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Santa presents: Things I Learned from Dramaland
by | December 25, 2013 | 90 Comments

The one good thing about working one day a year and outsourcing most of your menial labor to elves is that it gives you plenty of time to watch dramas. This year I discovered that I had watched them all wrong before, because when you watch with an open mind, you can gain valuable life lessons about love, forgiveness, and the true meaning of Christmas. So I wrote down all of the nuggets of brain-gold that I mined from this year’s shows, which I’m sharing with you now.

Far be it from me to deny you all the wisdom dramaland has imparted upon me. Live and learn, my grasshoppers.


J Rabbit – “We Need a Little Christmas” [ Download ]

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School 2013: All problems start at school. You should just drop out.

Jeon Woo-chi: Friends and lovers will always betray you. Stab them in the back first.

Childless Comfort: Don’t have children. Duh, it’s in the title.

Sirius: There’s always an evil twin. Blame everything on him.

Level 7 Civil Servant: Incompetence will always be rewarded. Strive for incompetence.

Nail Shop Paris: No matter what my insurance company says, manicures count as therapy.

Dating Agency Cyrano: If people fall in love, they’ll forgive being tricked into it. The ends always justify the means.

Empire of Gold: Family’s a bitch. Every man for himself.

You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Family’s a bitch. Get a new one.

That Winter, The Wind Blows: Blind people are asking to be taken advantage of.

Mi-rae’s Choice: If your future self ever comes knocking, just send her packing. Maybe take some investment advice first.

Heartless City: Officer, I don’t know where those drugs came from, but I swear I’m really an undercover cop. Honest.

Answer Me 1994: Choosing is hard. Polygamy is easy.

Jang Ok-jung, Live By Love: Okay, so sometimes polygamy is not so awesome.

Cruel Palace: War of the Roses: If you’re going to go with polygamy, then maybe do some background checks first.

Secret: Love is the best revenge. Or is revenge the best love?

Heirs: If you don’t get what you want, cry about it until you do.

Basketball: Nine fingers are just as good as ten.

Queen’s Classroom: Children will never appreciate you. Consider a different profession, like assassin. Or florist.

Monstar: Ditch that electric guitar and join an orchestra. Those dudes win everything.

Who Are You: Grieving is hard, but thankfully amnesia takes the edge off the pain.

I Hear Your Voice: Hearing other people’s whiny problems is the worst superpower I’ve ever heard of. Here, have a drink.

Gu Family Book: Then again, if you DO have superpowers but are just too dumb to use them, well then that’s your loss.

Flower Boy Next Door: Good fences make good neighbors. So do restraining orders.

Nine: Look, if you were willing to sacrifice your health to time travel via incense, you could’ve just called me. I would’ve let you use my Christmas Eve wormhole for the low, low price of a thousand bottles of whiskey.

Two Weeks: If you wake up in a pool of blood, make sure it’s not yours, then run.

Mandate of Heaven: On the other hand, running away sends the wrong message. Stay and frame someone else instead.

Shark: If you’re going to commit murder, definitely get a new face first.

Medical Top Team: If you’re just one genius in a pool of geniuses, doesn’t that make you all unspecial? Genius Rule No. 1: Avoid other geniuses.

Good Doctor: Misunderstood genius makes you a loose cannon. Genius Rule No. 2: Better to scare it out of you early.

Goddess of Fire Jung-yi: If you’re the best at something, people will always be plotting against you. Genius Rule No. 3: Hide your genius.

Ad Genius: If you try real hard, people will assume you’re a genius anyway. Genius Rule No. 4: Fake it till you make it.

Master’s Sun: There’s a ghost behind you telling you to give me all your money, I swear. If you don’t, you’ll die. Really.



90 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you! Is this Samsooki (sp?)?

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      On second thought, he might be to busy to have time to watch this many dramas. This was funny, thanks!

    • 1.2 ajewell

      I always thought girlfriday does these?

    • 1.3 Kiara

      It has to be Sammy lol.

    • 1.4 omg

      If you check on santa post before, you’ll see it’s not samsooki. He saidd so.

      • 1.4.1 Kiara

        Thanks for the spoiler 🙂

    • 1.5 moll

      I miss Samsooki! Where did he go?

      • 1.5.1 Ivoire

        So do I (miss Samsooki), which was why I asked if that was him. I liked his insights, whether he was recapping (MNIKSS) or whether he was participating in (and adding his thoughts to) the conversations happening in the comments’ section, about different topics. It was also nice to have a guy’s perspective.

    • 1.6 kooriyuki

      I thought the whole Dramabeans crew takes part in this?

  2. noernov

    Hahhahahaha…love it,thank u SANTA 😉

  3. tebz10

    LOL at that photo of Shark! I love Kim Nam-gil bad that mustache is a big no.

    • 3.1 tebz10

      oops! i meant ‘but’, not ‘bad’. typed it too early in the morning.

      • 3.1.1 Cynthia

        Don’t be hating on the Pornstach!!
        It was the only funny thing in that sad-sack drama!

        • tebz10

          Haha! At least that ‘stache got us distracted with all the weird stuff that happened in that drama, esp. that ending. Ugh!!

  4. ML

    Lol it’s obvious that Santa doesn’t give a hoot of being politically correct…and that Shark’s KNG next to Lego Man really crack me up lol.!

    • 4.1 Windsun33

      I got up early to finish off some odds and ends for Christmas dinner, then I saw this – BAH HUMBUG, they don’t need no steenking food. 😀

      • 4.1.1 ML

        Ooh, looks like Mr Scrooge decided to make an appearance. Beware Santa! 😛

      • 4.1.2 watchumlots

        Damn Straight! They don’t need no steenkin’ food!
        I was watching the latest couple of episodes and looking at the clock, saying “I could turn the over higher, slice something thinner…) Ah, I could call and say I’m sick, stay home and watch kdramas all day. Now THAT’s CHRISTMAS!

  5. Windsun33

    That was hilarious, I especially liked YTBLSS – get a new family 🙂

  6. Sumee

    Santa..gahh how much I missed ur review..lobe u

  7. JD

    Spot on my friend. Spot on.

  8. petmink

    Thanks for the lessons Santa.

    Here you can have all my money. All I need is your bank account number and your social security number and your birth date and your address….. oh wait I already know that one – North Pole.

  9. shiku

    Thanks Santa! Made my morning

  10. 10 grace

    LOL all are funny…
    “choosing is hard.polygamy is easy” hehehehe

  11. 11 jhu



  12. 12 snow

    Awesome post!! 😀

  13. 13 Xxvxx

    I love you Santa!!

  14. 14 Mrgrt

    Genius rule no. 5: Dramabeans writers are all geniuses! Many thanks.

  15. 15 paper



  16. 16 febz

    It feels like no one watched queen of office, no one mentioned it any year of review. I was hoping it would be here. It was a really an underrated drama, almost angst free, 90% comedy and only 10% drama.

    • 16.1 barbara black fox

      How dare you bring up a criticism of Santa’s review. (You’re only getting coal in your stocking this year.) : )

    • 16.2 ML

      Don’t worry, I’m prob the 1% of drama viewers who watched and really enjoyed QoW. Love the story with its lessons, comedy and the casts. Sad that everyone in DB made no mention of it.

    • 16.3 bennie

      I love QOF and I also think it’s the most underrated drama o 2013. Hope it gets mpre love though

    • 16.4 dfwkimchi

      I watched QoO – that was a funny drama! Heart warming as well 🙂

      Luv the cast – they were cool!

  17. 17 pogo

    Thank you, Santa! And JB, GF, Gummi, Heads and refresh_daemon, I hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas, wherever you are!

  18. 18 amareally


    Merry Christmas!!!!!! You deserve a present you’ve been nice and naughty 🙂

  19. 19 ziggystardust

    I was going to live my life being considerate of other people and doing good, but thanks to Santa I’m done with all that crap. God bless us, every ME. *wipes tear*

    • 19.1 Windsun33

      Scrooge was right you know, until he got brainwashed at the end. He was the original chaebol.

      • 19.1.1 ziggystardust

        Like anyone really needs Tiny Tim gumming up the works when there are wrists to grab and true loves to force apart for no discernible reason.

      • 19.1.2 Gidget


        Well then, in the spirit of Bob Cratchett I say:

        MERRY Christmas to the Americas and a very happy Boxing Day to those of you in the eastern hemisphere.

  20. 20 misz_muja

    hohoho santa! i’ve been waiting for your Christmas post and now that i’ve read it.. i cannot stop laughing.. *wiping tear*

    Well said.. now everything starts to make sense!! *clap clap clap*

  21. 21 ajewell

    Ooooh, thank you for this!!! Best present ever, Santa!!

    Now when my family and friends ask why I waste all my time watching dramas, I can send them this handy guide so they know that I’m actually busy learning life lessons!!! Disaster averted. Like a boss.

  22. 22 Lilian

    Hahaha….polygamy is not that easy!!! I loved that one =D

  23. 23 Kiara

    Yay, I was wondering if we were too naughty this year for you to visit us. Girlfriday must be on top of that list but thanks to all the nice Beanies for bringing you back lol.

    Thank you Santa <3333333333333333333333 and Merry Christmas everyone.

  24. 24 jcay

    hahaha… I was expecting Genius Rule No 5 at Master’s Sun. Happy Christmas everyone!

  25. 25 Yuhotarubi

    Two Weeks: If you wake up in a pool of blood, make sure it’s not yours, then run.

    This is sooooo hilarious, thank you so much, you put a big smile on my face right now

  26. 26 redfox

    oh hi there, Coffee Ghost. yeah, all that money will be spent on the extra lattes though.

  27. 27 PlumWine

    Thanks Santa! Have some ‘special’ eggnog – or did you already start? Thanks for the Walmae Makgeolli in my stocking. 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  28. 28 bizure

    lol at genius rules. thanks santa you made me laugh

  29. 29 cynkdf

    Simply brilliant, Santa!

  30. 30 D

    i love you Santa!

  31. 31 Carole McDonnell

    LOL –.>
    Who Are You: Grieving is hard, but thankfully amnesia takes the edge off the pain.

  32. 32 Indi

    Answer Me 1994: Choosing is hard. Polygamy is easy.


  33. 33 kerine

    hillarious hahaha just made my christmass

  34. 34 crazedlu

    Lol. I always read Santa’s posts in his ho-ho-ho voice. Nice.

  35. 35 MizzMizzEka

    Heirs: If you don’t get what you want, cry about it until you do.

    Puhahahaha. Agree with that. I just dont understand, a strong story and a lots of plot, ended easily with a lots of kisses and cry? Why… oh why…?? *cries but still gain nothing

  36. 36 adette

    pure brilliance.

    but this comes from Santa, so that’s just a given(:

    merry Christmas/end-of-the-year-holiday-of-your-choice everyone!

  37. 37 korfan

    Santa wrote, “You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin: Family’s a bitch. Get a new one.”


    I didn’t watch this drama, but I heard the bitter complaints left and right about this one.

    This just goes to show that Santa never lies.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  38. 38 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk


  39. 39 hellochloe

    omg sassy santa how do u find the time to watch all these shows while preparing presents for the whole of Earth??? Please share your time managing skills with ur fellow beaners!

    PS: i’ve been a bad, bad girl this year (dropping shows like flies, omo!). Please don’t bother with the presents.

  40. 40 cheekbones

    Omg, I love this cynical Santa ! 😀 Merry Christmas ! Thanks for the good laugh……

  41. 41 Kindra

    Nail Shop Paris was a hot mess of crazy wasn’t it. I like to recommend that one to first time Korean drama watchers. If they can handle that drama then they’re as good as addicted.

    • 41.1 methebat

      Hmmmm…….I wonder which drama would be the best one to recommend for someone’s first time watching a Kdrama to get them addicted??

      {shakes head slowly}
      **I’m not getting anything this year, am I?

      Thank you, Santa!! Merry merry to all the beanies!

      • 41.1.1 Serena

        I recommend Answer Me 1994. I usually enjoy kdramas though Dramabeans recaps, but I watched this out of curiosity and got hooked. It’s the first time for me to insist on watching the episode first before reading the recap.

        Side note: I encourage polygamy! Just take em both, Na Jeong!

  42. 42 topper

    Awesome. The run of polygamy learnings is genius, no this whole post is. Heed your learning and hide this!

  43. 43 Missy

    My favorite one “Ad Genius: If you try real hard, people will assume you’re a genius anyway. Genius Rule No. 4: Fake it till you make it.”
    It’s proven right in any life you’re living in. Just do it in the right dose and with the flattest whatsoever facial expression. That’ll do.
    Thankies and have a great holiday DB crews and fellow readers :*

  44. 44 okiejune

    I’m so happy to hear that Santa is a drama watcher! I wonder where he gets his elves – I could use that time management strategy! 😉

  45. 45 Shadow-chan

    Bwahaha, this was awesome! 😀

    Merry Christmas to the whole Dramabeans staff and of course to all the Beanies as well!

  46. 46 Rowanmdm

    That is awesome! I was laughing and my family (who does not watch k-dramas) wanted to know what was so funny. ~sigh~ I don’t even get strange looks any more. They just shrug and move on. One day I will get someone to watch a show wih me!

  47. 47 Rowanmdm

    That is awesome! I was laughing and my family (who does not watch k-dramas) wanted to know what was so funny. ~sigh~ I don’t even get strange looks any more. They just shrug and move on. One day I will get someone to watch a show with me!

  48. 48 all4movies

    Thanks for the funny christmas present.

    Merry Christmas to all in dramaland and beyond.

  49. 49 LuluB

    My faviorate lesson is of heirs LOL

  50. 50 panshel

    Santa, I’ve waited for you all year. Your Year in Review is my Christmas present. My favorite being “Blind people are asking to be taken advantage of.” Thanks for the laughs, and Merry Christmas, everyone!

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