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Lee Sang-yoon and Gu Hye-sun up for Angel Eyes
by | February 12, 2014 | 95 Comments

javabeans: So remember when the SBS drama Angel Eyes wanted to cast Lee Jun-ki and Han Ji-min and we were all excited and interested?

girlfriday: YES.

javabeans: Well life needs an undo button because they’re out—and now it’s Lee Sang-yoon (Goddess of Fire Jung-yi) and Gu Hye-sun (Take Care of Us, Captain).

girlfriday: NO. Whoops, sorry, did I say that out loud?

javabeans: Only in unison with about a thousand of the rest of us. They’re not finalized-finalized, but it sounds like they’re pretty close to finalized, which finalizes MY decision not to watch it.

girlfriday: You know, I wasn’t really keen on the super-duper melo plot anyway, so…

javabeans: You mean the blindness and the eye donation and the long-lost first lovers being reunited after she regains her sight and becomes a rescue worker?

girlfriday: And how her father killed his mother, making their love doomed?

javabeans: But I was willing to hang in there for the PD of Will It Snow For Christmas, which took a convoluted tragic-melo plotline and did something sweet and sensitive with it…

girlfriday: I’ll be honest, I was mostly in it for Lee Jun-ki.

javabeans: Yes. Of course. It was mostly him. But now the bigger point seems to be not the PD’s creds but the writer’s, since, well, Boys Before Flowers. It explains a lot, really.

girlfriday: Well, one less drama to worry about. Maybe Lee Jun-ki can go join the My Girl Reunion Party instead.

javabeans: OMG yes. Oh wait omg no. I didn’t love Lee Jun-ki in My Girl (so persistent! So dramatic! So in need of a clue!) but I adore him now, so that would just hurt too much. And we can’t have that. Although honestly, a My Girl reunion party sounds legit awesome, even with subsequent pain issues…

girlfriday: ANYWAYYYYYYYY….

javabeans: Right. Sorry. I can’t be trusted in any matters pertaining to My Girl, apparently. Back to Angel Eyes… Not to deter everyone else out there who is inexplicably and unreasonably happy about any of this news, of course. If that’s you, well, y’all can catch Angel Eyes in April when it replaces Thrice Married Woman.

girlfriday: All two of you.

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95 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Well, not on my radar anymore

  2. Shay

    This makes me sad.
    But…. if the premise of this drama can’t stand up without Lee Jun-ki, perhaps it was smart of him not to take it.
    As long as he returns to drama-land in something… anything… I’ll be happy again.

  3. Fab

    ADWEEEEEE I was so looking forward to that pairing of LJK and HJM. No offence to the new cast…
    Anyhow It was a ridiculous plot, though I liked that the long lost lovers reunite áfter she regained her eyesight- that can be sweeeet. But the rest of the plot is déád.

    I didn’t quite like LJK in MG, but I wouldn’t mind him joining the MG reunion, that would complete the purtaaaay. 😀

  4. bebe swtz

    I don’t mind Lee Sang Yoon 🙂 Now…. Gu Hye Sun…. Is a totally different story…. And not a very pleasant one, at that T.T

    • 4.1 Annie

      Exactly. I actually like Lee Sang Yoon. Especially in MDSY. But GHS means a big fat N.O.

    • 4.2 Shiku

      I also like Lee Sang Yoon but i avoid GHS like the plague so this is another of his shows i have to miss.

      • 4.2.1 ck1Oz

        Same here. I don’t even want to know of any romantic developments between the leads. Ergh.

        • anniemo

          Oh! Ew! Ugh! Images I did not need burning into my brain! This drama went from intriguing to vomit-inducing soooo quickly…

    • 4.3 wannabean

      well i’m not really familiar with Gu Hye Sun but why does everyone seem to repel from her?

      • 4.3.1 PeaceWon

        I know right? i have seen her a few times and if she is in the right sort of character, it could work. She is not my fav female actress but she is FAR far from my nightmare actress…. ANY one is better than moon whats her name (goddess of fire, ruined mary stayed out all night.. and other dramas like CD Alice) UGH that freaks me out how weird she looks. scary as hell. This girl at least looks clean and human. and not like she needs to shave and stop eating ramen late at night and has not had her lips replaced with prosthetics..and has real hair.. hahahha

  5. risa

    I know y’all we’re being very restrained, but I think you’re brave for saying even that much out loud (as it were). I ain’t one of the two who’s happy about this casting, but I am happy LJK will be picking a different project.

    • 5.1 RyeBlossom

      Totally. Though many kdrama plots sound mighty stupid/strange or what not (even if the drama is good), THIS one really sounds awful, and I can’t see any way in which the outcome can be anywhere near “OK”.
      I’m glad LJK is out of it!!!

  6. M

    I’m definitely not one of the two fans for this casting. 🙂 Notwithstanding the overly melo plot, I would have watched for LJK and HJM, but not with Gun Hye Sun. As much as I love Ji Jin Hee, I had to stop watching TCoUC because her face contortions that passes for acting just got too aggravating.

    • 6.1 Haley

      I can’t finish take care of us captain because of gu hye sun, but I really like Ji Jin Hee. Sucha good actor and HOT too. I like him the most in Dae Jang Geum. He had a lot of chemistry with lee young ae (very good actress and so pretty).

  7. alexis

    I feel kinda sorry for Gu Hye Sun, as her character in BOF was undoubtedly the worst female lead character in any k-drama I have ever seen, and I think Sun’s career has been pretty screwed by that, even though people have said she was a pretty decent actress in her other projects.

    • 7.1 AdAl

      Actually, she was pretty decent in BOF. It was her face contortions in “The Musical” that I just couldn’t stand. As much as I loved Daniel Choi, I dropped that drama after the first episode.

    • 7.2 Midori

      She’s actually worse. She was truly horrible in Musical. Skip.

      • 7.2.1 Annie

        Yeah, I watched that for Park Ki Woong. I also watched Gakistal for him. And FH2. He should always pick great projects for my sake. You hear me, PKW? Don’t make me suffer again!

    • 7.3 peeps

      Maybe she got the worst female lead, but nobody told or made her pout and squint her eyes like she has major constipation in almost every episode to express anger/displeasure/happiness/anything else that a normal human would feel. If Kim HyunJoong made you exasperated by being stiff as a board, Gu HyeSun disgusted me with her horrible faces. Like, just get out of my screen…

    • 7.4 Natalie

      Well, she was far far far from decent in Take Care Of Us, Captain.

  8. trixicopper

    How in the world does she continue to be cast in anything? Seriously.

    • 8.1 dearly

      Sponsor? Wealth? YG? I don’t know. It’s surprise me too.

  9. dearly

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’ve been waiting for a LJK-HJM pairing and thought this would be the deal. Darn it. Not a fan of Gu Hye Sun so Angel Eyes is off my list. Off you go.

    • 9.1 ai

      well if you really insisting on LJK=HJM rob a bank and produce your own drama

  10. 10 Jyyjc

    Meh to both, especially goo hyesun. I really think she should just stick to composing pretty music.

    • 10.1 JT

      I agree with you about GHS. Acting not her cuppa tea.
      I was looking forward to Han Ji Min and Lee Jun Ki pairing up. What a let down. When will we get to see them separately or jointly???

  11. 11 Tara

    Aww man, I was really hoping the casting of Lee Jun-ki and Han Ji-min would stick! Now that they’ve declined, I’m declining on watching this as well x/ No offense to Lee Sang-yoon, because his acting is fairly good.

    But I think he needs to reassess picking his projects, after the trainwreck that was Goddess of Fire (and now this, which is melo overdone). Oh well, to each their own…

  12. 12 Eien

    OMG NOOO! T___T

  13. 13 Morningbear

    This wasn’t really on my radar and now I think I might skip it. Not a big fan of Gu Hye Sun. The only thing I ever really liked her in was The King and I. Mainly because she had to be restrained with the face contortions and the hand gestures as it was a saguek. All of her other rom-coms have been painful to watch. She really annoyed me in The Musical and I wanted to shoot the person in charge of her wardrobe. Most of her characters dress like young boys, only she’s not trying to impersonate one. All those hoodies!

  14. 14 Patch

    This drama is now dead to me.

  15. 15 Daisy

    Can write this drama out of my list..

  16. 16 mvl

    i luv you guys! had me cracking up about ‘my girl’. but i definitely understand, i feel that way about ‘my lovely sam soon’

    • 16.1 NOVA611

      why…whats wrong with sam soon
      my fave all time drama

  17. 17 mel

    I love melos but I don’t like either actor so unless I hear that its amazing after it airs for awhile I’m out

  18. 18 ilikemangos

    Of course we were all interested in Angel Eyes for its premise and not lee jun ki. Ha

    I’m actually one of the happy/relieved ones from this news. Mostly because for actors i adore, I think choosing good projects trumps being paired up with a potentially good co-star in a bad project. I know, the lee jung ki-han ji min pairing got me super excited (and was the only reason i was interested in the project) but even cute/awesome pairings have barely saved me from a trainwreck of a story in the past. Andddd while the director for Angel Eyes is pretty good, I was not a big fan of the writing for BOF and i certainly don’t think makjangs are my thing so it would’ve taken alot from the OTP for me to hold on for dear life.

    I haven’t watched gu hye sun in anything other than BOF so i can’t tell if she does the same over-acting in every project, but i can’t help but notice there’s this strange aura about her

  19. 19 kanz

    I want to watch it because Lee Junki, but if now they cast Lee Sang Yoon and Gu Hye Sun, I’ll pass this. LSY makes me bored to death in Goddess of Fire with his few expressions and well what can be said about GHS.. Other posters already said about her

  20. 20 jomo

    Wait wait wait
    Didn’t she make a pact with the audience to NEVER EVER “act” again?

    I thought we all pinky swore.

    OK, actually she said this:

    Goo Hye Sun is currently playing Han Da Jin, a novice pilot, in “Take Care of Us, Captain.” Before she started this drama, she stated, “I know people say that I look the same in every drama. They might get sick of the same type of character that is portrayed through myself every time.” Then, she was asked why she chose this particular role that seems so similar once again. To that she answered, “I wanted to hear, ‘If Goo Hye Sun is in the drama, it will be piece of work that is filled with dreams and hope.’”

    However, despite Goo Hye Sun’s optimistic outlook, the viewers’ responses were lukewarm to cold. Viewers are saying that her acting in previous dramas such as “The King and I,” and “Boys Over Flowers,” seem to be the same. So it’s no wonder that Goo Hye Sun’s dilemma about this is further escalating.

    Sounds like retirement to me, anyway, but I tend to be filled with dreams and hope.

    • 20.1 lol

      lol, Jomo – the shades in that last sentence 😉

    • 20.2 canxi

      I also read that she wouldn’t be acting again. They were talking about that being her last role. I mentioned that here once and GHS fangirl told me to stop spreading rumors and got really upset at me o.O;; (I even liked GHS at the time, too so I was all like “woah, there–relax!”)

      Oh well…I mean… :/ Maybe she got better??? Maaaaaybe? Maybe…

  21. 21 DayDreamer

    Oh THANK GOD Lee Jun Ki opted out. Because weekend dramas are just not my thing (never finished a single one) and it would have been painful trying to watch it just for him.

    • 21.1 Chandler


    • 21.2 wannabean

      the first time i avidly watched a weekend drama was reply 94, and now emergency couple 😀

  22. 22 MeLiYasha

    “I’ll be honest, I was mostly in it for Lee Jun-ki.” AND Han Ji-min. Well, maybe not in this drama but i really want to see them as a couple 🙁

  23. 23 Cocoboo

    Aw, I was also into this drama for Junki~ ;A; Well, gonna pass on it for now then.

  24. 24 bluemountain

    With all the negative comments on the casting, I really want to watch this drama to find out whether the writer, director and producer are blind and brainless to cast these two leads.

  25. 25 Chandler

    WELL I’m actually ecstatic about this news because I love Lee Jun-ki so much, but was SO unexcited for this drama. This way he can pick something better!!! Right? Please?! I’ve loved his last two dramas so hopefully this time around he could get a ratings hit as well? The poor guy keeps starring in all these underrated shows and it’s such a bummer. I kind of want him to do a rom-com, but I just came across an interview about how he feels awkward doing them (perhaps My Girl scars?) because he has so little experience in that area. Which. Okay. ADORABLE. And he just loves his action dramas. Hopefully he’ll get cast in something soon!!!

  26. 26 hanie

    I was looking forward to Lee JunKi & Han Ji Min. They make such a cute good looking couple.
    awww… I like Lee Sang Yoon but Gu Hye Sun?
    I’ll probably watch it if they cast different lead female.
    GHS should stick to making movies imo.

  27. 27 Sadie

    agh never mind …just give me lee junki in something…soon!!! i need a dose of him…

  28. 28 luraaa

    I thought Gu Hye Sun was pretty decent in her pre-BoF dramas. But after (and during?) BoF, that was when she got worse.

    I just thought Jan Di’s character (in Bof) rubbed off on her. It’s actually sad, because I was beginning to be a fan of hers before BoF started and now I don’t care what she does anymore acting-wise.

  29. 29 maria

    i see even the writers are as biased as anyone who have left sour messages here. Only goes to show how immature and how irrelevant this site and its followers are. goodbye sick people!

    • 29.1 9to5

      Guess you haven’t noticed this is a blog, you know.. that place people are free to express their own opinions on their own website?

    • 29.2 M

      Well watching GHS made me sick.

      • 29.2.1 im_eve

        oohh…i feel sorry liking this.

        or maybe not.

        she seems nice in person though, y’know, in person when she’s not acting?

    • 29.3 dearly

      Well, your statement just shows that you are biased too. We’re all biased, whether you like it or not. I’m pretty sure you have your own biased too.

  30. 30 lol

    Well, she hasn’t acted in a drama in couple years, maybe she has improved. Who knows? I usually watch shows because of the story line, this one just happens to be uninteresting…for me.

  31. 31 Nancy

    Question is, what was a good role for her then? We can all recount the bad but was there a good? Frankly, I’ve only seen her as Jandi and that was because of everything that wasn’t her so I can’t judge anything beyond that.

    I actually think that she is really talented in other areas like music, directing and the arts so I hope to see more of that.

    • 31.1 Haley

      I dunno why, but as a director, gu hye sun’s movies are not big hits and as a singer, she doesn’t have any big hit songs. I feel bad many people say she’s not a good actress. Even though she tries different things, she’s not that successful. Korean netizens call her a failure.

      Oh well, better luck in the future.

  32. 32 Beng

    I like Sang-yoon but not Gu Hye Sun. I think her acting stays the same. She needs to change her image

  33. 33 canxi

    Aw, a shame. I think Lee Jun Ki and Han Ji Min would have been cute…

  34. 34 crazedlu

    Yeah. No. No.

  35. 35 djes

    Lee Sang Yoon, yes, but no to Gu Hyesun.
    I tried to like her but she tends to overacting..
    And this is a melodrama, I just can’t stand it imagining her to cry all the time.

  36. 36 name

    i will watch this drama. promise. i will watch.

  37. 37 eva1

    Hey people shouldn’t take this drama off their list just yet.

    I will definitely add this to mine since it seems like Angel Eyes could be a possible train wreck on the level with Dr Jin.

    It can be so bad it is good but I doubt this can beat Dr Jin though since that drama had a bad writer and a bad director.

    If only they got Dr Jin’s director to direct this drama the unbelievable things that could happen on screen would be so worth it.

  38. 38 Kiara

    YES, So glad LJK dropped it so I don’t have to watch it.

  39. 39 chickenwing

    I like Lee Sang Yoon but Gu Hye Sun is so meh. It pains me to see her on my screen. Basically if the writing goes to hell… What acting?

    • 39.1 Mahari

      Sorry by mistake I pressed “thumps up” to your comment twice because I was trying to delete what I did. Nevertheless, I totally and strongly disagree with you. Ku Hye Sun is an awesome Actress who has received several acting awards. Have a nice day .

  40. 40 Mahari

    I am really ashamed to note that some human beings like most of you guys would go so low to hurt a beautiful & very talented Lady, whether you like it or not, that has done nothing bad to you. On the contrary she has achieved so many humanitarian projects that should make us all very proud of her and look up to a person with her qualities, well I know I do .

    • 40.1 Jyyjc

      As far as I can see, no one is putting her down for shallow reasons like her looks or whatever. Now that would be hurtful. As an actress, I’m sure receiving acting criticism comes with the territory so GHS should be used to it by now. I don’t see anything wrong with not being excited over her casting because she is, as a matter of fact, not a very good actress. Personally, I admire her for trying different things like music composition and film directing and since you mentioned her humanitarian work, well good for her, really.

    • 40.2 dearly

      It’s shameful that you would go so low to hurt the readers whose opinions differ from yours. I pretty sure she’s not the only one doing humanitarian projects (Han Ji Min, Cha In Pyo, Sean from Jinusean and his wife, ect) and there are also some readers involved in humanitarian projects. Additionally, you can’t use her humanitarian projects to justify her acting career. That’s two different things. She may be a nice person but her acting is still poor. I’m a nice gal too but does that mean I’m an A-lister actress? No.

  41. 41 Mahari

    Ku Hye Sun; your Millions of fans all over the world are very much proud of you and are eagerly awaiting for your forthcoming projects which are scheduled to be aired within the 1st half of year 2014. We all wish you the best of luck and every success in everything you do and everlasting happiness in your personal life with your beloved ones .

  42. 42 lulu

    I feel bad for Gu Hye Sun. She just doesn’t seem comfortable being on camera. And she’s presented herself to be a little odd. Like when she wore that Jandi school outfit to an awards show, while all the other women were in beautiful long gowns.
    And that time when she teared up b/c Yuna, whom she’s a big fan of apparently, made a surprise appearance on a show GHS was on. It was rather odd – to see how much she adored Yuna…

    I hope she can find a guy who loves her, have kids, and live happily ever after.

  43. 43 Tina

    LOL , Lee Jun Ki tweet his congrats to Lee Dong Wook & Da Hae for their pairing. Kkk

  44. 44 tura

    This drama wasn’t on my list before but it is now. I just love GHS, I saw her in bof and there was this scene where she smiled, and I just fell in love with that smile, and her skin was flawless and I wished it were mine. I don’t really care if she can act or not she just has to keep being pretty. By the way I thought Jan di was cute, she always made me laugh and that was all I needed from her.

  45. 45 Shar93

    Yaaayyyy!!! So glad that Lee Jun Ki turn down the offer!! Its mean i dont have to watch this drama. Actually, i really cant stand melodramas.

  46. 46 claire

    Chukkae for Lee Jun Ki my #1 actor drop this drama. Although I miss LJK a lot and want him to comeback in drama land soon. But I trust LJK when choosing a drama.

    What? GHS is returning again, I haven’t finish all of her drama because I was so frustrated in first episode can’t stand her, in BOF she was the first reason I drop that drama.

    I feel sad for GHS, because most of the kdrama fans are complaining no one defended her.

    Give her a chance, hahahahaha I hope I will not be frustrated in the first episode so I can finish one of her drama.

  47. 47 Yelieza

    I think goo hye sun good acting, her acting not flat. we can sense when she was happy, sad, disappointed, anxious, worried, scared. She can all be expressed it well. Take Care of Us Captain feel bored because the plot is less interesting, too forced …
    the musical her style why like that because of the character of goo hye sun there was a tomboy …
    So she have good act and she’s good at adjusting his style to the character…

  48. 48 Yelieza

    I think goo hye sun good acting, acting is not flat.
    We can sense when she was happy, sad, disappointed, anxious, worried, scared. can all be expressed it well.
    Take Care Of Us Captain feel bored because the plot is less interesting, too forced …
    And the musical her style why like that because of the character of goo hye sun there was a tomboy …
    So she have good acting and she’s good at adjusting his style to the character

  49. 49 wannabean

    This is the first time I’ve seen so much hate on dramabeans…
    to be perfectly honest i wonder if javabeans and girlfriday had written support for the two leads then the comments would be much different.

    • 49.1 wannabean

      to prove my point, look at the comments of this article from 2009:

      • 49.1.1 Jyyjc

        In 2009, GHS’s dramas The Musical and Take Care of Us,Captain hadn’t aired yet. Hence, people did not know of the bad acting to come from her. Not that she was great before those dramas, but I think those following dramas not being BOF had something to do with people’s disinterest towards her now.

    • 49.2 ellabit

      I think they’re just voicing a letdown. I mean, Han Ji-min and Lee Jun-ki do sound like a very interesting couple as compared to these Lee Sang-yoon and Gu Hye-sun. I wouldn’t necessarily call it hate on dramabeans. Just opinions. 🙂

  50. 50 deana61

    Gu Hye Sun is not one of my all time favorite actresses, however she was awesome in a drama from around 2006 calle Pure 19 or Pure in Heart. In that show she showed a great range of emotions from silly to serious to heart wrenching.

    Unfortunately, a lot of her later shows I could not finish, although I liked her in BOF once we got past the constant screaming. I was never sure whether it was the director or writer, but the screaming just seemed over the edge.

    Her later dramas just barely held my attention and I lay that down more to the plots and writing styles then than to the actress.