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Running Man: Episode 182
by | January 31, 2014 | 99 Comments

What if you could create your own Running Man episode from start to finish? And the staff actually took your ideas and brought them to life? One fangirl gets her dream come true as the cast plays the games and abides by the rules she created herself.

It’s impressive how thought-out and detailed the entire day is, making these ninety minutes the funniest, most heartwarming, and downright entertaining episode this show has ever seen.

EPISODE 182. Broadcast on January 26, 2014.

For this Lunar New Year Special, our favorite MC Jae-suk introduces today’s guests as this year’s rising stars. I’d argue that Yeo Jin-gu has been on the rise for some years now, but I’m excited about his appearance and see him exercise his variety muscles.

The cast is undoubtedly impressed by his deep register; his voice alone could easily make one forget that he’s still just a wee sixteen years old (eighteen in Korean age).

Though that doesn’t stop Kwang-soo to quip: “Honestly [Jin-gu] doesn’t look 18 years old either.” Coming from the giraffe who’s often mistaken for older himself, keh.

Our next guest, Dohee, is initially hesitant to give a curse-slinging greeting à la her character Yoon-jin from Answer Me 1994. She complies with the cast’s encouragement, and the one-line satoori smackdown leaves the boys gaping. Lol.

Last but not least, we meet idol-actor Im Shi-wan, who corrects Jae-suk’s hazy memory, saying that this is only his second appearance on the show (the first being the 2012 Idol Olympics).

The others are eager to grab the MC mic out of Jae-suk’s hands at the slip-up and carry on their own interview. It’s a bit of a chaotic mess, barely letting their guest get a word in, to much laughter and frustration.

Then Jo PD introduces today’s Chinese Chess Race, constructed by a fangirl from Hong Kong, whom we saw work tirelessly at the beginning of the episode. The cast will be divided into two teams (Red vs. Green), and none of them will know which team they belong to until the final mission.

However, winning today’s games will allow them to clue in to their own identity and to switch places with another castmate. Kwang-soo quotes a saying of how today’s friends can be tomorrow’s enemies, to which Jong-kook counters: “You’re always the enemy.” Touché.

It seem silly then to know who’s on what team at present if and when those identities can easily change today. What we know is that our fangirl has outlined all of today’s games and rules—no easy feat for a whole production team who plans every week, let alone one person.

The cast must pair up before their first game, and as expected, all the boys cast their votes for Dohee, who decides to pick whoever has the best satoori (aka countrified) accent. Aw, some of their attempts are plain awful or barely passable.

And then Shi-wan surprises everyone with his bleeped-out statement. While I love that he says it with a harmless smile and that this is variety and all, but eek, you’re still an idol Shi-wan-ah!

Dohee chooses Jong-kook (who flushes bright red, ha) and Jin-gu teams up with similarly deep-voiced Haha. I realize that Haha’s high-pitched Haroro character voice might make one think otherwise, but his natural tone outside of the show is surprisingly deep.

We get another hilarious round of satoori attempts when it’s Shi-wan’s turn to pick. He chooses Pohang native Ji-hyo, a choice that puts Monday Boyfriend Gary on edge.

The teams reel in shock at their first game: a massive acupuncture floor obstacle race. Oh boy, so this is how we’re going to recycle all of those spare prickly mats, is it? Owww, I can already feel the pain from this side of the screen.

Gary and Kwang-soo climb into the horse costume (since 2014 is the Year of the Horse), and when they’re told that carrying teammates on their shoulders isn’t allowed, Kwang-soo drops Gary onto the floor. Ouuuuch.

Then their actual run just has me in stitches: knocking down every single hurdle, rolling across the floor, and even dragging behind each other at times. Every passing second is painful for them, though hilarious for us until they finally reach the finish line.

Near tears, they cry out a thanks to their fan. Kwang-soo: “We were able to play such a fun game thanks to you! I won’t ever forget it!” Gary: “I love Hong Kong!”

Dohee worries that her petite height makes her too short for the hurdles. But never fear when Jong-kook is your teammate, as he hoists Dohee on his shoulder while stepping over the hurdles like a boss.

That enables them to speed through the rest of the course, and even with a time penalty (because all four feet needed to be on the ground at all times), they still finish under a minute. Dayum.

There’s this epic score that accompanies Jin-gu’s turn, which makes me think that he’s super competitive. Jin-gu and Haha opt to charge past all the hurdles for the sake of speed. That strategy works out for them though, and they beat out the other team by one second.

Oh, I would have been content to watch the other teams play this game too, but we skip ahead as Haha and Jin-gu are declared the winners. Haha checks his piece (Red), and is delighted to be on top of the totem pole.

Then Little Jong-kook aka Jin-gu gets adorably startled when Jae-suk teases that he can see the chess piece. Jin-gu ends up switching teams with Jong-kook.

The second mission is aptly titled the Big 3, named for the large-scaled water games previously seen in this show: the flying chair basketball, the balloon jump, and diving. Here, the team who achieves a combined record of 30 meters the fastest will be declared the winners.

Jae-suk and Jin-gu opt for the diving board, and while Jin-gu doesn’t seem too worried, his scaredy cat teammate tells him to take a minute. Whoa, Jin-gu is confident to take it one step further to attempt the 7.5m jump, and Jae-suk actually contemplates that choice for a moment before backing out.

Jin-gu’s decision grabs everyone’s attention, and the maknae grits his teeth and jumps. He even exits the water with a smile, which makes the dive all the more impressive. Then he encourages Jae-suk to follow suit, since that would put them at an advantage.

So Jae-suk takes a brave few steps forward the 7.5m platform. The others try to talk him out of it, but he jumps anyway. Yay!

The Monday Couple tackle the balloon jump, which Gary nervously admits that this game makes him anxious every time. He jumps, Ji-hyo flies into the air and sets a new record of 8.0m. Dannnnng.

The flying chair shooting hoops game is no joke as it requires shooting forward when the chair propels you backwards. Neither Jong-kook nor Shi-wan succeed, but the Easy Brothers do (in the same basket, no less) to put a total of 10m on the board.

For a minute there, I expected Jae-suk to do the jumping, but it turns out, he’s the one readying himself to go flying. He shoots up a pretty impressive height (7.5m), putting them in prime position for their third task.

Dohee takes a cutesy jump into the water, which leaves cowardly Haha to make up the difference. Gary is a bundle of nerves at the 5m platform and asks Ji-hyo if they can’t jump together. Ha, so cute.

Oh dear, Kwang-soo slips off the balloon while trying to get into position. Twice. Hee. Shi-wan and Jong-kook realize they’re running out of time while waiting for the balloon jump, so Shi-wan suggests they attempt the 7.5m jump together.

They run to the diving platform where they both jump from 7.5m, bringing their total to 26m. At the same time, Jin-gu shoots a 6m basket, closing their gap to a slim 1.5m.

It’s crunch time, and with the promise to win this year’s Best Couple Award (as the Easy Brothers), Kwang-soo takes the 7.5m leap. Woooooot!

With two teams on their tail, Jae-suk hurries back to the flying chair. Then we see three simultaneous cuts as Jae-suk shoots, Shi-wan jumps, and Suk-jin leaps. All three complete their tasks, but now it’s down to which team succeeded first… and that’s Jae-suk and Jin-gu.

The first three teams are given the chance to identify and switch the pieces to varying degrees, which we don’t get to see. The good news is that we head straight to the final mission afterward, and the members are separated to a different starting point.

Some members are surprised to end up with a different piece while others are relieved to see theirs unchanged. Jae-suk is certain that Jong-kook will be annoyed to find his piece switched out. He does and gets irritated when the staff cracks up over it.

I honestly don’t know anything about Chinese chess, so it’s a good thing that the show does a good job of showing us who’s ranked first for each team. That’s Jin-gu for the Red Team (“I’m the general”) and Ji-hyo for the Green Team (“Wait, is this important?”).

As each team suits up, now’s a good time as any to introduce our teams, ranked in order: Red (Jin-gu, Dohee, Suk-jin, Jae-suk, and Gary) versus Green (Ji-hyo, Haha, Shi-wan, Kwang-soo, and Jong-kook).

This particular nametag ripping mission comes with its own set of limitations, as each member can only eliminate someone equal in rank or below. Any attempt to tag out someone of a higher rank will result in a temporary pause. The exception, however, is that the lowest rank is allowed to attack the general, which means Jong-kook could eliminate Jin-gu.

Eliminating the team’s general ends the game, and Ji-hyo guesses that means it’s important to protect their lowest rank member (soldier) while protecting the general. And poor Gary has a hard time wrapping his head around the rules. I don’t blame you; they’re already confusing.

At the game’s start, Jin-gu is especially jumpy and collapses to the floor in nervousness. A little later, Shi-wan runs into Suk-jin, who are both the same rank. I’m not sure whether they know of that fact given how hesitant they are about attacking the other.

But that doesn’t matter because Shi-wan soon finds himself outnumbered and runs. Thanks to his speediness, Shi-wan manages to lose his tail, but then he runs into Jin-gu.

Aw, it would be sad to see Shi-wan eliminated so soon like last time… and that’s exactly what happens. Shi-wan: “Where’s my team?!” …is what we’re all wondering too.

Hearing about Shi-wan’s elimination through the speakers makes it extra sad, but then Ji-hyo whispers over to Kwang-soo to help her sneak up on Jong-kook. You can imagine her surprise then to discover that they’re on the same team, and then excited to find out that he’s on the bottom rung.

Ooh, this means we can witness some SpartAce teamwork at play as Jong-kook suggests that he’ll hold everyone down so that Ji-hyo can eliminate them. I love it when these two are in attack mode together.

Elsewhere, Jin-gu decides to approach Haha, who runs straight into Gary’s waiting arms. But it’s Jin-gu’s nametag Haha tears off, which means it’s moot. At the same time, Kwang-soo rips Dohee’s nametag, and then gets a running start before she gives chase.

Haha quickly finds himself outnumbered before getting eliminated, which dwindles the Green Team’s numbers down to three. Jin-gu runs into his Potato Star co-star Yoon Seo-hyun (who’s filming another drama) but gets nowhere with his help, and then jumps in fright when Yoon Seo-hyun teasingly grabs his nametag.

Meanwhile, Jae-suk runs into Jong-kook, and the two spar with words per usual to gauge the other. Jin-gu briefly shows up around the corner, only to be quickly shooed away before Jong-kook sees.

They continue their bickering out in the hallway, which is when Jae-suk spots Suk-jin approach. Jae-suk tries to wait for the opportune moment, figuring that Jong-kook can’t take both of them on. But Jong-kook is quick on the uptake and isn’t the least bit scared about going up against the mat hyungs.

Jong-kook retreats into another room as both hyungs give chase. But that’s when Jae-suk’s bloodhound-like nose picks up on the scent of perfume, which can only mean Ji-hyo’s close.

And then we see her hiding behind the door. Whoa, Jae-suk’s keen sense of smell amazes me every time.

Which means that SpartAce gives chase as the mat hyungs retreat to lose their tail. Jae-suk belatedly regrets switching his piece with Jong-kook’s for the lowest rank, using the Wouldn’t you have done the same? argument with Suk-jin.

Both of them still can’t compute why they’re running from Jong-kook, but… aren’t you running because it’s Jong-kook? Suk-jin: “All of our team members are still alive, but why are we so weak?”

Jae-suk finds himself trapped a minute later and eliminated before Suk-jin can come to his rescue. It should come as no surprise that Suk-jin gets tagged out, too.

Kwang-soo stumbles across the You From Another Star set and wonders aloud excitedly whether he might see the leads’ lavish apartment sets. Kwang-soo: “I’m really close to Soo-hyun.” Caption: You’re just a hyung to him…

His exploration, however, comes to a quick end when all three Red Team members attack him simultaneously. Accck, it’s a real drama set—be careful!

Kwang-soo is eliminated before anyone can hear his cries for help, and ha, Jin-gu takes his nametag as a souvenir. Aw, it’s so cute how Jin-gu approaches everything in this show with this excited, wide-eyed fascination.

So then it’s SpartAce versus the remaining Red Team members (Jin-gu, Dohee, and Gary), and the latter plasters themselves to the wall. As each side prepares for the face-off, we jump back to see the Red Team work out a strategy.

Gary had put them through training to prepare for this moment, as they had planned for Dohee to hold off Jong-kook while Jin-gu would face Ji-hyo at the opportune moment. The buildup to this dramatic showdown is borderline funny, but then Kwang-soo’s appearance tips the comedic scales to cut the tension.

Jong-kook guards Ji-hyo in a corner and surprise them with his quick reflexes. At this sight, Gary interjects, “It should be me [protecting Ji-hyo]. Can we switch teams?” Hee.

According to plan, Dohee attacks Jong-kook with Gary’s help as Jin-gu and Ji-hyo face off. Then Gary switches gears and turns to Ji-hyo… and rips off her nametag.

That gives the Red Team the win, and the entire cast genuinely thanks our fangirl for a thoroughly entertaining and fair setup for today’s episode. And who should present the winning team with their prize but said fangirl herself.

Aw, it turns out she’d been on set the entire day watching the cast play the games she created, disguised among the staff. So she had witnessed all of those memorable moments firsthand, which is totally awesome.

She names Jong-kook as her favorite (so cute) and the cast thank her in person for her thought-out games before gathering together for a group photo.


99 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Kelinci Biru

    Yeo Jin Gu!! I love that he didn’t sound or look like a kid, yet he totally acted like one.

    Grow up fast, Jin Gu yaa…

    • 1.1 Phoenix

      First i want to Apologise to the person who wrote this comment. What i am going to write is not meant to be a reply to him/her. Just posting here so that other people see this.

      1. This was a great episode but a lot of things were cut off. The participation of all teams isnt shown itself. It would have been better to make this into 2 parts.

      2. And though some might disagree, i think this episode was scripted quite a bit. I mean, Gary and KJK as soldiers is just too convenient as it negates their capability but at the same time makes them very important. Not all of the position swaps by players are shown in the episode. So they were manipulated before the final battle.

      3. If Kwang soo showed a bit more responsibilty, this game could have been won by Green team easily. Si wan was unlucky and Ha ha was atleast searching for his team mates, but LKS was just roaming around uselessly. I was so frustrated by him. Whats the point of doing well in the water games if he wasnt even looking to win in the final game??

      4. And the final 3:2 battle wasnt fair obviously. KJK doesnt utilise his strength on women out of respect for them, not because he cant. None of the other members do that. And Red team using that to defeat Spartace when they are already at a disadvantage wasnt anything great. I seriously doubt Jin Gu would have been able to oust SJH by himself if Gary had not intervened. (He already almost his nametag in the beginning of the fight)

      Anyway, the concepts were great (except for the acupuncture mats which could have been avoided)

      Finally, Thank you Irene!! 🙂

  2. jel

    As far as fan made episodes go, I much prefer this to the An Hyemi one, mainly because this one had loads of action, which I loved. And name tag ripping makes a comeback after what? 6 weeks? It’s been sorely missed.

    The first game, I was not very enthused about, simply because I really am not a fan of the accupressure mats. Gary’s comment about the blob game, that “Even if you spent a lot on the game, it doesnt mean you have to use it all the time” to me applies to the accupressure mats as well.

    The second game was much much better. Two of the three games were very much repeated – the spring board chairs and blob jump. But Irene managed to introduce new elements to it, making them very interesting. You could feel the adrenalin rush when the top three teams were rushing to finish off first. I loved the “first to 30m” rule and the live scoreboard, made things very exciting. I was surprised though, that none of Yeo Jin Goo, In Si Wan or Jong Kook jumped the 10m platform. If any of Si Wan or Jong Kook, it would have given their team the win. Surprised Jong Kook settled for 7.5m, since he jumped 10m in ep 4, but I believe his back was hurting given the number of times he was touching his back during the game. Newfound respect though for the Easy Brothers who jumped 7.5m each, especially Suk Jin. I thought the best strategy was to do the diving last, since in a way, you can control the distance. If you knew you were lagging behind after the first 2 games, then just pick the highest height and jump to make up the difference. But this is coming from someone who has no fear of heights, so maybe the others feel differently. For eg I’m sure if Easy Brothers had done the diving first, they would not have jumped 7.5 each, but since it was their last game, they knew it was 7.5 or nothing and that spurred them on.

    The last game was so good, so good. It was not just action but alot of strategy as well. Irene showed how the show can still inject new elements into name tag ripping 182 episodes in. Whether it be producer interference or genuine coincidence, I loved the fact that the two strongest RM members, Jong Kook and Gary, were placed as soldiers. This for the large part negated the physical prowess they had. Jong Kook’s face lighting up upon hearing he could tear the general was brilliant.

    While a lot of people focused on the last 5 person showdown, I thought the part where Jong Kook and Ji Hyo tore Jae Suk and Suk Jin in succession was very awe-inspiring also. It was not so much who they eliminated, but how quickly they did it.

    Blue team’s strategy really did them in. Sure Si Wan was out early (poor him, forever anointed as Idol Race Starter) but the other 4 should have stuck together. Instead, only Jong Kook and Ji Hyo as usual stuck like glue while Haha and Kwang Soo were left to roam. And I must say Gary read their tactics very well, knowing exactly how Jong Kook would shield Ji Hyo. Gary making sure Do Hee and Jin Goo stayed together with him at all times, was to me, what won the game for the Red Team. Rare to see, but Gary out-manoveured Jong Kook and Ji Hyo this time round. Great job to him.

    Can I just say, the way Jong Kook shielded Ji Hyo like a real man – can I buy such a soldier for myself? That was swoonworthy cool

    Well done Irene!

    • 2.1 Sun Hai Ju

      I agree that acupressure mat was too much. It looks horrible and I feel sorry that to make us laugh, they need to suffer that bad.

      but other than that, Irene did a great job! especially for the last game. awesome.

    • 2.2 ryoko

      I too had initially wondered why KJK and Im Siwan didn’t just jump off the 10m platform, since that would have put them over 30m total, but if I’m remembering correctly, one of the rules was that each team had to do every game. Even if KJK and ISW had done the 10m dives and achieved a total of 30 or more meters, they still hadn’t done the blob jump at all, so I don’t think their lead would have been acknowledged.

  3. Cheliwel

    I really like this episode. The HK fan did a great job and as well as the production team in translating the girl’s vision. Yeo Jin Goo was so fun to watch. I hope they invite him again or maybe become a semi member of the group.

  4. peeps

    That’s not Mahjong tiles though… They’re Chinese chess pieces…

    • 4.1 gummimochi

      You’re right on that. D’oh!

  5. shisuisen

    This was a very good and entertaining episode. The rules of the game were all well-thought and very fair. Guests were quite active. And it’s quite touching the fangirl was able to realise her dreams~ 🙂

    The part where both teams were about to face off, and then there’s Kwangsoo who was on his way to elimination, that part was hilarious. XD Such perfect timing. Haha.

  6. callmeadreamer

    They cut out so much from the episode. Honestly they should have made it two episodes since they cut out a significant portion of each game, one game in its entirety and the nametag race was bare-bones. Editing could have been better too. I honestly wonder why the show always releases photos from the episode that later are cut from the actual episode.

    Despite that I thought the episode was good. I enjoyed the selection of teams and how they were formed. It was interesting to see how they switched up for the final mission and the rules that limited the play for certain characters. I also like the idea of pairs that switch from game to game. We didn’t get to see a ton of interaction because of the limited time each game got, but I enjoyed seeing them interact with different people. Haha stood out to me when his partner Do-hee was unable to jump from a high distance but he still cheered her on as if she had jumped from 10 meters.

    The guests were pretty good, Yeo Jin-goo was very active. Si-wan was adorable when he got flustered over being the first one out. I remember liking Do-hee during the episode, but I can’t remember anything in particular she did to generate that goodwill.

    Like I said earlier the games were severely edited but they were all good. I didn’t mind the acupuncture mats for once. I don’t think I would hate them as much as I do if they weren’t forced to do the missions over and over. Time-based winning seems like a better idea. I liked all the water games too but they were pretty much all over the place.

    Oh! That reminds me. I’m so proud over Ji Suk-jin for diving 7.5 meters. I still remember him jumping off 3.5 for the second episode. He’s really come so far.

    And Gwang-soo was cute when he was fangirling over the set of YFAS. Cuuuuuuuuute.

    AND there was a lot of fun with the cast in the opening.

    I loved when Jong-kook found out he could tear off the General’s nametag and Jae Suk’s realization that he put Jong kook in that position. haha.

    During the final name tag elimination The Cho team were traveling in a big group so they had the advantage. When Jong-kook and Ji-hyo were paired together I thought they had chance, especially after the awesome way they eliminated Suk-jin and Jae-suk (and seriously… I love the running theme of Jae-suk smelling when Ji-hyo is near). The longer Gary stayed in the game though, I though their chance diminished and that proved true. I did want to see Jin-goo go against Ji-hyo though so I was a bit annoyed that Gary intervened but it was the smart decision for his team so I got over that quickly.

    Slightly OT: This was Myuk PD’s last episode, which really does bum me out. But I hope they make the best of things and try for an even more awesome show.

    Another slightly OT mention: In the comments of last week’s recaps someone mentioned something about Ji-hyo and Jong-kook dating. It was surprising to me so when I didn’t get a response I goggled it but all I could find was some fanfiction and tumblrs. They aren’t really dating are they?

    • 6.1 jel

      As a Spartace fan, I’ll take one for the team and answer. If you’re talking official news and everything, nope, none of that sort. But Jong Kook and Ji Hyo have an entire fanbase on the internet, which is quite amazing considering they have never really been promoted as a “duo” on RM, unlike Easy Brothers, Candy Alliance etc.

      Its also more the way they interact with each other from what we can see on the show. Very very touchy (you may say Ji Hyo’s quite touchy in general, but Jong Kook certainly isnt towards other women, but he is towards her) and the way they have no physical boundaries. And I think the way they behaved at the Singapore Fan meet and MAMA awards just fuelled a lot of interest in them

      • 6.1.1 luv

        thanks for repping! callmeadreamer if you’re interested we have a strong fanbase up in iSubs with a thread on this topic that has literally been going on for years, check it out if you’re interested, i’m also aware there’s a strong following on baidu but i’m no great shakes at languages so yeah

        and just a little add on to what’s been already touched upon, it’s amazing that the fanbase has gotten so large for something that’s never been promoted, they just have too many moments that if you take yourself out of the perspective of running man the comedy and look bts may think is definitely a connection between the two that go beyond friendship. anyway happy running man watching

        • callmeadreamer

          I’m not really interested in shipping r/l couples but I’m still a bit curious so I’m am going to check out some of that thread that was provided below. I am a fan of them teaming up though, they always work well together.

      • 6.1.2 bjharm

        The Spartace thing is a brother/sister idea for me not a romantic one, that why Jong Kook has no qualms about touchy feeling with Ji Hyo. Any long time watcher of RM knows how much Jong Kook and Jae Suk look out for Ji Hyo as ‘big brothers’ while the likes of Ji Suk-jin seem to treat her totaly as a guy.
        As for Ji Suk-jin, well he a 20 year older version of Gwang-soo in many ways, he spends much of his time throwing games for laughs as Gwang-soo but in a more quite way with his off and on again ‘weak knees’

        • bd

          Everyone on the cast pretty much looks out for Ji-hyo, but she really only let’s Jae Suk, Kookie, Gary and Kwangsoo (even tho she is usually bullying him) get “touchy feely” w/ her, and aside from the whole Monday Couple thing, it’s entirely platonic.

          Ji-hyo is entirely comfortable w/ skinship w/ Gary and eating/drinking from the same dish/cup or even letting Gary feed her, but she has refused Suk-jin whenever he tried to feed her.

      • 6.1.3 callmeadreamer

        Thanks for replying jel and clearing up some of my confusion. Thank everyone for answering, you did clear up a few things for me. I think the thing that surprised me the most in the previous comment was the offhanded way the OP mentioned their relationship, as if it was an open secret but I understand now.

        I really don’t seem them the way you do, but someone posted a link below so I’ll check that out first.

    • 6.2 luv

      skim if you’d like to! if you’re not on board yet and are just curious i’d say look at the gifs, actions speak louder than words when you see 100s of questionable moments

      • 6.2.1 callmeadreamer

        I checked out your thread in the link provided, I had to skip back several pages because there was no gifs on that page. None of those gifs convinced me that they are in a relationship. A moment captured can be looked at in multiple ways.

        It reminds me of the Crayon Pop controversy that occurred recently. The gif made it look like one of those girls pushed a SNSD member, but that most likely didn’t occur and it was just the angle that made it appear that way.

        I always enjoy it when Ji-hyo / Jong-kook are working together because they show a lot good teamwork and have great chemistry (just off the top of my head: Park Ji-sung’s first episode, zombie episode, first princess episode, idol Olympics are just a few examples that demonstrate this.) Despite that I’ve never seen their chemistry as not being platonic. I could be seeing it that way because it doesn’t seem as if Jong-kook sees her as a woman and is instead just one of the guys.

        If they eventually did come out in a relationship, I would support them because as a fan of both I’d like them to be happy.

        I just had another thought… isn’t Ji-hyo dating the CEO of her agency? Or did they break up?

        • luv

          well i just personally see a lot of intimate behavior between the two that would actually offend me if i were her CEO boyfriend. i have no real comment on the CEO situation bc i haven’t really been on the scene but politics could be involved in that announcement bc the entertainment world is shady but i don’t know and won’t claim her to be together with kjk, just that many of us see many things from them that lead us to believe they like each other. also, i think you’d need to get invested in the thread and look over moments but it’s up to you to believe whatever you want about them. i’ll be happy for them regardless of who they end up with, as long as they’re happy, but i would love if they were together and see signs that they are

        • luv

          also, i said to look at gifs but that is really a preliminary thing, and yes you can suggest/assume different things with just gifs alone. their body language during behind the scenes, leaning toward each other, on each other, how they were at the Singapore fanmeet and during other outside events etc are intriguing

          i admit it might be a little hard to look through the thread, there is a lot of ship spaz going on but reading through the material and watching running man with an open mind about them really helps

          • callmeadreamer

            I read your post a couple days ago but didn’t have time to go back and look again, but I thought you might have been right that gifs weren’t enough so I thought I’d given it a closer look than the brief browsing I did last time.

            I think that was a mistake.

            I went back and actually read some past posts and some on the most recent episode, and though I did have an open mind to them, all that did was make me not enjoy the thought of them together. There is a ton of assumption going on in that thread that make no sense to me. It seems as if every action and emotion Ji-hyo has is tied up with who Jong-kook is paired up with and how Ji-hyo dislikes being paired with Gary. Or how Jong-kook is also jealous, but better at hiding it. There is no way to know how they are feeling and posting a screencap of that moment to prove it doesn’t really prove anything.

            And I recall reading something about how Ji-hyo and Jonk-kook’s closeness is edited out because it reveals their relationship. I mean, really, if it was edited out how you know that? Unless you are there with them filing there is no way to be sure what they edited out or why they did so.

            Supporting them together doesn’t bother me, but I guess it’s not for me. So I’m just going to leave this topic alone for good now. :\

          • luv

            i can’t reply to you and i don’t think you’ll read this but on the off chance you do – i did realize it might turn you off to sift through the thread, any ship thread will go a bit far when it comes to analyzing couples, but i would say there is solid background there

            i WILL say i do think it may say something when the other guys look at jihyo during talk of KJK and romance +vice versa but no i never believed the whole looking jealous thing etc etc i have seen jihyo and kjk both react positively when the other is paired with someone else etc, please don’t apply everything and generalize that we all have the same opinion on their interactions

            but also for other signs and how intimate they act on camera, it’s really a build up of so many things, i’ve been keeping tabs on them for two years and a lot has happened, it’s too bad that this subject is closed for you, i think it has a lot of substantial evidence, but i understand, i scoff and most ships and maybe even with less time than you put into it so thank you!

    • 6.3 alive

      To add on. These two’s closeness evolved through the episodes. They were clearly not close (unfamiliar) in the early episodes, to a period where they got closer,to now their full blown closeness, however you want to interpret the closeness.

      We all know kjk hates his hoobaes using informal on him, yet ji hyo does so to him, and he doesn’t say anything.

      You won’t catch a lot of the moments if you are just watching the show. It really takes eagle eyes to spot their interaction because more often than not, the cameras don’t like to focus on them.

      A lot of people try to brush their interactions off as siblings. But sometimes their actions defy that logic

      • 6.3.1 luv

        i don’t want to argue with people, esp when a majority of readers on here that read these recaps are not familiar with this and are adamant they are like siblings! and/or MC fans so i haven’t really gone into depth, but i have written quite a bit on isubs as xblueberryx so yeah (: always welcome new people to the forums etc

        • jel

          Ah, now I know who you are. Jada here

          • luv

            hey there! it’s a lonely world here haha

      • 6.3.2 bd

        It’s entirely platonic.

        KJK has a history of doing that on variety shows.

        While on FO1, KJK had “lovelines” w/ both Hyori and Ye-jin, but even tho he got close to them (esp. Ye-jin), it’s entirely platonic, taking care of then as the “big brother.”

    • 6.4 royalfreshness

      no they are not dating. the spartace fans are delusional.

      • 6.4.1 callmeadreamer

        There is no need to be rude about it :\

    • 6.5 LoveSilents

      I totally agree about this being 2 episodes. Not only did they have great guests and great games, I would have liked to have seen everyone’s competitions.

      I wanted to see all of them in the blue horse race. And the blob bounce, and the …….

      My cat must have thought I was having a seizure (when she was on my lap) I was laughing so hard.

    • 6.6 Love Silents

      I agree that this should have been 2 episodes. I wanted to see everyone doing the blue horse competition.

      How could Dohee do all the water events if she was afraid of water and only jumped from a height of a few feet?

      Show us the rest!

      • 6.6.1 Love Silents

        I keep getting errors that this site is down when I hit submit – I double commented!

        • callmeadreamer

          I get these messages too. I just usually refresh to check and see if it went through.

      • 6.6.2 callmeadreamer

        There should have been enough material to cover two episodes. I really wanted to see Jae-suk/Suk-jin and Ji-hyo/Si-wan doing the competition. I really can’t picture what it’d be like, haha.

        I thought that Do-hee and Haha might have given up. Haha is usually scared, but manages to pull through. I imagine that he would be okay with losing the mission though if Do-hee were truly too afraid to do it.

        Ji-hyo and Gary disappearance surprised me a lot, and I was wondering for a long time where they went. Gary doesn’t seem to like heights but he’s not as scared as the rest of the member and we all know Ji-hyo is okay with these kinds of missions. I still want to know where they went off too.

  7. Cheliwel

    Anyone else surprise that Gary couldn’t jump off the diving board when he has in previous episodes like in episode 4, and during the 2nd idol olympics.

    • 7.1 PollyRose

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe he was doing it to be funny? Cause I went into that game expecting Ji-hyo to go for 10m and to drag Gary with her. After all, what’s 10m when you’ve bungee jumped from the Macau tower right? Then they just disappeared for the rest of that game…I was wondering if she went to rest since she’s filming a drama right now.

      • 7.1.1 Cheliwel

        It seemed like Gary and and Ji Hyo never jumped and just gave up. I think both Haha and Do Hee and Gary and Ji Hyo just stopped participating since all 3 water games were occupied by the other teams.

        • Quiet Thought

          There was some jumbling of actions in the water events that was obvious in the editing, and you have to remember that the game was over when one team topped 30 meters. The other couples finishing would have been pointless after that.

        • nomad

          That’s exactly what I was thinking too, JH needed the rest. Because it was too weird not to see both of them jump. I even had to stop the show and went on a search thinking that something bad had happened to both of them during the game. But thank God, nothing of sort.

      • 7.1.2 callmeadreamer

        These two and Jong-kook’s team probably had the least fear out of the combined two members so I agree. I thought Ji-hyo and Gary would at least do 7.5 together.

  8. magicbeans

    I love this episode, the games were fun and the guests were great. I really love the final mission, the classic name tag ripping with added rules.
    And I really love SpartAce, they have great teamwork and i want them to win. Hope to see more SpartAce for the next episodes….

  9. Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    Interjecting fresh blood to dream up an entire episode was terrific – the weekly RM team must have thought they died and spent vacation time in heaven!
    This was a tightly paced show but I really wish that the competition showed ALL the teams and how they scored (like our Monday Couple holding hands at the water jump to go together off the platform, and then what?! It was never shown.)
    If I have one ongoing complaint, it’s that this type of editing is, and has been, really obvious this season and last. I want to see each member perform, not just the top three scoring teams.
    BTW, thanks for the Mahjong explanation, Gummimochi. I was thinking it was a chess game – King, bishop, knight, rook, pawn – just ‘easternized’.

    • 9.1 PollyRose

      I know that there must be a LOT going on, but I’m with you. I don’t come to the show for just a couple cast members and the guests, I come for the whole team! I always feel sad when it skews one way, like when Suk-jin, Ji-hyo, and insert other cast member here, get teamed together against other guests, they just know they probably won’t be shown much. One of the few times I’ve seen it work well, was the Kimchi race when SJ, JH, and KS were together, which I found hilarious.

  10. 10 Ciara

    I loved this episode! I really appreciate the fact that the writers / producers of Running Man incorporate good ideas when they see them. This is the second (correct me if I’m wrong) fan-made race that they’ve done and it doesn’t disappoint. Irene did a great job of incorporating signature RM games and putting her own little spin on them.

    I think that my favorite part of the episode would have to be the water games. For me, it was exciting and inspiring to see Yoo Jae Suk and Dohee face their fears, espeically YJS. I’ve seen him on different shows and he always gets nervous about heights, but when it comes to a challenge YJS does what he needs to do. He isn’t called the Nation’s MC for nothin’!

    Lastly, it was cool that she got to be with the RM cast throughout the day watching them play the games. As a Runner, I would be thrilled if I got that oppurtuinity. I hope that this episode will inspire the writers / producers to bring the classic style of RM and fuse it with the new.

  11. 11 Ceecile

    Great episode, games and guests. Maybe that’ll show the PD what fans like to see? No more of those silly cooking missions.

    Great way to send Myuk PD off! It’s weird to think he’s not behind the camera annoying the cast anymore.
    Thanks for everything Myuk PD, thanks for getting Ji Hyo to join Running Man and bringing her to us!

    • 11.1 ryoko

      Myuk PD was the one who got Jihyo to join Running Man?

    • 11.2 CutiieAngiie

      Oh My Gosh’, I read your comment and thought “what the fuck that person is talking about” and then searched and was so depressed for the rest of the day.
      I just can’t believe he is going to leave Running Man. Y’know, he is iconic too. He is the one messing around with the cast. His spitefulness is just so iconic lol. For example, when Jae Suk was outed by Kwang Soo’s tactic in episode 167, he said “don’t ever do that next week” or for episode 180 at the very beginning, when Jae Suk was in interview mode and he asked “Name ?” XDD.
      I love him so much. I hope he finds happiness as the PD of Inkigayo though. I guess he got a promotion if he is the main PD ?

  12. 12 Cookie

    I don’t understand how Jihyo’s elimination was valid. Can someone explain it to me? I thought if someone was of lower rank then elimination doesn’t count. Wasn’t Gary of a lower rank than Jihyo?

    • 12.1 Katherine

      Only two people could get the General out and that was the opposing teams General & the Soldier which was Gary’s role. Hence why Yoo Jae Suk belatedly realised his mistake in swapping his soldier piece and giving it to Kim Jong Kook.

      – I really liked that twist in the rules of elimination.

      • 12.1.1 Cookie

        Ooh okay. Thanks!

  13. 13 MistyIsles

    This was such a great episode! I wonder if there will start to be a lot of fan-made episodes now.

    Did anyone else notice in the first game, when they were pairing up, as soon as the PD said they would choose partners, Ji Hyo and Shi Wan immediately linked arms. It caught my attention, but then no one said anything, and everyone seemed surprised that he picked her. (Just a random observation.)

    • 13.1 panshel

      Ji Hyo was actually just being a nice cast member and pulling Siwan closer to the group. He was standing behind the group, so she stepped aside to make room for the guest so Siwan could get some camera time.

  14. 14 Sajen

    Best episode in a while.

    Are Jong Kook and Ji Hyo slipping? I’m pretty sure back in the day that final confrontation Jong Kook and Ji Hyo would have won in 2, 3 seconds tops.

    • 14.1 luv

      KJK does a lot of losing to defer to guests nowadays and not fighting the girls (well always for that)

    • 14.2 seasdg

      I think it was because of gary’s plan that the great and mighty spartace lost. Gary knows Jong kooks usual tactics. He knows he would protect jihyo. And any running man fan knows jong kook’s Achilles heels are women. Dohees main purpose is to attack Jongkook leaving jihyo vulnerable to gary and jingu which can both remove her nametag. It was a great plan that went well. It was close though jihyo almost removed jin-gu’s nametag.

  15. 15 lemon84

    I just one to say that.. Thank you to irene who create this fun chess games is awesome!!! And that yeo jin goo actor.. he’s voice.. wow!!! I like that kind of voice…remind me of top big bang and lee soo hyuk..

  16. 16 onyxx

    his episode is way better than i had expected — i wish there were more episodes like this, where they keep you guessing and hanging until the end.

    a few highlights:
    — the funny introductory segment (great spontaneous exchange between the guest and RM cast)
    — Gary and LKS groaning and moaning through the first race (made more enjoyable by the loving comfort of that torture mat hahaha). Kwang-soo’s weird moves only made things worse for Gary. i was torn between sympathy and laughter, but laughter easily won out — in fact, i was laughing so hard, tears leaked out of my eyes.
    — LKS hilariously falling off (twice) that giant airbag.
    — Jae-suk’s clever ploy of switching KJK’s position to that of a “pawn” (soldier), a move that eventually proved to be bad news for him LOL!
    — Jae-suk recognizing Ji-hyo’s perfume just as he and Suk-jin were about to walk into KJK’s trap. it made me laugh to see Ji-hyo’s flabbergasted expression and how she took a sniff at herself afterwards. **maybe it’s time to change her perfume?**
    — the nametag ripping game worked out well because most of them were not aware of the rank of the other players and who their actual teammates were. the outcome could have gone either way. if only the Green team had not been so spread out and had they been able to work as a group, they would have won I think (the SpartAce combo is formidable).
    — it’s also nice that they have young athletic guests who are willing to go through the sheer physicality of these games (no pandering to guests this time, fortunately).

    all in all the games had an air of unpredictability that “refreshed” the show’s concept. Kudos to Irene (of HK) for coming up with this setup. good job!

    • 16.1 Quiet Thought

      Spartace definitely were a good team, and could have been unbeatable if their third teammate had not been goofing around. One of the great images of Running Man is Ji Hyo’s face peering over Jong Kook’s shoulder when he’s screening her, her with that enormous grin and him looking so intense.

  17. 17 flavea

    1) (being) chased
    2) fast
    3) forget (it)
    4) ?
    5) durian

  18. 18 ajewell

    I really enjoyed this episode, and the reveal at the end, that the fan had been there all along, was really sweet. It was high intensity, and fun. I wish they’d do this more often – mix things up a bit, rather than reusing the same formula again and again.

  19. 19 bluesky

    Doheeeeeee…She comes with her sweary mouth then suddenly doing a 1meter jumping..This is funny!ever! though it’s so cute to see but I understand if u have Acrophobia it’s hard to complete those tasks..Anyhow, I applaud Big Nose for making him jump 7.5meter! Way to go Big nose! Two thumbs up!

    I can’t contain myself how I love SpartAce couple not that I’m shipping them so hard but I love their teamwork & spirit..I love Monday Couple to bits but just can’t resist the chemistry between SpartAce too 😉

    Finally, how I envy u lucky u girl but thanx for this fun tasks..SALUTE!
    I bet they[PDs] will receive tons of proposal after this from RM’s fan…

  20. 20 ryoko

    In the group photo with the cast at the end, it looks like the fan is holding KJK’s name tag. Aww, he must have given it to her as a souvenir. *squee*

  21. 21 LoveSilents

    This was the best show ever! Well, I have only seen about 20 of them – I am trying to catch up by watching all the oldie ones.

    I really had tears squirting out of my eyeballs I was laughing so hard. The scene where Gary and Kwang-soo were in the horse costume had me gasping for breath – so friggin funny!

    The filming and editing of the water events was incredible. It was like a 5 ring circus. Every one stepped up for great entertainment.

    I admit I was a little confused with all the rules – but that didn’t impede the fun factor.

    Ji hyo being bounced into orbit with the blob contest was so cool.

    Running Man rocks!!

  22. 22 Lilian

    This was a very good episode as we get to see the cast together in most scenes! To be honest, most of it is not new but the way Irene planned it out was great and fun! The scriptwriters can definitely get ideas from her =) It was a fun episode especially the name tag race at the end with the different levels.

  23. 23 Roo

    my favorite part was dohee’s introduction. hahahahahaha. their reactions made me fall over and heave. it was hilarious. although my favorite guest was still jin gu, he was so adorable. i would love to see him as a member i can imagine him being taken in under jongkook’s wing, the other exception being yonghwa of course! very enjoyable episode

  24. 24 PL

    What are we waiting for? Let’s push for a “Letter from the Beanies” special on Running Man!! (Heh heh)

  25. 25 Quiet Thought

    I used to play the old Milton Bradley board game ‘Stratego’ as a kid, and it had the same chain of command as Jijang. Two dozen pieces on each side, and the higher piece kills the lower piece, except that the two Spies can kill the Marshall, so he cannot just plow through the other side’s army. It complicates the game strategy quite a bit.

    Awesome display of tactical skill by Gary, who ranks up at the top of the regulars in that area.

    . . . And very brave of Do Hee, who had to jump on and wrestle a man more than twice her size. Tempered by her being able to fulfill the fantasies of a few million female KJK fans across Asia!

  26. 26 CutiieAngiie

    So, I found out that it was the last episode of Running Man with Myuk PD and I just want to say that he is going to be miss and that I freakin’ love him lol.

    It was a great episode. I loved the overall concept/theme of the episode but I don’t get why people have to compare with episode 165 of An Hyemi. Both of these episodes are amazing in their own ways and they succeeded at making the cast’s interactions shine all through.
    I just love Jae Suk’s MCing with Kwang Soo, HaHa and Jong Kook’s messing around or Kwang Soo and Jaesuk’s satoori or Gary and Kwang Soo’s hilarious horse game” or Gary when he said “it isn’t because you spend a lot of money on blob jump that you have to use it so often !” and etc etc etc.
    In short words, I freakin’ love Running Man and I don’t want it to stop. NEVER NEVER NEVER. They are the sunshine of my life, gosh’ <3

    P.S. Ratings of 15.1% if I remember clearly. They were number 1 for the timeslot. Yeeap' ! Ratings shouldn't be everything but it feeels gooooooooooooooooooooooood 😀

  27. 27 NewFan

    I love the music they play when YJS has to summon all his courage. This was a really fun episode, they should do fan-submitted ideas more often.

  28. 28 Baby panda

    Best episode in a while! Maybe Irene can join the writers and develop more games. Too many memorable moments to list, but I’m happy that the red team won with Gary’s name tag ripping strategy.

    Yeo Jin Gu is one helluva charismatic young man. His star potential is going to shine bright for a very very long time.

  29. 29 Mia

    Love this episode! Shout out to Ji Suk jin for jumping off 7.5m!!

  30. 30 topper

    Great episode, special thanks to the wonderful work of Irene.

  31. 31 Gwen

    The nametag race is really fun to watch. Naming them with the chinese chess names, but incorporating the rules of animal chess actually works well.

    For animal chess, the rules are something like, eg, the elephant is bigger than tiger > dog > cat > rat is the smallest, but the rat can kill the elephant.

    Gary is really not to be triffled with. I can understand now why people voted for him after KJK during the Gong Yoo episode. He knows exactly how to counter the spartace combo here and the cold calculating way that he planned out the christmas episode gives me the shivers. lol. He probably feels responsible for the 2 guests under his charge and decided to get serious. He clowns around and plays the fool all the time but in actual fact his abilities are scary. And he has gained the ability to lie well already. Yikes.

    Small nitpick, the show misspelled the character for Canon. The word they used 包 (bao) is for “bag”. The correct character for canon is 炮 (pao), with a “fire” character at the side.

  32. 32 kepogee

    I really liked this episode!! The whole concept is refreshing and it’s even better that the idea was from a international fan! Only shows how popular and much loved RM is by the international fanbase.

  33. 33 Raptor

    Someone mentioned ‘producer interference’ earlier, and that’s exactly what bugs me the most for this otherwise fantastic episode. Usually I’m one of those who close one eye and just enjoy the show for what it is, but when the interference becomes too obvious, then it gets a bit grating. Especially towards the end when Haha says that the whole day has been Fun and FAIR, since the fan has indeed planned the day’s activities quite well. I really enjoyed watching most of the episode a lot, and must applaude Irene for her creativity. The Chinese Chess pieces bring me back to my school days and lots of great memories, so the name tag ripping segment was something I really looked forward to.

    Gary and Ji Hyo: I’m sorry, but colour me speechless when Gary was made to show that he was scared of jumping that 5 metres. He’d just done the blob jump, so what was the big deal? The Monday couple simply disappeared! It’s KANG GARY for god’s sake, he’s like the second commander known to take others out and perform feats that rival the Commander – he’s had more significant solo wins than Jong Kook definitely. I was half expecting both he and Ji Hyo to tackle at least 7.5m, but they were both unceremoniously removed from screen. Someone mentioned that they might have simply stopped playing, like Haha and Dohee, since it was pointless to, but at the end of the second segment, Ji Hyo looked significantly wetter (with a towel over her and everything) than when she was first shown to be up at the 5 m board with Gary. I do believe they did jump but somehow the producers chose to focus on the other three teams for impact, deciding that this week wasn’t ‘MC week.

    Jingu: gosh could this kid get any more airtime? It was so blatantly obvious that the producers wanted to show him off as much as they could. Poor Si Wan was relegated to the background – the fact that his first round with Ji Hyo wasn’t even shown already implies that he was the token guest compared to Jingu and Dohee. And when Jingu and Dohee ended up in the Red Team, I knew this team was going to win. The whole episode was filled with scenes of Jingu, since for all three games he’s always at the top. Perhaps it’s his youth and athleticism that the producers chose to highlight during this episode, but for the first time in a while, I felt irked by their interference, because it was too obvious (IMHO). This is a very different case from Lee Jong Suk and the other two female guests the last episode, because LJS was the male lead from the very beginning of the ep, and even then the producers couldn’t ensure that he won, so that’s still okay. For this ep, the Jin Gu love was way overwhelming. And I have had no prior knowledge to this young actor, so it’s not like I’m hating or anything.

    Kwang Soo: despite his irritating screaming for no reason, these days I’ve found him a little more tolerable since he’s shown that he can use his brains and play the games properly if he wants to/ if he’s allowed to by the producers. His Giraffe image is the more popular one that has won him fans though, so naturally the producers would want him to appear as such more. If this episode turned out the way it did due to producer interference, then there’s nothing much to say. But if it’s not, then I wouldn’t understand why Kwang Soo would separate himself from Jong Kook and Ji Hyo, and aim for screen time with his worthless, irritating pandering to the camera in that Drama set. I’ve always…

  34. 34 Raptor


    I’ve always felt that Kwang Soo was capable of working together with his teammates if he’s allowed to do so, but for this ep, he wasn’t. And can someone tell the producers that enough is enough? I mean yes we know it’s variety, but how much more do we have to swallow of him shouting and screaming for no real good reason? I did like his saying THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Irene after the acupuncture pressure mat round, but his incessant yelling sometimes really grates my nerves. Anyway as mentioned by a few comments earlier, it was due to his goofing around OR purposely being removed from SpartAce that led to the team’s loss. If not, he would definitely prove a worthy opponent together with his teammates. And to be fair to him, I think his couple moments with Ji Suk Jin were really good this ep – when he’s ALLOWED to be competitive and win legitimately and not just worry about screentime and thus acting as wacky as he can. So yeah, I think the biggest interference (if that’s really what’s happened here) for the episode.

    Jong kook: he really needs to work on a few things. His strategy of hiding until the end has proven to be wrong on many occasions (the Avengers ep and the horrendously skewed Law of the Jungle ep), so I’m not sure if its his injury again or the producers that’ve once again led him to apply this flawed move. I guess it makes sense for them to lure their prey, but without a third party present, SpartAce were doomed even before the last showdown with the remaining three Red Team members. And of course he couldn’t do ANYTHING against a female opponent AT ALL since he has his image to protect right? We’ve all watched the Commander perform awesome feats of strength, so it seemed just too blatant when he was pinned down like that by a VERY small Dohee. Sigh.

    Once again, I’m not complaining because I didn’t enjoy the episode or because the Ace/ Monday Couple did not win (I’ve enjoyed many episodes when that’s happened). It’s just that I’ve always chosen to sit on the fence when it comes to the scripting debate, but for this episode, I’m really teetering towards believing that it really happens.

    • 34.1 Gwen

      Attacking will almost always turn out to be the better choice to defending. Gary is good at using all the knowledge and resources he had and delegating proper roles to his minions. Hats off to him.

      I really wonder why LKS wandered off by himself. This team would have won easily if the 3 of them stick together. LKS is a close 3rd in strength in the team, after KJK and Gary. All the gym sessions with his hyung is paying off greatly.

      I think KJK also may have misunderstood the game rules. He could still have tore off anyone of the opposing team’s tag and freezed them, neutralising one person for 3 secs, and buy 3 secs of time to help Jiyho to get someone else. Maybe he think that he can’t tear anyone else as he is a soldier. He seemed to be only concerned about defending Jihyo’s tag and himself only. He should tear regardless of the opposing team member’s rank. Well it’s gonna be close, but now we will never know.

      • 34.1.1 bjharm

        I think you answered your question yourself
        ” this team would have won ‘easily’ if the 3 of them stick together”
        No fun that way is there? so to make it more fun weaken the spartace combo, indeed if you watch RM you see that bar a few times if KJK and Jiyho get paired then the third well always be either LKS or Suk Jin who are there pretty much to sabotage the team, one with his begging for air time/feud with KJK or Suk JIn with his oddly off and on again ‘weak knees’. Or simply fix the rules to off set the KJK factor and if that fails, will fall back of scripting.

  35. 35 panshel

    That voice. *swoon* I am really glad Jin Gu was a competitive player unlike our previous string of ineffectual pretty boy actors. So cute how all the boys picked DoHee. I knew the Kwang Soo-Gary duo would be comic relief, but I was laughing my butt off at their horse race. Then Kwang Soo threatening Irene.

    I was surprised none of the guests were paired up with Jae Suk, but then they changed partners for the second game to my confusion. I was rooting for the Easy Brothers to win; if Suk Jin had just jumped as soon as Kwang Soo finished.

    I’m so proud of Gary for training his underlings. The Chinese chess game was a great idea. It was fun how only certain ranks can eliminate other ranks and the cast trying to guess which rank the opposing team members were.

  36. 36 Hari

    Such a great episode & enthusiastic guests. YJS, JSJ, LGS jumping off 7.5 m board was a big deal for them. Everyone was motivated. Gary was a good oppa/hyung to the kiddos. What a unforgettable experience for the fangirl. I love this show, but I’ve never thought off a mission, let alone a whole day of missions. I was thinking that Jihyo was pooped due drama schedule, but she didn’t take it easy on that deep voiced cutie during the nametag elimination.

  37. 37 ChoiHyeRa

    Can RM please add Irene to their production team? Seriously, this episode was so well thought out and action packed. One of the best RM episodes so far I think.

  38. 38 wong

    Great episode, props to Irene! And finally some name tag tearing action!

    I got really curious about the video proposal Irene sent in, so I went looking for it and found it.

    The link’s below, if you are interested. I have to say, the production team only used about half of her ideas.

  39. 39 Hari

    Wong – thanks for posting the link to Irene’s video. I was curious about the complete original. Did the filming match up with her trip to South Korea? Well, regardless, I guess she made the dates match when she was invited. So fun!

  40. 40 Running Man fan

    Boring episode with fresh ideas.. Contradicting? Yes because KJK did not show his power of dominance. Especially lose to female guests. Spartacus moment is a let down.

    Exciting? Yes, Gary is getting better and has always being good in strategizing.

    Admiring? Yes Yoo Jae Suk and easy brothers overcome their fears.

    Disappointing? Yes, nobody jump from 10m. The repeat use of acupuncture mat

    Irritating? Yes. LEE KWANG SOO

    Funny? The math hyungs

    Teamwork? Not enough to meet the mark

    Overall? Average

  41. 41 LOVER

    running man members and staffs suffer a lof to give us laugh….THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS WILL AFFECT OTHER RUNNERS AND READERS….PLEASE !!!1

  42. 42 bd

    Pretty decent ep, tho I would have liked more fun banter amongst the cast members themselves and w/ the guests, but the games weren’t really conducive to that.

    Yeo Jin-gu is a fierce competitor and at just 16, already has a manlier physique (not to mention voice) than much older actors like Lee Jong-seok – who has the body of an 11 year old.

    Dohee is pint-sized but such a cutie (esp. when she talks tough in satoori); totally hilarious/cute that she only did the 1M dive.

    Would be great to have them both back on RM in the future.

  43. 43 bd

    In the blob jump, Yeo Jin-gu timed his jump perfectly w/ his partner – where they hit the inflated blob at the exact same time w/ their rears, sending up YJS almost as high as Ji-hyo even tho YJS is a good bit heavier.

    The final facedown in the name-tag game was pretty epic due to Gary’s clever stratagem; love how pint sized Dohee went all out on Kookie who, as usual, was helpless against a woman.

    Suk-jin, as usual, messed things up so both he an YJS got eliminated quickly in progression.

    The name-tag ripping game is always better when there is an interesting twist to it like in this ep. (it was kinda of a bore in the dble Big Bang eps).

  44. 44 Jin Goo ya

    i love yeo jin goo here!!! well. i just live him in almost all of his dramas that’s why i am happy seeing him guesting here in RM! this episode is DAEBAK! i miss the kind of action, fun and laughter in previous episodes that’s why i really enjoy this! i love RM!

  45. 45 joycekang

    well, since song joongki hasn’t come back, how about making yeo jingu a permanent Running Man cast member instead? ;D

  46. 46 Running Man fan

    Spartace!!!! I love this combination. Too bad Kwang Soo wondered away himself… That make me wonder is it script? I mean they could have stick together like the red team!!!!!!

  47. 47 nydtHkL

    just want to ask..
    do anyone know the title of the song when irene meet and give the gold to the RM members in person?? pls. anyone answer my question.. thank you 🙂

  48. 48 choilxve

    Did Kwangsoo have a camera strapped to his foot during the acupuncture mat race? O.o

  49. 49 clara

    i like this episode, the idea is very creative and the cast was so funny as well! anyway, i’m wondering how we, as a fan, could contribute in giving ideas for the program just like Irene?? thanks =)

  50. 50 Jjang

    As much i am a fan of running man, i always hate when scripting is involved, even the editing is messed up, seem the PD & Editor love Yeo Jin-gu so much that the other guest and running man member didn’t get enough air time,

    So many thing wrong with this episode like for example

    They didnt even show Im Shi-wan & SJH, Jaesuk & Sukjin in the first game,

    Jihyo & Gary and Haha-Dahee suddenly gone in second game

    The PD and the editing state that they win with only 5 sec different between the 1st and 2nd team, and 2 sec different for the 2nd team and 3rd team, and yet if you look closely you will know that the 2nd team Im Shi-wan And Kim Joong Kook still looks the 1st team when they made the goal, from the bottom floor near the stair, and when Sukjin Jumps and kwangsoo cheer (55m46sec), it show Jongkook still at the blob jump, and 1st team just standing still looking at kwangsoo, which means its more than 7 second different as stated, more like minutes

    and the last game is full of controversy as well , Jin-Gu said he didn’t know haha rank and yet it show he switch his chess piece with haha at the last game. and they also didn’t show why he chose to look haha chess piece since there is much more stronger member like KJK, Gary, Jaesuk that he should worry.

    And why did LKS run off on his own after he meet jihyo and jong kook, when his rank is second lowest,

    also i always hate when Gary never show his true skill at nametag game, he did in this episode and yet KJK who didn’t show his skill, i meant he just lying there leaving Ji Hyo fighting with Jin-Gu, and he didn’t even grab gary hand which usually what he does.

    I know its variety and all, but what i like from running man is they take the game seriously and still manage to make us laugh, i meant whats the point of the game if they didn’t take the game seriously, what make me fan of the show is when Ji Hyo cries when she escape the punishement, Yong-hwa post Jong Kook Nametag in SNS after he manage to rip them, Kwangsoo Frame Jong Kook nametag in his house, the true feeling of winning and losing, but recent episode lose that feeling/energy, and instead they just try to be funny all the time, Way too much over reaction acting, like jaesuk with his Mud face wash, or like this episode Kwangsoo Shouting and never take the game seriously anymore, Gary who seem to lose interest, that’s why i like ji hyo more now since she always do her best in mission, even when she looks tired, shame the editing team still hate her, always with low air time.

    and for the one who said stop with the negative comment, we comment because we love running man even with its flaw i still watch it every week, and the comment is our frustrated mind because we don’t want running man to be cancelled.

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