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Running Man: Episode 181
by | January 24, 2014 | 89 Comments

Keeping a secret romance under wraps is no easy task when your fellow students are determined to find out your dating status. Old flames bring about past bitterness while new rivalries threaten to tear classmates apart, and one couple must get through the day without getting caught lest their secret is blown wide open to the entire school.

EPISODE 181. Broadcast on January 19, 2014.

On a nippy winter morning, a mystery student enters an empty classroom. Oh hi there, Lee Jong-seok, who sits down to read a note. From a secret admirer perhaps? Or maybe a special someone?

An hour later, four students (Jae-suk, Suk-jin, Haha, and Gary) are told that they currently don’t get along with their female classmates. They lounge around (sort of) until the door slams open and Ji-hyo takes to task on the boys, which only Gary finds endearing.

Then we meet Ji-hyo’s galpals aka teammates: actress Lee Se-young, whose appearance makes the boys immediately forget about the war of the sexes. And why yes, I did see Gary sneakily take Ji-hyo’s hand.

The next student, however, isn’t so lucky as the boys immediately round on Kwang-ja (Kwang-soo’s female alter ego). Jae-suk snaps that he briefly dated Kwang-ja, only to find her unattractive. Are you talking about the time you two were teamed up together?

Both parties are still bitter about their “relationship” as they mock-slap each other, then Ji-hyo jumps in to ask how far they went. HA. Embarrassed, Kwang-ja yells, “I can’t tell you that!”

The boys grow anxious at the mention of a “Samson” and hilariously retreat at the sight of Jong-sook, Jong-kook’s female doppelganger. As a self-proclaimed artist and cook (Jong-kook won the cuisine battle last week), Jong-sookie is even scarier than her male counterpart: “You think I only know how to cook chicken? I can cook you, too.” Eep.

While Jong-sookie technically may be the strongest among the “girls”, she isn’t the jjang or best fighter of the gang. That title belongs to actress Park Bo-young, and the boys are in awe of the petite leader.

Jong-kook takes issue with the boys speaking to Bo-young in banmal, citing that she’s “early” in their year (or in other words, one of the oldest). Then Jae-suk points to Suk-jin: “He’s really early!” and the mat-hyung quips to Bo-young that he had a drink with her father. Haha.

Jong-seok then joins the group to balance out the teams, and Kwang-ja is quick to claim him as her boyfriend: “It’s our 100 days anniversary tomorrow! We’ve already kissed!”

When the cast jokes that the girls have already fallen for pretty boy Jong-seok, Kwang-ja snaps, “Have you been toying with me?” Settling for Jae-suk is out of the question and Jae-suk laughs in disbelief that he’s still clinging to Kwang-ja, who notes curiously, “So YOU were the caller with the restricted number!”

Today’s “Farm Romance” race prompts Ji-hyo to nervously ask whether they’re heading to a rice paddy, which means getting wet and dirty. Jae-suk says no way because it’s the dead of winter, but Ji-hyo isn’t so sure—the RM staff could pull anything on them. Caption: You know it~

Ackkk, that makes me super nervous—it hasn’t been that long since the cast crossed the Han River on a cardboard-built boat in the freeeeezing cold (and wet. Let’s not forget that).

Jo PD drops the bomb that there’s a secret couple amongst them, and Kwang-ja runs to plant a wet one on Jong-seok, who shivers, “S/he sniffed me.” Anyway, their job is to win the games and acquire hints to figure out who that couple is.

Initial suspicions start flying, but Jong-seok remains silent. We backtrack an hour to learn why as he reads the letter from his secret “girlfriend” who writes that they can announce their dating status if they win today’s mission undetected.

Jong-seok gets adorably nervous at the prospect of his secret mission and practically beams as he describes his ideal girlfriend (someone who has a pretty nape of the neck and clingy) with a smile. Aw, I’ve read headlines about how Jong-seok would like to get married soon and he sounds like a romantic.

It looks like we get to meet today’s Juliet now, and I’d recognize that shade of red from a mile away… then Ji-hyo walks in to meet her partner. She jokes that they’ve been secretly dating for a while but he hasn’t appeared on the show for such a long time. I’ll say.

Their side mission is to strike couples poses in each game without attracting attention from the other members. Every time they succeed, a fake hint will be given to the cast members to throw the scent off their trail.

Hee, they’re awksomely stilted around each other (mostly on Jong-seok’s end), and when the PD asks if they’re promising to work hard for the gold prize, Ji-hyo defends, “No, we’re in love!”

She totally runs with the romantic pairing and asks the staff to let them publicly date, adding that they’ve only seen each other twice in the past year. HA, then Jong-seok just tags along to her statements. You two are already adorable.

In the present, Jong-seok is still awkwardly reserved and Ji-hyo notes that today is Tuesday (which means no Monday Couple? Boo), to which Gary sighs exasperatedly, “All right, I got it.”

Everyone heads out, and in the girls’ car, Ji-hyo is first to broach the topic about today’s secret couple. Bo-young remarks that the dating news only made her feel more lonely, and the ladies wonder if it’s one of the two “girls,” which successfully throws suspicion off of Ji-hyo for now. Well played, m’lady.

Meanwhile in the other car, Jong-seok is so nervous around the guys that you’d think he’d be a dead giveaway with his awkward laughter and general uneasiness. Luckily for him, the boys reason that Jong-seok would be too obvious of a choice and settle on Jae-suk.

Both Jong-seok and Ji-hyo spot the couple pose they have to complete (linking arms) as they arrive at the field with their teams. A flashback warns us that failing to complete their mission risks sending out a real hint to the winning team and endangering their identities.

HA, they have to wear ajumma pants? Whatever this game is, it just earned an extra fifty entertainment points. Haha jokes that he can’t stop thinking about Jong-sookie in those fashionable printed pants, and in a play on words, Jong-sookie smiles, “Then I’ll just stomp on you.”

Here, both teams will start from different ends of the field to fight for a spot on a small platform and the last one remaining loses for their team. Linking arms should be easy enough while everyone’s distracted, right?

Jong-sookie is a force to be reckoned with once the whistle blows, taking down the other team with—what else?—brute force. That and the surrounding chaos makes our secret couple’s task that much more difficult to accomplish, and in the end, only Se-young passes the first round.

I love how Bo-young just accepts the boys’ taunts with a cheery smile, and she later climbs over Suk-jin to stake her claim on the platform. Ji-hyo manages to link arms with Jong-seok in the struggle, but then lets go to avoid notice.

Jong-sookie hurls more guys out of the way, and then Jong-seok climbs on top of the platform. But time is running out and Jong-seok-ah, you can’t leave Ji-hyo behind! Secret mission, remember?!

But alas, both Jong-seok and Jae-suk pass, which is another problem altogether because now the boys are without their two of their strongest members. Double whoops.

In the next round, the “girls” pin Gary and Haha onto the platform, which would essentially leave Suk-jin to fight helplessly on his own in the following rounds. Heh, that’s a pretty good strategy.

It works, leaving the boys ironically in the lead. Jong-sookie comments that the girls will really end up losing at this rate. But Suk-jin is determined to climb on that platform himself, but while Jong-sookie is still in the field, I’d say your chances are pretty slim.

So Suk-jin runs as soon as the whistle blows to plant himself on the platform, but he gets peeled off of it soon enough and dragged back to the start. That allows the girls to pass easily, and then our couple steps back to link arms just as the next round starts. Yay, success!

At the same time, Suk-jin and the “girls” fight on the platform, and in a surprising turn of events, Jong-sookie rolls off. After the others follow suit moments later, they go for another round and the comedic circus-like music cracks me up.

The “girls” end up winning the game, and the boys rally for a 1:1 against Jong-sookie, who chucks them all aside easily. Is anyone else reminded of how Jong-seok was easily pushed off the water platform the last time he faced Jong-kook?

When they hear that they might eat for their next game, Kwang-ja rallies that they go for another game before lunch, and Jong-sookie adds that it’s best to exercise on an empty stomach.

Oh, so it seems that the winning team earns one real and one fake hint (“J” and “P.K.” respectively). Bo-young quips that if they’re trying to pin the “P.K” on her, then she’s definitely not part of the secret couple.

The girls later take a call from the boys, who claim that they know who the secret boyfriend is: Jae-suk. Both Ji-hyo and Jong-seok breath a sigh of relief at that.

When they arrive to their next mission location, Ji-hyo nearly gapes to see the next challenge: hold hands while interlocking fingers. She even mouths to the staff: “How are we supposed to do that?”

Jong-seok seems just as surprised, but then Gary spots the staff members holding hands and mistakes them to be dating for real.

The girls yell at the boys to hurry along now, and when Jae-suk dryly addresses them as “princesses,” Bo-young whips back, “Don’t just call us ‘princesses,’ but treat us like ones.” Heh, I like her spunk.

The game is called “Scarecrow,” which basically boils down to swinging on a bar to the other side (while avoiding the boundary lines around it) and take four steps since the word contains four syllables. The objective is to return safely in the next turn and either falling down or touching the other team results in elimination.

Jae-suk starts off the round fairly easily, but then Kwang-ja does something atypical and wraps herself on the bar. Problem is, she’s got three more syllables to use and ends up painfully hanging from the bar, toes just outside the boundaries.

Kwang-ja is forced to remain in that position as the others take their turns. Then Suk-jin ends up in a similar position from a failed jump.

Ji-hyo ends up far from the crowd, but then Gary catches up to block her, making it difficult for Jong-seok to try to sneak in a hand-holding.

As expected, Kwang-ja falls to the ground in her attempt to make it back, but so does Suk-jin. Thus it’s a draw before the next round, and Haha and Gary trap Se-young in her tracks.

Ji-hyo leaps a far distance again and Jong-seok quickly follows her, to which Gary comments repeatedly, “Don’t block her, don’t block her!”

It puts our secret couple in a prime position, if only the next four turns didn’t end up surrounding them. Se-young is eliminated on her way back, but her teammates make it back just fine, including Ji-hyo.

Jong-seok watches from the sidelines after letting himself be eliminated. Kwang-ja is in a pickle herself and kicks Jae-suk in the face, perhaps harder than she’d anticipated because she immediately rushes to Jae-suk concerned.

But this means time is running out for our secret couple as the game is winding down. So while everyone’s distracted watching the game, Ji-hyo and Jong-seok interlock fingers. Pfft, I love how each time after they complete their side mission, the cameras cut away to Gary.

Oh right, the game. This boys win this time, but the clues (an infinity symbol and a “12”) hardly tell them anything, and Haha notes that it’s strange that Jong-seok doesn’t seem too happy about their win.

The boys still generally suspect Jae-suk in the car while Kwang-ja entertains the possibility that Ji-hyo could be the girlfriend. To that, Ji-hyo admits she is, but that gets cast aside by other guesses.

At the marketplace our secret couple’s third task is to do a forehead kiss. The other boys find Jong-seok’s flustered expression suspicious, which the latter explains away as a phobia towards fists. Take a deeeppp breath, Jong-seok.

The teams will need to couple up in this game and Kwang-ja can barely contain herself: “What if they all choose me?!” Caption: You sure dream big…

Our secret couple smiles when it’s Jong-seok’s turn since being paired up together makes things much simpler. And then Gary says confidently, “I have insurance.” Er, you mean Ji-hyo? SO not the right thing to say to your once-a-week girlfriend.

Then Jong-seok swoops in to choose Ji-hyo, who readily agrees and snaps at Gary for calling her his insurance. In shock at the outcome, Gary defends, “I meant that I was your insurance!”

Se-young does the nice thing to pair up with Suk-jin, which leaves the two “girls,” Kwang-ja and Jong-sookie. For a moment it looks like Haha seems annoyed to be faced with this decision… and then admits each “girl” has her own charm. HA.

Apparently Kwang-ja is cute and Jong-sookie is sexy in his eyes, and both boys choose… Kwang-ja? Ha, well it seems like the safer choice, but d’you really want to risk setting off Jong-sookie’s temper?

Kwang-ja decides on giving a backhug to the man of her choice as they both try to appeal to her. Oh, this isn’t going to bode well for the one with Jong-sookie. It’s Haha, who cowers as Jong-sookie levels, “It would have been nice if you came nicely…” Welcome to hell.

The couples are told to buy anything at the market as long as they complete the rest of their mission within three minutes. While the others are busy buying various items, Ji-hyo and Jong-seok attempt to complete their forehead kiss.

They get interrupted however and hurry back, where everyone’s surprise task is to build a tower with their items. But with mere seconds left on the clock and a rogue clementine (that Gary later stuffs into his mouth. Hee, to get rid of evidence?), they fail the round.

Kwang-ja astutely points out that the secret couple is likely trying to prevent them from succeeding on purpose. Naturally that draws suspicion in Kwang-ja’s direction, and then Haha says that the culprits are amongst them. Caption: Where else would they be?

Kwang-ja’s direction, and Haha says the culprits are here in this room. Caption: Where else would they be?

They decide to change partners and now it’s ladies’ choice. The boys quiver in Jong-sookie’s presence, and when she chooses Jae-suk, he tells her to get lost. Oh man, you are so going to regret that decision.

Then per Jong-sookie’s request, the other girls pair up with different boys (and the Monday Couple end up together), leaving the mat hyungs behind. Both “girls” choose Jae-suk, who doesn’t hesitate to take Kwang-ja’s hand.

That particular outcome, however, draws suspicion towards the pair and Jong-sookie shoots them a death glare. Then it’s back to the marketplace as everyone suspects everyone else.

The couples are tasked with holding their item between their cheeks for a minute and the Monday Couple (who bought beans) asks if that means one bean. Answer: Yes. Insta-skinship!

So Gary is happy as a clam to be pressing his cheek against Ji-hyo’s and doesn’t break away even when time is up. Hee.

The staff burst in laughter when Ji-hyo notes that Kwang-ja and Jong-sookie are fighting for Jae-suk’s affections. She even adds that Jong-sookie threatens them to keep their paws off of him.

Jong-sookie gets her wish in the next round and orders Jae-suk around. Mr. PD asks whether they should extend the mission time to five minutes to, you know, give them more alone time. And Jong-sookie is the perfect naggy girlfriend who gets peeved when Jae-suk tells another couple that they’ll be breaking up soon.

Everyone gathers together again and completes their mission with ease—but doesn’t that mean both hints are real now? But they’re given one real and one fake hint, which can only mean that our secret couple completed their mission. And sure enough, we see in flashback that they did. Twice!

Both hints are a string of numbers that confuses everyone. In the car Jae-suk guesses the real hint points to the number of strokes (when the names are written in hanja characters). That boils down the possibilities to two pairings and Jong-seok awkwardly defends that it isn’t him.

They arrive at their final mission location which is a set up of picture frames and old-timey cameras. The boys fluctuate between either a Ji-hyo and Jong-seok pairing or Gary and Bo-young, and Ji-hyo reminds them that the girls have an extra hint on their hands.

Apparently there was another mission before the marketplace one that tasked the secret couple with a backhug. It seems a bit jarring to add this sequence right before the final decision, but perhaps that’s the whole point, so we’ll run with it.

It was an “I love you” game where the cast members would either accept or reject someone’s heartfelt or comedic confession without laughing. Se-young had whispered in Gary’s ear, who had answered, “Me too.”

Then both Se-young and Bo-young had kissed Gary on the cheeks, which pretty much meant he could die happy that very moment. But when it came down to the actual backhug, Jong-seok broke into laughter at the sight of Kwang-ja and the girls acquired a real hint.

Back in the present, each team is told to present their choices. The boys initially think of sending out Ji-hyo and Jong-seok, but they’re thrown off by Ji-hyo’s poker face. Gary insists that it isn’t him because they can read him like an open book, but Jae-suk points out that his acting has gotten much better lately.

So they send out Ji-hyo and Jong-seok, who prepare themselves to be found out… and get hit with a blast of white. Both teams reveal how they knew who the couple was (the boys noticed that Jong-seok remained eerily quiet while they were figuring out the hint and the girls’ own hint pretty much gave it away) and everyone is surprised to hear that they had side missions of their own.

When Ji-hyo and Jong-seok shows off holding hands, Gary belatedly recalls seeing the staff doing the same. At least now Gary can rest easy that Ji-hyo is still his Monday girlfriend, and when Jong-seok is asked for final thoughts, he cries: “I told you not to put me up to this [secret mission business] because I can’t do it!”


89 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kristy

    Lee Jonseok was so awkward but fun to watch
    Hope we see more of Jong sookie….and mannered boys!!!!

    • 1.1 Laden

      cute episode.thank God he(lee Jong Suk) has gotten rid of the blond hair,I still luff him tho

      • 1.1.1 Laden

        Made him look like a blond pumpkin

      • 1.1.2 Sakura

        unfortunately, he hasn’t…
        this was filmed before he dyed his hair

  2. Mimi

    Love this episode. Gary oppa is so adorable! 🙂

  3. LoriLou

    It sort of shattered my manly illusions of LJS from IHYV to see Giraffe throw him around like paper in that first mission LOL.

    • 3.1 pogo

      I’ve never been able to see him as a man since Woobin stuffed him in a closet in School 2013. As in, actually picked him up and shoved him inside lol

      • 3.1.1 LoriLou

        LOL oh well true. I feel he held his own in School though, but I did forget about that! LOL

  4. PollyRose

    Poor Jong-seok…you could see he was so nervous. Which of course translated into me being nervous for him the whole episode 🙂 Nonetheless, quite funny.

    Jong-sookie was probably my favorite part. Between him manhandling the guys in the first game and getting mad at being rejected I was laughing hysterically. I thought we couldn’t get any funnier than Kwang-ja and then Jong-sookie came and broke the mold.

    • 4.1 wannabean

      i laughed so hard at when jong-sook took his revenge on jae suk xD

  5. Quiet Thought

    Good work by the cast making up for a poor casting decision for the main character. As Jong-seok said himself, he just wasn’t up to the job.

    • 5.1 bjharm

      agreed in the end the clues where not even needed, they ‘guessed’ based off their knowledge of each other, rather than go by the clues. They needed more guests to mix it up more, as it was it was just easy for them to guess that it was Ji-hyo and well Jong-seok pretty much gave himself away, they finally found a worse lier than Gary!

  6. Quiet Thought

    At this point, Park Bo-young should be wondering who in the Running Man production team has a grudge against her. In her first appearance, she cheerfully went along with being a red herring for a Choi Min Soo episode. Now she is a much bigger star, but the plot of this episode has her playing filler guest to a flower boy actor who isn’t remotely as big a name as she is and isn’t remotely as good at variety.

    • 6.1 Nancy

      Park Bo-young’s first RM ep was 25 and she was great. But agreed, she should have been the main character and be paired as a secret couple with Kwang-soo. It would have been better. Call me crazy and I’m the minority but I don’t find Lee Jong-suk attractive and especially with that hair. He’s a good actor but I just don’t understand the hype.

      Jae-suk, Kwangja and Jongsookie where the best part of this ep. Oh, and jealous Gary too.

      • 6.1.1 her

        Well, normally they would paired up the male members with the female guest as a secret couple, but this time, Song Ji Hyo got the role and she should be paired up with male guest. Since she hasn’t got the role from ep 1 till now, it’s her first time, I think it’s fine.

        • little one

          Jihyo has been paired with Minho and Siwon in ep 75, but yeah I don’t mind her being paired with Jongsuk! Hopefully, the next time Bo Young comes, she’ll have a bigger role.

      • 6.1.2 atz

        Lee Jong-suk does not look like a cookie cutter flower boy type. He does not have a manly face but we would not misidentify him for a girl either. There are other actors whom I consider hypes and I do not see why girls are crazy over them. But there is something about LJS : he seems quite genuine and has certain naivete.

      • 6.1.3 bjharm

        Lee Jong-suk is hot right now that means $ that means over exposure and promotions to get as much $ out of it before the next hot thing comes around.

      • 6.1.4 tan

        I don’t think he is hyped, compared to some actors who are famous quickly, ex Kim woo Bin, Lee Minho, Kim soo huyn, kim huyn joong…

        But I agree that Park BO Young is so funny and lovable. She enthusiastically competed, and should be a member of RM: strong, nimble, hilarious,… She is great actress that is underrated. But never mind, she always try her best to do, in movies and shows. I like her.

      • 6.1.5 redfox

        you dont understand the hype? yet you admit he is a good actor yourself! exactly the hype is about being a good actor, an excellent one in fact. not about how he looks. maybe how he looks when he shows different emotions on screen. try to understand, that if looks and youthful were all that mattered, no actors would get a job after they turn 35. getting experience is what matters so you can work for a long time. playing together with some excellent seniors and stuff, and fortunately Lee Jong Seok has gotten that chance to be in dramas and movies with some great sunbaes and can learn a lot. he has the ability to learn, you can feel it. like a sponge.

    • 6.2 Gabby

      Hm, I don’t remember Choi Min-soo in Park Bo-young’s first episode at all. Her first feature on RM was at some manhwa museum/center back in 2011, and she was given plenty of screen time to be cute and vivacious (obvs, as she was the episode’s sole guest).

      It’s too bad if she’s been shafted this time by the PD/cast (I haven’t seen the ep yet), since she has a personality that can lend itself well to variety. And there’s no denying that she’s a star and a real talent, but 2013 was kinda Lee Jong-suk’s year. He and Kim Woo-bin are the undisputed It Boys. (I feel like Park Bo-young actually isn’t quite at the level of fame she SHOULD be because her filmography is too spare.)

      • 6.2.1 Quiet Thought

        Hah! I didn’t know about ep 25. I first saw her in ep 118.

      • 6.2.2 her

        Maybe the Production Team was planning to make Ji Hyo as the couple girl because she hasn’t got the role of secret couple since ep 1, only the boys got it and coupled with the female guest. So if Ji Hyo was the girl, obviously she’d partnered with male guest.

      • 6.2.3 Megumi

        I totally agree with your comment, PBY is not underrated at all, I love her and she’s a good actress and she’s liked by general public and fans, she’s totally getting the amount of popularity she’s deserving of just like Lee Jong seok, if she will get more popularity than she’s getting now than I’m afraid she’ll fall on the category of overrated actors and actresses, and looking at her filmography she’s still got a lot to prove to be called big star, except werewolf boy and speedy scandal her other movies didn’t do well, even in werewolf boy song joong ki totally overshadowed her, she’s still got a long way to go, she’s an up and coming movie star just like Lee Jeon Seok. Also this year was a breakthrough year for LJS and he is already starred in 3 movies after his breakthrough in IHVY, he also had one of the major roles in the movie Face Reader which was one of the highest grossing movie of all time in Korea. Not only his movies but most of his dramas were hits too, School 2013, Secret Garden, IHVY etc. The boy is getting love calls from directors and public alike so it’s totally understandable from RM’s point of view to be give him more attention than PBY who has just comeback in movies now after 2 years because since werewolf boy she hasn’t done anything…

  7. nomad

    This episode got me rolling in laughter. DAEBAK!! I love everything about it, and Se Young was so nice when she picked Suk Jin because he was “rejected” by Bo Young before. Se Young was almost drowned in the midst of all the hilariousness of Kwang Ja and Jong Sookie, but that one act alone just forever etched in me. Loveeee this episode, love it, love it! Can we have more love triangle btwn Jong Sookie, Kwang Ja and Jae Suk please? What a stress relief!

  8. jel

    Lee Jong Suk was so awkward.

    Loved the faces Ji Hyo pulled whenever she saw the actions she had to complete with Jong Suk – her scowl when she saw the backhug one when she came in (clinging on to Jong Kook’s arm) was priceless.

    Loved how Jong Kook embraced his inner Jong Sook. Almost killed me

    • 8.1 luv

      i smell a fellow spartace follower (:

  9. callmeadreamer

    Really enjoyed the episode. I liked all the guests and even if Lee Jong-suk wasn’t as good as he could be I thought he did a decent enough job for someone who has issues in these type of settings. Part Bo-young should have been featured more but she is really good at being seemingly effortless with variety.

    The missions for the couple were really hard so I was surprised they managed to complete three. They also had good chemistry and I was happy with how much effort Ji-hyo made. With guests she usually let’s the other members handle them, but being that she was his secret partner she really made herself, him, and them as a couple shine during their moments.

    Kwang-soo has been really good lately, funny in a non annoying way. 2013 was such a bad year for him, to me, but ever since the Gary Christmas episode I’ve been enjoying him a lot.

    Jong-kook embraced Jong-sook in a really enjoyable way. I like that he had such fun with it. He and Kwang-soo really were the best part of the market scenes, when it was time to choose partner.

    • 9.1 NewFan

      I noticed how Kwang Soo wasn’t quite as annoying, until he kicked Jae Suk in the nose. Eek! It looked like it really hurt, too.

      • 9.1.1 Cynthia

        I have to agree. Kwang-soo seems to be toning down his obnoxious antics lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of the nature of the past few RM missions or if the PD’s finally took note of growing criticism regarding his behavior.

        • harem

          Well, I dont feel anything obnoxious about his performance in RM. I actually enjoy Giraffe in the show..just started watching the show for a month, from ep 1 to 181, and i have become a fan of him. Sure sometimes when he sabotage his teammates, it kinda irks me but i never feel like he did it out of being obnoxious.If anything, I think that is his way to show his passions toward the show and seriously, this guy have been working hard from nobody to somebody, zero to hero. I was in the fan meeting in malaysia and this guy was so humble, he even walked down from stage and shake every each of his fan hands. If you want to talk about being annoying, then I would say suk jin is annoying as hell in this show. It is not about age, or the face, it is about how much you willing to challenge yourself in RM. I watched ep 129 and he really lazy in the hide and seek segment..he did it many times me he is the one who is obnoxious and annoying..

          • harem

            But this doesnt mean that I hate suk jin but more to his attitude. In the first several episode of rm, he was really good, on par with jae suk..even the guest respected him..but I dont know why, he kinda lost in the midway.

        • callmeadreamer

          It probably has to do with the growing criticism, it seems like a lot of people were tired of his recent behavior. Kwang-soo really could have messed with some of their missions if he wanted to, but didn’t.

          I’m getting ready to watch 182 now, so I’m hoping his recent trend continues.

      • 9.1.2 harem

        Anyone can see that wasnt in purpose. Jae suk was behind with his face facing giraffe long leg. How would you expect it will end up? He even hugged and apologize to him.

      • 9.1.3 callmeadreamer

        It did look like it hurt, but since it was clearly an accident it didn’t annoy me as he past actions have.

  10. 10 girly

    I just love this episode, because it’s funny and sweet at the same time. I love the guests and also the plot line.
    I love how the producer teamed up Jong Kook and Kwang Soo with the girls, so they can protect them, especially Jong Kook. They both did a nice work helping the girls at the first mission. I love how the boys’ team was frightened by Jong Kook, even though he was a “girl”. It was really funny at the couple mission when Jong Kook was like a hell to them, and got rejected couple times by Jae Suk. Well, he finally felt ignorance after kept intimidate the members for a long time. Oh and yeah I like how Se Young chose Suk Jin when he got rejected by Bo Young.
    I love how Song Ji Hyo and Lee Jong Suk were teamed up as a secret couple. It’s the first time the producer made Ji Hyo as the secret couple and both of them did a nice work though they lose at the end. It’s sweet when they were doing their secret missions, and even though those were just missions, for a moment I felt like those were real. They’re really good at it, maybe because they’re both actor. And when Jong Suk put up Ji Hyo’s hoodie to protect her from the sprayed flour; maybe he felt guilty about their loss because of his act. Even Jong Kook admitted it; he thought Jong Suk really likes Ji Hyo. They edited it well; even the background music in every secret mission suited them.
    And I just noticed that the guests, Park Bo-Young, Lee Jong-Suk and Lee Se-young, starred a new film together, Hot-blooded Youth, which Park Bo-Young became a gangster/fighter. I just can’t wait to see this cutie little girl became a gangster.

    • 10.1 panshel

      And I just noticed that the guests, Park Bo-Young, Lee Jong-Suk and Lee Se-young, starred a new film together…

      That’s funny how you just noticed when the whole reason the three of them guested on this episode was to promote Hotblooded Youth. I’m adding that to my list of Must-Watch Movies Once It Gets Subbed.

    • 10.2 lesssdan

      When jong kook said he thought jong suk really like ji hyo and bo young agreed makes me wonder how many male guest were interested in jihyo as they seem to ignore if a male guest get close or follow jihyo around while filming running man.

  11. 11 chewyish

    I wish they had more physical games but I enjoyed this episode, Not everyone is going to have that big variety persona and I thought Jongsuk was entertaining in his own way. Half the fun of the episode was watching him be a nervous wreck about the secret mission and his lame attempts at being ~secretive~ Him and Jihyo were super adorable too.
    Kwangja and Jongsook had me in tears during the first challenge when they were throwing the other team around. poor sukjin hahahah

  12. 12 PlikQ

    i really want to be song ji hyo everytime they doing their missions, even the song seems like on drama *swoon.

  13. 13 owl

    So cute! Ji-hyo and Jong-seok might have been less suspicious of Jong Seok wouldn’t have said to Ji0hyo “Come out!” for the first shopping spree. I think that really gave them away as the couple. But, yeah, the initials pretty much gave it away.

  14. 14 redfox

    I need this very much. since yesterday I watched Face Reader. Yes I just need to LOOK AT HIM looking healthy and alive. yes yes yes

  15. 15 panshel

    Three actors whom I love, but Bo Young is the only one who has variety sense. Jong Suk, albeit cute, was pretty useless, and it would have made no difference if Se Young wasn’t there.

    “Dugeun Dugeun” from the Best Love OST fits the couple’s missions perfectly. Gary grabbing Ji Hyo’s hand was adorable, and Kwang Soo’s “Nae namja chingu ya!” was hilarious.

    That platform game is just horrible for Big Nose Hyung. I still remember when 2PM passed easily and had to wait… and wait… and wait for him. I feel sorry for Suk Jin. Se Young was nice to accept his hand.

    I love this Jong Kook / Kwang Soo being on the same team with no backstabbing by Giraffe and no bullying by Spartakooks. They got along so well today. I laughed so hard at Jong Sook picking out the black leggings in that tone of voice. He sounded just like Madam Jeong from Gag Concert. And his ending comment was gold: “I thought Jong Suk liked Ji Hyo for real. But I should have know that wasn’t possible.”

  16. 16 nova611

    what is the song? dugun dugun? who is the singer?

    • 16.1 barbara black fox

      The Cranberries “Ode to my family”

    • 16.2 fishball

      Dugeun dugeun is sung by Sunnyhill. (:

  17. 17 oi

    I did not that Kim Jong Kook could be so funny.

  18. 18 messy

    I love this episode especially how awkward jong ssukkiee act he really didn’t know how to lie but he acts so well in movies recently I’ve seen his movie Hot Boiling Youth and I tell you guys its so good…

  19. 19 Belle

    I love the recent episode of RM. It’s good to see Ji Hyo act like a girl once in a while since she’s dominated by males constantly. Though she stands her own ground and pretty much dominates over her other RM members. I always do enjoy seeing the drama element incorporated into variety show setting. It makes for an interesting show and a love line that I immensely enjoyed.
    I squealed every time they completed a mission. I definitely would not mind seeing Jong Suk and Ji Hyo in a drama together!

  20. 20 Raptor

    Love this ep!

  21. 21 onyxx

    holy… if i ever meet a female KJK i would probably run for the hills too LOL!

    the way KJK keep bowling everyone out of the way (during that game in the field) set me off laughing. and making sure only Suk-jin was left behind was a neat trick.

  22. 22 eli_n

    SJH and LJS were adorable together! I pretty much squealed every time they had to sneak in those couple poses. It would have been a nice twist for the cast if they had won, but then again, LJS was so flustered and nervous throughout the ep that it would have looked so obviously scripted had the cast not been suspicious of him.

    And really, I’m just happy that Miss Mong got her first secret couple mission! And with one of the IT flowerboys otm at that (Did mine eye deceive me or did the ace sneak in an extra arm hold in the first game? Not that I blame her) Now I really want to see them in a noona-romance together 🙂

    Didn’t know PBY was so spunky – really liked how she gave as good as she got to the boys this ep. Wonder if that’s really her personality or if she’s channelling her school jjang character from her new movie?

    PSY pretty much blended into the background but her choosing JSJ as her partner will forever endear her to me. Thanks for being to sweet to our Big-nose hyung!

    But really, this ep is a rm classic just for the birth and hilarity of Jong-sookie. KJK OWNED that character. Like I died laughing every time he made veiled threats with that pink box or thanked the boys for losing ‘on purpose’. And the nice side effect was seeing him work together with Kwang-ja this time instead of having to worry about yet another tiger-giraffe betrayal and bullying. 🙂

    • 22.1 her

      Who is PSY? I think you mean LSY, Lee Se Young.
      I pretty much agreed that finally Ji Hyo got her first role of being a secret couple, because normally they would paired up one of the male members with the female guest, and I thought of that before the episode started. Well, it’s nice to see their acting though they lose at the end.

    • 22.2 callmeadreamer

      They were all kinds of adorable!

      I really liked LSY for choosing Suk-jin too, it was so nice to see a guest choose him.

  23. 23 aly

    this was the first episode in a while that i actually watched the whole way through whilst making me laugh constantly. it’s been so long since i have had that with this show. i hope future eps stay up to par. the pairing was so adorable and made me swooooon 🙂

  24. 24 Belle

    *whispers* Noona killer

  25. 25 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    My biggest laugh for this ep was at the beginning where Ji-hyo peeked into the room to see who she was being paired up with, spots
    Lee Jong Suk and practically falls over herself thanking the staff!

  26. 26 Laden

    cute episode.thank God he(lee Jong Suk) has gotten rid of the blond hair made him look like a blond watermelon,I still luff him tho

  27. 27 AuroraB

    Omg Jong Sookie/Kookie was hilarious!

  28. 28 maknaee

    My heart keeps fluttering watching Jong Suk and Ji Hyo. They look so good together <3 Looking forward for LJS next drama project~

    • 28.1 her

      Yeah, I felt that too. Well, even-though they were just doing secret mission for secret couple, for a moment, I felt like those were real. They’re really good at it, maybe because they’re both actor.

  29. 29 Hari

    This was a really cute and fun episode; LJS was so adorably awkward.

  30. 30 gigi

    Thank God…it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a RM episode so enthusiastically. The last few had me so bored I was wondering if I was over the show itself. Thankfully, they’ve still got it. So funny and cute…and just a joy to watch. I loved the jokes, the guests, and the games. I don’t normally find Kim Jong Kook to be a funny guy but he was so frickin’ hilarious in this episode.

  31. 31 Ethalina


    Park Boyoung was great, Lee Seyoung was okay 7 she really did try her best (but of course, none of the focus was really on her) & Lee Jong Seok was adorable, purely because he’s so awkward.

    I love every episode that puts Jihyo as the star, and this one made me squeal really hard every time she & LJS did the special mission.

    Lol it seems like I’m shipping Jihyo with a new guy every week now (& I haven’t even watched her new drama yet). But anybody else felt like all the secret missions point to Spartace? At the end, I really thought that the real secret couple were Jongkook & Jihyo, and they’re going public with their relationship or something. Then I realise that’ll be inappropriate & impossible.

    • 31.1 harem

      Err..about jong kook n jihyo…no. imposibble to happen. I personally do not think that jihyo is jong kook type at all, and the same apply to ji hyo as well. To me, they feel more like brother and sister relationship. I remembered on some article mentioned how awkward and hard for jihyo to get along with jong kook..which took her almost one year for the chemistry to be build out.

      • 31.1.1 Micky

        Not only JK but including Haha & Gary the last person which is quite astonished from shown in RM. ( The evidences were from SG FM & from the people who had seen while filming RM long time ago which saying she closed to JK more than Gary).
        MC was alived back again after Gary’s hiatus, getting more & more Closed than before.

        And the big one was, JH just annouced she would get closer to Gary more on her SBS’s speech 2013. Congratulate to MC FC.

        On her previously interview, JH said she’s not easy with people first, ( I don’t remember all her words). I think because from RM’s influence & success, she’s adapted herself in a good way.
        Once I used to think that she has a little crush toward KJK. Each respect & like each other in some ways, but stop there not go any further anymore. JH has her BF.

      • 31.1.2 sp

        She said that in an interview and that apply to Gary and Haha as well. She addressed them in a formal way off-screen for a year before they became a close-knit group. I think she was closest to Kwangsoo and Joongki in the beginning with them being her juniors.

        I feel like JH and JK is a case of could-have. There are chemistry there, JK always gaze and smile at her I do believe there were feelings there at some point. But I don’t think they went beyond that. Monday Couple is so awkward to watch a lot of times I don’t know why so many people dig that. I wish they could stop playing up this fake romance to satisfy some fans’ imagination. Let them have fun and fake relationship with guests instead.

    • 31.2 callmeadreamer

      Not for one second did I think the secret couple hints pointed to SpartAce. Why would you think that?

      Wait… public with their relationship? Why would you think they were dating?

  32. 32 harem

    Uhh..I dont really care about the male guest(lee jong suk) at all..he was boring and so not functional at all in the show.. you can even count how many times he actually talk..lack of interactions with the rest of cast…and he is the main character for today?? …it’s like even if he are not there, it woulnt even harm or affect the show as the whole.

  33. 33 Mia

    Lol LJS and SJH were so adorable! Lots of squeeing this ep.
    Though I was hoping for more of the other girls, LSY and PBY, they were so game!

  34. 34 Lilian

    This was a pretty good episode except for the horrible editing at the end. I thought they had managed to keep the “relationship” a secret but seems like one major game which they lost affected the results? As the real clue, which was a major one, helped to confirm their identities!

    • 34.1 bjharm

      I though they pretty much took no notice of the clues and went by gut -feeling in the end, but as you say it could have been the editing that gave me that impression.

  35. 35 JJ


  36. 36 me

    Ji Hyo: (pointing Gary) are you mad?
    Gary: (accepting her hand) why would I be mad?

    Aigoo~ Gary Oppa, I also saw that. Even though he said he wasn’t mad, it’s written all over his face. For a moment, it looked like he’s mad to her.

  37. 37 Raptor

    I have a lot to say about the next episode. Can’t wait for the recap

  38. 38 Dice

    That guy looked seriously disappointed when he found out who his girlfriend was. Choi Min Soo revealed that guests know which other guests will appear in the same episode as them before they start filming. No doubt he was hoping for either Lee Se Young or Park Bo Young.

  39. 39 12times

    all of the mission scenes were adorable to me. My only problem is that even though they succeeded there was still a hint given out.

  40. 40 al

    anyone know what bgm at 01:21:36 on this episode?

  41. 41 lover

    fun episode…i hope for a twist for secret couple….maybe lee kwangs ooo and park bo young or kwangsoo and jihyo or vice versa…it will fun and shock…it will more shock if kwangsoo and jong kook is a secret couple..

  42. 42 rara

    anyone know the bgm when Lee Jong Suk appear?? at 07:49 i think..when all the guest come
    pleaseee.. it is not in the list from the link provided above

    • 42.1 Yui

      Its my prince by park bo young

  43. 43 Chups

    Its my prince by park bo young

  44. 44 duo

    This would be a godlike episode if there was a more interactive main male guest than the casted one (he was so blurred that i totally forgot his name). Fan girls may have a reason to enjoy his appearance but i’m not, i’m a guy, and i don’t find him more attractive than Jea Suk or Gary or Haha. Lee Seyoung was silent but it’s ok because she wasn’t main guest.
    I agree with the idea of pairing Park Bo Young with Giraffe for the secret couple.

  45. 45 CMC

    Can I ask for the link of this ep? I badly want to watch it. Thanks!! 🙂

  46. 46 CMC

    Can I ask for the link of this episode? I badly want to watch it. Thankie!!

  47. 47 aiman basir

    lee se young pretty girl

  48. 48 yusman omar

    poor suk jin

  49. 49 yusnani patani

    lucky gary kiss by two pretty and young girl

  50. 50 abc

    Songs name when park boyoung enter

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