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Emergency Couple: Episode 9
by | February 25, 2014 | 139 Comments

Hello everyone! I’m LollyPip, and I’m very excited to join in recapping Emergency Couple. Please be patient with me as I learn how this all works, and I hope you enjoy reading my recaps as much as I’m going to enjoy writing them.

Such a beautiful, emotional episode! Truths are revealed, new secrets are hinted at, and tears are shed. People are circling closer to each other, and at least one half of our main couple begins to truly think about their culpability in their marriage’s failure, and that maybe, they wish they could start again.


Chang-min carries a very drunk Jin-hee into an empty staff room, and covers her mouth when she starts to mumble. Jin-hee briefly wakes up to see Chang-min shushing her, but falls back asleep right away. Chang-min looks at her with this heart-melting expression, and he gently caresses her hair as he studies her sleeping face. He sweetly covers her with a blanket, then gets a call that he’s needed in the ER.

The patient is Baby Guk, who is running a fever of 39.5 Celsius (about 103 Fahrenheit). Chang-min examines him and notes that his tonsils are swollen, and asks Kwang-Soo if he gave him any fever reducer. Kwang-soo admits he didn’t think of it, and mentions that he wishes his sister-in-law had been there, as she’s a doctor. Chang-min assures Kwang-soo that Guk has a simple cold, and will be fine with something for the fever and swelling, and that he can go home when his fever goes down.

Chun-soo and Ji-hye arrive at the hospital, and he says he envies her her ability to be a medical specialist and also maintain a hobby (dancing). She says that he should be her partner then, but he protests that it’s been so long, he’s forgotten even the basics. She says that he’ll be even better since he’s done it before, and adds that “dating is like that, and marriage too. We can do better if we start again.” Chun-soo says that she was never the problem; it was always him.

Ji-hye gets a phone call which she answers in English, asking, “Which hospital?” She excuses herself from the car and calls her mother, asking after someone named Ji-min, and tells her to call her sooner the next time “the kid” is sick. Um, does this mean… ooooohhhh.

Chun-soo finds an empty room in the hospital and settles in to sleep a while… in the same bed where Jin-hee is sleeping it off. Jin-hee gets restless in her sleep and starts whapping Chun-soo in the face, while he fends her off without waking up. She throws an arm and a leg over him, and they settle in.

In the morning, Chang-min remembers that he left Jin-hee upstairs. Jin-hee and Chun-soo are still sleeping adorably in the same bed when Chun-soo’s phone alarm goes off. They both sit up and look at each other, and Chang-min chooses that moment to burst into the room. Chun-soo and Jin-hee scream, Chang-min screams, and I die laughing.

Jin-hee showers and berates herself for drinking so much again and curses Chang-min for putting her in this situation. “How will I face Chief Gook now?”

Chun-soo and Chang-min are still in the room discussing what happened, and Chang-min says he really honestly didn’t know they were in there — he just was going to take a nap. Chun-soo finds Jin-hee’s rogue sock, and puts it in his pocket. Chun-soo gets up to leave… and the gum that was in Jin-hee’s hair last night is stuck on his butt. HAHAHA.

Jin-hee realizes she’s short one sock, and is horrified to realize that she left it in the room. The other two ladies show up for work and note how early Jin-hee is, and while she plays it off as being early, they say it looks like she slept there. Young-ae says that Ji-hye is looking for her, and Jin-hee mutters, “It can’t be about sleeping together, can it?” Both girls in unison: “Who did you sleep with?!”

Chang-min is trying to sleep in the staff room, but he can’t stop glaring at the bed that Chun-Soo and Jin-hee slept in, with its rumpled covers and Jin-hee’s hair on the pillow. He takes his jealousy out on the bed by slapping the covers and jumping up and down on the pillow, looking and acting about four years old. Hee.

Jin-hee goes to see Ji-hye, who says that she called her here to say that she may be an energetic intern, but she’s not that young… and Jin-hee blurts that no, she just fell asleep, she didn’t know it was the chief’s bed, and she didn’t know he was there, and ACK just stop talking! Ji-hye’s voice gets sharp: “You slept with Chief Gook?!” She says she only called Jin-hee to tell her that she heard she’s not being dismissed, and to warn her to lie low because she could still get fired.

Jin-hee stomps down the hall, still cursing Chang-min under her breath for this whole mess. She runs into Chun-soo in the hall and tries to sneak by without him seeing her, but he ends up in the elevator with her. He asks if she drank last night and why she didn’t sleep in the women’s staff room, and she gapes at the gum still on his butt. He continues to snap at her, but don’t think we didn’t see that little smirk on your face, Dr. Gook!

Jin-hee follows Chun-soo out of the elevator and lets him know there’s something on his pants. He does this adorkable spinning-in-circles move, but can’t see it, so Jin-hee gets on her knees to attempt to get it off for him. So of course, Chang-min and Ji-hye walk up on them while Jin-hee is still holding onto the seat of Chun-soo’s pants. They don’t look guilty at all, nope not a bit.

Chang-min drags Jin-hee up to the roof and wants to know what she was doing manhandling the chief’s butt, and she fusses back at him for leaving her in the men’s break room. Chang-min demands to know if Jin-hee likes Chun-soo and she defiantly barks, “Yes. Why?” He wants to know if they’re going to date, but she says it’s none of his business. He grudgingly admits that he would feel bad watching his ex-wife date someone else, but she says they are over.

Down in the ER, Yong-gyu intercepts Ah-reum every time she tries to do anything. He thinks he’s being chivalrous to do her tasks for her, but she gets more and more confused by his weird behavior. Chang-min stomps in and asks Yong-gyu what he’s feeling, pointing to his chest: “Things are boiling in here!” Yong-gyu says he’s been having the same feelings lately.

Jin-hee’s mother, Kwang-soo, and Baby Guk are at the spa, and Kwang-soo asks why they don’t have any customers. The spa owner says it’s because they were fined at one point and rumors spread, but Jin-hee’s mother says they have a group reservation later. Little Guk starts to cry again and Jin-hee’s mother picks him up and notices that his fever is very high again.

Kwang-soo rushes him back to the hospital, beyond frantic, and screams for the doctor who treated Guk yesterday, but Ji-hye gets there first. She asks if he gave the baby the fever reducer, and he says he did, and Ji-hye directs a nurse to find Chang-min. She tells Kwang-soo that even with the fever reducer, the baby is wearing too many layers, which will keep his fever from going down. She finds red welts on the baby’s arm (purura; bleeding under the skin that can herald a number of serious illnesses) and tells a nurse to find Chief Gook, too.

Chang-min arrives and Ji-hye quizzes him on the baby’s symptoms; he pales and says it’s probably meningococcal meningitis, and Ji-hye tells Kwang-soo that the baby is in serious danger. Kwang-soo yells that Chang-min told him last night that the baby was fine; Ji-hye asks what his findings were and he admits he thought it was a simple cold.

Ji-hye starts an IV in the baby’s scalp, which sends Kwang-soo from extreme worry straight to panic mode (I don’t blame him). He grabs Chang-min and yells, “Who do you think you are? Are you even a doctor, you bastard?” and punches him. Jin-hee breaks them up, wanting to know what’s going on, and Kwang-soo tells her that this guy almost killed his baby.

Chun-soo finally shows up and orders tests, and chastises Chang-min for not considering meningitis when he saw the baby the previous night. Jin-hee brings Kwang-soo some medicine in case he was exposed, and calmly assures him that Guk will get antibiotics and will be just fine, and again we see her calm bedside manner and compassion.

Kwang-soo wants to know what the worst could be, and Jin-hee tells him honestly that there’s a chance the baby could have long-term neurological or organ damage, but again reassures him that it’s more probable that Guk will recover fully.

Kwang-soo continues to cry, saying that this wouldn’t have happened if Jin-hee had seen Guk the night before instead of that stupid intern. She tells him she’s also “just” an intern, and that for anyone, even a specialist, it’s difficult to tell the illness from a cold. Kwang-soo sobs that he’s still going to “kill that bastard.”

Jin-ae finally shows up at the hospital, and immediately recognizes Chang-min, loudly calling him “brother-in-law.” Jin-hee finds them talking and yells at Jin-ae for leaving home, getting pregnant, then abandoning her child — should she just kill her now? Chang-min follows them and barely stops Jin-hee from slapping her sister.

Jin-hee finally calms down and suits Jin-ae up in a sterile gown, and sends her in to where Chun-soo and Ji-hye are treating Guk. Chun-soo tells her to comfort the baby, which she does with tears in her eyes. The doctors perform a lumbar puncture on Baby Guk, and nearly everyone is in tears when he screams, including me. Jin-ae leaves the room once the procedure is done, and collapses sobbing into Kwang-soo’s arms as he assures her that Guk will be fine.

Ji-hye worries that Guk may not have mengingitis at all, but encephalitis. They tell Guk’s parents that he’s no longer critical, that they will give him antibiotics and he should recover. Chun-soo asks Jin-hee if she knows them, and she admits that Jin-ae is her sister. Jin-hee watches Chang-min through the glass window as he tends to Baby Guk, and they exchange a look that says about a million things.

As Chun-soo and Ji-hye walk away, he says that she was very good with the baby. She comments that a sick child is the worst feeling for a mother, and he wants to know how she knows that, seeing as how she’s not a mother. I wouldn’t be too sure of that…

In the interns’ break room, Yong-gyu is telling the others about the “punk girl” who called Chang-min “brother-in-law.” Ah-reum is obviously bothered by this and says she’s going home, but Yong-gyu stops her to ask her out to dinner. She declines.

Kwang-soo finds Chang-min and apologizes for punching him, giving Chang-min a CD of his favorite songs to thank him for staying to take care of Guk when he should have been going home.

In the car, Chang-min puts the CD in and flips through the loud techno songs, then stops at a sad ballad that sings, “That person is leaving me… My tears won’t stop, I have no words, all I can do is look after you… I miss you, I long for you…” He remembers his and Jin-hee’s wedding day, and then their final destructive showdown, as his eyes well up with tears.

Ji-hye goes to Chun-soo’s office to discuss Guk’s treatment, and she nearly asks him about Jin-hee and his sleeping together, but stops herself. She does suggest that he talk to the ER director to find out more about Jin-hee’s not getting fired.

Jin-hee wanders into a store to buy a gift for a man. She doesn’t know what he likes, but says she’ll just look around.

Chang-min is at the gym, and…excuse me for a moment.

You’re welcome. Anyway, Ah-reum is also at the same gym and approaches Chang-min, asking if he has any books she can borrow for a paper she’s helping one of the residents write, but it’s obviously just a ruse to get into his apartment again.

She tries to reach up high for a book on a top shelf, and don’t think we don’t see all that bouncing and arching your back. As Chang-min reaches to get her the book, she turns toward him so that they’re nose-to-nose, and asks why he hasn’t accepted her offer to date. She tells him that she gets more calls from his mother than from him. He says diplomatically that he’s interested in her as a fellow doctor, but that he’s not interested in dating or marriage, and she asks him to just keep her in mind.

Ah-reum casually mentions that she heard that someone called him “brother-in-law” today, and Chang-min starts to come clean about his previous marriage, but his phone rings. Ah-reum leaves, and Chang-min answers the call, and tells his mother that Ah-reum just left.

Mom says he shouldn’t have let her leave this late, but she assumes they’re dating now, and Chang-min doesn’t get a chance to set her straight. She asks what he talked with his uncle about, but he denies that happened. Mom drops the bomb that she asked his father for a divorce, telling him not to let Ah-reum go, that she needs him to get married before she gets divorced. He reminds her that he’s been there, and to think carefully before going through with it.

Jin-hee is coaching Jin-ae not to tell anyone about Chang-min being her brother-in-law. Jin-ae grumpily agrees, then tells Jin-hee to take care of Guk because she has to go make money. And I was so close to forgiving her. Their mother comes to see the baby, and when she sees Jin-ae, she flies into a rage and hits her, and when Kwang-soo begs her to hit him instead, she complies. Ha.

The next day, Chang-min gets to work and gets a text message, and it’s Yong-gyu texting to Ah-reum; it looks like he accidentally sent it as a group text, because everyone in the ER is now watching his extremely embarrassing song-and-dance video.

Jin-hee shows up in Chun-soo’s office with a gift, and haltingly explains that it’s to thank him for everything, and apologizes for “that night” in the staff room. He returns her lost sock, and she dies a little from embarrassment, which makes him laugh. Ji-hye comes in as Jin-hee is leaving and sees the gift on the desk, joking that maybe she should knock from now on.

The next morning, the married couple ask if Ah-reum has seen her public proposal, but it’s news to her. When she hears that the flower pot was also Yong-gyu’s doing, he realizes that his assumption that she accepted his heart was a misunderstanding, awww.

Chang-min’s mother confronts her brother directly, demanding to know why Chang-min came to see him. He refuses to talk and she whines that she’s an outcast in her own family, and he agrees but says they won’t use it against her. Ha.

Chun-soo goes to talk with the ER director, who confirms that Director Yoon (Chang-min’s uncle) spoke up for Jin-hee. Chun-soo deduces that Chang-min must have asked his uncle for a favor, and the ER director says they should be good to Chang-min if his family is that powerful.

Chang-min’s mom shows up at her husband’s office, but he isn’t there, and she goes through his desk looking for the divorce papers. Instead she finds the gift that Jin-hee gave him a while ago, and reads the note in which Jin-hee thanks him for his help getting her through medical school. Needless to say, this is not happy-making information.

Baby Guk is almost ready to go home, and Jin-hee is holding him when Chang-min comes up to talk to the baby and pinch his cheeks. Jin-ae notes that they make a good-looking family, and oblivious Kwang-soo says they look too close to be just colleagues. Chang-min thanks Kwang-soo for the music CD, and Guk’s parents take him home, Jin-ae telling Kwang-soo that he’d freak if he knew who Chang-min really was.

Jin-hee brings her final report on Guk to Chun-soo, and asks if he liked her gift. He says he didn’t, and tells her to take it back. He suggests that she give it to Chang-min instead, because he was the one who saved her job, which stuns Jin-hee.

Chang-min thanks Ji-hye for helping with the sick baby, and she wants to know why she only gets words when other people get gifts — Jin-hee gave the chief a nice jacket while all she got him was socks.

Chang-min think back to all of the interactions he’s witnessed between Jin-hee and Chun-soo and gets a text from Jin-hee asking him to talk. He finds her on the roof and she immediately demands, “Who are you to raise me up or put me down? Did you save me with your awesome family? Am I that pitiful? Can I not be a doctor without your help?”

But Chang-min is angry too, and he grabs her wrist: “Why are you angry at me? Our methods were different but we did the same thing — why do you go to his arms but get angry at me?” Jin-hee demands he let her go, but he grabs her by the shoulders, still yelling, “Do you know what you look like these days? I’m warning you, don’t smile in front of him again! Don’t go into his arms again either! In front of other men, don’t make that face that I fell in love with!”


Well first things’ first, if Chang-min doesn’t know yet that he’s falling for Jin-hee all over again, it’s certainly becoming obvious to us. I’m glad they’re finally getting to the romance part of this rom-com, because as much as I love this drama even without it, I’m ready for some of the love lines to get rolling. And I think it’s only right that it’s Chang-min who starts to have feelings first, since he was undoubtedly the aggressor in his and Jin-hee’s marriage, and it will be good for him to feel, for a little while, some angst about how he treated her and some responsibility for why she gets angry when he tries to help her.

At this point, I feel like Chang-min’s emotions are more about regret and jealousy than about falling-in-love emotions, because he’s definitely jealous of Jin-hee and Chun-soo’s emerging friendship. The scene in the car when he was thinking about how he treated Jin-hee, versus how close she’s getting to Chun-soo, showed how much it bothered him, and I hope his tears were because he feels bad that compared to Chun-soo, he’s not looking like such a good person. And that’s a good thing, because he needs to work out why he treated her with such disdain, so that he can really repent and do better the second time around; at least if we as viewers are going to buy a story line in which they get back together. It’s a positive first step, and this episode is the first time I’ve felt like he’s got a chance of making enough of a positive change towards deserving to get Jin-hee back.

At this point, I feel as if Jin-hee is still quite a few steps behind Chang-min in regards to any sort of reconciliation. Her feelings towards Chang-min are softening at times, but she’s still very quick to throw her barriers up at the slightest hint of a percieved insult. And the fact that she still views things like him using a family connection to keep her from being fired, as a negative thing, is very telling…she’s a long way from trusting his motives. As well she should be. Not to say that she was innocent in the destruction of their marriage, because extreme passivity can be as much of a death knell to a relationship as extreme aggression. I can just understand why she’s still so easily put on her guard.

Ji-hye has also stepped up her game in this episode, and in episode 8. She’s making more obvious moves towards getting close to Chun-soo, what with buying him gifts and making not-very-veiled comments about second chances. I really like her character a lot; I respect her ability to put herself out there and go for what she wants. And even though he seems mostly oblivious, I don’t think for a second that Chun-soo doesn’t pick up all her hints and that he doesn’t know exactly what she wants. I’m interested to see what the introduction of her possible child into the story does to their relationship, because knowing dramas, it’s his child too, and will give him a push to take action, ANY action. He’s a man who has been in stasis for a long time…in his career, in his relationships (or lack thereof), and he’s going to need something stronger than an old flame showing interest to make him step out of his comfort zone.

At this point in the story, I really feel like in order to move forward, our characters all need to start looking at their pasts, and think about why they failed in their relationships and in their careers the first time around. You can’t go far if you aren’t honest about what’s holding you back. And it looks like, from the previews, that we’re going to get some of that next week. It’s a good thing, because I think it’s time for everyone to start healing some wounds, in themselves and in those they hurt, so that everyone can start with a clean slate.


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  1. snow

    Welcome LollyPip!! 🙂

    • 1.1 DramaQueen

      Dear LollyPip – Wonderful attempt – I really enjoyed reading your recap and analysis! Worthy of Dramabeans!

      =) Keep it up!

      • 1.1.1 jowanni

        I agree!!! Loved the writing style and humour behind it 🙂 welcome lollypip!!!

      • 1.1.2 Yee

        I second that! Awesome recaps and do keep up the good works! ER Couple is so entertaining, absolutely love it!

        • June

          Me too! Awesome job! Had an enjoyable time reading your review of this drama 😀

          • Sam_lpgafan

            Some observations and questions:
            1) driving in from the dance studio, Ji Hye receives a call about a sick baby. Is it her child? Is Chief Gook the father, and is that the reason she ended in US?
            2). Jin Hee became a doctor with the help of her ex father in law, who have the same background of the under privileged and received smug treatment by the in laws. Is her main objective, with his help, is to become a doctor to win Chang Min back and raise her self worth in the process?

  2. Quiet Thought

    I have not spoken up on the other “un-real” aspects of this drama, but the ultimate wish-fullfilment for most of us would that we could look as beautiful as Song Ji Hyo when we’re passed out drunk.

    • 2.1 TS

      Or at any time, really.

  3. TS

    Hello Lollypip!

    Baby Gook and his parents stole this episode. I watched it twice. Twice!

    And I noticed saying a cutesy, “save me” HyungBo to a man has that magic effect that “Oppa” does.

    This show actually had me looking up scalp IVs, meningitis and encephalitis (couldn’t understand why the spinal procedure), and it turns out babies are always checked for meningitis.

    Re Changmin and his jealousy: it’s funny, but I’m still not feeling the chemistry between him and JinHee. Maybe when she starts to reciprocate, but for now, I just don’t get them together.

    • 3.1 reya

      I know, right? I don’t feel the chemistry yet either. And it’s such a pity because I love both actors but I totally hate Changmin (the character). Like LollyPip said, it’s more as if he’s jealous, not really falling in love again. That’s what actually irritates me. Are we supposed to feel sorry and eventually root for an abusive guy who only desires what he can’t have? The way their marriage went down the first time, makes it impossible to expect a reunion, all the more since he’s the same scum who speaks ill of her at every turn.

      • 3.1.1 mwg

        Ditto. I would add, Chief Gook is making it hard, because Changmin just fails utterly by comparison.

        I’m wondering if the show is going to give Changmin a catalyzing moment. Arguably, watching Jin-Hee perform the procedure in the elevator when he couldn’t was a good first step. But he was so far down the jerk rabbithole to start off with, I feel like he needs something to happen that really reframes him more completely, something where he’s the actor, not the perceiver. Especially since much of the perception has been through the eyes of the Chief.. that is to say, if Chief likes her, she can’t be a total loser. Which just isn’t compelling. I suppose him using his family to get Jin Hee off the hook was a step, but again, that seems like a really low-level version of improvement, since Changmin and JinHee were both to “blame” for the elevator thing.

        Right now, I’m still getting a Choi Young Do impression (though not quite that bad). Like, I really like the actor, but the actor’s doing the job of getting us to feel for the character, something not really supported by the script.

    • 3.2 tata

      I don’t know why. But I love the OH pairing. Don’t curse me, humansss. I know everyone pegs JinHee&&ChunSoo, I love them too. But buuuut. Ilove Chang Min moooore. HAHA.

      • 3.2.1 nechama

        Yes mee too I love the OH couple !!!! Chang Min so sexy love him. I hope Oh Jin Hee feel the seme 🙂

  4. TS

    Relatives by marriage are taken very seriously in Korea, is that correct? So, if Changmin still thinks of JinHee as his wife in a way, would he take Baby Gook more seriously as his adorable patient? I’m thinking of the scene where he was left looking at the baby after the lumbar procedure: does he somehow feel this is his nephew?

    • 4.1 evw09

      I think the show is just trying to show that Chang Min isn’t a good physician. Thus far, we haven’t seen any particularly stellar moments from him and I think it’s intentional. Maybe, the writer is trying to get the couple on an equal playing field orshow Jin Hee as the truly talented one of the pair. I think it would be awesome for her to be the star after everything his family made her go through.

      • 4.1.1 August

        Oh Chang-Min appears to be better suited at Hospital Administration. When it comes to dealing with the politics (situational awareness) and various personalities of people in an organization his demeanor and assessments tend to be on the mark. Oh Jin-Hee seems better suited to being a Doctor (practicing physician).

  5. callmeadreamer

    There were so many hilarious moments in this episode. I loved the opening sequence with Chang-min, Jin-hee, and Cheon-soo surrounding the on call room.

    I wasn’t sure, but now I’m thinking that Cheon-Soo won’t have feelings for Jin-hee. Something seems different with his feelings towards Ji-Hye. I hope Ji-Hye didn’t have his child and then hide it from him. That would put her in such a negative light.

    I’m glad Chang-min is falling again first. While they both had a hand in the disintegration of their marriage, it does seem as if he had a bigger part and he was actively trying to get her kicked out of the hospital when they first reconnected. Really excited to see where they go from here.

    Loved the interaction with Jin-hee’s family. I felt so bad for Jin-ae and Gwang-Soo when their baby was sick. I want to have more understanding for Jin-ae, but every time I do I’m reminded that she freaking stole from her sister.

    Yong-Kyu video message and the reactions were gold. Still don’t get why he is so interested in Ah-reum is verges on the line between boring and annoying but he’s really cute about it.

    Thanks for posting the recap!

    • 5.1 callmeadreamer

      I was reminded a few other things while reading the recap.

      Chang-min’s jealousy is interesting, because he didn’t seem to fully realize what he was feeling before this episode. When he was listening to the CD in the car it seemed that he finally realized that what he had lost in Jin-hee. He had only remembered the bad parts of their marriage and not why he fell in love with her and wanted to marry her regardless of the consequences. Toward the end of the marriage he didn’t see her, not really. Instead he probably let his mother words of what a useless person she was get to him and he started to believe it instead of realizing that there was a reason why she was acting like that. Instead Jin-hee was a useless, stupid, lazy person. Now that they have reconnected he has to face her without those lables and sees that she is a compassionate person and becoming a competent doctor.

      Chang-min was right when he pointed out her different reactions to him and the chief, but I can’t completely fault Jin-hee for her how she feels. While we, the audience, can see the ways that he is changing Jin-hee doesn’t have that benefit. Not that much time has passed since they have started the program together and it wasn’t that long ago that he was continually flinging abuse at her while trying to get her to leave the hospital. She is justified in her questioning of his motives, imo, but I do hope this changes the dynamics to their interaction from now on.

    • 5.2 alua

      I really hope that if Ji-hye indeed has a child, it’s not Cheon-soo’s. There’s no excuse at all for hiding a child for years and years, it would be an unforgivable offense in my book.

      She doesn’t strike me as someone that would not tell the father of the child, she might not disclose her own family situation (that’s her right – it’s no one’s business at work), but if it turns out she did have a child and Cheon-soo is that father… it would feel quite out of character for me.

      • 5.2.1 Elina

        It would be no excuse, but it’s something some Koreans would do. I have TWO fine examples of such behaviour among my Korean friends.
        Their explanation is very “rational”: not harming the child

        • alua

          I find that really sad.

          I don’t know what your friends are like, but with Ji-hye I feel it would go against to what we’ve seen with her character so far – she’s pretty straightforward.

          • June

            Ji-hye seems to be an independent character, seeing how she was practicing in US before coming back to Korea as a specialist? So maybe from her point of view, she may have only realized she was pregnant after they had already broken up. And being the independent character she was, she raised the child alone. She just didn’t find the need to have to sought out Chun-soo and bind him then just because of the child?

        • callmeadreamer

          I don’t think there is any need to single out Koreans, is not something that only occurs in one ethnic group.

          • nomad

            I think in this case it’s relevant because we’re talking about a k drama, not any other kind of dramas.

          • callmeadreamer

            How is it relevant to the drama? Even if Ji-hye did hide Cheon-soo’s child from him, she didn’t do it because she is Korean.

      • 5.2.2 bjharm

        have not seen this episode yet..but could she of had a miscarriage? She certainly was under enough pressure to do so and stress is very dangerous for a mother with a first child

        • alua

          No, the episode hints at there is a child in Jin-hye’s life because she talks to her mother about the child being ill.

          It’s not clear whether the child is in fact hers, or whether perhaps it’s someone else’s but that she is taking care of (e.g. a niece or nephew). However, there’s another moment in the episode when another character (I think Cheon-soo) says to her something along the lines of “How do you know? You speak like a mom”, which could be a hint at the fact that she is a mom.

          So the child is definitely alive, its the parents we aren’t certain of at the moment.

      • 5.2.3 callmeadreamer

        I agree, if she does have a child that it would be best that it’s not Cheon-soo’s. There are only a reason’s why a parent should be kept away from a child and from the way Ji-hye interacts with Cheon-soo, it doesn’t seem like he would be guilty of being such a bad he deserves to have his child kept from him.

      • 5.2.4 Blkasian

        If she does have a child it could very well be a child from another relationship. In my mind I think I know who will end up with who but if I could make it so I would like to see Cheo-soo with the Jin Hee. I’m hooked on this drama.

      • 5.2.5 ha-neul

        definitely agree with you~ she did say she wants to date chief gook..if only the kid is his child i think that would be a benefit for ji hye to get him back..but instead she keep it a secret…

      • 5.2.6 Jes_jy

        Totally agreed. I hope the child’s not Chun-su’s. If the child turns out to be his, I would be very disappointed and picture Ji-hye in a very a bad light for not telling Chun-su the truth. That was totally unfair for him. It was just too sad.

    • 5.3 TS

      It’s strange, but while I want to be fair to Changmin and say JinHee should’ve pulled herself together during their marriage and been a more supportive wife – he went through a lot of humiliation in his job – I am very sensitive to how he and his mother, especially his mother, harassed her a lot considering her insecurities.

      • 5.3.1 callmeadreamer

        I think it’s hard to be completely fair since we didn’t see a great deal of their previous relationship. We have to infer a lot and from we were shown, Jin-hee was in a really bad place. I am very curious to see why she thought Chang-min would be trying to kill her.

        Chang-min went through a lot too, but we mostly see him be the instigator. And he still hasn’t stood up to his mother since he defied her and got married, which is something that needs to happen again.

        • Noelle

          about the mother…

          Thats what I’m waiting for the most! Chang Min to start drawing boundaries, cause God knows that woman knows none.

        • Quiet Thought

          Jin Hee’s accusation that Chang Min was trying to kill her seemed to be directly related to the pills he was giving her. I expect they were samples, and after not more than a cursory diagnosis of the depressive hole she had fallen into. When you get that deep, you might not be suicidal, but you can go days and weeks feeling like you are on the edge of death.

          Chang Min, of course, living with the humiliation of failing at a job he and his family considered beneath him, did not understand how Jin Hee, who was never getting anywhere to begin with, could be suffering more than he was. He was trying to solve her problem, and did not understand why she couldn’t just snap out of it.

          • callmeadreamer

            Still, it’s not a normal reaction to think your husband is trying to kill you. She was probably depressed and that effected her thought process.

            Agree with you about Chang-min’s actions. He didn’t seem to truly understand Jin-hee’s state of mind.

      • 5.3.2 Quiet Thought

        I thought the first episode did a good job of showing the emotional battering Jin Hee took in that marriage. She was obviously suffering from severe depression when that last fight occurred and Chang Min seems to have no response but to give her pills and scream at her to get her act together. That is partly the class difference between them. Chang Min is from an upper class, achieving family where all problems are solvable and success is inevitable if you put your mind to it. Jin Hee is from a working class background where failure is possible, where there is not enough money to cushion an emotional breakdown.

        • June

          I think it could just be a difference between man and woman problem. Sometimes, women just need a listening ear, appreciation. But when man hears a problem he just focuses on giving solutions.

      • 5.3.3 2HooKD

        First, welcome LollyPip and thank you the great recap!

        I really enjoyed this episode. But scenes with Baby Gook made me wonder: Is it possible that Jin Hee had a miscarriage? The way Chang Min was staring at her while he was in the with baby was sad to look at and Jin Hee just looked lost for a minute looking back at him. I felt this moment had more to do with their personal pain than Baby Gook. If they did lose their baby that would explain her emotional collapse, his immature inability to understand her and what she was going through and why their marriage fell apart so quickly. Just a thought.

  6. DarknessEyes

    Thanks for the recap and welcome Lollypip! 🙂

    So excited for the next episode tho! Finally, the romance can get going someplace!

  7. HuiEr

    OMG Baby Gook is the most adorable baby I’ve ever seen on screen. D: I felt really bad thinking that how they must have irritated him to get him to keep crying for the scenes.

    • 7.1 Bernadine Moore

      I worried about that too! All these crying babies in these shows…I worry about them too! My mommy genes are screaming…pick up that child and comfort them…give them back to their moms!!! I can’t imagine being the real mom behind the cameras watching my child crying like that. I would be in tears!

      • 7.1.1 JoJo

        Me too! I seriously wonder about S Korea’s child protection laws. I really cringed during these scenes.

    • 7.2 TS

      I think babies just cry. You just have to wait for them to let it out, really.

      • 7.2.1 momosa

        Yup, that’s the only language they speak that we understand – smile, about to cry and really cry. Poor baby…

      • 7.2.2 the68monkey

        Babies have different cries for different needs, and the shrieking cry was one of fear, pain, or extreme hunger. 🙁 I’m hoping the the crying was dubbed over the happy and content baby actor playing Gook, and maybe there’s just one track of an extremely colicky baby screaming that’s used by all shows. *wishful thinking*

        • TS

          They probably do use a track. It would be way more convenient.

  8. tdot

    Ah, I’ve been waiting for this recap! Thanks, LollyPip! i really enjoyed your comments and thoughts on the episode, especially of where Chang Min and Jin Hee are respectively with regards to mending their broken relationship.

    I had so many thoughts on this episode when I watched (which is why I was waiting for the recap and the comments thread) but now I seem to have forgotten a lot of them – I should start keeping notes! Here is one of the random ideas that still remain with me.

    I giggled at your comment on Ah Reum’s back arching; when I watched that scene, I was like, girl, could you possibly stick your butt out any farther than you are doing right now? And that Chang Min workout photo could only have been better if it were a gif.

    Yong Gyu’s group chat embarassment, oh my! I had to repeatedly pause the show and turn away from my screen, because I was feeling such second-hand embarrassment. At one point I actually had to leave the room and come back! I did like the sassy nurse’s (the one who’s set her cap on Chang Min) imitation of his dance moves though, and her teasing him – that nurse came off as kind of annoying in previous episodes, but now I kind of love her a little bit.

    Jin Ae – I found it difficult to get a read on her. She loves her baby and her husband, clearly, but I found it really offputting that upon reaching the hospital, she didn’t really seem focussed on her child, and was so ready to get into it with Jin Hee instead. In her position, I wouldn’t have let anything swerve me, even for a second, from making a beeline to my baby. But then, as i watched more and thought about it, I began to think that Jin Ae is so used to having a certain relationship with her mom and her unni – to being the trouble child and the black sheep and the bad girl – that she seems to automatically fall into that role around them, without even being aware of it, or being able to help it. I was touched when she came out of the procedure room and walked/fell, weeping, right into Kwang Soo’s waiting arms. Jin Hee gave them this rather taken aback look, like she had never seen her sister be this vulnerable and/or loving with someone before. That’s one of the things I really like about this show, the amount of depth/revelation in little subtle moments, that really helps to round out the characters and their motivations and relationships.

    • 8.1 tdot

      Oh, that turned out to be much more than one random idea – oops! 🙂

      • 8.1.1 devon98

        Same situation here! I have so many tought after watched eps9 and wait for some recap, all I can remember now is how excited I am about eps 10

    • 8.2 Bernadine Moore

      love this…I had those same thoughts…thanks for vocalizing them so much better than I could!

    • 8.3 callmeadreamer

      Ah-reum was completely obvious, lol.

      I think I would like her if she had shown interest in Chang-min before she knew who he was related too.

      • 8.3.1 mwg

        I actually really like Ah-reum as a character. She doesn’t get as much screen time, so her character is not as well developed, but most of the things she’s done/said have been honest and straightforward, and showing an understanding that the world is complex. I like that she seems connected to her own desires and is not a doormat.

        I give her a pass on not showing interest early enough, because they had literally JUST met. Maybe his connections boosted her interest, but I’m not sure that’s everything.

  9. Bernadine Moore

    Welcome! Really looking forward to your recaps. I am just loving the abundance of chemistry in this show! There are little procedural things that drive me nuts (hospital procedures..or lack of them) but, who cares…it’s not REALLY a medical show and they seem to be moving just a bit away from showing much of that anyway.

    I like your insights into motivations and observations on the relationships in the show. Good work! Good eye! Good empathy! Keep it up. And you have a darling sense of humor which I enjoy very much! Looking forward anxiously to the next episodes! and your recaps. (and more exercise room shots!)

  10. 10 Ryuushukirei

    Thanks for the recap Lollypip!!

    Chang min!! why are you like that.. being jealous and angry at the same time… I like the Oh couple

    but I do really like and I ship Chun soo and Jin Hee together.. and Ji hye have some secrets to reveal.. can’t wait for the next episode ^_^

  11. 11 Luiza Mota

    I know I’m not majority here, but I can’t help loving Chang-min!!! Jin-hee can have Chun-soo, I’ll take her ex husband, no problem xD

    • 11.1 tura

      Yeah me too. I just love CM to bits and I felt bad for him this ep with baby Guk’s wrong diagnose and the crying scene in his car. I do think am d only one who sees the chemistry between CM and JH, I actually think they sizzle

      • 11.1.1 callmeadreamer

        I think Chang-min and Jin-hee have chemistry, SJH and CJH have good acting chemistry too.

      • 11.1.2 Luiza Mota

        Oh boy, I do see the chemistry. I think it will get into place when we finally find out why they’d got married, what existed between them before the hate and the anger have taken place.

    • 11.2 ellabit

      Chang-min is totally warming up to me right now. 🙂 I kinda liked him after he stood up for Ah-reum’s friend on the blind date. xD Still a gentleman. His first impressions were a tad bit iffy and almost despicable but I think the writers really wanted us to have some pity for Jin-hee in the beginning since Chang-min has a lot going on for him, it’s Jin-hee that needs the audiences sympathy.

      But yeah. As much as Chun-soo would be cute with Jin-hee, I still root for Chang-min to get the girl. I want him to deserve it so redeem yourself, Chang-min! Redeem yourself!

    • 11.3 tata

      You’re not aloooneee!!! :)))

  12. 12 kw02

    Thanks LollyPip for your recap. I enjoy reading your insights on the relationships, both Chang Min-Jin Hee and Chun Soo-Ji Hye very much.

    I would really like to see Chang Min and Jin Hee getting back together, given their rapport shown in the tracheotomy incident and how Chang Min did not abandon the drunk Jin Hee, not to mention saving her from being fired. Excited about their journey of learning from their past mistakes and re-igniting their love =)

  13. 13 Ju

    Thanks !
    Actually I like the fact that it takes its time to start the romance. In fact, it is only the start because Jin hee didn’t show any sort of romantic feelings just I-will-show-you-what-I-am-worth kind of feeling. For now, she only have feelings for herself while looking at Chang min, if I may say.

    That said, I am kind of a fan of the all granny thing… Jin hee saying “you came because you were worried for Guk” and the mom being all “you were missing me all this time right?”

  14. 14 Anna

    I simply adore baby Gook! :3

    I think Chang Min’s reaction to possible romance between Jin-Hee and Chun Soo is realistic, though uncalled for. He still feels jealous and as possessive as a husband would even if they are divorced. I think it is a result of not getting proper closure(they still had different ideas on why they got divorced). It can be difficult to see your wife romantically involved with someone else(who is better than you) and not being able to claim her back. We can expect some deep self-evaluation from him now.

    I think that the scene on the roof is realistic too. Jin-Hee has endured a lot because of Chang Min’s family, so just knowing that they did something to help her when all she has tried for the past six years is to reach a place where she couldn’t be looked down upon by them, it is bound to infuriating. And Chang Min’s reaction is well placed too, so I hope they both will learn why they broke apart.

    Jin-Ae is as immature as I can expect her to be. Little kids of any family are like that. They are a bit selfish but they still love others as much.

    Ji-Hye… I hope that the kid is her nephew or something, but since Chun-Soo has already asked her how she knows how a mother feels when she is not a mother herself, in dramaland, it is safe to assume it is her child. If it is Chun-Soo’s child, then, lord, it is really unrealistic. Any mother wouldn’t just stand by and passively observe her child’s father growing feelings for someone else. It is not something she can do. And gosh, if it is his kid, I can’t even begin to say how cliche and illogical it would be to hide the fact. -_-” Don’t disappoint me, writers.

    I feel sorry for Yong-Gyu, but I can’t understand what he sees in Ah-Reum. He deserves someone more fun than her.

    Liked everything in this episode. All of it was so hilarious! Seeing the preview, I can’t wait for the next one either!

    See you around next week, Lollypip!

    • 14.1 alua

      “He still feels jealous and as possessive as a husband would even if they are divorced.”

      Honestly, this is something that seriously pisses me off. They’ve been divorced for six years. He’s got NO right to feel anything and if he’s immature enough to feel that way, he should not show it but deal with it.

      He’s going on dates but acts possessive towards his ex? Double-standards and NOT okay at all. In fact, it’s another reason why Jin-hee should not get back with him – it’s such a red flag. Sure, they didn’t get proper closure but six years is a long time and they are also in their 30s, old enough to know that that kind of behaviour is not acceptable.

      Although I’m fairly certain Chang-min and Jin-hee will end up back together, in real life this scenario is so unrealistic. In the drama, I struggle to root for them because even if Chang-min is starting to see the light and regretting what he lost, he’s still so immature. They’ve got so many issues they would need to work through (something that will take them a couple of years), and we still know essentially nothing about why they initially loved each other.

      (I do think, btw, that both had fault in the demise of their marriage. In current day though, Jin-hee has moved on somewhat, while Chang-min’s starting point in the drama was zero progression from they had gotten divorced.)

      • 14.1.1 Anna

        Of course I agree he doesn’t have the right. But you know, since you have already highlighted that he has progressed very little, it is more like he can’t help feeling that way. He didn’t get a proper closure and most of the time he was blinded by the prejudice of his mom. And now that he sees her working as a fellow colleague, he can view her as he did before his mom interfered. I can cut him a bit of slack in this situation, because of his annoying mother.

        He didn’t go on dates because he wanted to, and he cut off Ah-reum’s advances too.

        That’s not double-standards…that’s me just viewing them for who they are. If Jin-hee is mature enough to deal with it in a more thoughtful manner, that doesn’t change who Chang-min is. What he should be is a different matter, but with a mom like that, it comes as no shock that he has not been able to grow up.

        • alua

          Sure, having a mom like that doesn’t help. But he’s 30+ and not 21. You can’t go through your life making excusing that it’s all your parents’ fault. You need to take responsibility for your own life and choices (including going on an arranged date), which, legally is supposed to be around 18 (in many countries) though realistically I think is, with certain issues, more in your mid-twenties. If someone in his mid-30s acts like that, it’s a little concerning and may in an indication that that’s his way of being and that it will be very difficult to change (like Chang-min’s mom… for someone like her to change is very, very unlikely).

          Also, as influential as his mom might be, there’s his dad (who is the total opposite) and there are other people he will have met in his life that should have taught him something.

          I agree, it’s no shock that he is the way he is, and I think he can change and has been starting to change… but none of that makes me root for them as a couple. Them reuniting to me, so far, seems like the drama being stuck on the OTP rule, when realistically they might find closure about what happened in the past and then move on for good. For them to reunite in a way that is compelling means tackling issues that made their marriage fall apart (as a couple, and their individual faults and insecurities) but also the whole family baggage (Chang-min’s mom, but possibly also issues related to Jin-hee’s family). That’s just A LOT and I feel the drama hasn’t given me enough to make me believe that it is realistically possible, nor are there enough episodes left. If the drama concluded with Chang-min/Jin-hee trying to date again, it might be okay, if they get remarried in the final episode, I just think it would be all too fast.

          • Anna

            I agree. While he has had other examples, I can’t even begin to spite his overbearing mother. Ruining her son’s marriage. Chang-min needs a big shock to overcome his mom’s influence.

            And I totally agree. I like how they interact and how they are progressing, it doesn’t make me want to ship them together. They need a HUGE push to sort it out.

            Plus there is a Chun-soo and Ji-hye sub-plot to watch out for and we are almost mid-way through the drama!

            I really hope it doesn’t fall apart. The subject it has been dealing with is sensitive as it is.

          • ellabit

            Dood, there 11 more episodes yet to go. OTP still have room to grow. Have you even seen the previews for the next episodes? O___O;

          • v

            unfortunately this case could be realistic. As much as I want to say there is no way in life that someone could be so hang up on his ex for 6 years, it does happen. This might just be me, but I think Jin-hee was the one that initiate the divorce looking at the first episode when she pull out the divorce paper and said to herself to give them the last chance. On the other hand looks like Chang-min was the one that initiate the relationship in the first place. If it is true that Jin-hee is his first love, and it didn’t work out, he might see himself in present Jin-hee that admire chief Gook. Remember Jin-hee is older than him, so in other words he might have gradually fall in love after he admire her. So it is like history repeating itself but not with him as the main character. Sorry to say this, but guys could be more petty than girls. I witness this soooo many times. Also he feel protective of his mom that is being “left” by his dad (not that I blame his dad, I would smack some senses to that woman anyday, pigtailed and everything) so he want’s to be the one that his mom depend on. However, now that he see how Jin-hee shine (I think she quit her job when they got married, or his mom using her connection to prevent Jin-hee from getting jobs, since Jin-hee workfield is also heath industry) in the job that he should be excelling, he starts to remember his feelings, I don’t think he ever fall out of love with Jin-hee. I also think Chang-min is the first guy that brave enough to initiate everything in Jin-hee’s eye, so she might still have lingering feelings too(ugly duckling syndrome?)

      • 14.1.2 Anna

        I forgot to write;

        Also, it was Jin-hee’s reaction to his help that blew the lid off. He still doesn’t know why Jin-hee is reacting in this way, even if it is obvious to us. It was very immature of him to ask her to stop showing interest in Chun-Soo(as he thinks), but it is a part of his character.

        He’ll have to grow to make it work this time, and the first step in doing that is facing what he is feeling.

      • 14.1.3 bjharm

        I never seen a Kdrama where the guy didnt still think he had the right to tell off his ex wife his ex girl friend whatever lol

        • alua

          Yep, and I’ve hated it every time (A Thousand Kisses comes to mind, as does A Little Love Never Hurts with some of the most extreme cases).

          And I hate it when the ex-girlfriends come back thinking they have some sort of ‘right’ towards their former partner after a gazillion years of separation (and usually a totally unexplained vanishing act on their part).

        • nomad

          It’s in the Canon of Kdrama Law 😛

      • 14.1.4 callmeadreamer

        Jin-hee is guilty of a certain amount of possessiveness too. Once she found out about Ah-reum, she did question her rather aggressively.

        About Chang-min’s possessive feelings, while it’s been six years… it’s not as if feelings can’t be shut off just because you know that you rationally should.

        • alua

          True about Jin-hee (though she shut off that feeling pretty quickly).

          No, feelings can’t be just shut off, but you can keep them inside yourself rather them act them out.

          • Emy

            Actually, to me, Jin-hee seems to be just as aggressive as Chang-min in showing her jealousy and possessiveness. However, she doesn’t to have as many chance to show her jealousy as Chang-min doesn’t create as many instances for misunderstandings with Ah-reum as Jin-hee does with Chun-soo (except where his willfully bling mother is concerned).

            I’ll bet if there were actual proof of Chang-min “sleeping” with Ah-reum, Jin-hee would be just as equally jealous as Chang-min was in this episode, based on what she’s shown previously.

          • callmeadreamer

            True, Emy. Jin-hee’s reaction might be similar to Chang-min’s if she caught him the same scenario she was found in.

      • 14.1.5 ellabit

        No, that’s not a double standard. Chang-min doesn’t go on dates because he wants to. He goes on dates to save face for his mom, the one who never became the doctor in a family of doctors. Besides, he doesn’t have any feelings for Ah-reum. His current jealousy is an indicator of his feelings redeveloping for Jin-hee. I’m preetttyyyy sure Chang-min wouldn’t give a crap if Jin-hee was dating anyone prior to their employment at Woosu Hospital. If he was, he would’ve been stalking her in between those 6 years and being “possessive”.

      • 14.1.6 TS

        Actually, as someone now passing her thirties, I feel like the innate knowledge of knowing to let a person go comes after that time period has passed. One reason so many Sex and the City scenarios were funny is because it was so easy to be out of control up to a certain age. And yet, even Samantha could let Smith go when she was older and more internally settled. So, thirties isn’t actually he magic decade for maturity.

    • 14.2 tdot

      I feel sorry for Yong-Gyu, but I can’t understand what he sees in Ah-Reum.

      A pretty face, long legs, and a shapely figure. I don’t think he’s really looking for much beyond that. I mean, i don’t want to say that he’s superficial, but if the cap fits…

      • 14.2.1 alua

        Just a high school boy crush. He doesn’t actually know her.

        She might be more than that, although at the moment she’s not a particularly interesting character but just the oh-so-gorgeous, very privileged and superior second lead. The only thing that’s interesting about her so far is that she does work hard to be a doctor and when she called out the boys on the double standard of men vs. women at the newlyweds’ party. When she goes after Chang-min… it bores me greatly.

    • 14.3 TS

      I agree with all of this, except, actually, Ah Reum is pretty cool. She’s a good match for Yonggyu and him for her. The only thing is, she’s crushing on Changmin – fair enough- and so isn’t seeing Yonggyu.

  15. 15 Michelle

    In my opinion, not everything is Changmin’s fault in not making the marriage work, in fact, Jinhee has as much fault as he does.

    Hear me out:
    Naturally, viewers are quick to sympathize Jinhee because we see through *her* perspective, her thoughts of him, what we only see– because of what he chooses to show her. In episode 1, we see her feeling so stressed that she’s actually having severe hair loss. We also see Changmin’s rude manner of speaking in their reunion six years later at their friend’s wedding. But what most people fail to acknowledge is that aside Changmin’s child-like front, Jinhee, too, had her faults.

    Changmin was raised in a wealthy family of doctors but because of love, because of what he felt for her, he let that all go and married her. Now, that is *not* easy. Especially for a rich man to have nothing after having everything and on top of that he has to work his ass off– *begging* his junior classmate– just so that he can make a living for them both. On top of that, he comes home to Jinhee — who in her defence, has every right to feel what she feels — all tired, stressed and sad. Now, that’s the fault I’m saying Jinhee contributed.

    When Changmin calls her ‘ignorant’, we automatically sympathize her (I sure as hell did), however, what we fail to realize with that is what he’s saying is quite in fact TRUE. She *can* be ignorant because she gets so narrow-minded with her own emotions. If she’s tired, she’s TIRED. She’s sad, she’s SAD. Nothing else matters in the world as long as she’s drowning in her pit of misery. She’s also so caught up with her emotions that she forgets others suffer too! And thus completely dismissing the fact that Changmin is suffering as well.

    That’s why I love episode 9 so much because they *finally* show Changmin with his guard down and through this episode I had hoped that people would see Changmin + Jinhee are still a thing and that Jinhee + Chief are nothing but really good friends. I can’t deny the fact that Jinhee + Chief scenes are cute, but I also can’t say that they’re perfect together. They relate to each other, in a away, but that doesn’t make them compatible.

    To me, love was never a question for these two. Changmin gave up everything for her, Jinhee put a strong front (for the little while to stand his mom) for him. It was just the circumstances (which was their own fatal flaws) that drove them apart but now, six years later, they are reunited and therefore should rekindle their love in a much mature, and hope-to-god ready way. They just both need to grow up and love themselves before loving anyone else.

    Can’t wait for the next eleven episodes! Love this drama so much 🙂


    • 15.1 alua

      I absolutely think that both Chang-min and Jin-hee had fault in their marriage falling apart.

      However, that doesn’t make me root for them to reunite. After six years of separation, they are not still ‘a thing’, even if they haven’t moved on completely because they haven’t had complete closure. Six years is a long time. They will (and should) have changed in these six years, they are no longer the people that they were when they originally fell in love, or later, when their marriage fell apart.

      Jin-hee clearly has changed from who she was six years ago – she hasn’t yet gotten rid of all her insecurities, but she has moved on (even if some regret or feelings may remain). This has been pretty clear, particularly in the early episodes when she made clear to Chang-min she had no reason to hide from his Mom or when she told his mom straight-out “I’m here because I am a doctor”.

      Chang-min seems still be stuck in the past, with his immaturity, his need to hide and avoid, and the jealousy and possessiveness displayed in this episode. Sure, he might feel that way inside (we may sometimes feel things we shouldn’t), but he has no right to act out these feelings – Jin-hee can go out with who she wants, smile, date, flirt, whatever… she’s single and no longer has any significant relationship with Chang-min (other than work colleague).

      • 15.1.1 rearwindow


        This. So much.

        I don’t think anyone’s saying that the divorce was all Chang-min’s fault. The problem with the pairing right now is that Jin-hee’s worked her ass off to better herself, find her passion in life and pursue it in the face of great odds including no money, low self-esteem, emotional abuse from former MIL, etc. She’s reflected on her marriage and worked hard to grow. Chang-min, on the other hand, has basically sat on his ass the past six years blaming Jin-hee for all of his problems. I’m sympathetic towards him because I can see how much of a role his horrible mother had in encouraging him to play the victim in the story of how his divorce played out, but that doesn’t mean I think he’s anywhere near emotionally ready to date Jin-hee again, who has used the past six years to better herself and her situation.

        I actually enjoy very much how focused this show is on Jin-hee’s growth and her general awesomeness (and would actually maybe prefer them to continue focusing on her personal journey rather than trying to get the OTP together, because her story is just so compelling)…but if they want me to root for the OTP, they’re gonna have to show SUBSTANTIAL growth from Chang-min in the coming episodes. We’re not even halfway in, so it could definitely happen…but I’ll basically need to see six year’s growth in the next 11 episodes. Because right now, he’s still an entitled momma’s boy to me.

      • 15.1.2 v

        Well unfortunately Alua, not all girls out there as level headed as us (LOL)

        • alua

          People aren’t always level-headed & life’s often an emotional mess.

          My problem is with a drama trying to write that kind of story and then magically resolving problems in no time at all for a perfect happy ever after, dealing with major issues only superficially.

    • 15.2 TS

      Eleven? Chincha?

    • 15.3 callmeadreamer

      I don’t see a lot of people solely blaming Chang-min for the destruction of their marriage. I think that it’s mainly the fact that we are mostly seeing everything through Jin-hee’s perspective. Chang-min has been getting more sympathetic writing since… I want to say episode 7? or 6? and showing growth so we’ve been getting more of his POV.

      On top of that, he comes home to Jinhee — who in her defence, has every right to feel what she feels — all tired, stressed and sad. Now, that’s the fault I’m saying Jinhee contributed.

      Are you saying that Jin-hee is to blame for feeling tired, stressed and sad? I do agree that she had her part in their marriage failing, but you think it’s because of her feelings?

      When Changmin calls her ‘ignorant’, we automatically sympathize her (I sure as hell did), however, what we fail to realize with that is what he’s saying is quite in fact TRUE. She *can* be ignorant because she gets so narrow-minded with her own emotions. If she’s tired, she’s TIRED. She’s sad, she’s SAD. Nothing else matters in the world as long as she’s drowning in her pit of misery. She’s also so caught up with her emotions that she forgets others suffer too! And thus completely dismissing the fact that Changmin is suffering as well.

      Just like Jin-hee is wrong about her some of her assumptions regarding Chang-min, I think the reverse is true. The only time she really let her emotions overcome her sense of duty was when she found out that he trach patient died. I still think that is a natural reaction to losing your first patient. It is going to hit you hard. Throughout the rest of the episodes Jin-hee hasn’t been overly ruled by her emotions. I don’t think Chang-min is justified at all in calling her ignorant, especially since it seemed to regarding her intelligence and competency.

      I see love between the two, so I’m really rooting for them.

      • 15.3.1 M

        HA! SO SORRY, I was rushing to work so I didn’t compose that comment very well. To clarify, Jinhee having feelings was not what I was saying was her fault in the marriage (sorry if that’s what people got out of my unedited comment). What I meant about that is that Jinhee would sometimes be so caught up on her emotions without really realizing the amount of hardship he had to go through the day (as see on episode 1). I mean, sure she’s tired and stressed but so is Changmin but I don’t think she was able to acknowledge that side of him– the one that tried so hard to make it work and also to have income.

        And no, I didn’t mean that many people were saying it’s just his fault but I just wanted to clear that out so we could get some more Changmin love <3

        • callmeadreamer

          Thanks for clarifying. I understand what you are trying to say, but I don’t agree that we’ve really seen that proven true. At least not yet. Jin-hee probably didn’t understand what Chang-min was feeling, any more than he understood her.

    • 15.4 ellabit

      YES. I AGREE WITH YOU 100%. LOL.

      Jin-hee and Chief are cute but her character is really inconsistent around Chun-soo. It’s like the writers decided random hugs would win Chun-soo’s heart. No, writers. I can see through you. Those hugs are SO not Jin-hee material. It kind of irritates me because she’s been built as a character who wouldn’t cross that professional line especially since she worked so darn hard for the job. She doesn’t even show that kind of affection to her mother or Baby Gook for that matter… =/

      Can’t wait for the next few episodes though. We get to see Jinhee and Chang-min’s story and maybe, finally, people who despise Chang-min will see that he’s not really bad at all. I don’t think his mom is horrible either. She’s a brat but she’s still a MOTHER who wants the best for her son and well, has probably undergone a ton of bullying from her siblings for not being a doctor.

      Every character has flaws but what I love so much about this drama is that every character has a good redeeming quality to them as well. It might just take a microscope to see it.

      • 15.4.1 dearly

        The mom is a brat for sure. What upsets me about her is that she constantly bully Jin Hee for bringing her son down; yet, she’s not even a doctor herself like her siblings. The bullying she receives from her siblings should made her a stronger person who understands that bullying is wrong. Yet, she does the same thing to Jin Hee, emotionally torturing her. What a ********. I really hope the mom get the punishment she deserves (that is a divorce from her doctor husband). I bet if she didn’t marry her doctor husband, she would receive more bullying from her siblings. I really wish the doctor husband would get more screen time rather than the mom and his role could really help Jin Hee’s career. They can have a super awesome mentor-student as well as father-daughter relationship. I’m still waiting for this to happen. I really like the him.

      • 15.4.2 M

        IF YOU AGREE WITH ME, I AGREE WITH YOU. Yes, I like how you pointed out about the mom being all YES SHE’S ANNOYINGLY WHINY but she’s also a mother that just wants what’s best for hers son. I get that.

    • 15.5 tata

      OHHLALA. Very well said my friend! Haha.

      I remember Chang Min’s uncle said that Jin Hee was the one who cut all of their ties. I think somehow, Chang Min wanted thing to be fixed before, but Jin Hee was the first one who gave up, not that I blame her. But there’s 2 sides of every story, isn’t it?

      I do understand why both of them are sour to each other, and hey. What’d they say about hate is another form of love? Haha and that the more you hate, the more you love. :)))

    • 15.6 mdolphins

      Michelle, you completely nailed it. Well said. JH was not completely blameless, she did nothing to help her marriage and completely inward and passive. I think what makes all of us so sympathetic toward her is the fact it seemed like it was Chang Min and his hateful mother against her all of the time and she had no one on her side. That said, I think she also has to own up that she was not completely a victim in the marriage.

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      • 16.1.1 splatterpainted

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    I certainly hope Ji Hye does not have a child whose father is Chun Soo. If she does, Chun Soo deserves to know that he is a father to a child. I would probably drop a star rating if that does happens. Imagine if her child end up being a patient for Chun Soo.

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      but the again, i’m a shiiper of Jin Hee and Gook. While i love Changmin reaction, i only want they have reconciliation and let go hatred that they got from the past. i’m sorry for my bad english

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