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Prime Minister and I: Episode 13
by | January 22, 2014 | 155 Comments

If I couldn’t love this couple more than I already do, this episode made me fall in love with them all over again. These two bicker like an old married couple and are just as sweet to each other as newlyweds. It’s as if these two are trapped in their own world whenever they speak to each other and only have eyes for each other. I know that might sound lovey-dovey and mushy to you, but I’ve got a whole hour of evidence to prove my point.

It’s like we learn more about the past with each passing hour, but now it’s time for our characters to come to terms with their feelings, face the truth, or turn over a new, unexpected leaf.


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Da-jung tells Yul that she won’t leave him because she loves him. He’s taken aback by the words, and we hear Da-jung’s edited narration once more of how she doesn’t want to part from him and have this story end.

In the morning the kids pick up on the unusually quiet mood at the breakfast table, and little Man-se asks if the adults have been fighting. When they both deny it, Man-se takes them to school with the kindergarten lesson of getting along with others. Hee.

Still feeling awkward, Yul rises from his seat first. Da-jung follows him outside and tries to speak to him about last night, but Yul hurries off to work.

Joon-ki is informed that obtaining more information regarding Na-young’s car accident apart from police reports will be difficult given how much time has passed, and only now hears of Hye-joo’s resignation.

Yul has been hesitating on processing the paperwork for that, and In-ho chooses his words of sympathy carefully, saying that it must be tough for Yul to let a longtime employee go. Yul says their history goes further back than when his wife was still alive.

That prompts In-ho to ask if Yul submitted a declaration of death of a missing person for his previous wife, which is typically processed about five years after the missing person’s disappearance.

Yul answers that he hadn’t because he couldn’t acknowledge his wife’s death in his heart despite knowing that she was dead, so he put it off. Then he takes a long pause before deciding it’s time he comes to terms with her death and submit one now.

I admit that I can’t help but harbor some suspicion that Yul might know more than he’s been letting on; he’s been awfully careful with how he’s spoken of his first wife all series long. But for now I’m inclined to run with the belief that Yul also presumes Na-young dead (as does everyone else in this dramaverse) until we’re told otherwise and/or proven wrong.

Hye-joo raises an eyebrow when Da-jung shows up at her gym and hilariously tenses when Da-jung cheerily clings onto her in greeting. Hee, I really hope a reluctant friendship blossoms between these two.

They relocate to a restaurant where Da-jung puts in Hye-joo’s usual post-workout order of three large dishes, which piques Hye-joo’s suspicions. To that, Da-jung sheepishly admits that she knew thanks to her previous research on Hye-joo back in her tabloid reporter days.

But Da-jung notes that Hye-joo also has a deep sense of loyalty, seeing how she’s been going to the same gym, hair salon, and restaurant for years. Hye-joo agrees that she’s the type to stick with the things she likes, and Da-jung asks why she quit her job then.

Hye-joo acknowledges that her liking for things never changes and the same goes for people, which is why she’s liked the same person for twenty years now. She admits that she likes Yul, but she quit her job to end her longtime one-sided love on her own terms, so she won’t be persuaded otherwise.

With that, Hye-joo rises from her seat, but before she leaves, she informs Da-jung that she would never eat all this food before them—she only ordered this much because she was embarrassed to eat alone.

Meanwhile, In-ho questions whether he actually saw Na-young in the previous episode. So when he submits Na-young’s legal death report, he also asks the lawyer to investigate her credit card statements and travels in and out of Korea on the off-chance that she may still be alive. The lawyer finds it ridiculous that a living person would purposely hide away for so long, but agrees to look into it.

Su-ho is transferred back to his hospital room, now in stable condition. In-ho asks if there were any other visitors—a woman, perhaps—but the nurse tells him no.

Da-jung finds Na-ra hitting the books, fully determined to place first in her school just like her dreamy crush. That’s so cute. Da-jung smiles at that, knowing that Yul will be proud of how his kids are studying so hard.

She gets called over to meet Yul at his alma mater and walks through the library until she finds him. Excuse me while I take a moment to savor this shot of Yul completely engrossed in a book.

He takes her to the cafeteria for a bite to eat, and when Da-jung remarks that Yul must have been smart, he confidently confirms that he always placed first in school. To that, Da-jung retorts that although she wasn’t book-smart, she never skipped mealtimes. Hehe.

Yul asks when her first love was, and the sudden question nearly makes her choke on her food. But Da-jung humors his curiosity to learn about her past and names all the boys who used to like her when she was young.

Yul points out that those were all one-sided crushes, not a first love; he’s under the understanding that a first love is when two people are mutually in love for the first time.

Da-jung stutters that she was just getting to that, and starts to elaborate when she suddenly questions why she’s sharing this with Yul right now, wondering if he’s interviewing her. He agrees to call it an interview then, and gets to his real question: “Why do you like me?”

And Da-jung asks after the real reason why Yul brought her here.

As Yul and Da-jung sit in a large, empty auditorium that houses a lone piano on stage, he tells Da-jung that his first wife was the complete opposite of Da-jung—delicate, sensitive, and fragile—as if she wouldn’t be able to survive without him.

All of the places they went today from the library to the cafeteria to this very auditorium were places he once shared romantic memories with his wife—from the moment he first saw her to when he proposed to her.

So what he’s trying to tell Da-jung is that her feelings for him isn’t love, but falls more along the lines of admiration or sympathy, like how a student admires her teacher. She asks how he can pack her feelings so carelessly, and even if she were to call her feelings those things—is that still so wrong?

Yul points out that he’s much older than Da-jung and he’s been married before. He’s gone through all the stages of love; he doesn’t possess any romantic fantasies about love. “So I don’t want to love anyone anymore.”

Da-jung asks if it’s because of his first wife, if it’s because he still loves her. Yul: “And if it’s not that? If it’s the complete opposite?”

Joon-ki shares a drink with Hye-joo, surprised that she’d see him again after her vow to never forgive him. Hye-joo explains that she knew Joon-ki wasn’t behind the assassination attempt the moment she saw him, but lashed out in anger anyway.

A few drinks later, Joon-ki asks if Hye-joo was aware of the rumors that Na-young had an affair. That’s news to Hye-joo who firmly believes Na-young only had eyes for Yul, despite their rocky relationship in the latter part of the marriage.

All she knows is that Na-young was being treated for depression, and Joon-ki wonders in the event his sister was involved with another man–would Yul have forgiven her for it?

And Yul answers that very question: “I… I couldn’t forgive my wife.”

Da-jung is shocked by the confession as Yul further explains that he could forgive his wife for loving another man, for trying to run away to live with that man in the States and abandon her family. “But the one thing I couldn’t forgive her for… was to leave me like that forever.”

The last words his wife spoke to him was how she was so lonely that she couldn’t bear it any longer. She neither asked for forgiveness nor made excuses before she left, and he couldn’t forgive her—no, he couldn’t forgive himself.

Yul had realized that he was the one who drove her to that point; the one who never looked back at her with the excuse that he was always too tired from work. “How lonely she was, how much she cried… I really… didn’t know anything at all.”

He questioned whether someone like him had the right to love again. Then he admits that he wavered, his heart fluttered and beat faster with Da-jung; he found her pretty whenever she smiled back at him.

“But I don’t have the courage anymore. I’m afraid to love again. Because I’m afraid I’ll also make that person lonely.” With that Yul walks out of the auditorium, leaving Da-jung crying in his wake.

Joon-ki asks where Hye-joo plans to go for her trip, and she jokes anywhere before saying anywhere that will take her fastest to the farthest. He tells her to call when she gets back since she’s now unemployed, and she points out that he’s in the same boat.

Joon-ki says that he won’t be unemployed for long and holds Hye-joo to one promise: that she’ll come back. She jokes that she might not if all the handsome foreigners hold her back. Lol.

Hye-joo takes a call from In-ho just then, and Joon-ki figures that he’s on his way back from the hospital. The words seem like a deliberate choice on Joon-ki’s part, and Hye-joo catches on to that statement belatedly.

In-ho asks the kind nurse to pay special attention to his brother since he doesn’t seem to be improving. He’s told that the church volunteers sometimes take care of the patients too, and In-ho asks if there’s a Park Na-young (Yul’s first wife’s full name) among that group.

Da-jung lingers outside the locked piano room, recalling Yul’s words of how he couldn’t forgive himself for making his first wife so lonely. She laments how hard a time his first wife must have had it.

Da-jung takes the kids out shopping and picks out a coat for Yul. Woo-ri tells her not to bother, but when she persists, he tells Da-jung that she should buy one for herself, too. At that, Da-jung asks if he’s being considerate towards her and Woo-ri blusters that he isn’t. D’aww.

Then Woo-ri gets a call from his father that he won’t be coming home tonight because of a business trip. Da-jung notes that he didn’t mention anything to her, and the kids tsks over how they’ve been fighting again. Ha.

So Da-jung and the kids do something downright adorable: they surprise Yul by showing up at the hotel he’s staying at for his business trip. Hee.

Yull pulls Da-jung aside to ask what’s going on, and he scoffs with disbelief at her explanation that she brought the children to, y’know, see the ocean instead of keeping them cooped up at the estate during their school break.

She presents Yul with his parka and assures him that they’ll stay out of his way, and then gathers the kids to play outside. As she watches the kids play along the seashore, Da-jung tells herself that she made the right choice by coming here.

That’s how In-ho finds her and teases her for talking to herself out loud. They banter back and forth about who she’s really here to see (she says she’s here to see everyone, but In-ho knows better), and the kids call her over.

So Da-jung and the children all play on the beach with In-ho, and take photos together until Yul joins them later on. Awwwwwwww, way to melt my heart, Drama.

Na-ra suggests they take a family photo and asks Da-jung to take the picture. But Man-se says that Da-jung is family too and asks In-ho to photograph them instead. In-ho agrees to do so, and I love how the kids force Yul and Da-jung closer together. Tiny matchmakers, these kids.

Da-jung insists on cooking dinner that evening, saying that’s half the fun. It cracks me up that Yul is the uncertain grumpy one whereas In-ho smiles encouragingly, but neither of them can deny her failed cooking.

Da-jung waits expectantly for praise and while In-ho goes for the polite route, Yul truthfully tells her just how awful her ddukbokki is. HA. A friend will flatter you, but a true friend (or true love. Potayto, potahto) will dish out the truth, no matter what.

Yul claims that he can do better, but Da-jung counters that he doesn’t even know how to cook ramyun. Yul: “Why can’t I? All you need to do is follow the instructions!” That spurs a round of bickering between them and in the end, Yul laughs in amusement.

In the midst of their squabbling, In-ho receives a call informing him that the church volunteers will drop by tomorrow morning. When asked about the call, In-ho explains that he’s currently looking for someone whom he previously thought was dead, but might be alive.

Sensing the urgency of the situation, Yul sends In-ho on his way, adding that he hopes that the person In-ho is looking for is alive.

Yul waits outside for Da-jung to return, and when she mentions how he must have been rattled by the family’s sudden appearance today, Yul says it’s no big deal because it isn’t the first time she’s surprised him.

Then Da-jung reveals that the real reason why she came here is because there’s something she wants to say to him. Now it’s her turn to give back the advice he once gave her: “Being afraid doesn’t become a reason that you can use to run away.”

Da-jung says she hopes that he’ll overcome his painful past now, and understands that the locked piano room and his insomnia are because of his first wife. She tells Yul that she thinks it’s okay for him to laugh and be happy from now on.

“It isn’t your fault that she died,” she presses. “It’s neither your fault nor your wife nor anybody’s fault. So don’t beat yourself up for what happened in the past anymore. It isn’t your fault.”

Tears well up in Yul’s eyes at her words that echo in his head as he ponders over them.

Da-jung searches for Yul the next morning and finds him overlooking the ocean. She stops at a distance and tells him to stay right there because she’ll go to him. And then she takes a step. “Like this.”

He stares back at her as Da-jung says that he needn’t look at her and stay there just as he is because she’ll draw closer to him, one step at a time. Step by step, Da-jung walks towards Yul, and has him promise that he’ll stand where he is and not walk away.

In-ho arrives at the hospital to meet the volunteer who isn’t Na-young, but as it turns out, she’s just filling in for hyung’s regular caretaker today. In-ho asks where he can find her.

That takes him to a women’s shelter where the residents freeze at the sight of him. In-ho is told that no such person lives here, but then he turns his head at a crashing sound and sees Na-young, who runs.

He catches up to Na-young to ask if it’s really her. Gripped with fear, she doesn’t answer.

Elsewhere, Hye-joo pieces together the clues about the spy in Yul’s midst and concludes there’s something strange between Joon-ki and In-ho. Back at the estate, Yul unlocks the door to the piano room and examines the piano.

Da-jung hears noises in the estate and walks into the living room to find the kids excited at how the piano is being moved in per Yul’s orders. Da-jung goes to tell Yul that he made the right decision with a smile.

In-ho still hasn’t returned by the time Yul heads out, which makes Da-jung wonder if it involves the personal business he had to attend to.

Yul heads to a meeting at the Blue House, only to be blindsided when Joon-ki walks in as the new state minister for political affairs. And guess who’s his new secretary—Hye-joo.

Da-jung runs out to meet In-ho when he returns later that evening. His expression unreadable, In-ho grabs her tightly in a hug. Worried, she asks what happened and if something went wrong today. In-ho answers, “No. The thing that went wrong… is me.”

Wiping away tears, In-ho says that it’s okay if something happens to him, but the same can’t be said for Da-jung. “What will happen to you?” Dude, you are scaring me with that sort of talk!

Da-jung doesn’t understand a word he’s saying, and In-ho tells her to listen carefully. He starts, “If… if… ” but can’t get the rest of the words out.

In-ho’s words trouble her and Da-jung seeks out Yul in the bedroom to consult him about her worries. Yul says today is full of bad news and relays the news that Hye-joo is now working for Joon-ki.

Da-jung counters that Hye-joo must have her reasons for doing so. Yul doesn’t know what those are, but admits that it still hurts. Yes, hurt feelings. That’s why he was reading up on One Thousand and One Nights to keep his mind off of things, and there’s an adorable moment where Da-jung tries to take the book from him and Yul pulls it back.

He posits the question of why this story ends after one thousand and one nights. Did the author run out of ideas? Or did the sultan’s anger and resentment disappear?

Da-jung wonders if it isn’t because the sultan was finally able to sleep at night; there wasn’t a need for the stories to go on when the sultan let go of his deeply-seeded anger and gained peace.

That theory appeals to Yul and Da-jung’s voice narrates the reason why: “The sultan already knew that the stories Scheherazade was telling him gave him great pleasure.”

Yul wakes the following morning with Da-jung lying next to him in bed, her head resting on his shoulder. She stirs a minute later and tells Yul that he should have woken her because he probably couldn’t sleep.

But Yul tells her that he fell asleep and had a restful, dreamless sleep. A moment of realization dawns between them and feeling awkward, Da-jung climbs out of bed.

Yul gets up after her and stops her in her tracks. He reminds her of how she asked him to stay where he was, but he thinks he won’t be able to keep that promise. “Because… I like you.” Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

And then we cut away to a shot of Na-young standing outside the estate. Boooo.

Inside, Yul asks if she’s okay with who he is. If she is, “Can I like you, Nam Da-jung?”

Tears fall from Da-jung’s eyes as Yul takes her hand in his, and promises, “I won’t ever let this hand go.”


We have to wait another whole week after that? Are you kidding me?! I waited seven weeks for Yul to say those words! *breathes deeply* It’s going to fine; we’re going to get through this, everyone. There are only six… more… days…!

If it wasn’t already evident, I’m soooo happy that Yul finally admitted to his feelings for Da-jung because, it was about damn time. And how much do I love that his confession is just as gentlemanly as he is? His realization falls in step with the traditional romantic comedy timeline (as in, just before le shit hits le fan), though, I enjoyed how this pair of episodes led us to that final sequence with the continuous Scheherazade and sultan metaphors. Like how Yul awoke from the first restful sleep he’s had in years to find the very reason why he did was lying right beside him. I love that it’s her voice and her presence that brings joy to his life and help him move away from the past, although that last part just got infinitely harder now that Na-young is back (more on that in a bit).

Then it was hard to sit through Yul’s monologue about his first love experience with Na-young, and blames himself for ultimately driving her away. Given Yul’s workaholic nature, it wasn’t hard to guess that Na-young felt incredibly lonely and dismissed, and while we don’t know the details to the sad trajectory of their deteriorating marriage, I can only assume that at a certain point, Na-young gave up on the already estranged relationship. Though I can’t say how persistent Na-young was in her efforts to keep the family together, I love that Da-jung acted upon a different mentality—that if Yul was going to be away from the family, then the solution was to bring the family to him. And that way, nobody’s lonely.

Still, I can understand Yul’s internal struggles in the face of his fondness towards Da-jung when his guilt and fear of driving someone away keeps him from loving again. Then there are the other realistic reasons like their age difference and his previous marriage status. I appreciate that the show sought to shed light on those factors, if only for a moment, though I think their electrifying chemistry trumps those deterrents a mile high.

Not only was I annoyed with Na-young’s reappearance at the estate (because, what a buzzkill), seeing her there also put me on edge. We still don’t know what kept her away for so long and whatever she told In-ho makes me seriously worry for Da-jung’s safety. Is he afraid that Da-jung would end up heartbroken or is Da-jung’s life in physical danger or emotional scorn? To not know at this point makes Na-young’s intentions that much scarier. While we’re on the topic of conflict, I didn’t feel a sting of betrayal I thought I’d get when we saw Hye-joo work for Joon-ki; perhaps that’s because I know that she’s there as a spy, but you could just see Yul’s face fall to see her standing there, which, oof.

In hindsight, the contract marriage setup and the time Yul and Da-jung have together feels like borrowed time from a storybook, and one point or another, they must wonder just when and how this tale might come to an end. And with the past just about to come a-knockin’ (literally), is it too much for me to ask for more of the cute? Or shall we take it one step at a time?


155 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tebz10

    Who here replayed that last scene (minus the appearance of the dead wife) at least 10 times? *raises hand*

    Dear dead wife, please don’t wreck havoc on this beautiful Kwon family.

    • 1.1 skelly

      A young bride, an older husband with a withdrawn manner and a painful past, a first wife who is closeted away, suffering from mental problems…suddenly I’m getting a Jane Eyre vibe.

      • 1.1.1 anya

        whoa, haha. Literary allusions galore. My brain cannot take it.

        I think the drama has gotten into some serious territory, so very difficult to steer the ship at this point to the cute and whimsy of episodes past. At least the kids are there to offset some tension and provide comic relief.

        I’m in the camp that this Na Young come a-knockin’ business is bad. It would be a lot easier pill to swallow if Yul wasn’t a big public figure with his fair share of political enemies.

      • 1.1.2 kim

        hahaha i think jane eyre is different… the wife there was delusional hahaha

        • Lilian

          er..maybe this wife was too? She was seeing a psychiatrist which was how she got to know In Ho’s elder brother! Hmm….they are probably going to go the noble idiot route as Nam Da Jeong goes away to give way to the actual wife & mother….I hope not though! I hate it when the plots turns towards that direction!

    • 1.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Wife #1 is still alive? Umm … doesn’t that make Yul a polygamist and won’t the press have a field day with that scandal?

      Remembrances of wife seems sweet … the piano playing with the kids, the lovely elegance, smiling. But suddenly I am worried about this reappearing woman who has been under care for depression. Is she mentally stable? Is she jealous of the happy family and the second wife who took her place? I’m scared of the havoc this show might create just for the dramatic effect.

      • 1.2.1 tezuka

        My guess: some combination of amnesia, guilt, depression kept her away. And maybe feeling that she was not capable of being a good mom to her kids.

        As for why return now: the conversation with In Ho must have prodded it somehow. I don’t think she will become dangerous, just she reappearance in their lives will wreak emotional havoc.

    • 1.3 Jaeng

      And like Gummimochi Said……….

      We have to wait another whole week after that? Are you kidding me?! I waited seven weeks for Yul to say those words! *breathes deeply* It’s going to fine; we’re going to get through this, everyone. There are only six… more… days…!

      Absolutely agree with you Guys

    • 1.4 Blkasian

      This leaves open the question as to who will be considered his legal wife. In one of the episodes a discussion was held about the registration of the marriage. So if it has not been registered does that make the marriage null and void ? Can the first wife just move back in if she chooses to do so ? I’m having an anxiety attack over this..lol

      • 1.4.1 KoreasTina

        Oh God the wife… Is she-maybe (reaches desperately for overused and obvious plot devices) a TWIN *ominous dum duuuum music*… I know I is crazy but I am willing to Princess Aurora this sh*t just cos I love our OTP so friggin’ much. Uh, ah Amnesia, Insanity, Freak Hurricane right in front of the residence that sweeps her away – cometh at meeeeeeee…… *sobs quite loudly into pillow*

  2. JD

    I. Dont. Even. Know. What. To. Say. Right. Now.
    She came at such an awkward time. Eughh after all those hardships of trying to forget her, NOW SHE COMES BACK?!?! Omg lady. The timing. Ahhhh.

    The next episode’s preview though… when Mansae hugged Dajung in front of his mum. *sobs* I’ll admit, got a lil teary there.

  3. KDaddict

    I hate that Na Young has disappeared for 7 years, and is now back!
    Perhaps she had postpartum depression after giving birth to Man-se, but what woman would leave her 3 young kids, 1 of them a new born, when her husband is not a drug-addict or alcoholic who beats her? AND stay away for 7 long years! To sit at the bedside of a comatose man (even if he were her lover)!

    Aren’t mothers supposed to put the children first? So, Yul might have been too busy to be a caring husband, but he isn’t a bad person. All she has to do is get a divorce and get visiting rights like any normal divorcee.

    Anyway, I can’t get behind a woman who leaves a newborn baby, a 3 year old kid, and a 7 year old son just bcos she has fallen in love w sb else while her husband is busy saving the world, or SK, or at least Seoul.

    They better come up with a VERY convincing reason.

    • 3.1 angel101

      Park Na Young is said to be suffering from depression, and probably did not have any kind of support around that time too. Kwon Yul was too busy, the kids were too young, and her doctor (Kang In Ho’s brother) is breaching their doctor-patient relationship.

      • 3.1.1 KDaddict

        Many women suffer from postpartum depression. The lucky ones who can afford medical care meddle thru. It’d be a very sick world if those women all behave like Na Young–disappear for 7 long years and then decide to show up suddenly, when their wounds are almost healed!

        • Kim Yoonmi

          I think if the source of her depression was her husband. (I don’t believe she was dating her doctor, like people think. Yul believes so and Kang-ho does too… I think he had a crush on her instead.) then I could understand a bit, though not quite understand why she couldn’t tell him she needed time apart, unless she thought he wouldn’t put up with it.

          It’s also pretty clear her brother wasn’t there for her either, who was her last line of support after Yul.

          Sometimes, though with a strict husband like Yul, a fragile ego, like they say she had, and being trapped in a house with only your children and no lifeline could be enough for some women to up and leave. Especially since not until recently divorce rules always favored the husband anyway and he often got to keep the children, especially in cases of mental health problems in Korea (which still has a severe stigma).

          I think, though from what they said her ego was tied to Yul. So she had signs of the depression before that point and never got to find herself, so when he went into politics she was left alone with the children, no friends, and her brother was ignoring her. (from the basic set up.)

          I don’t know any woman that could withstand something that terrible… not that children are bad, but being alone with children 24-7 with no sense of time to breathe or for yourself, I feel a pang of sympathy for. (add the stigmatization of mental health to the mix with a deep feeling she’s not a suitable mother, especially 10 years ago and being demonized for her mental health and voila–that’s a good reason as any. Internalization is a female dog, isn’t it?) She needed to find herself to get stronger–that’s her arc.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            I should also briefly note that often depression, etc in Korea is only treated, even as recently as a few years ago, after a suicide attempt. 7 years ago, it was much worse, with high rate of suicide for mental health problems. And often in order to get treated the people were forced to go to mental health facilities away from any family or friend support (which often, according to the World Health Organization, makes depression harder to treat), rather than treated within the community. So you couldn’t go to a local therapist and it was difficult to get drugs/privacy for the issue.

            We, in the west, take it for granted that we can go to a local therapist for depression, etc issues, have privacy over the medicine we take, and find support within our communities. But for Korea, it’s just starting to gain steam. We think of these things as mild, but for many people in Korea it remains a secret and one that leads to their eventual deaths. (Combine that with the confusion over break-neck industrialization and it’s even harder to deal with as stress and cases go up.)

          • ktiep

            Thanks for that clarification about the treatment for depression in Korea. I think it still has a stigma here in the states, especially since people don’ t recognize the symptoms. They just someone is too lazy to get up off the couch or just a cry baby, too sensitive.

            I disagree that Yul was the cause of her depression. That implies that had he paid more attention to her, she wouldn’t have become depressed. His inattention may have exacerbated it, but it’ s a chemical( physical) problem, not one that he caused. I think that’s why DJ told him it wasn’t his fault.

            Personally, I think it is better that she abandoned the children. It could have ended up as a quadruple homicide & suicide.

            I’m worried about the kids reaction to her return. How confusing that would be– to have the mother you grieved as dead show up alive, proving she had abandoned you.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            Sorry, phrased badly. So thank you for the correction.

            I do think it’s a bit misplaced to automatically think it’s a chemical interaction in the brain in the West and not think that circumstances contributes. It’s true that clinical depression is often brain chemistry, but also, I think that the temporary depression caused by stress, etc exists. For Yul’s wife from the whole fragile ego thing, it’s kinda clear she probably did have a clinical type. (though not clear which type, but then I’m getting technical.)

            What I meant is that because she tied her ego to Yul. (psychology version of ego.) She really needed a sense of self beyond Yul and her children. They never once mentioned if she had friends, and kinda indicated she was closed off and didn’t have friends. (You were her entire world statements) That given, when someone that fragile ties their ego to another, it’s likely when Yul ignored her it broke her ego, sent her into depression and she needed hospital care. It’s her fault in a sense that she didn’t have a life outside her family–though it’s kinda clear she didn’t have the personality to socialize much either (Which mitigates depression, BTW, though it’s really hard to make new relationships with depression). Yul didn’t know that she’d tied her ego to him, so when he was busy, he made what complex was existing worse.

            i.e. Yul was not directly at fault as in he actively did it to her and he does self-blame as if he should have known and did actively do it to her.

            That kind of dependency is easier to treat, in general, if she was separated from him, to go and find herself (ala I Need Romance 2<–emphasizing the number 2.) Which is a good reason as any not to return. Remembering ones dependency is not a good place to be.

            It's a finer line than I first stated.

            Mental health is still stigmatized in the West, but it's stigmatized more in East Asia still and fairly severely. You still can be in jeopardy if people find out in South Korea. Danbi said she had it on Strong Heart, and I haven't really seen her since in anything… *cough* That kind of thing is illegal in most Western countries. SK doesn't have as many protection laws or legislation to help with it.

            In more informal terms, it's the whole, "Kids, this is what happens when you have man sickness." warning label. DJ needs an outside life too–besides her father. =D She's turning into NJ.

          • ktiep

            It bugs me in k-dramas that the characters (both women & men) don’t have friends. That’s why I love Protect the Boss, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Secret Garden, and You’re Beautiful so much. Did DJ have friends before she married? I guess her co-workers were friends with her, but theyare guy friends, not girlfriends.

          • MajorDickason's

            And we haven’t seen the young Lee Min Ho for a while, who has been a friend and not just a co-worker to DJ. In Ho has been a friend to her, even when he’s fallen for her and confessed, he’s backed off and just been there for her when she told hi she wanted to be friends, not a love. DJ also is friends with the female pop star, from who she borrowed that black sequin mini dress and went to as a reporter for the sidetracked kimchee volunteering day.

            Speaking of which, when did she stop having a career when she got married? She started off trying to juggle work, contract marriage and family – which would have been a nice dynamic to explore in the context of being married to a powerful politician. I thinking I missed when she stopped working as a reporter.

    • 3.2 skelly

      There’s not much that would put me on this woman’s side. She better have suffered from two broken legs, amnesia, a couple stints in an insane asylum and a cancer or two to explain why she would leave three innocent children without a mother.
      Even in real life, there are plenty of bad moms out there but it is a rare one who just walks away as if leaving behind kittens in a box.

      • 3.2.1 Kim Yoonmi

        I do have to wonder if people have the same attitude towards fathers… ^^;; The absent father is typical in K-dramas, where they disappear and there aren’t usually comments (in general) about something like this.

        • Cheryl

          Excellent point. There is a definite double standard when it comes to how society treats women who aren’t caring, devoted mothers vs. men who aren’t caring, devoted fathers. Why is it unforgivable for a woman to leave her family, but not a man? Why is it assumed women want to be mothers, that women are nurturing by nature? Why are women held to a higher standard than men?

      • 3.2.2 owl

        ha – a kdrama scenario for sure! Just when Da Jeong and Kwon Yul are getting on the same page, @#BAM! If only Chief Kang hadn’t tracked her down…but all this time no one was sure she was dead because there was never a body found? Did I miss something about that?

        • Altins

          It’s a plot hole, and quite big. Feel a bit disappointed with the sudden-return-of-the-death-Na-Young. It’s so overused plot nowadays, that the death person is not “really dead”.

          First, it was a car accident. And Yul was the one who reported it. So definitely, at the time of the accident, NY was still there, and they took her to hospital. And then there is a black hole here.

          Assume that NaYong and SuHo are in critical condition. How can critical person plan all this?

          Assume that NaYoung and SuHo are not in critical condition, then Yul should aware of that.

          It’s just confusing. Feels like the writer wants to put a twist, but it’s not a twist at all.

          I wonder, if it’s that “easy” in SK to go disappear and pretend to die?
          How about the funeral? Don’t they have to do autopsy, since it’s a car accident?
          It requires lots of work to fake someone’s death, but they never dropped a hint or two since the 1st episode.

          • MajorDickason's

            How do you know that Na Young was still there at the time of the accident and went to the hospital? She could have jumped out of the moving car, which is why the passenger seat was empty as it went off the cliff. She must have been hurt, but she was reported as missing.

            Yul may not have been following so close as to have seen her jump out, but came across the car as it was going over the cliff with Su Ho driving, thus calling in the accident after seeing the car going off the road. Na Young wasn’t there by that point.

  4. Moon

    I miss Kwon Yul`s old hair..

    • 4.1 MajorDickason's

      Ahjussi hair does suit him better. LOL He was trying to look younger when he followed DJ into the club, then kept that style when she asked him to. All in response to her, before he admitted his feelings.

  5. dfwkimchi

    Thanks for the great recap of ep 13.

    Loved this ep. So much emotional honesty – struck a personal chord in me.

    Fightin DJ n PM Kwon!

    • 5.1 docster6

      Yes, I love the script for this episode, it was written extremely well. Wow, Kwon Yul actually confessed three times in slower succession. First he asked for a warning from Da Jung if she were to leave him also (a huge fear of his since his first wife left and Secretary Seo just left), he said if Da Jung left also it would be too hard to endure (that is a confession to her how important she is to him). Second he told her at the empty auditorium his heart pounded and fluttered and affected by her and that she is pretty. It was in contradiction to his statement that he no longer has romantic fantasies, clearly he enjoyed being with Da Jung. The snow-ball-fight-Saturday that Da Jung spent away, Kwon Yul missed her badly, looking at the clock repeatedly, that was romantic even though it wouldn’t be classified as such. Of course, the third time would be that actual confession that everyone recognized. Finally! He also confessed privately to himself before he fainted before surgery that he wishes, badly, to see her again.

      • 5.1.1 zzyx

        I love the “looking at the clock repeatedly”part, it goes to show that he misses her..

        I think Yul’s confession came before the actual reappearance of Na Young is perfect too.. At least Da Jung was made aware of his feelings for her, in this way she was assured at some point that he do love her. When Na Young would officially appear in their lives, she can look back to that moment and find strength.. If not, the the statement “not the kids’ real mom and not the real wife” will hunt her over and over and it might break her heart to a thousand more pieces.

  6. angel101

    Hate the fact that the scene of Park Na young in the PM’s residence was included in Kwon Yul’s confession to Nam Da Jung… WTH was that?! Couldn’t they show that before or after, definitely NOT in between?!

    Other than that, lovely episode! Although missing a kissing scene or two. But that can be rectified in the following episodes so no worries. LOL

    Prime Minister and I is a well-written drama – writing, story, characters. And the whole cast is doing a great job too! *in love with this drama!*

    • 6.1 Appelsin

      Yeah! I thought the same! We were all waiting for Yul’s confession, I was waiting for a real kiss at that moment and they showed the wife’s face instead.. WTF!!

      Still, a wonderful episode. I cannot put in words how much I’m enjoying this drama. Characters feel so real, the script is so good…and those cliffhangers, definitely they redefine the term, in a good way.
      It’s going to be a long week waiting for next episode, hope we can see finally a good kiss from our OTP there 😀

    • 6.2 Minea

      Ohmy, I totally agree! I was so in to that scene and then they showed the apparently-not-dead wife?! Of all the #$@!&!

      But, thinking about it, I have no worries at all even if she comes back and show her face to them. I have confidence that her re-appearance is just so Yul can have closure and all the big question marks regarding her accident will finally get answered.

      (Okay, I’m just trying to be really optimistic although this development (of her showing her face again) scares me. Is it Monday yet?)

    • 6.3 docster6

      A kiss? I want Kwon Yul to tackle Da Jung and send her to the floor in front of the housekeeper and the body guards. He was complaining how Da Jung embarrassed him by her two tackles in early episodes, how about a pay-back. While you have her on the floor, kiss her then. How about that, writer-nim?

      Oh by the way, what happened to all the body guards while the PM was in the hospital? The gangster had over 10, but the PM had 0? I thought they were all fired. Also, Kwon Yul went to his university twice, once with Secretary Seo and another time with Da Jung, both time he was alone without bodyguard. Could there be a budget problem with the show? Keeping the number of actors low?

      • 6.3.1 zzyx

        I’m wondering the same. He’s the Prime Minister for crying out loud.. Not even one? And there were also no reporters hovering outside the hospital after he was stabbed.. When they got into an accident a few episodes back, there were a ton of reporters, but now that he was stabbed, no one? hmm… just wonderin though..

        • MajorDickason's

          I assumed they were there outside the hospital room, just not shown on screen. The gangster bodyguards and the boss at the hospital were for comedic relief, a la the comedy in Rom Com.

          But in general, he travels alone too much to be plausible. When he meets up with DJ and In Ho with the gaggle of reporters, why are all of his security waiting outside the hotel? Surely at least a few would accompany him as he enters and moves through the hotel.

  7. kaydey

    Oh. My. Gawd. The suspense is killing me so badly. I need the next episode….. now.

    • 7.1 tebz10

      We need a support group. I don’t think I can wait this long.

      • 7.1.1 Sungsta

        This is the support group, is it not?

        Stay strong! We can pull through this together!

        *starts rewatching from ep 1 and rereading all the previous comments*

        • docster6

          Don’t tempt me, I might do just that (watch from Ep.1), sigh!!! My favorite scenes are from when Da Jung was a “funny and wacky woman” as described by In Ho. I love her waking up scenes, especially the one when she was laughing in her sleep when she was dreaming of all those accolades she received from her PM article. Another one was in Ep.3 when she thought her proposal for marriage to Kwon Yul was a dream when she woke up. Da Jung-eeeee, you were way too funny; now you are all grown up.

        • Jaeng

          Good Advice ever

  8. angel101

    @gummimochi, or anyone who knows Korean

    Whenever Kwon Yul was referring to Park Na Young, is he just using the word for “wife” or is he actually using some kind of descriptive word with it like “first wife,” “late wife,” or such?!

    • 8.1 angel101

      Kwon Yul was probably “careful with how he’s spoken of his first wife all series long” could possibly be because even though Kwon Yul knows and understands that she is dead, he still can not accept that fact.

      Kwon Yul’s strict principles would prevent him from having a contract marriage with Nam Da Jung if he actually knows that Park Na Young is still alive. That would be way out of character for him.

      • 8.1.1 zzyx

        I think so too. Yul is a very principled man, if he knows that his wife is still alive and just hiding it, he wouldn’t drag down Da Jung to a contract marriage.

  9. kw02

    I admire Da Jung for not being deterred by Yul’s rejection at the auditorium. Though she must have felt hurt and disappointment, she thinks about the kids’ happiness first and brings them on the trip to meet Dad. And I can’t help but love Da Jung for saying all the right words to Yul – that he is not to blame for his wife’s unhappiness and that he has the right to be happy too. This is so spot on and life-changing for Yul… yet so wise and brave for Da Jung to say that. I wish I could be her =b

    • 9.1 angel101

      Nam Da Jung is awesome!

      In episode 12, when Nam Da Jung semi-confessed to Kwon Yul when she was reading from the book and Kwon Yul said that women who confessed first is easy – I thought Nam Da Jung wouldn’t confess first but she did anyway.

      And here in episode 13, when Kwon Yul sort of rejected her – Nam Da Jung did not force her feelings but she did not back away, she was just there.

      But it is really worrying now for Nam Da Jung because she’s been told all the time that “she is not the real wife, not the real mother.” The possibility of her wavering when she finds out the first wife is alive would be quite understandable. Hopefully Kwon Yul would step up his game if and when that time comes.

      • 9.1.1 MajorDickason's

        I so agree!

    • 9.2 docster6

      Yes, Da Jung is AWESOME! From the 3rd episode on, I have been writing that she is too good to be true. She is so wise for such a young person. Also, I guessed the “traffic accident” kiss with Kwon Yul was her first ever. Aish, the PM didn’t even appreciate that. Of course, the PM didn’t appreciate Secretary Seo either, he must not be too smart with good women. Secretary Seo is an incredibly smart woman also.

      • 9.2.1 houstontwin

        Yes, I love the PM but how can he have been so oblivious to Secretary Seo’s feelings!?!

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          At first Seo was a little kid, then she was hanging out with his girlfriend’s brother so Yul might have assumed there was some romance there, then Yul was married so not looking, then Yul just saw her as the always reliable Chief Secretary. Never did he see her as a woman. Never other than with his first love/wife was he looking for romance.

          We tend not to reexamine what a relationship really is if we made assumptions about them just being friends and outwardly the person was hiding their feelings.

  10. 10 bern75

    it’s sad this quiet little rom-com has gotten under the radar in Korea. It’s been a while since found a drama that i am crazy enough to keep refreshing Dramabeans for recaps. and i’d never thought I’ll say this of an ajusshi (haha, is it even a correct term to use) but Lee Beom Soo is so charismatically sexy. nice…i like!

    now… to brace for the impact of angst in the next episode. I hope it doesn’t last too long.

  11. 11 Akem

    This drama redefine the words: cliffhanger. The good thing is that the story is going on. It’s not just apparent big déclaration who will be change into something else in the next épisode.
    Not “i love you”…”like ramen” or something like that. It’s réal and the spectator doesn’t feel like a fool after having to wait one week to heard the end of a sentence

    • 11.1 doomy

      hahahaha, this comment is hilarious i love it.

  12. 12 JoJo

    I have questions about the whole plot. Let’s see…it’s ok for the PM to have a public wedding ceremony, even tho’ he never had his first wife declared legally dead. It’s ok because it’s a contract marriage which is not registered. Guess the reporters aren’t curious about things like that. It’s also ok for a man with 3 kids to have someone living in his house as his wife, because it’s only temporary. The love starved kids don’t know that, however, and when the contract marriage ends, and she gets tossed out…they’ll get over it. Of course, Mom is back…and those 7 years without her will just disappear. But they are a cute couple tho’, and Yul has promised to never let go of her hand. Now where have I heard that line before?

    • 12.1 eunjung

      so what is your point exactly? because ALL kdramas have gaping plotholes. people are enjoying this drama because of the story as well as the characters and their journey.

      if this isn’t your thing, then find a different drama that is. if it’s hard for you to suspend logic for just a fiction contemporary drama and would instead need aliens, ghosts, chaebol heirs, dying people, or some kind of revenge/vengeance thing going on then so be it.

      • 12.1.1 Maisie

        There’s nothing wrong in pointing out loopholes in the plot. The show is there for public consumption, which means that there will be people who love the show, who are indifferent to it, who hate it and who love it but still can point out glaring loopholes in the plot. It’s all the fun of viewing it.

        Telling people to ‘take a hike’ because they find flaws in the drama that one loves is a little harsh. We can learn to respect each other’s views no matter how much we disagree with them.

        • eunjung

          i did not tell him to “take a hike” for pointing out the loopholes or for finding flaws. that is your interpretation.

          • Jennipoh

            Wow. If there was an appropriate usage of a thumbs-down, it’d be now. That malicious attack was completely unwarranted. What’s with the haughty voice?

            “if this isn’t your thing, then find a different drama that is”–that’s a clear message to “take a hike” if there ever was one.

            Jojo–you’re obviously not the problem.

      • 12.1.2 houstontwin

        I really love “Prime Minister” and don’t really care about the various leaps in logic (though I noticed them). Still, isn’t it OK for JoJo to share her thoughts without being chastised? If we don’t agree, we can respectfully respond or move on.

        • houstontwin

          Sorry Maise, I guess I was writing at the same time that you were and ended up echoing your sentiments.

    • 12.2 rachel o

      All very valid lol. I’ve seen enough industries represented unrealistically (news, government agencies ect) that is doesn’t bother me very much, though I do agree that the issue about the kids is a little bothersome because I can’t imagine how the two youngest would react if they lost yet another maternal figure in DJ……

      Regardless, I do adore the drama for its strengths enough to look past its weaknesses. 🙂

    • 12.3 docster6

      I think the writer is pretty wise and there aren’t too many holes in this drama. It has been well-researched and incorporated a lot of good points from classic novels or fairy tales. I do think that “7 years” thing is intentional because I think there is a 7-year limit in South Korea for legal things. I saw that in “Master’s Sun” when the CEO needs to know who the kidnappers are between that statue of limitation is up. The writer could have used 6 years or 8 years if it is arbitrarily chosen, but I do know there is a reason for 7 years. We just need to be patient and let the writer develop the story.

      • 12.3.1 houstontwin

        Good point about the 7 years. 1001 Nights is also used very effectively.

      • 12.3.2 Arashi

        The 7 year timeline jarred me at first since Man Se is only in kindergarten, and it struck me that a 7 year gap is a bit long logistically for him to actually exist before her existence and still only be in kindergarten, but it might be to make everything legally viable for our OTP.

    • 12.4 Me

      1.wait wasn’t the wedding a small event just friends and family?
      2. We recently found out about him not having her declared legally dead(not odd seen this done many times in movies can’t let go and such)
      3. see ep 9 and you’ll see
      4.i’m doubting if you watched the show or just read most of the things you asked was answered in the show. she was just to play the role of a wife outside but life rarely goes the way we plan.

  13. 13 J. Kim

    The proverbial shoe is about to drop and I don’t think I can take it. I don’t know what will happen but I definitely know Da Jung will cry a lot. The PM will be angry and In-Ho will cry for the pain he caused Da Jung. Let’s not forget the kids she abandoned them. They will be torn between Da Jung who they love and their mother who left.

  14. 14 sweetness

    Did you catch the preview, Na Young saying to In-Ho, “i caused the accident?” With all her guilt and fear, her option was to hide. But, the big “Q”, why show up now? Well, as with all dramas, when all is well and great with our lead actors, there should be a humongous moment to shake things up. They cannot create another political scandal, it will be bore the audience. Na Young showing up creates the perfect storm. I trust the writers to keep story line interesting and will not throw away was has been built up in the prev 13 eps. Let’s keep our fingers (and toes) crossed.
    Waiting for Jan 27 is like forever! Till then…

  15. 15 zzyx

    My heart just skipped a beat for Yul, the perfect confession gah! (breathe in breathe out)..

    Just when he is about to move on and open up his heart to Da Jung, the first wife reappeared.. Oh well, it wouldn’t be a drama if there were no angst like this. I just hope we will still have a wonderful next episode.. Since ep 12, I stopped watching the previews for the next episode for fear that I might not be able to relax and fall asleep and creating scenarios in my head.

    Please wake me up when its Monday already..

    • 15.1 docster6

      You are right about skipping the preview for the next episode. After Episode 12 I didn’t want to watch Episode 13 yet (but I did) because I wanted to enjoy the good feeling at the end of Ep.12. I just loved Da Jung’s daring confession even though she didn’t have enough courage before. Sure enough, the breakfast scene at the beginning Ep.13 killed me. I am glad the ending of Ep.13 was equally good. I love this drama.

  16. 16 chicken

    waited like forever or this confession yul. do i even need to comment on how good you look in that green shirt.
    its so cool that da-jung wanted him as he was, even if there was a chance she could end up like his first wife.
    But i cant shake this weird feeling, the endgame’s fast coming and i dont know how much hurt yul will have to sustain in the end. i’m so sure yul didnt cause the accident, in-ho must be misguided, but what i’d like to know is the exes story, not only for the fact she’s downight creepy but why’s in-ho afraid for da-jung.

    • 16.1 angel101

      I think Kang In Ho is just afraid that Nam Da Jung will get hurt. He knows Nam Da Jung likes Kwon Yul, but he does not really know if Kwon Yul likes her in the same way. Add the fact that the first wife Park Na Young is alive, and she was not legally declared dead – this has a lot of ramifications socially and legally.

      • 16.1.1 docster6

        There are many level of LOVE and I think In Ho has just reached a higher level. He is now willing to sacrifice himself for Da Jung’s well being. He is no longer selfishly hoping that Da Jung would fall into his lap when her marriage fails with Kwon Yul.

      • 16.1.2 MajorDickason's

        I was thinking along the same lines. In Ho is concerned about DJ’s heart, about her being emotionally hurt, not physically hurt. His own hurt about having to admit that his path of revenge has been premised on a completely mistaken assumption is nothing compared to the hurt he sees coming for DJ because he knows her feelings for Kwon Yul.

        He may also be dealing with his own guilt at having suggested she pretend to be Kwon Yul’s love at that initial press conference. Now, her impending heartbreak makes him fear for her. Her guardian angel can’t shield her from pain when the first wife is alive.

  17. 17 tata

    Thanks for the recap. Hihi. Even your recaps are hooky. Haha.

    Yeah, 100% sure that Hye Joo didnt betray Yul!!

    And as for the ex wife or still wife, legally. Hope she’s not there to get Yul back, its just unfair. After all those years? Srslyyyy??

    Oh In Ho. I think he finally know that Yul’s not the one to be blamed.

  18. 18 arin

    the dead wife’s coming back is just the way the story goes which no one should feel bad about,,,i am more interested on how things happen (the process)
    at last, da jung will win the PM’s family for sure,,n i strongly believe that,,
    though i still question why the wife who hides for 7 years only appears now after in ho finds her,,n the scary thing is that she seems to have intention to come back to her family after abandoned them.

    really love the moment when pm finds da jung in his side and finally confess..

    and kwon yul is always at his best in shirt,,,whatever colors,,

    the hair cut and his new style make him years younger that i even do not find the age gap anymore,,and he is even more sexier than ever,,,

    • 18.1 houstontwin

      His energy, intelligence, and charm make him very attractive.

  19. 19 enywidiya

    Thanks gummimochi for the recap.
    This episode make me go squeeeeeeeeee *minus the late wife appearance off course*
    Why did she choose this moment for re-appeared, although I agree…it will make the story more interesting. But still….WHY AT THIS TIME!! Can we have more KY-DJ moment before she come at scene….
    Can’t wait for next 6 days ^^

  20. 20 Orion

    I think Na Young popping up mid-confession was a way of lowering the swoon-factor and satisfaction for viewers, because they are not out of the woods yet.

    As cruel as it is, the writers have to keep the romance open until the end, because the romance and its finalization into a proper relationship is the whole payoff in the romcom genre. Since Na Young is a very real obstacle for it and for letting the skeletons of the past and even the current contract marriage out of the closet, this is a warning to not rejoice yet.

    We’ll probably get a bigger or more detailed or open or final speech from Yool about their relationship later on. After they have made it through the crisis that is coming. I do believe they will make it up to us with a proper scene by the end.

    • 20.1 mommai

      He still has the chance to propose to make their marriage real!

  21. 21 sara

    Maybe Yul let her go and they just both pretended she was dead so she could find a new life and Yul wouldn’t be embarrassed? But IDK why she’d hide in Korea tho.

    • 21.1 houstontwin

      She may have stayed in Korea in order to hover around the nursing home (out-of-guilt). I suppose that she stayed away from her family out of guilt as well – although that is a tough pill to swallow.

  22. 22 Ty

    I personally suspect the theme of the show as they said in synopsis that Da-Jung is like a christmas present to the family. I wonder if she will be the present to keep or just be there for Christmas time like a warm breeze that come and gone. I personally feel like Nayoung’s return is a test to Yul’s heart and his determination to let go of the past. Nayoung to be is the symbol of past and Da-Jung is the future. I hope Yul and Da-jung stick by their words of staying together. I really hope the writers know how to put this final stone down properly.

    What I afraid the most is that the writer might just used Da-Jung as someone that fixed Yul to see that there are more things for him to see and feel as a person and then just gone like that. Then somehow be the one that fix Yul and Nayoung broken relationship, but I highly doubt that since it take him so damn long to just realized and said it out loud. The show is great at keeping your anticipation for more. The subtle cliffhangers really did work well and the whole cast manage to make it so good, but balanced too. It’s not just another silly o’ romantic comedy since it got a very good core about family and how to be kind in general. I hope Monday will come fast and we will see this story continue TT^TT

    • 22.1 KoreasTina

      We netizens get second lead syndrome pretty bad. However, I have yet to see a kdrama where that was the case (I am fairly new to kdramas – 2011 represent). So in saying that, I am aware of the prevalence of not so happy but morally and culturally coherent endings (I’m looking at you Rooftop Prince). Sooooo just a little worried that the legalities of ‘monogamy’ might end up effing us ovah! KwonYulJeong hwaiting!

  23. 23 Amy

    I just love this drama so much!!!! I love that the PM finally admitted his feeling towards DJ but I have a feeling that these next episode are going to be an emotional roller coaster! !

  24. 24 mclaw3

    The allegedly dead wife did not “come back”. If In-Ho hadn’t tracked her down at the shelter, would she ever have reappeared on her own? I don’t think so. I think she is hoping In-Ho’s brother fully recovers and planned to still run off to the States with him. It’s just so unbelievably selfish, we can’t imagine it. She has no choice but to reappear now, because she’s been caught and found out. This changes nothing between Da Jung and the PM. The late wife still doesn’t want to be with him. Her heart is clearly with Su-Ho. What changes is the dynamic with the kids. This will be interesting either way.

    • 24.1 houstontwin

      Interesting, I didn’t see that possibility in the plot. Kdramas tend to redeem wayward characters but it would certainly be a darker story if the old wife was really that bad.

    • 24.2 tebz10

      Am I a bad person that I don’t want the kids to see her? I feel like the kids will feel more hurt if they found out mommy dearest is alive and kickin’ and was willing to leave them 7 years ago for another man.

      • 24.2.1 Orion

        I think they need to eventually, but probably when they are way older and able to understand. Woo Ri could see her now and it would help him, perhaps, but the other two would be hurt and confused right now. Na Ra more hurt, Man Se confused.

        • MajorDickason's

          Woo Ri has the most memories of his mom and I think he will have the hardest time. He is the one who lashed out at Dad for “dating” because he felt his dad was betraying the memory of his dead mom (now we know as presumed dead but actually just legally missing).

        • MajorDickason's

          Woo Ri has the most memories of his mom and I think he will have the hardest time. He is the one who lashed out at Dad for “dating” because he felt his dad was betraying the memory of his dead mom (now we know as presumed dead).

  25. 25 Kristy

    Now all I want is some honest and cute family moments….
    I really didnt like it when the drama brought back Na young….
    But well….lets wait and watch!!
    cant wait for next week!!!

  26. 26 Minea

    Thanks gummimochi for another wonderful recap!

    Dear Episode 13,

    I love you. I want to hug you. Why are you so awesome? Did you know you did things to my heart today that I thought it’s gonna burst? You made me feel things that I didn’t think I could feel in an hour.

    I sniffed and cried all throughout that scene when Yul was talking to Da Jung about his wife and how he can’t love again because he can’t forgive himself for what happened to her. That was just beautiful.

    I was giddy with happiness when Da Jung and the kids ambushed Yul during his business trip and they eventually had a fun day playing at the beach. How I love Da Jung for being proactive in their relationship!

    I was worried when you confirmed the dead wife was not so dead after all. Now, you’re gonna add THIS problem to all of my real world problems? Darn.

    And when you showed that morning scene when Yul FINALLY confessed to Da Jung, I felt the world stood still. I swear I couldn’t breathe because his confession was so heartfelt and so genuine. Devoid of any fanfare or antics. Just a quiet reassurance that he would not let her go – Da Jung who is the balm that healed his broken heart.

    BUT THEN, you had to intercut that sweet moment with the re-appearance of the wife-who-is-not-dead-after-all?!! I assure you that the expletives that came out of my mouth were just the ones I could remember from my short-term memory. You could have suffered more if I dug deep enough. Grrrr.

    And so you know that you owe me big time for that, right? With lots of kisses from our OTP in the next 4 episodes. Hot kisses, preferably.

    You’d better.

  27. 27 Logan5

    my fear is that this drama will start going away from Rom-Com to Rom-Melo … that would suck.

  28. 28 Gia W

    I was really hoping for a kiss/hug with that final confession…was it too much for ask for…I mean, that was super sweet moment…but little more skinship would have been perfect. I am now torn about watching next week episodes…I am not sure if I can handle a bad ending to this beautiful love story… I miss really funny parts like the ones from the first 8 episodes… I know the writers might be doing this because of bad ratings in Korea they needed to boost the ratings but I wish they keep up the upbeat fun story instead of making this into a melodrama.

  29. 29 SuSu

    Did anyone notice in the preview when Man SE sees his mom on the playground and says “is that you AGAIN ajhumma. Why are you crying? Does this mean he has seen her before? Has she been meeting him?

  30. 30 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Thanks gummimochi.

    My favorite part of this episode was Yul hugging his kids. There he is with a whole group of suits, and up runs Man-se followed closely by Na-ra, and he just hugs them. It was such a warm moment. Then again on the beach, he greeted his family with hugs including touching his eldest son’s shoulder to be sure he was included.

    Dear, dear Yul, you’ve opened your heart to your children and we all know who to thank for that.

    My biggest fear is how the children will react if Mom comes back from out of the blue. How torn will they be … guilty, angry, sad, the whole gamut. I want to spare the kids.

  31. 31 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I adore Yul. Those soulful clear brown eyes, muscles to make a white dress shirt seems like the sexiest clothes on earth, a smile that transforms his face … Lee Beom Soo is totally knocking my socks off.

    But then Can You Love with UhmForce. After what he was willing to lend to writer Yoon, already, in episode 5 …

    Well, I’d say that for Lee Beom Soo to be the most romantic man in 2014, the drama better give us some really hot kissing before it ends. (Think along the lines of the honeymoon in It Started With A Kiss would be fine by me.)

    • 31.1 houstontwin

      The best recent kiss, in my opinion, was in the first episode of that 9 Times sci-fi drama.

      • 31.1.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        houstontwin – you are so right about the NINE kiss

      • 31.1.2 MajorDickason's

        So sorry. This was posted in response to a post below. Wish there was delete button for the person posting a duplicate. Aargh. Curse you database error!

    • 31.2 Minea

      I concur! Just typing his name makes me giddy. He just floats my boat. The way he fleshed out Yul is just perfect.

  32. 32 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Slowly, slowly I am learning Korean. Some of the first words I learned are those you want to hear from the OTP … like 좋아, love 사랑, confess 고백하다, marry 결혼하다.

    So someone who understands Korean, can you help me learn a few more? I want to know shaken and flutter.

    Yul says “I was actually shaken too. My heart pounded and fluttered.”

    flutter of the heart 동요 or 설램 ?

    • 32.1 gummimochi

      설레다 = to make one’s heart flutter.
      흔들리다 = to shake/waver.

      Yay for dramas being language tools!

      • 32.1.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Thanks gummimochi.

    • 32.2 docster6

      Dear “Julia the Berkshire Beanie”, as the former president of the Society of Women Engineers, are you trying out to be a diplomat to South Korea? It is always good learn a new trade. Thanks to GummiMochi.

  33. 33 plum

    The wife didn’t come back by choice. I think she has been hiding out in a convent or some other religious safe house because she could not face the guilt of walking away from her family and possibly causing the accident which left her possible lover in a vegetative state. (remember the volunteers were from some Christian group) She changed her name to help her disappear and she is able to visit In Ho’s brother during the week when he is at work. In Ho visits on the weekend. (maybe she just recently found him and her presence sent him to the ICU assuming the seizures were a response to her.)
    Now that she has been discovered by In Ho, she probably feels the need to make amends to her husband and family out of guilt and curiosity. She may have intended to stay hidden forever.
    That’s why In Ho now feels even more guilt from his revenge plan and couldn’t tell DJ what he had found. He has opened up a whole new can of worms for the Prime Minister.

  34. 34 Noelle

    NOOOOOO! Go back in your freaking shelter and stay there!

  35. 35 owl

    I’m thinking those rings in the glass would make a great necklace with a some major bling in between each one on a lovely chain ~ a survivor’s armor decoration if you will.

    • 35.1 owl

      omo! wrong drama, can you believe I got my kdrama wires crossed?? This is a IGR3 comment. guess I’ll cut and paste it, but for those of you who are watching both, you know what i mean 🙂

      • 35.1.1 Trixie

        That’s hilarious! Still laughing, following both myself with equal pleasure.

      • 35.1.2 ktiep

        LOL, Owl. I was thinking, “Did I miss the rings of glass?” and was ready to use that as an excuse to watch the episode again.

      • 35.1.3 bbstl

        HAHA I read that and thought, wait what happened? Am I in the right drama? Two k- worlds collided in my head.

        • owl

          You are, but I’m not ~

  36. 36 enywidiya

    Do you guys can access DB as usual lately? I have a lot of database error respond for every page I loaded.

    • 36.1 MajorDickason's

      Yes! And I ended up posting the same comment a few times because of the error with the database. Thankfully some system admin deleted my duplicate post the last time it happened.

    • 36.2 docster6

      I get those database errors quite often as well and I am guessing all of us swarmed the system with our angst or excitement about the show. Most of you know this already, I suppose, I select the text I typed and use the copy command (control-C) to save it before I hit the submit button. If the database error comes and that I lose the post, I could then paste it back on a new comment and resubmit. Kwon Yul complained of the length he has to go through to save Da Jung (at the club and on the street), the least we could do is survive these database errors. LOL.

  37. 37 nova611

    what is alma meter means?

    • 37.1 whilethemusiclasts

      Literally, alma means “nourishing/kind” and mater means “mother,” but it usually refers to a college or university where one received a bachelor’s degree.

  38. 38 whilethemusiclasts

    Gaaaah. This drama is killing me in all the right ways. We only have 2 weeks left… I don’t want this to end yet.

  39. 39 tiredpanda

    Watching the last scene at lunch today:
    PM confesses: OMO YES FINALLY! I’VE BEEN WAITING 13 EPISODES FOR THIS!! (my friend looks up from her lunch)
    First wife outside: WHAAAAT NOOOO NOT HER GO AWAY!!!! (Friend: one minute she says yes then the next its no…)
    Back to PM & DJ: YESYESYES!!! (grabs friends arm) THEY BOTH CONFESSED!! (Friend: my friend is bipolar. stop watching and eat!)

    • 39.1 docster6

      I am sorry I cannot help you with your bipolar disorder, I have it too. Sigh!!

  40. 40 Toto

    I wonder if Na-young was being blackmailed; there are photos around with her and In-ho’s brother, and Joon-ki’s evil stepfather might have had an earlier clash with Kwon Yul. If he was behind the stabbing, a little blackmail designed to break Kwon Yul from his principles–don’t be anybody’s puppet, don’t take bribes, don’t lie–would be entirely in line. If so, Na-young just had to get out of the trap. Still, anxious how this will go. I can see this as the frame, perhaps, for Joon-ki to turn around and heal his relation with Kwon Yul.

  41. 41 anon

    “These two bicker like an old married couple and are just as like an old married couple and are just as sweet to each other as newlyweds.” -> perfect description of their relationship, thanks for your awesome recap gummi! It was as enjoyable as watching the episode itself , and I especially enjoyed your insightful comments. All that I was reduced to at the end of episode 13 was squeeing and yelling alternatively between the confession and the appearance of na young. Thank goodness other people are available to make sense of things while I pick myself up off the floor after the squee/yell fest. 🙂

  42. 42 KoreasTina

    The worst thing about the ending wasn’t the wife. The WORST thing was no frickin kiss after his breathtaking (seriously I had to remember to breathe) Confession. Holding her hand, what the-I can’t even, gah!!! Hopefully when they do kiss, it will be a proper kiss and not a PSH (Yeah I went thurr) stand stock still whilst the male assaults my mouth dealio… However, seeing as KY INSISTED that the last two mouth meetings were not kisses but traffic collisions (heehee), I”m pretty sure we’re ok. Also how handsome is LBS! Lyin’ on his bed sleepin’, sittin’on his chair brooding, standing and brooding, walking, breathing… *Cough cough* oh excuse me while I gather my wits and pick up my jaw…

    • 42.1 Victoria

      Omo… Korea Tina…you are so right. LBS is totally hot, and I wish I could reach into the screen and bring him into my living room ….. White shirt, green shirt, all shirts look so nice on him… He is muy guapo….. handsome. Be still my beating heart.

      • 42.1.1 KoreasTina

        Hehehehe yes my ahjusshi crush is in full blown crazy mode. On Tues and Wed (that’s when eng subs are out for us poor foreign folk) I walk around grinning like a fool. Omo, omo here I go again. And yes the shirts is hot. The green was a welcome change although you can’t go wrong with the classic white. But I wants to know how he gets those shirts on. The process that the actor goes through. You know for science and sh*t…

  43. 43 Oluchi

    I hate to squash anybody’s hope but I read on some blog about the director saying something about few kissing scenes… Not too sure though.

    • 43.1 MajorDickason's

      I don’t think we can expect a Nine kiss from Yoona and married LBS, even though they’re both acting. LBS could do it because he such a great, sexy actor, but Yoona? Can’t see it due to real life age gap, acting chops. And I like Yoona so much!

      • 43.1.1 AdAl

        Don’t see why the age gap should be an obstacle. I can see why being married may prevent an actor from indulging in on screen kisses. But seriously, their profession is ACTING, which means they should be fully immersed in character, hugs, kisses and all. Just holding one’s hand during a confession scene doesn’t quite cut it. I felt robbed! (Ends Rant).

        • Orion

          Unfortunately, it depends on neither. They are actors and professionals. Yoona has had no problem kissing older co-stars and Lee Beom Soo has no problems with it either, but if their age gap is deemed (by others) too big to let a kiss happen, it won’t.

          It depends on how open-minded about it the creators, but mostly production company and channel are. Plus, if there is pressure from the censorship association (Korea Communications Commission) to not go there because it is “morally indecent” or such crap, not even the creators and channel can do much about it.

          Since they have allowed them pecks though, there is still plenty of hope for at least one proper kiss.

          • KoreasTina

            Agreed. We’re looking for quality not quantity. Trust me I’d rather have one good kiss aka CSW and GHJ in The Greatest Love than 20 PSH pecks… Sorry, sorry I don’t know why I’m picking on the poor girl. Really I do like her (Flower Boy Next Door was adorbs). Just the kissing scenes… GAH!!! I don’t think the censors would have a problem with it though? I mean she’s already rolled around on top of him and they’ve both alluded (kinda outright) as to what happens on top of a bed AFTER you’re married… If you know what I mean *waggles eyebrows furiously*

  44. 44 vipri7

    I really can’t wait for the next episode!!!..

  45. 45 katbowler

    I think the Prime Minister knowing that his wife is still alive would be a better plot twist than the wife being alive in the first place.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  46. 46 scheherazade

    When the heart doesn’t tell the truth, pain will give the answer

    • 46.1 drisris

      ok, you got me, scheherazade, I forgot, what drama was that quote from? It’s a good one!

      • 46.1.1 sungsta

        Master’s Sun, I think

        • drisris

          ah, yes, thank you!

  47. 47 Twins

    On a different note, love ALL of her purses….. Is it sponsor or her own collection.

    • 47.1 tebz10

      I’m pretty sure they’re sponsored.

      • 47.1.1 docster6

        I miss Da Jung’s baggy clothes. I suppose her Idol friend helped her throw them ALL away? The sponsor came in with ALL new clothes for her. How come Da Jung is the only one wearing a “Discovery” brand jacket, the other 4 members of the family didn’t have that brand in that family picture at the beach.

        • docster6

          Yup, I am now sure that only Im Yoon Ah has a contract with the Discovery brand jackets. She also wore a white one during the street running date with the Prime Minister. Kwon Yul’s blue jacket seems to have the brand blanked out. I have seen that done with a lot of luxury cars in other dramas too. If you look at the brand on the grill of the car, you would just see a shiny piece of metal instead of the car’s logo. I bet you there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

    • 47.2 docster6

      I read that Lee Min-Ho bought his own clothes for the Drama Series “The Heirs.” Maybe that was why he looked so bad…I didn’t like his clothes. I am actually a guy, so I don’t care about fashion much, but it was pretty obvious to me that Kim Tan’s clothes sucked.

      • 47.2.1 drisris

        Those sweaters may have been awful, but they will be long remembered, long after the drama. They will become what other awful sweaters will be compared to. An awful sweater will be known as a ” Kim Tan”

        • KoreasTina

          Omo didn’t he win a style award or some shizz at the ESbeeASS drama awards?? I mean come on have you met So Ji Sub? Or for that matter his (more demure) alter ego JooooGooooooon! Pshaw Kim Tan style my well toned singin’ voice!

  48. 48 docster6

    Reviewing all the “push away” scenes, I think all but one was done by Kwon Yul. As Da Jung said, he is the one who always ruined the mood. For example, after the run on the street and compliments from the body guards and Da Jung, he ruined it by telling her to go to sleep. After his hug and kiss at the hotel, he ruined it by telling her they were faked (Da Jung was really mad). After singing to her at the 100-day marriage celebration, he asked her to move out. After her beautiful confession to him about never leaving, he gave her the cold shoulder at the breakfast table and got scolded by Man Se (yessss!!!). There were many more…the only one mood killer from Da Jung that I know of was when Kwon Yul tried to tug her in after she felt asleep reading to him, she woke up and accused him being a wolf (it was funny but she did kill that romantic mood). I hope there will be some loving scenes in Ep.14 before the upcoming storm. Maybe Kwon Yul could hug Da Jung in front of the kids before breakfast?

  49. 49 Vicky

    Words can’t describe how much I love this show.

    This episode was excellent. We all knew they would have to tackle the “dead” wife issue sooner or later, and I thought the conversation in the auditorium was great. I really felt for Yul in that scene. He poured his heart out.

    It was also nice to see him be so caring and protective of Da-jung, by reminding her he’s been married and has kids. Sorta letting her know he has a lot of baggage.

    I can’t wait for the next episodes. We needs some kisses between the couple!

  50. 50 azabaz

    First of all, i thought nobody was going to mention how awesome that green shirt looked on the dashing PM but alas, i underestimated the very critical eye for detail of my fellows lover of this drama. hahha. awesome green shirt.

    Secondly, hated the dead wife cut in the middle of the most important moment of the OTP since this is the moment when it stops being a one sided love (though clearly they care for each other way way way before this moment) since both of them have clearly stated to the other their feelings.

    Thirdly, i too, wished for more than just hand holding to mark the very important moment. a kiss would have been awesome. a kiss on the forehead would have been sweet. a hug at least would have been a more satisfying conclusion. but what can i do. i am not the writer….huhu…

    and just to add, a man with enough charisma, can overcome the limits of height, the idol look that everybody seems to crave, the weird walking style and still be so swoonworthy and lovable. clearly we women see beyond the obvious…hehehehe.

    • 50.1 zzyx

      I thought I was the only one who notices his weird walking style, but regardless he IS charming 🙂

      Also, did anyone notice his constant “hand in his pocket” habit? If one would interpret it, it means he’s hiding something or not wanting to talk. Is that how LBS wants to portray Kwon Yul or just plain mannerism? just wondering though, I noticed it since the early episodes..

      • 50.1.1 KoreasTina

        Is it cos he hurt his little finger on one of his hands whilst filming? You can see it in the first kiss where he’s holding her hands.

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