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Prime Minister and I: Episode 3
by | December 17, 2013 | 197 Comments

What a fun and funny series this show is shaping out to be. Despite the many misunderstandings that threaten to drive a wedge between our budding not-a-relationship, there’s also a warm, zippy tone that gives us adorable pairings formed with paper squares and frogs. Because how could you not fall in love with a mischievous kid who uses Daddy’s phone to call in a playdate?

Good news: Prime Minister and I saw a nice leap in ratings for Episode 3, pulling in a 7.3%, putting it ahead of A Warm Word (6.8%), but behind Empress Ki (18.8%). Things are looking up. Yay!


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Da-jung wakes in the morning with a massive hangover, and laughs to herself at what she thinks is a ridiculous dream of asking the new prime minister to marry her. But that’s when she finally gets her bearings and gasps to find herself at the prime minister’s home. Eep.

Meanwhile Yul leads his three kids in morning kendo practice, which dude, super intense. He reminds them that they’re to be model children since they’re part of his image before getting ready for his first day.

There’s a matter that needs attending to first, and Yul catches Da-jung trying to sneak out unnoticed. He raises an eyebrow to hear that she doesn’t remember anything about last night’s events, let alone her marriage proposal. Da-jung exclaims: “That wasn’t a dream?!”

We then flashback to the previous night as Yul struggled to get Da-jung back home. She was a drunken crying mess, but his men were reluctant to help… and then she vomited on his face. Eww.

He’s offended that she would ask why he brought her here when he went through so much trouble because of her last night. But he does ask why she drank so much and asked him to marry her, and though Da-jung thinks back to Dad’s terminal prognosis, she casts it aside as drunken nonsense.

Hye-joo hears about the drunken proposal from one of the staff as she waits outside. When she insinuates to In-ho that Da-jung isn’t as innocent as he thinks she is, he replies that he’s still grateful to Da-jung and considers her a good person.

Da-jung is instructed to stay out of sight until the kids leave the house, and takes cover when the door suddenly opens. It’s youngest son Man-se who hides behind the desk with her and quickly shushes her when the housekeeper rushes in.

He’s skipping out on kindergarten again (news that earn him a stern stare from Da-jung), and he asks what ajumma is doing here. Da-jung quickly makes up an excuse before taking her leave… which is when the little boy sadly pouts over how lonely he is all the time.

That successfully tugs at her heartstrings and Man-se lets out a playful smirk. Ha, what a shrewd kid.

Yul contemplates over Da-jung’s words in the car, wondering if there’s some truth in her desire to get married. His thoughts are interrupted when he’s told to prepare himself for a busy day of getting dragged around to endless meetings and appearances.

We see his fantasized self slowly breaking down from the brutal schedule until he finally cracks out due to exhaustion. Ha, these scenarios crack me up.

But Yul wears a confident smile, and surprises the department heads by cancelling all of his meetings, choosing to do a thorough assessment of the budget instead. He warns them to do a good job, or else it’s their jobs.

Da-jung folds paper frogs with little Man-se in his father’s bedroom and does a little digging of her own. She giggles when she opens the underwear drawer and discovers that Yul does wear briefs. Ha. Then she imagines him spending his time working or reading or getting ready in the bedroom, and blushes at the thought.

It’s adorable how sweet Da-jung is with Man-se, who says that he’s still hungry even after having eaten a big breakfast. He swears he’s not lying when Da-jung gently tells him that what he’s experiencing isn’t physical hunger. Aw, are those emotional hunger pangs then? Poor kid.

She invites him to come close and wraps him in a hug, which aw. She says she felt hungry whenever she was bored too, but that’s when her father would hug her like this and those feelings would go away.

Man-se says he’s still hungry though, to which Da-jung jokes that that can’t be and then tickles him to the bed. That’s when the housekeeper walks in, astonished that Da-jung is still here.

So Da-jung takes her leave and Man-se has to be held back from running after her. She can still hear his cries outside, and when she heads back inside the study to collect her things, she briefly runs into a young man here to fix the light.

Yul is perturbed to hear that Da-jung spent time with Man-se. Though he’s slightly relieved that she didn’t run into his other children, he’s upset that Da-jung was in his bedroom.

Da-jung is at home practicing how to reveal the truth to Dad when she gets a text from Yul telling her to come by the house tomorrow. Panicked, she lets her imagination run wild and dismisses the dramatized scenario of being arrested for trespassing.

Back in reality, Yul denies any recollection of contacting her at all. He belatedly remembers that his youngest was playing with his phone last night, and then we see Man-se waiting outside for Da-jung to show up. Aw.

We get a comedic break in the form of Hee-chul and the editor boss as they get denied access to the grounds. Nosy Reporter Byun just tsks at the third-rate tabloid and flashes his name at the guard. But he’s told that it’s a private event today and gets denied, too. Ha.

Yul clears up the text misunderstanding with Da-jung, who takes the hint to slip out before today’s inauguration banquet. But when the housekeeper walks in with a repairman to fix the light, Da-jung notes that someone came by yesterday.

That same “repairman” from yesterday is a waiter for today’s event. But our attention shifts to Joon-ki, who’s here with his family. His wife, whom we’ll call Madam Na, is a bit of a gossip, wondering if Yul’s ladyfriend will show up today.

In-ho reports back that the premises is clean of bugs and cameras. Yul asks for Da-jung’s help again to find the spy among the wait staff by accompanying him to the banquet today.

She agrees, but worries about her currently casual appearance. Yul tells her to do something about her hair, and has to pull back her hair himself to show her. But his sleeve gets caught in her hair in the process and she yelps in pain.

What’s hilarious is that the pair of guards outside interprets the screams as cries of passion, and try to prevent Hye-joo from walking in, stuttering, “I-it’s… hot right now.” HA. But Hye-joo pushes past them to barge in just as they break apart, and Yul leaves Da-jung in his press secretary’s capable hands.

Once the ladies are alone, Hye-joo asks how they should go about her break-up with the prime minister if she’s continuing to create misunderstandings like this one or hanging around the house. She sighs at Da-jung’s wardrobe, but something catches Da-jung’s eye.

Meanwhile, Yul and Joon-ki exchange pleasantries with an undercurrent of bitterness (mostly on Joon-ki’s part), and Yul tells his brother-in-law that if he’s that curious about his personal life, he can come ask him about it directly. Ooh.

Just then, Da-jung walks in, all prettified in her sparkly black dress and heels. Yul is struck by her beauty and his heart beats a little quicker. So does In-ho’s.

Joon-ki moseys over to Hye-joo to say that he would been more convinced by the dating scandal if she was the woman in question. He laughs when she thinks he’s upset about losing the prime ministership, and says the battle has only just begun. But Hye-joo tells him to give up already—isn’t he tired of fighting anymore?

Joon-ki turns the question back on her, pointing out that she’s been pining at Yul for over twenty years now; she was a fifteen-year-old delinquent when Yul got her out of that mess. Well now.

He rubs salt to the wound, adding that she was known as Yul’s bodyguard in college; he doesn’t get why she still hasn’t worked up the courage to confess her feelings, and remain as Yul’s college hoobae and press secretary instead.

Hye-joo doesn’t blink an eye and counters that she doesn’t need to be understood by the likes of him, adding that as long as there are people like Joon-ki out there, Yul will need his bodyguard.

Yul mutters his complaints about the length of Da-jung’s dress, to which she tells him it was the most modest one in the idol star’s wardrobe. He recognizes the name as the singer his daughter loves the most and disapprovingly makes a note to keep a tighter rein on what his kids watch on TV.

Da-jung calls him petty for that, but Yul tells her to mind her own business and find the spy. Then he has her take her hands off his arms ’cause they’re getting sweaty. Ha.

There’s a tiny tap and Da-jung turns around to see little Man-se. Turns out he called her over to teach him how to fold ddakji (folded paper squares), and when she tells him not to use Daddy’s phone to call her again, he pipes that he’ll just use the house phone then. Cute.

They’re joined by In-ho, who offers to teach Man-se himself, but the boy turns his nose up at the offer. Pffft.

In-ho compliments Da-jung, saying that she looks pretty today. He means it, and she’s flattered. But that’s when Da-jung sees the waiter in the kitchen and points him out to In-ho.

In-ho enlists the men to search for a man with a piercing that fits Da-jung’s description, but we see that the mystery waiter is already one step ahead of them and removes his clip-on earring.

As Da-jung is introduced to the ladies, Madam Na is surprised that Da-jung recognizes her name. The mention of an old scandal involving her (and Kang Ho-dong, heh) some fifteen years ago leaves Madam Na fuming. HA, Da-jung’s a walking celebrity gossip encyclopedia.

Eldest son Woo-ri and middle child Na-ra join the party. They bristle to hear from their cousin that their “new mom” aka Da-jung is also in attendance.

Da-jung apologizes for her foot-in-mouth moment, but when Madam Na’s friends tsk that all men are the same when they see a pretty, young face, she offers to clear the air. She confirms that yes, the prime minister fell head over heels for her young, fresh charm.

They snigger that the prime minister must have been extremely lonely all those years, but Da-jung stands her ground with them: she gets that they must not like her, but she won’t stand for them to talk about Yul that way.

Madam Na sneers that Da-jung sure acts like an actual girlfriend, and scoffs that they should soon be hearing a wedding announcement if they really are an item. She takes Da-jung’s silence to mean that it’s untrue then.

To that, Da-jung exclaims, “We are getting married!” …which is the very moment Yul walks over and sighs at the declaration.

Once they’re outside, Yul asks if she’s out of her mind to drop marriage rumors to the gossipy trio. It doesn’t matter to him what they think of him—does Da-jung think that she’s his actual girlfriend to feel the need to stand up for him?

It’s only a matter of time until the news will spread, and he asks how she plans to handle it. Yul is informed later that evening that they’ve caught the mysterious electrician/waiter who was a reporter trying to get a scoop. Without any evidence, all they can do is let him go.

Da-jung still feels guilty about the day’s events and is asked if she has any solutions. Yul half-jokes that they got out of their first scandal with a dating announcement, so maybe they should announce their wedding.

Then Da-jung surprises him by asking, “Can we? Can we announce that we’re getting married for real?”

Yul asks if she’s being sincere, and she answers that she is. She clarifies that it won’t be a real marriage, but a contract marriage, just for six months. Yul mulls over the words, and asks if Da-jung really wants to marry him. She says yes, and he agrees to the deal.

In-ho says that they have Da-jung to thank for helping them again, to which Hye-joo asks if it ever occurred to him how Da-jung knew what their spy looked like in the first place.

She plainly tells him that Da-jung spent the night at the prime minister’s house and even pleaded with him to marry him. She asks if In-ho still considers Da-jung a good person, and suffice it to say, he’s floored by the news.

Da-jung is beyond grateful at Yul’s agreement to marry her, but she’s surprised when he tells her that he doesn’t do contract marriages, finding them childish. Ha, thanks for subverting that trope on its head, drama.

He says it’ll be a real marriage, which means they’ll be using one bed… and she knows what comes next, right? Hahaha. He’s backed her into the wall by this point, and at her flustered expression, he asks if she’s acting coy about it.

His voice turns serious as he wonders why she wants to marry him—does getting married to a man with kids not matter as long as she gets to be the prime minister’s wife? Then he spells it out for her: “I’m never going to get married. Even I’m crazy enough to do so, it won’t ever be to someone like you. Understand?”

Da-jung is left speechless, blinking back tears. She runs into In-ho outside and asks after his gloomy expression. His eyes with tears, he replies that he heard a scary story of an opportunistic woman who wooed the prime minister and drunkenly begged him to marry her.

He interrupts before she can explain herself, saying that it’s probably not all her fault. It was his mistake for thinking her kind, amusing, and cute, but this is as far as it will go, and he doesn’t want to see her ever again.

But before he leaves, Da-jung says that he’s free to his opinion of her, but her desire to marry the prime minister was sincere. She apologizes and takes her leave.

Joon-ki is given the bad news that his mysterious delivery wasn’t successful. Hm, were you behind the spy, too? Or is this something else you’re cooking up?

Da-jung walks along the streets thinking back to Yul and In-ho’s words and wonders what she’ll tell Dad now. But when she’s about to spill the truth to him at her next visit, he tells her not to worry about him after she gets married. He’s happy to live long enough to see grandkids, words that brings tears to her eyes.

Yul scolds his son for trying to call Da-jung again using his phone. He doesn’t relent even though little Man-se cries and cries, and it’s only when he walks out does he break a little, wondering what effect Da-jung has on his child.

He gets a call from Da-jung’s father (who’s using her phone) just then with a request to move up their wedding within the next six months.

Just then, he gets a call from Da-jung’s father (using her phone) to ask that they move up the wedding within six months. Yul hangs on that specific request of six months, since it’s the same thing Da-jung asked for as well.

Hye-joo walks in with Da-jung’s father’s medical records per his request. She’s certain that Da-jung intentionally went after him, but Yul puts her worries to rest that he has no intention to marry Da-jung.

But after Yul reads about her father’s illness, he wonders if that’s the reason behind Da-jung’s proposal and request for a contract marriage. He’s interrupted by the housekeeper, who informs him in a worried voice that little Man-se hasn’t eaten anything all day and cried himself to sleep.

Yul sits in his son’s room and reads over his school journal entries about how he doesn’t understand why his father always scolds him, and how he thinks that reporter ajumma is a good person.

It felt nice when she hugged him, he wrote, and he’d really, really like her to become his new mom. Aw, kid.

Da-jung swings by the orphanage to return the borrowed dress, but she jumps when she sees Madam Na and her gossipy friends turn up, too. She gets caught trying to sneak away, and Madam Na cuts to the chase and demands to know once and for all if Da-jung will marry the prime minister or not.

She says no, admitting that she only said so in the heat of the moment. But Madam Na isn’t satisfied with her apology and asks if her parents know that she’s going around selling her body like this.

Da-jung finds their words harsh, especially for such supposedly elegant politicians’ wives. Telling Madam Na to worry about society at large, Da-jung will live her own life thankyouverymuch.

Enraged, Madam Na raises a hand, but that’s when Yul waltzes in and scolds Da-jung: “Is this how a future prime minister’s wife should behave?” Omo.

That shocks everyone, and Yul smiles that he’s heard the politicians’ wives are here to graciously volunteer their kimchi-making services, so he’s donated 1000 more cabbages to applaud their hard work. HA.

He drags Da-jung away and she asks why Yul called her his wife-to-be back there. She knows he was just trying to help, but she doesn’t need him to. Yul says that he was just telling the truth, which is when the pieces finally fall in place in Da-jung’s head.

And Yul tells her: “That’s right, I’m saying that I’m going to marry you. Nam Da-jung, you’ll have to marry me.”


It’s nice to be able and sit back to enjoy another pleasant episode pass by, thanks to the show’s fast pacing. Their mutual understanding between Yul and Da-jung and their noble intentions behind the contract marriage are easy to follow, rooted in one reason I can easily sympathize with: family. There’s something so refreshing about the execution of this familiar setup that doesn’t feel too hammy (aside from the actual imaginary scenarios, that is) and carries a heartwarming, feel-good aspect that I could really use right now.

I find myself being slowly pulled into the romance, which is nice considering the zippy storyline thus far. There are misunderstandings and distrust that exists between them in regards to the other’s intentions, but I like that they’re already seeing each other in a new light. Even though their mutual respect is masked by pride at this point, it’s still there, especially in the moments where Da-jung won’t stand to hear a principled man like Yul be insulted by others. Furthermore, I like that we got to witness the moment Yul is struck by Da-jung’s beauty, a moment that I feel often gets passed over these days or handled clunkily in dramaland. It’s a classic moment (since In-ho falls for her at that same moment as well), but it’s all in the execution.

As for the contract marriage itself, I laughed when Yul turned that into its own meta joke, calling it both ridiculous and childish. But that sentiment is also in line with his principled nature and tragic past, of which we have yet to learn more of. So it’s understandable that marriage is the furthest thing from his mind, but that Da-jung’s sincerity is what comes through for him to accept the deal at the end, his declaration giving us a nice bookend to the drunken proposal in the previous episode. Plus, think of the cohabitation hijinks!

We’ve been spending a lot of time with youngest son Man-se so far, which I really can’t complain about since he’s so darned cute. He’s the one who’s never really known Mom, so I can see where he’s starved for emotional need and attention. That’s what he means when he says, “I’m hungry” or “I’m still hungry,” because Daddy will scold him before anything else, and he’s still too little to understand that Daddy doesn’t know another parenting style besides discipline. What’s equally sad is that Yul knows that he’s not getting a World’s Greatest Dad mug anytime soon, but he knows something’s gotta give for that to change. And if that means bringing the nice reporter ajumma home, then so be it.


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  1. snow_white

    Yay that the ratings increased 🙂
    Thanks for the recap…

    By the way..was the recap posted long before but removed??

    • 1.1 gummimochi

      Technical error on that last question. 🙂

      • 1.1.1 AdA

        Mabuhay, Gummimochi,

        This exceptionally good tv drama just finished airing in the Philippines last month. It rated no. 1 here on evening primetime. And I’m glad to have watched it and seen it to the end. Kudos to the director and writers of “Prime Minister and I” who did excellently. This is my first time to watch Lee Beom Soo. He is an exceptionally good actor who can act with his face and convey a gamut of human emotions without saying a word. Bravo! Yoon a deserves the Best Actress award for her role here. But, so did Lee Beom Soo the Best Actor’s award without actually getting it. He did a good job here. Congratulations, sir!

        And yes, I like your review of it, too, Gummimochi.

        By the way, may I know the approximate time in months and days when Nam Da Jeung stayed “married” to the prime minister at the official residence? Was it about three months, four months, or five, or six before she left him after her father died?

    • 1.2 elle

      i’m glad that the ratings increased, and i hope it will continue to increase until the drama finishes airing.

      i think prime minister and i is a great drama. it is a typical romantic comedy, but it is a romantic comedy done right and those gems don’t come out often enough.

      i really love the chemistry between actors lee bum soo and im yoon a. their chemistry is palpable, and considering that it was unexpected given their huge real-life age difference, i think the drama’s casting director did a good job.

      one telling factor that i find a production very entertaining is i don’t feel the time passing by when i watch it and when i get to the end of the episode, i’m like “that’s it?! i want moooore!” — this is how i feel about this drama.

      now, i’m off to find something distracting to do until next monday and tuesday…

      • 1.2.1 Minea

        “i don’t feel the time passing by when i watch it and when i get to the end of the episode, i’m like “that’s it?! i want moooore!” ”

        I feel the same when I watch this. And the end of each episode feels like a cliff hanger all the time (at least to me) because I just want to watch what’s next.

        • Gidget

          Exactly! L.O.V.I.N.G. everything about this show.

          It’s great how they’ve subtly laid groundwork for some interesting dynamics that might sneak up on us later:

          HJ’s past…and was that a touch of jealous unrequited love we saw in JK when he was talking with her? Did he love the common woman but marry the princess? Is his animosity towards Yul fueled by longstanding romantic jealousy?

          The possibilities associated with IH’s layered (and possibly fractured) make up: ranging from sensitive and love-struck, to consummately professional, to stalkerish (fan club scene), to calculating and somewhat dark (opening scenes). And why exactly was it that he pointed out the removable earring instead of the massive tattoo below it? Did they ‘catch’ the real guy or a stand-in? (The police interview was off-camera.)

          DJ’s apparent friendship with the daughter’s favorite idol. Yul’s discomfort with that idols image. The idol’s desire to transform/mature her own image. Will she be central to breaking down barriers in Yul’s family? Daughter aside, will the barriers of the elitist political rock star be broken down so much that he will embrace pop culture rock stars?

          And the hint that maybe Yul’s former marriage wasn’t as rosy as it seemed from the outside. He doesn’t seem too excited about remarriage. And is there a possibility that SHE was the reason for the accident; and he switched some things around to protect her (posthumous) image? The open car door was an odd beat.

          • Minea

            I’m loving your conjectures, Gidget! I especially liked your theory about Joon Ki marrying the princess but loving the common woman. It’s not a far off possibility considering that dramaland have the proclivity of marrying characters off due to business or political reasons.

          • link

            I kinda feel the same way about Joon ki and the secretary. He’s paying way too much attention and focusing so much animosity towards her loyalty to Yul. Maybe she was an old flame that he never confessed to because he had to marry his wife with whom he doesn’t seem to love that much either considering his sniping comment on her shallowness.

      • 1.2.2 ilikemangos

        Yes, i really am enjoying the pacing of this show. Just right. We’re not at breakneck speed to the point where i’m having to pause to take everything in, but we’re not plodding along to the point where i have to fast forward scenes. That makes it a very easy, enjoyable watch.

  2. JD

    This drama is absolutely entertaining. It’s the drama that I needed right now. I mean, Heirs was spazzworthy but full of frustrations at the same time lol. After finishing Heirs, a fun rom-com was the perfect choice.

    I really adore the relationship between Dajung and Mansae. I’m glad that she could find comfort in his existence as much as he does in her as well. They were both bought up by the same situation, a single father. I love that he’s so pro-active in seeing her and wanting to set her up with his dad.

    I’m really liking this Yoona-Lee Beomsoo pairing. It does sound weird on paper, at first. And yes, everyone was worried, and had so much negativity towards the pairing. BUT IT WORKED. Blew everyone’s expectations aye? That scene when her hair got stuck on his button, and the screaming, just floored me. The guards’ reaction and Chae Jungahn’s reaction was sooooo funny haha. I’m also loving Shiyoon’s character. He’s just charming in whatever role he plays. But yeah, this drama is absolutely fun! Looking forward to see the story unfold.

    • 2.1 Windsun33

      I loved that fake crying act by Mansae :).

    • 2.2 Minea

      Yup! And Da Jung didn’t have a chance against Man Se, the accidental matchmaker. So cute.

  3. warmhand

    Thank you for recap 🙂
    waiting for next episode ^^

  4. Tweetiebird

    Man, you girls are gonna make me watch a drama I had no intention of watching. Thanks for the great recaps and here’s to coherced drama watching! 😀

    • 4.1 yuki95

      definitely watch it!

    • 4.2 Windsun33

      Definitely watch it – funniest show I have seen for at least a couple of years. Yoona is nailing the character she plays, and Yul is the perfect foil for her because he so rigid.

      • 4.2.1 Moonbean

        What I love is the Yul in reality versus the Yul in the imagination scenes. So different. It’s hilarious.

        • carrie

          yes! i loved how his hair got gradually more messed up (in the prime minister = endless meetings bit) as time went on. and he’s so good at making his eyes deaden.

          i’m liking this show WAY more than i thought i would. and the pairing does seem to be working.

        • carrie

          oh – and i loved the imaginary prime minister fixing his hair in the bathroom and how flustered da jung was to “see” him like that. lbs is totally working it, and it works! 🙂

          • DayDreamer

            My heart rawred at that scene. 😉 Can’t blame Da-jung for feeling giddy and shy….I wonder what will happen once she actually falls in love.

          • Gidget

            He rocked that sweater, too.

    • 4.3 Minea

      yes, yes, definitely watch it. The show’s a happy surprise. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it so much and now I’m happily obsessed and hopelessly addicted to it.

  5. Kokare

    I haven’t been able to watch any of the episodes. But tahnk you for recapping so I can at least enjoy it on dramabeans!!

  6. noernov

    Love this drama…so cute,let’s the romance (bickering) begin 😉

  7. lexie

    131216 AGB Ratings:
    Prime Minister & I 7.3% (+1.9%),
    One Warm Word 6.8% (-1.5%)
    Empress Ki 18.8% (-0.7%)
    Based on this, i think PMAI just unseated OWW from the 2nd slot, though i stand to be corrected.

    • 7.1 tebz10

      I think your numbers are indeed correct. I read it, too, that they were 2nd place.

    • 7.2 gummimochi

      Whoops, I mis-read the numbers before — I attribute it to lack of sleep. It’s been corrected now. Thanks!

      • 7.2.1 DayDreamer

        Gummimochi, you should get your proper sleep. It’s okay if you take time to write the recaps. : )

  8. 101Q

    It came second in ratings actually.

    Empress Ki: 18.8% (-0.7%)
    Prime Minister & I: 7.3% (+1.9%)
    One Warm Word: 6.8% (-1.5%)

  9. ck1Oz

    It’s here, it’s here it’s IT’S HERE!!

    Been waiting for this recap because I wanted to squeal so badly when Kwon Yul loomed right over Na Jung and said ” one bed, you know what it means? ”

    Forget about her being flustered. I had a hot flush and I am not even old enough to have it. Boy this show rocks!!! I mean I saw the preview and I am so happy it’s going the adult route instead of being all coy etc. After all this guy has 3 children. And he’s experienced.

    And I leave you all to interpret it however you want.

    But I love this show and no one is more surprised than I am how impressed I am with Yoona.

    But Lee Beom Soo is so smokin’ hot!!!

    • 9.1 Windsun33

      I think a lot of us are surprised at how well Yoona is doing in this show.

      • 9.1.1 Minea

        So true! Yoona’s really rocking the role. What a fun watch this show has been so far. I’m thoroughly invested for the next 6 weeks. (And yes, even if it goes makjang on me.) 😉

        • DayDreamer

          I certainly do hope it doesn’t go makjang but yes, for the sake of finishing it up, I would also watch to the bitter end if it does go bad.

          • Minea

            I’m sure it wouldn’t tread in the dreaded makjang waters. (I hope it wouldn’t). But I’ve been burned so many times so if I suddenly find myself enjoying a good drama that I’m watching live, there’s that cloud of hesitation hanging over my head for me to fully enjoy it in case I get frustrated yet again. Hahaha. Oh my, that sounded awful.

        • Gidget

          They certainly have laid the groundwork for some makjang elements. But I’m hoping it’s just for plot development.

          What has me so addicted is that the show has taken smart and serious plot lines and brought them to life in a way that doesn’t feel heavy. It’s been a breath of fresh air that (it seems) we’ve all needed.


      • 9.1.2 valleydale

        Not me. I thought she was pretty darned good in Love Rain. I went back and re-watched it recently, because there was so much kvetching here about how terrible she is, I thought I’d simply failed to see that fact the first time around. The character of Kim Yoon Hee in Love Rain wasn’t nearly as interesting as Da Joong in TPAI, but yoona played her convincingly and, I thought, sympathetically. I’m glad to see she’s starting to overcome the knee-jerk criticism directed towards the mere mention of Yoona and drama in the same sentence, and am really looking forward to watching her continued growth as an actress.

        • valleydale

          Dang, why do these replies keep appearing out of sequence? My post was in reply to windsun’s comment about how surprisingly well Yoona is carrying off this role.

    • 9.2 DayDreamer

      I liked that scene too! These two are really bringing out some good chemistry. Can’t wait until they’re forced to share a room to keep up their marriage ruse in front of the kids, lol.

      • 9.2.1 Minea

        LOL! The cohabitation hijinks! Just thinking about it makes me giggle prematurely. heehee

  10. 10 NewFan

    I’m really enjoying this drama. It’s fun and cute, and I like that the misunderstandings (the “kidnapping,” Da Jung’s reason for wanting to get married, etc.) aren’t being dragged out through several episodes.

    I do have trouble recognizing what’s really happening vs. a daydream or imagined scene, though. The kendo practice seemed a little weird and I thought Da Jung was just imagining him being that strict with his kids.

    • 10.1 Windsun33

      That is a definite plus. Far too often we see these silly misunderstandings drag on for days as a lame plot device, but in this drama people actually TALK to each other (wow, what a concept!).

      • 10.1.1 DayDreamer

        Seriously, I was so glad that Yul got to understand why Da-jung desperately wanted a marriage. And I think it was really nice of him to help her out with that when there really wasn’t extenuating circumstances for him to go along with the charade.

  11. 11 tebz10

    That scene with her hair caught in his sleeve was so damn funny! I, too, was skeptical about the pairing. I thought it would be icky, but they’re doing a good job of making it work. I really, really hope that they keep this tone and don’t go weepy-melo halfway through.

  12. 12 lemondoodle

    Loving this drama a lot so far. I really can’t wait for them to get married. Yay for misunderstandings being so quickly resolved! I actually really love the snooty wives. I hope they stick around.

    I also just loved Da Jung’s smoking hot Kwon Yul fantasy. 😀 They have great chemistry.

    In Ho is on my shit list for turning on Da Jung like he did. Whatever happened between the Kwon Yul and her has nothing to do with him. His pure fantasy of her was broken so he got all upset. Gross. It’s not like he’s not shady and obviously up to something too! What an ass. I think I dislike him more than evil brother in law right now.

    • 12.1 DayDreamer

      Yeah, he was out of line with those comments. I will certainly be satisfied when he learns that Da-jung wasn’t an opportunist and has to eat his own words, hehe.

  13. 13 ziggystardust

    I know it’s so far not exactly revolutionary in it’s genre, but why does it feel like it’s been so long since a drama like this came around?

    People underestimate the power of straight up gooey hearted cute, with people that have the ability to carry it. So many things recently started promisingly fluffy and then descended into melodrama or became just plain ding dong cray cray. Stay adorable forever, show, I believe in you! Well, I believe in Lee Beom Soo and am thoroughly charmed by everyone else, and that’s practically the same thing, right?

    Also, Da Jung’s sleep snort laughing cracks my shit up.

    • 13.1 xxvxx

      she does laugh like that in real life too!

    • 13.2 LizJ

      ziggystardust – it feels like “so long” because there have not been a lot of romantic comedies this year!

  14. 14 mem916

    Thanks for the recap loving this fun

  15. 15 jessie

    This drama is such a pleasant surprise! Who would’ve thought a Yoona-Lee Bum Soo combination in a SM produced drama works perfectly? So far, it deserves all the praises it gets, really. I hope it wont disappoint later on.

    I was worried about LBS-YA pairing, but I love how the unexpected chemistry and the good writing make the upcoming romance believable for me lol. The OTP are already respecting each others’ strength and protecting each other because of said respect since early on, despite the banters and what not.

  16. 16 Windsun33

    We have not really met the other kids yet, but I suspect that Da Jung’s “in” with the middle daughter will come about from her apparent friendship with the idol girl (Yu Ri or Ruby? not sure, have seen it subbed as both). Not sure how she will get on the oldest boy’s good side yet, but I think it will be something off the wall.

    And despite the chemistry between the leads, I am still not so sure they will end up as the OTP’s. Given how this drama has gone so far, we might actually see a 2nd lead win for once.. but that is just speculation.

    • 16.1 Anonymous

      What exactly is the basis for this speculation? I’m genuinely curious.

      • 16.1.1 Windsun33

        No evidence for it, just a feeling that somehow his assistants will not get left out in the cold in the romance department, unless it turns all melo and stuff. Age wise, if you swap out the pairs in the love quadrangle you get a better match – but of course there is the little detail of the marriage…

        • Carole McDonnell

          I’ve been hoping for older guy/young girl and older woman/young guy pairing ever since chief of staff praised hoobae last week. Cause that’d be just neat for the non-leads to find romance as well. I don’t want anyone left out of the romance loop and out in the cold.

          • Windsun33

            That would work for me also – it seems like most of the time the 2nd leads end up riding off into the sunset in different directions (two suns?) instead of also being happy.

        • Anonymous

          I still don’t see why the age thing is a problem. Da-jung clearly likes Kwon Yul, so I don’t know why his age should stop her from wanting to marry him, contract or not. Secondly, Secretary Seo is also significantly younger than PM Kwon, so I don’t see how it improves things from the age standpoint. Honestly, I’m all for the “true OTP.” The most important thing to me is mutual attraction–and it’s there, even before the contract hijinks.

          Basically, I don’t like the idea of the viewers having control over the characters because they visually like a pairing. If the only basis you have for your “speculation” or “doubt” is that Kwon Yul is too old for her then I don’t want to take you seriously. If Mr. PM had been young like YYS, then no one is going to have any problem with it, and that irks me.

          I may sound snarky, but it’s getting frustrating to see the prejudice of the female K-drama community. Let the girl like who she wants, and not every show is about the next young hot guy!

          In the case that I misunderstood you, I’m truly sorry for that.

          • Windsun33

            Well, you obviously misunderstood me, but your biggest error was in assuming that I am a female in this K-drama community…

          • Anonymous

            Haha, sorry, that “female population” thing was more of an expression of my frustration for the general trend that I’ve been seeing, rather than an “attack” at you. Let’s just say I’ve seen it far too many times this drama season (Reply 1994, MR’s Choice, etc).

          • Windsun33

            No problem, and I understand where you are coming from, especially after reading more comments on DF and Viki. When a couple of posters there suggested that LMH would have been perfect for the PM role, I almost lost it.

          • Gidget

            @windsun. that is hilarious.

        • DayDreamer

          @ Windsun:

          I don’t think just because a story is a rom-com that all four leads will attain romantic happiness or that it will become melo if done otherwise. You can still have a rom-com with second leads finally letting go of a love that is unattainable and come to terms with it, moving on with their lives (case in point: Yoo Kyung from Mirae’s Choice…I found nothing melo about her personal storyline).

    • 16.2 Patch

      I agree that Ruby/Yu Ri will be DJ’s in with the daughter and DJ’s wardrobe will probably be a point of friction giving them scenes in which they slowly bond. The eldest is a bit of blank slate I don’t even have a sense of his personality.

      So far the second leads seem to be the traditional obstacles a mismatched OTP have to overcome. People who are better suited in personality, age and interests but ultimately they lose because emotion trumps logic.

    • 16.3 Carole McDonnell

      I’m not convinced about the “true” OTP either. It’d be funny to have the PM’s “wife” divorce him for his staff member. Talk about scandal!

      • 16.3.1 Rizzo

        I don’t think that would be ‘funny’ at all – it would be a horrible ending! 🙁

        You’re basically saying you would be okay with the story ending with three heartbroken young kids in a broken home; a good and decent man finally opening his own heart for the first time since losing his first wife, only to have it stomped on by some flighty young thing who dumps him for a younger model; and a heroine who appears fickle and shallow, all just so you can have her end up with the pretty ‘hero’ type.

        This seems to me to be a horribly warped view of what ‘love’ should look like. People fall in love for many other reasons than superficial visual appeal, and this show should be commended for doing something a bit different in that respect. I, for one, find LBS’s character way more attractive than YSY’s and suspect I would still have found him so even when I was ten years younger. 🙂

        • Carole McDonnell

          Wow! I’m sorry if that is how it appeared. Those scenarios you mentioned weren’t in my mind. Right now I DO see the leads as the OTP. However, I’ve seen so many contract marriages that ended up with love between the parties in the contract, I thought, “Well, it’d be funny if for once the parties in the contract became good friends but really were in love with other people. So far the show has shown a political fear of scandals and it would be the oddest kind of scandal for us viewers to know that this marriage is really a sham between two good friends but the love story is elsewhere.”

          I was thinking of this purely as a way to play with the trope. The children would not be broken-hearted because the leading heroine would still be in their lives. That was all I was driving at.

          Your scenario not only assumes something not yet shown in the story (the opening of the prime minister’s heart) but it assumes/presumes cruelty on my part by declaring I want kids’ hearts “stomped on.”

          I have no doubt whatsoever that the prime minister will open his heart. But now– any scenario I come up with EVEN AS A FLIP LITTLE JOKE– only concerns information in the first three episodes. One is allowed to make wild thematic surmises about a plot which has just began, I presume. Certainly I would not have made the joke later when all the relationships are set up. And EVEN MORE CERTAINLY, I would not rebuke some stranger I don’t know by insulting them on their supposed coldness.

          In the future, please be more careful in your assumptions about what it is I am saying. AND where did I say anything about the pretty boy “hero” type? Your comment shows your flawed thinking more than it shows my supposed cruel thinking. How can you get all your assumptions from one little comment I posted? Chill.

          • Rizzo

            My apologies if I made incorrect assumptions. I guess this is a hot button for me based on some comments I’ve seen elsewhere about folks not buying into the pairing based solely on the age gap. I’ve been burned before when writers have allowed negative public opinion to change the story they originally intended to tell, so i tend to get a bit ‘knee-jerk’ about the whole thing.

            I had not read your other comments further down the thread when I posted, and I now realise you were only hypothesising about ways to turn the usual tropes on their head.

            Sorry again for any offence caused…

          • Carole McDonnell

            I’m the biggest fan of unusual pairings…and trust me I’m always the one challenging people who say stuff like “this ahjussi is too old, yuck! Why is she (young heroine) kissing him?” or “this actress is too old/ugly/fat/skinny/badly-dressed/badly-coiffed.”

            I’m also always whining about writers lack of courage in the face of audience demands. We’re on the same team, you and I.

            Apologies accepted. And sorry for going off on you as well. I tend to always rush to my defense. 😉

        • Windsun33

          @ Rizzo – I think you are getting a bit ahead of yourself there. I have seen nobody express any preferences on how they would like the (assumed) plot to change. All I have seen is speculation on possible twists and turns on how it COULD happen in future episodes.

      • 16.3.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Carole, Rizzo – wish we were all together in a room and I could give you both a hug

        Carole, I get you were making a joke and laughed

        Rizzo, great that you like the drama so much to have a strong reaction to the suggestion that PM and the journalist might not end up together. KDramas have that magic ability to make us connect and react emotionally.

        Let’s just forgive and be happy together watching all the fun. Rom/Coms rule! Love is in the air.

        • Carole McDonnell

          Ah, you’re cute, you peacemaker you!

          Carole’s problem: The totally normal emotional part of me gets totally weepy and wussy about dramas. I also get way too involved. But the writer part of me is always figuring out how I would personally write the story. Problems arise because of this because I generally don’t “see” where a korean writer might be going with his/her own story because I’m too busy wishing/hoping the writer will do what I would do. Hence, my playing around with the tropes comes not from a cold heart but from a writerly need to adapt anything I see or read.

          At heart, I am a very nice person…and (for better or worse) way emotional and oversensitive. I don’t take my dramabeans posts seriously. And I don’t really take myself seriously… but I DO take my feelings very seriously.

        • Rizzo

          GROUP HUG!!! ((((((()))))))


          • DayDreamer

            I consider Carole my friend so…..I’ll join the group hug too. 😉

            I’ll admit that the heated conversation was at least very interesting. I generally agree with you Rizzo that it’s a bit upsetting to see people put down LBS for being too old for the role when I think he fits it perfectly well. I mean, he’s the frigging Prime Minister. How can anyone expect a hot young model taking on that image?

            Carole, that’s an interesting take…but one I dearly wish would never cross this writer’s mind, LOL. I just want my OTP to be true and wonderfully in love.

          • Carole McDonnell

            @ Daydreamder:
            My wish:
            Leads in love with each other, second leads in love with each other, snippy wife of brother-in-law becomes the free spirit she once was, brother-in-law truly begins to love and forgives hero from the heart, all the kids accept heroine, major family holiday scene with extended family.

            Not sure what all kinds of complications will pop up in the political sphere to affect whether PM continues in politics but I suspect heroine being a reporter will help solve the problem.

            I think of you as a friend also. Enter wholeheartedly into our wonderful group hug.

        • ilikemangos

          Aww. @Rizzo, Carole, & Julia — you guys are so adorable!
          There needs to be more people like you guys in the AM1994 thread. lol

          Workin’ things out with apologies and hugs, i like that.

          • Minea

            “There needs to be more people like you guys in the AM1994 thread.”

            LOL. Funniest thing I’ve read today. So true. People need to take a Zen class over there or something. 😉

    • 16.4 Orion

      I don’t see a second pairing, myself. We are 4 episodes in and In Ho and Da Jung barely know each other. It does not make sense to focus so much on two characters, their understanding of each other, respect for each other and their conflicting natures being perfect for each other and their needs and then go and change that. We would have had a more even relationship with both, more character development for In Ho and no mystery around his intentions.

      As things stand, he seems like an obstacle for the main couple or perhaps a rude awakening for Yool and his emotions. I do think some drama pairs would have been better off switched, given those leads are usually immature jerks who don’t really respect and understand the woman, but in this case, I am 100% behind the main couple and it’s the one it looks like will happen. I’d be glad if In Ho found love with someone (assuming he is not a villain), but I only see one main couple here.

      • 16.4.1 mitty

        I remember reading somewhere that In Ho was Da Jung’s first love (or the other way around)? Maybe she can’t remember him but he remembers her? Or maybe not…

        • Orion

          A lot of things changed along the way and from the original plans. I think it was so that he was her first love and an oppa from Catholic school or church or something. But they clearly don’t know each other here, so that part changed.

      • 16.4.2 Windsun33

        The one I feel kind of bad for is Seo, because she has been pining after Yul for decades, and I feel she is going to get left out in the cold again. I just hope she does not turn mean and melo on us.

        • Rizzo

          I feel bad for Hye Joo, as well. There is obviously some history between her and Joon Ki – I’m sure I read on another site that his character was in love with her when they were at college; not sure how accurate that is, but it’s believable from how they’re playing it.

          I kind of want his wife to run off with a rock star to recapture her wild youth, and Hye Joo and Joon Ki to find their way to each other… but then, I’m a sap who wants everyone to be happy! 😉

          (Just realised I left out poor In Ho in that scenario… maybe he could hook up with the idol girl, Yu Ri? LOL)

          • Carole McDonnell

            Not sure I’m up for divorce/possible adultery. That’s as bad as wounded children I think. Seems Joon ki and his wife have their own kind of contract/political marriage but I’d like their marriage to work out.

    • 16.5 Ally

      As the title of this show is not “Prime Minister’s Staff and I”, I think DJ will end up with Chungrinim no doubt LOL

    • 16.6 DayDreamer

      And despite the chemistry between the leads, I am still not so sure they will end up as the OTP’s. Given how this drama has gone so far, we might actually see a 2nd lead win for once.. but that is just speculation.

      To be honest, I don’t see any basis for such a speculation. Watching tons of dramas has me sure this drama isn’t going to prime up the second lead to be a full on contender for heroine’s affections. He will just be the guy left pining for her. This just isn’t another one of those mysteries on who the heroine ends up with like Reply 1994 and Mirae’s Choice. Which frankly, is a great thing because I’m so sick of the “ohmigosh, I hope so-and-so second lead ends up with so-and-so heroine.” No offense to you. I just very much like my Yul-Dajung OTP and I will certainly be pissed off if the writer decides to play the OTP mystery game.

      • 16.6.1 Minea

        “Which frankly, is a great thing because I’m so sick of the “ohmigosh, I hope so-and-so second lead ends up with so-and-so heroine.”

        For putting into words what I’ve been feeling a lot lately, Thank You.

        From the onset, I’m pretty confident that Da Jung and Yul is the OTP in this series. I mean, how can they not be? The story revolves around them and the focal point is them. And like what Ally pointed out, the title is them. It doesn’t make sense that the OTP pairing would go the other way.

        • jessie

          True. The title already confirms the OTP. When the cast of PMAI guested on Happy Together they kind of made a joke about it by calling the show “Prime Minister and I (feat. Kim Tak Gu)” lol

      • 16.6.2 Windsun33

        Wow. I had no idea that my offhand comment about possible plot and character matchup outcomes would stir up such a hornets nest. 🙁

        • Carole McDonnell


        • ilikemangos

          It’s not just you that’s stirring such emotions. There’s tons of comments like those everywhere(viki, soompi to name a few). But unfortunately you are the chosen one. 😉
          I think there’s just been too much of that stuff recently what with AM1994, Mi-Rae’s choice, & Empress Ki so i can see where daydreamer and a few others are coming from.

    • 16.7 lemondoodle

      Not in a million years, they are going to be married even if it’s a contract marriage. With cute little kids involved, one who wants her to be his mommy. She’s not going to divorce him and get with the other guy. And the long suffering lady isn’t going to get anything either.

  17. 17 klir

    Loving this drama so much,Yoona is doing amazing job.

    Btw is the girl in this same as the girl in Moon That Embraces the Sun? Or am i tripping?

    • 17.1 Vanessa

      she was the little princess in The rooftop prince.

      • 17.1.1 klir

        I meant Rooftop Prince, i don`t know why i wrote MTETS lol.

  18. 18 space kablooie

    I really like that, in the end, Yul decides to do a contract marriage to help her out and because his sad kid likes her.

    Actually, I just like the character. He may be the cold superior type, and he may put his kids in second place, but he’s self aware and regrets his failings,unlike most chaebol/ power characters, and in the end is going to do whatever he can to help the people around him. He didn’t have to marry her; it hasn’t become an urgent situation for him, but he’ll do it anyway to help her out and because his kid is sad.

    It makes him appealing and honest, which is good because he has to compete with more age appropriate YSY throwing smitten looks. That’s a pretty tough second lead.

    Actually, it all seems a bit Pride and Prejudice-y. Cold but kind and upright type falls for girl he believes is not in his social class and is I’ll suited to him, and who just so happens to find him a giant jerk because he’s gotten into uncomfortable situations around her and hasn’t always handled himself well. You know, if they’d had kids involved and a fake marriage instead of a bunch of coincidental meetings.

    That makes for

  19. 19 Windsun33

    I just noticed something really weird.

    Have not seen a single wrist grab so far…

    • 19.1 Anonymous

      Right before the proposal scene, there was one. -___-

      • 19.1.1 Windsun33

        Darn 🙁

    • 19.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      When PM suggested his staff member piggyback his drunk “girlfriend” I was rolling on the floor. Enjoy how this drama is aware of the tropes and willing to play with them for our amusement.

      • 19.2.1 DayDreamer

        I was hoping Yul would piggyback Da-jung cause it would’ve been hilarious to see her feet dragging against the ground cause Yul’s so short, lol.

    • 19.3 Gidget

      But at least it wasn’t a whiplash inducing wrist grab.

  20. 20 Kristy

    Totally love the drama….
    Little Manse just stole my heart….
    That is to say I actually like the PM and Da-jung’s scene and Da-jung and Manse’s scenes equally…

    One doubt though….there was a scene in the drama where PM forbids his daughter from learning english(the one where they learn the martial arts)anybody know why?

    Thanks for the recap!!!

    • 20.1 Arhazivory

      I don’t have that much knowledge but based on comedic spoofs I see in Variety land about the topic, they would prefer if the children stick to their roots and going to English classes comes off as wanting to be more western. SOmething like that.

    • 20.2 Windsun33

      I did not quite get that 100% either, but assumed it was kind of a spoof on other k-dramas, where the (often poor) knowledge of English comes up. Is it possible that we are missing something in translation there? Or possibly the martial arts scene was a spoof of the whole “image” thing?

    • 20.3 lemondoodle

      I think he’s telling her to study her English. The sub was wrong.

      • 20.3.1 Windsun33

        I don’t think so. I checked out 3 different subs, and though the actual words vary, the meaning is pretty much the same: DF has it as “English training? – In your dreams”.

        • lemondoodle

          That’s so weird though. Koala’s recap said to study English, so that’s what I went off.

          I see Ppasun’s explanation now! makes sense.

    • 20.4 PPasun

      The Korean word used was “영어연수” not “영어공부.” He doesn’t mean she should not study English (영어공부), but she should not dream about going on a 영어연수, short trips to English speaking countries kids go on during their breaks, vacations etc. Even though they are ostensibly to study English, they usually end up being kids hanging out by themselves (all Korean speaking) and splurging, spending money. Naturally, you have to be from a well-to-do family to go on these trips and kids from less well to do families will feel left out.

      • 20.4.1 Windsun33

        OK that makes sense now. I should have caught that from previous dramas where the poor Candy is left behind while all the Princess’s go off on an excursion.

  21. 21 barbara black fox

    I started watching this show with the thought, “well, I loved him in History of a Salaryman, but he couldn’t help Dr. Jin.” I wasn’t expecting much, but so far, I love it. (I’d rather be pleasantly surprised that a show is better than I feared than worse than I hoped.)

    • 21.1 Windsun33

      There was nobody that could have helped Dr Jin, except maybe they could have ended the series about 15 episodes sooner. There is a limit to how far even great actors can pull bad writing out of the mud.

  22. 22 koreannotebook

    Yay. Happy about the increased rating its such a lovely drama it deserves the ratings. Its the kind of drama you need during the holidays :p

    I am slowly falling love with Younha as an actress (which is weird) since all of her previous projects were strange TT

    Fighting for PMI

    • 22.1 Anonymous

      LOL. My mind messed up for a second when you said “Younha.” I was like “When did Younha join this??? How did I not see her?” This is Yoona, not Younha.

      Btw, Younha is also a K-pop singer, not to mention my favorite, haha. (And I believe she’s acted before.)

  23. 23 mitty

    Manse is so adorable. I wanna keep him in my pocket. Good thing that he’s already warmed up to Da Jung. I can’t wait how Da Jung will impress, what antics and tactics will she put in use to woo Nara and Woori in the upcoming episodes. Just thinking about it makes me excited.

    This episode solidifies my intent to watch it til the end. With the right amount of comedy, a tweak of blossoming romance (I can see a liiiittle bit) and a pinch of heart.

    Show, please continue to impress.

  24. 24 Natalie

    Did anyone else almost burst into tears whenever Shi Yoon had a scene with Yoona? His acting just gets better and better. The boy had his heart in his eyes…sigh…I’ve been struck down by second lead syndrome way too early in the game! And the actress playing. Chief Seo needs to dial back on the crazy just a wee bit.I mean I understand you’re written to be that jealous and insecure…but if you’re going to throw that much crazy behind it….there will be no redemption available at the end.

  25. 25 Lalaland

    This episode has quite a lot of emotional scenes. I love the way the writer make Dajung sacrifices because she cares about her dad and want him to be happy.
    I like Yul too…he might look scary but he is warm-hearted and kind.
    Cant wait to see more of this couple

  26. 26 Carole McDonnell

    I had a silly grin on my face while watching this episode. This is soooo “K-dramas do rom-com so right!”

    It really hurt when chief of staff insulted the heroine with a “I thought you were fun and cute but you’re really an opportunist!” Insults come and go in k-dramas but something about the insults tossed at folks in this drama really hurt and really feel powerful. I’m waiting to see how the three main women in this drama (uhm, and maybe I’ll add the prime minister’s daughter to the mix) battle each other. Will be some very realistic nasty power/class warfare.

    Am totally falling in love with Lee Beum Soo. He is soooo good! Darn, who knew I’d been pining for some older ahjussi priggish hotness!

    I understand that it’s part of the norm of romance for us to know (generally) who ends up with whom…but darn it! Korean writers do such a great job of creating the second lead that one kinda gets all discombobulated about who heroine should end up with. I like male chief of staff and want him to be happy so that means he has to end up with bodyguard-hoobae. Yes, that’s the ticket. Then I’ll be happy.

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 26.1 DayDreamer

      Luckily, I have no such discombobulated feelings, lol. When it’s clear to me who the OTP is, then no room for Second Lead Syndromes…except in certain cases like when I was so mad that Lee Jun Ki’s Iljimae didn’t really get together Lee Young-ah’s character. The only thing that consoled me was that he didn’t get together with the heroine either.

      For now, I don’t see much of a romantic build-up between college hoobae and chief of staff. Maybe when the story brings some cute interactions between the two than just civil conversations, I will jump on that bandwagon. So at this point, I don’t have much feeling towards them as being together. Plus, the story is still in its early stages and needs more development.

      • 26.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I’m still discombobulated (loving that word today) about Flower Boy Next Door. I wanted both guys to get the girl. One: newbie guy was so totally on her telepathic wavelength and he got her out of her shell whereas lovelorn neighbor was gonna leave her in her little world. Two: lovelorn neighbor had been loving her for soooooooooo long. Hence, discombobulation.

        Yep, we’re definitely in the beginning. I liked how Chief of Staff complimented hoobae/bodyguard on her beauty when he first met her. It was the tiniest teeny-weensiest thread to hang my hope on. But then –aaargh!!!– he also complimented heroine on her beauty. And I thought, “Dang! He’s just a sweet smoothy politico who says that kinda stuff to pretty women.” So the lovematch was kinda shot down.

        I’m hoping for lovematch to rise again. I will go down with this ship. Cause I don’t want Miss hoobae to be rejected without love, and I don’t want her to be turned into cruel rejected bitch. Will see what all happens.

        • DayDreamer

          Out of all things, I would rather the hoobae not turn into a cold-hearted villain. I mean, it doesn’t matter if the writer attaches her to YSY’s character or not….but if she becomes eeeevil, then I’ll be very grumpy. She just seems like a good person at heart….for now.

        • Windsun33

          I still don’t have a take on In Ho – if he is a villain, ally, ulterior motive, or what.

          • Gidget


          • ilikemangos

            I’m betting on ulterior motive — the predictable route like revenge.

        • valleydale

          I think Chief of Staff hoobae has a thoroughly unlikeable character. She has an iron Maiden, ball breaker quality that makes her not-so-sympathetic to me. She immediately had no problem with the idea of trashing our heroine’s reputation to salvage the image of the PM nominee, for instance. Interesting that, even though he completely shot down that idea (and she of all people, should have known he would be unwilling to go that route), she forged ahead with her own plan anyway. That move made me think she was totally unsuited for such a principled and upstanding man, regardless of how long she’s been pining for him. Carrying a torch for someone doesn’t automatically make you entitled to them. It’s been made pretty clear that Yool has never been attracted to her in that way. Plus, when does the woman ever crack a smile? Other that her loyalty and “competence” (and a certain cold beauty) what’s there to recommend her?

    • 26.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I’m pining for ahjussi Mr Darcy nobility and properness.

      Let the young things sigh over YSY. I like YSY too, but there is no contest at all for me with Lee Beum Soo in the picture. A desirable man who just needs a kind-hearted woman to make his family whole again … SOLD!

      • 26.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Yes!!!! My heart is all a-flutter for LBS! YSY is a little kid. In many ways, his character has a dark adult wisdom born of political scheming…so in some ways he is less “naive” than the older male lead. But on the whole the prime minister feels like a guy who has lived…a lived-in character.

      • 26.2.2 Minea

        Same here. My ahjusshi crush for LBS continues to grow with each succeeding episode. I’m totally on board their train (or ship) until the end.

  27. 27 Patch

    I don’t think we’ve seen Yul’s reasons for getting married yet, I suspect it has something to do with the call he got from the Blue House. Sure his kids and DJ’s father play into it but I’m not convinced it’s the big reason for his sudden heel turn.

  28. 28 sophie_23

    seems everyone is in agreement. we love this show! its got all the right touch and ingredients. looking forward to the next episodes….

  29. 29 Ally

    “But why does she hate that woman so much?”

    “Kang Ho Dong. Kang Ho Dong! The thing Madame hates the most is when someone talks of her past.”

    I love the Kang Ho Dong joke LOL He’s actually under SM C&C entertainment as well so I see why they easily use him as reference

    • 29.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      blinks slow on the uptake
      I just got that Kang Ho Dong wasn’t just some made up character name (Dope!)
      what was it that Madame was suppose to have done with him?

      • 29.1.1 Gidget

        Wasn’t it partying wildly?

    • 29.2 Carole McDonnell

      I love it that Snippy Political wife has a wild past, though. Maybe we will see her loosening up as heroine becomes a wonderful freeing influence…in spite of herself. The world of politics need folks who are less uptight. A lot of pretence is necessary because no one wants to challenge the fear of scandal.

      • 29.2.1 DayDreamer

        I really think that will happen….like Snippy Political Wife has enough of a leeway in her character that she can actually become a good friend with the heroine.

      • 29.2.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Suddenly I am picturing journalist having all the women over to her house for a PJ party with rock music, dancing, pizza, and beer.

  30. 30 katie

    thanks for recap ,
    funny and cute drama ,
    the young actress acting skill is much better .
    the main lead actor is always good .
    I think the young actress lead will end up with handsome Kang ,
    the PM will end up with his CS

  31. 31 Lizzy4e

    Loving the drama.

    Manse, that scene stealer, is so cute.

    Yoon Si-yoon, it is great to see him in a drama again.

    Thank you for recapping!

  32. 32 ria

    This drama never fails to bring smile and laugh in every episode. This is definitely in my top list. It deserves higher rating 🙂 In December, this drama brings warmth in a story about family. Perfect!!

  33. 33 DayDreamer

    This drama is great. It continues to deliver the laughs and the warm fuzzies. Just exactly what I look for in a rom-com. What I also like about the drama is its ability to make all its characters interesting and worth feeling something for. I had a slight pang in my heart when the show revealed a snippet of Hye-joo’s past as a delinquent who gained a crush from a hero-worship of Yul. If Da-jung wasn’t in the picture, I’d totally be rooting for her.

    I love Man Se. He’s sooo adorable with those cute chubby cheeks and mischievous nature. I certainly hope that with a bit of Da-jung’s help, he and Yul can create a better and more loving relationship between them. Same with the other kids.

    • 33.1 Carole McDonnell

      I like Hye-joo as well. I don’t know why romances never give the friend-zoned secret crush a chance. I guess it’s all about, “Well, you should’ve spoken up and asserted yourself earlier!” But still, I hate it when “the person who has been secretly loving for ages” is at last put aside when newbie love interest suddenly pops up. All that pitiful faithfulness and stalwart loving having to be ditched either because the love was never meant to be or the secret crush was too timid.

      The old me used to think in a kind of proprietory way: “Hey, she’s loved him all this time…who are you to step in?” But now…eh…Sorry, longterm secret waiting-around lover: all’s fair in love and war. Long-term faithfulness isn’t important. It’s not even a starting point. Heck, it might even be a detriment.

      • 33.1.1 DayDreamer

        I do like the friend-zoned secret crush storyline. That’s why I can feel for Hye-joo. But I do agree that at some point, one should confess rather than let things take their course and eventually risk losing out. It’s why I loved the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss. The heroine had a deep-seated crush for about two years. Even knowing that her crush was a genius and well out of her league, she decided to pursue him and confess to him. In her words, if she didn’t confess, she could very well have missed out on the off chance that Zhi Shu possibly harbored feelings for her or could see her beyond the anonymity and consider dating her. In the end, she got her guy through sheer persistence, endless determination and sincerity.

        So yeah….I feel sympathy for Hye-joo but unless she really steps it up, I can’t help but root for Da-jung first and foremost.

      • 33.1.2 Gidget

        “Long-term faithfulness isn’t important. It’s not even a starting point. Heck, it might even be a detriment.”

        Agree! I don’t like it when that’s portrayed as noble. It’s foolish. In my book, nurturing long term romantic ‘faithfulness’ to someone who has never shown romantic interest in you is nothing more than a long term self-delusion and self-devaluation. There comes a point in a crush where you buck-up and say: He’s just not into me… moving on.

    • 33.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      In FBND, I liked that the next door webtoon guy was leaving notes and inching closer to the unavailable Dokmi. She was in agoraphobic retreat and it seemed reasonable to approach cautiously.

      I think a widower politician might also qualify as someone that a sensitive person might want to help and slowly inch forward hoping he’ll notice and fall in love with her.

      Yet Enrique is the one who disrupted Dokmi’s life and brought the healing she needed. So too will the journalist for the politician. I can feel sympathy that the girl who has pined for him for 20 years is about to have her heart broken, but she had plenty of time to try and win him already.

      • 33.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        True that. And I guess that is often what happens in real life. Unless some weird wonderful eye-opening thing happens, folks usually don’t suddenly see a life-long friend as a wonderful new romantic love.

        So whether it’s Secret, Flower Boy Next Door, or countless other dramas with long-standing secret loves, if second lead can’t win the hero’s/heroine’s heart…move on. I’ve often found that secret crush guys are way better/nobler at giving up on their love than say the entitled ladies-in-waiting. Just hoping hoobae/bodyguard is nobler about it.

        Am glad the second lead woman fell for hero as a kind of worship/gratitude mashup. Makes it easier for me and my heart to say that what she feels isn’t “pure love” at all. I like making stuff easy for me and my heart.

    • 33.3 lemondoodle

      I loved her retort to evil brother in law about why she still stays by the PM’s side. I know people are hating on her for being mean to Da Jung, but come on… most people would be suspicious of a pretty young thing getting all involved in the Prime Minister like she has. Plus she does have added personal reasons for being upset.

  34. 34 Arhazivory

    I’ll post what I initially wrote last night before the technical error that made the review go kaput. lol.

    I just finished marathoning the first three eps and now to read your review. Its so on point. I love how much I’m drawn into the story and Man Se is really too adorable. I also like that they’re both good people who as you correctly pointed out, respect each other and although he’s a bad father (good that he knows it), he loves his family. The daydream sequences are so cute too especially since I get to see more of Beom Soo’s charming smiles in them. *sighs* I totally love him.

    I’m looking forward to episode 4. 😀

    • 34.1 Windsun33

      EP4 is up on Viki but only about 75% subbed, so watching ep3 again while waiting.

  35. 35 DeeDee315

    So far so good, a light and refreshing story. My only issue is Lee Beum Soo. Just don’t buy him as the romantic lead. Too old, short & not leading man material. Second-Lead Syndrome is in effect.

    • 35.1 Lalaland

      It’s a fresh thing to k-drama…I’m tired of having to watch too handsome male leads all the time.. LBS has his own charm and fit the role as PM

    • 35.2 newgirl

      I couldn’t disagree more. They had to cast an older man to make him believable as a prickly prime minister. I think he’s physically a good match for the female lead too. And let’s face it the man pretty much oozes charisma in this role (another thing you would expect from a successful politician). Maybe it’s because I’m a little older, but when I watch him I notice myself thinking “Is it warm in here, or is it just me?” No, it’s just LBS.

      • 35.2.1 valleydale

        Nope, it’s not you newgirl. Ajusshi is seriously hot. And he has a some serious chemistry with our fresh young reporter. I’m loving this pairing.

  36. 36 Bengbeng

    i just love this drama! what a breath of fresh air =)

  37. 37 bee

    I loved PM’s generosity, 1000 cabbages, no less! Just hilarious

  38. 38 Kindra R.

    This drama totally holds water till you attempt to explain the plot out loud, then it falls apart faster then Da-jung’s lack of judgement.

    • 38.1 yuki95

      that is basically what all kdramas are all about… what is your point?

  39. 39 Minea

    Thanks for the recap, gummi!

    Just the kind of show I need right now. So many happy feels so far. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a really GOOD romcom. Whoever thought of casting LBS and YA together and making them a drama couple deserves a bonus. They’re rocking the roles and the unexpected chemistry is totally refreshing to see. Not sure if it goes the same if the material is different but teh chem is definitely crackling.

    But more than the relationship between Da Jung and Yul, I think the relationship that’s gonna shoot my heart in pieces and then wrap it in a blanket will be that of DJ and the kids. Watching Man Se gets attached to DJ right away just shows how much he needs love and care (that goes the same for his brother and sister). It’s gonna be an uphill battle for DJ to win over the other 2 but with her big heart and warm personality, it’s just a matter of time. Ah, can’t wait to see the Kwon house become a home.

  40. 40 whimsicalnet

    Your recaps are gonna break my resolve of waiting for the show to end before watching … must . hang . on .

    • 40.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I’m watching raw footage. RAW. Yep, this show is sucking me in. The wait for episodes is killing me.

      • 40.1.1 Minea

        Ohmygosh! Me, too! Waiting for new episodes every week is like a slow burn. Addicted too soon and too fast. 😀

      • 40.1.2 dfwkimchi

        Yep – me too watching it raw during my lunch time and the re-watching when fully subbed.

        Enjoying it very much so far!!

        PM n I – fighting!

  41. 41 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    The imagination scenes really tickle my romantic urges. It is far too early in the drama for all the glorious things we’ve gotten to experience in her wild imaginings. Somehow, it is satisfying just knowing she is swooning for the Prime Minister, imagining his kisses, his undies, his shower … oh you go girl! I’ll imagine right along with you.

  42. 42 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Off Topic, but today is my birthday, and DramaFever is tempting me with their “Oppa” tote bag and “Chocolate Abs” mug. I don’t NEED these things, but temptation is pulling at me …

    So, should I treat myself to a birthday gift that shows my KDrama addiction?

    • 42.1 ilikemangos

      You had me at the chocolate abs mug.
      Girlfriend treat yourself, and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

    • 42.2 whimsicalnet

      Happy birthday! May your days be ‘tote’-ally awesome and your nights chocolaty delicious. Abs would be nice. Have a great one!!

    • 42.3 gummimochi

      Happy Birthday Julia!

      You should treat yourself to actual Oppas and chocolate abs. Isn’t he worth it?

    • 42.4 Carole McDonnell

      Happy birthday!!!!!!!!

    • 42.5 Vanessa

      Happy Birthday!!!

    • 42.6 jomo

      Happy Birthday!
      Who is your absolute fav, or who is in your top 3?

    • 42.7 Minea

      Happy Birthday, Julia!!!

      Give in to the temptation and treat yourself on your special day. Have a good one! 🙂

    • 42.8 Orion

      Happy Birthday and yes, do indulge a bit. I suggest the ‘oppa’ bag. Chocolate abs is limiting. Plenty of nice oppas without em out there. ;P

    • 42.9 DayDreamer

      Happy Birthday!! Best wishes to you! 🙂

      I say go for the gifts. Needs do not matter as much as desires do, lol.

    • 42.10 xxvxx

      Happy Birthday Julia! Go ahead and treat yourself!~ Um-hmm yum chocolate abs

  43. 43 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I’m reminded of “Stars Falling From the Sky” where there was an adorable relationship between the hero Kim Ji Hoon and the little boy Park Ji Bin aka Orange. Orange had this need for love and wormed his way into the hero’s heart by doing things like sleep walking into his bedroom.

    The Manse relationship with the journalist looks to be just as adorable to watch.

    What good father isn’t moved by someone who makes his children happy?

    • 43.1 ilikemangos

      Aw! thanks for taking me a trip back memory lane.
      Orange and Ji Hoon’s relationship in that drama were one of my absolute favorites. The sleep-walking to his room with him walking up to her lying at the foot of his bed was priceless everytime!

  44. 44 Kaybee

    Thank you for the recap. Loved it! The drama is GOOD!

  45. 45 ilikemangos

    Aside from all the laughs, the chemistry, and the hijinks… i think the shining moments that got me emotionally were whenever Da Jung and Man Se had their moments. I mean those are the moments that truly make me feel things because its so genuine and raw. Poor baby grew up without his mother, and i remember correctly, the mother died 7 years ago.. Which means baby man se never got to see his mother’s face. Aside from the fact that i love man se for pushing Yul into marrying Yoona as somewhat of a catalyst, his relationship with Da Jung will be the one to look to even if the writing begins to falter. Kind of like the relationship with Housekeeper Bok Nyeo and Hye Gyul (youngest) in Suspicious Housekeeper, for those that watched.

    I do hope this show continues to do what it did best this episode, and that was clearing up any misunderstandings within a decent amount of time. I hate it every time dramas drag out the misunderstandings that span for episodes. The audience doesn’t need that, it only shows that the writer can’t think of a better conflict.

    I am absolutely in love with Da Jung as a person. Some people may argue that she should have stood up for herself amidst those misunderstandings and hurtful comments, but i love what she said. She knows that it’s easy for people to misunderstand her motives because of how she carried herself recently, what with the drunken confessions and wish to get married, and that she’s sorry. We the audience see her real intentions, but the other characters don’t. Truthfully, she doesn’t have much of a place to be stating her claim because we’re talking higher stakes now. Yul is the prime minister, a very important figure surrounded by people who’s trying to tear him down. But i don’t even care about those secondary characters hurling hurtful comments at her, as long as Yul sees her genuineness.
    However, I love that Da Jung won’t take shit when it comes to hurting the people she loves. I am confident that these people will come to see the beautiful flower that Da Jung is. Fighting Da Jung! Fighting Gummi! Fighting Javabeans!

    • 45.1 Carole McDonnell

      It’ll be soooo fun watching the other political ladies/wives having to eat crow and honor the Prime Minister’s new “wife.”

    • 45.2 Minea

      “Truthfully, she doesn’t have much of a place to be stating her claim because we’re talking higher stakes now. Yul is the prime minister, a very important figure surrounded by people who’s trying to tear him down”

      So true. Sometimes I forget how “big” a person Yul is outside of their daily life and interaction. With many eyes lookin’ at him as the new PM, any tiny misstep or hint of scandal is just what the vultures around him are waiting for.

    • 45.3 Windsun33

      I actually went digging on the internet to find out how to make those origami frogs.

      Does that make me obsessed?

      • 45.3.1 dfwkimchi

        Ok Windsun – back away slowly from dem frogs….

        LOL – i have been know to look up stuff mentioned in Kdramas …

        Kdrama = great educational tool!

      • 45.3.2 ilikemangos

        as long as it is a healthy obsession. 😉

  46. 46 TS

    I was reading this recap to see if I want to start watching it, and the recap was so good that I’m sticking to recaps, if that makes sense.

    I must say, marrying single Prime Ministers seems a singularly easy thing to do.

  47. 47 Karin

    This drama is absolutely adorable! I love it, and to be honest I did not expect that. I only started watching it after reading the first recap (so thank you for that) but got hooked immediately. Generally I feel the contract marriage plot has been overdone or just done clumsily, but this totally pulls you in. It’s the kind of drama I’d rather start watching AFTER it’s finished so I can watch it all in one go. Gimme MORE!

  48. 48 jomo

    Thanks for the recap!

    Love this show and how they are feeding AND dramatically dramatic imaginary scenes that intensify DJ’s growing affection for the PM – all are wonderful!

    ManSe will be the glue that holds this whole thing together.
    The way he looked after sending her the “Come here or you’re dead” text was hilarius and adorable.

    • 48.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      when you see ep 4, tell me who is the glue then … real Master’s Sun stickiness hands on moment

      • 48.1.1 Rizzo

        I just finished watching episode 4 sans subtitles (moi? obsessed?) and I have to say I laughed like a loon at that bit. Kudos to the writers on the very clever ways they’re coming up with to get around the whole ‘no public touching’ thing… 😉

        I think I got the gist of the plot, but I look forward to getting the detail (especially all the banter-y bits) when the subs are out tomorrow. I’m reminded of a Korean version of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in the old-style screwball comedies – so much fun!

  49. 49 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I try to learn a little bit of Korean with every drama.

    This one, I looked up

    to order 명령하다 myeongryunghada

    PM is going to try to order the journalist, so think that will be a handy word to pick up, ’cause you know she’s not going to take orders.

  50. 50 Meighy

    I like this a lot. I was surprised how much I got into the family dynamic. I was really curious about the cousin and how he seems to want a relationship with the rest of the family. Also, this seems similar to both The King and I and the Sound of Music, so I’m thinking of trying to get my mom to watch it.

    • 50.1 ktiep

      Yes, I saw the Sound of Music with the strict father/sweet young nanny, but forgot about The King and I. Now I won’t be able to rewatch Ep 4 without thinking, “Whenever I feel afraid, I hold myself erect, and whistle a happy tune, so no one will suspect…”

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