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Joseon romance thriller Age of Innocence finalizes its cast
by | February 17, 2014 | 33 Comments

The lineup is solid and the story intriguing for Age of Innocence, a new movie project in the works set in the Joseon era that headlines Shin Ha-kyun (All About My Romance, Brain) and Kang Haneul (Heirs, Monstar) in a father-son match-up.

The central premise is of a gisaeng who initially sets out to get close to the hero intending revenge, but ends up gradually falling for him instead. It’s hardly a novel conflict but the setting adds interest; the film is set in the late 14th century, in the nascent years of the Joseon dynasty after overthrowing Goryeo. Shin Ha-kyun was cast first and plays a warrior who wielded his sword at the command of his nation; Kang Haneul plays his son.

Jang Hyuk is another name who is potentially attached, though I wonder if he’d really take a role as the hero’s right-hand man, unless that role is a lot more important than it sounds. The movie promises to tell a story of love, betrayal, loyalty, and revenge—all the trademarks of an epic sageuk blockbuster. I could get onboard that.

Directing is Ahn Sang-hoon of the thriller Blind, and already Age of Innocence is drawing comparisons as a Korean version of Lust, Caution. It has yet to begin production, so I’m going to suppose that’s mostly an aspirational claim. Age of Innocence plans to begin filming in April.

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivy

    Exciting!!! XD

  2. Wannabean

    jang hyuk…as a supportig character? well I guess it’s not impossible, as Joo Jin Mo kinda was in Empress Ki, but feels unlikely.

    • 2.1 eny

      i don’t think joo jin mo is supporting role, he’s lead actor in empress ki but empress ki is woman center drama so HJW get most screen n the male actor doesn’t as much as her, the setting in yuan, it’s make sense that yuan shown much in the drama. Actually i’m quite surprise he appear so much comparing to other male charracter in female center drama like Dae jang geum or Hwang jin yi

  3. dame

    I’m more excited to see who will be the gisaeng. Tang Wei was awesome in Lust, Caution.

    I’m thinking of Moon Chae Won for the lead role, I dunno.. I think she can be the fragile and seductive gisaeng :-).

    • 3.1 news

      I vote for Kim Go-Eun as the main actress.

      • 3.1.1 Mindy


        Kim Go-Eun looks like Tang Wei!

        She’s a bit young, but who knows…

      • 3.1.2 j18

        KGE is in another sageuk film. The film will be release this year. I think the title of the film is Memories of the Sword. She’s the daughter of a swordsman who will seek revenge because of her father’s death. The role of gisaeng in AoI is a bit similar to her role in Memories of the Sword. As much as I like her as an actress I don’t want her to play the same role.

        • news

          I don’t think they’re the same role. A gisaeng is so different from a swordswoman. They’ll both seek revenge, but that’s the only similarity.

          • j18

            Maybe, I did not make it very clear. It is not really about the role per se that she is a swordswoman in one film and on the other film she is a gisaeng. It is very obvious that both are different. But both films the swordswoman and the gisaeng will seek revenge. I don’t really mind if she does the role again but not on the same genre and not on the same year.

    • 3.2 Beng

      aren’t they a bit youngish?

      I’ll go for Son Ye Jin or the badass Kim So Yeon, who can be sweet and innocent at the same time with being a badass =).

      • 3.2.1 news

        It appears Kang Han-Na is to play the gisaeng. She’s young, but I think pairing a young female w/ an older man is pretty standard for that time period.

    • 3.3 Rose

      Yessss moon chae won. Offer her that role bc she has acted as a geseang already so it should be easy for her. Shin ha kyun is also one of my favorite actors since I saw him in brain. I just so love his character n he plays so well

    • 3.4 KenyanKorean

      I vote Park Shi Yeon from Nice Guy aka Innocent Man, Seo Hyo Rim or Han Go Eun from Me Too Flower.

  4. bebe jam

    I like how their hair matches along with their faces. Lol. They are truly father and son.

  5. Dusty

    Kang Ha Neul with a Mane of Glory? That’s all you had to say, I’m SO THERE.

  6. AnotherFan

    I am such a huge fan of Shin Ha Kyun! Other than the dramas, I recently caught him in “Saving the green planet” – he had such a subtly intense performance to go with that wild ride of a plot (not a complaint though. I am in love with the writer/director and the concept! Wish I could submit a movie review for DB.), if there is such a thing. A true chameleon of an actor who loves his craft. I will follow his projects for sure. Thanks for this update!

    • 6.1 jusash

      Catch him in Guns and Talk too. Hilarious movie!

      • 6.1.1 AnotherFan

        Oh thanks for the recommendation. Will do!

    • 6.2 Shoshele

      Amen! I’ve just marathoned him this past week in “All About My Romance,” “Harvest Villa” and “Brain.” He was the best thing going in all three!

  7. ICameFromDoMinJoon'sStar

    just realized…kang hanuel’s name means river and sky?

  8. jomo

    Oh my!
    I will want to see this.

  9. Museofmanymasks

    This sounds promising, hope it pans out well. But the title throws me off, wasn’t Go Soo in a drama of the same name awhile back?

  10. 10 missDVM

    I love BOTH of these men. Such great, emotive and powerful actors. I am SO IN! Yaaaay!

  11. 11 ziziebrown

    Kang Ha Neul….. yay!!! So looking forward to it!!!

  12. 12 Kiara

    Glad Shin Ha-kyun is doing a movie again. I didn’t care much for his last drama.

  13. 13 kanz

    So we have Age of Feeling, Age of Innocence, what else?
    Maybe Age of Angst, Age of Makjang??

    From the pics above, I’ll believe that they’re indeed father and son.. Resemblance

  14. 14 Emmy

    Sounds exciting! And I really like both actors! Definitely going to check it out!

  15. 15 canxi

    Want see O:

    Also I loved Lust/Caution–I hope the movie backs that claim up, lol. But we know it will be well acted!

  16. 16 Viki

    Oooh woops, I thought Kang Ha Neul was Hyun Bin for a moment…hahaha

  17. 17 Thea

    Kang Ha Na will played Ka Hee, the gisaeng who approached SHK to take revenge but she falls in love with him. If you didn’t know who is she. She played on Miss Korea, one of girls from Cherry Salon, Im Soon No. Shes looks like Zhang Zi Yi I think.

  18. 18 Langit13iru

    SHK smile is so infectious. He shall be ban for smiling. I don’t remember if I ever watch him in movies. Oh, I know. I saw him as Won Bin hyung in My Brother movie.

  19. 19 Rushie

    They look alike enough to play father and son. I like Kang Haneul but I hate sageuks. What to do?

  20. 20 bmore

    Whatever happened to this movie? There is nothing on the internet about it since it was announced???

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