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You From Another Star: Episode 7
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I just love this couple. There’s something really gratifying in the whole Superman–Clark Kent duality of doing something for the person you love, then keeping your cover by putting up a different facade entirely. It’s interesting that Min-joon’s facade is actually his natural personality—gruff and crotchety—and yet it’s becoming a mask more than anything. As he explains, things are changing, and not just in an emotional way, with his impending interstellar voyage stirring some physical changes as well. Or is it? What else could it be? Stuff to wonder 2about.


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With Song-yi is up in the Ferris wheel, Min-joon overhears as Hwi-kyung confesses his feelings for her. Just as she starts to reply, Min-joon freezes time, afraid of the answer.

He drives home, and once he’s at a fair distance, time unfreezes for Song-yi and Hwi-kyung. She senses strangeness, though, and wonders what just happened. She tells Hwi-kyung that up until a second ago she was going to give him a yes—that she was willing to call her fondness for him love and go with the easier path. It’s what her parents would have wanted, and it would have been comfortable to accept Hwi-kyung’s love (and his chaebol riches).

“But I’m really sorry,” she says. “In only a second my mind changed. I can’t do that.”

Despite that, Hwi-kyung pulls her into a hug and says she’s come a long way from the curt rejections she used to dole out, and says he’ll accept the “I was going to say yes” and not the rest. It gives him something to hope for, that he can change her almost-yes into a real one.

Min-joon drives up to a cliff above the city (which looks a lot like the cliff where Yi-hwa died). It’s that scene that runs through his mind now, and he thinks, “For the first time I wanted to protect somebody, but without being able to do anything I lost her. That was the first death I witnessed on Earth.”

We resume Min-joon’s library interview, where he tells his unseen audience (or a camera, or us) that people fear death because we’re afraid of being forgotten by the ones we leave behind. He himself had never feared death because he didn’t care if people forgot about him.

“But now, I have started to feel afraid,” he says. “I’ve found someone I don’t want to be forgotten by. And it had to happen now of all times, just as I must go to a different world.”

Despite his acceptance of Song-yi’s answer, Hwi-kyung heads to a bar where Se-mi finds him very drunk. He gives her a bear hug and cheerily calls her “the friend I love,” but his mood dips as he confides about being rejected. Se-mi urges him to give up now, but he asks if she can control her feelings, because he sure can’t.

Hwi-kyung wonders if Song-yi is (subconsciously?) waiting for her accident man to reappear. Se-mi confesses that she thinks she’s seen him, but Hwi-kyung is passed out from drinking and doesn’t hear her. Se-mi pats his hair and admits that she can’t control her feelings, either.

Song-yi’s mother and brother show up at her door for an (uninvited) housewarming of sorts, and while ringing the bell gets no response, Mom manages to guess the passcode (not too hard, as it’s 1111). They let themselves in, so there’s a fair amount of shrieking when Song-yi walks by and sees people in her home.

Little bro Yoon-jae accepts a gift from a fan at the door, which turns out to be another threat from an anti—a dead mouse with a note reading “You die too.” Yoon-jae runs out to catch the deliverer, but only sees the back of him as he zooms off on a motorcycle.

Yoon-jae wants to report it to the police, but Mom protests—stirring up more news would just exacerbate the antagonism against Song-yi. Song-yi plays it down, though, saying that it’s not something to get worked up over. She points to a huge teddy bear and says it was also fans who sent that, so not everybody hates her. Plus, she has a new bodyguard/manager now.

As she leaves, Mom asks how her date with Hwi-kyung went, just as Min-joon rides the elevator up and his ears pick up their conversation. Mom flips out to hear Song-yi turned him down, while Min-joon relaxes.

Upon his arrival, Song-yi introduces Min-joon to her family as her new manager. He only gets out “I’m not—” before she steamrolls over him, linking arms tightly and saying that he lives next door, went to Harvard, and speaks English. It’s convenient and helpful, case closed. She shoves her family into the elevator and says goodbye quickly.

Min-joon’s back to his cool demeanor (which I love, given his dread over Song-yi’s proposal response) and balks at the arm-linking, while Song-yi says that he should be used to such skinship if he spend so much time in America. He snaps, “I didn’t have friends in America so I wouldn’t know,” and she pesters him to think over why that might be.

He also says he never agreed to be her manager, but his usual curtness softens with one look at her face. Song-yi confides about the two anti-fan packages that were delivered to her, and Min-joon takes her by the hand and invites her in.

Song-yi sighs over how quickly a long career can turn to nothing over unsubstantiated rumors. He says that it’s enough that she knows she’s innocent, but she calls that naive thinking. She sighs about her troubled future, then wonders if she should have accepted after all. Song-yi explains about Hwi-kyung’s proposal and says that after she pays off that CF contract fee, if she can’t renew her contract with her agency she’s basically broke because her mother spent everything. But Hwi-kyung promised to take care of her forever.

She doesn’t even know why she said no, and wonders if she should reconsider. Min-joon barks, “Why would you do that?!” To cover up the outburst, he stammers that you’re not supposed to barter with marriage, citing an ancient text. She asks if it also instructs one to help out a neighbor in need (hint hint), adding that he ought to stick close to her side starting tomorrow.

Later Min-joon heads down to his library, telekinetically pulling various books from their shelves. As they float in the air, he takes one—that book he’d been reading earlier, Miraculous Journey (by Edward Tulane). He resumes reading:

There was once a beautiful princess. In the black, moonless night, she shone brightly like a star. He wasn’t sure why, but Edward was comforted by those words, and murmured them to himself: In the black, moonless night, like a star.

Min-joon tries them out himself, liking the sound of those words.

After repeating those words many times, at some point the day dawned.

Over breakfast, Se-mi asks her oppa Seok about the man in the boat’s CCTV photo. He chides her for looking at his investigation materials but admits that he doesn’t know who he is, though he’s trying to find out.

To that end, Seok has sent Min-joon a letter in the mail, and Min-joon complies with the summons by appearing at the station. Seok and Detective Park explain seeing him on the cameras of the boat and the beauty salon where the two actresses fought, and know that he’s both Song-yi’s neighbor and course instructor. Min-joon asks if they suspect him of being involved in Yura’s death, and Seok answers that it’s his job to harbor suspicions.

Min-joon says he was home at the time of the crime, and the security cameras in his apartment building can confirm his alibi. That checks out—as does the handwriting analysis confirming that Yura wrote her suicide note.

Song-yi’s home is littered with the remnants of a beer and chicken binge, and she sleeps amidst the mess on the living room floor. She jerks awake reflexively and calls Bum out of habit, who is at work as Se-mi’s manager. Song-yi overhears as Se-mi is heaped with praise, including the comment that having a different lead actress makes for a much nicer set.

Min-joon receives a page and checks his voicemails, the first of which is from Bok-ja at the manhwa store, complaining that he hasn’t returned his stack of books (the adult manhwas he took out for Song-yi). The second is from Song-yi, which brings a smile to his face as she barks at him to buy a cell phone. Next thing we know, he walks into a store to request “the phone that gets the best reception of them all.” Collectively now: Awwwwwww.

Hwi-kyung sits his father down for a business proposal, which is laughably simplistic though his father humors him by listening. He requests his father’s help in starting a new business venture… as an entertainment agency focusing on one star. Song-yi, naturally.

Dad harrumphs and reaches for his golf clubs (to beat some sense into him), but surprisingly he agrees to give the idea a shot, seeing as how much his son adores Song-yi. He says gruffly that he’s not giving his permission to marry her, though, and Hwi-kyung hilariously replies, “Why would I need your permission? First I need hers.” Yeeeeees, I suppose that is a thing you need, if you weren’t too busy counting your chickens. But it’s cute.

Song-yi snacks up a storm while watching the home shopping channel, which is selling a miracle belt that’ll work out your abs without any exertion. “Was I stupidly exercising all this time?” she wonders, grabbing her phone to call in. That’s when Min-joon calls on his brand-new phone, and she whips up a random excuse to call him home—a business strategy meeting.

Song-yi’s proposal is basically a roundabout spiel touting the need for her to practice eating, so she can film food CFs when she resumes working. Min-joon barely refrains from eye-rolling, while Song-yi instructs him to put lots of thought into thinking up fresh ideas for future dinner menus. Lol.

Min-joon nearly turns away the deliveryman at the door, only to have Song-yi jump in to say she ordered a bunch of stuff off the TV. But she can’t have them delivered to her house, so she gave his address. She leaps out of view while he resignedly signs for the package. (Deliveryman: “Your name is Do Manager”?) Pwahaha.

She makes herself right at home to prepare rice to go with the fresh crab she just bought, adding that she’s not so mean as to eat alone. Min-joon reminds her, “I don’t like eating with others.” Song-yi reminds him, “But I don’t like eating alone.”

Cut to: Table set for two, of course.

Song-yi complains about the tiny volume of crab, and Min-joon uses another Joseon-era adage to basically call her a fool for ordering it in the first place. Song-yi recalls that it’s drama hour and suggests they watch in front of the TV, and Min-joon puts his foot down, saying that one dines at the table. Song-yi looks up at him with great round puppy-dog eyes. And pouts.

Cut to: Dinner at the coffee table, of course.

It’s Se-mi’s drama, and Song-yi tsks-tsks through it, saying that Se-mi’s acting is too mental and not emotional enough, and that the drama is bound to drop from 17% ratings to 8% for this episode. Only she’s proven wrong when the drama breaks 20% and celebrates with a party the next day. The director praises Se-mi, who is showered with good press and offers to buy the whole staff dinner.

Min-joon has to chase after Lawyer Jang wonderingly when the latter stalks off in a tiff, miffed that Min-joon ignored his urgings to get a cell phone for the past decade, only to cave now. Min-joon merely says that he thought it would be handy, but when Lawyer Jang checks the phone, he confirms that Song-yi is saved in the No. 1 slot. Pwahaha.

Min-joon’s eyes dart back and forth hilariously, and he says that Lawyer Jang is No. 2. Min-joon offers to swap their orders, but Lawyer Jang snaps that he doesn’t care and it’s childish. LOL. Then Min-joon stops to take a call from Song-yi (which Lawyer Jang stops to listen to, despite his huffiness), annoyed to hear that she’s just hungry for a lunch partner—she could really go for some udon. He hangs up. And then takes Lawyer Jang to eat udon. Pffft.

Bum shows up at Song-yi’s door to return the clutch she’d left behind—Yura’s—and promises to wait for her so he can be her manager again. He says that after working under her bad attitude for so long, he finds Se-mi’s kindness and good nature “uncomfortable and awkward. I miss your swearing and violence, noona.”

Song-yi wonders what to do with Yura’s purse, since it feels wrong to keep it. She drops it accidentally, and that’s when she sees the flash drive.

Over lunch, Lawyer Jang wonders at Min-joon’s sudden turnaround about eating together. Min-joon admits that it’s strange that after eating with someone else, now it feels a bit lonely to eat alone. Then he asks for two additional orders to take home, merely saying that he’ll eat them later.

As they walk out, Min-joon pauses and notes with confusion that it’s cold. Lawyer Jang is surprised since Min-joon is usually insensitive to cold, and Min-joon supposes that it’s just another sign that his departure is nearing: “I feel my body changing, little by little.” Uh… oh… There’s no way that’s a good thing, is there?

Song-yi settles in with her fan-sent teddy bear—that can’t be a good thing either, I’m thinking—and plugs in the flash drive. There are two video files on it, taken from what appears to be the camera in a hospital visiting room. Yura sits at a table with a nervous patient who begs her to help her leave, because she isn’t crazy. “He stuck me here because I know his secret,” the woman confesses. The woman’s too scared to tell what she knows, but she warns of danger and pleads for help.

She doesn’t get to see the second file because Min-joon arrives at the door with his two bowls of udon, and he lies that he didn’t eat yet so as to join her. He puts up the weakest defense ever (“I… could eat by myself… or okay”). Adorable.

Jae-kyung watches something on his laptop (DID YOU SEND THE TEDDY BEAR YOU MURDERER), then instructs someone on the phone to “Begin it.” Jae-kyung slaps on a smile when Hwi-kyung drops by to invite him to dinner tomorrow with Song-yi, and agrees readily. Behind his brother’s back, he murmurs, “Song-yi won’t be able to eat dinner tomorrow.”

I’m willing to bet my pants that he’s behind the following call to Song-yi inviting her to a boutique to shop its new additions. She’s thrilled to have something to do for once and jumps up, just as Min-joon notices the teddy bear. With the help of his super-vision he sees the chip embedded in it, and pulls it out to find the hidden transmitter.

As Min-joon drives to the boutique, Song-yi wonders who could hate her enough to do this, and why they’d want to keep tabs on her in the first place. Min-joon stays in the car when they arrive, and Song-yi tells him in a plaintive voice, “Don’t leave.” He says he won’t, and she thanks him.

Song-yi runs into Se-mi in the shop, and they sit down for coffee. Se-mi starts to give her excuse about the “misunderstanding” from before, but Song-yi says plainly that Se-mi lied when she told her she wouldn’t take the drama gig while telling the director yes. “Did you think I’d tell you not to do it or get in your way?” Song-yi asks.

Se-mi says that she thought Song-yi would get upset, especially since Song-yi had never given her credit as an actress and now she was taking her role. In surprise, Song-yi asks, “I don’t give you credit? Is that why every time I get a job, I tell the producers and the director about you and ask them to cast you?”

Se-mi’s voice hardens as she accuses Song-yi of wanting to keep Se-mi near her without ever thinking of her as competition. “Even if I hated to stand there, I had no other way to do it,” she bites out. “Standing there, smiling at you—have you ever thought how I must feel?” Se-mi says bitterly that she wanted Song-yi to consider her a rival and be jealous of her.

“What did you want me to do?” Se-mi asks derisively. “You wanted me to stand there in your place and feel sorry? Everything you gained without any effort, I worked myself to death and have only now started to gain. Sorry? I’m not sorry at all.”

Song-yi’s eyes fill with tears, and maybe realization. “Have you ever once thought of me as a friend?” she asks.

Se-mi sneers, “Ah, that. Sorry. Not once.”

Song-yi rises to her feet and says, “When I hit bottom this time, there were a lot of times I felt like the pits. But there’s one good thing about it. It filters out people. Who is really on my side, and who disguised themselves as being on my side. When life tests us, I wonder if it’s God giving us the chance to filter out the real from the fake.”

Leaving Se-mi stewing in angry tears, Song-yi walks out in a daze. It’s Min-joon who notices first that there’s a person dressed all in black standing at the railing above her, poised to drop something onto her head. The guy throws a heavy glass vase at her head, and Min-joon moves in a flash to pull her out of harm’s way.

The glass shatters next to them, and Min-joon shoots a mind-wave at the perp to knock him down. Then he gathers up Song-yi, who has fainted, and carries her to the car.

Se-mi exits in time to see him take her away, and once more her mind flashes back to the mysterious stranger from twelve years ago, her suspicions growing more concrete.

It’s back to the hospital for Song-yi, where Min-joon insists she undergo the basic tests to make sure she’s okay. He gets a call from the police confirming that the perp was caught, and Song-yi sends him off to deal with it. She makes him nervous for a moment when she wonders how Min-joon was able to save her so quickly when she’d seen him in the car before the attack. He freezes for a second, then says she saw wrong.

A bit later, Song-yi is visited by a masked doctor (ah, it’s Jae-kyung’s secretary) who injects something into her IV drip. Once she’s unconscious, he wheels her out of the room

The perp is a young punk who says he was just playing a prank. In giving his police statement the guy readily admits to all the anti-fan threats, though he insists that he wasn’t behind the teddy bear. That’s strange, and Min-joon mind whirls at the possibilities… like there being somebody else out there with a vendetta against Song-yi.

He bolts out of the station and calls Song-yi immediately, who doesn’t answer, as she is currently out from her drugging—and in the driver’s seat of a car. A moving car, which slowly picks up speed down a mountain road.

Song-yi jerks awake and slams on the brakes, but they’ve been cut. The car hurtles toward a cliff and she begs for help, screaming for Min-joon.

He races to her hospital room and finds it empty. As she’s yelling for him to save her, Min-joon sharpens his hearing and listens intently…

The next thing we know, he materializes out of thin air and drops in front of the car, slamming his hands down on its hood and bracing all his weight into stopping its path. The car tilts up on its front wheels, then crashes back down in a dead halt.

Snow falls, a storm brews, and both Song-yi and Min-joon gather their breaths.

Song-yi raises her head slowly, and sees him there in front of her.


Song-yi sets down her teddy bear at the dinner table, baby-talking to it and making a goof of herself. There’s twirling and singing and dancing with the frying pan… and roaring in mock-bear growls… and watching that file from Yura’s flash drive. Then, Min-joon discovering the camera.

And yup, it’s Jae-kyung on the other side of the lens. Not that it’s a surprise to anybody. The guy hasn’t murdered anybody in, like, weeks. He must be getting antsy.


She saw him! Eeeeeee! Granted, she was under the influence of some serious drugs, perhaps propofol, and it’s possible that she could forget the whole thing or assume it was a dream. Or be convinced it was a dream. Still, Song-yi hasn’t been convinced by Min-joon’s dismissals so to add another puzzle piece that doesn’t add up means that she’ll be one step closer to putting two and two together.

Se-mi took a turn, finally fulfilling her backstabby potential by coming out with her antagonism in full view. I was a little surprised to hear her say she’d never once thought of Song-yi as a friend because I was hoping for a slightly different dynamic to play out with the jealousy/second string setup—that perhaps she was truly a nice person warring with her selfish side. And perhaps there’s room for the drama to swing things back in that direction toward the end.

That said, I’m not averse to turning her into the outright antagonist, and just because it’s not the way I would have taken the character doesn’t mean I dislike the treatment. It makes Song-yi’s situation sadder, because while she was a bad friend in some regards, she was truer than Se-mi was, and her heart was in the right place. Like the manhwa lady said, Song-yi isn’t a rude princess because she let fame get to her head, she was always like that. So… points for consistency? Heh.

There were so many good moments in this episode, but most of all I love that Min-joon is stepping more to the forefront in terms of development. Finally engaging in the human world! Eating with people! Buying cell phones! He notes that there’s some pretty messed-up timing with this all happening right before he is to leave, but that doesn’t stop him from moving forward anyway, which is lovely. I have always found him fascinating by sheer virtue of the fact that, yunno, he’s this closed-off ancient alien dude with superpowers; fascination is pretty much built in. Plus, there was plenty of material in his past Joseon life to elicit pathos. But it’s delightful to have his present self now undergoing emotional change, to match Song-yi’s own growth—and having him swoop in all secret-hero-like is just icing on the cake. (I seriously can’t wait for Song-yi to put it all together. I can’t promise I’ll be able to control myself when it happens.)


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      I think it’s necessary he becomes human though, otherwise he’d be immortal and have to watch her grow old and die while he stays young (and hot :D) forever, assuming he even decides to stay of course. I think it’s a huge hint that we’ll have a happy ending! yay ♥

      • 4.3.1 Liz

        I think the best solution would be to become human but retain some alien-like qualities.

        There are many ways this could happen. He could grow would but heal faster and still be extremely strong.

        He would not be 100% alien but not a full fledge human either.

        • Lu

          I agree with you, it would be cool if he could become “human”, like getting old with Song Yi, but while keeping some superpowers (the teleportation is really useful ^^)

          I also thought of this when he said he was cold, glad I’m not the only one with this theory 🙂

  5. Ivoire

    Thank you for the recap! Another great episode. I love seeing how DMJ is changing, little by little because of SY. Even his body is starting to feel the change. Lawyer acting jealous was hilarious and quite touching. Awwww… He has feelings too. Yay for bromance.

    • 5.1 Ivoire

      Sorry! I meant to say Lawyer Jang. Btw, I love the way SY says “sorry.” The stakes are getting higher, and eventually, DMJ’s secret will be found out. SY might find out soon. Even though she can be an flighty, if enough coincidences happen, DJM might have to eventually have a talk with her. That would be interesting to watch. I also loved the jealous outburst MJ had, when he was talking about her turning down HK’s proposal.
      And SM finally showed her true colors. I guess those who doubted her intentions toward SY (from the beginning), were right to do so. She sure hid her anger and bitterness well for a long while.

  6. Eka

    Haha is there a crude running joke about Songyi being hungry for gaebul? A few episodes ago she tried to order it on the cruise also and I asked my Korean BFF what it was and he said it is Penis clam?! OMO xD

    • 6.1 Perrie


    • 6.2 emiie

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    • 6.3 submonkey

      yep — that is a very common name for it – actually “Penis Fish” If you google it, there’s no doubt why. Also known as spoon worms, but that’s just not as funny.

      • 6.3.1 Kiara

        I’m afraid to google it (images) lol.

      • 6.3.2 exquisitemelody

        just googled it. huh. it really does look like a penis.

        • fluffy in flight

          I think those are the fish that are native to South America, ( the Amazon) and in actual cases have swam up men’s penis’ . The first time I heard of it was on an actual show when the man came in to the doctor with a lot of pain an when they did a scan of his member. Yep! you guessed it, it was right in there living and swimming, they have also been found in women. No joke.

          • NewFan

            I think you’re thinking of some type of catfish (can’t think of the name right now). That’s why they tell you not to pee in the Amazon. The fish are attracted to the warmth. These spoon worms look like actual penises.

          • NewFan


    • 6.4 KDaddict

      This whole conversation under #6 is so funny. LOL.

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    Yeah, boy! THIS is the episode I’ve been waiting for. I love so many things about this episode:
    1.) The fact that Song-yi is inching closer and closer to finding out Min-joon is her mystery man from years ago.
    2.) I love seeing him lose his cool façade whenever it comes to her.
    3.) I love how she called out to him to save her! Him, no one else came to her mind.
    4.) The fact he was able to save her at the very spot where he lost Yi-hwa makes such an impact. He is determined not to let history repeat itself, even if that means he ends up revealing his abilities (and his heart) that he tried so hard to hide.
    5.) The way he dropped down and stopped that car was so COOL!!! I love it!
    6.) The fight with Lawyer Jang was so cute! He was so jealous that Min-joon got a phone because of Song-yi and then he put her as #1 on his speed dial. They are like an old married couple sometimes.

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    • 8.2 Emmy

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      This was such an awesome episode. I especially love the running obsession with food and I just love how he bought her udon and pretended not having lunch yet.

      This couple is so good together!

      The car moment is of course, my favourite. I am going to replay that sceneover and over again until the new episode is out tomorrow.:D

    • 8.3 bottledjeaney

      While i do agree that kim soo hyun looks so hot at the ending..but…am i the only one who was reminded of a scene of the hulk punching the giant sky-swimming-seal-alien(dunno what its called) from the avengers watching that ending scene?^^

  9. bebethao

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    lol..gotta admit, Kim Soo Hyun is really handsome for a young guy. If only he was a bit older. XD

    • 9.1 bluesky

      epic scene indeed..they should play “Superman OST” at that scene…

    • 9.2 deestar

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      • 9.2.1 Kiara

        Right, he is not a Yeo Jin Goo he is very much over the legal age.

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    Cute: Buying the cell phone, “food” meetings as an excuse to eat together, dancing in front of the Teddy cam!

    Sexy: When MJ slammed his hands down to stop that car? Whoooa!

    Tension and plot: Evil hyung! Flash drive discovery! Se Mi’s continued recognition–what will she do with it? I’m getting a vibe that maybe she’ll turn out good in the end and possibly sacrifice herself for SY? Maybe too melo, but maybe there is that part of her that is friend to SY.

    • 10.1 kat w

      I agree with Sexy! The way he stopped the car was hot. HOT. I was both turned on and turned into a silly fangirl….yum yum yum!

    • 10.2 KDaddict

      With Superman around, why would it be nece for SMi to sacrifice herself for SY? What motivation would SMi have to do so?

      I think she would reveal to SY very soon that the guy who just saved her from the falling fish bowl is the same guy who saved her fr the truck. That way she can get SY to hook up romantically w mystery guy right away, and leave HK all for her.

    • 10.3 momosa

      Evil hyung could be another alien, a bad one!!! And that’s his secret. And only MJ can defeat him. But it seems odd too because he needs his secretary to kill for him. Maybe not so alien superpower after all…

  11. 11 Kiara

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    Our alien finally bought a cell phone. CallMeMaybe!

    Thanks JB for the recap <3.

    • 11.1 Namerequired

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  12. 12 news

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    • 12.1 Bella57

      Love a mysterious man who doesnt resort to picking on her when he realizes he likes her.
      Totally agree

    • 12.2 panshel

      That cliff is cursed for him. I can’t believe he still drives up there from time to time. If I were him, I would go out of my way to avoid that road. Just brings back too many bad memories.

    • 12.3 anniejang

      She’s not a doppelganger. It’s her-re-incarnated. A doppelganger would not have a reason to re-act emotionally to the hairclip, and they have already established that he sees her as having come back to him. So she almost went off the cliff before, and he saved her, then she died near the edge, now he saved her again on the same edge. since this is only episode 7 out of 20, I wonder how many more times he will save her in that very same spot, and/or-if one or both will die there at the end.

      • 12.3.1 NewFan

        Wait, 20 episodes! YES!

  13. 13 Hipployta

    In my heart I just hope it was Se-Mi’s anger speaking…because I adore Inna and don’t want her in some one note role.

    And yes to the exposure…whoo boy

    • 13.1 panshel

      Se Mi’s outburst kind of came out of left field. Song Yi didn’t really provoke her; she just all of a sudden decided to spill her guts. I found her “I never considered you to be a friend” rather out of character.

      • 13.1.1 eli_n

        Yeah, I get that the simmering resentment bubbled over when she was talking to SY. But SM saying she’s never considered them friends disappointed me because it takes her character squarely into black instead of murky grey; like I’d have loved seeing her descent to the dark side instead of knowing she’s always been there.

        I just wanted SY to say that “like duh, of course I didn’t consider you a competitor, it’s cuz I thought of you as a friend!” or something like that lol.

        Oh, and I just love those moments of vulnerability in the heroine! and the way our hero softens to her… *heart melts*

      • 13.1.2 KDaddict

        “I found her “I never considered you to be a friend” rather out of character.”

        It isn’t out of character if she has been pretending to be sweet all this time, just to be close to CSY, so that their ‘friendship SM in whatever 2nd lead roles are available.

        She decide to spill her guts now bcos she has finally ‘made it big’ n SY has fallen on hard times, so she doesn’t feel it nece to be ‘nice’ to SY anymore.

      • 13.1.3 crazykel

        I agree here. If anyone noticed, Se Mi was crying just slightly after she said “I never considered you to be a friend.” Someone who says that completely out of malice rarely cries after the fact. I really hope that Se Mi doesn’t truly hate Song Yi because 1) Second females should stop getting one-dimensional treatment in dramas, 2) It’s not as interesting (I prefer “gray” characters), and 3) I really like Yoo In Na and think that she can portray such a “gray” area well.

        • ladysarahii

          I got the idea that possibly she’s an unwilling part of the plot to kill Song Yi? I don’t know if that makes sense, but it looks like she was trying really hard to not cry after her conversation, and also she reacted with very, very mild surprise in regards to that glass object being dropped to the ground. I’d think if you were standing there and if you didn’t know it was about to happen, it’d at least startle you, even if it wasn’t aimed towards you. It almost seemed to me like she wasn’t in the least bit shocked.

          And the “I was never friends with you” might have been a bit of noble idiocy? Trying to distance herself from Song Yi?

          IDK if that even makes sense, but the thought had crossed my mind.

      • 13.1.4 NewFan

        I thought it was out of character as well. I’m hoping she’s just mad/resentful about being in SY’s shadow AND Hwi Kyung choosing SY over her.

  14. 14 lidy

    thanx for the recap! been waiting for this all day. can’t wait for ep 8

  15. 15 Hayley

    Feel kind of worry that Min-joon’s body is changing, is this foreshadowing that he is getting weaker?? He has been unintentionally using his supernatural abilities in front of more and more ppl! I really hope people don’t find out he is an Alien too soon!!! I really want Song-yi to find out first!! Thanks for the wonderful recap as always!!!

    • 15.1 panshel

      When Min Joon froze time to prevent himself from hearing Song Yi’s answer, I was thinking, “Stop using your powers all willy-nilly. Save it for when you really need to freeze time.” as if he’ll run out of freezes. But then again, I only thought it was unnecessary because I assumed she would answer no.

  16. 16 Bella57

    Thanks for the recap. The leads are oh-so-charming, and have great chemistry. This leading man has a lot of charisma, but in a different way than Kim woo bin. There is mysterious charisma and cute, kinda bad boy charisma, both make for entertaining tv.
    The lead actress has so much of all of us in her, and her similarities to Alicia silverstone in clueless are priceless.
    The drunk bit at the door with her hair, priceless.
    Love this show, if the could just stay with the cute and funny with only sadness when he leaves it would still be a good drama. I’m thinking this drama could get ratings in the 30 s or even higher. Just my thoughts.

    • 16.1 fluffy in flight

      Wanted to say that I can’t even imagine a different cast for any of the members. Every one in the drama, and I mean EVERYONE played their parts perfectly. The director or who ever it is that chooses the actors and actresses did a great job.

      • 16.1.1 Emmy

        This show is so well cast. Needless to say, I could never imagine it without Kim Soo hyun and Jeon Jihyun. I did hear they had great chemistry in The Theives, but I didn’t get around to watching that. I have to say though, they are amazing here. I came a little late to this drama and didn’t care much for it at all during pre production, but I was hooked from episode 1.

        I love the actor who plays Lawyer Jang!

        Thumbs up to the actor who plays Jae Kyung. He is really good at being creepy!

        Of course, the actress who plays Yi Hwa was amazing and she and Kim Soo Hyun have a special connection of their own.

        • crazykel

          I also like the actor who plays Lawyer Jang. He often has to play shady or evil characters, so I like when he plays a good guy.

        • NewFan

          “humbs up to the actor who plays Jae Kyung. He is really good at being creepy!”

          It’s so funny seeing Shin Sung Rok like this after seeing how doofy he really is on Family Outing.

          • Y.

            I discovered like half an hour ago that he was in We Got Married with Kim Shin-young (the comedian… where’s she, btw?). There are some videos of them in Youtube, watched one… And I’m not sure I can see him as a creepy assassin anymore lol;;

          • Moko

            Shin Sung Rok reminds me of Sung Joon…is that weird?

  17. 17 Emily J

    I’m so in love with this show! Love how our heroine has figured out that our hero looks young and yet acts like the grumpy 400 old man that he is. Love how our hero is changing for her. Also, I love her ex-manager, how puppy-like devoted he is to our heroine. I pretty much love all the characters, even the Almost Unbearably Selfish Mother and the Big Bad Oppa, with one exception:

    I must admit disappointment in Se-mi’s character development. This writer had created such an awesome, direct-and-self-aware female character in Song-yi and yet turns Se-mi into the kdrama trope of the jealous best friend who becomes a backstabbing rival. I was hoping for something a little more nuanced, kind of like how Song-yi’s younger brother hates her to her face yet will run to chase down the person who sent her a dead rat.

    Finally, I really really really want Min-joon’s apartment, especially that secret library (aka Batcave with books)!

    I’m so glad 2014 is starting off so well in Kdramaland!

    • 17.1 Bella57

      I want the whole apartment with the windows in the ceiling and the long floor fire pit, I am totally loving that apartment. I even tried to look up to see if it was a real place. You know like the villa that lee min ho stayed in his house in California. Which is a real place and costs like 1000 dollars the spend the night.

      • 17.1.1 Kiara

        Its actually not real, just a luxury drama set worth almost 1 million USD.

      • 17.1.2 KDaddict

        It could be a real apt in Seoul.

        When Bae Yong Joon moved out of his apt to move into his newly finished custom-built house, his apt was put on the market. Some fans went in as lookie-loos, took and posted pics. The layout looked very much like this. It could be seen more clearly in SY’s unit, with the stairs going up, a wrap around balcony that looks down on the huge double height living room below, plus ultra high glass windows that lead onto a balcony outside.

        • KDaddict

          I mean, it could be modelled after a real luxury condo in Seoul.

    • 17.2 jessica

      I want a room that has a tree and stream going around it. Every time he goes and sits there to read I spend more time looking at the room then him! It really is a great apartment.

      • 17.2.1 Kiara

        Rivendell (trees, streams etc), my kind of heaven.

      • 17.2.2 KDaddict

        Many ppl (Asians) have ko ponds or zen streams in their living room for Feng Shui reasons. It’s very doable.

        But to have a tree, you really need double height ceilings with a big skylight. Basically it means a penthouse and 3000 sq ft of living space, at least! Around 2-4 Mill USD in most Asian metropolis.

    • 17.3 Patch

      The apartment itself is a bit too cold for my tastes but I would love to have a Bookcave.

      • 17.3.1 KDaddict

        I keep admiring the woodwork of the curved bookshelves and spiral stairway. So classy.

  18. 18 ava

    Sweet!! Thanks for the recap Javabeans!

  19. 19 jlm2013

    Great episode. My heart was pounding that moment song yi nearly fell off the cliff were it not for super min joon. It looks like the same cliff where yi-hwa died? Thanks javabeans!

    • 19.1 Perrie

      it was the same cliff 🙂

  20. 20 zlate1

    This was a very nice episode. I have been wandering about MJ’s life on that star. Does he have family? Are people there always young and do they live forever? If he were to go back it could be that he won’t fit in there either. Four hundred years
    among humans has to have some effect.

    I am afraid that that kiss might have delayed effect and sap some of his powers just when he will need them the most agains evil brother. In a awy that paralles not being able to help Yi Hwa because of the poison. This could end in so many different ways. I hope the writer will go for a happy one.

    • 20.1 Jackeline

      Ohhh that “kiss/human interaction sapping away superpowers” theory is an interesting one and one that I haven’t thought of. Min Joon did say he can’t exchange saliva and blood with humans… maybe it takes away his power! This is getting interesting.

      • 20.1.1 Mar

        I’m interested to see where they go with the saliva and blood thing.

      • 20.1.2 Jessica

        I thought it might be because his fluids would either kill the human or make them not-so-human anymore. Cuz then, he could turn her into an immortal alien and take her with him. Or at least, that’d be my idea of a fun ending.

        I also home they develop her younger brother’s character more. He seems really interesting to me.

        • deestar

          maybe min joon can like, transfuse his blood into song yi and song yi will also turn into an immortal alien.

      • 20.1.3 dfl123

        When he said he felt cold I was wondering whether it’s because he kissed her/their cutlery (which may have traces of saliva) touched when they were eating together etc ?

        I just hope that this feeling cold phenomenon is not a sign of him getting sick… I can handle him becoming human, but what if it meant he would die?? NOOOOOOOO!!!

    • 20.2 Lindy12

      I wonder about his family back on the home planet as well. When the spaceship first lands, everyone on the crew seems to be completely focussed on doing their jobs, collecting samples etc. But he seems to have wandered off like he’s curious about how life actually works on this planet. It’s like he’s a typical adolescent whose curiosity has gotten the better of him. He gets into trouble and the others are forced to leave him behind.

      He’s probably got an anxious mother on his home planet who is just worried sick about him and a father who is angry enough to ground him for the next couple of millennia when they finally get him back home.

  21. 21 Perrie

    “Superman–Clark Kent duality”
    That’s exactly it. That was the feeling I got from the last scene in the actual episode. It was pretty hot. Episodes keep getting better and better. I’m so shocked he revealed him self.
    I also find it intriguing that she called him when the car was running off the cliff
    Sad and disappointed about the whole Semi act; was even hoping that she gets with Hui Kyung towards the end, but the whole 180 turn into a bitch turned me off.

    That’s another thing I noticed about kdrama. Nobody’s ever honest with their feelings. If you don’t like something, say it or do something about it (and I know there’s the aspect of culture but there are ways of doing things that can fit into your culture too), especially if that person is supposed to be your supposed friend. Why do you have to hang around someone who you don’t like for 15 years? Why do you have to harbor a crush for 15 years? It’s like you’re begging for the pain.

    Lol, I don’t mean to go off, but that’s the most frustrating thing about Semi (and other characters in kdrama). I honestly don’t feel sorry for her anymore.

    • 21.1 FSGirl

      I love Yoo Inna and I’m sure anyone in Se-Mi’s shoes would have felt the same way. And in the real world you can’t always say everything that you are feeling because everyone would be constantly hurting each other. Some friends you have just for connections especially if they are better off than you. And to be honest I don’t like Song yi because as JB says she’s a rude princess who is just kind of behaves like she’s a goddess. That’s just my opinion though.

      • 21.1.1 mel

        i prefer an airhead blunt song yi as a friend much more than a jealous and backstabbing se mi
        i used to have a best friend like se mi who pretends to be a good friend but when i turned my back she start bad mouthing me to everyone.
        all because she’s jealous of me and don’t want me to outdo her in anything.
        it hurts so much when i learned about her betrayal

      • 21.1.2 alua

        But the point is no one should be in Se-mi’s shoes… because if you really feel that way, break your relations with that person, move one, live your own life. You’ll never be happy if you constantly compare yourself with anyone, and if you spent 15 years doing that and pretending to be nice to that person you are a masochist. That’s Se-mi’s own doing, regardless of how bitchy/arrogant/rude/obnoxious Song-yi is. I agree with Perrie, this sort of attitude (whether it’s fake friendship or harbouring a crush over a decade and half (!!!)) is begging for pain.

        Some friends you have just for connections? I’m not sure I would call that friendship.

      • 21.1.3 Rushie

        I actually understand Se-mi’s reaction. That feeling of inadequacy she has been living with for so long gets tiring. I understand her outburst and Song-yi’s reaction. I love that both women react the way any normal person would react. I hope that Se-mi finds out Song-yi’s life is in danger and that spurs her to want to protect her friend.

        • alua

          I understand her reaction (and watched this scene thinking, ‘Yes, please finally air your grievances’) BUT it all depends on what she does next. If she truly meant every word she said – including that she never considered Song-yi a friend – then she’s pathetic. An explosion of pent-up feelings and frustrations and saying too harsh words as a result is one thing, but if she ends up becoming an all-evil backstabber, then, sadly, that would be just a boring stock character that we’ve seen in too many dramas.

          Fingers crossed the writers will make the situation more nuanced. I want to see her conflicted, and not only in the final two episodes when they redeem her.

          • deestar

            i agree. i really do not want yoo inna’s character to turn out to be a bad person

    • 21.2 Emmy

      Haha.. yes, only in dramaland do people nurse 10 year long crushes! Poor Semi and Hwi-Kyung.

  22. 22 Honeymylovesosweet

    Finally. Min joon is finally acting on his feelings. Yay for the angst!

  23. 23 Andy Anne

    Wow this drama keeps getting better and better!
    I liked all the times Min-joon let’s his true self “slip” in front of Song-yi, like when talking about the restaurant’s first generation tasting better and when he “passed” her the tissues. Without him realizing it he was getting comfortable around her and letting his guard down.
    Min-joon is just soooo squeal worthy. He had me saying awww more times then i’m proud of this hour (and in this whole drama in general). I’m glad to have a male lead that is not the rich boy controls your life but thinks it is romantic (ehem Heirs). He seems so genuine and sweet.
    Se-mi o what to do with you… I feel the whole ‘you were never jealous of me’ thing was really petty of her character, but realistic. I have seen many people like her who secretly want to out do/or have their friends be jealous of them, so i could see that but wow i felt bad for Song-yi. I agree that she may have not been the best friend in the world but i think she cared for se-mi more than se-mi knew. I wonder/hope Se-mi was just saying those words out of anger that Song-yi didn’t congratulate her last time at the agency, i really had hope for Se-mi but hey she has some time to grow/recover… at least one can hope.
    I’m really nervous/excited to see Song-yi’s reaction to Min-joon’s secret. I think it would be unrealistic for her to not care at all, but I would like to see in what way she copes with the shock, and will her romantic feelings for him become more apparent soon? I can tell she enjoys having company and appreciates everything he has done for her but i wonder when she’ll see him as more.
    Ahh too excited!!!

    • 23.1 alua

      <I wonder/hope Se-mi was just saying those words out of anger

      I hope so too, at least the "I was never once your friend" part, I hope that was just venting some pent-up frustrations and saying something really hurtful though you don't mean it because you are in the midst of a fight

      <that Song-yi didn’t congratulate her last time at the agency

      I don't see how Se-mi could have expected that. Se-mi lied and Song-yi outed her on that lie in that moment, so that's one moment where she definitely shouldn't have expected congratulations.

  24. 24 PollyRose

    I am really enjoying the little details of him letting his guard down with her. In particular, when they were eating and she asked for a tissue he mentally moved the box over to her side. He totally did it without thinking and then had to scramble for an answer when she noticed the discrepancy. Stuff like this just pings my heart when we see these little steps to letting someone in, unconsciously and then in the little choices like getting a cell phone and choosing to eat with her.

    • 24.1 Andy Anne

      AGREE! loved the tissue scene surprised JB didn’t talk about it! so cute!

    • 24.2 news

      Yea, I need a boyfriend who does cute things like that.

      • 24.2.1 Crazynoona

        I second that

        • PollyRose

          All in favor?

          The motion carries!

    • 24.3 Patch

      I missing the Like button right now.

      It’s the small things that make me realise how comfortable and attached he’s getting to her. He’s forgetting to be on guard.

    • 24.4 G Babe

      Yeah, I enjoyed how MJ lets his guard down numerous times in this episode. However I feel that Song Yi does the same to him, having numerous excuse just to see MJ. So cute, all the dinner/lunch dates? lol..

  25. 25 soserious

    if the ending of this episode didn’t seal the deal for you to watch this show, i don’t know what else would.

    min-joon IS superman. hahaha, i don’t know why but that was so epic in a good way. hard to do that for a kdrama.

    few of my favorite beats were:
    1. lawyer jang being upset over the #1 speed dial.
    2. song-yi and se-mi having it at the clothing store.
    3. epilogue (how funny but creepy at the end)

    and lastly, i have to note – the way evil hyung stared back at the computer screen just rubs me the wrong way. chilling.

  26. 26 news

    I hope Se-mi gets over her jealousy and inferiority complex b/c sure, Song-yi is a sassy rude princess, but I never read her character to be selfish. To me, she’s honest and believed in her heart that Se-mi was a friend, not a rival.

  27. 27 Karen

    The show really hit home tonight with the funny moments (Lawyer jang jealous over speed dial) sweet moments (saving her life twice and bringing her food) and the creepy (teddy bear cam). And the more I watch it the more I love both male leads. I mean Im really swooning over Park Hae-Jin. And who can resist your own private superman?

  28. 28 Tanya B!

    I can’t with all the cuteness and chemistry this winter!!!

    Can’t it be tomorrow already?

  29. 29 Zain

    Was anyone else reminded of dream high when min joon saved song yi from the glass hitting her head? It reminded me of when Sam dong saved hye-mi from the flower pot and knowing that the writer likes dropping references from other dramas I’m pretty sure it was intentional.

    That end scene was epic!!! And like other people have commented I love seeing how he is letting her in. This whole episode was a pretty solid one and I’m enjoying each episode more and more. Min joon and song yi are adorable together! And I’m so excited now that she saw him save her! I’m worried about his body changing though. That could mean many things and I’m hoping it’s a good change instead of a bad one. Anyway can’t wait for the next episode and thank you javabeans for the recap!

    • 29.1 PollyRose

      Ha, you’re right! It hadn’t even occurred to me until I read your comment, but it really could be a reference to Dream High. At least this time he didn’t get hurt 🙂

    • 29.2 crazykel

      Oh my goodness! I also completely forgot about the flower pot scene from DH! Sneaky, sneaky show!

  30. 30 jlm2013

    Doesn’t Se Mi remind anyone of of Mae Baek Hee from Dream High? I’m hoping she can turn out like Baek Hee, otherwise I don’t know if I’ll be able to like her character. Man from the Stars, fighting!

  31. 31 Mawiie

    Okay I’m sold! I liked this series since the beginning, but it’s not my new crack! I will be here for the rest of the ride *claps hands maniacally*

    Cliffhangers on a cliff always make me chuckle (well…after that NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that is :P)

    On a side note, anyone had Dream High flashback when Min Joon pushed Song Yi out of the way of that glass pot? I totally thought of Sam Dong who did the same for Hye Mi, except that our country-bumpkin-turned-popstar wasn’t an alien with super power, so he received the flower pot on the head D:

    • 31.1 RWJQ

      You mean it took you this long?? I was sold at ep3. Heehee.

      And yes, you were not alone. Sam Dong with the flower pot flashed though my mind too when I saw that scene. 🙂

      Sigh, the urge to re-watch Dream High now instead of waiting till MFTS ends is getting stronger by the minute.

      • 31.1.1 Mawiie

        Hey! I know you :p

        I think that I’ll really have to go watch DH while waiting for new episodes. I need my KSH fix!

        Seriously though, it’s been a while since I’ve been that impatient when I watch a drama. Feels good to have crack again (it’s really not as wrong as it sounds, I swear!)

        • RWJQ

          KSH fix – exactly why I’ve been marathoning all his other shows lately. ^^

          Crack? Crack is good. I like my crack. 😉

          I’m really reveling in the joy of having a crack drama again. My last was IHYV. However, it also means I’ve to handle the weekly yo-yo emotional swing between intense excitement and mirth on Wednesday, and then the ‘Oh no, another SIX more days to wait’ dread on Thursday. 🙁

          • bella57

            I just watched The Thieves last night on Netflix; they were both great in it; and both just ooze charisma. He doesn’t have a big role; and you have to assume what happens to him (for how long; I’ll leave it at that).
            But I was entertained watching the movie.

            I agree; there isn’t one actor/actress I would change in this drama; they are all doing a great job.

            I couldn’t wait for this drama from before it even started; and I am glad it has lived up to my expectations.

            I think that Kim Soo hyun and Jeon Jihyun have a special connection as well; they at least have great chemistry and play off each other well.

  32. 32 grahamcracker91

    first drama to have me look suspiciously at my stuffed animals. But other than my paranoia of my fluffy friends I love love love this drama and love how good its getting! Finally something to look forward to each week!

    • 32.1 earthna

      lol after watching this episode I checked all my stuffed toys. HAHAHAHA

  33. 33 Dvahn

    how’s the rating for this episode ?
    before there a rating in the opening sentence.

    • 33.1 panshel

      According to wiki, episode 7 got ratings of 24.1%. I’m so excited, I bet we’ll break 30%.

  34. 34 Rachel

    By the way, the book is The Mysterious Journey of Edward Tulane. The author is Kate DiCamillo. It’s been a while since I read it, so I don’t remember all the details, but there are some interesting parallels between the main character in the book and Min-Joon.

    • 34.1 Emmy

      I started reading it today and am halfway through. pretty lovely story so far, with beautiful illustations and there are definitely parallels between between Edward and Min Joon, one being a china rabbit and the other an alien.

      I love the way they use the story through the book. It has a really nice narrative beat.

    • 34.2 jomo

      She wrote the lovely The tale of Despereaux, too. Very sweet.

    • 34.3 Emmy

      I just finished reading the Mysterious Journey of Edward Tulane and I wonder how much will Min-Joon’s journey parallel Edward’s. At the beginning of the novel, Edward gets lost from Abilene who loved him. At the end of the novel, he miraculously finds his way back home to Abilene. Does this mean Min-Joon is gong to find his way back to his planet? Or is Abilene in the drama Yi-Hwa/Songyi? I am really curious about how this drama is going to pan out.

      Really liked the book on its own by the way. Beautifully written.

    • 34.4 aj

      I just started the drama and am reading the recaps as I go (love them both) and I was a little startled to see Min Joon reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. I was about to comment about the author being Kate DiCamillo, but Rachel beat me to it. 🙂 It’s a great book from what I vaguely remember, and I’m currently rereading it to see how it parallels the story. It’s also interesting that a 400+ year old alien would be reading a children’s book. Maybe because it’s a modern faerie tale?

  35. 35 katrina

    Finally, Do Manager is in Superman mode! I can’t help squealing!

    And Se-mi, that goody two-shoes biatch! Good thing she finally came out in the open. I swaer, that’s going to be her downfall!

    This show is getting better and better!!!


  36. 36 ss

    gosh this drama…
    all the FEELS it gives me

    Totally enjoying the drama and hoping it will stay awesome until the end!

  37. 37 noernov

    Daebakkkkk..thank u for the recap 😊

  38. 38 kate

    The chick from the Secret Garden got a scary nose job..she looks creepy, does not look natural at all. I am kinda eye rollin her roll too, I mean only in Korean Drama’s do the antagonists get to be super evil and in the end never get punished and always get the guy…so annoying, not looking forward to that considering what a B^%$# she is going to be for the next 13 episodes…then in the 20th we will see a shift where people are supposed to feel sad for her,,,ahhhw poor second fiddle, got to be in movies? got to ware expensive clothes? got to have nice things and live an easy life? oh but you never got to be lead? awwwwww and the guy you like never saw you like that? shiz thats soooo sad….well we forgive you for being super evil because you have obvi lived a trying life, poor poor dear

  39. 39 Rachel

    By the way, the book is The Mysterious Journey of Edward Tulane, and the author is Kate DiCamillo. I can’t remember all the details, but it’s about a stuffed rabbit who gets lost at sea. There are some interesting parallels between the book and the drama.

    • 39.1 Rachel

      Oops, Miraculous Journey, and he’s a china rabbit.

      Anyway, here is a synopsis from the website:

      Once, in a house on Egypt Street, there lived a china rabbit named Edward Tulane. The rabbit was very pleased with himself, and for good reason: he was owned by a girl named Abilene, who treated him with the utmost care and adored him completely.

      And then, one day, he was lost.

      Kate DiCamillo and Bagram Ibatoulline take us on an extraordinary journey, from the depths of the ocean to the net of a fisherman, from the top of a garbage heap to the fireside of a hoboes’ camp, from the bedside of an ailing child to the streets of Memphis. And along the way, we are shown a true miracle — that even a heart of the most breakable kind can learn to love, to lose, and to love again.

      • 39.1.1 dramabliss

        Sounds a bit like The Velveteen Rabbit, one of my fav children’s books.

      • 39.1.2 Aid Sincera

        I’m afraid that the drama will ends up as same as the book “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”.. huhuhuhu :’)

  40. 40 panshel

    Whelp, now he’s got to tell her. Plus I really want him to tell her. For risk of Lawyer Jang getting more jealous, I just want Min Joon to be able to share as openly with Song Yi as she does with him. He keeps making her think she’s crazy with the tissue box and falling vase. How is Superman(alien) going to explain himself out of this one?

    This episode was so full of cute. She’s totally got him wrapped around her little finger. Forget his prior unwillingness to eat with humans, he now eats in front of the television and back-to-back meals. Forget his disdain of humans touching him, he now holds her hand and pulls her into his apartment. I squealed at the speed dial number one. I kept replaying when Min Joon said “she’s pretty” about Se Mi in the drama in his deadpan voice.

    I was taken aback when Song Yi admitted she was going to say yes to Hwi Kyung. I fully expected her to flat-out refuse, and that’s why I could not understand why Min Joon would even freeze time. Guess aliens know better. If anyone else had said what Bum had said, without a doubt, they would have been backhanded compliments. But not the case coming from Bum. He truly misses his noona.

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

    • 40.1 alua

      “I was taken aback when Song Yi admitted she was going to say yes to Hwi Kyung. I fully expected her to flat-out refuse, and that’s why I could not understand why Min Joon would even freeze time.”

      Actually, I didn’t like that. Him stopping time and her changing her mind, it’s like he manipulated the situation. I wanted her to turn down HK by her own efforts, not because a whiff of nostalgia that suddenly appeared in the air due to the time freeze.

      • 40.1.1 Quiet Thought

        As I followed the scene, what happened was not intentional on Min Joon’s part. He stopped time because he couldn’t bear to listen to what he thought Song Yi was going to say, then re-started it when he got far enough away to not be tempted to listen. Song Yi’s change in mood was purely the result of the time-jolt breaking her concentration on how sorry she was feeling for herself.

  41. 41 mandelbrotr

    I loved her face of delight beside the door when the tv order arrived.

  42. 42 Ppasun

    Do Harbae,

    I love U.

    From cosmic dust.

    • 42.1 earthna

      That’s what I call him too coz I don’t think Oppa would be right. 😀

  43. 43 BbopkiBbopki

    RIP Boom Boomie! I was looking forward to more ridiculous car trips between you and Song Yi.

    • 43.1 Nekoi

      HAHAH! I feel u!

  44. 44 Yoori

    The ending has got to be the single most manliest and sexiest thing a male has done in Korean drama history, you may or may not agree. I literally was squeeling and screaming! Sexiest alien, ever!

    I adore him becoming warm and open with SY but also worry about him feeling the cold, sigh.

    • 44.1 emiie

      I think this ending will probably be legend!

    • 44.2 August

      I screamed and squeeled as well! I kept wondering how he was going to save her. It felt so unexpected but like the right way to use his powers to save the heroine.

    • 44.3 Emmy

      Epic. Probably going into my kdrama scenes hall of fame!

  45. 45 August

    So far…I am loving this drama. Each episode leaves me fulfilled – humor, tension, romance, pop culture/meta references, past vs. present situation/experience, flow/pacing of the story/plot, directing, writing, acting, etc. I end up with a feeling of excitement, wonder, trinkets/moments of surprise, and anticipation for the journey that the writer has in store for us.

    The way Do Min-Joon stopped the car felt epic and was Daebak!

    I am loving the OTP of Cheon Song-Yi and Do Min-Joon. Likewise, Gianna Jun and Kim Soo-Hyun are doing an excellent job with their character. They have great chemistry together, whether the scene calls for bickering, humor, seriousness, bonding, subtlety, saying one thing and meaning another/doing something else, and etc.

    I just love watching Lee Whi-Kyung’s obliviousness, utter devotion to, and defense of Cheon Song-Yi. He is his own person. Kudos to Park Hae-Jin for his comedic timing. It is impressive each and every time whether its happens with his coworkers, father, Cheon Song-Yi, or others.

    As hinted…hopefully as the plot progresses, Yoo Se-Mi and Lee Jae-Kyung will have more character development.

    I am enjoying all of the characters – basically everything about You From Another Star [AKA You Who Came From the Stars / My Lover From The Stars / My Love From Another Star]. 🙂

  46. 46 emiie

    I was squealing throughout this whole episode. It was epic. I love love the precious moments of MJ holding SY’s hand. MJ’s hilarious exchange with lawyer over the phone. MJ contradicting his words and just staying by SY. And the last scene, daebak!

    I love love how MJ is letting her in. Please don’t hurt him!

  47. 47 neener

    I’m on this SHOW! forever!

  48. 48 Pamela

    i kept replaying that scene when minjoon stopped the car to save songyi! it is so manly. and sexy. and hot. ok ill stop here haha cant wait for tomorrows episode! reveal your true self already do manager!

  49. 49 Ppasun

    I laughed so hard b/c coincidentally my mom made me some ganjang gaejang last night and I was like why all of a sudden. She said b/c it’s such a rice thief you know. Hers is full of juicy inside. I guess I have at least one thing better than Songyi.

  50. 50 PeachRebel

    Been following the series constantly. And I must say, it was a breath of fresh Air. Gianna Jun did a good job and her acting looked natural. The plot isnt new but the screenwriting and delivery is brilliant. The comedy is flat out and intelligently funny . On top of this we got one sexy alien to dream on for the week (heh… i guess i was speaking bout me.)

    Not to offend anyone but the medication given on this episode is not Propofol. Propofol is WHITE. Must be either Ketamine or ACP (tranquilizer for animals lol) or a Banana bag. But it doesnt matter eh. Its fiction after all.

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