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You From Another Star: Episode 12
by | January 23, 2014 | 356 Comments

So much heart, which perhaps explains why there’s also so much heartbreak. The greater the stakes, the greater the pain? Even so, I’m full of optimism about where the emotions will eventually take us, and at this point it hardly matters whether that’s mostly the delusion talking (no sad endings nooooo), because I’m clinging to that hope like it’s a lifeline. Because it is, at least for Min-joon.

All this meaty angst has propelled You From Another Star to another ratings high; it has been hovering in the mid-twenties for the past few episodes, but broke through to hit 26.4% with numéro 12.


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Min-joon is hit by a car—he sees it coming, but either cannot or does not stop it. He flies into the air and slams into the ground, where blood pools around his head at an alarming rate.

A couple pulls over by the side of the road and calls emergency, staying until the ambulance arrives. But when they look for the victim, the body that was there moments earlier is now gone, leaving behind only a silhouette outlined by the fresh snow.

We jump back one hour, when Se-mi dangles information about the identity of Song-yi’s long-awaited savior. Song-yi surprises her by stating that she doesn’t care to know the thing Se-mi’s dying to tell her, and finally realizes that Se-mi has been secretly in love with Hwi-kyung all this while.

Se-mi hadn’t meant to give up that secret but admits to it, saying that she’s loved him for as long as Hwi-kyung has loved Song-yi. Things sharpen into clarity for Song-yi, who acknowledges that Se-mi must’ve hated her quite a bit because of that. She also understands that the sudden mention of her rescuer is prompted by spite—and therefore she tells Se-mi to keep that knowledge to herself. After all, Song-yi can’t believe a single thing she says, seeing that Se-mi wasn’t honest with her over their entire fifteen-year friendship.

Song-yi explains that she was curious about the man who saved her life on the same night she lost her father, and for that reason she wanted to meet him again—however, she doesn’t care about that now. If she has cause to recognize him in the present, well, she’ll come to that on her own. So Se-mi had better not speak of him again, she warns, or use that man as an excuse to toy with her.

I love her response, especially since it just about gobsmacks Se-mi into speechlessness. Song-yi adds that people have a tendency to see somebody in a better place, and rather than wishing themselves to go to that nice place, they pray for the other person to fall down into their own abyss. She declares, “Sorry, but I won’t go down to the abyss where you live. Hating someone, being jealous, doing hellish things—I won’t do any of that. So don’t try to bring me down to your level.” I think that calls for one triumphant booyah.

Song-yi tries calling and texting Min-joon, growing increasingly anxious when he doesn’t reply. So when she sees Yoon-jae rejecting a call from a girl who likes him, she smacks him upside the head and goes off on a rant about common courtesy and answering calls. Aw. Listen to your noona!

Finally Song-yi heads next door, where she sees blood on the handle. Alarmed, she lets herself in and finds Min-joon collapsed in a fresh pool of blood. Ack! That looks horrific.

As she hovers over him, Min-joon dreams (or experiences a spiritual moment as he faces the afterlife) that he stands on the far side of a river while Song-yi stands on the other side, shouting his name and begging him not to leave. He vanishes… and reappears before her to take her hand. They smile at each other, and the vision tilts on its axis, landing us back in the present moment.

Song-yi calms a bit when Min-joon opens his eyes, and grabs her phone to call for an ambulance. But he manages to groan a contradiction, telling her that he can’t go to the hospital.

Instead Lawyer Jang is called again, and does the best he can in wrapping up the wound. He thanks Song-yi for not taking him to the hospital, then decides to divulge one truth by informing her that Min-joon will be leaving in less than two months. He doesn’t explain why or how, but advises Song-yi to start preparing her feelings to part ways, because it will do neither of them any good to grow too attached.

He asks her to leave Min-joon to rest, but Song-yi can’t go far and paces in the hallway for hours, which Lawyer Jang sees via the door camera.

Jae-kyung receives word of Min-joon’s escape from Killer Secretary, not noticing that Hwi-kyung can overhear their conversation in front of the house. He mentions Min-joon being badly hurt and disappearing at the last minute, and while it doesn’t implicate Jae-kyung directly, it sounds ominous enough that Hwi-kyung ducks out of view. Too bad for him hyung spots him anyway. Aieeee. I feared for little bro when he was oblivious, but now that he’s on to Jae-kyung’s nefarious nature, he’s just put a target on his own back.

Min-joon sleeps, telling us, “I dreamed a happy dream.” The dream sequence depicts his very mundane but heartfelt fantasies as Song-yi wakes him up in bed, then insists on cooking breakfast (while a nervous Min-joon stands by to catch any dishes she will inevitably drop).

They watch television together, with Song-yi reaching to order freely from the home shopping channel while Min-joon tells her to save her money and wrestles with her for possession of the phone.

Then they return to the frozen lake, where this time Min-joon joins Song-yi in lying down and making snow angels.

As they walk home together, Song-yi has a craving for ice cream. He says it’ll make her gain weight, and she worries that she already has. The camera pans down to reveal that she’s hugely pregnant, aww, and Min-joon tells her she’s more beautiful this way.

Then they finish off the night by reading in bed and snuggling down together. The desires are beautiful in their simplicity, and therefore heartbreaking. Min-joon concludes, “And I realized that happy dreams make me even unhappier when I wake.”

Hwi-kyung finds Song-yi still crouched in front of Min-joon’s door. His brother’s conversation tips him off that something bad happened to Min-joon, though he says he merely guessed that based on Song-yi’s worried face. She asks Hwi-kyung not to tell anyone about Min-joon’s accident; if he refused the hospital, there must be a reason for it.

Mom arrives in good spirits, presenting the agency documents for Song-yi to sign. Hwi-kyung is surprised to hear of Jae-kyung’s intentions, and also suspicious. So when Song-yi declares her disinterest in signing, he cuts Mom off from nagging and assures Song-yi that she’s fine to decline.

Detective Park knocks on Min-joon’s door, intent on interrogating him over Seok’s attack. He gets Lawyer Jang at the door, who is sharp enough to see that Detective Park is overstepping legal bounds and eyeing Min-joon as a suspect, despite claims that he’s merely a witness. Go Lawyer Jang, go!

Rebuffed at one door, Detective Park heads to Song-yi’s and flashes his badge at her. She lets him in (urggg, I hate his smugness thinking he’s so onto Min-joon’s villainy), though she offers him no useful information. His question about Min-joon being at the wedding on the ship triggers her memories—the ones she’d written off as a dream—but she tells the cop that there’s no way Min-joon could have been there and that she knows of nothing strange about him.

Then he asks if Min-joon had any involvement with Yura, sharing his hunch about him being Yura’s secret boyfriend. Song-yi emphatically denies that and shares what she does know, recounting the scene she witnessed on the boat. Ah, finally somebody points the finger in Jae-kyung’s direction.

The detective asks Song-yi what her relationship to Min-joon is, smirking knowingly. But she can only answer honestly that she doesn’t know.

At the dinner table, Hwi-kyung sneaks a glance when Jae-kyung unlocks his phone, and uses that PIN to gain access while his brother showers later. He finds the entry for “K”—the woman who called frantically the other day—and copies down the number, but in his haste he drops the phone and just barely shoves it back before hyung emerges from the bathroom.

Jae-kyung is instantly suspicious, though both brothers feign friendliness as they talk about plans for Song-yi’s agency. Then Hwi-kyung slips back to his room to call the number for K, finding that it belongs to a psychiatric hospital. He asks if the ex-wife is a patient there, but gets a denial. Jae-kyung must’ve used a fake name, I’m guessing.

Min-joon recovers quickly given the gravity of his head wound, and Lawyer Jang asks how he got into the accident in the first place. Min-joon is mystified too, because he should have been able to do something with his powers to save himself—even though he was slightly weakened, this is the first time he has been wholly unable to control his powers. He supposes that his abilities may be disappearing one by one with his departure date approaching.

Lawyer Jang admits that he told Song-yi to move on, to Min-joon’s alarm. He adds that spending half his life protecting Min-joon was “the most meaningful work in my life” (tears), and he can’t just stand by doing nothing while Min-joon gets caught up in trouble, especially with his powers waning. He reminds Min-joon of his own words, that interfering in human matters only made everything worse, and asks if interfering in Song-yi’s matters has improved anything. Lawyer Jang urges Min-joon to move away immediately to make the separation easier, a suggestion that makes Min-joon’s face fall, though he can’t argue.

Song-yi finds Min-joon’s door passcode changed and can only ring the doorbell, which goes unanswered. She looks into the camera as Min-joon watches longingly from inside, and tells him, “There were so many things I was going to ask, but now I don’t need to know. You’ve opened your eyes and woken up, so it’s enough for me. I miss you.”

Finally awake, Seok recuperates from his attack and hears of Detective Park’s latest findings about the fountain pen and Yura’s boyfriend. Intent on getting back to work immediately, Seok leaves the hospital, to his mother’s displeasure.

Mom overhears enough to cotton on that the Yura case is heading in the “foul play” direction, and she takes her suspicions to Se-mi. This is a cause for concern, because to Mom’s thinking, Song-yi may get her reputation restored—and then Se-mi will stop reaping the benefits of taking all of Song-yi’s leftovers. Oh boo effin’ hoo, Mom. Nice priorities.

Se-mi seems to agree, though she’s shrewder about playing this close to the vest as she takes action to manage the fallout preemptively. So when she meets with a director for her first leading movie role, she suggests that he cast Song-yi—as her sidekick. She says with false sweetness that she’d really love to help her friend make a comeback. I’m sure.

Song-yi comes home to find a realtor at Min-joon’s door with a prospective new tenant. (Ha, it’s the return of Jung Eun-pyo, who previously played Min-joon’s Joseon realtor friend; this character is his tenth generation descendant, lol.)

Not about to accept Min-joon’s move so easily, Song-yi offers the “tip” that there’s something wrong with the property, blaming her move her for precipitating her current downfall. Muttering that she’s lost money and her health, she starts hacking conspicuously for good measure. Haha.

Song-yi has a pity party with Bok-ja, filling her in on the details of her crush’s impending departure and mysterious health concerns. Bok-ja wonders if the man is a criminal and warns Song-yi that she could become an accessory. Song-yi: “I did some reading on the internet, and they say that you can’t punish a spouse for that.” Bok-ja scoffs at that ridiculous notion, while Song-yi asks hopefully, “Would that really be so weird?”

Then Yoon-jae comes home and Bok-ja is smitten. Oh no, not that one! He’s not legal! But no worries, since then Hwi-kyung drops by and Bok-ja is smitten again. LOL.

The investigators meet with Jae-kyung to ask about his relationship with Yura, explaining that they heard from a witness. This leads us to a flashback of the night of her death:

On the boat, Yura is pulled into a room where Jae-kyung has prepared a romantic private party for them, and toasts her with champagne. She assures Jae-kyung that she’ll never betray him like his first wife did, chalking up the ex’s current misery as deserved punishment for her misdeeds.

Jae-kyung smiles and says that he knows she can’t betray him. When Yura wonders at her sudden dizziness, he outlines the effects of the drug he slipped her: First her limbs will paralyze, including her tongue so she can’t speak. Because it’s made of the same ingredients as her antidepressant, investigators will write it off as her usual meds. Thus her death will go down as just another in a long list of celebrity suicides.

Yura gasps in shock, but finds that the effects are coming on quickly and already she can’t speak. She staggers out of the room, grasping the railing like a lifeline, and backs away as Killer Secretary advances on her. Thanks to the fireworks show, nobody sees her being shoved overboard, and in the blink of an eye she’s gone.

Not that Jae-kyung would admit any of this to the investigators, of course. He denies having ever dated Yura, or fighting with her on the boat. She was merely his company’s brand model, nothing more.

To Jae-kyung’s surprise, Min-joon calls him for a meeting, looking remarkably healthy. Min-joon then offers to do as Jae-kyung wanted—take the fall for everything, then disappear. “Will you stop here, then?” he asks. Oh nooooo. I mean, I get it—if he’s going away anyway, may as well spare Song-yi the danger. But nooooo. Somebody’s gotta string up Jae-kyung as he deserves and nail him through the heart with his stupid ring. Or the spleen, given that he probably doesn’t have a heart.

With no other way of getting to Min-joon (well, no reasonable way), Song-yi contemplates crossing the space between her balcony and Min-joon’s. Convincing herself not to look down, she climbs up onto the planter between the two balconies, just as Min-joon calls. Asked what she’s doing, she admits she’s “currently risking my life to see you” but is only too happy to climb down when he asks to meet.

Buzzing with excitement, Song-yi gets dolled up, though Min-joon barely spares her a glance when he picks her up. (I love her response to his failure to open her door: “Well, I can open it myself. I have hands.”) As he drives, he asks about the questions she’d wanted to ask, which she explains don’t matter to her now: “You opened your eyes, woke up, and are next to me now. That’s enough.”

While she chatters cheerfully, Min-joon thinks to his earlier conversation with Lawyer Jang, who urged him to consider the relationship one that never should have begun. Min-joon had asked, his voice breaking on his tears, “Why must I do that? I have under two months left to see that woman. I like her. I care for her.”

In the present, Song-yi asks where he will be going in two months, offering that she’s fine with long-distance relationships. So if he’s pushing her away just because he has to leave, he doesn’t have to.

Past Min-joon continues his tearful confession to Lawyer Jang: “I’m fine with two months, or one month—I just want to be together. If I can’t leave… if, as you say, I will die here… if I can only remain sleeping in that happy dream, I want to do that. Is that truly impossible? Can I not do that?”

Present Song-yi asks if he might possibly be a wanted criminal, though I love that her immediate response is “Well, it would be harboring a criminal so we couldn’t register a marriage so suddenly…”

Min-joon takes Song-yi to the university museum, where he reminds her of his initial warning not to trust him: “The man you so foolishly trust has brought you here to tell you of his secret.” Omo. The whole shebang?

Spooked by his serious face, Song-yi says he doesn’t have to tell her. But he persists, starting with the incident from twelve years ago: “I’m the one who saved you then.” And the reason he saved her was because she looked just like the girl he knew from 400 years ago, the owner of that hairpin in the display case.

She asks how he could know what a girl looked like from back then, and asks if he’s lived that long.

“Yes,” he confirms. “Four hundred years ago I came here from another world and could not return to my home. I lived here for four hundred years.”

Rattled, she says they ought to go home because he must still be ill. Using his mind, Min-joon shatters the glass case behind her and says, “You said you didn’t care who I was. This is the kind of person I am. Does it still not matter to you?”


In his interview/confession, Min-joon says, “You ask how I feel with my departure approaching? Well…” And then his face starts to crumple, and he chokes back his sobs. Oof.


I’m sitting here trying to arrange thoughts to words in something of a thoughtful fashion, and the only words that actually come out are “Oh no.” Perhaps more accurately expressed as “OH NOOOOOOO.”

This is partly because we finally got to see Min-joon’s wistfulness in full force; we could see the glimpses here and there, but since we’d mostly seen the post-cold shoulder interactions from Song-yi’s perspective (albeit with the added knowledge of Min-joon’s reasons) we hadn’t gotten a clear look into Min-joon’s heart. And today not only did he express the full depth of his conflict, we also saw him smiling and fully in the moment of his happy dream, and I think that may have been the thing to kill me. Kim Soo-hyun crying always does me in—he is so in the moment, so anguished—but it was so much better(worse) having the tears preceded by the longing in his utterly mundane picture of complete happiness.

You could argue that Min-joon’s life on Earth has been composed of entirely mundane experiences, given the tiresome nature of living out a quiet life for 400 years, where his aim was to go unnoticed so that his death would be easily glossed over. But Min-joon has denied himself mundane pleasures to such an extent that his greatest wish is to live a limited lifespan with a loved one, just like ordinary folks, and Fate just won’t let him have any piece of that, whatever way you slice it. That bitch.

Is it too much to ask for that he get to have his two months before moving on or dying, whichever comes first? Even cancer dramas give that to their protags. YOU MUST NOT BE CRUELLER THAN A CANCER DRAMA. Just sayin’.

I loved the vision/dream/metaphor with Min-joon envisioning himself crossing the river to the afterlife, and Song-yi being the one to call him back. No hesitation, no qualms, just one look at her and he poofed right back to her side. I’m taking that as a very positive sign that she’ll be the cause of his eventual survival as well, even though I have no idea exactly how that would work. Details, piffle. Just make it happen! Because inasmuch as she is the one big catch to his initial plan (to lie low until he could return home), she has now become his one big reason for doing, well, everything. Squees for days.

A lot of times in rom-coms, hilarity turning to melo tears is about when I start to disengage, not because I dislike melo (everything in its time and place!), but because I was SO enjoying the hilarity that its decline is a noticeable loss. I’m grateful that this isn’t the case here, because while I miss the funny, I’m no less engaged now that the characters are dealing with the fallout of falling in love. It’s not that I think You From Another Star is the second coming of rom-coms or the best drama to ever grace the airwaves, but it has made me care about its characters to the extent that I’m not caring so much about genre rules as much as I just want them to all make it out alive.

And happy, of course. Happy is a given!


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  1. ziggystardust

    *calmly closes laptop*

    *lies face down on the floor*

    Ha ha ha ha ha no one touch me *flaps arms*

    • 1.1 Bloops

      *huddles in a dark corner, rocking back and forth and repeatedly whispering “Do Min Joon-shiiiiiiii”*


      • 1.1.1 Bloops

        Haha – six hours later and I realize I should probably be dragged back to the Asylum for the Dramatically Insane.

        Anyone care to join?


        • anniejang

          Me. I need therapy now. There are so many great scenelettes it would take all day to list them all, but here are a few highlights for me: Min Joon saying he like rough stuff-Bok Ja’s encounter with the hot boys at Song Yi’s-Hwi-Kyung’s dead-pan line delivery(s)-why do I feel like in real life he’s a jokester?
          And Jun Ji Hyun-I’m so impressed! She’s proves that cute girls don’t have to be small!
          And I keep forgetting, so I’ll say it here-it’s hilarious that Min Joon is a college lecturer on human love and sex-something he really didn’t experience in a lot of ways.

          • anniejang

            Now that I think about it-Drama and Java Beans are providing us with group therapy right here. 🙂

        • Just-A-Thought

          You, me, and Jae-Kyung’s ex-wife?

          • cayl


        • neener

          This is our support group guyz! We need this in order to survive~~~!!

          • principessasya

            yup2. *pat each other shoulder*

        • jo

          Thanks! Gladly…seriously, this show has me on edge and thinking I may need therapy! Both leads are hitting it outta the ballpark with their acting, subtle looks of longing, sincerity and hilarious obsession on Song Yi’s part. I’m laughing and crying in turns which had occurred to me can’t look too sane to anyone else in this household.

    • 1.2 ilikemangos

      LOL I LOVE THIS. This is me. 🙁

    • 1.3 JoAnne

      Everyone, all together now:

      Do Manijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • 1.4 Minitwin

      Am I the only one who thought Lawyer Jang wasn’t that smart when he sent the police officer away? If he showed him Min Joon hurt and sleeping then he would probs suspect him less….

      • 1.4.1 Ivoire

        Hi Minitwin,

        The other question is whether Det. Park might not have wondered/questioned why MJ was at home, instead of in a hospital if he was that hurt. I am wondering if that might not have happened as well. I feel that I do understand Lawyer Jang. Like a loving dad, he is (very) protective of MJ, and as he has expressed in this ep. and in the ep. when MJ was sick (because of the kiss), it upsets him (Lawyer Jang) deeply, when MJ gets hurt, emotionally and physically. That is how I am reading their relationship, and I personally love that aspect of their relationship, the bromance these two men have. (just my two cents, of course).

      • 1.4.2 anniejang

        I think he was smart to do that-the officer didn’t have a search warrant, and you should never volunteer information-whether it’s a cop, whether it’s a job interview, almost anything…it’s a golden rule of thumb. People don’t always know better, but lawyers do-or should.

    • 1.5 anniejang

      OMG-where do you and your friends find the time to do all these thumbs up?

  2. Sophia

    Yes! Jung Eun Pyo again! <3 him and Soo Hyun together, reminds me of the Moon Embraces Sun days.

  3. Ivoire

    Such a good ep. today, and such an emotional one as well. In the end, what SY and MJ do for one another was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. SY puts her pride down (or aside), and only thinks of ways to be with MJ, literally risking her life to see him. I agree with the beanies who think she is one of a kind character. It has been such a journey to see her go from making everything about her, to now making everything about MJ. She is willing to lie for him, hide him, protect him, and of course, she wants to comfort him. I so wished she could have stayed with him during his recovery time. She deserved it.

    And MJ (encouraged by Lawyer Jang) keeps doing all he can to push SY away, and have her move on with her life. A part of me also feels that MJ was testing SY at the Museum, to see if she really didn’t care about who he was. MJ’s emotional and romantic journeys have been one of the highlights of this drama, so far. I remember thinking, when I would listen to him lecture on love, lust and relationships, that all the things he was cynical about regarding humans, he would end up experiencing those emotions. He would end up at the other end of his pendulum. I expected him to become love stricken, and man, has he fallen hard for SY. I felt for him so much throughout this ep., during his dream, his conversation with Lawyer Jang, his confession, and his scene with SY at the museum. I am so looking forward to next week, to see how SY will react.

    Watching MJ start to lose his super natural abilities, makes me a little concern about him, however maybe it is a good thing (except the part where he might die if he doesn’t leave earth at the appointed time, aka soon). If he doesn’t have the super natural abilities, maybe he won’t get sick, if he kisses SY. So for now, we know that he cannot always stop time, however he can still teleport.

    I really liked how SY stole SM’s s thunder, about her mystery man. I didn’t expect SY’s reaction, however, I thought it was a nice turn of events. The other thing I really liked was the fact that MJ (kind of) came back because of SY, when he was losing consciousness. She DOES mean so much to him, awww… That scene, MJ’s dream, his confession to Lawyer Jang, and the attempts SY made in this ep. to be or see MJ make me want for MJ and SY to have their happy, even if it is not a HEA. They so need it, and deserve it. I replayed the dream montage several times, it was the 1st time (I think) that we saw MJ smile, and being playful. I hope that we will get a lot more of that in some of the episodes to come.

    As I watched this ep., these are the questions that came to my mind:

    1-So the contents of the USB could not/cannot be sent online? Maybe that was why MJ never sent the content to the prosecutor. 2-I am not sure I agree with what he said: he couldn’t do anything, but it was not the 1st time. Didn’t that happen back in Joseon times and that was why YH died (because he couldn’t stop the arrows/freeze time)? Then too, his body was not in optimal shape. He had been poisoned with arsenic, and he was weak. 3-What is a golden ratio (That was what BJ said, when she saw HK).

    • 3.1 mizzyfreak7

      Hey Ivoire:
      I believe what Bok-ja is referring to with the golden ratio is an element of human anatomy (and the makeup of the universe). This ratio appears in many aspects of nature, such as the veins of leaves and spirals in a seashell. In regards to human anatomy, features which conform to the golden ratio are considered most beautiful, and those whose features are particularly exemplary might be referred to as examples of the ‘golden ratio’. This is more of a vernacular reference, rather than a specific statement that a person conforms to the ratio. Hope this helps, and glad you’re enjoying the show as well!

      • 3.1.1 wannabean

        i learn so much by watching this drama

        • Ivoire

          Hi wannabean,

          You and me both, and that is another reason (out of many) why I enjoy watching Kdramas. With each drama I watch, I always learn new things about the Korean culture, drama making, the entertainment world, etc… I even end up looking up words like “philtrum,” because Bok Ja mentioned it. Speaking of BJ, since some of the beanies explained to me why she had changed her name (at the beginning of the drama), I always think of that (in the back of my mind) when I see her come on the screen.

          I really love the characters in this drama (even the secondary and the tertiary ones), and the different roles they play, and their interactions with each other. Det. Park for instance has so many facial expressions, I love watching that actor when he comes on the screen. Det. Park made me smile, when he tried to defuse Prosecutor Yoo’s mom anger at seeing her son leave the hospital early, by complimenting her looks and her daughter. I also think that Prosecutor Yoo is very cute 🙂

          I really loved that we got to see how Lawyer Jang feels about MJ. We had hints of it in previous episodes, however, this ep. made me feel that Lawyer Jang IS like a dad to MJ. I love how protective he is of MJ (with Det. Park and with SY), and how, like a parent, he steps in when his “son” is hurting (physically or emotionally or both), or when he knows that MJ needs him (or his company, like when he goes night fishing with him). Lawyer Jang getting upset because of MJ, love that bromance and their closeness. MJ is also (as we know), the reason why Lawyer Jang is still alive today, since he saved his life 30 years ago. I love that there are at least two people on earth (3 when including YH) who care deeply about MJ and about what happens to him.

          HK continues to win me over. I have always liked him, because it was obvious that he genuinely cared for SY, and he wanted to be a good friend to SM. He has shown that he is not totally (always) clueless (when it comes to MJ), and I am glad that he chose to listen to MJ (about his brother), that he (HK) is appreciative of what MJ has done for SY, and that he is paying attention to the clues and inconsistencies about JK. He continues to make himself useful, snooping around, and lying to his brother.

          • wannabean

            I’ll be honest with you, and say I’ve never actually read an entire comment on this site longer than a paragraph til now xD i love how we can learn together through dramaland!!

          • Ivoire

            Hi wannabean :-),

            And I will be honest with you and say that I very often write long comments, as you might have noticed by now. Until very recently, I only had one person physically close to me who liked Kdramas, so I come here to share my thoughts, my feels, ask questions and read other beanies’ comments. And as you can see, I often tend not to put a limit to my writing, I just write. Like you, I do love how we can learn together through dramaland :-)! I am glad I am one of those people who are contributing to your learning 🙂

        • Vnewty

          Simply Golden ratio is the perfect mathematical distance between facial features which creates symmetry and YUMMY GORGEOUSNESS!

          Math Nerd and Drama Geek

      • 3.1.2 Ivoire

        Hey mizzyfreak7,

        And thank you for your response! I am so glad I asked that question, because I was not going to ask, and I was going to chalk it up to one of BJ’s peculiar expressions. Turns out, I had not seen or heard of that expression before, and I ended up learning something new, which I always love. Your explanation definitely helped, and yes, I am enjoying the drama. I am just hoping that the writing stays this good till the last ep., and that we will have a lot of happy to balance out the angst.

        I feel the way JB feels about the characters: I care more about them now than I did at the beginning of the series, and I appreciate that the writer has shown consistency in the writing of the episodes, making references to comments and events mentioned in previous episodes. There has been a continuity so far in the writing that I really like, and the information we are given as the episodes go by continue to make sense so far. It tickles me when I catch a meta or an expression MJ used, and I actually know or understand what that means now.

        You know, I was trying to get into SY’s mind after she talked with SM. When she wanted to see MJ, and kept trying to contact him (and later on found him unconscious in his home), do you think she was then suspicious of MJ being her mystery man of 12 years ago? I know that SY can be oblivious to things around her at times, however she has been quite perceptive lately. A part of me wondered if she had become so curious about MJ because the people around her were questioning her about him (Det. Park, etc…). That, probably added with the weird things she had noticed, which involve MJ.

        Also, when Bok Ja mentioned the incident that happened with HK when they were schoolmates, she was talking about the “philtrum,” right? Because viki said “philtrium” and I am assuming that it was a typo. I read up on it, and it seems to be the ridge we have on our upper lip, right under our nose. No wonder HK was embarrassed when BJ brought that up (he must have hit her there, or somehow hurt her there), and no wonder HK’s mother tried to buy/bribe BJ (and probably her family) off by buying school supplies.

      • 3.1.3 FGB4877

        Dear Mizzyfreak7, the golden ratio is a proportion that is found in nature, and for something to be near that ratio is a measurement of beauty and symmetry (the nearer, the more perfect). It is fi=[1+SQRT(5)]/2. It was used by the ancient Greeks as a number defining beauty; and many sculptures, paintings and buildings have it as intrinsic in its design. Of course, since the ancient Greeks are at the very root of the Western culture, that is to say that is kind of universal.

        She is basically mesmerized by the handsomeness of the men surrounding Song Yi (well, think that the men surrounding Bok-Ja are basically the two clients that make fun about being rich in her shop -which I find to be a social comment about social media consumers, AKA us, by the way-).

        Of course, these are only my impressions, and I could be really mistaken 😉 . Sorry for my funny English.

        • Ivoire

          Hi FGB4877,
          And WOW! Thank you for your added info and impressions. I love reading titbits like that. And no, I don’t think your English is funny. You expressed yourself well, and I understood all that you wrote, :-)…

    • 3.2 LC

      I was thinking the same thing. Why don’t MJ just send the videos via email? Or just put it on Google Drive. Sure it is way more convenient (as he didn’t have to bring the USB with him all the time). But I guess the producer wants to make it that way, you know, just to make it exciting and more drama. I guess so.

      • 3.2.1 wannabean

        but you see, he cannot for the Sponsor Gods do not give him permission to do anything except go fishing with Beanpole products and explore the new features on the Samsung Note 3.

        • divyrus

          LOL ! 😀

        • panshel

          He can send the videos via LINE on his Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

        • Seanshine

          OMG!!! The product placement in this show is so ridiculous!!! If it’s not Mercedes as usual, then it’s Samsung mobiles, custard treats and camping gear.. Next up LINE APP!

          God please make it go away!

          • jaglaine

            Can’t. It’s the financial lifeline of dramas. Without them, we won’t have dramas to watch. That’s why I don’t mind them. It’s become a game to look out for the PPLs. Though I must say that Song Yi’s wardrobe changes make me dizzy.

          • Ivoire

            This, “Can’t. It’s the financial lifeline of dramas. Without them, we won’t have dramas to watch. That’s why I don’t mind them. It’s become a game to look out for the PPLs,” I totally agree with.

            I don’t mind the PPLs in dramas either, especially if they are well written in. It has become a game for me as well, to see if I can spot them. Speaking of which, do all the characters (main leads) drive a Benz? I know Mercedes is sponsoring the show, however I have not been good at detecting who drives a Mercedes in this drama, and I don’t much about cars, so I usually don’t recognize the brand or making of a car.

            Also, custard treats? When did they have those (what scenes or episodes, please)? I don’t remember those.

          • PPasun

            Completely agree with jaglaine. Unless you’re going to pay for the production team’s next week salary, you should just be grateful that you can watch this amazing show for free.

          • Ivoire

            Well said, PPasun…

    • 3.3 Ivoire

      Thank you also, for another recap! I am not as good as some of the beanies at spotting meta references in this drama, however I thought I recognized (or saw) at least three of them in this episode: TMTETS (with the realtor, even though he was not in a scene with KSH), SeGa (the way SY and MJ started their walk in the snow, in the dream), and I thought BOF (maybe) with YJ and HK coming in, and BJ’s reaction to seeing them, and her calling HK “man before flower” or something along those lines. Were there more meta references in this episode (that I might have missed)?

    • 3.4 G Babe

      I think the museum scene was really DMJ’s last straw to get rid of SY in his life. I think he is willing to just love her from a far, if it means her safety. But our SY so determine and very in love, she does not really care if he is dying or even a criminal. In fact, she is willing to accept all his terms as long as they can be together. I mean any girl will be scared as hell after that aline revelation. Knowing the SY we all come to love, this will never hinder her decision to be with him.

      My only concern is the happy dream of Min Joon. More like the writers giving us a glimpse of joy now then break all our hearts and gives us a tragic ending later. Please writers don’t be like this.. I will really hate all of you..

    • 3.5 dramabliss

      The golden ratio:
      In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.
      The golden ratio has been studied in almost all disciplines though I have been most awed by its presence in natural design as well as in man-made ones (e.g., the Parthenon). Am not sure how but it’s related I think to the Fibonacci sequence, too.
      It has been used as the framework for arriving at the “Divine Proportion” in human face and anatomy.
      Sorry for sounding pedantic above but simply put, BJ means that HK is magnificently proportioned, indeed.

      • 3.5.1 fluffy in flight

        Is this the same thing as the “golden angle”?

      • 3.5.2 Lord Byron

        You guys are taking this way too literally.

        By golden ratio, the facetious woman meant simply that the guy had the classic anatomical distribution (exemplified by the ancient Greek statues), with the length of the head being one eighth of the entire height, etc. And, yes, this actor certainly has it.

      • 3.5.3 Ivoire

        Hi Lord Byron,

        I don’t know if you will see this response, however I decided to post it anyway. In ep. 10 recap, you asked me if I was happy with the pacing of the drama. I have to say that for the 1st few ep. of the drama, I felt that the drama was a little draggy and I didn’t feel sucked in, which I really wanted to feel.

        I decided to calm down and continue to pay attention to details, as I usually do when I am watching a drama or series. I have to say that now, by ep. 12, I am glad the drama took the time it took, because 1-it gave me the time to absorb all the information we were given all along, and fully understand the characters and their motivations.
        2-This drama has been well written so far, and that has made it easier to accept its pace. There have been many funny moments, the comedic timing is excellent (for all actors and actresses). The melodrama has worked well as well (so far), and because of the (somewhat slow) pace at times, we have been able to fully appreciate scenes like MJ crying over being able to be and grow old with SY, and MJ breaking down in the epilogue, all scenes from ep. 12. By the time we got to MJ crying, I was fully on his side.

        I have really loved the murder mystery and how the information about what happened that night on the boat (for YR) was given to us. I am glad that we kept being titillated with that information, and that we finally found out, in ep. 12, what happened that night. I am looking forward to how JK will be found out, and how the murder will be resolved. I am hoping that (believable) obstacles will be in the way of solving the mystery, and that we will only see in ep. 19 or 20 how JK is being caught. I do want happy moments for our OTP, or course, but I am also realistic: we have 8 more ep. to fill, and they can’t possibly ALL be happy ep. That would be boring. I have loved the angst in this drama (so far), and I hope that we will continue to be served a healthy dose of that.

        You also mentioned this in your comment in ep. 10 recap: “revelation of DMJ’s superpower/past connections to our heroine,” when you referred to them (the revelations) being slow to come. And as we know, the writer touched on that in this ep. 🙂

        This was long winded, however I hope it helped in answering your question. Thank you for your compliment in that comment in ep. 10 recap 🙂

    • 3.6 dramabliss


      The golden ratio:
      In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.
      The golden ratio has been studied in almost all disciplines though I have been most awed by its presence in natural design as well as in man-made ones (e.g., the Parthenon). Am not sure how but it’s related I think to the Fibonacci sequence, too.
      It has been used as the framework for arriving at the “Divine Proportion” in human face and anatomy.
      Sorry for sounding pedantic above but simply put, BJ means that HK is magnificently proportioned, indeed.

    • 3.7 Seanshine

      I was saying the very same thing.. Why couldn’t he have uploaded the jump drive/USB info to the police? This would’ve saved so much time. : (

      Also, that so-called dream Min Joon had I feel was a premonition. If he saw into the future how his butt got smack across asphalt, then definitely he foresaw his happy ending with homegirl (SY). This made me giddy as hell!!! My favorite scene of all was as she called out for him at the lake, they transposed the scene as he regained consciousness. This KDrama really are doing its fans proud.

      Now onto the annoying part for me.. Why oh why does he (Min Joon) feel it necessary to take the rap of a psychotic killer?? I’m so lost with the reasoning for that. I’ll take the blame and disappear??? Oh Heeellll Nooo!!! How bout you just grab his ass (Jae Kyeung) real quick, teleport and drop him in the middle of The Korean Strait. Drown him! Simple! I call it human euthanasia.. the guy needs to be put down. I so dislike when characters dance around the obvious. JK is seriously taking away too much time from our lovebirds. I know it’s for the angst but even he’s getting a bit predictable and boring. Even though the actor is killing this part of the villain I’m ready for him to go away now.

      Thanks as always for the recap!

    • 3.8 ian

      1. The evil secretary said that the disk was DRM protected so the contents couldn’t be copied so leaking of the videos is impossible. DRM means Digital Rights Management, this technology is usually found in audio albums/pc or console games dvd/movie dvd so that the contents of the cd/dvd cannot be replicated.

      2. I think there are certain events that MJ cannot stop no matter what, and these are the premonitions that he has. So I think, in a way, these things had to happen no matter what, and he cannot avoid them. Like with Songyi getting almost run over by a truck, with Yoora’s shoes when he went overboard or the part where he was lying down on the road while the USB was taken from his hand.

      3. The golden ratio was already explained so I won’t answer that anymore.

    • 3.9 Cheryl_fromPH

      {A part of me also feels that MJ was testing SY at the Museum, to see if she really didn’t care about who he was.}

      Looks like it. I guess he also scared that her feelings will change as soon as she finds out ‘what’ he really is. I think he is thinking that if Song-Yi chooses to stay away from him after, he’s saving himself from the guilt of having to leave her HeartBROAAAAAAKEN! :'(

    • 3.10 Aisling

      Hi Ivoire,

      I was wondering why Min Joon had to break the news about his identity to Song Yi in such a scary way. I mean, he could have just told her more kindly (like he did to the Joseon physician and the gisaeng). So Min Joon felt the need to test her you think?

      On a separate note, I somehow think that Song Yi might end up saving Min Joon’s life somehow by risking her own, like her Joseon counterpart. Min Joon may have the smarts, experience and superpowers, but Song Yi has the sheer dumb courage. I hope that she doesn’t die though! Unlike her predecessor…

      • 3.10.1 Ivoire

        Hi Aisling,
        I really loved what you had to say here. I will be back later to respond.

      • 3.10.2 Cheryl_fromPH

        @ Aisling

        I believe he is testing her. He may be fully aware of Song-Yi’s feelings with all her confessions but he isn’t as confident that she will accept him that easily. He learned this by experience. Not everyone is quick to accept what he is. In his past experiences:

        a.) Joseon “song-yi” – she was a very lonely kid, & she is ready to believe anything that would somehow ease her pains. She was desperately in need of someone to be with her considering how miserable her life is.

        b.) Josean “Almost Kiss Girl” – too realistic, she may have liked him so much but when Min Joon told her about his identity, she took it as a sign of “REFUSAL” to love her (or something like that)

        — most of those who accepted him are either indebted to him (like Lawyer Friend) or too smart to believe in science (like the famous Joseon Doctor).

        The rest of the the simple minded people he has shown his powers too were scared of him.

        He has built a HUGE (& very thick) wall for manyyyyy years so his confidence level towards being accepted is very low. The easiest way to deal with that is TEST Song-Yi. If Song-Yi accepts him, he can have the HAPPY Remaining Months he is wishing for, expressing his love towards him. If Song-Yi runs away, he can leave earth feeling relieved (though sad) at least he won’t be leaving a Sad Girl who loves him so much.

        • Cheryl_fromPH

          sorry for the typos. 🙂 at work now. LAUGHS but i guess you can pretty much understand what I was trying to say

        • titiwi

          I agree about the “testing her’ and I also believe that she knew that he was not “normal” but I do not believe that she thought that he was an alien. I am wondering about the preview did she reject him? The end of the episode reminded me of a scene at the end of the movie Meet Joe Black when he heroine knew who Joe Black was but was afraid to day it.

          • titiwi

            so many errors, sorry.. wish there was a edit button

          • Cheryl_fromPH

            @ titiwi

            yeah! wow! that never crossed my mind until you mentioned it. oh yeah! also I notice some parts similarities in the movie Notting Hill as well. hmmm I can’t wait to see Ep. 13

    • 3.11 Heejung

      Regarding your question about why he couldn’t stop the car, he talked to lawyer jang about this in one scene. He acknowledged that his body was not in perfect condition, but said that it wasn’t at the point where it was damaged enough to prevent him from using his abilities (as it was at the cliff scene 400 yrs ago). Instead, he thought his inability to use his powers was due to the fact that as his time on earth draws to an end, his powers are gradually going away, as the joseon era doctor friend thought. Other examples of his powers going away include the fact that he is now able to feel cold, etc.

  4. tealeaves

    Bwahaha that dream had me laughing and crying at the same time XD

    • 4.1 ilikemangos

      The dream was SO sweet and got progressively cheesier and i was like BRING IT. CHEESE ME. So that got me all gooey in satisfaction. If this drama has a sad ending I am going back to this episode, replaying those scenes, and then going to lala land.

    • 4.2 Emmy

      Loved the cheesiness! I will happily take a completely cheesy ending over a sad ending every time! Haha, his dream was like a montage of all those old school K-dramas a la Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven etc, but I loved it anyway. Please come true!

  5. JD

    Who else sobbed along with Minjoon in the epilogue? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    • 5.1 emiie

      I was sobbing along with my sister. I mean OMG, I was like NOOOOOOO stop making MJ cry!!!!!!

    • 5.2 tiny

      this show hurts so good. :’)

      • 5.2.1 valeri

        Joonyi couple so amazing …let them be together at last..i pray fo that…

        • PPasun

          Actually, they are called Cheon-Do couple, as in a kind of peach.

    • 5.3 divyrus

      Ah! The subtitle didn’t come for the epilogue I watched and so didn’t understand why he was crying but still my heart went oof and I was shouting at the screen not to cry!

      Kim soo hyun can do crying scenes like no other!

      Even in moon that embraces the sun, I cried with him even though I didn’t in slightest bit care about the romance !

      • 5.3.1 ilikemangos

        Amen to your last sentence. I didn’t care about the romance in MTETS after the childhood portion was over and all the moments i felt something was cause kim soo hyun was a powerhouse with them tears. Like JB said, you feel 100% the anguish.

      • 5.3.2 zakin89

        Same here regarding KSH’s crying. And I actually made the mistake and watched the Moon/Sun finale right after YFAS 12^^ I was just glad to have a full tissue box next to me 😀

    • 5.4 Pearl~ai88

      Gah, when his face just crumpled like that…lost it. I am so sad right now, not even in that half-enjoyable sad-for the-drama-character way. Just sad. :’C

      • 5.4.1 damianna

        He feels like staying so much that he cried!

        Now, can Song yi love him for who he is? Please say you can Cheon Song yi.

    • 5.5 jojie

      By sob, did you mean the quiet sniffling kind with closed eyes? Oh, I thought you meant the bawling over like a child whose ice cream was snatched from her, that’s why I pressed the like button.

  6. Eien

    Thank you for the recap ^_^

    I was so tense when Hwi-Kyung droped that phone and then talked to hyung. I was like “RUUUUUN!!”

    And that dream, MJ your dream broke my heart too but I hope it comes true, in that case… Yepeee!

    Can’t wait for next week’s episodes :3

    • 6.1 panshel

      Did Hwi Kyung even turn the phone back on after shoving the battery back in? But regardless, Hyung knows he touched it because it was in a different position.

      • 6.1.1 Eien

        True. In any case, He’s on Hyung’s Death Note :'(

        Another thing that made my heart bleed was Yura’s death. I mean, you could see the fear when she realized her body went numb and her tongue became heavy. She was going to die and there was nothing she could do about it. So sad …

        • Fab

          That’s a horrible, horrible way to die…and more horrible to kill a person that way. This villain is bad to the bone. :/

  7. wannabean

    My favorite episode by far. SO much emotion and symbolism and heartache in one episode…and KSH and JJH have soo much chemistry…ahh until next week!

    • 7.1 Crazynoona

      I’ve been saying that every episode…”omg this one is the best ep!” lol

      • 7.1.1 fluffy in flight

        This drama is DA BOMB, you know that how some shows start, and then there is a decline after a few episodes, this show has just gotten better and better, it is very fast paced, that’s another thing and each person’s part in the drama just rounds the whole thing out. You can really see how dysfunctional Semi is in the beginning and you can also see the difference between her and Song Yi, Song Yi goes after what she wants, but Semi was willing to wait 15 years before telling someone that she loves them while blaming someone else for it. The sad thing is – some people are like that, they make excuses and pass blame on someone else for their own deficiencies. I love the interaction between Song Yi and her Brother, and I also love that you can tell how much more vulnerable Song Yi is as far as Do Min Joon is concerned, you saw it in the last episode including when she said she just wanted to be with him, and in this episode too when they were in the car together and she was just so happy to be there and while she was talking to him through the intercom. I really hope for my sake that this has a happy ending, because after teasing us for the 12 episodes that’s what we the audience and our hero and heroine deserves. Also with the death of Yura, you can really see how cold and calculating the brother was, He told her that her she was slowly being paralyzed, and watch her fear as she realized that she never really knew him. Overall it was a real tear jerker, it makes me take another look at my life, the things I take for granted, Do Min Joon wants the simple life, with a loved one although it will be limited, he wants to be with her- but yet the stakes seem to be against him. Hope it turns out very well – I don’t want to flip a table.

  8. Bloops

    Warning: Long-ass rant from an incoherent drama addict.
    This episode made me cry and I’m supposed to be a full-grown adult haha.
    I really love the detail with the grass dying whenever Min Joon is unwell. I don’t even know why but it’s the small details in shows that I really appreciate. It makes me feel like even nature loves Min Joon. It’s like the grass is something like his pet dog and it feels sad and wilts when Min Joon is sick. It sounds so weird when I write this out, but it makes sense in my head lol.
    The first part that made me cry in this episode was when Min Joon was dreaming. His idea of happiness is so simple that it makes you question why you yourself don’t appreciate these mundane everyday things. He is powerful being and yet simply wants to live like a normal person.
    I also appreciate how the writers seem to know what the audience is thinking. When Song Yi was on the balcony in my mind I was like “Girl, just climb over” and a second later she actually attempted to do just that, which made me guffaw like a 5-year-old. You go girl!  The balance between comedy and drama in this show is pitch-perfect!
    I was also jumping up and down when the police finally get a lead on Evil Hyung. I was half-expecting Song-Yi to not tell the officer for whatever reason but she did! *fist pump*
    Lastly, that ending!!! Seriously after last episode I thought Min Joon would possibly fake his own death then come back with a new identity as a police officer and help throw Evil Hyung in jail, but I’m not complaining. I’m really glad the cat’s already out of the bag. I love that Song-Yi was toying with the idea of Min Joon potentially being a criminal/murderer on the run and the only thing she can think of is to help him by marrying him, ha! I also LOVE that Min Joon decides to tell her on his own and chooses to love her with his remaining time (Awww~ COME TO MAMA AND LET ME LOVE YOUUU~♥).
    I also feel that, from the way he decides to reveal his secret, that that was his last attempt to push her away and to give her a chance to leave him if she chooses to. I mean he was acting unnecessarily creepy and psychotic – if he had taken her to a pony farm and given her an ET-style pony-ride across the moon it would have done the same job and given off a completely different vibe.
    End of rant. Sorry I’m bursting with so many feels. I had to get it all out otherwise I feel like I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. I usually like hardcore dramas and this show makes me feel guilty for loving it so much.

    • 8.1 Bloops

      Also, I would just like to add that Min Joon dying might not actually be a bad thing. Part of being human is to die, after all. When he said if he stays he would die soon enough, his idea of “soon” might be about the average lifespan of a normal human being, so it could very well mean he’ll pretty much have the same amount of time to live as Song Yi. This is just me hoping for a happy ending though T__T

    • 8.2 earthna

      Dear, I’m a full-grown adult as well and was bawling in that scene. *hugs* I was thinking that Min Joon is trying to fake his death as well. What happened to him though made him realize how much he actually wants to be together with Song Yi. It’s like a near-death experience. And it’s beautiful. >< Seriously, this drama. Writing is awesome, directing is oh so good, camera work is so beautiful. I have nothing else to say.

    • 8.3 fluffy in flight

      I don’t think he could’ve given her a pony ride even if he wanted to – his powers are such that they could’ve come crashing down. But regarding what you said, I was hoping that his alien friends who are thing will bring some anecdote that if he wants to he can stay on earth but he would have to give up something in the process (something like the “little mermaid”) he could stay with Song Yi and make a life with her, but in the process he would have to give up his powers, and his never-ending life” so he would just have to grow old with her. That’s what i’m hoping. BTW nothing I’ve ever thought would happen have actually come true. But I hope this is a 1st.

    • 8.4 Serena B

      I agree, he was acting really unnecessarily cruel in that last scene in the way he was telling her the truth. I think you’re spot on with thinking it was him trying to push her away one last time, or at least give her an easy way out if she wanted. Great point.

      (I am also a full grown adult–have been for some time–and I was also bawling. There is no shame, lol.)

    • 8.5 J.Kim

      I am with you 100%. This is one of those drama’s I can honestly say I will watch over and over. I just need a happy ending (Secret Gardenish type of hearing)

  9. Emmy

    This drama will be the death of me.

    JJH has been stealing the show for the past episodes, but I really love how KSH had a chance to shine this episode. I absolutely loved how he did a complete turnaround, realising he had less than two months with Sonyi and refused to play the role of noble idiot any longer.

    I am not sure if that was the best way to deliver his “I am an alien” line to Songyi. That said, it was certainly dramatic. I have no idea how I am going to manage to wait for the next episode to come around!:(

    Also that epilogue was just heartbreaking.

  10. 10 NewFan


    • 10.1 panshel

      So. Many. Feels. T____T

  11. 11 Kiara

    Lol right about him being alive but so dead wrong about him purposely stepping in front of the car.

    What are the odds that the guy who hit him was JK’s minion and he knew exactly where to find the USB.

  12. 12 ilikemangos

    One will have to be cold to not feel the world come crashing down when Kim Soo Hyun sheds a tear. Or two. or y’know, gallons. I think it’s the face — the puppy face. Any actor with a puppy face that starts crying gets you twice as much. You could replace him a k-actor in his age group (lee min ho, song joong ki, jang geon seok, kim hyun joong, kim bum, yoon shi yoon, lee seung gi,yoo chun) and maybe seung gi and yoo chun with their baby faces could come close to having the same effect. I keep trying to replay that epilogue in my head with each actor, but none goes near to getting me in the heart as much as kim soo hyun because he’s so darn good at crying! That’s what put him on the map for me in his older roles. It’s the captivating eyes — and the face. He turned from Do Min Joon Shi/Do Manager to “my baby!” in a matter of seconds. I wanted to hold him in my arms.

    • 12.1 damianna

      When he broke down and cried in Dream high after knowing he’s losing his hearing, that’s when Sam dong wins my heart. *and that haircut~~*

      • 12.1.1 divyrus

        And that song dreaming, after he finished singing it despite not hearing a thing!
        That cry breaks my heartbreak every time!

        • divyrus

          *break my heart

      • 12.1.2 Toto

        I love/ hate that scene. years later I still remember it. I cried so much 🙁 .
        I pretty much stopped watching dream high at that point.

        On the other hand Do Min please stop making us all cry 🙁

  13. 13 KDaddict

    MJ making a deal w JK? MJ is promising to take the blame and disappear for good in exchange for JK leaving CSY (and her loved ones) alone? He expects a murderer to keep his word?

    He has lived 400 years, so he knows better than that. It is just a ruse to trap JK. Tell me it is so.

    Poor MJ! Each time a woman professes to love him, they back off like he is crazy when he tells them he is an alien. I hope CSY won’t be like that when she calms down.

    SY ah…., Pls go: “I love aliens. I love you even more bcos you are an alien. Stay here and we’ll love each other in all our days on earth, however many there may be.”

    • 13.1 Aid Sincera

      400 years ago, Song Yi (I mean little Yi Hwa in Joseon era) didn’t freak out while she’s find out the teleport-action of Min Joon. And you know, it’s Cheon Song-Yi, the hilarious-crazy-badass girl.. so, I guess she will flip her hair and ask him to go for dinner.. Hah! 😀

      • 13.1.1 peeps

        Yeah, but 400 years ago, thry also believed in spirits, divination and testing a girl’s virginity through parrot blood. It was easier to believe strange things in the past than now, where most common knowledge is so widespread (and aliens aren’t that accepted now a days).

        • Ivoire

          Well said…

        • Aid SIncera

          Hahaha… Well said!

          But do you see preview episode 13? :p

    • 13.2 Crazynoona

      Yeah he should. Can’t he just tied JK and put him in a box with all the evidence, such as photos of when he passed out after trying to shoot MJ ( he should took it or teleport him right then and there to the police station with that kind of amo in his gun) & recording (he should record it!) of all his conversations with MJ which pretty much admitting the whole thing, and drop him off by the prosecutor office or police station just like Lee Yoon Sung did in City Hunter….aaand spend the rest of the remaining episodes doing all the happy fantasy things he been dreaming of together with SY.

      • 13.2.1 Ivoire

        I kind of like having a bad guy in this drama, and I think Shin Sung-Rok is doing a great job. I would like to see him until ep. 19 or 20, and I hope that his comeuppance is as well written as this drama has been so far.

    • 13.3 crashbabe

      I think she should steal a line from Coffee prince :” Don’t matter if you are an alien or a man…” heeeee

      • 13.3.1 RockPaperScissors

        I’ve been married over 30 years, and sometimes I think men are aliens.

        • KDaddict

          LOL. 😀

        • Kiara

          Lol I guess there is hope for a happy ending then.

  14. 14 ilikemangos

    Also, JB, i want to hug you for loving this show as much as we do because when i love a show it’s so nice when we have you there to help share/spread our love. So much feels cannot possibly be contained only on Open Threads — i’d go crazy. Level: Cheon Song Yi.

    • 14.1 Emmy

      I second that, it’s so nice having javabeans and the whole beanie community squealing over the same show and absolutely loving the actors. It makes watching this drama even more fun!

  15. 15 woolieeelaala

    OMGGGGGGG SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEE…..THIS EP BRING ME SO MUCH FEELS….I CANT NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT ..AHHHHHH…omg they better end this happily okay …if its not i think ima give up on kdramas … oh my god i’m over here stressing over the ending …of a drama. thinking of watching i need romance 3 to cope with this feels? is that drama any good ?

    • 15.1 earthna

      It’s good and refreshing. It’s only on the 4th episode so we can’t really say but so far so good. I tried focusing my attention to other dramas as well so as not to think about YFTS but yeah, I think there’s no escaping it now. 🙁

    • 15.2 Emmy

      I need romance 3 is pretty good. The cute in that drama definitely helps me cope with the angst in this one, though INR3 doesn’t grip me body and soul the way this drama does.

  16. 16 Emily J

    I hope, too, that it’s not going to be crueler than a cancer drama. What I really admire about the writing and directing is how certain scenes that might seem a one-dimensional become nuanced with another emotional layer. Last episode was when Song-yi woke up with a hangover and remembered her drunken I’ve-been-dumped behavior, which was so much funnier when superimposed with her mortified morning after embarrassed reactions. This episode it’s during Min-joon’s happy dream, a series of cute dating and living together scenes, which in another rom-com drama could be used straightforwardly, but in this drama, there’s the added knowledge that Min-joon is an alien and must leave the planet soon. So the cute simple lifestyle montage is simultaneously happy-cute and poignantly sad, since this is a kind of experience that he believes is unattainable for him. I was unprepared for the emotional punch of the epilogue, since it’s the most emotion that Min-joon has expressed in modern times.

    I’m also nervous that Big Bag Hyung might want to kill Hwi-kyung, who needs to take ninja lessons. But at least he’s a better investigator than the partner of Se-mi’s brother. The funniest moment for me was when manhwa friend reactions to seeing not one but two flower boys entering Song-yi’s apartment. The wind in their hair was the best. Everyone should have a wind machine to make a grand entrance.

    I’m hoping Song-yi remains awesome (like when she gave Se-mi another put down) and doesn’t outright run away from Min-joon. Next week is too far away!

    • 16.1 earthna

      That’s why I love Jang Tae Yoo PD-nim. He shoots the scenes so beautifully and very detailed. The writer also caught me this time. I think I’m going to watch her other dramas. 🙂

      • 16.1.1 CutiieAngiie

        If you want to watch other works from Park Ji Eun, the writer, I strongly suggest you, Unexpected You/My Husband got a family.
        It’s a family drama and I know it has a lot of episodes and all but that drama is a jewel 😀
        Granted, you got the lost boy storyline but when you watch the drama, it doesn’t bother you much because the writer doesn’t take you on the makjang stuffs like other KBS family dramas do (aka Wang Family).
        You got to learn a lot of korean culture with the in-laws and how different type of families give you different insights/opinions on a particular topic.
        Plus, there are a lot of characters but you gotta love them all and the couple is just fantastic.
        The character of the husband was so loved in Korea that they nicknamed him the Nation’s son in law aka the man that every korean man hates lol.

        • earthna

          Oh thank you! I wasn’t sure where to start. I don’t usually watch family dramas coz they’re long but I don’t really mind the episodes when they’re good. Thanks for the recommendation!!

    • 16.2 Pearl~ai88

      heh. ninja lessons. so true. 🙂

  17. 17 Mademoisellegeline

    I can’t even.. Annndwwwweeee!!! Do manageerrrrr!!! *heart broke in million pieces* *curled up in a fetal position under the blanket* *listens to Hello/Goodbye by Hyorin on repeat*

    This episode is so sad.. I can’t even write down the scenes that I like, I’m just so sad..
    His sweet dream just made me even sadder for him.
    When he told lawyer Jang that he likes her and that he wants to be with her even if it’s only for a short time, even if he has to die as long as he doesn’t wake up from his sweet dream. (T.T)
    Looking at Song Yi through the monitor barely holding back his tears, reaching his hand towards her and listening how she doesn’t want to ask anymore because he woke up and that she misses him.. (T▽T)
    When he cried at the prologue, my heart just tore in million pieces..
    Song yi please don’t be scared of Do manager, just stay with him just like how you said it doesn’t matter regardless of who he is.. ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

    Oh my poor heart!! It can’t handle too much heartbreak!!

    Do manager!!!

    (TToTT )

    • 17.1 G Babe

      I never though I would be so touch when JJH said “Bogoshipda” in the monitor. Such an awesome delivery with a mix of heartbreak and innocence of first love. Last time I was affected by that word was with k drama Stairway to Heaven. *sniff*

      • 17.1.1 Mademoisellegeline

        Me too. I was just crying the whole time and I still can’t get it over with. Thank God there are so many people here who feels the way I do coz I don’t have anyone here to talk to who watches kdrama. Both leads are just so good at expressing their character well that I feel that I’m part of their story. It just gets to you that it feels like it’s also happening to you (TToTT)

        • fluffy in flight

          I think more people watch k-dramas than you think, when I went last on viki it was over 52,000 that is watching this show. When I saw the numbers I couldn’t believe it. And some of them appear to be men too.

          • Mademoisellegeline

            I’m talking about people I know personally so I just go online and talk to people who likes kdrama like me..

  18. 18 emiie

    I hope MJ doesn’t make a deal with JK. No matter how jaded MJ has become in his long stay at earth, I don’t know that he has the capability of harming another being. All we have seen is him reacting to JK’s action. MJ, you must not allow yourself to take the fall for JK’s dastardly deeds just because you will be leaving in 2 months time!!!!!

    I don’t think I ever had a drama make my heart ache so. Writer nim stop making MJ cry. And let’s not forget this is a rom-com so a happy ending is a MUST.

    • 18.1 Crazynoona

      But…but they put in “melodrama’ in the description too …. andweeeee T-T

  19. 19 Tokio

    Loving this!!

    I expect the writers to have some sort of twist which involves Song Yi saving him as well as the meteor. They can’t let him die! I refuse it!

    I’ve enjoyed the conversation between the frenemies. I hope to see Sae Mi to develop a bit more. I want her to take control of her destiny. Go for the things she wants, and believes in.

    I am curious what will they do with the farther? He is one character who I believe will surprise and end up being a key player to all of this. We need to see him comeback, unless he is just a loose character that they don’t plan to fully develop. That would suck!

    • 19.1 earthna

      Oh yeah, there’s still the father! I’m excited about how they will play his part. Considering what I’ve seen from this drama so far, the father would definitely have a big role in this whole thing. If not, I will cry. lol

  20. 20 Kristy

    REwatched and rewatched that dream sequence like crazy….
    Show you are the one!!!!!

    • 20.1 panshel

      My favorite scene of this episode. Waiting for OST Part 5 for that beautiful song. Instead of it being a dream, can’t it please be another one of Min Joon’s premonitions of the future?

  21. 21 news

    “Well, I can open it myself. I have hands.”

    That’s my favorite line in this episode. I love DIY women. Go us!

    • 21.1 panshel

      I don’t know why, but I felt kind of uneasy at that line. It reminded me of a dirtbag who mistreats his girlfriend, and the girlfriend justifying his behavior by saying, “It’s okay. He’s not always mean to me.” (I am not inferring that Min Joon is a dirtbag.)

      • 21.1.1 news

        I get your meaning and I don’t condone mistreatment of women or misogyny of any kind, but in this context I didn’t read it the same way you did. And even though he keeps her at a distance, I’m glad the writer never wrote their relationship to manifest as such (as in the case of so many other dramas).

        Yes, she is a top star who is used to the royal treatment, but no matter how difficult the situation is or how bad others treat her, she doesn’t have a cinderella/candy/princess complex. Rather than wallowing in self pity, she dusts herself off and faces her situations confidently with a DIY attitude, which I say yes!

        In this situation, they’re not going on a date. They’re not even boyfriend/girlfriend. Why should she expect him to open the car door for her as if it’s a standard that all men should do for women? Why should he mislead her by being romantic and nice? Obviously his energy was serious; he was planning to drop the bomb that he’s an extraterrestrial who has lived on Earth for 400 years and has super powers.

        So, in this situation, I don’t equate “Well, I can open it myself. I have hands.” to be the same as “It’s okay. He’s not always mean to me.”

        She could’ve been annoying and gone aegyo on him b/c she WANTED him to open the door for her, but she didn’t. Instead of being overly sensitive and hurt that he didn’t meet her expectations, she was her badass gangster self and quick as less than a millisecond later, changed her perspective on the situation.

        Basically, I just like her attitude.

        • anniejang

          She’s really growing up!

    • 21.2 Emmy

      Haha, that was such a funny line. I was chuckling at that.

  22. 22 jf

    will she or won’t she? can’t wait to find out how she responds. so love this show! thanks Javabeans for expressing what i thought and felt while watching this episode. 🙂

  23. 23 temari918

    Wow what a great episode…I have no idea what I’m going to do until next week! But wow Kim Soohyun. Boy can he cry. Whenever he cries, he breaks my heart…especially with those flashbacks too! Oof. This episode gave me so much feels.

    • 23.1 anniejang


  24. 24 tiny

    *collapses in heaps while singing Like Being Hit by a Bullet by Baek Ji Young

    is this a twist? i’m confused right now.

    the premonition involving the glittery shoes: DMJ thought SY was gonna die so he saved her when infact it was Yura he was seeing. is that right? if it is, then Fate won, right?

    could that be the reason why he couldn’t stop the? (car coz it was him in the premonition and Fate has to win) So he got hit despite trying to stop the car because, again, Fate gets what she wants. that biatch.

    • 24.1 v

      uuuuh man you had the saaaammmeee question I have!!!

      • 24.1.1 tiny

        nvm… i realized a big contradiction hahaha if Fate had to win, Song Yi should have died from that truck.

        i can’t think straight hehehe

    • 24.2 Bloops

      I thought the exact same thing! But then he also had a premonition of Song Yi getting hit by a car 12 years ago, and he managed to prevent that. So I’m confused.

      • 24.2.1 Pearl~ai88

        Maybe he thwarted fate that one time and all this junk happening now is payback? Or more like in Nine where time/fate has a certain flow and autocorrects itself.

    • 24.3 ilikemangos

      Can Baek Ji Young lend her vocals to this drama? Can drama ost gods make this happen? Please?

      • 24.3.1 divyrus

        YES PLEASE!!!!

        That voice! Can take me to hurts so good land in a matter of seconds when it comes on shuffle !!!

      • 24.3.2 tiny

        i didn’t even watch Iris but I get so moved with her Don’t Forget Me. i would loooove for her to sing for this show!

        • ilikemangos

          That song is one of my favorites from her!
          I decided to watch some of her live performances for these osts and in each one the main actors of the show teared up (both kim tae hee & lee byun hun for iris, moon chae won & park shi hoo for princess’s man).

          It’s possible, since she said “I love to participate in producing music for soaps if I like the female lead after reading the script. It’s a thrill to hear my song played during melodramatic moments in soaps”

          Likable awesome female lead. Check.
          Melodramatic moments in YFAS. Check.

      • 24.3.3 earthna

        YES PLEASE. I’d be swooning all over my laptop if that happens.

      • 24.3.4 outsider

        OMG THIS!!!
        her voice + dramatic song + SY-MJ scenes!!!
        we’ve got Lyn, Kwill, younha and hyorin.. Baek Jiyoung would be awesome!

        • As3beans

          am i the only one who wish for an OST sung by uri hot alien Do Minjoon-sshi

          • ilikemangos

            Its possible since he sung an ost for his last two drama projects dream high & MTETS.

  25. 25 Crazynoona

    OMG They’re giving us the happy fantasy montage…It’s like you’re telling me we’re gonna have a sad ending….. T_T I’m so terrified over this when it’s not even a reality…good way to ruin my sanity show!
    Btw Do Manager, scaring the girl you like is not a good way to reveal your secret…but i’m not worried thou (i am not i am not) since Song Yi’s responds never disappoints me, and if Min Joon intended to drive her away from him with that – he’ll fail.

    • 25.1 v

      I am imagining Song Yi stood up brush her dress and said ” Are you trying to scare me Do Min Joon shi….I thought you were a criminal, this is even better, at least we can actually register the marriage for real.”LOL!!

      • 25.1.1 Mademoisellegeline

        bahahahahaha 😂

      • 25.1.2 Ivoire


  26. 26 v

    Wait am I the only one seeing the flashback and thinking, what if…..Min Joon, was rescuing the wrong girl? I mean really, when Lawyer Jang replay what Min Joon said to him that fate will happens no matter what, then is it possible that Yoo Ra is the girl that Min Joon see, I mean he is seeing only the shoes ya know. Then maybe Song Yo wouldn’t be in danger. But then, it won’t be the love story that we all known to love……

  27. 27 yasmin satria

    And now I need to wait till next week *cry*

  28. 28 jaglaine

    Thank you for the recap JB. I was with you all the way with all the side comments and the feels. OH NOOOOOO!!!
    Sigh…I don’t understand. I really don’t understand why he is doing this. Do Min Joon!!! You’re old enough to know that you-are-making-the wrong choice!!! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

    Sorry, beanies. I lost it there for a moment. I am calm now. OMG! Another outburst coming on…gotta go now.

  29. 29 Kender

    I will admit, some parts of this episode were cheeeeeeeeeeeesy. (The glass breaking was epically cheesy, just like a scene from some 80s psychic movie.) I laughed more than I should have.

    But my husband also ruined the end of the episode for me by chattering at me about random crap. (“I’ve been quiet for a whole hour, can’t I just talk a little bit?” “OMG NO SHUT UP THIS SCENE IS IMPORTANT AND I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU TALK AGAIN.” “but you can catch the rerun this weekend…” “DID I NOT SAY THAT I WILL KILL YOU BECAUSE I TOTALLY WILL.”) I think I would have been more emotionally invested if I hadn’t been distracted. 🙁

    • 29.1 Leona

      My husband has a real talent to ask me to do something in exactly the last 5 min of a kdrama episode

  30. 30 lidy

    is there no preview for ep 13 still?

    • 30.1 Crazynoona

      Show just luuv to torment us…hopefully there will be in Monday…darn it!

    • 30.2 Emmy

      YFAS is super stingy on the previews. I suspect that they are filming on a super tight schedule, hence the lack of previews. There is though, usually something released about a day before the next episode.

      • 30.2.1 Shay

        With these cliff hangers, the previews would just give too much away.
        As much as I want a gimps or some assurance for next week, the lack of cliff hangers only build the pressure more.

  31. 31 Cynthia

    It’s sad that there seems to be only two alternatives here, either he goes back to his home planet, leaving her, or stays on Earth (losing all of his alien powers) to die whenever.

    Seriously, Mork fell in love with Mindy, she found out he was an alien from Ork, married him anyway, and they traveled back and forth from Ork to Earth in the big transporter egg they kept in the living room!
    I mean, if those kids could make it work, can’t our Kdrama couple do the same?

    • 31.1 Crazynoona

      I fear they’ll wrap this like Edward Scissorhand where both goes on separate ways and the girl grew old alone. I’d rather MJ and SY spend their last days together happily no matter what lays ahead…don’t love conquer all? At least in dramaland I hope.

    • 31.2 ilikemangos

      Or maybe they go the tuck everlasting route and the guy visits the girl decades later to find that she already died in peace, ultimately choosing to live a normal life over one of immortality. Sad sad sad.

      • 31.2.1 Emmy

        OH, Tuck Everlasting. I was bawling by the end of that movie. Still one of the saddest and most poignant that I have ever seen. I totally understood the ending and respected her for making that choice, but when he went and saw her buried there I just lost it. 🙁

        Please please please don’t go there show! I really need our CSY and DMJ to have their happily ever after!

      • 31.2.2 Min

        OMG you’ve just cited a book I’ve loved forever.. and then when I saw the movie I cried my little itsy heart out over it… I don’t want to cry for these two at the end I want a happy ending I demand that Mr. Show and Ms. Fate make it happen.

  32. 32 candycow

    Is anyone worried about how Lawyer Jang’s name is now with the police? I’m not sure how you file a disappearance thingy or a death notice, but I have a feeling that he would have used his own name? In that case wouldn’t his name come up when the police check the missing persons notice for the pen?

    • 32.1 Emmy

      I did worry about that for a moment, but I shrugged it off as I think it would be negligible whoever did it since that guy was “missing” for years. The thing I would be worried about is if the police come into possession of a picture of the missing person and realise he looks exactly like DMJ.

  33. 33 July

    I loved this episode so much. MJ dream was great but the part that got me was Lawyer Jang declaration about how proctecting MJ was the most meaningful work in his life. The epilogue had me ready to cry i didn’t only because i forced myself not to. The ending has me impatient for next week and wondering if about the lights that were on the news are going to be brought up soon. Are they aliens like MJ?

    • 33.1 ilikemangos

      I know. Lawyer jang got me with that line. DAMMIT. so now min joon has two hearts to break.

      • 33.1.1 tiny

        me too *sniff

        i really love that actor playing Lawyer Jang since Coffee Prince. There’s so much warmth in him.

    • 33.2 Emmy

      Lawyer Jang-Min Joon has to be among the sweetest K-drama friendships out there. I love how they throw you off visually as the 25 year old chess buddy of the 60 year old man, but they are just adorable together and you can see how Lawyer Jang really loves Min Joon.

      • 33.2.1 anniejang

        I did-but now that he has stated his intention to “take over” and deal with Min Joon’s heart-I see big trouble coming down the road from him. Also, if you remember-he is jealous of Song Yi.

        • Bloops

          I don’t think he’s really jealous of Song Yi at all. The scene with him being petty about not being the number 1 speed dial on Min Joon’s phone was just meant to be funny, and I thought it was hilarious. From what I see, he’s a true friend who’s genuinely concerned about and highly respects Do Min Joon. He even almost called Min Joon his “teacher.”

        • Emmy

          I think, although he wishes for Min Joon not to get involved with this whole situation with Songyi, at the end of the day, he is going to be the friend who will always stick by Min Joon whatever he chooses to do. Lawyer Jang might have his opinion on what is the best for Min Joon, but I think he would always respect and support whatever Min Joon decides is the best path for himself.

          • anniejang

            At this point I’m sticking to my belief that Lawyer Jang will cause a world of pain-because even after Min Joon told him how he felt and what he wanted, LJ still told Song Yi to disappear, insisted she leave, locked her out, and put the apartment up for sale. No matter what his motives, he intends to dominate and run things now. I bet he will attempt to hide Min Joon from her.
            Good friends, best friends, parents and family-no matter how much they love you can be troublemakers when they think they know best and don’t let you make your own decisions. That’s OK for kids, but not adults. a friend or family should be honest with you about what they think, yes, and give you advice when asked-key words-‘when asked’-but unless you’re mentally incapacitated, they should not interfere and take over.
            Mon Joon ASKED him to take over the disposal of his various properties (NOT his apartment!), but so far, to my best knowledge, he didn’t ask LJ to take over his love life. Even though a lot of people act just like Lawyer Jang, doesn’t make it right. Same as—just because she’s you mother, doesn’t make her right.

          • Ivoire

            Hi anniejang,

            You make a lot of good points about LJ taking over MJ’s love life, and it is one of the reasons why I really wished SY would have been allowed to stay by MJ’s side, when he was in bed. It would have given us more sweet moments to witness, besides the 4 mns montage of MJ’s dream we had in this ep. I love how dedicated SY has become to MJ, and as she said, I believe that she would have been a good nurse/caretaker.
            At least we know that she means well (as far as MJ is concerned), even if she messes up. She is very loyal and I love that about her. I could just imagine her spoonfeeding him, giving him some drinks, reading to him, and doing that thing we see in Kdramas: the caregiver asleep on the bed (while seating on a chair), holding the patient’s hand. And I could imagine MJ waking up, and seeing her in that position, realizing (yet again) how much she cares about him.

            Sorry to get carried away with this. It is just that I sooo wanted for SY to have her moments with MJ, especially at a time when MJ sooo wants to be (physically) close to her (and otherwise as well), as he has expressed in this ep.

          • anniejang

            me too

  34. 34 pumpkinattack

    Yes, the feels. Oh, the feels.
    What a fun show! I’m really enjoying it so far. 🙂

    Thank you very much for the awesome and insightful recap, jb!

  35. 35 Momoi

    So much crying, both the characters and me T__T

    I wish MJ didn’t go for that noble savior route. At least he revealed the truth at the end.

    Haha I love Song Yi’s friend, especially when she saw Yoon Jae.
    Poor Yura, the way she died made me really sympathize with her. Though, we still don’t know Jaekyung’s secret do we?

    I still like the dynamic between Song Yi and Se Mi. The thing is, I still don’t think Se Mi is a bad girl, but I do think she feigns her true intentions too much, lying to herself a bit too much. The thing is, I don’t think her or Song Yi are good girls, both of them have done bad things in their life. I did like Song Yi’s speech to Se Mi, but I can understand Se Mi’s feelings. I can also understand Song Yi’s anger. Se Mi, however, can go in a number of directions, so I guess that’s why she’s particularly interesting.

    lol though, every role of I’ve seen Yoo In Na in, she plays kind of a mean character.

    • 35.1 ilikemangos

      O.m.g then you must watch queen in hyuns man!
      or if you haven’t watched secret garden she plays heroine’s best friend/roommate. I thought she was lovable in those. She definitely does better playing the sweet/innocent gals.

      • 35.1.1 Momoi

        Been wanting to watch QIM. Think I’ll check it out.
        People did say they prefer her in nicer roles.

      • 35.1.2 Aisling

        Yea, Yoo In Na does cute very well (absolutely adored her in Queen In Hyun’s Man too). But her expressions for Se Mi were very good! Especially when she was telling Song Yi over their first cup of coffee that she wasn’t sorry for taking over her role as the lead actress in the drama. Also when she was daring Song Yi to put the two and two together and connect Min Joon with her mysterious saviour 12 years ago. That was quite intense!!

        • Ivoire

          I 2nd your comment. I have liked YIN in this drama, so far.

  36. 36 Cat

    Thank you for the recap.

    I just wanted to point out one thing. When HK called the hospital to ask if his former SIL was a patient there, it seemed like the receptionist sounded a bit angry in her denial and hung up right away.

    I think HK did pick up on that and realized that the SIL is in fact at the hospital…so he’s definitely onto his older brother

    • 36.1 Kaybee

      …just riding on you comment… when he came out from the shower… he looked so g—o—o—d!

      • 36.1.1 Rushie

        I thought so too. I was like “without all that hair gel he actually looks pretty normal”. Just goes to show that hair gel is the root of all evil as was the case with Choi Young-do.

  37. 37 mysterious

    Oof! This episode killed me. The river scene, her crying at the door and him watching holding back tears, the happy dream, the confession to Lawyer Jang, him crying at the very end. Too much, just too much. My heart needs some time to recover.

    I hope this idea of him taking the fall doesn’t last long, because that would just irritate me to no end.

  38. 38 zlate1

    Does anyone else thinkDJ is going to trick killer brother with his offer to take all the blame?

    Younger brother has grown on me in these last two episodes. I had found him really irritating in the beginning. I hope he survives an falls in love with a nice girl. May be BJ?

    I really, really hope it won’t be Sen Me. She is someone who spent 15 years being jealous and hating SY. That really warped her. Her nasty mother did not help. In contrast SY did not let her mother influence her to become a nasty witch.

    She has grown to be a better human being through adversity and love whereas SM has gone in the opposite direction.

    The whole cast and the writers and directors are spot on and amazing.

  39. 39 Ppasun

    I have faith in our heroine. When it really matters, she has proven herself to be extremely smart and sensible. She surely won’t reject her love, for a mere glance of whom she would risk death by plummeting, when he is offering his heart and life to her. And once MJ sees that it doesn’t matter to her what he is as long as he is himself, I think he’ll stay and spend whatever time that’s allowed to him to be with her. After all, that’s no more or no less than what every human being has anyway. We live out our days not knowing when is our last but as if we have forever, trying to love as much as possible, to be as happy as possible. I think our SY and MJ were meant for each other and will make each other truly happy.

    • 39.1 Ivoire

      Well said, and I agree (and hope that’s what happens)!

      This, “We live out our days not knowing when is our last but as if we have forever, trying to love as much as possible, to be as happy as possible,” I think MJ has come to realize, as he mentioned in one of the previous episodes to Lawyer Jang. The difference by now is that he desperately wants to have those experiences (as humans do), with SY (and I don’t blame him, he has waited long enough).

  40. 40 Cat

    I hope the ending isn’t like “Absolute Boyfriend” Jdrama/manga – the main lead who is a robot dies (after experiencing too much human emotion for his capacity) leaving the girl behind. The second lead becomes a stand -in for the girl.

    (Sighs) Joe, say it ain’t so!

    • 40.1 Alinka

      Usonato iteo joe *pardon my lack of japanese skill. You watch love shuffle too? I LOVE that dorama XD Anyway, the MFAS is just the IT drama for me at this time XDXD I like the t does everything for a reason, unlike the predecesor *cough

    • 40.2 anniejang

      I agree-that ending upset me a lot too. I watch a lot of Jdramas, some over and over, but I will never watch that one again.
      If you haven’t seen them, here are some riveting recommends: The Last Cinderella, Pin To Kona, Kimi Wa Petto, Buzzer Beat-all unbelievably good!

      • 40.2.1 anniejang

        Last Cinderella: Haruma Mira Pin To Kona: Yuta Tamamon, Yuma Nakayama Kimi Wa Petto: MatsuJun Buzzer Beat: Yamapi

  41. 41 stars4u

    That dream sequence!!!!!!

  42. 42 Lisa

    Thanks for the recap! What a heart-wrenching ep!!!

    That happy dream… I had to replay that part… It’s so simply yet so full of meaning for Min Joon. That’s all he wants to do! Just spending time with Song Yi and doing all the regular stuff that humans do; he’d be so happy just to be able to share his life with her, have a family, and grow old together. <333

    All the crying scenes with KSH today… Man, just gets me right here *thumps heart*! He is so good at capturing emotions and making you feel what he feels. Whether he is just having tears well up in his eyes when seeing Song Yi through the door camera, or his tearful confession to Lawyer Jang how much he loves Song Yi and wants to spend his remaining days on Earth with her, to the epilogue when he was just balling his eyes out… So heartbreaking… *sobs*

    I'm not too sure what to make of Min Joon striking a deal with Evil Big Bro… Truly hope that doesn't happen! And boy, it was so eerie and creepy as Jae Kyung recounted the events of how he killed Yoo Ra and what he had said to her in his head when he was being questioned. Utterly heartless… *shivers*

    So awesome for Song Yi to shut down Se Mi by telling her not to use that man from 12 years ago as a way to bring her down. #LikeABoss

    I think the ending with Min Joon bringing Song Yi to the museum is like a test and also his ultimate way of making her leave him for good… Very curious how this will be played out next week. I hope Song Yi gets over her initial shock, attributing the strange behaviour to his yet-to-be-fully-recovered condition, and decides that she will love him regardless. Love the scene with her trying to go over to his place through the balcony. XD And how marriage came to mind as a way to protect him if he were indeed a wanted criminal. LOL

    In the future episodes, I really hope to see Song Yi saving Min Joon at some point since it's always been him coming to her rescue so far. I keep thinking back to that scene on that "Cliff of Death" with Yi Hwa 400 years ago when she took the arrows for Min Joon. I don't know if something to that extent would happen in present time, but somehow with Song Yi already chucking her pride aside for him, I would like to see her sacrificing for him the way he has been doing quietly for her all along. Maybe THAT would finally jostle him to his senses. Even though he has already admitted to Lawyer Jang how he feels about her and what he hopes to do in his last days in this world, he is still not fully letting himself do that yet and has not confessed his feelings to Song Yi, what with meeting Jae Kyung to take the fall and still trying to keep Song Yi away by scaring her, as if asking, "Does it really not matter? Would you still love this 400-year-old alien? I dare you to say yes…"

    As for Evil Big Bro, I really hope Hwi Kyung continues his sleuthing and digs deeper into that psychiatric hospital and figures out what's been going on with his ex-sister-in-law so that he can help put Jae Kyung away for everybody's sake. That guy just kills as he pleases and I'm still wondering why his lackey is so devoted to him, helping him with all the murders.

    • 42.1 divyrus

      Was I the only one who got distracted by her shoes at the end!??

      There I was almost into the screen when min joon broke that glass and started towards her accusingly and in another moment I went ‘nice shoes’ !

      Moral : get new shoes

      • 42.1.1 Emmy

        Those were beautiful shoes. Love the person who does the wardrobe for JJH. I want her entire outfit in the last scene. Also, I loved what she wore for her showdown with Se-mi. edgy and completely fitting for a top star.

  43. 43 Aid Sincera

    His dream MUST COME TRUE!!! They deserve to be happy end. Imagine… A cute baby that capable of teleporting and stop the time!! Kyaaaa 😀

    • 43.1 ilikemangos

      Ha.ha.ha. i imagine that being a pain in the butt for mama song-yi chasing after a child that keeps teleporting on her and wrecking havoc. Can you imagine? These alien babies probably have no control over their powers. Unless they develop at a much later age..

      • 43.1.1 Ivoire

        LOL, ilikemangos…

  44. 44 earthna

    *breathes in*

    Typing and erasing my comment for a while now. I don’t know where to start. I watched this episode early in the morning with one eye still closed. The first thing I did when I woke up was check if the episode has been uploaded.

    I cried when I watched it the first time without subs, cried again when I watched it with my sister, then cried again while reading javabeans’ recap. The characters feel so real to me and I feel for them. Min Joon’s dream was a happy one, obviously, but I was crying through it all. He’s right about how painful it is to wake up from such a dream only to realize it’s not real. Oh, how I wish it wasn’t a dream. It’s more painful because we all know that right now, with what’s happening and what the drama’s hinting, it’s impossible.

    Then there’s Song Yi unable to go, just walking back and front in the corridor. Is that something a top star who was once loved by everyone in the nation would do? Not to mention her “risking her life to see him”. LOL.

    Lawyer Jang. Hah, this man. You can see how much he loves Min Joon. He only wants the best for him. When he said that the most meaningful thing he has ever done was to protect him and that he’s thankful that Min Joon will be able to go home without him having to worry who’s going to take care of Min Joon when he’s gone, I just cried so hard. Gotta love him, really.

    I’m freaking scared for Hui Kyung now. Oh gosh. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jae Kyung decides to kill his own brother considering what he’s done in the past. That scene where he explains to Yoo Ra how she’ll die totally creeps me out. How twisted and cruel. I think Yoo In Young did a great job as Yoo Ra in that scene too!

    I feel bad for Se Mi but like she deserves it. Too bad she’s picking on Song Yi who’s such a badass. You can’t win her, girl, sawry.

    Took me 30 min to write this comment. lol. Any suggestions on how to survive this lost week until the next episode? :3 Thanks for the recaps, javabeans!

    • 44.1 earthna

      *long week

      wow, i think i lost my brain somewhere. or coughed it out while crying earlier.

    • 44.2 Emmy

      I survive by rewatching all the episodes that have aired till now! And constantly refreshing and hoping someone has uploaded a preview for the next episode somewhere.

  45. 45 FR

    Like everyone else, I can’t wait for the next episode!!

    I didn’t pick up the connection with the pen!

    Now that you bring it up, candycow, it seems like the police could potentially figure out that the pen might belong to DMJ!!

  46. 46 BbopkiBbopki

    SO.MANY.FEELS. I almost popped a vein trying to suppress tears and oncoming snot bubbles. There is just no way to look dignified while crying and cradling one’s mobile device in public. :'(

    I loved
    1) How Song-Yi turned Se-Mi into a third degree burn victim. Ouch!
    2) Bok-Ja’s entire segment. At this point of the story, Song-Yi’s true blue girlfrand delivers some unexpected and hilarious relief from the impending doom. GIMME MOAR of Bok-Ja making eyes at all the man-candy in the drama. I can’t wait to see her reaction when she rests her eyes on the prosecutor!
    3) Parodies of That Winter The Wind Blows scenes. The snow play was quite obvious but I almost missed the scene when Song-Yi was putting on her make-up and earring while looking into the mirror. The writer of this show makes me both happy and horrified that I am in on her jokes because I watched too many k-dramas.

    • 46.1 BbopkiBbopki

      Forgot to add that since Do Min-Joo’s dreams and premonitions have all come true, such accuracy must mean that his happy dream sequence with Song-Yi will be realized as well.

      • 46.1.1 divyrus

        That was a premonition and I think this is just a dream! 🙁 I don’t think it could be foreshadowing!

        Prove me wrong show, I challenge you!

        • BbopkiBbopki

          HA! I take your challenge! Remember when Do Min-Joo was jolted awake by his dream that the owner of the glitter heels would die? 😉

        • Ivoire

          DMJ himself called that montage a dream, so I am assuming it must have been one.

    • 46.2 Emmy

      Loved the Song-yi vs. Se-mi showdown. JJH delivers her lines with so much oomph. I was (mentally) fist-pumping and going “Take that Bitch!” when Song-yi completely turned the tables on Se-mi.

  47. 47 Ace

    I said it before that I am not really one for grand displays of affection and this ep just hit me in the right spot. Esp since it was MJ’s heart on the spotlight today.

    The simple longing of just being by each other’s side speaks volumes to me.
    To a man (would alien be more politically correct? Hehe) who has lived for over 400 years, i find it more heartbreaking that his dream to really ‘live’ is defined as being by her side, loving her, and growing old together…
    It really makes me think of the difference between just “existing” and really “living”. I appreciate this drama for the subtext of such ponderings. Not only does it add the heart wrenching factor but it really makes you think.

    On that note I think JB pointed it out in the first epi that it would be lonliness that ties these two together and ooomph she totally called it. In hindsight i think that makes the longing of being by each other’s side all the more glaring.

    Give them the dream dramaverse! How can you deny him such when he’s crying like that? Its probably a first in over 400 years. T.T

    • 47.1 Ivoire

      So well said. I would say though that MJ also broke down when YH died, essentially sacrificing her life for him. Not to say that his tears and heartbreak in this ep. are any less moving.

  48. 48 BibiRouge


    Great episode, just… great.

    And I’m stayin’ with my feet firmly planted in Optimistic Land and say that DMJ losing his powers is actually him TURNING human (yes, yes), and although there will be tears and pain, there will be a happy ending, do you hear me Show?

    But… I must say I faltered there at the Dream sequence… It just felt so… Like a gift, ’cause that’s all we’re gettin’

    Nonononononono *goes back to happy place*

    On another note, the scene in the car when SY tells him she doesn’t care WHAT he is, as long as he just IS, made me completely flashback to Twilight (the book) when Bella first learns that Edward is a vampire and her reaction is: I get it if you’ve killed anyone, yunno?

    Thank you for the recaps 😉

    • 48.1 ilikemangos

      I want there to be a way for him to turn human or for him to age the way humans do. But i don’t want him to just simply lose his powers before he becomes human. that’s too easy 🙁 It has to hurt good.

      I will join you in optimistic land and say that the dream sequence is a foreshadowing of their happy future, and a gift from the writer, amidst all the melodramatic turn of events.

      Jeeesus, yall are killing me with the twilight comparisons. Unbelibubble. Get out, Nao!


      • 48.1.1 Crazynoona

        Agree with you, not to be mean but even only the intro of “Up” gave me more tears and heart than the entire Twilight series. Maybe the books were better than the movies (?) .

        • StupidCupidinLove

          They definitely were. I always felt that the film was miscast…

      • 48.1.2 BibiRouge

        Trust me, I’m not comparing!!!

        I liked Twilight well enough but it was so long ago…

        It’s just that while watching that particular scene, I automatically went there…


  49. 49 Quinze

    Man if Do Min Joon and Song Yi don’t have a happy ending in store for them I’m going to be emotionally scarred for life.

    Like they just NEED to have that utterly adorable dream come true because I can’t handle the alternative!!

    • 49.1 skinnydipshit

      my heart will be scarred for life too if it didn’t have a happy ending..but since it’s a romcom.. it should have a happy ending right… right? *trying to convince my self

      • 49.1.1 Quinze

        I’m taking that logic and holding onto it for dear life!

        Please give us nauseatingly cutesy couple scenes for our finale à la Secret Garden!!

        • Ivoire

          Hi Quinze, (remember me from our YATBLSS days? 🙂 )
          To what you said, I say, “Hear, hear!”

  50. 50 KimNaNa

    Ok how about no more bad things happen and everyone is happy now?

    Stahp, show. Just stahp.

    ^^^ this is what I’ve been thinking over and over again the past two episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show. But goodness, these characters never get a break.

    I was just crying during that dream Min Joon had. Because I wish soooo much that would -actually- happen.

    :O maybe it was another premonition?? Here’s hoping.

    • 50.1 Ivoire

      Agree with them being happy now, however, could we realistically have that for the remaining 8 ep. (that need to be filled up)? 🙂

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