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Running Man: Episode 175
by | December 15, 2013 | 66 Comments

Who knew that two suspects could be so darn adorable and that being charismatic was a crime? Our cast is on a mission to clear in their names in this escape race that brings us more laughs than tears. They’ll need to use their smarts, strength, and their skills (sometimes lack thereof) to fight for their freedom. ‘Cause no one ever said that would be easy.

EPISODE 175. Broadcast on December 8, 2013.

We start off in prison where our cast members are held captive for their hilariously absurd “crimes,” like Jae-suk’s compulsion to dance whenever there’s music playing or Jong-kook’s uncontrollable urge to coach others.

It’s a co-ed cell apparently as Ji-hyo is thrown in with them and informed that her crime… is her beauty. The boys reel in disbelief, but Gary interjects, “It is a crime, because she stole my heart.”

Kwang-soo gets dragged in yelling up a storm in character per usual, only to be told that his theatrical behavior IS the reason he’s in here along with a litany of other crimes, including his betrayal tendencies and using his Asia Prince title to feel the country. Ha.

Our suspects are joined by two more cellmates, co-stars of the upcoming action-thriller movie The Suspect: Park Hee-soon, whose crime is his charisma, and Gong Yoo, who’s guilty of setting women’s hearts ablaze wherever he goes.

It’s adorable how both of our guests cringe in embarrassment at their “crimes,” and when Suk-jin says that he also used to set some fires to women’s hearts aka a stud in his day, Jae-suk agrees, “He really did start some fires… to keep the elderly warm.” Hehe.

Ha, I love how no one believes for a second that Haha could possibly be good friends with such a high-profile star like Gong Yoo. “Just because you’re born in the same year doesn’t make you two friends!”

But Haha counters that he’s seen Jae-suk exchange formal greetings whenever he’s with his “good buddy” Lee Jung-jae. So they ask Gong Yoo if he is friends with Haha, to which he answers: “I don’t really remember…” Hahaha.

It turns out that they really are friends, seeing as Gong Yoo tosses a barb at Haha in banmal moments later. That’s so cute.

I’m always amused at how flustered actors get whenever they come to play on the show, and when the guests are instructed to change, we hear Gong Yoo ask, “Here? And the cameras keep rolling?”

It cracks me up that nobody is really listening to Jo PD introduces today’s mission because they’re all too distracted by Kwang-soo, who is yet again caught up in the theatrics of their mission to clear their names.

Their first task is to escape the jail they’re quarantined in, and they immediately search the cell for clues. Haha suggests that they put their heads together… and then they literally put their heads together. Lol.

The cast finds it strange that their guests were the only ones told to change. So they check their jackets, where they find numbers written inside which unlocks their jail door. Easy peasy.

Jo PD later explains today’s Suspect Target race where they’ll earn ballots in each game to vote for someone they want to eliminate the most. Jong-kook whines: “You guys always write my name down whenever we do something like this!”

Jae-suk scowls in disbelief when Kwang-soo suggests that they don’t write each other names down, saying that the very fact that Kwang-soo brought it up means that he’ll do it himself. Sure enough, the previews shows that he does.

As everyone scrambles to get to get changed, it’s a good a time as any to introduce today’s team breakdown: Blue (Jong-kook, Haha, and Hee-soon); Orange (Jae-suk, Kwang-soo, and Gong Yoo); and Green (Suk-jin and the Monday Couple).

To his team’s dismay, Gong Yoo arrives last at the poolside. He defends that he was trying to hurry, but then realized that there weren’t any cameras in the locker room. HA, did you think the staff were going to film you getting changed? Though I’m sure none of us would complain about that.

Their first game is a 1:1 pull-up bar wrestling match above the pool. The mat-hyungs face off first, and soon Jae-suk easily grabs Suk-jin in a hold with his legs. Suk-jin is told to pull Jae-suk down with him into the water, and so he does…

… and off come Jae-suk’s trunks. HAHAHAHA. Mind you that he’s still wearing leggings, but still. Oh god, I’m dying. Rewind, replay!

Then Kwang-soo tries to help by wrapping his hyung with a towel, but he slips and fall in, too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s like a one-two punch of comedy and it gets funnier the more they replay it.

Gong Yoo steps up next to face Ji-hyo, and he wonders if it’s really okay if he beats her. He’s told that he doesn’t have to hold back against the Ace just because she’s a girl, and I know the chances are slim, but it’d be hilarious if Ji-hyo overtook him.

He’s feels super sorry anyway and wraps her in a hold until she falls in. But it’s a different story with Gary, and both men speedily try to overtake the other. Oh it’s on, until finally Gong Yoo latches himself onto Gary and they both fall in.

Hee-soon and Jae-suk start off the final round, and to everyone’s surprise, the actor dangles there for a minute after being unable to pull himself up, then falls in. Aw, do you have a heodang quality about you, Hee-soon? That’s adorable.

Haha gets a few kicks in before Jae-suk grabs him in a firm hold until they both drop into the water. So it’s down to Jong-kook, who’s flabbergasted when Hee-soon bends down to give him a boost. But when Haha tries to take his place out of consideration for their guest, Hee-soon finally bursts, “Let me at least do this!”

Kwang-soo gets a boost himself, but his hands slips and he falls into the water. Hahaha. Jae-suk’s astonished Did that just happen? expression is priceless.

Gong Yoo is initially surprised to see Jong-kook already on top of the bar, but when Spartakooks tries to tickle his opponent, he slips and spins around. Whoops.

Now the men face off properly as they try to pry the other off of the bar. Haha screams from the sideline: “You’re our only hope, hyung! It wasn’t Hee-soon!” D’aw. It’s strength vs. strength as Gong Yoo grabs Jong-kook into a hold… but then falls into the water himself, giving Jong-kook the win.

The good news is that the Orange Team still gets one ballot each, and Gong Yoo checks in to make sure that they won’t betray each other. Aw, still so innocent. His teammates assure him that it won’t happen and agree to vote for Jong-kook, which they all do… that is, except for Kwang-soo of course.

Gong Yoo gets caught spying on the Blue Team’s pow-wow session and oh-so-casually turns to exit through the closest door… which is the entrance to the ladies locker room. Ha, why so adorable?

Kwang-soo gets spotted a minute later and he swears to Jong-kook that he wrote Gong Yoo’s name down… and then turns around to see Gong Yoo standing right next to him. LOL.

Haha rallies everyone via group chat to settle on one target, so Kwang-soo starts another chat and deliberately leaves Jong-kook out. Unfortunately for them, they get caught when Hee-soon asks out loud if he got a private message and then shows to it to Jong-kook.

So Jong-kook opens another chat to warn Kwang-soo publicly, and there’s something so amusing about watching them all be on their phones in this whole merry-go-round chat.

It’s off to the beach for their next mission where their escape skills will be put to the test. Here, they’ll need to escape the fastest and guess the right key to unlock a bun steamer. Only one of them needs to succeed for each team, and until then, it’s dance time!

Everyone scrambles when the siren blares, and surprisingly, it’s Hee-soon who runs out first. They ask: “You were holding out on us before, weren’t you?” Answer: Yep.

He picks the wrong key, but gets another shot when he escapes first again. His quick reflexes earns him a nickname “Speedy” (a play on words from his name), but his key doesn’t work again.

Aw, everyone looks like they’re having fun dancing together. When the siren alerts them again, it’s Gong Yoo who escapes first, and to his luck, his key works.

He and his teammates enjoy their buns and taunt the others with them. But Jong-kook escapes soon enough and frees his teammates as well.

The two teams cast their votes, and it looks like Gong Yoo has finally caught the betrayal bug, as he jots down Jae-suk’s name. Both Jae-suk and Kwang-soo whisper to conspire against him, but vote for the other anyway. Ha.

At the end of the round, Jong-kook and Kwang-soo are tied with seven votes each.

Time for another group chat in the car, and Kwang-soo gets caught chatting with Haha in secret. It’s pretty hilarious how Jae-suk spams the room with messages to make fun of Kwang-soo, and therefore interrupting their private conversation.

Gong Yoo asks the group whether they’ll have enough strength to fulfill their schedules tomorrow. Hee-soon then replies that he has no idea what he’s doing on the show right now, “But these guys are doing this tomorrow too, aren’t they?”

Their next game requires a hula hoop and Jong-kook says that he can’t hula hoop very well. When Hee-soon says that he can’t either, Jong-kook asks: “Is there anything you can do?” Hee-soon: “No.” Aww.

The cast tries out their hula hoop skills inside, and it turns out Gong Yoo is a natural. Hee-soon sneaks away to a corner as not to draw attention to himself, but the camera zooms in on him to confirm that yes, he can’t twirl very well.

But that doesn’t matter since they’ll all be twirling the hoop with their arms. Their task here is to eat a snack while an opponent team member spins a hoop on their arm. Eep, and the way Jong-kook is spinning that thing like crazy is freaking me out.

Kwang-soo volunteers to go first, but he keeps getting hit in the face instead of eating the celery until it finally breaks. Then the cast gives Hee-soon a turn in the spotlight, and as expected, he can barely twirl the hoop without hitting himself.

The more he tries, the worse it gets until the hoop flies off his arm. Ack, somebody take that thing away from him before he hurts someone or himself!

But the important thing is that Hee-soon keeps trying, and he eventually gets it spinning long enough to start the timer. Eating the celery is another obstacle in of itself, and Gong Yoo approaches slowly and takes a few accidental hits before finally getting hit in the eye.

The Blue Team chooses a kind of chewy candy, and you can see Hee-soon getting increasingly annoyed (but in silence!) as the snack keeps smacking him. It’s both sad and funny at the same time, but he does get a bite in.

Kwang-soo starts spinning the hoop after when it’s Jong-kook’s turn, and instinctively backs away in fear. Suffice it to say, they both get a turn at each other until time runs out.

The Green Team has yet to win anything today, and the thought gives Gong Yoo an idea. Letting the Green Team win would be the lesser of two evils, so he spins the hoop realllly slowly for them.

But Haha points out that that doesn’t mean the Green Team won’t vote for them, so he spins it a little faster. Heh, wouldn’t the best choice (though not the easiest) be to come out on top yourself?

It’s too late for that, however, and the Green Team comes in first with the Blue Team not far behind. Everyone casts their final votes, and they realize that the odds that any Green team member’s name is slim. So what if they spread out their votes?

In the car, Hee-soon guesses that Ji-hyo won’t have any votes against her, to which Haha assures him that if he’s pretty sure Suk-jin did. Before they head inside, Jong-kook makes sure to address that there are no hard feelings for whatever might happen in the final mission.

It’s a small moment, and I don’t know if the staff meant to keep it in or not, but nevertheless, I’m glad they did since it’s important for both the cast and the viewers to know that at the end of the day, it’s still a game.

The cast members get in position for the final mission, and… is Hee-soon hiding in a refrigerator? Hahahaha.

It’s a nametag ripping race where the order of target elimination is determined by the number of votes from highest to lowest, and only the current target may be eliminated. However, if the current target finds and blows a whistle, the next person in the order will become the target, and they’ll be placed at the end of the line. Phew.

They wait with bated breaths to hear their first target (who had 11 votes total).. Kwang-soo. Ha, the fact that everyone thought that it would be Jong-kook makes the twist that much more hilarious.

Naturally Kwang-soo panics while everyone else busts a gut, and Gong Yoo asks, smiling, “They must all hate Kwang-soo, huh?”

Little does Kwang-soo know that the very whistle he needs to save himself is in the same room, as he remains hidden behind a box. That’s when Ji-hyo walks in and discovers him.

But Kwang-soo holds her hostage as the others come round, and he asks Jae-suk how he could betray him as a montage plays of their earlier promises to stick together. Kwang-soo bellows that he’ll get revenge, but he’s outnumbered, and they easily eliminate him. He swears that he’ll watch the broadcast to find out who voted against him.

When they drop him off in jail (the same one used for the opening), he yells: “The cameras aren’t even set up yet!” Caption: Sorry, we didn’t know you’d be coming so soon.

Jong-kook is the only other person missing, and everyone knows that he’s trying to buy time before his name is officially announced. Sure enough, Jong-kook is the next target with a total of 10 votes.

This is their only chance to eliminate him while they have the advantage, and we see Jong-kook searching the building to find the whistle he needs. And who should comes across the whistle but Jae-suk, who makes sure that it remain well-hidden beneath the floor.

Then he drops by to see Kwang-soo, who’s still in shock at the eleven total votes against him. Kwang-soo: “The cameras aren’t even set up! Nobody is filming me!”

They discover Jong-kook outside as everyone’s ears perk up at the noise. Jong-kook is forced to run, but he finds himself outnumbered at once, and Hee-soon does the honor to eliminate him.

Gary legitimately panics when he hears his name announced as the third target. He’s spotted by Gong Yoo soon enough and tagged out shortly afterward.

Jae-suk is next on the hit list, and he’s discovered mere seconds after his name is announced. At the same time, Gong Yoo takes a moment to deduce that he could be next, but that’s when he hears voices nearby, and takes Jae-suk down.

After he’s eliminated, Jae-suk asks where his whistle is, completely unaware that he’s standing thirty feet away from it. Gong Yoo has a wide smile on his face after getting a taste of nametag ripping, and then admits: “I voted for Jae-suk.”

Jae-suk joins the eliminated in jail, who are just as upset if not more than he is about the number of votes made against them today. Jae-suk: “Why do I have so many votes?” Gary: “People must not like you!”

But Jae-suk does admit that he saw Jong-kook’s whistle earlier, and he swears that he left it alone. “I just closed the lid [of the compartment] and buried it, is all!”

Everyone is all ears to find out who their fifth target is: it’s Gong Yoo… and Haha. Ji-hyo spots Gong Yoo at a distance and calls for backup. She follows him, but then he blows past her, to her shock.

Gong Yoo seeks refuge underneath a stairwell, but Hee-soon is already on his tail. He’s just a few feet away… when suddenly, a whistle blows. Whoa, was that Haha?

Sure enough, we see Haha discover the whistle on the roof. He blows it loud and true, which means that he and Gong Yoo are now the last targets in line. (Though, Haha is placed last for finding the whistle himself.)

There are two targets in the next round, and I admit that I laughed when Hee-soon did a momentary double-take when his name wasn’t announced right away. Both he and Suk-jin must find the whistle or find themselves eliminated.

Ji-hyo’s the one to stumble across the whistle, however, while Gong Yoo sets off in search for Hee-soon, saying that his co-star is a good hider because he’s such a quiet person.

So when he looks into a basement door strangely left open, thinking there’s no way that Hee-soon would be hiding here… we see Hee-soon hiding in that very basement. But Gong Yoo doesn’t see his co-star and talks about how this situation reminds him of a scene from his movie instead, and just walks right out.

Once he’s in the clear, Hee-soon asks if only one of them needs to find the whistle and hopes that Suk-jin is out there looking for it. Elsewhere, we see Suk-jin hoping for that very same thing. Ha.

A little later, Haha asks his buddy when he’s going to treat him to a meal for saving his neck earlier. Gong Yoo says that they’ll see after the episode ends, to which Haha says that his friend can make another guest appearance. Yes, please!

Haha says that they need Ji-hyo’s eagle eye to find their targets, but Ji-hyo is busy looking for her own hiding place. That’s when Hee-soon walks right in front of her, and he bolts.

But Hee-soon gets cornered by Haha and Gong Yoo a minute later, and he asks to be eliminated by Ji-hyo. When that doesn’t work, he offers to tell them where she is. Haha: “We’ll find her ourselves.”

They eliminate Hee-soon, and then we skip ahead to after Ji-hyo’s elimination. Now it’s down to Haha to hunt down his friend Gong Yoo, who sets off in search for his whistle.

Haha keeps watch outside and sneaks back into the building once he spots Gong Yoo inside. He then waits for his opportune moment before going in, and the two wrestle to the ground.

Finally, Haha yells, “I’m sorry! But this won’t affect our friendship!” and rips Gong Yoo’s nametag. Exhausted, Gong Yoo tells his buddy, “I’m supposed to look cool on this show after playing such a cool character in my movie…”

Haha: “This is what variety is like.” Gong Yoo: “This show totally didn’t go the way I expected it to!” Haha: “A UFC champion came on our show and played gong-gi once.”

So Haha throws his buddy in jail and holds up his gold prize high and proud. “I’ll go watch The Suspect now that I’m free!”

The others gather together for the closing, and the cast tells Hee-soon that it isn’t easy for a guest to earn a nickname (Park Hee-speedy, you could say) in variety. They invite Gong Yoo to come back on the show too, to which he answers that he’s already preparing himself for his next visit. Eeee!


66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. domino

    Gong Yoo is soooooo adorable omg. He’s effortlessly cute.

  2. jel

    The mini games had physicality mixed with variety. It was awesome to see the man to man fights between Gary and Gong Yoo, and Jong Kook and Gong Yoo. You’re sometimes mind blown by how strong they can be. Then of course before that you had Jong Kook behaving like Sherlock Holmes again, when he solved the lock password. How I have missed such moments. I was screaming to myself “that’s him!!!!!!”. Of course the water game also started the “Park Hee Soon who cannot do anything right”. It is refreshing to see a movie veteran like him totally admit to being useless and playing along with it.

    The dance game, we’ve seen before. But it was the reward – a steaming hot bun in the middle of winter that was so refreshing. Hee Soon going from useless in the water game to rushing out first twice in the dance game was funny. I do hope the PDs, or the other people who got to eat the buns at least gave the green team some. It’d have sucked not to have eaten any. Though we all know Ji Hyo basically bamboozled herself to get a bite. Cue Angry Birds.

    I didnt enjoy the hula hoop game as much, but that’s really a minor quibble. Hee Soon hiding to the corner, not wanting to be exposed for his lack of hula hoop skills was hilarious though. And Gong Yoo getting himself hit on the face countless times. You could see his mind spinning when he was dealing with the green team, and that was awesome to see.

    And all the mind games when they were choosing people to be the main suspect. Wow. Jong Kook was so smart to start hiding once he knew he wasnt the first target, since he had to know he was the next. The others also adopted this strategy later. After the first two, I was thinking to myself “why dont people ever vote Gary in such games? He’s so strong!” And viola, Gary was 3rd to be hunted, which was a surprise given how little he featured earlier when they revealed votes. He clearly was not expecting it as he was stumbling all over, that was fun to see.

    The bad: Finding one tiny whistle in the whole building, especially if you’re one of the first few suspects and have a whole army of people hunting you down, is close to impossible. I have a feeling Haha partly did it because everyone was chasing after Gong Yoo. When it comes to such voting games, everyone with a brain knows Jong Kook would never win, and it was sad to see himself kinda resigned to the fact earlier on. I’m not trying to get on the whole Kwang Soo debate again, but nowadays, I see his antics and I no longer can figure out whether it was natural or fake

  3. haha

    It was a good episode and love Gong Yoo.

  4. kecik

    I hope when Gong Yoo makes his next visit will be on summer..hehe. then we will see some muscle in action~

  5. crazy

    It’s been a while since I’ve laughed so much and re-watched RM over and over again! Loved this episode! Thanks for the recap!

  6. magickaito

    I really love this episode,it has the ingredients of a good episode: great guests, fun games and the classic name tag ripping race. Gong Yoo is so smart and strong and he is really into the world of betrayal, i really hope he win but then i’m also glad that he didnt so he can visit again. Park hee soon is also so funny for being ” the guy who cannot do anything” at least he tear KJK nametag.

    I also felt sorry for KJK cause everyone always want him to get eliminated, i get it he is such a strong player and this is variety not real but i felt bad for him that everyone wants him out and he knows it too which is more sad.

    I also love Spartace, where Ji hyo grab a bite from Joong Kook’s bun, they really look close

    Thanks for the recap..

  7. nana

    yes, pretty please. Back to RM very soon
    Its’ not enough to see GY in one episode only, we need moarrrr

  8. smiley

    Watched this ep. at 4am and the scene with Suk Jin accidentally pulling Jae Suk’s trousers cracked me up so bad I couldn’t breathe. I had to muffle my laughter and was half-wheezing and snorting; felt like I was having a convulsion. LOL

    Gong Yoo is such a man-boy and with his boyish grin, I’m smitten. Haha!

    Off topic but how about the Reply 1994 cast and characters on this show. That’d be quite a feast to watch.XP

  9. smiley

    Watched this ep. at 4am and the scene with Suk Jin accidentally pulling Jae Suk’s trousers cracked me up so bad I couldn’t breathe. I had to muffle my laughter and was half-wheezing and snorting; felt like I was having a convulsion. LOL

    Gong Yoo is such a man-boy and with his boyish grin, I’m smitten. Haha!

    Off topic but how about having the Reply 1994 cast and characters on this show. That’d be quite a feast to watch.XP

  10. 10 Running Man Fan

    Ok, I gonna scream Kim Jong Kook is “The Man!” Finally I can see the detective smart guy when he first discover how to unlock the cell. That was a long time since he showed his skills!!! Gonna love Spartakook!!! At the water game, Gong Yoo and Jong Kook fight against each other.. That was CLASSIC! They were so strong and was basically on par with each other. I like it that Jong Kook stated that it is a game and there is no hard feelings. Still, I felt sad for him to predict that he will be the first to be voted out. After all, he is the strongest and the cast will never vote the guests out because of courtesy.

    Classic moments
    1) Jae Suk trunks was pulled down by Suk Jin
    2) HaHa encourage his hyung and stated that he is their only hope
    3) Hee-Soon fall into the water.. Lol!
    4) Kwang Soo fall into the water
    5) The group chat and the conspiracy
    6) The dancing game and Jong Kook/Haha dance to Turbo music!!
    7) speedy Hee-Soo!!
    8) Ji Hyo bite jong kook bun
    9) Kwang Soo surprisingly being the first target!! Good! A twist to the other wise expected result..
    10) Gary shocked expression to know that he is third target. Haha.. He IS low profile but we know Gary IS very strong too.. No surprise that Yoo Jae Suk is the fourth target..
    11) Haha is really funny and he is lucky to find the wristle
    12) Yoo Jae suk hide the wristle on the floor to prevent Jong Kook from finding
    13) The two adorable guests expressions and they do not know what to do in variety but they were so natural and funny!

    I agree with the comment above that it is difficult for the first few targets to find the wristles… So kind of unfair.. Ji Hyo will always be left to the last in this man vs man nametag tearing game. Lol.. But like HaHa said that is variety so basically is a game.

    I like HaHa and Jae Suk comical timing but wish that Kwang Soo tone down his act. He can be funny and natural without trying too hard to seek attention.. Overall, a great episode with a great mixture of funny moments, interaction, action and adorable guests.

  11. 11 vios

    Gong Yoo on Running Man! My wish came true…
    So adorable…totally guilty of his crime of setting women hearts on fire…

  12. 12 enz

    tears were streaming down my face during the hula hoop session. i loved this episode 🙂

    • 12.1 Korazy Lady

      OMG, I agree! I could barely breathe while watching that scene as I was laughing so hard. Altho I felt bad for the ones trying to eat it at the same time

  13. 13 Elle

    I kind of wished Jae-suk would be the first target instead of Kwang-soo or Jong-kook. Oh well.

    But Haha finding the whistle was awesome! I love Haha!

  14. 14 Quiet Thought

    Would it be too PG to suggest that Song Ji Hyo biting Jong Kook on the bun, probably fulfilled a fantasy of a goodly number of his female fans?

  15. 15 nxa

    Gong Yoo oppa and the Running Man cast <3 <3 didn't think it could be possible!
    The only game I didn't care for was the hoola thingy…I'd have prefered another 'thinking' game or even the flying chairs one, seeing as they were already at the pool earlier…or the acupuncture mat! It would have been hilarious to see Hee Soon trying to cope with that! I thought Haha was being his usual lying-self when claiming he was friends with Gong Yoo because Gong Yoo seemed a little confused, but when he spoke to him in banmal I was quite surprised. Hope he comes back again and gets paired up with Haha!
    I support the comment above about it being during the summer so that we can see some muscles XD

  16. 16 Quiet Thought

    This episode is a good rejoinder to those people who keep claiming the games on Running Man are “scripted.” Definitely, every one was surprised to discover that Hee-Soon had so little upper body strength. I suspect there was an injury involved along the way.

  17. 17 kim fieka

    Thank you for the recap…

    Frankly speaking when they started with the jail scene, my mind went, “NOT another escape plan!”, though I would not mind a Yoomes Bond one. Its been a while since we had that. But thankfully its a different sort.

    Its a good ep. Both guests blended well with the casts. And their bond looked naturally, no awkwardness, nothing.

    But I do hope they focus more on thr Green Team car ride, or did they slept through the whole journey? I bet they too, had interesting things to talk about in the car.

    Looking forward to next weeks… 🙂

  18. 18 callmeadreamer

    The guests were great! I thought Park Hee-soon was all kinds of adorable and funny (albeit somewhat unintentionally) Gong Yoo was fantastic, he has all the quality I like to see in a guest. Active, funny, and comfortable with all the cast. I would love to see both guest again, but Gong Yoo more than Hee-soon.

    The games weren’t that interesting, but the cast managed to make it amusing. The final nametag elimination was really fun. I like how they change it up to make things more interesting. I think it could have been better if they had placed more whistles in the building and the color restriction was removed. If more than one group had managed to move spots it would have been more intense.

    I wouldn’t mind a game if they had the members vote for people again and then there would be some sort of twist, such as it benefiting the member with the most votes instead of ousting them first.

    I wish we saw Suk-jin and Ji-hyo’s elimation. It annoys me when they cut out things like that but show so much of the other games. (Though I want a steamed bun while watching the dancing game. My mom would always make them for me when I was young, mmm’ yummmy.)

    The crimes were funny. Some didn’t seem well though out, while others were absolutely hilarious (or at least the reactions to them were). Jong-kook was impressive when he thought about the hint being in the guests clothes, even though I noticed before then that Ji-hyo was searching Kwang-soo’s clothes.

    • 18.1 Gwen

      Yeah they should show Suk-Jin and Ji-Hyo’s elimination. It’s the final mission and it should have more prominence than the previous missions. At least let them die in dignity even thou their elimination might not be that interesting!

      • 18.1.1 Lil

        I Suk Jin was eliminted and Jihyo without showing thier eliminations…. the have edited out Jihyo’s elimiation more than once… they didnt even show her hiding… there must be another reason behind it…

    • 18.2 ryoko

      I had the same thought, that it would be a great subversion of expectations if more votes turned out to be a benefit. I’d love to see the looks on everyone’s faces if they found out that by voting for KJK, they’d actually made him the last target, haha.

      • 18.2.1 callmeadreamer

        The looks on their faces would be priceless! haha

        It would also cause them to think twice on these types of missions, they wouldn’t be so fast to through all their votes at Jong-kook.

    • 18.3 Quiet Thought

      I suppose the loss of Suk Jin and Ji Hyo’s elimination had mainly to do with editing deadlines, assuming they edit the show from start to finish. Suk Jin’s eliminations are rarely that entertaining to begin with–he mainly chuckles and gives up when he’s outmatched–and Ji Hyo was almost certainly doomed after she lost her position at the back of the line. She has to operate by stealth and subtrafuge when she’s going solo against the men, and she was not gong to bluff Gong Yoo or Ha Ha out of a quick kill if she were spotted.

      We also know that she loses her sense of humor at certain times, because of her competitive nature–and if she gets angry in a non-entertaining way the cameras just stay away from her, as they do with the others when they get angry.

      • 18.3.1 Gwen

        How do you know JSJ and SJH were not entertaining here? Did you see any footage? If after 170+ of episodes they are going to skip the elimination then there’s really no point to this type of nametag ripping game. Hope this doesn’t become a norm.

        Btw, it is entertaining to see JSJ’s nametag get ripped. It’s part of the standard operating procedure of RM that mat-hyung must chuckle and then helplessly die! It’s amusing. They can’t even spare 10 secs for that. Bah.

        But honestly, any nametag being ripped is entertaining. Even if there’s no fanfare to it. So I don’t agree that anyone’s elimination should be edited out.

        There’s really no basis that SJH gets angry or sour as you imply. She does gets edited out of previous episodes at times, but where do you get the sense that she does that? I mean, since all the footage is gone and the audience didn’t even see anything. Were you there on set? If not, where did all these come from? Your whole post seems to be based on assumption and conjectures.

        I can also make up empty talk that the reason why their footage is cut is because the editor loves SJH so much that he can’t bear to put any footage of her getting her nametag ripped, lol. But doing such things are silly.

        • callmeadreamer

          I should have read your reply first. Completely agree Gwen.

          I hate it when they cut out parts of any elimination games and just announce the results. What a waste of effort on the casts part. I also find Suk-jin’s eliminations amusing and he does put in effort to win (esp over the past year) so it would be nice to see that rewarded.

          I do think the PD’s like it when she is Bad Ji-hyo and would show those moments. So groundless accusation that Ji-hyo get’s edited out because of her “anger” is odd to me.

        • neee

          Stop being childish. You want to watch 10 secs of pointless nametag ripping??

          Let me tell you why the first guy knows “JSJ and SJH were not entertaining here”.

          If you have some common sense and try to use some logic, try to comprehend that the editors obviously will edit away parts there are not or less entertaining.

          Only fanboys like you get angry for meaningless things such as your fav cast elimination not being shown while the majority simply dont care.

      • 18.3.2 callmeadreamer

        You can trim earlier parts of the videos later to make more room at the end so that excuse doesn’t wash for me.

        I disagree about Suk-jin’s eliminations being entertaining, but that may just be personal preferences. Even if it is a quick shot I like to see all the eliminations.

        Your point about Ji-hyo being doomed is lost on me. So what? Was Kwang-soo not doomed earlier when he was hunted 8-1? Or Jong-kook when it was 7-1? Gary? Jae-suk? None of that prevented them from showing their eliminations from the game. Based on Ji-hyo’s decision to prepare for her turn instead of hunt Hee-soon and Suk-jin leads me to believe that she didn’t just give in and die boringly.

        We do? You should speak for yourself, because I can’t think of one time I found Ji-hyo angry in a non-entertaining way. (Though I might be forgetting something after 175 episodes. Please feel free to give and example of one of these times.) If anything the producers probably enjoy that type of reaction since they also show it, even if it’s minor. I also can’t think of a time when the cameras stayed away from her because of her “scary” anger. It seems like a baseless assumption on your part.

  19. 19 Laica

    Loved this episode, loved Gong Yoo Oppa. How is he so CUTE?

    Thanks for the recap. <3

  20. 20 CutiieAngiie

    Gah, I freakin’ love Running Man.
    That episode had so many good and hilarious moments.
    I loved when they texted each other and even created chatrooms to talk with each other, minus Sparta XD.

    I just read an article about how Real Men gathered together to celebrate the year and all and I so want to see some pictures of RM doing the same. Even though, I’m fangirling because SBS Entertainment Awards 2013 is coming. I’m hoping for some awards like Best Couple for Tiger and Giraffe or Monday Couple. And another Daesang Award would be pushing it because 3 years in a row ? GOSH lol. But another popularity award or best program award will be great too 😀

  21. 21 roo

    There were so many unexpected laugh out loud moments for me in this episode! At one point, I literally cried from laughing so hard. What a great episode!

    Yay for HaHa’s solo win!! I love how excited he was for his win! Go RM!!

  22. 22 CFLH


  23. 23 onyxx

    a very solid episode, IMO. there were many hilarious moments that caught me off-guard and set me off roaring (at full volume, too). i hope Gong Yoo comes back again 🙂

  24. 24 latteholic

    Funny episode. I didn’t know that Park Hee Soo can be that funny and adorable. I was wondering whether Ye Jin gave him some pointers before he went on the show.. 😀
    I totally LMAO at that scene where JaeSuk’s shorts got pulled off by Ji Suk Jin then by Gwang Soo. Why does Jae suk always got involved in shorts-related-incidents? 😀

    Only have one gripe: there’s not enough Gary in this episode. It annoys me how the group with no guests would almost not get any screen time at all during the games.

  25. 25 Yumi

    Eeeh, as a Spartace shipper, I totally squealed when Jihyo took a bite out of Jongook’s bun!~ They seem so close.

    Gong Yoo for the win!~ >u<

  26. 26 Munhwa

    Gong yoo is so hot!!~ Thx so much for the recap, gummimochi!~ You rock!~ >u<

  27. 27 Deb

    Oh God, I’m so turned on by Gong Yoo right now just by looking at these screencaps. Even his hair is gorgeous. I’m going to go sit down for a little bit and prepare myself to watch the episode.

  28. 28 Mia

    Hahaha funny ep!

  29. 29 Gwen

    A really fun episode. Guests who really participated, great moments, no pandering, at least 3 games before the final mission.

    Let’s have more male guests. The cast don’t give an inch to the guys but they definitely pander to lady guests which makes it frustrating to watch and leave people feeling that it’s unfair and scripted.

    Love JK the detective. He is wasted in variety, just join the police force already! And his match against Gong Yoo, both were fantastic. Love how he perched on top of the bar.

    The chatroom thing is genius, thou I wonder how Haha expected to keep it from JK who is just sitting 2 seats away. Hah! Great to see Hee Soon has a good sense of loyalty to JK by ratting out Haha.

    Amazing how Gary got 5 votes out of nowhere. People must have voted for him in the last game where there were 18 votes available to cast. I wish they had shown who voted him!

    Ji-Hyo is a trooper. Can tell that she was really taken by surprise when she got taken hostage by KS. It’s the first time I saw her being deliberately treated so roughly. I was laughing during but I didn’t enjoy it after they showed her reaction afterwards. She was really shocked but sucked it up to continue with the mission. Good job.

    I feel no matter how close they are, for me, I wouldn’t like it even if it’s my brother, dad or hubby did this to me suddenly without warning. Just saying. It crosses a line. If it was prearranged for some harmless fun then it would be alright but to take a woman unawares like that is just… and he refuses to let her go even when he’s surrounded until people have to step in to ask him to release her. WTF? Just stop with the overacting already.

    Wish that Giraffe would be featured doing more unintentional things like his falling into the water, which is genuinely funny, rather than him shouting all the time. Why is he shouting all the time? Why can’t he DO things that are genuinely funny instead of attention whoring and trying to get the spotlight all the time? The SMS thing was a funny thing that he did. This sort of things are natural. He has to learn not to force it, and if he does, not to show that he forced it.

    Haha is not just lucky at finding the whistle. He and Ji-Hyo are the best finders traditionally actually. Both of them can share the throne of and be Finder King and Queen.

    The game mechanics of the final mission is fair although the probability of someone suceeding is set very low and thus less chances of upheaval. It’s a bit less interesting this way. But as it is, there are 3 instances of the cast (Jae Suk, Ji-Hyo and Haha) finding a whistle, just that only one instance, Haha’s, was a match.

    A similar game mechanic, which imo is better, would be in ep 110. They had similar numbering of whom to eliminate, but the rules allowed them to jump numbers depending on whom they eliminate. There was a lot of shuffling going on in that episode and less certainty on who would be the final winner.

    • 29.1 Quiet Thought

      The “hostage” thing was ham acting on everyone’s part, I’m pretty sure. Kwang Soo was being careful to avoid hurting Ji Hyo at all, and if she’d wanted to slip out of his grip or throw an elbow to his ribs, she could have done so easily. She’s not as fragile as some female guests on the show, and she doesn’t panic easily, or Kwang Soo would not have tried that particular schtick.

      • 29.1.1 Gwen

        What does it say about the situation if you need to elbow someone before they *may* release you? She can’t even talk or get him to release the hold over her mouth. After watching the footage, KS’s hold over her mouth was not loosened but his hold on her waist did. I’m not saying KS is hurting SJH deliberately. I’m saying he’s an overexcited puppy who doesn’t know he’s playing too rough and go over the line.

        Just because she went along with it after getting caught doesn’t mean she liked it. It helped that Jae Suk arrived very fast within seconds and the situation ended fast before it escalated. She was a good sport and didn’t complain after. She just sucked it up and carried on. But anyhow, in this world, it doesn’t mean every act has got nothing wrong and that we should just dismiss it just because the victim didn’t complain.

        • Quiet Thought

          What “throwing an elbow” would have said about the situation was that the cameras were on and Song Ji Hyo was playing rough just like the boys were. As she did a few episodes back in the beach scene when she got mad at Jong Kook for trying to pick her up and knocked him flat on his buns in the sand.

          Remember, this is play-fighiing. Aside from a few slaps and noogies, no one is going to hurt anyone else. Ji Hyo is not a delicate flower who might bruise all over her body and faint dead away because Kwang Soo grabbed her around the waist. If she didn’t want to play along with the melodramatic grab, she would have done something to deliver the message.

        • megumi

          you’re right, that was just play fighting like the guys do all the time, i know ji hyo is a woman but if she starts acting like a fragile woman like most female guests i would definitely hate it, i especially hate it when guys go soft on ladies in games just because they are ladies, ji hyo always has the advantage of being a woman in this show as the guys always mostly go easy on her, definitely on name tag ripping they leave her alone and fight it amongst themselves, she is never the target of them, they can easily take her out if they attacked her but you can see they don’t want to be rough on her, this is the only thing i hate about running man, i think it is not fair at all, as a woman i used to enjoy when ji hyo used to win before but nowadays after so many episodes i watched, i see more and more of this going soft on her bit, whether it’s the guys or the PD themselves, in some games she’s deliberately given the advantage by the PD’s, like in the superpower games she had the best power in that she had the ability to know the opponent’s power and whoever ripped her tag first would be out themselves, in another superpower episode she had the power to take other people’s power etc, there are many of them where she is given advantage beforehand, part of it i think is because she is a woman and part of it is because of her ace character the pd’s have to make her win most to prove to the audience she is ace.

      • 29.1.2 bjharm

        Jae-suk and Jong-kook pretty much alway have Ji Hyo’s back, they always keep an eye on her if they can especially in the more physical side of things, so I am pretty much if Kwang Soo crossed any line he would have got slapped both side of the head before he could blink by his hyungs

        • Running Man Fan

          Totally agree. Song Ji Hyo is like a sister to them. Of course that is the privilege of being the only woman in the team.

    • 29.2 KJKFan

      Regarding the game mechanics, I completely agree with your sentiment about episode 110. But about the three people finding the whistles, I would think except for Haha, the other two were just in the right place in the right time. And it doesn’t seem like other colors can be found that are not the current target one. And I think it is just a wee little bit unfair that the two current targets are essentially a team together. If KJK had another vote, he and KS may have been able to work together to survive. And if Hee Soon and JSJ had one vote less each, or Jihyo had another vote, the three could have worked together, and with the Ace and two helpers, finding the one tiny specific whistle would have been possible. Also, quite a few of the whistles were quite close to the target when their names were announced. Were they set up there? If it was then wouldn’t it have unfavorable those who have already been searching and would rule out the place? I love Running Man, and I love the writers’ crazy ideas too, but I do hope they can correct the flaws they have during this transitional period.

  30. 30 lovepark

    I knew I’d like this episode no matter what when I heard Park Hee-soon was a guest, but it was genuinely funny to my surprise! Gong Yoo was awesome and quite the sport, and Park Hee-soon was adorable in his silent, heodang ways. I love when he appears on the occasional variety show; always brings a smile to my face.

  31. 31 mjfan

    that was such an awesome episode , Gong Yoo is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute , I love him

  32. 32 Quiet Thought

    Temperatures tonight in the American Midwest are anywhere from twenty to four below Centigrade. Anyone got a good steamed bun recipe to share with us?

    • 32.1 Quiet Thought

      20 to 40 below C, 0 to -30 F, for heavens sake.

    • 32.2 Alinka

      Wish we can share though. The sun is shining so bright it hurts my eyes. It is whooping 28 degrees Celsius here.

  33. 33 damianna

    i love when great actors seem to have fun in RM. this episode will always be on repeat along with the episodes with joo sang wook came. gong yoo is just so natural among the runners. there’s no star-air around him and park hee son.
    remember gong hyo jin promised to come back again? please come back with gong yoo dear gong hyo jin. pd-nim, do hear me? pretty please…

  34. 34 Hari

    Fun episode! So happy to see that cutie pie Gong Yoo. I think Hyun Bin doesn’t like variety, but I’d love if he was a RM guest. Those 2 were my 1st kdrama crushes. RM introduced me to Woo Sung, so now I’m on the lookout for his works.

  35. 35 s2cutechibi

    I love this ep=))))))) I can’t help cringing too at the introduction “Gong Yoo, who’s guilty of setting women’s hearts ablaze wherever he goes” The water and hula hoop games have so much fun too: epic moment of jae suk’s short, the cast being hit by food and hee soon ajussi trying to twerl in the corner( poor him but so hilarious LOL). However, I feel that the ripping tag games is a bit lacking as finding a tiny colored whistle in the dark is super hard so there are not many reversals in the show. Overall, this ep is epic=)))))))

  36. 36 resogun

    Good episode. Only gripe I have is the placement of the whistles. Some where far easier to find than others (Jae-suk’s for example).

  37. 37 kanz

    Funny episode!! Lots of fun.. I laughed so hard at water games and I don’t laugh so hard at previous episodes.. Hope next week will be fun as well

  38. 38 Perrie

    This episode was enjoyable.
    I died when Kwang soo fell of the beam. You could tell that wasn’t scripted/planned because everyone was like “what the heck’ soo funny
    Enjoyed having Gong Yoo but the jewel of this episode was Park Hee Soon, he’s sooo adorable and chic! Couldn’t stop laughing when he hid in the corner to practice the hoola hoop

    And I also thought it was adorable when Miss Mong ate KJK’s bun out of no where! hahahaha

  39. 39 miixa_

    Hee Soon sunbaenim is so funny! And also so fast! 🙂 It’s so funny when KwangSoo oppa covered JiHyo’s mouth lol. But sadly Gary oppa didn’t even talk to JiHyo unnie 🙁 Monday couple is not over right? They should be together though… By the way, thanks for the recap! 😀

  40. 40 petmink

    Gong Yoo and Kim Jong Kuk’s beam fight was intense. There was a lot of butt to face action going on which had me cracking and cringing.

    I like it when the editor keeps the staff’s reaction in, especially when Jae Seok’s shorts were pulled down. Replayed that so many times.

  41. 41 Lex

    Can someone tell me the Gong yoo’s Background music in the episode 175? and the time when the final battle between he and HAHA ?thank you!!

  42. 42 Celery

    LOL, I died a little inside every time they show that fridge in place of Hee-soon whilst everyone else got a nice reaction shot.

  43. 43 yaya

    i really love it when the guest paired together with jae suk n kwang soo,huhuhh..

  44. 44 Ada (RM FANS)

    did anyone notice that in episode 172 173 174 174 and other episodes when it comes to Song Ji Hyo’s turn to get eliminated they always cut her part out ! why ?

  45. 45 AKL2KRA

    Can someone let me know what the name of the song is that’s playing when they ask park hee soon to do his solo? pretty please 🙂

  46. 46 Raey

    Does anyone know the song playing after Park Hee Soon goes back in the container the first time he escapes. Please this killing my brain cells, lol.

  47. 47 yusnani omar

    haha win

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