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Kim Woo-bin and Lee Hyun-woo headline ensemble for caper flick
by | January 29, 2014 | 39 Comments

Yay, the next big heist movie is shaping up rather nicely. The new caper flick The Professionals has been courting Kim Woo-bin (Heirs) and Lee Hyun-woo (Covertly, Grandly) to lead an ensemble of thieves, and both actors have signed on to star. I think I’m going to enjoy watching them steal things. With a side of bromance, naturally.

The movie comes from the producers behind Friend 2 and director Kim Hong-sun of The Traffickers. It takes place in a harbor and tells the story of a gang of professional thieves who get hired by other criminals for various heists. Kim Woo-bin plays the safecracker who leads the team, and Lee Hyun-woo is the team’s geeeeenius hacker with a cheery personality. Jo Dal-hwan (Age of Feeling) is the wheels, and Go Chang-seok (Good Doctor) has an unspecified role, though I’m pretty sure he won’t be their grease man. Flower halbae Shin Gu (Grandpas Over Flowers) plays the safemaster, who taught Kim Woo-bin everything he knows.

Kim Young-chul (IRIS 2) will be playing the client who hires the gang to steal whatever they’re after, and Im Joo-hwan (Watch Out For Fools) has an interesting role as Kim Young-chul’s right-hand man and enforcer. His character is described as cold and brutal, and will prove to be the team’s biggest enemy. And then of course there’s the law, their other enemy, led by dogged prosecutor Jung Man-shik (also Good Doctor). I hope it’s actually a fun caper with lots and lots of thievin’ because this would be a pretty great cast to waste.

The Professionals starts shooting in March for a release later this year.

Im Joo-hwan, Shin Gu, Kim Young-chul, Go Chang-seok

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39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kiara

    Sold, Kim Woo-bin and Lee Hyun-woo is one hell of a combo.

  2. Anya

    Yes, yes, yes.
    Yes to Kim Woobin, yes to Lee Hyunwoo and a HELL YES to Im Joohwan.

    • 2.1 ppoiktar

      It’s like Secretly, Grandly all over again in the ratio of boys to pretty. SO. MUCH. PRETTY.

      • 2.1.1 Hugepuffball

        But hopefully it won’t end in twenty minutes of nonstop bloodshed like Secretly, Grandly. Seriously *SPOOOOOIIILER!!!*, I swear that writer only killed them because they could

        • Emmy

          I was really enjoying Covertly Grandly up till the ending. Then my thoughts were: WTH just happened???

          • Dumplingsxx

            I legitimately grabbed a tub of ice cream and cried for a long while….like why tf did that happen.

  3. Emma

    Oooo, Im Joo Hwan!!!

  4. xiaoSxin

    YES I do love love love this cast. Hopefully it will deliver and be a huge success like Thieves.

  5. jandoe

    Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo AND Im Joo Hwan?

    Sold, sold and sold. So watching!

  6. Whatsthescenario

    You had me at Kim Woo-bin!

  7. bebeswtz

    Lee Hyun Woo: Geeeeeenius hacker with cheery personality….
    I can totally see that… I can work with that…. He’s so cute and has such a freaking precious cheery personality in real life (READ: watch his episode of Running Man, alongside “Covertly, Grandly” co-star Kim Soo Hyun, if you haven’t already, and you’ll know what I mean ^.^)

    Can’t wait!!

    • 7.1 nova611

      i totally love him in TTBY
      even tho the drama SUCKS!!

      Hyun Woo worm gif

      • 7.1.1 Laica

        Hyun-woo worm gif FTW! <3

    • 7.2 Caitlyn

      That description does seem to fit him perfectly. He was utterly adorable in Running Man, I loved both of them in that episode.

  8. yysgirl

    Wow. The Kmovie gods look kindly upon us this year.

    Obligatory: KWB can steal anything from me anytime. 🙂

  9. Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

    Isn’t LWH …….Jeremy frm You’re Beautiful ?

    • 9.1 Rachel

      No. That’s Lee Hongki from the idol group FT Island.

      • 9.1.1 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk


  10. 10 ilikemangos

    I’m ashamed to admit i have yet to see lee hyun woo in any projects yet. but everyone seems to be enamored by him that i’d be looking forward to the day i get to see him perform.
    Kim Woo Bin is already a must in watching.

    • 10.1 dearly

      Lee Hyun Woo is an excellent actor for such a young age. It surprises me how young he is because his acting is that good. I especially love him in “The Equator Man”. 🙂

      • 10.1.1 yasmin satria

        And he’s such scene stealer. I love the warmth he bring in his character, even as a trained dogged soldier in secretly grandly.

  11. 11 Abbie

    Love the cast and it sounds fun! Can’t wait to see it (with English subs)!

  12. 12 whilethemusiclasts


  13. 13 Elvira


  14. 14 crazedlu

    Omgush! YES!!! Cannot wait!!

  15. 15 pigtookie

    I love KWB and even more so LHW but Im Joo Hwan’s name just had my interest meter shooting up.

  16. 16 damai

    I locked my hand and prayed so hard for Joo hwan oppa to come back to dramaland, but not a weekend drama. Amen.
    I miss him so much, and What’s up.

    • 16.1 Peridot

      Let’s hope that he does another drama relatively soon!

  17. 17 spazzing

    So muccchhhh pretttyyyy. Gosh, I can NOT WAIT.

  18. 18 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I suspect those 4 veteran actors will always be Flower Grandpas to me. Glad to see a Grandpa together with Woo-bin. Sounds fun.

  19. 19 kirana

    here take my money boys! oh i can give you my heart too.

  20. 20 pogo

    awww YESSSSSSSSS!!! So many actors I love in one dose <3

  21. 21 mmmaggie

    Break out the soju, I’m more excited for the Kim Woo Bin/Shin Gu pairing. Haha. Teach the young ‘un everything you know, Halbae!

  22. 22 houstontwin

    I love Im Joo Hwan. Maybe it will be good for his career to play a tough guy.

  23. 23 sotongpok

    We now need a ‘geeeeenius’ tag. With exactly 5 ‘e’s, no more and no less. How else could anyone interested in geeeeenius characters find these articles easily? I mean, it’s not like the characters are a dime a dozen and in maybe half the dramas ever. ;D

  24. 24 Christy

    Three words: IM JOO HWAN <3

  25. 25 Sadie

    dying of happiness !!!!!! need more movies like these..with lots and lots of beautiful bromance..

  26. 26 kakasoki

    Oh my Im joo hwan Im joo hwan fighting! I love u.

  27. 27 Mschaisy.

    I’ll watch this movie to show my support for Im Juhwan a great actor,he’s acting as villain.

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