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Gong Hyo-jin and Jo In-sung consider Noh Hee-kyung melodrama
by | January 9, 2014 | 107 Comments

Huh, I wouldn’t have pegged Jo In-sung for a second go-around with writer Noh Hee-kyung right away, especially since That Winter, The Wind Blows was his last project. But it looks like a reunion is in the works. He’s being courted to headline her new drama It’s Okay, It’s Love for the coming year alongside Gong Hyo-jin (Master’s Sun). She’s fantastic at comedy and melodrama alike, though in recent years she’s done a lot of rom-coms so it might be a nice change of pace to see her do heavier fare.

It’s Okay, It’s Love (Is it just me, or does that title sound like a slippery-slope excuse for doing not quite kosher things to the person you love?) is Noh Hee-kyung’s newest drama with PD Kim Kyu-tae of The World They Live In, Padam Padam, and That Winter. They’re aiming for an August broadcast and the show is currently without a network, though casting a pair of leads like Jo In-sung and Gong Hyo-jin should change that in a jiffy.

This melodrama will be about psychology, more specifically contemporary people who focus on tiny physical ailments and let health concerns get overblown, while shouldering huge psychological burdens throughout life without ever treating them. It seeks to ask what you should do, “When your feelings catch cold, or grow cancer, or suffer from diabetes.”

Jo In-sung is up for the hero role, a mystery novel writer and radio DJ who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Gong Hyo-jin is being courted to play the heroine, a first-year fellow in psychiatry. She chose it as a field because you don’t have to work late hours like everyone else or cut people open like surgeons, but once she meets the hero, her life will change completely. It doesn’t say that he’s her patient, but I can’t imagine Noh Hee-kyung just letting that taboo relationship just lie there untouched, so I’m guessing we’re in for some ethical boundary-skirting. Is it better than loving your oppa or worse? Better-worse?

It’s Okay, It’s Love is preparing for an August premiere.

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107 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JD

    Like my favourite actor and actress together on one drama. Whoaaaa. Gong Hyojin is on a roll with her leading men aye? So looking forward to this! Hopefully they both sign on, cause its gonna be epic already 🙂

    • 1.1 Whatsthescenario

      This could be EPIC!!!! OMG, dramagods please make this happen!!!!

    • 1.2 Jenni민아

      I used to think that she is so lucky, because she always gets cast with The hottest leading men. BUT She is seriously such an awesome actress, and is always paired up with such hot leading men!!! It must be her! I wonder if the guys feel just as lucky hehehe!!!

      • 1.2.1 pogo

        I wonder if the guys feel just as lucky hehehe!!!

        Going by So Ji-sub (he signed up for Master’s Sun the minute he heard she was the female lead), they totally do.

  2. Mila

    “(Is it just me, or does that title sound like a slippery-slope excuse for doing not quite kosher things to the person you love?)”

    Lol, it totally does.

    Anyway, I’m excited about this! “That winter, the wind blows” is one of the few melodramas I watched without feeling bored at all. Loved the story, the characters, the acting. It made me like Jo In Sung -with whom I had issues previously- and his “raw” kind of acting. I also really enjoy Gong Hyo Jin in sad dramas, she’s really good at bringing out the emotion.

    “Is it better than loving your oppa or worse? Better-worse?”

    I’d argue it’s a tiny little bit better…but not good. That said, why can’t they be siblings ? :p It’s not mentionned but maybe they’ll discover they’re related at some point~

    • 2.1 skelly

      I think JIS will be perfect for this; he is sortof raw, he lays it all out there, and I get this edgy, nervous, on-the-edge vibe from him that I think would work really well for this character.

    • 2.2 Jo

      I loved the leads in Padam and also in That Winter. I think they cast guys that have the same sort of intensity. Regardless, excited for her writing (which doesn’t do too well with endings, but does well in everything else). Gosh. Padam. That drama was beautiful.
      I’m definitely excited.

  3. Do-ra-ma

    Oh, this sounds like the hero will have hypochondriasis (which I can very much relate to… >_>). Yeah, it can be pretty debilitating.

    This does have me already interested, though. Two of my favourite actors potentially in a work from a PD-writer team that hasn’t disappointed me yet…? And, yeah, the female lead has to be the hero’s psychiatrist! I mean, COME ON.

    • 3.1 jomo

      What if we find out…dun dun duuuuhn, they are possibly half siblings to boot? Or they were each other’s first loves abroad? Or, her bone marrow matches his? Or his father killed her mother? Or the only way to make him happy is to agree to be his sister because she died holding THIS ring on the way to the hospital to donate her bone marrow for his father and otherwise he cannot accept love from any females due to his guilt?

      My work is done.

      • 3.1.1 kakashi

        hahahahaaaa …. it’s going to be … ALL of the above ^^

      • 3.1.2 naej11

        LOL. this made me laugh. thanks

      • 3.1.3 petmink

        Where did the like button go? This is hilarious.

      • 3.1.4 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

        Pretty much sums up the whole thing LOL

  4. kristy

    though love the cast.the crew is ugh
    I couldnt sit through twtb

    • 4.1 paper

      I loved the watching twtb ~ not because of its meh script but because of the pretty camera work. I really really hope that Lee Young Joon helps produce this show also >_< His work is Fantabulous!!! Yummy cast though~ Hope the writer doesn't screw this one up as well <_<

  5. Xxvxx

    I wanna be you Hyo-Jin unnie

  6. Celery


  7. damianna

    gong hyo jin could make me laugh and cry so easily. both of them are so lucky to be acting alongside each other. gong yoo, jang hyuk, lee seon gyun, cha seung won ,so ji sub and now jo in sung, wow! hyun bin later, please.

    • 7.1 Waves

      Gong Hyo Jin was also in a melodrama with Rain.

  8. Candy

    do t’best onnie, I will always support you *ciaOoo

  9. snow

    I love Gong Hyo Jin but a melodrama……..

    I’m confused but loving a patient is a taboo!!????

    • 9.1 skelly

      YES. It breaks all sorts of ethics rules. It also means that the Dr. was not maintaining professional emotional distance, which is one of those basic things that psychologists must learn – this is like a surgeon not knowing how to suture. Making her a student/intern would make is somewhat more realistic.

      • 9.1.1 kopytko

        What if you transfer your patient to another doctor? Can you fall in love then? Because your professional relationship ceases to exist… Is it still taboo?

    • 9.2 rainerust

      To be more precise, falling in love with your patient is taboo.

      • 9.2.1 Celery

        *and having a r/s with her/her is taboo.

        Er, above comment was made by me.

        @dramabeans: I think there’s something wrong with the website because my name was saved as “rainerust” along with his/her email.

    • 9.3 damianna

      but, but, imagine jo in sung being your patient, how can anyone be professional? =) this writer loves taboo-bending romance.

      • 9.3.1 Crazynoona

        Couldn’t agree more

  10. 10 Peeps

    …the heroine, a first-year fellow in psychiatry. She chose it as a field because you don’t have to work late hours like everyone else or cut people open like surgeons…

    HAHAHA! HA! Ha. haaa…..

    She might not have to cut people open but she will be working overtime AND might let other people’s problems bog her down. Psychiatry is mentally exhausting. I’d like to see her face when she realises that.

  11. 11 kwondong

    aah Jo In Sung AND Gong Hyo Jin. That just pretty much seal the deal for me. Can’t wait for August. I hope they both accept this.

  12. 12 yennycall

    my favourite unnie wth my favourite oppa together in a drama. GHJ has worked with some amazing men along her career, from won bin, gong yoo, cha seung won, kang dong won and now jo in sung? she’s always have a great chemistry with them too.I love GHJ in rom-coms and i definitely adore her in melo too.please let this be true!

  13. 13 Eli

    I swear I just thought about this pairing like days ago and then this news happen! OMG, so excited!

    Gong Hyo-jin and Jo In-sung in a melodrama? Yes, please! I’ve been wanting to see Gong Hyo-jin in a melodrama again. Her last melodrama was Thank You, I think.
    Pasta, The Greatest Love, and then Master’s Sun, it’s a high time she does other genre.

    Now about the story. Sigh… Seriously, what’s with this writer and its faux… thing? I’m hoping, seriously hoping that she, at least, will write likeable characters.

  14. 14 Honeymylovesosweet

    Noh hee kyung has this tendency of creating slighty bipolar characters.

    Nonetheless, if it’s JO IN SUNG and gong hyo jin, I’m on. Did I mention Jo In Sung? Yes? Aw, sorry, my bad. Yeah, JIS.

  15. 15 Mandy

    JIS is doing another drama with the same writer? That’s really odd cz I thought he wouldn’t be back in drama land for a bit, and That winter didn’t even do all that well. Maybe the script is really good for this or something.

    I think they’ll look good together, although the storyline seems a little… Mentally exhausting lol. I do love melodramas, and the trend seems to be rom-coms this year, so I’m welcoming this unless we have weird fauxest relationships coming out of nowhere. Those drive me nuts.

    • 15.1 methodactors

      That Winter was the first work of Noh HeeKyung that had the solid rating.

      • 15.1.1 Dakchigo

        “More Beautiful Than a Flower” (KBS, 2004) actually broke the 30% barrier, becoming one of the very, very few that hit high ratings without being compromised by the need to cater to mainstream appeal. But everything else were… “mania dramas” so to speak. She held the distinction for having written the lowest-rated network drama: “Foolish Love” (KBS, 2000) with its 1.8% low (then again, it was up against “Heo Jun”).

        Noh Hee-kyung’s works before “Padam Padam” were actually not as commercial as those in recent years; although it’s sad that she felt the need to compromise, she’s one of the very, very few who could juggle mainstream appeal with introspective commentary and incisive character studies (“That Winter, the Wind Blows” aside…).

  16. 16 kopytko

    Love the writer (a lot), love GHJ, like JIS – I am interested.

    As for the premise – it can turn wonderful or awful, but I have faith in the writer’s skills. I crave a treat of Padam Padam quality – silent and slow but touching and warm.

    I would argue if cutting somebody up is really worse (more difficult or more unpleasant) than dealing with somebody seriously disturbed. Straitjackets can be more complicated to use than scalpel :). But it also depends where you practice I guess…
    On the other hand it would be interesting to have a glimpse on a hero with psychological/psychiatrical condition in a matter-of-fact way. There are some OCD characters, but they are usually shown in a comedic way, which is OK, but the serious side of the problem is left totally aside. It could be a challenge for the scriptwriter and actors to portray it and food for thought for the viewers.

    • 16.1 Lillian

      Exactly! I can’t tell you how many times I have rewatched Padam Padam. It’s wonderful when you find a drama that has the acting, writing, and directing trifeca working in beautiful synchrony.

      • 16.1.1 Celery

        Oh Padam Padam. The only k-melo I like.

        And was I the only one who felt sexual tension every time JSW and HJM shared the scene? Their height and size differences drove me crazzzzyyyyy

        • kopytko

          Frankly, HJM was the weakest link for me. I felt the whole drama could just as well do without her, I mean the character she played. I think mostly the writing is here to blame, but HJM was far from stellar. Not bad, but you know, not memorable. I wasn’t really sold on her romance…

          • Celery


            I gotta partially agree with you – the push and pull also got tiring after awhile – on the fact she wasn’t stellar. Like I could definitely other (small and petite) actresses playing her character.

            I gotta say, putting aside acting capabilities and storyline, her small frame and his imposing height/huge hands really got to me. It really heightened their oft-tense interactions in the beginning – well at least visually for me.

          • kopytko

            I see, you mean the visual effect. I didn’t pay attenion to that back then, but there must be something about tall guys and petite women. Atavism or something 🙂

          • pogo

            @kopytko – I wonder if there’s anything she’s really good in, because she was ok in Rooftop Prince and Cain & Abel, but like you said, not stellar. She gets the bare-bones job done, but not much else – she does have decent enough chemistry with her leading men though.

  17. 17 Rushie

    Gong Hyo-jin, Yes. Jo In-sung, Yes. PD of Padam, Yes. When does this air? Can’t wait.

  18. 18 Thursdaynexxt

    Hooray, yip dee doo!! Thanks for this wonderful news!

    So excited to see this pairing, can’t wait. Both great actors, very versatile, so while it may be pegged as a melo, I’m sure there’ll be room for plenty of cute!

  19. 19 Alixana

    Hyo-jin is so lovable and so talented. Perfect combo. I haven’t seen her in any melos, so I’d love it if she signed on. In-sung is hands down, the most handsome man in kdrama-land. I liked his performance in TWTWB. It was very low-key and easy to watch.
    I’d like to see the two of them together.

    • 19.1 pogo

      She had her breakout roles in melos and she’s great in them (done two by Lee Kyung-hee of Nice Guy, if that gives you an idea).

      But if you don’t have the time to watch her in Snowman, Sang-doo or Thank You, I suggest watching one of her movies – Sisters on the Road. She costars with Shin Mina, and I think it’s tied with SJS for my favourite onscreen pairing of hers (of course this is sisterly, not romantic – they’re siblings)

      • 19.1.1 rainerust

        Omg I loved Sang Doo. I was practically in tears three quarters of that drama! It was my first GHJ drama and I fell in love with her thereafter. She’s not super accomplished but she brings her character to life and injects such heart in them that I always can’t help but cheer her on. Man that show ripped my heart out and stomped it into itty bits. All good, of course.

        I might check this out for her but I’ve outgrown melos quite a while back so I don’t know how long I’ll stay aboard this train. Still its GHJ so….all aboard, say ‘ay!’. Ay!!!!

    • 19.2 readlead

      you should try to watch thank you! that’s my most favorite kdrama ever, most favorite drama of ghj too! the story and acting are superb! trust me! 😀

  20. 20 fatul

    Just cant wait. Love GHJ but how come August seems so far? I want to see it right now.

  21. 21 oneclearnight

    Say Gong Hyo Jin to me and I’m there!! Her and Son Ye Jin own me <333 I would watch anything for them – such talented ladies.

    Still iffy on Jo In Sung's acting abilities but his character sounds interesting at least. That Winter had a great first half but then it fell apart imo. I know Writer Noh is very talented (her older shows were fantastic), hopefully this will be better. Fingers crossed!!!

    • 21.1 methodactors

      Noh HeeKyung creates this obsessive compulsive disorder character for Jo InSung, that means she knows Jo InSung’s ability well.(she didn’t even allow some actors that she thought they couldn’t act well to take her characters she wrote in her previous works)

      Noh HeeKyung praised his acting skill in That winter many times. His acting skill were proven in A Dirty Carnival(2006) and TWTWB.(these kind of roles are not easy to act,it’s so complicated) his kind of acting always give me a “method actors” I think many people haven’t watched A Dirty Carnival(a film) which many critics praised him)

    • 21.2 methodactors

      Noh HeeKyung creates this obsessive compulsive disorder character for Jo InSung, that means she knows Jo InSung’s ability well.(she didn’t even allow some actors that she thought they couldn’t act well to take her characters she wrote in her previous works)

      Noh HeeKyung praised his acting skill in That winter many times. His acting skill were proven in A Dirty Carnival(2006) and TWTWB.(these kind of roles are not easy to act,they are so complicated) his kind of acting always give me a “method actors” vibe like I see in Leonardo or Daniel Day-Lewis.
      I think many people haven’t watched A Dirty Carnival(a film) which many critics praised him.

      Btw, I started liking Gong HyoJin since Crush and Brush.

    • 21.3 methodactors

      *typo* “Crush and Blush”

  22. 22 Miky

    Hope both accept the offer,i would love to see bth in such different roles(with a more serios role as well) and if the director is the same i already see the beauty♥hope they will say yes!!!!!!!!!!!hope SBS takes the drama on their slotes(can’t help i love SBS more,don’t know)

  23. 23 Emmy

    Loving your patient is definitely better than loving your oppa. Although it’s definitely murky waters from an ethical point of view.

    I would definitely watch it though. I like them both.

  24. 24 Waiting

    Happy, happy! Hope they decide to work together.

  25. 25 Nora

    I really really like Jo In sung in “that winter the wind blows”, & I am pretty sure that he can pull off the role!
    But I don’t think the two go with each other well!
    Gong Hyo Jiin is a veryyy good actress 🙂 I hope that she proves wrong those people like me who thinks they don’t have chemistry! actually,I’m judging by looks & appearnec of them!
    the plot sounds interesting & refreshing! 🙂

    • 25.1 readlead

      havent you watched the master’s sun yet? there was many peoples who doubted ghj and SJS will looks good together too at first and the result, even much better beyond all of expectations!

      talk about looks? LOL if you check all her male co-star, most of them are the hottest actor in korea! 😀

  26. 26 readlead

    at first time I heard this, really wish it’s Jung Wo Sung, then it’ll make me feel so complete as GHJ’s fan, hehe seem that I’ve to wait again for my dream pairing to be come true… 😀

    I am so glad to hear hyojin onnie will back soon to kdramaland, tough never imagine before about her pairing with JIS, but well I like it! Their personality have some similarity specially in being so easy going with everyone around them, I can imagine they’ll have much fun together.

    me, wont worry at all about chemistry, since it’s GHJ we are talking about, she mostly will never fail 😀
    I do like writer noh, and like twtwb too, good team after all… but I hope this drama will be aired in KBS or MBC, please God… T-T if this is taken by SBS, I better wait for longer time to see onnie’s back to kdramaland 🙁

    • 26.1 damianna

      yeah, i think she and lee seon gyun could generate chemistry with anyone. when they loved someone in a drama, it seemed so believable i just melted.

    • 26.2 methodactors

      Noh HeeKyung creats this character for Jo InSung. I like both Jo InSung and Gong HyoJin.

  27. 27 Peppy

    aw yeah!! *fistpumps*
    i really cannot stomach melodramas, at all. but its gong hyo jin (who is all kinds of awesome)… and jo in sung… its tempting me…

  28. 28 Lillian

    Is it bad that I’m more excited about the PD & Writer for this drama than I am about the lead actors? LOVED LOVED Padam Padam, Worlds Within, and That Winter.

    There’s something about Noh’s style of writing that throws your mind into a whirlwind. Combined with PD Kim’s amazing cinematography skills, I can’t help but fall in love with this awesome duo. It’s not surprising that they keep collaborating together!

    I can’t wait for this and hope to see both agree to the casting calls!!! August, come on!!!

  29. 29 tiffanyshin

    how has this match-up not happened yet???!!!! this is like a million wishes happening all at once for me haha OMGGG excitement. cannot wait for aug to come around now zzzzz thanks for the heads up! love it.

  30. 30 pogo

    I’m still not over Master’s Sun (THAT CHEMISTRY!!!)

    And I didn’t expect to see GHJ in a drama again so soon since she’s only made one every other year for a while now, but she’s really versatile across genres – she’s a two-time Lee Kyung-hee alum, no less, and her early career had quite a few acclaimed melo performances. I didn’t love That Winter’s central romance (and I wasn’t even squicked by the oppa thing), but I appreciated its beauty and JIS’s performance, so I’m hoping for great things out of him and GHJ, she generally has good chemistry with her leading men and just took it to another level with So Ji-sub.

    • 30.1 hahihu

      I’m hoping for great things out of him and GHJ, she generally has good chemistry with her leading men and just “took it to another level with So Ji-sub” .

      Me: LoLing so hard at ur last statement, I completely got what u talked about, nyahahahaah XD

      N yea, I like TWTWB but the ”oppa thing” n ”siblings lover” thing isn’t really my cup of tea actually, (even I still love JIS in there, gosh how can a man could looks so darn sexy like that???! >.<)
      N yesss…! Its GHJ unnie we're talking about here. She's the greatest korean actress I've ever seen, even tho I have lotta fave actress in kdrama land ^^, but she's my no.1 🙂
      She never been disappointed me so far, love her in melos n rom-com, So…August come quickly pleasee!! XD

    • 30.2 Crazynoona

      amen to that!

  31. 31 Lilian

    hmm….don’t really like how her stories go but I like the two actors! undecided, I guess the easiest way is to just give the first episode a try

  32. 32 Phemnomenal

    Seems like the writer got an inspiration from the film Mr. Jones except Mr. Jones has a bipolar disease instead of OCD. Looking forward to their chemistry. 😊

  33. 33 timmy

    Why not do a Padam Padam reunion instead? 🙁

  34. 34 Mskmouse

    Wow, Gong Hyo Jin acting alongside her good friend Kim Min Hee’s beau. 🙂 Melodrama sounds like a refreshing change for her!

    • 34.1 news

      Yea and kissing him O.O

      • 34.1.1 melusine

        Well her other friend Shin Min-ah once kissed Ryu Seung-beom (GHJ’s longtime bf, now ex) in Beast and the Beauty. They’re actors, it comes with the job. 😉

  35. 35 Celery

    I’m frankly okay with the pairing (and writer-PD team) but I’d have been over the moon with joy if the male lead was JWS.

    • 35.1 methodactors

      Noh HeeKyung creats this obsessive compulsive disorder character for Jo InSung. I like both Jo InSung and Gong HyoJin. I started liking Gong HyoJin since Crush and Blush.

  36. 36 mel

    ohh man please please let this happen im madly in love with both of them and i think they would have great chemistry

  37. 37 seunghyunlove

    Yessss, this would be the best thing ever.

  38. 38 crazedlu


    Don’t, Kang Hyo-jin!!!!

    First, Noh Kee-kyung.
    Second, Jo In-sung.


    • 38.1 crazedlu


    • 38.2 crazedlu

      omgosh. gross. i have issues today. all days.

      *Gong Hyo-jin

  39. 39 Mashimomo

    I barely finished TWTWB (that ending is an absolute wtfoolery) but the cinematography is SO gorgeous on that drama, and the reason why I (embarassingly) stuck around finishing the drama than the story itself. The shots were so hauntingly beautiful and contrasting colors were emphasized against the bleak winter.

    I do love me some Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin so I will definitely be checking in, hopefully the story will be more engaging to me this time around.

    • 39.1 pogo

      Haha, you’re not alone! I stuck around because of the cinematography pretty too, but I also fell in love with the cuteness of the second leads and wanted to see if they’d be ok. I didn’t much care about the OTP, at all, even if I appreciated the actors’ work.

      • 39.1.1 Mashimomo

        *nods* I hardly watch melos as it is really not my favorite genre, but seriously I’m a sucker for good cinematography. Everything was too pretty on TWTWB! The actors, the scenes, the close ups on SHG and JIS is just beauty and of course JEJ and KB as second leads were so cute. The acting holds up too, but oh my how did the story slow down after starting out so promising. But having watched Worlds Within I shouldn’t be surprised – this team is always great at characterization but lacks follow thru. I wouldn’t be surprised if this new drama would be the same, but I’ll still watch anyway.

  40. 40 NewKDramaAddict

    Oh yeah! Still there! Will look forward to this for my girl especially!

  41. 41 melusine

    Gong Hyo-jin + Noh Hee-kyung? OMG, SOLD SOLD SOLD.

    GHJ’s great at romcoms, but I’ve been hoping for years that she sank her teeth into meatier fare on TV.

    Wish it were a different PD though. All those close-ups in That Winter, the Wind Blows got tedious, no matter how artfully done. Kim Kyu-tae’s a great cinematographer, but as a director? Meh. But I guess NHK only works with him now. *shrug*

    • 41.1 pogo

      Nearly all her pre-2010 dramas were melos except for Biscuit Teacher, and that’s quite a few of them – Ruler of Your Own World, Snowman, Sang-doo, Thank You. It’ll be a change all right, esp. after all the romcoms.

      I loved the look of TWTWB but it did leave me a bit cold – I hope the central romance here has better chemistry/better development and execution.

      • 41.1.1 melusine

        I know, and I’ve seen (and loved) most of them. It’s just that it’s been six years since Thank You, so this is a nice change.

        • qatrunnada :)

          @melusine, yes this drama is a nice change for our Lovely GHJ.. sorry DB for off topics, @melusine, are you melusine that started GHJ threads on soompi? , if its true, huhu, can u please come back to the thread, i saw your last active on soompi was May 2013. huhu, actually GHJ thread more active now, and they have new year resolution to make 500 page until end of 2014.. 🙂

  42. 42 AnotherFan

    Oh this could be an interesting premise. I have OCD myself so would love to see how the drama treats this subject. The borderline ethical romance sounds like a specialty from this writer. I honestly did not like “The Winter” and felt it was rather hollow (albeit the awesome art direction). But I would definitely check out this drama if not just for my love of HYJ. She has such an on-screen charisma!

  43. 43 junjae

    Yes please!!!!!
    Though I’ve wished for JIS to tackle rom-com, pairing with GHJ is good too!

  44. 44 anitabi

    i love both GHJ and JIS!!!! when i read the article about them paired in new drama, i was so excited!!! i really love GHJ unnie and like JIS oppa in their past projects. i just can’t wait to see them together. YES Please!! i’d be so much fun to watch their chemistry since both of them are so friendly and extrovert characters hohohoho. i love GHJ along with SJS in The Master’s Sun (and really hope them to be real couple kkk) though initially i doubted their chemistry would be good, and BANG! She has changed SJS to be more cheerful and so in love with their interaction within the Master’s Sun 😀

    now, just like most people here, i want august to come faster and watch GHJ with JIS in this Melodrama not another actors please (honestly i want to see JIS playing rom-com but this is not bad too)

  45. 45 Abbie

    I love both of these actors, and I like the writer. I did like That Winter, The Wind Blows. It was good for a melodrama fix, much like Nice Guy was. I don’t usually dig melos, but those two have certainly helped me to change my opinion of them.

    I hope both actors sign on, because I would love to see them together.

    I’ll be looking forward to this!

  46. 46 canxi

    Please let it happen. I’m already drooling for it.

    But, man they sure do announce these things EARLY. August? Come now, guys.

  47. 47 Tara

    I’m up for anything with Gong Hyo-jin, because she doesn’t disappoint…and it would be good for her to branch out back into melo, since she’s obviously one of the best in rom-coms. Jo In-sung surprised me in TWTWB, because his acting was much improved (since the last drama I saw of his was Spring Day)…shoot, I stuck with TWTWB solely because of his character–since I wanted to see how things would turn out–craptastic ending be damned. It would definitely be an interesting pairing, and the story kinda leans towards the ethical boundary-skirting that Girlfriday mentioned. I’m just not hoping for some big fake-out or out-of-the-blue craziness, though.

    • 47.1 methodactors

      You haven’t watched A Dirty Carnival(2006), right? It was after Spring Day. His acting in A Dirty Carnival and That winter are the best.

  48. 48 bakedshrimp

    2014 is indeed the year of the goodies. Seung-gi and Yuna, You from Another Star, and now Hyo-jin and In-sung.

    I’m looking forward to this drama already!

  49. 49 Hugepuffball

    UGH! YES!
    I adore Jo In Sung, I love Gong Hyo Jin, and Noh Hee Kyung doesn’t always make sense but That Winter The Wind Blows was crazy addicting and Padam Padam was beautiful… How long until AUgust again? I’ll be waiting.

  50. 50 coffeenlucia

    literally when I saw the name “Gong Hyo Jin” among the posts I started singing “YES YES YES YES” because I adore her!!!

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