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Prime Minister and I: Episode 11
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Married life isn’t always rosy, but I love that our main couple’s feelings for one another goes beyond a piece of paper that started off this marriage. It’s never easy when the answers that lie in the past and the warnings in the present put another strain on their relationship, making it that much more difficult to see eye to eye on things.

Thankfully there are those around them who aren’t afraid to call bullshit on their feelings, even when it’s less painful (and safer) to ignore them. But whoever said that falling in love would be easy?


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After Yul serenades Da-jung at the restaurant, they return home for a walk in the courtyard. She compliments him on his superb singing voice and thanks him for an enjoyable dinner and performance.

He’s feeling generous tonight and his offer to grant her another wish catches her by surprise. When she asks to be free from the daily journals, he agrees readily and asks what else, which makes her wonder where this genie Yul has suddenly come from.

But she plays along and requests that he keep this current hairstyle and allow Woo-ri to pursue music. Yul agrees to consider the idea, to her delight.

He asks if that’s all, and then it’s his turn to say: “What I wanted to say to you is… you’ll have to leave the estate.” Oof. Da-jung can hardly believe it, and she asks where this is coming from.

His eyes start waver at that, recalling Joon-ki’s threat to go after Da-jung, but then keeps a straight face as he tells her that he doesn’t like the idea of his children becoming attached to her. He merely wanted to thank her for her efforts by taking her out tonight, he adds.

Yul suggests she stay with Dad at the hospital and leaves her crying.

Back at the hospital, In-ho finds his brother with Joon-ki and drops the bomb that it was Yul who turned his brother into a vegetable. That’s news to Joon-ki, who asks why Yul would do such a thing. He’s told that the answer would surprise him.

We learn more about the past as In-ho recalls how his brother Soo had told him that Na-young’s husband found out about the affair. Soo ignored little bro’s warnings to stop meeting her and wanted to run away with her… and we know what happened next.

After the car accident, In-ho had learned that it was the husband who reported the incident, since it was his car that followed behind them. As Soo is wheeled into surgery, we learn that Yul had given his blessing for their relationship, but that had only made Soo even more afraid.

Da-jung arrives at the hospital with her things, wondering how she’ll explain this situation to Dad. She runs into In-ho, who picks up that something’s wrong when he sees her bags.

Yul sighs at the now empty bedroom before he checks on his children, who immediately straighten up at the sight of him. He announces that they’ll have to fend for themselves today and orders them to clean their mess, to which the younger ones whine that ajumma had said it was okay to clean up once at the end of the day.

Turns out that Da-jung had predicted that Yul would fall back to his stern habits once she’s gone, so she had told the kids to stand their ground and not study. They’re children, Da-jung had told them, and they should enjoy their childhood.

Yul tells his children that he doesn’t always make them study (and the three exchange disbelieving looks at each other, heh) and decides to spend the rest of the day having fun with them.

So he reads a story to little Man-se, who complains about Dad’s sobering voice and wonders when ajumma is coming back because he can’t sleep at night without her. Aw, kid.

It’s cute how Yul keeps trying though, despite giving his daughter uneven pigtails or ironing all of the children’s clothes with earnest. The kids go-to counter argument? “Ajumma did it all for us!”

At the hospital Dad is suspicious about his daughter’s intentions to take care of him. He wonders if the newlyweds were fighting, and Da-jung defends that that isn’t the case.

That satisfies him and declares that they go eat lunch, refusing to believe that they’ve just eaten. But Da-jung humors her father and asks what he wants to eat.

At the same time, Yul listens to his children’s suggestions for dinner and knocks down all of those ideas on the basis that they’re unhealthy. Ironically enough, he agrees to make ramyun (is that because it’s the easiest? Hee), which is when Hye-joo arrives with groceries in hand.

The children watch in awe as Hye-joo whips up a full spread for dinner. Man-se narrows his eyes when Hye-joo sits down next to him, since that’s usually Da-jung’s seat. He sinks into his seat, saying that he wanted ramyun.

That makes Hye-joo wonder if Da-jung didn’t feed the kids properly and tells them that a taste of junk food will only want them to eat more, thus they’re better off not having any. But Man-se continues to complain in his seat, until he’s told to stay put by Yul, who thanks Hye-joo for her efforts.

Da-jung and In-ho go out to buy food as she reminds him that dementia patients like Dad often forget things right away. In-ho suggests they pick up soondae too because Dad likes it, which has Da-jung recall how Yul couldn’t eat any because he’s allergic.

The vendor mistakes them for a newlywed couple, and In-ho plays along to avoid suspicion that the prime minister’s wife is out and about. Little do they know that hyung Soo starts to convulse in the hospital room, his eyes wide.

But In-ho is alerted soon enough and is shocked to see his brother in so much pain. Da-jung places a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Yul thanks Hye-joo for helping out tonight as they sit outside. She says he made the right decision to send Da-jung away and promises to take care of the children from now on. But Yul says that she needn’t do so, and he’ll take care of everything himself.

Those words hurt her and Hye-joo asks why he would accept the help of someone he’s known far less over her own. “What kind of person am I to you?”

It seems that hyung’s epileptic seizures occur from time to time, and Da-jung encourages In-ho to keep his head up. He says he has to, since there’s something he must do. That stirs her curiosity, but he says it’s a secret.

Da-jung asks how it’s going, and he admits that it isn’t going well. He shouldn’t keep going because of one person, but he shouldn’t waver because of that someone, so he doesn’t know what to do. Da-jung gets the feeling that whatever it is, it isn’t good, and he humors her with a smile.

In-ho gets in the elevator, but before he leaves, he tells her to simply focus on taking care of her father so that she doesn’t regret it later.

Yul looks over at the empty bed as he works from his desk. He smiles at the thought of Da-jung and takes his sleeping pills while Da-jung scribbles in her journal and holds the paper frog in her hand.

Yul and his staff go for a hike and his bodyguards gloat over their new winter coats. He enjoys some downtime with some fellow hikers, who voice their approval in their prime minister.

Meanwhile Da-jung’s excuse that she’s at the hospital to take care of Dad is wearing thin as he points out that it’s been over two weeks already. She refutes his outlandish assumption that there’s another woman, but he can’t erase the niggling feeling that there’s something wrong.

Da-jung steps outside and overhears a conversation about how Yul might lose his job if he keeps rubbing against the rich and powerful. She calls him up in concern before thinking better of it, but then returns to the hospital room to find Dad missing. Oh no!

Yul ponders in his study with the hair clip in his hand and stands by the window when Da-jung suddenly rushes in a panic. He’s shocked to learn that Dad is missing and immediately deploys a search party to find him.

Da-jung can barely hold back tears of worry as she cries that it’s so cold outside. Yul tells her not to worry because they’ll find him. He decides to call up Dad himself, and that’s when he sees the numerous missed calls.

When Yul calls back, we see Dad sitting at a bus stop and smugly reject Yul’s call to give him a taste of his own medicine. Ha, so petty, Dad.

In-ho receives a call about Dad’s whereabouts, and as it turns out, he’s currently fighting with the security guards at the National Assembly, who tell him that this isn’t the Blue House. Dad thinks this is where he can find the prime minister (which in fact, the prime minister works and resides in different locations altogether) and In-ho escorts him back to the estate.

Da-jung yells at her father in a worried voice, but Dad is determined to have a word with his son-in-law. Then Da-jung thanks In-ho for helping them find her father.

Once Hye-joo hears the news, she wonders if this will bring about Da-jung’s return. But there are more pressing matters at hand as Madam Na has taken upon herself to accuse Hye-joo of being a homewrecker on the internet.

Meanwhile Joon-ki’s secretary wonders why they haven’t acted upon In-ho yet, but the fact that their conversations is on record now complicates things. Then Hye-joo barges into his office to show him the accusatory story.

Madam Na and her galpals drink to celebrate their internet defamation, convinced that working at a PC bang would cover their tracks. Then Madam Na asks if her gossipy friends have heard about how Da-jung isn’t living at the estate.

Dad tears into Yul for that very reason, and demands to know what the deal is. Da-jung clings onto Yul’s arm, saying that they’re doing splendid, and asks if he missed her. Yul awkwardly answers that of course he did, and they slap on happy smiles.

Having eavesdropped on their conversation, the little ones chirp in from the doorway that they even saw the adults kiss before. Ha. That effectively diffuses Dad’s temper until he learns that the married couple sleep separately.

So Dad takes it upon himself to send them off to bed, and they have no choice but to head inside the bedroom together. I love how both sides of this family act as matchmaker for this couple.

Da-jung apologizes for Dad’s reaction, but Yul says he’s the one at fault since it didn’t occur to him that being separated would stir concern. Da-jung says that she isn’t sure whether seeing her again makes him uncomfortable, but she’s glad to be able to see Yul and the kids again.

Da-jung has trouble sleeping that night in bed while Yul stays up working at his desk.

Joon-ki storms back home and slams down the documents on the table in a rage. Madam Na insists that his name wasn’t mentioned (though, her own name is written as the author) but Joon-ki tells her that he doesn’t need another headache to deal with at present.

Through tears, Madam Na says she was only trying to protect her husband, but she stops short when he calls her by name. Joon-ki warns her not to pull something like this again, and poor Madam Na clings onto the tiny term of endearment. D’aw, she really is pitiful.

Joon-ki barges into Yul’s office after hearing that Chairman Na aka Madam Na’s father, is under investigation for his connection with the international harbor project. Yul says it isn’t personal, but his job to deal with corruption, an idealistic explanation Joon-ki doesn’t buy.

He warns that his father-in-law won’t take this situation lying down. Then Joon-ki suggests to Yul that he do some in-house investigations of his own because Joon-ki isn’t the only one targeting him and casts a dark look towards In-ho.

Yul says they needn’t worry about those words, but Hye-joo wonders who it could be. In-ho answers seriously: “It’s me,” before breaking into a smile seconds later.

As Yul contemplates over Joon-ki’s warnings, he gets a text from Da-jung saying that she’s taken Dad and the kids to church. He sends In-ho in his stead to take them home later, and Na-ra goes moony-eyed over her piano oppa.

Na-ra catches his attention when she nearly burns herself from the candles. She’s adorably coy around her crush as she explains that she wants to learn music, then gets all worked up to be told that she’s too young to join.

Piano Oppa finds her outburst cute though, and greets her happily as Woo-ri’s little sister. He introduces himself as Han Tae-woong, and his baptismal name is Michael, but can I just call you Suho?

Da-jung tells In-ho that she plans to move out the estate after Dad returns to the hospital. In-ho disagrees, saying that it’s better for everyone that she stay put while the marriage still holds.

At the same time, we see Yul leave the estate, and a mysterious man takes out a knife from his pocket. Accccck.

When Da-jung decides to tell Yul about the idea that evening, she overhears voices from inside the study. It seems Yul has already decided to keep Da-jung here, and Hye-joo bitterly remarks that he may as well make it official and register the marriage.

She points out that the reason why he sent Da-jung away in the first place was to protect her from Joon-ki. And why would Yul go that far? “It’s because you like Da-jung, am I wrong?”

Da-jung’s eyes widen in surprise from the other side of the door. Yul takes a long pause before answering no—he doesn’t have any feelings for Da-jung; he’s simply carrying out his duty to protect her.

Hye-joo doesn’t believe that he’s purely acting out of pity, but Yul doesn’t care what she thinks. As for a real marriage: “I’ve never thought about it, and it won’t do…”

Crushed, Da-jung steps away from the door, so she doesn’t hear him finish: “… even if I were to like Da-jung.” Hye-joo leaves the office in tears, muttering that he practically confirmed his feelings for Da-jung.

Yul finds Da-jung in the courtyard to ask her to stay at the estate. She asks if it’s because he finds her pitiful. Before Yul can explain himself, she agrees to stay since there are watchful eyes and she doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

She simply asks that he doesn’t pity her and she’s satisfied with her own reasons for staying here. Yul defends that he doesn’t find her pitiful, “but I… I…”

But Da-jung says there’s no reason for him to be sorry towards her and heads inside.

How cute: Dad plays Go-Stop with the kids, and the shocked look on Yul’s face to see his children gambling is priceless. But Yul laughs it off, saying that he used to play with his own grandfather too and apologizes that he won’t be able to see Dad off today.

Dad is satisfied to see his daughter doing well and knows that Yul’s a busy man. Before Yul leaves, Dad takes him by the hand to express his gratitude. He knows married life isn’t always rosy, but he believes that it’s important to cherish one another.

He points out that Yul tightly held onto Da-jung’s hand on their wedding day. “Don’t let go of that hand, okay?”

The kids line up to say their goodbyes to Dad, who whispers that they’ll play Go-Stop again in the future. He fawns over them and gives them pocket money like any adoring grandfather would, and I’m not crying, I’m not… I… *wahh*

A protest brews outside of Yul’s office as the group calls for his resignation. The mystery knife man hides among the crowd. Yul takes the matter seriously, but doesn’t appear too worried about it at present.

Da-jung takes her father back to the hospital, and he tells her to hurry home since Yul and the kids will be worried. She gets up to tidy a few things, but then a glass drops and shatters to the ground. Eep, foreshadowing!

Then a news report on TV gives an exclusive on the raging protest for Yul’s resignation. Concerned, Dad tells her to hurry back.

The protest is still in full swing when Yul tries to leave the office. He tells his guards to make sure no one gets hurt, and then takes the front entrance to face the crowd.

Da-jung arrives just as Yul steps up to the crowd to speak to them. He understands their concerns are for the country at large, and no matter what the decision may be, it will be a precedent towards the security of the nation’s future.

Yul admits that he’s also afraid in the face of this situation, but he promises that he will be transparent and fair to the public. He’ll see an end to corruption, “So help me. Believe in me. Please wait.”

That earns a few scattered claps from the group, and Yul smiles to see Da-jung smiling back at him at a distance. Knifey slinks through the crowd and quickly stabs Yul before running off.

The sneak attack surprises everyone and Yul collapses onto the ground, wounded. Da-jung rushes over to his side and gapes at the sight of blood. She cries out to him as Yul slips into unconsciousness.


Ack, nothing like an assassination attempt to crank the drama-o’-meter up to an eleven. Although I know that the show won’t necessarily kill off our hero, I still can’t help the panicked reaction of praying that Yul will remain alive. ‘Cause he better, ya hear me, Drama?!

We don’t know who was behind the stabbing, but I’m more inclined to believe that either Knifey acted alone or on orders from someone other than Joon-ki. I say that because although Joon-ki is our main villain, I can’t imagine him to be the murderous type to actually take Yul’s life. That being said, it still makes me nervous that he holds so many cards in his hand, and that he’ll be even more dangerous once he learns just how In-ho’s brother fits into all of this. Because villains have a knack for figuring out the backstory before anyone else in the dramaverse does. In that sense, I wish that we had more than just one person other than Joon-ki driving that conflict forward, though I suppose we still have In-ho who could tip the scales in the latter part of the series.

Speaking of the past, I’m relieved that we finally learned that the extramarital affair involved mutual feelings. Not that we couldn’t assume that before with the previous hints, but getting a confirmation does set things in stone. It was sad to hear that not only was Yul aware of the relationship, he actually gave the two his blessing. That makes me that much more sympathetic for his character, though interestingly, I’m not angry at his first wife either. You won’t see me rooting for extramarital affairs anytime (or ever), but we’ve been given hints that Yul and Na-young’s marriage deteriorated somewhere down the line. Those sad turn of events ultimately led to The Car Accident, and now I want to know why Yul’s car was following them. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

As for our main couple, I’m glad that their physical separation didn’t last too long. Not only that, I’m thankful that Hye-joo pointed out Yul’s noble idiotic act of keeping Da-jung at a distance when he in fact has feelings for her. It’s a sad realization for Hye-joo too, since that means she’s actually out of the running now. It was both funny and sad to see how apparent that Hye-joo doesn’t have a place in this family, like how Man-se firmly defended Da-jung at the dinner table. Because you could make a great meal that feeds their stomachs, but what this family needs is someone who completes the hole in their hearts.


87 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tebz10

    Thank goodness for Dad! Not only did he bring Da Jung back to the residence, he brought her back to the PM’s bedroom.

    • 1.1 Blkasian

      Although the Dad character is played as someone with dementia I think he’s pretty cool. His view on relationships is right on.

  2. angel101

    LOL Kwon Yul serenading Nam Da Jung was sweet and all… But that was totally a “break-up” song! Sigh

  3. Seovero

    Wow, i was teared up when KY was sort of “breaking up” with DJ. I can guess it won’t last long, but something just awwww… At the same time, i was happy that KY is actually keeping his promise to DJ for the new hairstyle. Lol. He looks foine! And KIH… What should i do with you… *sigh*

  4. angel101

    Nam Da Jung’s luggage is so cute! Anyone can identify it? I have seen it in a few Girls’ Generation photos before, but I can not reference it if it was from a magazine spread or album release photos.

  5. Mommai

    Thank goodness their separation didn’t last long! I’ve really been enjoying the pacing, and that things have been getting resolved fairly quickly! I’m glad this one is only 17 episodes and not stretched across 20!

    • 5.1 angel101

      Watching the raw video, I thought they were separated only for one day. But it was actually 15 days.

      But true, things get resolved fairly quickly. Most of the time, in the same episode like the separation in this one.

      • 5.1.1 mommai

        I kinda liked that they didn’t make us feeeeeel their 15 days with endless montages or keeping them apart for episodes. That line about it was enough I thought (when it was subbed, anyway 😉

      • 5.1.2 docster6

        If Chief Kang didn’t offer his opinion, Da Jung would have looked for another place to live after those 15 days since she could no longer stay with her father. I actually really love her apartment while she was working in Scandal News. She had to come downstairs to open the door for Park Hee Chul when the KY-Minor Girl photo came out. Her tiny apartment was really clean and organized, I wonder why she changed (being messy) after she moved into the mansion.

        • angel101

          I don’t think Nam Da Jung became messy after she moved in the mansion. It is probably because of time constraints because of her added responsibilities. When she was living alone, she only has to care for herself. Now that she’s married after waking up and getting ready, she has to prepare breakfast for the kids and Kwon Yul as well as to help them prepare for school and work. Cleaning her room is not that much of a priority in the mornings because it is something she could do when everyone leaves for school and work

  6. Dons

    Thanks for the recap! I love this series a lot and what you said about Dj being that person to fill the hole in their hearts is so precious.. I feel that way towards her character.. Like she is the medicine to help them all heal from their pain, most especially for Yul.. Cant wait for Monday although judging from the preview, the storm is to come so lets brace for it.. But as they say, after the storm, the air is clear!! So that is what i will anticipate more.. Surely there is a very happy ending for our OTP!

  7. zzyx

    The look on Woo-ri’s face when he received the money from grandpa was sort of confused to sort of guilty perhaps? I think the kids did not experience any grandpa and grandma moments from both sides so me thinks it’s their first time with Da Jung’s dad and they were surprised with the sudden gesture.

    I was already expecting the stabbing part from the preview but i was still shouting “Noooo!” on my seat.. gah! can’t wait for Monday to come..

    I’m still wondering why PM&I has low ratings 🙁 can’t they see how good the show is? I’m practically re-watching every episode on the internet and on kbs world. My mom who used to say how “addict” I am on kdramas is joining me in watching the recaps on kbs world, she even asked me when is the next schedule haha!

  8. angel101

    Remember in the earlier episodes, when Kwon Yul talks to the children… all they say is “Yes”?

    Because of Nam Da Jung, the children and Kwon Yul are able to actually have conversations because the children are not afraid to voice out their opinions to their father now. At the end of the day Nam Da Jung and the children still knows that Kwon Yul is the head of the family so what he says goes, but that was not really the point. The important thing is that the children are now able to verbalize their feelings/opinions/wants and that thru these conversations, Kwon Yul is now able to actually know his children.

    • 8.1 Orion

      I think this is the most concrete way in which the change in Yool and everyone else shows. The kids are not afraid to speak up, but also feel close enough to their dad to do so. Yool now sees them for who they are and how they feel and he sees everyone else too. He’s no longer shut off from people’s emotions, needs and wishes as much.

      So even if the dreaded zombie-wife is true, Da Jeong has already done so much and means so much for them, that all this will serve as is a quick way to resolve the past so they can move on free of those shackles.

      I do think it would have been nice to see them achieve that through the family bonding, but this is a kdrama and there is only so much originality a production is allowed when airing in the main public channels.

      • 8.1.1 angel101

        And it was a gradual process too… Woo Ri asked to speak honestly with Dad about the reasons why he hit his cousin, Na Ra was telling Dad he can hug Man Se a lot because Dad only ever went to Man Se’s recital, and Man Se can cry and say that he hates his Dad when Dad did not buy him a present too.

        Before, the children’s faces shows their feelings but they never did voice it out. Even when Man Se cries, he never says anything and Kwon Yul just tells him to stop.

  9. tata

    The Wife. So up ’til the end, she still loves the other guy. Dang. Oh well, don’t wanna conclude it yet but still. Ugh.

    And its so frustrating that In Ho blames Yul for what happened to his brother. Duh. Like Yul purposely made that accident. ITS AN ACCIDENT, for crying out loud. Having a hard time liking his character. He’s one of those second leads you just cannot like.

    • 9.1 Orion

      I disagree. He knew Yool knew about the affair and his brother had told him he was afraid of Yool. Then the accident happened and he knew Yool was driving behind them. Anyone who had just lost/nearly lost someone dear to them, with that kind of information, pain and anger would immediately think the jealous husband tried to kill his brother and his lover in a fit of rage.

      So I think he is portrayed as wonderfully justified, but also naive and mislead. But it still does not absolve him of the fact that he was out to destroy someone whose family, innocent children, would be destroyed along with.

      Maybe the stabbing and seeing what it does to Da Jeong and the kids will be his wake up call to the fact that, even if he is right and Yool is evil, what he himself is doing is going to harm people who do not deserve it.

      • 9.1.1 tata

        I get that he’s mad and all. Its natural. But he basically stalked Yul to get into his life, just to get that revenge, not even knowing the true story? Its just crazy. Confrontation is a much realistic approach. But wth, that would be plain boring. Haha. CCTV, i think that would have helped him before, if Yul really did something that day. I just hate it, he’s not the only one who got hurt.

        And if I was In Ho’s brother, I sure as hell would be scared too, ’cause adultery is a big thing and running away with a married woman. Maybe Yul was trying to win back his wife that day. Asking her to stay with him.

        I dont know. Maybe Im just so into the story. And btw, it’s a compliment that I dont like him. Means to say, he’s doing a good job, being the second lead with the hidden evil agenda.

        • Orion

          I thought you meant you don’t like him for how he is written. Then that is an entirely different thing, because I’ve been screaming that last paragraph at the top of my lungs to certain fans of Yoon Si Yoon. I keep saying I find In Ho in the wrong and doing things which will cause harm even to the girl he likes and some fans can’t seem to understand I am complimenting Yoon by disliking In Ho when he is supposed to be disliked.

          But as I said, at the moment, I think In Ho’s anger has made him blind and naive. People don’t want the truth. He said it himself, in a quite ironic speech in the beginning. He has lived so long blaming Yool, that the denial has become strong. So strong he will not back down even when he tests Yool and Yool keeps proving he is not the man In Ho thinks he is.

          It’s easier to create a villain and blame them for your misery than admit your dear comatose brother was a homewrecker whose driving skills got him and his woman into this situation.

          So while he is pitiful and hard to like for that naivety and blind hate, I “like” him as a well-written character. Hence my original disagreement with what I thought was you saying he is poorly written.

          • tata

            Haha. Omg. I love Yoon Si Yoon, he’s still Kim Tak Gu in my heart. Haha. He’s a very good actor. I’m always hopeful that in every drama he’s in that it would be a hit, to get his career to a higher level. So out of the topic hahaha.

            Sorry for the misunderstanding, I have this illness that keeps rooting for the second lead guys. But its different with him in this character, cause of the revenge ruse thingy. I kept seeing him before as a flower boy, but being In Ho proved that he’s a versatile actor 🙂

            And yes. Same sentiments. Its easier to blame others than facing the truth. And I think he’s somewhat getting there, because of Da Jung. And as you have said, Yul keeps on proving him wrong.

    • 9.2 m

      It’s not as though Yul had asked them to have an affair. If they did not do that to him, they probably would not even be in an accident. In Ho should at least try to see how the husband might have felt as he himself requested him brother to not continue that affair. Because that was wrong.

      • 9.2.1 m

        BTW, him being a busy man does not justify her actions!

  10. 10 Nanny

    I don’t think it was Joon-ki either, he didn’t even know that his sister was having an affair, the man is the most pathetic villain ever barring only Madam Na who is so pathetic that she’s not even a villain.

    • 10.1 ame

      I know, right? Im interested in how the ‘truth’ about his sister and In Ho’s brother will change him… talk about misguided since his sister was technically the one in the wrong. He doesn’t seem like a bad person per se, just someone who lets past slights overwhelm him.

  11. 11 angel101

    One of my favorite scenes is when Nam Da Jung’s father talks to Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung about their situation… And Na Ra and Man Se making things worse! LOL

    • 11.1 mommai

      By which you mean better! 😉

  12. 12 Karen

    You can tell that Woo Ri is slowly opening up to DJ because when asked about the meal he said it was salty!! I believe he likes her even if he doesnt want to acknowledge it! And Mense is sooo adorable. I just loved this episode because of all the family moments!
    And Dad! I would get into a fake marriage for him too! He is so sweet and earnest in taking care of and being there for Dj! And even though he probably really does lover her being there for him he is more concerned with her happiness.

    And hopefully next week we will get some sweet moments of DJ taking care of PM?!?! Because he better be ok!!! And like in YFAS can we have a sponge bath too!?!?

    • 12.1 Orion

      I’m afraid the sight of Yool topless or naked would end the series right now, because no healthy straight woman who is already in love with him would resist that. Then again, he is injured, so she would have to. 😛

      • 12.1.1 Karen

        so true!!!

      • 12.1.2 tebz10

        A shirtless LBS never hurts. Make it happen, drama!

    • 12.2 angel101

      Woo Ri probably likes Nam Da Jung, and that is probably why he feels guilty because he might feel that he is betraying his mother.

    • 12.3 tata

      Yeees. I love that the kids loves Da-Joong.

  13. 13 angel101

    *heart breaks* for Nam Da Jung

    Kwon Yul told her directly he would not marry her before.

    Now she hears it again, that Kwon Yul never did consider of having a real marriage with her… [I know this was out of context because she missed part of the conversation, but still…]

  14. 14 chicken

    grandpa was pretty awesome in this episode, its cray. and again with yul and da-jung push and pull love dynamic. it hurt me waay more than it hurts them. they should make out for real already.
    moving on, i cant wait to find out what really happened with yul’s ex and in-ho’s bro.
    so till next week. whoop whoop

  15. 15 Evita

    I’m pretty sure it was Joon-ki’s father-in-law who ordered the hit, they said it several times that he is likely to do something to the PM because of the police investigation.

    I’m hoping that Joon-ki will divorce his wife and end up with Hye-joo. I want a happy ending for them. Hye-joo might be more emotionally available now that she knows she has no chance with the PM.

    • 15.1 Petitedov

      I get the feeling it’s Joon-ki’s father in law as well, Joon-ki is bad, but he still loves his nephews & niece…no way would he try to kill their father.

  16. 16 RockPaperScissors

    DJ’s father doling out allowance money to the kids put me in tears. Such a grandfather thing to do. These kids receive so much unconditional love from DJ and her father, I hope Yul learns from that.

  17. 17 J Kim

    I love Man Se!!! I especially love how Da Jung is pulling the family together. I believe that the children are starting to love her. She definitely loves them. I do feel sorry for Director Kang I want him to find love and be happy. I’m not fond of Hye-Joo and in the end I think she will try to destroy the PM.

    • 17.1 docster6

      I love Man-Se too, without him, there would be no second episode. It was him who loved Da Jung first and allowed Da Jung to have the exclusive interview and a way back to their home. Without Man Se’s love for the Ajamma, there wouldn’t have been a contract marriage. I would call Kwon Man Se a 3rd lead, he is that important of a character.

      • 17.1.1 m

        Me too. The child actor did an extremely amazing job. He is so cute!! His facial expressions and even the tiniest sound that he makes. I wonder if the director had to tell him to do those things. These are such subtle acts, but so realistic in the dynamics of it all. I think he would get an award. 🙂

  18. 18 Victoria

    i am so in live with this drama! Thanks for the recap. I love how the story is unfolding. Though next week seems to be problematic, i am sure they will find a way to end it well. I expect nothing but a super happy ending for Yul and Dajung..

  19. 19 moondust

    I’m confused… When was it implied that Yul gave Na Young and In Ho’s hyung his blessing?

    • 19.1 Mommai

      I think they might be inferring it from his conversation about the photos with Inho. I’m still not certain about there being an actual affair, or at least how far it went. Maybe she was trying to go back to Kwon Yul and Inho’s Hyung was trying to take her by force?

  20. 20 Petitedov

    I love the kids in the show and actually would love to see them more.

    I know this is the way of the dramas but I really hope the couple gets together before the last episode. For G-d sake’s they sleep (slept) in the same bed, she takes care of his children & each other, they have “kissed” time to own up to feelings and be live happily ever after, although I do like the flirt-bickering to continue.

    I would also like for real kisses and not “lip butting.”

    • 20.1 docster6

      I love the Kwon kids too, they are really great actors. This is my opinion and my opinion only, I feel the actress for Kwon Na Ra out-did SuHo (I apologize to and beg forgiveness from SuHo fans worldwide). Na Ra was so natural in those scenes but Suho looked nervous. I hope he does better in the next episode.

  21. 21 docster6

    Dear gummimochi , thank you very much for your outstanding recap, it is always worth the wait. I love this forum and I do need it more than ever during this past two episodes. I felt depressed by how Da Jung was treated coldly (especially at the Kendo practice), then experienced a scandal at the hotel and then to find out that the hug and the kiss were fake. Aish!!! I needed the support of my fellow beannuts to get through the next few days. I actually told my engineering students that I was too depressed to teach them on Tuesday and that a luxury that a tenured professor can enjoy. I told them “that girl’s husband just got stabbed before class and I have to wait a week to find out that happens next.”

    • 21.1 tebz10

      Oh my! You’re a professor, too?

      • 21.1.1 docster6

        Haha. Good thing I am fairly good in math, or else my lectures would cover only Korean Dramas. My 15-year old daughter and I have a special bond watching together. But Yoona is not her favorite, too bad. I say really crazy things in class, like, “did you know tonight is the night that Kim Tan will kiss Cha Eun Sang in the show Heirs?” You’d be surprised how many college students actually knew what I talked about because facebook.

        • tebz10

          That’s funny. I sometimes feel weird being a professor and having an obsession for K-dramas, when my students expect me to be serious and all that. Glad to know I’m not the only one!

    • 21.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I’m intrigued on how you could combine KDrama and Engineering.

      – physics lesson on the force a truck of doom could exert
      – calculating the time it takes for someone to become a vector off a bridge over the Han river
      – using rooftop apartments as examples of what happens with substandard building codes
      – determining the volume of soju consumed during a night’s entertainment
      – demonstrating the effort required to piggyback a 50 kg woman up a flight of stairs
      – using excerpts of LFAS lectures in your classroom

      I’m sure there are many more ideas 🙂
      Julia, former SWE President and ChemEng major

      • 21.2.1 docster6

        No way….I just cry and complain just like everyone else….I leave math out of this. During Marry Him If You Dare, that Christmas episode where all four leads had no one, none of the theoretical formulas would have saved them. That was the most depressing day ever and Southern California was gloomy that week. I am a very sensitive engineer; we are not all nerds.

  22. 22 raficoso

    There are a few plot things that are bothering me.

    Did Joon Ki know that his sister was having an affair with Kang Soo? And he was OK with it? Or was keeping that knowledge secret all part of a post death cover up?

    Hye Joo seems emotionally unstable. That little revenge plot thing she pulled on Joon Ki in episode 10 was just a little too much like something a bat guano crazy person would do. At one point she said “it’s OK to protect the PM” it makes me wonder what other things she may have done to protect the PM.

    I don’t want Joon Ki and Hye Joo to end up together. Madame Na is silly and a little sad and a bully but I don’t think she deserves an unhappy ending. Of all the characters she has the potential for some real growth. Madame Na and Joon Ki have more obstacles to over come as the PM and Da Jeong.

    Previews just make me mad. They’ve used the fantasy sequence as preview before in this show and I’m very suspicious. I’m also suspicious of the speculation I have read about changing the couple.

    Oh, and one more thing, in the beginning Da Jeong was spunky and resourceful if a little naive. Throughout the show she has been routinely presented as a public liability even if she may be a private asset. I wish that she would be allowed some courageous adventure where she can help the PM and take care of herself rather than all this hearth and home sweetie pie victim who must be protected from the evil world stuff.

  23. 23 Soyb

    The one thing I wanted to bring up… after reading this recap I watched the flashback part of the episode where IH’s brother got into the car accident and I’m pretty sure he said that Na Young’s husband asked to meet, not that he gave them blessing. For whatever reason, that made him afraid and may be that’s why he was running away in that car, which resulted in the accident?

    • 23.1 gummimochi

      Whoops, my bad. Totally misheard that line. Yep, Soo was afraid when Yul asked to meet with him. That certainly changes things, doesn’t it?

      • 23.1.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Ah, phew. I was confused and went back to rewatch that part. I’m still feeling dissatisfied that I haven’t heard enough to be sure I know the truth about the wife/brother/Yul.

  24. 24 Sajen

    You know when the truth about the contract marriage comes out, and it will as both is the real world and drama world it’s impossible to keep something like that secret, I’m most concerned about how hurt the children will be.

    • 24.1 docster6

      I think the children will be fine as of now because they are still calling her Ahjumma, not Mom. They like her as a great friend who could buffer their angry and tough father. I am just sad for Da Jung because she really wants to be their real mom.

      • 24.1.1 Orion

        When the couple get their happily ever after as a family, it won’t matter as much. Yes, she will never be like a birth mother, but she is a great step-mom and someone they can have a healthy upbringing next to, along with their father who is opening up.

  25. 25 Carole McDonnell

    LOVED THIS–> “Because villains have a knack for figuring out the backstory before anyone else in the dramaverse does.”

    I’m so cynical but is it possible that Hye-joo was the one driving the prime minister’s car? One never knows.

    Gotta say “I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE DAD!” Dramas, why do you make such great parents

    Thanks for the recap.

    • 25.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Dramas need a few great parents to offset the monstrous ones. But the dramas so often kill off the good ones (I Hear Your Voice, how could you!)

      • 25.1.1 tebz10

        Yes, that’s the law of K-dramaland. Good parents get killed off. Same thing happened in You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin. Soon-shin’s sweet dad died in car accident about 4 episodes through the drama.

  26. 26 docster6

    To me, the description from Gummimochi:

    “That earns a few scattered claps from the group, and Yul smiles to see Da-jung smiling back at him at a distance. Knifey slinks through the crowd and quickly stabs Yul before running off.”

    That exchange of smiles near the end of Episode 11 between Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung is extremely important to me. That means those two are now equal in status in that family, that Da Jung is now important enough to her husband that he was glad to see her at his work place. She is no longer “Nam Worry” to him and she is important to him and makes him happy. I really hope he would verbalize it and make my heroine happy.

    • 26.1 tebz10

      The smile at the end was just precious. It’s like all’s okay with them again. Then, he gets stabbed, which, ugh! I’m pretty sure, though, that the injury will bring the OTP much closer to each other, and hopefully, be the catalyst for their relationship to move on. I sometimes just want to beat Kwon Yul on the head and just tell her you like her!

  27. 27 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    “As Soo is wheeled into surgery, we learn that Yul had given his blessing for their relationship, but that had only made Soo even more afraid.”

    Maybe I am slow, but I didn’t get that Yul had given his wife his blessing to have an affair/divorce/abandon her children. What I got from the English subs was that Yul learned of the brother from photos and asked to meet with him.

    It could all be in the coma-brother’s head that he had an affair with the Na-Young. Maybe he was a stalker who grabbed Na-Young and was in the process of kidnapping her when Yul was chasing after the car. That was my first guess when I saw the car accident … the swerving could have been a passenger grabbing the wheel trying to get him to stop.

    Or it could have been paparazzi trailing after for salacious photos of Na-Young with her lover that caused the accident. Except that is was PM’s car. Hmm …

    In any event, I am probably wrong but still entertaining different ideas than just wife had affair and Yul said “Great, go for it wife and lover, have a ball!”

    • 27.1 angel101

      Maybe Kang Soo Ho was afraid that Kwon Yul asked to meet him that he was panicking but Park Na Young said Kwon Yul is not that kind of man – they argued and got into an accident. If Park Na Young was having an affair, Seo Hye Joo might be the one in the husband’a car.

      If the first wife is actually having an affair AND was willing to leave her family behind, it would probably be best for her to stay dead.

  28. 28 owl

    I love Bum Seo (Prime Minister) and I love YSY (Chief Kang) but up until episode 10, I pushed back 2nd lead syndrome because PM and Da Jeong were the perfect push pull. But now, I just can’t watch Chief Kang’s heart break. Then again, it is very weird deja vu because Chief Kang told his brother to break off seeing Kwon Yul’s wife (who died in the car accident) and ~ so I should be torn over how Chief Kang acts toward DJ who is now the woman married to KY.

    I thought for sure when Da jeong went to see Chief Kang’s brother in his hospital room, he would wake up and give away the story, but that didn’t happen. Hmmm.

  29. 29 whilethemusiclasts

    I’m seriously so in love with this drama and the Kwon family, and how Da-jung is fitting in with those kids… My heart also goes out to Da-jung’s dad and how awesome a grandfather he is being to the three children who are not technically his real grandkids. He is so sweet and just full of earnest and genuine love and it’s no wonder Da-jung grew up to be the way she is.

    Having said that, I’m preparing my heart for when dad will eventually pass away and leave his new-found family behind… because dramaland always seems to be killing off the rare awesome parent character… Still crossing my fingers that dad survives this show.

  30. 30 newgirl

    PM&I, YFAS and INR3! All at the same time! I think I’ve died and gone to rom-com heaven! Thanks for the recap Gummi!

    I was a little confused with a few translation/subtitle issues in the last two episodes, so this really cleared it up!

    And, yes, I thought the song he sang was either a breakup song or a song foreshadowing someone’s death. Or he was singing about his memory of his deceased wife. Even though I was thoroughly enjoying LBS’s voice, I kept thinking “Uh-oh!”

  31. 31 pmwatcher

    Perhaps I watch kdrama too late at night but there are a few things that don’t make sense.
    The photos don’t portray lovers getting into a car but a resistant woman and a nervous man.
    Also, during the driving scene, she opens the door like she wants to escape. You see it in the second or third flashback. And the detective or whatever he is says that the CCTV caught the PM’s car and not actually him.
    The comment from the scene with Chief Kang handing him the pics and saying something about being angry if it were his wife and the PM says what’s the point if her heart is already with someone else. PM’s comment was a little too pragmatic towards the situation. Perhaps emotionally drained. So enraged husband out to kill the adulterers, not so much.
    Previous comments have touched on the possibility that it wasn’t the PM. So the point to my comment, anyone see it they way I did?

    • 31.1 Maggie

      Yes, I’m seeing it the same way you are, I think. In the picture of his wife and the other man, her body language reads (to me) that the man’s touch is unwanted and she is unwilling; doesn’t seem like a reaction to a lover at all.

      I think you’re right that it’s just said that it was Yul’s car…and not necessarily the man himself following. Which makes me wonder…how long has he had a driver and if it was the same driver that he has now, was the driver as invested in the first relationship as he is in this one. I think that there are many other options, rather than Yul chasing after them. Guess I’ll need to keep watching, eh?

      • 31.1.1 IBELIS

        I agree that it’s to early to assume that it was the PM driving his car. Also I do think the wife was having an affair and wanted to leave the PM but she might not have wanted to run away and never see her children again.

        I say this because the PM is to accepting of the possibility of her having an affair, I also don’t think she is dead. I believe it was said that her body was not at the scene of the accident and she was never found so she was declared dead.

        What I don’t get is why everyone blames the PM for the accident, if the CCTV showed his car it also had to show that he was not responsible for the accident.

  32. 32 pmwatcher

    By the way, I love this drama. I, too, wonder why there aren’t more viewers.

  33. 33 azabaz

    i wonder who’s the woman visiting in ho’s brother. another important piece in the affair puzzle i think…hmmmm…..

  34. 34 Lilian

    I wouldn’t call this a great drama but it is definitely interesting enough to keep me watching. I prefer the funny scenes though! And thank goodness for keeping the political commentary to the sidelines. I am happiest when they focus on the family at home. Manse is adorable…especially when he was protecting that chair!

  35. 35 Demoiselle

    Does anybody know where I can find information on Kwon Man Se’s bedding? It’s absolutely adorable!

  36. 36 Tricia

    Plot twist: what if Hye-joo was the one who engineered the entire accident (with Yul’s wife and In Ho’s brother)?

    Since she’s head over heels in love with Yul, seeing Yul hurt might have caused her to take direct action against the adulterers, so as to “protect” Yul of sorts. I’m assuming that because Hye-joo works with Yul, she might have had access to those photos.

    Regardless of who the actual murderer is, I’m quite stoked for next week’s episodes! The mystery woman makes me so curious because she could be Yul’s wife / ex-lover of In Ho’s brother that wanted to take revenge on the adulterous couple as well. Also, Hye-joo’s turning to the dark side??? Next week had better provide some good answers.

  37. 37 sungsta

    Love this drama, and I’m absolutely invested in shipping this OTP. My biggest worry at the moment is:

    1) Park Na Young is alive,
    2) she was misunderstood, and was not a willing participant in the affair with In Ho’s brother, and
    3) she wants to get back with her family.

    Now that would throw a massive spanner in the works.

    In real life, it would obviously be best if the family were united, but in dramaverse…. well, if this happened, I just might throw a spanner at the TV if they break Kwon Yul and Na Da Jung apart…

    I nearly threw a cushion at the TV when In Ho refused to let go of Da Jungs hand in the hotel a couple of eps back. He so wanted to get caught!

  38. 38 Victoria

    Monday please come sooner! Cant wait for ep 12! Thanks for the wonderful recap.

  39. 39 Shinubi Wang

    A bunch of wackos; a dumb ass wacko (the PM) surrounded by demented wackos. Kicking Da-jung out was a sicko thing to do. She should, under no circumstances, go back to that sicko family.

    It seems that the PM’s late wife and Kang In-Ho’s brother were adulterers and the accident was due to their reckless driving and the PM was not to be blamed. However, these two ass holes, In-ho and Joon-Ki, were obsessed on revenge, not accepting that the PM was blameless.

    As for the PM, I would like to see the story ends with Da-jung dead, then he will grow old, lonely, full of regret. That ending is deserving for a man who could not count his blessings when something good came along.

    For Christ sake, his adulteress wife had been dead for 7 years. Move on, dude. Be a man!

    Then there were that two shameless, love obsessed idiots, In-Ho and Hye-Joo, throwing themselves at people who are obviously not into them. There are other fish in the sea, you lunatics.

    Finally, hey! scriptwriters. The PM’s residence would have domestic staff, so what was this with them doing housework and cooking? Get real.

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