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Name That Drama: Cats, dogs, and con men
by | February 2, 2014 | 48 Comments

Time for more guessing! As always, feel free to email us your requests for future Name That Dramas by using the contact form.

  1. Willson’s drama is an oldie, and sounds like it’s got all the melodrama staples. Anybody got an idea?

    It was a Korean TV series that I loved to watch, from the ’90s when I was at school. The story is about a very romantic couple, but somehow one day the boyfriend died in a crash by a car. The car driver that made the boyfriend die is in a coma state because of the accident. I forget but I think the boyfriend’s soul was granted by the angels to live again, but the tragic thing was that he revived in the car driver body. After that he tried to meet his girlfriend but of course she hates him so much because he was in the body of her boyfriend’s murderer. Somehow in the end she realized that he is her boyfriend. Can someone please help me find the title of this series? I am really curious of this.


  2. Elizabeth has another oldie, with another dramaland staple: birth secrets!

    This drama is probably 15 years old. (Aired in the late 1990s.) I probably only watched one or two episodes but I want to know the ending. It’s set in Japan occupation time or so it seemed.

    There is a poor lady raising two teenage girls (and a boy?) on her own. One is super nice and the other is a brat who hates her mom and wishes to be adopted by a nice rich family who lives is in town. One of the daughters is not the lady’s real daughter. The bratty daughter goes to her mom and yells at her to confirm that she is not her real mother so that she can try and live with the rich family.

    A monk lady comes to town with a mute lady trying to find the mute lady’s daughter. (They left the daughter with the poor lady when she was still rich and the child was a baby.) The monk lady somehow hears that the bratty daughter is not the poor lady’s daughter (which seems to have been said by the poor lady in the heat of the moment to the bratty daughter). But the mute lady kept edging that the nice girl was her daughter… or something.


  3. An unnamed reader asks about a short drama:

    So I think this was a one-off drama special from the early 2000s. A single mom had a sick daughter in the hospital who needed a kidney transplant. But the mom wasn’t a match so she met a guy who could get her a kidney, who turned out to be a con man working for some other big mafia guy(?), and they would con people out of their kidneys.

    The guy pretended to be a match for the daughter and it was supposed to be a switch, she was a match for his “person.” The mom paid him all her money and gave up her kidney first and then stuff happened, I don’t remember, and then she somehow saw the con man’s transplant scar(?) and cried a lot because she knew he lied and tried to hold him back, and he yelled at her a lot and pushed her away, and the con guy felt bad about always pretending like he had a kidney to donate and kinda fell in love with her, and the mafia boss got mad at him.

    His backstory is that his baby brother needed a transplant but died so the con man would think of his baby brother like an angel. In the end the con man and the single mom are asleep by the little girl’s bed in the hospital, hands touching, and the little girl talked to the angel brother about how they hoped the adults would be together and be happy. I think the con man got a kidney for the little girl and she was getting better. Sorry for the horrible description.


  4. chhavi’s question is a lot more recent, but also short:

    I watched this drama in 2008 or 2009 on KBS… It was mostly a one episode story (a Drama Special maybe). All I can remember is that it was about a boy who gets involved in illegal activities (probably becomes a gangster), and there is a girl he loves but can’t tell her.

    It involved a cat which would always appear wherever the boy went. In the ending I remember that somebody dies but not the lead two. I think it was the boy’s brother or his boss or something. And the last scene was that at that person’s funeral, the cat was present again. This was the ending. It looks kinda supernatural or something but please help me to find this drama… Thank you in advance.


  5. Oh I know this! I totally know this! …urg, it’s on the tip of my brain. Who’s got the answer for pychmh?

    The drama I’m looking for is quite recent. From the past three years I believe. I’ve watched too many dramas that I don’t even remember which drama this one scene is from. So here it is: The main character goes to a grandpa or grandma and asks to buy a dog that looks just like him. His purpose is to give it to the girl her likes and I think the grandpa/grandma refuses at first but gives it later. That’s it.



48 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yysgirl

    #5 sounds likes the scene from Reply 1997.

    • 1.1 ck1Oz

      Yup and he didn’t get to give it to her as his brother told him that he liked her.

      What a bummer.

      • 1.1.1 pogo

        No, he didn’t give her the puppy because he lost it and it got mixed up with another identical puppy that belonged to a little girl, but in the end she found the original puppy anyway and named it Yoon-jae all on her own lol.

        • Peeps

          He didn’t lose it. He was about to give it to ShiWon but Hyung said that he liked her and the little bugger chickened out and gave the dog to JunHee who saw another young girl wailing for her dog which looked exactly like the one YoonJae gave to him. So he gave the dog to the girl but the girl lost the dog again. At the same time, ShiWon found the girl’s missing dog (Assumed) and took it home and named it YoonJae (for it’s striking similarity to her childhood friend). And one day while walking the dog… anyway, the mix-up happened just like how you described.

        • nomad

          No, he gave the puppy to hmm, his best friend who likes him, I forgot his name. And then the girl found a dog which looks just like that original dog, except that dog belongs to a little girl. His best friend later gave Yoon Jae’s dog to the little girl because he felt sorry for the little girl. One day both dogs got mixed up, and she ended up with the original dog Yoon Jae was going to give.

          • nomad

            No, he gave the puppy to hmm, his best friend who likes him, I forgot his name. And then the girl found a dog which looks just like that original dog, except that dog belongs to a little girl. His best friend later gave Yoon Jae’s dog to the little girl because he felt sorry for the little girl. One day both dogs got mixed up, and she ended up with the original dog Yoon Jae was going to give.

          • Patch

            And after all that the dog is never seen again.

    • 1.2 petmink

      Yup 1997, just saw that episode last night.

  2. Guioty

    Number 5 is Answer Me 1997? Guessing very hardly…

  3. Mila

    I have no idea about number 1 to 4 but number 5 has to be Answer me 1997 :p Yoon Jae buying a dog for Si Won, right? Such a cute dog too β™₯

    Other dramas I don’t know. Some of them sound awfully sad though. Hope everyone find what they’re looking for!

  4. liliN

    5.reply 1997?

  5. koko

    #5 sounds like Reply 1997. Yoon-Jae buys the white puppy in ep. 8, intending to give it to Shi-Won when he confesses his love for her. Is there another drama with a similar scene? He doesn’t give her the puppy, but it ends up with her anyway.

  6. CupidinLove

    #5 is Reply 1997! Asa!

  7. Dila

    Almost 100% sure that #5 is Answer Me 1997. And uh, I’d love to watch #3.

  8. hubbahubba

    Ooh! I’ve seen #4… “The Scary One, The Ghost and I”
    I couldn’t remember it off the top of my head nut after digging around a bit, I’m fairly certain I’m right about this one. You can watch it on gooddrama. I totally forgot about the young guy… I could only remember the old gangster. Very low budget and when it ended the only thing I could think of was WTF!?

    Like everyone else said, #5 sounds like Reply 1997.

    • 8.1 chhavi

      thanks a lot for helping….now finally I have found about the drama for which I had been looking for ages…thanx again..

      • 8.1.1 hubbahubba

        No problem~ I’m so happy I could help out with a “Name that Drama” request!

    • 8.2 chane

      Yup. It’s the scary one…the young guy was Park Ki Woong.

  9. ai

    Number 1 sounds like Anything for You (Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto), a 1992 Japanese drama.

  10. 10 Felly

    No. 1, this probably not the one drama that Wilson look for. But the story is exactly the same.

    The TVB drama called Love and Again


  11. 11 Silverblack

    Plz beanies if you can help me!
    i’m not sure but i remember this one scene vaguely i remember it being in a restaurant or a hotel and the main guy(maybe)goes to look for this girl she’s wearing a white uniforme i think maybe she’s a chef
    i remember he was mad and he shook her badly or he even pinned her to the wall he was yelling why she did what she did ?or what does she wat? the series were dubbed in arabic so I can’t remember what the fight was about and she answers him sobbing and that she wants to live if he can make her live she’ll do anything because earlier the doc told she got cancer or some other deady illness he was shocked and i think he retreated to take a walk on the beach.
    i’m not sure about what i was describing it was a long time ago and i wasn’t paying attention either so i’ll be gratefull if someone would help me

    • 11.1 ai

      Is this Autumn in My Heart (2000) with Song Seung Heon, Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin?
      Won Bin’s character is a hotel owner. Song Hye Gyo’s character working in his hotel and having a leukemia.


      • 11.1.1 Silverblack

        i’m really not sure i’ll have to watch it to see for myself but my mom says it’s not the one so i’m not really sure. we didn’t watch the whole series we just saw this one scene on tv when we were in a vacation in dubai and i can’t remember who the actors were . anyway thanks ai for your help!!

      • 11.1.2 Silverblack

        oh thank you!! my mom would be happy and so frustrated because she stopped watching it somwhere in the middle if she finished it she would have known that it’s the same one

    • 11.2 Alex Mottis

      Oh my god, finally a drama I recognize! If my memory works I think it’s My Name is Kim Sam Soon, when Hyun Bin’s character pins Kim Sun Ah’s character, Sam Soon. One of the first kdramas I ever watched and I still love it to this day. Plus, I got to know the beautiful Daniel Henney thanks to the drama.

      • 11.2.1 Alex Mottis

        oops, guess i was wrong after all, though there’s a really similar scene in My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

    • 11.3 MsScorpion

      As far as I know, there aren’t that many K-dramas that are dubbed in Arabic. But I did watch My Name Is Kim Sam Soon dubbed on Dubai One or some other Middle Eastern channel. As you said it was a very long time ago and the only drama I ever watched dubbed πŸ™‚

      Many of the clues you said were in the drama only it was two different actresses one chef and one sick with cancer. So I think this might be the drama you’re looking for after all.

  12. 12 Dru

    Hey everyone, thanks for IDing my drama last time, I watched the whole of Arang and the Magistrate and I LOVE IT SO MUCH OMGGGGGGG. They’re just the most perfect couple of all time, that romance was amazing and I was so scared for them the whole time! It really is the perfect drama, to me. And I felt so bad for everyone at the end, even the demonic soul possessing fairy. I mean, she just wanted to be human, she just went about it all wrong. And Lee Jun Ki in that Magistrate’s outfit is so hot, he should be made illegal on about three continents.

    I also caught the two gumiho dramas you guys recced, the Shin Min Ah one was cute and the Lee Seung Gi one …. I kind of fancy his gumiho dad more than him. And that girl who plays the heroine is so shit at acting that it’s distracting. The parents part was more interesting and better love story too! And I really like the girl who plays his first love and becomes a gisaeng, she’s a much better actress than the other one only I can tell she won’t get the guy.

  13. 13 Makoto

    Silverblack, that drama should be Autumn in My Heart..I remember it fondly as it was my first drama

    • 13.1 Silverblack

      thanks makoto for your help !!

  14. 14 ChoiHyeRa

    #5 I’m sure everyone else also know that its Reply 1997

  15. 15 Fab

    Yoon Jae and the dog that looks like him is one of the best things in a drama ever!

  16. 16 A

    Can someone help me for my drama?

    I remember watching it dubbed in Tagalog and it looked fairly new 2012-2013. The lead had short hair and she lost her child apparently? Her husband was blaming her for the loss of their child and she was about to commit suicide near the sea? Also, I think there was a bitchy female second lead that seduced one guy. I know it sounds really vague but since it was kind of new, I hope someone will help me find it.

    • 16.1 maldita

      ABS or GMA? That will help narrow it down. LOL

    • 16.2 Mystique

      This kinda sounds like the drama “Crazy Love.” The psychotic female second lead gets someone to kidnap the child and seduces the (perennially distressed) lead’s husband.
      (Expected) Angst and melodrama ensue πŸ˜€


    • 16.3 ColleenFH

      That is a kdrama called Crazy Love, it was a daily drama, it was meant to be a revenge type drama but lost the plot badly.

    • 16.4 febe

      Sounds like Temptation of the Wife (aka Cruel Temptation) starring Jang Seo-Hee. I understand that there was also a remake of this kdrama in the Philippines?

    • 16.5 lisa winnie

      it seems to be temptation of a wife.

      revenge story – really good.

      the husband cheated with the adopted sister /best friend and tried to kill the wife by drowning her in the sea.

  17. 17 Makoto

    Willson’s drama sounds like Japanese drama called Anything for You. It was an old drama, early 90s I think. I don’t remember the driver’s name, but the leads are Tatsuya and Moeko. Tatsuya died but he lived again in the driver’s body. There was a woman priest who helped him. The most noticeable things in the drama are Camel cigarette and harmonica.
    Btw I notice someone with same ID as me above. πŸ˜€

    • 17.1 ai

      The driver’s name is Hikata.

  18. 18 Quiet Thought

    He bought a DOG that looks JUST LIKE HIM for his girl? And that actually made SENSE? And it wasn’t the movie about the wolf-boy?

  19. 19 senajang

    #2 sounds like Fashion 70s

    • 19.1 dearly

      Does sounds like Fashion 70s.

      “When Joon Hee was young, she befriends a little girl called Kang Hee, this two girls always get into trouble because of Kang Hee’s greedy mother. At the same time, Joon Hee also makes friends with two boys, Dong Young, the son of a military general and Jang Bin. But when North Korean forces invade their town, both girls are separated from their parents and Joon Hee’s mother is killed in an explosion. Believing his daughter to have died, Joon Hee’s father adopts Kang Hee and raises her as his own daughter. Joon Hee is discovered at an orphanage by Kang Hee’s mother, and is also adopted. The trauma of the events causes Joon Hee to block out her childhood memories and she grows up on a small island as Doe Mi, unaware of her true identity.
      Years pass and their paths cross again, with complicated and destructive results. Doe Mi dreams of becoming a fashion designer, and petty criminal Jang Bin helps her move to Seoul to chase her dream. In the process he falls in love with her, but his feelings are unrequited…”

      • 19.1.1 dearly

        Btw, I love Fashion 70s. πŸ˜€

    • 19.2 hangooksonya

      its not… the drama I’m looking for is REALLY old drama… but good guess

  20. 20 Minitwin

    Oh my gosh I know something for one! The 5th one is Reply 1997. The puppy’s name is yoonjae. πŸ™‚

  21. 21 theia

    the last one is Answer Me 1997!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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