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Name That Drama: Kidneys and pointe shoes
by | December 22, 2013 | 33 Comments

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  1. NattieyNats asks:

    I am looking for a drama that used to be a daily drama. It’s been quite a while since I watched it but the plot plays like this: a poor girl is engaged to a well-off guy. He needs a kidney and against advice she gives him one of hers and he wakes up from the surgery only to leave her for her best friend, who he was having an affair with all this time. She is in a coma for the next six years or so… but when she wakes up she has amnesia. She meets a man, a baker/her new boss, and they fall in love after bickering. There’s a birth secret and all this other stuff and the best friend and ex-schmuck show up again to try to take advantage… and she has twins at the end! Can someone help me name this drama please?


  2. There are a few distinctive details in Suzanne’s drama that may help identify it:

    I saw this with my parents around nine years ago, 2004 I think? But I’m not sure if it was currently airing at the time or not because it was on a computer… I remember a few specifics. There were two girls, and one of them was the daughter of a woman chef but wasn’t quite up to par with her cooking skills, and the other girl was an orphan but had a natural affinity for cooking. During this competition where they had to create a dish, the jealous daughter copied exactly what the oblivious orphan did but decorated the dish differently. She sprinkled cheese on hers while the oblivious orphan put a broccoli or something on hers (I’m not sure why I remember this detail so clearly but I do!). Flash-forward and the orphan girl is the chef’s REAL daughter and the daughter was adopted. Then I think the jealous daughter gets really freaked out and runs away… and that’s all I remember for sure.

    Haha, I know I only have one clear detail, but hopefully someone will figure out what this drama is!


  3. Melody’s drama sounds a bit traumatic…

    It’s pretty vague in my memory but I think this drama was aired in the early 2000s… (late ’90s perhaps, but I doubt it). I am definitely sure it was Korean.

    It takes place in a war setting I believe, and the most memorable part is the last episode (I think it was the last episode), where the (main?) character is stranded on the ocean (with or without a friend I forget), and he finally arrives onshore believing that he’s in Korea. However, in reality he actually landed in Japan. He’s trying to get back but I think the Japanese soldiers stationed there think he’s a traitor or something. So, they tie him up and put him on a wooden post and the Japanese soldiers begin to shoot at him. I am guessing he died at this point.

    LOL this scene gave me a scare since that’s kind of a dramatic way to end an episode (or a series if it was the last ep). Thanks a bunch 🙂


  4. And Ariel’s is a movie:

    There’s a movie I saw a number of years ago, mid 2000s?, which left some vivid impressions but I cannot remember its name, the circumstances under which I saw it, or even whether it was Korean or Japanese. I hope it sounds familiar to someone because I would really love to see it again.

    It was about a group of girls in high school who had been close friends and (I think) were starting to drift apart. What I absolutely remember was one girl auditioning for a photoshoot by dancing en pointe. But she didn’t have her pointe shoes with her, so she taped paper cups to her feet and danced like that. As a dancer myself, that was unforgettable! I think she was chosen and possibly featured on the magazine cover, but what my mind really sticks on is that dance.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can send my way.



33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. KDaddict

    1. The kidney bit reminds me of Don’t hesitate. The rich guy’s mom had her engaged to her son for the explicit purpose of getting her to donate a kidney; then they, or rather the mom, dumped her! The quit watching at that point, so I’m not sure about the rest of it.
    2. The chef, the daughters, one adopted, one biological; that sounds like Feast of the gods, which is only 2 years old. So either there is another show with that plot point, or Nattie has the year mixed up.
    Both of these star Lee Sang Woo.

    • 1.1 Holli

      Yep#1 sounds like Don’t Hesitate. But I think it was a liver transplant, because I remember on a blog or Soompi, everyone called the rich guy “Liver Boy”…

    • 1.2 Miss L

      It is don’t hesitate- just rewatched it a couple of weeks ago :))

    • 1.3 Idyll

      The first one is definitely Don’t Hesitate. Have been trying to get my grandma to watch it for the longest.

    • 1.4 Kimmie

      Don’t Hesitate was about a liver. The guy and his sister were kept in the dark about what really happened to his fiancee, who was back stabbed by both his mom and her supposed best friend. SPOILER ALERT!
      Only thing wrong with the ending — typical Kdrama – is that the lying b**** BF didn’t pay any real price for her treachery.
      Loved Feast of the Gods. I was so glad that real daughter ended up with the real man!

    • 1.5 Windsun33

      #2 does not sound like Feast of the Gods. That show is still on my most hated of all time list, and while the basic plot is similar, I don’t recall any scene similar to that one described.

      It sounds more like My Little Chef from 2002.

      • 1.5.1 AuntieMame

        The j-version of My Little Chef had no plot of an adopted daughter. She had a younger sister/half-sister that worked as a server in the restaurant with her.

        That drama was entirely about her trying to keep her French restaurant afloat, with her fantastic ability to put flavors together.

        Perhaps, there’s another version out there, with an adopted daughter theme. ???

        • Windsun33

          I think you are correct. There was another show with a similar type of plot, but cannot recall the name. I think it was 2006-2007’ish, and involved the daughter of a renowned chef that had been lost at sea or something like that, and was adopted by a couple when found. She grew up in her adopted parents restaurant. I don’t recall much else about it, been years – the only thing for sure that I recall is that it involved pastry or bread (baking for sure), and not kimchi or any traditional K or J foods.

          My memory is pretty hazy on this, think I watched it in 2009, so I could be wrong. In searching various sites like Viki and DF I don’t see any listed that really fit.

    • 1.6 Beng

      I watched feast of the god but i can’t remember the scene about the copying of the dish and differentiating it with a cheese and the other broccoli =(

      But the plot are relatively the same

  2. Carole McDonnell

    I think Hana and Alice was the one with the paper cup shoes.

    • 2.1 carol

      yuu aoi is simply amazing. absolutely love that dancing scene. and everybody in the room just stared at her in awe

    • 2.2 Jenny

      it is Hana and Alice, I’ll always remember that scene because it’s simply amazing and I adore Aoi Yu ^^

    • 2.3 Waiting

      Need to watch that!

  3. reina

    number 2 sounds like Sung Yuri drama Feast of the Gods but then again this show just aired last year.

    and agree with the rest number 1 sounds like Don’t hesitate but wasn’t it the liver

  4. Niara

    Number 1 -Don’t Hesitate
    Number 2- Feast of God

  5. anon

    1) Don’t Hesitate!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Recognize that anywhere :DDD A good onee 🙂

    • 5.1 anon

      Though to add on, some of the description in the plot is a bit off (like the bf didn’t really have an affair with the best friend “all this time” and didn’t exaaactly deliberately leave her for the friend), but I’m sure NattieyNat just remembered it wrong. Quite sure it’s gottta be Don’t Hesitate.

      • 5.1.1 Dafpunk

        Yes I agree. I was a daily drama, so pretty makjang and all. I don’t remember the part about twin sisters though, but because of the crazy I fastforwarded about 10 episodes… also the second lead was such an ass, AND a mama boy. And the heroine had amnesia for a while, because how could a (good??) makjang be without a character with amnesia ? ^^

  6. Boingboingracquet

    Ariel’s movie is most definitely Hana and Alice. One of Shunji Iwai’s best films in my opinion.

  7. Meh

    Sorry but I don’t think nr. 2 is Feast Of The Gods even though it sounds a little similar and besides it came out in 2012.

    • 7.1 Windsun33

      Agree – it sounds more like My Little Chef.

      I recall a lot of Feast of the Gods because it became one of my most hated dramas of all time, and I tend to remember those as much as I recall the best ones.

      #2 could also have been a J-drama – there are a couple from that time period with a similar plot.

  8. deedee

    1. Don’t Hesitate
    2. Feast of God (Sung Yuri)

    3. Road No. 1? (So Ji Sub)
    I remember the scene where the main character was lost at sea at the very end and then was reunited with his friend.

  9. Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    How many of the dramas featured in “name that drama” do javabeans and girlfriday already know the answer to before they post? I just adore this series. Keep it coming.

  10. 10 mih

    I’m sure that number 1 is Don’t Hesitate, only that it wasn’t a kidney transplant but a liver transplant.

  11. 11 JJC

    I think Melody’s drama might be “Seoul 1945,” a drama with Han Eun-jung and Ryu Soo-young.

  12. 12 bebeswtz

    #1 sounds like Don’t Hesitate starring Lee Sang Woo

    #2 Sounds a lot like Feast Of the Gods that ALSO is starring Lee Sang Woo with Sung Yuri (of Fin.K.L. fame)

  13. 13 Suzanne

    I remember checking feast of the godsout a while back because the plot did sound similar. Alas it was not it. I think the one Windsun33 cannot find anymore (2007ish?) must be it because I am korean and it was definitely a k drama not Japanese.

  14. 14 makoto

    Suzanne’s drama sounds like Feast of the Gods starring Lee Sang Woo, Joo Sang Wook and Sung Yuri. But it’s not old drama, it’s aired in 2012 I think.
    I actually didn’t watch Kdrama which longer than 24 episodes, but then my friend told me that it was a good drama. She insisted me to watch and even bought me the DVD and kept asking my review. So I watched it, and I was glad… because it was my first knowing there was such a handsome guy named Lee Sang Woo. :)) and the food galore… uhm. *hungry*

  15. 15 Melissa

    The last one is definetly Hana to Arisu, I’ve seen it a little while ago (: and that scene was awesome!

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