Interview request: Calling Southern California Beanies!
by | January 29, 2014 | 73 Comments

We were recently contacted by a correspondent with BBC’s “The World” to interview for a story on the growing popularity of Korean dramas in the U.S. (Go, Hallyu!) The reporter is interested in hearing additional voices, too, so if you would be willing and available to speak with her about your interest/love/addiction in dramas, she’d love to hear from you.

If you:

  1. are in the LA region,
  2. have a funny/cool/interesting story about how you got into dramas, or why you watch them, and
  3. would be willing to interview (radio, not video),

then please email me your basic contact info, along with a quick line pertaining to #2 in the list.

Thanks all!

73 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Emmy

    Awesome! Will be looking forward to reading/hearing about you guys!:)

  2. Bengbeng

    yeah, me too! i want to hear the interview. Please post it in the site =). Please advise also when it will air, maybe we would be able to catch it. I have BBC radio in my cable =)

  3. risa

    μ•„μ‹Έ! (Assa!)

  4. Lala

    Sounds interesting! I’m not far from LA.

  5. Cingdoc

    Haha….I have to decloak & tell everyone how crazy I am?How I discovered your site while I was spending time at the hospital? How I met & gained many good friends? How I would watch raw video since I couldn’t wait to see how my latest OTP is doing?How my dark circles(from staying up late marathoning) can no loner be covered by consealer?LOL….sure,why not?

    • 5.1 xiaoSxin

      hahaha I’ll support you unni! i’ll always love this site bec it’s where I found many good friends and awesome people

    • 5.2 momosan

      Ah the late night marathon! Even better – the marathon with friends!

    • 5.3 mrmz

      yup u’ll be representing all of us go for it!! lool

  6. Toto

    Eeeep!! The bbc ?? Why can’t they interview people in England ? We love kdramas too =_=.

    • 6.1 jomo

      I am guessing they ARE. Go talk to them!
      They just needed a reliable contact for the US peeps.

  7. Mandy

    Hallyu wave FTW lol. And aww you guys keep getting more popular! BBC is no easy feat… It would be fun hearing from everyone so I hope the interview link is posted here. Good luck guys! πŸ™‚

  8. BES

    OT: From what drama/movie is that image from?

    • 8.1 A.O.

      Looks like it’s the movie Love On-Air starring Lee Min-Jung.

      • 8.1.1 Fab

        I think it’s also called Love Radio.

        • wannabean

          and wonderful radio πŸ˜€

  9. sm

    Yes. please. Post the interview link here.

  10. 10 shf

    wow! darn! i’m not from la! so sad!

  11. 11 jewel

    We nigerians r lovers of kdramas too

    • 11.1 Toto

      Ooh a fellow Nigerian. πŸ™‚

    • 11.2 Rushie

      Me too. So good to meet fellow Nigerian Kdrama lovers.

    • 11.3 fionnula

      I agree – shout out to Nigeria. Although I’m British. ;p

      • 11.3.1 fionnula

        How exciting that the BBC is looking for an interview – I hope to listen this when it airs.

  12. 12 Fab

    Hallyu going WW! Well I am nowhere near LA but I would encourage all beanies from LA to represent us. :p

  13. 13 charmcasy

    wow !! i totally agree with th concealer comment! no foundation no concealer works now n an honest confession i hav missed many of my 8.00 am classes coz i was busy completing my series till 4am in the morning!
    so waking up at 6am is far from being possible! πŸ˜›
    bbc does get broadcasted in our country (india) so do mention the timin n the tentative date on which it wud b aired!! m so elated n ecstatic!

  14. 14 charmcasy

    wow !! i totally agree with tht concealer comment! no foundation no concealer works now n an honest confession i hav missed many of my 8.00 am classes coz i was busy completing my series till 4am in the morning!
    so waking up at 6am is far from being possible! πŸ˜›
    bbc does get broadcasted in our country (india) so do mention the timin n the tentative date on which it wud b aired!! m so elated n ecstatic!

  15. 15 charmcasy

    i thank we got married global version which aired in india too on animax n since m a regular viewer of tht channel i instantly got indulged into the fantasyland of kdramas!
    since then there has been no backing off with each day passess by i create a new milestone of my korean drama’s addiction! in think scientists should now develop an addiction meter to measure our craziness! n m sure we all would rate preety high n hope this neverending mania of mine continues foreever! unnis n oopas! shall we declare n official international holiday 4 our kdrama addiction???!!!!!:P

  16. 16 MooFu Baby

    Epic win for Hallyu & the Beanies πŸ˜€ Javabeans & Girlfriday have been instrumental in growing my love for K-dramas, so congrats on the interview!! Can’t wait to hear all the great origin stories from our So Cal Beanies too!! Big Hallyu Wave, Fighting!!!

  17. 17 MsB


  18. 18 Haruni

    What about Canada?! We Canadians love kdramas too!

    • 18.1 Laica

      I know. No one ever comes to Canada. πŸ™

  19. 19 reyna

    i don’t think i’m ready to oust myself to everyone i know yet!!!

  20. 20 Me

    am i the only one that doesn’t get the hoopla. is it not common knowledge ppl will watch good shows no matter where they come from?

    • 20.1 Kiara

      Ikr? BBC where have you been for the last 10years?

    • 20.2 Jen

      According to the reaction of my friends, it’s not that common lol. They all think it’s really strange that I watch kdramas.

      • 20.2.1 Kiara

        I guess it makes sense that they are doing the interview in the LA area because more people are familiar with K-pop, K-drama etc. I live in the OC area and we have 3 Korean channels.
        My mom found Dae Jang Geum (2005) while flipping through channels and now she cant live without K-dramas lol.

  21. 21 Rushie

    The Hallyu has hit Nigeria. Why does no one want to hear my story?

  22. 22 Kiara

    I’d go if my English was good lol.

    • 22.1 ilikemangos

      But you write very well!

      • 22.1.1 Kiara

        You are too kind :). I’m still learning and I think I’ll stop with 3, my head will not be able to handle another new language.

  23. 23 missDVM

    If you can convince them that other regions of the United States (and beyond! *GAAASSPP!*) enjoy good entertainment, I will be happy to help!

    Hailing from the Deep South, United States…

    I wish you the BEST of interviews with the BBC. I have long been a fan of and the BBC!

  24. 24 A.O.

    The reporter should speak to prominent Princeton University economics professor Uwe E. Reinhardt. Under the publications page on his web site is a document named Introductory Korean Drama in which he writes he has been watching Korean Dramas daily for over six years.

    • 24.1 ds152

      Wonderful publication by the professor, I was laughing so hard when I am reading it.

    • 24.2 [email protected]

      Please post a link. I couldn’t find this document among Prof’s Reinhart publications. Thank you πŸ™‚

      • 24.2.1 Caroline

        • Rushie

          Seriously, this Professor deserves a Nobel prize.

        • PlumWine

          Lol! That was spot on. Ha!

        • [email protected]

          THANK YOU1

        • charmcasy

          i read it!! was too good! even i found many of his observations n conclusions quite similiar to my perspective
          of korean dramas! while i was reading about jeju island the one n only honeymoon destination in korea i simply burst into wild laughter!! but yes! the location is jaw dropping n immensely picturesque!

        • Fab

          He is awesome and spot on!

    • 24.3 ilikemangos

      I searched it up as soon as i read this comment and was loling at how out of place the title “Introductory Korean Drama” is among his other publications.
      The staring out to the ocean got me, haha. Thanks for the read.

    • 24.4 merry

      good on you to spot this article, thanks. It is awesome to think that this great health economist would be a kdrama addict as well. He is also a great speaker, very well placed in the after lunch periods where he can just give the best presentations. Still can’t get over my head this piece of news (for me).

    • 24.5 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I have fallen in love with combining KDramas with other skills.

      What’s not to love about document that drops in price-elasticity of demand and economic viability of coffee shops in with the drama discussion?

    • 24.6 Kim Yoonmi

      ^^;; I feel weird then for watching them since about 2002? (I want dramas from before then, but they are harder to find). Especially the dramas from 1980-1985. =P From the time I was physically growing up in Korea and probably watching them back then since I had some preconceived notions about how entertainment should be and since they line up with the Korean Entertainment Industry–I want to see what I saw back then.

  25. 25 Trina

    I would love to do this. However, I live in Laguna Hills which is in Orange County, California.

    • 25.1 Kiara

      JB wrote LA Region Trina so I believe that includes Orange County. I live in Irvine so we are pretty close to each other.

  26. 26 [email protected]

    A few years ago, dramabeans had a contest which awarded a prize for the account of the most incredible lenghts drama fans/addicts had gone through because of their k-drama addiction. Many stories were hilarious and/or over the top. Wouldn’t it be nice to share some of these stories with the world?

  27. 27 Caroline

    I live in Koreatown and work in downtown. Perfect in terms of location, but I don’t have an interesting story behind my obsession.

    I watched dramas alongside my parents, was obsessed at a time when watching Korean dramas involved lots of youtube searches, looking for random websites, etc. I think I started watching dramas on my own around mid 2000s? And it’s been downhill since…

    I actually found this website right when it moved here from another site. I think it was called back then? Good memories.

  28. 28 Anna

    Strange the BBC are doing a story on kdrama in the US when in their home country here in the UK, kdrama is completely unknown.

    • 28.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I adore BBC news. However, I have noticed they sometimes run these stories about things in the US that make us seem like barbarians or freaks. So if watching KDramas makes someone weird, then by all means they want to show the weird Americans, not the dignified Brits.

  29. 29 anais

    I just forwarded this post to my teenage Bulgarian immigrant student (in Los Angeles) who learned Korean in the last year or so from watching Korean drama.

    I plodded through much of Heirs just so he had someone he could squee with.

  30. 30 mara

    I’m always plugged into npr when driving, and I’m sure I’ll be hearing your segment when it airs. I can’t wait!

  31. 31 Shima

    Awww, I’m not going to be in L.A. ’til the Fall! I hope someone does this, though!

  32. 32 Cranechick

    Oooo… Would love to share my addiction since I live in LA and <3 dramabeans… But unfortunately, I can't go on air. 😐

  33. 33 whitewire

    Awww! Looking forward to this lovely podcast! Jung Man-shik and Lee Min-jung both look great in that pic!

  34. 34 GeekCollage

    I’m guessing there’s more than enough LA Beanies for this, but would San Diego Beanies count too?

  35. 35 coby

    wow this is fantastic!

  36. 36 Kim Yoonmi

    I’ve got a convoluted story so I submitted it. At least I find it entertaining. The longer version is far more entertaining than the condensed. Or I can make it so.

    Plus I’m a K-culture nerd apparently. Even the Korean people I run across occasionally are really impressed at what I know. (My language skills are still touch and go though. Sometimes I’m on the mark and sometimes I slip into satoori too much (Without realizing it and then the seoulites get on my case about my pronunciation being too lazy or wrong. *sniff*) or sometimes I don’t feel like it at all.)

    A Korean friend of mine (born and raised, where I was born and only raised there a few years before being exported to American parents) occasionally says I’m more Korean than she is. I know more Korean lit than apparently she does, know more Korean history and care more about Korean food in the old Korean ways than she does. Also Korean customs… ^^ But she’s more American than I am. Yeah… it can end up like that too.

  37. 37 Kiara

    Most of my friends are Koreans, some were born and raised in Korea and some were born here in the US. They are always impressed that I know so much about their history, culture, and the K-ent industry.
    When we get together they know that they don’t need to tell me what to do, how to eat or how to act when we go to their parents house. I know to take my shoes off at the door, bow and greet their parents in Korean lol.

    I love sageuks so when we watch one together I’m the one telling them who is who, what’s real and what’s not, and all about the actors, director, writer, production team and other related dramas.

    QSD was not my best sageuk but it was the most fun to watch together with friends because Kim Young Hyun kept introducing many real life historical figures with their own story in history so there was so much to talk about.

  38. 38 Mel

    Congratulations!!! Let us know when this interview happens!

  39. 39 javabeans

    Thanks everyone β€” I’ve forwarded your emails to the reporter, who says she has enough contacts for now. Lots of great responses!

  40. 40 Z

    Yes! I listen to the world most days when I’m at work (if I can hear the radio over the squawking of 16 one-year-olds). Be sure to update us when the interview is going to air. I’ll make the kids play “The Quiet Game” and have a listen.

  41. 41 Jihong

    When is the interview? I might be in the area and I would love to take part in this experience!

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