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You From Another Star: Episode 8
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Better and better. I’m almost nervous at how much more I like the drama with every episode, because it makes me scared that it’ll have to dip at some point. I mean, I suppose mathematically speaking (…ish), a thing can just climb higher and higher and not come back down, inasmuch as that thing we’re talking about isn’t gravity, and who’s to say there’s a ceiling on emotional gratification? But it also stirs the conservative side of my soul that’s always braced to soften the pain when it hits. I suppose in the scheme of things, this is one of those Problems That Aren’t Really Problems. You know, I’ll take it.


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Backing up a few minutes, an unconscious Song-yi is belted into the car by Jae-kyung’s secretary while a henchman tampers with the brakes. They sent the car rolling down the hill, satisfied that the job is done.

Min-joon picks a location overlooking the city and hones his super-hearing, scanning the cacophony for any sign of Song-yi. Thus when she screams his name in a panic, he locates her and appears in the nick of time to stop the car with brute force. Song-yi sees Min-joon standing there and gets out of the car on shaky legs, only to find that nobody’s around. She’s alone.

She gets a call from Hwi-kyung and tells him what happened. She’s in unfamiliar surroundings so he instructs her to turn on her phone’s GPS, picking her up and then returning her to the hospital.

That’s where they run into Min-joon, who walks up looking calm as can be, hand casually in his pocket. He says he’s returning from the police station, but Song-yi asks if he was at the cliff with her, because she’s sure she saw him. Min-joon deflects and excuses himself, while Hwi-kyung supposes she must have seen things in her shock.

As Min-joon walks away, he overhears her thanking Hwi-kyung: “I really thought I was going to die. If I didn’t have you, what would I have done?” Only now does he pull his hand from his pocket, which is scraped up and bloody from stopping the car.

The secretary reports about the failed murder attempt to a displeased Jae-kyung, explaining how he was thwarted. In flashback, we see the moment that the secretary had seen the mystery rescuer standing in front of the stopped car… who then disappeared into nothing. Seconds later, he and the henchmen were attacked by a fast-moving blur and knocked unconscious.

Hwi-kyung argues with the doctors about dosing Song-yi with improper medication, but they insist they gave her nothing out of the ordinary, and Song-yi can’t identify the doctor who gave her the added dosage. The doctors will have to run tests to identify the drug, and Hwi-kyung asks to see CCTV footage.

At home, Min-joon cleans up his wound and wraps his left hand. He picks up the conversation out in the hallway when Song-yi arrives, escorted by Hwi-kyung, who promises to get to the bottom of her attack. She asks him not to report it to the police, not wanting the media circus that would ensue.

Moments later, he hears her scream. Song-yi trembles in shock to see her home ransacked, and in seconds Min-joon is pounding at her door. She stops him from going in to check, worried that the intruder might be still hiding inside. That means she may not be safe here, and he tells her to stay in his place for the time being. Yes, I will take any and every excuse to keep these two living together.

Song-yi notes that he’s always there when she needs him, and asks again whether he really wasn’t there earlier. He plays dumb and she drops it, just as she notices his bandaged hand. Min-joon scrambles for an excuse and blames it on a minor accident outside the police station, though it doesn’t look like Song-yi really buys it.

Hwi-kyung drops by Se-mi’s to worry about Song-yi, which has Se-mi rolling her eyes in annoyance. So when he asks her to stay the night with Song-yi just in case, she’s hardly jumping to agree. Hwi-kyung is surprised at her lack of reaction and assumes they must have fought, and asks her to be understanding because she’s the nice one. Se-mi is tired of being nice, though, and says in frustration that she’s actually mean: “I was just acting nice, because that way you—”

But she cuts off, and he says that she’s the nicest girl in the world. That’s why he can tell her all the things he can’t even tell Song-yi, which flashes us back to their school days:

Teenage Hwi-kyung tells Se-mi that he likes Song-yi, and her hope crashes into disappointment, because she’d thought his confession was for her. Hwi-kyung asks her to help him become Song-yi’s friend, adding the words that would come to define and/or haunt her: “Please. Because you’re nice.”

So now, Se-mi tells Hwi-kyung that she has seen the man from Song-yi’s accident, adding meaningfully, “If I were to tell Song-yi this, what do you think would happen?” Ooh, emotional blackmail. Se-mi, you sly fox. Granted, it doesn’t look like she enjoys resorting to this tactic… but on the other hand, it doesn’t stop her from going there, either. Hwi-kyung asks who that man is. She doesn’t answer.

Wearing Min-joon’s clothing after a shower, Song-yi “apologizes” for getting him all hot ‘n’ bothered, because she knows what it means for a woman to wear a man’s clothing in his home. Min-joon says he doesn’t care, and she continues, “Yes, I know you’d say that” and tells him not to feel too bad about saying one thing while hoping another. Because everybody loves beautiful things and feels butterflies to look at them. LOL. Gotta love her healthy ego.

To prove her wrong, Min-joon holds up a vase and says it’s beautiful, but it doesn’t make anybody feel butterflies. Neither does a cute dog, or a pretty tree. Song-yi is, to him, no different from a very pretty vase, or dog, or tree. So rather than “worry” that he’ll get too flustered over her beauty, she should just get some rest instead.

Miffed, Song-yi heads to the couch to go to sleep. But Min-joon surprises her by telling her to sleep in the bed. Aw, ya big teddy bear. (Not the creepy spying kind!) Song-yi asks for a book to help her sleep, and Min-joon looks up in disbelief: “You read… to fall asleep?” The blasphemy.

He heads to his library to select some, gritting his teeth at Song-yi’s assumption that he’s collecting all these books just to show off. He tells her to pick from his stack, and she opens an old Joseon manuscript and wonders, “Is this an alien language?” He looks at her incredulously: “It’s hanja!” She retorts, “I said I wanted to sleep! I have to be able to read it to sleep.”

Song-yi likes the one with pictures, so Miraculous Journey it is. She reads to herself in bed about Edward falling down a hill and looking up at the stars. Out in the living room, Min-joon listens, continuing the recitation himself: “How many more times must he leave without even being able to say goodbye? Edward’s heart ached. He wanted to cry.”

Song-yi reads, “Open your heart. Someone will come for you. But first, you must open the door to your heart.”

Min-joon continues, tucking Song-yi into bed: “No, don’t believe it. You can’t believe it. But it’s too late. The doll’s heart…” Min-joon freezes time, then finishes, “…has already begun to open.”

At the crack of dawn, he heads to the fish market to buy the food Song-yi’s been hankering after, gaebul. It’s a type of marine worm sometimes called a penis fish, so, HA.

That means the house is empty when Song-yi rises, and she pouts a little to be left alone. She looks around for an umbrella to head out… and comes upon her glittery heels in the shoe cupboard. Lol, I wanna see him talk his way out of this one.

When he walks in, Song-yi confronts him with the heels. He hilariously retreats defensively, knowing this looks bad. Song-yi flings all his words back in his face (his harshly phrased denials back when she first asked him about it), and he thinks for a moment how to get himself out of this. He offers the gaebul, which she scoffs at (then snatches from his hand).

Then she tells him he should’ve just been honest about his preference for women’s shoes, which is totally his prerogative, and says she could’ve given him tons of pairs to choose from. He tries to protest, but she shushes him with a knowing smile, saying it’s okay. She’ll buy him some as a gift. I absolutely love his grimace of impotent frustration.

As Yoon-jae walks along the street, his father tearfully watches from across the road, getting a brief look at his son the only way he can, as he did when he hung around the hospital for a glimpse of Song-yi.

To avoid being noticed, Dad whirls around and gets knocked down hard by a passing scooter. But that draws Yoon-jae’s attention and he’s at Dad’s side in a flash, though he doesn’t recognize him as his father. He helps him to his feet and inquires politely whether he’s okay, and Dad stammers that he’s fine and limps away in a hurry. Dad painfully recalls leaving the family back in the day, when young Yoon-jae clung to his leg crying for him not to go.

Song-yi eats her gaebul with relish, then insists on doing the dishes. Only she drops the plates on the floor, breaking them into a dozen pieces. Min-joon gapes in shock, and later in his interview he sighs that it was a personal gift from Joseon-era artist. Adding insult to injury, Song-yi comments that all his dishes are chipped and worn anyway, and offers to replace the whole set. He blurts, “Don’t!” and takes her off dishwashing duty.

Next, he hovers anxiously as Song-yi vacuums, wanting to step in to stop her. True to form, she knocks over a vase with the vacuum, and a slack-jawed Interview Min-joon says that the vase featured the handwriting of Heo Gyun himself, famous Joseon scholar. By this point he’s nearly speechless—you’ll have to excuse him. He can’t speak of this now. The pain is too raw.

Song-yi apologizes and promise to buy him an even better one, since this kind of stuff is sold everywhere, like at roadside rest stops. When she turns back to her vacuuming, Min-joon darts forward and grabs her in a back-hug to keep her from wreaking any havoc. (Best excuse for a back-hug EVER.)

Seok and Detective Park talk to the police about the man who assaulted Song-yi, who turns out to be a fierce Yura stalker who had even had a restraining order put on him. Looking over his file, Seok finds something strange: The stalker stated that just a month ago he’d seen Yura and a male companion going to one of those death experience places, where you walk through a mock funeral, get your memorial photo taken, and—most salient to their interests—write a mock will.

The problem is, the police spoke to the center and requested security camera footage, but the CCTVs were conveniently down at the time. Still, this solidifies the investigators’ suspicions that foul play is afoot. Especially if Yura’s companion had taken her there intending to use that will to deflect attention.

Jae-kyung reviews his teddy bear footage of Min-joon finding the camera, still trying to figure out where the USB drive is, because his secretary hadn’t found it while ransacking Song-yi’s apartment. We see that it’s because Min-joon has it, who had taken it after discovering the spycam. In fact, it was featured in one of his premonitions, which shows a man wrenching the drive from the hand of a body lying in a pool of blood.

Hwi-kyung drops by to see Se-mi to request a favor: Don’t tell either Song-yi or himself who the mystery man is. Then, continuing his trend of just missing the point in the worst way, he says he read her interview admitting to a longtime crush and asks why she never told him about it… because he could go talk to the guy for her. Sigh. He tells her to confess to him, suggesting that she call and say her piece before he can say anything.

As he walks away, Se-mi calls his phone. She’s standing right there, but despite not Getting It for a long moment, eventually the ball drops for Hwi-kyung. Ohhhhh.

Min-joon is visted by Song-yi’s mother, who wastes no time grilling the new manager with personal questions. What does his father do? How old is he? Does he have a girlfriend? Min-joon asks blankly, “Do I have to answer?”

Mom is pleased with his response, citing that a manager needs to be cagey with personal details. With that, she gives him her number and instructs him to be available 24/7.

Song-yi drops by the manhwa shop, and Bok-ja wonders why she’s returning books lent to “our Do Min-joon-nim.” (Song-yi doesn’t like hearing Bok-ja call him that, heh.) Bok-ja asks why she’s sending around such a handsome man to do her personal bidding, adding that she’d been wrongly annoyed with “our Do Min-joon-nim” when it was Song-yi’s fault for not returning the books.

Song-yi has more pressing concerns, though, and consults with Bok-ja regarding her mysterious cliffside savior. Hearing the story, Bok-ja takes Song-yi’s hand and urges her to the hospital, ha.

Still, Song-yi does as advised and consults with a doctor about the strange events of recent days. Thing started with the kiss that was too real to be a dream, but too ridiculous to be real. Then there was the rescue from the vase-dropping stalker, and then the car’s near-miss on the cliff. She supposes the doctor thinks she’s crazy, but he attributes these events to a stress reaction: She is feeling fear and anxiety due to recent shocks, and that has manifested in hallucinations.

She asks why she only sees one person in her visions, and the doctor replies that it may be because she wants to rely on him. However, it may not be wise to depend too heavily on that person, because it could tax their relationship. He suggests that she relax her dependence on him, and try talking to other people about her burdens.

So when she runs into Min-joon outside, she repeats the doctor’s words and insists that she’s not someone to rely on others unduly, so he shouldn’t feel burdened or tired out by her.

They go to the mechanic’s shop to check on her car, and learn that her brakes were tampered with. Min-joon has a flare-up of jealousy when she tells him of her dinner plans with Hwi-kyung, and it doesn’t help that she’s trying to distance herself by repeating that she won’t rely on or burden or tire him out.

The investigators receive word that their stalker witness has died. Oddly, the stalker was riding his motorcycle on a cars-only expressway in icy conditions, and now their only witness to Yura’s will potentially being fake is out of the picture. Ha, what’s the body count now? I swear I’ve lost track.

On her way to dinner, Song-yi runs into Jae-kyung in the elevator. He advises her to be careful given her accident, and she muses that it must be the same person who sent her the teddy bear—and if not for “that person,” she would really have been in trouble. Angling for information, Jae-kyung asks who found the camera in her teddy bear, but missteps by mentioning a detail she hadn’t stated, which she picks up on. Jae-kyung shrugs it off like he just made the obvious deduction, but her suspicions are stirring.

Dinner is a muted affair, and Song-yi brings up the Yura case with Jae-kyung. I suspect she knows she’s playing with fire, but she presses forward anyway in saying that she doesn’t believe Yura committed suicide. She explains watching a strange video in which a woman urged Yura to leave “him” or risk death, which puts Jae-kyung on edge.

Hwi-kyung wants to take this to the police right away and clear Song-yi’s name, but Jae-kyung argues that it could blow up in her face. He asks where the video is and offers to take a look, only to be told that it disappeared.

Min-joon plays chess with Lawyer Jang long into the evening, until his friend is ready to fall asleep. Min-joon is mildly huffy about not being in any rush to go home—not like somebody is waiting for him—and grumbles about Song-yi flitting out in the snowy weather, saying she can do whatever she wants. Lawyer Jang laughs to realize that he’s jealous, and what’s cutest is that Min-joon hadn’t even realized it, or at least confronted the idea.

He comes home and finds Song-yi’s already there, and is that him perking up? She insists he join her for a snack and shoves a beer into his hand, assuming that he doesn’t drink from lack of experience. He contradicts her, saying that he’s drunk before, which sends us back to Joseon times:

Min-joon is part of a festive gathering, and the leader passes around a primitive cocktail of soju and makgulli. Min-joon thinks up an excuse to refrain (“I don’t drink and drive,” which in this case means riding horseback, hee), only to be told he can leave his horse and call a sedan car. Ha. Pressured to drink, he does, and soon he’s swaying and light-headed.

He forgets himself and summons his drink bowl to him, and soon dishes and cups are dancing in the air. He does this with a childlike wonder that’s adorable, but the other partygoers don’t think so and rear back in terror. He even raises the leader into the air, and the others run out screaming that he’s some kind of goblin.

Soon the whole yard is filled with floating objects, and off in the distance a happily drunk Min-joon rides his horse home—in the sky, all E.T.-like.

But Song-yi takes his refusal as an affront, referring to his comment about her being a pottery-puppy-tree that stirs no emotion in him. Bothered by his (apparent) indifference to her, she says that she is brimming with charm and appeal, so much so that men go crazy over her and women burn in jealousy.

Min-joon tells her drily to check herself into a hospital if she’s serious, but she says she already went to one. It’s because of Min-joon that she talked to a doctor and was diagnosed with being too reliant on him, she says accusingly. How could he call her pottery, or a puppy, or a tree? “If you’re human, how could you see me and feel nothing?!” she demands.

She declares this a big problem that must be solved before she makes her comeback, because she can’t exude confidence this way. “This won’t do,” she says. “Give me just fifteen seconds.” She explains that people call her the Fifteen Second Fairy, because she can enrapture hearts in the span of a fifteen-second commercial. If he still feels that she’s a pottery-puppy-tree after that, she’ll acknowledge that she’s unappealing.

Min-joon scoffs and gets up, but she pushes him back into his seat and sets the timer. Then she begins her series of CF poses, staring him right in the eye, doing everything in her arsenal to stir a reaction.

The seconds count down as they sit there staring at each other. Min-joon’s expression doesn’t change the whole time and Song-yi seems to lose confidence, breaking eye contact.

And then it’s Min-joon who pulls her to him suddenly. Kisssssss.


Back at the chess game, Lawyer Jang sighs that while he can tie up all Min-joon’s business affairs, he can’t resolve his feelings for him. Min-joon admits that his feelings won’t be resolved, and he keeps looking back and feeling regret:

Min-joon: “For not once living a normal life like others do. Eating breakfast or dinner with someone, returning home where somebody is waiting, expressing my sincere feelings about liking somebody—those things. People who don’t even live a hundred years do all those things, which I had scoffed at for being trivial. All of those small, warm, beautiful things of everyday living—now I want to do them. What do I do?”


Aw, smoochies! To be honest a kiss was exactly what I was expecting in that scene, but I had figured Song-yi would be the initiator, to prove her visceral appeal. But I love that Min-joon is the one who initiated, for a whole bevy of reasons, starting with the fact that she was the one to kiss him the first time on the boat. It also underscores the point that he’s warming up to the appeal of human interaction, especially as he finds it harder and harder to keep himself at a distance. Sure, he puts up that brusque facade when Song-yi’s being silly, but that’s to save face more than anything—for all intents and purposes, he has given up trying to fight it.

That doesn’t mean that he is actively embracing humanity, because his ticking clock (or in his old-fashioned terms, the emptying hourglass) is an ever-present concern. He’s only got two months left, and the more he entangles himself now, the more terrible the goodbye will be. Not that he has a choice in the matter, because as the story-within-the-story tells us, the doll has already opened its heart, and we just have to see what happens after that.

The kiss does make me eager for Song-yi’s reaction, because she doesn’t have the same reasons for hesitating, and I’m dying to know how she takes this. Will she merely take it as sign of her fifteen seconds doing its job? Will she admit her own feelings? While I’m sure she’s traveling down the same emotional path, I’m not sure she’s operating on the same timetable, and she may be unready to admit anything… which is all the more worrisome because she doesn’t know about the ever-encroaching deadline, either.

On the other hand, she’s already aware of the curious connections between all her rescuers—how long before she connects the dots and decides she’s not crazy? (Well, not in that way, at least.)

Speaking of which, Se-mi sure is walking straight for that dark side, isn’t she? I could see yesterday’s confrontation with Song-yi being born of jealousy and hurt feelings, but today she went one step further in holding Mystery Man over Hwi-kyung’s head as a threat/bribe/hidden card. It sort of reminds me of Yura trying to blackmail her lover into marriage, and we all know how well that worked out for her. (Side note: How crazy is she to have hard evidence that Jae-kyung is a potential murderous liar and still want to marry him? I’m sure it was partly motivated by his status as a chaebol, but surely she harbored affection for him as well. WHY she did is beyond me.)

But I have to say that I almost forget to care about the other plotular aspects to this drama because I love the romance so goddamned much. It just makes me giddy inside. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


286 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    I know we saw the ending yesterday (end of ep. 7), still, that was totally awesome what DMJ did, stopping the car the way he did, and appearing from nowhere. I don’t know if it’s just me, however younger HK looks like a younger version of JW, the actor from Good Doctor. When I saw SY in MJ’s clothes, I wondered if those were really his pants, because those pants looked big, even for DMJ. He tends to wear tight/close fitting pants, and she is not that much smaller than him. It’s an aside, however I thought that was interesting. Also interesting is that she doesn’t want him to fall for her at the beginning of the ep., but by the end, she tries to make him fall for her. Was it because she had fallen for him already? (So she wanted to see the same happen for him, regarding her). And SY is really something. I love how she plays cute and acts child like, and baby talks to him (when she wanted books to read to sleep). I really love his apartment, and his library.

    I love the skinship in this drama, the way it is introduced, and the forced cohabitation. DMJ being frustrated is kind of adorable. She is sooo getting under his skin, I love it. I still feel that I want to see in more obvious ways how she is falling for him. To me, it is more obvious from him, than it is from her. That’s just my personal opinion. I feel that she needs him, and she thinks of him first when she does, and yes, she likes eating with him, etc… however, I am still not feeling it from her, the way I do from him.

    • 1.1 Quinze

      Hah I LOVED the scene of him stopping the car. It actually had impact because even though I was expecting it, it just looked visually better than my expectation.

      And yea I figured they made those clothes exagerratingly bigger for lols. Ha I love her when she just assumes people will fall over at her beauty. I don’t think she meant that she didn’t want him to fall for him in the beginning of the ep. I think she just meant it like she says it. “I’m apologizing for the effect I’m sure I’m having on you” kind-of-deal.

      I do too. His push and pull from her is so fun to watch. I could watch these two do it for a 100 eps. and still want more. But I’m looking forward to post-kiss reactions and shenanigans too.

      With her you have to look at the subtlety of her actions bec we’re looking at this drama from his perspective more. But it’s definitely there. She’s constantly the one initiating the skinship when it’s clearly not necessary (Grabbing his hand to introduce him as manager Do more than once) Looking to him and relying on him for help when she already has HK willing to do all of that. You could argue that she doesn’t want to give HK mixed messages but her reliance on him today shows she still could have turned to him as her friend but she doesn’t. Plus she refers to DMJ’s place as “home” today. They’re not nearly as obvious physical signs vs DMJ’s but that mostly because he’s the alien we need to thaw out 🙂

    • 1.2 fluffy in flight

      I think that she likes him a lot and knows it – She might not come out and say it, but she knows something is up; just imagine knowing someone in less than a month and is going out of your way to appeal to him with the 15 sec skit. She had known the other guy who wants to marry her for 12 years and when he tried to kiss her when he thought she was drunk, what does she say– “you want to die?” then proceeds to hit him in the back of his head. Who does she call when she gets the scary pic — it’s DMJ, when her car is hurtling towards the cliff who does she call for again it’s DMJ. Even she has to know something is up because when on the boat when she opens up her eyes and DMJ is there what does she talk about? she talks about him being in her dreams, and about how your hormones don’t lie. She opens up to him and tell him things she doesn’t even tell anyone else. So if she’s honest with herself, she knows EXACTLY how her bread is buttered, because even she said that he’s always there when she needs him.

      • 1.2.1 Lizzy4e

        Yes! These are excellent observations about her behavior. Her behavior may not be completely conscious perhaps the kiss will bring her feeling to her frontal lobe to make her actively aware of how she thinks of him.

        • Blkasian

          I agree with you comment. I think she feels something but it hasn’t registered that she has a thing for him that goes way back. I liked when she stated he is always there by her side when she needs him.

    • 1.3 Lord Byron

      Hi, Ivoire, Happy New Year!

      Here’s a quiz for you, the one with great attention to details. It is about the presence of Song Yi’s mobile phone in her car (to which a call comes in while she is still stranded).

      In the last episode, when the Professor ran first to her hospital room, we saw that her phone was left behind in the room. Now, in this episode, we find it on her car seat.

      I am imagining that the kind Professor brought it from the hospital room and left it in the car for her to find a way out of the trouble. But the drama forgot to show us these intervening steps. What do you think?

    • 1.4 anniejang

      That 15 second capture was from Love Rain 🙂 and I’m wondering if it was MJ that gave her the shot in the hospital.
      Also, it seems like she’s making fun of his obvious education and intellectualism because she’s so ashamed of her own lack of….wonder if he sees through that.
      For a while I was very irritated with her for flaunting her ignorance and piggishness in front of him, while sympathizing with her “ego”.
      But it seems MJ understands and sympathizes with all of it. What a sweet and smart man.

      • 1.4.1 anniejang


    • 1.5 moll

      Haha, I found it funny that she had to wear his clothes when hers are realistically right next door 😉

    • 1.6 light

      I get what you mean! I do feel it more from him than her. She sais the right things…did all the signals..but maybe its her eyes. It has to come from her eyes.

      super manly and sexy when he stopped that car! Bring on the X-Man powers. I love it.

    • 1.7 Seanshine

      Thanks for the recap! 🙂

      I think Song Yi fell for him the first time she met him. It was further confirmed by each episode. She took every opportunity to latch on to him, if you noticed in most of the scenes they’re in together.

      I feel it will be a happy ending for the couple. Lord I hope the drama keeps the momentum going, just noticed as well that it has 20 episodes.

      More skinship please!

      • 1.7.1 Seanshine

        *** Also, I might add, a list of things that I love about our OTP.

        a) Our leading man is so intellectual, strong, and agyle; he levitates, freezes time, smashes out of control cars and runs and jumps over cars beautifully.

        b) Our leading lady is not so smart.. has the ego of four men, has the appetite of four men, this girl is not afraid to eat and ask for what she wants. But yet still manages to be something of a softy which is so transparent to MJ.

  2. sugarwater

    *breaks priceless joseon ceramics*
    “ops, sawry”
    Her over exaggerated english pronunciation gets me every time.

    I love even when she tries to keep her distance so he wont get tired of her, she comes right back like a lost puppy.

    Min- Joon’s drunk mayhem scene is freaking hilarious. Especially the riding across the moon on his horse.

    Omo! and that kiss! Though you seen him becoming more needy of human interactions as the series progresses, I wasn’t expecting him to make the first move!

    thanks for the recap

    • 2.1 coffeenlucia

      I think her “Oh, sawry” is going to be one of those lines that she’ll be repeating throughout this series, just like Joong Won and his “Get out!” gestures to Tae Gong Shil 🙂

      • 2.1.1 BeeBgee

        I have actually thought that the potrayal by each So Ji Sub and Jeon Ji Hyun had similarities, too 😀 :


    • 2.2 Namerequired

      Owww..where’s the thumb up button when i need it?

      • 2.2.1 Roggy

        Haha that’s what I was thinking.

    • 2.3 AJ

      I still can’t believe she broke his valuables and he still wanted to kiss her… now thats love!

      • 2.3.1 Turkish Rose

        lol AJ that’s what I was thinking..he valued his pottery so much and she got rid of it in a flash, but his heart still flutter at the sight of her. I gotta admit I think that actress is so gorgeous and her character is so adorable. love this show so much, great start for the new year 🙂

        • FY Tapri

          That’s the Power of Jeon Ji Hyun… She garner it by playing the characters that will make viewer often time shake their head, tsk their tongue or dissing out loud… but she turns that character in to a lovable and severely missed one.
          Exp: My Sassy girl…

    • 2.4 selena meyers

      I know I’m nitpicking, but can’t he freeze time to save those ceramics???

      • 2.4.1 Peeps

        ’twas too sudden for him to freeze time. By the time he realises that Song-Yi-the-destroyer had released/knocked off one of his precious artifacts (and you can’t do anything about what you aren’t aware of yet), the artifact in question is already on the floor in pieces. And apparently he can’t turn back time.

        • Peeps

          Oh, also, he can’t show his superpowers in front of her.

          *sobs* that HeoGyun ceramic piece…

          • Ethalina

            I really felt like crying when it broke, but I was too busy pmsl-ing to do that.

        • kkg

          i don’t think he actually freezes time, that would be pretty impossible even for an alien. it’s just that he can speed up so quickly that everything else seems to come to a standstill. that would make a lot more sense given his current known abilities.

      • 2.4.2 Dol

        He must value keeping his powers secret more than he values the ceramics. 🙂

      • 2.4.3 ShenShen

        That also was the first thing that comes to my mind when those ceramics fell..

    • 2.5 May

      I laughed so hard during her vaccuum and dish-washing extravaganza. And the show really did well by putting that back-hug scen in there. i was expecting a wrist-grab in classic kdramaland but MORE SKINSHIP!!! I applaud you Show. *slow clap*

    • 2.6 neener


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    The interchange between the past and the present is impressive, almost seamless. I find myself looking forward to the Joseon times flashbacks to see what else Do Min Joon has gone through before he becamse our sarcastic professor today. His NO DRINKING AND HORSE-RIDING policy? That was gold.

    And just when I thought our dreamy alien has been backed into a corner where his only choice is to come out and tell her about his alter ego after having saved her, the show takes us somewhere else.

    It is so fascinating how they gave us characters that could be unlikeable (Song Yi’s brattiness, Se Mi’s jealousy) and then put them into situations that evoke sympathy. That’s the kind of emotional roller coaster that has me tuning week after week after week.

    I love that the aloof professor facade that Do Min Joon has been sporting is slowly being broken down by our ditzy star who reads trashy novels. LOL. I love her bursts of english words. Hee!! When she broke one priceless pieceafter another? I was grimacing with DMJ and laughing at the same time. And when she aplogized for walking around with his shirt on because she knows how it drives men crazy? That was as priceless as the artifacts she broke!

    I’m still not sure where this show is taking us (which is refreshing considering a lot of the late shows of 2013 are very predictable), but I find myself rooting for DMJ and CSY.

    And I know i said that DMJ falling from the sky and smashing the front of CSY’s car to save her was probably the manliest and sexiest thing to ever happen in K-dramaland, but that kiss at the end of this episode? Whew. That is a veryclose second. It was so good that it erased memories of the Cha Eun Sang/Kim Tan kiss in my mind. (Well, the image is back in my mind now, but i don’t care anymore because, OMO, KIM SOO HYUN!)

    Hurry up, episode 9!!!!

    • 3.1 ShenShen

      DMJ appearing from the top and lands infront of the car was done very well! I mean..the way it was edited to show how strong he was to smash the front of the car which made the back part rise and then eventually fall back on the fround with the thunder and lightning effect…whoooo! It was the best!

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    And this drama. This drama really got me. I haven’t felt this kind of excitement for a drama in a looong while. So it feels really really good.

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        • Honeymylovesosweet

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    The ticking clock filling in the breathless seconds of her staring into his eyes was PERFECT.

    When she as pre-emptively apologizing for making him fall for her, I was dying. First of all, who thinks that? Secondly, it is TRUE.

    I wouldn’t mind at all if every single scene over the rest of the episodes are in his apartment with just the pair of them.

    • 6.1 Quinze

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      • 9.1.1 verte

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        • Emmy

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          • Nev

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        • KDaddict

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      • 9.1.2 MUSE

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      • 9.1.3 Nadine

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        • dee

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      • 9.1.4 Honeymylovesosweet

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    • 10.1 KDaddict

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      He gave her his bed, got up early to go to the seafood market to buy the ‘penis fish’ that she’s been craving! LMAO!

  11. 11 G Babe

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  12. 12 Emily J

    I absolutely love how Song-yi is now living in Min-joon’s place, and what better reason than for her own safety? It was so funny how she rejects the books written in “alien” Chinese script and goes for the kid’s book, which she likes b/c it has pictures. So great. When Song-yi starting breaking Min-joon’s priceless antiques, I was totally cringing with him. What saved it for me was that it was a great set up for the funniest back hug I’ve seen in a long time on a kdrama. Instead of saying “please don’t go,” the back hug is saying “please stop wreaking havoc.” Also, I had forgotten he had stolen her shoes, and how sweet that her immediate conclusion was that he was a crossdresser vs. yet another stalker.

    That 15-second showdown was fabulous because we get to see that moment when Song-yi doubts her ability to attract Min-joon right before he swoops in for the kiss. I love this actress so very much. And yay for the kiss!

    • 12.1 jomo

      We so often see the Frasier/Felix Unger type of finicky male characters loving their fancy schmancy antiques. We laugh at them because how could they have emotional attachment to these mere objects that THEY haven’t really had long enough? It is the elite idea of the thing, the history, the rareness that excites them.

      With MJ, he has been with these objects forever, and he knows the creators who maybe even were friends of his. His sadness at their destruction is real. I cannot laugh at him. Poor thing!

    • 12.2 c

      Her knowing nudges and his hapless non-defense made me laugh so hard during the cross-dressing accusation

    • 12.3 KDaddict

      I don’t believe SY thinks MJ is a cross-dresser. She thinks he has a shoe-fetism, as in that’s what turns him on sexually about women. Hahaha.

      • 12.3.1 crazykel

        Still, I wouldn’t say no to a scene with Do Min Joon in drag or just KSH in drag. As one of my professors said, “You’re all born the same way. Naked. All the rest is drag.”

      • 12.3.2 anniejang

        I agree I think ‘fetish’ was mentioned, if I remember right. Way different from cross-dressing. And much more embarrassing for him. I’m not sure she would take that much glee at the prospect of him merely wearing heels.

    • 12.4 PET

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  13. 13 ziggystardust

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    His face when she kept breaking his things was priceless. Just sheer numb disbelief. Like you said, I’ve really been paying attention the most to the romance, in that the murder spree etc bits don’t necessarily disinterest me but aren’t what I remember fondly when an episode is over. I’m also bummed about Se-mi because frankly Yoo Inna can do better, and her character seems to have turned out to be rather one note..

  14. 14 Dvahn

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  15. 15 violet

    A korean netizen pointed out ….. : perhaps human blood/spit/contact decreases his ‘powers’, which is why he is feeling coldness, etc… so maybe unable to ‘save’ song yi later on ? !

    • 15.1 July

      This theory is very interesting and i really like where it can take us storywise but the Joseon flashback showed that he has shared meal with other people so this might not be the explanation.

    • 15.2 msmint82

      Interesting theory, but the thing is, he was a surgeon in his past life, and I don’t see how a surgeon can go through his whole career without being in contact with human blood…

      • 15.2.1 Emmy

        That’s a good point, completely forgot about that! I still wonder what the whole saliva/blood thing is about… so curious.

      • 15.2.2 tdot

        (I hope this doesn’t double-post.) If I recall from the intro DMJ can’t “mix” blood or saliva with humans, which is different from being in contact with. A surgeon might be in contact with the patients’ blood, but wouldn’t (hopefully) be mixing their blood with his, right? That’s my take on it at least.

        • Peeps

          Duuude… if any doctor mixes his blood with a patient at any one time, his medical licence needs to be reviewed. Like immediately.

          There are so many diseases that at transmitted through liquid mixture, eek!

          • FGB4877

            Hello, I have a different theory: all his powers come from his mind. He is an excellent psicokinetic/mentalist. What happens when his “pure” mind (the source of his strength) is distracted by love and human attachment?, by the way, at this very moment he is (at last) starting to enjoy being human, so probably his mind is adapting to his desires.

            The saliva/fluid exchange could be some well intentioned measures not to give humanity a pandemia (like the Martians in Ray Bradbury’s “Martian Chronicles”).

            Anyway, those are only theories. I do love this show and really hope that directing, writing and acting keeps up the good work.

            Cheers and thanks to Javabeans and Girlfriday for the recap, and above all this FORUM.

          • jaglaine

            You have a point there FGB4877. Remember when he rescued her on the boat and he was laying her on the bed? He was so affected by her closeness that he lost his concentration and she woke and kissed him and he totally lost control! Everything started moving again.

    • 15.3 chaton22

      I’m surprised there aren’t more comments about the whole mixing of bodily fluids issue – when they put that out in Ep 1 I thought it would be one of the main problems, like, “I like you, but I can’t kiss you because then I’ll become human/not be able to return to my planet.” Granted, a lot of K-drama kisses don’t appear to have any spit exchanged (*cough* looking at you Doko Ma Te, that was weak sauce) but this one did! If it’s a serious enough issue that you avoid eating with people, I’d think snogging would be out of the question.

  16. 16 Eka

    Prediction~~ At some point CSY(or DMJ) will get framed for JaeKyung’s crimes and Semi will be faced with a choice to either keep mum and let them be implicated, or help testify with what she knows. And that will be the writer’s way of letting Semi redeem herself.

    Just a guess. Writer/ratings killer Park Ji Eun has a knack for giving all characters even ‘bad’ ones a happy end… Good news for our OTP!

    • 16.1 nicole

      just hope the script writer don’t do the annoying thing of getting sy discovering the missing usb and misunderstood mj of doing all the bad things and turn to sj for help.

      What is the deal about the nail ring? It is getting way too much coverage for it to be trivial?

    • 16.2 Etalo

      I just hope no memory loss plot again. It’s just spoiling another good drama again.

  17. 17 yuweei

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    I totally squealed at the kiss, it so adorable omg.
    Can’t wait till next week. How many episodes is this drama?

    • 17.1 crazykel

      It’s 20 episodes, so next week is the half-way point.

  18. 18 sangay

    Oh, what MJ said to his one and only friend in the epilogue is just so sad.

    How much better will this drama get ?

    That evil brother is really worrying.

    Is this the first time MJ got hurt physically in all 400 years ? Will he get more human in the next 2 months ? That premonition of the thumbdrive snatched from bloody hand, it’s not his right ?

    • 18.1 c

      Oh wow. I assumed it would be Song-yi’s hand but now that you say it…. Please no! >< (because if it were Song-yi at least he could swoop in to save the day, but otherwise he would be powerless and incapacitated like when he was tied up in the barn during Joseon times)

  19. 19 KimNaNa

    Hah, I knew as soon as we first saw the ceramic that she would eventually break it… And as soon as she offered to do dishes D:

    Maybe it was just me and the way I read the subtitles, but I thought in the epilogue Min Joon said something about not living like “the others”. Does he mean the other aliens? We still don’t know if he was the only one who was left behind, right? But then he said “people who don’t even live 100 years” so I guess he’s talking about humans.

    Thank you so much for the recap! I’m always excited every time I watch an episode to come over here and see what people are saying about it 😀

    • 19.1 KDaddict

      The context of that conversation would suggest that he is talking about other human beings. He regrets not living like they do, have sb waiting at home, eating breakfast and dinner with sb, having a family. He’s saying even ppl who live less than 100 years manage to do it, so why didn’t he, after 400 years!
      Late awakening. But better late than never. At least with 2 months to go and the two of them loving each other, it can be redeemed.

  20. 20 soserious


    it’s kind of scarying me just how much i’m loving this mini series. i hope the execution will be just as good as the ride.

    can someone enlighten me how many episodes this drama will have?

    • 20.1 coffeenlucia

      20 episodes 😀

      • 20.1.1 tatiana

        YEAHHHHHHH jajajajajajaja i just love this serie…why it can´t go forever???

    • 20.2 nerdyqt


      This drama is currently slated for 20 episodes so we’re almost half way through… but still plenty of time for more backhugs, smooches, sleepovers and mayhem ^^ I, for one, prefer the antics of our OTP over serial killer bro and best frenemy!

  21. 21 earthna

    Exactly what I feels, javabeans! I think I’m in too deep right now and you know how it goes, right? The more you love, the more you hurt. I love this drama so much that I’m scared of being disappointed somewhere in the story. So many dramas that were really interesting at first but eventually drops midway or the endings are just meh. I’ve had my share of pain with those dramas and I don’t want this one to be like that too. However, the more I put my trust in this drama, the more I risk getting hurt. lol. Cheesy much? But still… T^T

    Well, show is still going strong. The phasing is soooooo good. Usually, it takes about 12 episodes for secrets to be found out or for leads to kiss but this one! sigh. My love for this drama is overflowing…

    I might come back later to add comments but for now, I have to calm down. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Jang Tae Yoo PD-nim, I respect you oh so much. ♥

    Thanks for the recaps, javabeans~~~!!!

    • 21.1 earthna

      *Exactly what I feel

      lol am i drunk

  22. 22 coffeenlucia

    him getting drunk in Joseon times was sooo cute <3

  23. 23 kittycat

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  24. 24 Chit

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    I just loooooovvvvee cheon song yi and Do Min Joon, why so cute? I can’t wait for another week to see Song Yi reaction after the kiss. I just hope she didn’t play it down and go forward with her feelings.

  26. 26 Eli

    Song-yi and Min-joon is ♥. Their romance is just great! Feeling butterflies all over..

    Frankly, I think it will dip. The story, I mean. If the writer choose to make Song-yi an idiot by not realizing Jae-kyung is the villain. I mean, come on, it’s all there!
    Also, this is 20 eps drama, right? I am just this close of bored by Jae-kyung antics. If they are all going to resolved it by the end of drama then, yeah, it will dip.

    • 26.1 jaglaine

      How about the fact that MJ, with all his smarts, has not done anything about the fact that he knows JK is the murderer? He saw and heard him at the boat, SY told him what she knows…and still he has not done anything about it. Why is he reactive and not pro-active? Hmm, I wonder. I guess we’ll have to see.

      • 26.1.1 tdot

        Well, he does have a general long-standing anti-intervention policy when it comes to human beings. I think his lack of pro-activeness otherwise is because the habit of not interfering is so ingrained. He’s only just begun to break that just to protect Song-Yi. I think that he’s finally getting used to the idea that he has feelings for her and wants to protect her, and that as he comes to terms with that eventually he’ll move from being reactive in moments of immediate danger to being more thoughtful and pro-active about how to keep her safe in the long run. That’s what I’m hoping, anyway.

        • crazykel

          Plus, it’s not like he can waltz straight into Seok Prosecutor’s office and say, “Well, I just happened to find this USB with incriminating evidence. I think the culprit is Jae Kyung, who I have really no connection to except for the fact that he’s the older brother of the idiot who keeps chasing after my Song Yi.”

      • 26.1.2 fluffy in flight

        I guess he’s limited in what he could do. Because first of all how did he know JK is the murderer, he overheard him and his henchman on the boat. ( he wasn’t supposed to be on the boat) he would then have to do some serious explaining as to how he got there and got off – In fact revealing that could put him in a very sticky situation, because remember, he also would be revealing that it was not Song Yi’s imagination when she saw him on the boat and when she was in the room with him and thought she was seeing things and dreaming. So that could pose a big problem by revealing that he was on the boat.

  27. 27 xcmk

    The murder spree really doesnt interest me at all with this romance having all my attention but i guess it forces them together, which i absolutely love. Last year i wanted a mind-reading boyfriend but now i want an alien boyfriend. The criteria just gets weirder hahhaha

  28. 28 Quinze

    I agree man. This show gets better and better as we progress. It’s my new crack. I find myself not wanting to see it end!

    As far as leading ladies go I’ve loved this woman from the start. It’s a good sign when your first episode grabs you and helps you jump on board emotionally with a finicky actress. And I love her all the more with each episode. She just has the right amount of ego and self preservation and vulnerability in her to make you just want to watch her kick a** and get back on that billboard by the end. And get herself a hot alien man to “manage” her needs 🙂

    I love our resident alien too. He’s just adorable. And KSH is doing an amazing job. I lov his subtle shifts in expression when he’s around Song-yi. I love his rapport with the Lawyer and his little self discoveries. And I just love that our leading man is gruff and grumpy but never so much of a jerk to completely put you off. I thought it was funny that in all the time that Song-yi talked about his reaction to her being his clothes he never once looked at her until he started his spiel about the vase. He’s turning as much of a puppy for her presence as she is for him. He’s so far gone for her he’d probably try to fetch her the moon if she so much as hinted she wanted it. So cute.

    Also he’s an adorable drunk!

    I should stop while I’m ahead…

  29. 29 Crazynoona

    If there were a squeal-o-meter here, then the number would increase each time i reach the end of the episode for YFAS…as if i wasn’t “KYAA”ing hard enough for the superman-stopping-car scene and now the kiss….gawd i LOVE this show! I LOVE both our leads nomu nomu nomu <3

  30. 30 PlumWine

    Wow! That kiss! Loved, loved, loved it!!!! Flying drunk alien on a horse, the beginning of flying brooms…..

    Going to rewatch.

    Oh, I thought since the last ep that the film editor and music editor better get a massive bonus.

  31. 31 binbon

    OMO OMO OMO!!!
    totally love the dynamics of these 2…can’t wait to see what happens next!

    On another note, anyone else watching Empress Ki? *swoon* BEST DRAMA EVER!!

    Oh, and Bel Ami ended.. thankfully- not sure what that drama was about but it sure sucked!! The kiss was the WORST ONE ever!!

    Man from the Stars FIGHTING!!

    • 31.1 anniejang

      I agree- Bel Ami-what the heck was all that about?? I started out loving the mysteries, but they all came to nothing and were meaningless. Also, I.U. (who I love) started getting really annoying.
      Enough of that-back to our alien: I started out being bored with this, and am now hooked, but good. Like everyone else, I hope! that it will be good all the way through. We’ve been disappointed too many times, but it doesn’t have to be that way:
      Some that were good all the way through-Queen Inhyun’s Man, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, The Princess’ Man, Sungkyunkwan Scandal….come to think of it, these were all period pieces.

  32. 32 Mayra

    Omg! That kiss was hot. I feel like KSH got a little shy filming that scene since his ears are so red compared to JJH in the third to last pic. This episode was so funny with its E.T. moment and song yi breaking his ceramic. Her “oop sorry” is really going to catch on.

    • 32.1 c

      Hehe I noticed the red ears too. So cute!

    • 32.2 PlumWine

      Thanks, needed another excuse to rewatch that scene. 😉

    • 32.3 bella57

      I noticed his ears were red too; even if unintended; it was definitely cute.
      He kisses her in The Thieves as well. And they have a very cute interplay in that movie.

    • 32.4 earthna

      His ears are always red and I find it really cute. >.<

      • 32.4.1 Mayra

        Yea I noticed that too but don’t spoil my fangirl inside. lol

        • anniejang

          A lot of people are mentioning his ears-I saw him do an interview where he was asked what he liked best about his looks, and he said his ears.

  33. 33 Elvira

    I have a bad feeling about MJ’s power. Maybe at one point it will vanish (please don’t) and he can’t save SY for whatever danger ahead.
    Anyway, for now, THAT IS NOT OF MY CONCERN.
    And MJ finally losing control of himself.
    Not that I don’t like it.

  34. 34 tasoe

    Gosh that kiss got me hot and bothered and my husband wasn’t home. Lol I love those two. Thank you for the recap.

  35. 35 Richie Kim

    Last speech of mine before episode 9

    My plotline for the future episodes

    So Yoon Jae has yet to recognize his Dad, and between then Min Joon’s sis meets him in unexpected circumstances that will make her expose her identity as alien girl in the UFO news.

    But she’ll be torn whether to hand in some evidence to expose Evil CEO’s crimes but that would mean putting Evil Secretary to jail for the young man begins to treat her sincerely nd decides TP give up his evil deeds. Now if only this comment will be read by the writer of this comment. XP

    • 35.1 Nadine

      You mean the writer of this drama? True, true. That’s a good plotline to fill in between, but there’s a small chance of another alien to appear soon. Hence, hope you won’t get your hopes up, but I admire your wishful thinking in making this drama not too focused on the main leads. 😉

  36. 36 emiie

    MJ’s priceless expression when she broke his dish and vase killed me. He looked ready to faint while she is like it’s no big deal there are plenty where it came from, lol.

    I love love their interaction, they are so in tune with each other even though they are so different.

    • 36.1 emiie

      And I cannot leave out the KISS. I think I replayed it 100x already. I think we need a kiss in all subsequent episodes. PLEASE.

      • 36.1.1 bakedshrimp

        DITTO THIS.

  37. 37 mzpakipot

    I need to voice something about the beginning of this episodes. How did her cellphone shows up in her car? It was left at her hospital bed…..? How come she is not wearing her hospital gown? these are silly minor things,,,, I’m still loving the storyline and the lead actors..and the kiss! Thanks so much for recaps…

    • 37.1 earthna

      Min Joon probably placed it there after finding it in the hospital. He can’t just leave without giving her a way to contact someone for help. I don’t know about the hospital gown coz it would be really weird if the evil guys dressed her up with her normal clothes. lol

    • 37.2 panshel

      I’m pretty sure Min Joon purposely left her cell phone in her car, so Song Yi could call for help. Remember he teleported from the police station to the hospital and found her phone on her bed? He probably took it, and because there was no way he could stay and help her (since he just stopped a moving car with his bare hands), he returned it to her.

      As for her change of clothes, the minions must have done it as to not arouse suspicion.

    • 37.3 fluffy in flight

      In all fairness though, if she’s doubting herself and going to the doctor to get a diagnosis, she should hopefully remember that the phone was actually left at the hospital because she was unconscious – so then a few questions would be in order — how did the cell phone get in the car so conveniently? when she was on the boat during the fireworks how did she end up in a bed when the last person she actually saw or thought she saw was DMJ? How did a car without any brakes at all stop within inches of a cliff, despite hurtling towards it? Hopefully in reflecting back she could ask herself some questions.

  38. 38 news

    Did anyone tried downloading the song and it wasn’t available/valid?

  39. 39 panshel

    I still say she wasted fifteen seconds trying to seduce him. Just go straight for the kiss. But it was great to see our alien acting on his feelings and (more importantly) moving his lips. Episode 8 is still kind of early for our couple to get together, so I’m curious whether he will backtrack or convince her she’s drunk after the kiss. Which is what I imagine he did in the Joseon times: blame it on the a-a-alcohol. In the fifteen-second split screen, I didn’t know whether to focus on her or on him.

    Other than being extremely dense, Hwi Kyung is actually pretty useful — asking to see the hospital CCTV footage and telling Song Yi to take the video to the police. I cheered when she brought up the video in front of Hwi Kyung because now she won’t be the only one who knows. Hyung is going to have to kill his own brother, too, to bury the truth. Our heroine is kick-ass to suspect Jae Kyung could be the killer. And praise the Lord, our investigators are smart, too.

    I knew it. As soon as she dropped his plate, I was like, yup, that was an antique. I felt his pain when she broke his vase. My precious. Ouch at the glass shards in his hand. Thankfully, he was a doctor in a past life. Eek, Song Yi knows his passcode?

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

    • 39.1 c

      Someone on Tumblr said she thinks it’s a dream/fantasy because how did she remember his passcode? But how did he know she went to the psychiatrist and the whole over-dependence theory? Unless he eavesdropped again. Oh well, dream or not, I am thankful for the sexy 😀

      • 39.1.1 bella57

        she remembered his pass code (and not her own) because in her heart, she feels at home at his house.
        She told him she went to the hospital and saw a psychiatrist because of him.

    • 39.2 tdot

      “In the fifteen-second split screen, I didn’t know whether to focus on her or on him.”

      Haha, me neither, so I watched one time first focussing on her, then rewound and watched it again focussing on him.

  40. 40 chewyish

    this drama is seriously pulling all the right strings for me. perfect ratio of heart racing thriller/romance/comedy. drunk!min joon riding his horse had me on the floor.
    random question but does anyone know the name of the instrumental song they used during the joseon parts of the story? it’s beautiful and I’ve been searching in vain for it.

    • 40.1 cheekysalsera

      Hi, I think some (not all) of the instrumental tracks accompanying the Joseon parts are fm the soundtrack of “Painter Of The Wind”.

      I loved that drama’s soundtrack, and funnily enough, I started watching this show because I recognized the music – I think it was during ep 3 Joseon parts.
      (Now I’m so hooked on this drama, ahhhh.. but no regrets :D)

      Hope this helps? 🙂

  41. 41 Apple

    I remembered that in the previous episode, while Song Yi was being wheeled away unconscious, her phone was left on the hospital bed. How did the phone suddenly appear at her car seat when Hui Kyeong called her?

    • 41.1 yo

      I think he could have easily used his powers to move the phone into the car. I mean, he wouldn’t leave her in the middle of nowhere without a source of communication would he?

      • 41.1.1 Apple

        That’s what I thought. But since it wasn’t shown explicitly, I was wondering if I missed something out. But that makes sense. Thanks!

  42. 42 hithere

    What a nice ending.

  43. 43 Perrie

    Ugh ,this drama is priceless. I always feel bad coming to the comment sections because I’m usually speechless but I feel the need to comment anyway.
    Im so glad DMJ took the initiative! I also thought that Song Yi would do it, but totally did it! hehehe!

    Glad Se mi was honest with Hui Kyung today. On ep 7s comment, I know I was a bit harsh but I guess it’s cause I see a lot of myself (the whole not expressing yourself thing) in her, hahaha!

  44. 44 jaglaine

    Another great recap JB! Thank you very much.

  45. 45 infinityandbeyond

    I’m really curious as to how the next episodes will unfold. I’ve got my fingers crossed on a happy ending. Who else is really worried about Min Joon’s safety? I hope saving Song Yi won’t be the death of him.

    By the way, the kiss was extremely cute. Kudos to Min Joon for finally showing her the feelings he has been suppressing within himself.

  46. 46 tezuka

    Meta references continue – yeah!. The stalker dropping the pot on SY’s head and MJ pushing her aside just in the nick of time, echoes scene in Dream High where Kim Soo Hyun’s character saves Suzy’s character from a flower pot someone tries to drop on her head.

    • 46.1 anniejang

      That’s right!

  47. 47 Ppasun

    But it was too late because the china rabbit had already begun to open his heart.

    This drama makes me think about what love really is. It is hard to believe that during his 404 plus years’ sojourn on earth, Yihwa and Songyi were the only human beings worth loving. So something in him must be more of the reason why he is now of all times opening up. But then in the eyes of love, no one can be more lovely than its beloved. There must be something about these two women which was special to him. One thing is for sure. Like Bokja said, bam, it just hits you one day and changes you completely.

    Once having mixed saliva with Songyi, our dojaggi tokki has caught love virus, his blood is stirred and heated up, causing him to feel cold because in relation to his feverish heart, this winter is too cold. Our china rabbit is beginning to learn what it means to be human and humanly happy.

    • 47.1 anniejang

      Not 2 women-one woman, the same woman, re-incarnated. How do I know? Because a second woman would have no reason to react emotionally to the hairpin-that also gave him the main clue that it was the same girl. That’s why he realized and said she had come back to him/appeared in front of him again. Before she recognized and reacted to the hairpin, he was unsure about this.

      • 47.1.1 anniejang

        In fact, it’s exactly why he took her to the museum-so he could check out her reaction or non reaction to the hairpin.

  48. 48 Rachel

    Notice Kim SooHyun’s ear during their kiss. It’s soooo red!
    Love them. Wishing tomorrow is Wednesday already!!

    • 48.1 Apple

      I noticed that too!!

      Makes me wonder if it was Kim Soo Hyun’s ear that turned red or Do Min Joon’s. Though I wonder if that can even be controlled. Haha

  49. 49 saranga

    lmao song-yi was a regular bull in a china shop. only two objects, but worth a VERY considerable fortune i’m sure.

    • 49.1 saranga

      OH, something that bugged me a lot…

      song-yi was wearing a hospital gown when fake doctor came by to drug her. but when she came to her senses in her moving car, she was wearing regular clothes. but she didn’t seem all that freaked out to realize that her clothes were changed. lack of continuity? the thought of evil minion having changed song-yi’s outfit is squicky gross and creepy!!

      • 49.1.1 NIX

        They must have changed her clothes cause it was a camouflage suicide set-up, and it’s no big deal to her after all those scary and illusionary experience, inches close to death as soon as getting consciousness back AND was saved by a “thunder man” out of nowhere.

        • Quiet Thought

          Yeah, when it comes right down to it, it would take a pretty dumb cop to think that she got out of her hospital bed, grabbed her keys, snuck out of the hospital in her pajamas without being spotted, and then drove her car several miles looking for a really good cliff to drive over.

          Of course, if the bad guys changed her clothes, they would also take her purse and phone along.

    • 49.2 Thursdaynexxt

      If Min-joon is our china rabbit “Edward”, I hope Song-yi takes good care not to break his heart!

      • 49.2.1 jomo

        By the way, Robert Zemeckis of Back to the Future, Cast Away, Forrest Gump fame will be directing the film adaptation of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

        Story here:

        I wonder if it’ll be CGI like Polar Express, or live action-ish.

        • jomo

          Just put an “h” in the front of the URL.

  50. 50 owl

    I am thinking the cliff is the same place where Min Joon rescued young Song Yi in the past ~ and it’s funny, but i keep forgetting that Min Joon isn’t just from the past, but from another planet. Honestly, this time-travel-stuck-on-earth-for-400-years really works in this drama.

    I love the scenes in slo mo (like the books coming off the library shelf). so effective. This coming from a practically anti sci-fi time-travel person!

    Their chemi is soo powerful, the push/pull, the sarcasm, the way they annoy each other, and the way they care for each other.

    I am so ready for the KISS. And more. And, how will they resolve the part that she is from his past as well as in his present? So curious about that.

    btw – unlike the Heirs sweaters fiasco, Min Joon and Hwi Kyung for that matter, look super hot in theirs 🙂

    • 50.1 c

      Speaking of their chemistry, I think it might just be an awkward translation but I laughed when Seong-yi said “I’m full of chemicals”. Taking the word “chemistry” a bit too literally!

      • 50.1.1 owl

        Yeah, her completely unscientific explanation to the Professor – haha~

    • 50.2 RWJQ

      It is the same cliff. It’s been christened the Cliff of Doom.

      • 50.2.1 PlumWine


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