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Prime Minister and I: Episode 12
by | January 21, 2014 | 78 Comments

It’s amazing how dangerous situations can bring our married couple closer together and how understanding someone’s heart can go a long way. Yul learns how little he knows of the ones who matter most, and the past goes deeper than anyone could have anticipated as it comes back to haunt our characters in the present.

After what I’ve seen, maybe I’m the one who needs to be read to in bed in order to sleep tonight.


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Yul is wheeled into the operating room, his vision blurry as he slips in and out of consciousness, hoping that this is just a dream. As he’s prepped for surgery, he thinks to himself: “If I knew things would turn out this way, I wouldn’t have said those things to you.”

We flashback to when he had told Da-jung to leave the estate and stay out of his family’s lives. “I wouldn’t have made you cry like that,” he says. “And I would have told you that I didn’t mean those things.”

He wonders if he’ll be able to awake from this dream later and just before he goes under, he thinks, “Will I be able to see you again?” And we see Da-jung anxiously waiting outside on the verge of tears, her hands clenched together.

Joon-ki is shocked to learn of the stabbing, which is a double relief since it confirms that he wasn’t the one to call the hit and that he wouldn’t actually want to inflict physical harm on Yul. And why would he when emotional guilt has worked so well for him thus far?

Hye-joo doesn’t think the same however and storms into his office to pin the deed on Joon-ki. That’s when Joon-ki realizes that it was likely his father in law, Chairman Na who was behind the act, and Hye-joo vows to take them both down.

Da-jung puts in a call to a worried Woo-ri to assure him that everything’s fine and to take care of his siblings. Woo-ri says his sister already knows but the youngest doesn’t. Before they hang up, he quickly thanks Da-jung and entrusts their father to her care (the words could also stand as an acceptance of Da-jung, which double aw).

Yul’s surgery is a success and Da-jung sits vigil by his bedside as he sleeps. Through tears, she urges him to wake up soon because she has something to say to him. Hours later, Yul wakes and the memories of the past day come flooding back to him.

In-ho sits Da-jung down to eat something in the cafeteria. She asks about the stoic group of suited men nearby and is told that a mob boss is also hospitalized here in the VIP suite.
Da-jung finds it funny that Yul was passed over by the mafia and promptly feels guilty for laughing in the midst of such a grave situation.

But In-ho tells her that she shouldn’t feel bad and urges her to eat up. When she declines, In-ho reminds her that he’s her guardian angel—her job is to gather her strength to tend to the prime minister while his job is to take care of her.

Da-jung returns to find Yul still asleep and chides him for lying there until Yul speaks up to say she shouldn’t say that to a sick person. Washed with relief, she tells Yul to rest.

Meanwhile Joon-ki is barred from seeing Chairman Na, whose douchey secretary refuses to disclose his employer’s whereabouts. Someone has to take the fall for the assassination attempt and it isn’t hard to guess to whom that suspect arrow is directed at.

Yul watches Knifey’s arrest being covered on the news. Da-jung promptly turns off the TV and tells him that his staffers are taking care of everything, so it’s his job to rest up. She may as well be talking to the workaholic in a foreign language as Yul hilariously answers that he’s fine.

But Da-jung knows better and scolds him for giving her such a fright, pointing to the dark circles under her eyes. Yul laughs at that, and then asks if she cried again. Da-jung admits that she did and Yul feels bad for disappointing her father again for making her cry because of him again.

Taking his hand in hers, Da-jung says that’s not important because she’s just glad that he’s alive. He says he knows. And just outside the door, Hye-joo walks away in dismay.

In-ho reports to Hye-joo on how to proceed next and is surprised to see Hye-joo leave the prime minister in Da-jung’s care. Hye-joo explains that she doesn’t believe she has a place by Yul’s side anymore and the same goes for In-ho towards Da-jung.

When In-ho says he’s content with keeping watch from behind, he’s told that even doing that is hard enough.

Madam Na gripes over having to pay a visit to Yul, but presses on after she’s told doing so will win brownie points for her and Joon-ki with the public. She’s appalled when the group of surly men don’t recognize her, unaware that she’s dealing with the mafia and not, say, Yul’s bodyguards.

Which means she marches into the mob boss’s hospital room with her galpals. For a minute there, I’d hoped we might get a Kang Ho-dong cameo, but the boss’s backside definitely doesn’t belong to the iconic MC.

So Madam Na lets out great dramatic sobs until the mob boss finally has had enough and turns to face her. HA, why hello there Oh Man-seok. That’s a pretty great cameo entrance.

Her chaebol friends come running, interrupting Da-jung and Hye-joo’s conversation to save Madam Na. She’s firmly wrapped up in Oh Man-seok’s arms by this point, and he asks why she’s playing hard-to-get with him.

Hye-joo and Da-jung arrive to her rescue, at which point Oh Man-seok casts her aside to eye the pretty, young ladies. Hye-joo sends them out to deal with him herself, and when he grabs her, she issues a warning through gritted teeth.

When he ignores it, Hye-joo twists his arm and grabs a fistful of hair. Da-jung gets in on the action before taking Hye-joo’s hand, and the ladies get the hell out of dodge.

Now out of danger, Madam Na thanks Hye-joo for her help and apologizes that she’s too frazzled to see the prime minister before running off. Hye-joo is still bitter about how Joon-ki’s side would dare to swing by after endangering Yul’s life (since she thinks Joon-ki is behind the attack) but drops the matter when Da-jung asks what that means.

Hye-joo notices Da-jung’s blood-spattered coat and offers to bring her a change of clothes. Da-jung asks what Hye-joo wanted to ask her about earlier, wondering if it has something to do with Yul. Hye-joo replies that it did, but now she thinks she knows the answer.

Back in Yul’s room, Da-jung is caught off-guard when Yul asks what it was that Da-jung wanted to tell him, explaining that he had heard her in his semi-conscious state. She nervously laughs that he must have been dreaming and quickly changes the subject, asking if he farted yet post-surgery

That confuses him and Da-jung makes an excuse before darting off, which he finds amusing.

Joon-ki isn’t happy to hear that his wife swung by to see the prime minister, and informs her that he’ll be handing in his resignation soon. When Madam Na argues that it was her father who seated him in the strategy and finance minister position in the first place, he counters that she doesn’t know what kind of awful person the chairman is and figures she’s better off not knowing.

In-ho goes to see his brother and feels guilty for worrying about Yul, especially when he’s the reason why hyung is bedridden like this. Dad informs him that the kind volunteers take good care of hyung here, and then points to someone(?) we don’t get to see.

Yul arrives home with Da-jung from the hospital and winces slightly when Man-se hugs him. He promises his son that both he and Da-jung won’t be going anywhere, then thanks Woo-ri for taking care of his siblings. Aw, these two.

Da-jung asks where Na-ra is, and we see her in the middle of an earnest prayer, thanking God for bringing her father back safely and promises to attend church regularly if things work out with Suho oppa. Haha, so cute.

That’s when Suho calls out to he and Na-ra worries whether not being baptized yet means her prayers will go unanswered. She asks if she’ll get a baptismal name like his if she does, and brightens to learn that they share the same birthday. He tells her that it’ll likely be Michaela, similar to the angel Michael, and he finds her reactions cute. She beams.

When Da-jung finds Yul at work again in the study, she has to pry the papers out of his hands, sternly reminding him that the doctor ordered complete rest. When Yul asks what he has to do, she answers, “You have to rest!”

Joon-ki goes ahead to inform the president of his resignation, arguing that taking the fall will better the government’s image. The president thanks him for his sacrificial decision. Joon-ki’s secretary asks what he’ll do now and Joon-ki ironically laughs that he’ll take some time to rest.

Upon hearing more information about In-ho’s brother (whose name is Su-ho, not Soo, d’oh!) moments later, Joon-ki heads straight to meet with In-ho. It turns out that Su-ho was Na-young’s college sunbae and psychiatrist, and In-ho adds that hyung was also the last man she loved.

He asks if In-ho believes Yul is responsible for the car accident and orders In-ho to bring all the evidence he has to Joon-ki. “I’ll finish Kwon Yul,” Joon-ki vows.

Da-jung brings Yul and the family to church for a winter festival. She informs Yul that Woo-ri didn’t want to disappoint his father so quit playing in the band, but he loved singing so much that he opted to sing in church instead. D’aww, Woo-ri.

Yul tightens at that, but then his expression softens as he hears Woo-ri sing. He sits with his son after the performance if Woo-ri wanted to sing that badly that he would defy his father.

Woo-ri confesses that he did a little. To his surprise, Yul allows him to keep singing then because it’s been a long time since Yul has seen his son so happy. Delighted, Woo-ri asks if that means he can rejoin the band and is told he has to raise his grades first. Hee, Yul, you big softy.

Na-ra gets bullied by a group of girls outside for liking their church oppa. Da-jung steps in the fray and the girls scoff in return, asking who she is. Na-ra cries out, “She’s… my mom!”

The term shocks everyone, especially Da-jung, who takes a beat before giving the girls what for. An adorable awkward moment passes between Da-jung and Na-ra once they’re alone, but Man-se is quick to tattle on his sister to their father. Y’all are just the cutest.

Hye-joo waits alone at the estate, perhaps for hours, and leaves behind her get-well bouquet for Yul. The family arrives home sometime later and Yul reads the note belatedly. He tries to call, but Hye-joo ignores and walks on with tears welling up in her eyes.

She recalls when Yul had made it into the National Assembly and she was on his campaign team. He had thanked her for her efforts, but she had said she was far from repaying her debt to him for molding her to be a decent person.

Da-jung frets over Yul at home, worried about his feverish state. He genuinely thanks her for today because she helped him understand Woo-ri’s heart and his own.

He previously hated the idea of Woo-ri pursuing music because it brought back painful memories of his past wife who also loved music, Yul explains. Da-jung asks if he didn’t miss her and why thinking of her would bring pain instead. Yul: “That… that’s because I resented my wife too much.”

Da-jung muses that it must be the case that the departed leaves those who remain with resentment. She felt the same towards her mother once, but later realized that it was her mother who was most pitiful.

Yet there’s still a tomorrow for the living to live out, Da-jung notes. She realizes this is the first time Yul has mentioned his first wife and offers to lend an ear whenever he wants to talk about her.

Then Da-jung offers to read to him tonight, promising him that she won’t fall asleep this time. Yul settles in to listen as Da-jung reads how Scheherazade told an unending story to the sultan every night because, “when this long story ended, she would have to leave the sultan’s side.”

Looking at Yul, Da-jung continues, “Because she didn’t want to part from him. Because… she came to love that person. Thus Scheherazade, who didn’t want to leave the sultan, ultimately decided to confess her feelings to the sultan.”

Yul stops her right there and asks if that last part is truly written there because he doesn’t recall that passage when he read the book. Flustered, Da-jung says he hasn’t read all six volumes and this is the fifth one.

He points out that if that were the case, then the sultan would have had Scheherazade killed after her confession. A woman who confesses her feelings first would make her too easy, Yul notes.

Da-jung figures that’s probably true and takes her leave with the explanation that she wants to live for a long time. He calls after her to leave the book, but Da-jung is already out the door and sighs dejectedly.

Yul searches the house for Da-jung the following morning to find her gone. He sees the book and picks it up to read where she left off and discovers that the passage differs from her reading.

Meanwhile Da-jung raps on In-ho’s car window when he arrives at the estate, and he hastily stuffs the contents of the envelope (including the picture of hyung and Na-young) back inside.

They go for a walk and smile while talking about Da-jung’s next visit to her father. In-ho veers the conversation to a more serious direction and comments that he likes the way things are between the now. He worries how long he’ll be able to see her smile at him for because there may come a time where everything might change between them.

Da-jung asks if the task he previously mentioned he had to do has something to with his brother. If it’s revenge, she advises him against it, not because of the cookie-cutter reason that forgiveness is the best kind of revenge, but for his own sake.

After In-ho reports to Yul about Joon-ki’s resignation, he wonders why Joon-ki would pull such an unexpected move. Hye-joo tells him not to be surprised if something else comes up unexpectedly and offers to accompany Yul to their alma mater today.

Yul is reminded of their college days as he walks around campus with Hye-joo. She asks why he hasn’t said anything about Joon-ki’s resignation, and Yul asks in return, “If I were to turn back time, when should I turn back time to?” When he met Joon-ki? Or when he married Na-young?

Hye-joo says she would turn back time to her middle school days, specifically to the time when Yul saved her from her own gang friends. She had called him an old man back then and it’s already been over twenty years since that memory. She thanks him for those happy years, which sounds an awful lot like a goodbye, and then hands in her resignation letter.

Yul was the first person who taught her hope outside of a life running away from her drunk abusive father, Hye-joo explains. She had learned from him what righteousness meant and acquired the courage to live, “And I liked you a lot. From the moment we first met.”

Fighting tears, she realizes that she’s finally confessing her feelings now that she’s leaving and tells him to take care. What a brave and sad moment for Hye-joo, who packs up her things and entrusts the prime minister to In-ho’s care.

Just then, In-ho is called into the hospital where he’s told that hyung has been transferred to the intensive care unit due to his persisting seizures. Through tears, In-ho tells hyung that he can’t die, not when he hasn’t even started to avenge him yet.

Then In-ho calls Joon-ki to agree to hand over his revenge material. He gets into his car and drives past… wait a minute—that’s Na-young aka Yul’s first wife. Ack, you’re supposed to be dead! Or at least the world did! I think!

In-ho spots Na-young too, but he’s blocked before he can go after her. At the same time, Da-jung stands outside the locked piano room, wondering when Yul will open his heart.

As for Yul, he mulls over Hye-joo’s words of when she had asked what kind of person she is to him, when she had promised to protect him as his bodyguard.

He finds Da-jung waiting for him outside back at the estate and informs her of Hye-joo’s resignation, only now realizing just how little he knows of the woman who’s been by his side for the past twenty years.

He guesses there will come a day that Da-jung will leave too, and asks that Da-jung tell him ahead of time if or when she does: “If it comes so suddenly, to part without warning, I think it’d be too much to bear.”

Da-jung assures him that won’t happen because she won’t ever leave him. “Because I love you.” Omo. Omo omo omo.

She repeats the words in a stronger voice and Yul tells her not to kid around. But she isn’t joking: “I really like you.”


I’m going ahead to say it again: omo omo omo. For the most part, I do like how the cliffhangers are handled in this show, whether it’s a quiet, contemplative moment or a surprise kiss or a confession like this one. Furthermore I love that it’s Da-jung who takes that step to confess her feelings towards Yul first and spells it out for him that she won’t leave him. How’s that for easy?

The tie-ins to One Thousand and One Nights are added touches that I continue to enjoy, especially the dense few seconds when Yul found the ad-lib confession odd, only to find out that it was directed at him, the grumpity sultan. And while I’d love for Yul to accept her feelings, confess his own, and have them live happily ever after, we’re still at Episode 12, which means we’re still in for some bumps in the road ahead.

Speaking of bumps, I had to go back and review the news headlines in the first episode, which reported of Na-young’s disappearance versus death after the car crash. So you could say that saying Yul’s first wife was “presumed dead” is the safer bet after all these years, and knowing that now, it changes how we approach Na-young’s re-appearance in the present. Even now, I’m hesitant to say that it is Na-young until we’re fully certain that it isn’t some doppelganger or other self. ‘Cause this is dramaland where out-of-left-field possibilities can come true for the sake of dramatic conflict. But don’t you do it, Prime Minister!

However the mention of Na-young’s visits to a psychiatrist (who also happened to be In-ho’s hyung, whom she loved. Oy, conflict of interest much?) opens up the broad spectrum about Na-young’s psychological state leading up to the accident. I do wonder what she suffered from (Anxiety? Depression? Another psychological disorder?), and how that might play into the story at large. Pair that with how Yul suffers from insomnia post-car accident, and you’ve got more questions than answers with the hint morsels this show has given thus far.

Be that as it may, I still savor the wonderfully sweet family moments in this show as the Kwon family form one family unit. Like how Yul finally came ’round with Woo-ri’s passion for music or how Na-ra referred to Da-jung as her “mom.” But now I’m nervous at how Na-young’s reappearance will shift the pseudo-family dynamics, because if it is her (see how I’m hedging? I blame my doubts on you, dramaland!) I expect an explanation as to where she was these past seven years. Is it resentment when your loved ones leave you or when they come back?


78 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tebz10

    The PM needs to get stabbed again if he rejects Da-jung…… stabbed with kisses from Da-jung!

    Loved that shot with their slippers in a row. It just spells family. *sigh*

    • 1.1 Liz

      Stabbed with kisses….. That is the best quote EVER!

  2. angel101

    I so wanted the first wife to be dead. But the clue in the earlier episodes that she is “missing” is reassurance enough that the writers have planned this turn of events.

    The first wife being dead is the easiest way so that Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung can get together. But the first wife being alive, and yet Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung can still get together would be more meaningful. At least, if Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung make a CHOICE to be together regardless.

    But it is really worrying for Nam Da Jung because she’s been told all the time that “she is not the real wife, not the real mother.” The possibility of her wavering when she finds out the first wife is alive would be quite understandable. Hopefully Kwon Yul would step up his game if and when that time comes.

    • 2.1 Blkasian

      What scares me about the wife being alive is him taking a step back from NDJ. It would crush her if she had to step back and wait for him to sort out his feelings. Would this make her turn to Chief Kang ? I’m so anxious about the next episode.

    • 2.2 Vicky

      Right. That was a twist I didn’t see coming at all. It changes everything. Those poor kids.

  3. gm3211

    I jsut saw rhe preview and the wife of yul is alive!
    OMG.. what to do!

  4. Every Idol's Noona

    Tsk tsk-ed at Kang In-ho. I mean, gah! Doesn’t he realise his grudge is misplaced? He does, doesn’t he? DOESN’T. HE. Man. His brother was planning to run away with someone else’s wife. If anything, it was him and Na-young who were at fault.

    And props to Da-jung for confessing first. And confidently, too. Also, Lily Club was hysterical.

  5. keanchai chye

    what is the opening song in episode 12..so nice and sentimental…

    • 5.1 Katherine

      Does anyone know what the ending song is called for the recent episodes? The lyrics are like “I want to touch you” or something like that.. I haven’t been able to find any of the OSTs besides Taemin’s and Standing Egg’s.

      • 5.1.1 angel101

        Yoon Gun – I Love You to Death

        It’s a new OST.

  6. Mikaila

    What are the clues from the previous episodes?

    Could you make a list?

    • 6.1 Orion

      That Na Young was alive? The article said she is ‘missing’, not ‘dead’. Also, when we saw the car crash again a few times, especially when they revealed Soo Ho was the driver, the seat next to him was empty when he crashed into the river, meaning Na Young was flung out of the open door before impact. Lastly, some behavior from Yool could be explained by knowledge of her being alive, if he does know, so that’s an uncertain clue of sorts.

  7. PlumWine

    Omo! – not dead wife
    OMO! – love confession
    Aww! – she’s my mom

    I’m just going to omo and aww in the corner till tonight’s episode.

    *autocorrect quit changing my omo to moo!

    • 7.1 BaileyOtaku

      Your omos are on point! GAH this episode was an emotional roller-coaster, and if those previews are anything to go by, it seems there will be a huge shake-up, like (and this is just me speculating); WHY is Yul’s missing wife so hell-bent on keeping Chief Kang’s brother quiet?

      I have a sneaky suspicion that SHE is the one that has been causing his seizures, but I mean, I will stand corrected; Remember that one time before he had a seizure they showed him evidently shocked by the presence of someone in the room? And he seemed to have wanted to yell for help… Either way; DIS DRAMA!

      • 7.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        AAArgh! If she showed up and accidentally caused his brother to have a seizure — enough to challenge this ages-long coma….

        and if she shows up in this very timely, coincidental manner just at the right time to stop In-Ho”s vengeance

        and if she somewhat brings about coma-hyung’s healing….

        Aaaaaaaaargh…you will hear me screaming all through cyber-space.

        I don’t mind in organic storytelling but when it goes off the charts in order to create a dreaded HEA I just lose all patience.

        • Gidget


          Doesn’t this also make her a candidate for ‘worst mother of the decade’?

          • zzyx

            Same here.. Did she not miss her children or is Su Ho more important to her.. Well if she is seeing a psychiatrist, she may not be on her right mind. I just hope drama won’t make it that she had an amnesia after the accident and then just got her memory a while back, please don’ do it..

            I hope the reappearance of Na Young won’t affect the relationship of Da jung with the kids, if it will, I hope it will just be for a while. I really hope their relationship won’t falter because i really love the family moments here.

            And if Na young was missing, why didn’t Kwon Yul had a search party for her?

  8. Mommai

    I love love LOVE this show! It’s perfect for me, and I’m super glad I’m watching it! Even stabbings end well in this show, hehe. Also, thanks for the clarification about the initial headlines! I liked Hye-Joo a lot this episode, but then again I usually like her. We’ll see how things shake out!

  9. PebbledBeach

    I really liked Hyo-Joo’s bit in this episode. The way she saved Madam Na and Da Jung from the Mob Boss. The way she confronts Joon Ki, even if it was slightly misdirected. I love her loyalty and just how bad ass she is. Despite the jealousy towards Na jung, she still fights on her behalf. She is like a female version of the Puppy character in Dramas, I can’t help but root for her and I hope she gets her happy ending.

    • 9.1 zzyx

      I started to like Hye jo on this episode. She is not the bitter second lead, she is the loyal friend/subordinate of the PM. She is not like other second lead who would squeeze themselves on someone else’s relationship even though it is pretty obvious that there is no chance. Same goes with In ho, it was so sad to hear him say that it is okay for him to watch Da Jeong at the back.

  10. 10 raficoso

    Da Jeong’s blood stained pink coat reminded me of Jackie Kennedy’s blood stained Chanel suit. Another interesting choice from the costume designer. S/he has been doing some exceptional character work with the costumes. Except for that fur thing on Seo’s suit last week. That looked like someone spilled coffee and there wasn’t a backup jacket to me.

    The latest plot developments give us so much to think about. And there are so many directions the story can take. Including straight into full on makjang. (I hope not.)

    In Hoo needs to get his head out his butt.

  11. 11 shuchi

    omo! now i have to watch this drama after it ends! i would have watch it for yoona just checking her out but now the drama itself is surprising enough!

  12. 12 zzyx

    There were a lot af awww moments for me on this episode., especially on Woori and Na ra. When i thought i already have my favorite episode, here comes another one. The family moments is just awesome 🙂

    “Believe in the power of music” – Yul
    HAHA! nice one Prime Minister 🙂

    When I saw Na Young, i couldn’t believe it at first that i had to watch that part again and focus. I initially thought that she was declared dead, where was this “presumed dead” or “missing” part?

  13. 13 Carole McDonnell

    Thanks so much for the recap.
    There were so many wonderful moments in this episode…and then…. and then…

    I will only say that if wifey returns, I will totally drop this drama. I HATE HATEHATEHATE it when a drama doesn’t work with its setup but goes and overplots. Heck, we have coma-hyung on the verge of dying and would-be avenger In-Ho getting his anger back — powerful stuff! Why derail that particular plot thread by messing around with such a twist? I have no patience for this kind of tomfoolery. Work with the theme you start with, go deeper into the plot ramifications! Do NOT do NOT do NOT mess around with the story for ratings’ sake. Sooo upsetting.

    • 13.1 angel101

      But technically they are not messing with the story for the rating’s sake.

      Possibly, this IS the story the writers wanted to tell. The headlines about the accident of Park Na Young in earlier episodes clearly stated that she was “missing” and not dead. This fact has been brought up by the Chinese fans in earlier episodes as crucial information to the possibility of Park Na Young being alive. Even Woo Ri when talking to Kwon Yul referred to his mother’s accident as when she went “missing.” Also, the Kwon household did not even have the table thing to honor dead people in their house.

      • 13.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        I’ll accept that this is the story the writers wanted to tell but wow! It’s a cheat nevertheless. The main question in the drama concerns In-Ho: “Will he? Won’t he?” There was no real question about the lovebirds up until now. Now their question is: “Oh, now that PM is actually unintentionally a bigamist, Oeteke? What are we to do now that the lovebirds have finally confessed their love?” But although this is an important question, it’s not been the thematic question of the entire 12 episodes.

        Whatever the title of this drama, the hero of the story is In-Ho. The writers put the sub-plot/love story up front and placed the main story/vengeance in the background. But even so, the character that pushes the plot ahead is In-Ho and our wondering: “Will he? Won’t he?”

        By suddenly introducing Sultan’s ex-wife, the writers have shown that they had NO intention of taking In-Ho’s question seriously. The following questions are suddenly made moot: “Will he destroy someone he has come to love and respect? will he hurt the PM if it means hurting the woman he loves? Will he risk the anger of the woman he loves by hurting the PM? Will he hurt the guilty party even if it cannot heal his brother? Will he won’t he?”

        All these questions are now turned into a new “WTF? I’ve been confused all along! I should question if I have the real facts.” And all this is pretty tame compared to the previous questions.

        Whenever this kind of thing happens in a book I’m reading or a film I’m watching, I can just grown and say, “Well, you definitely took the easy way out. Didn’t want to deal with all the questions you brought up?” Plot twists are supposed to deepen the thematic questions, not utterly annihilate them because a writer wants to have a happy ending for all the characters.

        • Orion

          I simply must disagree about In Ho being the protagonist. He is a crucial character, yes, but this series, to me, was never about his revenge. He was just an obstacle or possible obstacle for the main couple’s happiness, as compelling as his own subplot is. But the series is about two people meeting, sorting out their past, adjusting their present and creating a common future.

          So I understand why you would be disappointed, since you see an entirely different story than what others are seeing.

          • Carole McDonnell

            A story can have more than one protagonist. So I will agree that the PM is also a protagonist But he is not the main protagonist.

            MAIN Protagonists do stuff. Their choices matter and at each turn, they make new choices which stem from their first choice. So yes, the PM makes choices but for the most part, stuff kinda “happens” to him. His one choice so far was to marry. But IN-Ho pushed this on him. And this has caused In-Hoto always deal with the ramification of his choices and other choices which stem from that primary choice. The PM has to deal with the ramification of his choice as well but his choices don’t affect the plot in the same way.

            A protagonist is a prime mover, has a quest or plan or deed to do throughout the story, acts upon his world. A protagonist wants something from the beginning of a story and is willing to go through all kinds of conflicts to get it. The PM had no great goal at the beginning of the story.

            Let’s assume PM wanted love but “didn’t know it” and now voila he has it…then his later choices to affirm this new-found love causes small ripples in his life: secretary leaves, Man Se finds a mom. But the ripples don’t lead to newer deeper conflict, they lead to stasis. Joon-ki doesn’t hate him anymore or less because of this love. The PM is not the prime mover or the main protagonist and his love is not the main quest.

            The only quest the PM has had from the beginning is the environmental one…which is pretty badly done and which doesn’t really move the plot ahead, except for the assassination. The writers have given him this particular quest because they want the PM to DO something, rather than to be acted upon. But the environmental thing is the only thing the PM is actively pursuing.

            We have here a very reluctant protagonist who is dragged kicking and screaming into a plot created by IN-Ho and the heroine who happens to be a true protagonist because she DOES make choices.

            The protagonist interacts ACTIVELY with the theme (in this case it seems to be forgiveness and learning to live again) by affecting everything.

            But let’s say that In-Ho is merely an obstacle and not a protagonist. Seriously, hasn’t this new change affected his whole game-plan? Hasn’t it affected the thrust of the story? So now what do we have? We have the PM’s future affected by what is happening with a secondary character? How then is the PM protagonist in charge of his own life?

            In any story, the protag makes choices then deals with the ramifications of each choice…which leads to other choices and all the ramifications/choices etc. But the PM is pretty much acted upon. In writing, this is called a lazy, passive, or a false protagonist. He is a protagonist who is more acted upon than acting. He reacts more than he acts.

          • Aquaria

            No. Just, no.

            In-Ho’s story is a side story to the main story. It will feed into questions about the OTP staying together, but that doesn’t make it the main story. He isn’t the center of the action. We aren’t brought into the story through him–but through his dealings with Yul, and then Da Jeong. The goal of this story isn’t this man getting revenge–the goal is if the couple in this contract marriage will wind up HEA.

            If you want a comparable character who is driving his own agenda in a story that feeds into the main story, then In-Ho is most like George Wickham in Pride and Prejudice. Wickham drives a huge chunk of the P&P storyline–he’s affecting a LOT of people from the first second he appears, he has a huge role to play in keeping the OTP apart and then ultimately bringing them together

            But none of that makes him the protagonist.

            Like all romantic comedies, or romance-oriented stories, Darcy and Eliza are the protagonists of P&P. Yul and Dam Jeong are the protagonists of this story, because everything is working towards whether they will realize they are in love and plan to stay married. Even In-Ho’s behavior is important ONLY in the way it affects the OTP–will he keep them from being together? Will he succeed in hurting Yul?

          • Gidget

            Is it possible that the central relationship is the feature, but the story is thematically centered on ‘moving forward’ from things that have you stuck in a holding pattern?

            How each has been prevented from moving forward:

            The PM:
            Personally – the emotional consequences of betrayal
            Relationally – the fact that he is still married.
            Professionally – Now the double jeopardy of being a politician who built his career on an image of righteousness; yet he deceived the public about his wife’s death and then deceived them again by entering into a contract marriage.

            Professionally – obligation to pay her fathers hospital bills
            Personally – needing to stay by her fathers side

            Professional – Aiming your whole career to put yourself in place to undertake a (mistaken) quest for revenge
            Personal – Interfering one sided love

            Personal – Interfering one sided love
            Professional – Ambition that can only be fulfilled by working through the right man

            A nurturing home environment

            Personally –
            A mistaken quest for revenge
            Interfering one sided love

            Professionally – Owing both his position and loyalty to a mobster

            Madam N:
            Personally – Past indiscretions that resulted in a loveless arranged marriage
            Using her father to secure her relationship.
            (And maybe – Thinking her dad is an elite businessman, and not knowing he’s actually a mobster. LOL)

            The President:
            Professional – Corruption and the need to rely on optics to stay in office.

            The political environment:
            Public dissatisfaction with corruption and cronyism
            Need for ethical politicians

            In this way of looking at it, the OTP relationship would be central, and the other elements present barriers to that relationship working out. The story needs to get them all ‘unstuck’ for the OTP to connect. Does this make sense?

        • angel101


          The writer did not write Kang In Ho as this purely evil character out to wreak havoc IMO. Kang In Ho was supposed to have evil intentions of revenge simply because he only knew one side of the story (the one told to him by his older brother), and even then what he actually knows is possibly just the tip of the iceberg. Kang In Ho working with Kwon Yul and falling in love with Nam Da Jung was supposed to make him feel conflicted about his plans… And clearly in recent episodes, Kang In Ho was just that – conflicted.

          Park Na Young being alive is NOT the reason Kang In Ho would not go into the dark side. There are more than enough character beats for Kang In Ho to suggest that.

          • Carole McDonnell

            YOU WROTE: “There are more than enough character beats”

            EXACTLY!!!!! Way too much overplotting, and the typical k-drama habit of not going deeper into the conflict they already have!!

            This is what annoys me most. Why not go deeper into the character beats they already have?

          • angel101

            There are more than enough character beats for Kang In Ho to suggest that Kang In Ho will not go into the dark side. Park Na Young being alive or being dead – neither will change Kang In Ho’s trajectory.

        • unnieutu

          As of now (end of this episode), I don’t think the ex-wife being alive would change In-Ho’s revenge. Whether the wife is alive or dead it doesn’t change the fact that his hyung is in a coma, a coma that he believes was caused by the Prime Minister. Her being alive does raise questions but until he gets the full story his evidence will still point to the Prime Minister being the guilty party.

          And I’m pretty sure her being alive will rise even more questions, not make it the easy way out. Especially if the Prime Minister knew he was alive.

    • 13.2 Carole McDonnell

      okay…just read some comments. Know what? Even if this was planned from the beginning, I’m still ticked off! I know these stories aren’t meant to be about organic storytelling … but … aaargh!!!!

      I have never once considered the PM or the heroine as protags in this drama. In some strange way, In Ho is the prime mover and shaker. His actions, choices, decisions set the plot in action. And while I understand that seeing dead wife will have him questioning his vendetta, reappearance of dead wife is a bit of a cheat to keep the love-birds safe from In-Ho’s vengeance. That’s like suddenly putting up an escape route on a plot highway. Yes, yes, I know…avenger now has to question himself. Was his anger misplaced, yadda yadda? But noooooooooo. Why not have Prime Minister be at fault? (I still don’t think PM was driving the car but that’s a plot twist I could’ve dealt with.) Why not have In Ho go through with his vengeance (or not)? Why add all this….unbelievability …and JUST when he’s about to strart wreaking havoc? So annoyed right now.

      • 13.2.1 unnieutu

        1. I always thought Na Young was the protagonist of this story, but you know, we all see things differently.
        2. I don’t think her reappearance will “keep the love-birds safe from In-Ho’s vengeance”. I see like this, yes she is alive but wouldn’t it still cause pain to In-Ho if he finds out let say…that the Prime Minister knew his wife was alive somewhere and kept it a secret? So his hyung has been in a coma for years and the Prime Minister never bothered to inform anyone that a key witness to what happen is alive and well? Wouldn’t In-Ho still feel cheated by not only the Prime Minister but his ex-wife as well. For all he knows they could have planned the accident together to give her a chance to have a new life. Or what if she lies and says that the Prime Minister did all this and has had her in hiding. We don’t know her character, all we know of her is mostly through the Prime Ministers eyes so she could very well lie to save herself and keep the revenge plot going.
        I still feel that this new plot twist opens a whole cans of possibilities for what happened. I think today’s episode will serve to give us a better idea of where this is going instead of making all this speculations. Just give it a chance, maybe it wont be how you wanted the story to go but it might still be worth watching.

      • 13.2.2 Aquaria

        He’s NOT the prime mover and shaker. What are you too blind to see about that?

        He has LESS to do with the couple getting married than NDJ’s father, who doesn’t even need much screen time OR story, to make huge things happen! He’s not only one of the biggest reasons the OTP is together, but also a huge reason for their staying together–and then he’s the one who basically introduces us to the woman who’s been seeing the big brother.

        Dad is in so many pivotal scenes, that you should always brace yourself when you see him!

        Furthermore, InHo is not and has not been the the person that has been driving any of the numerous domestic scenes which are having such a profound effect on the contract marriage. He can’t be part of that. If he were a huge part of the story, as you seem to think, then he would be part of all of that, too. He’s not. He’s not the main factor leading up to the main goal of the story, the HEA.

        • Gidget

          And this episode they even had him doing the product placement for Subway . LOL.

    • 13.3 jessie

      Honestly I don’t think they do it for the sake of rating. I mean, even since the first episode it was subtly hinted that Na Young was “disappeared” and not dead.

      Now that it might be happening for real… I’m just wondering how the show will handle her return. Well, at least it seemed that the writers have planned her being not-so-dead since the get go so I hope they handle it well (and making this show even better, hopefully)

    • 13.4 Orion

      It was written into the story from episode 1 and the car crash scenes showed her body missing when it hit the water. So as disappointed as you are, it’s not a sudden rating-boosting decision.

      It’s kdrama and some makjang is a given. At least the writers here gave us everything in episode one (from her dad’s illness to the accident) and have given hints. Most dramas throw things in our face that both don’t make sense and had not been somehow hinted earlier. And they blackmail people with cliffhangers too, something which this series is countering with its previews.

      But this is about personal taste after all. It’s just a shame to give up such a nice work, but your call.

      • 13.4.1 angel101

        Prime Minister and I may have typical makjang elements… But honestly, it does not really feel like makjang. The execution is really different. This drama feels more like a jdrama with the way the makjang elements are executed.

        Heirs is makjang, where things are happening suddenly and stuff. But Prime Minister and I is more of a gradual process of things as well as character moments and growth that feels organic.

        • Nonsense

          I agree that PM does not feel like makjang. I think, it handles the balance between this and rom-com perfectly (till now, at least). There were many situations that would typically arouse tons of tears, screaming and self-loathing (such as the misunderstanding of misconduct initiated by the reporter or the scene in the hotel); yet, it never evolved into anything like that (even the situation of heroine’s father, though really sad). Every makjang was handled well, and these details were never pushed in the first place, as the main point.

          Thus, I really believe (and hope), that if rating won’t affect the writing, the accident of wife will be handled just as well.

      • 13.4.2 Carole McDonnell

        It’s a nice work but I still feel it’s a failure of moral courage. When the writer decided this would be a happy light rom-com, the die was cast. The writer has effectively given an “out” to her avenger, thus she effectively gouges her plot with this twist. It’s as if she/he wrote: “you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now. The vengeance is derailed. In-Ho will see his error. Presumed Dead Wife and hubby will divorce and PM and heroine will marry. All will be well.” The editor in me just hates when writers do this. It really is one of my pet peeves.

        • Orion

          We have to remember the medium though. I think we only have ourselves to blame if we’re disappointed after raising our expectations so naively and to unreasonable standards.

          Kdrama is kdrama and I think it’s unfair to not praise this for the things it does well, but hold it responsible for our own wishes about what the medium could be.

          We get shallow crap dramas, then we wish we get something less cliched, better characterization etc. Then when we do get that, we complain about it not being perfect and for its nature being compatible with its medium.

          I find that unfair and I’ll have to say I completely disagree with your judgement and find it unfair. But that’s because our viewpoint and expectations are entirely different.

        • mommai

          I actually like the given ” “you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now.” I much prefer lighter stories myself, and this one is one of my favorites as of now. I personally can’t handle the heavier ones.

        • Aquaria

          I say we wait to see how they handle it before we declare them guilty of series murder. They’ve handled all the other makjang scenes beautifully, to this point, so there’s hope that they can surprise us, even with this plot twist.

          Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt before beheading them.

        • Lindy12

          The Prime Minister’s second marriage is entirely legal and there will be no need for a divorce from his first wife. He’s not a bigamist. While it’s pretty clearly set up right at the beginning, with the whole missing not dead body thing, that sooner or later 1st Mrs Prime Minister was going to make her re-appearance, in the eyes of the law she is deceased.

          She’s presumed to be dead because of the nature of the accident. Just because her body is never found doesn’t really matter (except in k-drama of course where it is a surefire guarantee that she is alive). A massive search having first been done, it would have been presumed that her body washed down the river and out to sea or was stuck in a place where it can’t resurface, and a death certificate would have been issued fairly quickly after the fact.

          This is standard practice worldwide. It’s not the same as a person who, in the classic example, walks out the door to buy a pack of cigarettes and is never seen again. The standard wait to have a death certificate issued in cases like this is 7 years but this is often shortened for various reasons.

          • Gidget

            Good point about the law. But what about the ramifications on the kids?

          • Lindy12

            There is the legal issue – the first wife is legally dead and to become undead will require some form of lawyering. There is a case right now in Canada where the tax department has declared people who are very much alive to be dead. They seem to be having some difficulties getting this reversed which is weird because they are obviously alive.

            Then there are the personal issues and, face it, that is going to be a big mess for everyone concerned. Why did she do this? Her husband is one thing but to abandon her children is hard to fathom. Postpartum depression is a reasonable assumption. There have also been cases exactly like this. A recent case is of a woman who disappeared leaving her husband and kids behind. The husband was under suspicion for years for her so-called murder. There were issues like abuse going on but her children grew up thinking she was dead.

        • Gidget

          I agree with you that this episode introduced a tone that felt disconnected. No only does the wife being alive cast a huge question mark on Yul’s character. It also presents her in a very dark way. What kind of mother would abandon her two young children and newborn infant for the sake of a semi-comatose lover? (Man-se is 7 and the accident happened 7 years ago.) Maybe she was suffering from post-partum depression; but to traumatize her babies by letting them think their mom died? For me that tonally jumps the shark.

  14. 14 jessie

    Awww Nara and Woori definitely has accepted Dajung now. Da Jung and Hye Joo continue to be awesome. I hope they can be best friend later on, them holding hands and awkwardly breaking it was cute!

  15. 15 Appelsin

    Awww, what an episode. So many good moments 😀

    I really loved when NaRa said NaJung was her mom, and the disguised love confession, OMG!! it was so fun and frustrating to see Yul wondering about it…not to mention the real confession at the end, NaJung fighting!!! She was so brave!

    Still, my favourite moment today was HyeYoo’s confession (almost cried here), because finally I felt I was able to understand her. So, somehow, Yul protected her when she was suffering and no one was taking care of her. As she tries to be strong on the outside, probably it was not easy for others (including JoonKi) to get closer, so no one could impress her as Yul did and she ended up alone…well, I hope she finds happiness in the end 🙂

    And all that not-dead-wife suspicions. Looks like the perfect obstacle that is still waiting for our couple to find their happy ending. Ahhhh, I need next episode now!!

  16. 16 docster6

    I am so glad that Kwon Yul actually stopped yelling at Da Jung and talked peacefully with her. Look what happens when you do that: Da Jung can actually communicate with him and told him that she loves him. Whereas previously she didn’t have the “courage to confess.” I cried uncontrollably at the end of the episode 12, it was beautifully done.

    But for some reason, I am most grateful for the scene of Da Jung thanking In Ho for finding her wayward father. She stepping forward and said, “komowo (thank you).” I don’t know of any other language that has a more expressive thank you than that informal version of thank you in Korean. Yoon Eun Hye did it, Hwang Jung Eum did it. Each time, it melted me. When Yoona did it to Yoon Si Yoon, I was totally worried that she had some other feelings for him. I was told that USA films lack expressive screen shots like those whereas Italian films had more setups with beautiful sets and painting in the background. The American films are all into action and that is reason I stopped watching them.

  17. 17 Sajen

    Personally I’d be way more upset at my son for singing at any religious institution, rather than a band.

    Surely Yul’s first wife is not going to come back into his life and want him back after abandoning him and their children all those years ago is she, cause that’s just wrong and frustrating, even if the cause is amnesia.

  18. 18 sweetness

    oh-no, why-o-why, the first wifey is alive! i hope the next eps would provide great ways to entwine her existence in the whole storyline. so many implications to think about — pm and dj relationship, the kids, etc….i look forward for tom’s ep. uuhmmm the preview sfor next eps are always cliffhangers….

    • 18.1 tebz10

      I don’t think dead wife is coming back to be with the PM again. I doubt she had an amnesia, ’cause it seems like she’s been visiting her lover, In-ho’s bro. It’s been 7 years, and if she wanted to come to him, she could’ve done it earlier.

      I believe the purpose of her return would just to bring closure to everyone, In-ho, Joon-ki and the PM.

      • 18.1.1 Aquaria

        I think you’re right about the closure.

        However, the show has a lot of explaining to do about why she abandoned her family–husband, children, brother, nephew, and so on.

  19. 19 Logan5

    Okay … here’s the deal. The missing wife is the one behind the stabbing. She’s actually a deranged serial killer.

    • 19.1 tebz10


    • 19.2 Aquaria


      Seriously, I think the wife would have still been in jail. The eyes are wrong, anyway. That’s the one thing about a surgical mask: It forces you to focus on the eyes of the person wearing it.

  20. 20 Patch

    I find the dead wife not being really dead a frustrating idea and the timing is so typical. Right when the kids and husband are opening their hearts BAM here’s the first wife to mess everything up.

    At least Joon Ki earns some sympathy points, temporary ones if he goes all VENGEANCE! If his sister is only presumed dead that does alter my perception of some of his interactions with Yul. He’s still a crappy husband though.

  21. 21 Toystar

    Thanks for the recaps loved this EP!!! I can’t wait I’m so excited. I want to see how the PM’s first wife story unfolds and please please no amnesia.

  22. 22 Dorotka

    I’m puzzeled with Joon Ki’s zero reaction on the fact that his sister was romantically involved with Suho…

    …Da Jung’s reaction at the end, on the other hand, was fantastic. Loved her confession So Much.

    • 22.1 Aquaria

      I’m not surprised.

      One of the reasons he may be so angry with Yul is that he knew his sister was unhappy before she disappeared, enough to be seeing a psychiatrist, ta best, or another man, at worst.

  23. 23 arin

    i do not think that the wife being alive is an obstacle for the romance of the main couple. she still loves in ho’s brother and has left her children for so many years,,that i think even the kids will prefer da jung since now they realize how good da jung for them and their father…

    for the PM himself,,his resentment may be healed but i think he will never ever think of coming back to the cheating wife,,now that in ho’s brother is also alive,,,

    for the kids, na ra and manse do not really know their mother. so it will be fine,,woori may find it hard,,but still he may know the truth and understand since he’s grown up,,

  24. 24 Lala

    I have no issue with Na Young being alive because it’s not shocking. We were given clues from the episode 1 that she may show up sooner or later. She’s actually essential to the story and the character developments. Yul needs to see her so she can apologize for what happened, he feels guilty & needs to get rid of it. Joon Ki & In Ho need the missing puzzle pieces to get rid of their resentment and anger towards Yul. Soo Ho can’t do anything, so Na Young is needed.
    Whatever anyone may think, the writers planned this all from the beginning. Don’t fault the drama for you missing the clues & choosing to believe what you want. I still think this is a very well written drama.

  25. 25 Brian

    I guess that Na Young’s disappearance instead of death would give reason for Hye Joo not to confess her feelings earlier, maybe either she knows she is still alive or she knows that until her body is found Yul will still have some doubt in his mind to a new relationship. Although based on his relationship with Da Jung, that’s not the case, LOL. But sometimes people (like me) think too much, and then there are others like Da Jung who just go for it and put it all out there on the table.

  26. 26 Dumplingsxx

    …So the ex-wife was seeing a psychiatrist..and Yul had already given his blessing..Was the ex-wife unstable when she was driving the car and Yul was there to try and stop her? But then what was In Ho’s bro doing? Hmmm…

    • 26.1 gummimochi

      Oh right, about the blessing part – I totally misheard that wrong. Actually, Yul wanted to meet with Su-ho (In-ho’s brother) and that made Su-ho even more scared.

  27. 27 Zzyx

    Moving away from the discussion of the firts wife’s reappearance. I’m just glad that Da jung confessed her feelings to Kwon Yul because if we wait for Yul to admit to his feelings to Da Jung, it might take us a while. It might happen on the 11th hour of this drama and we wouldn’t want that would we?

    Now, what are you gonna say Prime Minister?

  28. 28 bubbletearex

    *Slow clap for for the girls in this episode*
    that’s right, look him straight in the eye and tell it like it is. Yul just got schooled in the art of being open and honest with your feelings. I love that we have non-wishy washy people in this show. what a breath of fresh air.

  29. 29 opio

    I’m not sure if this is growing on me, but the episodes are getting a bit more boring than usual. I feel like In Ho has more character development and depth than Kwon Yul even though he has an odd past with his ‘dead’ wife. So his wife was actually alive all these years? Who would pretend to be dead and leave their entire family? I hope things will be explained soon.

    Even if it’s getting a bit boring, things are developping and the sudden resignation of Park Joon-ki and Secretary Seo was unexpected. I’m glad Da Jung confessed to the PM without hesitation, it’s hard to find female protagonists who are willing to confess first without being confused over random emotions. In ho’s whole character is so deep to the extent I wish he was the main character; sometimes romance ruins a drama, but this time the subtle romance (not solely focused on romance) is really effective and makes space for plot/furthur revealing of secrets.

    So hopefully in the end In Ho doesn’t die, but I really think Yoon Shiyoon is doing a fantastic job portraying and bringing this character to life! From trying more diverse roles, it has this amazing effect! In the past he always had sort of mischevious, happy-go-lucky, sort-of-deep male characters and it got a bit repetitive. The fact that the view is not sure if he’s a good guy or a bad guy adds suspense to the series and makes us want to watch until the end. What a good distribution of characters!

  30. 30 sungsta

    One of the biggest sins that a doctor can commit is to have a romantic relationship with their active patient. This is particularly true for psychiatrists, as their patients are always more psychologically vulnerable.

    Because of this, I find it difficult to empathise with In Ho’s position, as in my mind, Su Ho has only himself to blame.

    I find it interesting that doctor-patient romantic relationships seem to be acceptable in the dramaverse (Big comes to mind). There may be some occasions where it could be acceptable (ie if the doctor is no longer treating the patient, or in situations where there are no alternatives, such as in small isolated communities); but in general, it really shouldn’t be permissable.

    In my opinion, a doctor / active patient romantic liason is akin to an adult teacher having a relationship with an underage student.

  31. 31 Bams

    When the prime minister sees he supposed dead wife then what? OMO….

  32. 32 Cheryl

    I wanted to smack Yul for saying a woman who confesses first is too easy. ‘Scuse me? Care to drag your head out of the Victorian Era? Give me a break! Good on Da Jung for ignoring that and taking the initiative.

  33. 33 Yuanita

    Does anyone know what song Woo Ri sing?

  34. 34 Nitbert

    Can anyone tell me what’s the name of the song playing while Yul and Hye-joo are walking and talking about college days? They used this song some on the previos episodes too. I found it awfully familiar, I think I have heard it from other drama before. I thought it sounded like a song in A gentleman’s Dignity, without the vocal.

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