Dramabeans Podcast #19
by | January 12, 2014 | 87 Comments

Happy new year, folks! Here’s the first podcast of 2014.

Podcast #19

Running time: 60:43

In which we:

  • Talk about the end of the year reviews and awards;
  • mention possible future meetups or events in the new year (8:55);
  • move on to dramas that have ended their runs with Mi-rae’s Choice, Yoon Eun-hye’s drama choices, how we were sad about the plot but loved oppa (10:52);
  • touch on how Basketball was disappointing and the director’s comments about casting (19:10);
  • discuss Heirs, what we thought it might be and how it wasn’t that, compare it briefly to A Gentleman’s Dignity, and talk about how we felt about the writing and the acting (23:20);
  • lament the fanwars that took over Answer Me 1994, and discuss what did/didn’t work about the writing (30:45);
  • talk about how we find Prime Minister and I to be cute and fun (40:14);
  • move on to Miss Korea (45:22);
  • wrap up the currently airing drama talk with You From Another Star (48:30);
  • and end with speculation about upcoming shows, like Full Sun, I Need Romance 3, Three Days, and Age of Feeling (53:00).

Names mentioned: Yoon Eun-hye, Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Dong-gun, Jung Yong-hwa, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, Jang Geun-seok, Yoon Shi-yoon, Lee Seung-gi, Lee Beom-soo, Lee Yeon-hee, Lee Seon-kyun, Lee Sung-min, Jeon Ji-hyun, Yoon Kye-sang, Han Ji-hye

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“Beginning of the year” by Lucid Fall
“My Lady” by Kim Tae-woo from the Mi-rae’s Choice OST
“Moment” from the Heirs OST
“To You” by Sung Shi-kyung from the Answer Me 1994 OST
“Destiny” by Lyn from the You From Another Star OST
“Parade” by Linus’ Blanket


87 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. eli_n

    Omg, I was just thinking about how it would be nice to have a podcast now (since it’s been a while) that this is an awesome gift! Thank you ^^

    Off to listen now!

    • 1.1 Cindy

      I don’t know how this works.

      • 1.1.1 nonski

        you just have to download the podcast and listen to it thru you mp3 player or on your ipod. click on the download link.

        • nonski

          or you can listen it from here, click on the play button. πŸ™‚

  2. D's handphone

    thank you.. i was wondering if there’s gonna be one & here it is..

  3. Eli

    Yay! Thank you!

    Off to listen. I’ve been wondering the same about Yoon Eun-hye’s drama choices. Now off to find out what you think. Thanks again!

  4. magicbeans

    Thanks for the podcast, I been waiting for these cause since it’s been a while since the last one. I really enjoy all the podcast, Thanks.
    I also love the picture used for this, I miss Young do. I ‘m waiting for KWB next project..

  5. iaahero

    I’ve been waiting for your podcast and it’s finally here!! So excited to hear your thoughts. ^_^

  6. megumi

    Thanks, i really enjoyed listening to you guys and hear your thoughts about the ongoing and upcoming dramas.

  7. ck1Oz

    Thank you I need another podcast. Can’t wait to see your take on the fan war. First time I ever saw such nasty prolonged comments from both side. I didn’t even imagine that the 2 teams needed separate threads.

  8. RaeDar

    Thank you guys!

  9. observantzani

    Thank you for the podcast.

    I noticed there’s a tendency to deviate from the drama. You both talk about the actors in a certain drama and compared them to their other projects instead. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just stating an observation.

    I’m curious about what your take on Kim Soo Hyun’s acting for You From Another Star. I’m a big fan but he’s been getting bad comments in other blogs for underacting. Do you think it’s due to the numerous timelines he plays or not having the maturity to play an old soul? Or do you think he’s doing a good job on his role?

  10. 10 Saya

    Ask and you shall receive! Man I’ve been waiting for this podcast (I even whined about it on OT). Thanks guys!

  11. 11 lima

    Wow, it’s been so long since the last one. I’ll download it right away when I get home from work πŸ™‚

    • 11.1 lima

      I listened to this while at my car going home, I was alone but I didn’t feel lonely. πŸ™‚

      That was an interesting tidbit about Basketball, I thought they cast unknowns or rookies because they wanted to focus more on the story rather than the actors. Turns out it was because a lot of people rejected it. Good thing it didn’t happened with Gaksital, like you said Joo Won and Park Ki Woong didn’t really care if it tarnishes their popularity in Japan because they believe acting as a craft, which makes me love them even more.

      It’s just such a shame that Basketball was a total disappointment, now it makes me wary about Age of Feeling.

      PMaI – I love Yoon Shi Yoon but I could accept that he’s the 2nd lead, there’s just no out shining Lee Bum Soo for me.

      Heirs – It takes me a week to watch 1 episode and I’ve already downloaded the entire series, it’s just soooooo boring.

      Reply 1994 – My endgame didn’t happen but I never regretted shipping them because they will always be my OTP, and I could always ship the 2 actors, especially after watching the epilogue pt. 1, they have so much chemistry together. As for the drama, minus the annoying mystery and looong/dragging scenes, it was really flawed but I loved it, the characters, the music, the nostalgia, everything.

  12. 12 Alyyy

    Great podcast! πŸ˜€

    I admit I was secretly hoping to hear that you’d be recapping “I Need Romance 3”. XDDD

  13. 13 lol

    you guys have funny voices and pronunciations. I kinda like it.

  14. 14 kdramas

    RE AM94: in hindsight I find it sorta amusing that Joon-ah had all these swoon-worthy moments with NJ (the confessions, the farewell, the hug with epic BGM to boot) while garbage didn’t have all that many save for the initial bed hug scene, the back hug, and the proposal.

    Towards the end I became quite bitter with gabage’s insecurity issues w/ CB, the friends forgetting CB’s b’day and then failing to even call him, and NJ’s annoying thank you speech in the finale. I don’t understand the writer’s thought process while penning these scenes.

    CB giving a discount to his first love *rolls eyes* was so lame… esp with his wife having an issue with it. This writer… gahhhhh, thinking abt the drama has annoyed me once again!!

    Anywhoo, thank you girls for the podcast!!

    • 14.1 elle

      I think objectively speaking Answer Me 1994 is an okay, or maybe even good, Korean drama.

      But the fact that the writer (and other people behind the drama) purposely toyed with their viewers’ emotions and intelligence is really preventing me from even wanting to look at the drama objectively. I feel really used and manipulated.

      I mean, let me count the ways. (1) The drama kept on marketing that love triangle and looking back, there never was one. (2) The drama kept giving clues using the narrative structure and the 2013 (future) scenes to point to the non-husband as the husband, but looking back, all these things are pointless. These weren’t even logically explained in the end. (3) The drama associated hope with the character that was in a hopeless situation. It id realistic but definitely not a life lesson you wish to share to the viewers. People need hope and miracles. The writer even referred to the importance of hope and using dramas to give hope in her previous work Answer Me 1997 where the mom asked the writer repeatedly to change the ending and not make the sick character die.

      The characters here are great, most viewers can identify with most, if not all, of them at some point. The story it wants to tell, about family and friendships, is good.

      But overall, I can’t love the drama. I mean, how can I love a drama that purposely fools me? It could have been great, except it wasn’t.

      • 14.1.1 Vibi

        Thank you, couldn’t have said it better myself.

        I really, really wanted to love it.

      • 14.1.2 kdramas

        Am sure the writer and her team must’ve had quite a laugh at our expense at the fact that CB knows the apt in and out BUT, SUPRISEEE!, he’s renting it to NJ and her family. Like, ughhhhh!! It still escapes me as to why would she use baseball metaphors if garbage is endgame. :S

        The writer has now moved onto one of the Big 3 from what I’ve read. IF her future works involves such a kind of mystery am going to watch the show after it has aired. Lesson learned… unfortunately it was after a lot of heartache and tears!

      • 14.1.3 lenrasoon

        i feel the same, i don’t think i can love AM1994 either.

  15. 15 drunk noona

    OMG! You all might be at Dragon*Con! I just squee’d so loud! This year will be my 7th DC. If you have a meet up at the Con, 10th floor at the Marriott is a good place for a lot of meetups. I tend to not venture away from Con, so I don’t know much more about the locations around the city.

    • 15.1 MooFu Baby

      Me too!! I had to pause & rewind the podcast due to my excitement about the possibility of you ladies coming to Dragon*Con!! It’ll only be my 2nd time, so not sure where a great meeting spot would be…but like drunk noona said, the Marriott is always the center of the action. I hope it works out for the Beanies crew to come because, Hello FUN!!!

  16. 16 lol

    Please talk about You’re Beautiful. I know it’s 4 years late, but I recently finished watching the drama, and I really hated the ending. The Dramabeans review seems to really like it though :/ so I wanted your thoughts. Thanks

    • 16.1 birdscout

      The dramabeans review of You’re Beautiful was written by javabeans, one of the speakers on this podcast.

  17. 17 dany

    Happy new year!

  18. 18 Emma

    Yay!! I love your podcasts. I especially love your comments on Miss Korea (I loooooove that show) and AM1994’s slightly insane fandom and how that can really sour your experience of a show. I totally disengaged from the second half of that show because of the messy and manipulative writing, but I had get away from fandom too. It was driving me nuts and just making me more annoyed/frustrated with how the show turned out. πŸ™

  19. 19 Dorotka

    Thank you so much for your podcast. I was just yesterday thinking about sending you a desperate e-mail begging for one :–) (And postponed it because of watching the 2 new episodes of Sherlock).
    I just love listening to your voices (and opinions, of course, of course :–) ).

    I see that one advantage of having limited time is not being able to read and participate in heated discussions. Thus I quite enjoyed Answer Me 1994 despite it’s manipulativness and lack of editing. I think the writers tried to mimic the real life in a sense that one doesn’t know the future (at a current point)… and that NJ could hypothetically end up with anyone and be happy. But they manipulated it a bit too much sometimes for my taste… and dragged CB fixation on NJ (while it was actually his longing for a family than actual love for NJ). I personally think that NJ had the best relationship with Hatai :–)

    Heirs… well, I have the impression that the writer is getting worse and worse. I always had issues with her dramas (those I saw) and there always came a moment when I got frustrated. But her older dramas at least managed to engage me and the frustrations usually arrived in the second half. Here… I couldn’t get into it at all… and for the last bit I only read recaps (and still was frustrated like hell). Shallow, shallow… and shallow.

    Prime Minister and I is finally a nice rom-com after the drought of 2013. And I hope it stays like that.
    And LBS is smexy… :–P I never imagined I would enjoy watching somebody turning pages of a report so much…

    Anyway, thanks again for the podcast and let’s hope 2014 will be a good drama year!

  20. 20 Anonymous

    So the lesson from Mirae’s Choice, Reply 1994, and Empress Ki is:

    Make a male lead that is young, OBVIOUSLY going to get the girl, and flawed.

    Is it just me, or the past couple of months have been particularly horrendous in the drama mudslinging? I’ve never seen this kind of intensity in shipping wars before.

    • 20.1 ilikemangos

      Man, the shipping wars that are starting to rev up in Empress Ki gives me some serious flashbacks to AM94.
      I shall avoid soompi threads for that show.

  21. 21 OMG

    YAYE! Off to listen!

    • 21.1 OMG

      Hey are you guys thinking of hiring other recappers/minions?! I noticed that there’s only four of you and I wonder if you are considering expanding?!

  22. 22 arya

    omygod im soo new to the whole k drama world i didn’t even knew there was a ”PODCAST” where i can listen to you guys talking.

    i listen to a few earlier podcast and have to say judging from your voices i was like expecting javabeans to say what girlfryday was saying purely based on their voices. i don’t if that made sense.

    agree with what you guys said about most of everything from mbc awards to heirs to you came from another drama . kinda make me wanna join or at least make a friend who is into k ent as much as i am (or force my best friend to turn into k fan)to talk and bitch about drama’s and stuff.

    and what i would like to hear is what is your take on the big breaking dating news , seiung gi yoona. i know its irrelevant and all , but reading you guys have sort of helped understand whats what real fast ,so i reaaallllyyyy wanna know , specially girlfryday who is fond of seung gi have to say about the pair,

    #pretty please!!!!!

    • 22.1 Peeps

      and what i would like to hear is what is your take on the big breaking dating news , seiung gi yoona.

      Girlfriday is too busy wailing to read your comment through her tear-filled eyes, much less answer. *snerk*

  23. 23 ai

    Young Do ya! Thanks for the podcast…

  24. 24 Kiara

    I think it’s wonderful that we all disagree in a lot of dramas. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate or respect you ladies. I’m glad to read everyone’s opinion, good or bad and that’s why I love this site. I get to say what I want to say, whether it’s fan-girling over my favorite actors or bitching about terrible dramas.

    I don’t think I’d still be watching K-dramas if it weren’t for you ladies so thank you <3.

  25. 25 John

    The comments regarding the fan wars and how it can distract from the overall enjoyment was interesting.

    I didn’t realize that Yoon Shi Yoon, (PM & I), was Enrique from FBND.

    Age of Feeling: Please don’t go Basketball on us.
    Three Days: Park Ha-Sun, Park Ha-Sun, Park Ha-Sun
    Full Sun: I want this to be good for Han Ji-Hye’s sake.

    Thanks for all the hard work that you (gummiochi & Heads too ), do for us.

  26. 26 Woolie

    I was squealing so hard when you both loved yfa because that show was like a christmas present for me. I love it so muchh. I have my doubt at jun ji hyun at first because she barely did any drama but man no one can play songyi as good as she is. Ksh on the other hand , ive heard critisms that he’s underacting which i don’t understand given his character stoic and expressionless character but whatever because he and jun ji hyun is just so damn adorable together. I hope it will get better and somehow end reasonably.

  27. 27 alexis

    Yay! Thank you so much for the podcast! And thank you so much for all you do for the site and kdrama community. End of the year stuff was crazy and busy and tough for the dramabeans staff, but we greatly appreciate all of it! We love your recaps, reviews, and your opinions. Thank you so much!

  28. 28 stefania

    I didn’t noticed it until now but where’s kaedejun? She doesn’t recap anymore.

    • 28.1 Yoeda

      from what she said, she quit recapping here. For how long, doesnt know. But, you can visit her blog if you miss her.

      • 28.1.1 stefania

        Oh, I didn’t know she had a blog, thanks!

  29. 29 Vibi

    Answer Me 1994 – Sigh! The drama that I wasn’t even excited about and wasn’t even planning to watch when it aired, the drama that became the source of my constant frustrations every week for 3 months, the drama that could have been utterly flawless but alas! the mystery ruined it for me. It wasn’t even that my endgame didn’t happen but because whenever I think about the drama, all the frustrations, stress and WTF-ery angers me again. I have accepted that my OTP wasn’t gonna come true in Ep 10, but they were still trolling and I was manipulated by it, well that is my fault anyway. What I couldn’t forgive is the waste of character development for the characters I have come to love because they were bogged down by the love triangle, especially Najung’s development.

    • 29.1 anne

      i agree. it was obvious in episode 11 who was the end game but they kept trolling in the end.

      i feel stupid for even thinking that the so-called clues will make sense in the end because those clues were all pointless when looking at the drama retrospectively. with the drama focusing on pointless things like these clues just ruins the whole drama narrative, i think.

      with chilbongie’s story arc, seeing him with his unrequited love, i was so looking forward to his resolution. if he is not end game, i wanted him to have the oppa’s treatment in answer me 1997, where he is shown moving on and there are snippets of him falling in love and being happy with someone else.

      i would have traded those chilbongie and na jung moments in episode 19 and 20 for chilbongie and his future wife… or just chilbongie and baseball, or chilbongie and his real family, or chilbongie and his found family with the boardinghouse kids and na jung’s parents.

      and then maybe we could have had more focus on the main couple’s relationship. trash and na jung epic romantic moments, those spectacular moments that are perfect examples of fictional realism.

      • 29.1.1 John


        I agree, Chilbong’s character was short changed. His character was supposed to be a successful professional athlete. I found it hard to believe that he wouldn’t have had some other female fan or friend.

        I think the writer overplayed the who will she pick angle. I was kind of hoping that CB was going to have a Japanese girlfriend.

    • 29.2 branwen

      Hearing about JB and GF’s rant about the fanwar on this site during Answer Me 1994, I’m glad I didn’t join in then, though I still read the recaps (but didn’t go past the the comment section).

      It was an okay drama for me. What frustrated me more was I couldn’t really feel the friendship among the characters. I know, it’s weird. It’s just me, maybe, but after watching the ending episode, I realized they don’t really jive together. It’s like I was glued to it during its run, but when it ended, I got disconnected with it. Like turning off a permanent ‘off’ switch. I thought I’d be thrilled to follow the real actors, but my interest in it died with the drama’s ending. I’m not interested with any of the casts anymore, even Najung, which I really liked, or I thought I liked.

      Oh, it may just be me.

  30. 30 KenyanKorean

    ATLANTA!!!!!SCREAMING MY LUNGS OUT!!!Ok ok, so breath breath breath…Ummm I don’t do dragon con but I will be there if other beanies are there. I also know all the best Korean BBQ/sam gyeop sal places in metro ATL where we can do a meet up/Karaoke.

    I go to school up in Kennesaw. Do you guys need a place to stay? I’m am sooo excited I can’t wait to meet all you drama lovers in the ATL area.

  31. 31 anya

    YES! I LOVE your podcasts sooo much. They are legit one of my favourite things about Dramabeans<3

  32. 32 cherkell

    YO BAY AREA REPRESENT!!! An actual NorCal appearance? Sadly, I missed the K-Con Meetup due to a scheduling conflict, but Berkeley in March is definitely A Must Do. I can suggest lots of places for DBers to meet over there — PM me once your plans firm up!

  33. 33 Pearl~ai88

    YES! Been waiting for this forever! πŸ™‚

  34. 34 jomo

    I listened as I cleaned my bedroom and folded laundry – talking back to you two as if you were there with me.
    We had a lot of fun!
    The time flew and my room looks better than it has in months. Thanks for the accompaniment and distraction!

    I want to send you a force-field β™₯ of love β™₯ and appreciation β™₯ and good feelings β™₯ to block any sadness creeping in from the rougher recapping times. I may have had one comment leveled at me and I felt horrible, so I know it couldn’t have been easy to recover. Your commitment to bringing us the recaps we love in spite of all the negativity is to be commended. Like you said, it is your house, and we want it to stay as pretty and sparkly and warm and funny as when we got here.

    β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

    Thanks for alllllllllll the work you all do. It has enriched my life more than I could possibly pay you back!

  35. 35 canxi

    I did a marathon of AM94 so I missed the fan wars. But, I read them from time to time when I came to read some recaps.

    One noticeable recap was one where you asked to chill wit the fighting and then in the comments a HUGE fan war broke out, anyway lol. Aw man…I kinda just skimmed through them and…well…left. I don’t think I ever felt as strongly for the leads as these people. I thought they were both wonderful, btw.

    Excited for Miss Korea and Full Sun and I Need Romance 3.
    Definitely gonna check out the rest…(Three Days, Age of Feeling)

    Why, Basketball, why?

    • 35.1 canxi

      and Emergency Couple! I feel like it won’t be as medical as it seems…I think it’ll have some stuff but not a lot. Like OB/GYN…it was medical…but I feel like those story lines took a backseat to the characters much of the time, which was nice of course. It was there but it wasn’t bombarding me all the time,lol.

  36. 36 nh

    I don’t think Lee Seung Gi has gone to army yet.

    • 36.1 irugnotmis

      i had to google that, but yes i dont think he’s gone either.

    • 36.2 miszdi

      I think they’ve said Lee Jun Ki (or Lee Joon Gi) at 43:57 and not Lee Seung Gi. LJK had finished his MS. Seung-gi was mentioned at 44:31 after they’ve mentioned about Yoona.

      • 36.2.1 sotongpok

        yep, pretty sure they missed out a couple of names they mentioned, including lee jun-ki. yoona too, but i’m not sure because i only listened to the part about prime minister and i – currently enjoying that drama very much (:

        • sotongpok

          *not sure which others (it’s obviously way past my bedtime D:)

  37. 37 Amg1

    Thanks for the P-cast!

    I agree with you,,Miss Korea IMHO is the best drama drama so far of 2014, what I like about it the most is the “Dark” tone of the story, and the female lead is playing the hell out of her character!!!

    Thanks again!!!!!

  38. 38 Carole McDonnell

    thanks! off to listen!

  39. 39 Mashimomo

    Thanks for the podcast, what a treat! I’m seriously hoping to meet you guys and hopefully meet other DBers too when you go to Berkeley.

    • 39.1 Mashimomo

      And about Reply 1994 yes to all your points, it is exactly like Republicans and Democrats bickering it does not make sense. It is so draining to see the DB comments with people constantly undercutting each other just because you are for the other guy. Just UGH.

  40. 40 SH

    JB, your love-triangle dream sounds interesting πŸ˜›

  41. 41 Perrie

    Is no one watching a little love never hurts? It’s so good so far!

    • 41.1 Perrie

      I just realized, in the section where it says recapped series, the prime minister etc and Noona’s over flower are together and it looks like LSG is jealous because Yoona is cozying up with LBS…it’s funny cause their dating lmao

  42. 42 Ilikehim

    I want to watch your dream as a drama! Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk in one drama?! It would be a dream came true for me! It’ll be a happy dilemma not knowing who to root for, or root for both!

    • 42.1 pizza

      If they are all absent from drama land for a whole year, I think I wouldn’t miss them at all.

  43. 43 newgirl

    Thank you (all four of the DB crew) so much for all your hard work! I was new to Kdrama this year, and with your guidance, have enjoyed a whole new world of entertainment. Due to your recaps and ratings I have spent a lot of time enjoying dramas, and feel very few hours have been wasted. (Well, except maybe Heirs and Mirae’s Choice; but I knew how to turn them off, I just didn’t.)
    And your podcasts and the meetup in Seattle were just icing on the cake! So sorry you had to live through the fan wars, too. All the best in 2014!

  44. 44 Kat

    Rachel being a tease and no-one getting any…and that being an encapsulation of the series as a whole. Best. Metaphor. Ever.

    Such promise. Such casting. I cried genuine mental tears for what could have been. I don’t mind the will-they/won’t-they plot if well executed and I’m a total sucker for plotless fluff with a bit of conflict and then a predictably happy ending (see: Secret Garden). Even with my waning interest, I prayed at the altar of the K-drama gods for a somewhat redeeming Heirs wrap up. But wow…that ending rendered the entire series into the most pointless 20 hours of what-the-fuckery-was-that. Basically, nothing changed, no-one is happy and evil dad still reigns supreme. Sure, that’s real life (kinda), but not sure we needed 20 eps of Reality Bites.

    In years to come, Heirs will be touted as the overhyped/underperformed example to NOT follow.

  45. 45 PollyRose

    Not that I’m saying I wouldn’t want Answer Me 1997 to exist, but I couldn’t help but wondering often throughout a good portion of 94 if it had been first as I understand was the original plan, would we have enjoyed it more? Then we might have gotten tighter episodes, less mystery for the sake of taunting to the audience, and better developed/consistent characters, Oppa in particular. I loved him to pieces, but man did he get obscured for the sake of Mystery. Honestly I think it had the potential to be the better show if it hadn’t had to try to overtake 97’s hype. Don’t get me wrong, I did still enjoy it, but I definitely walked away very aware of its flaws, finding myself saying I enjoyed it in spite of itself, something I’m not fond of doing. Ah well…

    As for the other shows, I dropped watching Mirae and Heirs and only read about Basketball and just followed the recaps to see if I had made the wrong choice/to find out how they ended. In all cases unfortunately nothing drew me back into watch but I very much appreciate the steadfast commitment from the recappers. Twas a hard battle you fought, and making it to the end with your sanity (mostly) intact means you win. I think.

    It was fun hearing about your end of the year processes πŸ™‚ They definitely show all the hard work you must put into them and they are such a blast to read and take part in. So thank you very much for them and may your recovery be swift and full of time you get to go be social again. You earned it!

  46. 46 chickenwing

    Javabeans should curse more on record! I swear you have a sexy voice!

  47. 47 coby

    Podcast yay! I was just wondering about this the other day. With Answer me 1994, I feel like kdrama back stabbed me. I put a lot of trust and betrayed me at the end.

  48. 48 Duck

    Thank you for your efforts in satisfying this disease called K-drama addiction. I’ve come relatively late to the party–do you know if the K-drama world has ever used a Jane Austen story as its inspiration? Any of them would provide a wonderful outline. There have been some great successes from other countries, including American film (Clueless/Emma) and Indian film (I have Found It/Sense & Sensibility).

  49. 49 branwen

    JB’s dream sequence.
    OMG. I was laughing like crazy!

  50. 50 k lava

    So first of all didn’t know u had podcasts .this is the first i don’t know what I was expecting but I didn’t expect the totally girly girly american accents ,thank God its not like Lee min ho’s accent in heirs or his song ‘my everything’ He should never do that again ,I fell out of love with him a little bit. Thanks for Ur recaps ,my most visited site and now podcast too ,my aunt caught me listening but she didn’trelise it was abt drama they think I’m overdoing it with the yobuseo – what they call kdrama

    • 50.1 sotongpok

      Well, they’re “girly girly american accents” because javabeans and girlfriday are both Americans, and identify as such, not Korean. They’re definitely not first-generation immigrants – that’d be their parents or further back.

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