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I Need Romance 3: Episode 14
by | February 25, 2014 | 89 Comments

It finally happens—our heroine feels feelings she can put a name to and figures out what she wants. Of course in true Joo-yeon fashion, she takes the long way around and then some. This is the downside to having a thick outer shell—the harder the shell, the harder you have to throw yourself against the rocks to get at what’s really bothering you. And no, it isn’t acid reflux… it’s love.


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EPISODE 14: “I can’t do without you!”

Joo-yeon walks into her room in a daze, still trying to figure out what just happened. She plays over the night’s events, which started out happy. She had finally made up with Se-ryung and had a fun night out with the girls, and even as she was laughing with them, she thought of going home and telling Wan about it.

And then she came home to Wan’s sudden kiss…

We replay the moment as he tells her to be well, and then gets in his car. She pounds on the window asking what he means, but he doesn’t even turn to look at her before driving away.

Back at home, her thoughts float back to what he said—that she’d kick him out for good tonight. She heads upstairs to Wan’s room with a sinking feeling, and finds it empty. Her face falls and she balls up her fists.

Joo-yeon (voiceover): “Now everything becomes clear. He left. Wannie left. Without even a promise to return, without telling me where he was going, Wannie… left.”

As she throws herself headlong into work with a smile on her face, her narration continues: “But I was fine. I didn’t cry. I didn’t drink. And my life flowed along without change.”

We go back to the girls’ night out at the beginning of the episode, and talk turns to post-breakup behavior and whether they’ve ever done anything crazy to try and hold onto a guy. Min-jung admits to internet-stalking an ex, while Se-ryung cops to waiting outside an ex’s door for two hours.

It doesn’t take much for them to guess that she means Tae-yoon, and Joo-yeon takes a swig. Se-ryung says that she spent her twenties always assuming that if she walked away there would always be a better guy and a better life around the corner.

But in her thirties, she’s come to realize that it’s the same life, and if she thinks someone is the right guy for her, she should be happy with that and stop always looking elsewhere. Joo-yeon has no advice to share, given that she stopped crying after her second breakup. In life? Damn.

As she heads home that night, she narrates that she wasn’t even dating Wan, so it’s right that she doesn’t cry. But she admits that sometimes she hears his voice and sees him as if he’s right there.

She imagines Wan calling out to her at the front gate and running up to ask how her day was. She tells him about being friends with Se-ryung again and he caresses her cheek and smiles back reassuringly that she did the right thing.

She smiles as tears fill her eyes: “I should’ve listened to everything you told me to do. You were right about everything.” She forces back her tears and then asks if he’s eaten, and we see that she’s just standing there talking to herself.

Once she steps foot inside the house, she can’t stop looking for him. She calls repeatedly and when he doesn’t answer, she leaves a voicemail message and finally starts to cry.

Joo-yeon: “Why all of a sudden? I didn’t mean it when I said I’d kick you out. Are you really not coming back? Why are you doing this to me? What am I supposed to do if you leave?! What am I supposed to do, you bastard!”

But we cut back to her not crying at all, as she narrates that she didn’t make calls like that, because it’s not like they could live together forever anyway. She admits to purposely doing everything that Wan hated, and imagines him popping in to nag her at every turn about what she’s eating and how she’s living. She finds the CD he left for her on the kitchen table, but just flings it into the laundry basket without a second glance.

She finally asks Se-ryung how Wan is doing, and is miffed to hear she’s had lunch with him: “He can eat at a time like this?” But then she asks if he’s eating well and what he’s up to. Se-ryung tells her that he’s back at the hotel and doing a radio show.

That night Joo-yeon listens to Wan’s voice on the radio with the giraffe for company, as he talks about this person he knew who believed that everyone in life was a stranger, and promises to make tonight less lonely.

She throttles the giraffe, calling him a con artist and spitting all his promises back with bitter mockery. Let’s live happily, Shing Shing? *slap* You’ll stay by my side no matter what? *kick*

She narrates that it made her angry more than anything that he seemed fine, and she didn’t want to know what it was—this lump that was caught in her insides, and the feeling of dread that it was growing.

Joo-yeon faces a fresh crisis at work when the team gets their latest item copied by a different department in their company, and Tae-yoon takes a hard line that it’s their problem to fix.

Min-jung takes another ultrasound and finds out she’s having twins (ack), and Min-seok comes knocking yet again, this time drunk and cradling a giant gift box with hearts all over it.

He collapses on her couch and refuses to give up the box, clutching it and crying, “It’s MY baby!” Haha, he’s adorable when drunk.

He’s still just as grabby with the box when he wakes up in the morning, though it’s mitigated by embarrassment at having slept here. Min-jung tells him she made hangover soup, and he lights up.

Joo-yeon wakes up in Wan’s bed sick with a fever, and finds him sitting by her beside and worrying about her. She asks if he’s back for good, and he says he couldn’t stay away with her in this condition.

Joo-yeon: “I don’t know why I’m like this.” And then Wan fades, just another one of her wish-filled visions. She clenches her fists and starts to cry. “You weren’t here before. I was fine on my own before. My body hurts. My heart hurts.”

Min-seok was actually not spouting complete nonsense when he called the gift box his baby, because inside is a practice baby. He says that he’s not equipped to deal with one, but Min-jung isn’t either, so they’ll practice.

He’s quick to add that if he feels like he can’t handle it, then he’ll really move away (“Because I’m pathetic like that.” Ha.) and offers to take the daytime shift while she takes the night shift.

He even ordered cameras for them to keep an eye on the baby when the other is away, and Min-jung thinks to herself that he might freak out if he finds out that they’re having twins. Still, she can’t help but smile.

Hee-jae goes out for a drink with Woo-young, and he gives her a ukulele after she expressed interest in learning an instrument. He encourages her to change her perspective, from How will I get through this day? to How can I make this day fun?

Joo-yeon goes to get cold medicine and sits at the playground, when Tae-yoon calls to say that he’ll come by. She starts to tell him he doesn’t need to try too hard if he can’t make it, but it just reminds her of Wan’s speech about trying not being the same as dating.

This time the real Wan shows up at her door, just lingering outside. Wan (voiceover): “I wanted to disappear somewhere. Maybe I wanted to see you look for me, and be broken.” He admits that that sentiment didn’t come from a place of love, and he felt ashamed.

It starts to rain and Joo-yeon ducks for cover nearby, and Wan runs up to the very same spot. She scoffs that she’s gone totally insane now, obviously thinking he’s another of her hallucinations.

He greets her with a cheery smile, but she tells him to get lost, “I don’t want to talk to myself like a crazy person.” He sighs, “You’re in the same state that I am. I open my eyes and think of you. I close my eyes and think of you. When I go there you follow. When I come here you follow.”

She realizes he’s not in her head, and her eyes widen. He says that’s right that they should be in that state though—they’ve separated from the person they like. She denies it, which hardly surprises him.

He tells her that he missed her, but she just changes the subject and asks if he wants to go pick up the rest of the clothes he left in the hamper. He tells her to throw them away or keep them like her couple rings, and she asks what there is to keep between them when they never even dated.

He corrects her: “We did.” He says that other women call what they did dating, but she’s just refusing to see it. She gets angry and reminds him that this is why he left—because she’s dating someone else and this makes her uncomfortable.

He realizes she hasn’t changed at all since he left, and calls himself the crazy one. “I think it’s a miracle that I ran into you like this, and it even makes me happy that we’re fighting!”

He stalks off into the rain but stops short and turns right back, and starts just berating himself out loud. He yells at himself for not playing it cool, for wondering why she’s holding a bag of medicine and not being able to stop from worrying about it. He declares that there is no bigger idiot in this world.

She says she’s sick, and he bites back that he doesn’t care at all (AT ALL!)… but he’s just going to stay beside her until the rain stops. Joo-yeon (voiceover): “I thought, I’d like it if the rain didn’t stop. What is this feeling? Wanting to be together longer…”

Tae-yoon calls, and Wan tells her not to answer. This time she complies and even takes the battery out of her phone. Wan says this is the last time he’s going to come by, and she can come find him when she figures out her heart.

He walks away into the rain, and Tae-yoon walks up and just misses seeing him. They drive off in his car, leaving Wan soaked and standing alone in the street.

Tae-yoon mentions having to get back to work after lunch, and talks about stopping by like it’s an obligation. She asks if he was even worried, and admits, “It doesn’t feel like you even like me.” She asks what he was like with Se-ryung and he shuts that down immediately, but this time Joo-yeon insists on saying what’s on her mind.

He asks how he’s supposed to like her for it to be real, and she thinks to herself that there’s no one answer to that, but all she knows is, she wants something that burns a little hotter, and feels more ardent.

When he asks for her to tell him what she wants, she counters that he’ll just “try” to match that. He asks what’s so bad about that—trying. Joo-yeon: “Did you do that for Se-ryung? Try?”

He finally caves and answers honestly that he didn’t—he didn’t have to try because he just did whatever he felt, because his heart was so heavy and he loved her so much he didn’t have the space to think about anything. He says he liked her without calculations, messy, bumbling, like an animal.

Once he says the words, she realizes that she wished he would’ve lied. It would’ve meant he was afraid to lose her. He says that kind of love hurt too much, and he doesn’t ever want a relationship like that again.

He argues that she’s seeing a problem where there is none, but she argues right back: “We do have a problem.” She refuses to let it go this time, but he pleads with her that he doesn’t want to fight. She sighs and gives in.

He drops her off with a promise to do better, and they part with smiles. But once alone, they look weary.

Wan narrates: “It’s possible that that man’s words were right—there’s really no such thing as love you can’t live without. But believing that such a love exists and not believing and just giving up are entirely different things. Because sometimes, what you believe becomes reality.”

He sits by the Han River and brings up the photo of Little Shing Shing on his phone. Ever the hopeful romantic, he tells her to hurry up and not keep him waiting too long.

Joo-yeon finds the CD that she tossed among Wan’s laundry, and texts Se-ryung to ask where Wan is staying so she can send the rest of his belongings. She pops the CD in to listen to it. Finally.

It’s Wan’s voice singing the song he wrote about her, called “Love Is Smiling.” It brings back a rush of memories of all his declarations of love, from childhood till now. (The lyrics below aren’t complete, given that a lot of the song is played under flashbacks with dialogue, but I did the best I could with the volume turned way up.)

Like a small light in my childhood memory
A warm look directed at me
At the eager words that that was love
You laughed bashfully

I hope you know what is love
I remember you
I hope you know what is love
So you can feel it
The heart you’ve forgotten
Come to my side
Your love in my heart

Love that left while eyes were closed
I’m by your side
Even in this moment

I hope you know love is real
I remember you
I hope you know love is real
So you can feel it
The heart you’ve forgotten
Come to my side
Your love in my heart

Remember to fall in love
Like that feeling
Remember to fall in love
Like that love
The song you forgot
Will you remember
This love song is for you
With my heart

Joo-yeon (voiceover): “I’m always one step behind Wannie. No…two, many steps. I used to think he was going too fast. But now I know, I’m too slow. Lost, and without knowing anything—that’s how I was living.”

The song brings tears to her eyes, and she runs out the door, crying the whole way as she drives.

She reaches the door and rings the bell. Wait, that’s not the number Se-ryung said was his hotel room…

Oh, it’s Tae-yoon’s door! What? He opens it, and she says she has something to say.

Joo-yeon: “You were wrong. There is something you can’t be without, something that you can’t get through effort. Love you can’t live without—I know it doesn’t exist… But I’m going to believe that it does. I’m going to live believing that. I’m going to love someone who believes that. Let’s stop here.”



I did NOT think that was where she was going. But kudos for doing things in the right order, because frankly I was disappointed when that lunch fight didn’t end in a breakup. I like that the conclusion she came to wasn’t that Tae-yoon’s version of a happy relationship was somehow wrong (because truthfully a drama-free relationship does sound nice at least on paper), but that she just wanted something that ran hotter than that.

Tae-yoon’s got his own host of problems, given that he thinks avoiding love is the answer, but I also care less about his happiness so long as it’s not hindering Joo-yeon’s. Of course I wanted to see her run to Wan, but I very much approve of the fact that she’s ending things cleanly with Tae-yoon first. She may have accidentally ended up with two boyfriends, but she doesn’t need to actually become a two-timer.

Thematically speaking, of course it had to be a song to snap her feelings into focus. Music was how she taught him about feelings when he was a child, and it’s how he teaches her about feelings when she’s forgotten how to read them. I love that his message with her was never as simple as I’m the one for you; instead he’s trying to get her to believe that love is real because he understands that she can’t choose him without completely shaking up her view on love.

It’s important that her self-discovery isn’t all about Wan, just ending with the realization that she loves him. Because part and parcel of her refusal to see Wan’s love as real in the first place is the fact that she doesn’t believe in can’t-live-without-you love. What he changed about her was simply a tiny seed of hope—that maybe she could let herself believe in a love that could make her happy, and it wouldn’t crush her. That without choosing to believe in it, even if it’s a fool’s dream, you don’t get to have it at all.


89 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    My questions: 1-Can “Heol” be translated as “Dang?” as it was in this ep, and as “unbelievable” (as it was translated per viki in ep.8 of YFAS). I am guessing that the translation (as is often the case), depends on the context. 2-Was it just me, or did SR seem very protective of JW in this ep.? She kept answering JY’s questions with her own questions (after JW moved out), and she didn’t give out much information about how JW was doing. Also, SR did not readily give out JW’s home address when JY asked her. I had seen that they were close (and that JW was kind of protective of SR), however, I didn’t know that SR would be as protective of JW as I felt she was. It was nice to see that side of her. It made me wonder if SR knew that JW and JY had had a falling out.

    I expected this ep. to be angst ridden, and so I was a little surprise to see that JW still believed that in the end, JY would be coming to him. He seemed surprised to see her (somewhat) calm at the park, though he did mention that they are both going through some painful emotions at the moment. I know he can read her (almost always), however, I didn’t expect him to be so confident towards the end of the ep. But then again, this is JW we are talking about, so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. I liked that JW lashed out at JY, in essence revealing how hurt he was that she had not figured out yet that she was actually in love with him. Also interesting how, now when it comes to love (and emotions), JY avoids facing the truth (about JW). I did love however that she confronted TY about his feelings for her, and I loved that TY was honest about not wanting a passionate love affair this time around. He had been burned badly the last time, and he didn’t wish to experience such emotions again. That is the thing with TY though, when it comes to his romantic relationship with JY, he had been honest from the beginning about what he could offer, and what he couldn’t.

    I just continue to LOVE MS, who can’t help but worry about MJ. MS is so funny and sweet: for someone who keeps saying that he is a coward and irresponsible, and that he would be a bad dad, he sure does a lot of responsible things for MJ and for the baby. He keeps behaving in a thoughtful way, and he acts like a mother already, paying attention to so many details. I think he will be a great dad, precisely because he is so concerned about not being one. He should stop telling MJ that she will not be a good mother, please don’t say that to your babies’ mummy. MS is extremely attentive, and the face readers were wrong, MJ is lucky to have him. I loved her smile, when he went to open the door (making himself at home). I also love how worried sick he gets, thinking about MJ, the pregnancy, and the baby(ies). I can’t wait to see MS’s reaction when he finds out that they are expecting twins. Also, I thought the same thing (as MS) yesterday, when MJ was listing the qualities she wanted in her caregiver: MS could perfectly be that person. And it turns out, MS works from home, perfect!

    I also love how WY is helping HJ figure things out about herself, by nudging her to be good to herself, and not necessarily (always) jumping in to do things for her. It is so obvious how much he likes her, I just enjoy seeing his face light up when he looks at her, and attentive he is to her. WY seems to have found that fine balance between liking HJ (and showing it to her) and encouraging her to become her own person (living out her dreams).

    • 1.1 Ivoire

      Thank you for the recap! I enjoyed seeing JY going through withdrawal pains, from not having JW around. Her scene with the giraffe was hilarious. I am looking forward to next week’s finale.

      • 1.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        I’ve nicknamed the Giraffe in my head Kwangsoo… ^^;; But that might just be me.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Kim Yoonmi,
          As in Lee Kwang-soo of Running Man? Ha ha ha… However now that you mention it, I think that it would be an appropriate name for the giraffe.

      • 1.1.2 Ivoire

        Thank you also GF, for translating the song (or part of it), that JW sang.

    • 1.2 pereleal1

      Regarding your first question, yes, both of those can be appropriate translations for “heol.” “Heol” is kind of a slang word and it’s typically used in reaction to hearing about something unfortunate (but not too serious). Kind of like saying “that sucks” or “that’s a bummer” (or sometimes, “I can’t believe it” – about something not good) in English.

      • 1.2.1 Ivoire

        Hello pereleal1,

        And thank you for your answer. I also watched the video made by “Eat Your Kimchi,” and I read the explanations the “Eat Your Kimchi” team added on the page about “Heol” and some other words they discussed on that segment. All of that really helped. The more I see this word being used (in different contexts), the more I will be familiar with its use.

        I 1st heard “Heol” in Heirs, and Lee Bo-na was the one who said it (I loved how she said it, btw). And then in Heirs, I think Myung-soo used it as well, and that stayed with me. So, I was a little surprised when it was translated as “unbelievable” in YFAS, and then as “Dang” in this ep. I am glad I asked that question.

    • 1.3 Kelinci Biru

      about Heol :


      • 1.3.1 PlumWine

        Thanks, I must have missed that one. I love that website too! 🙂

    • 1.4 owl

      Hi Ivoire, Yes, the baby couple were the best with the little practice doll – ha! So cute! I also loved how MS called himself the most irresponsible person who above all hates to sacrifice. But he has a reason to want to change that now – wait until he finds out its twins, he’ll be doubly attentive, don’t you think?

      • 1.4.1 Ivoire

        Hello owl,

        Always a pleasure to hear from you! I left a response to you on the recap of YFAS, ep. 19, I don’t know if you saw it.

        You know, MS has my heart (as does JW, and WY). He is so darn cute, and he wears glasses (which make him even cuter), and he has really nice lips (OK I will stop here, 🙂 ). I just love the contradictions that MS displays: he really does keep talking about all the things that he is not, and all the things that he cannot do (like sacrificing etc…) and yet, he is also the one who CONSTANTLY worries about MJ, the babies (to the point of getting drunk), and he CONSTANTLY figures out things they should do or try, and he has been educating himself on pregnancies (which is why he keeps pointing those things out to MJ, and she is not aware of them, at least not yet).

        I have been a nanny for many years now, and I know that children do not come with a manual, so no 1st time parents are ever fully prepared for their children (or babies). So in my book, MS is doing really well. And MJ seems to think so as well, because every time MS does something for her, her heart melts a little more (and so does mine, btw). I love that she smiles when he does stuff for her, and when he hovers or fusses over her. And I understand when she cries when he refuses to do certain things like seeing the ultrasound, because he doesn’t feel confident yet. She sees how good he is, and she would love to have him in her life, as a partner/husband, and as the dad to her children. She said so herself.

        I am absolutely looking forward to MS finding out that their are expecting twins. I think he will faint, and then he will come up with an action plan. I also don’t think that he will leave her or move. He is already attached to MJ and to the babies (he just doesn’t realize how much). And yes, he will be doubly, triply (a hundred times) more attentive, which in my eyes makes him more adorable.

        • owl

          I did try and find the skit referral but didn’t see it?! It may be my lack of site navigation skills. I’ll try again when I have a little time. Thanks for the relationship terms site – it’s overwhelming to an outsider!
          EC = Emergency Couple. I dunno, I kinda like the zone out place it takes me to when I’m watching it. I am also enjoying the 3 new recappers on board who are a team for EC recaps. It’s fun. We’ll talk again soon – happy kdrama watching!

  2. Kitchy

    The light bulb finally switched on for Shing Shing!

  3. tata

    Yaaaaay for this episode. Haha.

    She’s so miserable without Wan!!!

  4. AlexLouise

    Thank girl. This ep makes me mouthwatering for the next one. Come Monday and sizzling hot skinship <3

    • 4.1 cutie

      Pray for that. Hot scene of our OTP please, Writernim!

      • 4.1.1 karmen

        yes, I agree That.. please writernim. I pray for that too..

    • 4.2 Nicky

      Me too lol
      I want that imagination scene become REAL!!!

  5. geese

    garrrrrr….love everything about this episode…way to go shing shing and wannie please be patient she’s coming….okay i am trully inlove with these drama… ……luv it…yay…

  6. Eva

    OK cathartic feels lived up to expectations. Now can we have some more hot kisses and a nonfantasy version of what Wan wanted instead of ramyun? Lol!

  7. Megan

    Good for her. Breaking up with the one before she goes after the other.

    Of course, I’m assuming that by stopping to break up with Tae-yoon, Wan is probably in a car on his way to the airport to go back to the States for a year at this very moment. Or, as soon as she runs and finds him he’ll announce that he’s leaving. For a year. It’s always at least for a year. :/

    I like where this show is headed for an ending. I just hate the inevitable year long separations that kdrama’s seem to force on their lovers. Prove me wrong, INR3, please?

    • 7.1 WanAbe

      One day it dawned on me as to why it has to always be a one year separation. Because the filming has to take place during the same season! So if they are filming in winter, it has to be one year later if there is a separation as it is still winter! It couldn’t just be 6 months because it wouldn’t be summer yet so they couldn’t film summer! Anyway, that’s what I concluded as I too hate it when it’s one year later!

      If they show one year later, I want to see all the babies, the twins and a little Wannie! 🙂

      • 7.1.1 Megan

        That’s true! It makes sense… but then, it also doesn’t because just don’t make them separate for a year, let them just get together now instead of making them wait!! As someone who has gone through a long-term long distance relationship (US-Japan), absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder. This couple has already spent too many years apart, they don’t need any more time not being together! D’ya hear me, show??? No year-long separations! I mean it! 😛

        But it WOULD be sweet to see the year later if it meant getting to see the twins. THAT I’d be willing to sit through a dumb year long separation ending for. 🙂

  8. pumpkinattack

    Thank you for the recap!

    I can’t begin to describe how this drama rings true for me. If a guy like Wan threw himself at me, it would probably make me angry: “He doesn’t love me for me. He just has some picture of me in his head that he loves. How selfish. How Childish.” And I would push him away. Wan was like that at first, so I can see that it would be hard for Joo-yeon to accept this kind of puppy love as actual love. For me, the development ended up being remarkably realistic. Yaaay!

  9. WanAbe

    Thank you for the recaps Girlfriday! And for translating Wan’s song! I mean JY’s song!

    I love that Wan is such a pure character, even if he does have some flaws and does some wrongs, which he seems to always recognize, but sometimes you just can’t control how you feel and be rational…got to explode a little to be human right…
    I love that he chooses to believe, instead of drowning himself in alcohol as so many other characters would probably do, he still finds happiness in his beliefs and remains positive. How did he get so mature and wise? Love that he can be both childish in his dreams, and yet wise in reality.

    We knew JY would get there somehow…yes, she is slow, but Wan is patient, so I guess that works out for her.

    I really like how MJ and MS are slowly learning to become parents, and possibly a couple with all their denials. A lot of people are afraid to be married or parents because they don’t believe that they can handle it, but you never know until you are in that situation. As they said, no one is ever really ready, you just have to do it and learn along the way.

    Ah, two more episodes! Whatever the outcome I am satisfied with this drama, it does make me content!

    Now we just need to see JY running to Wan, and becoming part of his world too. Now they can be on equal footing and live in their fairytale together. It’s true, both have to believe to make it come true.

  10. 10 lovereading

    Finally ,the girl realises.
    Now for the ending.

  11. 11 Tara


    I, too, was surprised (but relieved!) that it all finally clicked in her mind…Wan was the man for her, not Tae-yoon. In one episode, no less! I would’ve been beyond annoyed with her if she hadn’t pushed the way she did in the lunch convo…because honestly, he dug his own grave. His feels for Se-ryung were attraction/lust driven but his feels (or lack thereof) for JY was based on not committing himself or letting his heart go? Um, what? That’s not a relationship then…companionship/partnership, maybe–but that was no way actually “trying” with JY, if he was gonna be all non-committal with his feelings in the first place.

    Glad that he was honest this time though…which, coupled with finally listening to Wan’s song for her (gorgeous singing, by the way) finally made sense to her feels for Wannie.

    I liked that she kept hallucinating and trying to will Wan into being there with her…serves her right for discounting his importance in her life.

    Min-jung and Min-seok were too adorable…I thought it was hilarious when he woke up at her place the next morning embarrassed, only to be surprised that she cooked breakfast for him and enjoying her cooking. They look like newlyweds already, prepping for baby twins (although I rolled my eyes at the predictable addition of another baby).

    Can’t wait til next week…can our poor Wannie get the lovin’ he so deserves? 😉 The man child has grown up before our very eyes through the weeks into a mature man (with flashes of his cute but slightly childish jealousy) who finally got the love of his life to realize that she loved him back! Awww 😉

  12. 12 whilethemusiclasts

    Min-seok and Min-jung are adorable and are perfect for each other. GAAAAHHH.

    While I was totally not expecting her to rush to Tae-yoon’s door, I really am glad that that’s where she ended up. Sure, I wanted to see her run to Wan and just jump into his waiting arms… But that can wait till later, after she settles things with Tae-yoon first. Perfect.

    • 12.1 neener

      I totally love their parts on the drama!

      I can’t wait for Min-seok to realize that he’s not like his father and would live with Min-jung and have those twins!

      • 12.1.1 inxomnia

        They are so cute. I love their bits, I find them the most refreshing couple in the show actually.

  13. 13 dai sy

    ohhh…I just really love this drama…this episode is the turning point for our heroine and hero.

  14. 14 Xxvxx

    The withdrawal scene did it for me. Like a wake up call for Shing Shing!!

  15. 15 maddy

    thanks for the amazing recap. love this episode very much.. shing2 please please catch goguma as soon as possible.

  16. 16 kikidee

    Drama free relationships are fine (and welcome!) Enthusiasm free relationships are not. Nobody wants to feel like a place holder. Good for her for realizing it was time to get gone.

  17. 17 owl

    “It’s important that her self-discovery isn’t all about Wan…” So right, girlfriday. It feels like adult self-discovery by someone who has her career in place but has a relationship train wreck past that has to be addressed/faced in order to find out what she should change to get a different result. It feels good that she made a pit stop at TY’s on her way to Wan.
    Wan! The handsome, level-headed but romantic sweet potato. I have high expectations that he will sweep her off her feet with an embrace and swooning kiss that will make me (oh! um her, ahem *choke*) very very happy.

  18. 18 Ahjumma

    This is one of those rare dramas that I haven’t skipped through at some point AND has managed to make me think about the development of the characters. At this point, the characters don’t feel so far-fetched (talking about Wan here). There are so many Wans out; they’re just not SJ with his deep voice and jawline.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  19. 19 bgr

    The last picture/photo of Wannie is absolutely gorgeous!

  20. 20 Aigoooo

    This was a great episode in a show filled with very good episodes. The sadness and longing mixed in with the outstanding soundtrack really hits you in the gut. I’m gonna end up wandering aimlessly around the house once this show and YFAS ends. Did they really have to set the bar this high so early in the year? lol

  21. 21 Anne

    I absolutely love this show! The love story between Wan & ShinShin is not too contrived. I can actually feel how it developed.

    Why is Sung Joon so sexy? Bad boy kind of sexy. And with that tall, lanky body and sexy voice! Aaaahhh!

    • 21.1 Ivoire

      I love and I agree with you about what you said about the show. And, I hear you so clearly about what you said about Sung Joon :-)!!!! What I really love, (besides what you have said about SJ), is that he is also (or he plays it well) a soft teddy bear who is into skinship and tenderness, though I would have to say that, like GF, I was not crazy (I didn’t like it) the kiss that started by being forced in ep. 13-beginning of ep. 14.

      • 21.1.1 Gidget

        Re: the kiss

        Maybe someone can enlighten me.

        I should start by saying that I am a very strong advocate of “no means no.” However, I didn’t really see her saying that.

        His initiation: He pulled her close and said he was going to kiss her.
        Her response: She stood there, absolutely still, with her face mere inches from his…waiting.
        If she was saying no: You extract yourself, immediately.

        His advance: AFTER pausing more than long enough for her to push away – and seeing she didn’t – he kissed her.
        Her response: push-me-pull-you.
        If she was saying no: You push him away assertively. You don’t simply alternate a halfhearted slap on his arm with grabbing it and holding it tight.

        And I agree with the perspective that Wan articulated. Based on her words they weren’t dating. But based on her actions they were dating. (In Kdrama land an intimate emotional relationship + skinship = dating…in the real world what they were doing went several steps beyond a full-fledged emotional affair.) And it’s not unreasonable to for a man to say he’s going to kiss the woman he’s been dating. And follow through if she signals receptiveness.

        What seemed a bit jarring to me was that this kiss didn’t follow the idealized kiss template that Kdramas usually follow. However, I thought it did fall in-line with the ambiguities of how things can unfold in real life.

        So that’s my take. But I’m curious about the thought process of those who disagree with it.

        • Ivoire

          Hello Gidget,

          I appreciate that you are open to read another perspective, and it is possible that we might respectfully disagree in this case.

          I personally did not like this kiss, and it was a forced kiss in my humble opinion. I will also be honest and say that I did not like the way Wan went about kissing her this time around. I would also add that I have a hard time with some of the kisses in dramaland. This notion that is often conveyed that forced kisses are OK (again, just my opinion).

          However, staying on this particular kiss, JW did pull JY in, and that pull was not particular gentle either. It wasn’t brutal (like strong force), but it wasn’t gentle either. Yes he did say, “you will definitely throw me out today, because I am going to kiss you,” (or something along those lines). Then JW looked into her eyes, JY did the same, waiting to see what he would do. To me, because JY is already in love (and attracted) to JW, she is confused about a number of things, and she might not necessarily react in an appropriate way. Kissing a guy, while you are dating another guy is not OK in my book. I don’t think JW would condone that either, however I do think that by kissing JY, he was trying to make a point. Let her know that her body already knew what her mind and her heart had to catch up to, that she in fact loved him. And with TY, she was in love with the idea she had of him, which when she then dated him, revealed itself to be less than ideal (and a big part of it is because TY has his own issues he is not dealing with).

          So I understood why JY stood there, looking at JW. I think a part of her wanted that kiss. To me, there was something in the way JW leaned toward her to kiss her AND in the way he started kissing her. She then started to hit his chest, with her hand (kind of balled in a fist), and she did so repeatedly, before eventually kind of grabbing his jacket, as GF pointed out. Because I felt that JY wanted the kiss, I thought she would melt into it (and rather quickly), however I didn’t see her do that. Towards the end of it, she simply fought less.

          I was expecting JW to let JY go sooner, since she was not actively participating in it (I didn’t get that sense). And so I was disappointed that the kiss lasted as long as it did. This might surprise you, however the kiss on the stairs started somewhat forced to me (how hard he was holding her chin), but then JY gave in, and they kissed, so it became mutual.

          As I mentioned earlier, JW really did not impress me with this kiss. He actually lost me some with that. I think he would have done as well, leaving without kissing her, if he was going to kiss her like that. She would have missed him just as much, I think. I know I was long winded, however I hope this helped. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share how I saw that scene, and for being open to another perspective.

          • Gidget

            Hi Ivoire!

            Thanks for responding. And we don’t really disagree at all. To be honest, last week I stepped away from the message board for a bit because they trajectory they were taking these characters was confusing. Wan, in particular, seemed to completely disconnect from his former self.

            Wan, the wise old soul, was saying to SS ‘live how you want…whatever”. Weird. Wan had always been portrayed as someone who understands what love really is. And I didn’t think his new outlook is what love does. True love stands by a person, even while they are going off-track. But, it does this while retaining hope that they’ll get themselves straightened out.

            I suppose this is based on my own understanding of what love is. I don’t see true love as a sappy emotionalism, or an idealistic vision of sharing only good times together. Real love is also the willingness to go through the rough places with a person. And it also takes risks to tell the person things they may not want to hear. But done in the context of nurture, not harsh criticism.

            Wan had also seemed to abandon the thought that SS was just off track. He seemed to be saying that he’d just have to accept her as she is. That didn’t seem consistent with the makeup of his character. How would someone like him live with a woman who had become so emotionally cold and selfish? He worried about her feeling burdened by his reminding her how she’d changed. But the only reason she was burdened was that, in her heart-of-hearts, she knew what he was saying was right. So his sudden change of outlook didn’t make sense.

            He seemed to descend into a cold pragmatism. And maybe they were suggesting that you become like the person you’re closest to. But it pained me to see his character go in that direction.

            I say all of that to put my response in context.

            Was JW dating two men at once:
            I couldn’t agree more that being involved with two men at once is just plain wrong. My comment was intended to have a more narrow focus. I was really just saying that she was wrong to date two men at once.

            Wan’s saying he would kiss her wasn’t out of context. In reality, they’d started dating with that kiss on the beach. After that, although she claimed to not want to date him, he rightly pointed out that everything she did was consistent with a dating relationship.

            So I lay the responsibility for the eventual relational crisis on her. I don’t think its fair to give a guy mixed signals, then lay the blame on their doorstep when they misinterpret what you really want. Or when they’re giving you what you want, but what you want is wrong. She created a bad situation for everyone involved. I didn’t think it fair to put the blame on Wan. And although the drama didn’t ask us to consider it, her behavior would have been really painful for TY too.

            Re the kiss:
            I agree that kissing him was wrong. What I was trying to say is that I thought she was responsible for the fact it happened. If a) a man says he’s going to kiss you and b) you just stand there in a receptive way, then c) he’s going to kiss you. She should have pulled away as soon as he communicated his intent.

            Re the manner of the kiss:
            I’m glad you brought this up. I agree wholeheartedly that the manner of the kiss was troublesome. It wasn’t kind or intimate. In my post I was focusing on the fact that SS had gotten herself into the situation and she needed to take responsibility…

          • Gidget

            Woo hoo! Truncated!
            Let me try this again – keeping the thought together, but shortening it.

            JW dating two men at once:
I couldn’t agree more that being involved with two men at once is just plain wrong. My comment was intended to have a more narrow focus. I was really just saying that she was responsible for the situation. Intentional or not, the reality was that she was dating both men.

            In reality, she and Wan had started dating with that kiss on the beach. After that, although she said she wasn’t dating him, he rightly pointed out that EVERYTHING they did was consistent with a dating relationship. So, I laid the responsibility for the eventual relational crisis on her, since she was the one who decided to add a third person to the mix. Although the drama didn’t ask us to consider it, her behavior would have been really painful for TY. She wasn’t only being unfair to Wan. She was being unfair to TY too.

            In short, her indecisiveness and wanting to have it all created a bad situation for everyone.

            Re: the kiss
I agree that the kiss was wrong. What I was trying to say is that I thought she was responsible for the fact it happened. If a) a man says he’s going to kiss you and b) you just stand there in a receptive way, then c) he’s going to kiss you. She should have pulled away as soon as he communicated his intent.

            I don’t think its fair to give a guy mixed signals, then blame him if he misinterprets which of those options you really want. Or blame him when he gives you what you want… but what you want is wrong. She made the wrong choice of being in a dating-type relationship with both men. He made the right choice of calling their relationship what it was, and telling her it was wrong for them to continue that way.

            But ultimately what made me ok with JW’s presumption in kissing her was the nature of JW and JY’s relationship. Their relationship was contextualized in closeness. He knew her well, understood her, was loyal to her and had never been unfair or unkind to her. She also had already chosen to open herself to him emotionally, in a way she did’t open herself to others. If his choice had happened in any other context, I wouldn’t have been ok with it.

            Re: the manner of the kiss
I’m glad you brought this up. I agree wholeheartedly that the manner of the kiss was troublesome. It wasn’t kind or intimate. In my post I was focusing on the fact that SS had gotten herself into the situation and she needed to take responsibility for it. But the kiss seemed to be choreographed to communicate a release of dissonance, frustration and anger. Because kisses that come from that place emotionally are usually done to assert dominance or seize control it felt wrong. That isn’t right. Ever. (The only thing that kind of kiss deserves is a slap across the face. But, with a bad guy, that’d probably just escalate things…) But in the context of this scene of this drama, to me the kiss seemed more wrong-headed than wrong.

            As a side note: I’ve read a lot of comments about this episode that say he was wrong to kiss her when she hadn’t verbally given permission for it. But then I go over to the YFAS thread and people are swooning over MJ’s kisses in ‘frozen time.’ If you think about it, the lack of permission for physical contact is the same. What’s different is the emotional tone of the choreography. I suspect that if the kiss in this episode was tender, viewers would have swooned.

            Re: melting…

      • 21.1.2 Ivoire

        Hello Gidget,

        Good to “read” from you. I would like to start by apologizing. You left me a response (and a question) in ep. 19 (I believe) of YFAS, and I meant to respond (I really did), however, time got away from me this past weekend, and even though I had started responding to other beanies’ comments, I never got to yours. Sorry about that. I will still respond and post it (to finish that conversation), and I don’t expect you to read it (if you don’t want to, or forget). It’s just that I like to finish conversations, just letting you know.

        Also, in the week before that, you had also responded to one of my comments (not under my post, but under someone’s else) and it was about the theme in that ep. or in the drama in general. Well, the sad thing is that I had actually started responding to your comment, however I had done it on a Word document, because my computer was acting up (I have a PC, and it crashes often 🙁 ). And then something happened (real life related), and I never finished my thought, so I didn’t post it. I am saying all of this because I actually liked your insight about the thematic topics you were explaining, and I wanted to find out more about that. I am still planning on posting the response I had written, and if you don’t read it or respond to it, that’s fine. I would be interested in your thoughts however.

        So, if you ever feel nostalgic about YFAS, and find yourself reading through the comments, I would encourage you (if I may) to respond to some comments, if you so desire. I have gone back to dramas’ recaps I had commented on (Faith being one of them), and I have been nicely surprised to see that well after the drama had ended, some beanies had left me some comments. That was nice to see. I am going to go respond to your comment in a following post (about your response here).

        • Gidget

          Thanks for this. 🙂

          Like you, I’ve been super-busy and barely able to spend time keeping up with the current threads. Mostly keep up during spare moments via my phone. But probably unlike you, when I try to quickly post via my phone, grammar and intelligibility are…well…M.I.A. (colloquialism for ‘missing and presumed dead’). It’s a bad feeling to look back at a poorly written post and regret hitting the send button. I’m trying to exercise some self-discipline (and perhaps self-respect) by NOT doing this anymore!

          That said, I’m sorry about not following up on some conversations. I always kind-of assumed that if I hadn’t been able to respond to a post within a day or so, that people wouldn’t be checking anymore. But, reflecting on it, dropping conversations isn’t very polite if someone has taken the time to respond.

          So thanks for letting me know you do check. That’s helpful to know!

          • Ivoire

            Hello Gidget,

            I am going to say this, and please don’t think I am weird or a freak (OK, we all have our idiosyncracies, but I don’t think I am a weirdo. I have actually been a nanny and a caregiver for a very long time. I am also what Koreans would refer to as an ahjumma, so please trust me when I say that I am safe 🙂 ).

            OK, I was going to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “talking” to you. You do what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE when watching Kdramas: you go deep, you analyze, you use your life experiences, and more importantly, you make me THINK and you GIVE me a different perspective, things to ponder. Kdramas to me are like literature classes, except you know… they are classes in Korean, and they expose me to a a new culture, language, food, scenery, etc…

            So, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!! for being long winded (I call that being detailed), and thorough. I LOVE reading your thoughts. Look at how many times I have used the word LOVE and you know how I feel about the conversations we are having.

            I am so glad you saw my comment. Don’t worry about making mistakes, though I understand, because I am the same way (I reread and edit my comments before posting them). You are very eloquent, I have to say (another thing I love!!!!!! 🙂 ). So, all of that being said, I will have to be back later to add to your comments. I REALLY LOVED what you said about JW (how he changed) and I was thinking that he had changed, but I didn’t see all that you saw (I will have to tell you more later).

            So, this is to be continued. I am SOOOOO GLAD we connected. You are the kind of beanie I love discussing Kdramas (and life) with. I have done this before, so I will extend this to you. My email is “[email protected]” We could also communicate by email. I have made some really good connections here, and I have become friends with some beanies on FB And with others, through our conversations, we are becoming friends. And I love that some live in other places like Korea, and Singapore and Malaysia, and Canada, etc…

            And as I said, I am safe. Parents would not trust me with their children (and have me as a live-in nanny) if I were not safe, trust me :-). I hope to hear from you, here or by email, or both. I know I have said it before, but I am so glad we connected, and that we are talking about issues and emotions, etc… To be honest, there are only so many posts I can read about someone’s “hot” shower scene or abs. I don’t mind talking about kisses if we are going beyond the “they made out,” comment, which we are.

            You just made my day! I got some “kind of mean” comments on ep. 21 of YFAS, and that brought me down for a while. I was trying to bring myself back up, and you have helped in doing that. Thank you! Also, I am a relational person. I care about the conversations, the connections I make, so to me I really appreciate having some ongoing conversations, a day, 2 days, a week or longer after everyone else has left that thread. I stop that conversation when all the thoughts and ideas about that topic (or scene) have been discussed. So, you are right, after a day or two, 99,99 % of the beanies leave the thread and move on. I am the exception to the rule, FYI :-). It’s just that, as you know, there is not enough hours in the day to do this (discuss dramas), because I love doing this.

          • Ivoire

            @ gidget,

            Also, if you do decide to give it a try and email me, please remind me that you are “gidget” from DB. I would appreciate that.
            Also, your thoughts on “re: melting” (of SS melting into the kiss, I am assuming) didn’t post or show (I didn’t see them). I would love to know what you were going to say about that (please).

  22. 22 Sponge

    Im really enjoying the path that this drama is going in, i didn’t expect to like it this much (even though kim so yeon was in my favourite kdrama ever prosecutor princess), there doesn’t appear to be any conflict that i found too cliche, instead i followed her cynicism about love, as well as his idealism throughout the whole show

    *Crosses fingers for last two episodes*

  23. 23 Gidget

    Fantastic recap. Thanks for giving us such an enjoyable and insightful read!

    The melancholy tone of this episode was so beautiful. I’ve liked the INR franchise, but INR3 has really raised the bar.

    • 23.1 son hye

      I do agree that INR3 raised the bar. I love the chemistry between the lead. they both look very beautiful couple in INR franchise.

  24. 24 IQ

    Thank you very much for the recap 🙂
    btw here’s video of Sung Joon won Best Actor in a One-Act Special, beating Namgoong Min in KBS Drama Awards 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IAYKPBvqT4

  25. 25 Hey!

    I love this drama so much that sometimes I forget about “My love from another star”. I am glad Shing Shing realized her feelings and I am looking forward to Wannie getting his true love. I can not wait until Monday!!

    • 25.1 Ssie

      Ditto! I like YFAS and really think that it’s a top-notch drama (no arguments there whatsoever) but with INR3 it feels like I’m empathizing with the characters, and getting to know them, and understanding them, and growing with them. Maybe at this point in my relationship with Kdramas, I’m looking for something more grounded and less like a fiction in the slice-of-life sense 😀

      • 25.1.1 Gidget

        Me too! I like the shows equally, but for really, really different reasons.

        I’m absolutely in love with YFAS as a drama. They have done so many cool things with that show, and the way they’ve told the story has played me like a fiddle. But, like you, I feel a greater sense of connectedness to the INR characters.

        They’ve both been so very good from start to finish, and I’ll miss them both. But, with YFAS I’ll miss the show. With INR3, I’ll miss the characters and their journeys.

  26. 26 micky

    That’s good Shing Shing went to end eveything with Tae Yoon before going to Goguma. I think it seems late to let Shing Shing realizes herself when just 2 ep. left. Previous ep. while Shing Shing dated with Tae Yoon absolutely uncomfortable. I wish more and more romance time between Shing Shing and Goguma. Their chemistry so splendid. Love One night stand couple too. Hope they’ll end up together. Anyway, I don’t want Se Ryung reunites with Tae Yoon. This guy love no one except himself.

  27. 27 PlumWine

    Thanks GirlFriday for the recaps and you insights. Your realization of the thematic approach through song and that Joo Yeon’s self discovery isn’t just about Wan but what love is; is one of the many reasons I enjoy this sight so much. I generally just watch, then come here for deeper understanding. Thanks!

    I really appreciate that the writer had her go to Tae Yoon’s to break up first. I really think it’s the proper thing to do. Perhaps her doing so will push him to reexamine why he keeps pushing Se Ryung away. I loved the seen with the three ladies together and the fact that it was Min Jung ( the oldest!) who had done the most stalking. When Se Ryung’s jaw dropped, I lost it like a loon!

    I was actually really surprised that Min Jung is having twins!! I’m waiting for Min Seok to faint. :). I love how he said he’s unprepared but that she’s not either. I got that he was implying that she’s worse. Those two are so cute together.

    I loved the hallucinations, even if I did get fooled with the one where she was sick. Biding my time till next week. I think I’ll need a cold drink while watching. (I hope!) 😉

    • 27.1 Gidget

      Re: Your realization of the thematic approach…

      That’s exactly what I was thinking when reading this recap.

  28. 28 riarallahssi

    Dang this KDrama for making me think I may have made the wrong choice leaving people for feeling too much. Hahahaha. *Skrewd

  29. 29 August

    After watching numerous Kdramas, sometimes you reach a point where you tend to just expect and see the same OTP separation tropes and/or 1st/2nd lead reactions.

    With I Need Romance 3, you fully expect one thing and in each of the 14 episodes a pleasant surprise always awaited us.

    I am ecstatic and look forward to episodes 15 & 16.!

  30. 30 mono

    I couldn’t warm up to Wan at first because he was seemingly dictating Joo Yeon to his ideal image (even though I can’t disagree with his views), but now he’s less of a wise old man, I’m all aboard the ship (crowded here, ain’t it).

    I need a giraffe in my life too lol. But I’m glad she went to break off with Tae Yoon first, she was unintentionally two-timing previously but at least she set it straight after ‘fessing up to her feelings. If it wasn’t NGM playing Tae Yoon, I would be pissed off even more. Still hoping he can redeem himself a little.

    The Min-min baby couple are adorable together, they’re such a joy to watch haha.

  31. 31 Ssie

    Gaaaaah seemed like I was the only one who cried with this episode! *sniff* *still crying now* Especially during the part where Shing Shing was soooo lost and so frustrated that she can’t figure out what is what. Sometimes I think I’m like her, so realistic and so un-expectant that even if a Wan is slapped on my face I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.

    The thing I like most about this show… I mean, second to Wan (because he is the THING I LIKE MOST) is that I feel like I’m growing with the characters. Especially with Shing Shing. Maybe I’m the only one who wasn’t really fessed up with her dilly-dallying just because I totally understand just where she is coming from. And as her eyes is opened to the truth and learning comes in, I feel like I’m also learning about life one episode at a time.

    Seriously, this is probably the only show where I don’t really mind the slowness of the main heroine (is it possible to drag it for a little longer, like 2 more episodes? No? Tsk) ’cause I just want to see Wan do things for her. I mean, we don’t get to see many Beta main heroes in Kdramaland nowadays (or probably eversince) and I feel like Wan is my overdue reward for all my loyalty and hard sacrifices with Alpha heroes.

    Fighthing episode 15 and 16!!

    • 31.1 PlumWine

      I may have gotten a little something in my eye at one point. No, not tears! Just a little…. over flow of eyeball wetness.

    • 31.2 tata

      I did too, you know, cried. HAHA ;p

  32. 32 Nena

    Thanks for the recap Girlfriday!

    YAY! Just saw the episode and was sooo happy for Shin Joo Yeon! I mean, what a heck of a ride… she really had to be “down in the gutter”, in such a lonely, desperate, Joo Wan-seeking place, to learn all that much about her self and of what she genuinely wants/needs: to love Joo Wan and be loved right back! Yes, finally!

    And ooops, I kinda rejoiced at Kang sunbae’s face in the end, ’cause that girl ain’t for you, so off you go, all the happiness to you, but go!

    I wanted a preview so badly, but I guess the excitement will only make things better for next week! Can’t wait for Shin Joo Yeon’s confession *please, please, let there be one, that boy has already made his fair share of those*!

  33. 33 bd

    Felt that things were floundering around and that it was harder to get into both the various characters and the various relationships as things none were very appealing (the best of the bunch was the “relationship” btwn the pregnant co-worker and her “fling”).

    But things have certainly gotten a jump for these past 2 eps – raising the stakes to make things more interesting.

    Still think this romcom needs more “com” – to balance out all the other stuff.

    As an aside, started to watch “Miss Korea” recently, and it certainly has surpassed my expectations – not only a very appealing cast (Lee Yeon-hee is absolutely killing it in her role), but the writing is very well done, escaping the the typical K-drama cliches.

    While I like YFAS and INR3 well enough, never had an urgency to watch the next ep, unlike for MK (tho things are finally turning around for INR3).

    • 33.1 inxomnia

      I’ve actually grown detached to this drama because JY’s character is too inconsistent. I do feel like the drama began to drag the whole JY-doesn’t-understand-her-own-feelings side of things. I’m glad she’s had an awakening, though slightly rolling my eyes at how … depressed she was.

      To be honest, despite knowing from the beginning who she was going to end up with (hence taking away all the suspense factor), I kind of wished for a better love triangle or even love story… this one has been way too one sided for me to truly root for their happiness. It feels way to imbalanced and as much as I love Wan and JY’s cute moments, if he was my friend in reality, I would feel sorry for him because it feels like he deserves better.

      I think the main thing that drives me to continue watching is the fact that the drama does pose a lot more thought provoking questions about love than the more cliche stories.

  34. 34 hydramirage

    gaaaaah, loved this episode!

    Though on a side note, I reeeeaallly want that cell phone cover that Shing Shing uses.

    • 34.1 jamjam3

      YESS i want the cell phone cover too!!! does anyone know where to get this?!

      • 34.1.1 Eva

        From the PPL listings at the end of the eps, my guess is that the phone is an LG G2? So the case would be a flip cover for it. Similar to this http://www.amazon.com/CoverBot-QuickWindow-Support-COMPATIBLE-WIRELESS/dp/B00FKROB9O

        I love my Nexus 5 though, so I’m good. 🙂

        • hydramirage

          Thanks for the info! I don’t think it’s the G2 she’s using specifically as her phone has a physical button on the bottom bezel. I wonder if anyone knows who the maker of the flip case is as it seems to be a a full screen quick window like case except it is semi opaque.

  35. 35 aly

    is there any way i can get Love Is Smiling.by sung joon. seriously in love with it. whenever i hear him sing it’s a bit bitter sweet because it reminds me right away of shut up flower boy days and how much i miss that drama and the songs he sung on there, he has such a beautiful voice. frankly, i really hope she breaks up with her lame current bf. he honestly doesn’t seem to take her all that seriously and think that have a stress free relationship is ok without regarding how your partner feels. it’s only stress free on your part because you’re giving zero shits about how shes feeling. she deserves to experience real love from wan. get yo man girl!!!

  36. 36 Technokeats

    This is the best 14th episode ever!!! I mean, compared to YFAS, this one hit ALL THE RIGHT SPOTS for me.

    And that CHEMISTRY!!! (between Wannie and Shing Shing) ….. dammmmn. It’s like QIHM’s… very sweet, very special.

  37. 37 s21783

    Many people would wonder if such guy like Joo Wan exists in reality – sweet, patient, domesticated, good in his job and waits for the girl to turn to him, and a wonderful dad (after marriage and kids come along) too unreal, isn’t it? Let me comfort you, this kind of guy exists, so don’t hesitate when this person comes along. Like Shing Shing, be fast to realise and marry him.

  38. 38 Lee kim

    only two episode remaining.. i really enjoying this drama..anyway, thanks for your recap girlfriday.

  39. 39 gottca87

    I really love this episode which is the punishment for shing shing to realize her heart for joo wan. I am so sad to watch the scene that show shing shing felt sick and slept in joo wan bed.. I just hope she will confessed her heart for joo wan for the next episode and kiss him passionately..

  40. 40 lilly

    Raining scene so touching. I do love when both JY and JW pretended to be cold but talked with themself to show how much longing with each other they are. Well done KSY ans SJ. Their chemistry really awesome. That’s 99.99% JY and JW will be end up together hope writer won’t hurt us. Love this drama.

  41. 41 titiwi

    She decided to go to him in episode 14, what happened that drags out the reconciliation for 2 episodes? Maybe, she went to the hotel and misinterpreted something, but there is going to be some useless drama.

  42. 42 Adal

    This is my first comment on INR3, but I had to say my first bullsh!t and WTF moment was when Tae yoon chewed Joo yeon out because she had a subordinate that was pregnant out of wedlock. I couldn’t believe my ears. Fake wedding? Denying maternity leave because she’s an unwed mother? I know Korea is conservative but wow! Isn’t that extreme?! The fake wedding could be a plot of a kdrama all on its own! What was Joo yeon supposed to do anyway? Fire her subordinate? Or report her to the authorities? What happened to a person’s private life?

    Min seok is super cute, what with the practice baby, and strawberries and cooked meals, high heels and yoga classes… He’s so cute! Is it any wonder I’m shipping them (MS & MJ) harder than our main couple?

    I seem to be one of the few people excited about a Woo young and Hee jae pairing. But I’m shipping them hard. He seems to bring out the best in her and that can only be a good thing. Woah, the series ends next week, I am going to miss it. It has been a fun ride.

  43. 43 abigail.

    Next week is the season finale? I thought they said 16 episodes this season total and it’s only finished number 14! Also, when it does take a break, do you know when the next season starts?

    • 43.1 petmink

      Are you new to K-dramas? There is no second season. Also they air 2 episodes per week.

  44. 44 STM

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know the title and singer of the song that goes like:

    Your eyes touching my heart
    Love in the air
    Love in my dreams
    Love in your eyes

    It doesn’t seem to be in their official OST.


    • 44.1 arisse

      oh really. I love that song which is appear in episode 3 and I just wait until it release soon. but its not official ost isn’t it?

  45. 45 enna

    I just hope ..that this drama will get episode extension.. just feel.sad towards the rest two.episodes when i adore this KSY n SJ couple so.much

  46. 46 Anne

    Where can I download the song “Love is Smiling”?

    • 46.1 R

      This song is not released yet, maybe next week (tomorrow !)
      Sung Joon’s voice is really awesome 🙂

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