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Name That Drama: Magic beans, boxers, and reincarnation
by | January 18, 2014 | 69 Comments

Time for more guessing! As always, feel free to email us your requests for future Name That Dramas by using the contact form.

  1. Dru asks about a recent fantasy sageuk. I know you know this, people!

    I know this drama is fairly recent, going by the look of the cinematography (definitely post-2007, at least). It’s a sageuk, and its heroine was really beautiful (I know, that doesn’t narrow down anything!) but her hanbok was half in tatters, and she was running away from these men in black who turned into smoke — I think she had magical abilities or something? She threw powder or beans or something to make them go away, and when she meets the hero for the first time, she starts taking off her clothes in front of him and seems to think she’s invisible, only he can actually see her. (Invisibility spell fail?)

    And there’s a scene where the hero is tied up in a bed and wearing clothes that aren’t the same as the ones he passed out in, and the heroine comes to visit him and she’s hanging upside down. I can’t remember more than this, only it looked really interesting and the main pair looked really gorgeous together so I badly need to know what this is — please help!


  2. Loolu has a movie to track down:

    I’m wondering if anyone can figure out what this movie is. My parents borrowed it from the DVD store years ago and I don’t remember the title. As far as I know, it was my very first Korean movie. This is all I remember.

    1. There’s some sort of father-daughter relationship. I remember a scene where the daughter was massaging her dad.
    2. The Dad was a boxer. I believe the whole movie had everything to do with boxing.
    3. I remember at the end of the movie the daughter gave the father a ring to give to this lady.

    That’s all I remember… I hope someone can help. 🙂


  3. There are enough details that somebody’s gotta know which drama (or movie) Swe is talking about…

    I was wondering if you can help me with this Korean drama or movie that my mom saw many many years ago but does not remember the name. She kept explaining it to me but I tried searching all over the internet and found nothing.

    Plot line: It’s about two girls who are from the countryside, one girl moves to the city and starts designing/making purses. The other girl then comes to the city and gets jealous over what she had accomplished and steals her idea.

    Character: All my mom remembers was that the second male lead always wore a big silver necklace around his neck.

    Ending: The main lead guy chased the main lead girl with his car while she was riding the train back to the village/countryside. They finally met up and the drama ended on a happy note.

    That is all she remembers. 🙁


  4. I’ll be honest, rham’s drama/movie sounds one part typical Korean fate story, one part WTF. Not that those are mutually exclusive things!

    I want a favor from beanies about one K-movie (I believe) that I watched years ago when it aired on local TV. There are some points that I remember perfectly until now:

    1. The movie is a story of a teacher who lost his girlfriend and he could not forget her even after he got married with another woman.
    2. The truth is that the girlfriend had a tragic road accident when they were supposed to meet in train station. He waited in the station but did not know the truth why she missed the meeting.
    3. In their happy days, if they tried to experience intimate scenes, he hiccuped as could not hide his nervousness.
    4. One of his male students reminded him of his girlfriend from the way he moved his pinky and a lighter he had.
    5. In a school athletic contest, he was paired with him and start to hiccup again as if he believed he was the re-incarnation of his girlfriend.
    6. His student also started to believe that it is true about the reincarnation, and then they took a trip together. In the bus, his student leaned his head to the teacher. The scene moved to them standing on the side of a bridge, they jumped together, ended their journey and wished to be united in the next life.


  5. Can you figure out what link is talking about from this one scene?

    I watched this drama back in the early 2000s but it had that oldies feel to it. All I remember of the drama was this girl who was sad and crying (maybe she was betrayed by someone?) while walking to the ocean. The next scene was her being roped to a chair in the sea and the waves crashing towards her. There was some evil lady involved, I’m sure. And a regretful man of some sort. Not sure if it’s Korean though. My vague memory escapes me!


69 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ricky

    The first one is Arang & The Magistrate.

  2. tebz10

    #1 Arang and the Magistrate!

  3. JD

    Number one is Arang and the Magistrate 🙂

  4. POGA

    Finally I know one! Haha so glad to remember #1 is Arang and the Magistrate 🙂 Can’t forget that drama! Anyone who hasn’t watched it, definitely should.

    • 4.1 drama-girl

      yes it certainly is arang and the magistrate one of my favorites dramas ^^

    • 4.2 ok

      Exactly what I was thinking too. I finally know one, but then all these other people know it too. Arang and the magistrate. I just rewatched it the other day. I love the drama… even though it didn’t get great ratings, it made me like LJK.

  5. Mar

    Wow, first time I knew one for sure #1 Arang and the Magistrate. The others though as normal, I’ve got nothing.

  6. ladida

    # 4 is Bungee Jumping of Their Own.

    • 6.1 neyrie

      super agree!!!
      Hong SooHyun was cameo and she was so young back then!!!

    • 6.2 melusine

      Really enjoyed that movie. Lee Eun-joo was so lovely in it.

    • 6.3 Beng

      i watched it when i went craze about Lee Byung Hun and hunted and searched all his movies and kdrama, hahaha =) . Honestly speaking i did not understand the movie so much, i think i better re-watch it =)

      • 6.3.1 shf

        omg, i totally agree. i did watch it when i was in my late teens, so the scenario is a bit hazy to me. i’ve only watched this movie once. i should rewatch it again.

  7. Mmk

    #4 is a korean movie called bungee jumping of their own…it stars lee buying Hun and lee eun joo!

    • 7.1 Mmk

      Oops not buying…lee byung Hun!

  8. snow

    Hahahaha@ the second last clue….. 😀

  9. mina

    Number 4 is a film that came out in 2001! It’s called “Bungee Jumping of Their Own” hehehe Lee Byung-hun is the main lead!

  10. 10 Quiet Thought


    Is the Korean movie industry run by undertakers?

    • 10.1 Newbie

      *SPOILERS* No, you just can’t live out homosexuality, not even in a foreign country. Instead you bet on being reborn as man and woman and kill yourself. *sigh* Such a bad message.

      • 10.1.1 wannabean

        I didn’t actually watch the movie myself, but I’m guessing that was the whole message of the movie…showing how in society (ESP Korea) homosexuals are discriminated/taboo..

        • Newbie

          In the movie they left Korea and therefore could have lived in the new country as loving parnters. Instead they chose to kill themselves and try a restart in the next life. Sorry, but the message was clear: Don’t be gay. Neither in Korea nor elsewhere.

    • 10.2 sotongpok

      You have no idea how much I laughed at this comment 😀

  11. 11 mary

    #2 is… Clementine?

    I vaguely remember the protagonist having a cute little daughter, but I don’t know about the ring. :/

    There’s also a (totally senseless) cameo by Steven Seagal. Hehe

    • 11.1 Bec

      Yes, you are right. It is called Clementine.

  12. 12 Smile134

    #1 is Arang and the Magistrate
    #3: I’m pretty sure I watched this one before, too. The female lead was Park Sun Young (100% sure). The name of the drama is probably “Pretty Lady” (80% sure).

  13. 13 panshel

    1. Arang and the Magistrate

    Love javabeans’ side comment I know you know this, people! *sighs* Memories~ Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah had sizzling chemistry.

    • 13.1 Dru

      hahaha it does appear to be very popular here, clearly you guys love it (all the better for me since I got to find out so fast)

  14. 14 kanz

    Number 1 def Arang and The Magistrate. The first ep is so funny I LOL’ed at many scenes.
    Btw thank you for people who could identify drama I looked for last week. It was taiwanese drama Snow Angel. Back then i couldn’t differentiate Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese or Korean drama

  15. 15 erika

    #1 definately arang and the magistrate
    cute otp
    #2 female lead yoon eun hye called the vineyard man. I had the dvd

  16. 16 erika

    .made mistake it’s not for no 2 but 3 for the vineyard man

    • 16.1 Dodo

      I’m sure too that nr3 is vineyard man.

    • 16.2 Mayisoon

      I can’t tell you what 3 is, but it is definitely NOT The Vineyard Man. VM has no purses, the girl comes from the city to the village, and second male lead doc does not have memorable jewelry. There is however a car vs train chase scene towards the end…

  17. 17 crazedlu

    Makes me want to watch “Arang” again! And “what the eff?” to rham’s. Gizzles. How scripts like that make it to the screens, I’ll never know.

    • 17.1 rham

      Added with how can it won several awards. I found out just now.

  18. 18 Dru

    Thank you so much, everyone who told me what mine was! This is what happens when you watch with no subs and are left to fill in gaps on your own. And now I find out from d-addicts that she’s a ghost!

    (also, the leads are Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah? They’re SO BEAUTIFUL OMGGGGGG. Especially her, even if she’s in tatters and has that funny grey colour. I want them to kiss, and soon.)

    • 18.1 Narina

      You’ve got to watch ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ if you like Shin Min Ah dear.That is her best work so far in my opinion.

      • 18.1.1 Dru

        I looked that up, and I’ve actually seen it! Well, some of it anyway, like 3 years ago. I remember dropping it because I didn’t like the male lead (he kept overacting), even though Shin Min Ah is really beautiful and I remember her character being really, really adorable. If there was a way to cut her guaranteed love interest out of the story, I might watch it again just for her. I’ll stick with Arang and the Magistrate, I already like Lee Jun Ki much better.

        (I have NO excuse for not remembering her here, besides she looks so different in sageuk costume. Her acting is really different there, too, not so cute)

        • mary

          OMG I had the same reaction to Lee Seung Gi!

          Try watching 1N2D (the first 2 seasons) first. Once you see him being adorable, you won’t get annoyed at his character in MGIAG.

          I find that I become waaaaay more invested once I’ve seen actors on variety. I always watch out for Park Yejin and Lee Chun Hee now because of Family Outing, and I used to HATE Yejin before that. Hihi 😀

          • Dru

            Variety is not my cup of tea, and in my opinion a performance should stand on its own merits and not need me to do homework first! But he sounds nice enough, it’s just his character I can’t stand.

            Anyway, my priority after watching Arang and the Magistrate is to find Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah’s other projects, the good ones anyway. If they’ve done anything after Arang, I’ll start with that first.

        • nami

          i too actually had the same problem with lee seung gi in mgiag n only watched 1 complete episode before i gave up on it…but then i saw him in gu family book and liked him…so saw mgiag again…his character improves a LOT over the series and becomes not only less annoying , but perfect bf material!! now mgiag is one of my favs…u should check it out…if only to see gumiho bullying the guy 😉

        • Quiet Thought

          Also, LSG’s character grows up considerably over the course of the story. As does Shin Min Ha’s character. But I tend to go back to it for scenes where she gets to be The Most Beautiful and Adorable Woman in the Known Universe. The one scence where she pretends to cast a spell on her rival to freak her out is just epic.

    • 18.2 August

      Since you liked Lee Jun-Ki in Arang & The Magistrate, you may also like:

      My Girl (romantic comedy)
      Two Weeks (action/thriller)
      Time Between Dog & Wolf (action/romance)

  19. 19 rham

    Hi guys, I am the one for no. 4.

    It has been a while since the last time I visited DB and I was so excited that finally mine is posted an answered. Thank you so much guys/ladies.

    Wow many of comments from beanies and JB as well were like shocked after my question. When I watched the movie, I couldnt believe the story line as in our belief we do not hv reincarnation thing. And at the last scene where they finally jump HAND IN HAND, my jaw dropped literally.

    • 19.1 sotongpok

      I think most of the reincarnation beliefs in Asian cultures stem from the influence of Buddhism?

      As for the last scene, I… have no words.

  20. 20 hangukdrama

    I actually really liked #4! The movie is actually less wtf that what it sounds on paper. One of those movies that will remain on your mind (in a positive sense) n very touching.

    • 20.1 adette

      idkk that ending just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. like, i get that homosexuality is controversial in lots of countries, but still.. idk, i don’t like the implication i guess.

  21. 21 chane

    #4 Seriously? The F did I just read.

  22. 22 caroboom

    Number 5 sounds like the start of the second season of revenge….oh no… she was tied to a wooden pole or something… but there also was an evil lady involved

  23. 23 Mensi

    As for #2, could it be the movie “Always” with So Ji Sub playing the boxer and his blind girlfriend? What do you think?

    • 23.1 nxa

      I thought the same with the massage and the boxing, and I figured that since she calls him ‘ahjussi’ there could be a confusion about their relationship…however, is there a ring involved there? can’t really remember!

      • 23.1.1 Newbie

        No, no ring, but stones, no dad, no other lady. It’s not Always.

  24. 24 marie

    I can’t remember no.3’s name, probably “pretty lady” . the female lead is Park sun-young, the second male lead is Lee chang-hoon.

  25. 25 marie

    no4. is ” bungee jumping of their own” by Lee byung-hun and Lee eun-ju.

  26. 26 Lu

    Hi ! Well as everyone said, the first is “Arag and the Magistrate” (so glad I can name one for sure ^^)
    For the second one, I was thinking of “Fly Daddy Fly”, which is the story of a man whose daughter was assaulted and who asks a young man to help him learn how to box (I think, I watched this a looooong time ago). But I AM NOT SURE AT ALL that this is the right movie ^^’

  27. 27 bebethao

    …..#4…??? Really?? My face.. ^^ –> o.o –> o.O …. thats just disturbing…really is part typical Korean drama fare and one part WTF..

  28. 28 hazuki airin

    number 3, the ending like The Vineyard Man. The Girl who steal her idea is her bos. I like this drama so much, and I love Yoon Eun Hye in this drama.

  29. 29 chhavi

    I am disappointed javabeans..why have you not posted my question??

    • 29.1 sotongpok

      It got stuck in the fourth dimension on its way through the space-time continuum. Or the interwebs. Sometimes it seems like they’re indistinguishable…

      Patience, dear. javabeans has a very cluttered inbox (probably) and a life (I hope).

    • 29.2 a_diva

      maybe u can post ur question here. i’ve seen a few ppl do that. they will post a related question when a Name That Drama thread comes out & sometimes it will get answered. or try posting ur question in OT & see if any beanies can help. it may be faster than waiting for JB to post it in the infrequent Name That Drama thread.

      • 29.2.1 chhavi

        thanx a lot for your advice….will try to post it again..

  30. 30 jaded14yaoi

    #4 Bungee Jumping of Their Own isn’t actually as strange as it sounds. I think it had an interesting premise and liked the movie but I didn’t enjoy the ending.

  31. 31 harukogirl

    Pretty sure #3 is NOT fly daddy. The dad in fly daddy isn’t a boxer, he’s an office job guy who gets trained by a group of hs students to fight so he can get back his daughters dignity and sense of safety. Amazing movie, though. 🙂

    5 might be a Filipino drama, a friend in college was watching one that had a scene like that….but I only saw like half an episode, so I don’t know anything about it, sorry ^^;;

  32. 32 petmink

    I was just rewatching #1 again last night. Reading this post put a smile on my face.

  33. 33 sotongpok

    #4: “One part typical Korean fate story, one part WTF”? Sounds like it’s time for another round of the usual dramabeans drinking game! Which is to say, if it doesn’t make sense, drink! (Even though the smell of alcohol makes me go bleh, I’ll happily join in with anything non-alcoholic lying around. xD) Someone needs to make this happen at the next meet-up, stat.

    #5: Sounds like a version of the Shim Chung folktale that javabeans has mentioned a few times. Eh, I’m not Korean, so really just throwing something at the wall and hoping it sticks.

  34. 34 ocean


    Oh man am I late in answering! Everyone already got the one’s I knew too. Way to go beanies!

    #1 Arang and the Magistrate, which I guess I’ll have to rewatch now that I was reminded of it 🙂

    #4 Bungee jumping of their own. And despite the WTFery of the plotline on paper and an ending that’s just wrong on multiple levels, I actually really liked the movie. Though it sounds insane, it was well done and didn’t feel so weird while watching it 🙂

  35. 35 melichoy

    #4 is bungee jumping of their own…
    i watched it before i knew about lee byung hyun…
    that story is super weird! :))
    for the last scene i thought they were doing bungee jumping with rope…that’s why before someone ask about the movie, i don’t understand the ending :))
    now i know they committed suicide…well, that makes it even weirder :))

  36. 36 ajbny

    I loved shin min ah best in The Devil.
    Sorry, I’m mobile and can’t figure out the replying. Don’t want to figure out the replying.

  37. 37 Givonne

    Is #2 Miracle on 1st Street with Ha Jiwon?

    And oh gosh #4. Wow.

  38. 38 vueme89

    #2 sounds like Miracle on 1st Street!! Ha ji won plays the daughter of a famous boxer, and she boxes too!

  39. 39 mhyaka

    yes, i agree.. #2 could be Miracle on 1st Street. 🙂

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