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Emergency Couple pre-empts Saturday episode
by | February 14, 2014 | 79 Comments

javabeans: Heads up, Emergency Couple viewers, they won’t be airing an episode this Saturday—they’ll put out a special instead, so we’ll only be getting one new hour, with today’s Episode 7. That is not a big deal, or so I thought because I figured, Hey, this is Olympics season, I’m expecting shows to get pushed at the last minute. HowEVER…

girlfriday: Uh, so apparently Emergency just sort of… ran out of time.

javabeans: Are they THAT live?

girlfriday: I wouldn’t have thought so, seeing as how it’s ONLY Episode 8, but yeah, they really are that live already.

javabeans: I think it’s crazy for tvN to actually admit that they simply needed the extra time “to keep the quality high,” which is corporate-speak for otherwise the episode would suck, and nobody wants that.

girlfriday: Which is true. We wouldn’t want that, per se. It’s just… we also thought you knew you were a show that was airing two episodes a week.

javabeans: We have followed the biz for a long time now, and as far as I can remember a show has never actually missed its deadline. Not without truly extenuating circumstances like an accident, or a union strike, or an actress fleeing the country. I’ve never heard of a show just being too behind and needing an extension.

girlfriday: Maybe other shows have needed an extension but those networks said “Tough cookies,” and that’s how we got episodes with crew members’ heads bobbing around in the frame or scenes edited in the wrong order.

javabeans: Put that way, is this actually a progressive move by tvN? That they refuse to put out subpar product and insist on taking that extra time, dagnabit?

girlfriday: I’m sure they’d like it to be seen that way.

javabeans: …or am I giving too much credit? Is this what happens when you coddle your productions instead of ordering them to suck it up and abide by the contract like grown-ups with senses of responsibility and health-endangering work ethics? Give ’em an inch, they’ll take an extra week?

girlfriday: I don’t know, in MY day, dramas walked uphill in the snow both ways and still made it broadcast on time.

javabeans: Damn kids these days.

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79 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pinkhearts

    Hopefully with more time, my Song Ji Hyo can rest a little! She’s been so wiped from filming RM and this drama that she’s falling asleep anywhere (it’s kind of sad watching her like that actually).

    • 1.1 topper

      Variety is a double edged sword. You get mainstream popularity, but you have to commit and sacrifice for it. Maybe that’s why Song Joong Ki left. But for him I thought he made a good choice, fantastic acting talent.

    • 1.2 Jesse

      Song Ji Hyo has a history of shooting too many shows simultaneously. When she was in Gye Baek and RM she was hospitalized and there was even a dramabeans post about it.

    • 1.3 Khaada

      What i don’t understand is why there was a preview for episode 8 after 7 finished wouldn’t that mean that they have episode 8 already filmed and finished.

  2. JoJo

    I’m watching this and I like it except for Park Joon Geum, who makes me grit my teeth. I can only watch her scenes with Johnny Walker by my side.

    • 2.1 kopytko

      It is a talent of its own to be able to play so many characters that are ALL so unbelievably annoying.

    • 2.2 nomad

      I wonder if she has it bad OUTSIDE of dramas, you know how actors/actresses tell you that people treat them badly just b/c they play bad characters in dramas? I feel bad for her if that’s the case…I’ve never seen her played any likable character.

      • 2.2.1 Nerisuka

        In Rooftop Prince she was nice and in Secret Garden she was funny o,O But in emergency couple she is indeed very annoying :/

      • 2.2.2 pigtookie

        She discussed it on KBS Happy Together on the Villians Special. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXGRi92Uqrc

    • 2.3 pinkhearts

      I absolutely hate all of her characters. It’s so annoying watching her onscreen that I have to fast forward all of her scenes.

    • 2.4 KenyanKorean

      And her hair is ever so gloriously annoying!Never suits her face. Please see a hair dresser!

    • 2.5 RyeBlossom

      I don’t have a problem with her, though it always seems like he need a strong mental support.
      She was very mean a Secret Garden, but I think it was on My Girl, where she had a character on the childish side, and I found her to be funny. She doesn’t play such a mean character on Emergency Couple, as she did on Secret Garden. Her character here is much more spoiled and childish than anything else.
      I think she is absolutely adorable when she pouts ^_^

      Anyway, I’m glad they decided to not air the episode, instead of over-overworking everyone. Hopefully, that will also be a good lesson for everyone, to be more reasonable with shooting schedules.

    • 2.6 sam

      me too…can’t stand her now and couldn’t stand her in every drama that she was in, right from secret garden to the heirs. There are lot more cuter moms that they can find but why only her??

      • 2.6.1 June

        I can only say she’s a good actress, coz she’s believably hateful in roles she needs to be, and quite funny at roles when she was to be funny? I forgot how many roles I’ve seen her in until mentioned by you all! The hateful mother in Secret Garden, omg! Rooftop Prince!

  3. Net-chan

    Awww nooooo!!! And I was sooo looking forward to watching this week’s episodeS boo…
    But if they really need more time to keep it as it is, then fine, because I’m really enjoying it :). I just hope they won’t extend the drama. I believe 20 episodes is already more than enough lol.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Sadie

    the actors must be so tired out…not to mention the crew…why can’t they just have a script and schedule ready before hand? totally crazy

    • 4.1 Mercie

      They must change the scripts based on the viewer ratings from the previous episodes to ensure a more popular outcome.

  5. alua

    When did an actress flee a country?

    • 5.1 Hmm

      Han Ye Sul left for LA while her and Eric’s drama was still airing.

      • 5.1.1 Quiet Thought

        She had, like, a fifteen-hour flight to LA, saw her mom, then had to fly back and publicly grovel to the producers and production team. It was humiliating and disgusting, but, on the plus side, she probably got more sleep on the airplanes than she had in a month of filming episodes.

      • 5.1.2 TS

        I like how we all know exactly who Eric is.

        • nomad

          He must be an only Eric that doesn’t really need a last name…at least in DB 😛

          • dearly

            I only know one Eric and that’s the Eric that I know. 😀

            Is there any other Eric in the K-entertainment beside that Eric?

        • Sophia

          Only important Eric in Korean entertainment…

        • pastmidnite

          *grin* I hope I’m thinking of the same Eric

    • 5.2 tiny

      i think this was about Myungwol the Spy. Han Ye Seul escaped to LA due to bad filming conditions but she got chewed out for it. I think she has yet to make a comeback. yikes!

      what i’d want to know though are the dramas showing crew members’ heads. Hehe.

      • 5.2.1 a_diva

        This is funny. This has happened a bit. It sucks that I can’t remember a few off top if my head. One scene in particular sticks out for me but I can’t say w/100% certainty what drama it was. I believe it was Yoon Eum Hye’s Vineyard Man, but I could be mistaken. The scene though was definitely at train station. One of the characters was running after a train & there was a second or two of one of the camera men running w/his camera to follow the actor.

        As for Han Ye Seul, I always feel like defending her. Korean drama actors are under an insanely difficult schedule w/ the live shoot system. I’ve read about some of them having to shoot around the clock for 2 to 3 days at a time. There have been all kinds of accidents and people collapsing from exhaustion and actors (who are already thin enough) losing 5 to 15 pounds during filming. Maybe she should not have let the country, but I totally understand her wanting to put her foot down. I am amazed that she was so harshly criticized for asking for something as reasonable as time to rest.

        • bjharm

          plus the story I always understood, is that the production promised her easier work conditions because of her health issues, then as soon as it began shooting broke that understanding and used the classic korean work ethic thingy to force her to work the normal crazy soul and body destorying pace that Korean Tv drama are made under. I never understand how TV productions can get away with what they do and actors who expect them to kept to contacts end up in the sh*t or blacklisted when they demand the production company keep to thier end of the contract. Again you only here 10% of what goes on, but I remember a guy who got blacklisted by all the TV companies because he got promised a huge $ payout by a production company to make a TV drama then didnt pay him that once it was done saying that sum if paid would destory the industy because everyone would want to by paid that amount and when if tried to fight them the companies banded together and hit him in return with, I think a two year blacklisting

    • 5.3 Bellamafia

      Han Ye Seul, when she’s filming myung wol the spy.

    • 5.4 kk123

      yes? I was curious about this one too…

  6. Gidget

    Thanks for letting us share your brain. We love the two of you.

    But let’s be pathologically egocentric here and assume they’re doing it to let the new recappers catch up!

  7. Reyna

    I don’t understand this live shooting…we see them preparing for atleast 2 months…shouldn’t they just keep up the pace so the whole production runs smoothly for both actors and crew? And while they’re at it…why shoot so close to the showing date? More time to prepare equals better quality.

    • 7.1 topper

      The best reference for this phenomenon is littered all over in DB, and can also be studied in King of Dramas.

      • 7.1.1 Pearl~ai88

        I should keep a tally of how many times someone points to King of Dramas as a reference for drama reality. Lol, adore that drama 🙂

        • blegh

          “King of Dramas” seems to have becoming some sort of cult classic of Korean dramas. even though it didn’t bring that high of a rating when it aired, people can (and probably will) always make reference to this drama. and I love it.

          • inxomnia

            Gotta say I love how it provided such insight into the kdramaland using the awesomeness that is Anthony Kim haha

          • Mercie

            Anthony Kim rocks!

    • 7.2 Quiet Thought

      Well, yes, that would be the logical, rational, practical way to film a TV series, but apparently it isn’t the Neo-Confucian killer work ethic way of doing it. It is amazing that kdrama is as good as it is with such a stupid business model.

    • 7.3 Sour Grapes

      Investing in a Korean drama is a huge gamble, some dramas never get released and others tank in terms of ratings. Live-shooting is crazy, but for Korean television industry it is an only option to prevent financial loses. Who cares about basic human rights when money is involved (sarcasm).

      • 7.3.1 jjeinn

        live shooting because they are afraid of financial lost? can you further explain it?

        • Sour Grapes

          How much money a drama makes depends on its ratings. High rating- you earn money, low rating- you lose money.

          Popular dramas:

          1) Get sold for broadcast abroad – money
          2) Are used for product placement – more money
          3) Demand for advertisement when drama is on air – even more money

          Now imagine investing 20 million dollars in a pre-produced drama which flopped during broadcast. Because of low ratings the drama fails to collect any revenue – your money is gone. To prevent that you can invest 2 million only for the first two episodes. If the ratings are good – you continue to invest, if not – you stop. Yes, you just lost 2 million, but 2 is not 20.

          • Quiet Thought

            The key to avoiding this problem is, first, to capitalize your production companies properly so they can survive a mix of outcomes from their projects, and, second, to use fixed, projected ad rates so no outsider has the power to interfere with production once it starts. You can tinker with a stage play from week to week without (usually) causing the quality to crash because it is premised on generating the same story night after night. If you try to do that with a movie or a drama series the result is going to be writing and direction failures.

            Just based on the opening few episodes of a mix of kdramas, you could probably sell them to PBS as matching the production quality of British dramas shown there. But almost all of them have breakdowns of some sort in the second half that make the production teams look sloppy, cheap, and amateurish.

            I’ve seen a few American series crash that way, typically in later seasons after the original creative team has broken up or run out of ideas, but it should not be happening in a first-run series.

  8. Duh-duh

    To be honest. Emergency Couple confused the hell out of me. It’s more of a melodrama, just because music director inserts some happy music doesn’t make it funny.

    I was expecting rom-com. Damn it.

    • 8.1 afufu

      Im still waiting for the comedy part. Which..i dont think all the bickering is. That awful,awful MIL and that bratty sister. Nonetheless im enjoying it.

      • 8.1.1 TS

        The bickering, especially when it’s directed at Song JiHyo’s character, is really vicious. So, it doesn’t feel funny in the least.

      • 8.1.2 Lora

        I’ve never hated a MIL so intently since ages.

    • 8.2 houstontwin

      I find EC to be light and fast-paced. There is angst and pathos but it is very judiciously combined with comedy.

    • 8.3 dearly

      I don’t take it as rom-com. I do like how Song Ji Hyo’s character is strong and independent and she’s mainly the center of the show (I’ve seen too much dramas where the male lead is the focus. It’s a nice change to see a woman in the medical field and how’s she is able to showcases her ability despite being an intern).

  9. Squibbles

    I like what TvN is doing, they brave to admit that they need more time as the reason instead of blaming it on something else like broadcasters usually do. I hope the big three and other cable networks will follow suit and give their shows more time when they need it. So yes I do believe it is progressive, but what would be more progressive is to start productions at a earlier date, so they aren’t faced with this kind of situation.

  10. 10 Quiet Thought

    ‘Emergency Couple’ is awesome, in its own, quirky way. The humor is a mix of dark and antics. Some of the secondary characters are flat, but others have potential. While the Evil Chaebol Mother-in-Law is over the top as only Park Joon Geum could play her, the two central characters are a lot more real than characters of that sort usually are in drama. Song Ji Hyo is not playing Jin Hee as a Candy. She is woman of no great talent, but hardworking, battered and damaged by life but still fighting her way forward.

    • 10.1 TS

      My view is that she does have talent and brains, but has been emotionally and verbally so battered she can’t believe she does.

      • 10.1.1 nomad

        I usually can’t even tear up when I know half of my brain tells me I should…but how battered Ji Hyo is in this drama, just tears me up.

        • damianna

          Yeah, Song hi hyo as Oh jin hee made me shed some tears with her everytine she’s struggling and cried, (which i rarely did while watching k dramas these days). Her scenes and Kim so yeon’s crying scenes in INR3.

    • 10.2 blegh

      my thoughts exactly, we’re so used to somewhat over expressions of emotions in k-dramas that this may seem dull at first. but i think the humor in this drama works in it’s own way.

    • 10.3 inxomnia

      I love how quirky this drama is in all honesty. I like the mix between things actually happening at the hospital and comic relief in the characterisation. Makes me realise that just because hospitals and emergency rooms are serious business doesn’t mean all doctors are dull or uptight (lol sorry stereotypes). I love the dynamics between Jin Hee, Chang Min and Dr Gook at the moment.

  11. 11 Gabi

    I’ve waited the whole week for the new episodes but it’s okay better than they air anything which is sucks. Ji Hyo really needs to rest. But this couple is too good to be true !!! Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee <333

  12. 12 TS

    Despite everything – medical drama, which I normally don’t like, the rudeness to Female Lead, and the messy writing – I enjoy this show. Probably because I am a Song Jihyo fan. 🙂

    Kereso, I am sad there’s only one episode this weekend.

  13. 13 The Real CZ

    I honestly think more dramas should only air one episode a week like how Taiwan does their live-shoot dramas. Or you know, maybe Korea can pre-produce their dramas like Japan, China, and Taiwan.

  14. 14 jel

    I cannot imagine how tired Ji Hyo is. I mean prior to this saga, she was already everywhere on RM with huge dark circles and sleeping everywhere. Now, I dunno. She’s going to be working 48 hour days. Maybe she should take a couple of episodes off RM to finish the drama?

    • 14.1 inxomnia

      Yeah same. Also, with news that Running Man is slated to film in Australia… Sigh, I feel for her.

      • 14.1.1 jel

        i thought rumor had it they were flying off around 19 feb. with her drama the way it is now, I will openly speculate ji hyo wont join the australian trip

    • 14.2 Sophia

      Hence, the blank Mong Ji Hyo…she never got enough sleep to begin with, this drama just added to it.

  15. 15 Quiet Thought

    Song Ji Hyo is fortunate that she happens to look adorable while fast asleep . . . which I know about because I’ve seen her napping a half-dozen times just on Running Man.

    • 15.1 damianna

      And how all the RM guys just lets her sleep whenever she can. Adorable that they’re so understanding toward her. They were amazed when she slept on top of the giant jenga tower, played a game to choose who’ll wake her up and Jong kook brought drink for her last episode when his group got cooking punishment.

      • 15.1.1 Mercie

        Mong Ji Hyo appears to get more love from Running Manco-hosts than she is getting from the Dramabeans commentators.

  16. 16 Bengbeng

    “Damn kids these days”… LOL! Totally agree with you on this. even in the office, i felt that the youngsters are quite spoiled and coddled too much.

  17. 17 aen03

    just saw ep 7 and the preview for ep 8.. oh friday come quick… squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  18. 18 erika

    damn! no new episode tonight. looking from preview it’s hgoing to be fun watching chang min jealous.

  19. 19 crashbabe

    Did anyone LOVE the Gary cameo?!!! I just hope RM guys can cameo more. Play up the meta and bring out the hijinks!

  20. 20 Jo

    Damn, the precap had me all worked up. *_*

    Emergency Couple is refreshing. Even with the tacky music, you have me rooting for it. I remember desperately waiting for Heirs to air, and then finding it to be a major disappointment. Then came MLFAS, and boy that drama is amazing. And this is the third drama I’m rooting for. (INR3, post episode 6 – DB recaps only.)

    Emergency Couple may not be all that great and you for sure have to leave your common sense and judgement way behind you and just sit back and enjoy 2 hours of weekend K-drama time. That’s all. I have officially reached a point when I’m rooting for none. I really don’t care. I just know that I’m following this drama and I’m gonna watch it.

    Oohh. And yes, I can feel the second lead syndrome popping up. And do we feel bad for Oh Chang Min’s mother or just dump her in the sewer?

    I feel bad for Oh Jin Hee, another jaded heroine, not prim and proper, she’s the doormat – literally.

  21. 21 Guenevere

    Thanks for this update, disappointing but understandable. Maybe that’s why she always looks so frazzled. I think that the writers are doing a better job of rescuing OJH from the initial episodes with regard to continuing to put her down. She seems to have taken a professional upturn and not a moment too soon, that was too much. Ep 7 seemed a little better, not sure what the sister is all about, guess we’ll see. Hope they get to rest some.

  22. 22 dearly

    Am I the only who really wants Oh Jin Hee to end up with Chun Soo?

  23. 23 RyeBlossom

    OK. After watching episode No. 7, I can see that there are (too) many moments of fill-in. Too many flashbacks, and moments that are stretched for no reason.
    I can see how they thought another episode will be hard to produce.

  24. 24 Stephanie

    Hahahah yea, this sure is a first.

  25. 25 Dorotka

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if they switch to 1 episode per week to keep the quality. I’m so far enjoying the show and don’t want it to loose it for some quick shooting and poor editing…
    And of course I wish all actors and staff more sleep…

  26. 26 rearwindow

    Bummer! I was iffy on this drama, but episodes 5 & 6 (haven’t watched 7 yet) were actually really good. Now that Jin Hee’s finally getting some recognition for being, you know, a kickass doctor with lots of promise, it’s improved dramatically. It had felt a bit like “Jin Hee and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” for a while there–like an exercise in how awful things could get for the poor girl. I still don’t think the male lead deserves to breathe the same air as her, but at least he seems to be realizing that too. And the chief is just *love*. I’m second lead shipping like crazy, which must mean that I’m at least more emotionally hooked now. Here’s hoping that the crew is able to recalibrate & get some much-needed rest, and enter the next episodes with lots of energy and narrative cohesion!

  27. 27 Niki

    I think she is amazing ! and a very dedicated actress ! I love her in RM and I also love her in ED Couple ! She is so cute and lovable.

    If you find her annoying or irritating, don’t watch the show. Simple as that. Don’t whine like a childish brat about you not liking her as a character; etc etc.

    Peace out.

  28. 28 Mark

    I’m only watching this drama because of Song Ji Hyo…
    I’ve found myself watching all her dramas, without knowing why.
    And I think she’s one of the best actress in Korea
    she even made me cry, which most actress can’t…
    She’ve proven herself.
    Aside from that She’s so beautiful and sexy even in that age
    It’s unbelievable

  29. 29 rita santosusso

    I am very disappointed emergency couple was one of the best dramas how could there be no ending ? Please notify me when it will continue!!

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