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Kang Haneul and Kim So-eun as human boy and ghost girl
by | January 30, 2014 | 42 Comments

This casting for Girl’s Grave is still being finalized, but if it goes through Kim So-eun (Horse Healer) will be heading to the big screen for a horror movie, playing out a popular trope of recent years as a ghost who pairs with a human who helps her set right an injustice.

Kang Haneul (Heirs, Monstar) is up to play that human, and helps the ghost of a girl who was literally bullied to death. Kim So-eun has played so many bright, plucky characters (and with winsome charm) that it’ll be a shift to see her playing a darker role here. Not that she isn’t up to it; she has racked up a hefty amount of praise in her young career and I can see her going far—IF she picks good roles.

(Actually, that goes for both actors, who are strong and charismatic but haven’t picked a lot of stuff I’ve been interested in or felt drawn to watch. Is it luck, or is it taste? Sometimes you see an actor you love and you just want to order their management to do better.)

The movie comes from the producers of Two Moons, a 2012 horror film starring Park Han-byul and Kim Ji-seok. Girl’s Grave will begin shooting in February to make it out in time for the summer horror rush.

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42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Appledot


  2. missDVM

    I LOVE Kang Ha Neul. I have been watching his old stuff all week/weekend. I certainly hope that he will gain more “good” roles. Some of my favorite actors have some of the worst choices… Choi Jin Hyuk, Nam Goong Min…Kang Ha Neul…. I don’t know why such great actors get some of the most unfortunate roles, but I am an optimist. So, best of wishes Kang Ha Neul!!

    <3 <3 <3!!!!!

    • 2.1 sam

      speaking of actors getting unfortunate roles,
      i feel bad kim so eun’s former co-star, Kim Beom, always get second lead role. I find him under-rated in his country, but he’s popular internationally. so far, he’s got over 5.5 million followers on facebook and he’s a beautiful man. he’s not a great actor, and i’m not a big fan, but i hope he’ll get the main leading role someday.

      for kang ha neul, he is hot and i hope his future projects will be better. kim so eun is cute. i might watch this movie.

      • 2.1.1 Cindy

        he’s had a leading role. “the woman who still wants to marry”

        • Haley

          Yep and he did pretty good in that drama. He’s leading male actor despite story about 3 women but love line focus on kim bum and park jin hee. altho leading actress 10 years older than him, but he still has good chemistry with her. the woman who still wants to marry is pretty good drama. cute story

      • 2.1.2 missDVM

        Nice comment. Thank you.

  3. chhavi

    i will definitely watch that….yipeee

  4. Stephanie

    I don’t think they are fantastic actors. But they have a likeable quality that makes me want to watch more of them.

    • 4.1 robyn

      i feel bad kim so eun is not that popular in korea or internationally. Her acting is not that good and she’s always second lead. on the bright side, she’s pretty and i wish her better luck in the future.

      • 4.1.1 pogo

        She was very popular following Boys Before Flowers and got a ton of CFs and even her first lead role (in a daily) after that, but seems to have stepped back and lost some buzz as a consequence. And she’s definitely not a bad actress – she held up her end pretty well in Horse Doctor, and she’s pretty charming and natural onscreen (plus she can emote). Hope this does well, for her sake.

        • sotongpok

          I second the above comment – I much preferred her in BOF over Gu Hye-sun, and she got pretty good reviews in Empress Cheonchu. I’d thought she was on the cusp of stardom, but she hasn’t managed to make that leap yet. Pity, because I’d really like to see more of her onscreen.

          • sotongpok

            BUT! She went and did something to her face, which, whyyyyy. I can’t tell what it is but she was so adorable before D:

          • Kiara

            She rocked her role as the young Empress and I end up watching BOF later for her. She never disappoints in any sageuks, I hope she’d do more.

          • Fudge

            Her dramas sucked after BOF. But she did good on them. Oh girl, please pick a good project, you can do better than that! I enjoyed her in The Man Who Cant Get Married, she’s so adorable in it. She’s not that great actress (atleast not yet) but she is really good and has a lot of potential.

            I think she’s best with sageuks. She did really good as the young Empress and she was the best thing happened in the Horse Healer.

        • Kiara

          Kim So-eun was the best thing about Horse Healer at least for me. Too bad she had limited screen time. I was watching it for Cho Seung Woo but end up loving her character more.

        • Tammy

          After BOF, she was kind of popular but her co-stars Lee Min ho, kim bum, and kim hyun joong are way more popular internationally. Kim bum not that popular in Korea but he’s more popular overall than kim so eun. Lee min ho and kim hyun joong are even more popular. They’re both awesome!

          Kim so eun is an okay actress, but not bad.

          • Cindy

            Kim so eun is pretty girl but not that popular in Korea. Ur right, her co-stars LMH and KHJ both a lot more popular than her in Korea and other countries too. even supporting actor kim beom got much bigger fan base than her. Kdrama actors more famous than actresses bcuz audience watching korean dramas are female dominated and they favor the men.

          • Cindy

            @cindy is using the same name as me

  5. birdscout

    This pairing looks like a good match, charisma-wise.

  6. Quiet Thought

    Hmmm . . . I’m reminded of what someone was saying about Jeon Ji-hyun being gone a year and half making that Hollywood style movie in Japan.

    Korean horror movies I’ve seen are usually very polished and professional, and this one expects to go from film to theater in six months. In the States, only junk movies for the Sci Fi channel and Lifetime get made that fast. You can get a lot of career action in a year and a half in Korea, Japan, and China.

  7. pogo

    Excellent, I love them both and it’s high time they both scored the lead in something. And I do love a good human-ghost love story…

  8. snow

    I like both of them a lot….they have a lot of charm..

  9. pauper

    This is the pairing that I never thought I wanted. Beyond excited!

    • 9.1 Fudge

      Yesss! These charming cuties! Both are charismatic. OMG. Totally didn’t see that coming! I’m excited too.

  10. 10 Love drama

    Interesting coupling, eager to see because I love horror movies, the only one for the moment that marked the history with the Korean horror film “A Tale of Two Sisters” 2003 with Moon Geun Young who won best Film at the 2004 Fantasporto Film Festival.It is both the highest-grossing Korean horror film and the first to be screened in American theatres ,An American remake titled The Uninvited was released in 2009.
    I look forward for this , the story looks good.

  11. 11 Miky

    Well this goes imediatly on my most expected watch list of movies only knowing the leads…Hope to see the day Kang Haneul will get to be the lead of a drama with good plot…how can they waste such a potential and use him in those tiny roles still sad…hope this movie will be good plotwise with a good twist and ending and show us a new side of both actors

  12. 12 orange

    whoa Kim So Eun looks so different! didn’t even recognize her.

    • 12.1 Maryam

      Me too! I thought it was Han Chae Young…

    • 12.2 Jyyjc

      She fixed her nose. So sad because she was already pretty so I didn’t see a need to fix anything but sigh.

      • 12.2.1 Rach^^

        That picture above is KSE?

        Goodness gracious why… she was already pretty! She just looks like another person altogether…

  13. 13 Bellamafia

    I bet they are in high school since kim haneul is forever a highschooler…lol

    • 13.1 SD

      Yes, according to the synopsis on AsianWiki, Kim So Eun will play the role of a bullied school girl.

  14. 14 SD

    I’m just glad she finally gets a leading man who’s in the same age range. I’m keeping my eyes on this movie. 🙂

    • 14.1 Kiara

      I loved her with Ji Jin-hee in The Man Who Can’t Get Married. She is charming and have good chemistry with her co-stars.

    • 14.2 sarah

      Amen to that, i was like kim so eun.. kang haneul.,, I like watching her but im tired of having to watch 30++ epi drama with older guy.

  15. 15 panshel

    ‘Bout time Kang Ha Neul gets a lead role. These two would look super cute together.

  16. 16 fishy

    That’s a whole lotta pretty. I like! Too bad it’s not a drama because I wouldn’t mind seeing these two weekly. 🙂

    I had such high hopes for Kim So Eun after BBF but sadly, she didn’t act in anything I wanted to watch although recently, I stumbled upon some show on YouTube that had her in a short series I think…

    Still waiting for her and Kim Bum to pair up again for a dramaaaaaaa. Anytimeee now.

    • 16.1 SD

      Ditto. I know Kim Bum’s already taken, but it wouldn’t hurt to see them reunite onscreen. I’m sure it will be a big hit. I’m betting my money on it. 🙂

  17. 17 Bonnier

    Why does Korea seem to have an obsession with horror movies and female ghosts? Will stay away from this one.

  18. 18 Rushie

    I like Kang Ha-neul and Kim So-eun. I’ve been hoping for Kim So-eun to get in something I cab watch. This is good, very good. Now, if only I can get news about Jung So-min.

  19. 19 byul

    just read from the title, arang and the magistrate come to my mind. well, this is a movie,so let see.

  20. 20 Mia

    I love Kim So eun! I have only watch BOF, Empress Chunchu, and A Thousand Kisses. I only watched bof after seeing the japanese version, i was more invested with her and Kim Bum than the main storyline. I really liked Queen Seon deok and decided to try Empress Chunchu. I was suprised to see her there actually and greatly amazed by the acting she did; I stopped watching when her character grew up xp. I started watching ATK because of her, and again liked her there too, but her character was a little safe, and the story became frustrating so I stopped. I really hope she gets to show more of her talent. Fighting!

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