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Kim Jae-wook quits Age of Feeling on heels of writer change

I have read this news a dozen times and I still don’t quite understand: Kim Jae-wook is suddenly quitting Age of Feeling, without much warning and for reasons that are couched in vague terms by producers. What we know for certain is that earlier this week, the production decided to replace the head writer, which means the first head writer left the show and a brand-new writer was brought onboard. Presumably the three other rookies on the team remained.

The crazy(-er) thing is that this news was released on Thursday, the 13th, which was the day that Age of Feeling broadcast Episode 10… and the notice posted by Kim Jae-wook’s management company explained that Episode 8 would be his last. So we didn’t even have time to understand that he was exiting the show before he exited it. What the? Who runs shows like this?

That official message said, “This decision for him to leave the show was arrived at with difficulty, as a result of an unavoidable circumstance.” That unavoidable circumstance was not identified with any detail, merely alluded to as a result of the new writer taking the story in a very different direction, a direction that purportedly works better with less Kim Jae-wook, or rather no Kim Jae-wook at all.

I’m behind on this drama so I checked in with our resident Age of Feeling recapper for her reaction, and after the initial expletives (“What. WHAT?! He didn’t leave a show where he had no speaking lines but he’s leaving this one? What’s really going on?”), HeadsNo2 had this to say: “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY CAN’T I GET A SHOW WITHOUT BACK-END PROBLEMS.” Okay, okay, and also this: “It just doesn’t make sense. Yeah, I wasn’t quite seeing the role he was going to play in the story but I really doubt that’s why they wrote him out. There are literally 30 other characters that they could trash without anyone noticing.”

Despite the behind-the-scenes hullaballoo, the show has actually been getting better ratings lately, so there’s that nugget of consolation. You From Another Star is still way out in front in first place, but Age of Feeling is steadily creeping up in second place; its latest episode drew an 11.4% rating. It’s not too late to hope that the show can bounce back, right?

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