Minion tryouts: Recap for Dramabeans
by | January 30, 2014 | 127 Comments

Anybody wanna write for us?

Despite our attempts to resist change—one might say to resist growth—Dramabeans is getting ever-larger (you may have noticed the growing pains. We promise we’re trying to work things out). That is to say, the readership and the voracious appetites are growing—but on the other hand, our manpower is not.

Dramaland keeps growing too, which is a happy occasion for viewers but a wearying one for recappers. It just keeps churning out so much new material that we finally realized we can’t do it all ourselves. Well, we knew this a long time ago but damned if we didn’t keep trying anyway. Rather than abuse our 4th dimension privileges and risk getting kicked out, we finally realized it was time to embrace growth, because not all growths are cancerous.

Girlfriday and I have always been much more interested in covering what we want to cover than in feeling pressure to cover everything, and that’s generally been our modus operandi here—because if we weren’t passionate about it, we would have burned out and fizzled into a cloud of frustration eons ago. We were thrilled when gummimochi and HeadsNo2 joined the family and love them to pieces… but we maybe also overworked them too and now we’re all tired.

So who wants to come and share in our pain? On the upside, you guys would get more dramas covered and we’d get more sleep. On the downside… wait is there a downside? Why have we not thought of this sooner.

Ideally, you identify to a scary degree with the person described below:

You love dramas. You’ve probably spent way too much time watching them, in fact. Your loved ones may have attempted An Intervention. But that’s okay, because you’re among friends now.

You can commit to writing two recaps per week on an ongoing basis. The number of hours this takes will depend on your speed, but you know it will take a regular chunk of time out of your week and can deliver reliably.

You can write a recap within a week of the episode airing. Preferably within 2-3 days. You probably understand the pain of reading an odd-numbered recap (Episode 7, say) and having the internet’s greatest jerk ruin the ending of Episode 8 for you in the comments, and vow to write faster, faster dammit, so as to never give him that triumph again.

You don’t overpromise and underdeliver. You might overtip and underdress, though, which is acceptable.

You understand Korean and/or read Hangul. Priority consideration will go to recappers who don’t need subs, but needing subtitles will not rule you out.

If that’s you, you should probably get some sleep, and then apply to be our recap minion.


  1. Write a sample recap of an episode not recapped on Dramabeans. Don’t worry about sounding like us or using our lingo; we want you to sound like you. Make sure to include a comments section, but you don’t need to include screencaps.
  2. Tell us a few of your favorite dramas from the past, oh, five years. You don’t have to write an essay; we just want to know how your tastes run.
  3. If you have a blog, send us your link.
  4. If you could recap any show airing now (or very recently), what would it be?
  5. Email your sample to talktothebean @

Deadline: Midnight on Friday, February 7

127 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Hagar

    OMG I’ve always wanted to write here!! I’m so happy!!

    • 1.1 Rohini

      Me too! I’m so excited right now~

  2. Kitchel17

    Okay i’m so in!!

  3. Reyna

    I’m a pretty good writer but I don’t speak Korean. I think it’s better if one understands the language so you’re not lost in translation. It’s also a good way for foreign readers to understand what the scene is trying to convey. I usually read your recaps when I can’t fully get the translated scenes.

    Looking forward to your new writer. Goodluck!

    • 3.1 BaileyOtaku

      Giiirlll… When I saw that line about being able to read, and speak Korean, etc., I literally hollered; “OVER-RULED!”

      But, I totally agree with you, and can understand why being able to speak fluent Korean would be a bonus. Waiting for subtitled videos to come out can be a real bummer…

      We’ll get ’em next time!

    • 3.2 dragon

      I’m fluent in Korean, but I’m not always aware of all the cultural references, and I also come here whenever I don’t fully understand a joke or reference.

    • 3.3 ajewell

      I honestly don’t think you should let that stop you from trying. She said so herself, fluency may be a bonus, but it’s not mandatory. And if you’re confused about something, there are tons of fans on the internet who do speak the language who’d probably be willing to clarify something for you if you asked.

      I know, personally, I’d rather read a recap from someone who doesn’t speak the language, but is a fun, interesting writer, which eclectic tastes, than someone who does, but isn’t quite as engaging. And if you did make a mistake, I’m sure some helpful fan in the comments would point it out for you so you can fix it ASAP. They’re a happy, helpful bunch. 😉

    • 3.4 skelly

      Perhaps for some shows, it is better not to know Korean, your best guesses may be better – like Heirs, for instance…

  4. RockPaperScissors

    I would love to try out, however I will be leaving soon with Kim Soo Hyun to go back to his star…

    • 4.1 panshel

      So you’ve got two more months, right? 😉

    • 4.2 neeta


    • 4.3 hallyuholicmom

      oh i’m on that trip too. see you in 2 months then? 😉

    • 4.4 Chiaki

      This comment made my day

      • 4.4.1 Jangeusu

        Are you a fan of Nodame?

    • 4.5 Crazynoona

      Oh that ship is going to be flooded with female species of this world (count me in).

    • 4.6 Rushie

      When he said that his planet’s people were more good-looking, I thought where can I get a plane ticket. I’m glad we are all going, for purely academic reasons of course. Anything for science.

      • 4.6.1 oftheshore

        I’m a researcher, I *have* to go with you ladies! 🙂

    • 4.7 Rushie

      How I wish I could do this. Lord knows how many times I wished I could share my thoughts while watching a drama. But I don’t understand Korean fluently, and I live in a country where internet download speeds can cause death by frustration. I wish all the applicants good luck and may the best recapper win.

    • 4.8 reyna

      as long as you have good internet connection…you’ll be good. and i heard the stars have excellent reception!! go for it!

    • 4.9 Teresa

      I friggin love people on this website

  5. SR

    I would lurrveee to!!! but i dont speak the language…yet. I was inspired by dramaland to learn Hangul. Just so i can understand what’s going on. I’m obsessed! Maybe i can try apply next year?!

  6. DayDreamer

    Like someone mentioned above, I’d love to try but I need subtitles to get by. Not a Korean speaker at all. Even I rely on recaps here to fully understand a show.

    On the other hand, for some few months, I have a lot of generous time that can be devoted to this site. So I’ll definitely send a submission. You guys can then decide if I’m a worthy temporary minion, lol.

  7. Diane

    I really want to help *-*
    But I’m not a English native speaker, is it okay?

    • 7.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      People who have English as a second language and can write in it … WOW. Nothing wrong with submitting a writing sample and see if the DB beauties like what they read. Best of luck, Diane.

  8. ck1Oz

    Good idea about reading the language or not needing subs. Otherwise we lose a bit of the wordplay and inside jokes.

    Good luck to all the applicants

  9. fat_crayon

    I’ve thought about wrting here for a long long time. But I do not think myself to be an excellent writer. Also, I need subtitles. Do I still qualify?

  10. 10 Mawiie

    Aww, new minions! I just really want to see a drama version of this “audition”!!! It’s like tryouts for idol groups/acting gig/uh..spy school? except it’s in the real world ^^ I can imagine the excitement, the freak-outs… hee! *off to write the fanfic version*

    • 10.1 refresh_daemon

      “So You Think You Can Write K-Drama Recaps?”

      Sounds like a fun reality show. Weed through the contestants and pick a multiple of four and have them write up recaps each week, then have the Beanies vote on which recap they thought was best written and JB/GF can save only one of the bottom two from elimination.

      • 10.1.1 ilikemangos

        Come join the world of k-dramas, refresh_daemon.
        Or do you only stick to films? 🙁

        • refresh_daemon

          I don’t watch many dramas, but I have been watching City Hunter recently and chronicling my thoughts on my personal blog and I’ve watched a few other shows before.

          Unfortunately, my schedule is a bit too unpredictable to produce timely drama recaps for Dramabeans and I usually have a tendency to watch older movies and series, so I don’t think I’m a good fit for Dramabeans.

          However, if the right (new) series comes along, I might ask my fearsome overlords here if they would accept a humble series of recaps from their normally cinephilic servant.

          • ilikemangos

            You seem to be enjoying City Hunter despite showing frustrations at some of the filler/logic fails. Also you’re not big on love triangles, or the romance genre. Unfortunately 95% of k-dramas have that as a written rule or something.
            Fortunately dramaland has churned out some pretty good shows over the years — have you thought about checking out(if you have not) Joseon x-files/White Christmas/Conspiracy in Court/Tree with Deep Roots/Gaksital(repetitive conflicts, i warn you)/Cruel City. Maybe you wanna start the currently airing AOF? These are just some recommendations that i think might suit your tastes.

            Shows with no OTP(or very little focus) are Queens Classroom, Suspicious Housekeeper, School 2013, White Christmas, Joseon x-files, Conspiracy in Court.

          • sm

            fearsome overlords-haha.
            please do a recap someday, i would love to read!

          • Kiara

            How about sharing your thoughts on old classics, like Sandglass, Eyes of Dawn etc or some under-rated dramas like Comrades, The Chaser etc :). One time review for the whole drama like you do with movies.

            These dramas are manly enough for you right? <3

      • 10.1.2 Chiaki

        That’s an EXCITING IDEA!

      • 10.1.3 fmoniz

        Good idea. A contest where the readers, commenters and lurkers choose their favourite new recappers. Sounds a battle full of entrails, blood, gore and galore.

      • 10.1.4 Thursdaynexxt

        hahaha, I literally had a “Bollywood meets k-drama in California” vision moment.

        Can the show also have a Spicy Ddeokbokki Train?

        • Marina

          You too?! 🙂

  11. 11 MeeisLee

    Wow this is great! I tried my hand at recapping years ago when I started reading recaps from this site (I think I even emailed you guys lol) but I think my writing could use a lot of work. I’m sure you guys will find a worthy minion though! Definitely looking forward to it! Any hint to when will the minion(s?) be announced and when will they start?
    I can’t believe how much this site has grown! Best wishes for the new year!

  12. 12 Miranda Grabowski

    I want to try!! I am so excited by this.

  13. 13 adette

    GAHHH whyyy couldnt this happen when i’m NOT in the middle of the most time-consuming internship of lifeeee D:

  14. 14 harukogirl

    Veryyyyy tempting 😀

  15. 15 Alice

    I don’t speak Korean but I’ll give it a try! This might even help me get off my ass and actually start learning Korean since I despise subtitles….

  16. 16 okdubu

    ah.. if only i were unemployed

  17. 17 Hipployta

    I already know I wouldn’t keep up but I’d totally be all on her recapping Thrice Married Woman (and sneaking in In A Good Way) LOL

    • 17.1 Rin

      I’m in for In A Good Way! Lol it’s daebak. One of the best Taiwanese dramas out recently.

  18. 18 Gidget

    Seems there are good writers that don’t speak Korean. And people who are fluent in Korean language and culture that don’t feel confident about their English.

    Would writing teams work?

    • 18.1 SR

      great idea. I’m in for something like this

    • 18.2 Hagar

      That would be great actually because I’m a writer and a critic but I don’t speak Korean (currently trying to learn Hangul tho) So it would help if I was in a team with someone who gets Korean references.

  19. 19 Guymonday

    Love the idea of more hands on deck…..and completely agree with the posts above about understanding Korean, dont know how many times ive read a recap and discovered a joke or a play on words not conveyed through subs.

    Good luck to those of you who apply I look forward to reading…also if it was a guy that would be great, so many pretty ladies in dramaland and us fellas like to swoon as well you know.

    • 19.1 ilikemangos

      More dudes sound nice. mainly because i want to enter the mind of a male k-drama addict.

    • 19.2 Cingdoc

      Once upon a time,we had the pleasure of having @ samsooki…alas ! Real life has ruled…Oh, how I missed the dude ….SIGH

      • 19.2.1 luv_KimRaeWon

        where is he?yup, he wrote those wonderful Kim Sam Soon recaps, didn’t he?

        • samsooki

          work work kids sleep, work kids interrupted sleep kids sleep, work work. <3 to cingdoc. I'm never far, but can you imagine, I've not seen a drama in AGES.

          • cingdoc

            @samsooki omg….orenmanida,chingu….kisses & loves to the babies samsooki & Mrs Samsooki…take care
            *This is such a good surprise ^.^

  20. 20 Khrisstyne

    I have always been more of a reader than someone that comments, but I would LOVE to give this a try. 🙂

  21. 21 SilverRose

    I wish I met the qualifications. I have way too much time on my paws and enjoy writing, but I’ve only been watching less than a year and have to read subtitles. I would anyway, I’m partially deaf.

    • 21.1 sotongpok

      I think you should go for it! What’s really more important is that your writing is halfway decent and you have an opinion, from what I see on the staff page. There used to be a guest recapper/reviewer called sevenses, and jb once mentioned that she worked off Chinese subtitles. At least take a chance? (:

  22. 22 ziggystardust

    Pasty white and patently not a fluent Korean speaker (though it’s surprising what you pick up over the years) but probably still going to give it a shot. *shrug*

  23. 23 ilikemangos

    Aw. I always respected your decision to keep this blog running more personal but i love how you guys are starting to expand! hallyu wave is making ripples throughout the world and your blog is surely the universal k-drama blog that ties us all together. I think this is a great opportunity — especially because SO many people use this blog to meet k-drama friends, sort out dramas they wanna watch, laugh, cry, etc.
    The future of k-dramas is looking bright and so is this blog. You can be millionaires doing the thing you love.. (okay, maybe not millionaires, but you catch my drift).

    • 23.1 Gidget

      Spot on.

      I’ve absolutely loved the GOF / NOF series. But that wouldn’t have been possible without the Dramabeans recaps.

      And the millionaire thing isn’t too far off for these gals. There’s a paradigm shift waiting to happen for global entertainment. When it does, it’ll unleash a tsunami of financial opportunity. From what I’ve seen they have the talent and intellectual horsepower to be at the center of it. If they apply themselves – and don’t (and I really mean don’t!!!) become beholden to the industry’s current business model – the real question is, will it be millions or billions?

  24. 24 chaechae

    Hmm, maybe I’ll try this. I’m fluent in both korean (was born there and I teach it) and English. What’s the age recommendation? I’m pretty young.

    • 24.1 OMG

      No age recommendation. I would suggest you try it put. Good lick!!!

  25. 25 Nafiza

    I’m so tempted to apply but I’d kick myself two weeks in. As it is, I look forward to the new blood. And the old blood. Or um just blood. That…didn’t go the way I thought it would.

    • 25.1 sotongpok

      Blood is awesome. See: Vampire Prosecutor

  26. 26 Abby

    I really love this site and have enjoyed watching the growth that has occurred over the years. I was actually wondering if you guys would start accepting new people bcuz the amount of recaps and post seemed to have increase a lot recently.
    I think it would be cool to also have people write other posts like interviews with actors/actresses that you guys occasionally translate once in a while since many English speakers will never get the chance to read them.

    I wish the best to whoever submits a recap and look forward to the new addition(s) to the dramabean family!

  27. 27 HimeSakura

    would love to apply but need subtitles to understand the show, will enjoy the new recaps though.

  28. 28 coffeenlucia

    omigosh that descriptions sounds a bit heavy.. even to me lol. guess i’ll just stick with my speed on my blog for now… 😛 ._.”

    shout out to all the recappers who devote their time to this– THANK YOU!!!

  29. 29 seed

    May the best minion wins!

  30. 30 jokili

    One of the things I love most about Dramabeans is that the recaps here aren’t just straight-up summaries (because really, you could get that anywhere, and it would be really boring to read, to boot). You can’t get that mix of humor, reality, smart analysis, and Korean culture explanation anywhere else. Hope you guys find another person who can write that way!

    • 30.1 ilikemangos

      This is why i read the recaps from beginning to end even if i’ve already watched the whole episode and understood it. Your side commentary is icing on the cake because we get to see what/how you feel/react to the scene so it feels like you’re watching with us. I love that!
      *hint* for those sending in a minion application!

    • 30.2 tiny

      i really love the recaps here too because they never feel rushed. and the amount of stuff that jb and gf pick up (being Koreans) that tends to be glossed over by others are astounding (eg in Reply 1997 & Reply 1994)

      good luck to all sending their entries. I’m excited to read more top-quality recaps esp for cable shows.

  31. 31 Orangutangy

    The day you guys feel like branching out to other countries’ dramas, let us know (like, saaay, Taiwan dramas)… 😉 We got some good ones across the little stretch of sea.

    • 31.1 coffeenlucia


    • 31.2 doomy

      and japanese!! ideally there should be offshoots of this parent website, but i don’t think taiwanese dramas are nearly prolific enough. japanese dramas would be cool though, especially since they only air one episode a week, easier upkeep.

  32. 32 arbuth

    I hope you get a good writer. May I say that the success of your site seems, in part, to be due to the very personal touch in the content posted and in the comment community. It’s awesome and I continue to be impressed. Thanks so much!

  33. 33 redfox

    I would love to write, but I am so busy it is hard to make any promises. It would be unfair if I promised and couldnt´t make it.
    also, I would have to tone down my expressions, I think.

  34. 34 Sophia

    Looking forward to seeing who you pick, and reading new recaps soon! This sounds fun but also a lot of work, so I can’t commit to writing the recaps even though I spend so much more time than that just watching dramas.

  35. 35 Noelle

    Good luck to all that apply.

  36. 36 Caroline

    Hmm… sounds very tempting. I speak and read Korean, though the reading part is a bit slow. And since I grew up in the US, this sounds perfect. 🙂 Kind of excited…

  37. 37 Dorotka

    May I add to your requirements knowledge of Korean culture and history… and sense of humour?
    As some commenters already mentioned, I come to your site not for the pure content of an episode, but more for the cultural references, wordplays… and your humour :–)

    Love your site and wish you good luck with finding good minions!
    (or perhaps tandems/teams? 2 recaps per week may be a too huge commitment for some people, but they wouldn’t mind 1 and working in a team?)

    • 37.1 ilikemangos

      Teams are lovely. Although it helps if they’re both enjoying the show or at least attuned to each other’s drama tastes.. It’d be funny though — to see bipolar episode reactions in which every odd-numbered episode ,say, was ‘bad’ whereas every even numbered episode was ‘good’.

  38. 38 Vanessa

    I would love to apply since I love kdramas but unfortunately, I don’t think I’m very suitable for the position. I just started senior year in high school and may have too much work for dramas 🙁 In addition, I don’t think I analyse too well and I have no knowledge of the Korean language. Such a shame since it would be lovely to help out on Dramabeans. I hope you guys find someone whose great and willing to help out! 🙂 Good luck to anyone who is applying!

  39. 39 Makoto

    I like to write but I’m not that kind of consistent and passionate people.
    Goodluck in finding new minions. Many people’s life depends on you, Guys. 🙂

  40. 40 chhavi

    ohh…i don’t speak korean but i am damn sure that by the end of the year i will definitely learn to speak it… disappointed in myself as i wanted to apply…..*tears flowing down rapidly*

  41. 41 Carolin

    watch me do this instead of writing my essay for grad school due next week….

    • 41.1 Bloops

      Ha – I’m in grad school too and spend more time watching dramas and reading recaps than actually studying for my exams. I almost failed a final because of Kim Soo Hyun. The only way to punish him would be, of course, to marry him.

      • 41.1.1 ilikemangos

        You’re not alone — I have consistently overlooked important deadlines in classes because k-dramas take over my life.

  42. 42 observantzani

    It would be totally cool if you posted who made it to the next round. That way more excitement for announcing the new writer 🙂

  43. 43 charmcasy

    honestly many a times i pay a visit to ur site or read ur recaps not because i didnt understand anything but because ur writings have lot more to provide that even a mediocre drama looks good! ur wits have always driven me crazy!! well i juz hope that sumbody equally ‘meritorious n witty’ can come up to woo us with his/her style of writing n satisfy our kdrama cravings!

  44. 44 kstalls

    I’m really happy you are getting more recappers! That means more posts!!!

  45. 45 Bloops

    I don’t speak or understand Korean. OVERRULED
    I don’t keep promises. FAIL
    I don’t make sense in any language. NOOB

    *Flips table*

    Good luck to all applicants though. This site is always really entertaining.

  46. 46 Dae-woong

    wow.. but no thanks. I’ll remain your loyal reading minion. I write but the problem with me is when I get to analyze the story, ideas of alternate events enter my mind. and then they get jumbled and then you get confused. I’ll salute those who’ll make it. Recapping is a tedious and not an easy task… Goodluck everyone.. Mwahhh!!!

  47. 47 Crazynoona

    Ow yeah! More heads means more recaps for me XD for all try-out-ers…Fighting!

  48. 48 doomy

    i remember yeaaars ago i tried writing a recap, and found it really fun but very painstaking. i’m sorely tempted to try out for Recap Royale, but my main issues are time commitments and the fact that i don’t think i qualify any longer for obsessive love, so i probably lack the devotion to keep going and actually enjoy it.

  49. 49 JoAnne

    Oh, I would SO love to do this. And I wouldn’t even swear, since this is a more public place than where I currently write – not that I would leave that place, no sirree, because I do very much love that particular wild frontier!

    But I do agree strongly that one of the biggest benefits here is your ability to bring MORE to the table – culture, word play, etc – and for that, you certainly need to be more familiar with the language than I am.

    Someday, maybe. Good luck with the search! You ladies are doing an awesome job and make up a very special team. I landed here early in my KDrama life, and I’ve really never wanted to go anywhere else for more than a minute or two.

    • 49.1 jomo

      Agree the language. So much can depend on the words chosen, or level of language. That’s why I love when viki subbers say “Switched to banmal here.” I rarely notice it as I watch.

      PS Thank you viki subbers!

      • 49.1.1 ilikemangos

        ha. just posted in OT about that. I like Viki because they explain much more cultural things, word plays, analogies, etc — the stuff that gets easily lost in translation. Esp. in comparison to other sites. They also tend to translate stuff that aren’t necessarily spoken, but read. I like that.

    • 49.2 kakashi

      you’re not allowed to write for DB anywayz, gurl … you’re written for me! (*evil laugh*) SqueeCappers ftw!

      In all seriousness though: I hope you guys find a worthy minion! Bestestest KDrama Website out there, so you deserve the bestestest!

  50. 50 jomo

    This is pretty cool.

    Recapping is hard but rewarding. The time commitment is nothing small, and you have to be so much more focused that when you just watch for fun.
    Watch show raw. Write notes. Watch show subbed and write recap. Watch show to get screen grabs that tell the story you are writing. Choose best shots. Insert into document. Form and compose your thoughts/comments = usually after sleeping not very much. Review for typos. Let it rest. Read again and find even more typos. Take a deep breath – POST. Go to work.

    I wish all the DB writers deep sleeping abilities because you don’t get much of it!!

    • 50.1 JoAnne

      See that’s not how I do it…but then again, I’m doing it for squee or snark. Although I do hope I accurately tell the stories, too.

      Here’s me recapping: Watch once through with at least partial subs. Watch again with subs, advancing slowly as I write. Review writing, mostly to catch grammar and spelling and remove some of the more wordy bits. Done.

      Here’s me commenting in tandem with a recapper: Watch with subs. Read recap, write whatever pops into my head. Done.

      I’m not right for DramaBeans.

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