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Running Man: Episode 178
by | January 3, 2014 | 87 Comments

I *love* this cast. Even in a year of betrayal and stealing and nametag ripping, there’s nothing like a good ol’ bet between the cast versus the staff to remind you that when you put these seven members together, they’re unstoppable. Nothing can replace years of teamwork in this variety family, and at the end of the day, the love they have for one another. What a way to end 2013 with a bang and Happy New Year Running Man!

EPISODE 178. Broadcast on December 29, 2013.

The cast files in this morning in angry protest, voicing their complaints to the staff: “No more bungee-jumping [unless it’s with an actress]!” “My fellow castmates smelled like frogs!”

Whoa, twenty-four episodes that included water games in 2013? Why that’s nearly half a year! It’s not like they can scrap the idea altogether, but Jae-suk diplomatically argues that there’s a clear difference between games where the cast falls into the water versus deliberately constructing ones for that intent.

But that’s what these year-end negotiations are for, as Jo PD introduces today’s competition between the cast versus the staff. Kwang-soo astutely points out: “How hard did you make these games?!”

Jong-kook: “Let’s do nametag ripping!” Kwang-soo: “Let’s do nametag ripping ON the acupuncture floor!”

I was hoping that we’d get to see the staff actually playing the games against the cast members today, though it looks like from the previews that the cast will be doing much of the work. In classic RM fashion, they’ll acquire running balls through today’s missions; if there ever was a silver lining, at least the staff are also subject to the water punishment if they lose today.

Kwang-soo asks if he can’t make some suggestions for the Staff team, and the cast recommends all three PDs. Ooh yes, can we make that happen?

I love it whenever our cast must work as a team, and they all rally together in determination to win today. Jae-suk says it’s nice that they don’t have to worry about betraying anyone, of which Jong-kook points out that there may be someone who wants to appeal to the staff. Do we have to worry about you today, Kwang-soo?

Mention of that spurs suspicion as Jae-suk notes that Suk-jin didn’t seem so thrilled either. Sticking together as a team must be their top priority today, and when Jae-suk cries out to keep their change of undies nice and dry today, Suk-jin breaks into an addictive song/chant.

The cast is met with a giant Jenga tower for their first mission where one person will sit on top while the others must remove four pieces each to win. There are 15 Running Balls at stake here, and they gape to hear that the staff will gain 10 Running Balls per game regardless.

When they ask why, Myuk PD answers, “Because we’re the ones who made the games.” Well that doesn’t sound all that fair to me either.

The staff has prepared all safety precautions beforehand (“Just mind to run away quickly if the tower falls”), and Myuk PD heckles them right off the bat, cheerily pointing out that they only have to remove twenty-four out of the sixty blocks: “That’s not even half!”

They send the ever-fearless Ji-hyo to sit on top of the tower and start the Human Jenga mission, using Kwang-soo as a literal boost. It’s nice that he’s so tall, but his shoulders are gonna be a-hurtin’ by the end of it.

At one point, Suk-jin is so focused on the game that he warns his teammates not to tip the tower over. Jae-suk: “You should worry about whether someone gets hurt!”

It goes a lot faster once they use a stick to aid them, but they hit a snag with one piece and Jong-kook proceeds to explain all the reasons why it’s not working. Which is when Jae-suk finally bursts and tells him to do less talking and more doing.

Poor Human Ladder Kwang-soo cries out in pain beneath him, and then we see white flakes falling from the sky. It’s Jong-kook, who’s resorted to attacking the styrofoam piece with a stick.

That leads to a string of snow jokes (“I’m freezing to death because of the snow.” “There’s heavy snow! Evacuate!”) and Jong-kook oh-so-carefully removes the eighth piece.

We skip ahead where the cast is in high spirits after removing their twenty-second piece as the staff nervously looks on. The cast is supremely confident about winning this round and are quick to tease the PDs when they suddenly gather for an urgent meeting.

The cast talks a big game, though they worry when they leave it to Kwang-soo to remove their final piece. Would the variety gods grant favor to Kwang-soo and forsake victory for entertainment at the last moment?

Then Kwang-soo gives it a few taps before the piece smoothly falls out and they rejoice in victory. After another hushed discussion, Jo PD proposes they go for another round for 20 Running Balls if they remove five more pieces.

There’s a hilarious moment where Jae-suk negotiates with Jo PD on how many Running Balls they’ll get should they fail, talking as if being courteous to the poor staff members who had to pull an all-nighter. So they all jump on that bandwagon to bring that count down.

Is… Ji-hyo asleep on top of the tower? The boys look on with amazement at how peacefully she can sleep when more than a third of the tower is missing. HA.

They wake her for their bonus round and carefully remove three more pieces despite some very close calls. Then Jae-suk climbs onto the jenga structure itself as Ji-hyo steadies herself on top of it.

With one final piece to remove, Kwang-soo jabs it to create more “snow” before carefully pulling it out. Yay!

There’s an excitement in the car as the cast pride themselves in their teamwork, calling themselves different elements of this team. But then they spot a VJ filming as they cross the bridge. Uh oh, does the next task involve water?

They’re still in disbelief as they stare at the pile of cardboard and tape by the riverside. Jae-suk: “There’s no way they’re going to make us cross the Han River, are they?”

Oh yes they are. It’s the return of the Cardboard Boat Race where they’ll need to cross the river in thirty minutes (or twenty-five for a bonus). I love it how the PDs quells their fears in a nonchalant tone, all, “We [the staff] already did a simulation this morning.” In these waves and near-freezing temperatures?

They’re instructed to build two boats within one hour, and it isn’t long before Coach Kookie launches into full explanation mode and bickers with Jae-suk. Kwang-soo says they should consider the aesthetics of their boat, to which Jong-kook jokes, “What about your face?”

Suk-jin draws out a miniature version of their boat, totally convinced that the boat-like shape will work. Suffice it to say the execution is far from his conceptualized model and Haha screams that they’re screwed.

Then a minute later, Haha suggests a far simpler canoe-like structure. Pffft. Things continue to look good as time ticks by, and they even employ the staff’s help to construct their boats within the time limit.

Each team even adds some rafters and Jae-suk wonders if they’ll really be able to cross the river like this. Both boats look pretty impressive by the end, but the Han River is no joke.

The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack playing in the background really feels appropriate as both teams embark on their journey. Remarkably, both boats float easily and they set off. Ha, did they really name their boat “Kwang-soo”?

Just watching them paddle feels tiring on the eyes, so I can’t even begin to imagine how much more difficult it must be for them. But then the F4 boat is suddenly in danger of capsizing… and they all fall into the water. Oh no, they must be freezing!

One by one, they’re fished out of the water while the other trio continues on. Now safe on land, Jo PD informs them that ten minute have already past and they have the option to either start over or cheer on their teammates.

They decide to go at it again, but the problem is their water-logged boat. So they turn it into a makeshift raft and climb aboard, wet clothes and all. Gary: “I believe there’s an 88% chance that we’ll capsize again!”

Maybe it’s just the music, but there’s something so intense about seven people just trying to cross a river by their own efforts. At one point, the F4 is faced with an oncoming wave and they nervously ride it out before paddling again.

The other trio keeps paddling in the other boat as Haha breathlessly says they must work hard for the sake of their families. They’ve all been at it for a while now, and when Jo PD offers to pull them along with their motorboat, they refuse and keep going.

The trio gives one last spurt and oh my god, they actually make it across. Serious. Props. Then Ji-hyo grabs the flag and they practically collapse from exhaustion. The good news is that they’ve acquired 10 Running Balls for making it within thirty minutes.

As for the bonus… they’ve got that too with a final time of 20 minutes and 39 seconds. The trio can’t believe it, crying tears of relief and happiness, and I’m not crying, I’m not crying, I’m not—*sniff*

The F4 boat finally make it across shivering from the cold. I’m just blown away at the stamina and determination of the cast, which makes this moment an incredible achievement. So even though the second boat is well outside the time limit, I daresay that there aren’t many who can boast that they crossed a damn river on a makeshift cardboard raft.

The current count of Running Balls is 40 to 20 in favor of the Running Man cast.

It’s evening by the time the cast takes a breather before their third mission. They tease Myuk PD for tweeting out of boredom whilst they were working so hard, and then hint that he’ll soon need to use that spare underwear. Jae-suk: “We’ve already changed ours!”

Here they’ll participate in a relay rhythm gymnastics race where they’ll have to complete seven different tasks within seven minutes. Ha, they even change into bright red long johns for the mission.

Ji-hyo starts them off and finishes easily, as expected. It takes a few tries for Gary to succeed and Jong-kook sorta gracefully turns with a ribbon in hand. It’s declared no good though, and the other cast members shake their heads whenever Jong-kook barks in annoyance.

The following cast members get through their turns, and now it’s down to Kwang-soo to bring it home with one minute remaining. He has to turn twice on his heel and catch both juggling sticks, but they end up falling on him instead. Frustrated, Kwang-soo then chucks one at Myuk PD.

After making some edits in exchange for three Running Balls, the cast takes another whack at it. They get through the first four tasks in three minutes, and things are definitely looking up with two more obstacles remaining.

It’s all up to Gary with his final task, and he zips up the stairs after he succeeds. Coming it at just a few seconds shy of six minutes, the cast win another 20 Running Balls.

At the final mission, it’s a simple lottery as one ball will determine the victor. The staff is already dressed for the occasion and both sides face each other to await the outcome.

So while Announcer Kim Hwan places the balls inside, the cast is assured that the odds are in their favor. The name that comes out is the winner, and that’s…. the staff.

And then the staff are the ones who get dumped with water. HAHAHA. Oh man, I don’t even care if it’s a mistake—it’s not like you get to see a wet Jo PD every day, don’tchaknow.

Happy and dry, the cast and crew send their New Year’s greetings to the viewers. Happy 2014 to all!


87 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

    So cute this show.

  2. Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

    I know this is random but does anybody know what happened to park min young ??????? man I love her sooooo much and I really want her to do a show with Oppa 😃

    • 2.1 Quiet Thought

      I believe she took time off to finish college . . . and possibly to give the nation time to forget ‘Dr Jin, Medicine Human.’

  3. Mia

    I love this episode!!! I LOVE Running Man!!! Forevah!

    • 3.1 Mia

      There’s so many favourite parts (all!), and hopefully we get to see more of the PDs and staff!

    • 3.2 May

      Song Jihyo was awesome on top of the Jenga tower. I almost choked on my ramen O.o

  4. dls

    This ep is a great ep to close 2013. The han river part is the best. Haha Jihyo Sukjin team is the underdog one, as they are not expected to have strength and stamina, but they made it. The F4 team as well deserve compliments for doing their best facing the wave and cold winter after fell in to water. Great job

    • 4.1 Lilian

      Totally agree about that! I didn’t see that coming and because of that I love it even more. It’s nice to see Suk Jin, Haha and Ji hyo given equal chances to success without giving them anything “extra” or a headstart!!!

      This is the Running Man I love. Not the over-the-top scenes kicking at each other etc. The simple stuff is good!

  5. jel

    Oh, I cried. I’m sure I was not the only one to cry.

    I was anticipating this episode so much because of the theme, and it sure didnt disappoint.

    The human jenga could have been boring, but it wasnt. Because we had moments like the snow storm and Ji Hyo sleeping on top of the jenga. Seriously, she is such a character. A lot of the credit has to go to Kwang Soo (and Jong Kook) who had it hard lifting the RM up on their shoulders time and time again. But the snow storm thing was so funny. Credit to Jong Kook for thinking out of the box, I’d never have thought of that. And Haha’s side commentary was LOL.

    The Han River rowing. Single most physically demanding mission in RM history but also the most touching ever. First off, it was an extremely sadistic task, in the dead middle of winter. But the team delivered with aplomb. Two boats, with all hopes pinned on the F4 team (thats why Jong Kook and Gary both were on that boat) and they only hoped for the 3 person team to reach safely. But 10 mins in, the F4 team capsized. Given the option of giving up and travelling in a warm car, they chose to try again, knowing they’ll never make the time limit. How cold it must be to be paddling in wet clothes in the Han River in winter, I cannot imagine. But as Gary said, their main aim was to make it across. And the unfancied 3 person team, under the awesome captainship of Haha, made it across so fast! OMG, their tears, their hugs, Haha’s tired collapse on the ground. I cried. And at one point when they reached, it didnt seem like a variety show as no one was talking to the cameras, all 3 were just so tired. But so touching.

    And then them cheering for the F4 team who never gave up to return to shore. When the F4 team came back, it was hugs and towels all around. And when they were waiting for the results, there were alot of heartwarming scenes, as you saw Gary and Kwang Soo huddling together in the cold, Haha backhugged Jae Suk, and Ji Hyo was holding on to Jong Kook’s injured hand. It was such a touching scene.

    The rhythmic gymnastics was a bit anti climatic, but I didnt mind it for once given how tired they must be by that point.

    The only bummer was RM not winning despite all their efforts. But oh well, at least the PDs got doused with water.

    This is the RM I love. One that has no guests, one where everyone works together towards the same goal, one with no forced lovelines, one with no silly overacting, one with no pointless betrayals. One where RM is just one big family.

    • 5.1 nomad

      You said it. Thank you for the recap, gummimochi!

    • 5.2 nxa

      as I was crying along with mat hyung, the ace, and haha I was thinking to myself “there’s no way I’m the only person crying right now…just no way!” I even teared up a little reading gummi’s recap! glad to see I wasn’t wrong!

      you’re right about the gumnastics being anticlimatic, but honestly, after crossing the freaking han river I’m amazed they had any energy left!

      I do like the guests because some of them make things more interesting (when the cast isn’t treating them like porcelain) but I have to agree with you in that the best episodes are always between the cast and the cast only…be it working together or betraying each other without a care!

      • 5.2.1 JO

        I like guest but, like you said, not when they treat them like “porcelain”. When I think back to some of my favorite RM moments, guests helped enhance the fun–like when Chun Jung Myung was doing jiujitsu!! That! was hilarious.

    • 5.3 dkaoru

      Runningman daebak! Teamwork from Runningman family is so fantastic in this episode.
      I cried watching Haha leads his boat across the river. Haroro manse!
      What a great way to end the year!
      Here’s to an awesome 2014 for Running man!
      Running man Manse! Running man Manse! Runningman Manse!

      • 5.3.1 Megumi

        I like HaHa very much, when he’s serious about games there’s not many who can stop him, it’s just that he likes to go towards the funny side and entertain the audience through different means, he’s smart and clever when he wants to be, some of the things he does really amazes me, eg; in the jail episode he was the first one to break out, in the rage virus episode he was the first one to enter the laboratory without anybody’s help, in the witch episode he was the first one to find the blue potion, and there are lot of other things he does that amazes me, he also has a very good relationship with every member, he jokes with everyone and also makes the female guests comfortable, suffice to say I’m in love with the guy.

    • 5.4 kpshyazn

      remember, gary and jong kook has power – but yoo jae suk, haha and gary have experiencing in rowing due to infinity challenge!

      haha’s experience really showed (it showed during one of the oversea episodes, too).

      but still, team haha was definitely the underdog! love song ji hyo! <333

  6. myblaze

    i can’t stop laughing when they directly say Ji hyo’s name as the one who should sit on top. they don’t even ask her about it you can see how ji hyo can’t believe it hahaha

    those task to cross han river in winter .. they got to be kidding .. it’s freezing. i can’t believe they actually cross it in 20 minutes. because it feel so long when i watch the show

    • 6.1 Lilian

      It is definitely not easy. I was just in Seoul recently and the weather was freezing and since it is near water, with the winds etc. it is even harder to bear!

  7. AuroraB

    I absolutely LOVE the running man cast. This episode was kinda epic…at first I was wondering what kind of sadistic missions the pds had in store, but at the end, I didn’t even care much. The mission with the boats was sooo inspiring (crazy, but inspiring)! From F4’s determination to Haha taking the leadership role and really motivating the other two, and all of them supporting each other. I was so proud of Haroro! and all of them. The boat mission was a real tear jerker lol. Over all, it was an amazing episode to end the year with.

    I read recently about how Kim Heechul called the show childish. It is, but the cast interactions and chemistry, really make the show. After watching 100+ episodes, you just feel kind of attached to the cast. And the childishness is what makes it appealing. (I’m a kid at heart.)

    P.s. Announcer Hwan’s face at the end when the “malfunctioned” bucket of water finally worked was priceless.

    • 7.1 Jen

      Kim Heechul of SJ? Well, he can DON’T come on the show man!! Good riddance! Who needs SM plastics on this show anyway? Just the casts do miracles for me!

      Love the essence of what RM is! This is the best teamwork and chemistry ever!

      Way to go, Running Man!

      • 7.1.1 nxa

        that Heechul, yes…he said the show was immature and cheesy
        *shrug* if I’m not wrong, he was a guest once (the episode in which they tried to be anchormen?) and he wasn’t very funny because he was trying too hard… in any case, I think that the charm of the show is actually because the cast behave like kids and have to go through really childish games…if they were serious or the games were different, I don’t think it’d be so entertaining

    • 7.2 callmeadreamer

      I saw what Heechul said, and at first I was a bit offended but the show can be a bit childish at times. It’s one of the things that makes it fun. Where else can you see 7 celebrities doing things like chasing eachother around trying to pull of nametags, pretend to be the avengers, ect…

      I think where Heechul was wrong when he implied that most fans are elementary school students.

      • 7.2.1 bjharm

        yeah saw a report on his comments also too and thought the same thing, really most game shows are childish, that is much of the appeal, grown adult playing childrens games, I mean what grown up dosn’t secretly wish for a return to childhood?

    • 7.3 Cynthia

      Heechul really tends to be a bit (or lot) bitchy when he’ s doing his critiquing on anything that catches his attention.
      Of COURSE this show is childish – where else can you get chair-flipped into water or do a treasure hunt on the Great Wall of China or mud flat wrestle or sit on a spinning seat while tossing a baseball or playing volleyball on trampolines or pull blocks from a giant Jenga or etc., etc., etc.! Never mind acquiring super powers with magic rings (Hello Big Bang!!) and tying bells to your sneakers and racing to rip name tags?! Heechul WISHES that he could keep up with the RM team! Sour grapes, Heechul, sour grapes!

      This was an EXCELLENT show capped off with an EXCELLENT recap!!!
      Thanks, Gummimochi – on to a whole new level of hilarious, childish show for our RM!!

      • 7.3.1 Zsa

        I think the best thing for heechul to do is keep his criticism to himself….

  8. MistyIsles

    The Han River crossing has to be one of the most awesome moments in all of Running Man. And I love that in the end, even the water-dousing machine knew the cast earned the win. 🙂

    • 8.1 KDaddict

      I’d have been mad if the water-dousing machine had poured water on the RM team after what they went thru that day.
      They really earned that dryness at the end. They kept chanting for dryness. it was moving!

  9. HeadsNo2

    Lovely recap! Definitely captures the spirit of one of the most touching episodes of Running Man ever. I teared up when Haha’s team won. Finally, after everyone sticking to their variety personas to an almost detrimental degree sometimes, there was an episode full of teamwork and heart. No betrayals, no backstabbing, just earnest effort. That’s what gets through to audiences, way more than uber-convoluted games that the PD has to explain more than once. Hope this spells good things for Running Man’s future.

    • 9.1 Laica

      Totally agree! All the things I love most about RM in one episode.

  10. 10 Katie

    I was surprised they didn’t just dump both groups into the water at the end. Still can’t believe the staff’s ball came out! haha.

    Such a good way to end the year! I miss the name-tag ripping and wish the staff had actually had to play along rather than just making the RM team do things. Like it would be hilarious to have them race across the Han River…next year perhaps???

    • 10.1 nxa

      I’d love to see a name-tag ripping between them and the RM staff! I can just imagine Jo and Myuk PD against the tiger XD

    • 10.2 Mia

      omg I’ll be praying to see that this year. Just imagining the PD’s faces 😀

  11. 11 MikaSan123

    I know Jihyo’s a sleeper and all, but I can’t help thinking if her drama schedule with Emergency Couple is adding onto her lack of sleep, and that’s why she fell asleep on the Jenga blocks… I remember she was hospitalized a while back for being overworked (this was a year or two ago), so I hope she’s okay. She really does work so hard on Runningman, and I was so glad to see her efforts being rewarded at the SBS Entertainment Awards show – she really deserved it. Love her to pieces!

    Like everyone else, I was really touched by boat mission. They weren’t sure if Haha, Jihyo, and Sukjin would make it across within the 30 minutes, much less within 25 minutes, but the fact that they were the underdogs, and managed to achieve so much more than their expectations… I definitely teared up at that moment. It was really nice to see Haha put away his usual RM persona, and take the role of a leader, letting Jihyo be the one to take the flag… and I’m so glad that Sukjin was on their team, because he’s been getting way too many comments about him being useless (I mean, in the episode with Park Myungsoo… I know that Park Myungsoo is the type to be harsh with his words even though he’s joking, but I feel like Sukjin might have really taken that to heart), but we need him on Runningman, to be the Impala, to make up some random but catchy song, to be our beloved Big-Nosed brother.

    And when the cast didn’t win at the end, I was so shocked. I was like, no way… after all their hard work? So I was really relieved that the variety gods intervened.

    • 11.1 lordj

      i definitely give thumbs up to haha. As leader of the trio, he keeps on cheering his team mates as they try to reach their goal. and most importantly, he was the only one in the group with actual rowing experience. he still have to teach ji hyo and suk jin as well as balace their paper boat. good job Haroro, Dream would be proud of his appa. 🙂

      • 11.1.1 bjharm

        jihyo claimed she a great deal fitter than she was and doing both a drama and RM is doable, though she hardly say anything else.
        I think the trouble was she took too many stims or something and something went wrong from all the abuse to her system and it closed down or something along those lines, so not just the normal IV in the arm for a night and back to work as is taken for granted in the industy.

  12. 12 jeankaycee

    Thanks for the recap!

    This episode was one of the most challenging and touching in Running Man!

    I teared up when I watched the Han river challenge!

    What a way to end 2013!

    The camaraderie, the hard work and the strive to win as a team were priceless!

    Running Man (men) are truly unstoppable when working together! And indeed, they are family!

    Running Man Daebak! ♥♡♥

  13. 13 shisuisen

    I love this episode so much! A great ep to end 2013. 🙂

    I love the Jihyo fell asleep on top of the Jenga. XD

    My favourite part of this ep is definitely the Han River mission. I teared up when Haha, Jihyo and Sukjin made it across the Han River. It was really touching. T_T And love F4’s determination to complete the mission despite the setbacks. Love their fighting spirit. It was definitely one of the most beautiful moments in RM.

    Another fav part is seeing the staff get doused by water. LOL! The PDs faces XD

  14. 14 callmeadreamer

    I was disappointed to see that cast wasn’t going head-to-head with the PD staff, but it was still a good episode. Hopefully someday soon we’ll get to see that kind of competition with the staff.

    I liked the jenga game. It’s not something that can be done frequently but it was unique and fun to watch.

    Crossing the Han River was amazing. All kinds of amazing. I was especially touched when the three person boat make it across first, since you could tell at first they weren’t really expected to make it. Like if they did it would be great but if they didn’t no problem, because the four man boat was going to. Haha was amazing himself. I loved seeing him take charge and being a good leader, encouraging the rest and letting them take breaks when it got to hard. It’s impressive that the four man boat didn’t just give up. They rowed for close to an hour when they could have stopped at any time. You could really tell watching how emotional all seven were with what they accomplished.

    I didn’t mind that they cut so out of the rhythm gymnastics since it wasn’t too interesting.

    It was cute seeing Ji-hyo take a bite out of Gary’s ice cream. Monday couple jjang

    Ji-hyo is seriously one of a kind. I can’t think of anyone else who would take a nap on top of a jenga tower and than pretend it never happened. ♥ I really don’t think it’s her drama that made her fall asleep, thougyh. I saw her schedule and I’m pretty sure that when this eppy was filmed they hadn’t even begun filming the teaser. So I think it’s just her.

    It’s weird. Hwan is hardly ever there for a long time when he does show up, but I really like seeing him.

    I cracked up when the staff got doused with water. haha… their faces were geat. I rewinded that a couple times. hehe

  15. 15 bluesky

    I too, thought that we can see RM staffs vs RM members but yayyy for the epic ending..

    Ji Hyo yahhhh, u’re so could u fall asleep on top of that Jenga..aigoo..squish this girl..
    This is definitely one of my favourite episode..What a tough task for them..It was touching seeing their team spirit tho..I can’t believe I was crying so badly and wish I can hug them all ㅠㅠㅠ Running Man manse!!! Sending lots of love for our RM members (*^3^)/~♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  16. 16 AJ

    jihyo is sooooo cute

  17. 17 topper

    Great episode, they should do cast vs staff more frequently.

  18. 18 ulaspotamus

    i know this is random. but i’m so in love with myuk PD.

  19. 19 jae

    Happy New Year.. Dramabeanies and Running Man Fans!! ^^

  20. 20 ajewell

    This was such an awesome episode – loved it! What a great way to close out the year!

  21. 21 Elvira

    Miss this episode because of… holiday mode.
    Based on this recap, and I believe many people out there think the same, Miss Mong is not to be kidding with. Wonderful eonni!!! Plus she stars a drama with CJH (and that might be the reason she took nap on the top of the jenga?)…
    The casts are also amazing; dealing with age (Big-Nose Hyung) and always underestimated (Kirin Kwang Soo), always a scaredy penguin (Haroro).

  22. 22 Ethalina

    I love how they just nonchalantly declare that Jihyo should be on top of the ‘Jingo’.
    Jihyo was like: “It’s because I’m the lightest, right, oppa? Not because you’re scared?”
    I think it’s because of both =)

    I love how the RM cast treats her like one of the guys and at the same time, value her like some Iron Princess.

    I watched the Jenga mission for about 20 minutes before realising that the blocks were styrofoam. I really thought they were wood, and the cast + crew’s disregard about safety had me watching with eyes wide open. I even thought Jongkook was making a hole in wood and that snow was sawdust. *cry* I have exams this week. This is not the time to be dumb. =(

  23. 23 soprection

    I LOVED this episode. It made my respect for the cast soar. Seriously that Han river task was crazy difficult and must have been SO tiring and to do it again after you fall in once and are already soaked and freezing – that’s dedication. So much respect, seriously. You could teel that their happiness after completing was genuine.
    The rythmic gymnastics part was super funny to watch, especially Jong Kook with the ribbon. Jihyo was so cute falling asleep on top of the Jenga block – she must be exhausted. Also did anyone else notice Jihyo stealing some of Gary’s froyo when Myuk PD was explaining the gymnastics mission to them? ADORABLE.
    It would have been nice to see the staff actually competing against the cast but I guess they’d have an advantage since they made and tested the games already. Anyway regardless I’m glad the cast didn’t get soaked even if they technically lost. Thanks maknae PD! Thank you for the recap!

  24. 24 the68monkey

    At first, I was getting SO ANGRY with the PD team for inflicting what I thought was cruel and unusual punishment on the cast, making them cross the Han river in winter in a cardboard boat! I was even more furious when Jae-suk’s boat capsized, leaving Gary, Jae-suk, Jong-kook, and Gwang-soo bobbing in the frigid water for what must have felt like forever, even if it was just a minute or two. But then, it got emotional. . . .

    Running Man has made me cry with laughter many times, but this was the first time I actually cried from being touched by the sheer joy and relief experienced by Haha, Ji-hyo, and Suk-jin when they reached the finish line. I was like, WHAT is WRONG with me? LOL! But it was just wonderful. And then, seeing the three of them cheer on the rest of the cast as they were determined not to give up was also unexpectedly moving.


    And by the way, if the maknae PD hadn’t messed up with the final competition, I think I might have sent a very nasty letter to the PD team if our Running Men had been doused with water after all they’d been through! I don’t know if it was really was a malfunction, or if the maknae PD instinctively did the right thing, but it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  25. 25 Quiet Thought

    Awesome job by Ha Ha leading his team across the river. You could tell when Ji Hyo and Sukjin were laying off on the oars out of exhaustion–paddling a canoe can be excruciating if you are not used to it–but Ha Ha obviously had the skills and he kept digging and digging on every stroke.

    • 25.1 the68monkey

      Agreed. You know, I was watching some of the early episodes this past week, and it’s amazing how Haha has really let his public persona mature now that he’s a family man. I had forgotten about how he used to carry a doll around with him and really acted the part of a temperamental toddler. He still has his moments of absurd immaturity — part of his act — but it’s great to see what a fantastic person is underneath the act. Haroro was awesome! 🙂

  26. 26 Ienaz

    This episode is my no. 1 in 2013! I just love their teamwork..yes, like many others, the Han River challenge was the best. And yes, I cried with Mongji, Haha & Sukjin. Mongji sleep on jenga tower ~ epic! Haha and Jaesuk still cannot understand why she so brave and love high places..haha *Our Ace just simply awesome.*

    I went to Kwangsoo press conference this morning for his Malaysia Fan Meeting 2014 and one question was ‘what is the most challenge game he has done in RM and what is his favourite?’ Kwangsoo said the Han river crossing was the most challenge..and being given a superpower of Death Note was his favourite’. LoL..I just can’t stop giggling when he said that and he actually noticed and looked at me. He such a nice and shy man in person. And good looking too..Too bad the PC was only 15 mins and only allowed group photo.

    I am looking forward to more exciting game in 2014. More healthy betrayal (as per kwangsoo @ sbs award) this year..heheh

  27. 27 Kaekae

    it totally wasn’t fair that the PDs were wearing thick coats to get doused and the members only had those long johns. So I’m really glad the PDs got it by accident, served them right.

  28. 28 Perrie

    Best Running Man episode ever.
    Hands down.
    Now arguments. No Discussion. Just fact.

  29. 29 LK

    As expected, no-guest & RM teamwork episodes are the best. I cried when they finished crossing the river!

  30. 30 resogun

    One of my favorite Running Man episodes. And it still goes to show that a guest-less episode is far superior than any other.

  31. 31 LoveSilents

    Hi! I am new to Running Man (big 2D1N fan). I have only seen the latest 4 shows and I have to say I have been highly entertained. This week’s show and the cardboard boat was insane.

    How can the production staff so easily allow these guys to be dunked in frigid December water? And it had a strong current. I am surprised the 2nd team didn’t get hypothermia.

    Kind of funny though watching Jong-kook trying to run to get the flag – he was all bent over – haha!

    They needed big quilts not dinky little hand towels once they landed.

    The group must have been totally exhausted when the show finally ended at night. I’m exhausted!

    Cheers all!

  32. 32 Running Man Fan

    Running Man daebak!!!
    I love the Running Man forever.
    1) Yoo Jae Suk, a true leader who inspires his team mates.

    2) Kim Jong Kook, a really smart and strong guy who can think out of the box. He is so clever to use stick to poke the syrofoam blocks! Unbelievable.. Can see Kwang Soo, Haha and Gary really followed his instructions and coaching although he is naggy. However he is always dependable.

    3) Gary, a strong man who is low profile. I love how he followed the team and does his best quietly.

    4) Haha, I am amazed by his ability and his leadership skills. He had became matured and dependable.

    5) Ji Suk Jin, despite his age he is so willing to try his upmost best in everything.

    6) Ji Hyo, being so brave to be on top of the jenga. I think she is really tired.. Love Monday couple moment when she steal ice cream from Gary.

    7) Kwang Soo, the tall Girrafe who is so tall. He must be feeling painful but he had great fighting spirit and endurance

    The han river boat ride was great. I love the RM F4!!! So cute seriously. That game was epic and touching.. Love their fighting spirit, hope they take care of their bodies… The PDs get drenched by the water was a nice finish for 2013!!!

  33. 33 Running Man Fan

    Running Man daebak!!!
    I love the Running Man forever.
    1) Yoo Jae Suk, a true leader who inspires his team mates.

    2) Kim Jong Kook, a really smart and strong guy who can think out of the box. He is so clever to use stick to poke the syrofoam blocks! Unbelievable.. Can see Kwang Soo, Haha and Gary really followed his instructions and coaching although he is naggy. However he is always dependable.

    3) Gary, a strong man who is low profile. I love how he followed the team and does his best quietly.

    4) Haha, I am amazed by his ability and his leadership skills. He had became matured and dependable.

    5) Ji Suk Jin, despite his age he is so willing to try his upmost best in everything.

    6) Ji Hyo, being so brave to be on top of the jenga. I think she is really tired.. Love Monday couple moment when she steal ice cream from Gary.

    7) Kwang Soo, the tall Girrafe who is so tall. He must be feeling painful but he had great fighting spirit and endurance

    The han river boat ride was great. I love the RM F4!!! So cute seriously. That game was epic and touching.. Love their fighting spirit and hope they take care of their bodies… The PDs get drenched by the water was a nice finish for 2013!!!

  34. 34 Gwen

    Great emotional episode. I’m kinda annoyed why they make them cross the river during winter. This challenge can be done in the summer too.

    They didn’t even provide the cast with scuba suits to wear below their outfits to keep warm in case they fall into the water. They could get very sick.

    The PDs don’t just deserve some water splashing onto them, they should be dunked into the Han river to get a taste of it.

    And PDs, don’t be lame and try to pass off this episode as a competition because it isn’t. The PDs didn’t do anything. There is no competition at all except for a silly lottery. This is a team building episode and should be called accordingly. Don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes. The PDs are terrible.

    • 34.1 savanna

      relax…the competition was cast vs. crew and how are they suppose to participate with the cast? They have another job – to run the show; behind the scenes you know. Look that was the challenge, you don’t know if they were or weren’t wearing scuba suits, plus they were SURROUNDED by lifeguards.
      If the PDs are so terrible you wouldn’t have a show.
      And the cast are ADULTS, not babies. No need to baby them every time they’re given tough challenges.

      • 34.1.1 Quiet Thought

        Really. The entire operation was just as safe as anyone could make it.

        Also, contrary to Kdramas and old American movies, just getting cold and wet doesn’t make people sick. That’s an ancient gag that’s been around for so long people just assume it must be true. You are only slightly more vulnerable to colds and flu if your body is worn down by exertion or chill.

      • 34.1.2 Gwen

        Then please take a dunk into the middle of the Han river in winter if I surround you with lifeguards wearing your normal clothes. Having guards or not is so not the point. They can prevent you from drowning but not from freezing.

        These are adults who are celebrities who are surrounded by cameras. There’s really no doubt that they wouldn’t continue with the challenge for various reasons even if they are freezing. They will do it until they drop.

        And if they do, people, and by that I mean the PDs and the audience, who egg them onto do more and more dangerous things will have a lot on their consciences. And the difference between tough and dangerous is a very fine line. Calling for safety is definitely not babying people. Look at the ridiculously tiny towel they were provided with after the dunking. Erm it’s easy to tell if they were wearing scuba suits or not. They weren’t.

        2nd, on another point, I am talking about the concept of the show. If it is not a competition, then don’t tell us that it is. It’s dishonest marketing. Absolutely ridiculous. Just call it anything else other than a competition.

        And I take it you have not watched other shows before. When it is a cast vs production competition, it really is. This episode just shows the lameness of the production team.

        • LoveSilents

          I totally agree with you! But I will still keep watching….I wonder if there is some kind of arbitration before filming. I wonder if their managers get a heads up of the game plan for the show and the cast gets to agree or compromise on said “entertainment/torture”.
          I love ’em all!

        • savanna

          All I’m saying is that the cast itself did it, if they thought it was horrible they would have backed out.
          And it was done on the HAN RIVER, do you really think the show could have popped up randomly and like row across the river? No. Weeks and possibly months of preparations have been done for this act. And about the river being cold…yes its cold. SO WHAT? This go back to preparations, obviously the crew, pds, higher-ups, and lifeguards thought about it and deemed it was safe.
          Maybe they should have gotten bigger towers, that would have been smart.
          They were in the water for like 1-2 minutes, ain’t drowning or freezing to death. Remember the show is edited, you don’t know what happened exactly when they were on shore. THEY WERE GIVEN THE OPTION OF BACKING OUT. But they didn’t, so even they thought it was safe.
          Maybe you should run a show, its variety tv so lets all take a breather and relax.

        • Recognitto

          It’s pretty much established that the production team will test out all the challenges (maybe not themselves, but they’ll definitely get people to do it) before Running man members actually get a go at them. If it’s safe, it’s safe.

  35. 35 neener

    one of the best episode!!!! like EVAAAH!

  36. 36 Alexio

    Just curious why is it *love* this

    • 36.1 Alexio

      …ack, pressing wrong button. I’m just curious why Gummi used *love* this cast like the way she did. Does it entail any special meaning? =)

      • 36.1.1 savanna

        probably done just to emphasize how much gummi loves the cast. 🙂 you can think of it like this, “I LOVE this cast”

  37. 37 Laica

    So many feels in this episode. SO. MANY. I always love the episodes where the cast is working together more than the ones where they compete, and this is my favourite of them all! So EPIC.

    Thanks for the awesome recap. You always capture my exact reaction so well. <3

    Perfect way to end this year. My love for RM has come back full force 😀

  38. 38 :-) Hi

    this was a very heartwarming episode..

    I love seeing Kwang Soo cooperating w/ everyone else… and not his tv persona as the betrayal giraffe ..(yea, it gets frustrating to see betrayal giraffe almost every episode)

    It was funny how ji hyo fell asleep on top of the jenga, and more funny to see the men’s shocked faces …


    The Han river mission was really one of the hardest…. and it was so touching to see them all make it to the other side…

    I love seeing the running man cast all joining together, doing their best, and determined to win.

    Overall, this was a very good ending episode to 2013.

    Looking forward to more of Running Man in 2014

  39. 39 exquisitemelody

    Stumbled upon the running man episode with the heirs cast…first episode of RM i’ve watched, and I think I’m hooked!!! It’s HILARIOUS!!!!! Why did I have to find this show two days before school starts again?!

  40. 40 tokio

    I was so impressed by HAHA, it really shows the personality behind the cameras. He can be funny, sarcastic and a huge smart ass but he is a strong and caring person. You really see the leadship and fatherly skills come into use here.

    This episode was great and I’m glad they did this. I am happy they didn’t have a huge celeb spectacle.

    Slightly disappointed we didn’t get to see the staff but its understandable why they didn’t. Loved the ending!

  41. 41 beibee_gee

    an awesome racap for an awesome episode! thanks muchos Gummimochi ! >_<

  42. 42 jam

    i just love it when there are no guests hehe

    couple of things:

    1. i also teared up when seeing their determination and hardwork across the han river T_T omgah… i also saw haha in a new light w/ his great leading and cheering. same with the f4, i was worried they might fall again, but nope! props.

    2. jihyo is just awesome. she’s one of the few actresses that doesn’t care about letting loose in a variety show haha yet she still manages to look beautiful in every aspect!!!!

    3. a great episode to end running man for 2013. i can only see the cast members growing closer each week.

    4. i’m rooting for the best couple award for our beloved monday couple this year <3 hehe

  43. 43 Neon

    The star of this episode was definitely Ha Ha, Jihyo and Kwangsoo. Ha Ha, for being an awesome leader and cheering his boatmates on. Jihyo, for falling asleep on top of that giant Jenga like a badass. Kwangsoo, for being a meek Giraffe for once and just obediently helping the rest to finish the Jenga mission.

    The rest was awesome as well. I love, LOVE Running Man cast.

  44. 44 typhoonam

    I really love RM 178…I think it’s one of the best episode in 2013.

    – Lee Gwang-Soo. He tries his best as a man support for his teammates even though it must be very tiring and painfully to support people so many times. In the boat game, he followed his brothers to cross once more without any complaining, yet he keeps paddling and paddling…

    – Song Ji-Hyo. She bravely lies on the top to balance the Jenga tower. It is so amazing how she as the only female member manage to paddling across the Han River in 3 member boat.

    – Ha-ha. He knows that he’s not tall to be the one who climb Gwang-Soo shoulder in jenga games but he do what he could, he become Gwang-Soo support, leads the way when they need to change position. He also the captain 3 member boat who always cheering his boat-mates. He never stops shouting to rhythm the paddling and when he saw the other boat was capsized he took initiative to become the commander in chief for the last RM team.

    – Kang Gary. In the Jenga game, he always the one stand beside Gwang-Soo to give his hand to support the climber. In the crossing Han River game, even though, he is a little bit pessimistic that they will be capsized one more time, he is willing to try it and said that the aim is to prove that they can overcome this and reach the other side of the river.
    – Kim Jong-Kook. Even though his teammates always complaining about his coaching, He proves himself as a dependable one by coming with a creative idea to solve the problem such as using a stick to push the Jenga block out, and to make a block easier to handle by making a hole in the block and ‘snow’ for his team mates. He also uses his strength to be a man support when Gwang-Soo is the climber. He is worth as a Running Man Commander.

    In the boat game, he with Yoo Jae-Suk is the one who suggest that they should give another try to across the river, “Doesn’t it will be extremely cold crossing the river with wet clothes? Moreover, the cold that his body felt should be more then since it with 0% fat (he..he..he.. :D).”
    It’s so touching when the 4 member boat refuses the crew suggestion to give up; he shouts “I love you all. Be strong!” to cheer up his team.
    – Yoo Jae-Suk. When he climbs the jenga tower in order to reach the top block, I whisper to myself “Doesn’t he afraid of height? And it’s about >5 m and the things he step his feet on are made from Styrofoam?” He proves that he is indeed the one whom the team could depend on.
    In the boat game, he with Kim Jong-Kook is the one who suggest that they should give another try to across the river and he sit in the front row as a captain of the raft :p It’s unimagined if the wind blow from the front then he will be the first one who block it, covering his brother behind his back. Yoo Jae-Suk indeed one of the Running Man pillars.

    – Ji Suk-Jin. He is the oldest one but doesn’t mean he can’t do anything. Perhaps in the Jenga he doesn’t take so many role, but in the boat game, it’s really touching how he could have so much power to paddling the board ship across the Han River in that weather.

    I also like the ending so much….it’s typically running man when a twist could happened when the fewer running balls team won the lottery :p but I like it even more when the malfunction happened and the staff team was soak instead. A lot of twist, a lot of fun, a lot of trust, a lot of touching moments, and a lot of love…that’s Running Man

    Running Man…FIGHTING!!

  45. 45 jj_20

    Top notch episode.
    I fall in love w/ RM all over again.

    One of my favorite ep.
    Ji Hyo sleeping at the top of jenga is hilarious.
    And rowing in Han river is really daebak. Really touching.
    It really shows here the closeness of the casts.
    And never give up when they know it’s already out of time is really amazing.

    Long live Running Man!!!! ^_^

  46. 46 Belle

    Running Man is DAEBAK! I love the casts and the “family” atmosphere. They fight, bicker and betray but their teamwork is jjang!
    I admit got a bit emotional when they finished the race across the Han River. It was an extraordinary feet and they accomplished it with hard work and strong teamwork!

    Running Man FIGHTING!

  47. 47 it just me

    I adore Myuk PD, I truly do. But I also totaly agree when the cast dubbed him as “grabbed by the collar PD” or acuse him as the source of “Rage Virus”. Because Myuk PD really have this character that could push people pass their limit. And thus why I see the “waterdumpingaccident” was something that Myuk PD planned by himself. No matter what the ball that came out, he ordered the crew that handled the machine to dump the water on the PD team. I keep rewatching the scene when they get wet. Jo and Taek (and others) were completely relived when the staff’s ball been announced and totaly suprised when they get wet instead. While Myuk, even the staff been announced they won, he still hide half his face under his jacket’s collar, and the first one to cringed as already mentaly prepared even before the water reached their heads! Yap. I completely conviced Myuk PD practically betrayed his own team to appreciated the cast’s all day long effort. And that’s make me adore Myuk and want to stranggle him in the same time! (coz I also love Jo too! And to see his shock, can’t believed and asshamed expresion is so… XD)

  48. 48 Elle

    I love Kwang-soo’s suggestion of playing nametag-ripping on the acupressure mat! Haha. I know it’s going to be hard but hilarious!

    One of the best episodes ever.

  49. 49 Hari

    I agree with tokio…HaHa was impressive captaining his trio across. Excellent episode which demonstrated all the reasons why I love this show.

  50. 50 art

    Am I the only one who feels that suk jin shouldnt be given credit for the entire episode?

    For the jenga game, he was the only one not sweating and even feeling cold while the rest of the members were sweating bullets.

    In the han river game, it was obvious from his strokes that he wasnt putting power into the rowing. That is why when haha and jihyo collapse from exhaustion at the end point, he looks totally fine and ended up making awkward (fake) sounds of exhaustion.

    Haha was really impressive and inspirational this episode though!

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