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Running Man: Episode 179
by | January 10, 2014 | 50 Comments

What better way to kick off 2014 than a cooking battle that requires our cast to travel by land and by sea to find the perfect ingredients to whip up their favorite dishes. This episode is the first half of the culinary special, but never you fear—our cast interactions (with their well-matched pairings) keeps the jokes and hilarity coming.

EPISODE 179. Broadcast on January 5, 2014.

We start off the new year with a cooking battle as Gary tells us in an post-interview snippet that in retrospect, all he really remembers is the taste of love. But while that may sound sweet and rosy, the previews suggest a highly intense and cutthroat culinary showdown. Someone’s dish gets criticized as “completely ruined”? Ouch.

14 Hours Earlier. Our cast starts their morning from various locations all across Korea. Ji-hyo introduces us to her hometown Pohang, a city in southeastern Korea right by the ocean, regaling us with her childhood experiences of shucking clams and catching crabs. Aw, that sounds so fun and also, delicious.

Anyhow, their morning mission is to find their partner, which basically means find-the-guest. Lonely Haha brightens at that while Kwang-soo wonders if it’s a couple race today.

Ha, the Monday Couple asks if they’re paired together today, and Gary lifts up the women’s jacket as a clue. But alas, his mysterious partner sneaks a peek from behind her fan.

They each set off in search and Jae-suk groans at the sight of his teammate and guest, MC Park Soo-hong, who answers, “Shouldn’t you be surprised to see me?”

All I can say about our talkative guest is that I’ve seen his face on TV for as long as I can remember and nearly forgotten about his cheery personality. It cracks me up how shameless he is about his celebrity status, asking the store owner if she wants a photo. Jae-suk: “She doesn’t want to take one with you!”

Thankfully Jae-suk gives us a proper introduction about our guest from his still-single status to how they debuted together. Why do I get the sense that Jae-suk’s trying to marry off his hyung? Well, I suppose the mass audience of RM viewers gives you a pretty good platform.

What I love most about this sequence is Soo-hong’s utterly flustered expression (“You should interact WITH your guest!”) as Jae-suk keeps going about his hyung’s clubbing activities, until he finally bursts, annoyed: “What’s with him?”

How cute—Ji-hyo greets our next guest, Lee Dong-wook with a big hug. Ahh, it’s a Mandate of Heaven reunion!! All I can think of as they playfully bicker with each other is: Where was all this adorable chemistry during the drama?

We briefly meet rock singer Kim Kyung-ho, who’s paired with Suk-jin before cutting away to Kwang-soo’s reunion with John Park. Helloo Babo Brothers!

Onto our idol guests as Gary blushes to meet Rainbow’s Jae-kyung, and Haha warmly embraces INFINITE’s Sunggyu, who’s apparently from Jeonju… only that nobody in the crowd knows it. Ha, and aw.

Meanwhile Jong-kook stumbles through the salon and awkwardly introduces and re-introduces himself to the only person in sight. Lucky for him, model Song Kyung-ah is one of today’s guests and he oh-so-casually steps away from her tall height.

Each team is informed of today’s cooking battle to whip up their favorite foods. Both Haha and Sunggyu appear confident whereas both John and Kwang-soo admit that neither of them knows how to cook.

But that doesn’t prevent John from chirping his favorite dish: naengmyun (cold buckwheat noodles). Ha.

I’m thinking that health fanatic Jong-kook is well-matched with equally health-conscious Kyung-ah, and Jae-kyung brightly says her mother’s a cook (adding that she cooks herself). With two solid gold horses on the line, they better bring out the big guns.

Soo-hong finally get a chance to speak, but when he says that his fortune for 2014 looks bright, Jae-suk points out that this filming takes place in 2014. Soo-hong totally runs with it: “Ah, that’s why I can’t talk today.”

I’m not surprised that Soo-hong’s longtime bachelor life equates to being a decent cook. Jae-suk boasts for Soo-hong about his professional cook certificate in Korean cuisine, which is pretty cool. Jae-suk: “Is there anything else?” Soo-hong: “No.”

I already love these two, and the captions warn us that we’re in for a big twist with them. They set out to get some breakfast before shopping for their main ingredient (fish), and Soo-hong says he’s afraid he won’t be able to digest his food because of Jae-suk.

He wonders if Jae-suk always spoke this fast, and Jae-suk says they have to because seven teams don’t allow for much screentime: “There’s a minute for us for every seven minutes, and ten minutes in seventy minutes!”

At least each team’s main ingredients are centered around their food preferences as Jong-kook and Kyung-ah head out to find an expert in chickens. Kwang-soo suggests to John that they mix all three broths from each noodle dish together, which, ew.

I remember John talking about his love for all things naengmyun from a Happy Together appearance (he was even able to differentiate the restaurant the same kind of noodles were from. Crazy!), so he sounds pretty legit about the important factors of the dish. Yes, yes, but can you make it is the question.

John suggests Kwang-soo to be his sous-chef, and after Kwang-soo learns what that means, he pulls the age hierarchy card. They agree to both be chefs.

Ji-hyo runs into one of her cousin unnis on the way to the fish market. They’re just in time for the morning auction and get in on the action themselves. Ha, Ji-hyo mistakenly ends up buying the lot of crab (800 in total) but thankfully their fellow auctioneers help them out.

Kyung-ho and Suk-jin sing in the car and then gear up to get their hands dirty to dig up oysters. Why, you ask? PD: “Because it’s fresher this way.”

The rocker is surprisingly adorable with his country accent and methodical approach to the task, but I love that he’s gungho about “ruining” his rocker image for variety.

Catching the freshest fish requires Jae-suk and Soo-hong to catch one themselves. They go for another round of bickering (Soo-hong: “What show makes you drink seasickness medicine?” Jae-suk: “Why did you come on [this show] then?”) before climbing aboard.

Soo-hong gives this self-assured explanation about how the ocean temperature is always one season behind, to which Jae-suk counters that he fell into the Han River last week and it was FREEZING.

He ends up getting confused in his own convoluted explanation that the VJ actually turns away to film the ocean instead. Hahaha.

Gary and Jae-kyung meet their food expert of the day in Namjoo, famous for its pears and Hanwoo beef. This historic hideaway is full of little discoveries, like the outside chimneys that prevent unwanted smells from wafting towards neighboring homes.

He calls up Ji-hyo (whom he later admits he wanted to be coupled with today), only to go straight to voicemail. Hahaha. But Ji-hyo calls right back, and when she asks where he is, he gives us another adorable Monday Couple moment: “In your heart, you dummy!”

They’re both reluctant to reveal their teammate, who both remain silent during this entire exchange. Gary is disappointed to hear that Ji-hyo is teamed up with a handsome actor, and asks to speak to him so he can relay Ji-hyo’s likes and dislikes. Aw.

Ji-hyo: “He knows as much about me as you do.” Gary: “Did you go to a club again last week?” HAHAHAHA.

Things are awkward between Jong-kook and Kyung-ah, so he chatters away in his nervousness for a good half hour. Kyung-ah later tells us in a post-interview that “I didn’t know he’d talk THAT much.” Haha.

She admits that her ideal type isn’t that talkative, but she likes macho men. At least they seem to be somewhat friendly when they arrive at their destination. Turns out their chicken expert is none other than actor Lee Gye-in, who has his own chicken coop.

He gets into this long conversation with Jong-kook about quality chickens, and even shows them pictures of his chickens… that he had professionally taken. HA.

When Jong-kook asks why he got them done, Gye-in admits that he already ate the older ones and points out the ones his famous celeb friends ate. Oh gosh, I’m dying.

For a moment there, I thought that we’d get to see Gye-in catch the birds himself, but then he comes back out empty-handed. He offers to hand over the birds’ “relatives” which are “far more delicious,” but it seems to me he’s particularly fond of this flock while he tells them: “I’m doing this for you!”

They get some freshly-laid eggs and veggies out of the deal, and I’m impressed at how Kyung-ah isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Suk-jin and Kyung-ho find themselves surrounded by a bed of oysters, which makes their task a helluva lot easier. Or so we think because Kyung-ho has a tough time shucking them. Annoyed, he asks the VJ (in satoori) to stop filming. D’aw.

Soo-hong has to hook the bait for scaredy-cat Jae-suk, who lasts a good thirty seconds before saying they won’t catch a thing. Soo-hong tells him that fishing requires patience; their first tug is actually a result of their tangled lines and Jae-suk reels a large… seaweed.

Things get exciting when Soo-hong reels in his first catch—a blackfish. Their moods uplifted, Jae-suk cries out to the cameras that they have a shot at making some screentime in this episode.

Jae-suk prays for his own catch, and sure enough, his line goes taut, but we cut away before we get to see what it is.

Ji-hyo catches some squid to eat with Dong-wook, and then says it’d be great with soju. To that, Dong-wook points to inside his jacket and moments later shows us that there’s nothing. Hehe.

Kyung-ah doesn’t hesitate to catch a chicken with her bare hands (while Jong-kook makes a run for it, ha). She tells him to do less talkin’ and more catchin’, which he immediately obeys.

Now we finally get back to the action with Jae-suk… and then the boat owner remarks that his line probably got caught on the ocean floor. Whoops.

They immediately try to save face over how excited they were minutes earlier, and laugh good-heartedly over it. And then Soo-hong suddenly catches an even bigger blackfish. Jackpot!

Now their roles have reversed as a chipper Soo-hong yaks away while Jae-suk seethes in his fishing spot. Wow, today really is Soo-hong’s lucky day because he reels in a third fish.

Jae-suk gets a call from Ji-hyo just then, saying that she’s already learned how to make their dish. After they finish up their call, Ji-hyo is still on the line just long enough to hear Jae-suk yell exasperatedly, “Why haven’t I caught anything yet?!”

The other teams are busy learning how to prepare each of their dishes. We spend some time with Gary and Jae-kyung, who pick up tips from their friendly instructor to cook the old-fashioned way.

They even cook the beef over charcoal, and Jae-kyung remarks that the prep process is oddly stress-relieving. Pfft, for some reason Kyung-ho and Suk-jin share a classic Titanic moment on their way to collect seaweed.

Elsewhere the Babo Brothers learn how to make handmade noodles. Kwang-soo’s batter comes out extra sticky, but thankfully John makes a pretty good batch. Good to know that he can make his own favorite food from scratch now.

Soo-hong is told to remember how to make their fish stew while Jae-suk is busy eating. These two can barely last a minute before they start bickering again while the other teams finish learning how to make their dishes.

Dong-wook and Ji-hyo play a sand tower game, which Dong-wook loses. She demands that he piggybacks her to the car, and they play-fight in the sand. They’re so adorable. And aw, he actually carries her on his back.

Meanwhile, Haha is busy trying to let everyone know that Sunggyu hails from Jeonju. The fangirls are more than happy to skip next to their favorite idol.

Kyung-ho seems confident in his ability to replicate the original taste on their way to their showdown location, but eek, a flash-forward shows Suk-jin comment on how it’s too sweet or bland.

Then it looks like Haha and Sungggyu’s lack of taking notes will come back to haunt them later. Perhaps it’s just the stress-inducing environment to cook under pressure as we see that John has trouble with his batter, too.

The teams finally gather today and meet their judges: a professional chef, a food researcher, a webtoon artist, and a chocolatier.

Jae-suk and Soo-hong try to appeal to their older food researcher (“Can I call you ‘Mother’?” “Or ‘noona’?”), to which they’re told that she’ll show no favoritism. It looks like we’ll see the actual food battle next week and find out who gets praised or criticized.


50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Alexio

    I love the running turn to hugging between Ji Hyo and Dong Wook. I wished their chemistry was like this in Mandate. So cute!

  2. AuroraB

    This episode was…kinda boring lol. I was looking forward to the cooking battle, and then it just ended! Looking forward to the real battle. There were some cute moments though, like the monday couple calling each other!(Ultimate Monday Couple shipper here). Everybody looked like they were on a date! Big nose hyung and his androgynous buddy, Jae Suk and his bickering hyung (they were hilarious), Omg I was totally shipping Kim Jong Kook and the model—they make a cute couple…Kwang So and John Park…*St Agnes’s Burning Train playing* Gary looked like the best son in law (if only Ji hyo was there lol)

    • 2.1 bd

      Eh, having (long) hard rock hair is hardly the same as being androgynous.

      • 2.1.1 clk

        Agreed, but I had to read and re-read the list of guests three times before I realized he wasn’t a masculine-looking ajumma.

  3. celloangelninja

    I think the PDs did a pretty good job of choosing the partners, esp. JihyoxDongwook, JohnParkxGwangsoo and JaesukxSuhong. I normally disliked the Running Man cooking stuff, but next week looks interesting…

  4. callmeadreamer

    I don’t care much for cooking episodes but I really enjoyed this episode due to the partners.

    Love the chemistry between Ji-hyo and Dong-wook. They were truly wonderful together.

    I also enjoyed the Jae-suk and Suk-jin pairings a lot. I wish we saw more of Haha, Kwang-soo, and Gary’s pairings, but I really didn’t care for Jong-kook’s partner.

    Kwang-soo has been so much more tolerable since he cut out the childish behavior and betrayal crap, I hope he continues this way.

    Haha/Sunggyu didn’t have much screentime, but Haha made the most of it. Out of all the guests that lacked screentime Sunggyu is who I wanted to see more of since I’ve grown very fond of him since seeing him on Genius.

  5. zakin89

    I loved the pairings! The staff did a great job in picking partners for the cast and I cracked up a lot.

    I would totally ship Ji Hyo and Dong Wook together but then the Monday Couple is just too strong^^

    I just have issues with the lack of screentime for some couples! I would have loved to see more of KS + John and Haha + Sunggyu. But I won’t complain too much because the others enjoyed me as well (esp. our fishing duo^^) and I swear… Those episodes with cooking are killing me 😛

    I think I am going to try that dish Gary + JK were preparing because I can get the ingredients here in Austria easily^^

    • 5.1 Joicy

      I ship Dong Wook and Ji Hyo too. They are too cute. I hope they are a real life couple. Monday couple is the best but it is only a runnig man couple

      • 5.1.1 lemon84

        I couldn’t agreed more with you…~

    • 5.2 Jana

      Hi! Wow, you’re from Austria?! Bin auch Österreicherin, es ist so schwer K-Drama-Fans hier zu finden. Und sogar Running Man Fan wow! Ich wünschte, ich würde dich persönlich kennen. haha

      Just want to do a shout-out to my fellow Austrian. ^^

      Liebe Grüße,


  6. Jel

    Boring, boring, boring. This is not running man, this is barefoot friends or master chef Korea.

    The worst thing was the cast was completely separated from each other. Rm without the cast interaction just doesn’t cut it for me.

    And some teams like haha and kwang soo’s completely disappeared from screen.

  7. xoxoxq

    ZZZ to the max. 🙁 I’m a huge RM fan but this episode was a boring mess. Too cluttered and noisy. I wonder if the Korean audience would appreciate it better. The guests were not particularly funny and the cast members tried too hard to bring on the laughs.

  8. Elvira

    I love Jihyo and Dong Wook!!!
    and John Park who re-team with Kwang Soo…
    The returns of ditzy brothers.

  9. Ethalina

    I LOVED this episode because of how adorable Jihyo and Dongwook were together. I thought they look good together, but they didn’t have chemistry in MOH. But kyaa! The run-and-leap-into-his-arms! The wrestle! The piggyback!
    The market scene really showed how comfortable and close they are. Dongwook was like, “Do you even need to look at the crab bubbles?”, and was playing along with her hand signals… Ha, so right now I’m shipping Jihyo with Dongwook, as well as Jongkook and Gary.

    The overall pairings were great, but without JihyoXDongwook scenes, this episode would be so much more boring for me. It got really high ratings though… 15.9%?

    • 9.1 callmeadreamer

      It was really cute to see how close they are now. It was really nice to see Ji-hyo so comfortable with a guest.

  10. 10 CutiieAngiie

    I don’t get why people call it boring. Granted, the cast and guests aren’t together but their interactions were hilarious and I think it’s good to have these kind of episodes time to time. Plus, korean viewers seem to agree because this episode’s ratings were more than 15%.
    What I love about Running Man is the fact they don’t have to be stuck in one “genre” which was a complain from the PD in the earlier episodes (he said so in his speech when they won Outstanding Program in 2011)
    So yeah, I’m glad to see some good folks that I loved in Happy Together. Like the rocker or John Park.
    I like the supermodel too. She is like super cool and as you said, isn’t afraid to have dirty hands 😀

    I hope to see a good battle next week !

    • 10.1 Alive

      The high ratings could be due to the positive response of the last episode (the one where they rowed across han river). With all the positive comments, people would tune in in anticipation of the next episode. It may not be due to people actually eagerly awaiting a cooking man show

      • 10.1.1 CutiieAngiie

        More than cooking man show, I think Koreans love “sight seeing” kind of show. Y’know, where they travel to show different parts of the country.
        But ratings can be due to guests too. I remember that episode 159 with all these guests did great (14%).
        Anyway, I’m just glad to see that Running Man is still doing well in his 4th year 😀

  11. 11 damianna

    Been waiting for this since ever! Now, song ji hyo and lee dong wook squee-worthy moments were too cute! Made me think of what’ll happen if mandate of heaven wasn’t such a serious drama (though i still liked that drama a lot).

    I like that all the members think of each other when they’re separated. Song ji hyo for example acted how yoo jae suk and haha would react if they’re scared, they called each other and stuff. They’re so close like a family.

    Really can’t wait for next week’s ep. Running man fighting!

  12. 12 FY Tapri

    MC Park Soo Hong is the one who host that show “Food Magazine” isnt’t it? Didn’t that make him a professional chef or something?

  13. 13 Momoi

    Well this is the first full episode I’ve seen of Running man (mainly for Jaekyung), and while it didn’t really grab me, I still enjoyed it and next week looks really great.

    The cast is really funny too.

  14. 14 aki

    I also thought the episode was quite boring. Also thought that it wouldve been funnier if they had invited Bongsun as Jongkook’s partner, she can cook pretty well too.

  15. 15 mirae

    Did u guys notice how skinny jihyo has become.i know shes filming a drama now bt i noticed shes getting skinnier since she always got the comments shes heavy or she weighed 53kg.i guess shes not immune to those comments.i miss the fuller n healthier figure of mongji.she looks so tired and worn out these days

    • 15.1 Quiet Thought

      I suspect you might be right. She looked so clumsy running around that harborside, like she had coals in the toes of her boots, and I finally concluded she was wearing jeans so tight she could barely bend over in them.

    • 15.2 petmink

      She may have lost weight for the first few episodes of Emergency couple where she starts off as a weak character who gets panic attacks. Or maybe it is the schedule. Hopefully she will get plump again soon.

  16. 16 eiluj

    I find this episode refreshing because the prizes at stake are no joke (the golden horse and approval of experts) and there is no betrayals involved. I like it when the members use their own skills to win. But I hope they get equal amount of screentime.

    At first, I was worried about the JongKook-model pairing, thinking that the model will be shy and reserved. But it turns out I like the outgoing personality of the model~~

    Also, I like the mentor of Gary-Jaekyung pairing. She’s like a mother to them, and both of them looks like they are learning something about cooking AND life. It’s like watching DaeJanggeum~~

    I hope Kwangsoo is really bad at preparing the noodles, because it seems he is just making up his mistakes. If that’s the case, I think it’s a bit rude to the noodle master.

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    • 16.1 petmink

      About Kwang Soo and the noodles. Have you every kneaded dough? It is really hard to get the proportions of water and flour right, even then getting the consistency correct is difficult. I don’t think he was bad on purpose.

  17. 17 akikisetsu

    This episode was a bit too slow for me, but Yoo Jae Suk and Park Soohong were total hoot together.

    And, I was really amazed that Song Ji Hyo and Lee Dong Wook are that comfortable with each other. I seriously thought that they weren’t that close in real life coz they really didn’t have any chemistry on Mandate of Heaven. I would even believe if someone said that they are not on speaking terms off-cam, just because of their on-cam ‘deadness’.

    • 17.1 Lilian

      hmm..I am thinking maybe it was the drama character which didn’t suit Ji hyo. Pretty bland character. Hopefully her character will be more fun and outgoing in her new drama1

      • 17.1.1 Quiet Thought

        It’s about time she gets to dance a tango in one of her dramas. Enough with playing the Designated Stiff!

        • nxa

          bahaha! ‘dance a tango’ just made my afternoon, thanks!
          I’m a little worried about her chemistry with CJH in her upcoming drama precisely because of that designated stiff label you just gave her, but I’m keeping my hopes up and we’ll hopefully get to see some nice interaction between the 2!

  18. 18 Lilian

    In general a boring episode, with some funny moments here and there especially between Jaesuk + Su hong and Jihyo and Dongwook!!!

    They should have brought the cast together rather than keep them separate for so long….

  19. 19 Cynthia

    This wasn’t one of my favorite RM episodes, only because I know that part 2 is going to be an hour of cooking competition without further games or travel. For me, those tend to be boring.

    Everyone looked like they were having a good, funny, interactive time but as an international viewer who understands a few words here and there of Korean, I find it frustrating to hear what I know must be hysterically funny interactions (when the couples are bickering, etc.), but the subs simply sum all that conversation up with one simplistic sentence. I appreciate anyone who takes on these subbing jobs, but sometimes lazy subbing really gets in the way of enjoyment/intent of what’s being shown. (The subbing for We Got Married is guilty of the same – lots of talk and then one inane sentence to sum it up. It sucks the joy for watching right out.).
    This is why recaps for RM from Gummimochi are so valuable – all the interactions are explained and now make sense!

    Thanks, G!

    • 19.1 Laica

      I know what you mean. I definitely didn’t start to really enjoy variety until my Korean got good enough to understand most of the dialogue, and the plays on words and names, etc. Although in the case of Running Man we’re blessed with iSubs’ amazing subs, which not only explain all the jokes and sub every line and most captions, but also note at the top every piece of background music. Now that’s dedication. They’re a little behind, obviously, because it takes so much time to sub it that way, but definitely worth checking out.

  20. 20 LoveSilents

    I am still new to this show and I am trying to catch up by watching the older shows.

    I was highly entertained by this episode. All of the guests were unknown to me but I liked them all.

    Jae-suk and Soo-hong were frigging hilarious, just like real brothers bickering. They could have their own show…

    I loved the tall model Kyung-ah and Jong-kook. She is perfect for variety, cheerful, laughs easily, and totally willing to jump in and do whatever.

    I am liking Ha-ha more and more: loved loved him in his yellow ahjumma kerchief – too funny

    I would like to see the rocker Kyung-ho in that kerchief! What is it about his face that makes him look like a woman? Anyway he was wicked cute too.

    Anyone catch the scene where Ji-hyo is getting a piggyback ride and Dong-wook says his pants are falling down? baahahaa! Why can we viewers ever see the out-takes?

    cheers all!

    • 20.1 petmink

      Can I hope that Ha Ha got a haircut that he is trying to hide under that yellow Ahjumma handkerchief?

  21. 21 LoveSilents

    Oh – I forgot…

    When people “win” on this show do they actually win something of value?
    In the states, some game shows have a special celebrity version once a year. In these show the stars play for a charity. They can win a substantial amount and even the losers are given some money for their charity. It would be really cool if K Variety did this once and a while. Or maybe they do?

    • 21.1 Quiet Thought

      I think a good rule of thumb would be that the prizes in any given game show are going to be the roughly the same value from episode to episode, so the “gold” items, even those that look like they’re worth a queen’s dowry, are probably of about the same value on the show’s expense account as a case of prime Korean beef. Which, as I understand it, might still be worth my weekly paycheck!

      The critics on the net tend to claim the prizes are phoney, but, as with the accusations of the games being “fixed,” my response would be: “Why would they bother?” The game is going to be structured so the celebrity guests are still involved to the end, and you can expect the cast are going to easier on them in the initial stages, but, why fix a game when the episode comes out looking better with real competition? And why give out fake prizes when people will value a real one and you can gold-plate a brass bull for the price of the staff’s lunch sandwiches?

      • 21.1.1 LoveSilents

        Hey – great feedback – thanks! I’m still learning…

    • 21.2 callmeadreamer

      Not every episode, but in some they do win prizes. Digital cameras, premium meat, gold pieces or gold bars, etc… In one episode Gary won a trip to Europe.

      There has been a couple occasions where they have it printed on the screen that the prize has been donated to charity.

      I know that Song Ji-hyo has said that lately when she wins she usually gives the gold to the guests for that day. In the most recent Big Bang episode they took a photo after shooting and you could see that G-Dragon, Seungri, and Daesung were holding gold even though none of them won in the episode.

  22. 22 nxa

    “All I can think of as they playfully bicker with each other is: Where was all this adorable chemistry during the drama?”
    I yelled that at my screen like 3 times during this episode! I just don’t get it!…they’re so cute, I really wanna see how Gary is going to react to their interaction when they’re all (finally) together.
    I’m a huge RM fan as well, but this wasn’t my favorite episode…it was too boring and slow for my liking…I do think the couples work nicely together, and I LOVE to see Park and LKS together again, though.
    Yet again, what makes Running Man Running Man is the interaction between the RM members…so it kinda feels weird to see them all scattered around completely separated from each other.
    Next episode seems like it’s going to be better, though, so I’m looking forward to it!

  23. 23 Laica

    I’m a little surprised that some people found this episode boring – I thought it was really funny. To be sure, it sounded like a drag when I heard the theme, but the cast interactions with each other and with the guests were golden. The pairings were awesome, especially Mong-ji and Dong-wook, and Jae-suk and his longtime hyung. And of course the Monday couple moments <3 though I have to confess I was conflicted in this episode because Mong-ji/Dong-wook were SO DARN CUTE.

    I really love episodes where there's an actual mission rather than just betrayal at every turn (not that betrayal isn't fun once in a while) and there's lots of witty banter – I feel like that's when our cast really gets a chance to shine, because damn are they good at ad-libs.

    Thanks for the recap as always my friend <3

    • 23.1 nxa

      heheheh, I thought I was crazy because I kept telling myself ‘don’t fall for Ji hyo and Dong wook’s cuteness! Monday Couple forever!’

  24. 24 Kim Yoonmi

    The fish is a rock fish… I believe. ^^;;

    Anyhow, some of the interactions were fun. I loved the whole Gary/JiHyo thing and Gary acting like he was jealous of Dong Wook.

    I was wondering, though if the whole rockfish thing was a set up?

    I think this episode was popular because if Koreans are passionate about anything, it’s food and in Gourmond style. So seeing different regionalities of cooking is popular. Think of the first half of Dae Jang Geum going modern.

    Also, probably because there isn’t much on at the beginning/end of the year and Running Man feels like a staple that is easy watching and entertaining. (Familiar)

    Travel shows aren’t really a big thing on Korean television (at least when I was there). I saw more travel shows in HK (Japan has a places to travel shows a lot… like the spas, etc)…. But shows on cultural items is a regular feature. Such as the men that still make gat from horse hair, etc. So combine the food with that feeling and limited amount of dramas to watch and there you go, ratings.

  25. 25 bjharm

    I been re-watching old Family Outing episodes and Yoo Jae-suk always mentions how he been trying to link up one of his friends with Lee Hyori, and I at once wondered if that person was Park Soo-hong lol

  26. 26 light

    This episode was slow and boring. The best part was the surprising chemistry between Jihyo and Dongwook! And i am glad that i wasnt the only one who noticed!

    The model has a great personality which was kinda refreshing.

    John park was cute trying to remember everything and he glowed with pride when he was praised by the noodle chef for making good noodles.

  27. 27 bluesky

    The reason why they dragged this episode is because of the filming schedules ..LGS, Gary or maybe Ji Hyo were a bit busy starting this new year, so PD-nim needs to make this episode become 2 episodes..
    But i think I’m okay with this episode, I feel relax and fun to see their conversations & chemistry especially SJH & LDW after we saw not so much chemistry between them in MOH but both of them seems enjoyable during task..JH even asked LDW to piggyback..It’s rare to see JH being so that closed with any guesses..and i like KJK’s partner too..She’s so easy going..

    Anyway, I just can’t wait for ep.180^^

  28. 28 onyxx

    KJK and Gary got the pretty girls, oh yeah! (Kyung-ah — whoah, those gorgeous cheekbones!)

    YJS & his partner — bicker, bicker, whine, bicker, bicker whine…

    the most comfortable team-ups were those of Ji-hyo and Gary (& their respective partners). it’s like watching old friends doing their favorite activity.

    LKS & his partner — like two peas in a pod hah!

    the Chicken expert LOL! i can’t believe he kept pictures of his fowls and kept close tabs on who ate them har-de-harhar

  29. 29 PINGPING

    Jihyo and Dongwook are so cute together! They seem to have really good relationship in real life and they really have good chemistry (obviously can’t tell from Mandate of Heaven).

    Anyway, I think this pairing and Jaesuk-Soohong saved the episode, or else it was really kind of bland. To me though honestly, all the best parts in this episode involve Jihyo-Dongwook hugging, bickering, piggybakcing, etc.

    And Thanks Gummimochi for awesome recaps!

  30. 30 shasha

    hai, anyone know what is the song played when gary call jihyo?

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