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Park Se-young joins Joo-won in Fashion King
by | January 5, 2014 | 55 Comments

Oh this is a cute pairing. Joo-won (Good Doctor) now officially has a leading lady for his new high school romance movie Fashion King. School 2013 and Faith’s Park Se-young has signed on to play the heroine, which also means that Wonder Girls’ Sohee has bowed out after being rumored to be cast in the role, much to my relief. I love Joo-won, but I wasn’t about to suffer through that. Park Se-young makes me much more excited for the potential high school love connection.

Fashion King the movie (not the drama, thank goodness) is a manhwa adaptation from director Oh Ki-hwan of Art of Seduction. It stars Joo-won as a regular high school kid who falls for the prettiest girl in school and decides to transform himself into the coolest best-dressed guy ever just to get her attention. It’s not a very deep plot, but I adore that it’s the boy who undergoes the ugly duckling transformation in this story.

Park Se-young plays the pretty girl Joo-won falls head over heels for, and idol Sulli (To the Beautiful You) plays the girl he doesn’t notice, who harbors a one-sided crush on the hero. His rival will be the school jjang, played by Ahn Jae-hyun, who’s currently playing Jeon Ji-hyun’s emo little brother in You From Another Star. And Kim Sung-oh (When A Man Loves) is the fashion guru who introduces the hero to the world of fashion. Not that we don’t already know what the hot version of Joo-won looks like, but it still seems worth watching the makeover unfold before our eyes in all its high-teen backlit glory. I sincerely hope there’s a runway sequence.

Fashion King starts shooting this month for a release later this year.

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55 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. snow_white

    A boy undergoing ugly-duckling transformation is surely something new….

    By the way, I’m already rooting for the girl who harbors a one-sided crush on our hero ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 1.1 mo0mi

      totally! if it wasn’t sulli (an idol) i would have thought they have a chance, which is so much more interesting than a girl that only likes him when he’s pretty:( but i don’t know, could sulli get the guy when se-young’s in the picture?

    • 1.2 Bex

      yesss I’m going to keep my eye on this one

  2. Rie

    “I sincerely hope thereโ€™s a runway sequence” me tooooo !!!
    I like this pairing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. RenaLoh

    Hee I love the emo little brother from YFAS! ๐Ÿ˜€ he’s so cutee

    • 3.1 niKai

      in terms of look, he’s actually a worthy rival.

      • 3.1.1 fab

        YES he is.

  4. far

    heck, yeah! the director and producer made me think this drama might not be so bad after all. not sure if it’ll hit box office, but just as long as it didnt receive bad criticisms and do decently in the tickets selling, i’m fine with it.

    Tazza producer and Art of Seduction director~ i’m looking forward to see how the movie will turn out. ^^ fighting Joowon!

    also, please return to dramaland after these two movies! you have KBS Daesang to aim for, after all. \(^-^)/

  5. fab

    Well now I find it hard to not root for Park Se Young’ character.

    • 5.1 mo0mi

      what do you mean? because the plot so far only shows her as the traditionally popular hot girl in school, which i usually dislike, it may be less common in k-dramas, but in american shows thats all over the place haha..
      if she and sulli would switch parts it would make more sense.. don’t you think? anyways i hope it will be far from heirs..!

  6. maldita

    I like everyone in the cast. Yes, even Sulli. Bring on all the pretty! Ahn Jaehyun is just out of this world.

    Poor Sohee though. This would’ve been her first project after leaving the Wonder Girls and JYP. I wonder what she’d do instead.

    • 6.1 ann

      Sohee should start with a small supporting roles first ๐Ÿ™‚

      Love her but she need to gain more experience before becoming a main lead a drama or movie.

      Good luck Sohee!

  7. Cass

    This is great news. I always wanted to see Joo-won with another younger actress after Uee. Lucky you Park Se-young.

    I read here on earlier casting that someone mentioned Park Se-young for this movie and they said it’s not possible b’coz she’s filming a movie now.

    But, now she’s in. Wow. I’m so happy. Happy with the casting news for him nowadays, I really really hope that his another movie, Han Hyo-joo will be the main lead. Please drama god!

  8. dfl123

    Yay!! They would be a cute couple! So compatible in looks and acting chops:-)
    But wait, high school?? It would be believable if the emo brother was not in the picture because he actually looks the right age whereas our 2 leads look quite a bit older. That difference is a little obvious, no?

    • 8.1 Rie

      Joo won usually plays serious roles (Lee Kang to, hwang tae hee … older than his age) but he is actually younger than ahn jae hyun by 3 months ๐Ÿ™‚
      I think he can look credible playing a high school role ^^

      • 8.1.1 dfl123

        Oh! I didn’t know that! Thanks for pointing it out-what a surprise! You’re right. It’s because Joo Won has always played “adult” roles so I always thought he’s older. Or rather, I didn’t know Jae Hyeon was so “old” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. thea

    I like Park Se Young, and I’m glad she pair with JW.

  10. 10 dramaqueen

    questions guys.. i was searching for this webtoon and it seems that the netizens arent fond of the idea of the making of this movie.. WHY??
    second does Park Se Young’s character is a cold hearted ulzzang? cuz she’s good at portraying those types of characters..

  11. 11 whilethemusiclasts


  12. 12 John Smith

    Well I will be happy as long as Park Se Young gets a got makeup artist.
    Don’t take this in the wrong way I thoroughly enjoyed her in Faith (even if she was not the main lead) and I also liked her in her recent drama (A Tale of Two Sisters/Sincerity is the way To Heaven) even if that drama had an unconventional ending. But that is a tale/post for another day. She looked quite young in those shows. But when it came to her other drama. Which came in the middle of these two namely School. While I found her character alright I certainly didn’t like her looks in that. (She looked way older in that show. Definitely not like a young girl or student)

    What I am trying to say is that I have nothing against her as an actor she acts quite well so Please don’t hate me for saying that or not understanding me. Though is she still in that cat road trip movie or is that been cancelled now.

    Doesn’t Joo Won ever rest. Has he learnt the ability to clone himself or picked up some super power that laid dormant in Bridal Mask that he can do so many project without burning out.

    Ehough would love to see him in another project with Uee and Han Chae Ah. Maybe some sort of modern crossover between Bridal Mask and Jeon Woochi.
    To fight corruption in modern time a legendary hero had to be revived. Since magic is involved we get Woochi as well. Corruption is becuase of demons as well. Thus the need for the team up. Ofcourse there will be missunderstandings galore. Hero Fight ups as well before the team up against ………..
    Either way good luck to the two in this movie. If I get the time and it comes out I may just give it a shot.

    • 12.1 Rie

      I would like to see him in another project with Han Chae Ah too. I loved the pairing Kangto-Rie in Gaksital ๐Ÿ™‚

      I read somewhere his answers to a questionnaire about the drama/movie genres he wants to try out (if I remember well)
      1ยฐ sageuk
      2ยฐ authentic melo
      3ยฐ school (he will do it with Fashion King)
      4ยฐ gangster

      I’m looking forward especially to nยฐ1 and 4 ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 13 valleydale

    Hmmm…and how is it that Joo Won is credible as a high school student, but Lee Min Ho wasn’t? Joo Won looks older than LMH by my reckoning.

    • 13.1 Annie

      Yeah, not buying it either. Or Park Se Young for that matter.

      • 13.1.1 dubu

        Park Se-young played a student in School 2013 and she fit the role pretty well IMO

    • 13.2 moonie

      Because Joo Won can transform himself into any role.

    • 13.3 ann

      I want the cast of Granpas Over Flower and Noonas Over Flower to appear in school uniform and so that no one can deny that other Kdramas actor & actress will look so old in it. Heh.

      Wht a cute pairing there. I’m okay for Joowon and Seyoung in school uniform.

      Park Sisters, Park Shihye and Park Seyoung really work very hard in Korean chungmuro these days. Fighting.

    • 13.4 Sintia

      Just wait and see him in a character. And remember how he looked for example in scenes in Gaksital when they showed flash-backs about his brother. He totally looked like a fifteen-year old teenager. He is a very talented actor.

    • 13.5 maryss

      no way LMH looks younger, in my eyes he looks like 30+, even Lee Jun Ki looks younger than him, maybe you didn’t watch gaksital, but the scene where he had flashbacks about the first meeting of him and Park Ki Wong he totally looked like a teenager, you just have to cut his hair and tada! you have a high schooler Joo Won

      • 13.5.1 jeera

        Agree with you. Maybe because Joo Won has a cheerful, innocent, childlike personality although his roles were mostly matured serious characters. As for Lee Minho, he seems too quiet & most of the time sombre thats why he seems older than a lot of actors in his age.

    • 13.6 Jyyjc

      This must be a subjective thing but I think Joowon can easily pass for being younger than than Lee Minho even though they’re both the same age. His aegyo maknae persona on 1n2d also helps.

    • 13.7 Wang

      you should see him as young gaksital here

  14. 14 Sintia

    Thank you for the article, I like the pairing. Now itโ€™s interesting whoโ€™ll win the hero heart at the end of story ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way, I was just watching new episode of KBS A Song For You (you can find it on their YouTube channel), such a great episode, Joo Won sang two song live, what a lovely voice. I look forward to his new movie about the band too, heโ€™ll sing there and this is so great. Anyway, this Fashion King movie sounds interesting too, Iโ€™ll watch it for sure.

  15. 15 MinZ

    Is Park Se Young the one who “is getting married” to Wooyoung from 2PM in WGM?

    • 15.1 Jyyjc

      Yes ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. 16 crazedlu


  17. 17 sandra

    This is gonna be awesome :))

  18. 18 ziggystardust

    Yaaaay Park Se Young~

    I love f(x) but I’ve never seen Sulli act (I saw BABO a few years back but I don’t remember her at all).. but she’s a sweetie so hopefully it’ll turn out okay.

    Joo-won plays older so often seeing him as a high school student feels weird, but I’m sure he’ll pull it off :p

  19. 19 Mar

    Love this casting. I’ve been wanting to see her in a lead role. I think the high school casting for both parties is a stretch, especially for JW. But, I’d watch this, sound like fluffy hijinks. I personally do not like the message of -you have to change to get the love interest- plots, but it’s good to see the gender role reversal in this.

    Anyone ever see that 90’s Steve Gutenberg/Jamie Gertz movie Don’t Tell Her It’s Me? That was hysterical.

    I think working with Joo Won will be a good pairing for Park Se-young. He’s got that same kind of charm as her previous costar the cutest guy ever Ryu Deok-hwan, and they worked well together.

  20. 20 NinaRx

    Omg i totally called it (in my brain)! I was thinking all along, “Park Se-young is so pretty and I really wish she would pair up with Joo-won once.” And here we go! I wish it was a drama, but i can’t be too picky now lol.

    Super excited ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. 21 Abbie

    So is Park Se-young the female lead or is Sulli? I would prefer it to be Park Se-young because, while I like Sulli as an idol, PSY is a much better actress. And she and Joo-won would make an adorable couple.

    So far, while the plot is rather shallow, it does sound cute and interesting. I’ll probably see it whenever it is available in the U.S.

  22. 22 damai

    I thought sulli was the lead female, thank God it’s not. hhahahahaha

    • 22.1 vanesa

      WTF?? Sulli is indeed the lead dear XD Just wait & see!! See my comment & u’ll know!! :p

    • 22.2 ilovesulli

      What is it to you if sulli is the female lead?
      Im sure she’s quite better than you..

  23. 23 anna

    Lol you have to excuse my Sulli’s biased heart but PSY playing the prettiest girl and Sulli being the one with the one sided crush.. I just ..haha no way.

    • 23.1 heartyou

      really?? err i find Sulli ordinary i’m not saying she’s ugly but compared to Park Se Young i find se young more beautiful because of her defined facial structure especially her eyes.. anyway thats me. beauty is in the eye of the beholder i guess..

    • 23.2 vanesa

      Well as Sulli bias, I think Sulli is Prettier keke ;P Sullian ๐Ÿ˜€

      • 23.2.1 ilovesulli

        You’re right girl..sulli is my bias also

  24. 24 Nahla JW

    I feel like the plot at the end will go for sulli Joo won pairing, because somehow he’ll find out the true love that doesn’t care about shapes or looks ….

    • 24.1 vanesa

      From what I see in the recent new update about this movie! I 90% think Sulli will be the Lead female, not Se-young! See my latest comment below~^^

  25. 25 redfox

    more excited for Park Se-Young (if I can be excited for yet another high school drama. seriously, high school was 14 years ago. I am kinda not interested…
    but I loved the Queen in Faith. and I liked how strong she was in School, even though the writing is to thank mostly, but she played it well. She is tough! there are no weak notes at all. she is even tough while crying.

  26. 26 26

    Well, guys, Here’s my idea! I think the female lead will go to Sulli…Why? If u see the recent news, Fashion King held a praying ceremony and only Joo won & Sulli were there. That’s mean they’re the lead right?!
    Not only that, in Fashion King naver line official page, Joo won & Sulli place under a top heading category (I supposed it’s the lead role category, but not sure since I can’t read korean)…while Park Se-young with other two actors are placed under another category heading (I supposed it’s the supporting role category)! Forgive me if m wrong! I like all the actors & actresses here actually! But m more Sulli fan keke~^^ M looking forward to see this new movie XD

  27. 27 vanesa

    Well, guys, Here’s my idea! I think the female lead will go to Sulli…Why? If u see the recent news, Fashion King held a praying ceremony and only Joo won & Sulli were there. That’s mean they’re the lead right?!
    Not only that, in Fashion King naver line official page, Joo won & Sulli place under a top heading category (I supposed it’s the lead role category, but not sure since I can’t read korean)…while Park Se-young with other two actors are placed under another category heading (I supposed it’s the supporting role category)! Forgive me if m wrong! I like all the actors & actresses here actually! But m more of Sulli fan keke~^^ M looking forward to see this new movie XD

  28. 28 vanesa

    I think it’ll be more interesting if Joo Won will end up with the girl who love him for who he is. & the movie line says Sulli will became a pretty girl too later, that’s what fashion king is about right? It’s Taylor Swift’s song “You belong with Me” I think !! Excited XD

  29. 29 zinaa

    loving the cast…………..

  30. 30 Maya

    Joo Won is so cute. :))
    I love the way he acts in every series he plays.

    Hope to see this movie soon

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