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Kim Jae-wook quits Age of Feeling on heels of writer change
by | February 14, 2014 | 128 Comments

I have read this news a dozen times and I still don’t quite understand: Kim Jae-wook is suddenly quitting Age of Feeling, without much warning and for reasons that are couched in vague terms by producers. What we know for certain is that earlier this week, the production decided to replace the head writer, which means the first head writer left the show and a brand-new writer was brought onboard. Presumably the three other rookies on the team remained.

The crazy(-er) thing is that this news was released on Thursday, the 13th, which was the day that Age of Feeling broadcast Episode 10… and the notice posted by Kim Jae-wook’s management company explained that Episode 8 would be his last. So we didn’t even have time to understand that he was exiting the show before he exited it. What the? Who runs shows like this?

That official message said, “This decision for him to leave the show was arrived at with difficulty, as a result of an unavoidable circumstance.” That unavoidable circumstance was not identified with any detail, merely alluded to as a result of the new writer taking the story in a very different direction, a direction that purportedly works better with less Kim Jae-wook, or rather no Kim Jae-wook at all.

I’m behind on this drama so I checked in with our resident Age of Feeling recapper for her reaction, and after the initial expletives (“What. WHAT?! He didn’t leave a show where he had no speaking lines but he’s leaving this one? What’s really going on?”), HeadsNo2 had this to say: “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY CAN’T I GET A SHOW WITHOUT BACK-END PROBLEMS.” Okay, okay, and also this: “It just doesn’t make sense. Yeah, I wasn’t quite seeing the role he was going to play in the story but I really doubt that’s why they wrote him out. There are literally 30 other characters that they could trash without anyone noticing.”

Despite the behind-the-scenes hullaballoo, the show has actually been getting better ratings lately, so there’s that nugget of consolation. You From Another Star is still way out in front in first place, but Age of Feeling is steadily creeping up in second place; its latest episode drew an 11.4% rating. It’s not too late to hope that the show can bounce back, right?

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128 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    I saw the news this evening, kind of sad… I hope the drama will do well, and that its rating will continue to rise.

    • 1.1 secretlyaddicted

      Me too!! I am hoping that this drama will do well. KHJ has improved so much in his acting! And I like the story, and all the action. Even my husband who rarely watches Kdrama couldn’t stop watching this one! Age of Feeling, Fighting!!!

    • 1.2 Ivoire

      I have only caught a few episodes, however I agree. KHJ’s acting has greatly improved. And I find his eyes so expressive, very soulful. They do a good job giving him that beat down look, as if at times he is carrying the world on his shoulders.
      The younger actors (the teenage versions of the main leads) were really good as well, I really liked them. I do wish this show well, and I really hope the new writer will head it in a good direction.

    • 1.3 ann

      He is. I think he can go far, wounded hero or straight face comedy hero, I can he can pull it of.

      Sorry to say this,but of all 4 BOF boys, he’s the most improved 🙂


    • 1.4 tata

      Why Kim Jae Wook. Whyyy?? TT

  2. anastassia


    So dissapointed and very upset. I just watched this drama yesterday and so in it and Kim Jae Wook was in it and i just know and pretty much lit up the screen when he is in it.


  3. peeps


  4. noernov

    I saw the news this morning n I STILL don’t get it,WHY????? 😭

  5. canxi

    Aww, so does that mean he didn’t leave because of the writer and it’s just that they gave him the boot?? Are they not capable of writing love squares?? I mean it seems like Kaya has like 3-4 suitors, why can’t they have two for Ok Ryun? I am so confused…

    What in the world. That seems majorly messed up. Now we will have to wait again for a project from him ):

    But, I guess it’s good that the show still seems to be doing OK. But that kind of sucks in and of itself because it makes the industry more wont to do something like this again because it pleases people/gets the desired results???

    • 5.1 canxi

      Also, prayer circle for Heads.

      • 5.1.1 javabeans

        She would appreciate your well wishes and drinks.

      • 5.1.2 mary

        Poor Heads. She’s like the Yoon Eun Hye of the recapping world. 🙁

        We all love her, but she always ends up with the weirdest dramas…

        • yuhoo

          OMG LMAO.

          i feel bad for this drama but ahh yes I feel more for Heads. We still have 10 more months, Heads!! Here’s to hoping this one will end up well.

        • canxi

          I’m starting to think she shouldn’t take on any drama in a time frame that isn’t at least the 90’s, lol.

        • Mandy

          Since I’m on my phone I can’t like so instead I’ll comment. Just…

          HAHAHA. Your comment is gold.

        • Quaggy

          Too true. It’s been a long time since A Tree With Deep Roots (if we are only talking about the shows she recaps while they are currently airing.) Maybe if she recapped a few completed series for a while? Ones we already know don’t go crazy halfway through. Sort of like an emotional rest stop before the next crazy drama we all know will be heading her way.

        • ...

          dammit i was listening to a ballad and getting the sad feels then i scrolled down to this comment

          moment ruiner 🙁 (but yes this comment is great)

        • risa

          IKR?! As soon as I saw this news, my heart sank– how can the Drama Gods do this again to our incredibly wonderful HeadsNo2? Hopefully all these WTF recapping experiences are akin to the trials and tribulations that many a k-drama hero/heroine go through en route to Happiness Ever After. (I just realized that her name begins with HEA… that must mean something, right?)

          힘네, Heads!

          • HeadsNo2

            All these comments warmed my heart. ♥♥♥ to all you lovely beanies.

      • 5.1.3 magnus

        Honestly part of me wants this to tank ratings wise(meaning stay where it is in KBS’s mind) and fly off the handle because this’ll be one step closer to the industry realizing that shenanigans like this aren’t good. Maybe they’ll understand that they should allow a story to develop organically, respect the writers they hired, and not go for desperate last minute ratings grabs with crazy writing. Because that seems to be what’s going on and it’s mind boggling but not surprising.

        BUT a much MUCH bigger part of me wants this drama to not fly off the rails and be smooth sailing for Heads sake so I’ll pray for that much. She gets the crazy dramas to recap all the time, it’s a curse. Let this one drama work out

        • canxi

          It just seemed kinda sudden, doesn’t even look like they bothered to write him out.

          Well, I also don’t want the show to tank because of KHJ. Like, I think he deserves to have something go right (after the other flopped-before-it-dropped drama) and it seems like he is giving it his all so I hope the show doesn’t go crazy town bananas!

    • 5.2 QQ

      I know what you mean!!! I was so ready for the time skip to 1936 to see the relationship change since he helped her escape. But what the??? I suffered a week wait for nothing! Another disadvantage live-shoot dramas.

    • 5.3 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

      I know right Gaya has 6 guys that like N OKR can’t get 1 ……….. Gosh show 😭 well least …… No forget that Y,Y,Y did he leave he was the only thing I can laugh with smh

  6. dames

    I hope he quits AoF to join other drama.. Say for KBS Golden Cross. Ooff. HOW I WISH!

    AoF is getting better, love the cinematography, can I say that it is much better than Gaksital.

    But storywise, I hope to see more from the lead esp Kaya, owh man she’s quite boring.

  7. Starrynights

    Was gonna watch it for KJW but I guess now that he’s out, I’m outtie as well. So suspicious though… oh well, their loss. Cuz he’s amazing (and deserves to be the main lead soon).

    • 7.1 Starrynights

      Btw, that’s a VERY GOOD picture of him. Stared at it for a good minute before reading the contents of this post.

    • 7.2 2HooKD

      KJW has really grown as an actor and I really enjoyed his character in this drama. Honestly, he was the main reason I was watching it. You’re right, he deserves a lead role. He’d be awesome in a romantic comedy! Hmmm, do I continue to watch this show?

  8. Rachel

    What in the what?!?! I haven’t watched Age of Feeling but this is just weird news.

  9. whilethemusiclasts

    I don’t even really watch the show… but WTAF???

  10. 10 Athena

    There goes my one reason to marathon watch it once it was done! Grr….

  11. 11 chhavi

    This is not the way at all….I watched the show coz KJW was in it…

  12. 12 yoondahyeon

    Hope they don’t take Princess Aurora route !

    • 12.1 TS

      As long as no dogs die, I’m cool with some mak jang.

  13. 13 CrazilyAddicted


  14. 14 mjfan

    is it that easy to quit a drama aired its half episodes ? I don’t watch the show but that’s a commitment you can’ t just break , isn’t there a punishment or something like that ? I love KJW and he must has his own reasons but I just don’t get it ……….

    • 14.1 canxi

      Read it over–it sounds like he actually got fired. ):

    • 14.2 Taylor

      I think this is unprofessional. I like him, he is a good actor, but now that is half way done, mine as well finish it.

    • 14.3 ilikemangos

      To be fair, his character wasn’t nearly as interesting as the other characters despite being very very charming. Many of the other side-characters had meatier roles that would directly have an impact on the central plot in AoF. His was one that served to bring the cute as he developed a one-sided love for one of the main female leads.
      Also, I imagine this new writer probably wanted to take his character to a different direction, one that Kim Jae Jook himself didn’t sign up for (there’s still the possibility that the writer himself wanted to off KJW’s character). AoF has a very large cast and one that would barely make a narrative difference if his character died or disappeared. Sad, but i love KJW so much i think he deserves a lead role, so I am hardly upset with his departure since it means he can move on to bigger and better things. Those watching the show can agree that there’s still a surplus of beautiful-looking men who all have decent screen time.

  15. 15 coby

    Sigh… big hugs for you heads

  16. 16 kooriyuki

    Wuuuuut? And all of us here watching and reading Heads’ recap are all wondering what’s the rich backstory for him. And he calls it quit?!

    Why are all the epic shows I’m excited about have such dramatic behind the scenes? I totally feel Heads’ confusion (and rage, probably).

  17. 17 f2h2

    poor kjw. but i understand production team decision. the rating keep increasing so they will try to catch audience from ywcfts. and i’m pretty sure the rating will hit more high when the show finished. they don’t has strong competition after ywcfts finished.

  18. 18 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    AoF had brought me to the brink with it’s excessive fighting and convoluted plot and massive cast. Now, with KJW leaving so abruptly, I’m done.

    Best wishes to KJW … may he get a lead in the next drama.

  19. 19 yuhoo


    this drama started out nicely. please don’t let these changes affect the whole show.

    can KBS cut Heads2No some slack and finally give her a good drama to start of 2014.

  20. 20 WintermelonT

    If the producer/ceo behind this production/drama was Anthony.. maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Hahas.

    • 20.1 Ivoire

      Good one 🙂 !

  21. 21 Rotting headers

    Dear Javabean! Could you update your rotating headers info? There’s many headers, but I can’t tell who’s on those (cause of heavy filters :p ).thanks!!!

  22. 22 bored2tears

    This is a huge problem in Kdrama. Most of the writing should be done and finalized before they even start filming. But Korean tv producers are way to focused on fan input to stick with a program. Now I don’t think that’s the case here but having a writer quit midway in a drama would not have much impact if the story was already fleshed out. Now they are going to completely dump a side story that has taken up quite a bit of time on this show. This thing is doomed.

  23. 23 j18

    KJW is an amazing. I just don’t get the point for his character’s existence in the drama. His character ends up as a mere ‘eye candy’.
    This drama have been hounded by issues since its pre-production.

  24. 24 Krystal.Anne

    There seriously is going on behind the scenes.. The head writer quits, then now Kim Jae Wook quits, and i’ve also been thinking if the sudden death of Poong-cha was because the actor playing him wanted to quit too (and his death was on Ep. 8 as well).. So what’s next? the director will quit as well??

    • 24.1 gogoguma

      I think I saw an interview yesterday saying that the actor who played Poong Cha took a whopping 4 months to prepare for this drama and he didn’t know at the beginning that his character would die. Maybe something did happen behind the scenes. Perhaps original writer fucked up the pace so bad (ep 3-7 was slow in comparison to the sudden developments in ep 9), hoping for an extension to a single-digit-drama-that-would-never-happen-in-dramaland, so they ultimately changed the main writer with someone who could fast-forward the plot a bit. Anyway, as long as Song Jae Rim is still in there, I’ll stick to this show no matter how absurd it gets.

      • 24.1.1 jomo

        The death of Poong Cha mystified fans of the show. I understand there were too many stories to follow, so the writers had to decide who to stop developing over others, but still…Why kill off this guy when everyone loved him?

        Really really wasn’t necessary to push JT on to hero mode.
        He was a fabulous character who had interesting ties to so many others. He should have been further developed rather than killed off. Get rid of those other guys whose names I don’t even know.

        I would love it if KJW quit partially in solidarity with Jo Dal Hwan, and that almost makes sense.

        • kakashi

          Poong-cha was my favorite character (right behind Shinichi, that is). I cried and cried and cried when he died. But it also was a very powerful death. We don’t often get that in Dramaland – somebody we really like gets killed. A surprise, yes, but one that makes this story what it is: awesome. At least to me. Though I’m still crying.

        • ilikemangos

          Ach. now i’m re-living his death all over again. So.so. unnecessary.

      • 24.1.2 blue skies and coffee

        Jo Dal Hwan didn’t quit the show.
        You can google his interview, he mentioned that they had long discussions with the director over 3 months on how to best craft out his dying scene for impact – the monologue that he delivered before he died was a result of the discussion with the director.

        Here’s an excerpt of the interview translated to english

        The full version in korean is on daum too.

  25. 25 The Real CZ

    He’s lucky he’s a guy or else he would be receiving so much shit right now.

  26. 26 jin

    Dude I love this drama it’s freaking awesome. I hope everything goes well for him and the drama

  27. 27 Battle Angel

    I didn’t watch AOF but I read the recaps thinking I might since Kim Jae Wook was in it but now I won’t bother. Maybe he can now be the hot scholarly vampire in that upcoming vampire saeguk?! He deserves to be a lead in a good drama by now! Pretty Pleeeeaaase!

    • 27.1 Fab

      Same here.
      Hope to see him soon in anything.

      KBS can suck it, Kim Jae Wook deserves better than this.

    • 27.2 magnus

      I’m so there for him being the vampire scholar. This tragedy can be made into a blessing.

  28. 28 Makoto

    I planned to watch the drama after YFAS ended since there are many actors I love in it, and many praises I heard about it. But as time went by it seems that it has many scandal behind the curtain. So sad to read the news. I really really love him in Who are You.

  29. 29 fun-lugha

    Just you try & take out Song Jae Rim too and we’ll have words, new writer!

    • 29.1 Nadine


  30. 30 jomo

    I like the show. It entertains even with its WTFery. Don’t turn all East of Eden on us, AoF. Speaking of which, took pretty THT + beat him up a lot = high ratings, so shouldn’t
    pretty KJH + beat him up a lot = high ratings?

    I guess THT had the ajhumma vote for the remote, where KHJ never broke in to that demo?

    I hope and hope KJW gets many many offers now that he is free from a supporting role. He lights up the screen, seriously. Why isn’t anyone writing a story FOR him?

    • 30.1 lajs

      Sorry if I’m asking an obvious question but who’s THT?

      • 30.1.1 jomo

        The Hand Towel = Song Seung Hyun

        • Fab

          LOL you’re hilarious.

  31. 31 Cee

    This is the worst thing ever :(. Can’t they negotiate with him again? He’s a good actor and I really like him here because he’s never had a character like Kim Suok before…

    I hope AOF can continue slaying without him and the head writer

    P.S. And I sure hope that Jaewook will receive more offers after this, and as a leading man, not a supporting!

  32. 32 damianna

    Kim Jae wok for vampire sageuk! GO!

  33. 33 JoAnne

    I’m sorry to see KJW go because Soo Ok was hinted at having a very interesting story and in this actors hands, given a charm that was just off the charts. HOWEVER.

    While I love this drama to pieces and really, have not had any complaints about acting or characterization or cinematography or direction or editing or ANYTHING…it hasn’t gone without notice that certain characters are just not there for an episode or two. It happens with a large cast and it’s not that unrealistic in a story (everyone can’t be part of everything) but with the news about the head writer leaving my thoughts are this:

    1. Head Writer was new. ALL the writers are new.
    2. Story is DENSELY packed with characters and plots/subplots/sideplots.
    3. That’s a lot to manage, and so far, they did a decent job. Better than decent, really. If you’re watching, it’s not hard to figure who is who and what is what, to the point that they want you to understand those things. We get layers of story, which is cool.
    4. The story and the complexity are picking up pace.
    5. A decision was made (last week? week before?) to replace the headwriter, who we are told was having a hard time keeping up/managing.
    6. While the already-written episodes have been airing, the new headwriter, more experienced, has been looking at the storyboards and familiarizing himself with what’s been planned.
    7. He’s decided to make some changes.
    8. Part of this would money – it’s CLEARLY an expensive production; part would be, perhaps, to pare down the story a bit so as to ensure quality and effectiveness going forward. Perhaps the plan was too ambitious for anyone to manage in the time/budget available.
    9. Kim Jae Wook is a professional with a good reputation. He is also deeply loved by a solid fan base. He is not going to flake out.
    10. A decision was made (probably by the production company) not to develop Soo Ok along previously discussed lines, or at all.
    11. Yes, we love him. But he wasn’t necessary for the story.
    12. I know, lots of other characters aren’t either. What do you want to bet there’s LOTS of people who aren’t going to be around anymore, or will be around but in a seriously reduced capacity?
    13. Because he’s popular, KJW is the one getting the attention – but I bet he’s not the only actor who’s done.
    14. This is not necessarily a bad thing, although he will be missed. Anything that supports a tight, well-produced, exciting drama is good for me.
    15. I’m not expecting things to go down hill. I’m expecting things to continue to be excellent, but maybe on a slightly smaller scale.
    16. Honestly, I’m more pissed about losing the awesome fight scenes.

    • 33.1 Carole McDonnell

      Great analysis.

    • 33.2 TS

      But awesome scenes like that one where Gaya was all pretty in pink and surrounded, yet totally cool, in enemy territory: that kind of cinematography is so addicting!

      If the writers let that kind of thing go, I’ll have to let this drama go.

    • 33.3 ilikemangos

      Completely agree with your analysis as someone who’s been following the show up to date.
      It’s easy to put blame on party A or party B if you read the headlines but if you look at the central storyline in AoF you realize that his departure is barely going to make a scratch to the story(even if his presence will be missed). If anything, it would help this writer ring in the rest of the characters and flesh them out to create a tighter, densely packed storyline. It’s hard to flesh out every character considering the large cast — and why waste KJW’s awesome talents by having him just be eye-candy? I rather you rid of characters that you don’t plan on developing than have their time and talents be wasted. That’s my opinion. It’s sad that it had to happen, but i think KJW deserves to headline a role, not spend the rest of the 14 episodes serve as eye-candy. (Which is a good thing for his fans, but does nothing for the story).

    • 33.4 Gidget

      That all makes sense.

      Re: #5 and #6

      Maybe someone can explain. I understand that they make writing tweaks along the way based on audience response; but these points suggest that they’re writing this as they go? Is that right?

      Re: if they really are writing this as they go
      How is it possible that a production of this scale wouldn’t be mapped out and written before production even starts? I mean, with a cast this big and story this complex, how could they even come up with a budget if they didn’t have the script complete in the planning phases?

      Re: the writer being able to handle the work
      If they’re only making minor story adjustments what would be so overwhelming to manage?

      If they’re taking the story in a new direction:
      I can easily see how that would be hard for a new writer managing a drama of this scope. In this case the writer would have to figure out how to take all the parts he’s created and move them in a new direction in a way that both seems organic and makes the roles and storyline continue to operate in a balanced and harmonious way.

      Or perhaps the writer could handle the change, but they’re taking the story in a direction that the writer was uncomfortable with?

      One thing I’ve appreciated about this drama is that it hasn’t been politicized. It shows each side as the victim of birth and circumstance. They’re all caught in a system that has left them few choices. As Heads noted in one of her initial recaps, they’ve (refreshingly) avoided turning the story into a moralizing lecture.

      What I’m uneasy about, is that to boost ratings they’re going to try to use the story to raise/foster anti-Japanese political sentiments. (Doing this fits with the larger anti-US and anti-Japan narrative that’s being subtly woven into various dramas, and is being pushed heavily in the MSM.)

      I can see writers and actors becoming uncomfortable (and daring to speak-out) if the story is pushed in that direction. It would be tremendously unfair for the powers-that-be to do a storyline bait-and-switch that would alienate the international fan base of their creative talent.

  34. 34 TS

    kJW is why I watched this drama in the first place. I was actually rather bored for the first couple of episodes. I actually don’t give a toss about about JT, Chungah, the Dobi Ganag, and OR – and, tho I love Leader Mo, Shenichi, and Aoki, there’s not enough of them. Plus, I’ve a Feeling – hahaha- Shenichi will leave too.

    As for the amazing cinematography and fight scenes, if they ruin Gaya’s few yet fabulous knife fights while all perfectly dressed in heavy kimonos and pretty hair jewelry, I’m out.

  35. 35 Jubes

    dafuq? seriously though, he was the only character in AoF that was actually funny. all the others are just so.. serious. …

  36. 36 Aimee

    KJW would make a perfect vampire! Never thought about it until it was mentioned here, but what great casting that would be.

  37. 37 Carole McDonnell

    Am really sad that Kim Jae Wook left. When a head-writer leaves a series, I always get annoyed. Because –weird or not– the story had a vision or vibe and now and whether the story’s great or crap, having the same writer creates a cohesion of theme, plot, character motivation, motif.

    I’m thinking KJW left because the production for a darn good reason. It might be his role was cut (which often affects an actor’s ego) or the role was so changed as to be insulting or the actor totally agreed with the writer’s vision and is nobly supporting the ousted writer.

    I understand it had tons of characters and there are basically two main characters so even if Ok Ryeon is destined to be Jung Tae’s love..OkRyeon can disappear for several episodes because she’s a secondary character.

    I’m kinda bummed about this. I feel the story wanted to do something wonderfully great…and somehow that weirdness has been trapped/changed and now has been returned to normal k-dramaland.

    • 37.1 TS

      But who is destined to be Gaya’s love after she and JT move on from each other? I want to see her have lots of samurai babies that eventually morph into an international car company.

      • 37.1.1 ilikemangos

        Gaya has 2 men that serve as her protector that harbor feelings for her. Shinichi isn’t outright, but i just get the vibe that he does. Aoki also has feelings for Gaya. Il-hwa (Song Jae Rim!) also looks good fighting her. So yeah, she pretty much has a pool of beautiful men to choose from. I don’t think she has it too bad. 😉

    • 37.2 Gidget

      I wrote something up in 33.4 before I saw your comment.

      You said exactly what I’ve been thinking. That ‘this story wanted to do something wonderfully great’ is exactly it.

  38. 38 yasmin satria

    Initially I’m like whut?! Why? How?
    But then, in the end of my day, I’m kinda glad he quit.
    He’s underused there. Soo-ok is cute, but I want him to have a bigger and meatier role to maximize his talent.

    I hope his name won’t have a bad credit because of this and he can get a better role next time.

    It’s sad I can’t see his smile anymore in IG, but at least I still have Yoon Hyun Min and Song Jae Rim.

    • 38.1 houstontwin

      My thoughts too. I hope that this doesn’t ruin his career.

  39. 39 Jillia

    The only real actor in this drama is quitting… that’s telling something. I hope he gets a better project with a leading role or at least where he can use his talent rather than serve as a bystander to the idol actors.

    • 39.1 blue skies and coffee

      That statement in itself is completely unfair to all the other senior actors in the drama.

      Kim Jae Wook is the only “real” actor in the drama? What about all the other top notch veteran actors doing so excellently in the drama.

      I sigh for the state of butthurt Kim Jae Wook fans.

      • 39.1.1 Jillia

        This comment is completely unnecessary. Of course I know there are many veteran actors in this drama who are talented. My comment was focused on the main cast – male lead and female lead. And they aren’t good actors – not untalented but not good enough to carry a drama on their shoulders.

        And the fault lies with the drama industry which relies on idol actors to attract more viewers. And Kim Jae-Wook – to ME – is a real actor who is extremely talented but is only cast for 2nd male roles which is NOT okay.

  40. 40 Fab

    But I am still bummed and confused that he was by faaaar the best thing about that drama where he had little to say! Please dramaheavens let him be the lead in a drama/movie that is worthy of his talent. Tia.
    I mean look!

  41. 41 ricky

    This article makes it seem like the new writer wrote Kim Jae-wook out. If so, I have no idea what KBS is thinking. Certainly the cast deserves to be treated with more respect than that.

    To go in a new direction means changing things in a show that we already love. If you’re watching this, you know how solid this show is so far.

    I’m still hoping this show will be great, it’s my favorite currently airing drama.

  42. 42 dany

    But this show is quite good. What are they doing?! Do they want to destroy it on purpose?

  43. 43 crazykel

    Well, I won’t be watching this now.

  44. 44 Synjyn

    *Big Sigh* I hope this isn’t a sign of doom for this drama. I’m preparing for characters we love to be written out, but I truly hope that it won’t change the feel of the show. So far, I really like this drama.

    As a writer, I do understand that even if the overall story arc is kept the same, the journey to that destination can change many times midstream. I have had to ditch characters and side storylines in my own stories, that I was deeply passionate about, but ultimately were not that necessary to the overall story.

    From what I’m understanding, from the articles I’ve read, it seems that they were completely overreaching and the managing of the story (and it’s huge universe of characters) overwhelmed the original headwriter, so enter new head writer. The new, seasoned writer took one look at the drama and decided to pare down the cast to better organize the story. (Ambition can often be a downfall, and let’s face it, this show was overly ambitious right from the begining.) This is totally understandable and most likely the best decision to make. Sadly, it looks like Kim Jae Wook was the first casualty.

    I love Jae Wook. I really loved his character and his storyline in this show. It was one of the ones I looked most forward to. However, I would rather they start cutting characters now, who are really not that necessary to the overall storyline, before we become more invested.

    I’m going to cross my fingers that all this means is we will continue to have a great show and that a pending clusterf**k was avoided, due to this new head writer having the wisdom to bring this show to a managable level. I’m going to have faith, because I really want Kim Hyun Joong to do well in something. So far I have been impressed with his improved acting abilities.

    I am also going to send my prayers up that Kim Jae Wook shortly gets the lead role he has earned. He is a great actor and truly deserves to finally get the girl.

    • 44.1 ilikemangos

      Well said.

  45. 45 alua

    I hope his next project is something fabulous and that he gets a lead.

    He deserves as much.

  46. 46 wahid

    i love this show. its freaking awesome. disappointing at him. i don’t care what people say, that was rookie move.

  47. 47 Treasure

    First I hope Heads will continue to recap this show through all the crazy. And here’s hoping the next show Heads recaps doesn’t succumb to the crazy.

    So far I’ve liked this show. The photography is wonderful and well done, Jung Tae is a great and nuanced character as is Ok Reon. But I never did see the point of Kim Jae Wook’s character so I don’t think there will be a huge gap when he’s gone.

    From my perspective it seemed like he was added at the last moment just to add Kim Jae Wook to the show and not really because he was to be an important part of the show. I do wonder, he either as terrible taste in picking parts/shows or genuinely doesn’t want a lead role.

  48. 48 Gaeina Lee

    Just start watching it the other day because of KJW and KGS, but now, with him out.. I guess I have to drop it as soon as I start it. *sigh*

  49. 49 browncoat_78

    I never understood his role to begin with or why the brilliant Kim Jae Wook would take such a small role when he should be the lead (but he is a little quirky). This show has me so torn. I’ve only ever seen one other show that was so beautiful to look at and so well directed and (mostly) well acted while being so horribly written – Sword and Flower.

    But the bad writing here is of a totally different kind and to their credit they have actually made me care a lot about some of the characters (Jung Tae and the Dobi Gang and Mo Il Hwa). That said, the writing just keeps getting worse and worse. This is the most confusing show I’ve ever seen and they don’t even try to make it make sense. It’s basically just fight-porn, albeit, really beautiful fight porn. And the fifty characters don’t help. This cast makes Heirs’ cast look miniscule.

    So I really don’t know what to do with this drama. It’s beautiful and I love some of the characters but it is absolutely ridiculous in every way with no real plot or even attempt at story or logic. When all is said and done and I rate this one, I just can’t decide how far good directing can overcome bad writing. But for now I’ll just enjoy the pretty, sadly without KJW (but happy that he is free to do something better).

    • 49.1 Sella



  50. 50 PlumWine

    Ok, so that means I’m just going to wait till it’s done and marathon this sucker, unless y’all cry foul like at the end of Big, Fashion King, and Oh La La Spouses (refused to watch the last ep of that one).

    I don’t think he quit on his own, probably behind the scenes you could film a makjang. If anything, this leaves him open to become a lead. (Say with sharp pointy teeth!). 🙂

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