin’ it for SBS — Lee Jong Seok, So Ji Sub, Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, Yoo Chun, and now Seung Gi. I wonder — for how much longer do they plan on dominating the wed-thurs timeslot?

  23. 23 cd

    Yay, my baby is back to dramaland! I’m in, of course.

  24. 24 ziggystardust

    Ojakkyo Brothers is my absolute favorite family drama, so if the writer can put as much heart into this and LSG and a talented supporting cast sign on, I’m there. Just cast a heroine who isn’t one of like three people who seem to be getting lead roles these days. Someone above said Im Joo Eun, which would be great, she’s so talented (awesome in Hon, the best thing about Wild Romance, as far as I could tell completely wasted in Heirs). I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to see her in another lead role.

  25. 25 amidala

    agree with most of the comments above. seung gi have been hinting he would like to play a wild guy or a really manly guy like lawyer. he just ommited poilcemen from there so i guess thats the basis of his charactor. im all in for rookie cop bromance, bring it on, and who can do better bromance than seung gi.

    its been said that the character is suffering from a troubled past and swears a lot, guess that’s kinda similar to his past roles. but by large better than his peeres playing high schoolers.

    at mbc awards it was like K2H REUNION. Seeing ha ji won and seung gi together reminds me how precious that drama and the paring was. i too think he works out better with noona’s. pd pls cast and actress who can act,

    • 25.1 crazyajummafan

      It’s not that he works out better with noonas. It’s just that with a good actress, they’ll be able to bring out the best in each other. It’s like iron sharpening iron.

  26. 26 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I just finished Surgeon Bong Dal-hee. I needed more Lee Beon Soo. The story was enjoyable, but waiting for 17 episodes before the OTP get a hug? Geez! The hero could certainly be described as quirky. The tone was more realistic. I kept comparing it to Grey’s Anatomy and matching characters (oh, look, there is Meredith, George, McDreamy, Christina, Addison …)

    I am cautiously optimistic that the writers will produce another good show. More Lee Seung-gi is always a good thing, and he was the reason I stuck it thru to the end with Gu Family Book.

  27. 27 candycane

    Wow… Park Yoochun then LSG… next year starting Feb, Wed-Thurs SBS will be my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. 28 lemondoodle

    Yesss… This has been rumored for awhile so I think it’s mostly confirmed. It was just bad timing when the news game out hours before the MBC awards so his agency didn’t confirmed it I believe. The leading lady is supposed to be around his age, any guesses??

    I love the PD and like the writer and it’s Seunggi so I really can’t wait. His last drama before army duty. ๐Ÿ™

  29. 29 Cam

    “Seung-gi did mention in an interview sometime ago that heโ€™d like to work with HHJ again, so Iโ€™m suspecting she could possibly do this โ€“ unless sheโ€™s doing something else?” ~~ From Mandy

    Ohoho. Right. I suddenly remember when I read the article in Soompi that Lee Seung Gi oppa talked about Han Hyo Joo last time.


    It was while the actor was being interviewed on MBCโ€˜s โ€œSection TV Entertainment Talkโ€ when he was asked, โ€œAmong the female actresses youโ€™ve worked with, who have you experienced the best chemistry with?โ€ that the actor replied, โ€œHan Hyo Joo.โ€

    He went on to say, โ€œShe always had this great energy while shooting โ€˜Brilliant Legacy.โ€™ If I ever got the opportunity, I would love to work with Han Hyo Joo again either in film or drama.โ€

    BINGO. Honestly, I would like to see Han Hyo Joo to work again with him in this drama & it’d be interesting! ๐Ÿ˜€ If not, that’s all right if they will decide & choose another good actresses (like Park Shin Hye, Im Ju-Eun, Sulli, Jung So Min, or…KIM SO EUN!! Actually, I’m voting for all 5 of them). So I’ll see what happens, of course. (*___*)

  30. 30 Kitzeekat

    Seungiya as a swearing policeman?! Lol i would love to see that. Hopefully, he will consider this drama. We need another dose of pupjusshi after NOF ends ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. 31 canxi

    A cop drama always gets me interested. I’ll be here for it he picks it up. Can’t wait to see who else will sign on.

  32. 32 Arhazivory

    I’m excited. Not just because it’s puppy but because of the PD and writing team. I love all those dramas mentioned.

  33. 33 geese

    ever since i finish watching tk2h specifically the last episode i wanted him in action either film or drama…if this one push through i got my wishes….he he eh he…
    i was sayin’ then what if he really becomes (action-actor) cop the next drama…please do me a favor let’s see how will he fit in in the role…
    and guys i second the motion with all the things i have in mind, him playing this role with all cursing ha ha ha ha…
    i’m freaking lol already…
    i just hope he will be able to do the drama…
    cross fingers******

  34. 34 amidala

    HHJ did a cop movie right? was it cold eyes? i would love to see her with seung gi than with an idol actress.

  35. 35 february

    I vote for Jung Eun Ji, Park Shin Hye, Moon Chae Won or Jung Yumi for his female lead.
    Han Hyo Joo is good too but she will busy in Japan for her new movie with one member from Arashi . I forgot who is he.

  36. 36 Opio

    I’m actually so glad he got offered this role! I enjoyed Gu Family Book but the ending just totally ruined it for me! Hopefully this upcoming series will be promising and interesting.

  37. 37 Gumei

    I will watch anything with Seung Gi in it !!

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