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Emergency Couple: Episode 8
by | February 22, 2014 | 125 Comments

Our heroine finally has time to pause and wonder about her uncertain future as a medical intern, while Chang-min’s reactions to the evidence of her burgeoning relationship with Chun-soo start to smack of jealousy. We also find out more details on why Chun-soo is serving the longest residency ever. And perhaps most importantly, we get some insight into why our hero’s and heroine’s marriage fell apart in the first place.


On the bus, Chun-soo is dead asleep as Jin-hee positions his head back on her shoulder. Chang-min pulls up next to the bus in his car at a stoplight, but neither Chang-min nor Jin-hee see each other. The bus jerks Chun-soo awake and Jin-hee feigns sleep. He nudges her awake, with an “Asleep already?” and she makes a big show of yawning and stretching.

As the two order breakfast, Chun-soo tells Jin-hee that she should go do medical volunteer work on an island somewhere. “I think that’s the best fit for you,” he says. Jin-hee replies, “I’d like that. But I’d like to finish my internship first.” She hesitates for a moment before asking, “What’s going to happen to me now?” Chun-soo’s answer is noncommittal, and not particularly comforting: “That depends on your fate.”

When the restaurant ajumma mistakenly assumes that Jin-hee is Chun-soo’s “pretty wife,” both Jin-hee and Chun-soo share an awkward moment. It grows even more awkward when their hands touch briefly as they both reach for silverware.

At the hospital, Chang-min is on night duty when one of the nurses asks him about his family. She’s crushing on Chang-min after learning that his mother was a VIP patient. She wonders just how good his family background really is, and asks whether he’s a chaebol heir or a politician’s son.

Meanwhile, Chun-soo gives Jin-hee what looks to be half his portion of rice. Maybe it’s the cavegirl in me, but I always find Man Give Woman Food scenes sweet. As Jin-hee lifts her bowl to drink the last of her soup, Chun-soo smiles fondly at her. By the time Jin-hee sets the bowl down, he catches himself and wipes the smile from his face.

Outside the hospital, Chang-min tries to call Jin-hee again. It’s still going to voicemail, and he wonders whether she’s out drinking, depressed over her dismissal notice. Nothing could be further from the truth, and Chang-min’s mouth drops in astonishment when he sees Jin-hee and Chun-soo walking together, all smiles and chumminess.

Chang-min asks Chun-soo where he’s coming from, and Chun-soo brushes him off with a vague “Nowhere.” What’s hysterical is that this only gets Chang-min more curious, and he follows Chun-soo through the halls like a puppy, asking, “Where did the two of you go?” Chun-soo finally stops and snaps, “Why are you so curious? You don’t need to know, punk!”

Jin-hee turns on her bedroom light and is startled to find Kwang-soo and Baby Guk asleep on the floor. After dragging Kwang-soo from bed, Jin-hee asks whether he found Jin-ae. Kwang-soo replies that he did go to the bar, but that she had immediately quit after the night of Jin-hee’s concert disruption. I find it hilarious that practically everything coming out of Kwang-soo’s mouth is unwittingly modulated to cause maximum irritation to Jin-hee.

Exasperated, Jin-hee tells Kwang-soo that he should go home in the morning, but Kwang-soo saves the best for last. He replies that he would have no reason to sleep at Jin-hee’s house if he…uh… actually had a home.

Not feeling safe with Kwang-soo under her roof, Jin-hee’s mom is at the spa with a bag packed with her valuables. She’s still not completely convinced of Kwang-soo’s story and she tells Jin-hee to file a report with the police the next morning as a last-ditch effort to find Jin-ae.

Later, Jin-hee settles into the couch to sleep and sighs heavily, “Each day is like a variety show. Live, real variety. Oh. My. God.” Haha, yet another shout out to Running Man?

The nurse who is now nursing (I can’t help myself) a crush on Chang-min drapes a blanket over him as he sleeps. When he wakes, she offers him a snack and briefs him on his patients. Chang-min thanks her, but before leaving he asks her whether Jin-hee has come into work yet. When the answer is negative, Chang-min’s look of dejection is adorable.

Finding that Ji-hye has slept in his office overnight, Chun-soo tells her that she should have gone home. Ji-hye interrupts him for some clarification: “Wait a minute. Are you worried that I was uncomfortable sleeping here, or are you worried that someone will see and misunderstand?”

Chun-soo hesitates and then says truthfully, “Both.” When Ji-hye wonders whether Chun-soo spent the night with Jin-hee, he answers defensively that he slept in the on-call room. “But why do I have to make these excuses to you?” he asks. Chun-soo, honey, when a woman wants to know where you sleep, it means…

Ahem. Sorry, I got…distracted some. Ji-hye hands over a box of socks to Chun-soo, and she looks at his feet noting that at least for today, his toes are properly attired. She then sees that Chun-soo has mis-buttoned his shirt. What’s a girl to do but to move in, and unbutton all the mis-buttoned ones? Quite logical. Suddenly shy and awkward, Chun-soo insists on doing the buttons himself. Bah.

Ah-reum finally spots her potted flower and wonders why it’s on her desk. Seeing Ah-reum admire her plant, Yong-gyu positions himself in his chair to take a sel-ca of himself, with Ah-reum in the background. He gets completely photobombed by the married guy intern, who literally takes up half the frame.

Angry and upset, Chang-min’s mom delivers divorce papers to Chang-min’s dad. Nonplussed, he tells her that instead of taking antidepressants, she should get more exercise.

Confronting Jin-hee in the hall, Chang-min asks where she went yesterday. She tells him that she went home and Chang-min’s patience gets thin. “No, I mean where did you go BEFORE you went home?” he asks.

Chang-min admits that he called her a number of times. Jin-hee responds that she did see that he’d called and asks, “You drunk-dialed me again, didn’t you? If you’re not even going to remember, why should I bother talking to you?” Ha. When she asks why he called, Chang-min replies, “About your dismissal notice. So…what I mean is… you shouldn’t worry too much about it.”

One of Jin-hee’s patients is back in the emergency room with abdominal pain. Although Jin-hee’s original diagnosis was gastroenteritis, the patient’s pain has moved to the lower right-hand side, prompting Jin-hee now to suspect appendicitis. Ji-hye disagrees, citing various figures from the patient’s blood tests. Chun-soo calls Ji-hye out angrily for relying solely on numbers, and she stares at him in surprise.

Dr. Ahn agrees with Ji-hye that it isn’t appendicitis and decides instead that the patient is possibly pregnant and in need of an OB/GYN specialist. Chun-soo’s anger turns onto Jin-hee, who apologizes for having overlooked a pregnancy test.

On the rooftop of the hospital, Ji-hye takes issue with Chun-soo for taking Jin-hee’s side given her relative inexperience. He tells her it’s not like that, but doesn’t elaborate further. Taking a stab, Ji-hye asks, “You were together with Jin-hee yesterday. Did something happen?” A surprised Chun-soo replies, “What are you talking about?” but when Ji-hye turns to leave, he stops her, finally ready to explain himself.

“It was too similar to my own situation from before. Even down to the patient’s condition,” he says. And we see, in flashback, Chun-soo’s backstory: A patient lies dying, possibly of appendicitis. The specialist is on his way to the hospital, but intern Chun-soo realizes that the specialist won’t arrive in time to save the patient. Jin-hee tries to stop Chun-soo, but he readies his scalpel, and starts to operate.

Kwang-soo hands over his marriage registration documents to Jin-hee’ s mom, asking whether she believes him now. Jin-hee’s mom asks to hold Baby Guk, and as she fusses over him, she realizes that his diaper is soiled. Kwang-soo tries to take the baby, but Jin-hee’s mom merely snaps, “Just go get me a diaper!” Aw. I can’t blame her…that baby is damnably cute.

The interns are assembled together to sign up for their night shifts for the following month. Ah-reum asks Chang-min whether they should take on the weekend shifts together, which garners sidelong glances from Jin-hee and Yong-gyu. Chang-min tells Jin-hee to hurry up and sign up for her nights, and she asks in irritation, “Why do you care about me?” Chang-min fires back, “I’m trying to avoid you at all cost.”

Chang-min signs up for the Wednesday and Friday night shifts, while Jin-hee signs up for the Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday shifts. “You’re going to do three night shifts each week?” asks Chang-min doubtfully. He adds with suspicion, “Who are you wanting to see, to do all that?”

When Yong-gyu brings up Jin-hee’s probable dismissal, the other interns realize that without Jin-hee, they’ll each have more night shifts to cover. But Yong-gyu tells everyone that Chun-soo has met with the hospital director, to do whatever he can to reverse Jin-hee’s dismissal. Jin-hee’s eyes widen at this bit of news, and Chun-soo looks at her reaction with what may be a twinge of jealousy.

After gathering the interns together for CPR training (but haven’t they been performing CPR on patients already?), Chun-soo calls Jin-hee forward. As Jin-hee starts chest compressions on the dummy, Chun-soo instructs, “More forcefully,” followed with, “More precisely.” Finally, Chun-soo places his hands on top of Jin-hee’s and starts performing the compressions with her.

Chang-min’s eyeballs are about to fall out of his head and we get a slow-motion sequence of Jin-hee and Chun-soo moving rhythmically, up and down. I’m dying laughing, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen CPR in this light before. Also, how ridiculously gratuitous is this scene? As if medical interns need a refresher course on basic first aid!

Chang-min can’t stand any more of this, and he grabs Chun-soo and slams him onto a desk. He bellows, “What the hell are you doing?”

Cut to: Jin-hee and Chun-soo still performing chest compressions. Ahaha. So slamming Chun-soo on the desk was just in Chang-min’s head? We got seriously trolled, people.

The head of the ER comes in and tells Jin-hee that a decision has been reached regarding her dismissal notice. “You may continue your internship,” he declares. Shedding tears of joy and relief, Jin-hee launches herself into Chun-soo’s arms, and thanks him profusely, while Chang-min watches in utter dismay.

Later, an angry Chang-min calls his uncle who confirms that he put in a phone call to the hospital director. His uncle does mention that Chun-soo had also met with the director, but he’s convinced that it was his phone call, not Chun-soo, that effected the reversal of Jin-hee’s dismissal. The uncle reminds Chang-min that Chang-min owes him a debt, and hangs up with the promise that he’ll keep this a secret from Chang-min’s mother.

Chang-min’s mom goes to her sister’s clinic for a skin treatment. Her sister wants to know what she’ll do if Chang-min’s dad agrees to the divorce. Chang-min’s mom insists that she’s still attractive: “With my skin…Lee Min-ho, Kim Woo-bin…it’s all possible.” Words…I just can’t find any.

Still in a funk about Jin-hee’s reaction, Chang-min gripes to himself, “I’m the one who resolved the situation yet who is she hugging?” Overhearing, Yong-gyu asks what he’s talking about, but Chang-min evades the question. Yong-gyu informs Chang-min that the married interns are having a housewarming party and celebrating Jin-hee’s reinstatement as well. Chang-min insists he won’t go and he’s determined to get his pout on.

But everyone, including Chang-min, shows up to the married interns’ apartment. While everyone settles into their first drink, the married guy intern asks where he should hang their incredibly large wedding portrait. Ah-reum chirps that it should be hung where it would be most visible but Chang-min interjects, “What’s the point of hanging it up? In several months it will end up getting smashed while you’re fighting anyway.”

Jin-hee chokes on her drink, while Ah-reum notes that Chang-min sounds like he’s speaking from experience. Chang-min continues to gripe about the lovey-dovey interns, and Yong-gyu teases him, saying that Chang-min must be envious. Ah-reum jumps in to say that he should get married quickly then, but it’s now Jin-hee’s turn to snipe at Chang-min: “You can’t marry just anyone because you’re envious. You can ruin your life in one stroke by marrying the wrong person.”

Both Jin-hee and Chang-min are fired up now, and they start to bicker heatedly about married life and the unrealistic expectations men and women bring to a relationship. Mocking women’s hopes for a knight to appear on a white horse, Chang-min says, “That doesn’t exist. To be husband and wife means eating food they like together, watching TV and laughing at the same things together, sleeping on the same bed together every day without getting sick of each other.”

On the other hand, Jin-hee argues that the real problem is that a man needs five wives. Counting them on her fingers, she says, “Actress. Maid. Cook. Counselor. Nurse.” Chang-min snorts, “I’d consider myself fortunate if a woman does even one of those five things.” The other interns don’t know what to make of their open hostility, and Jin-hee and Chang-min start guzzling down their wine.

Chang-min drags Jin-hee aside to another room for a private conversation. He’s adamant that she stop drinking and go home, before she slips up about their past. Jin-hee blusters, “Why? Are you afraid you’ll lose your chance with the Cabinet Minister’s daughter?” Chang-min wants to know how she knows about that, but Jin-hee reasons that Ah-reum must not know about their previous marriage. She threatens to tell Ah-reum about their marriage, because: “There shouldn’t be a second victim in all this.”

After Chun-soo receives good news over email, he rushes to share it with Ji-hye. He finds her dancing with a partner in a ballroom dance studio. Admiring her, he smiles while he imagines himself dancing with her instead. The dance comes to an end, and Chun-soo applauds appreciatively. When he shares the good news that supplemental funds have come through for the ER, Ji-hye is likewise thrilled.

Chang-min gets into the front seat of a cab, only to have Jin-hee drunkenly stumble into the back seat. He demands that she get out, and once she focuses her eyes on him, she demands that HE get out. They spend the cab ride arguing over who got in the cab first, much to the cab driver’s amusement.

Their squabbling escalates until Jin-hee yells, “You tell me to get out of the hospital, to get out of the taxi. Who are you to stick by me and then tell me to disappear!” Chang-min turns and spits back, “What about you? You smile like an idiot for Chun-soo at every opportunity, making a spectacle of yourself.” Jin-hee slurs, “Try to be at least half the man Chun-soo is. A man like him is a real man!” Oh dear. Aren’t those fightin’ words?

At home, Kwang-soo finds that Baby Guk is running a very high fever. While rushing the baby to the emergency room, he leaves a frantic message on Jin-ae’s voicemail.

Noticing that his breath smells of alcohol, Chang-min asks the cab driver for some gum. He spends the rest of the ride rolling his eyes at a passed out Jin-hee, whom he watches in the rear view mirror.

At Wusu Hospital, Chang-min gets out and spits the gum out into his hand. He can’t instruct the cab driver on where to drop off Jin-hee, because he apparently doesn’t know her address. He tries to get an answer out of an unresponsive Jin-hee, but in his efforts to wake her, he accidentally sticks that big wad of chewed gum into her hair.

Left with no choice, Chang-min piggybacks Jin-hee and her pretty new hair ornament into the hospital. He ducks and weaves in the hallways, trying to avoid any staff that they know. Dripping sweat, and many staircases later, he finally finds an empty room where Jin-hee can discreetly sleep off her drunkenness. When Jin-hee starts mumbling loudly in her sleep, Chang-min places a hand over her mouth.

Jin-hee wakes up briefly and her eyes focus on Chang-min, who shushes her from making too much noise. She falls back asleep and Chang-min looks at her with tenderness and runs his hand down her hair. (The unadorned side, naturally.)


Barring the ludicrous CPR scene (well, ok, it was good for a belly laugh), this was a nice episode on several fronts. One, it provided a clean resolution to what had been Jin-hee’s uncertain future as an intern. Two, it showed us Jin-hee’s initial emotional reaction to her reinstatement and Chang-min’s reaction to her reaction. And finally, we got some details on Chun-soo’s back story, which was yawningly predictable, but at least consistent to his character.

It was only natural that Jin-hee, upon getting reinstated, directed her gratitude at Chun-soo. She was told that he had met with the hospital director on her behalf, and there was no way she could have guessed that Chang-min’s inarticulate “…you shouldn’t worry too much about it,” was any indication that Chang-min had taken action to reverse her dismissal.

I think that the romantic future of our lead couple currently hangs in a balance. What I’m curious to see is how Jin-hee will react when she does find out that it was (most probably) Chang-min who saved her from being fired. Will she start to see Chang-min in a new light, just as Chang-min has with her? And what of Baby Guk? Will Baby Guk provide another opportunity for Chang-min to change Jin-hee’s opinion of him, or will it be another reason for her to hero-worship Chun-soo, or will it be Jin-hee’s turn, again, to save the day?

This episode did also give us more clarity on the potential pairing of Chun-soo and Ji-hye, which for me, would be a satisfactory outcome. What can I say, I got sold as soon as she brought him new socks.

So, while that removes some of the suspense of whether our dear heroine will end up with Chang-min or Chun-soo, it sets the stage for Chang-min to prove his worth, or not. And Chang-min, you don’t need to ride in on a white horse. Sometimes, it’s the packs of socks that make all the difference.


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      slappyunni, your recaps are so entertaining/funny. you’re my new fave recapper! 🙂 fighting!

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      • 1.2.1 Leonard

        High for this – Ellie Goulding

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    Everything in this episode is sssooo friggin’ cute. Hahaha. I had fun.

    The slow-mo with the bg music during the cpr training? INTENSE. ;p

    And the baby. Can I have himmmm??

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    Thanks for the quick recaps. love it……

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    I am loving this drama more and more!! And I know it probably won’t happen buuut I would love Jin-hee and Chan soo to end up together! I mean his just adorable our Chan-soo! The way he looked at her and smiled while she was eating!! I mean COME OOOON!! 😉 I still can’t connect with Chang-min ;/ I really like Choi Jin- hyuk as an actor and the scenes of him being jealous of Jin-hee are sweet or the fact that he is the one who saved her job was also cool but still…
    Well second lead syndrome is happening to me again xD Oh and the baby is the cutest!!! I hope he will be fine!!! And this means that the sisters will probably meet very soon! Excited! ;D

    • 4.1 Drama queen

      I for one would really like to see Chang Min chase Jin Hee all over again! It is obvious that his feelings for her did not come to an end and that they did not have proper closure when they divorced 7 years ago.

      They were probably immature when they eloped and life together was not as rosy as they had imagined especially when our rich pampered mummy’s boy was cut from the family, had to earn a living to support himself and his new wife and had to give up his medical studies.

      So their response to this sudden unhappy situation was to divorce – no doubt encouraged by Chang Min’s mother.

      With some years behind them now and hindsight- Chang Min is better equipped to fight and protect the woman he loves. I would like to see how Jin Hee reacts to this – she is obviously still very hurt by their marriage and her wounds have not healed nor has she really moved on since her motivation to become a doctor was so that his family would not look down on her. Some form of overcompensation.

      • 4.1.1 justaperson

        Well they are both pretty hurt after their marriage so I think that won’t happen that fast. I have to agree that he now sees her in a completly new light and there is a little bit of jealousy but still the conversation they had during the party shows that there are still issues that need to be resolve.

        • Emy

          I agree that they were both hurt after their marriage.

          I’m actually a bit surprised that most viewers seem to lay all the blame of of the divorce on Chang-min, when to me, it’s due to BOTH of them that the marriage fell apart. Chang-min wasn’t the understanding and attentive husband he should have been — but neither was Jin-hee the caring wife. From episode 6 (or 7), when Jin-hee + Chang-min ran into the pharmaceutical salesman, Jin-hee seemed completely surprised at Chang-min’s self-defeating comment about his old job. It’s obvious she has no idea how horrible it was for him. From Ep 1, Jin-hee didn’t seem to care enough to even ask him how his job went.

          So yes, Chang-min was a terrible husband. But Jin-hee wasn’t the model wife, either.

          However, because of her desire for revenge (to become a doctor), Jin-hee had managed to stand on her own two feet and had grown tremendously in the past 7 years. Chang-min is much slower to catch up, because HE didn’t have revenge as a catalyst.

          The current Chang-min is immature and perhaps not deserving of the current Jin-hee. But I don’t think it’s quite fair to think old!Jin-hee was a saint and old!Chang-min the devil.

          P.S. Sorry, justaperson, this comment wasn’t directly directed at your comment. Just something in general that caught my attention about most of the responses here.

          • tata

            TRUE THAAAAT!

    • 4.2 TS

      I can’t connect with ChangMin either. No matter what he does, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

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    That baby is so adorable, and so well behaved onscreen. No wonder Mom fell for him instantly.

    Also, that was quite the long dream sequence. Hilarious, but after a while it was pointless. Still, this show is entertaining. I enjoy watching OCM be jealous 🙂

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    Fun episode, thanks for the recap.

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    Thanks for the recaps Slappyunni. Good job!

    I laughed so hard during the CPR scene; who knew chest compressions could seem like foreplay or insinuating more! LOL

    I’m really enjoying Jin Hee’s growing confidence. It’s no wonder she’s falling for Dr. Devil.

    Arrrgh more later, must kill computer with sledgehammer

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    Thanks for the recap!!! you guys finally catch up.. i really love this drama especially Jinhee and Chunsoo together and jealous Changmin…

    Can someone explain the hospital hierarchy/politics like what is the difference between an intern and resident, and what’s wrong with chunsoo being resident for a long time…

    • 12.1 penniekandi

      The chain of command goes: intern –> resident –> attending (or in the translation on dramafever, it seems to be professor)/specialists.

      Residents oversee interns.

      Being a resident a long time just means that he has to answer to all of the people above him, meaning that he has less power than they do, regardless of his age/how long he’s been doing it. For example, although JiHye calls ChunSoo “oppa,” implying that he is older than her, she still has seniority over him, thanks to her professor/specialists stature. Also, given that he’s stayed a resident a long time, usually that implies that he was unable to rise up to the next rank (although it seems self-induced in ChunSoo’s case), so people tend to look down on those kinds of people.

      I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s similar in situation to that.

      • 12.1.1 sArAhA

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    Heart massage porn! And people said there would be nothing new on Kdrama this year!

    • 13.1 momosa

      And it seems not only Chang Min side-tracked, Chun Soo, Yong Gyu & the newly married lady colleague were imagining things too.

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    Hi Slappyuni and Suneedelight ~ You guys worked hard! I like how the rocker sister/husband/baby Guk story is unfolding. Family dynamics – what are you gonna do?

    So Clara (well, Ah reum) put the gender issue out there in the discussion that women with lovers are loose and seen in a negative light but men with lovers are experienced and seen in a more positive light. Locks and keys. I kinda shuddered at the metaphor maybe because it was right on.

    Thanks for bringing the recapping up to date so fast. Fighting!

    • 14.1 dearly

      The locked and master key is an old gender explanation. I’ve heard of it so many times. Men like to use that explanation as their ‘win’ explanation over women. I was just surprised to hear it from a Kdrama (that is the culture is conservative).

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      • 15.1.2 Sleepingisgood

        ugh, my computer ate my first comment… She really has been fearless in showing that her character has human flaws- and I’m enjoying that element of reality (not something really readily apparent in most k-drama heroines).
        Plus, the way the show transitions between comedic moments to heart-breaking at the hospital feels real to me, as that is how it is has been when family members have been critically ill.

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    “With my skin…Lee Min-ho, Kim Woo-bin…it’s all possible.”


    Reading this ruined Heirs for me. O____O

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      In other news from the Asian entertainment industry, it was announced that Lee Min-ho and Kim Woo-bin have both defected to North Korea.

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  17. 17 August

    Thanks for the recap! You did a nice job Slappyunni.

    I had a good chuckle when Yoon Sung-Sook (Chang-Min’s mother) bragged about her possible prospects once her divorce is finalized and said, “It’s possible with Lee Min-Ho or Kim Woo-Bin.”

    Oh the meta reference…
    Park Jun-Keum has worked in Kdramas with Hyun Bin, Kim Woo-Bin, Lee Min-Ho, Choi Jin Hyuk, Micky Yoochun, Joo Won, Jung Kyung Ho, etc.

    The scene with Oh Jin-Hee and Kook Cheon-Soo totally in sync with one another as they performed CPR (chest compressions) rhythmically back and forth on the mannequin while Oh Chang-Min and the rest of the interns watched them…

    I was immediately reminded me of the crunches/abdominal exercise scene in Secret Garden with Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im at the stunt school with all the trainees/students in the background watching them.

    Their bursted bubbles about marriage and bickering with each other at the housewarming party was definitely entertaining. At twenty (20) episoded, I wish we could have had more snapshots of what went wrong in their short-lived marriage.

    In the stairwell as Oh Chang-Min ascended the stairs piggybacking Oh Jin-Hee, he touched or leaned against the railing. The staircase railing appeared to be wobbly and unstable.

    • 17.1 the68monkey

      Yes! We need more backstory on their short-lived marriage. We’ve seen how it turned rather ugly, but I need to see some cute interaction and chemistry to see how they are meant to be a couple, after all!

      I could stare at Choi Jin-hyuk’s loveliness all day, and that voice! *swoon* But the show needs to show why Oh Jin-hee fell in love with Oh Chang-min 7 years or so earlier. The teaser trailers for this show — laptop and handbag sabotage — were absolutely hilarious, and the chemistry between Song Ji-hyo and Choi Jin-hyuk was great! I have yet to see that chemistry between the two of them in the drama, so PLEASE writers, let us fall in love with the two of them as completely smitten young lovers so we can root for them to get back together.

      • 17.1.1 blooblahblee

        I think you’d be satisfied to know that episode 10 seems to cover the flashback portion of CM and JH – how they first met and how they came to date. The mini-preview for it is very sweet. Although now I can see them working out together now, it is nice to see how they used to be and honestly encourages me to root for them even more! It’s on the CJENMDRAMA YouTube if you would like to watch it.

        • August

          Thanks for the heads-up and recommending the link. I’m really looking forward to Episode 10.

      • 17.1.2 August

        Yes indeed. Emergency Couple did a great job with the his vs. her point of view teasers for the drama.

    • 17.2 TS

      Some of those guys may well have hit on her. She’s really pretty and, despite all the negative messages out there re women and their beauty depreciation as they grow older, it’s not actually true: it’s just an evolved beauty. And guys, being as they are, will still be attracted.

    • 17.3 Lisa

      When I saw that bit, where Chang Min’s mother brags about being able to get Lee Min Ho or Kim Woo Bin, I laughed sooooo hard I had to pause the whole thing 🙂 I wish it was in the recap, but maybe I laugh at all the wrong things. Anyhow, to me it seemed like a nod to her being in Heirs with Choi Jin Hyuk. Lots of nodding seems to be happening to these actors/actresses previous roles. I can’t even count the number of silly remarks towards Running Man haha 🙂

  18. 18 bigwink

    I enjoy this drama very much and I love your recaps! Its witty and fresh. Thaaanks!

  19. 19 Minitwin

    Wait did episode 9 come out today?

    • 19.1 Quiet Thought

      Yep. Get to it!

  20. 20 Jen

    Does anyone know the background music title when Ah Reum finally realizes the flower pot and Yong Gyu is looking at her with awe? Lol. The music also played in Episode 7 🙂 Pls let me know!

  21. 21 Quiet Thought

    I will also speculate that ball-room dancing is definitely making a major comeback all over the world if that clip of Choi Yeo-jin in her backless flapper fringies goes viral on the net. I’m certainly signing up for lessons.

  22. 22 chu

    I look forward to your succeeding recaps of EC. Thanks! 😀

  23. 23 Lyla

    Couldn’t agree more with your final comments. It’s the little caring actions that make all the difference.

  24. 24 Gia W

    I feel like the show is finally falling into step…I like the mix of comedy with drama…initially I thought it was little too serious considering they promoted it as a Rom Com, but I been enjoying this phase…just have to say Chang Min look so sexy in his scrubs…love seeing him so jealous:)

  25. 25 Cat Billi

    Is there only one episode per week from now on? :O why :'(

    • 25.1 DramaQueen

      It’s up to episode 9 this week- that was shown already so you’d either watch or wait for the recap!

    • 25.2 DramaQueen

      Episode 9 is out already. So watch or wait for the recap!

  26. 26 junggiee

    To me, the character that unpredictably stuck out in this episode the most is baby Guk’s dad. We were shown his dedication to being a dad in the last episode when he showed up at his in-laws with his baby despite his wife having “run away”. And I was touched that instead of reacting with disgust when baby Guk pooped, he reached out to him and claimed to be the best at changing diapers. For some reason I was just really amazed at his character.

    Thanks for the recap!

  27. 27 dearly

    Chun Soo and Ji-Hye would make an adorable couple. She’s very sweet and can be a great wife to Chun Soo. I can feel the Jin Hee-Chun Soo boat sinking every second (my heart is hurting. I wish this relationship was possible, but of course, I knew it was going to sink.) I guess I’ll just get ready to get a mentor-student relationship from Jin Hee-Chun Soo. Chang Min better bring his A-game so I can root for him. As of ep. 8 (despite the jealousy), I have yet to like him. His comment during the drunk scene at the newlywed’s housewarming party was distasteful.

    • 27.1 alua

      I find Ji-Hye a bit overbearing/ too full on at times. Immature Chang-min pestering Chun-soo about where he spent the night I can see, but I would expect Ji-hye to be a bit more professional… certainly while at work. She’s not a bad person and Chun-soo does seem to have some feelings for her, so they’ll probably end up a happy couple.

      The Chun-soo – Jin Hee combo is very unlikely to happen, though I quite like them together. I think they ‘tick’ the same way and would be a sweet couple, but it’s not going to happen.

      The most unrealistic coupling is Jin-hee and Chang-min, because even if they ‘make peace’, I think in real life a divorced couple like that would never get back together, but just move on with their lives. Even if they resolve their past issues, there is still Chang-min’s family, particularly his mother, who is just unbearable. Why would you remarry yourself into such misery?

      • 27.1.1 TS

        I agree, @alua. I just don’t see the Changmin-JinHee ship sailing. But then, that’s probably more a real life response rather than a drama response.

        • alua

          Yeah, in the drama world it’s definitely going to be Changmin and Jinhee.

          I don’t even think Changmin is that awful, but he’s immature, too full of himself and clueless how the rest of the world works. He can still learn and change, particularly if he keeps his distance from mommy, but he doesn’t deserve a second chance from a person that already suffered too much because of him.

          • A

            Am I the only one that thinks that Chang Min and Jin Hee were both at fault in their marriage? Like all I see in the comments at how they can’t see Chang Min and Jin Hee together. We can clearly see Chang Min starting to change and the difference between him in episode 1 and episode 8. That’s why there’s character development.
            Chang Min also suffered in that relationship. But that’s why both of them get another chance to restart.

    • 27.2 Duncerblur

      I find a lot of what he says very distasteful. Honestly, they had 8 episodes to make him less douchey but it’s taking so long that Grumpy Resident seems like a prince in comparison & suddenly Second Lead Syndrome becomes a very real thing.

      • 27.2.1 TS

        He was pretty damned awful. I think he put me off so much that I just can’t buy into his transformation.

      • 27.2.2 Harem

        hmm..is it just me, or I feel like it’s chun soo who is the first/main lead? Somehow I feel lots of charisma coming from him..and hell chang min acting was kinda stiff and static..his face lacks of expressions and emotions~

      • 27.2.3 Annnsow

        I’m not at a second lead syndrome level yet… but ia about the rest.
        They take their time to make Chang Min change (and he needs to change…).

    • 27.3 Emmy

      Hehe true that… hopefully Chang min will do something in future episodes to convince me he’s better then Chief because I feel Chang min only fell for her again because of jealousy. Oh gosh what a dream it would be if Jin Hee and Chief were together :p but Com on now we all know that would never happen in a Korean Drama sigh…

  28. 28 Z

    Did i skip over the part where you discussed why Chun Soo is still an intern? Can’t find it in the recap.

    • 28.1 TS

      ChunSoo is the most senior resident. He’s a bit of a maverick, so he hasn’t gotten promoted to specialist.

      • 28.1.1 Z

        Whoops, meant to say resident. Thanks for the explanation, though.

      • 28.1.2 bjharm

        and he dosn’t seem to know how to kiss a*s, that pretty much lesson 101 one on how to get ahead in Korea, or at lest the one shown on tv shows, I think they pretend it showing ‘repect’ to those above you but it kissing whatever no matter what you call it.

    • 28.2 Whatsthescenario

      But also, something happened during residency and a patient died. He was responsible for it. So he took a year off. That’s why even though he and Dr. Shim started together, she is ahead of him.

  29. 29 tura

    Great ep, CM is so hot and so cute being jealous. That baby is super cute

  30. 30 Stephanie

    This is a long shot but it feels like coffee prince. With one older couple and a younger one. It may seem like an insignificant cause for comparison but I like the dynamics it brings to the table.

  31. 31 yoomi

    yay! thank u so much for the recaps…love this drama!!!

  32. 32 Noelle

    It’s gonna take a lot to convince me that Jin Hee would knowingly and with a clear mind, date/remarry into that family that caused her so much grief. Chang Min would really and I mean really, tell his mom to but out of his life. Seems unlikely but there has to be a line drawn in the sand at some point and I can’t wait for it to happen. It doesn’t even have to be about Jin Hee, I just want him to do it for himself.

    I guess my ship is taking on water. Sucks cause I really do like Chun Soo. All he was was a swift kick to Chang Min that Jin Hee is a free agent and will date/be attracted to other men and maybe even see if some keys fit.

    Speaking of keys… that whole bit really pissed me off. Such a double standard.

    Thanks for the recap! Looking forward to ep 9!!!

    • 32.1 alua

      Amen to that, especially what you write in the first paragraph!

  33. 33 alua

    I like this drama mostly for Jin-hee, who is a lovely character. It’s great to see her grow.

    I can’t stand the mothers in this drama, Chang-min’s mom is toxic and I hope his dad gets divorced from her without ever looking back. I don’t see how a sane person could stay with this woman. Jin-Hee’s mom I find annoying as well. She’s a drama queen of another sort. I don’t get her pushing everything onto Jin-hee… She’s a grown-up woman and can look for her other daughter herself (or together with Jin-hye).

    Some parts of the drama feel unrealistic. The CPR training (as cute as it was) or the super-bejeweled Ji-hye at dance class.

    • 33.1 TS

      I did like how JinHee’s mother suddenly went from, “Who are these people?” to feeding the son-in-law and changing the baby’s diapers once she had proof of marriage. Not even those easy k-drama genetic tests, just proof of marriage. It was like she had a new doll – and she was never letting him go. Cute. 🙂

      • 33.1.1 alua

        Gook is like the cutest baby ever!

    • 33.2 Quiet Thought

      I suspect that the super-bejeweled Ji-hye at dance class was trying to impress someone. And not that personal trainer of hers.

      • 33.2.1 alua

        She couldn’t know that Chun-soo was coming though, could she have?

        (He also doesn’t strike me as someone who’d be impressed by jewels but more if she spent that money on the next Emma that comes to the hospital.)

        I thought maybe the actress models for some jewellery company? The product placement in ep 9 was pretty glaring, this could have been another one..

    • 33.3 nomad

      As much as I don’t like ChangMin’s mom, I don’t exactly hate her. I mean, I hate what she’s done to Jin Hee, but instead of feeling heart burn because of her (which I’ve felt towards other moms, or even to the actress when she was playing the horrid mom in SeGa), I feel pity. Yes, she’s horrible…but it can’t be easy to be married to someone who doesn’t care at all about how you’re doing or how you’re feeling. I just think she acts up because she doesn’t get any attention otherwise, very very childish and immature, but pitiful nonetheless.

      And to Jin Hee’s mom…I think she’s learned to lean that much toward Jin Hee because of the many years of hardships they’ve gone through. She’s learned that Jin Hee has always taken her load, has always been the one to take care of things, so that’s why their relationship is like that. It doesn’t make her a bad person, a bit selfish, yes…but at the same time Jin Hee isn’t pushing back either. I have this sort of admiration to Jin Hee, she’s such a petite figure, but the load this woman has to take is a lot. Go Jin Hee!

      • 33.3.1 alua

        I can’t feel pity for Chang-min’s mom. It’s her choice (in fact, her insistence) to stay married, just because she would rather be a ‘doctor’s wife’ than a ‘divorcee’. Mostly I just can’t believe that someone would constantly act that way in reality, especially so openly, slapping people and yelling anywhere and anytime just to get her way? If she had a serious mental illness perhaps, but I get the impression the drama is just presenting it as “that’s just how she is”.

        Jin-hee’s mom isn’t bad, and yes, Jin-hee has to take blame for enabling her mom to dump things on her too. But she’s a bit too much for me (as is Jin-ae with her ‘gimme money’ demands). What’s with people just looking on when she starts slapping her daughter?

    • 33.4 Quiet Thought

      Jin-Hee’s mother has been through a helluva lot of trauma, some of it on-going, and is handling it a lot better than some people I’ve known in this life. And I grew up in a much more laid-back society than hers.

  34. 34 Dam

    I love chun soo and jihye together.
    but i also kinda like him with jihee. But nahh, jihhye and chunsoo.

    Chang min tho, i just dunno. Them back together again? I dont see it. What if they get all depressed again ya know.
    its better for jihee and changmin to just reconcile and be friends. Nothing more.

  35. 35 Mellleit

    I think we have to dismiss any hopes of this show being realistic medically, they are opening up patients without even a scrub up or OR. Lol! I am good with that since I want to focus on the relationships instead!! I too, find myself wanting Jin Hee with Chun Soo but Chang Min is certainly a gorgeous alternative!! Enjoying the ride!!

    • 35.1 Quiet Thought

      I’m surprised no one noticed it, but, when they did the cardio shock on Chang Min’s mother, they were using the fake chest of a male.

  36. 36 Bradstalls

    Thank you so much for recapping this drama and allowing me to discover it! I don’t know what it is but this drama is so addictive. However maybe my like differs from everyone else’s as I CAN see the merit and chemistry of Changmin and Jihee getting back together. It will be hard and they will only re-encounter the exact same problems but now they are older and have EQUAL standings and respect for each other. I would even say they are slowly getting to know the other better too despite being married previously. But most importantly, they still have feelings for each other. And no logic can truly trump emotions

  37. 37 Duncerblur

    LOL, even in this, Kwang Soo ‘irritates’ Ji Hyo.

    And the CPR scene … I am surprised they did not play Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing instead of Ellis Goulding and have the subs go “bow wow chicka bow wow”. ROFL

    • 37.1 Harem

      haha,they should just cast the real kwang soo. And Gary as her third love interest, that would make the rating goes wild! XD

      • 37.1.1 Duncerblur

        OMG, they should just totally make a heist movie with the Running Man crew. We already have Yooruce Willis (sneak attacks expert), Spartakook (the muscle), Mong Ji Hyo (she can cuss them to death & take them down) et al to make a brilliant heist movie. Dary Gary can be the getaway driver 😛 …

        OK. sorry, back to Emergency Couple …

        • Harem

          Oh my, that would be great! I totally can imagine it happen! Plus, i’m sure it would be hit not just in korea but also overseas since runningman is well known around the globe! 🙂

  38. 38 Drama queen

    Just watched episode 9- hilarious! Watch out for Jin Hee removing gum from Chun-Soo pants!

  39. 39 RockPaperScissors

    Chun Soo’s 1000 watt smiles when walking with Jin Hee after their breakfast date, well Chang Min has to start oozing a lot of charm if he is going to convince me he is the better man for her.

  40. 40 Ryuushukirei

    Thanks Slappyunni and suneedelight for the recaps 🙂

    I really ship Chun soo and Jin Hee
    but I still want to see what will happen on the upcoming episodes..
    Hoping it will be as good or best as the previous episodes..


    <3 <3

  41. 41 Jebbers

    Actually the scene doing the CPR is not that weird. Anyone who is working in a field where CPR is needed, needs to take a renewal course every two years. At least that’s how it is America. ^^

    I haven’t had time to actually watch the drama, so thank you so much for the recaps!

    • 41.1 the68monkey

      It was purely gratuitous . . . and hilarious! Of course Jin-hee didn’t need a CPR refresher; hadn’t she just saved Chang-min’s life with CPR in one of the earliest episodes?

      Sorry you aren’t watching the show yet. If you’re a Song Ji-hyo fan, it is a must! It’s taken awhile to find its footing, and our male lead, while doing quite well at being seriously yummy eye candy, has yet to convince us he is worthy of Jin-hee’s love again.

      • 41.1.1 Lynn

        I actually watched this with someone who needs CPR certification for her teaching job, and she said the same thing. They have to retrain regularly so it’s automatic when needed.

        She also said Ji Hyo was doing correctly when the resident decided to correct her, unlike Choi Jin Hyuk.

  42. 42 Alexio

    Slappyunni, your recap is very well-written and hilarious. It captures the heart of the episode, rounded with humorous comments. Thank you!

  43. 43 DDuk

    DYINNG at the CPR scene!! who knew that CPR could be so erotic!??! kyaaaa I almost choked on my lunch when I was watching that scene.

    and changmin better man up soon.
    while I think jinhee only sees the chief as a well… chief, someone to be admired and someone who has taken her under his wing… love interest may be soon in the future if changmin doesn’t do a 180 on her.

  44. 44 Skwonto

    Chief resident is keeping Chang-min on his toes regarding Jinhee. I love it! While I think the chief and Jinhee make a fabulous pair, it will be fun to see the exes work themselves out. Sorry, I have to go here… Chang-min’s mom needs a smaller presence. She is obnoxious and offensive. She is not funny. I don’t understand this type of humor if that was the intension. And the intern with the tight scrubs? Is that her only role? To wear tight scrubs and workout? Bleh.

    • 44.1 Quiet Thought

      It’s a tough job, but it seems to be right up Clara’s alley and what they hired her for.

    • 44.2 Quiet Thought

      . . . And, really, for gratuitous skin, Ji Hye doing that dance number was as nekkid as I’ve ever seen a major character in a Kdrama.

      But, what the heck, she’s doing her job in the story, as well. Her banter with Chun Moo is fun and she shows authority when she’s being boss doctor.

  45. 45 Quiet Thought

    Off topic, but is anyone else getting wormed repeatedly by the video ads on this site? I can see the little captions at the bottom as the ads are constantly downloading, they start up and talk at me at odd intervals, and some anonymous video engine keeps demanding I download it. This is very annoying.

    • 45.1 javabeans

      Yes this is off-topic, please email these comments to us directly instead of posting in a recap thread, thanks. We’re aware of the problem and trying to find a fix.

  46. 46 cmak

    CPR scene was hilarious until I started looking at the time wondering how long they were going to go for … makes me wonder if the show has difficulty filling the allotted time or if they felt it was absolutely necessary to watch the entire scene for us to understand what they were going for.

  47. 47 Elvira

    Bring all the reference to Running Man and The Heirs out!

  48. 48 aceprincess

    Thanks for the recaps. 🙂 as in many, many thanks.

    Usually i only read recaps after watching the episode because i don’t want to be spoiled but this time it’s the opposite. i haven’t watched this drama even 1 episode because I just can’t. I can’t watch it online because I’m working and i don’t know where to download it. So i really appreciate your recaps unnies. I’ve been following the drama through your recaps. It’s like i have been watching it too. 😀 I truly appreciates it. And i really enjoyed reading it.

    Once again, KAMSAHABNIDA! God bless.

    P.S. its my first to comment here on dramabeans. I’m a silent reader since last year (hehe) but i won’t be anymore starting today. 🙂 To all the Dramabeans staff: THANK YOU. super, super thank you. 🙂

    • 48.1 ha-neul

      hi there~ welcome2 🙂
      i know a website that you can download drama from..here it is: http://doramax264.com/

      • 48.1.1 aceprincess

        Thank you so much.. 🙂
        Episode 1 downloading… YAY!
        Your my alien from another star. haha
        Really, thank you for this. 😀 Now I’m excited! 🙂

  49. 49 Iva

    HI!! Does anyone know the soundtrack behind the sensual slow-mo CPR scene? I’ve been trying to look it up..

  50. 50 ha-neul

    its from ellie goulding-high for this

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