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Oh Snap! Dramaland is not real life.
by | January 31, 2014 | 103 Comments

Kim Woo-bin playing a high schooler…

…and Kim Woo-bin being a high schooler.

(At top, Kim Woo-bin in White Christmas, A Gentleman’s Dignity, School 2013, Heirs)

103 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Arashi

    Would that we all had a style team to help us out!

    • 1.1 TS

      Aw, he was still handsome. And he knew it, since he always planned to model.

      • 1.1.1 scbound

        He makes me think of Herman Munster

    • 1.2 news

      And that team of stylists would’ve probably given him that same hairdo considering he must’ve been sporting the latest hairstyle. Wear it with pride I say.

  2. Fishy

    Seems like his charisma is attached to his eyebrows.

    • 2.1 nova611

      i know it!!
      KWB being a high schooler
      had thin eyebrows

    • 2.2 KenyanKorean

      Naaah!Its all in the hair dude, all in the hair 🙂

      • 2.2.1 anais

        Nah, it’s definitely the eyebrows. Too thin to frame his eyes. Makes him look weak. The thicker, fuller brows, definitely anchor his features.


      • 2.2.2 Moko

        I bet his eyebrows are just painted…what schoolboy would trim his eyebrows *__*

    • 2.3 Bengbeng

      he shaves his brows, hehehe, He’s better with the thick ones.

      Yes, the hairstyles do wonders

  3. tinkersay

    LOL that hair xD

  4. Sour Grapes

    So he fixed his jaw. Comparing to most k-actresses,who are unrecognisable on their high school pictures, it is not that bad =D

    • 4.1 Fab

      Noooo he just lost the baby fat. I hope.

      • 4.1.1 Sour Grapes

        C’mon, do you really believe that the fat made his lower jaw protrude forward? He had a severe underbite, the one you can’t fix with braces and requires an osteotomy. You would have more luck believing in Santa and Tooth Fairy =)

        • Eien


        • Fab

          Oh snap wasn’t expecting that!


        • kopytko

          Maybe there is a Jaw Fairy (Mandible Fairy? Maxillana? LOL) out there? 😉

        • sotongpok

          Truth. I have an underbite too, and braces only helped to align my Bugs Bunny teeth so everything looked less underbite-y, but it’s still there.

          Fun fact: I lost my two upper lateral incisors (second from the middle) at about the same time, so for a while I could do a really good impression of a chipmunk 😀

          • sotongpok

            *At the same time in primary school. Those incisors were my milk teeth. I have my adult ones, thank goodness.

        • blegh!

          I don’t why people automatically assume someone got PS just from a slight change. I know a friend who was this cute little Asian boy you could ever find when he was in his freshmen year. He started working out like those crazy gym fanatics and the change was pretty huge. losing weight or working out have a big impact on how one looks. especially when one is still growing. that includes the jawline.

          looking at Woo bin’s picture I really don’t think there was anything done to be honest.

          • blegh!

            how does one delete repeated comments? boo!

          • Sour Grapes

            You don’t have to be an expert in orthodontics to see that he had an overbite. It is very clear from the pictures. Yes, when a person loses weight his jaw can become more defined. But you can’t possibly go from having an overbite to normal teeth alignment without braces/surgery. Bones don’t just randomly move by themselves.

          • sotongpok

            @blegh! @Sour Grapes

            Like Sour Grapes mentioned below, underbite correction is done for healthy teeth alignment. So if Woobie had one for health reasons, I wouldn’t call it plastic surgery.

        • blegh!

          I don’t know why people automatically assume someone got PS just from a slight change. I know a friend who was this cute little Asian boy you could ever find when he was in his freshmen year. He started working out like those crazy gym fanatics and the change was pretty huge. losing weight or working out have a big impact on how one looks. especially when one is still growing. that includes the jawline.

          looking at Woo bin’s picture I really don’t think there was anything done to be honest.

      • 4.1.2 pogo

        hey, getting cosmetic surgery is not always a bad thing, just be grateful that Woobie My Wuv had a surgeon who was good enough to make the adjustment look like it was natural and didn’t go overboard with the V-shaped ideal.

        • Sour Grapes

          Underbite correction is an orthodontic surgery (for healthy teeth alignment) and not a cosmetic one. V-line is a completely different thing and usually includes shaving parts of the bone off.

          • pogo

            It looks to me like he had his jaw re-aligned, and from what I’d read that was supposedly a cosmetic surgery.

            But basically, I’m just glad he didn’t have anything done to his face that left it looking unnatural, and I really hope he doesn’t in the future either – his odd looks are his greates appeal.

        • allmerrily

          Underbite correction is not plastic surgery. It’s hard to eat and breathe properly with an underbite; the procedure to fix it is for health reasons. It’s just that better appearance generally goes together with it.

          • Aylam

            Yeah, my cousin looked like him few years ago.
            It was very hard to him eat properly so he swallow most of the food without chewing it well. He got a lot of stomach’s problems for it, seriously. And when he was sleeping, his jaw automatically tried to match each other (teeth grinding) so in the morning his jaw always hurts.
            This is a serious thing, not only to look pretty. And sugery it’s no needed though.
            If you are young, they remove some of molars and with a orthodontic your jaw gradually corrects itself.

      • 4.1.3 yuhoo

        lol nope.
        there wouldn’t be orthodontists working right now if underbites are all curable by losing fat/

    • 4.2 magnus

      And his “fixing” was actually necessary. Looks like he had an underbite going on there and those are very uncomfortable. It’s an orthodontic and not a cosmetic change that’s good for healthy growth 🙂

  5. KenyanKorean

    His heirs self would probably bully his old self in the top right and bottom right pictures.

  6. Emmy

    Hahaha… I love this series! Please keep them up!:D

    • 6.1 Ivoire

      Yes, please do!

  7. redfox

    well I think he was way cute!

  8. qwertz

    He looks like Lurch.

    • 8.1 kittycat

      Haha I see it.

    • 8.2 scbound

      Lol before I read your post I posted-

      He makes me think of Herman Munster

  9. Nheony

    Ahhh fantasy vs. reality

  10. 10 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I really don’t find him handsome in the high school pictures. Seems kind of dorky looking and forgettable. Yet he transforms to someone other-worldly striking as an actor/model.

    • 10.1 Gizmo

      I think so, too. “Other-worldly” is a really good word to describe his charm!

      My boyfriend thinks he looks scary though! I am not even sure why. He’s seen me watch Heirs at some point so maybe his bully character + the thick eyebrows had some intimidating effect lol.

      I was like, “noooo, he is so adowwwable”


    • 10.2 houstontwin

      You never know what kind of talent and passion can be found in the heart of a “dorky looking” high school boy!

    • 10.3 Emmy

      “Other-worldly” is definitely correct. I remember when I first saw him in Heirs and was messaging my friend, “Hey, this Kim Woo-bin guy looks like an alien!”

      I know he has lots of fans here, but I didn’t like him at all in Heirs. His character was unfortunately written beyond the point of redemption.

  11. 11 birdscout

    I love that Oh Snap! has made a comeback to dramabeans!
    This entry is great! KWB 🙂

  12. 12 AdAl

    He prettied up. 🙂

  13. 13 Armo

    I thought his face was charismatically weird but natural. I was wrong.
    I think everybody have go under knife in Korea before debut.

  14. 14 snow

    Lol 😀

    On a side note…is anybody else facing problems in the proper loading of the mobile version of Dramabeans…?

    • 14.1 blegh!

      yes. and am not liking it. I can’t even exit the mobile version like i could before. also boo!

    • 14.2 houstontwin

      Oh, I didn’t know that a mobile version was available!

  15. 15 okdubu



  16. 16 Museofmanymasks

    ……AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..SO FUNNY! No offense to him though; we all look back on our high school days with…incredulity(?)… Anyway the funniness is in the dissonance is all I’m saying. I like these “Oh Snap!” posts. Could you pretty please bring back Thing vs. Thing?! Those were hilarious.

    • 16.1 Rushie

      Oh my goodness, yes, they need to bring back thing vs thing. I have missed that series as well as the if you like series too.

  17. 17 Annnsow

    but the best of the best KWB High School boy was in White Christmas!

  18. 18 VanillaSalt

    I always forget that I watched Gentleman’s Dignity and even more that Woo-Bin was in it??

  19. 19 ajewell


    mind. blown.

  20. 20 modest-goddess

    he looks the same just with better hair, no glasses and filled in eyebrows

  21. 21 Patch

    After So Ji-sub Oh Snap! I feared clicking on this link.

  22. 22 Quiet Thought

    As lawyer Jang would note, the most common superpower in Kdramas is telekinesis. The most common superpower among Kdrama fans is the ability to detect plastic surgery even in fuzzy old high school photos.

    I have no superpowers, so I just assume that people grow up and change a bit.

  23. 23 bored2tears

    I guess it hasn’t escaped anyone that most of our favorite Korean actors are taller than the average Korean man. So if you’re a Korean man and 178 cm or taller you can fix anything else that needs to be prettied up. I’m not sure if any of the actors we are watching today have had plastic surgery but it’s a viable option if you’ve got good height and a nicely portioned body. Kim Woo bin has great long legs and looks gorgeous in his clothes. Otherwise he has a odd face with a beautiful smile. He also has a serious case of droopy eye and a big old Dudley Do Right chin. None of that matters because it’s his ability to create chemistry with just about anyone that makes him attractive. I’m really liking these young model turned actors like him, Lee Jong suk and Sung Joon. I don’t find any of them all that handsome, Lee Jong suk especially but they all have on camera charisma.

  24. 24 woolieeelaala

    to be honest, nobody looks good in their high school pictures. i look fugly in my yearbook photo EVERY FRICKING YEAR. -.-

    • 24.1 Rushie

      I actually look pretty good in my high school photos or so I’ve been told.

  25. 25 crazedlu


  26. 26 Raine

    So epic. Hehe. That hair is a total win. Why didn’t he wear THAT in Heirs? 😛

  27. 27 JoJo

    Of course he ‘s had work done…and eyebrows can be tattooed…he looks good now.

  28. 28 Quiet Thought

    Okay, I’ve studied these photos for the fourth or fifth time . . . and I don’t believe for a minute that anyone can use them as evidence for plastic surgery. If you reason to believe from other sources that this actor may have had work done, fine, but based on a fuzzy high school photo, I’m thinking this is just projection. Which is to say, malicious gossip.

    I’d say more, but I just had my nose fixed again yesterday and need to take my vicodin and get some sleep.

    • 28.1 pogo

      The only part of him that looks in any way different is his jawline, and given that there are conflicting reports on whether or not the procedure to correct alignment/fix underbite is considered PS, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and say it’s not. Even if it was, he’s charismatic and talented and PS can’t take away from that.

      And get your rest, I hope you recover soon!

      • 28.1.1 bored2tears

        Ordinary people get jaw surgery to correct an under bite all the time. It can ruin your teeth to have them line up incorrectly. So even if he did have surgery on his jaw he obviously didn’t get it shaved down because he still has a big chin. In the U.S. it wouldn’t be anything for parents to send quite a bit of money fixing their children’s teeth. Pretty teeth are very important in the U.S.

    • 28.2 cheekbones

      I agree. I stared at the pics for quite a long time, and the only thing that looked different to me were the mouth/teeth (of which, according to people above, were corrected by orthodontic procedures) and eyebrows (which might be tattoed).

      I can still easily recognize the HS pics as KWB, just without proper makeup.

  29. 29 Lorac

    lol…I did some calculation and I would say some surgery of some sort was done, he is 24 right now, he did White Christmas 2011, when he was 20/21 and I’m thinking since the pic said HS so I’m assuming he was 18/19, correction of underbite or something takes time…so fastest way to do it is thru surgery…still mine is just a theory so I might be wrong…lol

    • 29.1 elzee

      He did have braces for quite some time. Even during his modelling days.


      • 29.1.1 Alex Mottis

        Yep, but like Lorac said, correcting an underbite takes a looooong time. I know it first hand because I have an overbite and after years of wearing braces my orthodoncist is finally going to take them off in a few months. I don’t know but I think he definitely had a minor work done in his face.

  30. 30 qhmmie

    So I say this without..bite, but if we all agree that he looks better, what does it matter if he PS to achieve that? I’m quite curious about how people would answer this.

  31. 31 qhmmie

    So I say this without..bite, but if we all agree that he looks better, what does it matter if he had PS to achieve that? I’m quite curious about how people would answer this.

    • 31.1 Pearl~ai88

      Idk either. I don’t like plastic surgery in general because it’s unnecessary, but expensive and dangerous (any surgery involves risk). It also promotes unrealistic ideas of beauty. Often people who get PS don’t need it imo, they are just trying to fit some preconceived notion of perfection created by society. However, it should be judged by each individual case and obviously people have the freedom to do what they want. I am sympathetic to actors getting PS because their face is their livelihood and there is a lot of pressure on them to look a certain way in order to succeed. I guess it just makes me sad that we can’t accept people as they really are.

    • 31.2 Alex Mottis

      It actually doesn’t matter that much, I mean, he’s still a fantastic actor and really charismatic (something that no PS surgery can fix) but what I really dislike about all this situation is that if he were an actress everyone would be tearing her to shreds and criticizing her decision to have PS. Just because he’s a well loved actor he isn’t having negative reactions, plus, I don’t see the point of denying the fact that he had PS. Maybe his face isn’t entirely different but it’s kind of obvious he did have a minor job done in his chin area.

      At the end of the day, I still like him though it’s amusing to see that his beauty isn’t entirely ~natural~. And…with that I finish my rant 😀

  32. 32 damianna

    Oh *gasp*.

  33. 33 k-soup

    He look a little different..

  34. 34 alison

    Is it just me? seems like his eyes are not same size, in pictures and in drama.

  35. 35 jeaniessi

    It’s always been about his on screen charisma to me. His looks improved with the watching. If he had anything done it was minimal. It looks to me like he simply grew up and got a good stylist. His modeling years certainly didn’t hurt. He’ll never be the most pretty of men but he will always be The Woo.

  36. 36 Sam

    Woobin actually did have braces for a while back in his modeling days, I imagine they were to correct that underbite.

  37. 37 Marly

    Just an interesting note. On the news section of drama fever, there was recently a picture of 2 large plastic towers that were filled with jaw bones that had been shaved off in S. Korea. The plastic surgery clinic actually had them on display and was using them as a marketing gimick till the pictures went viral and the Korean government saw it and required them to take it off the internet. Really gross advertising but indicative of how common jaw shaving is in Korea

    • 37.1 Alex Mottis

      Ughh that’s gross! And disrespectful, yeah, we know it’s pretty common but come on, using person’s jaw bones as advertising it’s just…wrong.

  38. 38 Noelle

    He had the Bruce Lee cut. Shit he still hot as hell. Kinda nerdy… that’s my type yo.

  39. 39 korfan

    Playing a high-schooler or being a high-schooler, Kim Woo-bin’s uniqueness shines through ……. and now we get to see it everytime he shows up on screen.

  40. 40 ML

    Gasp! This is unbelievable but my cousin has an uncanny resemblance to WB in that first high school pic on the left except my cousin has better hairstyle and more tanned. But our family always thought he looked like Aaron Kwok, a HK celebrity. WB looks the same then and now except for the eyebrows and styling. Hey, all of us will be gorgeous with a team of stylists! 😉

  41. 41 atz

    I can see that he is more or less the same. He must have fixed the underbite. I am not sure if he did PS for his underbite.

    My comment below is nothing to do with the actor but I just would like to point out about PS (or not)
    I have a son who is a high schooler. When he was roughly 10 to 11 years old, He had injured his arm so he was prohibited to play any sports for two years. During the time, he actually gained weight and he had a moon face and was chubby. He kept this shape until recently then he started losing his weight. Basically his life as a boarding school student changed his routine and diet and he was able to shed his pounds. I am actually amazed to see his transformation. He now has sharp V line jaw and high cheek. My friends compliments him now but if you compare his pictures( his 11 years and current one), you would suspect that he had PS.
    I myself used to have so called Asian eyes but over the years, my eyes developed into double eye lid eyes without PS. I do not know why it turned that way but I get a feeling that wearing contact lenses somehow created the line ? One of my friends who used to have Asian eyes swear that she did not have PS but she now has double lid eyes and I believe her. What I would like to say is that people can transform themselves naturally.
    PS is a delicate matter to discuss but once they started doing it sometimes they do not seem to stop at one process but start make over on other facial /body features then they do not look like human. There is something off about their transformation. My husband who studied anatomy drawing told me that animation figures that are based on real human more than 90% creep us out. I think some all- over- make- over -actresses/actors are just like those animation figures. Yet sometimes their unnaturalness suite for villain roles. Actress Seo Woo is a good example. Her plastic look can be used brilliantly with her role in King’s Daugher Soo Baek Hyun.

    I do knot know KW’s jaw line but I know that people progress their looks and transform.

    • 41.1 cheekbones

      Reading your post about your son reminds me of TOP. 🙂 It’s a good read.

    • 41.2 Rel

      I agree about the eyelid thing! It’s not just plastic surgery, age (sadly) will do that to you… For me the crease was never that prominent, but in high school (when I was constantly staying up late, stressed out, or just lack of sleep in general etc) it started getting a bit deeper and now (with a bit of weight loss) it’s there most of the times.

      My mom said the same thing- she didn’t have the double eyelid thing but the older she became the more it started appearing, at first only when she was fatigued but now it’s just there all the time.

      I personally think it’s the angles and makeup…? I mean, in the HS pics, they’re not exactly striving to get his best side, but when he’s on camera filming something, I’m sure the cameramen are working to film from his best angle under the best lighting with make up done, etc…

      I’ve been surprised too many times by what make-up can do to a face…

    • 41.3 Jyyjc

      I totally believe you about the eyelids changing. I’m asian, was born with mono lids and had them up to when I was about 5, and then my double lids just came naturally. They were small inner double lids and then some time during my late teens, I rubbed my eyes because they itchy, my lids started forming a faint line above my original double lid line. Some time passed and those faint lines started getting more pronounced and those are my double eyelids today. Sadly, I don’t think this happens often enough so people will tend to think of eyelid surgery when they see eyelid changes in celebrities childhood pictures. I mean yea it COULD be surgery but it also might not be.

  42. 42 jinnie

    This is definitely not PS…
    My highschool picture is somthing I would burn .. lol.. seriously
    I think asians age differently, my face started to change drastically by the end of senior year!

    In highschool I had braces and my face did not look like I had a V… I always thought I was a square/circle face 🙁 at this time I was 5’1 and 110lbs

    Senior summer and fr college when I list 10 lbs… my braces were gone… and now I am not a circular or square shape :O I went from ugly duckling to swan (avg?) lololololol

    Maybe he just grew into his features??

    -asians are mysterious creatures when it comes to growth spurts and aging :/

  43. 43 Blegh!


    That’s exactly the same situation as mine. My early years of puberty were not nice to me. I didn’t have braces but lots of facial hair. Yuck. Terrible skin. I started taking care of myself near freshmen year of college. And little changes can make a huge difference like grooming etc… I don’t know what an underbite is or how people can tell them out so easily. I’ll have check them out.

  44. 44 Blegh!

    Okay, I googled underbite, and he did seem to have it. Oh well, but I still wouldn’t call it much of a change. To me, it’s the eyebrows that seemed to have made the greater difference along with change of hairstyle.

  45. 45 dramarama

    I guess the modelling really helped, in every way possible, so that he can now ‘smize’ through that beautifully odd features of his with total confidence, and make it work for him.

  46. 46 Cat

    He had an underbite for shizzles.

    I had it done after high school, along with getting braces. For some it can be fixed by wearing head gear + braces but looking at his prior underbite – it’s more likely through surgery.

    I used to be so self concious about my underbite (and crowded teeth) – that I didn’t smile as much. Every picture taken of me back then, was me looking sad and droopy. Whether this procedure is considered PS or orthodontic doesn’t matter – he’s happier now 🙂

    • 46.1 sotongpok

      Haha, I’m the opposite… I used to smile my biggest possible smile in photos all the time because I hated that some of the adults around me always had their funeral faces on for photos.
      I wasn’t ever aware that I had an underbite (or even what an underbite was) until my orthodontist pointed it out. I got braces because my teeth were already crooked, but he didn’t suggest surgery, I think, so I guess mine’s not that bad. But because my mum now pays a LOT of attention to it, it’s one reason I’ve also become more conscious of how I look in photos. (The other reason is that I realised my eyes basically disappear if I stretch my smile, heh. But my mouth’s really small, so I’m so conflicted. Ugh.)

      • 46.1.1 sotongpok

        Forgot to add – yes, if it makes him happier, who are we to judge? Everyone’s got the right to make themselves feel better about themselves. Personally, I’m iffy about false lashes and hair extensions, but if you think it makes you look good, I say go for it.

    • 46.2 Alex Mottis

      Yes, I agree with you. In some cases, minor underbites can be fixed with braces but his case is quite severe, it would’ve taken him quite a few years to have it fixed through braces. If I were in his place and had the means, I’d go for it and fix it as soon as possible because it’s uncomfortable to live with under or overbites; sometimes eating is a pain in the a** and smiling can be awkward :/
      plus, he looks pretty after he got it fixed soooo I can’t complain

  47. 47 Jyyjc

    He fixed his underbite, that’s the only thing he’s done to his face. If he had anything else done he would have already got double eyelids because double eyelid surgery is one of the most basic things korean people get when they get into ps.

  48. 48 Pearl~ai88

    he looks soooo thin in the heirs pic compared to the others 🙁

  49. 49 Junhee

    Looks like he had a troublesome under bite which he fixed up. He’s always had the manly charisma!

  50. 50 Linsei

    For those of you guys who don’t know, corrective underbite surgeries result in DRASTIC changes in facial features.

    This is because they deal with severe facial asymmetries. The good thing is, when the work is done it should be a very favorable change, as it obviously was with KWB.

    Common profile features on people with an underbite before their surgery include a nose that may look too large for the face, and/or a recessed or “weak” chin. In this case, jaw surgery to advance the lower jaw will give the profile more balance, making the nose look a bit smaller and the chin more prominent.

    This being said, that V-LINE you guys are seeing is actually partly a result from this surgery. Before, he had the “weak” chin; his face looks really long and the chin just seems like an elongated portion of the face. But with the surgery, KWB’s chin looks MUCH more like a chin. Sometimes, a chin reduction will have to be done to balance the face properly. This portion is considered a cosmetic surgery.

    Different combinations of the surgeries may be performed, depending on the condition. If you have a very large overbite, the upper jaw may be moved back and the lower jaw moved forward, resulting in a perfect bite and balanced profile. The change in your appearance may be so dramatic that people won’t recognize you. It depends on how much your jaw is shifted forward or backward.

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