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Variety Roulette: Rain Effect
by | December 22, 2013 | 87 Comments

I totally wasn’t intending to write up the brand-new reality show Rain Effect, but I fired up the first episode out of curiosity and immediately got sucked into its fun, funny vibe. (Trust me, I wasn’t looking for another thing to recap!) It’s been a while since we’ve done a Variety Roulette; nothing like a little Rain to merit a comeback.

These kinds of reality-docu shows aren’t by any means new, but it’s not often you get one with a star as big as Rain. (And I’m sure I’m not the only one who had a brief flash to the Jeon Ji-hyun character doing one in the newly premiered drama You From Another Star.) True, he hasn’t been as big in recent years as he once was at the height of his pop-star fame (the mid-2000s were SO all about Rain), even if you factor for his two-year army-duty absence, but he’s certainly achieved enough to have solidified his place as a lasting star in the K-pop firmament.

(Also: watching Rain Effect reminded me of my own crush on Rain back in ye olden days of Hallyu—and while pop-star crushes eventually fade, I’ll never forget that giddiness that having one brought. It’s really those little joys in life that make fandoms so worth it—not the star him/herself, but what they make you feel and how they recall a specific time of life. I’ll always have a soft spot for Rain.)

Rain Effect airs on Thursday nights on Mnet. I’m not entirely sure how many episodes are planned in total—if you know, please let me know in the comments!


Rain – “How to Escape the Sun” [ Download ]

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EPISODE 1: “Do You Know Rain?”

We open with concert footage and the information that Rain, aka Bi, aka Jung Ji-hoon, is returning after 1,326 days—he’s done his mandatory military service and is now making his comeback with a new album in the works and concert tours—and is doing this program to show the untold story.

It’s an intro told with dramatic flair and promising Big Things, which is why I’m so pleasantly surprised when we begin the show proper to a much funnier vibe—it’s the Rain you’ve never seen before, but that’s because he’s never let the cameras show him being so normal before. You know, if by normal we mean unable to use household electronics and having difficulty feeding himself.

So. It’s November 12, 2013, and Rain arrives at his house and acquaints himself with all the cameras that have been mounted for this show. He’s still awkward in front of them, and goes around the house noting each one, and as happens with these kind of reality shows, he laughs incredulously when he has the moment of realization about what he’s actually gotten himself into.

He resorts to hiding behind an open door to change his pants, after first checking from multiple angles that he’s safe. We see him crouching in the corner, shaking his head: “This is nuts.” He wonders if it was a mistake to do this show, while the caption tells us: “Currently flooded with regrets.”

He’s got two dogs that welcome him home, the hilariously named General (aka Janggoonie, the tiny tiny dog) and the poodle Sarangie (or Lovey, the much larger dog). He tries to get Sarangie to sit on command, which doesn’t work at all, and at one point he’s crouching over the dog’s hindquarters to force it to sit for its food. The dog gets its food despite its dubious sit-on-command skills, and then it’s time for Rain to rummage in his fridge for people food, to no avail.

He calls his buddy Kwang-min to bring some food, then struggles with the remote control to turn on the TV. He has to call his little sister for help, saying stuff like “Where’s the button? The green light’s on but the screen won’t show anything,” sounding like somebody three times his age trying to wrap his head around all that newfangled gadgetry. The caption helpfully points out: “The world star who can’t turn on his TV.” He fiddles with the remote a little more, and then: “Ultimately, fails to turn on TV.”

Kwang-min arrives with tacos, and as a struggling actor himself, he’s sorta working his way in the industry on his own, but also sorta part of Rain’s entourage. I really enjoy the inclusion of Kwang-min because he offers up a counter for Rain as the other end of the celebrity spectrum (as in, he’s not one); also, because they’ve been friends for a dozen years, they’re also very comfortable together and chat in banmal.

They have this amusingly meta conversation about how hard it is to be natural in front of the cameras, and how even in this moment they’re trying to be normal, but finding it difficult. You can see Kwang-min putting on this air of trying to be cooler than he is, which is both secondhand-embarrassing and really entertaining. (Rain can see it too, and just has to shake his head. “Go ahead and swear like you normally do,” he says. “I’ll have them bleep it out.” Instead, Kwang-min half-talks like he’s prepping for a stage play.)

The next day is when Rain heads to Japan for a 15-day, 5-city tour. His first point of concern? Airport fashion. Lol. Though to a star, it’s probably as much a stress as it is a thrill, and as Rain notes, in the two years he’s been away the airport has become a total paparazzi feeding ground.

Rain pulls up to a total hole-in-the-wall type of salon, and the next thing you know the world star is crouching in a bathroom getting his hair shampooed while water runs over his bare feet into a drain in the floor. Haha. Totally not the chic, uppity type of Gangnam establishment you’d expect him to visit. Apparently even the PDs were surprised.

The stylists do a good job—Rain looks like he could’ve just stepped out of the house dressed casually, as though this is how he looks all the time, only the best version of that. You know, with that sprinkled-with-fairy-dust aura that seems to hover around big stars. (Apparently there’s just a ton of effort put into looking like you put no effort into it.)

Kwang-min’s in the car heading to the airport, and jokes with the PD about clearing his super-busy work schedule to accompany Rain on tour. Rain just laughs, “He’d have nothing to do in Korea anyway.” They’re asked about their long friendship, and start talking over each other with their own version of events. (Kwang-min calls Rain Ji-hoonie, which is entirely natural given their long acquaintance but also really cute.)

Sure enough, it’s a total fashion show at the airport. A round-up of the ensuing articles in the press show Rain being described with words like “luxury” and “charisma”—all in all, a successful airport fashion experience. In the plane, Rain makes faces at the camera mounted in front of his face, while the caption notes, “Plays well alone.”

The next day begins his “Story of Rain” tour in Nagoya. Then it’s off to Fukuoka, then Osaka, and last is Tokyo.

He has a rehearsal at the arena, and hearing him do his run-through reminds me of one of the reasons I’d loved Rain so much, which was how good he is at singing live. I’d never call him the strongest vocalist, but he does have great live singing skills, which isn’t so true of singers who have as much emphasis on dancing as he does.

There are cameras throughout Rain’s hotel room in Fukuoka (and even in the hotel hallways), and he goes around checking each one’s placement. I love the boyish vibe that’s emerging as he goes on his camera hunt; the cameras are there, may as well have some fun acknowledging them.

In the evening, he has a meeting with the PDs to discuss the birthday of one of his dancers, Kyung-ryul, who’s been with him for eight years and has been in his videos. He explains his birthday surprise, which entails getting angry at Kyung-ryul hyung for doing a crappy job and saying he doesn’t want to work with him anymore. OMO. The PD’s all, “That seems too harsh,” but Rain is practically giggling, saying that he spent the whole train ride thinking up ideas of how to make an impact.

So late that night, the dancers arrive in Rain’s room, and he begins the fakeout. And oh man, he punks them so hard. It’s awesome because you know it’s gonna reverse in just another minute, but also chilling because I’ve almost forgotten that Rain can be a really convincing actor and he’s totally sticking to this role—none of that over-the-top hamminess or wink-wink at the audience. Just stone face.

He sits down his crew and starts in on how he saw concert footage and was terribly disappointed in how half-assed and out of sync they were, and how their dancing has lost the feel it used to have.

The birthday hyung sits there looking like he might cry while Rain goes on in his stern boss voice, “We don’t have to work together anymore, you know.” Acting like he’s fed up, Rain gets up angrily saying, “Fine, let’s not” and stomps out, flinging the door shut. Eeeek. A moment later he comes back to call the birthday hyung over, and the guy gets up with trepidation.

The moment the dancers enter the other room, Rain giddily sings Happy Birthday at them, and I’m pretty sure there may be tears, and maybe some pants nearly peed. Man, that was a hard punking. Rain asks, “Was I scary? You were scared, weren’t you?” Dude, I was kinda scared and I knew it was fake.

Caption: Jung Ji-hoon, taking off Rain persona

Now we’re on the morning of November 18. Rain’s manager wakes him up, and the first thing he wants is breakfast. Pancakes and bacon and coffee and just a lot of food for first thing in the morning. His manager first orders in English, and I’m thinking he’s doing a decent job at it but Rain doesn’t agree, so he takes over and starts ordering in Japanese.

Afterward, it’s off to the hotel gym, and Rain admits hating to work out: “I just have to do it.” Man, I wish that weren’t a true statement. He sweats through his workout, and the caption reminds us: “This body doesn’t make itself.”

At one point, all the effort sets Rain off swearing and he gripes, “I wish there were a pill you could take for your body so you didn’t have to work out!” I hear you. Hey, I’m not saying we’re made for each other, but like minds are important in a committed relationship, I’m just sayin’.

Then it’s nighttime, and fans pile into the arena for his concert. We zoom through it, resuming the next day as Rain heads off to go shopping with his team, which includes his stylist. I enjoy how the show has zeroed in on everyone’s special traits, like the manager who “still manages to say everything he wants to say” and the stylist who “thinks of Rain as an ordinary person.”

In the car ride, Rain tosses out ideas for his next album, wanting to find an angle that’s sexy without being too nekkid, or has a twist of some sort. That’s what he’ll be shopping for on their excursion today, and he asks his manager what kind of clothes he should wear. Manager: “Shirtless!” They crack up, and the manager adds, “Isn’t that why you’ve been working out your pecs lately?” Rain protests that he’s just maintaining his figure, not building it up.

Buddy Kwang-min hasn’t eaten yet and wants to grab a bite, and Rain calls himself a mama bird to be feeding him all the time. So Kwang-min offers to treat today… as much as seven dollars’ worth of food, LOL.

In the car, Rain outlines clothes as the priority, but upon arrival at the mall he beelines for a cafe menu. Heh. He drools over some takoyaki (while bemoaning his need to lose some weight) and Kwang-min buys, as promised. Of course, even as they’re chowing down, they’re also looking at sushi menus for their actual lunch. Rain admits to having a food obsession, which I’m sure I’ve heard before about him.

The food comes, and Rain takes one bite of his omurice and knows it’s not good. He asks Kwang-min if his is good, and Kwang-min (who insisted on omurice over Rain’s choice, udon) has to smile sheepishly because he can’t defend his choice.

On to clothes shopping. They drop in on a number of shops, and come to a vintage street clothing store where Rain lets his stylist choose what he’ll wear. From behind the dressing curtain, we hear him sighing, “I don’t think so. This seems wrong.”

Out he comes, and HAHA. On the one hand there’s vintage, and on the other there’s the revival of the Fresh Prince. Ah, the tattered patchwork jeans, the flannel shirt tied around the waist, the early nineties. His stylist really likes it, going for a “rags” concept that I’m not sure I buy. I’m also not sure if Rain actually lets her convince him it’s a good idea or if he’s being deadpan, but he ends up nodding, “It’s a good idea. Like a beggar.”

He picks out a jacket for her as a birthday gift, which she likes… and then Kwang-min puts on a jacket and says, “I wonder if Ji-hoonie will buy this for me.” HA. He tries to build up to the request smoothly, asking Ji-hoonie for his opinion, and Ji-hoonie says immediately, “Put it back.”

Kwang-min figures that Rain won’t budge but still tries anyway, making the longest, most reluctant production of putting the jacket back. “You really think I should put it back? Okay, I’ll put it back. I’m putting it back now!” He tells his VJ that he’ll have to come back tomorrow and try again, lol. He gives the jacket a kiss and tells it to wait for him.

The next leg of the tour takes them to Osaka via train. As Rain warms up for his show, his staffer notifies him that news leaked of his MAMA appearance and his upcoming album, and he sighs in disappointment: “You can’t keep anything secret.”

So he gives a lively performance, and after the show we see Rain lying on the floor of his dressing room, groaning, “Just let me be like this for five minutes.” Aw, is the old man feeling the effects of aging? He says the ole body’s not the same after hitting thirty and wonders why he’s so dizzy and tired today (uh, you just answered your own question). He sighs, “Thinking of doing MAMA tomorrow makes me want to cry.”

So that night he flies to Hong Kong, and while riding the shuttle bus, he and his team start listening to music and bopping along to the dance. He hasn’t had time to work out his MAMA performance yet, but the producers of the show have sent videos of the stage and the wire work they’ve planned for his number. They don’t have the time to choreograph a group number, so they’ll all go freestyle, they decide.

His dancers pass out in the plane, and Rain stays up working on preparations. Eek, are you actually going to perform on no sleep? They arrive at the venue in Hong Kong, where the producers outline the dangers of their wire stunt and run through the mechanics. Rain isn’t happy with how slow the wire-lifting is, and the team tries to think up some last-minute workarounds to give the performance that cool factor it’s lacking.

I find it rather fascinating watching him in action, because you can definitely see how Rain got to be the star he is—it’s not just being a good performer or having a marketable image, it’s also knowing exactly who he is and having the confidence to know he has to deliver to his highest level. He’s decisive and passionate, and in this he actually reminds me a lot of his mentor/hyung JYP. It’s not so much that he has a specific, concrete idea in his head of coolness that he has to execute. It’s more that he has an inner barometer telling him what does and doesn’t make it to that level, and if something isn’t cutting it, he’ll work at it until it does.

By this point Rain has been awake and traveling for so long that he’s rather disoriented, and you sort of think he’s going on sheer concentration and adrenaline. After the rehearsal he’s pleased with the plan for tomorrow’s performance, and has to be corrected: “The show’s today!”

Then we zip ahead to that night as stars begin arriving at MAMA, and Rain pops in to visit old friends: Hyori and Lee Haneul. He and Hyori hug, and Haneul jokes, “Adultery!” (Since she’s married now.) She teases that he can’t just bee all handsy with her now, and then they sit down to chat.

Hahaha, Rain admits that he has no idea who any of the new idol groups are anymore, and Hyori retorts, “You know all the girl groups.” He sheepishly admits that yes, he did acquaint himself with all the girl groups’ names while watching TV in the army, where their wake-up call song was IU: “I even learned her dance.”

It’s the hand-grabby motion from IU’s “You and I,” which leads to a quip about it being way too risque, lol. Hyori cracks up, saying, “I didn’t realize when IU was doing it, but now that you’re doing it, it looks dirty.” Mmm, Rain dirty…

With that we end, with promises of a brain meltdown moment for Rain in next week’s episode, along with some cursing and revealing disclosures from Haneul and Hyori. And is that… Rain cleaning up dog poop? I dunno about you all, but I’m definitely watching.


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    He sounds totally crazy and fun – so glad you’re capping this!

    • 7.1 Korazy Lady

      My experience exactly – except about halfway through I hit google to learn about “this weird lead from Full House.” I think it was the story about the post-its that made me fall in love with him and his amazing work ethic.

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    Missed him so much. This serves as your gift to me JB, hehe. Thank you so much.
    Happy Holidays.

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    The first Kpop related item I got was a Rain 2008 calender. I still have it in my living and love looking at the pictures.

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    How much I hate his army scandals and then watched his MAMA performance. It give me so much feels, how I missed him on stage and what not. I still regret that I don’t go for his concert the last one when he came to my country.

    just like a true fan gal saying. oppar doesn’t mean it.

    • 12.1 soprection

      With regards to his scandal, if you want to continue supporting him despite the fact that he did something wrong/had a scandal, there’s nothing wrong with that – that’s your prerogative. As long as you appreciate and are willing to acknowledge that he made a mistake and that it was wrong of him to do so (which clearly you are), then it’s fine.

      The problem that some fans have is that they try to defend the wrongful action/statement because they care about the person. People are people – they’re going to be flawed and make mistakes and when that happens, as a fan, you have to decide whether or not you can continue to like or support that person despite their flaws. If you decide to continue to do so, there’s nothing wrong with that but you also have to appreciate that some people will not be able to see past that scandal/mistake and they are well within their rights to do that as well. Some people will take a ‘hate the sin, not the sinner’ approach and some people will view that person as too tainted for them to continue to support. It all depends on your own impression of the mistake/wrongdoing and how strongly you feel about it. The issue comes about when fans try to defend (or explain away) the problematic action or statement. You aren’t trying to do that so you are not engaging in ‘oppa didn’t mean it” behaviour.

      • 12.1.1 amanda

        scandal? mistakes? can you be more detail about them?
        1. his excessive holiday? He was almost drafted to entertainment part of army regardless of his wish. Well, that is army for you. You do what you are told. He went above and beyond his duty. Do you know his schedule do not allowed him to take any rest in Saturdays or Sundays like others? He even have to go to the studio in his own expense to mix musics to be used? Do you think army paid for his dancers to appeared with him? He dis all this after his full duties during the day. If you take away, this excused leaves which allowed in advance by his superiors, he did not took his fully earned leaves. If you really wanted to be fair minded, there are tones of articles to prove this.
        2. If you are talking about the incident Seven and others were involved. Again he and others were entertained the troop till late in the night and he just came down to the restaurant and to eat and left. The owner testified that Rain just came in later to eat dinner and went back to his room. Not like other people.
        3. there is an article clearing of him all the charges and declaring that he did not do any wrong doing. He had completed his duties and obligation in full.

        I do not want to say anything bad about the Korean media. When Korean government wants to escape any wrong doing or scandalous inquisition, they use news media to revert the interest of public to other by creating scandal of others mostly entertainers. I have been a fan of RAIN over ten years. I can proudly say that he is not the type to shy away from his responsibilities or ask for special treatment using his fame. If anything he is total opposite and this is one of the many characteristic I do love about him. With my advanced age, I do know little about reading people, he is not what you think and far from the fabricated image of some media and reporters.

        I kindly ask you to be open minded and gather more facts.

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    That part where he plunked his dancer hyping was legit scary too!!

    There was this one scene where he and his manager are in the car after a rehearsal in Japan and it’s raining out. His managers like “비가 또 오네요” “rain in coming again” and rain starts chuckling and it’s hilarious. I luff him <3

  17. 17 BXYA

    Are you aware of his military scandal? It is likely a large part of the reason why he chose to do this reality TV program, because he is charming and charismatic enough to perhaps persuade audiences to forget the fact that he spent half of his military service not actually in the army. Moreover, he took a substantial amount of time out to date Kim Tae Hee. But you are either unaware of it or glossed over it entirely. Actually, generally speaking, how aware are you of Korean celebrity news?

    • 17.1 DDee

      Javabeans doesn’t have to answer to you about how much she does or does not know about celeb news. Not that it’s relevant at all to this recap in the first place.

    • 17.2 Arhazivory

      Pretty much everyone knows about the scandal so its not worth mentioning. This is a recap of the show…not the news.

    • 17.3 Maria

      so what? The past is the past he has to move on

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      Where is the dislike button when I need it? -__-“

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      ha, you’re seriously asking javabeans that? ..she who runs an updated k-drama blog. pfft.

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      JB is recapping the show not his personal life.

    • 17.8 BXYA

      I’m really, really sorry my comment has been taken this way. I didn’t mean to phrase it as a rude demand to javabeans at all! Truly.

      I just wanted to ask if she was interested in why he decided to create this reality TV program in the first place. Because javabeans’ opinions on the wider context of a show are always interesting (for example, in the ‘comments’ section of her recaps).

      Further, I realise my curiosity in whether javabeans is interested in the Nate/Naver/Pann/search rankings side of the relationship between celebrity and fan on a day-to-day basis has gotten me in trouble here. As K-dramas are the focus of this website, I understand if that side of the industry is considered irrelevant here. Unless, of course, it is made relevant by a protagonist in a drama like You From Another Star.

      • 17.8.1 Ok

        Everyone has the right to his or her own opinions regarding Rain even if it is closed minded and petty like yours. But If you choose not to support him why even need to come and read news about him and criticize the writer and making harsh judgements and expecting everyone to think like you?

      • 17.8.2 arielifeoma

        Even as a fan, I must acknowlegde that it IS worth pointing out his probable motivations for doing this reality/variety show so I actually think your question WOULD be relevant and insightful IF there wasn’t a link under “related posts” to the blog post titled “News bites: January 4, 2013” wherein Dramabeans talked about both his army time scandal and dating Kim Tae Hee.

        Just to be clear, I’m not hating on you for (you) hating on Rain (because it is understandable) but your post came off as if you were hating on Javabeans too when, if you were more familiar with their website, you’d see how totally unjustified that would be…but you apologized and said you were just curious so I’d recommend reading the aforementioned article if you’d truly like to find out.

        In addition, even though this blog primarily talks about drama, hence the name, there are numerous other general news articles regarding Korean celebrities although it usually features celebrities who either 1) have starred in or will star in a drama/favorite variety or 2) are such big names (i.e. Seo Taiji) that it would be remiss of anyone who writes anything about Korean popular culture to overlook it. You should check them (the articles) out and that goes for the rest of the site as well. I know this next line will seem corny but I promise that you won’t be dissappointed!

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      gurl bye.

      STAPH. JB is not here for this. Watch it or don’t.

    • 17.10 Korazy Lady

      If he actually “spent half of his military service not in the army” it’s interesting that he was acquitted of military violations:

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    I think I even watched a movie just to see the Speed Racer (or was it Ninja Assassin?) trailer.

    I agree that he’s a good performer and sings great live. I have DVDs of some of his earlier concerts and he’s #2 on my list of celebrities I want to see in concert live (#1 is Matchbox20).

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      He’s definitely a great entertainer, with heaps of charisma! Not to mention that cheeky smile! And a celebrity animal lover – I’m a goner! 🙂

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    I first heard of Rain before I could even spell Hallylu. He guested on the US Show The Colbert Report with Steven Colbert. Colbert had called out Rain to a “dance-off”

    This is hilarious!

    • 37.1 rearwindow

      OMG, my two worlds are colliding! This is AMAZING and bizarre. Love.

      • 37.1.1 Ann


  38. 38 fan

    I became his fan after I watched ‘SangDo, let’s go to school’ -his first drama ages ago. Co-star GongHyoJin was impressed and they even had some rumor going on later. Anyway funny thing is that he said in his interview (after the show) that a fortune teller told him he will become a big star and he thought he already made big enough. Who knew? Guess I should find that fortune teller for myself.

  39. 39 ...

    I was lucky enough to be in the audience for his performance at the MAMAs, definitely one of the highlights of the night, which makes it all so fascinating to watch how they prepared for it i.e. free-styled it?!?! It reinforces again how hard korean singers work to be this good. I really do hope this helps him bounce back from that scandal/mistake, because at the end of the day, he is an amazingly talented guy and I’d love to keep seeing more of him! Hope he signs on for a drama when he’s done promoting his new album *fingers crossed*

  40. 40 rainyday293

    Thank you very much Javabeans!

    I really surprise when saw your recap about Rain Effect in the first page.

    “I’ll always have a soft spot for Rain”

    Me too 🙂

  41. 41 QT765

    Ooh didn’t expect to be a recap of this show & I really want to watch this with English sub >__< the last variety show of Rain I watched is Strong heart where he ripped his pants & it's hilarious xd

  42. 42 Mei Hwa

    Rain effect = flooding ?

    so many scandals, tour cancellations, law suits, the closing of 6 to 5, law suit, military scandal…law suit…

    can all be erased by this variety show ?

    well, nobody’s perfect

  43. 43 pogo

    awwwww, oppa!!! He was in the first kdrama I ever watched, Full House (gave up midway because I couldn’t take his hideous clothes, they were a crime against eyesight), and then A Love To Kill made me fall in love with him some more even after I was done with it.

    His music doesn’t float my boat even if I admire his dedication, but I adore him as an actor, and hope this show helps him bounce back from the military scandal – I guess if Jang Hyuk could make a comeback after a supposed draft dodging scandal, he can do it too. I’m off to find subs, and fingers crossed that he chooses an acting project sometime! (in Korea, please. I’ve seen how Hollywood wastes him)

  44. 44 Bernadine Moore

    Thank you for this!

  45. 45 whilethemusiclasts

    Ugh. Rain is adorable.

  46. 46 manami

    Some of you speak about him as if he committed a homicide while being in the military. Yep he made a big mistake he fell in love with a national Goddess and she loved him back.

    I hope whenever (and believe me you will because we all do) make your mistakes in life, the people around you are more forgiving and understanding then you are. Yes he did Wrong, but people make mistakes. 🙂 There is always a hidden story behind every mistake we make, that only we will know, understand, and regret. Let the people who make these mistakes live with their regret. We don’t need to add to it. If he really is a good person, with a good heart then living with a mistake you cant undo is punishment in its self.

  47. 47 Yoko

    Thank you Javabeans!

  48. 48 dany

    I have just watched this, really entertaining, thanks for telling us about it.

  49. 49 aly

    but javabeans have you outgrown him then? i’m still in to k land and being a fangirl is still new to me. like taeyang is my ultimate bias, and he’s been around for some years, but will most of these idols die down like rain did or was it him being found out to be in a relationship that made him less popular. i never really knew. by the time i got into kpop , i just got really confused as to why other idols didn’t like saying he was their idol or doing his dances. like it was uncool to be rain. but i had seen him in the assasain movie (before i got into kpop) and thought he was super cool so didn’t get what all the fuss was about. can anyone fill in the blanks for me. it’s deffo cool to see a star in their natural element. especially how they interact with other stars because they always have to act so proper and perfect, and i think fans would be a lot more chilled if they were able to see their idols hug other girl idol friends, moan a little and then eventually get used to it.

    i feel like a lot of the time they build up this focus image and try to preserve this innocence about them that the end result are these fans who become a victim to it all and obsessed. i hope kim tae hee comes on the show. and how can this guy not turn on his own tv or open his fridge?…

    • 49.1 manami

      “i just got really confused as to why other idols didn’t like saying he was their idol or doing his dances. like it was uncool to be rain”

      WTF! never have heard of it. Have you seen the reaction of idols when Rain performed at Mama? don’t say bullshit

      • 49.1.1 aly

        excuse me, but just who do you think you’re fucking talking to? don’t even try to get clever with me. where in my comment did i diss rain. i simply mentioned something i had seen on variety shows a while back when he wasn’t active as much and clearly BEFORE the mama awards. yes i know the reaction because i was fangirling too. i was completely nice in my comment .. but if you’re going to be disrespectful you better be prepared to get it ten folds in return. gfoh

  50. 50 Rainedon

    Thank you so very much for this. I am a huge fan of Rain and so i watched this w/o any sub… just because. Despite not understanding 95% of what is being said I enjoyed it and I am soooo glad you gave us this article on the show and so i appreciate the show more.
    I will still be watchoing it once it’s been subbed.
    Welcome back Rain!!!!

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