Name That Drama: Buses, cliffs, and hanboks

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  1. Aw, just reading Ashley’s question gives me warm memories…

    This has been killing me for so long, and I’ve been trying to hunt it down for the longest time. The drama isn’t terribly old — probably within the last decade or so. It was a romance-comedy, where the guy and girl didn’t get along at first (lots of bickering!) but they fell for each other by the end. I know that this sounds like every drama ever, but there was this one scene, where to two got into a fight or something. She went on the bus, and he followed her on it and sat behind here. And as she started nodding off to sleep, her head was about to hit the window. So he held her head from behind so she could have a more restful sleep.


  2. Here’s a question from pinkhearts about a ten-year-old (or thereabouts) drama:

    There is this drama that I saw on TV when I was young (it was dubbed), but I am pretty sure it was a Korean drama. It aired in the early 2000s and was about gambling. The main guy was really good at gambling. I do not remember much about it except for two scenes. The first scene is when the main guy sees the main girl again after many years being apart and she is no longer the innocent girl like the past and has toughened up. The second scene that I remember is the ending. The main guy dies and the main girl is left alone with their son (or daughter?).


  3. kanya asks:

    I am looking for an old drama. It aired on my national TV station in early 2000s, so probably it originally aired in the late ’90s or early 2000s. I can’t remember if it’s Korean, it could be Taiwanese/Japanese. The story is about two brothers whose parents died, and when the dad died, the brothers escape from home. Unfortunately, one of them slipped onto the cliff, the other tried to help by giving his handkerchief to hang onto, but he couldn’t and his brother fell instead. Years later, the brother somehow was alive and they met as grown-ups, thus it created conflict between them. I remember mostly the cliff scene. So if anybody can help me I would greatly appreciate. Thank you!


  4. Grace’s question is about a movie:

    Can you help me identify this one Korean movie? I believe this to be a Korean movie because of the clothing that they wore in it.

    I don’t really remember, but it was set during a war, which I can only assume to be the Korean War. Boy and Girl fall in love, and the boy went off to war. At the end, the girl was dress in a (I think pink) hanbok and was walking to a place (I think a house) in the snow, with a mountain in the background. I think she was crying. If my memory serves me right, I think the boy died.

    I don’t really much but I watched in perhaps in the late ’90s or early 2000s. The movie was very sad and it left a deep impression on me, however, I can never find it again. It was a translated movie that my parents borrowed from a friend to watch.

    I specially think that this is a Korean movie because of the clothing that the girl wore in it. Thanks in advance!



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